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Capstone Projects

The Capstone is a culminating academic project experience that is completed within the confines of a semester-length course. Several Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) fields either require a capstone or offer the option to pursue one. In addition to the information below, review  Guide to the ALM Capstone Project website.

Types of Capstones

We offer two forms of capstone: Capstone Course (faculty directed) and Capstone Independent Project (student directed).

Capstone Course–Faculty Directed

For the ALM fields of anthropology, biotechnology, creative writing and literature, cybersecurity, data science, English, government, history, information management systems, international relations, management, math for teaching, psychology, religion, and software engineering, capstones are courses designed by faculty members who bring together, in a structured syllabus, all the key learning outcomes of the field of study.

Our cybersecurity, data science, and management capstones ordinarily have a real-world industry partner as the client for your capstone research.

While our creative writing capstone allows for ample room to work on individual artistic projects, but with the added benefit of weekly engagement with peers and the instructor–a supportive writer’s community.

Every effort is made to offer the same precapstone/capstone topics each year (e.g., human development, policy analysis, and social justice); however, topics are subject to change annually.

Good academic standing. You must be good academic standing to register for the capstone. If not, you’ll need to complete additional courses to bring your GPA up to the 3.0 minimum prior to registration. For detailed course description information, including specific registration requirements, such as credit minimums and academic standing requirements, use the Degree Course Search .

Tip:  Register on the first day of degree-candidate registration to obtain a seat in these limited-enrollment courses.


The ALM fields of anthropology, biotechnology, creative writing and literature, cybersecurity, data science, English, government, history, international relations, management, psychology, and religion have a required precapstone course that must be completed with a grade of B- or higher.

Mandatory Sequencing of Precapstones/Capstones. You enroll in the precapstone and capstone courses in back-to-back semesters (fall/spring), with the same instructor, and in your final academic year.

Due to heavy workload demands, all your other degree requirements must be fulfilled prior to capstone registration. The capstone must be taken alone as your one-and-only remaining degree requirement. You cannot register in any other courses along with the capstone.

It is critical that you draw upon your entire ALM training to produce a project worthy of a Harvard degree by committing to full-time study in the capstone.

Attempts . You have a maximum of two attempts at the precapstone course to earn the required grade of B- or higher. If after two attempts, you have not fulfilled the requirement (a WD grade is considered an attempt), your degree candidacy will expire. If by not passing the precapstone you fall into poor academic standing, you will need to take additional degree-applicable courses to return to good standing before enrolling in the precapstone for your second and final time.

The second attempt policy is only available if your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows for more time.  If you attempt to complete the precapstone in your final year and don’t pass (including a WD grade), your candidacy will automatically expire. 

For detailed course description information, visit the Degree Course Search .

Capstone Independent Project–Student Directed

For global development practice, digital media design, journalism, museum studies, and sustainability, capstones are client-based or independent research projects focused on a current issue or problem that has become compelling for you during your course of study. The project represents your academic passion and professional interest. You complete the research individually (journalism) or in a classroom setting with fellow candidates (all other fields).

Journalism candidates should scroll down to Journalism Capstone. The following applies to:

Registration in the capstone for the above fields has the following prerequisites: (1) your specific research project must be approved several months in advance (prior to enrolling in the precapstone tutorial), (2) you must successfully complete the precapstone tutorial, and (3) the capstone must be your final, one-and-only remaining degree requirement. You cannot register for any other courses along with the capstone.

There are two major steps to obtain project approval.

Step one:  obtain advice right away. Once admitted to the program, meet with your research advisor early and often about your initial capstone research interests. He or she can provide support as well as course selection advice as you develop preliminary ideas. Please note that while every effort is made to support your capstone interest, guidance is not available for all possible projects. Therefore, revision or a change of capstone topic may be necessary.

Prework demonstrates that you have done enough prior reading and research on your topic to begin the capstone proposal process. Registration in the tutorial is limited to degree candidates who submit quality prework. If your prework is not approved, you will need to spend time revising in order to re-submit for the next offering of the tutorial, if your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows.

Once registered in the noncredit tutorial, you will receive guidance and mentoring while you iterate on your individual capstone proposal until the document reaches a satisfactory quality. The tutorial is not a course in the traditional sense. You work independently on your proposal with your research advisor by submitting multiple proposal drafts and scheduling individual appointments (ordinarily, during the hours of 9-5). You need to make self-directed progress on the proposal without special prompting from the research advisor.  While the tutorial is noncredit, your due diligence throughout the semester is required.

If you do not have a proposal that is close to being approved by the semester’s withdrawal deadline, you’ll need to withdraw from the tutorial, delay capstone registration, and re-take the capstone proposal tutorial again in a future semester, if your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows.

Please note that not all fields offer a capstone each term. Refer to your field’s Degree Course Search for the schedule. 

Human Subjects

If your capstone will involve the use of human subjects (e.g., subject interviews, surveys, observations), review the Human Subjects section on the  Guide to the ALM Capstone Project  website  to learn Harvard University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval process.

Journalism Capstone

The course,  JOUR E-599 , entails a portfolio of several related stories that are completed over the course of one semester. You apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to complete a significant journalism project under the direction of a professional in the field.  Over the course of the capstone semester, you’ll conduct an in-depth investigation of a single topic and emerge with a portfolio of new work suitable for publishing, posting, or broadcasting.

You can register for the capstone once you complete 36 credits, and you work independently to complete the project within a semester timeframe. The capstone can be, and often is, completed at a distance.

To begin the capstone approval process, you schedule an appointment with your research advisor, June Erlick, ( [email protected]) , to discuss your capstone ideas. 

While every effort is made to support your capstone interest, guidance is not available for all possible projects. Therefore, revisions or a change of capstone topic may be necessary before it is approved.  As in all traditional journalism, projects must take a fair and balanced view by bringing in differing points of view. Projects should not be one-sided or take an advocacy stance.

Once a topic is approved, you submit the first draft of your capstone proposal (visit the  Guide to the ALM Capstone Project website  to read the Crafting the Capstone Proposal specific guidelines). Ms. Erlick supports you through the fine tuning of the proposal and works with the Journalism program office to identify a capstone director.

