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example of dedication in capstone project

Capstone Projects for High School Students

Padya Paramita

February 10, 2020

example of dedication in capstone project

As colleges get more and more selective, you might be worried about how you can stand out among the thousands of talented candidates. One useful tip to keep in mind is that admissions officers want students who are truly passionate about what they do and have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their interests. If you’ve got an academic subject, topic, or even hobby that you love, consider taking on one of the many possible capstone projects for high school students . 

It’s never too early to start brainstorming, especially when considering broad fields such as biology and economics. Finding a specific topic that relates to you personally is especially important with interests such as writing and art that are common for many applicants. To guide you through the process, I have outlined what exactly is meant by capstone projects for high school students , provided some topic suggestions to give you an idea of what yours might look like, and finally, outlined how your project can benefit your chances in the college admissions process. 

What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone projects for high school students can take many different forms, depending on the topics that resonate with you, and what is feasible based on your location and the time you’re willing to spend. If you’d like a more concrete way to convey your skills, effort, and knowledge in a certain discipline, carrying out a capstone project - usually finished at the end of the school year - would be an effective way to reflect your interest. Throughout the project, you should make a plan, conduct research, maintain a portfolio if applicable, keep track of your progress, and finally, present it.

Students usually carry out these projects individually, but sometimes, depending on the breadth of the topic, form a group. You might want to find a mentor as a resource, though it’s not required. Choose a mentor who offers expertise in the field. For example, your history teacher can assist you on a paper about World War II, while your English teacher should be your go-to if you’re working on a poetry collection.

Once your project is ready, you should present your hard work in a form that makes sense for the field of your choice. Capstone projects for high school students could come to life in the form of a paper, video, public presentation, or something even more specific such as an app or book. You might submit it to a panel of your teachers or supervisors for a grade if applicable.

Brainstorming Topics for Capstone Projects for High School Students

Brainstorming capstone projects for high school students can be difficult. Where do you even start? Narrow down topics based on your intended major, career interest, or a problem in your community you’d want to tackle. You could even find an academic approach to one of your favorite extracurricular activities!

The project can take many forms. If you’re interested in studying filmmaking, you could create a short movie or documentary. If you’re conducting biological research, you could write an academic paper and try to get it published. Check out the following table, which we’ve divided up by fields, in order to inspire ideas for your own initiative as you continue brainstorming capstone projects for high school students . 

As you can see, there is a world of possibilities. Your projects can also be on a relatively small scale if you don’t have the resources or the time. If you have multiple interests, you can combine various fields, such as art and business, engineering and biology, writing and social justice. If you’re thinking about pursuing one of these capstone projects for high school students , carefully consider what you can genuinely put the most effort into and create something that is unique to you!

How Can a Capstone Project Help You in the Admissions Process?

You might be wondering whether conducting capstone projects for high school students helps with your college applications. If done well, such work can impress admissions officers, as it would show that you aren’t afraid of taking initiative. If you work on the project with a team, this could be a great demonstration of your leadership and collaboration skills. Over the course of your work, depending on your project, you can also hone your research, writing, and public speaking skills. 

Colleges appreciate students who are specialized in one or two particular areas. Starting your own capstone project can effectively emphasize your passion for your major or prospective career. Considering that you will probably work very hard on the project and that it might end up having a deep impact on you (and vice versa), you could find yourself writing your personal statement or supplemental essays on the experience. Having worked on a project like this would portray clear ambition on your part. Admissions officers would get a strong impression of the ways you would contribute to the campus community. 

At the end of the day, the sole purpose of your project shouldn’t be just to boost your application profile. Genuinely work hard on your project and make sure your reasons behind pursuing it are convincing. Admissions officers will organically get a sense of your intellectual pursuits and commitment to creating something beyond what’s expected out of your academic interests. 

Capstone projects for high school students not only convey your passion towards a field, but they help you develop and hone skills that can benefit you throughout the rest of your life. Remember, that taking on such a project requires time, dedication, and patience, so don’t tackle something huge unless you can handle it. But if you commit to it with enthusiasm and determination, your efforts can go a long way toward increasing your knowledge, impressing colleges, and positively contributing to your community. Good luck!

