Master of Science in Threat and Response Management

Capstone projects, masters in emergency management capstone process.

As a culminating experience, Master of Science in Threat and Response Management students put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learned during their coursework by completing a capstone project. The project is a degree requirement and is completed during the last three quarters of their program. Program staff support these efforts by curating a portfolio of projects with capstone sponsors which include industry partners, governmental agencies, and program graduates. The program also facilitates matching students to projects based on skills and interest and helps assign scientific advisors to provide guidance and mentorship. 

The capstone process is an opportunity for students to develop and implement an emergency management solution and explore potential networking and employment partnerships. Students work together in small teams and begin the experience in the autumn quarter.

  • First Quarter
  • Second Quarter
  • Third Quarter

Students review their project and develop a plan for implementation, meet with project sponsors to document scope, goals, requirements, and timeline. Students write a project proposal and confirm with the sponsor and advisors.

Students implement the project and are expected to spend approximately 80-100 hours on implementation. Depending on the proposal, students work onsite or remotely with the sponsor and check in weekly regarding progress. Sponsors are expected to give regular feedback to ensure project is moving in the right direction.

Students write their final paper and develop a presentation. At the end of the final quarter, sponsors, faculty, and students are invited to a showcase of all the capstone projects.

Sample Capstone Project

Interested in uncovering a use for unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, or drones, that might de-stigmatize the popular image they’ve acquired through their military use abroad? MScTRM capstone students sought to outfit a drone with a signal-detecting device capable of locating cellphone signals to improve the detection of humans following a major earthquake. 

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Capstone Advisors

Our capstone advisors comprise current  and former instructors, including:

Edward G. Buikema, Emergency Management instructor

Edward G. Buikema, BA

Senior Consultant, Argonne National Laboratory

Edward G. Buikema is an instructor for the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies and previously taught in the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management Program. He is an Associate Employee of the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago and is...

L. Paul Lewis, Emergency Management instructor

L. Paul Lewis, MS, JD

Technical Programs Attorney, Risk and Infrastructure Sciences Center...

Mr. Lewis graduated from the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management program in 2011. He is a technical programs attorney in the Risk and Infrastructure Sciences Center, Global Security Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory. In this position, he leads multidisciplinary...

Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano, Emergency Management instructor

Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano, PhD

Computational Social Scientist and Socio-Technical Systems Section...

Ignacio J Martinez-Moyano is a computational social scientist and socio-technical systems section leader in the Systems Science Center of the Global Security Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory. He is also a senior fellow at the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and at...

UChicago Phoenix headhost placeholder

Roland Varriale, MS

Cyber Security Analyst for Cyber Operations, Analysis, and Research...

Roland Varriale is a cyber security analyst for Cyber Operations, Analysis, and Research in Argonne National Laboratory’s Strategic Security Sciences Division. Roland has worked in various capacities from a business analyst to an intelligent transportation systems researcher and developer. He is...

Donald R. Zoufal, Emergency Management instructor

Donald R. Zoufal, JD, MA

Safety and Security Executive, System Development Integration, LLC.

Donald Zoufal is currently a safety and security industry executive with System Development Integration, LLC. He has held a series of high-level public sector safety and security posts, including First Deputy for the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications and Deputy...

Online Programming Lessons, Tutorials and Capstone Project guide

List of Completed Capstone Projects with Source code

Our team has put up a list of Capstone Project ideas in this article. The capstone projects indicated below are finished, and the source code is available as well. The information in this article could aid future researchers in coming up with distinctive capstone project ideas.

Choosing a topic is the most important and first stage in your capstone project journey as a student or researcher. If you choose a topic without giving it much thought, you may fail. To begin, make sure you’re passionate about the topic and convinced that the research portion will never tire you. Second, make sure it aligns with your curriculum and allows you to show your teacher what you’ve learned in class while still being applicable in the real world. The finished capstone project title ideas with the source code listed below may be useful to future researchers.

A vehicle has become a large part of our daily commuting needs. People use a vehicle to get to work, visit places, and for moving around to run errands. The capstone project, entitled “Vehicle Franchise Application Management System”, is a system designed to automate the process of applying for vehicle franchises. This project will eliminate the manual method which costs a valuable amount of time and effort and is also prone to human errors.

Vehicle Franchising and Drivers Offense System - Admin Dashboard

The extended use of technology and smart devices in medical fields has brought a huge effect on the world’s health care. Hospital now uses medical tools not only for the services they render to their patients but also for the betterment of the hospital’s medical equipment. Medical equipment is essential especially since they are used for treating different medical conditions. The capstone project, titled “Medical Equipment Monitoring System” is designed to automate the process of monitoring medical equipment in the hospital. This is to ensure that they are in a good condition and will not suddenly malfunction and wear out. The system will also help track and monitor numbers of medical equipment in the hospital to tell whether it has enough that can support the needs of the patients.

