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Chapter 4. Finalizing Your Project Analysis

“the ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis” -dalai lama, spiritual leader.

When finalizing your analysis, you’ll be refining your project description and objectives, and identifying and using current research and resources in management to support the design and development of your course project. At this point in your work, you’ll want to be sure you’ve included all of the following:

Again, this is a good time to refer forward to the sections of your completed project in its entirety. As you can see, the various sections of your finalized project analysis will be part of your completed project (see sections I, II and III).

Capstone Project Format

Section I          Introduction

The introduction should identify the focus of your project and explain the relevance to your major and connections with your applied field of studies that you have built upon in your B.S. Applied Studies Option in Management.  Are you submitting to a supervisor, a board?  Be sure to identify your intended audience.

Section II         Project Outcomes

List your project outcomes that you developed in the Project Analysis phase of your work.

Section III        Literature Review 

Present your literature review noting best practices in the field as they relate to your project as well as the conclusions you’ve drawn from the literature review.

 Section IV        Project Content

Describe your project and include all materials associated with it so that the reader develops a good sense of what the project entails.    Show your implementation and evaluation plans.

 Section V        Conclusions and Reflection

Appendix       This section will contain any supplementary information.

MGMT660 Capstone Guide by Granite State College is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

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Capstone Project for IT Student (Complete Guide 2022)

To help our dear students in creating a Capstone Projects , the ITSOURCECODE team has made this definitive guide. It is a complete guide and steps in creating a capstone project from scratch. It contains the essential parts on how to create or write a Capstone Project and the full discussion to make it.

The program requirements for the student to complete a capstone project in a long term. A capstone project is designed to require students for there final year.  The senior project and the culminating project capstone experience is the knowledge and skills we’ve learned in the real world of liberal arts.

What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone project is an academic paper that serves as a summary of a student’s experience. This type of paper is typically produced during the senior year of high school or as part of a college or university course. It can be used in nursing, engineering, information technology, business, and other product based project courses.

How to Create a Capstone Project in Step by Step?

Capstone Project for IT Student Step by step guide

Capstone Project Ideas

Before you achieve a project to develop, you must have first a proposal. This proposal serves as first step before you make a capstone project example and here’s how to write it.

Time needed:  10 minutes.

Here are the complete steps on how to create a Capstone Project Proposal. These methods will help you create a flawless capstone projects document. Following the appropriate processes while preparing a capstone project proposal will save time.

First, choose a capstone topic. It will help you choose suitable themes. This boosts critical thinking and decision-making. Consider your skills, talents, and intelligence when choosing a topic. You and your organization must take responsibility for your decisions to foster cooperation. Consider what you wish to develop while choosing a topic. Consider your environment’s demands. Choose a focused topic to develop as a group. You chose Sports, then you ask how to make it more productive. From there, you may create a subject or title.

In order for you to become knowledgeable on the topic that you choose, you need to do a lot of research. This will help you to have deeper understanding about your topic. You will know then the common issues and difficulties that your topic has.

Now that you’re confident in your topic, create a proposal. You merely need to finalize the topic’s title and concerns you identified throughout research. Problem Statement identifies issues. Capstone Project Proposal needs a topic introduction. Then identify the concerns and solutions your team determines. After that, you must create solutions.

Title Defense will tell you if the topic you choose meets your skills and team’s needs. This will show if you studied well. At your Title Defense, you’ll be asked about the topic, its problem, and its solutions. These must be defended well and with solid proof. Review all the relevant material to support your topic.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 1?

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Here’s how to start writing your Capstone Project Chapter 1( Introduction ).

The Capstone Project Chapter 1 has its parts and are very important in developing your project. It is a continuation from your capstone project proposal but more specific. Its structure is composed of:

The composition of your capstone project chapter 1 will always vary from your school or instructors. But the given details here are all essential to create a Capstone Project Chapter 1.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 2 ?

Chapter 2 RRL (Review of Related Literature) is the third step in writing a Capstone project document (Review of Related Literature). It includes project-related articles and systems. These concepts can be used in your planned study. You must only reproduce valuable ideas from an article, book, or topic.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 3 ?

The third step in creating a capstone is completing its Methodology . It must contain all the methods and procedures used for project development. You will also present the illustrations, diagrams and figures to explain the process of creating the project.

