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10 of the Most Common Capstone Course Questions Answered

You already know what a Capstone course is.

You just have no idea what to do about it.

Many students get confused when it comes to the Capstone. Is it a research paper? Not exactly; it is much more than that. Although you are the researcher, the Capstone goes beyond the mere collection of information. Instead, you will demonstrate the skills learned in your undergraduate studies to solve a problem based upon certain assumptions related to your topic. That means you will conduct your own field research and collect primary source data to create a scholarly, academic project that supports an argumentative thesis statement or major question with new work and ideas.

In a nutshell: this is a course unlike any other you have taken.

Why? Because you will have a great deal of latitude over the direction and development of your project. Your mentor will serve as a facilitator, who will direct you toward your goal. At the end of the day, your project will allow you to follow your passion and create something that will add to the body of knowledge in your chosen field. All while exploring and applying your knowledge to something new.

Often, that amount of latitude can feel overwhelming. So, other than writing it for you, here are some common Capstone questions, answered:  

Question 1: When should I take the Capstone course?

Answer: If you have 9 credits or less remaining for graduation, have completed any research courses required in your area of study as well as your composition requirement. So if you still have 30 credits to complete, or haven’t finished the composition requirement, wait to register for the course.

Question 2: How do I know if I should take the Capstone as an online course (OL) or a Guided Study (GS)?

Answer: If you like interaction with classmates, you may prefer the online format. However, if you prefer to work independently, you may like Guided Study better. With the Guided Study format, you won’t be required to participate in online discussions. However, the online course format offers the benefit of peer feedback as well as an additional influence toward your final grade.  

Question 3: Can I take multiple courses during the same term I am registered to take the Capstone course?

Answer: Some students have found the pace of the Capstone course and an additional course to be manageable in the same term, while others have chosen to focus on the Capstone during any one particular term. To decide which course schedule is right for you, consider your personal and professional responsibilities. Will you have the extra time to commit to an additional workload? Can you manage two courses at once? Being honest with yourself about the answers will help guide your decision.

Question 4: I’ve already written a research paper in my area of study. How is the Capstone different?

Answer: This is anything but a typical research paper. Throughout your project, you will be an authentic researcher who explores and adds to the body of knowledge in your field of study. You are expected to present an ethically responsible, globally minded final project that will serve as a bridge to employment or future endeavors and prepare you for graduate-level study.

Question 5: Is there a lot of research involved in the Capstone or is it primarily writing?

Answer: Your Capstone project involves equal parts writing and research. For some degree programs, a Capstone may require a project and subsequent presentation; for others, it may include an assessment to test interdisciplinary skills. It may also involve a final research paper exploring a topic of interest, emerging from your individualized program of study. Your interests, academic field and area of study will influence the type of project you select and the direction you choose to go in.

Question 6: How do I accomplish my Capstone project?

Answer: You build your Capstone based on an inspiration for greater knowledge of certain subject matter, idea or concept. You research, collect, organize and produce an analysis of the information from both primary and secondary sources. The major part of this nonexperimental, qualitative study will involve field research through interaction with people who will be your study participants.

Question 7: How do I select a topic?

Answer: Select a topic you feel passionate about, something that has meaning to you either personally or professionally. You may also benefit from choosing one relevant to your work environment/field of experience. This will give you extra backup to be able to interpret and answer your research questions as well as use this project as part of your professional portfolio.

Question 8: What is involved in a Capstone project?

Answer: Your Capstone project consists of six modules including study assignments, discussion assignments and written activities. Study assignments consist primarily of readings in the course textbook(s) and in course documents and supplemental research. It also includes overarching major questions and subquestions to be answered. The major question should reflect the results of this entire endeavor and drive your subquestions, culminating in a strategic plan to answer your question or solve a problem.  

Question 9: Do I have to present my Capstone project?

Answer: This is not a requirement, although a PowerPoint presentation or a video presentation of your work to share with your mentor and classmates is appreciated.  

Question 10: What are some things I should keep in mind while developing my Capstone project?

Answer: Pay attention to the mechanics of your project, including grammar and punctuation as well as proper formatting, citations and author information consistent with academic, scholarly writing. Make sure your research does not stand alone, and that you have analyzed and explained how the research best supports your thesis argument and key points. Any error in either the organization or writing of your project detracts from the professionalism of your work.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for accuracy.

Written by Thomas Edison State University

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Guide to the ALM Capstone Project


When can I start?

Once you are admitted to the program, you can begin topic discussions with your research advisor. We encourage you to think about a topic early on in your program because you may need to enroll in specific courses to support your research plans. In addition, we recommend that you pursue one of the optional sustainability certificates to focus your studies in a particularly area.  Finally, we recommend, particularly if you are pursuing the independent research capstone, that you select, as one of your electives, Experimental Design and Research Methods. This course we certainly help you craft a quality capstone proposal and an outstanding capstone.

How do I choose a topic?

Topics should be firmly grounded in the scholarly literature and be pertinent to the issues and trends of the field.  The topic should be one that you are passionate about, but not so much so that you'll have a difficult time being unbiased. Consider how the project will support your academic and career goals. While it is a requirement for graduation, the project can also propel you toward your next professional step. See Past Capstone Titles for inspiration as well as Literature Reviews.

How long will it take?

Who will advise me, what is the capstone proposal tutorial, how do i submit my proposal for approval, is there a prize for the best capstone.

Sample Capstone Project Proposal

Getting started .

Open annually between August through November, the HCDE online capstone proposal form is where you submit a project proposal. CAP members may submit more than one project idea, but please think about how many teams you will be able to support in total. The project description should be a straightforward, one-paragraph summary of the design brief or project challenge.

 Before submitting your project, read the Capstone project guidelines .