A capstone director is a journalism instructor or professional in the field who has expertise relevant to your capstone topic. The final decision about who will serve as director is made by the Journalism program office; however, you are welcome to request a particular instructor. However, we ask that you  not  contact an instructor directly prior to capstone approval.

You are expected to work independently on your project with support and direction from the director. The capstone director will meet with you several times over the semester to answer questions, discuss your progress, read drafts, and offer feedback. The director also grades the final project.

Journalism Timeline

Final Capstone Grade

You need to earn a grade of B- or higher to earn degree credit for the capstone. If you earn a grade below a B– (including a WD), you will need to petition the Administrative Board for permission to enroll in the capstone for one final time. The petition process is only available if your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows for more time. Your candidacy will automatically expire if you do not successfully complete the capstone requirement by your required deadline.

If approved for a second attempt, you may be required to repeat the precapstone course or the non-credit precapstone tutorial. Please note that you cannot choose a different precapstone/capstone sequence to gain additional (more than two) attempts at fulfilling the capstone requirement for your degree.

If by not passing the capstone you fall into poor academic standing, you’ll need to take additional degree-applicable courses to return to good standing before enrolling in the capstone for your second and final time. This is only an option if your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows for more time to take additional courses.

The Board only reviews cases in which extenuating circumstances prevented the successful completion of the capstone.

Harvard Division of Continuing Education

A division of Harvard University dedicated to bringing rigorous programs and innovative online teaching capabilities to distance learners, working professionals, high school students, college students, and those seeking higher learning in retirement.

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help for assessment

Capstone Project: Definition, Types, Structure, and Examples

antony w

by  Antony W

September 5, 2021

capstone project technical background thesis

If you're reading this, chances are that you're in your final year of school and the words "capstone project" have come up somewhere in your first or second semester.

You're probably looking for a quick score on the topic - what it's about, a project template, or even a sample. If so, you're in the right place.

Before we get into it, you' need to know that you're in the hands of consummate capstone project experts.

Help for Assessment is composed of scholars at all levels of academic achievement including Masters and Ph.D., all inspired and motivated to help students like you achieve their academic goals. The expertise and experience we have spans years. Even better, this combined academic expertise is placed at your disposal. If your capstone research project is already giving you goosebumps, we will do it for you from scratch including the project proposal, research, write up, and final review before submission.

Remember, you can trust Help for Assessment to complete your capstone project successfully and earn you top grades. All you have to do is order the service here on our service page.

 In the meantime, let us explore the definition of the capstone project, types of projects for students, and a sample capstone project.

What Is a Capstone Project? 

capstone project technical background thesis

A capstone project in college is a final independent project undertaken in a program of study designed to assess the skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired by the student.

As the name suggests, it is the capstone or crowning achievement of academic life and the last class taken before graduation. It gives you the final credits required to pass the course, which is why every student must take the project.

Since it is designed to assess knowledge and skills gained in a particular discipline, capstone projects vary from school to school and discipline to discipline.

Such a project might involve something as simple as research on a topic, an evaluation of a new technique or method, development of a health program, research into a historical figure or event, or even composing a skit or theatre presentation.

No matter what kind of project you choose to undertake, the result is the same. You get to showcase your understanding of the coursework material learned and display your readiness to enter the professional world to start your career. It is a rewarding experience if done right, but can mess up your final year and possibly your graduation if you manage to mess it up.

Do you know that a successful capstone project also helps to land you lucrative jobs? That’s right, capstone projects are one of the ways potential employers find out just how learned, resourceful, and talented you are. Think of it as a kind of thesis.

Capstone projects are also called culminating projects, experience, senior exhibition, or other similar names. The project is usually self-directed, and most students find it a challenge to even come up with the right capstone project topic. 

Capstone Project Vs. Thesis

capstone project technical background thesis

A capstone project and a thesis are both very similar in that they represent a final effort from the student just before graduation.

They are done in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course being undertaken. The comprehensive approach and assessment involved are very similar, and sometimes the structure and methodology might overlap.

Both also have to be reviewed and approved by the institution and will remain in the public domain after publishing.

However, there are some important differences.

Types of Capstone Projects

capstone project technical background thesis

Capstone projects vary not just in the type of project, also in the level at which they are done.

There are projects for juniors and seniors in college as well as for postgraduate students.

Here are some examples of the forms of projects depending on the academic level.

Capstone projects can be conducted either individually or in a group.

However, the key thing is to make sure that the project proposal has been reviewed and approved by the instructor/panel/institution in charge before proceeding.

Senior Capstone Project

Senior projects are so called because they are done by high school students in their senior year.

Just like other projects, they represent a culmination of the coursework with an interdisciplinary application of knowledge and skills gained so far.

The project usually takes the better part of the final academic year and will have different parts to it, depending on the type of project chosen.

It will also require a presentation where the student(s) explain and describe the project to an audience, including their classmates.

Sample Capstone Project Outline

The write up for a project consists of several parts. However, even before starting the write-up, you need to do a few things:

Using this information, you will then write a capstone project proposal for your project. It informs your instructor or review panel exactly what you intend to present so that they can approve or reject it.

Once approved, you can go on to the next stage. The final write-up has the following parts.

Note that the project is carried out in stages. Once approved, you will need to be submitting weekly or monthly status reports to your supervisor. After the project report is submitted, you will also have to make a presentation about the whole project.

This brief outline is only meant to be a rough guide. We have a much more detailed article detailing how you can do your capstone project, including a project template. 

Capstone Project Examples

Help for Assessment has extensive experience when it comes to capstone projects of all kinds.

Whether it’s a high school project, a college capstone, or a senior capstone project, you can trust us to carry it out successfully for you.

As proof, you can check out various capstone project samples here . (hyperlink to be inserted.)

Get Help With Your Capstone Project

Capstone projects in every level of school are a make or break it deal. Given that they complete the graduation credits required, it makes sense to leave this important part of your coursework to experts.

