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How To Write Significance of the Study (With Examples) 

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What Is the Significance of the Study?

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Where Should I Put the Significance of the Study?

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Why Should I Include the Significance of the Study?

The purpose of the Significance of the Study is to give you space to explain to your readers how exactly your research will be contributing to the literature of the field you are studying '> 1 . It’s where you explain why your research is worth conducting and how significant it is to the community, the people, and various institutions.

How To Write Significance of the Study: 5 Steps

1. use your research problem as a starting point, 2. state how your research will contribute to the existing literature in the field, 3. explain how your research will benefit society, 4. mention the specific persons or institutions who will benefit from your study, 5. indicate how your study may help future studies in the field.

You must also specifically indicate how your research will be part of the literature of the field you are studying and how it will benefit future researchers. In our example above, you may indicate that through the data and analysis your research will provide, future researchers may explore other capabilities of herbal plants in preventing different diseases.

Tips and Warnings

Significance of the study examples, example 1: stem-related research, example 2: business and management-related research, example 3: social science -related research., example 4: humanities-related research.

Future researchers – this study covers information involving meditation as an approach to reducing anxiety levels. Thus, the result of this study can be used for future discussions on the capabilities of meditation in alleviating other mental health concerns.

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1. what is the difference between the significance of the study and the rationale of the study, 2. what is the difference between justification and the significance of the study, 3. how should i start my research’s significance of the study section, 4. what is the difference between the purpose of the study and the significance of the study, 5. what is the significance of the study in tagalog, 17 thoughts on “ how to write significance of the study (with examples)  ”, leave a reply cancel reply, read more how-to guides for students:.

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Capstone Project | Explained step by step with examples

Help with your capstone project.

Taking on a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree with a Capstone Project means switching to an entirely different writing style than you may have used in the past. While you may be used to academic writing and parsing through scholarly journals, writing a thesis or dissertation is an entirely different process.

At some colleges and universities, there is no difference between the words “thesis” and “Capstone Project”, but generally these are five-chapter papers that explore a new and original research topic. Nonetheless, both types of papers amount to the same writing process.

Chapter 1 is the introduction:

The purpose for the research should not be a mystery: begin the section with a one-sentence research problem statement that includes the variables studied. Follow the purpose of the research with a description of the background and the significance of the problem. Include the impact of the problem at the location where the research will be taking place and three or four research questions.

Chapter 2, the literature review:

This describes the history of the topic and key literature sources, illustrates major issues and refines focus to indicate research questions. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a broad picture of the literature, including analysis of any studies encompassing the scope of the entire applied research project.

Chapter 3 is the methodology:

Can be either qualitative or quantitative. Provide a rationale for using the particular methodology—either for the entire applied research project or for each specific research question. For a thesis, this will require outlining your step-by-step means of gathering data. For a dissertation, this may involve showing how you have found your data in the literature or from government records.

In Chapter 4, your findings are outlined:

You need to explain every piece of information you have collected in detail, and if there were any problems in the data.

Finally, Chapter 5 is where you draw your conclusions.

Provide your reader with deep analysis of what your data means in the real world, and how it might lead to change.

Developing your first draft

Using your outline, work through the paper from beginning to end. Normally, the opening paragraph should ‘hook’ the reader, contain your thesis statement, and explain what you are going to do in the paper so that the reader knows what to expect.

Be careful to link your subsequent sections to your main argument, make them substantive and persuasive. Importantly, however, avoid exaggeration. Do not overstate your points in ways that are clearly not supported by evidence. Be clear about what is known and what is not known. Recognize complexity but always stay with your main argument.

A paragraph is a means of developing and framing an idea or impression. As a general rule, you should address only one major idea per paragraph. Keep in mind that the divisions between paragraphs aren’t random, but indicate a shift in focus. In other words, you must carefully and clearly organize the order of your paragraphs so that they are logically positioned throughout your paper.

If you are having trouble coming up with arguments for your Capstone Project, let us help you by doing the research for you.