Submit a Capstone Proposal

Example Project Proposals

Example Usability-Focused Project

  • Sponsor:  Usability R’ Us 
  • Title:  Evaluate and Redesign Awesome Airlines Website 
  • Contact(s):  Bob Smith,  [email protected]  
  • Description:  Conduct an in-depth usability test of the current Awesome Airlines corporate website. Prepare a usability test plan, recruit 5-10 clients, and conduct the evaluation. Generate a list of recommended changes, and then provide design mock-ups for how those changes might be implemented into the existing website design to make it more usable.
  • Target User Group:  Awesome Airlines customers 

Example User Research-Focused Project

  • Sponsor:  The User Research People 
  • Title:  Determine Design Requirements for Home Sensing Project 
  • Contact(s):  Alison Miller,  [email protected]  
  • Description:  The User Research People company is conducting user research for a client who is interested in building sensors for people to install in their home that will monitor appliance usage, record maintenance and repairs, and report any safety issues. Your task will be to conduct user research with homeowners to identify the design requirements and concerns with using such technology in their home and the provide mock-ups and sketches for ideas for different sensing solutions. 
  • Target User Group:  Homeowners

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Expert Guide on How to Do a Capstone Project Successfully

how to do a capstone project

The truth about capstone projects is that they require the best from you. Unlike other small and large projects you may have already done, the capstone project matters a lot because it is the crowning achievement of the school. But, it's frustrating to not have a clue about how to do a capstone project the right way.

In response, Help for Assessment is here to help you in every way, including a step-by-step guide on how to do a capstone project. In this brief introductory article we will cover:

  • The importance and relevance of the project.
  • Steps to take in doing your capstone project.
  • Expert tips and tricks of making sure you remain at the top of your game as you do the project.

A more detailed guide including a capstone project outline and sample is available here on our blog . Take time to go through it if you have any lingering questions. Of course, you don’t have to do all that if you simply let us do your capstone project for you.

At Help for Assessment, we are highly skilled and experienced in all forms of academic projects and assignments including capstone projects.

You can trust us to get you that top-grade you have been wishing for. Instead of playing roulette with your grades and possibly your future, request the capstone project writing service here and bag an amazing discount, just for you.

In the meantime, let us get back to the purpose of this article which is helping you carry out your capstone project successfully.

The Truth About Capstone Projects

By now, you already know what a capstone project is. Your instructor has told you, your classmates have discussed it in length, and you have read about it. What you may not know is why you have to do a capstone project. Can you graduate if you don’t do a capstone project?

From its definition, a capstone project is meant to assess your cumulative knowledge and skills gained up until that point of school. It usually takes an interdisciplinary approach, requiring you to solve a problem or give a contribution to your field or profession in some way. That makes it effective at getting the measure of a student, and your future employer will probably want to know about it too.

And yes, to answer your question, you need to do the capstone project if you want to graduate with honors. Some schools state outright that the project contributes towards your graduation credits. Others give you an option to do or not do it. Our advice is simple: take the capstone project and give it your best shot.

The project will usually last for your final two semesters in school. Sometimes, it is even separated as a unit in itself. The project itself may consist of either an extensive paper similar to a thesis, which will usually be about 40 pages, or it can be a project deliverable to a real-life workplace supported by a rationale report.

After submitting the project write-up, you will also have to give a presentation of the project to an audience.

Reasons Why You Should Take the Capstone Project

The importance of the capstone project cannot be overestimated. Here are some convincing reasons.

  • It will get you career-ready. Since you will be preparing a complete project deliverable tackling a real and relevant problem, you get a feel of the market and how you can apply what you have learned in the real world.
  • It is an important platform to showcase your talents and abilities. A capstone project helps you consolidate your knowledge, develop an interest, and showcase it to the world. Apart from the chance to display it to the world, such a project can map your way to a brilliant career.
  • It brings you up to standard - a student is like a rough diamond who needs polishing to be useful, and that's what the project does. It teaches you critical thinking skills, research skills, pushes you to collaborate with others, and exposes you to how things work.
  • You become a mini-expert in a particular area.

Now that we have set the record straight about capstone projects, let us show you how to make it work.

How to Do a Capstone Project, Step By Step

In preparation for your capstone project, you will need to take a few prior courses before you can register.

Some schools will have you take a research class, others require you to have a specific number of credits. 

If your instructor does not talk things over with you, be sure to ask. Once you’re set: 

Choose a topic for your capstone project

If your instructor doesn’t assign you a specific topic, select one by following these simple steps.

  • Brainstorm to collect some capstone project ideas .
  • Narrow the choices down to end up with one or two that are academically relevant, have enough latitude (existing published data), relevant to your discipline and future career, and interesting enough that you want to explore them.
  • With one topic in mind, look for an angle or approach based on a problem you want to solve or a product you would like to evaluate or launch. Formulate a research question to guide you along the way.

Do your preliminary research

Conduct a general information-gathering research process to orient yourself and give you an idea of what you're looking at. Keep evaluating your topic based on its feasibility and relevance.

Create a capstone project proposal

Armed with this general and background information, formulate a project proposal. You will present this to your instructor and wait for it to be approved before you can proceed. We have a guide to capstone project proposal here .

Create a schedule

Once approved, you will need to create an accurate timetable to pace yourself during the project. You will only succeed if you start early and give it the effort it needs.

Last-minute rushing hardly ever works unless you turn it over to our experts at Help for Assessment.

Conduct in-depth research

Collect all the material you need for the project and research intensively.

As you do it, keep a notebook and pen handy to keep a record of your sources, write down important quotes or data you might need, and generally keep track of the information gathered. Use only very credible sources to add validity to your project.

If your project is a deliverable, this is the stage where you work on it. Make sure to keep accurate and thorough documentation as you proceed.

Create an outline for your write-up

Come up with an outline for the actual write-up. The same goes for a project report, where you will need to provide a good logical structure to organize all the information.

Do the write-up

Start the write-in good time, as this part often takes the most effort and time. Be thorough, concise, and cite all sources accurately.

Revise, refine, then submit

Proofread, edit, and otherwise revise your project and write-up several times before submission. If possible, you can have a third-party go through it to pick out any mistakes. 

Prepare the presentation

You will also need to present your project to a panel and in front of an audience.

Prepare for it early. For a creative project, the presentation will essentially be an exhibition of sorts. For a research project, you will be defending your paper from a review panel.

Expert Tips and Tricks About Carrying Out Your Capstone Project

These are some ideas fronted by our capstone project writing veterans that you should take into serious consideration if you want to pass.