We are proud to offer you a guide on how to write a capstone project here . If you need help, you can take advantage of our capstone project writing service at affordable, student-friendly rates with amazing discounts. 

Check it out here and make your order to experience excellence, peace of mind, and success thanks to our stellar services.

Author Image

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

capstone project technical background thesis

How To Write A Capstone Project Outline: Steps and Example

18 Dec 2021

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📑Types of Capstone Projects

✍️Choosing a Topic

📃Capstone Project Outline

✒️Outline Example

📌Mistakes to Avoid

Working on a capstone project requires a lot of effort. To write this assignment successfully, the first stage of the process is to develop an outline for this type of paper. With the capstone project outline, students can write the right structure for their paper. Are you unaware of how to write it or just need a clear example or a capstone project template with proper formats? Or do you want to learn what to include in the outline? You've come to the right place. This piece will teach you everything you need to know about these outlines.

What Is Capstone Project?

It is a vital part of most courses in universities. You may have heard of it from the older students. The form of it can vary, but the main ideas are always similar. Generally, it is research conducted by a defined group of students to find and come up with a solution for some actual issues that happened in the world. It is crucial to take this seriously, as such a unique chance to have all the tools and supervision of the best professors on the way to finding a proposal for the issue is rare. Of course, it is time-consuming and stressful, but the reward part after the proposal is sent is priceless.

This research is always the last task of the course, so the student has the opportunity to gather all the knowledge during the course and apply it to the capstone project writing. The main aim is to prepare future specialists for finding practical solutions for the real world.

In simple terms, what is the capstone project ? This is a type of paper used to showcase the level of the skills you have developed since the beginning of the study. This type is also referred to as a capstone project. It's a significant task that must be carried out with a high level of skill and proficiency. But what is its importance? Completing this paper is an essential part of your education program because it shows that you are a professional.

Need help with capstone project?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

Types of Capstone Projects

As mentioned before, they can be different as well as requirements. There are ones for junior students and senior students, and postgraduate students. Depending on the degree, there are such types of research:

As they vary, they can be conducted individually or in a group. The main thing is that the instructor has to review the final capstone project proposal at the finishing stage.

Choosing a Topic

The best advice is to pick an area you are genuinely interested in. Otherwise, there is no point in research. The process is long, and the demands are high. There is some general advice on how to choose the theme for the research project format.

Should you find the task of picking the theme too challenging, there's a way out of this trouble. You can always buy capstone project online and save time and effort while getting an excellent result. Using services of trusted platforms guarantees you high-quality and timely delivery.

Detect plagiarism in your paper for free

How to create a capstone project outline.

When you begin working on this format, it's important to keep in mind that the nature and formats of the written paper may vary depending on the faculty, the topic, and the goals for the writing papers. You can buy it online or find a written template to save some time, especially since a lot of effort is required. Starting from the contents, you need to create a capstone paper outline to help you structure your content according to your instructor's rules.

Without any doubt, a capstone study will simplify everything for you. Considering the importance of it, you must learn how to write it or use outline templates. So, how do you go about it? Take note of the following steps.

If you intend to take an easy route to all the steps listed above, you may get an example of the study summary and follow it. According to experts, the best approach to writing your culmination study is by starting with a list of papers you wrote, a list of studies you have undertaken, and an article you have published or assisted in.

For most universities, you will be required to write the title and intro page. If the case warrants it, you may need to rewrite these pages a few times. The title must be catchy, and the intro urges readers to go deeper into the text. The introduction should shift from specific to general terms. It should also focus on the research, topic, and possible methodology adopted in the paper. Before starting, check whether the presentation format will be needed. You could gather information during the research project and add points from existing materials step by step. Remember, that it is an important part and you better be prepared.

If you require a detailed plan to complete your outline, write out all the elements on the subject. When designing, keep in mind that you may meet or write some sections before others. However, the most significant thing is finishing the entire paper and taking specific steps like presentation preparation to make it possible. When all the outline sections have been properly written, it's time to start your project. You may ask someone to review your progress before proceeding with the entire paper.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

Example Of A Capstone Project Outline

It's almost impossible to come up with an example or templates that would be useful for every student in every school. There are just too many elements to take note of simultaneously. However, we can do our best by including some of the most common factors that you would find in any paper.

When compiling an outline, you can include the following chapters:

These are examples of any culmination study contents. Still, the system can vary depending on the topic in question. Make sure that you carry out research and write down inquiries from your instructor to find out the outline that will be most useful for your project.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Capstone Project Outline

Coming up with an executive summary for this type of paper is a lot of work. As a result, people tend to make simple mistakes that greatly affect the quality of their work. However, many of these mistakes are avoidable, especially if you had examined the materials given like outline templates or academic project ideas existing on the subject. Apply academic thinking, find the information on the writing process as well as format requirements, pay attention to elements required for an assignment, check the research problem and the research question properly.

If you intend to make a summary, you need to look out for the following mistakes:

Avoid topics that require a lot of calculation. You may have difficulties coming up with the best type. You may find it difficult to make a reasonable strategy. When presenting these cases, the additional emphasis on numbers will bore listeners and prevent them from keeping up with what you say.

Beware of reuse, repetitions, and self-plagiarism. This means that you should note what you have included previously. Adding too many related headings may lead to self-plagiarism later in the project.

Never underestimate the meaning of capstone projects. It's common for many students to play down the importance of this type of project. As a result, they end up handling everything haphazardly. This type of action would greatly influence the quality of the final writing.

When writing, avoid using long sentences. Understandably, you may be intent on clearly stating your points most of the time. Nevertheless, long sentences will only make it tougher. Do your best to go straight to the end. This type of project doesn't require a lot of talks, discussion, or emphasis. The only things you need to display are your academic skills and proper sentences.

When you are done, take your time to proofread and edit the final result. Make sure that you never skip this stage. Proofreading will reveal any hidden mistakes that may ruin the overall quality.

Create a summary of your text

Many students find it difficult to write their project because it requires a big one. Some may even give up initially because they doubt their abilities. But this shouldn't be the case. If you can't handle any aspect of your project yourself, it may be worth hiring capstone writing services to help out. They will approach the creation of your outline from a professional angle.

