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How to Plan a Successful Digital Marketing Capstone Project

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 13, 2022   5 min. read

uvm digital marketing capstone project presentation

By Christopher Hill

One of the benefits of the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals course is that students are exposed to a variety of digital marketing channels. This includes Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Display, and Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Analytics. Over the course of eight weeks, students learn the inner workings of these channels from instructors who actually work in those fields. All of this to prepare their capstone project, a presentation of a marketing plan that serves as the ultimate display of a student’s fundamental knowledge of digital marketing. 

However, the question many potential students ask before starting the course is “How can I possibly plan, create, and build a marketing plan in just under eight weeks?” 

What is the Capstone Project?

The assignment is simple: consider a problem facing a brand of the student’s choosing and build a multifaceted marketing campaign that they believe can solve it. Students are able to select any brand they desire, even the brand that they currently work for or plan to interview with in the future. They’re also able to choose the specific challenge for that brand that they want their eventual marketing plan to face. And it’s the selection of that challenge that begins to piece the puzzle together for students. Because the challenge chosen could impact the type of digital marketing campaign one would choose. 

For example, a student who chooses a challenge of a “new product launch” might feel that the best marketing campaign for them would be a  product giveaway . Or a brand that needs to “increase customer loyalty” might be a good candidate to consider a  contest  or  mobile app . These options are provided to students when the class starts so it’s more of a match game than it is pulling something unknown from a hat. There is certainly nuance, but students have a lifeline in the Digital Marketing Fundamentals instructors who are there to help guide them. 

capstone project for marketing

The lovely part is, there are typically no wrong answers during the selection part of the process, with the most important thing being that a definitive brand, challenge, and campaign are chosen. However, there is a common trap that can derail the campaign discussion, and that is for a student to consider it good enough to simply say that they’ll use multiple marketing channels to market their brand better. This eliminates the focus for the student and therefore makes their job much harder. Rather than demonstrating the  correct and specific  use of the included marketing channels that are relevant for a particular campaign, they are instead only capable of showing a  general  use of the marketing channels, which isn’t what the capstone project is for. 

Every capstone should feature more than one digital marketing channel, as a truly good marketing campaign typically does. It’s the goal of the course for students to learn when and how to use these marketing channels, which is why the initial selection process is so crucial.

Which Marketing Channels Should I Choose for my Capstone Project?

This is the biggest question for the students in Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate . But it’s also one that students don’t need to have an answer for in the first week. As the course unfolds, there are a number of opportunities for students to learn about the various marketing channels. This includes the weekly live sessions where the instructors, subject matter experts in their field, touch on all the key takeaways and applications for that module’s channel. So students can file away tactics and use cases for their own capstone project. 

But aside from this, one of the most basic ways for students to figure out which marketing channels they should use for their capstone is to consider the basics of their challenge and campaign. For example, if the challenge is to increase leads consider these questions: where is the brand currently getting leads? Do they have a submission form on their website? If it is, then that automatically opens the door for marketing channels like Search Engine Optimization and/or Paid Advertising, channels that to varying degrees rely on web pages for lead capturing. Do the brand’s social media pages link back to the website? Well, there is another channel for the student to consider. 

capstone project for marketing

Sometimes, it’s that simple to get started and if the student isn’t sure of where to begin, then the instructors are there to provide some firm direction and context.

So even though it seems daunting, the capstone project is actually one of the many elements of the Digital Marketing Fundamentals course that students will find rewarding. It helps them see the marketing landscape through the eyes of a seasoned digital marketer, while also giving them something tangible to include in their portfolios, should they find themselves on the job hunt . Going through this course can be one of the best ways to gain a working knowledge of a number of channels, as well as build a foundation for what could be your future career path.

capstone project for marketing

Christopher Hill is a Senior Account Executive at  PureRED  and Academic Coach in  The University of Vermont’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate  program. In addition to his work as a digital marketer, Hill is a published author, father, husband, and avid sports fan.

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capstone project for marketing

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This course is part of the Marketing Strategy Specialization

Marketing Strategy Capstone Project

Image of instructor, Ramon Diaz-Bernardo

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About this Course

The Capstone Project will require you to take the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout this specialization and put it into practice. Each week is divided into the different components of the Marketing Strategy: Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Mix Implementation and Expected Results. Review each week’s theory and concrete the takeaways with quizzes aimed at reinforcement of the concepts.

After reviewing the material learned you will be asked to analyse the case study: ¨Hotel Ipsum: A Marketing and Commercial Strategy to Survive.¨ Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test! Hotel Ipsum’s General Manager, Rafael Escobedo, is faced with a dilemma: Despite his hotel doing fairly well in terms of sales and profitability, Rafael’s Board of Directors are not satisfied and are demanding an improvement in results. Now it’s up to you to create Rafael’s Marketing Strategy. The outcome could mean one of two things: praise from his Board of Directors…or unemployment! Along with the Capstone are discussion forums, quizzes and peer reviews to aid you in your understanding of the theory given throughout this Specialization. Share your thoughts, ideas and debate with other like-minded learners from all over the globe with the same interest in expanding their marketing knowledge.

