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2021 Capstone Projects

To wrap up their undergraduate experience at CU Boulder, computer science students participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects, as well as to make important professional connections.  Software design projects are sponsored  by companies, academic units and individuals who volunteer their time to work closely with students throughout the year. 

This year, 27 teams completed their software design projects despite the challenges of distance and pandemic. Thank you to all of the students and project sponsors who worked through these uncertain times --  congratulations on a job well done!  

We asked each team to put together a video to introduce their team, demo the final product and share about their journey. 

Evaluating Internet of Things (IoT) Protocols

BISON (BI Incorporated Stream Optimization Network)

Mobile App - Boulder Apple Tree Project

Mobile Apps to Reduce Cross-Race Recognition Deficit - CU Psychology

Digital Marketplace - Festo

Identity Graph Insight Tool - FullContact

Automated Ingestion Data System - Gloo

Website Redesign - Innovar Group

Crime Maps - Caliber Public Safety 

Donor Relations - CEAS advancement team

Locomotive training software support - Union Pacific PST

Mobile App - INSIGHTS Intervention

Transcript Corpus + Moody's Manuals - Leeds School of Business

Everglades Wargame - Lockheed Martin

Data Science Models - Lockheed Martin Space 

Mobile App - MindBeWell

Ozone Garden Website - NCAR

Platform - NMBL Strategies 

Golang API Logger - Resurface

First responders reporting tool - Caliber Public Safety

Machine Learning Evaluative Framework - Terumo Blood and Cell

Cloud Crawler - Trimble

Sounding Climate Data - UCAR

K-12 EdTech - UR Turn

Parallel SPICE Implementation - NASA JPL

Factory Automation Solutions - Festo

Infrastructure and Radio Transcription - Digiclips

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capstone project ideas for computer engineering

The Best 150 Capstone Project Topic Ideas

10 May 2022

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❔What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone Project Ideas:

✅Capstone Writing: 10 Steps

The long path of research works ahead, and you can’t find any capstone project ideas that would be interesting and innovative? The task can seem even more challenging for you to feel all the responsibility of this first step. The top 150 capstone ideas presented below aim to make a choice not so effort-consuming.

With the list of the capstone project topics we've picked for you, you'll be covered in major subjects. Continue reading, and you'll get ideas for capstone projects in information technology, nursing, psychology, marketing, management, and more.

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What is a Capstone Project?

Educational institutions use the capstone project to evaluate your understanding of the course on various parameters. For the students, the work on the project gives an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their presentation, problem-solving and soft skills. Capstone projects are normally used in the curriculum of colleges and schools. Also called a senior exhibition or a culminating project, these assignments are given to finish the academic course.

This assignment has several different objectives, among which are the following:

It's not that easy to pick the right capstone paper topic. The problem intensifies as each student or separate teams have to work on a single assignment which has to be unique. The best capstone project ideas may possibly run out. However, whatever topic you opt for, you’d better start your preparation and research on the subject as early as possible.

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Amazing Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Course

Studying nursing is challenging, as it requires a prominent theoretical foundation and is fully practical at the same time. You should have to do thorough research and provide evidence for your ideas, but what to start with? The preparation for your capstone project in nursing won’t be so overwhelming if you make use of these capstone title ideas:

Attractive Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Computer science is so rapidly developing that you might easily get lost in the new trends in the sphere. Gaming and internet security, machine learning and computer forensics, artificial intelligence, and database development – you first have to settle down on something. Check the topics for the capstone project examples below to pick one. Decide how deeply you will research the topic and define how wide or narrow the sphere of your investigation will be.

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Several High School Education Capstone Project Ideas for Inspiration

High school education is a transit point in professional education and the most valuable period for personal soft skills development. No wonder that the list of capstone project ideas in high school education involves rather various topics. They may range from local startup analysis and engineer’s career path to bullying problems. It’s up to you to use the chosen statement as the ready capstone project title or just an idea for future development.

Capstone Project Topics in Information Technology – Search for Your Best

Information technology is a separate area developed on the basis of computer science, and it might be challenging to capture the differences between them. If you hesitate about what to start with – use the following topics for capstone project as the starting point for your capstone research topics.

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

Society shows increasing attention to mental health. The range of issues that influence human psychology is vast, and the choice may be difficult. You’ll find simple capstone project ideas to settle on in the following list.

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Capstone Project Ideas for Management Course

Studying management means dealing with the most varied spheres of life, problem-solving in different business areas, and evaluating risks. The challenge starts when you select the appropriate topic for your capstone project. Let the following list help you come up with your ideas.

Capstone Project Ideas for Your Marketing Course

Marketing aims to make the business attractive to the customer and client-oriented. The variety of easy capstone project ideas below gives you the start for your research work.

Best Capstone Engineering Project Ideas

It’s difficult to find a more varied discipline than engineering. If you study it – you already know your specialization and occupational interest, but the list of ideas below can be helpful.

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Capstone Project Ideas for MBA

Here you might read some senior capstone project ideas to help you with your MBA assignment.

Capstone Project Ideas for an Accounting Course

Try these ideas for your Capstone Project in Accounting – and get the best result possible.