  • When picking the topic, select one that is easy but not too common that it has been picked dry. A complex project will frustrate you in the long run.
  • Follow the instructions given and liaise closely with the instructor. Even though the project is meant to be independent, it takes place under the close supervision of an appointed mentor or teacher. Give them regular progress reports, ask them for advice, and follow any instructions they provide.
  • Follow your schedule faithfully. Time is one of the biggest resources during the project. If you have to rush towards the end, you will make costly mistakes. Start early and stick to your plans.
  • Create a thesis statement early on to help guide your project. A thesis statement is highly specific and will provide direction and keep you focused on the main idea, preventing you from wasting time on distractions.
  • Create and stick to a structure for the project and write-up. Presentation and flow of ideas play a bit part in the impression you make and the points you will get.
  • Use only reliable, academically relevant sources. Make use of primary sources wherever possible, because this gives your project credibility.
  • Stay away from plagiarism at all costs. Cite all your sources properly.
  • Be simple, concise, and straightforward. Stick to simple and clear language. Your instructor and audience will appreciate it.
  • No matter how much you hate it, dedicated significant time and effort in the revising and proofreading part. Refining it is part of the success.

Let Help for Assessment Handle Your Project

It is customary for the master builder or chief engineer to lay the capstone of an arch or cornerstone of a building.

In the same way, you should let the experts handle such an important part of your academics to ensure your success.

Help for Assessment gives you incredible student prices and discounts to make it as cost-effective for you as possible. Check out our amazing deals for you today as you leave us your order on our homepage.

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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What is a Capstone Project in College?

Student studying on laptop with text What is A Capstone Course?

The capstone project in college is the apogee, or completion marker, of a student’s coursework leading to the culmination of their program with a degree in their chosen field of study.

The original definition of a capstone focuses on the actual stone placed at the top of a wall or building, marking the successful completion of the structure. It is a significant and celebrated piece of architecture, considered to be the most important of an entire construction project.

Similarly, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Associate Dean of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences Dr. Jeff Czarnec called the academic capstone project, whether in an undergraduate or graduate program, “the apex of all a student’s work done throughout their college career.”

There is an expectation that they have all the necessary skills and knowledge coming into the capstone course to be successful. “At this point, students have managed to pass all their course work leading up to the capstone,” said Dr. Thomas MacCarty , associate dean of social sciences programs  at SNHU. “It is the culmination of everything that has happened to them as students.”

Students have the opportunity to pick a research topic that is of interest to them and run with it. “After having to write research papers in all of their courses prior to [the capstone], the task is not one to dread, but to enjoy. It is their time to shine as students and to enjoy the journey,” MacCarty said.

The capstone is much more important than a requirement and three credits. It can serve as an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge mastery and creative thinking, which may help a graduate stand out from others vying for the same job.

What is Involved in a Capstone Project?

Dr. Jeff Czarnec with text Dr. Jeff Czarnec

“Students are expected to be ready to enter the world as professionals in their field upon completion of the capstone course,” said MacCarty.

As in many other university courses, the capstone is research-based; the difference being that the student chooses the topic early on, allowing them more freedom to conduct research on their own, unlike in other courses which are more guided. Capstone topics align with the specific discipline of program study. In the social sciences realm, “our focus is on human behavior and cognition, which may be different from a capstone course in business or STEM,” MacCarty said.  

In a nutshell, a rough outline of a capstone, according to Czarnec, looks something like this:

  • Select a topic and have it approved by the instructor
  • Evaluate relevance to the proposal
  • Perform necessary research
  • Present results in the agreed upon fashion

Are Capstone Projects Difficult?

“Not necessarily,” said Czarnec. “It does force you to be efficient and very specific to topic. No fluff. Straight forward. Razor sharp. The capstone is more of an opportunity to catch your breath, retrace and pull up what you have learned in a more stress-free environment. It helps validate students as learners.”

Depending upon the major and course requirements, there may be opportunities to match students with outside contacts, not only to assist with the capstone project research and problem statement, but to also provide a networking community.

“Not every research project is, nor should they be, the same,” Czarnec said. “Everyone has a different approach.”

What is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Capstone Project?

Dr. Thomas MacCarty with text Dr. Thomas MacCarty

A capstone is similar to a thesis in that the starting point involves strengths that one needs for a thesis or dissertation work. A student needs to think about the skeletal structure of research and form their theory, hypothesis, and problem statement.

“While a capstone is certainly a scholarly piece of work and does share some aspects of a thesis,” said MacCarty. “The time and detail that is required of a master’s thesis is greater.”

A capstone paper may be 25 pages, where a thesis could be 100 or more, and is a more demanding research paper. If an undergraduate student chooses to further their education and enter into a doctoral program, the capstone project could be an invaluable tool in preparing for a thesis.

It’s All About Student Success

According to Czarnec, capstones of all programs are leading students to the end game. The goal is to develop well-rounded thinkers who can pull their work together in a coherent, articulate, well-organized fashion, while considering the demands of the profession or vocation in which they are interested.

The focus and intent of a capstone should be to create an effective device to assess and measure all that the students have learned throughout their program in an aggregate fashion so they can demonstrate their life-long vocational skills in a nice, neat package. “My goal is for students to leave the program confident about their skills and abilities,” said Czarnec.

According to MacCarty, capstone courses should be structured to support student success in fulfilling program requirements and allow them the opportunity to showcase their academic abilities and skills gained throughout their degree program.

Laurie Smith '14   is a writer, editor and communications specialist. Connect with her on LinkedIn .

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Capstone Project Topic Ideas: 100+ Examples in Different Fields

Author photo

May 2nd, 2022

capstone project questions

College education can seem like quite a daunting task. This is especially true if you have to come up with extensive research papers. It takes extensive research and a whole lot of time to come up with many different research ideas and topics, and then you have to begin working on them. A capstone project is one of the most research-intensive projects in your student life. Coming up with capstone project ideas can be quite daunting. You have to spend a lot of time doing extensive research first, only after which you can start off.

Selecting the Best Project

Before you progress or select the right project to work on, you must do your research, using the skills that you have acquired over the years. The idea is to have a topic that you personally like, and also one that will teach you a lot. Your topic should be one that allows you to put your skills to use in the best way so that you can showcase your analytical skills for a capstone project in high school .