Could your company benefit from training employees on in-demand skills?


Ramon Diaz-Bernardo


IE Business School

IE Business School is an internationally recognized business school where the leaders of tomorrow shape their ideas and learn to become global citizens. For over 40 years, IE Business School has promoted innovation and change in organizations, equipping managers with an entrepreneurial mindset that generates employment, wealth, and social well-being.

Regularly featured among the top business schools in the world, IE Business School has an urban campus in Madrid and a faculty of more than 400 professors who teach students from approximately 90 countries in its undergraduate and master programs. IE uses innovative online, face-to-face, and blended learning formats, including the IE Communities Platform where knowledge and experiences are exchanged with over 50,000 IE graduates that currently hold management positions in more than 100 countries worldwide.

See how employees at top companies are mastering in-demand skills

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

Introduction to the capstone and hotel ipsum: a marketing and commercial strategy to survive case study., conducting market analysis through understanding market research and consumer behavior., developing a marketing strategy through positioning., adapting the marketing mix to your strategy: product, price, place and promotion., expected results and implementation of your marketing plan..


I am among the top in my PGP class and even in the office because of the learning from the IE University and Coursera

Excelente curso, super practico por ser orientado al método de caso

About the Marketing Strategy Specialization

Do you hear the word “marketing” on a daily basis, but aren’t sure what marketing really is or why your business needs it? Do you know that marketing is important to your company, product, or service, but aren’t sure where to start?

Cover the concepts and tools you need to successfully develop a marketing strategy for a business, product or service. Begin by understanding consumers and the main market research techniques, then learn how to correctly segment, target and position your product to achieve success. Continue by analyzing the four critical areas in marketing, the famous four Ps of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Finally, get the backing your ideas deserve and communicate the actions through a Marketing Plan. In the final capstone project you will develop a Marketing Plan for a product or service.

Marketing Strategy

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Yes. In select learning programs, you can apply for financial aid or a scholarship if you can’t afford the enrollment fee. If fin aid or scholarship is available for your learning program selection, you’ll find a link to apply on the description page.

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Marketing Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Project Ideas

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Global e Marketing

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capstone project for marketing

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List of Marketing Capstone Project Ideas, if you are looking for a unique topic for the project. http://www.capstoneproposal.com/marketing-capstone-project-ideas/


capstone project for marketing

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Walsh - Graduate & Undergraduate Business Degrees

capstone project for marketing

Clinical assistant professor of marketing Nicholas McCracken discusses how capstone courses prepare Walsh marketing students to become next-level brand managers. McCracken has years of senior-level industry experience working in market research, as part of a business incubator and in media. He now leads a strategic research group at Ford Motor Company.

McCracken collaborated with Michael Levens, Ph.D., president and CEO and former chair of the marketing department, to develop Walsh’s undergraduate and graduate marketing capstone experiences.

Can you explain Walsh’s marketing capstone course?

The capstone project is the culmination of the  master’s of marketing program. Working in teams, students create marketing proposals for a real company and product. The deliverables for each consulting project are based on the scope of the project requested by the external client. Sometimes students create a comprehensive, full stack marketing plan. Other times they are asked to focus on one element of the marketing plan, such as branding or promotion. As is the case in industry, what is delivered varies by the client engagement.

Why are capstone projects important?

The capstone project provides students with practical, hands-on experience they will use in in their professional lives, underscores the importance of working together in teams, and fosters creative thinking. Completed capstone projects showcase to potential employers the marketing skills a student has gained, signaling professionalism, value, and out-of-the-box thinking. The project also allows students to synthesize what they’ve learned on a theoretical and practical level.

How do you assign capstone projects?

Walsh faculty members select the capstone opportunity, relying heavily on our industry connections to bring businesses and products that offer high learning potential. Some of our previous capstone projects include clients in high tech automotive manufacturing, healthcare systems, and new business startup competitions. Students get an inside view into these companies; one client even participated in his client brief from inside the manufacturing location, providing students a virtual tour of the facility. It’s an authentic experience from start to finish.

How can a student be the most successful in their capstone experience?

Students who are passionate about marketing tend to gain the most from their capstone projects. But beyond passion, students willing to dive in, even when they might not feel 100% confident, will also learn the most. It’s natural to feel unsure when they are beginning, because the capstone assignment is intentionally unstructured. But if students are open to the fact that not knowing exactly how to proceed is a valuable part of the learning experience, they’ll come away with confidence and the ability to create an interesting product and package of concepts for their clients.