Here’s the structure on how to write your Capstone Project Chapter 3:

How to create a Capstone Project Chapter 4 ?

After completing Project Evaluation, you’ll test its usefulness. For project testing, utilize a survey. This questionnaire will show if the project fits consumers’ needs. The comments or ratings will justify project performance.

You must add the project evaluation to Chapter 4 to notify readers and panels. It’ll show if the project was enough. It must include the evaluation’s discussion and result.

Structure of the Capstone Chapter 4 to write and complete:

How to write a Capstone Project Chapter 5?

Capstone Project Chapter 5 includes a summary, conclusions, and recommendations. You must summarize and explain your outputs. This chapter informs readers and panels of the Project’s result and assessors’ opinions.

To start creating your Capstone Project Chapter 5, you must save all the collected information from the former chapter.

Capstone Chapter Structure Here are the important parts that your should consider before you write a Capstone Project Chapter 5.

That completes our discussion about How to make Capstone Project: A Definitive Guide Itsourcecoders.

I hope that this article about List Python Courses Outline with Certificate help you a lot.

With the Capstone discussion presented above, you can get the ideas on how to create and write it for your own documentation or paper.

If you have questions concerning the Capstone chapters, contact us or leave a comment below.

Keep us updated and have a good day!

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capstone project chapter 4 example

How To Write A Capstone Project Outline: Steps and Example

18 Dec 2021

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📑Types of Capstone Projects

✍️Choosing a Topic

📃Capstone Project Outline

✒️Outline Example

📌Mistakes to Avoid

Working on a capstone project requires a lot of effort. To write this assignment successfully, the first stage of the process is to develop an outline for this type of paper. With the capstone project outline, students can write the right structure for their paper. Are you unaware of how to write it or just need a clear example or a capstone project template with proper formats? Or do you want to learn what to include in the outline? You've come to the right place. This piece will teach you everything you need to know about these outlines.

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What Is Capstone Project?

It is a vital part of most courses in universities. You may have heard of it from the older students. The form of it can vary, but the main ideas are always similar. Generally, it is research conducted by a defined group of students to find and come up with a solution for some actual issues that happened in the world. It is crucial to take this seriously, as such a unique chance to have all the tools and supervision of the best professors on the way to finding a proposal for the issue is rare. Of course, it is time-consuming and stressful, but the reward part after the proposal is sent is priceless.

This research is always the last task of the course, so the student has the opportunity to gather all the knowledge during the course and apply it to the capstone project writing. The main aim is to prepare future specialists for finding practical solutions for the real world.

In simple terms, what is the capstone project ? This is a type of paper used to showcase the level of the skills you have developed since the beginning of the study. This type is also referred to as a capstone project. It's a significant task that must be carried out with a high level of skill and proficiency. But what is its importance? Completing this paper is an essential part of your education program because it shows that you are a professional.

Need help with capstone project?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

Types of Capstone Projects

As mentioned before, they can be different as well as requirements. There are ones for junior students and senior students, and postgraduate students. Depending on the degree, there are such types of research:

As they vary, they can be conducted individually or in a group. The main thing is that the instructor has to review the final capstone project proposal at the finishing stage.

Choosing a Topic

The best advice is to pick an area you are genuinely interested in. Otherwise, there is no point in research. The process is long, and the demands are high. There is some general advice on how to choose the theme for the research project format.

Should you find the task of picking the theme too challenging, there's a way out of this trouble. You can always buy capstone project online and save time and effort while getting an excellent result. Using services of trusted platforms guarantees you high-quality and timely delivery.

Detect plagiarism in your paper for free

How to create a capstone project outline.

When you begin working on this format, it's important to keep in mind that the nature and formats of the written paper may vary depending on the faculty, the topic, and the goals for the writing papers. You can buy it online or find a written template to save some time, especially since a lot of effort is required. Starting from the contents, you need to create a capstone paper outline to help you structure your content according to your instructor's rules.

Without any doubt, a capstone study will simplify everything for you. Considering the importance of it, you must learn how to write it or use outline templates. So, how do you go about it? Take note of the following steps.

If you intend to take an easy route to all the steps listed above, you may get an example of the study summary and follow it. According to experts, the best approach to writing your culmination study is by starting with a list of papers you wrote, a list of studies you have undertaken, and an article you have published or assisted in.