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example of dedication in capstone project

What is a capstone project and it’s importance

May 21, 2018 | Writing

example of dedication in capstone project

As you come to the end of your degree program, the capstone project is one of the academic projects that you will be required to complete. However, you might be asking yourself what is the ominous project and why do you need to complete it for you to graduate. You will realize that there are numerous reasons why grad learners must complete a capstone. First, you need to know what a capstone project is for you to understand why it is required in many programs.

This is a complex assignment that entails numerous steps and acts as a capping academic and intellectual experience at the end of your academic study. A capstone is a final assignment on your academic years that signifies the completion of a program and the peak of achievement. Additionally, a capstone will let your tutors, peers and future employers acknowledge your proficiency.

In most cases, all capstone projects experiences tend to be experiential. This implies that they involve conducting unique research or solving a real-life challenge by using the knowledge and expertise you acquired through your entire degree program. Capstone papers are distinguishably found at the culmination of the liberal arts and humanities programs. Additionally, a business degree will require a capstone experience also.

As a student, all the capstone projects will start by you recognizing a problem. You must think about the problem and segregate what you believe are causative components that you will present as theories. The moment you establish a method to overcome the causes, you will present your concepts as a hypothesis. Therefore, the theory and the hypothesis will be presented as a capstone proposal. In most cases, a proposal should be presented to a committee or advisors for it to be approved. Once approved, you can start researching as you plan your solutions and implement them over a period that may last a semester. The last this to do will be analyzing the results and combining the steps in a paper that will present verbally.

This will apply if the program requires one. Note that online degrees tend to follow the similar curriculum as traditional degrees, but its material is presented differently. That implies that if a capstone perfect is a required in traditional degree programs, they will be a requirement of online degrees also. However, they can be completed in a different format.

Bear in mind that the completion of education will make the beginning of your advanced professional experience. Completing your capstone project successfully plays a vital role in showcasing your competency to your teachers and employers in and mastery of your area of expertise. Additionally, completing your capstone project helps you overcome the uncertainties and offer you the confidence that you require excelling in your profession.

While composing a successful capstone project can be an intimidating task for the majority of students, it is one of the important academic requirement in many colleges. Every student in the final year college is required to write a capstone project to showcase what they have been learning during the academic years. A good capstone project must cover everything that a learner has studies in the whole duration of the college. One of the reasons why the majority of leaners dislike composing a capstone paper is that it is complicated. While writing a capstone project, you should know that there is no room for mistakes and learners must verify that they are eligible for the graduation. Here are some of the benefits of writing a capstone paper

A capstone project plays a vital role in preparing a student for the future course of learning. It gives students a chance to retain whatever they have been learning during their college studies and apply it once they pursue a specific academic profession in the college.

A capstone project can help to hone the research making skills of a learner. Since there are tons of research work when it comes to composing a capstone project, a student is required to search for something authentic, and this leads to then being able to improve their research making skills.

A capstone project can offer an excellent platform for any learner. This means that they can strengthen their basic knowledge in a specific course and offer alternatives as to which academic profession to pursue once they complete their studies. It can help students discover the interests and pursue the academic field accordingly.

A capstone project assists a nursing student to recognize the needs that require urgent attention in the society. It offers them a chance to evaluate the health trends of a particular area or among a given age group and concentrate their efforts on how to solve the problem and save people. For example, during their studies, learners can discover that the aged people are most affected by a certain disease. This will make them launch a campaign to create awareness of the ailment among other people.

When learners are required to compose capstone projects that offer them a chance to work with communities, they will be able to establish a good relationship with other institutions and the communities. Bear in mind that these partnerships are mutually helpful since the most of the capstone projects will require learners working with healthcare facilities and their employees. This will give them an opportunity to discover some of the problems that the health care workers face. This implies that with the help of a capstone, the learners will be able to provide solutions on what must be done to make sure that the health workers feel appreciated.

Bear in mind that writing a good capstone project requires tons of patience and dedication. Coming up with a subject matter that provides a solution in which a community requires promptly is one of the hardest things for the majority of students. However, you can hire a service provider to write a high-quality nursing capstone project paper.

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Capstone Project

Research Paper

Leadership Best Practice Guidelines, Capstone Project Example

Pages: 4

Words: 1098

This Capstone Project was written by one of our professional writers.

Leadership Best Practice Guidelines, Capstone Project Example

You are free to use it as an inspiration or a source for your own work.

