CS & ECE189 Senior Capstone Projects

During the senior year, CE students are required to take the Senior Computer Systems Project courses also known as the Senior "Capstone" Project. This course helps satisfy CE Major Degree Requirements in the Senior Elective Study Plan.

The Capstone Project gives CE students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design and engineer innovative hardware and software systems using techniques from robotics, distributed systems, circuit design, networking, and real-time systems to tackle problems and create a final "tangible" project.

Every year at the end of the final quarter the projects are presented at full-day, industry-supported events where student groups publicly present their projects and participate in a project demonstration and poster event.

Capstone Sr. Project Presentation Events

Capstone Sr. Project Presentation Events

CS 189 Course & Projects

CS 189 Course & Projects

students with hyperloop project

ECE 189 Course & Projects

Senior project courses.

Student groups design a significant computer-based project. Groups work independently with interaction among groups via interface specifications and informal meetings.

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Profs. Tobias Höllerer (CMPSC 189A) and Giovanni Vigna (189B)

Throughout this two-course sequence, student teams engage in all aspects of an engineering problem including design, prototype, testing, deployment, and public demonstration. The course is based on a learn-by-doing approach in which teams employ cutting-edge software technologies, tools, and engineering practices to construct significant software applications and systems.

Unique to the UCSB CS Capstone is industry collaboration. Top companies from around the country partner with and mentor student teams. Industrial participants propose project ideas (that range from well-defined to wide open) from which student teams choose, as part of short, competitive “pitches”. The CS 189 senior project series culminates in a public project presentation and demonstration by each team at Summit CS in March.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B/C

Instructor: Dr. Yogananda Isukapalli (ECE 189A/B/C)

ECE 189A/B/C is a year-long capstone project course sequence in which Computer Engineering (CE) senior students design and implement an embedded computer system. Working in small groups of four to six, the teams draw on the strengths of each member, and projects are intended to be the culmination of the student's undergraduate education, incorporating both significant hardware and software components and, in some cases, mechanical components as well. CE Capstone Projects offer students real-world experience in the lifespan of developing an embedded system: identifying a problem, designing to required specifications, managing budgets and printed circuit board fabrication, and delivering their finished product on time.

CE capstone projects fall into several categories: (i) Student defined projects, in which students come up with the design idea on their own; (ii) Industry-sponsored projects, in which an industry partner specifies a design challenge of interest to their organization; (iii) Research group projects, in which a research group at UCSB poses a design challenge; (iv) Student project competitions, in which students enter as contestants in an organized competition.

ECE 189 senior projects will be showcased at the end of the Spring quarter at the ECE 189 Capstone Project poster session and resentation event.

ECE 189 Capstone 2023 Presentation Event

The project presentation and poster event will be held on June 8 (Thu), 2023

CS 189 Capstone 2023 Presentations @ summit.cs

The event was held on March 15 (Wed), 2023 at Corwin Pavillion

2023 Best Projects

Computer Engineering • College of Engineering • UC Santa Barbara 2023 © Regents of the University of California

ECE 188 Senior Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project three-course series gives Electrical and Computer Engineering students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design, build, and present a challenging engineering design project. The design challenges, of which each team selects one to tackle, are proposed and supported by UCSB faculty research groups or by industry. Projects typically involve design and implementation of both hardware and software systems. The projects span a variety of topics in the field of electrical and computer engineering, including for example consumer electronics, embedded systems, control systems and circuits, image processing, AI / machine learning, biomedical devices, power electronics, energy generation and conversion, sensor networks, electrochemical and biological sensors, and solid-state emitters and detectors.

Every year at the end of Spring quarter, the final projects are displayed at an event with each student group participating in a project presentation and poster sessions. A panel of experts from academia and industry judges each of the teams and selects award winners.

ECE 189 (CE) – Capstone Project 2023 Event

ECE 189 (CE) – Capstone Project 2023 Event

ECE 188 (EE) - UCSB College of Engineering Expo 2023 Event

ECE 188 (EE) - UCSB College of Engineering Expo 2023 Event

Senior project course.

Student groups integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier coursework to tackle a challenging engineering design project which is proposed and supported by a UCSB faculty research group or by an industry supporter. The project is evaluated through written reports, oral presentations, and demonstrations of performance.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 188A/B/C

Instructors 2022-23: dr. ilan ben-yaacov (188abc).

188A (Fall quarter) - ECE 188A primarily focuses on the initial project design and development stage. After choosing a project, each group begins researching the critical elements of their project, developing a preliminary project plan with a set of preliminary design specifications, and gives a short preliminary presentation to the class describing their projects. Students then continue to refine their plan and begin prototyping and design testing. By the end of the quarter, each group finalizes their project plan and product design specifications, demonstrates a prototype of at least one system/element of their project, and gives a 45 minute presentation detailing (1) The Project Plan, (2) Product Design Specifications, (3) Budget, (4) Prototyping and Testing, and (5) Division of Labor (individual responsibilities).

188B (Winter quarter) - In ECE 188B, the groups continue to develop their products and refine their specifications, begin PCB design (where applicable), and at the end of the quarter demonstrate a second product prototype. Each group also participates in a "Mid-Project Design Review" with their instructors and sponsors in which they provide details on all the work done to date and provide a plan for completion of their project.

188C (Spring quarter) - In ECE 188C, the final quarter of the sequence, students finalize their designs and product specifications, and then assemble and debug their products. At the end of the quarter, each group presents and demos their final product at an ECE annual event. 

2023 EE Capstone Expo

The ECE 188 Presentations will be held on June 9 (Fri), 2023 at 1:30pm in the UCSB Campbell Hall Courtyard

Project Descriptions

  • *  Lab D4H BabyBot : Empowering Movement at Home
  • *  Robot Rodeo (Navy) Ganer : Saving our Sailors
  • *  FLIR SafeSight : Eyes that Save Lives
  • AMPED : Keep it clamped and play with AMPED
  • ASML ControlSense : Twice the speed. Twice the power
  • Hespanha Lab F1TENTH Velma : Finding today, Creating tomorrow
  • Buckwalter / Madhow Lab FusionSense : Reliable Radar for Real-Time Results
  • Smith Lab GreeNN : Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Image Classification
  • Northrop Grumman LineAlert : Taking the Power Out of Wildfires
  • OceanPulse : Listening to the Earth's heartbeat
  • SnaCoil : Lie down, Heal up
  • Manjunath Lab StressNet : Success is stress-free

* Multidisciplinary Projects: Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

 2022 ECE 188 Capstone Presentation Event

The ECE 188 Presentations were held on June 2, 2022

Recording of the 2022 Project Presentations

Best Projects

  • 1st place :  Mimmo  ( Madhow  &  Buckwalter  Labs)
  • 2nd place :  B.A.I.  ( S.L. Smith Lab )
  • 3rd place :  MPL  ( Theogarajan Lab )
  • Multidisciplinary Project Award :   Spyglass  ( FLIR )
  • Faculty Choice Award:   DropVision  ( ASML )
  • Beehive (Alizadeh Lab): an algorithm that manages a fleet of autonomous vehicles for ride sharing service
  • Unlimited Vision (Arthrex): an enhanced instrument imaging system for arthroscopic surgery that tackles supplemental surgical awareness
  • DropVision (ASML): an algorithm that examines vaporized plasma droplet images to evaluate and determine its performance in EUV lithography
  • * Babybot (Lab D4H): project description coming soon!
  • neutronomous (Hespanha Group): a one-tenth scale autonomous car using real-time perception and control to navigate to its destination on a college campus
  • * Spyglass (FLIR): a stabilized visible and infrared camera system geared towards day and night sailing
  • * TRILOW-G (Hawkes Lab): Payload for lunar gravity sub-orbital spaceflight to demonstrate the performance of a novel, bio-inspired, soft-robotic anchoring device for use in granular media
  • TD-75 (HGH): a low-cost temperature calibration device that reduces error in thermal imaging devices
  • Hortibeam (Horticulture Lighting): a platform for developing a laser based horticultural lighting system that can provide optimized light for plant growth without the detrimental heat generation of LED and lamp based lighting systems.
  • Mimmo (MIMO): a distributed MIMO radar system pushing the boundaries of automative safety
  • PiLC (PLC/HMI): a low cost noise proof Raspberry Pi based Programmable Logic Controller
  • * SAAPER (Robot Rodeo): a robot designed to autonomously maneuver through a Navy ship environment and is equipped to complete tasks along the way in order to eliminate the need for humans to be in harm’s way
  • B.A.I. (Smith Lab): Optical Neural Network (B.A.I): a neural network based on optics that can classify images with low energy consumption
  • MPL  (Theogarajan Lab): Maskless Projection Lithography – a novel lithography process that allows the end-user to go straight from design into manufacturing devices

2021 EE Capstone Expo

The ECE 188 Presentations were held on June 4, 2021

  • Excellence in Electrical Engineering : Hylev
  • Outstanding Innovation in EE : Audi0hm
  • Distinguished Technical Achievement in EE: P.A.M.A.
  • Faculty Choice : SensrLink
  • Best Video : P.A.M.A.
  • Excellence in Multidisciplinary Engineering : Ionic Skies
  • Audi0hm : a device that allows a guitarist to pair their guitar to any common bluetooth speaker and play in realtime
  • Auto Path : a smart robot equipped with built-in route finding algorithms and motion controls that enable itself to guide it to any designated spots
  • *Civil Robotics : an electric vehicle that traverses rough terrain and clears a 6 to 9 ft. path from flashy fuels to contain brush fires
  • Hylev : configurable research and testing platform for low power magnetic levitation
  • *Ionic Skies : a new type of aircraft that will completely solve the drone buzzing and noisy problems
  • *Lab D4H Babybot : an automated at-home ball therapy tool that circumvents the cost and limitations of a cerebral palsy household
  • MyLigraphy : a maskless lithography system that is more appropriate for situations where the use of a reflective mask is inefficient
  • P.A.M.A. : Personal Automated Medication Assistant - an app with tabulated medication information schedule for users
  • Panterra : a UGV that navigates to its destination autonomously through various obstacles and stores a map of the GPS coordinates
  • ASML ReTina : a high-speed algorithm to efficiently identify droplets from images captured by cameras in a lithography machine>
  • Senseeker SensrLink : a VCO based ADC topology to address analog scaling issues by using circuit blocks created digital circuits to perform analog functions
  • Stacking Solutions : collaborative robotics/multi-agent robotics
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  • [email protected]
  • Office Harold Frank Hall, Rm 4155

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The Best 150 Capstone Project Topic Ideas

10 May 2022

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❔What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone Project Ideas:

  • 💾Computer Science
  • 🎒High School Education
  • 💻Information Technology
  • 🎭Psychology
  • 🪄Management
  • 🪛Engineering
  • 💰Accounting

✅Capstone Writing: 10 Steps

The long path of research works ahead, and you can’t find any capstone project ideas that would be interesting and innovative? The task can seem even more challenging for you to feel all the responsibility of this first step. The top 150 capstone ideas presented below aim to make a choice not so effort-consuming.

With the list of the capstone project topics we've picked for you, you'll be covered in major subjects. Continue reading, and you'll get ideas for capstone projects in information technology, nursing, psychology, marketing, management, and more.

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What is a Capstone Project?

Educational institutions use the capstone project to evaluate your understanding of the course on various parameters. For the students, the work on the project gives an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their presentation, problem-solving and soft skills. Capstone projects are normally used in the curriculum of colleges and schools. Also called a senior exhibition or a culminating project, these assignments are given to finish the academic course.

This assignment has several different objectives, among which are the following:

  • to encourage independent planning,
  • to learn to meet up deadlines,
  • to practice a detailed analysis,
  • to work in teams.

It's not that easy to pick the right capstone paper topic. The problem intensifies as each student or separate teams have to work on a single assignment which has to be unique. The best capstone project ideas may possibly run out. However, whatever topic you opt for, you’d better start your preparation and research on the subject as early as possible.

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Amazing Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Course

Studying nursing is challenging, as it requires a prominent theoretical foundation and is fully practical at the same time. You should have to do thorough research and provide evidence for your ideas, but what to start with? The preparation for your capstone project in nursing won’t be so overwhelming if you make use of these capstone title ideas:

  • Innovation and Improvement in Nursing
  • Vaccination Chart Creation
  • The Role of Nurses in Today's Society
  • Shortage in Nursing and Its Effects on Healthcare
  • Evidential Practices and Their Promotion in Nursing
  • Global Changes in the Approach to Vaccination
  • Top Emergency Practices
  • Preventive Interventions for ADHD
  • Quality of Nursing and Hospital Personnel Shifts: The Interrelation
  • Ways to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Brand New Approaches in Diagnostics in the Nursing Field
  • Diabetes Mellitus in Young Adults: Prevention and Treatment
  • Healthcare in Ambulances: Methods of Improvement
  • Postpartum Depression Therapy
  • The Ways to Carry a Healthy Baby

Attractive Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Computer science is so rapidly developing that you might easily get lost in the new trends in the sphere. Gaming and internet security, machine learning and computer forensics, artificial intelligence, and database development – you first have to settle down on something. Check the topics for the capstone project examples below to pick one. Decide how deeply you will research the topic and define how wide or narrow the sphere of your investigation will be.