What do you hope students learn from their capstone experience?

One of the most important things I want students to take away from their capstone experience is confidence. If they don’t know how to solve a particular marketing challenge, they’ve got to stick with the problem until they’ve found a viable solution. I want them to learn to discuss challenges with one another and be able to come to a consensus. I also want them to learn to create marketing ideas based on data, not opinion. That’s the  science  of marketing. Finally, I want them to understand the value of the story they tell about a product. That’s the  art  of marketing. The capstone experience helps students combine the art and science of marketing into one practical, valuable marketing strategy.

What makes the Walsh capstone experience valuable?

Many Walsh faculty continue to work in their chosen field while they teach, and students benefit from first-hand, relevant industry experience and professional connections. In fact, students often report they are able to take what they learned in class and put it into practice the next day at work. By working directly with a client, students gain a true understanding of the emotional and financial investment clients make in their marketing strategies, which can ultimately help them become effective brand managers. Faculty act as coaches and facilitators, helping students absorb and synthesize what they’ve learned.

How does Walsh prepare students for their careers?

Walsh’s  mission  is to provide a transformative business education that combines theory, application, and professional experience to prepare graduates for successful careers. We take that mission seriously, and believe our students deserve a return on investment for the time, energy, and financial resources they commit to their program. That’s why our curriculum balances theoretical learning with hands-on learning experiences for practical skill development, culminating in completion of the capstone experience. Capstone projects gives students the knowledge, experience and skills they need to be successful and helps them prepare for the rapid, high-stakes situations they’ll face in their careers with real clients.


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Top 15 Marketing Analytics Project Ideas for Practice in 2023

Looking for some exciting and unique marketing analytics project ideas? Here's a list of the top 15 marketing analytics projects for you! Last Updated: 22 Feb 2023

This blog covers the top 15 marketing analytics project ideas worth exploring by anyone planning to land a job in marketing analytics. It lists some of the unique marketing analytics projects that will help you understand the use of marketing analytics in different industries.

40% of companies intend to boost data-driven marketing budgets in the current marketplace, and 64% of marketing executives believe data-driven initiatives are crucial. How do businesses leverage data-driven marketing approaches? Marketing analytics is organizing and analyzing data to assess the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns such as calls to action.


Customer Market Basket Analysis using Apriori and Fpgrowth algorithms

Last Updated : 2022-12-07 06:44:55

Downloadable solution code | Explanatory videos | Tech Support

Table of Contents

Marketing analytics project ideas for practice, 1. pharma sales optimization, 2. patient outreach optimization, 3. customer acquisition prediction, 4. customer lifetime value analysis, 5. market basket analysis, 6. retail price estimation, 7. product recommendation system, 8. customer feedback analysis, 9. store sales prediction, 10. customer churn prediction, 11. loan risk prediction, 12. marketing campaign optimization, 13. credit card fraud detection , 14. crm optimization project, 15. customer segmentation analysis, keyword research analysis, social media campaign analysis, website traffic analysis, lead conversion analysis, customer satisfaction optimization, roi data analysis, tourism data analysis, targeted promotion optimization, restaurant sales data analysis, marketing analytics algorithms.

ProjectPro Free Projects on Big Data and Data Science

With a rising demand for marketing analytics worldwide, it's a great career option to explore. In today's rapidly evolving marketing industry, successful campaigns demand intelligent and competent individuals, or marketing analysts , that leverage the newest technology and insights. Marketing analysts assist businesses in determining not just how to reach a potential audience but also which items and services to offer. They are also responsible for building user profiles and influencing pricing decisions. The role of a marketing analyst includes-

evaluating the efficiency of marketing programs and initiatives

assessing client behavior and lead conversions

generating reports on metrics such as lead conversions, website traffic, etc.

engage with the sales teams to identify new customer acquisition prospects

Marketing analysts must possess specific skills to perform the responsibilities mentioned above. These skills include-

analytical skills,

ability to create dashboards and reports,

knowledge of predictive modeling

knowledge of SQL to work efficiently with data

ability to work with attribution modeling

Now, you have adequate knowledge of the responsibilities and skills of a marketing analyst. But, how can you start your journey towards becoming a marketing analyst? The primary step is to learn about the necessary tools and technologies useful in the domain, and the next step is to master those skills. How to do that? Here are the top 15 marketing analytics projects you can practice to strengthen your marketing analytics skills.