The capstone project, “First Aid Mobile Application” allows users to provide first aid during an emergency. The mobile application will provide the step-by-step process of doing the first aid for the specific injury or illness. By definition, first aid is immediate medical attention or treatment for anyone who has suffered a sudden illness or injury. Knowing first aid is essential to respond to emergency cases and be able to relieve pain, maintain life, promote recovery and prevent the patient’s condition from worsening until professional medical help arrives. The application is available for download and use in emergencies. The user just has to input the injury or illnesses that occur unexpectedly, and the application will provide them with the step-by-step process of administering first aid.

eLearning is an excellent opportunity to broaden the scope of the learning experience, as it allows learners to carry on learning while they’re on the move. However, their needs and expectations are not the same as when they are in a classic e-learning setting. One of the key challenges of mobile learning is how to articulate mobile learning and e-learning seamlessly so that the learning experience remains coherent and fluid.

The purpose of the said application is to promote the learning about different subjects such as math, science, and other subjects. This application offers a variety of subjects that the user can learn from when they use the application.

Mobile Learning App Screen Layouts

The project entitled Ticket Support Management System is an online platform designed to manage issues, concerns, questions, and conversations between customers and the support team. It is used to control and monitor queries from customers and to provide a proper and effective way of communication to provide feedback and solutions to customers.

The said project was designed in Bootstrap and then converted into a PHP file. The ticket includes a code, description, and the assigned support member which is the role of the moderator. The process of conversation will be recorded in the system for archiving purposes and once the issue has been solved the moderator will send a message to the client that the query has already been solved and it will be marked as closed. Closed tickets will not be entertained and the customer will need to create or request another ticket if new issues will arise.

Support Ticketing System Reports

The core function of this study is to offer a detailed reliable and secure keeping of all data. Web-Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application hopes to enhance the way of managing, issuing a certificate, and keeping all the resident’s confidential records.

This system facilitates Barangay management by enabling the client barangay to maintain their resident records as complete and up-to-date as possible and as easily accessible for verification, monitoring, and reference purposes based on the available residents’ census data kept by the client Barangay. Data provided by this system in the form of comprehensive reports are invaluable for planning, program implementation, and related purposes .

City Wide Barangay Management System Certificate of Residency Page

The capstone project entitled “Veterinary Scheduling and Sales Management System” is an online platform that caters to the needs, requirements, and business processes of a veterinary clinic. This article is about the use case diagram of the said capstone project. As presented in the image below, the Veterinary Scheduling System has 6 core modules and 3 actors can access the modules according to their roles.

The client can access the client profile, product management, services offered, payment, and schedule appointments. Secretary can access the entire core modules of the project while the veterinarian can only access the scheduled appointment and reports module.

The capstone project entitled “Person with Disability Information System” is an online platform to manage and archive records about the person with a disability or PWD per barangay in a city. A standard profiling form will be used and it will be encoded into the system for a digital record of the PWD. With the implementation of this project, the researchers are hopeful that the system would be a great help not only for monitoring purposes but for information dissemination as well.

Person with Disability Information System Free Template in PHP and Bootstrap - Dashboard

Medical Dictionary Application is a capstone project designed to serve as a source of information in terms of medical terminologies. The application will contain medical terms, abbreviations, and their meaning. The application can be used by both iOS and Android users. The application will help the end-users put in their own hands the information they wish to know. This medical dictionary will be of great help for those who seek to gain knowledge. The application will also help medical students in their studies, they will have an accessible source of information if they have difficulty understanding some terms in their lessons.

The new learning paradigm in the educational system encourages students to be in control of how they learn, and the teachers to let go of their control over the learning process in the classrooms and begin to function as designers and facilitators of learning. Teachers assist their students to develop independent learning skills, understand the strengths and weaknesses of open learning, and be able to develop and deliver educational materials more creatively, effectively, and efficiently.

The purpose of this study is to provide an IT-based solution in the field of education. The researchers will create and develop an eLearning platform that will allow their faculty members to upload their lecture material and assess their students using the test and exam module of the project. In addition, the application is very helpful on the student side since they can now view and download their modules and take their examinations at their home.

Elearning System Dashboard Interface

The project entitled “Herbalcare Mobile Application”, is a mobile application designed and developed in JQuery Mobile and Phonegap Build. The said project is a compilation of herbal medicines found in the localities of the Philippines which can be useful in some minor ailments such as cough, skin allergies, and others.

The project includes information about the herbal plants, their uses, benefits, and preparation.

The entrance examination is a web/lan-based application that will run even if there is no internet connection. PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap were used to design and develop the said project. The project will be set up in a secured server or computer unit in which an authorized person can only access the physical and software components of the server. The examination module can be accessed on the computers in the laboratories.