  • Cybersecurity: Threats and Elimination Ways
  • Data Mining in Commerce: Its Role and Perspectives
  • Programming Languages Evolution
  • Social Media Usage: How Safe It Is?
  • Classification of Images
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Cost Prediction
  • Key Security Concerns of Internet Banking
  • SaaS Technologies of the Modern Time
  • Evolvement of Mobile Gaming and Mobile Gambling
  • The Role of Cloud Computing and IoT in Modern Times
  • Chatbots and Their Role in Modern Customer Support
  • Computer Learning Hits and Misses
  • Digitalization of Education
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education: Perspectives
  • Software Quality Control: Top Modern Practices

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Several High School Education Capstone Project Ideas for Inspiration

High school education is a transit point in professional education and the most valuable period for personal soft skills development. No wonder that the list of capstone project ideas in high school education involves rather various topics. They may range from local startup analysis and engineer’s career path to bullying problems. It’s up to you to use the chosen statement as the ready capstone project title or just an idea for future development.

  • A Small Enterprise Business Plan
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning in Schools
  • Space Tourism: The Start and Development
  • Pros and Cons of Uniforms and Dress Codes
  • What is Cyberbullying and How to Reduce It
  • Becoming a Doctor: Find Your Way
  • Career in Sports: Pros and Cons
  • How to Eliminate the Risks of Peer Pressure
  • Ensuring Better Behaviours in Classroom
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: NASA versus SpaceX
  • The Reverse Side of Shyness
  • Stress in High School and the Ways to Minimize It
  • How to Bring Up a Leader
  • Outdated Education Practices
  • Learning Disabilities: What to Pay Attention to in Children’s Development

Capstone Project Topics in Information Technology – Search for Your Best

Information technology is a separate area developed on the basis of computer science, and it might be challenging to capture the differences between them. If you hesitate about what to start with – use the following topics for capstone project as the starting point for your capstone research topics.

  • Types of Databases in Information Systems
  • Voice Recognition Technology and Its Benefits
  • The Perspectives of Cloud Computing
  • Security Issues of VPN Usage
  • Censorship in Internet Worldwide
  • Problems of Safe and Secure Internet Environment
  • The Cryptocurrency Market: What Are the Development Paths?
  • Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry: The Benefits of Big Data Utilization
  • Procedures, Strengths and Weaknesses in Data Mining
  • Networking Protocols: Safety Evaluation
  • Implementation of Smart Systems in Parking
  • Workplace Agile Methodology
  • Manual Testing vs. Automated Testing
  • Programming Algorithms and the Differences Between Them
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Cybersecurity

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

Society shows increasing attention to mental health. The range of issues that influence human psychology is vast, and the choice may be difficult. You’ll find simple capstone project ideas to settle on in the following list.

  • The Impact of Abortion on Mental Health
  • Bipolar Disorder and Its Overall Effects on the Life Quality
  • How Gender Influences Depression
  • Inherited and Environmental Effects on Hyperactive Children
  • The Impact of Culture on Psychology
  • How Sleep Quality Influences the Work Performance
  • Long- and Short-Term Memory: The Comparison
  • Studying Schizophrenia
  • Terrorist’s Psychology: Comprehension and Treatment
  • The Reasons for Suicidal Behaviour
  • Aggression in Movies and Games and Its Effects on Teenagers
  • Military Psychology: Its Methods and Outcomes
  • The Reasons for Criminal Behavior: A Psychology Perspective
  • Psychological Assessment of Juvenile Sex Offenders
  • Do Colours Affect The Brain?

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Capstone Project Ideas for Management Course

Studying management means dealing with the most varied spheres of life, problem-solving in different business areas, and evaluating risks. The challenge starts when you select the appropriate topic for your capstone project. Let the following list help you come up with your ideas.

  • Innovative Approaches in Management in Different Industries
  • Analyzing Hotels Customer Service
  • Project Manager: Profile Evaluation
  • Crisis Management in Small Business Enterprises
  • Interrelation Between Corporate Strategies and Their Capital Structures
  • How to Develop an Efficient Corporate Strategy
  • The Reasons For Under-Representation of Managing Women
  • Ways to Create a Powerful Public Relations Strategy
  • The Increasing Role of Technology in Management
  • Fresh Trends in E-Commerce Management
  • Political Campaigns Project Management
  • The Risk Management Importance
  • Key Principles in the Management of Supply Chains
  • Relations with Suppliers in Business Management
  • Business Management: Globalization Impact

Capstone Project Ideas for Your Marketing Course

Marketing aims to make the business attractive to the customer and client-oriented. The variety of easy capstone project ideas below gives you the start for your research work.

  • How to Maximize Customer Engagement
  • Real Businesses Top Content Strategies
  • Creation of Brand Awareness in Online Environments
  • The Efficiency of Blogs in Traffic Generation
  • Marketing Strategies in B2B and B2C
  • Marketing and Globalization
  • Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing: Distinguishing Features
  • How Loyalty Programs Influence Customers
  • The Principles of E-Commerce Marketing
  • Brand Value Building Strategies
  • Personnel Metrics in Marketing
  • Social Media as Marketing Tools
  • Advertising Campaigns: The Importance of Jingles
  • How to Improve Marketing Channels
  • Habitual Buying Behaviours of Customers

Best Capstone Engineering Project Ideas

It’s difficult to find a more varied discipline than engineering. If you study it – you already know your specialization and occupational interest, but the list of ideas below can be helpful.

  • How to Make a Self-Flying Robot
  • How to Make Robotic Arm
  • Biomass Fuelled Water Heater
  • Geological Data: Transmission and Storage
  • Uphill Wheelchairs: The Use and Development
  • Types of Pollution Monitoring Systems
  • Operation Principles of Solar Panels
  • Developing a Playground for Children with Disabilities
  • The Car with a Remote-Control
  • Self-Driving Cars: Future or Fantasy?
  • The Perspectives of Stair-Climbing Wheelchair
  • Mechanisms of Motorized Chains
  • How to Build a Car Engine
  • Electric Vehicles are Environment-Friendly: Myth or Reality?
  • The Use of Engineering Advancements in Agriculture

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Capstone Project Ideas for MBA

Here you might read some senior capstone project ideas to help you with your MBA assignment.

  • Management Strategies for Developing Countries Businesses
  • New App Market Analysis
  • Corporate Downsizing and the Following Re-Organization
  • How to Make a Business Plan for a Start-Up
  • Relationships with Stakeholders
  • Small Teams: Culture and Conflict
  • Organization Managing Diversity
  • What to Pay Attention to in Business Outsourcing
  • Business Management and Globalization
  • The Most Recent HR Management Principles
  • Dealing with Conflicts in Large Companies
  • Culturally Differentiated Approaches in Management
  • Ethical Principles in Top-Tier Management
  • Corporate Strategy Design
  • Risk Management and Large Businesses

Capstone Project Ideas for an Accounting Course

Try these ideas for your Capstone Project in Accounting – and get the best result possible.

  • How Popular Accounting Theories Developed
  • Fixed Assets Accounting System
  • Accounting Principles in Information Systems
  • Interrelation Between Accounting and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Ways to Minimize a Company’s Tax Liabilities
  • Tax Evasion and Accounting: Key Principles
  • Auditing Firm Accounting Procedures
  • A New Accounting Theory Development
  • Accounting Software
  • Top Three World Recessions
  • Accounting Methods in Proprietorship
  • Accounting Standards Globally and Locally
  • Personal Finance and the Recession Effect
  • Company Accounting: Managerial Principles and Functions
  • Payroll Management Systems

Capstone Writing: 10 Essential Steps

Be it a senior capstone project of a high school pupil or the one for college, you follow these ten steps. This will ensure you’ll create a powerful capstone paper in the outcome and get the best grade:

  • One of the tips to choose a topic that your professors would be interested in is picking a subject in the course of your classes. Make notes during the term and you will definitely encounter an appropriate topic.
  • Opt for a precise topic rather than a general one. This concerns especially business subjects.
  • Have your capstone project topic approved by your professor.
  • Conduct a thorough information search before developing a structure.
  • Don’t hesitate to do surveys; they can provide extra points.
  • Schedule your time correctly, ensuring a large enough time gap for unpredictable needs.
  • Never avoid proofreading – this is the last but not least step before submission.
  • Stick up to the topic and logical structure of your work.
  • Get prepared to present your project to the audience, learn all the essential points, and stay confident.
  • Accept feedback open-mindedly from your teacher as well as your peers.

Preparation of a powerful capstone project involves both selection of an exciting topic and its in-depth examination. If you are interested in the topic, you'll be able to demonstrate to your professor a deep insight into the subject. The lists of ideas above will inspire you and prepare you for the successful completion of your project. Don’t hesitate to try them now!

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2021 Capstone Projects

To wrap up their undergraduate experience at CU Boulder, computer science students participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects, as well as to make important professional connections.  Software design projects are sponsored  by companies, academic units and individuals who volunteer their time to work closely with students throughout the year. 

This year, 27 teams completed their software design projects despite the challenges of distance and pandemic. Thank you to all of the students and project sponsors who worked through these uncertain times --  congratulations on a job well done!  

We asked each team to put together a video to introduce their team, demo the final product and share about their journey. 

Evaluating Internet of Things (IoT) Protocols

  • Sponsor:   BI Inc.
  • Team Members : Chris Kardaras, Jacob Hans, Nicholas Wentzel

BISON (BI Incorporated Stream Optimization Network)

  • Team Members : Jared Keefer, Leyen Qian, Tyler Tokumoto, Erik Rhodes, Tianchen Wang

Mobile App - Boulder Apple Tree Project

  • Sponsor:   Boulder Apple Tree Project (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at CU Boulder)
  • Team Members:  Alexander Haynie, Tanner Ball, Shanli Ding, Yang Li, Qihang Mao, Zach Morrissey

Mobile Apps to Reduce Cross-Race Recognition Deficit - CU Psychology

  • Sponsor:   CU Psychology
  • Team Members : Santillan Alvaro, Guangshi Xu, Liyang Ru, Madison Rivas, Siyu Yao

Digital Marketplace - Festo

  • Sponsor:   Festo
  • Team Members : Sid Bostwick, Ana Vukojevic, Devin Noth

Identity Graph Insight Tool - FullContact

  • Sponsor:   FullContact
  • Team Members : Jonathan Bluhm, Joshua Hamel, Liam McCarthy, Valyria McFarland, Neil Borde, Robert Sarno

Automated Ingestion Data System - Gloo

  • Sponsor:   Gloo
  • Team Members : Cole Sturza, Andrew Gilfillan, Keyuan Huang, Carlos Salazar, Jack Spicer, Rohan Suri, Justin Vuong

Website Redesign - Innovar Group

  • Sponsor: Innovar Group
  • Team Members : Kyle Bremont, Gerritt Luoma, Vincent Liu, Jacob Malcy, Jenn Riley, Chad Wireman

Crime Maps - Caliber Public Safety 

  • Sponsor:   Caliber Public Safety
  • Team Members : Kyle Mock, Elijah Berumen, Yinnan Chen,Brendan Ostrom, Luke Soguero, Xingxuan Tang, Casey Tran

Donor Relations - CEAS advancement team

  • Sponsor:   CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science Advancement
  • Team Members : Nirvan Ashish, Ean Kramer, Max Macaluso, Peter Martin, Frank Stinar

Locomotive training software support - Union Pacific PST

  • Sponsor: Union Pacific PST
  • Team Members : Miles McCorkendale, Spencer Koelsch, Ryan Fleury, Ryan Gomez, Ian Meadows, Justin Reiss, Jansen Wenberg

Mobile App - INSIGHTS Intervention

  • Sponsor:  INSIGHTS Intervention
  • Team Members : Kyran Butler, William Ness, Jessica Sanborn, Ryan Than, Tiffany Phan

Transcript Corpus + Moody's Manuals - Leeds School of Business

  • Sponsor:   Leeds School of Business
  • Team Members : Royce Schultz, Tianwei Zhao, Chace Trevino, Andrew Yee

Everglades Wargame - Lockheed Martin

  • Sponsor:   Lockheed Martin
  • Team Members : Allen Fu, Jeff Lucca, Desmond Manthy, Jackson Meyer, Ryan Novak, Ian Peterson, Holden Kjerland-Nicoletti

Data Science Models - Lockheed Martin Space 

  • Sponsor:   Lockheed Martin Space
  • Team Members : James Douthit, Owen Fulton, Jared Gorthy, Brian Jackman, Matt Janc, Brandon Roemer, Karthik Venkatram

Mobile App - MindBeWell

  • Sponsor: MindBeWell
  • Team Members : Christian Sousa, Tucker Eckhoff, Liz Parker, Serena Evans-Lutterodt, Sam Goulding, Blythe Waltman, Nate Wilson

Ozone Garden Website - NCAR

  • Sponsor:   NCAR
  • Team Members : Tyler Devlin, Haley Drexel, Nick Volpe, Sabrina Kavesh, Travis Cochran, Yu Li

Platform - NMBL Strategies 

  • Sponsor:  NMBL Strategies
  • Team Members : Maureen Aubrey, Mike Donovan, Andrew Hack, Ryan Moore, Gerrett Pape

Golang API Logger - Resurface

  • Sponsor:   R esurface.io
  • Team Members : Chandler Garthwaite, Tim Lenahan, Devin Magnuson, Jiayao Li, Kolin Newby, Kyle Neubarth

First responders reporting tool - Caliber Public Safety

  • Sponsor:  Caliber Public Safety
  • Team Members : Dylan Sain, Alex Book, Andy Kim, Kevin Ruby, Blake Hampton, Joe Wilson

Machine Learning Evaluative Framework - Terumo Blood and Cell

  • Sponsor:   Terumo BCT: Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies
  • Team Members : Sean Flood, Simon Koeten, Erik Pohle, Ruijiang Ma

Cloud Crawler - Trimble

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Sounding Climate Data - UCAR

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K-12 EdTech - UR Turn

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Parallel SPICE Implementation - NASA JPL

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Factory Automation Solutions - Festo

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top 100 capstone project ideas for engineering students

Top 100 Capstone Project Ideas For Engineering Students In 2022

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will share the top 10 capstone project ideas for engineering students in 2021, what is a capstone project, topics for a capstone project, etc.