For most universities, you will be required to write the title and intro page. If the case warrants it, you may need to rewrite these pages a few times. The title must be catchy, and the intro urges readers to go deeper into the text. The introduction should shift from specific to general terms. It should also focus on the research, topic, and possible methodology adopted in the paper. Before starting, check whether the presentation format will be needed. You could gather information during the research project and add points from existing materials step by step. Remember, that it is an important part and you better be prepared.

If you require a detailed plan to complete your outline, write out all the elements on the subject. When designing, keep in mind that you may meet or write some sections before others. However, the most significant thing is finishing the entire paper and taking specific steps like presentation preparation to make it possible. When all the outline sections have been properly written, it's time to start your project. You may ask someone to review your progress before proceeding with the entire paper.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

Example Of A Capstone Project Outline

It's almost impossible to come up with an example or templates that would be useful for every student in every school. There are just too many elements to take note of simultaneously. However, we can do our best by including some of the most common factors that you would find in any paper.

When compiling an outline, you can include the following chapters:

These are examples of any culmination study contents. Still, the system can vary depending on the topic in question. Make sure that you carry out research and write down inquiries from your instructor to find out the outline that will be most useful for your project.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Capstone Project Outline

Coming up with an executive summary for this type of paper is a lot of work. As a result, people tend to make simple mistakes that greatly affect the quality of their work. However, many of these mistakes are avoidable, especially if you had examined the materials given like outline templates or academic project ideas existing on the subject. Apply academic thinking, find the information on the writing process as well as format requirements, pay attention to elements required for an assignment, check the research problem and the research question properly.

If you intend to make a summary, you need to look out for the following mistakes:

Avoid topics that require a lot of calculation. You may have difficulties coming up with the best type. You may find it difficult to make a reasonable strategy. When presenting these cases, the additional emphasis on numbers will bore listeners and prevent them from keeping up with what you say.

Beware of reuse, repetitions, and self-plagiarism. This means that you should note what you have included previously. Adding too many related headings may lead to self-plagiarism later in the project.

Never underestimate the meaning of capstone projects. It's common for many students to play down the importance of this type of project. As a result, they end up handling everything haphazardly. This type of action would greatly influence the quality of the final writing.

When writing, avoid using long sentences. Understandably, you may be intent on clearly stating your points most of the time. Nevertheless, long sentences will only make it tougher. Do your best to go straight to the end. This type of project doesn't require a lot of talks, discussion, or emphasis. The only things you need to display are your academic skills and proper sentences.

When you are done, take your time to proofread and edit the final result. Make sure that you never skip this stage. Proofreading will reveal any hidden mistakes that may ruin the overall quality.

Create a summary of your text

Many students find it difficult to write their project because it requires a big one. Some may even give up initially because they doubt their abilities. But this shouldn't be the case. If you can't handle any aspect of your project yourself, it may be worth hiring capstone writing services to help out. They will approach the creation of your outline from a professional angle.

The benefit of hiring this service provider is the level of success they guarantee. Professional hands will handle your project. They can prepare a top-class project for you with all the essential details within the shortest time possible.

This type of project is one of the introductory assignments college students will do before finishing their education. Considering the importance of a capstone study, the design must be created smoothly. The system can be confusing because there are different types of capstone studies. However, with the help of PapersOwl and understandable requirements for this kind of paper, it's possible to achieve something reasonable.

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I am Dr. Paulus, an experienced academic writer. I am efficient, hardworking, and very flexible. As a student, I majored in History and Management but will be more than happy to work on any other subject. I write everything from scratch and do a unique research for every project.

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capstone project chapter 4 example


Online Programming Lessons, Tutorials and Capstone Project guide

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

Our team have compiled a list of IT related capstone projects with documentation (proposal and complete documentation).

Proposal documentation usually consists of the following topics:

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation - Ads

We can also customize the contents of the proposal based on our outline.

Complete documentation includes the following:

We can also customize the contents of the documentation based on our outline.

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

Here are the list of capstone projects:

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Capstone Project: Definition, Types, Structure, and Examples

capstone project chapter 4 example

If you're reading this, chances are that you're in your final year of school and the words "capstone project" have come up somewhere in your first or second semester.