New Projects

capstone project for marketing

2023-02-23 14:09:06

2022-12-06 09:59:56

2022-12-06 10:06:25

2023-02-09 16:29:23

2022-12-17 18:06:02

2022-12-24 12:58:46

2022-10-27 15:18:17

2023-01-27 13:00:51

2023-02-09 12:00:19

2023-02-08 17:11:27

View all New Projects

Marketing Analytics Project Topics in Healthcare

The global healthcare analytics market will increase at a 28.8% CAGR to $93.3 billion by 2027. The rising demand for data analytics to enhance patient outcomes while cutting costs is driving the market for healthcare analytics.

Check out these helpful marketing data analytics project topics in the healthcare industry.

Pharma Sales Optimization

The project intends to make it easier for individuals in the Animal Healthcare industry to track the sales of items used to treat minor animal species. Businesses can compare product sales in the top-ranking and bottom-ranking cities in real time. The project could provide a comprehensive report on medical group sales and trends for any given period.

For example , Pfizer uses SAS and Noux to extract relevant insights from sales and distribution data formerly present in thousands of excel files. It allows Pfizer to track how often medicines sell in a specific location, which sales agents perform better than others, and how well they compete.

Ace Your Next Job Interview with Mock Interviews from Experts to Improve Your Skills and Boost Confidence!

Data Science Interview Preparation

Hospitals and pharmacies leverage predictive algorithms to examine patient data and develop dynamic customer personas with individual preferences and habits. Moreover, clinicians can use these profiles to create customized outreach messaging about therapies and drug efficacy. The marketing department can also use these personas to create email campaigns.

Patient Outreach Optimization

Use the patient treatment classification dataset available on Kaggle for working on this project. You can analyze the dataset and apply predictive algorithms such as the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm. KNN algorithm will allow you to understand the preferences of all patients and further optimize the patient outreach in hospitals.

For example , SCIO Health provides insights and solutions for improving patient health using advanced algorithms and integrated health data. Their technology detects treatment inefficiencies that result in high expenses and poor health outcomes. Medical providers can target at-risk individuals and minimize avoidable hospitalizations and problems by recognizing these gaps.

There are many more marketing analytics project topics in the healthcare industry that you will find on platforms like Github, etc.

Marketing Analytics Projects in Finance

The global financial analytics market is forecast to increase at a CAGR of 11.53 percent to USD 25.38 billion in 2028. Financial analytics solutions enable organizations to gain insights into economic efficiency, operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and sales revenue.

Below are a few sample marketing data analytics projects you can practice if you are interested in financial analytics.

The intermediate goal of this project is to extract similarities and differences between the general population and the company's current client base. Next, use the extracted data to determine who is more likely to be potential clients of the company. Additionally, the organization can employ its email marketing to target those potential customers.

Customer Acquisition Prediction

Use any customer dataset (e.g., Arvato Financial Services dataset on Github) for this project. The first step is analyzing demographic data from a company's customer base and comparing it to the general population. Then, using unsupervised learning techniques, find parts of the population that better represent the company's core client base. Lastly, build a supervised model predicting the target customers for a direct marketing campaign to maximize the campaign's ROI.

For example, Citibank is a major supporter of a data-driven, analytical strategy and often explores analytics use cases, including customer acquisition. The bank uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate its client data and use the results to target promotional expenditures.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a metric that determines how valuable a customer is to your business over an indefinite period rather than simply the first purchase. CLV helps in deciding a reasonable cost per acquisition (CPA).

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

You will predict the customer's lifetime value and classify customers based on their LTV in this project so that you can deliver this data to an organization's marketing team for campaign and CPA optimization. Use a transactional dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. This dataset covers all genuine transactions for a registered e-commerce online retail store . Now, to generate predictions, apply the probabilistic models (Pareto-NBD, BG-NBD, MBG-NBD, and Gamma Gamma) to the case study in the industry.

For example, Yes Bank, globally recognized at the Gartner Excellence Awards for big data analytics use cases, uses innovative analytics and data mining techniques to map the customer life cycle and gain insights into customer behavior.

Get FREE Access to   Data Analytics Example Codes for Data Cleaning, Data Munging, and Data Visualization

Marketing Analytics Projects in Marketing

The global retail analytics market will likely continue increasing at a CAGR of 17.7% to $18.33 billion in 2028. The booming e-commerce sector and its usage of analytics for better and more tailored experiences, quick access to product details, and remarkable services are driving the retail analytics market.

Take a look at these exciting retail analytics projects in marketing that cover all the various applications of retail analytics-

Market basket analysis is an innovative analytics technique that uses data mining and statistical tools to evaluate user purchase patterns to enhance sales. Businesses can use this analysis technique to improve the customer's overall expenditure by combining commonly purchased items at a discounted rate.

Market Basket Analysis

This project attempts to identify top products that contribute to a company's revenue and utilize market basket analysis to evaluate individual customers' purchasing behavior to predict which products customers are more likely to buy together. Refer to the marketing and retail analytics capstone project on Kaggle for the dataset.

