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Students take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to a real industry problem in a Senior Design Project that caps off their engineering education. Many regional companies sponsor and guide students through the completion of their projects, which also allows them to leverage the opportunity into full-time jobs after graduation. Recent examples of Senior Design Projects are testing lithium ion batteries for performance under certain conditions, using eye tracking technology to diagnose sports concussions, and creating a new gold plating process. 

Each Spring, graduating seniors present their ideas at the Emerging Engineers Expo.  Read about our most recent  projects.  

  • Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • Design Competitions
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  • Clubs & Organizations
  • PhD Fellows

H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

College of engineering, senior design.

All BSIE graduates in the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering must successfully complete ISYE 4106 Senior Design, sometimes referred to as Capstone Design. The Senior Design experience is an intensive team-based engineering design project based on a real-world design problem faced by a local, national, or international client. Senior Design is a mentored experience in which you begin the transition from school to engineering practice.

You will find that your curriculum preparation prior to ISYE 4106 is necessary but not sufficient for success in Senior Design. Courses are highly structured presentations of theories, methods and tools, often with highly simplified examples of their applications, where data are given, and the assumptions are always satisfied. In Senior Design, you must learn to apply these theories, methods and tools in situations that are not simple, where the data are not given, and where the assumptions required by formal analyses may be violated. You also will learn that technical knowledge alone is not sufficient for success—you must also be able to apply what you know to new situations; be competent in teamwork, communication, and “selling” your ideas; and exercise good engineering judgement. Senior design is more than a course. It is an opportunity for you to work with clients, team members and faculty to do something impactful. There are high expectations for the Senior Design projects. However, you will find that ISyE, Georgia Tech, and your client can provide a lot of help, if you ask. We all want you to succeed and we are confident that you can deliver projects of high value and impact that you will continue to be proud of for the entirety of your professional career.

Senior Design Project Listing

Finalist presentations.

Senior capstone design projects in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Course objectives:.

The goal of the capstone design course is for students to apply their full engineering and general engineering education to a new and important problem which is amenable to an engineering solution and present their results. The course will develop and refine students’ abilities in this context by planning and organizing a term project, evaluating design alternatives with supporting engineering analysis, applying appropriate engineering standards, assessing and optimizing designs from the customer perspective, and presenting final designs.

Course Topics :

Integrative Experience:

Engineering solutions are almost always created in response to some societal need. Understanding the need is central to success in engineering design and an engineer must understand the economic, social, political, sustainability and environmental contexts in which the need arises. Therefore, as engineering students embark on the problem identification phase of engineering design they have the opportunity to reflect and draw on the knowledge they have gained through their General Education courses and then integrate this with the engineering knowledge they have gained in their major. More specifically, by employing the broad knowledge they gain from experiences in economics, psychology, sociology and history, students are better equipped to understand how an engineering solution will be accepted and will address societal needs. This kind of reflection goes beyond understanding in the separate disciplines by considering, for example, how economic, safety and environmental issues compete and complement each other and by observing how their own perspectives on these issues have evolved.

Project Overview:

Mechanical Engineering:  The objective is to identify a design need, develop engineering specifications for the product, and design, develop and fabricate hardware related to your design project.

Industrial Engineering:  The objectives are to (1) design, develop, implement, and/or improve an integrated system or systems that include people, materials, information, equipment and energy and (2) to use appropriate analytical, computational, and experimental practices in the context of an integrated system; demonstrating skills and knowledge indicative of a capstone project.

This means that the project should require a higher-level of engineering knowledge and skills than found in sophomore and junior-level design classes. Thus, the project must involve significant use of engineering tools and standards, the results of which are used to inform decisions. There are several project formats as part of the course.

calendar for MIE projects

Project Requirements.  This team-based capstone project must also meet several requirements. These include the following:

[1] This is an  ABET  ( A ccreditation  B oard for  E ngineering and  T echnology) requirement.

[2] This is an  ABET  ( A ccreditation  B oard for  E ngineering and  T echnology) requirement.

This is not intended to be an inclusive list. You are free to propose design project ideas based on your interests and/or interactions with industry and other UMass departments.

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Examples of Past Projects - School of Industrial Engineering - Purdue University

Purdue University

Examples of Student Projects

Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects.

Spring 2023 Capstone Projects

Fall 2022 Capstone Projects

Learn how our students can help you.

Other Examples of Previous Projects

Student Project Partners

AeroFab, Inc.

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166+ inspiring senior project ideas to check out.

senior project ideas

Writing the senior project is a much anticipated and yet dreaded time in the life of every student. It is a significant milestone that every student must achieve before receiving a diploma. Every student wearing a graduation gown and flinging their caps in the sky has completed a student project at one time or the other.

When students begin to approach their final year, preparation for the senior project will begin. Sometimes, the project supervisor will instruct that the student goes to find a project topic.

The search for a topic for the senior project can be pretty hectic. You begin to approach those who have graduated before you to ask for project topics they worked on. Everyone wants the perfect project topic, and so you start to sieve through a million and one ideas that you come across.

If you are looking for a unique project topic for your senior project, this article provides an endless list of senior projects examples that you can choose from.

What is a Senior Project?

A senior project is a project high school students are required to carry out before their graduation. This project is a medium to showcase their academic knowledge creatively. It is mandatory, and all students must begin and complete their senior projects before they can qualify to write an exit exam.

Exit exams are usually confused with senior projects because they are both designed to test the knowledge that a student has amassed throughout high school. The difference between them is that an exit exam is a written test that examines a student’s understanding of math, science, reading, and writing. However, a senior project is an experimental examination of a student’s ability.

The exit exam is prepared for a lot of students. However, senior projects are usually chosen by students from a list of senior project ideas that they have come up with. When students have to find ideas for projects for school, they seize the opportunity to dive into topics that interest them. Computer science, Engineering, Economics, Literature, Accounting, Government, and so on, there are many single and group project ideas you can choose from as a senior student.

A senior project requires a lot of research which will take time. Sometimes, students have to skip classes to work on their projects. A high quality project will require so much effort, which is why students are encouraged to choose a topic that they are passionate about. The project will also expose the student to more insights about their passion, and sometimes, students go on to choose a career in the topic they chose for their senior project.

What Subjects Can a Senior Project be About, and How Can You Create One?

Students are expected to be creative when coming up with a senior projects topics list. The ideas can be generated from:

The ideas can focus on their desired career, community service, research papers, and so on. All of these projects follow a set of steps already prepared by the United States Department of Education.

To create a senior project, first, you have to come up with great and interesting ideas. Then you will have a compelling topic that you want to go with. When you choose the topic, you will research the topic and write your research paper. Some students usually seek writing help for this aspect. If you need help, you can find a professional writer in school and online who gets paid to write research papers.

During the research and writing the research paper, the student will have been exposed to a lot of information about the topics and will be expected to have a journal where these pieces of information will be documented. After the research has been completed, there is a final stage where the student has to present all their findings to a panel. This panel will decide how well the student has done in the research.

Easy Science Topics to Choose From

The following topics tap into areas like natural and environmental sciences; the analysis and exploration of controversial issues. It involves carrying out surveys and performing experiments on these topics. If you want mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, or computer science senior project ideas, check some of these good senior projects ideas that you can choose from.