A capstone project is one that also allows you to put your practical education to use. So make sure that you choose something that actually teaches you a lot, allowing you to further polish your skills.


Only once you have a topic that you think is worthy of working on, you should begin. So the question is – if you are stuck in a rut , how do you select the right topic or the right capstone research topics and don’t want to avoid failure with the capstone project ?

Here are a few steps that can be very helpful:

1. Brainstorm 🧠

The first thing that you should do is brainstorm. Go over all that you have studied and then come up with a few ideas that you think are workable. It is only when you have some topics in front of you that you will see all the options that you have, and then you can decide which one you want to work on.

2. Consult your supervisor 🧑‍🏫

The role that your supervisor plays in this is massive. So once you have shortlisted a few topics that you think you can work on, you must go to your supervisor and discuss those, so they can also give you their opinion, and make sure that you are headed in the right direction.

3. Begin working ✍

Once you have spoken to your instructor and come up with several topics for capstone project ideas in 2023, then you can instantly start working. Throughout the process, you should remain in touch with your professor, who should guide you and help you get through all of that easily.

Capstone Project Tips

It is never easy to get done with your capstone project, it requires skill and determination . Here are a few tips that can be very useful for you:

  • Make sure that you spend most of your time researching since that is what matters the most.
  • Find your topic early on and then work around that.
  • Trust yourself and know that you can do it. Only then will you be able to give your best to what you are doing.
  • Keep a check on the amount of time that you have. Sometimes, we tend to lose track of the time, which can be quite problematic and can lead to further delays in the work.
  • Create an outline first and then work according to that outline to get done with all of your work.
  • Use trusted resources for your information.
  • Make sure that you focus on the format you have been given by your supervisor as well as the capstone project wordcount .

Capstone Project Ideas

Our team at Writing Metier has collected a list of ideas for capstone projects that you can work on. We have divided it depending on the field that you choose to explore. Starting from easy capstone project ideas for high school and coming to senior capstone project topics that can be used for specific fields.

Remember to choose your topic wisely 😉

Capstone Project Ideas – High school

  • What factors to consider when starting a new business?
  • How to develop more effective business processes?
  • What are the effective stress management techniques?
  • How is gender inequality affecting workplaces today?
  • Does gender inequality play a role in the education industry?
  • How has flexible work picked pace recently?
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect workplaces?
  • What are the advantages of distance learning?
  • How can virtual classrooms become more effective?
  • How do college students manage stress?

Capstone Project Ideas – Engineering

  • How is robotics affecting human resource management?
  • What are the advantages of automating your home?
  • What are the advancements in the field of robotics lately?
  • How is a reconstruction project done?
  • What ae the factors that need to be considered in a greenhouse system for heating?
  • How is 3D printing picking pace?
  • What are the advantages of 3D printing?
  • How can civil engineering management projects be executed?
  • How is intelligent energy being made use of in the modern day and age?

Capstone Project Ideas – Education

  • What is the future of e-learning?
  • How can student motivation affect their chances of scoring higher?
  • How can students be made to become more obedient?
  • How can student performance at school be enhanced?
  • How can we make better use of technology in the classroom?
  • How can we make better use of flexible learning opportunities?
  • How can the education curriculum for special needs children be made more effective?
  • Why do students have anxiety attacks?
  • How can distance learning be promoted more?
  • How can learning become more conducive for children?

Capstone Project Ideas – Management

  • How does customer service affect sales?
  • What is the role of supply chain management in driving sales?
  • What role does technology play in driving sales?
  • How to come up with the best public relations strategy?
  • How does globalization affect intercultural communication?
  • How can small businesses function at the time of crisis?
  • How can hiring processes become more efficient for companies?
  • How can employees be made to perform better by on-the-job training?
  • Why are women underrepresented in the most powerful roles?
  • What is the role of gender bias when hiring?

Capstone Project Ideas – IT

  • How can we make the internet a safer place?
  • How can we protect our data on the internet?
  • What is the future of cryptocurrency?
  • What is the future of cloud computing?
  • How does voice recognition technology work?
  • How is big data used in the oil and gas sectors?
  • How can big data help companies make more thoughtful decisions?
  • How does internet censorship in most countries work?
  • How do smart parking systems work?
  • What are the pros and cons of cybersecurity?

Capstone Project Ideas – Medical and Nursing

  • How can nurses make their practices more efficient?
  • Why is nursing, as a profession, gaining so much importance these days?
  • What are the developments made in the field of curing cancer lately?
  • How has the spread of the Coronavirus been controlled?
  • How effectively are pain management techniques being discovered?
  • What skills does an effective nurse need?
  • How can point of care testing become more efficient?
  • What are the recent innovations in the field of nursing?
  • How do government policies affect nurses?
  • What techniques do nurses need to use when taking care of special needs patients?

Capstone Project Ideas – BSN

  • What role does anesthesia play in palliative care?
  • What techniques can be used for dementia patients?
  • What are the educational requirements of nursing?
  • How can nurses improve their skills further?
  • What is the scope in the field of nursing?
  • Why is lack of awareness about vaccinations a problem?
  • How can patients with sleep problems be monitored?
  • How is the role of nursing changing in the current age?
  • What professional training programs are good for nurses?
  • How can one start off their career in nursing?

Capstone Project Ideas – Business

  • How do non-profit organizations sustain themselves?
  • What are the requirements of doing business in UAE?
  • What cross-cultural management techniques do MNC’s need to follow?
  • How do work ethics differ across cultures?
  • What effect do mergers have on businesses?
  • What role does advertising play in boosting sales?
  • Why the growth of digital marketing is an advantage for businesses?
  • What are the major advantages of doing business online?
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing business processes?
  • How do consumer perceptions affect sales?

Capstone Project Ideas – MBA

  • How does effective brand management help enhance sales?
  • How does marketing push the product in the market?
  • What are the strategies that can be used for relaunching a product in the market?
  • What are the strategies for improving a product?
  • How to pull a brand back from the market?
  • How to revamp brand positioning to ensure that it does well in the market?
  • How can online businesses thrive further?
  • How can companies differentiate themselves from competitors?
  • How can digital marketing help grow the business?
  • What are the useful techniques to motivate employees in times of recession?