If you have any electrical, electronics, and computer science doubts, then  ask questions . You can also catch me on Instagram –  CS Electrical & Electronics .

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  • Top 10 MATLAB Projects For Electrical And Electronics Engineers .
  • Final Year Projects For Electrical Engineering .
  • 100 + Electrical Engineering Projects For Students .

Capstone Project Ideas

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is done for one year by students, they will work on a project for two-semester. In the capstone project, students will study the research papers in deep and design their project by using some tools.

Capstone Project Ideas Are

01. Testing Method and Application for Impulse- Dispersed Current Around Earthing Devices in Power Transmission Networks

02. Fuzzy Approach to Student-Project Allocation (SPA) Problem .

03. Maritime DC Power System With Generation Topology Consisting of Combination of Permanent Magnet Generator and Diode Rectifier .

04. An Urban Charging Infrastructure for Electric Road Freight Operations: A Case Study for Cambridge UK .

05. Low-Voltage Unipolar Inverter Based on Top-Gate Electric-Double-Layer Thin-Film Transistors Gated by Silica Proton Conductor .

06. Safety Distance Analysis of 500kV Transmission Line Tower UAV Patrol Inspection .

07. Analysis of Electrical Impedance Myography Electrodes Configuration for Local Muscle Fatigue Evaluation Based on Finite Element Method .

08. A Comprehensive Review of Wireless Charging Technologies for Electric Vehicles .

09. Electric Vehicle Battery Cycle Aging Evaluation in Real-World Daily Driving and Vehicle-to-Grid Services .

10. Coordinated Scheduling for Improving Uncertain Wind Power Adsorption in Electric Vehicles—Wind Integrated Power Systems by Multiobjective Optimization Approach .

11. Sub-THz Circularly Polarized Horn Antenna Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining for 6G Wireless Communications .

12. Space Vector Modulation for Distributed Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle Application .

13. Bidirectional Three-Level Cascaded Converter With Deadbeat Control for HESS in Solar-Assisted Electric Vehicles .

14. Harmonics and Interharmonics Analysis of Electrical Arc Furnaces Based on Spectral Model Optimization With High-Resolution Windowing .

15. Ageing: Causes and Effects on the Reliability of Polypropylene Film Used for HVDC Capacitor .

16. The Probabilistic Evaluation of Net Present Value of Electric Power Distribution Systems Based on the Kaldor–Hicks Compensation Principle .

17. Decentralized Charging of Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Impact on Transmission System Dynamics .

18. HPC-Based Probabilistic Analysis of LV Networks With EVs: Impacts and Control .

19. Development of a Portable Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy System for Bio-Detection .

20. Risk Assessment on Offshore Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in China Using D Numbers and ANP .

21. Analysis of Dynamic Processes in Single-Cell Electroporation and Their Effects on Parameter Selection Based on the Finite-Element Model .

22. A New Coil Structure and Its Optimization Design With Constant Output Voltage and Constant Output Current for Electric Vehicle Dynamic Wireless Charging .

23. A Graphical Game Approach to Electrical Vehicle Charging Scheduling: Correlated Equilibrium and Latency Minimization .

24. Sensitivity Guided Image Fusion for Electrical Capacitance Tomography .

25. Design and Building of an Automatic Alternator Synchronizer Based on Open-Hardware Arduino Platform .

26. A Phaseless Microwave Imaging Approach Based on a Lebesgue-Space Inversion Algorithm .

27. Direct Phase-Change Cooling of Vapor Chamber Integrated With IGBT Power Electronic Module for Automotive Application .

28. Vulnerability Assessment of Equipment Excited by Disturbances Based on Support Vector Machine and Gaussian Process Regression .

29. A New Finite-Element Method to Deal With Motion Problem of Electromagnetic Rail Launcher .

30. A Novel Ultralow RON,sp Triple RESURF LDMOS With Sandwich n-p-n Layer .

31. Design and Verification Test of an HTS Leakage Flux-Controlled Reactor .

32. An Ordered Curtailment Strategy for Offshore Wind Power Under Extreme Weather Conditions Considering the Resilience of the Grid .

33. Current Reconstruction of Bundle Conductors Based on Tunneling Magnetoresistive Sensors .

34. WSN-Based Measurement of Ion-Current Density Under High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission Lines .

35. Influence of Rotor-Pole Number on Electromagnetic Performance of Novel Double-Rotor Hybrid Excited Axial Switched-Flux Permanent-Magnet Machines for EV/HEV Applications .

36. Electromagnetic Vibration and Noise of the Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors for Electric Vehicles: An Overview .

37. Incentive-Compatible Market Clearing for a Two-Stage Integrated Electricity-Gas-Heat Market .

38. Teaching Power Electronics With a Design-Oriented, Project-Based Learning Method at the Technical University of Denmark .

39. A Circuits and Systems Perspective of Organic/Printed Electronics: Review, Challenges, and Contemporary and Emerging Design Approaches .

40. MgO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions With Co20Fe60B20 Sensing Layer for Magnetic Field Sensors .

41. Reduction of Offset Field in Top-Pinned MTJ With Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Free Layer .

42. Cost-Effective Printed Electrodes Based on Emerging Materials Applied to Biosignal Acquisition .

43. A Review and Analysis of Automatic Optical Inspection and Quality Monitoring Methods in Electronics Industry .

44. Improved English Immersion Teaching Methods for the Course of Power Electronics for Energy Storage System in China .

45. New Improved Model and Accurate Analytical Response of SiPMs Coupled to Read-Out Electronics .

46. Graphene Field-Effect Transistors for Radio-Frequency Flexible Electronics .

47. Statistical Write Stability Characterization in SRAM Cells at Low Supply Voltage .

48. Teaching Electronics to Aeronautical Engineering Students by Developing Projects .

49. Improved ON-State Reliability of Atom Switch Using Alloy Electrodes .

50. Hybrid Thermal Modeling to Predict LED Thermal Behavior in Hybrid Electronics .

51. Fabrication of Phase-Shifted Fiber Bragg Grating by Femtosecond Laser Shield Method .

52. Humidity Sensor Based on Fabry–Perot Interferometer and Intracavity Sensing of Fiber Laser .

53. Switching Performance Analysis of Vertical GaN FinFETs: Impact of Interfin Designs .

54. Analysis of Thickness Variation in Biological Tissues Using Microwave Sensors for Health Monitoring Applications .

55. Ultrasound Measurement Using On-Chip Optical Micro-Resonators and Digital Optical Frequency Comb .

56. EMFi-Based Ultrasonic Sensory Array for 3D Localization of Reflectors Using Positioning Algorithms .

57. Single-Mode Quantum Cascade Laser Array Emitting From a Single Facet .

58. Superior Implementation of Accelerated QR Decomposition for Ultrasound Imaging .

59. Resonant-Type Piezoelectric Screw Motor for One Degree of Freedom Positioning Platform Application .

60. Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Cellular Two-Way Relay Networks With Massive MIMO .

61. Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Wide Stopband Using One Stepped-Impedance Ring Resonator With Shorted Stubs .

62. A Novel Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Array Based on Dual-Mode Pattern-Reconfigurable Elements .

63. Full-Duplex SWIPT Relaying Based on Spatial-Modulation .

64. An Academic Approach to FPGA Design Based on a Distance Meter Circuit .

65. Direct SMT Interconnections of Large Low-CTE Interposers to Printed Wiring Board Using Copper Microwire Arrays .

66. Integrated Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics Switch Matrix in IRIS Project: Technological Achievements and Experimental Results .

67. Lifelogging Data Validation Model for Internet of Things Enabled Personalized Healthcare .

68. Adaptive Zeroing-Gradient Controller for Ship Course Tracking With Near Singularity Considered and Zero Theoretical Tracking Error .

69. Radio Interface Evolution Towards 5G and Enhanced Local Area Communications .

70. Reliability Assessment Model of IMA Partition Software Using Stochastic Petri Nets .

71. Medium-Voltage Power Converter Interface for Multigenerator Marine Energy Conversion Systems .

72. A Hybrid Prognostics Technique for Rolling Element Bearings Using Adaptive Predictive Models .

73. A Hybrid Method of Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit .

74. Insensitivity to Humidity in Fabry–Perot Sensor With Multilayer Graphene Diaphragm .

75. Design and Testing of a Kinetic Energy Harvester Embedded Into an Oceanic Drifter .

76. 3-D Dual-Gate Photosensitive Thin-Film Transistor Architectures Based on Amorphous Silicon .

77. Automatic Structure Generation and Parameter Optimization for CMOS Voltage Reference Circuit .

78. CNN-Based Intra-Prediction for Lossless HEVC .

79. Resource Allocation for D2D Links in the FFR and SFR Aided Cellular Downlink .

80. A Hybrid EF/DF Protocol With Rateless Coded Network Code for Two-Way Relay Channels .

81. An Efficient Task Assignment Framework to Accelerate DPU-Based Convolutional Neural Network Inference on FPGAs .

82. Phase Calibration of On-Chip Optical Phased Arrays via Interference Technique .

83. A Multi-Carrier-Frequency Random-Transmission Chirp Sequence for TDM MIMO Automotive Radar .

84. High-Stability Algorithm in White-Light Phase-Shifting Interferometry for Disturbance Suppression .

85. Polarimetric Calibration Scheme Combining Internal and External Calibrations, and Experiment for Gaofen-3 .

86. Wireless Wearable Magnetometer-Based Sensor for Sleep Quality Monitoring .

87. Power-Gated 9T SRAM Cell for Low-Energy Operation .

88. An Improved Matrix Generation Framework for Thermal Aware Placement in VLSI .

89. Trip-Point Bit-Line Precharge Sensing Scheme for Single-Ended SRAM .

90. Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces to Achieve the Full-Duplex Wireless Communication .

91. Toward Energy-Awareness Smart Building: Discover the Fingerprint of Your Electrical Appliances .

92. Analysis of the starting transient of a synchronous reluctance motor for direct-on-line applications .

93. Motor Design and Characteristics Comparison of Outer-Rotor-Type BLDC Motor and BLAC Motor Based on Numerical Analysis .

94. IEEE Draft Guide for Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Motor Application, Protection, Control, and Testing in Nuclear Power Generating Stations .

95. A Novel Track Structure of Double-Sided Linear PM Synchronous Motor for Low Cost and High Force Density Applications .

96. A Novel Dual Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor With Asymmetric Stator Winding .

97. A new two-motor drive to control a two-phase induction motor and a DC motor .

98. Development of a 7.5kW High Speed Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Spindle Motor for CNC Milling Machine .

99. Optimal Design of the 2nd Generation TMED Traction Motor .

100. Power factor correction and power quality improvement in BLDC motor drive using SEPIC converter

These are the different capstone project ideas from IEEE website. I hope this article “capstone project” may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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We have discussed the complete step-by-step guide to designing a personalized Home cloud .

2. Teaching a Computer to Recognize Cats

This tutorial will provide a high-level introduction to the field of machine learning. To get a sense of how machine learning work, we begin our tutorial with a simple example of how a computer can recognize cats from other animals. Along with this, we provide a python code for implementing the same.

This project is available at  Teaching a Computer to Recognise Cats .

3. Smart Receptionist With Smartlock System

In this project, we would be developing a security system using a Raspberry Pi that lets you see a visitor while your main office door is locked.

If you are in the middle of a meeting in a conference room and there is a visitor at the door, this system will send a notification to your smartphone with a photo of the visitor as an email. If you approve, you either use your mobile or PC to unlock the front door using a Web browser.

This project is available at Smart Receptionist With Smartlock System .

4. Suspicious Activity Tracking AI Camera

Tracking and detecting suspicious activity is one of the most demanding tasks for many security personnel and systems.

What if a smart camera can detect any suspicious activity and automatically trigger an alarm to call the police, then such criminal acts can be prevented.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

Check the complete step-by-step guide to make this DIY AI Tracking Camera project .

5. Gesture Language Translator

Gesture Translator Engineering Project

Communicating with a specially challenged person who can’t speak or hear is quite difficult, especially when you don’t know sign language.

So to ease this problem, we build a Gesture Language Translator device that converts sign language into spoken language. This device is based on an ML model that can recognize the different sign language gestures for accurate translation.

Check the complete project details here Gesture Language Translator Project .

6. Web-based Application for Automatic Timetable Generation

The manual system of timetable preparation in colleges is very monotonous and time-consuming which results in either the same teachers ending up with more than one class at a time or a number of classes conflicting in the same classroom.

In order to deal with such problems, a mechanized system with a computer-aided timetable generator is designed.

Complete project details and tutorial is available at the automatic timetable generation .

7. Emotion-based Music Player

In this proposed system the facial expression extracted will generate a playlist automatically thereby reducing the effort and time involved in rendering the process manually. Testing of the system is done both on user-dependent (dynamic) and user-independent (static) datasets. The in-built camera captures the facial features.

This project is available at Emotion-based Music Player .

8. Library Management System in C++

The library management system automates the basic library functions to aid in the day-to-day operations of a library. It supports tasks like the issue, returns the basic functions of searching for a particular book, etc. It also maintains data about books, teachers, and students’ records that are required during various library operations.