The benefit of hiring this service provider is the level of success they guarantee. Professional hands will handle your project. They can prepare a top-class project for you with all the essential details within the shortest time possible.

This type of project is one of the introductory assignments college students will do before finishing their education. Considering the importance of a capstone study, the design must be created smoothly. The system can be confusing because there are different types of capstone studies. However, with the right help and understandable requirements for this kind of paper, it's possible to achieve something reasonable.

Was this article helpful?

Thanks for your feedback.

Article author picture

I am Dr. Paulus, an experienced academic writer. I am efficient, hardworking, and very flexible. As a student, I majored in History and Management but will be more than happy to work on any other subject. I write everything from scratch and do a unique research for every project.

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capstone project technical background thesis


What is a capstone project? And why is it important?


By Stephanie L

What is a capstone project? And why is it important?

Sponsored by York University

What is a capstone project?

The capstone project has become an integral part of the university degree curriculum. It can take many various forms, but its purpose remains the same. The capstone project is a unique opportunity to carry out independent group research in order to devise an innovative solution for a real-world problem. While a project of this scope and scale can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding.

The capstone project is usually the final assignment and plays a vital role in preparing students for the world of work thanks to its practical applications and ability to help hone students’ professional knowledge and skills.

At York University in Toronto, Canada, things are a little different. In 2019, the university revised the traditional capstone project and created C4: Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom . While it still possesses the fundamentals of the traditional capstone project, C4 is a new, year-long initiative that brings students together from various degree programmes to work in interdisciplinary teams with faculty and project partners on real-world challenges pitched by non-profit organisations, start-ups and businesses to create social impact. 

TopUniversities spoke to Megan Tran and Javeria Mirza, two students at York University, to find out about their capstone project and why they feel it has played an important role in not just their academic development, but their professional development as well.

What is the Purpose of a Capstone Project?

1. it prepares you for the working world.

The capstone project is designed to consolidate final-year students’ learning with valuable hands-on experience to help develop them into well-prepared and well-rounded graduates.

Students work together in small groups to come up with innovative solutions for real-life problems, all while gaining valuable insights into the demands and responsibilities of the working world. This gives students a chance to bring their leadership and management skills alive and understand the consequences of their decisions in a ‘safe space’.

C4 gives students an insight into global affairs, international relations as well as social corporate responsibility and sustainability. 

Final-year bachelor’s in international studies student Megan and master’s in political science student Javeria were two of the eight interdisciplinary students, from the Faculty of Environmental Studies, the Lassonde School of Engineering, Glendon College, and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies at York University who worked together on the ‘Solar Floatie’ project.

“As a group, we were all interested in using technology and design-thinking for good. Our collective passion for social impact brought us together as a team. CooperLab at York University led by Professor Thomas Cooper was already spearheading the idea of an inflatable solar collector,” said Javeria.

“But how we went about developing the technology and what we wanted to use it for was up to us,” added Megan.

“ The Solar Floatie was born when the engineering side of the solar collector project was merged with the anthropology side and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework to propose a sustainable implementation model,” explained Javeria.

2. It helps build your CV and help you stand out as a candidate 

Undertaking a capstone project demonstrates to prospective employers that you’re more than just a potential candidate with the necessary academic qualifications. It shows your dedication to an issue which demands time and effort, as well as strict professionalism, work ethic and experience working in a practical, hands-on setting.

3. It offers valuable practical experience – something many graduates do not have

As a graduate, the reality of securing a job can be difficult as many roles demand practical experience. Many graduates are conceptually strong and suitable candidates, but a lack of applied knowledge in practical settings can make it challenging to demonstrate such experience and skills on their CV or in an interview.

The capstone project is a great solution and is something which both Megan and Javeria felt helped bridge that critical gap and has given them a competitive advantage as young professionals.

“It gave me an opportunity to learn outside a traditional academic setting and allowed me to explore my interest in sustainability and passion for social impact,” said Megan. “Since being a part of this project, I’ve been involved with a variety of organisations carrying out work that align with these passions.”

Javeria echoes Megan’s sentiments.

She said: “Bridging the lessons learnt during the capstone project such as the value of continuously learning, taking initiative, and working effectively with people from diverse disciplinary backgrounds has been invaluable in both my UN work and my graduate studies.”

4. It hones on specific skills that are highly valued by employers

The capstone project encompasses a real-life working culture which aims to instil a set of specific skills that are both highly valued by employers and will ultimately serve students well into their careers.

York University’s C4 focuses on the development of a wide range of skills, including creative, critical, and strategic thinking, effective communication, teamwork, problem solving and research analysis through diverse learning approaches and perspectives. Students deepen their sense of social and ethical responsibilities as they learn to mobilise their knowledge across disciplines and work effectively in interdisciplinary teams while engaging professionally with their peers and professors.

Lead image: Solar Floatie project team members work on assembling the solar energy collector, under Professor Thomas Cooper’s direction. Credit: York University

This article was originally published in March 2021 . It was last updated in December 2022

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Stephanie image

As the Head of Sponsored Content for and (until September 2021), Stephanie created and published a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. She attended the University of Portsmouth where she earned a BA in English Language and an MA in Communication and Applied Linguistics.

capstone project technical background thesis

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capstone project technical background thesis


CAPSTONE PROJECT: Parts of a Capstone Project

What a Table of Contents Could Contain

I      Introduction        A     Statement Of Problem/Opportunity (Research Question)        B     Background, Context, And Significance Of Study        C     Project Researcher Identification II     Literature Review        A     Subheadings (Themes Discovered In Review)        B     Notice Of Gaps In Knowledge III    Methods        A     Subjects/Participants        B     Data Collection Approaches/Strategies              1     Advantage Of Strategy              2     Limitation Of Strategy              3     Potential Risk              4     Ethical Issues About Collection Upon The Subjects/Participants        C     Data Analysis Approaches And/Or Software (NOT The Results Themselves, Just How You Are Going To Analyze The Data – Coding Method, Analysis Of Interviews/Recordings, Mathematics And Stats Analysis) IV     Results, Findings, Interpretation, And Discussion V      Recommendations, Application, And Conclusion VI     Reference Pages

What Goes Into Each Section

Life Pacific University Alumni Library | 1100 W. Covina Blvd | San Dimas, CA 91773 | Ph: (909) 706-3009 | Email: [email protected]


capstone project technical background thesis

Technical Background in Capstone Project Paper Outline:

A capstone project is a culminating assignment that represents the mastery of a specific academic discipline or field of study. It is typically completed by students in their final year of study or near graduation and is intended to demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to a real-world problem. One of the essential components of a capstone project is the technical background section, which provides an overview of the relevant technical knowledge required to understand and address the problem at hand.