Capstone Project Ideas – Social Work

  • How can child abuse be prevented in societies?
  • What are the strategies to deal with human trafficking?
  • What role does the government play in ensuring that there are laws in place for human trafficking?
  • How can domestic violence be prevented?
  • What are the legal actions that victims of domestic violence can take?
  • How can people with grief be helped?
  • How does grief counseling help deal with personal losses?
  • How to help rape victims recover?
  • How does child neglect affect academic performance?
  • How does child neglect affect social performance?

Capstone Project Ideas – Psychology and mental health

  • How can we manage stress more effectively?
  • How is stress affecting work productivity in the current day and age?
  • What is the effect that video game violence had on children’s behavior?
  • How do we learn good traits from others around us?
  • What is the science behind developing good habits?
  • How can we tackle depression in a better way?
  • What are the underlying reasons behind the rapid increase in depression amongst the youth?
  • What are the effects of child abuse on young children?
  • How does sexual assault affect young children?
  • How are children from dysfunctional families affected by what goes on around them?

Capstone Project Ideas – UX and web development

  • How does online/affiliate marketing work?
  • What is the goal of a website?
  • What is the future of online shopping?
  • How can we make the food and dining business more lucrative?
  • How can collaborations between eateries be fruitful?
  • What is the role of a talent management portal?
  • How can a customized healthcare application help?
  • How do negative online reviews affect company’s reputation?
  • How do negative online reviews affect company sales?
  • What is the role of a countdown timer?

Select topics for your capstone project

With so many good ideas for capstone paper topics, you can make your pick after careful consideration. But you need to be sure that you choose a topic that you think you can work on. Anyway, a guide on how to write a capstone project proposal will help to find out some tips. However, we understand that it is not easy to work on extensive research. So if you feel like you need help with your capstone project, we can help you with it while you can select the capstone project topic .

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We, at the Writing Metier, have a team of professionals who are qualified enough, with plenty of experience to help you out with any type of capstone project. All you need to do is contact us, and someone from our team will be there to assist you.

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capstone project questions

Laura Orta is an avid author on Writing Metier's blog. Before embarking on her writing career, she practiced media law in one of the local media. Aside from writing, she works as a private tutor to help students with their academic needs. Laura and her husband share their home near the ocean in northern Portugal with two extraordinary boys and a lifetime collection of books.

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What Is a Capstone Project & How to Write It: Definition, Outline, Steps

Joe Eckel

Table of contents

A capstone project is a culminating academic project. It typically requires students to apply the skills they have gained during the course to a real-world problem. Capstone projects are common in undergraduate and graduate programs across a range of disciplines, including business, engineering, healthcare, and education.

Interesting fact, the first documented capstone project was completed in 1937 by Edgar F. Batten, who proposed to build an airport. It was considered a novel idea at that time, but it led to the development of Cleveland Municipal Airport. Today, they have come a long way, allowing students to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. In this guide, we will define a capstone project and state its purpose in academics. We will also delve into its significance and provide an outline of how to do a capstone project. So, get ready for an exciting journey to become a capstone pro! Remember that you can always buy a capstone project from our academic gurus if you strive for maximum output.

What Is a Capstone Project: Definition

Capstone projects are vital in every school. Then, what is a capstone project ? Generally, it is research designed to showcase students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in specific fields of study. This task is challenging and time-consuming, but once completed, it is rewarding. Capstone project is interdisciplinary in nature and can be completed in various formats, such as a written report, research paper , term paper , or presentation. It often involves independent research and analysis by an individual college or university student or group. For example, you could be asked to explore one topic or social problem that interests you, do extensive research about it, assess findings, and propose a solution. Based on the definition of capstone project, it is a culminating academic experience that typically takes place at the end of students' college education. Other basics include:

What Is the Capstone Project Purpose?

The main purpose of a capstone project is to assess your ability to integrate and apply knowledge acquired throughout your academic program. It gives you a chance to demonstrate mastery of a particular field of study, showcasing critical thinking, research, and communication skills. Capstone project serves several key goals:

Importance of Capstone Projects

The importance of capstone projects cannot be overstated. They supplement your academic journey, providing opportunities for you to demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge, build real-world experience, and showcase your abilities to potential employers. Writing capstone paper can serve several important reasons, including:

Senior Capstone Project Structure

A capstone project structure plays a crucial role in helping you write a successful paper. It provides a clear, organized framework for the capstone project, helping you ensure that you include all necessary parts. It will also guide you in the right direction, helping you find the best approach to complete your paper. Before you begin writing a capstone project paper, it is important to carefully review all guidelines provided by your academic program to ensure that it meets all requirements and is structured clearly and effectively. Here is a general structure of senior capstone project:

Capstone Project Outline

A sample capstone project outline is a visual representation of the paper structure and organization. It acts as a roadmap for writing, helping ensure that the project stays on track. The purpose of the capstone project outline is to provide an overview of all main elements and order in which they will be presented. Here is a template example of an outline for a capstone project:

How to Write a Capstone Project Paper?

A capstone project requires careful planning to show that you have a grasp of a particular discipline or subject. As such, it is important to understand the steps involved in the process and have a well-defined plan in place. The following subsections will guide you in writing a capstone project paper, from start to finish, giving you the roadmap to ensure a successful outcome. Each part is carefully detailed to help you understand what’s expected of you. Follow these steps to learn how to write a capstone paper:

1. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic is an important step in writing a capstone project. It sets the foundation for your paper, determining how successful the final product will be. Always go for capstone project ideas that have not been extensively researched, allowing you to add new insights. Here are some steps to follow when choosing research topics :

Choosing a topic that is relevant, manageable, and of personal interest to you will help you stay motivated throughout your capstone writing process.

2. Research Existing Literature

Conducting a thorough literature review is crucial in helping you understand the current state of knowledge on the topic, identifying gaps your capstone senior project can fill. Here's how to go about it:

By conducting a thorough literature review, you will write a capstone paper that is well-informed, grounded in latest research, and makes a meaningful contribution.