The closing should pull the whole discussion together, reinforcing your main Capstone Project points, and perhaps provoke further thought. It is often best to prepare the research and outline well, then to sit down and write the first draft all at once, and worry about refining it later. The simplest and most basic conclusion is one that restates the thesis in different words and then discusses its implications.

Writing your paper with originality

Many students make the mistake of thinking that the content of their paper is all that matters. Although the content is vitally important, it will not mean much if the reader cannot understand what you are trying to say. You may have some great ideas in your paper but if you cannot effectively communicate them you will not receive a very good grade.

Diction is the style of how you write. This refers to the way in which you create and communicate your ideas. How you construct and deliver your message is just as important as all of the facts within your term paper. This means that you need to write for clarity as well as accuracy. The challenge seems to be that many students think that they need to be able to utilize ten-dollar words and imagery in order to really impress their professors. To the contrary, your professor will be impressed if you can get your message across quickly and effectively. You will be penalized if you use words incorrectly or for no reason except to pad your Capstone Project.

Writing in an original fashion means that you need to think and plan ahead. Writing your paper at the last minute will not give you the time you need to be able to do the research you need to make your term paper stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you begin your research right away when you are assigned your paper so that you can get ahead of the game.

Editing your paper

Be sure to leave enough time for editing: editing should take about 20 percent of the time allotted. While writing varies, it takes about 20 hours of research, eight hours to write, and seven hours to edit and proof a ten-page paper properly and thoroughly, and longer for Capstone Projects that are expected to be 25 pages or more.

To edit your Capstone Project, reread each page out loud to ensure a logical flow of information and clarity. Ensure you explain yourself well and that every paragraph, in some way, serves to support the thesis and draw the reader towards your conclusions.

We’re here to help. If you need assistance in getting through all of these steps, we can help you succeed on your Capstone Project.  Contact us!

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Chapter 1(Research Description) Capstone Project Guidelines and Sample

Chapter 1 research description.

–  serves as the engine that drives all the rest of the documents. Once a word or phrase is substantiated, use the exact word or phrase throughout the thesis or capstone project.

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example of significance of the study in capstone project

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What is the Significance of the Study?


Significance of the Study

What does Significance of the Study mean?

The significance of the study is a written statement that explains why your research was needed. It’s a justification of the importance of your work and impact it has on your research field, it’s contribution to new knowledge and how others will benefit from it.

Why is the Significance of the Study important?

The significance of the study, also known as the rationale of the study, is important to convey to the reader why the research work was important. This may be an academic reviewer assessing your manuscript under peer-review, an examiner reading your PhD thesis, a funder reading your grant application or another research group reading your published journal paper. Your academic writing should make clear to the reader what the significance of the research that you performed was, the contribution you made and the benefits of it.

How do you write the Significance of the Study?

When writing this section, first think about where the gaps in knowledge are in your research field. What are the areas that are poorly understood with little or no previously published literature? Or what topics have others previously published on that still require further work. This is often referred to as the problem statement.

The introduction section within the significance of the study should include you writing the problem statement and explaining to the reader where the gap in literature is.

Then think about the significance of your research and thesis study from two perspectives: (1) what is the general contribution of your research on your field and (2) what specific contribution have you made to the knowledge and who does this benefit the most.

For example, the gap in knowledge may be that the benefits of dumbbell exercises for patients recovering from a broken arm are not fully understood. You may have performed a study investigating the impact of dumbbell training in patients with fractures versus those that did not perform dumbbell exercises and shown there to be a benefit in their use. The broad significance of the study would be the improvement in the understanding of effective physiotherapy methods. Your specific contribution has been to show a significant improvement in the rate of recovery in patients with broken arms when performing certain dumbbell exercise routines.

This statement should be no more than 500 words in length when written for a thesis. Within a research paper, the statement should be shorter and around 200 words at most.

Significance of the Study: An example

Building on the above hypothetical academic study, the following is an example of a full statement of the significance of the study for you to consider when writing your own. Keep in mind though that there’s no single way of writing the perfect significance statement and it may well depend on the subject area and the study content.