  • Proof of Newton’s laws of motion.
  • How to build a robot from scratch.
  • How to show the electrolysis of water.
  • How to design a makeshift parachute
  • How to develop a solar panel
  • The impact of object-oriented programming on software systems.
  • How to use Spyware to deal with software security threats.
  • How we can make software interactive systems more effective.
  • Computational Game Theory: its strength and weaknesses.
  • Digital library technologies should be adopted in every college and university.
  • How effective are modern human-computer interfaces?
  • What role can computing methods play in the improvement of education?
  • Guide to creating a barcode generation software.
  • Easy steps to accessing a PC remotely
  • Best intruder detection systems that can be used in warehouses and safes.
  • How to design a game
  • How to develop an application
  • How the body responds to stressors
  • The role of reality shows in society today.
  • How to regulate the effects of erosion
  • The connection between temperature invasion and wind direction
  • How to disintegrate crude oil in rivers, seas, and other water bodies.
  • How cloning can help to grow plant and animal cells.
  • Website developers use control systems to maintain high security.
  • What is a high-level programming language, and how can you design one?
  • The psychology of relationships.
  • Creating a mobile application that has no bug.
  • Abortion Law: The perspective of the government and the society.
  • The science of human cloning: How it all started and its development.
  • How oxytocin can help to treat psychopathic patients.
  • Hormones and how they affect human behavior and mental health.
  • The immune system: How it protects human health and the consequences of a poor immune system.
  • Societal opinion on the concept of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • How does photosynthesis work, and why is it so crucial to plants?
  • How has the improvement in technology helped to curb the spread of diseases in plants?
  • Do plants have an immune system? How do they fight off diseases?
  • A study of ecology and evolution.
  • How to create a hologram: A visual explanation of the diffusion of light.
  • How to easily detect methane in an open field
  • All you need to know about the black hole.
  • A brief study of the concept of time
  • An analysis of gas and all its constituents
  • The distinction between the waste products of humans and animals
  • Energy drinks: What they contain and their effects on the human body.
  • Complex study on the effects of hard drugs in society.

Excellent Technical High School Project Ideas

If you are passionate about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and other technical topics requiring theory and practical knowledge to become a professional, there are many awesome senior project ideas for high school students that you can show to your teacher. It’s okay if you do not have any idea. Here are some reliable high school project ideas for you.

  • Construction of a popcorn machine
  • Automated cleaning machine
  • The machine that finds and cleans oil spills
  • Study of the working principle of an internal combustion engine
  • Design of a smart energy meter
  • Design of a home automation system
  • Design of a solar system
  • Design of a helicopter
  • Design of a robot
  • Design of an Arduino
  • Design of a circuit using different methods
  • How to monitor and control a substation from your mobile phone
  • Design of smoke and fire detectors that can be used to detect forest fires.
  • How to design an electronic alert system
  • How to use mobile applications to control your home appliances
  • How to optimize power from solar panels by making them bend to the direction of the sun.
  • Design of a traffic control system
  • Improving the speed of a machine.
  • New ways to reduce energy consumption at home and reduce the cost of energy consumption
  • Design of a wireless charger
  • Design of a smart lighting system
  • Automation of a bottle filling system
  • How to use automation to regulate the temperature in an environment.
  • Design of an electric skateboard
  • Design of a solar simulation system
  • Design of an affordable music synthesizer
  • Design of a movable ventilator
  • Design of a solar-powered grinding machine
  • Design of a smart fuse for industrial use
  • Design of a DC motor driver without brush
  • Design of an energy meter
  • Design of an anchor light controlled by light
  • Design of a micro-inverter
  • Design of a circuit that detects LPG leakage
  • Design of an inverter
  • Design of a high-security circuit breaker
  • Design of a dynamometer
  • Design of a dust collection system
  • Automation of ball valves
  • Design of lighting system for bicycles
  • Building face recognition software

Research Ideas for High School Management Students

Management courses cover topics like business and economics that hand students knowledge of consumer behavior and market forces. Below, you will find some high school economics projects and other cool project ideas that you can include in your senior projects topics list.

  • A better way to budget one’s income
  • How Cowism can help to understand economics better
  • How to create your investment portfolio
  • In-depth research into the world’s economies
  • How the English Premier League is maintaining balance despite competition
  • The role the UEFA’s Fair Play regulations play in a club’s finances.
  • How the market price is determined in an e-commerce market
  • The structure of an e-commerce market
  • A complex analysis of the real estate industry in America
  • An analysis of the gender wage gap in different sports
  • A study into how financial liberty can increase corruption
  • A report on how and why the Bitcoin price is inviting more investors
  • How the massive cost of education affects the economy
  • Factors that contribute to a human’s behavior
  • How family, society, and environment can affect the possibility of obesity in a child.
  • How the workplace can affect a person’s health
  • Gentrification: Social and Economic Causes
  • The effects of public transportation in the spread of the coronavirus
  • Factors that boosts economic growth in developing and under-developed countries
  • SpaceX: A study of unbelievable innovation
  • The role of effective management in small, medium, and large-scale businesses.
  • How management leaders are causing major innovations across different industries.
  • How customer service is helping companies to gain and retain more customers
  • The importance of project management in any business.
  • Who is a project manager, and what role does a project manager play in political campaigns?
  • Why are there fewer women in leadership than men?
  • What is risk management?
  • How does capital influence a corporate strategy?
  • Are corporate strategies productive? How?
  • Role of technology in the evolution of management.
  • The concept of tax evasion and its relation to accounting
  • How software programs can change the accounting world
  • The process of coming up with a new accounting theory
  • How important is accounting to an auditing firm
  • How has the recession affected personal finances
  • The effect of the COVID-19 on companies’ budget
  • How to create a working payroll system
  • Tax debts: what are they, and how can they be reduced?
  • Decision-making in Accounting
  • Countries that have been affected mainly by the recession
  • Blockchain and impact on the economy of climate change.

Ideas for Senior Projects in Art and Education

If you need excellent group project ideas in topics like politics, art, literature, education, etc., these project topics will come in handy for you. Pick from any of them and get started with your senior project.

  • The use of public art to create awareness for paper use
  • How drawings and paintings can address societal issues. The role of smiles in identity and social exchanges.
  • How art can be used to educate people on the history
  • A study on how art can be used to tell ancient stories and revive a forgotten culture.
  • How to turn ideas into projects
  • How art can be used as a source of passive income for students and families
  • Possible changes in schools’ policies that could improve the education system.
  • How to provide easy access to books and libraries for students.
  • Effects of workshops in improving vocational skills.
  • The role of mentors in providing better education for students.
  • Why computer literacy should be taught and encouraged in schools.
  • Why students should be encouraged to take up a second language
  • How to help students who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • How translators can help to provide better education for immigrants
  • The advantages and disadvantages of virtual learning
  • How the COVID-19 has affected the education system
  • Research into the best methods to educate children with learning disabilities
  • School uniforms: are they essential?
  • Best practices to help students assimilate in class
  • How to effectively study for an exam
  • The effects of peer pressure on a child’s education
  • Education policies that ought to be abolished
  • Cyberbullying: causes, effects and how to tackle it.
  • How teachers can keep students on their best behavior in class
  • Impact of social media on high school students
  • Effect of global warming on education
  • The pandemic vs. education: what have we learned?
  • How students adapt to digital art
  • Pros and cons of digital art to high school students
  • What we know about the 21st century art and education
  • Religion as a tool of artistic brilliance
  • Gender equality in education: obstacles and way forward
  • Should schools move totally online?
  • Impact of virtual education on high school students
  • Should schools charge less for virtual learning?
  • Machine learning: an art or science? Discuss
  • Role of fiction in shaping the new world
  • The significance of literature to general history.
  • Why students need new sets of teachers for the modern world
  • NFTs: meaning, challenges, and impacts.
  • Electronic literature and why students should care.

Get Help With Your Senior Project!

These topics will help to begin your research in any area of interest. If you are not an English speaker or an English Language Learner, you might need an English as a New Language (ENL) teacher or a native speaker of the English Language to help you write your research paper. Here is where we come in. Check our online services and choose from our many professional “do my project” freelancing teachers to help with your senior project.

thesis defense

One expert. One order. One manager.

And an entire course’s worth of assignments crossed off your list.

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Senior Design Project For Engineers

These are engineering student projects that are a comprehensive application of the subject matter in the Industrial & Systems Engineering curriculum. The general intent of the project is to demonstrate the students’ knowledge of the integrative aspects of the systems engineering process. These projects have been formally presented before industrial and academic experts.

The Industrial & Systems Engineering program is a combination of Industrial Engineering & Systems Engineering.  Industrial engineering is concerned with design, improvement and implementation of integrated processes of people, processes, information, materials, management and equipment.  IE's draw upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences combined with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design, to specify, predict, and evaluate processes and systems.