For example, Amazon.com is the most well-known example of how Market Basket Analysis helps increase online sales. If you are an Amazon customer, you already know that the retailing platform provides you with the best product recommendations at the perfect time. These recommendations result from performing extensive research on past purchases by similar customers.

Source Code- Market Basket Analysis

One of the essential aspects for any product-based company is determining the pricing of its products. As a result, understanding what components impact the decision-making phase of product prices becomes critical for the marketing analytics team.

Retail Price Estimation

In this project, you will create an automated price suggestion system using the information from Mercari's dataset to recommend prices to retailers for various products. This project shows you how to use EDA tools and implement Neural Networks , Support Vector Machines, and Random Forest machine learning algorithms . If you are looking for beginner-level marketing analytics project ideas , this project is an excellent choice.

For example, Starbucks uses research and customer analysis to develop targeted price hikes that gather the maximum amount of money customers are willing to pay without turning them away. They use moderate price hikes that regular customers hardly realize to raise margins.

Source Code- Retail Price Estimation

Understanding marketing analytics enables firms to avoid missing out on their chance to show targeted recommendations based on the user's preferences.

Product Recommendation System

Start working on this project by performing EDA followed by product and customer trend analysis to gain insights. Then, using Cohort Analysis and RFM Modeling, divide the customers into specific clusters based on purchase histories. Apply uplift/persuasion modeling to determine which customers need attention and uncover Upselling and Cross Selling prospects. Finally, personalize recommendations based on implicit input (previous purchases) and explicit feedback (product reviews). A new user will see the most popular suggestions, and you may discover who are Big Spenders and Upsell them using the highest rated product recommendations by using Segmentation.

For example, Amazon, a leading online marketplace platform, combines big data with a client-centric strategy to promote customer satisfaction. During each customer's visit to the website, the retailer gathers insights. It then uses this data to recommend products to you rather than letting you waste time searching through their vast inventory.

Explore Categories

Customer feedback has become common practice for many businesses, and it gives them a user's viewpoint and advises them on what improvements they should make in their product to boost sales. Furthermore, potential clients will likely believe that the former is genuine if a business (or seller) makes its product reviews public.

Customer Feedback Analysis

This project focuses on analyzing product reviews on an eCommerce website. You will deal with textual data and use data pre-processing techniques such as gibberish detection, language detection, profanity detection, etc., for acquiring user sentiments and opinions for further analysis.

For example, Whirlpool Corporation is a leading home appliance manufacturer. Their innovation tactics heavily rely on customer feedback, and Whirlpool receives a million reviews worldwide from 40 different websites every month. The company identifies innovative approaches and ideas by converting this data into insights.

Source Code- Customer Feedback Analysis

In most businesses, the marketing department is in charge of keeping track of and staying aware of the factors influencing current and future business growth.

Store Sales Prediction

You will work on a dataset of 45 Walmart stores for this project. This project aims to forecast sales and revenue for various stores. Use numeric and categorical feature variables to discover redundancy in variables. This project will also teach you how to use the ARIMA time series model and other machine learning models.

For example, Walmart uses predictive analytics to forecast customer demand and also forecast\ sales depending on past data from different areas' retailers. Each store has several departments, and the retailer employs data mining to forecast sales in each department.

Source Code- Store Sales Prediction

Marketing Analytics Project Example in Banking

The global predictive analytics in the banking market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 20.80% to $5.43 billion by 2026. Predictive analytics has been assisting banking institutions in predicting their incoming and outgoing payments and client flow, fueling growth prospects.

Here are a few banking marketing analytics projects that will help you better understand the application of predictive analytics in the industry.

When customer churn begins to increase at an alarming rate, numerous organizations review their existing marketing analytics strategies to determine the leading cause of the churn.

Customer Churn Prediction

This project will teach you how to conduct univariate and bivariate analyses on the dataset. You will learn how to implement and analyze statistical approaches like SHAP (SHapley Additive exPlanations), RandomSearch, and GridSearch. This project is an easy-to-understand marketing analytics project example in the banking industry. If you are willing to explore sample marketing data analytics projects in banking, this is for you. 

For example, American Express is an excellent example of how to identify future churn and customize retention methods. The organization can forecast churn using cardholders’ buying patterns and develop marketing plans to turn them into long-term consumers.

Source Code- Customer Churn Prediction

Get More Practice,  More   Big Data and Analytics Projects , and More guidance.Fast-Track Your Career Transition with ProjectPro

One of the most common marketing projects in analytics is loan risk assessment. For this project idea, you will perform exploratory data analysis, analyze pairwise correlations among different variables, and design and test a prediction model.