You're probably looking for a quick score on the topic - what it's about, a project template, or even a sample. If so, you're in the right place.

Before we get into it, you' need to know that you're in the hands of consummate capstone project experts.

Help for Assessment is composed of scholars at all levels of academic achievement including Masters and Ph.D., all inspired and motivated to help students like you achieve their academic goals. The expertise and experience we have spans years. Even better, this combined academic expertise is placed at your disposal. If your capstone research project is already giving you goosebumps, we will do it for you from scratch including the project proposal, research, write up, and final review before submission.

Remember, you can trust Help for Assessment to complete your capstone project successfully and earn you top grades. All you have to do is order the service here on our service page.

 In the meantime, let us explore the definition of the capstone project, types of projects for students, and a sample capstone project.

What Is a Capstone Project? 

capstone project chapter 4 example

A capstone project in college is a final independent project undertaken in a program of study designed to assess the skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired by the student.

As the name suggests, it is the capstone or crowning achievement of academic life and the last class taken before graduation. It gives you the final credits required to pass the course, which is why every student must take the project.

Since it is designed to assess knowledge and skills gained in a particular discipline, capstone projects vary from school to school and discipline to discipline.

Such a project might involve something as simple as research on a topic, an evaluation of a new technique or method, development of a health program, research into a historical figure or event, or even composing a skit or theatre presentation.

No matter what kind of project you choose to undertake, the result is the same. You get to showcase your understanding of the coursework material learned and display your readiness to enter the professional world to start your career. It is a rewarding experience if done right, but can mess up your final year and possibly your graduation if you manage to mess it up.

Do you know that a successful capstone project also helps to land you lucrative jobs? That’s right, capstone projects are one of the ways potential employers find out just how learned, resourceful, and talented you are. Think of it as a kind of thesis.

Capstone projects are also called culminating projects, experience, senior exhibition, or other similar names. The project is usually self-directed, and most students find it a challenge to even come up with the right capstone project topic. 

Capstone Project Vs. Thesis

capstone project chapter 4 example

A capstone project and a thesis are both very similar in that they represent a final effort from the student just before graduation.

They are done in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course being undertaken. The comprehensive approach and assessment involved are very similar, and sometimes the structure and methodology might overlap.

Both also have to be reviewed and approved by the institution and will remain in the public domain after publishing.

However, there are some important differences.

Types of Capstone Projects

capstone project chapter 4 example

Capstone projects vary not just in the type of project, also in the level at which they are done.

There are projects for juniors and seniors in college as well as for postgraduate students.

Here are some examples of the forms of projects depending on the academic level.

Capstone projects can be conducted either individually or in a group.

However, the key thing is to make sure that the project proposal has been reviewed and approved by the instructor/panel/institution in charge before proceeding.

Senior Capstone Project

Senior projects are so called because they are done by high school students in their senior year.

Just like other projects, they represent a culmination of the coursework with an interdisciplinary application of knowledge and skills gained so far.

The project usually takes the better part of the final academic year and will have different parts to it, depending on the type of project chosen.

It will also require a presentation where the student(s) explain and describe the project to an audience, including their classmates.

Sample Capstone Project Outline

The write up for a project consists of several parts. However, even before starting the write-up, you need to do a few things:

Using this information, you will then write a capstone project proposal for your project. It informs your instructor or review panel exactly what you intend to present so that they can approve or reject it.

Once approved, you can go on to the next stage. The final write-up has the following parts.

Note that the project is carried out in stages. Once approved, you will need to be submitting weekly or monthly status reports to your supervisor. After the project report is submitted, you will also have to make a presentation about the whole project.

This brief outline is only meant to be a rough guide. We have a much more detailed article detailing how you can do your capstone project, including a project template. 

Capstone Project Examples

Help for Assessment has extensive experience when it comes to capstone projects of all kinds.

Whether it’s a high school project, a college capstone, or a senior capstone project, you can trust us to carry it out successfully for you.

As proof, you can check out various capstone project samples here . (hyperlink to be inserted.)

Get Help With Your Capstone Project

Capstone projects in every level of school are a make or break it deal. Given that they complete the graduation credits required, it makes sense to leave this important part of your coursework to experts.