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary and structured approach to designing and deploying successful systems to blends engineering, systems thinking, and management topics. Systems engineering deals with work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools while ensuring that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered, and integrated into a whole.

Project from 2023 2023

Superfly Amphibian , Devonte Andrews, Ahmed Hamza, Kwesi Onumah, and Eva Sanchez

Mercedes-Benz USA Labor Planning Dashboard , Jayden Ayash, Lily Frank, Ashley McNeal, and Giselle Reyes-Zavalza

Fixing the Maze: Redesigning the KSU Johnson Library Map , Gabriella Cumberbatch, Alexa Cosgrove, Katia Alexis, and Ipek Erbaz

Lunar Operating Surface Transport , Caleb Currier, Everett Davis, Joe Lundy, and Justin Nguyen

CEVIT: A Useful Analysis to Address the Current EV Chargers on KSU Marietta Campus , Erek Karadeniz, Gregorio Rocamora, Malik Brown, and William Villasana

Hansen Technologies: MVP Kaizen Event , Kyle Kraus, Ethan Mahon, Erick Hohler, and Alexander Knowles

Reducing Restaurant Inventory Costs Through Sales Forecasting , Tyler Mason, Chris Schoen, Trevor Gilbert, and Jonathan Enriquez

Project from 2022 2022

Stream Labs Process Improvement , Nabaa Al Ani, Alex Pirulis, and Yusuf Ertas

Solving the Engineering Technology Center Printer Crisis through Process Improvement by using Six Sigma DMAIC Method , Alexander Alvord, Carina Weiler, Peter Tran, and Erin Nelson

Proposing ISO 50001 Energy Management System at Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. , Elizabeth Anderson, Anthony Apanian, Walid Khalid, and Jennifer Tran

Maximizing Airport Efficiency , Kaitlyn Baier, Collin Lewis, Baraa Abdulmonem, and Rithik Ajith

Cold Storage Panels Delivery Route Optimizations , Shaina Bester, Marcelino Puga, Gabriel Garcia, and Jean Ayereby

Chamblee High School Extended Learning Time Optimization Project , Reid Bryant, Quinn Tobin, and Tristan Brown-Mulry

Correctional Facility Time and Motion Study , Christopher Egan, Ty Shadix, Vanessa Mendez, and Rodolfo Lopez

Hydrogen Electrolysis as an Alternative Fuel Source for Residential Areas in Widespread Power Outages , Malachi Ivey, Robert Sparkman, and Jonathan Gomez

SCOTT: A Martian Moon Exploration Excursion Vehicle FDR , Kamyar Karimian, Kyle Mello, Andrew Nguyen, and Alejandro Morales

Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet Facility Flow Evaluation and Improvement , Elissa Lindler, Nate Wolf, Jeremiah Hayes, and Rachel Washington

DMAIC in the Dining Hall , J'Lyn Martin, Jalia Killings, and Nastajah Wesley

Optimizing Class Access - OwlGo , Matthew Pendley, Bright Uchehara, Renji Maliakal, and Jorge Solorzano

The Fire-Fighting Owl , Eden Ricciardi, Lance Mulkey, Auston Kelley, and Jose Bonilla

Student Success and Evaluation Metrics , Ricky L. Singletary Jr, Andrew I. Morgan, and Elena S. Van Zanten

Student Parking Optimization , Austin M. Thomas, Will C. Moore, John W. Chapman, and Mustafa T. Ayaydin

Conestoga Shuttle , Harrison Vicknair, Anthony Gutierrez, and Josh Goodman

Project from 2021 2021

Project Scrappie (Clear Constellation) , Jacob Bertram, Jacob Britt, Bill Ngo, and Mike Diesing

Kennesaw State University and United Alloy Corporation Robotic Pick and Place Project , Kathryn Bharadwaj, Logan Spencer, and Tharkun Hudlow

UC-KSU Modular UAS Design , Maurice T. Boone, Vlad Mandzyuk, and Sydney Crandall

Delivery Route Optimization , Adam Esasky, Mark Iltsenko, Sean Jones, and Matthew Tharakan

Semi-Autonomous UAV for Surveillance and Emergency Response (SAUSER) , Ryan Foster, Arshdeep Sandhu, and Kenneth Jones

Process Improvement of Honeysuckle Biscuits and Bakery , Jevon Franklin, Kaela Bellamy, Manuel Quintal, and Suheyl Polat

Kantine Vending Machine LLC Inventory Optimization , John Gardner, David Rezkalla, Gabe Giraldo, and Jordan Moon

ENERCON Station Vacuum Pump Replacement , Clint Hembree, Jared D'Amico, Connor Moore, Paul Jeffrey Fontenot, Sydnee Castello, and J.J. Clements

Project Blipper , Peter Jacobs, Preston Delaware, and Ryan Foster

The Design of Futuristic Flying Cars , Laura Karabasz and Brandon Sauerberg

LUPA: An Excursion Vehicle for the Moons of Mars , Shannon Kavanagh, Bo Lewis, Alex Odinamba, and Joshua Mulhern

KSU Traffic: Optimizing Campus Flow , Kiara Lawson, Sara Davis, Mohan Siwakoti, and Justin Bostwick

Ecomspaces: Warehouse Workflow Optimization , Edwin Lim, Gustavo Andrade, Melanie Cardenas, and Nicolai Sison

KaMin Warehouse Improvement , Justin McNair, Jieling Su, Esther Ponizhaylo, and Eunice Pham

Unmanned Vertical Lift for Medical Equipment Distribution , Kyle Nottage, Elijah McDonald, Miles Mack, and Andrew Payne

Flying Wing UAV for Surveillance and Object Tracking , KRISTEN PADGETT, Scott Semmelink, Jared Lasley, and Paul Horne

Six Sigma Process Improvement for KSU Mailroom , Raven Pierson, Kailyn McLeod, Brett Teems, and Gabi Tawil

Workflow Optimization of World Micro, Inc. Quality Department , Nicholas Ricci, Rosa Lopez Gomez, Darius Ruffin, and Josh Fennell

Optimized Automated Checkout Process for Major Food Retailers , Matthew Ritchie, Tiana Longino, Daniel Garza, and Alp Katranci

Optimizing the Locations of Coca-Cola Vending Machines Across KSU – Marietta Campus , Nicholas Singh, Mario Arzate, Chase Miller, Masumi Jo, and William Pasha

Project from 2020 2020

Workflow Optimization of Kennestone Sterile Processing Department , Vanessa Arguelles, Vanessa Laude, Zack Wilkinson, and Marixa Ortiz

Improving Communication Between Assessment and Maintenance Departments , Brahim Biri, Jennifer Capps, and Delaney Pfeiffer

Hybrid UAS Design for Science Missions on Saturnian Moon Titan , Hershle A. Ellis, Miguel Quispe Tardio, and Jamal Longwood

Lead Time Reduction at Rudolph Foods , Nelson Farfan, Arturo Rodriguez, jackson Botti, and Fahd Sharfuddin

Urban Cargo Transport UAV Final Design Review , Niko Giannakakos, Rafael Barreto Gutierrez, and Tejas Bhavsar

Optimization of Vinyl Flooring Packaging , Devon Holloway, Dominique Donahue, Edafe Oyibo, and Fatemeh Mafikouhini

Design and Development of a Metal Fabrication Facility , Eveline Jose, Clynt Bell, Mariam Shokah, and Weseley Davis

Size and Cost Reduction of the Antenna 3000 , Mario Mignott, Austin Deaver, and Josh Madaris

The Magic School Bus , Thomas Murdoch, Hassan Hassan, and Nardeen Saleb

Kennesaw State University - Maintenance Optimization and Cost Analysis , Mary E. Ogidigben, David T. Murphy, and William L. Fowler

Aerial Screw VTOL Rotorcraft , Macale Rielly, Alexa Culp, Thomas Osteen, and Adeline Perry