Need a custom Capstone Project written for you?


From a professional perspective, I have learned much about myself and my ability to improve my knowledge, skillset, and experiences in the nursing field to date. I have witnessed an evolution of the practice environment in many ways and have been blessed to be part of the changes that are taking place that have influenced my practice perspective in a positive manner. Therefore, I must utilize these skills and knowledge in such a way as to improve my own abilities to be successful in the nursing profession in every decision that I make. I believe that there must be a strong foundation for success, and this is best achieved through the development of a framework that will support and allow me to be fully engaged in the practice setting in many different ways. This process offers a continuous learning curve that I must embrace in order to serve my patients well and to maximize my contribution to nursing as best as possible.

My educational journey has opened my eyes to the many opportunities and advantages that nurses have to offer to the healthcare industry. Nurses wear many hats and are required to perform a variety of roles; therefore, optimal knowledge, education, training, and preparedness are essential for professional growth and development (Masters, 2014). I have learned through my education that nurses must embrace new challenges and continue to learn on a regular basis as new tasks and technologies evolve and new alternatives are presented (Masters, 2014). This requires my full attention and focus in order to be successful in treating patients with the utmost respect, dedication, and commitment to promote healing and recovery. Nursing is not represented by a single identity; rather, it reflects a well-defined purpose and scope that is multifaceted and supported by many beliefs, theories, core values, and prior evidence, all of which come together to create a comprehensive environment of care and treatment that supports the growth of the practice in many ways (Johnson, Cowin, Wilson, & Young, 2012).

My pursuit of a nursing degree has been instrumental in my understanding of how nurses play a significant role in patient health and wellbeing. The skills that I have acquired to date reflect the importance of understanding my skillset and my ability to be successful in meeting the required objectives of the profession. For a potential employer, I must develop a strategy will enable me to be recognized as a worthwhile candidate, and this may be emphasized through my resume and through the interview process. It is important for me to take the steps that are required to ensure that my skillset is available for review and I am able to communicate my strengths to potential employers. At the same time, I must learn how to incorporate my perspectives regarding patient advocacy, quality of care, and patient safety to an organization, and this is best achieved by highlighting specific situations whereby patient advocacy has been supported by a nurse’s point of view. In addition, it is important to emphasize the relationship between quality and safety, as these convey the importance of shaping an environment whereby changes to existing protocols may be achieved to reduce potential risks for these patients (DeBourgh, 2012).

From an organizational perspective, there must be a greater focus and commitment towards patient safety, along with an opportunity to examine the key areas where policy is lacking or does not sufficiently emphasize patient needs (Dubois, D’amour, Tchouaket, Clarke, Rivard, & Blais, 2013). It is important to identify areas where the organization must tighten up its understanding of risks regarding patient safety that influence nursing practice and to be mindful of the techniques and strategies that are available to influence change for patients who are at risk of falls or other occurrences in the hospital setting. An organization must be prepared to work collaboratively with its nurses in favor of developing strategies that will contribute to successful outcomes for patients and that will facilitate improved quality of care that will optimize the use of resources and other alternatives.

Finally, from a nursing leadership perspective, I must recognize best practices and continue to explore the best opportunities to achieve patient care quality and the importance of safety in this regard (Purdy, 2013). Nurse leaders must be prepared to manage the needs of their patients effectively and must be able to recognize the value of leadership in supporting the appropriate perspectives and approaches to care and treatment (Purdy, 2013).  This process also reflects the importance of education and a structured learning environment in supporting best practices and the overall development of new perspectives to improve quality of care at a consistent level (Bridges, Herrin, Swart, & McConnell, 2014). There must be a significant emphasis on learning, education, and training throughout the nursing career in order to identify the appropriate best practices and to be mindful of the decision-making that influences patient care and treatment in a positive manner. It is expected that these principles will demonstrate the value of patient needs and expectations at the highest possible level.

Nursing practice continues to evolve and require a special approach to patient care and treatment that will promote greater advocacy for patient needs and optimize safety at all times. This reflects a need for nurses to act in leadership roles and to expand their skillset in order to produce at a high level and to be successful in all areas of care and treatment. It is important for nurses to identify areas where they might use policy as a means of improvement and take their skillsets to the next level through continuous education and training. These opportunities will engage nurses in new ideas and changes that will facilitate the highest possible level of patient care that is available.