The project can also be accessed on mobile devices and SMS notifications and reports are automatically generated.

Web Based Entrance Examination with Mobile App Support and SMS Notification (Question Bank)

The mobile-based reviewer app is another method for learners to study and review their lessons using their mobile devices. The said project is available on both Android and iOS devices, it was written in Framework 7 and Apache Cordova, it is a hybrid type of mobile development where the HTML, CSS, and JS files can be converted into a mobile application.

The application contains lecture materials in a form of text, pdf, and video format. Assessment for every lesson in a form of multiple choices is also one of the functions of the mobile app. Scores and progress results are stored in the local storage of the device but the scores are also submitted to the instructor for monitoring purposes. The application can be used offline which means that the users can still open their lessons and take quizzes even if their device has no internet connection.

Vehicles are held in impounding yards if used as a sanctionable offense. Impounding officers faced difficulties in managing different records and information of impounded cars. The development of computerized systems and applications eases up operations of different sectors. The use of the systematic approach will ease up the management processes and operations of the vehicle impoundment management.

The capstone project, entitled “Vehicle Impoundment Records Management System” is designed to record, process and monitor impounded vehicles. The system will electronically manage all impounded vehicle-related information. From impounding up to releasing the vehicles. The system will eliminate manual processes done to complete transactions between the impounding officers, yards, and vehicle owners.

The capstone project entitled “Network-Based Laundry Management System” is a web-based system that allows shop owners to automate the process of records management. It is also intended to properly record the payment of customers to generate accurate reports of income. It is a database-driven application that manages the records and transactions of the laundry shop. The said system helps smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow like laundry record-keeping, laundry billing, and report generation.

Laundry Booking System Free Download Bootstrap Template - Dashboard

The project entitled Doctor Appointment System is an online platform that allows the customers/patients to register their information online. After the approval of the account, they can now log in and request an appointment with their doctors. The admin will serve as the middle man or secretary between the doctor and patient. The admin can manage the records of the system.

The said system was designed and developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. Our team is willing to help you modify the project based on your specific requirements.

The Parish Office is offering the usual services that many of the parishioners have availed of or can avail of. Such services are mass scheduled for the city chapels and center chapels, baptism services, wedding services, and blessings for houses and other acquired properties. With the computer-based record-keeping, every transaction on the said services will be beneficial considering that automation of services is the key feature of the system.

With Parish Record Management with SMS, inputs of data will be made faster, scheduling of masses will be easier, baptism and wedding and special blessings services can be reserved and scheduled quickly by the personnel of the said office. Furthermore, reports can be generated correctly and efficiently, such as baptismal certificates, pre-Cana seminar certificates, and marriage contracts.

The capstone project entitled “Web Bases Event Scoring Application” will allow automated tabulation of scores during events or competitions. The system will allow the judges to electronically input their scores and the system will automatically tabulate the scores and provide the results of the contest. The proposed system will streamline the process of tabulating scores. Judges will use the system and enter their scores for every contestant in the competition. The system will electronically tabulate the scores and generate a result of the competition. The said project will make the tabulation process easy, fast, accurate, and convenient.

Online Tabulation System Free Download - Scoring Module

This project study is all about converting a handbook into an android application which is the researchers’ solution in preserving the handbook in a way that it will not be torn easily and protect it from water during the rainy season. An android based handbook that is accessible anytime and will be installed on android devices.

At the end of the study, we were able to create an android application for our school’s college department which outlines student rights, privileges, and responsibilities and provides information about how to get help with appeal requests, processes and procedures, and resources available from school system personnel.

The capstone project, entitled “Financial Management with SMS” will allow organizations to electronically manage financial activities. The said project will serve as a platform where organizations manage and store information, especially financial reports. The financial management system will also have an SMS feature to notify members of the organizations of updates. The proposed system will streamline the process of managing and storing organizations’ information related to their finances, especially during events. The system will serve as a repository of information such as members’ information, events, financial records, and other related information. By using the system, records will be electronically safe and secured. The system will ease up the job of the finance department and the system will help them in lessening the errors encountered in carrying out the task. The system is easy, reliable, and convenient to use.

Financial Management with SMS Free Download Template - Dashboard

The researchers of this project aim to design and develop a system wherein employers and employees will have a private platform wherein they can provide updates about the employee’s salaries. The system will let employers manage and notify the employees about the summary of their salary and the details about the deductions in their salary. The system will also notify the employee about the amount deducted from their salary to avoid complaints and confusion as to why the salary is not intact. By having this platform, the employers and employees can discuss details about the salary in a confidential, convenient and fast way.