Loan Risk Prediction

Begin this project by looking at specific variables and how they relate to the loan's status. Although various approaches to creating a classification model exist, logistic regression is a popular tool for marketing applications with a binary dependent variable. Choose one predictor variable, and then figure out what other variables you need for this project. Estimate a model that links house ownership to whether or not a loan seems risky, and then compare its accuracy to a basic model. Use the assessment data to see how the model works with different predictions. Then, generalize the logistic regression tool and explore a different approach to evaluate the model's performance.

You can leverage marketing data to achieve two different business objectives:

Prediction of marketing campaign results for each customer and elaboration of factors that impact campaign results

Identifying client segments using data from customers who sign up for a term deposit.

Marketing Campaign Optimization

This marketing project works well with any banking marketing campaign data to improve marketing efforts and increase term deposit subscriptions. Use machine learning techniques (e.g., XGBoost) to forecast a marketing effort's outcome and identify elements that influence its performance.

This project aims to use buyer personas and transaction data to detect fraudulent transactions. 

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Use multiple predictive models to predict credit card fraud in a transactional dataset. You can use the Python Pandas module to load the training and credit card datasets and manipulate the data. This project will show you how to generate statistical judgments for each variable in the dataset.

Source Code- Credit Card Fraud Detection

Get confident to build end-to-end projects.

Access to a curated library of 250+ end-to-end industry projects with solution code, videos and tech support.

Customer relationship management and sales systems may cause marketing data to distribute across multiple business systems. For this project, create a marketing data warehouse that will act as a primary data source for the marketing team. You can also use web analytics tools, marketing channels, and CRM solutions to integrate internal and external data.

CRM Optimization Project

Because of the data warehouse, all marketers will have access to the same standardized data, enabling them to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Such marketing analytics projects allow businesses to analyze performance metrics such as ROI, lead attribution, and so on, resulting in more efficient customer relationship management.

Banking institutions often classify their customers by socioeconomic factors such as geographic area, age, and purchase habits. Banks can assess a customer's current and lifetime value by analyzing these groups together. The insights help banks filter out customers who provide minimal value and focus on those likely to remain potential clients in the long run.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Use any customer segmentation dataset available on Kaggle to work on this project idea. Start by importing Python libraries such as Pandas and NumPy for handling dataframes, matplotlib and seaborn for data visualization , sklearn for machine learning algorithms, etc. Use clustering algorithms such as K-Means and Affinity Propagation to divide customers into groups according to specific attributes. These groups indicate how valuable time spent with each customer is likely to be compared to previous clients.

Build an Awesome Job Winning Project Portfolio with Solved End-to-End Big Data Projects

Digital Marketing Analytics Projects

Digital marketing analytics is one of the most popular fields for big data analysis. Digital marketing analytics can help transform business goals into measurable achievements that support the company's ongoing growth. Working on a few digital marketing analytics projects will help you better understand how digital marketing tools can benefit businesses in various ways. Here are a few simple yet exciting digital marketing analytics projects you need to build a strong portfolio-

There are many other digital marketing analytics projects for beginners and professionals, such as email marketing campaign analysis, SEO Data Analysis, paid search optimization, etc.

Furthermore, you can also explore some sports analytics marketing projects, such as soccer player statistics, NBA Shots Analysis, etc. 

Project Ideas for Marketing Analytics Capstone Projects

Here are some more project ideas for marketing analytics capstone projects for the final year students who are interested in upskilling themselves-

Working on these project ideas for marketing analytics capstone projects will allow you to understand the use of marketing analytics tools and how they can impact the growth of a business in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction, etc.

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Before discussing the types of marketing analytics algorithms , let us first understand why algorithms are essential for marketing. Algorithms hold great value for marketers as they help to determine-

how noticeable a brand's information is to the target audience,

how relevant the product recommendations are to potential customers who are about to check out, and

a variety of other factors that impact the success or failure of a marketing strategy, 

Now, let us look at some of the valuable and noteworthy marketing analytics algorithms -

Time Series Analysis- allows you to gain valuable insights, form an adequate base for campaign analysis, etc.

Logistic Regression- practical when you want to get the most out of your marketing budget.

K-Nearest Neighbour- helpful for creating profiles for the rest of the team to consider.

Naive Bayes- ideal for organizing customers into categories and forecasting behavior, such as which product a client is likely to buy.

Other marketing analytics algorithms include Linear regression, Decision trees, Google algorithms, etc.

ProjectPro gives you the perfect hands-on experience working on projects with its newly launched ‘Live Cloud Labs’ feature. You can practice the code solutions and learn at the same time! How cool is that? If you are looking for some machine learning projects for marketing analytics , check out the ProjectPro repository, which has over 200 industry-level solved projects and reusable codes .

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Lindner College of Business » Academics » Specialized Master's Programs » MS in Marketing » Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

Experience-based learning is an integral component of Lindner’s MS Marketing program. Through a capstone project, students partner with an organization to problem-solve something specific to help improve the company’s marketing strategy and execution.