Bridges, R. P., Herrin, D., Swart, T., & McConnell, M. T. (2014). Creating an innovative educational structure to support best practice among novice nurses. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing ,  45 (2), 60. DeBourgh, G. A. (2012). Synergy for patient safety and quality: academic and service partnerships to promote effective nurse education and clinical practice. Journal of Professional Nursing ,  28 (1), 48-61.

Dubois, C. A., D’amour, D., Tchouaket, E., Clarke, S., Rivard, M., & Blais, R. (2013). Associations of patient safety outcomes with models of nursing care organization at unit level in hospitals.  International journal for quality in health care ,  25 (2), 110-117.

Johnson, M., Cowin, L. S., Wilson, I., & Young, H. (2012). Professional identity and nursing: contemporary theoretical developments and future research challenges.  International nursing review ,  59 (4), 562-569.

Masters, K. (2014).  Role development in professional nursing practice . Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Purdy, N. (2013, July). Leadership Best Practice Guidelines: Every Nurse a Leader. In  Sigma  Theta Tau International’s 24th International Nursing Research Congress . STTI.

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Top Teams Tie in the CIS Capstone Project Competition


For this final project, student teams were tasked with creating a project deliverable for the Rockingham Group, a local insurance company.  Each team created a fully functioning website that enabled the Rockingham Group customers to safely sign into a portal, estimate a quote for home and/or auto insurance, and contact a local insurance agent.

The CIS capstone course is one that blends the knowledge and skills gained in the previous CIS courses (CIS 330, CIS 331, and CIS 454). As seniors, students are supposed to enter CIS 484 equipped with the knowledge gained from their previous course study and ready to use that knowledge to execute a deliverable for a real client. The top two teams are selected by Cole and asked to compete for best final project in the CIS Capstone Project Competition.

At the competition, Cole gave opening remarks, followed by CIS interim department head Mike Mitri, who offered advice to the soon-to-be graduates. Just before presentations began, Karen Bowman, a representative from the Rockingham Group, thanked students for sharing their knowledge and expertise and remarked on her experiences working with the students. About working with the students, Bowman said, " From the beginning, both Kristi and I were impressed with the questions we were asked and the talents that these students have. They were analytical, inquisitive, and were obviously going to offer us some very good ideas.  After seeing the final presentations, our expectations were confirmed. Both of the winning presentations were very impressive."

CIS seniors Zachary Clemens, Cory Dovel, Lacey Lomax, and Matthew Primmer then provided an overview of the project, explaining its purpose and the expectations of the various stakeholders09- 

Pictured above, the first team to present consisted of senior CIS students William Hanson, Douglas Hill, Dae Kim, Nathan Krueger, and Shelagh Worfolk.

Second Winning Team in CIS Competition

During their presentations, both of the student groups explained their project implementation and demonstrated the functionality of the website. The students then fielded questions from the judges. 

Judges from the competition included Mitri and CIS professors Dr. Jeff May, Dr. John Guo, Mr. John Karabelas, and Ms. Laura Atkins in addition to Karen Bowman and Kristi Harold from the Rockingham Group, as well as Shelly Hokanson from JMU’s School of Media Arts and Design.

After the presentations, students from the CIS 484 course offered advice to the CIS 331 students in the audience. Senior CIS student Nicholas Scozzafava advised, “You must respect the project—this is not the type of project you can finish in one night. You must work progressively and stay within the scope of the project. Do not try to take on too much.”

After calculating the judges’ scores, Cole revealed that the two teams tied for best final project. In providing the closing remarks, Cole explained, “I had a lot of you in COB 204 when you were first entering the program, and I get a sense of pride seeing your growth from the time you were a freshmen until you are a senior. It is a pretty amazing thing. From working with each of you, I have learned that where ever I set the bar, you will all go there with me.”

Rockingham Group thanked the students for their dedication by providing dinner for all those in attendance.

The CoB congratulates the two teams and thanks the judges for sharing their feedback and expertise with students. We would also like to thank Rockingham Group for providing an opportunity for students to engage in hands-on experiential learning, a staple of instruction in the College of Business.

To view pictures from this event, please click here . 

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Published: Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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