The statement of the significance of the study is used by students and researchers in academic writing to convey the importance of the research performed; this section is written at the end of the introduction and should describe the specific contribution made and who it benefits.

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example of significance of the study in capstone project

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example of significance of the study in capstone project

The Thurstone Scale is used to quantify the attitudes of people being surveyed, using a format of ‘agree-disagree’ statements.

Scrivener for Academic Writing and Journals

Find out how you can use Scrivener for PhD Thesis & Dissertation writing to streamline your workflow and make academic writing fun again!

example of significance of the study in capstone project

Dr Pujada obtained her PhD in Molecular Cell Biology at Georgia State University in 2019. She is now a biomedical faculty member, mentor, and science communicator with a particular interest in promoting STEM education.

example of significance of the study in capstone project

Clara is in the first year of her PhD at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. Her research is based around understanding the reactivity of peroxynitrite with organic compounds such as commonly used drugs, food preservatives, or components of atmospheric aerosols.

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CAPSTONE PROJECT: Parts of a Capstone Project

What a Table of Contents Could Contain

I      Introduction        A     Statement Of Problem/Opportunity (Research Question)        B     Background, Context, And Significance Of Study        C     Project Researcher Identification II     Literature Review        A     Subheadings (Themes Discovered In Review)        B     Notice Of Gaps In Knowledge III    Methods        A     Subjects/Participants        B     Data Collection Approaches/Strategies              1     Advantage Of Strategy              2     Limitation Of Strategy              3     Potential Risk              4     Ethical Issues About Collection Upon The Subjects/Participants        C     Data Analysis Approaches And/Or Software (NOT The Results Themselves, Just How You Are Going To Analyze The Data – Coding Method, Analysis Of Interviews/Recordings, Mathematics And Stats Analysis) IV     Results, Findings, Interpretation, And Discussion V      Recommendations, Application, And Conclusion VI     Reference Pages

What Goes Into Each Section

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Home » Feature » Thesis » Significance of the Study Samples | Writing Tips

Significance of the Study Samples | Writing Tips

When you write a thesis , there is a section there that is allocated for the significance of the study. This article will provide different  significance of the study examples and will discuss tips on how to write this part.

Tips in Writing the Significance of the Study

Here are the tips that may be helpful when writing the significance of the study. These tips will tell you the basic components expected to be seen in the significance of the study content.

1. Refer to the Problem Statement

In writing the significance of the study, always refer to the statement of the problem. This way, you can clearly define the contribution of your study. To simplify, your research should answer this question, “What are the benefits or advantages of the study based on the statement of the problem?”

Start by explaining the problem that your study aimed to solve. For example, if you conducted a research study on obesity rates among elementary school students, you would start by explaining that obesity is a major health concern in the Philippines and discuss why it is important to find ways to address this issue.

2. Write it from General to Particular

Determine the specific contribution of your thesis study to society as well as to the individual. Write it deductively, starting from general to specific. Start your significance of the study broadly then narrow it out to a specific group or person. This is done by looking into the general contribution of your study, such as its importance to society as a whole, then moving towards its contribution to individuals like yourself as a researcher.

Discuss how your study fills a gap in the literature. If you conducted an experiment on the effects of a certain type of food on children, for example, you might start by explaining that no research has been done on this topic before. This section would also include a discussion about why your study is important.

Your problem statement might help you determine the unique contribution of your research. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the aim of the problem and the study’s objectives are identical. For instance, if your research question is “Is there a significant relationship between the use of Facebook Messenger and the performance of students in English spelling? “, you could write as one of the contributions of your study: “The study will identify common errors in spelling and grammar by Messenger users and recommend its appropriate use in a way that can improve performance in spelling.”

You may also read: How to Make a Conceptual Framework

Significance of the Study Samples

Here are some examples to help you draft your own introduction:

Title: Number of Clinical Internship Hours: A Determinant of Student’s Effectiveness and Skill  Acquisition in the Hospital Area for Velez College Students

Significance of the study.