The technical background section should start by identifying the field of study or the academic discipline related to the project. It should then provide a brief overview of the key concepts and technologies relevant to the project. This section should also describe the state-of-the-art in the field and highlight recent advances and developments that are relevant to the project.

The technical background section should describe the current tools and techniques that are used to address the problem and the limitations of these methods. This section should also describe the research gap that the project aims to fill and why the project is important in the context of the current state-of-the-art.

It is essential to ensure that the information presented in the technical background section is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the project. This section should be well-researched and should provide references to support the information presented.

The technical background section of a capstone project paper outline is critical in providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the relevant technical knowledge required to understand and address the problem. This section should be well-written, well-researched, and provide references to support the information presented. The technical background section should provide the foundation for the rest of the capstone project and set the stage for the proposed solution.

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Technical Background

Profile image of Jessica Aturdido

The proponents had gathered all related research about the project and had brainstormed about what technologies will be used. As the project is still ongoing, the proponents will still search for tools and software that can help improve the development of the system.

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Alan Peslak

Abstract: Developing real-world enterprise systems requires the integration of a number of complex technologies. The 2006 Model Curriculum for Graduate Degree Programs in Information Systems recognizes this need and recommends an integrated capstone experience directed toward helping the graduate student amalgamate the broad knowledge base required for successful development of enterprise systems.

capstone project technical background thesis

American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications

Wisdom Atiwoto , Wisdom Takramah

fikirte alemu

IamJho Remalliv

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Writing Chapters 1, 2, 3 of the Capstone Project Proposal Manuscript

Sheryl Satorre

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Parts of a research paper   educ 241

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capstone project technical background thesis

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capstone project technical background thesis

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capstone project technical background thesis

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capstone project technical background thesis

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The Capstone Thesis

Beginning the thesis project

The master's capstone thesis option must have a substantial research component, present an original argument, use proper academic writing conventions, including carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and should be at least fifty pages in length. This page count does NOT include the front and back matter (e.g., table of contents, lists of figures, illustrations and tables, acknowledgment and dedication pages, abstract, end notes pages, bibliography, appendices, etc.).

End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies . (2022). (January 2022 ed., p. 14).  Retrieved from

Master's Studies Resources

End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies   (EOP Manual)

Graduate Studies Webinar Series Focused information sessions:

2022 webinar series schedule

Institutional Review Board (IRB) The purpose of the IRB is to ensure that all human subject research be conducted in accordance with all federal, institutional, and ethical guidelines.

IRB Application Process | Resources | Training | Contacts | FAQs

Managing the Capstone Writing Project

Good writing takes time—not just the writing itself but logistical planning that lets one do good writing. Before you begin, there are a few things you can do to make the process more manageable.

Using a planner, an outline, or a simple to-do list can help make even the biggest writing tasks more manageable.

Be sure to include a completion or due date for each step, and build in enough time between the steps to do each task. Checking off or crossing out a completed task can be a great motivator and keep you moving forward toward the end goal.

Citation managers are online tools that allow you to save and keep track of your resources, as well as correctly format citations for the sources in your paper.

A citation manager,   which is also called a  reference manager or personal bibliographic manager , is software that lets you keep track of the sources you find, tag or annotate them, and then create citations and bibliographies. A key advantage of a citation manager is that once you’ve entered a citation into the manager, it can be used repeatedly to create lists of references for your papers. You don’t have to search for it each time you need to cite a specific source.

Citation managers help you save time because they are designed to work with other electronic tools. Most managers have a plug-in for Microsoft Word, which lets you import and save your search results. Some also have plug-ins for web browsers which allow you to capture web links. Citation managers typically have built-in connections to Google Scholar and common library reference databases.

There are many free web-based citation managers available. Two to consider:

Mendeley Logo

Mendeley Reference Manager Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that lets you find, organize, annotate, and share your research library on almost any device.

APUS Library FAQs for Mendeley Videos & Tutorials and Help Guides

Zotero Logo

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. (Zotero works best with Mozilla Firefox browser .) APUS Library FAQs for Zotero Video Tutorial and User Guides Zotero Forums   /  Contact Zotero

Outlining is a good way to structure your paper. Taking the time to create a quality outline at the start will make the drafting process easier and improve your final product.

An outline is a structured list that organizes your ideas into a logical sequence of major subjects and their sub-topics. The purpose of an outline is to create a section-by-section list of the ideas you will follow as you write your paper.

As you outline, look for the connections and relationships between your ideas. You'll need to evaluate your notes and identify the important ideas versus things that are irrelevant or need more research.

Using Microsoft Word to Create an Outline

For additional Microsoft info, click the Help ? icon at the upper right and enter multilevel list as your search phrase.

NOTE : Doing a reverse outline at the end is a great way to check your paper for accuracy and quality. You can do a reverse outline at any point you have a working draft of your paper, but it is a very effective tool to use with your final draft. For more information:

Labaree, R. (2009). Making an outline – organizing your social sciences research paper . [email protected]: Helpful Guidelines & Examples

Academic papers have a required format, or editorial style . Format instructions are found in style guides . The purpose of a style guide is to provide uniformity in writing and documentation/citation styles and in formatting a document. Following a standard guide ensures that your paper is professional-looking and readable. Journal publishers typically require authors to follow a specific style guide, so it is a useful skill to know how to use one! (Not sure of which style guide to use? Check here .)

How a thesis is formatted is not the same thing as how it is structured .