The capstone project entitled “Faculty and Student Clearance Application” is a web and mobile-based project that aimed to replace the manual method of processing the clearances of students and faculty. Clearance processing is very important to determine if the students and faculty members had complied with the requirements set by the school. The project was developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap, the following stated tools are usually used to design and develop a responsive application that can be accessed using a browser (desktop, laptop, mobile devices).

Student and Faculty Clearance System Free Bootstrap Source code - Clearance Requirements

The project entitled Employee Personal Data Sheet Information System is a web-based project using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Visual Basic, and MySQL version is also available.

The system includes the profiling of personnel, keeping track of their academic achievements, seminars attended, and many more.

The said project is for the HR or human resource department which will help them in the record and archiving of their employee’s profile.

The project entitled  4 Pics 1 Word Game in JQuery Mobile  is a web and mobile-based game application similar to the famous game of 4 pics 1 word. This can be installed on a stand-alone computer that can be accessed by the modern browser. It needs to be uploaded on the web directory of your server (xampp, uwamp, or wamp) since the application is powered by javascript. The application uses a hybrid development which is a type of mobile application development that uses front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, the project will be converted into a mobile application using Phonegap Build or Apache Cordova.

The voting system especially with the contribution of a mobile application to our system has attracted lately the attention of many schools as manual voting to automatic voting with the hope the student’s to increase their participation and reduce the cost. While participation initiatives have been deployed across the schools with mixed results from the students. As the internet is highly known by everyone and used, a voting system with mobile application came as an alternative and easier way to vote automatically and thus was rapidly accepted.

Recent efforts to implement automated voting in schools faced many challenges, such as a lack of information communication technologies. The lack of trust in automated affects very seriously any effort to migrate from the manual voting procedures to an electric voting system since voting is a fundamental process in any school.

Online Voting Platform Dashboard Page

Technology is known as the catalyst for change that took place in different industries and institutions. Information Technology has changed the world dramatically. As of today, it is hard to imagine any sector or institution that has not benefited from the advancements in technology. The most common role that IT played in these sectors is the automation of different operations and transactions to increase efficiency and improve the overall experience and satisfaction of the people. The aforementioned capstone project ideas will be a great help in various industries.

You may visit our  Facebook page for more information, inquiries, and comments. Please subscribe also to our YouTube Channel to receive  free capstone projects resources and computer programming tutorials.

Hire our team to do the project.

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Duplicate Document Detection using Machine Learning

Duplicate Document Detection using Machine Learning

When studying emergency management, students can complete capstone projects that allow them to apply the knowledge they have learned in classes to real world scenarios.  These projects can be related to transportation for refugees, calculating the costs of repairing damage and identifying equipment that could help victims. Moreover, a student might create a guide that will allow a region’s residents to prepare for natural disasters, and the manual can provide a list of injuries that could affect citizens and analyze items that each first aid kit should contain. Here is some further discussion on possible capstone projects for emergency management students.

Resource:  50 Most Affordable Schools for an Emergency Management Degree 2015

Supplies for a Town’s Residents

A student could create a comprehensive list of resources that a community might need after a natural disaster, and the checklist may include bottles of water, tents, warm clothing, flashlights and numerous types of vehicles. The student’s project may help readers to calculate the amount of first aid kits that a town requires and ensure that each package has certain supplies, such as gauze, antibacterial creams, gloves, various types of bandages, scissors and gels that could reduce the effects of burns.

Choosing Equipment

Students can develop capstone projects that may allow organizations to determine the types of equipment that would help responders to locate and to treat victims who have experienced hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes or sizable fires. The manual could describe the capabilities of each type of equipment and the average cost of every device.

If a natural disaster could cause severe flooding, organizations should have access to many small boats that are able to transport supplies and injured residents. Furthermore, the organization can plan to rent numerous helicopters in advance to allow responders to rescue citizens who are stranded on rooftops or in trees.

Ensuring That Citizens Are Ready for Numerous Types of Emergencies

Some students develop programs that allow citizens to prepare for natural disasters that are relatively common in their areas, and the guidelines encourage individuals to stockpile certain types of foods, store at least 150 bottles of water, purchase emergency blankets and buy numerous flashlights that are resistant to moisture. The project could also help citizens to locate underground shelters and to determine the locations of at least three nearby hospitals.

If an area is susceptible to hurricanes or floods, the guide may teach residents to waterproof certain types of backpacks that contain supplies, and the program can help readers to  decontaminate  water by boiling the liquid or using numerous types of filters. When creating a guide for a local community, the student should add a map that indicates elevated areas and highlights routes that offer easy access to the safe locations.

Evaluating the Strength of Various Structures

Many students develop step-by-step manuals that allow inspectors to analyze a building’s components and to determine whether or not a structure could withstand certain natural disasters. The essay could help analysts to evaluate windows, a building’s shingles and beams that support the roof. Furthermore, the analyst should examine the sections that surround the windows because these areas may be more susceptible to wind or flying debris than most parts of a structure’s walls.

