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EE-595 Capstone Design Project

Published by Stephanie Thomas Modified over 4 years ago

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EE-595 Capstone Design Project

Instructions and Guidelines for Final Report and Final Presentation 55:089 EE Senior Design Fall, 2008.

capstone design project ppt

Project Proposal ECE 445 Lecture 2 Jan 27, 2015 ECE Main Slide.

capstone design project ppt

Capstone Design Project (CDP) Civil Engineering Department First Semester 1431/1432 H 10/14/20091 King Saud University, Civil Engineering Department.

capstone design project ppt

Principles of Computer Engineering EEC_4_402: Introduction.

capstone design project ppt

ELEC516/10 course_des 1 ELEC516 VLSI System Design and Design Automation Spring 2010 Course Description Chi-ying Tsui Department of Electrical and Electronic.

capstone design project ppt

Best Practices In Design Outcomes Of A Survey P. H. King, PhD, PE Joan Walker, PhD Vanderbilt University.

capstone design project ppt

GE105: Introduction to Engineering Design Course Information College of Engineering King Saud University Feb 1, 2012.

capstone design project ppt

Chapter 5 Engineering Tools for Electrical and Computer Engineers.

capstone design project ppt

Overview of the Department’s ABET Criterion 3 Assessment Process.

capstone design project ppt

IENG 471 Facilities Planning

capstone design project ppt

Introduction to Interactive Media The Interactive Media Development Process.

capstone design project ppt

10/10/2015 IENG 471 Facilities Planning 1 IENG Lecture END Project Report Requirements & Project Presentation Information.

capstone design project ppt

Introduction to Design. Five Stage Electronic Design and Fabrication Process Design Stage Drawing Stage Experimentation Prototyping Stage Testing / Troubleshooting.

capstone design project ppt

Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design John Peeples, Ph. D., P.E. Professor and Department Head.

capstone design project ppt

D1.HGE.CL7.01 D1.HGA.CL6.08 Slide 1. Introduction Design, prepare and present reports  Classroom schedule  Trainer contact details  Assessments  Resources:

capstone design project ppt

ECE 3331 Project Lab I Lab Projects and Presentations 1.

capstone design project ppt

EENG 4910/4990 Engineering Design Murali Varanasi September 02, 2009.

capstone design project ppt

Project Documentation Presentation Fall Outline Purpose Types of Documentation Individual Documentation Project Documentation Team Documentation.

capstone design project ppt


capstone design project ppt

Electronic Drafting DFT 58A&B Cliff Monroe - Instructor.

About project

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Capstone Design Project Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

capstone design project ppt

Capstone Design Project Plan

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Capstone Design Final Presentation

Corinne Duplantis

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capstone design project ppt

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Final presentation for automated chicken coop capstone design project.


capstone design project ppt

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capstone design project ppt

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capstone design project ppt

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Capstone Senior Design Program

College of engineering, computer science, and technology.

Capstone Senior Design Projects 2019 - 2020 Presentation Information Page

Cal State LA College of ECST Expo

2019-2020 ECST Capstone Senior Design Project List

Click the table headers below to sort the table..

Due to COVID-19, the 2019-2020 ECST Expo will be held virtually. Presentation dates and times will vary depending on the project. 

ECST Virtual Capstone Senior Design Presentations

5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032 (323) 343-3000 © 2023 Trustees of the California State University

capstone design project ppt

Capstone Design

Capstone Design. B. Ramamurthy. Course Model. Course Model . References. J.R. Goldberg. Capstone Design Courses: Producing Industry-Ready Biomedical Engineers, Morgan-Claypool, 2007. What is Capstone?.