The software aims to make the system user-friendly and efficient.

This project is available in Library Management System in C++ .

9. Distorted Fingerprint Verification System

Fingerprint matching is affected by non-linear distortion introduced in fingerprint impressions during the image acquisition process. The proposed system operates in three stages: alignment-based fingerprint matching, fuzzy clustering, and classifier framework.

To know more about this project, please visit the Distorted Fingerprint Verification System .

10. Creating A Chat Bot With Recast.AI

Chatbots, both voice-based and others, have been in use for quite a while now.

There are many platforms that enable users to create and deploy bots. Recast.AI (now known as SAP Conversational AI after its acquisition by SAP) is a forerunner among these.

DIY Chatbot

We have covered the step-by-step guide to building a Chatbot at home .

11. DIY Student Information System

This student information system is developed using Java as the Front-end and MS Access Database integration. This system has all the object components in Java like buttons, text fields, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, images, and a checkbox that you can refer to on how to use these components. This system can add, edit/update, delete, and search for a particular student.

To know more about this project, you can visit Student Information System .

12. DIY Examination Grading System

Computation, compilation, and grading of students’ results manually via some general-purpose software (off-shell packages) is time-consuming and prone to errors. These have also been factors contributing to students’ failure. Often delay is another factor.

This project is sought to encourage the use of customized computer packages and software applications which will improve accuracy in students’ results, grading, and academic performances.

This project is discussed here Examination Grading System .

13. Remote Electrocardiogram Monitoring based on the Internet

This is a real-time remote patient monitoring service through the world wide web (WWW). It allows physicians to monitor their patients on remote sites using a popular web browser.

Remote Electrocardiogram Monitoring based on the Internet

This project is available at Remote Electrocardiogram monitoring .

14. Pedestrian Navigation based on 3D Map and Mobile Interaction

Next up on the list of computer engineering projects is the pedestrian navigation system. This is based on a 3D map and mobile interaction. Here, pedestrian navigation based on 3D maps describes the technologies required and their use situations.

Secondly, we compare the effectiveness of 2D and 3D maps for navigation by object search experiments under certain conditions. 3D maps with and without texture, display sizes corresponding to a mobile phone and PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

This project is available at Pedestrian Navigation Based on 3D Map .

15. Image Steganography – Hiding Information in Images

This is one of the most interesting projects among computer engineering Projects. This project is developed for hiding information in any image file.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

In this, the user will have to run the application and they will have two options, encrypt and decrypt. If a user selects encrypt, the application selects an image file, information file, and option to save the image file. If the user selects decrypt, the application gives the screen to select only the image file and asks for the path where the user wants to save the secret file.

This project is available at Image Steganography .

16. Training and Placement Cell – Computer Project

The training and placement cell contains all the information about the students. The system stores all the personal information of the students, like their personal details, their aggregate marks, their skill set, and their technical skills that are required in the CV to be sent to a company. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided.

The complete project details are available in the Training and Placement Cell project .

17. Online Recruitment System – DIY Computer Project

The online Recruitment System will be responsible to automate all the working processes to reduce costs and save time. Recruiters will able to post their job and their type which will be displayed on the job seekers’ dashboard based on their job type and profile settings.

Recruiters will be able to search for employees based on qualifications and colleges, get their contact info, view their resumes, profiles, and even much more.

Selected job seekers will have to go through the recruitment process set by the recruiters such as a basic question round section, written examination using online exam mode, have private chat between recruiters and job seekers. Job seekers can able to search for jobs on the basis of various categories such as organization wise, using their skills, location wise, job type, etc.

This project is available on the Online Recruitment system .

18. Java-based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

In this project, we designed and built an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that implements pre-defined algorithms for identifying attacks over a network. The Java programming language is used to develop the system, and JPCap must be used to provide access to the winPcap. The packets in the network are captured online. The IDS are designed to provide the basic detection techniques to secure the systems present in the networks that are directly or indirectly connected to the internet.

To know more about this project, please go through Java Based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) .

19. Revenue Recovery System

This project benefits to the departments with greater transparency, convenience, timeliness, and responsiveness.

This software module generates various reports based on the revenue recovery collection entries. It also gives a graphical representation of the data and it stores and backup the data easily whereas unlike usual conventional methods. This software module also provides web-based dissemination.

This project is available in the Revenue Recovery system .

20. Secured Mail System

To provide security to the organizational data, an organization itself develops its own mailing system and the entire database resides at the organization’s head. The employees of that particular organization must communicate with the admin through this mailing system only.

As the database resides at the organizational head, he/she can check the database and the activities performed by the employees, and whenever an employee leaves the organization, the admin can know the information and the transactions done by him.

Secured Mail System

To know more about this project, please visit Secured Mail System .

This is the never-ending list……….

New ones always keep coming up, some from you, some from us and it may help most of the engineering students.

If you have any computer Science projects, we would welcome them in the comment section below.

For more computer engineering thesis ideas and projects, you can continue reading about interesting computer engineering projects .

Also, some cool DIY Electronics Engineering Projects might be eye-catching for you.

This article was first published on 29th April 2017 and was recently updated on 28 October 2022.

  • Computer Engineering
  • software projects


Links to secure mail system and revenue recovery system appear to be dead. Kindly fix the links.

Thank you, we will update the article as soon as possible.

You are most welcome.

Is there any code for emotion based music player. If yes please provide me.

if you found or made it kindly send me too UMAIR AMJAD

Kindly elaborate your issue with the projects.

Give me some idea for Automatic time table generation technique

Which project will be best for beginners who know only C properly and a little bit PYTHON?????

Bar-code image generation library,

Hello there, this title above the link has damaged could you please help me for this?

Thank You John, the article is updated now.

all above project titles are so very good please try to send me the title:medical information system with full documentation and implementation on my Email

all tittle project grate information, thank you

i need codes of emotion music system . please update asap.

I need codes of emotion music system. Please send me as soon as.

Hi Salama, this project is published on another website. You can check the reference website for all the details.

Sir, can you give me some more project ideas which are unique and not very common.

Please check this page: https://www.electronicsforu.com/category/electronics-projects/software-projects-ideas

Hello am James , please may you help me with a IoT Project title

Kindly elaborate your query.

Am in need with any project title but it must be of IoT internet of things

Hi James, you can get top IoT project ideas here .

Any software engineering ideas for a master’s project please?

Pls share some of web security project titles.

Pl refer following links: https://www.electronicsforu.com/technology-trends/part-2-2-ensure-e-mail-security and https://www.electronicsforu.com/electronics-projects/software-projects-ideas/home-automation-and-security-using-iot-devices


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5+ Best Capstone Projects On Computer Vision (Videos Included)

Computer Vision

Capstone projects on computer vision for engineering students.

Looking for developing an exciting project on computer vision?

Worry no more! you have landed on the right page.

In this article, I will explain all the necessary details that you need to know before getting started with your capstone projects.

If you are interested in the field of computer vision, then you should start developing projects that will increase your skills.

Since its new technology, and the colleges don’t have the mandatory infrastructure or the experience to guide the students in learning Computer Vision Projects.   

Have you checked out our projects on Computer Vision yet? Computer Vision Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today!

1. Surveillance Robot

2. Sixth Sense Robot

3. 3 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

4. Computer Vision - Text Scanner

5. Computer Vision Based Mouse

6. Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

The best you can do is build projects as many as you can.

To the basic knowledge about Computer Vision to help through the guide that will give you the idea about many different and unique Computer Vision Projects that you can make on your own.

With this being said, let’s get started.

Discover more about computer vision

Latest projects on Computer Vision

Want to develop practical skills on Computer Vision? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free

What is Computer Vision?

Before answering all of your questions, let’s take a look at what is computer vision?

If you are a beginner, understanding the basics of computer vision is very important.

Computer Vision is often termed as CV.

It helps the Computer to see and understand how computers manage to gain a high-level understanding from images and videos.

In the word of your textbook, it is a study to understand and automate tasks that the human visual system can do.

For example, Any Gadget can be installed with a computer vision system to understand the difference between its objects from the way the task they are assigned to do.

Learn more about capstone projects

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Computer Vision Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstep.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs. Start Learning Computer Vision today!

What is the Capstone Project?

A capstone project is simply a lengthy and highly researched an academic project that is done by the students as a final assessment at the end of their degree program.

Capstones projects are also being done by students at the postgraduate level especially in MBA or MTech

The capstone is more of a research project in which students write about the topics of their choice and deliver it as a high-quality original research

Do’s and Don’ts of Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone is the remaining project you need to face earlier than graduation.

It may be very demanding and take a whole lot of your time, but it’s additionally your last to chance to leave your mark before you walk the stage.

The process may be tricky, so below I’ve prepared a few do’s and don’ts help manual that will help you through your projects.

It's really useful to go as many Capstone Projects ideas as possible to find the one you are interested in. The Department also provides a preparation booklet so take advantage of it. Try to make a mental outline of what you like to do in your project so that you can start right away.

2. Choose a subject that is in your interest.

Picking a topic that you are familiar with making your project easy to do.

Since you are going to spend a lot of time working on the topic that you will choose, you must go with what’s easy and more understandable to you.

3. Create a plan, establish timelines and stick to them.

Create a rough plan in your mind and try to go accordingly. If necessary, make changes as you go. The growth of an outline is based totally on a paper template or author’s guidelines. Try to break down the timelines and write along with them.


1. Don’t Ignore the review at the end of your project.

Adding a literature overview is an important step in because it creates a solid undertaking question that will give your project an excellent sense of the matter of research.

I suggest you research what’s already available and then start your project from there.

2. Don’t Be Passive

Always take small steps toward building your project.

There is no need to take long steps, with just taking small steps and starting your project early will do help you complete your work before the given timeline.

Try setting aside one hour every day on the project will make more progress in the long run.

Before starting a computer vision project, you should have a basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, MATLAB, C++, etc.

So that it will be easy when you start working on a project.

Listed below are some of the computer vision projects that can be done by a beginner in a week

1. Computer Vision-Based Text Scanner

This capstone project is based on developing an application in which a laptop can scan any textual content from any photo by the usage of the optical person recognition set of rules and show the textual content at the screen.

Main Features:

Image processing algorithms

Image thresholding

Image perspective transformation

Optical character recognition

Learn more about this project

2. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

With this capstone project, you could develop a digital mouse to manipulate the cursor using the object monitoring algorithm. 

Using this project, you can carry out all of the functionalities of a mouse by simply displaying corresponding colours within the webcam.

Canny edge detection

3. Surveillance Robot Capstone Project

In this capstone project, you'll discover ways to build your very own surveillance robot that uses Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller and transmits live video footage over the internet. You can even apply the robot to get commands from a user at a remote location.

Robot’s locomotion

Working of DC motors & motor driver circuit

Application of OpenCV

Raspberry Pi architecture and its programming

Learn more about this surveillance robot project

4. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

In this capstone project, you will learn how to develop a pc vision-based smart selfie which can take snaps automatically whilst you smile the use of facial characteristic popularity set of rules and keep it on your device.

Face recognition

Facial feature recognition

Dlib C++ library

Learn more about this capstone project

5. Cancer detection using computer vision

Melanoma” is a component in our skin that induces cancer. In the remaining decade, pores and skin cancer improved its incidence becoming a public fitness problem. Through this challenge, we can locate this component in the very early levels so that the disease will be detected and dealt with properly. By detecting the asymmetry, border, colour, and diameter we can detect melanoma. This capstone project is very useful in the healthcare sector and can save loads of lives.

Shape detection

Colour detection

Image measurement

6. Head pose estimation using computer vision

In many situations, one wishes to know how the head is tilted with admire to a camera. In a driver assistance system, a camera looking at the driver’s face in a car can use head pose estimation to peer if the driving force is paying interest to the road or not. This venture would help in doing most of these tasks. This can also be used in implementing diverse hands unfastened games.

2D-3D transformations

7. Computer-Vision Based Augmentation of a Whiteboard

This capstone project goes to be for all those inventive folks that wish to conduct a gathering during an additional attention-grabbing manner. The whiteboard on that all the dry-erase pens work is currently increased with the assistance of pc vision for scanning and spatially organizing texts and drawings on the surface.

Image detection

Movement detection

Our Verdict

I hope you got some smart and inspiring ideas on Computer Vision capstone projects from the article above.

If you wish to create a nice computer vision project however don’t have the mandatory technology data, don’t worry! We got you covered.

Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through that you'll be able to learn the latest technologies by building active right from your home. 

With the net course content accessible 24x7 and 1-1 technical help provided, developing a nice experience on the latest technologies like Computer vision that can increase your skills and help you build capstone projects on your own.

Comment your queries below, we'll assist you at the earliest.

Explore all capstone projects

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Get kits shipped in 24 hours. Build using online tutorials.

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Capstone Project Ideas That Will Get You That Sweet "A" Grade

Daniel Howard

Table of contents

What is a capstone project ? We have the whole blog dedicated to this question. Now, let's speak about worthy capstone project ideas as it is quite difficult to find them. You should use your research advisor’s help. Expert advice will help on the topic that will demonstrate what subject can be great for students’ proper training. You can overcome challenges and achieve required results by studying the topic thoroughly and understanding its essence. Use special academic articles, if you need help drawing a final line under the learning process. By choosing the main topic, you can reveal your skills and talents to the academic community, so no way should you neglect the preparation. You can get a good grade and demonstrate your best qualities by writing a single paper.