Helping Responders to Practice

The expert may create guidelines that allow responders to rapidly learn to use new techniques and transmitters that can help an organization to determine each rescuer’s location. Some manuals provide tips for organizations that are searching for victims who may be laying underneath rubble, and the guides could offer strategies that may allow rescuers to lift or to cut certain types of debris.

The capstone project can describe techniques that could give individuals the ability to safely move through a building that contains smoke and traverse an area that has several feet of murky water. Some detailed guides also help responders to rapidly test the strength of a damaged structure’s floor.

When completing the project and performing research, a student may partner with an organization that manages responses to natural disasters, and an experienced professor will generally evaluate and approve every section of the program. In general, the student will develop the project throughout two semesters and will submit it within one month of graduation.

Additional Resource:  Top 10 Online Emergency Management Degree Programs 2015

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Capstone Project Proposal Emergency Preparedness for Individuals with Special Needs, Disabilities, and the Elderly

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Emergency nursing capstone project ideas For DNP or MSN

Are you struggling to come up with the perfect topic for your capstone project?

You have come to the right place . We offer topic research services for students. Where come up with a list of good topics in any medical area.

Each topic comes with a brief description and background information.

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Emergency nursing capstone project ideas

Seeking a specialization through certification and earning a graduate or postgraduate degree are sure ways to earn your emergency nursing practitioner certificate. If you enroll in an academic program for an emergency nurse practitioner, your studies will culminate in a capstone project. 

Writing an emergency nursing capstone project can be challenging, not because of the number of tasks it involves, but because completion depends on how well-written it is to attract the best grades.

If you need any help with your Emergency Nurse capstone project,  check  DNP C apstone Project Help

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Role – What is Involved

As an emergency nurse practitioner, you will act as a specialist nurse practicing independently in your field of practice. An emergency nurse practitioner works in the emergency department and has been specially trained to treat minor injuries without necessarily having to refer to a physician.

An emergency nurse practitioner can assess, diagnose, treat, and discharge patients. They are also able to carry out a variety of tasks such as reading and assessing x-rays, giving injections as well as administering medications. They can record and interpret ECG examinations, carry out a wound, burn and scald treatments or apply Plaster of Paris to fractures.

The emergency nurses can treat all kinds of patients from the age of 12 and must be adaptable and able to make quick decisions even when under pressure. The role of an emergency nurse is in many ways all-round and can work in trauma centers, urgent care centers, or on ambulances.

Why Emergency Nurse Practitioners Are Important

Before an emergency nurse practitioner was introduced, patients were referred to a physician for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, discharge, and prescriptions. All these added to the already pressured limited number of doctors available. Thus could add to the ever-increasing waiting times in emergency departments as well as in urgent care units.

The emergency nurse practitioner has developed to form part of a wider solution to this problem while serving to take the pressure off the doctors. The emergency nurse practitioners, as such, increase productivity in healthcare centers and hospitals as doctors and other healthcare providers are not overstretched.

By introducing emergency nurse practitioners’ roles, it is believed that waiting times and cost health care services will be reduced while the quality of service is maintained or enhanced.

How to Choose Topic for Emergency Nurse Capstone Project Idea for DNP and MSN?

When it comes to choosing a topic for your emergency nurse capstone project, you shouldn’t take this process lightly. The topic you pick will determine the extent of your research and how you will write the entire project. So, it is important to make a fatal mistake. If you feel stuck in identifying the topic of your project, you can have these few effective tips to help you get started.

1. Choose a topic idea that is least explored:

When you pick a topic idea that has not been widely explored allows you to create a path that others who will come after you will follow. Besides, you will gain knowledge through research, analysis, and presentation.

2. Choose the nursing capstone project idea that interests you

If you are going to write an emergency nursing capstone project, then you will want to write on a topic that you like. Be sure to align your career goals are aligned to your emergency nursing capstone project. 

3. Don’t be overly ambitious

 Consider your capstone project’s feasibility in terms of time you need to get it done, the cost of the project, and the help you will need from others to complete the project.

4. Choose a range of ideas

 After coming up with about four-five capstone project ideas, you can then consult with your capstone project mentor on the best approach to take in settling for the best topic idea among the five.

5. Consult with your lecturers

Since these are the same people who evaluate you, you might want to hear their point of view on the topic to pick for your nursing capstone project. They might give you insights that can come in handy and they might have additional thoughts and leads to great references.

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For MSN and DNP

Tips for Writing Your Emergency Nursing Capstone Project

To get the best grades out of your capstone project, the research and overall writing of the project should be done step by step while following the steps below:

Finalize You Emergency Nursing Capstone Project

When you rush your project and submit it without carefully checking it is a recipe for poor grades. It is important to take extra care when it comes to your academic life, especially when doing your final touches before you enter the professional world. As such, ensure that you edit and thoroughly proofread your emergency nursing capstone project before you submit.