Very Light Jet Trainer (VLJ) - Phoenix IV , Saxton Robinson, Eric Gentry, Daniyel Holmes, and Navee Cheng

Improving the Stainless Steel System at Process Technology International Using 5S, Process Improvement, and Inventory Control , Juan Fernando Sanchez, Jordan Nash, Enis Ormanci, and Erion Tafa

Bench v2 Optimization , Garrett Smith, Austin Hester, Ernie Rivera, and Jake Santa Cruz

Lean Process Improvement for a 3PL Distribution Center , Darell Vinson, Doaa Abdulmahdi, and Colombe Assi

Supply Chain Reduction for WellStar Kennestone Sterile Processing Department , Thomas Waluk, Michael Aniagboso, Shamaila Khalil, and Alondra Quintero

Project from 2019 2019

90 Day Kit Assessment , Sarah Abdullah, Karim Daoudi, and Jennifer Rutledge

Space Optimization and Process Improvement , Harith Alshareef

Unmanned Aerial Power line Surveillance Drone , Brock Arp, Wade Vine, Cameron Whigham, and Lorenzo Stewart

Deployable Solar Array Structure: G1:3 , Daniel Bain, Craig Patton, and Andrew Tendean

Design of the Skybus SB-400 High Capcity Short Range Transport Aircraft , Alexander Barroso, Austin Klee, and Chandler Palmer

Foster Care Support Foundation Volunteer and Capital Outreach Analysis , Abeer Bhatti, Alexandro Martinez, Sunny Patel, and Desmond Vail

Conceptual Design of a Combat Search and Rescue Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Aircraft , Juan M. Chirinos-Paiz, Keegan J. Musser, Robert M. Zenko, and Joshua Hunter

Extreme Altitude Search and Rescue Helicopter , Matthew J. De Sieno, Anthony Chavarria, David Stuver, and Zach Boss

Mazak Laser Optimization , Maylon Ellington, Terrilian E. Agbor Oji, and William N. Palm

SMART Flow Facility Analysis , Chantal Ann George, Pete Suktankar, Eric Wilson, and Matthew Geiger

Supply Chain Network Analysis for Outboard Motors at Motor Boaters USA , Seyedalireza (Ali) Ghiasi, Chase Griffith, Djanene Manuel, Yesenia Pérez, and Alvand Rafiee

Optimization of the Retention Rates of Ready Mix USA Drivers , Pruthvi Hira, Jaime Harmon, Kenneth Correa, and Destiny Sessums

Implementing Project Management Strategies to Enhance Productivity within Non-Profit Organizations , Destiny Konan and Brooklyn Harper

Shipping and Receiving Optimization , Kadi Kone, Austin Paschal, Shadae Tate, and Mariah Brown

Project from 2018 2018

Ultra Efficient Commercial Transport Challenge- NASA Design Challenge- X-JAB-ECT , Ramin Abdul, Jacob Beiting, and Evan Johnston

Atlanta (Kennesaw) eReturn Project , Shannon Ard, Trisha Donnelly-Nelson, and Scott Michael

Feasibility Study of Mohawk Industries Water Bottle Recycling Program with Automated Compactor/Baler , Brody Cook, Chris Yeager, and Parker Cook

Multipurpose Glider-Quadcopter UAS , Cody Delarosa, Lucas Richards, and Ty Hilton


Improvement of Quality Processes- Asset Condition Assessment Tool and Process for Vanderlande Industries , Mariantonia Hoyos Lopez and Tori Shonk

Grady Health Systems Linen Optimization , Kyleia Hutton and Samira Abdi

Class A Average Handle Time Standard , Stephanie Lee

Carlex Glass Laminated Side Glass Process Optimization , Jake Massingill and Marshal Turner

EJM Chain Fall Tooling Optimization , Migual Medina, Esraa Abdulmahdi, and James Algarin

Reducing Damaged and Returned Inventory at MDS Logistics , Chris Montell, Darioush Moein, and Amir Samadabadi

Atlanta Traffic Optimization Final Design Review , Biram Nicol, Vick Abwavo, and Brandon Harris

Innovation in Commercial Supersonic Aircraft with Candidate Engine for Next Generation Supersonic Aircraft , Christopher D. Roper, Jordan Fraser, and Alain J. Santos

A-Set Process Improvement , Gabriel Rubio, Davis Jackson, and Christopher Olaya

Service Drive 2020 - Fine Design , David Sirotinsky and Ling Marshall

Sauce Repackaging Test: Atlanta , Hannah Smith, Gideon Larios, and Christopher Gilbert

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The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department’s “learn by doing” philosophy is emphasized in the curriculum by the large number of design-centered laboratories, integrating design throughout the curriculum, and the senior project capstone design experience. These prepare graduates for careers in: operations management, production planning and scheduling, facility design, human factors design, data analysis and decision-making, quality control and reliability, economic and resource planning, and process improvement.

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Senior Projects from 2022 2022

Deep Ocean Vehicle (DOV) Scientific Payload , Nichole "Nikki" T. Arm, Mason Gariepy, Brianna Roberts, and Kyle C. Walsh

SunSation’s Solar Powered Picnic Table , Michelle M. Barnett, Christopher Barber, Casey Durham, and David Mason

Bike to the Future , Wanjiku Gichigi, Luisa Shu Yi Chiu, Alexander Kalman Dunn, and Georgia Ann Holmes

Multifamily Complex Smart Locks for Property Management and Tenant Security , April Mills, Allen Chen, Dana Kumamoto, and Michael Cook

Technical Inventory Management for College of Liberal Arts , Sofya Shatalova

Eagle Medical Tray Denesting & Debris Removal Process , Nicholas Allen Ungefug, Noah Chavez, Susana Shu-Lin Okhuysen, and Michael Augustine Pennington

Senior Projects from 2021 2021

The VIBE TR Series: Fit-Widget Bracelet , Angela Michelle Colabella, Molly Rodda, Emma Paige Neal, and Joey Chen

Hand Strength and Dexterity Enhancer , Julia Ann Denison, Autumn B. Rexford, Melissa A. Kurani, and Christina K. Fong

Standardizing Patient Generated Sleep and Step Data for Evidation Health , Jade DeSmet, Monroe Erle, and Jamie Cullen

Inventory Locating with Quuppa: The Design and Development of a Real-Time Process Monitoring Web Application Solution , Dylan C. Moreland, Trevor J. Howell, John W. Takiff, Patrick S. Dillon, Theo E. Fritz, and William K. McIntyre

Senior Projects from 2020 2020

Utilization and Standardization of Beverage Based Containers , Michael T. Bobke, Jack C. Maughan, and Kenia Vargas

Parklets San Luis , Owen Kenny, Preston Jag Stebel, Leonidas Goodman, and Lukas Braun

Effects of Powder Recycling in Selective Laser Melting , Nina L. Menon

Rebar Impalement Safety , Spencer C. Nefores and Steven M. Hoover

Senior Projects from 2019 2019

Cisco Nexus 9200 Robustness Redesign , Colin Berge, Ethan Gold, Cole Christopherson, and Rahul Makhijani

Process Improvement and Lift Design for the Installation of a Metrology Machine Assembly , Dalt J. Lasell, James Mitchell O'Meara, and Matthew Steensma

Automation of Data Analysis in Formula 1 , Adam Joseph Mourad, Prescott Jeanne Delzell, and Patrick Conner McCabe

Redesign of CubeSat for Beam Charging , Kuba Preis

Senior Projects from 2018 2018

Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Co. Inventory Management , Logan E. Barr and Sean P. McGaffigan

Improving Efficiencies for the Loading and Packaging Departments at San Luis Sourdough , Alexis Bergstrom, Isabella Pereira, and Claudia Robinson

Julian's Forecasting , Krista R. Bowdle

Facilities Redesign of Stockroom at Elcon Precision , David M. Brawner, Tyler O. Mastromattei, and Jay Y. Matsumoto

Crystal Engineering Manufacturing Facility Analysis , Maximiliano Cortes, Eric Dustin Kornrumpf, and Sthefano Alvarado

Fixing Vertebral Compression Fractures with Medtronic , Kelly Fitzgerald, Trevor Bingham, Alex Denbaugh, Jordan Tang, and Jon Stearns

Improving Warehouse Capacity for Synergy Manufacturing , Brian Garcia

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  • Senior Design By Year
  • 2021 Senior Design Day

2021 Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects

Electrical and Computer Engineering students apply the engineering skills they have acquired. The principles of design, how ethics affect engineering decisions, how professionals communicate ideas and the day-to-day implications of intellectual property.