How to Come Up With Capstone Project Ideas

It takes time to look for the right capstone research project ideas. More so, than preparing the final paper. The fact is that it will be impossible to create an interesting project without having certain creative skills. Lacking ideas or insufficient work on covering your point will result in failure. Preparation for writing your capstone project includes this stages:

  • Study the existing topics that have been covered in other papers.
  • Contact your research advisor for help.
  • Search for interesting topics on the Internet.

You can study only if you focus on the relevant topic. The lacking interest is quite noticeable in the paper, which is unacceptable. By brainstorming before writing the project, you should discover your advantages and demonstrate them properly. If you want instant results, then check out our  capstone project writing service . 

Medical Capstone Project Ideas

The best capstone project medical ideas are developed following a sample, with a suitable direction being easy to find. Delivering high-quality performance of the paper is important. After all, your work result depends on it. Every interested graduate can find a worthy topic on the Internet. Search for topics will be effective if you focus on some limited options.

Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing

The activity field plays a decisive role, so nursing capstone project ideas are worth paying attention to. Use different nursing essay examples for your writing. Keep in mind that you can count on your advisor’s help when preparing the paper. You should make a difficult choice from the following suggested options:

  • Emergency care: existing practices.
  • Reasons for nurse shortage.
  • Peculiarities of working in medical institutions.
  • Focusing on the patients’ needs.
  • Pain management: effective practice.
  • The best instructions for nurses.
  • Value of working in medical institutions.
  • Personal approach to visitors.
  • Required knowledge before you start the job.
  • Professional burnout: The reasons.

Don’t be afraid to look for a variety of topics! Restrictions will prevent you from making the right choice. Make sure that the chosen topic corresponds to your worldview. You should do everything possible so you can express your ideas in a comprehensible way.

Capstone Project Ideas for Healthcare Administration

Personal interest helps in covering the discussed healthcare administration capstone project ideas. You rarely get an opportunity to highlight an acute and exciting issue. You should take advantage! Take a look at these topics:

  • Staff shortage: Solving the situation.
  • Preparing staff for work: Where you should start.
  • Stress resistance and its importance for work.
  • Communication with patients as an integral responsibility.
  • Professional skills’ application.
  • Process management's challenges.
  • Professional deformation: The signs.
  • Mandatory management skills.
  • Mind flexibility for finding compromises.
  • Insufficient preparation for a surgery and its consequences.

Solving diverse tasks accounts for most of the administrators’ work. Can you get on well with patients and employees? Great! It will make it possible to achieve the set goals on the cheap. Professionalism without proper experience is not that important, after all.

Pharmacy Capstone Project Ideas

The search for capstone project ideas on pharmacy implies developing common issues from the field. Pharmacists are medical employees who communicate with patients more often than others. The friendly attitude and opportunity to help a visitor make them work tirelessly. The choice of the article direction can influence your working attitude in the future. Interesting ideas are as follows:

  • Antibiotics efficiency.
  • Traditional medicine: the importance.
  • Taking medications: consequences.
  • Immunosuppressants and how they affect health.
  • Probiotics to combat the antibiotics effects.
  • Taking medications: side effects.
  • Resources conservation for producing safe medications.
  • Search for alternative solutions: Pros and cons.
  • Traditional treatment: consequences.

Popular non-drug treatments of certain diseases cause complications. Project on a topic that concerns it will help in attracting attention to it.

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

It is tricky enough to choose capstone project ideas for Psychology. After all, the topic is based on a certain interest. You should forget titles you are not interested in. You will get a good grade if you describe a few opinions on the covered topic. You can finish the course in Psychology by working on one of the following topics:

  • Incurable diseases' impact on psychological health.
  • Are gender and a propensity for depression linked?
  • Algorithm for forming habits.
  • Influence of upbringing in Rainbow Family on the reality assessment.
  • Television's impact on the patients' well-being.
  • Obesity and what psychological problems it hides.
  • Stress and its impact on different groups of people.
  • Psychological development: key stages.
  • Psychological improvement under external factors.
  • Hyperactivity: Who is to “blame”.

Diverse topics can show you from a new side. It will allow you to put forward your own theory.

Education Capstone Project Ideas

You can show skills and capabilities for critical thinking upon deciding your capstone project ideas on Education. Those students who have chosen the right direction can get topics and continue with their professional growth. The search for worthy topics about education in a school or college will become a starting point for future achievements.

Mathematics Capstone Project Ideas

The right Math capstone project ideas will allow you to take a new look at application of calculations in everyday life. The following list will help you with finding a suitable idea:

  • Hungarian approach in developing educational programs.
  • Ranking methods.
  • Partial and complex process interventions: comparison.
  • The process of crystal structure formation.
  • Process optimization using a mathematical approach.
  • The number pi discovery history and development in modern science.
  • Unproven theories: Why failure.
  • Application of constants in calculations and their impact on the result.
  • Mathematical description of the evacuation.
  • Development of mathematics in the past decade.

Explaining the interest in mathematics is difficult. This doesn’t mean that there are no interesting ideas for the graduation paper. Theoretical studies ensure validity of results and allow you to control your research.

Capstone Project Ideas: High School

What are some quality high school capstone project ideas, you may ask. The education system is undergoing major changes. It is worth paying attention to the consequences of such innovations. Transition to remote learning allows to detect shortcomings in a new teaching method and develop problem-solving strategies. Choosing topics will be easier if you look through the list of options:

  • Why should one attend extracurricular activities?
  • Why is discrimination at school constantly increasing?
  • What are the reasons for school children being more violent?
  • Discipline at school: effective ways to combat disorder.
  • Does respect for a teacher mean having no personal opinion?
  • Conducting academic lessons while studying at school.
  • Results of remote learning.
  • Classroom modernization and its consequences.
  • Advantages of using modern learning technologies.
  • How do social networks affect the learning process at senior schools?

By studying relevant topics, you will be able to prepare for the beginning of professional activity in educational institutions.

Science Capstone Project Ideas

Science capstone project ideas depend on your direction, but this doesn’t mean that there are any restrictions. During the preparation of your final project, after completing your studies at Department of Technology, you should find new perspectives and consider those topics that potentially can make some contribution. Student must research their field of interest and focus on suitable options. Searching for information takes time, but the result is worth your effort. A small review will help you find a relevant topic.

Biology Capstone Project Ideas

By studying capstone project ideas for Biology, you can get answers for common questions. You can also find a simple solution for some issues. Thus, students can influence processes and prevent false information from spreading. Following these ideas will help get a dose of inspiration for you project: 

  • Reasons for different gestation periods among animals.
  • Justification of gender identity by genetic specifics.
  • Impact of alcohol abuse on health.
  • Time required for habits to cause damage.
  • Donating a human body for research.
  • Which role does a human play in natural world?
  • Biology of mental disorders (schizophrenia, depression).
  • Viruses spread by rodents.
  • Creating human body atlases: pros and cons.
  • Three-dimensional modeling of life processes.

An attempt in creating a fascinating written piece will be a successful subject for studying reliable information from a few sources.

Can't find a fitting capston project topic idea? Give StudyCrumb's topic generator a try. 

Physics Capstone Project Ideas

People’s interest in Physics is easy to explain. Simple and logically explained processes can help you get rid of vague questions easily. Right choice of ap physics capstone project ideas from the following list will provide you with necessary inspiration when preparing your paper:

  • Real size of quantum world: how big is it?
  • Interesting phenomena that are difficult to explain.
  • Simple physical experiments at home.
  • Interesting physics theory that can surprise.
  • How does one demonstrate induction law?
  • Lagrange multipliers: what is it?
  • Gaps in black holes studies.
  • Can everything be explained by physics laws?
  • Crystal structure and how one can change it.
  • What is gravitational attraction of planets like?

Any physical phenomenon that you are interested in can become the main subject of your study.

Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

Application of advanced technological methods for studying research results makes it possible to simplify project preparation, so you shouldn’t refuse such support. There is a variety of interesting capstone project ideas data science available:

  • Forecast of health condition based on shopping list.
  • How does information storage influence a person’s everyday life?
  • Weather forecast based on historical data.
  • Amount of solar energy, taking satellite images into account.
  • How does one simplify false news detection?
  • Determining a dog breed using a neural network.
  • Analysis of users’ mood based on certain data.
  • Convenient ways of storing information.
  • Options for finding delicious food using data.

Keep in mind that your resources are not limited, so decide on a topic you are interested in. The more data you collect, the more field work you should go through.

Business Capstone Project Ideas

Conducting business activities enables you to cover various capstone project ideas Business. Final results of work will show how well resources have been allocated. This will also teach you to reach a new level using limited opportunities. Choice of a management tool affects research results as well. It will be much easier to cover your ideas if you shift attention to aspects of your interest. There are no other ways in which you can make your paper effective.

Management Capstone Project Ideas

Paper preparation will begin immediately after choosing project management capstone ideas and obtaining required information. Any organization that offers its services for visitors can become a research object. Modern trends show that following topics will find readers’ response:

Creating a kind of application will enable you to find a way out of any difficult situations.

Topics for Capstone Project in Finance

Since students gain knowledge about commercial organizations’ financial activities, it will be impossible to avoid Finance capstone project. Those business areas that actively use financial resources are of particular interest. To choose worthy ideas, you can have look at suggested options:

You can collect information you will need for your paper online.

IT Capstone Project Ideas

Using a global system so you can get results is no longer a new method. That's why choice of capstone project ideas for information Technology should be taken seriously. After all, modern computers are used more and more often in everyday life. It can provide access to a variety of publications. Use resources so you can cover a topic and be prepared to search far and wide for needed information. An advantage of choosing this field will be an opportunity to influence the future of an industry.

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

When it comes to capstone project ideas, Computer Science just begs to use opportunities offered by the Internet. An attempt of finding a suitable topic will be successful if you start with studying list of options for writing a paper about software:

Application of technology has reached a new practical level. You shouldn’t just get stuck with your regular printed books and papers. Searching for exciting topics and conducting studies won’t take long.

Cybersecurity Capstone Project Ideas

So, cyber security capstone project ideas are a thing nowadays. Cybersecurity plays an important role in the modern world, so, should you choose this field of study, don't ignore any piece information that you can find. Developing an exciting project will enable you to improve your skills and put them into practice. You should pay special attention to the following topics:

Progressive developers should enhance modern skills and their practical application. To write a paper, you may need to get permission from an administrator, so you should keep that in mind.

Graphic Design Capstone Project Ideas

A graphic designer is a sought-after expert in the modern world and capstone design project ideas should be as good as they can. List of specialist’s main tasks includes developing logos and booklets, writing a video series for advertising products, and much more. An attempt to create a new graphical solution is the first level of skills improvement. Search for topics is the second important step, with the following to help you:

By developing unique design, you will attract large companies’ attention and become a confident competitor in this field.

Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

Among capstone project ideas, Engineering is one of the most interesting topics. It’s also widely promoted around the world. Available resources are used in full force, which enhances technical progress. It is still too early to stop at what has been achieved, so one should keep working and demonstrate great results. Search for topics takes quite long since this field is rapidly developing. Transition to alternative solutions to everyday tasks forces us to look for safe and working ways to achieve your set goal.

Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

To develop capstone project ideas for Mechanical Engineering, you need to be interested in finding a solution. It’s impossible to do this without a proper interest in a breakthrough. Use knowledge you got to your advantage and take a closer look at suggested list of exciting topics:

An unbiased look at existing problems will enable you to show your creative potential and prove that your are suited to be a mechanical engineer.

Electrical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

What can you say about capstone project ideas for Electrical Engineering? Electrical engineering plays a special role in everyday life. It also significantly improves quality of life. Technology studies will not only emphasize its importance but will have you understand a thing or two about its efficiency as well. You can choose topics from the following list:

Choosing a specific direction will help you demonstrate your potential and focus on solving everyday problems.

Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

With how important technology is nowadays, it's no surprise that capstone project ideas for Computer Engineering are quite popular. Students are engaged in developing new software for solving a variety of tasks. Your capstone project should be aimed at introducing computer systems-based technologies. Popular topics consist of a few relevant topics:

Introduction of engineering solutions in everyday life can improve quality of services. It can provide necessary support to people with health problems.

Civil Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

Civil Engineering capstone project ideas are important if you are interested in seeing physical evidence of your work in real life. To develop the selected area, you will need to make efforts to improve conditions for people to live in. If you want to answer some concerns of accomplished professionals in this field, you need to prepare a project on one of the following topics:

A study of natural resources influence on service life and peculiarities of building construction and a careful study of underlying factors will result in an improvement in current results.

Final Thoughts on Ideas for Capstone Project

Choice of work field is based on conducting research on capstone project topics. Lack of interest has a negative effect on quality. It will be much easier to test your achievements and skills in the course using the latest topics. Or  buy capstone project online for a shortcut.

Our paper writing service can help to write a capstone project for you. We guarantee meeting the deadlines and deliver a project og of high quality.

FAQ about Capstone Project Ideas

1. are capstone projects hard.

Completing the course in chosen specialty implies mandatory preparation of capstone projects. The main challenge is to choose a topic and conduct research. As a student, you should demonstrate your skills in a chosen field. It’s enough to take the first step in right direction, though. The main problem is to find a really interesting topic.

2. What is the point of capstone?

Purpose of preparing a capstone project is to demonstrate your professional attitude to raised problems. Using acquired knowledge and an opportunity to make the world a better place are the main reasons to start preparing final project.