Make sure that your project has the right references, it has an attention-grabbing title, and that the ideas, facts, and supporting evidence are coherent and that the entire document is flawless.

With all these falling in line, you can be sure to get a good grade out of your emergency nursing capstone project. But should you get stuck in the process, we are always available to help you.

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Creative Nursing capstone Project Ideas

nursing capstone project ideas

Your search for the best capstone project ideas for nursing capstone projects ends here. If you are wondering what a good nursing capstone topic idea to choose is, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best topic given different possibilities. We are a nursing writing service that every other nursing student wants to associate with, and it is because we are passionate about what we do.

When you are ready for your BSN, MSN, or DNP capstone project , you can easily get confused with plenty of ideas that come to mind. You might end up choosing a capstone project idea that is unperceivable and lacks content online. Maybe you will most likely settle for a broad topic, or you are just out of capstone ideas in nursing; you  should definitely take some coffee, find a relaxed position, and drink from this pot of wisdom. With 100+ nursing capstone project ideas, you surely must get one that fits your taste. Do not peter out yet; our professional nurse writers can help you draft the capstone project outline as well.

Our expert nursing capstone paper writers have always handled topics in different specialties and topics. You can rely on us for graduate nursing capstone project ideas (MSN and DNP level).

Unlike the list of capstone project ideas you will encounter online, we have categorized these ideas to refine them further and make it easier for you to pick one depending on your specialty. Whether you are a BSN, MSN, or DNP student, we are optimistic that this comprehensive list on the internet is all you need to begin brainstorming on your capstone project topics .

What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

A nursing capstone project also referred to as a senior capstone or capstone experience refers to an academic paper that consolidates practical work experience, experimentation, facts to help identify real-world setting issues, and applying skills from class to develop actionable solutions. Capstone projects in nursing can either be inclined towards research or problem-solving.

A nursing capstone paper can be anywhere between 20 pages and 100 pages in length. It should have a compelling argument, exhibit the choice of excellent capstone nursing topics.

Capstone projects are evidence-based practice (EBP) projects and reinforce best practices in different nursing fields. A common focus of the capstone projects in nursing is how to implement technology into practice and effective care delivery. They also revolve around finding solutions for better healthcare management of the staff and staffing issues.

When undertaking a capstone project course, a student works with a practicing professional (a capstone graduate) to help them all the way, offer real-world experience, and advise on the design.

Why Capstone Projects are Important for Nursing Students

There are many goals of a nursing capstone project. These reasons are anchor the need for most students to choose a capstone project over a nursing thesis if given a chance.

A good capstone project must reflect research ethics, statistics, program theory, leadership and is always preceded by a capstone research proposal.

Given the goals, graduate program capstone projects in nursing might take an entire semester. On the other hand, BSN capstone projects might take ten weeks to two semesters.

Do you need help with writing your nursing capstone project?

Difference between a Nursing Capstone Project and a Nursing Thesis

As you get close to the final term and the residency program gets closer, you will most likely either handle a thesis or a capstone project. A typical confusing question nursing students ask is, what's the difference between a capstone and a thesis in nursing? We have the answers right here for you.

Most nursing programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, mandate that the students complete either a nursing thesis or a capstone project.  While a thesis project is meant to focus on a general issue and provide insights to the reader, a capstone thinly focuses on a specific issue, concern, or problem in the realm of nursing.

Also, unlike a thesis that presents a theory or solution, a capstone paper describes the issue using a fact-based approach.

A capstone project is most likely to be assigned from undergraduate to graduate level, whereas a nursing thesis is only assigned to graduate nursing students. Nursing capstone projects are also more focused compared to the theses. One of the reasons is because a capstone demonstrates the understanding of the topic through a detailed analytical approach. On the other hand, a thesis paper for nursing entails the generation of hypothesis or research questions, conducting research, analysis of data, explanation of the findings, and concluding as well as recommending the evidence-based practice.

Even with the differences, both nursing thesis and capstone projects form grounds for evidence-based practice in nursing.

Useful Tips when Choosing Great Nursing Capstone Ideas

Most nursing students complain that they do not have topics for their nursing capstone projects. One thing most students fail to realize is that they can approach their faculty advisor to help them select a capstone project idea that is relevant to their career goals. Here are some useful tips to help you arrive at your capstone idea of choice for your nursing program:

We can all agree that even though making a successful nursing capstone project is laborious, picking the best capstone project idea from the onset makes the entire process seamless and successful. If you have trouble and need help, our qualified capstone writers can help you choose the best. We are a leading nursing capstone project writing service on the internet.