Read on about capstone projects completed by two MS Marketing students during the 2021-22 academic year.

Luke Bowles

Luke Bowles has a Master’s of Science degree in marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Luke works at Procter & Gamble, where he is a senior brand manager on the Bounce brand, responsible for North America delivery.​

Capstone: Lindner College of Business, Graduation Experience Redesign

A personalized graduation experience is an important aspect of the student journey at any college or university. The University of Cincinnati hosts a single, university-wide commencement ceremony at the conclusion of every semester. The Lindner College of Business wanted to launch a coordinated experience that kicked off the alumni journey with a meaningful experience for Lindner graduates that supplemented the university’s programming.

Luke Bowles, BBA ’21, MS ’22

Luke and his capstone partner first collaborated with Lindner's leadership to develop core strategic objectives for a successful graduation experience. The project had three phases:

Ultimately, the project proposed a unique experience to kick off the alumni journey for Lindner graduates, with plans for implementation in spring 2023. In addition to many elements, the revamped experience culminates with an event called “Cheers to the Graduates," an event where graduates and guests gather in Lindner Hall for socializing, optional programming and a toast from the Dean.

Morgan Blaylock

Morgan Blaylock holds her Master’s of Science in marketing degree from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business and her Bachelor's of Science in business from Miami University Farmer School of Business. She currently works as a campaign operations associate for 84.51° in Cincinnati. Morgan’s specialties include campaign management, web development and creative design.

Capstone: Steinhauser Printing, Redefining Value

Steinhauser Printing became the leading printing agency in Cincinnati after the recent acquisition of a high-quality printing machine. However, even with the capacity to produce high-quality prints, the company was not receiving the customer acquisition momentum they were anticipating.

Morgan Blaylock, MS ’22

Morgan conducted expert interviews, in-person facility tours of label printers around Cincinnati and fielded surveys through Qualtrics. These methods led her to uncover three key insights:

Armed with this knowledge, Morgan recommended a client referral program, personalized starter kits and a charity co-branding with current clients.

The client referral program would lead Steinhauser to foster new relationships and acquire new clients. Additionally, the refined personalized starter kits would build out the current welcome mailer that potential clients receive. Lastly, the charity co-branding would require partnerships with clients to help serve the community, a commitment benefiting all.

For detailed information on the MS Marketing program or to sponsor a capstone project, contact Assistant Professor-Educator Dianne Hardin or Associate Professor of Marketing and Innovation Drew Boyd.

Dianne Hardin

Assistant Professor-Educator , Department of Marketing

2390 Carl H. Lindner Hall


[email protected]

Associate Professor-Educator Marketing and Innovation, Department of Marketing

2553 Carl H. Lindner Hall


[email protected]

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What You Learn From Capstone Senior Projects

Tom Henderson why a degree in business administration

Written by Tom Henderson

Capstone Senior Projects give students a taste of real-world situations. Students gain experience working with corporations in the community, showcasing their expertise and professionalism.

The Professional Program in Marketing

The Professional Program in Marketing (PPM) is a program that provides supplemental workshops and professional opportunities while also encouraging participation in rigorous courses. This elite program was the brainchild of a past Capstone Senior Project Marketing ( MKT 4395 ) course. Lecturer Sonja Corbin ’s capstone class interviewed marketing students, a dean and a program director as well as analyzed other elite educational programs to provide recommendations on launching, naming and branding the PPM.

This is not the only university program that has benefited from the minds of marketing capstone students. The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science ‘s UTDesign capstone prototype program also came to our capstone students to better understand how to market their program.

Helping Corporations

Our marketing capstone students have helped an array of corporations large and small, including the technology giant Mitel and the local marketing firm Fuse Associates.

For Mitel, our students looked at strategies for improving Mitel’s customer review process. The students worked with Mitel’s chief marketing officer and digital marketing directors to come up with solutions focusing on programs to encourage reviews by loyal customers.

With Fuse Associates, students provided recommendations on repositioning the brand to emphasize the brand story more effectively. It’s these type of real-world opportunities that set our UT Dallas marketing students apart.

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How Our Marketing Students Land Over 150 Internships Every Year

How Our Marketing Students Land Over 150 Internships Every Year

The BS in Marketing program's required internship is important for acquiring needed experience to land that first job. It’s also a crucial part of our trilogy experience, which includes completion of an internship, 100 hours of community engagement experience and a capstone senior project course.

Capstone Senior Projects Provides Real-World Solutions for an Array of Clients

Capstone Senior Projects Provides Real-World Solutions for an Array of Clients

The Professional Program in Marketing (PPM) is a program that provides supplemental workshops and professional opportunities while also encouraging participation in rigorous courses. This elite program was the brainchild of a past Capstone Senior Project Marketing (MKT 4395) course.