Capstone Writing: 10 Essential Steps

Be it a senior capstone project of a high school pupil or the one for college, you follow these ten steps. This will ensure you’ll create a powerful capstone paper in the outcome and get the best grade:

Preparation of a powerful capstone project involves both selection of an exciting topic and its in-depth examination. If you are interested in the topic, you'll be able to demonstrate to your professor a deep insight into the subject. The lists of ideas above will inspire you and prepare you for the successful completion of your project. Don’t hesitate to try them now!

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capstone project ideas for computer engineering

CS & ECE189 Senior Capstone Projects

During the senior year, CE students are required to take the Senior Computer Systems Project courses also known as the Senior "Capstone" Project. This course helps satisfy CE Major Degree Requirements in the Senior Elective Study Plan.

The Capstone Project gives CE students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design and engineer innovative hardware and software systems using techniques from robotics, distributed systems, circuit design, networking, and real-time systems to tackle problems and create a final "tangible" project.

Every year at the end of the final quarter the projects are presented at full-day, industry-supported events where student groups publicly present their projects and participate in a project demonstration and poster event.

Capstone Sr. Project Presentation Events

Capstone Sr. Project Presentation Events

CS 189 Course & Projects

CS 189 Course & Projects

students with hyperloop project

ECE 189 Course & Projects

Senior project courses.

Student groups design a significant computer-based project. Groups work independently with interaction among groups via interface specifications and informal meetings.

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Profs. Tobias Höllerer (CMPSC 189A) and Giovanni Vigna (189B)

Throughout this two-course sequence, student teams engage in all aspects of an engineering problem including design, prototype, testing, deployment, and public demonstration. The course is based on a learn-by-doing approach in which teams employ cutting-edge software technologies, tools, and engineering practices to construct significant software applications and systems.

Unique to the UCSB CS Capstone is industry collaboration. Top companies from around the country partner with and mentor student teams. Industrial participants propose project ideas (that range from well-defined to wide open) from which student teams choose, as part of short, competitive “pitches”. The CS 189 senior project series culminates in a public project presentation and demonstration by each team at Summit CS in March.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B/C

Instructor: Dr. Yogananda Isukapalli (ECE 189A/B/C)

ECE 189A/B/C is a year-long capstone project course sequence in which Computer Engineering (CE) senior students design and implement an embedded computer system. Working in small groups of four to six, the teams draw on the strengths of each member, and projects are intended to be the culmination of the student's undergraduate education, incorporating both significant hardware and software components and, in some cases, mechanical components as well. CE Capstone Projects offer students real-world experience in the lifespan of developing an embedded system: identifying a problem, designing to required specifications, managing budgets and printed circuit board fabrication, and delivering their finished product on time.

CE capstone projects fall into several categories: (i) Student defined projects, in which students come up with the design idea on their own; (ii) Industry-sponsored projects, in which an industry partner specifies a design challenge of interest to their organization; (iii) Research group projects, in which a research group at UCSB poses a design challenge; (iv) Student project competitions, in which students enter as contestants in an organized competition.

ECE 189 senior projects will be showcased at the end of the Spring quarter at the ECE 189 Capstone Project poster session and resentation event.

ECE 189 Capstone 2023 Presentation Event

The project presentation and poster event will be held on June 8 (Thu), 2023

CS 189 Capstone 2023 Presentations @ summit.cs

The event was held on March 15 (Wed), 2023 at Corwin Pavillion

2023 Best Projects

Computer Engineering • College of Engineering • UC Santa Barbara 2023 © Regents of the University of California

2021 Capstone Projects

Welcome to the digital component of the 2021 Engineering Showcase!  Navigate via the links below to view the project posters and videos from student teams in the different engineering disciplines. 

This site is best viewed on a large screen.

Two students stand with their plywood project.

Project Links

Biological engineering.

View the Biological Engineering Senior Capstone Projects.

A woman looks into a microscope

Biomedical Engineering

View the Biomedical Engineering Senior Capstone Projects. 

Biomedical student in laboratory, Lab coat, Safety goggles, test tubes

Civil Engineering

View the Civil Engineering Senior Capstone Projects.

A student examines a piece of equipment

Electrical & Computer Engineering

View the Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Projects.

A student connects wires in front of a computer

Engineering Junior Design

View the Engineering Junior Design final projects. 

A professor and student stand side-by-side working on a project

Mechanical Engineering

View the Mechanical Engineering Senior Capstone Projects.

A student and professor examine the display screen of a machine


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  1. 2021 Capstone Projects

    2021 Capstone Projects To wrap up their undergraduate experience at CU Boulder, computer science students participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects, as well as to make important professional connections.

  2. Senior Capstone Projects

    CE capstone projects fall into several categories: (i) Student defined projects, in which students come up with the design idea on their own; (ii) Industry-sponsored projects, in which an industry partner specifies a design challenge of interest to their organization; (iii) Research group projects, in which a research group at UCSB poses a ...

  3. 2021 Capstone Projects

    2021 Capstone Projects. Welcome to the digital component of the 2021 Engineering Showcase! Navigate via the links below to view the project posters and videos from student teams in the different engineering disciplines. This site is best viewed on a large screen.