3. Define a Problem

Based on research, define the problem statement you aim to address in your capstone research paper. It should be well-defined and specific. The problem statement should be clear, concise, and align with the research question. It should also be justified, explaining why the problem is important, including how it relates to current literature. Here are some steps to follow when defining a problem for a capstone project:

Defining a problem is important because it provides focus and direction for research. A well-defined problem will ensure that your capstone project writing is of high quality.

4. Introduce Your Research Methods

This section should describe methods you will use to collect and analyze data, as well as the rationale behind your choice. They should be appropriate, accurate, and reliable for the capstone project. You should also explain any final capstone project limitations, including how you plan to address them. Here are some steps to follow when introducing graduate capstone research methods:

Introducing research methods is important because it sets a foundation for your research. It will provide readers with a clear understanding of your methods, including rationale behind them.

5. Discuss Your Key Findings

This step involves presenting findings of the study and analyzing all data. When writing a capstone paper, provide a clear presentation of the results in addition to how they relate to the problem they aim to address. They should be presented in a logical, organized manner, and supported by evidence. In your capstone work, discuss their implications, including how they contribute to the existing body of knowledge. Here are some steps to follow when discussing key findings:

6. Present a Capstone Project

In this final step, you should present your capstone project in a clear, organized manner, highlighting key findings and significance of research conducted. This should be a well-structured, well-written paper or oral presentation that showcases your knowledge of how to do a capstone project on a specific subject. Capstone in college or university should be written in an academic style, following the guidelines set by the institution. The paper should also include an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results section, discussion, and conclusion. For oral presentation, you may also be required to answer questions from the audience. So, it is important to be well-prepared and familiar with the paper content. It should effectively communicate your research findings to them. To make a successful presentation, here are a few suggestions:

Capstone Paper Format

A capstone project format can vary depending on the discipline or requirements set forth by your instructor or program. Most times, you may encounter the following common formats used in most capstone papers.

Regardless of the chosen format, ensure that your capstone paper is well-organized, has proper grammar, and is easy to read.

Capstone Project Writing Tips

To ensure success in writing your capstone project, it is important to keep in mind some key practices. In this section, we will introduce you to common tips that can help you effectively plan, research, and write the paper. From choosing a suitable topic to proofreading the final draft, these tips on how to write a good capstone project will help you produce a successful paper that meets academic standards:

Bottom Line on Capstone Project

In this guide, you have learned what’s a capstone project definition, its benefits in education, purpose, and structure. Before you embark on writing your paper, make sure you fully understand the meaning of a capstone project paper and what it entails. This means taking the time to carefully research a topic, identify a clear problem to address, and develop a research plan that will help you find answers. Remember that the final product should be well-written, well-organized, and effectively communicate your key research findings. Once you begin to write your capstone, keep in mind the following tips:

Feel free to check out our capstone project writing services and see how else we can assist you with this program! Our writers can always get you well-written texts before the deadline!

FAQ About Capstone Projects

1. what is a capstone project in college.

A capstone project in college is the final piece of stone needed to complete a degree program. It often involves significant research proposal, presentation, or practical application of skills and knowledge acquired during their program. By definition, it is a requirement for graduation and may be evaluated for grades or other forms of academic recognition.

2. What is capstone project significance?

Capstone projects are significant because:

3. How long should a capstone paper be?

The length of a capstone project paper varies depending on set guidelines by the academic institution or instructor. On average, they can be between 20-25 pages long, sometimes 35, including any supporting materials, such as appendices or references. However, check specific requirements from your institution as they can cap the number of pages.

4. What is the difference between a capstone project and a thesis?

A capstone project and thesis are both academic works, but they carry significant differences between them. A thesis is typically longer, and more in-depth than a capstone project. It is often required for graduate students and is based on original research. Its focus is narrower and more specialized. A capstone project is often required for undergraduate students, mostly based on research or practical application. It is more interdisciplinary in nature, involving solving world problems.


Joe Eckel is an expert on Dissertations writing. He makes sure that each student gets precious insights on composing A-grade academic writing.

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capstone project questions

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What Is a Capstone Project? Have All Your Questions Answered

Devyn Worsjek

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capstone project questions

When students get the task to write a capstone project, the question arises, “What is a capstone project?” The University of Virginia provides the following definition.

A capstone project is a two-semester task, in which students should research a specific issue to develop a profound understanding of the topic.  

This article goes deeper in explaining what a capstone paper is to help understand how to compose it. It will be useful for students approaching the end of their Master’s and Bachelor’s programs.

To write an outstanding paper, students should understand its significance. You should consider that this assignment is worth much of the students’ final grade.

Great projects require original ideas and diligent work.

Definition of the Capstone Project

There is no universal capstone project definition. It is a written or oral research project summarizing a program, course, or academic year.

Students should use newly acquired skills and knowledge to develop a final paper that will demonstrate their progress in the field.

To succeed, students should utilize critical thinking and research skills to gather information and analyze the topic.

There is no standard format that students should follow. A capstone can be presented as a paper, multimedia presentation, or even a film.

This research project involves a range of different activities. Students should use various media and approaches to cope with the task.

Capstones are also sometimes referred to as senior exhibitions or culminating projects.

These multidimensional tasks should sum up the students’ academic achievements at the end of the studying period.

Similar to a thesis paper, capstone projects can take different forms. In most cases, it should be a written report summarizing the experience gained.

In such a manner, students should select a social problem or topic of interest and get it approved by the instructor.

Students should research the subject, develop findings, and describe everything in a well-structured paper or multimedia presentation.

Students should also present the project to a team of teachers or experts in the field who will evaluate the quality of the work done. 

capstone project questions

What Is the Purpose of the Capstone Project?

From the academic perspective, the primary goal of a capstone is to evaluate students’ achievements and progress in the field.

In this assignment, you should show what you have learned over the past period.

It is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge to the target reader. The project requires proficient critical thinking and problem-solving abilities; it can showcase your skills.

From the practical perspective, this paper is important since it can help you systematize knowledge and learn how to develop viable solutions to complex problems.

In a nutshell, capstone project writing is an important assignment because: 

How Long Does a Final Project Usually Take?