Now Is a Good Time to Help a Nonprofit Organization

Now Is a Good Time to Help a Nonprofit Organization

By being part of the UT Dallas community, we know we are blessed with support, resources and connections — but most of all hope.

Students’ Work Played a Part in a Corporate Acquisition

Students’ Work Played a Part in a Corporate Acquisition

In May 2019, Shannon Cotts won the DFW AMA Collegiate Marketer of the Year award for her outstanding data analysis provided to startup business Fixd, a Dallas-based home warranty and service repair business.

Research Isn’t Just for Science Majors — It’s for Marketing Majors, Too!

Research Isn’t Just for Science Majors — It’s for Marketing Majors, Too!

While a BS in Marketing program student, Claudia Kwee had a chance to conduct a research project and present it at an educators' conference in Houston.

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Capstone Project Topics For MBA Marketing

Capstone Project Topics For MBA Marketing

Look at a great list of capstone project topics for MBA marketing or visit site for a full list of them http://www.mbacapstoneproject.com/capstone-project-topics-for-mba-marketing/


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Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

<strong>Marketing</strong> <strong>Capstone</strong> <strong>Project</strong> Ideas Effects of Salesman’s personality on brand image Effect of branded ingredients on consumer perception Images of offensive images on branding/marketing Preferences to buy ready-to-cook meals by housewives Relationship between strategic implementation and teasers campaigns Services marketing and customer relationship management Sales of pharmaceutical companies with marketing activities impact Two stage least square model of advertising Association between content and advertising messages Influence of humor advertising Effectiveness of integrated marketing communication The ways of finding edogenity to explain consumer compliant behavior Study of consumer spending via credit cards Impact of price sensitivity on buying behavior Brand attitude and awareness Buying behaviors in shopping stores Study on consumer purchase intention Consumer preferences and store image Impact of CRM on customer satisfaction Impact of brand recall through Television on mood Fashion involvement’s impact on buying behavior Experiential perspective and word of mouth The packaging variables and their importance mbacapstoneproject.com

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Top 225 Creative Capstone Project Ideas For Students

Table of Contents

Are you searching for creative capstone project ideas? Don’t worry! Like you, many students are struggling to come up with a unique capstone project topic. So, to help you all, here in this blog post we have identified and listed the best 200+ capstone project ideas on all the major subjects. Continue reading this blog post and earn the necessary academic benefits.

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is a parameter used by the schools and colleges to grade the overall understanding of the students at the end of the course. The project is highly beneficial for the students because it helps them to showcase their communication skills, presentation skills and problem-solving skills.

The main goal of the capstone project assignment is to motivate the students to plan independently, perform detailed analysis, work in a team and stick to the deadline. Usually, the instructors will assign every student or a team to complete their assignment on any excellent capstone project ideas.

If you are asked to complete a capstone project on any topic of your choice, then you need to search and find the best project ideas related to your subject. The project topic selection is a challenging task. In order to identify a good and creative capstone project idea, a lot of planning is required.

Capstone Project Ideas

How to Select a Topic for Capstone Project?

The first step of the capstone project is finding a topic. If you select a not-so-good topic for your project, then chances are there for you to get low grades. So, when selecting a topic, make sure to keep the following tips in mind and pick an ideal topic that will boost your grades.

After you have identified the right capstone project topic, make sure to reach out to your professor or teacher and get final approval from them before you proceed with your project work.

Innovative Capstone Project Ideas

Innovative Capstone Project Ideas

Here, we have listed the capstone project ideas on all the major subjects such as accounting, business, engineering, information technology, computer science nursing, psychology, marketing, management, and many more.

Check the list and spot the capstone project idea that is appealing to you.

Capstone Project Ideas on High School Education

Few High School Capstone Project Ideas

Accounting Capstone Project Ideas

Read more Best Accounting Research Topics and Ideas for Students

Capstone Project Ideas

Business Capstone Project Ideas

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

Read more:   Best Engineering Research Topics for Academic Writing

Capstone Project Ideas in Information Technology

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

Marketing and Management Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Project Ideas in Political Science

Political Science Capstone Project Ideas

Trending Capstone Project Ideas for Politics

Final Words

To submit the best project and get an A+ grade, an original capstone project topic alone will not help you. You need to perform in-depth research on the topic and present your project work effectively and efficiently.

If you want more creative capstone project ideas or any academic help to complete your capstone project, then reach out to us. We have a team of highly experienced academic writers to assist you in completing the capstone project on any subject topics as per your requirements on time at an affordable price.

Why are you waiting? Quickly place your order and get instant assignment help from our experts to earn the highest possible grade for a top-quality capstone project.

capstone project for marketing

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