3. What is the difference between a thesis and a capstone project?

It is worth paying attention to differences between capstone project and a thesis. Basically, thesis is written when you're aiming for bachelor's and master's degrees. Meanwhile, capstone project is a piece of writing that you are expected to finish (typically) at the end of high school. Considering this, the length and scope can be different. For instance, capstone focuses on a narrower and more specific area. At the same time, thesis is written on much broader topic.

4. Is capstone required?

No, a capstone is usually not required. Some schools may make it mandatory for certain degrees, though. Choosing a specific topic means that student is willing to take risks. It shows that you try to achieve their goal. There is no other way to draw a final line in the chosen education program.


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

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100 Outstanding Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Whenever the question pops up, ‘who can do my computer science capstone project’ one will only settle for expert writers. Why is this so? The magnitude and extent of such a project do not allow for any mediocre writing service. Only the best!

Before we embark on the topic ideas, we will explore some foundational guidelines to bring you up to speed with what this is all about.

Table of Contents

What is a computer science capstone project, how to write a computer science capstone project, software capstone project ideas computer science, computer science senior capstone project ideas, best capstone project computer science ideas, computer science capstone project ideas for mobile apps and website development, capstone project ideas in computer science – mark-up languages, computer science capstone project examples, cs capstone project ideas, computer science senior project ideas – systems theory, computer project ideas for beginners, bonus computer science capstone project ideas.

It refers to a technical writing project that students undertake to crack a substantial problem. They do this using the knowledge gained from the many areas in computer science. It tells you that a capstone is not your ordinary ‘about me’ essay.

Students will have to conduct the following in this paper:

Therefore, you will have to go out of your way to identify knowledge gaps in computer science and offer solutions. Since this form of writing is a stepping stone to your next level of study, there is no room for mediocrity.

That is why you need to extensively do your research to develop an exciting and comprehensive computer science capstone topic.

The technicality of this subject makes it hard for most students to write on it effectively. However, you will finish this paper with the easy to follow the guidelines below in no time. Let us delve right into now:

Select your topic: Have a topic that interests you and adds value to the readers. It will determine whether you will complete the paper in time or not. Write your introduction: It forms the foundation of your report. Have a well-focused thesis statement that addresses the topic precisely. Literature review: Show the relevant sources you used during your research with the knowledge gained. Identify the areas of need that you got from the existing documents. The research methodology: Write on the steps you took to arrive at your findings. Which methods did you use, and why? Did they help you find an answer to your research problem? Results of the research and discussion: What did you identify from the research? Is it in line with your hypothesis? If no, what are the new findings? Conclusion and recommendations: Sum up your paper by giving a summative statement showing if you solved the problem or not. You can suggest areas that need further research. References: Provide a list of your references using the appropriate citation and referencing style.

Are you now ready for a list of comprehensive computer science capstone ideas? Scroll down.

It is not easy to handle such an assignment without quality capstone project writing help. Such assistance will not only give you writing ideas but custom computer science capstone projects as well.

Do not say to yourself that ‘I do not need help with my capstone project.’ Everyone needs it for your information – beginners, seniors, and even professionals. Get the best online writing help today at cheap rates and complete your assignment on time.

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capstone project ideas computer engineering

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135 Best Capstone Project Ideas For Students To Consider

Table of Contents

Struggling to find an idea for a capstone project? This blog post will provide a list of creative capstone project ideas. Also, it will teach you how to pick a good topic for a capstone project.

Basically, at the end of the course, to evaluate the overall understanding of the students, the schools and colleges will ask every student or team to finish their assignment on any unique capstone project ideas. Right now, would you have to submit a capstone project? Are you looking for the best capstone project ideas? Well, for those who are struggling to come up with a topic for a capstone project, here in this blog post, we have composed a list of interesting capstone project topic ideas on various subjects. Additionally, we have also provided a detailed explanation of how to identify the right topic for a capstone project.

Read more to get exciting ideas for a capstone project.

What is a capstone project?

An Overview of Capstone Project – A capstone project is an academic work the instructors assign students to evaluate how well they have understood the entire course. Doing a capstone project is highly beneficial for the students because it would serve as a platform to portray their presentation skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. Its ultimate aim is to motivate the students to plan the project independently, perform in-depth analysis, work in a team, and finish the work before the deadline.

Whenever you are asked to submit a capstone project of your choice, to make your work stand unique in the crowd, you should pick an ideal topic. In general, selecting an idea for a capstone project is a challenging task, and also it requires a lot of planning. As there are plenty of capstone project ideas available in various disciplines, finding one perfect topic from it would be too difficult. So, you should be more careful with the topic selection. In the next section, let us see how to identify a good capstone project idea.

Capstone Project Topic Selection

The first step of a capstone project assignment is topic selection. Generally, the success of your project will mostly depend on the topic you choose to do. If you pick a not-so-good project idea, then chances are there for you to earn low scores. Hence, to spot a perfect topic and boost your academic scores, stick to the below-mentioned steps and tips during topic selection.

In case, you have a doubt about whether the capstone project idea you have chosen is perfect or not, consult with your instructors and get approval from them before you proceed with your project. Note that having a discussion with your instructors will help you to improvise your academic work and boost your grades as well.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

List of Capstone Project Ideas

Here we have categorized and compiled a list of 100+ capstone project ideas on various subjects such as engineering, nursing, computer science, management, and so on. If you are running short of ideas, feel free to have a look at the list below and choose a project topic that is appealing to you.

Capstone Project Ideas for School Students

Are you a school student? Well, then the below-suggested list of capstone project ideas will be helpful to you.

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

The following are some captivating capstone project topic ideas that will be helpful to MBA students.

Marketing Capstone Project Topics

Marketing is a vast field with plenty of capstone project topics. Here are some gripping ideas for you to use.

Business and Accounting Capstone Project Ideas

Listed below are some capstone project ideas that would be helpful for the students to choose the best business and accounting research topics .

Engineering Capstone Project Topics

If you are an engineering student, then for your assignment, you can select a topic from any of the following capstone project ideas lists.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Here are some exclusive capstone project ideas that will be helpful for nursing students.

Read More – Best Nursing Research Topics and Ideas For Students To Think About

Capstone Project Ideas related to Information Technology

Are you an IT student looking for a capstone project topic? Cool! Especially, to help you out, below we have recommended some excellent capstone project ideas related to information technology.

Computer Science Capstone Project Topics

If you are a computer science student, then the capstone project ideas listed below will be helpful to you.

Senior capstone project topics

Ph.D. Capstone project topics

The Bottom Line

To develop a winning capstone project, having a good topic alone will not help you. For an effective and efficient presentation of your project, you should conduct deep research on your selected topic.

In case, you need more innovative capstone project ideas or academic support to finish your capstone project, quickly reach out to us. We have a team of well-experienced assignment helpers in several disciplines to help you in completing your capstone project on time at a fair price.

Instead of giving heavy work to your brain, simply fill in your requirements in the order form and book your order. As per your requirements, our experts will offer you instant assignment help online and assist you in scoring the highest possible grade for a premium capstone project.

Just submit the order form and earn more scholastic benefits through our great assignment help services.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

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Capstone Senior Projects

Student explains his senior design project at Expo

Upload a Project

Our goal is to seamlessly facilitate the student’s transition from Oregon State University to the engineering profession. All undergraduates in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science complete a three-term course sequence (October-May) to expose students to the challenges of engineering design and project management. This career preparation experience includes open-ended design, project management, quality project artifacts (schematics, code, etc.) and documentation, and production of a final prototype in small team environments.

These projects culminate in the high-energy Engineering Expo in May where students present their Capstone Senior Project posters and demonstrate their prototypes. The annual event routinely attracts thousands of people, including industry representatives.

What about online students?

In addition to the bachelor's degree programs mentioned above, Oregon State University also offers a postbaccalaureate degree in computer science. This program's capstone project lasts for one-term instead of three.

Online students are also now able to enroll for the first time in the bachelor's degree  program, including a three-term capstone sequence.

We need you!

Common questions, how big of a project can be done (project scope).

Project scope is typically what you would assign one summer intern. Projects must be non-critical path. Ideally, projects represent a complete system or product that integrates analysis, simulation, and design as appropriate. Keep in mind, this is the first exposure many of the students will have had to this type of project environment. If you are unsure if your project idea is a good fit, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a call. If you prefer, just upload the project .

Can my project include students from more than one major (electrical, computer science, etc.)?

This can be done, but requires extra planning. Multidisciplinary projects provide great experiences for students. Upload your project idea as soon as possible.

Tell me more about the project selection process. What can I do to help ensure my project is picked by students?

When uploading project ideas , keep in mind the students "bid" on the projects (with the faculty keeping teams appropriately balanced). So do not underestimate the "coolness" of your project proposal. Your enthusiasm can be infectious!

Students can see your projects ahead of time and "apply" to your project. You can review these applications (at your discretion) and indicate your preferences to the course instructors.

When do I need to submit my project by?

Upload project ideas by Sept. 1 .

What does a sponsorship entail?

For those organizations who are able, consider a sponsored Capstone Senior Project. Companies with more than 500 employees are asked to consider a $2K sponsorship contribution. For businesses with less than 500 employees, consider a $500 contribution.

Organizations who sponsor two Capstone Senior Projects will want to consider INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates membership. INSPiRE membership includes two or more sponsored Capstone Senior Projects.

Each capstone project has at least one mentor. These mentors come from a wide array of backgrounds — including non-technical fields. Our program has had mentors from industry, national labs, non-profit and community organizations — anyone can be a mentor. The only requirement is that you care about your project, and your student team, and are willing to meet with the students for at least one hour per week.

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Capstone Sponsors

capstone project ideas computer engineering

Videos of past projects

Pedestrian tracking, aircraft tracking arm, robot comedy, navigation assistance for the vision impaired, engineering expo 2017, eclipse megamovie, iot mailbox.

Seeing your work, work: Jenny Herrera turns ideas into impact as Weitz project manager

Herrera standing in front of the Hilton Des Moines Downtown Hotel

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing your work, work, Jenny Herrera says.

Herrera’s first project out of college (civil engineering ‘16) was no small feat. Starting as a project engineer at The Weitz Company and now as a project manager, Herrera has been turning ideas into impacts for over seven years. And her favorite part? Seeing it all come together and work.

“It takes a while to get to the point where everything lines up and we hit that stride, but we get there,” Herrera says. “And getting there is probably one of the best moments for each project, seeing it all fall into place.”

From zoomed-in details to big picture management

Herrera’s first project at Weitz was the Hilton Des Moines Downtown Hotel on the corner of Park St. and 5th Ave., right next door to the new Weitz headquarters. As a project engineer, her role honed in every detail of the exterior envelope of Hilton.

As she has built her career and navigated roles from project engineer to project manager, Herrera has learned how to engineer projects from a zoomed-in, area-specific focus to big picture management. As a project manager, Herrera touches every part of the plan and her primary focus is now on costs and scheduling for the overall project.

“I can still remember very specific details on the exterior envelope of Hilton, because as a project engineer you know the details of your topic,” Herrera said. “Now, as a project manager, you start to oversee more things and you kind of lose that zoomed in focus – you have to pull back a little bit and start looking at the overall schedule.”

Herrera is building a team of makers and doers as a project manager, thriving as a problem solver. And every project has one big idea to solve – the schedule. If you manage the schedule just right, everything falls right into place, Herrera says.

“Everything I do as a project manager is problem solving,” Herrera said. “But my favorite part of problem solving is the schedule. It’s kind of like playing a multidimensional game of Tetris. If you get everything lined up, it clicks and flows just right.”

Jenny Herrera

Knowing you’re on the right track

Herrera recalls that the first time she truly felt like she was where she was supposed to be was at the tail end of her college education in capstone.

“The thing that made me really feel like I was on the right track in my career was the capstone project,” Herrera said. “That was the first time where it really felt like what I am doing now. You have a project, and a team of people to work with, and you all get to figure it out together.”

Being in that real-world environment of managing and executing a project is when everything clicked for Herrera.

“At first, it was terrifying having full management in capstone, and I spent a couple of weeks making mistakes and figuring it out,” Herrera said. “That was the first time I think I really felt that ‘I’ve got this’ feeling. And now I am in that environment where I can problem solve and know I’ve got this.”

Actual and Interesting Capstone Project Ideas Computer Science

it capstone

Consider the most relevant and interesting capstone project ideas computer science oriented, and you’ll set yourself up wonderfully to progress in your chosen area of programming. If you want to work within the IT sphere, you’ll need a good project with which to demonstrate your formidable skills. Examine the latest trends in technologies in IT and think up electronics capstone project ideas that you can show off again and again as well as getting the highest grades for writing it in the first place.

Computer Science Capstone Project: The Latest Trends in Computing

There are a number of different exciting computing trends you can investigate as part of your capstone project. IT is a great topic for all sorts of reasons, but chief among these is that you can really work at the cutting edge of technological advancement and see what’s going to be the next big thing. Whether it’s cloud computing or superfast mobile internet speeds, IT is certainly the place to be. Consider the interesting topics below, model your project around one of them, and use some capstone project help if needed.

The 10 Best Universities for Programming and IT

If you haven’t even entered college yet, it’s never too soon to start thinking about some programming capstone project ideas for future use. However, the best thing to do right at this moment is to think about the best universities for programming and IT professionals to learn their trade and hone their skills. Here are the universities and colleges that are widely considered to be among the top 10 in the country.

computing trends

Start with Some Great Capstone Project Ideas for Computer Science

it project ideas

Choosing a capstone title for IT students is not the easiest task in the world as programming capstone project ideas can be difficult to explain in a snappy and concise manner that attracts readers. The 30 ideas outlined here have been specially considered to help the process of picking a capstone title for IT students much more straightforward.