The duration of the project depends on the course you take and the professor’s requirements. As a rule, it can take students up to two semesters.

In most cases, you should have one semester to submit the final project.

Is a Capstone Project Hard?

It depends upon a great number of factors. It is a complex, time-consuming assignment that needs all your knowledge and skills.

It is a common graduation requirement, and most students have gone through this challenge and succeeded. You will be capable of making it!

How to Write a Capstone Project: Step by Step

To make the writing process easier, you can develop a plan to follow or use the one provided below. 

1. Choose a good topic. It is reasonable to create a topic for your project at the very beginning of the course.

In such a manner, you will be able to focus on the needed information and jot down ideas from lessons. 

2. Draft a proposal. As a rule, a paper should be approved by your professor or institution before you start it. 

3. Gather the needed information. You should find reliable academic sources to build a good theoretical basis for your research.

4. Develop a logical structure. You can build the structure of the paper based on your vision of the project.

A clear outline may help you understand a bigger picture and plan the whole process effectively.

5. Prepare a schedule. A capstone is a lengthy project; you should allocate enough time for every activity.

6. Write. The assignment is similar to a dissertation or thesis.

7. Edit the paper. Reread your rough draft a few times and make any needed corrections.

In the beginning, you asked, “What is a capstone project?” Now, you are well aware that it is a final research assignment that provides students with a valuable learning experience.

This project allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life situations.

This paper can teach you how to approach a problem in a holistic and coherent manner and consider it from many perspectives.

As a result, you can generate innovative solutions to complex business and engineering problems.

This experience allows you to compete successfully in your chosen field after graduation. It is a significant important source of innovation in the industry. 

Even if the instructions might be frustrating and confusing, keep your head up.

If you pay attention to every detail, you may not only prepare an outstanding paper worthy of a good grade but also boost your professionalism and improve your expertise. 

A capstone is the first massive paper that you have to develop on your own from beginning to end.

You are the one to choose the topic, research methods and approaches, the structure, and the format of this work.

Hopefully, the provided guidelines will come in handy. 

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capstone project questions

How To Write A Capstone Project Outline: Steps and Example

18 Dec 2021

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📑Types of Capstone Projects

✍️Choosing a Topic

📃Capstone Project Outline

✒️Outline Example

📌Mistakes to Avoid

Working on a capstone project requires a lot of effort. To write this assignment successfully, the first stage of the process is to develop an outline for this type of paper. With the capstone project outline, students can write the right structure for their paper. Are you unaware of how to write it or just need a clear example or a capstone project template with proper formats? Or do you want to learn what to include in the outline? You've come to the right place. This piece will teach you everything you need to know about these outlines.

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What Is Capstone Project?

It is a vital part of most courses in universities. You may have heard of it from the older students. The form of it can vary, but the main ideas are always similar. Generally, it is research conducted by a defined group of students to find and come up with a solution for some actual issues that happened in the world. It is crucial to take this seriously, as such a unique chance to have all the tools and supervision of the best professors on the way to finding a proposal for the issue is rare. Of course, it is time-consuming and stressful, but the reward part after the proposal is sent is priceless.

This research is always the last task of the course, so the student has the opportunity to gather all the knowledge during the course and apply it to the capstone project writing. The main aim is to prepare future specialists for finding practical solutions for the real world.

In simple terms, what is the capstone project ? This is a type of paper used to showcase the level of the skills you have developed since the beginning of the study. This type is also referred to as a capstone project. It's a significant task that must be carried out with a high level of skill and proficiency. But what is its importance? Completing this paper is an essential part of your education program because it shows that you are a professional.

Need help with capstone project?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

Types of Capstone Projects

As mentioned before, they can be different as well as requirements. There are ones for junior students and senior students, and postgraduate students. Depending on the degree, there are such types of research:

As they vary, they can be conducted individually or in a group. The main thing is that the instructor has to review the final capstone project proposal at the finishing stage.

Choosing a Topic

The best advice is to pick an area you are genuinely interested in. Otherwise, there is no point in research. The process is long, and the demands are high. There is some general advice on how to choose the theme for the research project format.

Should you find the task of picking the theme too challenging, there's a way out of this trouble. You can always buy capstone project online and save time and effort while getting an excellent result. Using services of trusted platforms guarantees you high-quality and timely delivery.

Detect plagiarism in your paper for free

How to create a capstone project outline.

When you begin working on this format, it's important to keep in mind that the nature and formats of the written paper may vary depending on the faculty, the topic, and the goals for the writing papers. You can buy it online or find a written template to save some time, especially since a lot of effort is required. Starting from the contents, you need to create a capstone paper outline to help you structure your content according to your instructor's rules.

Without any doubt, a capstone study will simplify everything for you. Considering the importance of it, you must learn how to write it or use outline templates. So, how do you go about it? Take note of the following steps.

If you intend to take an easy route to all the steps listed above, you may get an example of the study summary and follow it. According to experts, the best approach to writing your culmination study is by starting with a list of papers you wrote, a list of studies you have undertaken, and an article you have published or assisted in.

For most universities, you will be required to write the title and intro page. If the case warrants it, you may need to rewrite these pages a few times. The title must be catchy, and the intro urges readers to go deeper into the text. The introduction should shift from specific to general terms. It should also focus on the research, topic, and possible methodology adopted in the paper. Before starting, check whether the presentation format will be needed. You could gather information during the research project and add points from existing materials step by step. Remember, that it is an important part and you better be prepared.

If you require a detailed plan to complete your outline, write out all the elements on the subject. When designing, keep in mind that you may meet or write some sections before others. However, the most significant thing is finishing the entire paper and taking specific steps like presentation preparation to make it possible. When all the outline sections have been properly written, it's time to start your project. You may ask someone to review your progress before proceeding with the entire paper.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

Example Of A Capstone Project Outline

It's almost impossible to come up with an example or templates that would be useful for every student in every school. There are just too many elements to take note of simultaneously. However, we can do our best by including some of the most common factors that you would find in any paper.