They begin by researching the problem, brainstorming a range of solutions, and traveling to the sponsor’s site to learn more about the sponsor and the project. Student teams maintain contact with their industrial and faculty mentors, hold meetings, and make presentations on their work. Electrical and Computer Engineering students submit written reports at intervals throughout the two-semester project timeline, and present oral presentations at the project’s conclusion.

Student Teams

Densely-Packaged Electronics Circuits

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 5

Modern Helicopter Flight Control System

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2101

Resonant-Beam Based Optical Wireless Power Charging and Data Communication

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2102


Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2103

Wearable Biosensors

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2104

WiFi-Based Indoor Monitoring

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2105

Seamless Security Checkpoint

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2106

Path Planning with Deep Neural Networks

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2107

Wearable Balance Belt

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2108

Touchless Light Switch

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2109

Hangar Door Design for Heat Loss Reduction

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2110

Blast Media Booth Modernization

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2111

Static and Dynamic Drone Landing Platform

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2112

Smart Box for Transportation of Critical Articles

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2113

Underwater Electromagnetic Launch

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2115

MEMS Magnetometer

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2116

Underwater Data Transfer

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2117

Dynamic Plantar Fasciitis Splint

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2118

Statistical Analysis of Employee Data

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2119

Remote Firearm Detection System

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2120

LooLoo - It’s More Than Just a Porta Potty

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2123


Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2124

Development of an Absolute Position System for Rentschler Field

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2125

Designing of Solar Picnic Tables at the Historic Keney Park

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2126

Passive Acoustic Array Design for Environmental Monitoring

Electrical and Computer Engineering Team 2127


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Senior Design Day 2018

2018 Senior Design 1

You are here

Preparing the next generation of industry leaders.

As one of the nation’s largest public universities and the largest, most comprehensive in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the University of North Texas is dedicated to providing an excellent education to its more than 38,000 students while powering the North Texas region, state and nation through innovative programs and research.  The College of Engineering graduates more than 300 undergraduate students each spring who demonstrate their education and innovation through a senior capstone course.  Student groups work with corporate partners like you to apply their knowledge and talent in developing innovative solutions to real world problems.

All engineering seniors at the college conclude their undergraduate engineering education with a required capstone senior design project. 

Students gain hands-on experience while working in a team environment. Essential concepts emphasized include:

  • project planning
  • fabrication
  • testing 

In addition to invaluable, practical technical experience, the capstone project enables students to develop their communication skills through a visual and oral presentation before an audience of peers, faculty, and experts in industry at Design Day.

2023 student projects

The Senior Design Day is April 28, 2023 at Discovery Park.

Project abstracts

  • BMEN Design Projects
  • CMPE Design Projects
  • CNET Design Projects
  • CSCI Design Projects
  • CSIT Design Projects
  • CYBR Design Projects
  • EENG Design Projects
  • MEEN Design Projects
  • MEET Design Projects
  • MTSE Design Projects

Recent student projects

  • CSCE Design Projects
  • MENG Design Projects
  • MENG Projects

Due to COVID-19, UNT Engineering Senior Design for Spring 2021 was held online in April 16-23. Detailed schedules and abstract are available below.

Design Day presentations

View presentation posters and watch videos


Due to COVID-19, UNT Engineering canceled the in-person portion of Senior Design for 2020, however we still wanted to highlight the amazing work our seniors have done. Below, you’ll find the project abstracts and presentations for each program.

Presentation posters and videos

Please visit Senior Design Day Presentations page for posters and videos.

  • All Design Projects
  • ELET Design Projects
  • CE Projects
  • CNET Projects
  • CS Projects
  • EE Projects
  • ELET Projects
  • IT Projects
  • MEE Projects
  • MEET Projects
  • MTSE Projects
  • CSE-IT Projects
  • ETEC Projects

Sample projects

Sponsoring student projects.

Each student team consists of 3-6 seniors, and is led by a faculty member who is an expert in the project area and serves as the academic mentor.

Corporate partners support capstone projects by providing funding for necessary materials, laboratory access, and any required equipment use fees, etc. The company also makes available an engineer who acts as the corporate mentor, participates in design reviews, meets regularly with the student team (in person, via phone, or online), guides the project, and evaluates the final product.

To cover the specific cost of the project needs and the general educational needs of our graduate and undergraduate students, we request a sponsorship that varies based on the duration of the capstone project and the size of the sponsoring company:

  • For individuals or companies with under 100 employees, the sponsorship cost is $2,000 for senior design projects.
  • For companies with under 500 employees, the sponsorship cost is $7,000 for year-long projects and $3,500 for semester-long projects. 
  • For companies larger than 500 employees, the sponsorship cost is $12,000 for year-long projects and $6,000 for semester-long projects.
  • If it is projected that the cost of materials, supplies, licenses, and equipment access fees may exceed the sponsorship cost, we will negotiate with the sponsoring company before the start of the project.
  • If company facilities and equipment will be used for the capstone project, we will negotiate with the sponsoring company the value of such in-kind support before the start of the project.

Sponsored project deliverables

We provide the talent; you keep the IP. As a corporate sponsor, your organization will receive:

  • Access to innovation in engineering through a team of appropriate engineering students bearing your name and dedicated to your project of choice.
  • An opportunity to consult on engineering curriculum.
  • An opportunity to serve as an advisor and engage with your student team and their faculty mentor in the project development process.
  • An opportunity to facilitate professional networking between your student team and employees at your organization.
  • An invitation to attend and participate in Senior Design Day in April.
  • A detailed report capturing the design, analysis, performance, and alternative approaches considered during the development/design of the project.
  • Source code, where applicable, such as the actual drawings, programming of the prototype, performance analysis and simulation software.
  • The physical prototype developed by the project where applicable upon completion of the use of the prototype by the team members (outstanding works are expected to be submitted to local, statewide, national, and/or international competitions).
  • Access to a prestigious network of experienced young professionals to recruit employees for your organization.

Impact the student experience

Sponsorship funds will be used to support the project needs.  Any sponsorship funds not used by a capstone project team will be used to support our teaching and research facilities, and the educational experience and professional development of our undergraduate and graduate students.

Testimonials from sponsors

“Our experience with the Engineering Senior Design project that we engaged on with Michael and Taylor was a very rewarding experience for both ESA and two seniors that were willing to work hard as well as help advance our capabilities here at Elbit. Both Michael and Taylor showed maturity and a strong willingness to find something challenging for them while developing a product that was crucial to our small UAV program. This PDU (Power Distribution Module) is the core of our small UAV platform which is responsible for providing power to many different types of payloads installed on the airframe. Michael and Taylor took the time to understand the requirements, compiled all the different payload combinations and design a PDU that could support the aircraft while taking into account power consumption and efficiency in order to maintain our maximum flight time requirements. As of today, the product has completed several flight tests and is being considered as the baseline for another program. Both Michael and Taylor did an outstanding job and I am proud to say that both have now graduated and have accepted a full time career with Elbit Systems of America. We are excited to have them as full time employees and look forward to continued successes from both of them.

Thank you to the UNT technical staff for supporting them during this design effort and for approving their project and congratulations to both Michael and Taylor for their accomplishments.”

- Pierre Drolet Elbit Systems

“Working with the students was great. They had tremendous enthusiasm and excitement toward the project and it provided me an opportunity to mentor them on aircraft hole drilling processes and methods.  They each had an opportunity to actually drill test plates and install rivets in our training classroom. As a UNT 1987 alumni, it also provided me an opportunity to give back to the college and maybe spark some student interest in the career of aerospace and manufacturing with Triumph.”