Affordable Computer Science Project Ideas Services

Computer science and engineering courses are a great opportunity for you to learn a whole host of different skills that you can apply to your future jobs. By completing senior capstone project ideas, you’ll polish your logical thinking skills as well as boosting your knowledge base. You need to choose a topic that’s interesting, engaging and useful. Consider all the vital information here and you’ll get exactly what you need from your IT course.

capstone project computer science

Our writing company is always ready to provide you with the best possible IT capstone project and capstone project pharmacy writing services. Our team knows how to craft perfect it capstone project that will be unique and perfectly written to the requirements of your paper. By hiring our experts you will get the most benefits from:

Choose the best capstone project ideas for computer science, and you’ll surely reap the rewards. Get informed about all your options, and the world will be your oyster.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

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Capstone projects

capstone project ideas computer engineering

Sponsors help educate the next generation of engineers and computer scientists. Capstone projects provide students with real-world experience and a chance to learn what to expect as employees. As a sponsor, you will have an opportunity to observe students and interact with them on the project, to potentially hire them after graduation. Capstone also gives your company a way to develop connections with the university and faculty for other future research collaborations. It can be an inexpensive way to get started on some of the exploratory ideas or projects at your company, and to test or further develop those ideas.

For more details on sponsoring a capstone project, contact [email protected] .

Project examples

capstone project ideas computer engineering

  • Computer science students created Pet Match (pictured right), a mobile app for pet browsing, matching and adoption, for the Humane Society of SW Washington.
  • Mechanical engineering students designed a modular steel pallet rack for transporting and storing a variety of concrete products for Columbia Machine.
  • Electrical engineering students designed and built an optical module tester that allowed for quick detection and ease of use in the field for US Digital.

Capstone sponsors work with a team of students over the course of an academic year, beginning with the proposal of a suitable project, and concluding with a prototype and presentation of results.


Top 225 Innovative Capstone Project Ideas for Students

Table of Contents

Are you searching for creative capstone project ideas? Don’t worry! Like you, many students are struggling to come up with a unique capstone project topic. So, to help you all, here in this blog post we have identified and listed the best 200+ capstone project ideas on all the major subjects. Continue reading this blog post and earn the necessary academic benefits.

What is a Capstone Project?

Schools and colleges use a parameter known as a capstone project to evaluate students’ overall comprehension at the course’s conclusion. Typically, it enables the students to demonstrate their abilities in communication, presentation, and problem-solving, and the project is extremely beneficial to them.

The primary objective of the capstone project assignment is to inspire students to plan independently, conduct in-depth analysis, collaborate with others, and meet deadlines. In most cases, instructors will assign each student or a group of students to finish their capstone project ideas assignment.

If you are required to complete a capstone project on any subject, you must look for the best project ideas related to that subject. The task of choosing a topic for the project is hard. It takes a lot of planning to find a good and creative idea for a capstone project.

Capstone Project Ideas

How to Select a Good Topic for Capstone Project?

The initial step of the capstone project is identifying a good topic. There is a high likelihood that you will receive low grades if you choose a subpar topic for your project. Therefore, when choosing a topic, ensure that you keep the following guidelines in mind because it would help you to improve your grades.

  • You should pick an interesting subject for your research.
  • Your chosen subject should be in line with your curriculum.
  • It should discuss a real issue and offer solid arguments as well as real solutions.
  • If you choose a broad subject, your research will take a long time, so choose a narrow one.
  • The more specific your topic is, the more effective your solutions will be.

Before you start working on your capstone project, make sure you contact your professor or teacher to get their final approval. This will ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities to get feedback on the topic.

Innovative Capstone Project Ideas

Innovative Capstone Project Ideas

Here, we have listed the capstone project ideas on all the major subjects such as accounting, business, engineering, information technology, computer science nursing, psychology, marketing, management, and many more.

Check the list and spot the capstone project idea that is appealing to you.

Capstone Project Ideas on High School Education

  • Are virtual high school classes the future of learning?
  • Importance of having a strong school administrative system
  • Improving student behavior in the classroom
  • Bilingual education systems and other related issues
  • Tackling learning disabilities in children
  • Ways of reducing the level of stress among students
  • Poverty and its effects on a student’s education
  • Developing confidence in shy students
  • Reducing stress in high school students
  • Should schools shorten class times or lessen the days spent at school?

Few High School Capstone Project Ideas

  • Which educational practices in high schools do you think should be revised?
  • Promoting leadership amongst children
  • Methods to reduce cyberbullying
  • Academic use of technology and social media in the classrooms
  • Challenges in the communication of students and teachers
  • Adapting project-based learning in schools
  • Methods of motivating students
  • The career path to becoming a doctor
  • The importance of brain-based learning and teaching
  • The challenges and advantages of a career in sports
  • Challenges and perspectives of education
  • The effectiveness of co-teaching
  • Smartboard activities for students’ engagement
  • Do you think schools should expand health services for all students?
  • The emergence of space tourism
  • A Small Enterprise Business Plan.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning in Schools.
  • Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry: The Benefits of Big Data Utilization

Accounting Capstone Project Ideas

  • Proprietorship accounting
  • Ethical decision-making in accounting
  • Income-related accounting theories
  • Accounting for sales and income
  • The effects of the recession on personal finance
  • Payroll management systems
  • The role of accounting in information systems
  • Taxes that are related to accounting theories
  • The importance of accounts in an auditing firm
  • The use of software in accounting
  • An accounting system for fixed assets
  • Choosing between International or Regional Accounting Standards
  • Tax Evasion and Accounting
  • Functions of managerial accounting in an organization
  • Minimizing tax liabilities for a company
  • Write about earnings management.
  • Identify the risk and liability factors in financial statement audits.
  • Write about taxation policy and management.
  • Explain how personal finances are affected by the recession
  • Define and explain the role of the accounting information systems
  • Discuss the importance of auditing to a firm
  • How do companies minimize their tax liabilities while still ensuring profitability?

Read more- Best Accounting Research Topics and Ideas for Students

Capstone Project Ideas

Business Capstone Project Ideas

  • How effective are marketing and branding in today’s world of social media?
  • Do psychological tests help company owners recruit and hire better-performing employees?
  • What are the major causes of corporate bankruptcy in the automobile industry?
  • Do family-owned businesses have more or fewer problems than other types of businesses?
  • What challenges do small businesses have in providing adequate childcare for their employees?
  • How do European business strategies impact the way U.S. business owners compete in an overseas market?
  • What is the most effective way of starting a small business without enough funding?
  • How important is the human resource department in encouraging workplace productivity?
  • What are the benefits of large corporations taking “green” measures?
  • A problem-thinking approach in business
  • Analyze the roots of fanaticism in marketing.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of multinational corporations.
  • Globalization in Business
  • Importance of Cultural Awareness.
  • Growing Role of Technology.

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

  • The best programming languages
  • What role do human-computer interfaces play?
  • The use of game theory for analyzing the algorithms
  • Image processing
  • The evolution of programming languages and techniques
  • The future of artificial learning
  • The use of stock prediction with neural networks
  • Modern operating systems and their major security concerns
  • The importance of designing a safe mobile app or software
  • The growing popularity of chatbots
  • A trailblazing SAAS technology in the 21st century
  • The threats to internet banking
  • Use of smartphone interface for e-medical record and management systems
  • The major security concerns in using social media
  • Tackling cybersecurity threats
  • The increasing dependence on IoT and cloud computing
  • How to design a perfect bank verification security system
  • The increasing importance of data mining in commerce
  • Automated registration software for improved cybersecurity
  • Designing a web-based survey system

Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  • The red traffic light detector system
  • Remote control car
  • Creating adjustable home temperature heating and cooling systems
  • A pedal-powered water purifier
  • All about off-grid refrigerators
  • Designing a car engine
  • Making a self-balancing robot
  • Development of electric hybrid motorcycle
  • A robotic arm controlled by an android.
  • Stair climbing wheelchair
  • Transmitting and Storing Geological Data
  • The radio-defined software technologies.
  • Engineering advancements in the agriculture sector
  • How a solar panel works
  • The future of self-driving cars
  • VR and AR technologies in mechanical engineering.
  • Design vascular stents and catheters.
  • Modern technologies of air pollution control.
  • How AI affects the manufacturing industry?
  • Develop a wireless three-phase starter motor.

Read more:   Best Engineering Research Topics for Academic Writing

Capstone Project Ideas in Information Technology

  • Effective plans for IT emergency recovery
  • Intelligent systems of voice recognition
  • Stock management software systems
  • Challenges in computer security
  • What is data warehousing and how is it changing information systems?
  • Networking security issues
  • The future of cryptocurrency
  • The benefits of data mining
  • Intelligent systems in text and voice recognition
  • Stock Management Programming Systems
  • Internet Censorship in different countries
  • The wonders of voice recognition technology
  • How secure are VPNs?
  • The emergence of agile methodology at the workplace
  • Implementing smart parking systems

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

  • Analyze effective content marketing strategies that use social media.
  • Definition of brand management and analysis of the best strategies
  • Develop a marketing strategy and execution plan
  • Best practices for total quality administration
  • The issues in business outsourcing
  • Designing a start-up business plan
  • The role of cultural differences in management
  • The effect of globalization on business management
  • Top-Tier Management and Ethics
  • Managing diversity in an organization
  • Define effective algorithms for determining consumer buying
  • Managing conflicts in large organizations
  • What impact do pirate websites have on the brand and image of large corporations?
  • Maintaining relationships with stakeholders
  • HR Management Principles for the 21st Century

Marketing and Management Capstone Project Ideas

  • Modern trends in online marketing
  • Green marketing: definition and major strategies
  • Problems in e-commerce marketing
  • Understanding the concepts of digital marketing
  • The best mobile marketing environments
  • B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies
  • The importance of metrics in marketing
  • The link between marketing and globalization
  • Crisis management for small businesses
  • Management innovations across industries
  • The importance of risk management
  • Driving principles of supply chain management
  • Methods to boost customer engagement
  • How to maximize marketing channels
  • Strategies for building brand value

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  • New strategies in nursing and methods of improvement
  • A patient-focused approach
  • The role of the nurse practitioner in primary care
  • Improving the quality of medical assistance in ambulances
  • Concept and evidence-based practices for nurse leaders
  • Best practices for healthcare workers to deal with critical care patients and emergencies
  • Innovative diagnostic techniques in nursing
  • The impact of nursing shortage on healthcare
  • The best critical-care practices in medical emergencies
  • How does the duration of hospital shifts impact the quality of nursing?
  • Promoting evidence-based practices in nursing
  • Nurse anesthesia
  • People’s perspective on the role of nurses in society
  • Does spiritual care improve the way nurses can perform their regular duties on patients?
  • How effective is the current process of recruiting nurses?

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

  • How culture affects the psychology
  • Why do people commit crimes: a psychology perspective
  • Impact of sleep quality on performance at work
  • Comparing long- and short-term memory
  • The role of biology and environment in hyperactive children
  • How violent games and movies affect teenagers
  • How bipolar disorder affects the entire life
  • A study on schizophrenia
  • Understanding a terrorist’s psychology
  • How an abortion can affect mental health
  • Treating post-partum depression
  • The effect of colors on the brain
  • The influence of gender on depression
  • Military psychology: methods and effects
  • What leads to suicidal behaviors?

Capstone Project Ideas in Political Science

  • The role of social movements and pressure groups in politics
  • What is populism and how does it work?
  • The principles of socialism and communism
  • Is democracy a success or failure?
  • How are more advanced countries affecting the political systems in third-world states?
  • Benefits of growing international relations between countries
  • Is terrorism merely a political instrument?
  • The role of the united nations in maintaining world peace
  • Is capitalism the best method of governance?
  • Causes and effects of the American civil war

Political Science Capstone Project Ideas

  • Project management in political campaigns
  • What led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  • What’s the role of modern governments in maintaining world peace?
  • Causes and effects of World War I and II
  • Understanding the system of governance in the United States
  • Should animal cloning in all its forms be outlawed globally?
  • Do you believe that students should be able to find a research subject ideas online?
  • What must be done by the US in order to lower pollution levels by 2025?
  • Is torturing war detainees an efficient way to get their information?
  • Should the US stop providing tax benefits to religious institutions?
  • Do you believe that installing security cameras in public places would help reduce crime?
  • Should school days be cut shorter or class periods be shortened?
  • What are the main issues surrounding the immigration situation in the United States?
  • Do you believe that citizenship should be granted to the kids of illegal immigrants?
  • Does a college degree indicate a successful career?

Trending Capstone Project Ideas for Politics

  • How motivation among students improves performance.
  • Why do college students get panic attacks?
  • importance of purchasing electronic equipment while in college.
  • social media’s impact on education
  • Describe effective teaching methods.
  • discipline-instilling strategies for college pupils.
  • Modern technology enhances the curriculum.
  • What part do nurses play in preventing the spread of harmful viruses and diseases?
  • Why are nurses prone to suffering from extreme burnout? Would their shifts be organized differently if they changed?
  • Do nurses’ usual patient care tasks go more smoothly while receiving spiritual care?
  • Do you think that government laws and regulations have an effect on how nurses carry out their duties?
  • How successful is the nursing recruitment process as it stands today? Do private businesses have less difficulty than public ones?
  • What dangers do mothers who choose a water birth face? Do present-day midwives have the necessary training to tackle unforeseen complications?
  • How Do I Make A Web-Based Survey System?
  • How Are Management And E-Medical Systems Using The Smartphone Program Interface?
  • How Do You Make Your Market-Based Analytical Processes Fit Into A Strong Automated System?
  • Bacterial Classification and Detection Using Images?
  • How Can the Game Theory Be Used To Analyze Various Algorithms?
  • Computers’ Importance In Education
  • What Function Play Human-Computer Interfaces?