Using the EOP Manual for structure and format   

A key tool for the capstone project is the End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies (a.k.a the EOP Manual).

In addition to discussing what is required for each of the capstone options, the EOP Manual addresses

writing at apus



Librarians are on duty 365 days a year, and we're here to help. Contact us using the method that's the most convenient for your busy schedule.

LibAnswers: FAQs Library Video Tutorials Email Schedule a Research Consultation

CHAT   Click for chat hours

capstone resources & support

Graduate Advising

Facebook: Thesis Preparation Group

style guides at apus

citation and refernce example

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]/Date [email protected]/Bib [email protected] [email protected]/Date [email protected]/Bib

Style Guides FAQ

writer's reference center

Writer's Reference Center contains an abundance of resources to assist with all aspects of writing. Those resources include:

Get Connected

ESTEEM Graduate Program

Capstone Project

The ESTEEM Program is built on utilizing the technical skills of the students and supplementing them with a core business curriculum to develop a commercialization plan for a technology through a capstone project. This work performed by ESTEEM students is the cornerstone of the Program.  It requires a minimum investment of 15-20 hours per week of the student's time and energy from June to May.

Students are supported by:

Innovation and entrepreneurship come to life in a powerful way through this unique program element, allowing students to experience the stages of thinking through bringing a real technology to market. Descriptions of past and present capstone projects can be found here .

Featured Projects

capstone project technical background thesis

Biomedical Sciences/Vaccine Development

Sereen Nasrallah, 2020-2021

capstone project technical background thesis

Commercialization of 3D Printed Anatomical Models

Elizabeth "EB" Conklin Reyes, 2017-2018

capstone project technical background thesis

Compressor Maintenance Systems: Automating Maintenance of Compressor Machinery

Jereme Murray, 2015-2016

capstone project technical background thesis

Lumen Bio LLC

Julie Doran, 2019-2020

capstone project technical background thesis

Military Acquisition of Homemade Explosives Detection Kit

Shawn Cook, 2016-2017

capstone project technical background thesis

Nano sensor platform for breast cancer detection

Jon Malish, 2018-2019

ESTEEM capstone projects come from three main sources:

University Research 

The ESTEEM Program works with Notre Dame faculty in the Colleges of Science and Engineering as well as with the IDEA Center's enterprise acceleration team to identify research with commercial potential. These projects are sourced prior to the start of the Program and then presented to the incoming class. Alternatively, the ESTEEM staff will work with the students to identify research they are passionate about and then approach faculty members conducting similar research to explore possible capstone thesis opportunities.

Industry Sponsored

The ESTEEM Program works with local, national, and international industry partners to explore the commercial potential of new products or new markets for existing company products. Past industry partners have included business from small startups to multi-million dollar companies from the technology and life science fields. Upon identification of a project, the industry partner submits a list of skill sets to ESTEEM, receives resumes of incoming students who match those skill sets, conducts interviews with potential students, and selects the ideal student for their project. The matching process may begin well ahead of the start of the Program in late June.

Founder's Idea

ESTEEM students can choose to work on an idea or product they have invented. In order to work on a Founder's Idea capstone project, the student must present their idea to ESTEEM faculty and staff. During the presentation, they must address:

Students submitting a Founder's Idea must show that they have made significant progress prior to enrolling in ESTEEM, the idea must have a significant technical element, and the student must be willing to put in time and effort above and beyond the usual requirements of the capstone project. Students with approved Founder's Idea projects will submit their project to the McCloskey New Venture Competition. Additionally, it is expected that serious consideration will be given to the student pursuing their Founder's Idea venture post-graduation.

Project Matching

Between the months of March and June, staff from the ESTEEM Program work with sponsoring organizations and university faculty researchers to identify and define capstone projects. The resumes of confirmed ESTEEM students (who will arrive on campus in late June) are made available to the organization or faculty member between early May and mid-June, with the expectation that the student is selected by early to mid July.

Capstone Project Timeline

Understand the underlying technology

Perform customer interviews to identify market need

Perform competitive & Intellectual Property analysis

Develop a go-to-market strategy for the project

Create a financial forecast, enterprise valuation and ROI

capstone project technical background thesis

Online Programming Lessons, Tutorials and Capstone Project guide

Technical Background of Inventory Management System

Statement of the Problem         

After a series of interview and evaluation of the sample supply requisition of the inventory date, the following are the problem identified:

Project Strategy

The automation covers the processes from the delivered materials in the warehouse or the number of materials in the warehouse, to the request forms submitted in this office to be use in this project site per model house, including the form of release materials for construction of that model house, and the recording of returned materials that has not been consumed that same day.

Schedule Issues

The proposed Automated Inventory System may use any time of the day. This system will greatly help the employee. This system is convenient to the processes of items. It will not affect the daily operations of the administrator because there is an in charge person for this system so these operation will be easy for the person who is in charge in inventory.

Humans are the most important resource a company has, businesses rely on people to be able to run their business. Proposing an automated inventory system can help a lot to the person who is in charge at the warehouse. It will help the user to easily identify what product they have on hand, what product they have to maintain in order to respond to the needs of their customers and also help to save time and report their presentation clearly.

Financial Issues

Our client is a corporation that has excellent sales performance of dine-in stores nationwide and has enough budget to support the proposed Automated Inventory System.

Technology Constraints

Even though the advantages of installing an automated inventory system outweigh the disadvantages, there are still a few to be mentioned. One of the most common concerns of the company is that once a company installs the software, their employees do not have the proper training or knowledge of the system to retrieve the important information that they want. Moreover, that they have to acquire sets of computer units in order to use the automated inventory system. There will be considerable additional expenses to implement the Inventory System aside from the system acquisition itself.

Project Documentation and Communication

This project proponent starts the system with a step by step process, sharing ideas was a big help for us to do this project. We do this overnight in order to finish and it was not easy for us to make this system because we meet 3days in a week, it made us tired but we still had to work hard. We had some analysis and discussions in accordance to the needs of the corporation, we conducted a researched interview and it was documented by a letter of approval from our professor.