Presentation Transcript

Capstone Design B. Ramamurthy CSE651

Course Model CSE651

References J.R. Goldberg. Capstone Design Courses: Producing Industry-Ready Biomedical Engineers, Morgan-Claypool, 2007 CSE651

What is Capstone? It provides them with the opportunity to apply what students have learned in previous courses; Develop their communication (written, analytical, oral, and graphical (Visualization)), interpersonal (teamwork, conflict management, and negotiation), project management, and design skills; Reinforce the design and development process of a product; It also provides students with an understanding of the economic, financial, legal, and regulatory aspects of the design, development, and commercialization of technology. CSE651

Why Capstone? Development of design and technical skills Development of “soft skills” such as teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills Develop the ability to manage the product development process Oral, written, and graphical/ Visualization communication skills Experience with solving a real-life, open-ended problem Development of an understanding of the industry perspective (including financial, regulatory, and legal issues): in this case automotive industry Exposure to results-oriented evaluations of their projects It is a culmination of all the knowledge from other courses and application of the same. Capstone projects are important components in a program accreditation process (esp. in United States) CSE651

Goal of Capstone Project Ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. CSE651

How do you do it? Define the requirements based on customer/client needs Determine / understand the constraints (e.g. the memory constraint in Arduino boards) Define the problem to be solved Define the project scope Study alternative solutions and compare Make a selection of final design Build prototype to meet needs Validates performance of prototype Document all the steps. CSE651

Capstone project deliverables Project definition document: contains project objective statement (which defines problem and project scope Requirements document: contains list of needs along with design constraints Generated concepts document: rough sketch or schematic of what you want to do Final concept document: defends selection of proposed final design Experimental validation document: contains test protocols, test results, data analysis, Conclusions regarding how well prototype meets performance requirements Final report: contains final design, test results, information regarding how well the requirements were met Prototype CSE651

Deliverables Template See the project report we discusses earlier We will prepare a JavaScript-based web page for presenting our project report Multi-media presentation/screen shots/movie clips The paper you will write also helps in achieving the goal of the capstone course. CSE651

Requirements • A clear and well defined requirements-document is important • Correctness of design, implementation and testing • There are different approaches to specifying the requirements • Use case diagram specifies the uses of the system, with user stimulus that invokes a particular use. • It also specifies error conditions, and how it is handled. • See • It can in a pictorial form or in a text form/document CSE651

Analysis and Design Typically OO design Class diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc. During the analysis phase you will discover the classes and the relationship (has a, is a, etc) among them. These are represented using class diagrams. The class diagrams are then used as design for the implementation of the prototype. There are other model for analysis and design. You will learn more about these in your OO course. CSE651

Prototype Implementation In the prototype implementation for this course you will have a hardware and a software component. Clearly document the implementation details and steps taken. An IDE (integrated development environment) will be used in the design of your project. CSE651

Testing and Modification of Design Your project document should provide the test set used to determine the correctness of your implementation There may functional as well as non-functional requirements that need to be tested. CSE651

Newer Approaches Probabilistic approaches: many events can be modeled as stochastic or random processes Big data approaches : enormous amount of data is being collected by various sensors inside an automobile, how to analyze this and learn from it, extract useful knowledge, discover anomalies CSE651


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  5. Systems Design Engineering Capstone Design Symposium

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  1. Capstone Design Project (CDP) Civil Engineering Department First

    Presentation on theme: "Capstone Design Project (CDP) Civil Engineering Department First Semester 1431/1432 H 10/14/20091 King Saud University

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    Capstone Design Project DESCRIPTION Course Description: Capstone Design Project . 4 Credits U/G. Lecture/Laboratory. Team based design using real-world

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    Each student will make a presentation of their capstone project using POWERPOINT software. While each student should use his or her ... Presentation Design:.

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    Capstone Design Final Presentation. 1. 1 Project #36: Hands-off Chicken Coop Brett Comardelle (EE) Bryan Costanzo (ME) Corinne Duplantis

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    Presentation dates and times will vary depending on the project. ECST Virtual Capstone Senior Design Presentations. COMPUTER SCIENCE: April 27, 2020 - May 8

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    Course Model . References. J.R. Goldberg. Capstone Design Courses: Producing Industry-Ready Biomedical Engineers, Morgan-Claypool, 2007. What is