We are proud to offer you a guide on how to write a capstone project here . If you need help, you can take advantage of our capstone project writing service at affordable, student-friendly rates with amazing discounts. 

Check it out here and make your order to experience excellence, peace of mind, and success thanks to our stellar services.

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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The Essay Place

Capstone Project | Explained step by step with examples

Help with your capstone project.

Taking on a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree with a Capstone Project means switching to an entirely different writing style than you may have used in the past. While you may be used to academic writing and parsing through scholarly journals, writing a thesis or dissertation is an entirely different process.

At some colleges and universities, there is no difference between the words “thesis” and “Capstone Project”, but generally these are five-chapter papers that explore a new and original research topic. Nonetheless, both types of papers amount to the same writing process.

Chapter 1 is the introduction:

The purpose for the research should not be a mystery: begin the section with a one-sentence research problem statement that includes the variables studied. Follow the purpose of the research with a description of the background and the significance of the problem. Include the impact of the problem at the location where the research will be taking place and three or four research questions.

Chapter 2, the literature review:

This describes the history of the topic and key literature sources, illustrates major issues and refines focus to indicate research questions. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a broad picture of the literature, including analysis of any studies encompassing the scope of the entire applied research project.

Chapter 3 is the methodology:

Can be either qualitative or quantitative. Provide a rationale for using the particular methodology—either for the entire applied research project or for each specific research question. For a thesis, this will require outlining your step-by-step means of gathering data. For a dissertation, this may involve showing how you have found your data in the literature or from government records.

In Chapter 4, your findings are outlined:

You need to explain every piece of information you have collected in detail, and if there were any problems in the data.

Finally, Chapter 5 is where you draw your conclusions.

Provide your reader with deep analysis of what your data means in the real world, and how it might lead to change.

Developing your first draft

Using your outline, work through the paper from beginning to end. Normally, the opening paragraph should ‘hook’ the reader, contain your thesis statement, and explain what you are going to do in the paper so that the reader knows what to expect.

Be careful to link your subsequent sections to your main argument, make them substantive and persuasive. Importantly, however, avoid exaggeration. Do not overstate your points in ways that are clearly not supported by evidence. Be clear about what is known and what is not known. Recognize complexity but always stay with your main argument.

A paragraph is a means of developing and framing an idea or impression. As a general rule, you should address only one major idea per paragraph. Keep in mind that the divisions between paragraphs aren’t random, but indicate a shift in focus. In other words, you must carefully and clearly organize the order of your paragraphs so that they are logically positioned throughout your paper.

If you are having trouble coming up with arguments for your Capstone Project, let us help you by doing the research for you.

The closing should pull the whole discussion together, reinforcing your main Capstone Project points, and perhaps provoke further thought. It is often best to prepare the research and outline well, then to sit down and write the first draft all at once, and worry about refining it later. The simplest and most basic conclusion is one that restates the thesis in different words and then discusses its implications.

Writing your paper with originality

Many students make the mistake of thinking that the content of their paper is all that matters. Although the content is vitally important, it will not mean much if the reader cannot understand what you are trying to say. You may have some great ideas in your paper but if you cannot effectively communicate them you will not receive a very good grade.

Diction is the style of how you write. This refers to the way in which you create and communicate your ideas. How you construct and deliver your message is just as important as all of the facts within your term paper. This means that you need to write for clarity as well as accuracy. The challenge seems to be that many students think that they need to be able to utilize ten-dollar words and imagery in order to really impress their professors. To the contrary, your professor will be impressed if you can get your message across quickly and effectively. You will be penalized if you use words incorrectly or for no reason except to pad your Capstone Project.

Writing in an original fashion means that you need to think and plan ahead. Writing your paper at the last minute will not give you the time you need to be able to do the research you need to make your term paper stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you begin your research right away when you are assigned your paper so that you can get ahead of the game.

Editing your paper

Be sure to leave enough time for editing: editing should take about 20 percent of the time allotted. While writing varies, it takes about 20 hours of research, eight hours to write, and seven hours to edit and proof a ten-page paper properly and thoroughly, and longer for Capstone Projects that are expected to be 25 pages or more.