Project Organization and Staffing Approach

The roles and obligation that assigned in every member that they need to be follow providing and effective ability is needed to communicate well to each member. Without the right staff in a business or organization would hinder beneficial annunciation way of running the company efficient and successful manner. Staff should adhere to these changes in order to run a smooth and cooperative business.

System Design Specification

The developers gathered all necessary information in order to build a reliable system.

They asked the officer in charge in handling the budget allocating and monitoring to know the process and the problem that the company usually encountered. These set of information were used in designing the system. The developers used different methods in gathering information. They used beta testing to test the Usability and Effectiveness of the system.


The developers used testing methods to ensure the functions and quality of the developed system. Software testing, this is to ensure the correctness and effectiveness of the developed system. It includes set of activities conducted intended to find errors. In the developed system there are four steps of software engineering named: Unit testing, integration testing, validation testing, and system testing.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a method by which individual units of source code, this is a set of one or more program modules together with associated control data, operating procedures are tested to determine if they are fit for use.

This method will uncover the errors in the logical structure of the developed system. This will determine the incorrect and correct logical process of all modules that handle transaction.

Integration Testing

This phase is for the software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group. Before validation testing the unit testing will occur. Integration testing takes as it input modules that have been unit tested, groups them in larger aggregates, test defined an integration plan to those aggregates, and delivers as its output the integrated system ready for system testing.

Validation Testing

In software project management, software testing, and software engineering, validation and verification system should meet specification for the checking of the process to fulfill intended purpose. It also referred as software quality control and it is a responsibility of the software testers as part of development lifecycle.

System Testing

System testing is carried out when the entire software system is ready. The concern of this testing is to check the behavior of the whole system as defined by the scope of the project. The main concern of the system testing is to verify the system against the specified requirements. While carrying out the tests, the tester is not concerned with the internals of the system, but checks if the system behaves as per expectations.

System testing is performed after Integration testing and before acceptance testing. It is a level of the software testing process where a complete, integrated system is tested. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the system’s compliance with the specified requirements.

Result and Analysis

The developers conducted several testing methods through the use of testing strategy. Software test results and analysis plays a very important role in software development. The test process itself is crucial to the success of new software products. It is only through efficient system testing that the quality and safety of an application can be guaranteed. For software businesses, there is no excuse for a poor quality. This is the reason why companies use several testing methods.

Credits to the authors and developers of the study/project

You may visit our  facebook  page for more information, inquiries and comments.

Hire  our team to do the project.

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BSIT Capstone Project Manuscript Guidelines (Final)

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capstone project technical background thesis

Capstone Project and Thesis

Students complete their MS in Data Analysis and Visualization degree by working with an advisor to research and write a thesis OR to complete a capstone project. Students will select a faculty advisor, who will supervise their final project. 


The capstone project will typically be a digital project related to the student’s area of study, accompanied by a 20-25 page double-spaced white paper. Students may produce a website, a platform, a tool, or another digital project in consultation with their faculty advisor. Click here for a list of recent capstone projects completed by alumni of the program.  The thesis is the culmination of the coursework and studies in the degree program. It is intended to be 50-60 double spaced pages in length and should be connected to the student's area of study.

Students only need to complete either a thesis OR a capstone project. 


The Graduate Center has graduation dates three times a year for degrees awarded in June, October, or February. But there is just one graduation ceremony each year (in early June), and that graduation is for all students who graduated in the year prior. The library has specific deadlines for depositing which follows dates set by the GC academic calendar . 

Students are responsible for finding a faculty member to advise their capstone/thesis project. Faculty advisors should be members of the faculty of the program in which the student is enrolled; should that not be possible, students can contact the Program Director to see whether another faculty member affiliated with the GC may advise the project. 

After a faculty member has agreed to serve as an advisor, students should contact the Program Coordinator to register for a 3-credit advisement course with their faculty advisor to give them credit for their project. The course number is DATA 79000.

If you are planning to graduate in September, you should register for advising in the spring. There is no summer capstone registration.

Write your Capstone/Thesis Proposal and after your faculty advisor approves it, submit it (together with your bibliography) to the Program Director for approval.

If registered for advising in the Fall semester, proposals should be submitted by the end of the add/drop period (around the third week of the semester). If registered for advising in the Spring semester, proposals should be submitted by the first day of classes for Spring. Please consult the GC academic calendar for dates. Students should follow all directions in the Thesis/Capstone Proposal form .  The capstone/thesis project should be completed during the semester that you are registered for capstone advisement.

If your research involves human subjects, please discuss your project with your advisor and with the CUNY Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) to determine whether your project requires IRB approval from the GC or your advisor’s home campus. If you are unsure if you need approval for your project, please contact Rebecca Banchik . 

Contact Steve Zweibel at the Mina Rees Library to discuss possible data sources and considerations to best archive and preserve your capstone project.

Students working on a capstone project should include a white paper report compliant with the program’s guidelines . As you work on your capstone project/thesis in consultation with your advisor, we recommend you make use of the resources available to students at the GC. 

The final Capstone/Thesis project (and project white paper for capstones) should be approved by your faculty advisor. We recommend submitting to your advisor at least 3 weeks before you plan to submit to the Program Director for final approval, to allow time for feedback and revisions. 

After your advisor approves your final Capstone/Thesis project (and project white paper for capstones), send it to the Program Director for final review, at least two weeks before  the library’s deadline to deposit . Please copy the Program Coordinator on your submission email. 

Note: We advise students to allow approximately five weeks between their submission to the advisor and the final approval by the Program Director.

After final approval by the Program Director, you will deposit your Capstone/Thesis final project with the library. For instructions on formatting the thesis and on procedures and deadlines for depositing it, see the Mina Rees Library Dissertations and Theses Page . You can also contact Roxanne Shirazi for general questions about deposit procedures, or Steve Zweibel for questions about archiving digital projects. Make sure you review the instructions and begin the process of depositing at least two weeks before the deadline. 