The results of the study will be of great benefit to the following:

College of Nursing Dean . Data given will provide the dean with information on how the number of duty hours in a week affects the student’s academic and RLE performance. The results will enable the dean to improve the scheduling of RLE and different academic subjects. Data gathered will help the dean initiate collaboration among faculty and chairpersons to help plan the advancement of nursing education in relation to the new curriculum.

Clinical Instructors . The results of the study will help the clinical instructors evaluate the quality of care rendered by the nursing students, academic performance, attitude and skills acquired in relation to the number of hours given in a week. Results would also develop the clinical instructor’s teaching-learning and evaluating strategies in enhancing knowledge, skills and attitude to the students in the time frame given.

Students . This study will provide information regarding which time arrangement is effective: 8-hr of clinical internship from the 5-hr clinical internship with additional academic classes. This study will evaluate the academic performance, the student nurse’s attitude and approach, the skills learned in the clinical area, and the quality of care rendered in the given time frame. Data gathered will also help the students improve both academic and clinical performance.

Velez College . This study will improve the school in the development of nursing education. This study will foster new ways of enhancing knowledge, skills, and attitude, thus preparing globally-competitive nurses in the future. This study will also help in the advancement of school management, clinical leadership, and the teaching-evaluation approach.

Title: The Effectiveness of Isuzu’s Blue Power Technology in Fuel Efficiency of Diesel Engines

The generalization of this study would be a great contribution to the vast knowledge in relation to the brand awareness of Isuzu’s Blue Power Euro 4 Technology. Furthermore, the results of this investigation could be highly significant and beneficial for the following:

Current Customers

They refer to consumers that have already bought products from Isuzu. They are considered to be the main beneficiaries of the business. The findings of this study would provide them with adequate information about the product, most especially for those clients that have already bought units with the Blue Power Euro 4 Technology but have no idea of its benefits and advantages.

Potential Customer

They are the consumers that have not yet purchased this brand. This study aims to give them insights and overviews of the product and would help them choose the right variant to purchase.

They are the main beneficiaries of this study, which may help them to improve their marketing strategies. It would provide substantial data to the business that they could make use of in boosting their sales. Moreover, developing brand awareness will cater to more demands and loyalty in the future.

For they also play a vital role in the business and as consumers. This research would give them the idea that such private vehicles exist, which helps them to conserve energy rather than exploit it. Hence, giving back to the community and making it a better place to live.

Proponents of the Study

This refers to the students conducting the study. They will find self-fulfillment and gain knowledge and skills in this study. This study will help and inspire more researchers to be more innovative and creative in their future endeavors.

Future Researchers

This study will serve as a reference for researchers on the subject of research in the field of marketing. This will serve as a guide to further developing the research with the connection to the variables used.

The significance of a study is a key component of a strong scientific paper. By following these tips, you can create a clear and concise explanation of the importance of your work. I hope that these tips and samples will help you create a perfect Significance of the Study for your thesis. Apply these tips to prevent your mind from wandering aimlessly as you draft the significance of the study. It will allow you to focus on the next section of your thesis, helping you finish it on time. Good luck!


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Table of Contents

2 Tips in Writing the Significance of the Study

1. refer to the statement of the problem.

Hence, just looking at your statement of the problem will tell you how significant your study will be to those who need it. You won’t deviate from what is expected as the outcome of your research. Others may use your findings for their specific purposes.

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2. Write from general to specific contribution

Significance of the Study This study’s findings will redound to society’s benefit, considering that Mathematics plays a vital role in science and technology today. The greater demand for graduates with a Mathematics background justifies the need for more effective, life-changing teaching approaches. Thus, schools that apply the recommended approach derived from the results of this study will train students better. Administrators will be guided on what should be emphasized by teachers in the school curriculum to improve students’ performance in Mathematics. For the researcher (or researchers, if it is a group study), the investigation will uncover critical areas in the educational process that many researchers could not explore. Thus, a new theory on learning Mathematics may be arrived at. P. A. Regoniel

Highly Significant Issues to Study

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