- Don Surratt Triumph Group

“Sponsoring a senior design project was a great experience. The teams worked really hard and came up with some innovative solutions to very difficult real world problems.”

- Tim Mullett GE Transportation

“We like the unique approach UNT takes for their capstone projects. What really sets UNT apart is that you are, as the company, presenting to the group of students and trying to get them to pick your project. Because the students choose the project and want to work with you, we’ve found it’s led to an increased sense of ownership and engagement from the students and leads to better quality output.”

- Aaron Howard Senior Vice President of Software Development, PDX, Inc.

“As a UNT alum, working with the senior design students was a great experience for me and our Peterbilt team. The Capstone Project really helped us connect with academia and make a difference in students’ lives while also getting a great analysis done that addresses some of our industrial needs. It was a wonderful opportunity to advise the students and mentor them. Moreover, this opportunity allowed us to find great talent to join our team when they graduated. The student team and the faculty advisor did an amazing job in delivering our requirements for the project in a timely manner.” 

-  Anuj Srinivasan Peterbilt Motors Company

For questions or additional information, please contact Angus McColl .

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Senior Design

The capstone Senior Design experience is much like an apprenticeship: students learn to work in teams, meet deadlines, manage project resources, and apply critical thinking to real problems that matter.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Designing the Future

More than 1,200 have gone through the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s capstone Senior Design program since its founding in 1984. Each year, industry sponsors’ cutting-edge projects motivate and excite our students to explore the challenges of design engineering in the real world.

Our sponsors provide student teams with funds for materials, access to world-class resources, and technical contacts; and the students provide sponsors with functioning prototypes that have gone through the design loop several times and have been tested at the clients’ facilities.

Project Themes

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Medical Devices & Systems

Projects challenge students to solve important clinical needs through the development of translatable medical devices and systems. Past projects include, for example, working on the design of a biopsy forceps that will help diagnose bile duct cancers.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Industrial, Safety, and Military Equipment

Students build new technologies to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance. Projects have included safety mechanisms to reduce lawnmower injuries to children and a new system to keep EMTs safer during transport calls.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Environment & Space

Students apply their engineering skills to projects that will help explore and improve our environment, from the ocean floor to outer space. Recent projects include a prototype that will allow researchers to collect and analyze space dust from the high atmosphere.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Community Outreach

Seniors use their engineering knowledge and skills to serve nonprofit and community organizations. Projects in this area include designing adaptive technology to allow blind individuals to mow their lawns more safely. 

Past Senior Design Projects

See our Design Day Brochures from our previous events to have an insider's look at the amazing projects our students create.

“ “While working with my Senior Design team, I was able to truly dive into the engineering process and gain experience I was not able to in any other class. From designing, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, testing to presenting, and communicating with sponsors—the amount of work that is directly applicable to industry is significant. I feel fully prepared to apply everything I have learned and continue to build upon this experience for the remainder of my career.” ”

Why Sponsor?

Our Senior Design program has a strong history of collaboration with sponsors from a range of disciplines across industry, government, academia, and nonprofit. Sponsors provide an open-ended problem and our students take the project through the design process to deliver their client an inventive, tangible solution. Projects that sponsors may not have the time or resources to pursue become the top priority of a team of Hopkins engineers.

Sponsors continually tell us that the Senior Design experience gives a solid return on their investment. Sponsors are exposed to the fresh perspectives and creative thinking of the very best undergraduate engineers—and Hopkins faculty—and a talent pool of potential employees.

The capstone Senior Design experience allows students to develop skills and apply concepts that are valued by employers. In return, sponsors get the opportunity to connect with the next generation of leaders in innovation and engineering design. It is a win-win for all involved.

“ “As the largest employer of individuals who are blind in Maryland, our organization often faces barriers around accessibility. To overcome these obstacles, we partner with Senior Design students to create inclusive solutions. It’s exciting to support and mentor the next generation of engineers and leaders as they develop a product that aligns with our mission. Our goal is that after working with us, Senior Design students enter the field with the understanding and tools to critically consider the diversity of their end-users while positively shifting the landscape of accessibility.”  ”

Become a Sponsor

Are you Interested in learning more about being a Design Day sponsor? Get in touch!

Stephen Belkoff

Projects with purpose.

Senior Design requires students to draw upon the four years of knowledge and experience they’ve gained in their engineering studies and put it to practical use. Here’s a sampling of the unique projects our students have worked on:

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Next-Generation Helicopters - In collaboration with the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Senior Design students developed a strong but light floor panel for military helicopters. 

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Working with researchers at the the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, Senior Design students developed a device that allows smoke detectors to be installed without using a ladder. This decreases the risk of injury while allowing for quick and easy installation of smoke detectors that save lives.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Making Wind Energy - Students designed and built a miniature dual-rotor, counter-rotating wind turbine capable of harvesting more energy from wind in a smaller space. Their design competed in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Collegiate Wind Competition, where they took home second place. Watch this video about their project.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Oxygen Concentrator for Low-Resource Settings - Oxygen therapy through oxygen tanks is the most common treatment for COVID-19, however oxygen tanks have become scarce in low-resource settings. But there is another option: oxygen concentrators. Mechanical Engineering seniors worked with Prime Manufacturing to create an oxygen concentrator for low-resource settings.

industrial engineering senior design project ideas

Juniors, Prepare for Senior Design!

Though the course is called “Senior Design,” the preparation work begins in the Junior year. Here’s how to prepare:

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Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Projects 2022

Engineering Projects Expo is back and in person! We invite you to spend some time getting to know this year's Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects and teams. 

Engineering Projects Expo  celebrates the hard work and many achievements of more than 200 students as they close out their undergraduate careers. Since August 2021, these students have been working through the design process from start to finish and have engineered solutions to real-world problems. 

Students completing industry-sponsored projects were presented with challenges of relevance to their clients from a variety of specialties. Those in the Engineering for Social Innovation section of Senior Design developed entrepreneurial products based on user needs. 

Teams were mentored and supported by a dedicated group of faculty directors and student program assistants, as well as fabrication, administrative, and laboratory staff over the course of the academic year. Most projects required students to develop skills across disciplines with some multi-disciplinary teams bringing together student expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. 

Please explore projects below to learn more about this year's teams, their designs and the positive impact these engineers are making. Thank you for your support of our program and students. If you would like to learn more about the program or sponsoring a project, please visit  Design Center Colorado . 

design projects

engineering students

student hours per project

dedicated directors

2022 Winners

first place

Featured Projects

lockheed martin team

Deployable antenna could provide more powerful communications on smaller space satellites

Silicon wafer

Mechanical engineering students aim to make silicon wafer inspections more efficient

Medtronic prototype

Mechanical engineering students develop a soft robot to improve lung examinations


Mechanical engineering students build machine to automate scrap metal disposal

Urchin Merchants

Mechanical engineering seniors aim to sink purple sea urchin population with underwater vacuum

New Venture Challenge

Mechanical engineering team presents innovative solution to fight climate change, win funding

2022 senior design projects.

team 1

Team 01: Machine Chip Disposal System

Accu-Precision is a local manufacturer whose daily machining operations yield hundreds of pounds of metal chips that are collected for recycling. This cumbersome task requires multiple machinists to lift and tip bins into large dumpsters by hand. We have created a machine that automates these actions to reduce handling time and physical strain, allowing machinists to work safely and efficiently.

Sponsored by Accu-Precision

team 2

Team 02: Deformable surgical needle

The small port diameter used in minimally invasive pediatric operations negatively impacts the size of needle profiles used in surgery. Our team collaborated with Children’s Hospital to design a novel suturing needle and an associated introducer that straightens the needle upon entering and exiting the body, allowing use of small ports for better surgical outcomes without loss of functionality.