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  1. Capstone Research: Dissertation or …

    capstone project technical background thesis

  2. Capstone Project Thesis Ideas

    capstone project technical background thesis

  3. Technical background thesis writing

    capstone project technical background thesis

  4. Sample Capstone Project Proposal For Information Technology

    capstone project technical background thesis

  5. Capstone College Paper / Capstone College Paper

    capstone project technical background thesis

  6. Understanding The Capstone Project and Getting Started

    capstone project technical background thesis


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  1. Capstone Projects

    The Capstone is a culminating academic project experience that is completed within the confines of a semester-length course. Several Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) fields either require a capstone or offer the option to pursue one. In addition to the information below, review Guide to the ALM Capstone Project website. Types of Capstones

  2. PDF MS Project and Thesis

    MS Project and Thesis Software Engineering GOL (70) Rm. 1690 585-475-5461 Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences Capstone or Thesis The Master's thesis or capstone project forms the culmination of the MS program in Software Engineering. It is a large body of work, which you

  3. Capstone Project vs. Thesis: What's the Difference?

    A thesis statement should be thought of as an answer to a question. Your answer becomes your position, and your statement can take one of three forms: Argumentative: An argumentative thesis begins with a) your topic, b) your position, and c) the reasons you will cite that back up your position.

  4. Capstone Project: Definition, Types, Structure, and Examples

    A thesis is guided by a research question resulting in the addition of new knowledge to the field, while a capstone project is guided by the practical importance of the project to the field. A thesis involves academic research and analysis, while a capstone project can be anything including a dance or film.

  5. Guiudlines for Writing A Capstone Project Outline

    You can research how to create project outline templates online. Set up the structure for the headings and subheadings in the sample capstone project outline template. The number of titles and subheadings will depend on the nature of your paper. Split the headings and subheadings further.

  6. What is a capstone project? And why is it important?

    The capstone project is usually the final assignment and plays a vital role in preparing students for the world of work thanks to its practical applications and ability to help hone students' professional knowledge and skills. At York University in Toronto, Canada, things are a little different.

  7. LibGuides: CAPSTONE PROJECT: Parts of a Capstone Project

    CAPSTONE PROJECT: Parts of a Capstone Project Parts of a Capstone Project Voice in the Capstone Project Analysis of Qualitative Data Resources What a Table of Contents Could Contain I Introduction A Statement Of Problem/Opportunity (Research Question) B Background, Context, And Significance Of Study C Project Researcher Identification

  8. Example of Technical Background in Capstone Project Paper Outline

    The technical background section of a capstone project paper outline is critical in providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the relevant technical knowledge required to understand and address the problem. This section should be well-written, well-researched, and provide references to support the information presented.

  9. (DOC) Technical Background

    Download Free PDF ACLC COLLEGE OF MARBEL Koronadal City, South Cotabato IT Capstone CHAPTER 3 - TECHNICAL BACKGROUND 3.1 Technicality of the project The proponents had gathered all related research about the project and had brainstormed about what technologies will be used.

  10. Thesis Chapter 1 to 3

    March 27, 2022 APPROVAL SHEET This capstone project proposal titled: Inventory Management System prepared and submitted by Patrick G. Sarataguda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, has been examined and is recommended for acceptance and approval. <Capstone Project Adviser's ...

  11. 150+ Thesis and Capstone Project for IT and IS

    The list below are the capstone and thesis projects compiled by our team for the year 2019. Mobile Based Task Scheduler with Notification Application Mobile Learning App Capstone Project Online Grading System with Grade Viewing Capstone Project Students' Grade Record Profiling System Complete Capstone Documentation

  12. Writing Chapters 1, 2, 3 of the Capstone Project Proposal Manuscript

    Writing Chapters 1, 2, 3 of the Capstone Project Proposal Manuscript 1 of 33 Writing Chapters 1, 2, 3 of the Capstone Project Proposal Manuscript Jan. 07, 2012 • 65 likes • 123,641 views Download Now Download to read offline Education Technology Sheryl Satorre Follow Teacher at University Advertisement Advertisement Recommended

  13. PDF MS CSIS Graduate Program Thesis/Project Guidelines

    Students in the MS CSIS program may choose to complete a master's thesis or a capstone project. One of the most common questions students have is, "what is the difference ... findings. Therefore, each project must be accompanied by a technical report that describes or documents the background analysis performed, the methodologies used in ...

  14. Chapter-3-and-5

    Chapter 3 Technical Background In this chapter we discuss about the technology that we are about to use and the explanation for all those technical development for the proposed system. 3.1 Technologies used for the Proposed System This study was conducted to help PAG-ASA S. Mart Store inventory management to be more useful by adding inventory …

  15. The Capstone Thesis

    Beginning the thesis project The master's capstone thesis option must have a substantial research component, present an original argument, use proper academic writing conventions, including carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and should be at least fifty pages in length.

  16. Capstone Project // ESTEEM // University of Notre Dame

    The ESTEEM Program is built on utilizing the technical skills of the students and supplementing them with a core business curriculum to develop a commercialization plan for a technology through a capstone project. This work performed by ESTEEM students is the cornerstone of the Program. It requires a minimum investment of 15-20 hours per week ...

  17. Technical Background of Inventory Management System

    Technical Background of Inventory Management System Statement of the Problem After a series of interview and evaluation of the sample supply requisition of the inventory date, the following are the problem identified: Unsafe storage facilities of supply requisition and inventory files.

  18. BSIT Capstone Project Manuscript Guidelines (Final)

    literature. The abstract contains the projects context, purpose and description, objectives, technical background, methodology, major findings and conclusions. See sample template. ... -----A review of related literature is an integral part of research /Thesis /Capstone Project. The main purpose of a Review of Related ...

  19. Capstone Project and Thesis

    Write the proposal (and have it approved!) 5. Contact the CUNY Human Research Protection Program and the library. 6. Work on the project and white paper, or on the thesis. 7. Submit your final Capstone/Thesis project to your advisor. 8. Submit the final Capstone/Thesis project to the Program Director for final review.

  20. Example Of Technical Background In Capstone Project

    1 (888)814-4206 1 (888)499-5521. How does it Work? Information Technology. 341. Customer Reviews. Making a thesis is a stressful process.