When compiling an outline, you can include the following chapters:

These are examples of any culmination study contents. Still, the system can vary depending on the topic in question. Make sure that you carry out research and write down inquiries from your instructor to find out the outline that will be most useful for your project.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Capstone Project Outline

Coming up with an executive summary for this type of paper is a lot of work. As a result, people tend to make simple mistakes that greatly affect the quality of their work. However, many of these mistakes are avoidable, especially if you had examined the materials given like outline templates or academic project ideas existing on the subject. Apply academic thinking, find the information on the writing process as well as format requirements, pay attention to elements required for an assignment, check the research problem and the research question properly.

If you intend to make a summary, you need to look out for the following mistakes:

Avoid topics that require a lot of calculation. You may have difficulties coming up with the best type. You may find it difficult to make a reasonable strategy. When presenting these cases, the additional emphasis on numbers will bore listeners and prevent them from keeping up with what you say.

Beware of reuse, repetitions, and self-plagiarism. This means that you should note what you have included previously. Adding too many related headings may lead to self-plagiarism later in the project.

Never underestimate the meaning of capstone projects. It's common for many students to play down the importance of this type of project. As a result, they end up handling everything haphazardly. This type of action would greatly influence the quality of the final writing.

When writing, avoid using long sentences. Understandably, you may be intent on clearly stating your points most of the time. Nevertheless, long sentences will only make it tougher. Do your best to go straight to the end. This type of project doesn't require a lot of talks, discussion, or emphasis. The only things you need to display are your academic skills and proper sentences.

When you are done, take your time to proofread and edit the final result. Make sure that you never skip this stage. Proofreading will reveal any hidden mistakes that may ruin the overall quality.

Create a summary of your text

Many students find it difficult to write their project because it requires a big one. Some may even give up initially because they doubt their abilities. But this shouldn't be the case. If you can't handle any aspect of your project yourself, it may be worth hiring capstone writing services to help out. They will approach the creation of your outline from a professional angle.

The benefit of hiring this service provider is the level of success they guarantee. Professional hands will handle your project. They can prepare a top-class project for you with all the essential details within the shortest time possible.

This type of project is one of the introductory assignments college students will do before finishing their education. Considering the importance of a capstone study, the design must be created smoothly. The system can be confusing because there are different types of capstone studies. However, with the help of PapersOwl and understandable requirements for this kind of paper, it's possible to achieve something reasonable.

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I am Dr. Paulus, an experienced academic writer. I am efficient, hardworking, and very flexible. As a student, I majored in History and Management but will be more than happy to work on any other subject. I write everything from scratch and do a unique research for every project.

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    Getting Started Open annually between August through November, the HCDE online capstone proposal form is where you submit a project proposal. CAP members may submit more than one project idea, but please think about how many teams you will be able to support in total. The project description should be a straightforward, one-paragraph summary of the design brief or project challenge.

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    Capstone Project Topics In Technology. Smart object recognition in surveillance systems. Software testing and quality assurance. Text and voice recognition algorithms. Use of customer management systems in e-commerce. Recovery of deleted commercial information. Online testing and evaluation.

  10. Expert Guide on How to Do a Capstone Project Successfully

    Create and stick to a structure for the project and write-up. Presentation and flow of ideas play a bit part in the impression you make and the points you will get. Use only reliable, academically relevant sources. Make use of primary sources wherever possible, because this gives your project credibility.

  11. What is a Capstone Project in College?

    Stay Motivated. The capstone project in college is the apogee, or completion marker, of a student's coursework leading to the culmination of their program with a degree in their chosen field of study. The original definition of a capstone focuses on the actual stone placed at the top of a wall or building, marking the successful completion of ...

  12. LibGuides: Capstone & Thesis Research: Getting started

    Steps in doing a capstone paper or project: Step 1: Select a topic area. See the "Selecting and focusing your research topic" tab at left for suggestions on choosing a topic, narrowing your focus, and developing a thesis statement or research question. Step 2: Do a literature review. The "Literature Review" tab will link you to helpful ...

  13. Capstone Project Topic Ideas: 100+ Examples in Different Fields

    More than 100 different capstone project topics are listed by the areas of study. You just need to choose the idea that suits you best ;) ... Now the real question here is that how do professors really check the work you have done, especially when it comes to checking the references. Peer-reviewed articles are the ones that are published in the ...

  14. What Is A Capstone Project?

    What is the Capstone Project? A common question any student has, especially in high school, is the definition capstone project. According to the University of Virginia, this task is a two-semester project where students must independently research a topic to obtain a deep understanding of the subject matter. UV gives many recommendations when ...

  15. Capstone Course Projects

    What is the Capstone Project/Course? ... Please contact the Capstone coordinator to discuss questions regarding intellectual property. Every project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the correct approach. At the conclusion of the course, students will present the results to the sponsoring organization and at the College ...

  16. What Is a Capstone Project: Definition & How to Do It

    A capstone project is a culminating academic project. It typically requires students to apply the skills they have gained during the course to a real-world problem. Capstone projects are common in undergraduate and graduate programs across a range of disciplines, including business, engineering, healthcare, and education. Interesting fact, the ...

  17. LibGuides: Capstone Guide: Choosing a Research Question

    You need to know what has already been published and addressed. For your Capstone assignment, you must identify a problem, then present a viable solution. The problem should evolve into a research question, then be presented as a "statement of the issue". To locate a problem and in turn, determine your research question, you need to find a "gap ...

  18. What Is a Capstone Project? Have All Your Questions Answered

    A capstone project is a two-semester task, in which students should research a specific issue to develop a profound understanding of the topic. This article goes deeper in explaining what a capstone paper is to help understand how to compose it. It will be useful for students approaching the end of their Master's and Bachelor's programs.

  19. Guiudlines for Writing A Capstone Project Outline

    You can research how to create project outline templates online. Set up the structure for the headings and subheadings in the sample capstone project outline template. The number of titles and subheadings will depend on the nature of your paper. Split the headings and subheadings further.

  20. Capstone Project

    I would be interested in visiting a low-carb store if one opened in my area. 19. I would prefer shopping at a large low-carb store rather than shop online or go to a smaller health food store. 20. I like going to the grocery store. 21. I also purchase things like beauty products and vitamins at my local grocery store.