Sponsored by Children's Hospital Colorado

team 3

Team 03: Novel In Vivo Camera System to Assess Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition where a collapse of the upper airway occurs during sleep in people of all ages. Current diagnosis methods are ineffective in simulating natural sleep to capture the location and pattern of obstructions. The goal of Team 3’s project is to develop a new method to measure sites and severity of the airway obstruction occurring during natural sleep.

team 4

Team 04: Modular filler/extractor

Festo automates laboratory and industrial processes to expedite testing and manufacturing. Our team designed a device that automatically dispenses combinations of fluids with the push of a button. Using duckbill valves and a linear actuator, our device succeeds in proving duckbills are viable for fluid applications. Our team designed this because we wanted to learn more about duckbill mechanisms.

Sponsored by Festo

team 5

Team 05: Flexible EOD Wire Attack Tool

The Attack Tool is designed to enhance the safety and versatility of EOD operators while working in the field. The improved tool introduces a rack and pinion gear system allowing for a 90° bend when inserted through a 1.5” diameter hole, generating a hemispherical range of attack. The tool can generate multiple cuts through 14 gauge wire via a pneumatic system, actuated by the existing tool handle

Sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory

team 6

Team 06: Lighted Electrosurgical Pencil

Medtronic produces electrosurgical pencils that cut and coagulate using high frequency electricity. Our team redesigned their current electrosurgical pencil (the SEP 50XX) to include a ring light, placed at the working end of the pencil, to increase visibility of the surgical field. This redesign also allows for more efficient smoke evacuation and improved overall pencil ergonomics.

Sponsored by Medtronic

team 7

Team 07: A Soft Robot for Surgical Interventions

During a bronchoscopy, a needle is passed through the airway to collect tissue samples for cancer diagnoses. Soft robots are relatively novel, yet exemplary in their adaptability in unpredictable environments and increased safety in human-robot interactions. By replacing the distal end of a catheter with a soft robot, we aim to make bronchoscopies safer for patients and easier for physicians.

team 8

Team 08: Dry Land Hockey Sled

Sled hockey is an adaptive sport for people with a variety of disabilities played as an alternative to hockey. Our goal was to create a modular attachment that could mimic similar movements off-the-ice for practice purposes. With the help of computer aided design and a fully functioning machine shop, our team was able to create a fun to use, well representative model for the sport.

Sponsored by Quality of Life Plus (QL+)

team 9

Team 09: Project Index

Our team partnered with Quality of Life Plus to create a product that actively improves the life of our client, a Navy veteran. He sustained injuries resulting in the loss of approximately 1⁄2 of an inch past the center knuckle of his right index finger. We created a body driven prosthetic finger with a linkage mechanism to help our client bend his finger so he can more easily perform tasks.

team 10

Team 10: Deployable Baffle and Lens Alignment System

Sandia National Laboratories sponsored a project to create a new design for an optical lens housing and baffle deployment mechanism. Our prototype involves a carbon fiber truss linked via 3D printed connectors and a lead screw deployment system. This unique design fits in a cubic foot envelope and is under 5 pounds, optimizing future satellites while still surviving a launch and space environment.

Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories

team 11

Team 11: Space-based optical alignment and deployable baffle

Space baffles are utilized to block stray sunlight that otherwise degrades the image quality of cameras in orbit. Our team partnered with Sandia National Laboratories to help reduce the mass and mechanical envelope of an optical space baffle. The group created a tape measure deployed, telescoping baffle that can maintain lens alignment at thermal extremes and survive a launch environment.

team 12

Team 12: Cessna Citation CJ4 Seat Mount

Safety and passenger experience are top priorities in the commercial aerospace industry. With Textron Aviation, our team developed new methods of attaching both the stationary and tracking seats in the Citation CJ4 Gen2 to the plane floor. Our seat assembly is designed to reduce free play in the attachment mechanism to improve the passenger’s feeling of security to match the safety of the design.

Sponsored by Textron Aviation

team 13

Team 13: Autonomous device/system for ground-based Warfighter protection, supply and/or evacuation

This year’s ARO team demonstrated an autonomous Warfighter protection system that acts as a squad member, defensively positioning itself and deploying protective shields. The team integrated two existing subsystems and added visual and voice commands, GPS navigation, and object detection. The system shall be a force multiplier, assuring our Warfighters that continuous protection is close at hand.

Sponsored by the United States Army Research Office

team 14

Team 14: SAE Baja Off-Road Vehicle Design

SAE International hosts a collegiate level Baja competition to design, build, and race single-seat, off-road vehicles that can withstand the punishment of rough terrain. The 2022 CU Boulder team has designed a new vehicle focused on optimizing component integration, thus decreasing weight and improving performance. This led to building a new transfer case, new chassis, and new suspension package.

Sponsored by Stolle Machinery

team 15

Team 15: GmAPD (Geiger-mode Avalanche Photodiode) Thermal Management Study

Team 15 partnered with Ball Aerospace Tactical Solutions to create a compact active cooling system that removes 23W of heat against a 0 degree temperature gradient. The system must also prevent damage by minimizing forces applied to the advanced sensor package in a defense application. Backed by rigorous analysis and testing, our initial product design exceeds all design requirements.

Sponsored by Ball Aerospace, Tactical Solutions

team 16

Team 16: SMART CubeS - System of Magnetically Aligned And Reconfigurable Tiny Cube Satellites

Current space technologies are constrained to strict volumetric limits, resulting in single-mission system architectures. SMARTCubeS introduces unparalleled flexibility to deployable space-structures via dynamically reconfigurable swarms of connected, modular CubeSats. Launching these swarms as compact arrays, SMARTCubeS enables the creation of more advanced and adaptable on-orbit structures.

Sponsored by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

team 17

Team 17: Silicon Wafer Center-Finding Improvement

Our team worked to improve the center-finding process used in the inspection of silicon wafers. The project’s goal is to find the wafer’s center to 10-micron accuracy in under 2 seconds. The center is the origin of a coordinate grid that is used to locate defects. The test bench implements a custom algorithm and high-magnification cameras to inspect the wafer profile and log the center position.

Sponsored by KLA

team 18

Team 18: Passive Shock Switch

Passive monitoring is used to detect events or initiate systems when power is unavailable. Team 18 created a passive, normally open switch for Los Alamos National Laboratory that closes and latches when a magnet displaces sufficiently to be captured by a steel plate. The passive design requires only the energy from a shock event to close, and will not latch in normal transportation environments.

team 19

Team 19: Deployable Helical Antenna

With the space industry’s push for smaller satellites, strict size constraints on hardware are needed. Our deployable spring antenna’s ability to stow at a fraction of its deployed height, survive launch and function as a powerful antenna, brings new solutions to Lockheed Martin Space. Combining the functionality of a passive deployment system and an antenna brings innovation to the industry.

Sponsored by Lockheed Martin Space

team 20

Team 20: Electrosurgical Generator Electromechanical Load

This project’s goal is to create a system that allows Medtronic to test their electrosurgical generators. Via the engineering design process, we built a lead screw actuator with an electrode arm to replicate the generator’s arcing behavior in monopolar mode (dissection and coagulation), and a variable load using a saline bath to copy the varying tissue impedance in bipolar mode (vessel sealing).

team 21

Team 21: Positioning and Clamping Mechanism for Coriolis Flow Meter Subassembly

For precision flow measurements, MicroMotion’s Coriolis Flow Meter requires a precise manufacturing process to ensure that components are aligned to fit within their calibration window. In effort to reduce post processing aspects that allow them to achieve such precision, we have developed a new structural component in addition to a new clamping process that enhances flow tube conformity.

Sponsored by Micro Motion Inc.

team 22

Team 22: NOAA ADLS-9

On behalf of NOAA, Team 22 have designed and manufactured the ADLS-9, a Doppler hemispheric LiDAR scanner for use in atmospheric data acquisition, offering increased portability, range of motion, and pointing accuracy over previous scanners. Two optical limit switches eliminate the buildup of positional uncertainty during continuous sweeps in both the azimuthal and elevational axes.