To edit your Capstone Project, reread each page out loud to ensure a logical flow of information and clarity. Ensure you explain yourself well and that every paragraph, in some way, serves to support the thesis and draw the reader towards your conclusions.

We’re here to help. If you need assistance in getting through all of these steps, we can help you succeed on your Capstone Project.  Contact us!

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Custom Essay our experienced Native English-Speaking MA & PhD writers can help with Essay Writing in every subject area, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers, Thesis, Editorials, Dissertations, Admission Essays, Program Admissions, Creative Writing, Course Note Summaries, Blog Posts, Case Studies, SWOT Analysis, Proposals, Personal Statements, Resumes, Letters, Cover Letters, Academic Writing, Literature Reviews, Annotated Bibliography, Business Plans, Capstone Project, Autobiography, Scholarship essay, ghostwriting, Reflection paper, Essay outline, Essay outline guide, write my paper, Homework Help, How to cite a poem, Custom essay, All citation styles including APA & MLA style essay, write my essay, write my essay online, Data analyses, Accounting, Financial Analyses, and Whatever else you need....


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    Looking for examples of "Capstone Project 4" project for a long time? Choose and download a suitable example or order help in "Capstone Project 4" capstone writing with a discount!

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    You can research how to create project outline templates online. Set up the structure for the headings and subheadings in the sample capstone project outline template. The number of titles and subheadings will depend on the nature of your paper. Split the headings and subheadings further.

  12. Capstone Project

    A CAPSTONE PROJECT REPORT IN Science in Public Health ... CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Individuals with HIV who are homeless or living in unstable housing and are underemployed or unemployed are less likely to have access to HIV healthcare (Smith et al., 2000). In contrast, when individuals are living in stable and affordable housing, it increases

  13. K12 Grading System Methodology Chapter 4 Documentation

    This article/documentation is an example capstone project that discusses the chapter 4 which is the methodology. The project entitled K12 Grading System used a modified waterfall model for the conduct of study and development of the system. This article will discuss and define the stages of the waterfall model and the steps conducted by the ...

  14. List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

    Chapter 4 (Result , Discussions and Analysis of Data, explanation of the results based on the data gathered from the survey instrument) Chapter 5 (Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations) We can also customize the contents of the documentation based on our outline. List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

  15. LibGuides: Capstone & Thesis Research: Getting started

    Steps in doing a capstone paper or project: Step 1: Select a topic area. See the "Selecting and focusing your research topic" tab at left for suggestions on choosing a topic, narrowing your focus, and developing a thesis statement or research question. Step 2: Do a literature review. The "Literature Review" tab will link you to helpful ...

  16. Chapter 4 Capstone Project

    51. Revenue - income from sales. 52. Gross profit - difference between the cost of goods and their selling price. 53. Net profit - amount left after operating expenses are subtracted from the gross profit. Create a rough draft of a business plan and complete sections 3-5. (Standard 7, Competencies 7.3 and 7.4)

  17. The Capstone Thesis

    The Capstone Thesis. Beginning the thesis project. The master's capstone thesis option must have a substantial research component, present an original argument, use proper academic writing conventions, including carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and should be at least fifty pages in length.

  18. Capstone Project: Definition, Types, Structure, and Examples

    Capstone projects vary not just in the type of project, also in the level at which they are done. There are projects for juniors and seniors in college as well as for postgraduate students. Here are some examples of the forms of projects depending on the academic level. In-depth research projects. Developing the concept of a product, tool, or ...

  19. IMRAD Template Research

    CAPSTONE Project and Research (IT 411) 20 Documents. Students shared 20 documents in this course. Academic year: 2022/2023. Uploaded by Emerson Torres. ... Chapter 2 Effects OF Playing Mobile Legends TO THE Learning; Chapter 1 Effects OF Playing Mobile Legends TO THE Learning; Social-Networking-Site; You Tube Advertising Value and its Effects ...

  20. Capstone Project

    At some colleges and universities, there is no difference between the words "thesis" and "Capstone Project", but generally these are five-chapter papers that explore a new and original research topic. Nonetheless, both types of papers amount to the same writing process. Chapter 1 is the introduction:

  21. (PDF) Undertaking Capstone Projects in Education: A ...

    8.4 Examples of most ... a capstone project in education. In Chapter 1, we will start by setting out the foundations for . the project.