The Potential Sources to Get Creative Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Necessity is always the mother of invention. When the time comes for you to come up with ideas for your capstone project in nursing, you can always wonder where to look. However, here are some highlights of the best places to look for nursing capstone project ideas.

1. Nursing News Articles

Google Search makes it easy to search for recent news in any realm. Think about the issue of mental health among the homeless, elderly abuse in-home care, or mental health among veterans in the news. It can give you insights on what areas to focus on, depending on the community you come from. When you read through the news, you will most likely click on an idea that could be the best for your nursing capstone.

2. Peer-Reviewed Nursing Journals

As a focused nursing student, access to peer-reviewed article databases is a must. You are most likely an ardent reader of medical or nursing journals online. By way of research, you could also have accidentally stumbled or objectively found some useful insights from such journals.

Have you spent time reading recent publications in journals? What are some of the topics that strike you the most? Are there issues open to debate that relates to nursing or the clinical environment? Are there gaps in research that need to be understood? When objectively reading recent articles published in nursing and medical-related journals is a viable way to come up with worthy capstone project ideas for your nursing capstone projects.

3. Clinical Rounds

Clinical allows you to work with a preceptor and sometimes shadow your peers when there is a shortage. In this respect, you may have learned a great deal from the clinical. You can convert the knowledge on your experiences during your clinical rounds and when offering care to the patient. How did you feel? What were some of the challenges? What concepts worked, and which ones flopped? Did the clinical facility apply evidence-based practice or evidence-based nursing? Were the staff focused on patient-centered care? You can generate many ideas at the end of the day by just reflecting on your clinical.

4. Nursing Capstone Papers from Past Classes

You will most likely be paired with a graduate capstone student. You can also ask your instructor and friends who have been through the nursing capstone paper writing process.

Skim through the past nursing capstone papers and see if some ideas come to mind. You will notice that as you interact with the content, your mind will wander into insightful topic ideas for your capstone project.

5. Class Notes and Material

The course objectives are given before you commence a course that can also be a starting point to brainstorm for nursing capstone ideas. As you read the objectives, you will understand what the end project capstone paper must look like. Also, class notes and reading material can give you useful insights. Still, you can comb through your past nursing essays, research papers, concept papers, and term papers or case studies to get good nursing capstone ideas.

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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

Related: Psychology research paper topics .

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Here is a list of some nursing leadership ideas that can be a great starting point when choosing a creative topic for your nursing leadership capstone project.

Leadership is a great area that many researchers venture into. However, this does not mean that all the knowledge is exhausted. 

When selecting the nursing leadership capstone topics, you need to be very keen not to choose a broad topic that will make you dilute the content of your nursing capstone project.

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Patient falls are an active area that is being continuously addressed by nurses.

As a DNP, MSN, or BSN student, you can easily choose a capstone project topic on patient falls and craft a well-written capstone project that can earn you the best grades.

When looking at the holistic issue of patient falls, there are measurement scales, contributing factors such as dementia, mental and physical health issues, age, or Alzheimer's, which you must take into account.

Different fall prevention and fall management strategies can also be an active area for research when undertaking your nursing capstone project. Here are some ideas:

Women's Health Capstone Project Ideas

The area of women's health is also an active area of research where you can choose a creative nursing capstone idea.

For instance, it integrates breastfeeding nursing capstone ideas, sexual health, the general wellbeing of women, and healthcare access. Here are some suggestions or ideas:

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Managed Nursing Care Topic Ideas for Dissertations, Term Papers, and Nursing Essays

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you are interested in emergency nursing, here are some critical topics and research project ideas you can use in your emergency nursing capstone project.

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Nurses are the most important cog in the wheel of healthcare. If you are passionate about administrative or human resources management in nursing, you can select these nurse burnout topic ideas for your capstone. Whether you are writing an MSN, BSN, or DNP capstone project, these topics are suitable. Remember to select an idea that interests you, one which can lead to your specialization.

capstone project mobile application related to emergency

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An academic rite of passage:  Capstone research projects

As a last step before graduation, students in the Web and Mobile Computing and Hospitality and Tourism Management programs go through a well-known academic rite of passage - a final "Capstone" research project that builds on all the knowledge and skills

capstone project mobile application related to emergency

Real-world IT solutions for international clients

Graduating seniors in RIT Croatia’s  Web and Mobile Computing program complete Senior Development Project, a two-semester capstone course taught by Dr. Martin Žagar that challenges students to create real-world IT solutions for international clients. This year, eight student teams from both Dubrovnik and Zagreb campuses created innovative IT solutions or prototypes for companies including renowned Croatian automaker Rimac, Plavi Tim, the IT branch of INA/MOL, and Async Labs, a digital agency, and two US sponsors.

The interdisciplinary projects, which include both theoretical classes and hands-on development, are ideal preparation for a career, explained professor Žagar.