Final Words

To submit the best project and get an A+ grade, an original capstone project topic alone will not help you. You need to perform in-depth research on the topic and present your project work effectively and efficiently.

If you want more creative capstone project ideas or any academic help to complete your capstone project, then reach out to us. We have a team of highly experienced academic writers to assist you in completing the capstone project on any subject topic as per your requirements on time at an affordable price.

Why are you waiting? Quickly place your order and get instant assignment help from our experts to earn the highest possible grade for a top-quality capstone project.

capstone project ideas computer engineering

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Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineering

Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineering

Every Civil engineering student should do a capstone project. This is because it allows them to use what they’ve learned into the real-world. The Campston project will help you in solving real-world problems, developing critical thinking skills, and getting hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Students also learn project management , communication, and teamwork skills through capstone projects. These skills are important to become a successful engineer. Also, capstone projects allow students to show potential employers they are skilled and ready to work.

Project is a compulsory matter for all engineering students who are pursuing engineering. If you are an engineering student, you must submit a project with an individual or a group in the final year of your engineering degree.

This blog will discuss”30 Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineers.” In this project idea, there are many project ideas that you don’t hear about and some project ideas you may know already. But we will describe how you can use that for your projects. Let’s start.

What are capstone projects?

Table of Contents

A capstone project is a student’s last project in the last semester or year of an undergraduate or graduate program. A capstone project in civil engineering is usually a large design, analysis, or research project. This project requires students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies to solve a real-world engineering problem. They also develop a solution to an engineering challenge.

What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Civil engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the infrastructure and physical structures essential to modern society. This includes bridges, highways, airports, buildings, water treatment plants, and sewage systems.

Some specific tasks that civil engineers might perform include:

  • Designing infrastructure: Civil engineers use their knowledge of physics, mathematics, and materials science to create plans. They also use their knowledge for designs for various infrastructure projects.
  • Overseeing construction: Civil engineers also oversee the construction process, ensuring workers follow the plans and the project should be completed on time and within budget.
  • Ensuring safety: Civil engineers ensure that the structures they design and build are safe and will not harm the public.
  • Environmental considerations: Civil engineers must also consider environmental factors. Such as the impact of their projects on the natural landscape. They should ensure they don’t have any potential impact on nearby communities.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Civil engineers are also responsible for maintaining and repairing infrastructure as needed to ensure it remains safe and functional for years.

30 Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineering

Here are 30 Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineering includes:

1. Design and analysis of suspension bridge

In this project, students design and analyze the load-carrying capacity of a suspension bridge. They also evaluate the performance of various materials and shapes for the bridge. It will be one of the best capstone project ideas for civil engineering if they make a project out of that.

2. Design and implement an earthquake-resistant building

As a civil engineer, one of the best capstone project ideas for civil engineering is to design a building that can withstand earthquakes. You can also simulate seismic waves’ effects on different building materials.

3. Analysis and optimization of traffic flow 

As a civil engineering student, you can Analyze the traffic flow in a specific area. You can also identify bottlenecks and suggest improvements to optimize traffic flow.

4. Construction management software development 

Develop a software application that simplifies the management of construction projects. It also includes scheduling, resource allocation, and budget tracking.

5. Design and analysis of water supply systems

Another best capstone project ideas for civil engineering is to design and analyze the performance of water supply systems. It includes pipelines, pumps, and treatment facilities.

6. Development of sustainable infrastructure

Civil engineers can Develop sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure, such as roads and buildings made from renewable materials.

Take structural engineering assignment help to learn more about other project ideas

7. Design and analysis of energy-efficient buildings

Design and analyze buildings that consume less energy using renewable energy sources, better insulation, and other energy-saving measures.

8. Design and analysis of geotechnical structures

Design and analyze structures built on or in the ground. Such as tunnels, retaining walls and foundations.

9. Design and analysis of storm water management systems

Design and analyze systems that manage stormwater, such as drainage systems and retention ponds.

10. Design and analysis of sewage treatment systems

Civil engineers can Design and analyze systems that treat wastewater. It also includes biological and chemical processes in this project.

11. Development of sustainable transportation systems

Develop environmentally friendly transportation systems. It also includes public transportation systems and bike lanes.

12. Design and analysis of wastewater treatment plants

As a civil engineer, you can Design and analyze wastewater treatment plants. That uses the latest technologies and processes to reduce pollution.

13. Design and analysis of green roofs

Design and analyze roofs covered with vegetation, which can help reduce heat island effects and improve air quality.

14. Development of smart cities

Develop cities that use the latest technologies and processes to improve quality of life. It reduces pollution and enhances safety.

15. Analysis and optimization of water distribution networks

Analyze the water distribution networks in a specific area and suggest improvements to optimize water distribution.

16. Design and analysis of renewable energy systems

Design and analyze renewable energy systems. Such as solar, wind, and geothermal .

17. Design and analysis of dam safety

Design and analyze the safety of dams and evaluate the potential impact of natural disasters on dams.

18. Development of affordable housing

Develop affordable housing solutions. That meets the needs of low-income families.

19. Design and analysis of waste management systems

Design and analyze systems. That manages waste, including recycling and landfill systems.

20. Design and analysis of coastal protection systems 

Design and analyze systems. That protects coastal areas from erosion and flooding.

21. Development of smart irrigation systems

Develop irrigation systems. They use sensors and other technologies to optimize water usage.

22. Design and analysis of bridge safety

Design and analyze the safety of bridges and evaluate them. The potential impact of natural disasters on bridges.

23. Development of smart grids 

Develop energy grids that use sensors and other technologies. To optimize energy distribution and reduce waste.

24. Design and analysis of underground utility systems

Design and analyze systems that manage underground utilities. It includes electrical and telecommunications systems.

25. Development of autonomous construction equipment

Develop autonomous equipment that can be used in construction projects to improve safety and efficiency.

26. Design and analysis of landslide mitigation systems

Design and analyze systems. That mitigates the impact of landslides, including retaining walls and drainage systems.

27. Development of disaster-resistant buildings

Develop buildings that can withstand the impact of natural disasters. Such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

28. Design and analysis of transportation infrastructure

Civil engineers can Design and analyze transportation infrastructure. It also includes roads, highways, and public transportation systems, to improve safety, efficiency, and accessibility.

29. Development of sustainable waste-to-energy systems

It is one of the best capstone project ideas for civil engineering. Develop systems that convert waste into energy, such as incineration or gasification.

30. Design and analyze water treatment systems for remote communities

Design and analyze water treatment systems for remote communities. That lack clean water, considering energy consumption and cost-effectiveness factors.


Civil engineering capstone projects allow students to explore what they have learned so far and how to do in the real world. Through these projects, students can show their skills to design, analyze, and manage complex engineering projects.

The 30 project ideas for civil engineering we have discussed in this blog cover a broad range of areas within civil engineering, including structural, geotechnical, transportation, and environmental engineering. 

We hope that the capstone project ideas for civil engineering given in this blog will inspire civil engineering you to explore new areas.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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  1. Senior Capstone Projects

    ECE 189A/B/C is a year-long capstone project course sequence in which Computer Engineering (CE) senior students design and implement an embedded computer system. Working in small groups of four to six, the teams draw on the strengths of each member, and projects are intended to be the culmination of the student's undergraduate education ...

  2. ECE 188 Senior Capstone Projects

    ECE 188 Senior Capstone Projects. The Capstone Project three-course series gives Electrical and Computer Engineering students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design, build, and present a challenging engineering design project. The design challenges, of which each team selects one to tackle ...

  3. The Best 150 Capstone Project Topic Ideas

    Attractive Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas. Computer science is so rapidly developing that you might easily get lost in the new trends in the sphere. Gaming and internet security, machine learning and computer forensics, artificial intelligence, and database development - you first have to settle down on something.

  4. 2021 Capstone Projects

    2021 Capstone Projects. To wrap up their undergraduate experience at CU Boulder, computer science students participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects, as well as to make important professional connections. Software design projects are sponsored by ...

  5. Top 100 Capstone Project Ideas For Engineering Students In 2022

    98. Development of a 7.5kW High Speed Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Spindle Motor for CNC Milling Machine. 99. Optimal Design of the 2nd Generation TMED Traction Motor. 100. Power factor correction and power quality improvement in BLDC motor drive using SEPIC converter. These are the different capstone project ideas from IEEE website.

  6. Top 20 Computer Projects

    15. Image Steganography - Hiding Information in Images. This is one of the most interesting projects among computer engineering Projects. This project is developed for hiding information in any image file. In this, the user will have to run the application and they will have two options, encrypt and decrypt.

  7. Best Capstone Project Ideas for Engineering Students

    Health Monitoring wearable. For more information about good capstone projects for engineering you may go on the links below: Mechatronic capstone project. Raspberry-pi capstone project. Electronics capstone project. Mechanical capstone project. I hope you got some good capstone projects from this article.

  8. 5+ Best Capstone Projects On Computer Vision (Videos Included)

    Capstone projects on computer vision for engineering students. Before starting a computer vision project, you should have a basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, MATLAB, C++, etc. So that it will be easy when you start working on a project. Listed below are some of the computer vision projects that can be done by a beginner in a ...

  9. Capstone Project Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

    Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas. With how important technology is nowadays, it's no surprise that capstone project ideas for Computer Engineering are quite popular. Students are engaged in developing new software for solving a variety of tasks. Your capstone project should be aimed at introducing computer systems-based technologies.

  10. 100 Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas For You

    Best Capstone Project Computer Science Ideas. How to manage and analyze large volumes of dynamic and diverse data. Current database management systems for XML websites. Potential strategies for integrated data management. Accuracy of distributed dependable systems. How to model complex computer systems for workplaces.

  11. 100 Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas For Students

    Below we have prepared 100 capstone project ideas for computer science. Object-oriented programming. SQL Server Database backup. Video sensors via face recognition. WA projects in interface creation. Model-based programming languages. IT technology in construction. Histograms based on sample data.

  12. Top 80 Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

    Examining and improving the interfaces of smartphones. Developing effective applications for fitness. Ways for creating tools and applications to detect grammar errors. Tracking application basics and tested approaches. Developing a website for the e-commerce industry. Exploring computing functions in education.

  13. 135 Best Capstone Project Ideas For Students

    List of Capstone Project Ideas. Here we have categorized and compiled a list of 100+ capstone project ideas on various subjects such as engineering, nursing, computer science, management, and so on. If you are running short of ideas, feel free to have a look at the list below and choose a project topic that is appealing to you.

  14. No. 20 Turkovic/Spaka Eliminated in NCAA Doubles Round of 16

    Senior projects prepare engineering students for workforce. Graduating seniors from across the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University displayed their senior capstone projects at the spring 2023 Fulton Schools Capstone Showcase.The biannual event gives students the opportunity to show off their capstone projects, which helped them gain real-world experience developing ...

  15. Engineering Capstone Project: Overview, Tips, and Ideas

    Capstone project ideas computer engineering. The software engineering capstone project is related to finding new or enhancing existing software solutions. At this point, you should emphasize certain current trends and existing demands. Your work should be up-to-date and solve one of these challenges. If you prefer avoiding working on some ...

  16. Capstone Senior Projects

    Upload a Project. Our goal is to seamlessly facilitate the student's transition from Oregon State University to the engineering profession. All undergraduates in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science complete a three-term course sequence (October-May) to expose students to the challenges of engineering design and project management.

  17. College of Engineering News • Iowa State University

    Posted on May 22, 2023 | Sarah Hays. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing your work, work, Jenny Herrera says. Herrera's first project out of college (civil engineering '16) was no small feat. Starting as a project engineer at The Weitz Company and now as a project manager, Herrera has been turning ideas into impacts for over seven ...

  18. Pick Up the Best Capstone Project Ideas Computer Science

    Affordable Computer Science Project Ideas Services. Computer science and engineering courses are a great opportunity for you to learn a whole host of different skills that you can apply to your future jobs. By completing senior capstone project ideas, you'll polish your logical thinking skills as well as boosting your knowledge base.

  19. 125 Outstanding Capstone Project Ideas in 2023

    Management Capstone Project Ideas. Evaluation of free clinic process. The role of project management in effective political campaigns. The practice of ethical thinking in administration. Modern strategies for rate of return and capital investment. The importance of conflict administration for big companies.

  20. Capstone projects

    The Capstone (Senior) design experience consists of a year-long project, spread over Fall and Spring semesters. Projects are developed and sponsored by local companies. Students work in teams to meet the project expectations of the sponsor. The Capstone experience aims to give students an opportunity to bring together all of the coursework in ...

  21. Top 225 Innovative Capstone Project Ideas for Students

    Here, we have listed the capstone project ideas on all the major subjects such as accounting, business, engineering, information technology, computer science nursing, psychology, marketing, management, and many more. Check the list and spot the capstone project idea that is appealing to you. Capstone Project Ideas on High School Education

  22. 30 Best Capstone Project Ideas For Civil Engineering

    2. Design and implement an earthquake-resistant building. As a civil engineer, one of the best capstone project ideas for civil engineering is to design a building that can withstand earthquakes. You can also simulate seismic waves' effects on different building materials. 3. Analysis and optimization of traffic flow.