“Students receive a proposal from the client, but that is all the instruction they get,” he said. “It is up to them to meet with the client, collect the needed data from them, develop a timeline, create a budget, and communicate with the client. They need to initiate every step.”

“Communicating with the client is a challenge for some IT students. They are dealing with people, and out of their comfort zone,” he said with a smile.

To create their product, students can choose from among all the different technologies they have learned and studied during their education, but they need to make decisions on their own, as a team, through consensus. In addition, they have to choose a team leader, and assign different roles to each member.

The Rimac team worked on a web solution, mobile app and smart watch app for the company’s hypercar, which will allow the driver to visualize the driving performance through graphs and charts that show top speed, acceleration, temperature and more.

For an American client, the Yorkshire Inn bed and breakfast in Phelps, NY, USA, students created a system to integrate their bookings from multiple sites including Expedia to prevent double bookings.

The INA Plavi Tim project involves creating an inventory management website and mobile application for the entire group of 10.000 employees which allows them to track each tangible asset. The most complex project of all, for Async Labs, involves blockchain solutions for Nonfungible Tokens (NFT) which allows users to buy and sell pixels, as part of a digital image.

“I am very excited about being in the role of the project manager,” said student Aleksa Doda , who worked on creating a website for Aardvark Games, an American board game company, which is organizing an online tournament to promote its new games. “It is helping me to practice and understand some of the principles I could not learn in books. It is helping me to know exactly which career path to follow in the future.” Her colleague, Josip Petar Lozančić , agreed.

“I feel proud of my team and the way we have worked together on the project so far. The most exciting part of the entire project is that we are creating a real product which people are going to be using. We have had many projects throughout the course of our education, but none as important as this one. I think that being able to show future employers something that is out in the world and working will help us immensely with getting started in the job market.”

Hospitality and Tourism Innovation

In the Hospitality and Tourism Management program, graduating students investigate real world issues and problems in the industry, collecting scientific data, and proposing solutions that improve real products and services in the Hospitality Project Planning and Development course.

In this individual, semester-long research project, students begin with a scholarly literature review, reading and studying experts in the field. Then each student collects original data, by conducting surveys or experiments, live observations, or online data analysis. In the end, students offer solutions to current problems, and suggestions for improvements that could benefit local businesses, or even help these students start businesses of their own.

Ora Ivanisević investigated the changing dynamics of luxury hotel concierge services. “Right now, robot or AI concierge services are very trendy,” she said. “But my research points out the importance of the human touch, and the fact that luxury travelers actually want personal contact.”

Vana Mandrapa explored the sustainable fashion movement, an alternative to mass-produced “fast fashion” which harms the environment as well as workers.  “Sustainable fashion, or slow fashion, means buying fewer, higher quality items, and keeping them for a longer time,” she explained.

Based on her interest in the tradition of hospitality in Islamic culture, Ajla Karamanaga studied the impact of Fifa 2022 World Cup on the destination image of Qatar, while Alina Sabatin researched the future of tourism in her home country, Ukraine.

“Obviously, the war has devastated the tourism industry in Ukraine, but my country is not the only tourist destination to suffer from disaster. Just look at the way Dubrovnik recovered from the Homeland War. This kind of recovery is known as “phoenix” tourism, and I will interview Ukrainian hospitality professionals to make suggestions for a brighter future when the war ends.” Andrea Pesić i nvestigated attitudes towards the use of push notifications in the job searching process.

“Technology acceptance has become such an interesting topic in the HR world. Many traditional communication  tools for job searching have become outdated or inefficient. With the introduction of push notifications and push messages which are perceived as reminders, applicants will be able to find a job much faster. The research that I have conducted has widened my horizons even more. Hopefully, this is my future job.”

At the end of the course, students present their findings in a formal research paper as well as an educational 15-minute presentation, which is open to all RIT Croatia students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends and family members. “The final presentations always make me proud,” said course instructor Rebecca Charry Roje . “It’s wonderful to see our students up there in front of an audience, speaking confidently, with knowledge and insight into their topics, and presenting their work in creative ways that help the audience better understand the world we are living in.”

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    3. Don't be overly ambitious. Consider your capstone project's feasibility in terms of time you need to get it done, the cost of the project, and the help you will need from others to complete the project. 4. Choose a range of ideas. After coming up with about four-five capstone project ideas, you can then consult with your capstone project ...

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    Related: Psychology research paper topics. ... here are some critical topics and research project ideas you can use in your emergency nursing capstone project. ... Use of mobile applications to improve emergency response procedures; How to reduce the emergency department stays for patients;

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    In this individual, semester-long research project, students begin with a scholarly literature review, reading and studying experts in the field. Then each student collects original data, by conducting surveys or experiments, live observations, or online data analysis. In the end, students offer solutions to current problems, and suggestions ...