Sponsored by NOAA

team 23

Team 23: Reusable Pacemaker lead extraction device

Philips aims to improve medical devices by minimizing cost and complication. We were tasked with redesigning an existing Philips pacemaker lead extraction device with a focus on sustainability. Our design separates the device into reusable and disposable sections that can be easily disassembled, sterilized and reassembled between procedures, in order to save time, reduce waste, and minimize cost.

Sponsored by Philips

team 24

Team 24: Development of a magnetic field steering system

This magnetic field generator is capable of creating a uniform field based on input from a sensor. Using the sensor to detect ambient fields, its software and electronics architecture drives current to each coil to zero the field between the two panels. This initial system is the first step towards developing a dynamic field steering system.

Sponsored by FieldLine Inc.

team 25 crop

Team 25: Wind Turbine Blade Tip Tracker

Knowing a wind turbine blade’s deflection is vital to engineering and validating more efficient blades. We used groundbreaking techniques in GPS systems to track the position and orientation of a blade tip moving at 190 mph. These systems, when iterated through an extensive testing approach and coupled with post processing algorithms, tracked the position accurately to the size of a tennis ball!

Sponsored by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

team 26

Team 26: Reinfusion Module Design for Rika

The Reinfusion Module attaches to a current Terumo BCT device, Rika, and accommodates additional blood processing functionality. This module is designed to minimize weight and downtime while maximizing ease of installation. The module accommodates existing Terumo components which are interchangeable between Rika and our module. Our proof of concept was verified through extensive testing.

Sponsored by Terumo BCT

Team 27

Team 27: How to get rid-of ovality of the tubing received on the spool and before it gets on to the automation.

Terumo BCT required the removal of ovality from blood tubing within a fully-automated manufacturing process. Unacceptable tubing ovality has prevented increased production rates, and rendered a large portion of the tubing unusable. Our objective was to design and fabricate a high-speed manufacturing device that reforms the tubing through heat and mechanical manipulation before entering automation.

Sponsored by Terumo

team 28

Team 28: Collegiate Wind Competition

To learn more about the offshore wind industry, the CU Wind Team participated in the 2022 Collegiate Wind Competition where universities compete to increase excitement in renewables. The team built an offshore wind turbine prototype that optimizes weight and power production, developed a hypothetical wind farm, and engaged middle school students through a wind energy presentation.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy

team 40

Team 40: AcoustaMed

Using a microfluidic chip developed by Dr. Ding’s laboratory at CU Boulder, AcoustaMed has developed a mechanical device that places mRNA into cells using a high frequency acoustic signal. The device is semi-autonomous, efficient and easy to use. The device can drastically speed up the process taking as little as 1% of the time used by current techniques.

Engineering for Social Innovation

team 41

Team 41: Big SUR

Over 95% of the California’s bull kelp population has died off in the past decade. This can be attributed to the 10000% increase in purple sea urchin numbers. We decided to make an underwater vacuum with custom aeration technology and size sorting capabilities. The ergonomic device has a collection rate 6x higher than any other urchin removal method & will aid divers in clearing the urchin barrens.

team 42

Team 42: Rime Systems

Rime Systems has developed a unique technology for helping keep people cool in climates with excessive heat. This product is a nylon cooling vest that users would put on in hot environments. Using thermoelectric elements, it disperses cooling across the users back to achieve a steady state heat transfer. This device is meant to be used in environments where mass cooling is scarce or ineffective.

team 43

Team 43: Peace of Mind Braking System

Delta Horizons has created a novel braking system to improve the safety of four-wheeled walkers. The design features a mechanical system that does not require conscious user input. The brakes are engaged when the walker is unloaded to keep it from rolling away from the user. During normal use, the walker can roll freely. During excess loading, the brakes again engage, creating a stable system.

team 44

Team 44: Surround Strap

Playing video games is a valuable experience that connects people around the world. It’s an important part of the upbringing of so many, so we believe it’s essential to make gaming more accessible for everyone. The Surround Strap uses haptic feedback to improve directional awareness within a video game. This gives users in the deaf and low-hearing community a more complete gaming experience.

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Senior design projects: a design example from concept to finished product

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Senior Design Projects

brake light in the shape of a longhorn

The Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Projects Program coordinates the completion of the second half of the capstone design sequence required of all UT Austin Mechanical Engineering seniors. Students apply engineering design methodology, using both analysis and synthesis, to solve open-ended problems submitted by industrial sponsors. The range of design problems considered spans other engineering fields as well as non-engineering disciplines. Recent industry sponsors include Schlumberger, Chevron, GM, Shell, Cameron, Dell, Applied Materials, Stratasys, NASA and more.

Students register for ME266K (lecture) and ME266P (lab). In the lab sections, which comprise approximately five teams each, teaching assistants monitor the students' progress by means of informal meetings, oral presentations, and notebook checks. The lectures do not consider the specifics of each semester's projects - instead, general design issues and professional responsibility are addressed. Topics include engineering ethics, intellectual property, safety, and product and personal liability. Student participation is an integral component of the lecture periods. The questions asked and issues raised by the class guide the course of discussion.

Sponsor a Senior Design Project

Sponsoring a project allows companies and organizations to:

By becoming a senior design project sponsor, organizations benefit from having a team of three to four senior students examine their engineering problem. Projects that you may not currently have the time or facilities to pursue become the top priority of a team of engineering design students. Project work includes problem definition, patent searches, alternative designs, design solution, cost analyses, and more.

Learn more about becoming a sponsor

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Senior Design Project Sponsors

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  1. Industrial Engineering Senior Design Projects

    Senior Design Projects. Students take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to a real industry problem in a Senior Design Project that caps off their engineering education. Many regional companies sponsor and guide students through the completion of their projects, which also allows them to leverage the opportunity into full-time ...

  2. Industrial and Systems Engineering Capstone Design Projects

    Through the capstone design experience at USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, industrial and systems engineering students work with teams on an open-ended senior design project to understand and execute the full cycle of the design process.

  3. Senior Design

    All BSIE graduates in the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering must successfully complete ISYE 4106 Senior Design, sometimes referred to as Capstone Design. The Senior Design experience is an intensive team-based engineering design project based on a real-world design problem faced by a local, national, or international client.

  4. Senior capstone design projects in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Selected ME projects can be one or two semester projects; IE projects will be two semester projects. ME/ECE Collaborative Senior Capstone Design: Teams of two ME students will be paired with two Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) students to develop a student concept project. Note that ECE teams start forming in March of their junior year.

  5. Examples of Past Projects

    Examples of Student Projects. Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects. Spring 2023 Capstone Projects. Applied Fabricators - Preventative and Predictive ...

  6. 166 Awesome Senior Project Ideas You Will Love

    Here are some reliable high school project ideas for you. Construction of a popcorn machine. Automated cleaning machine. The machine that finds and cleans oil spills. Study of the working principle of an internal combustion engine. Design of a smart energy meter. Design of a home automation system.

  7. Engineering Senior Design Projects

    Industrial engineering is concerned with design, improvement and implementation of integrated processes of people, processes, information, materials, management and equipment. IE's draw upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences combined with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and ...

  8. Senior Capstone Design Project

    The Senior Capstone Design Course is part of the required coursework for the Bachelors in Science in Industrial Engineering.At the beginning of each semester (i.e. January and August), students enrolled in the Design Project Course (ININ 4079 - also known as the Capstone course), need to conduct a project co-hosted by an organization as part of the coursework.

  9. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

    The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department's "learn by doing" philosophy is emphasized in the curriculum by the large number of design-centered laboratories, integrating design throughout the curriculum, and the senior project capstone design experience. These prepare graduates for careers in: operations management ...

  10. Senior Design Demonstration Day

    Design of a Low Cost, Disposable Foam Spray Gun. Mechanical Engineering Team 1. Quench Plug for Ring Gear Manufacturing Process. Mechanical Engineering Team 3. Atmospheric Water Generator. Mechanical Engineering Team 04. Redesign of Transconnector. Mechanical Engineering Team 5. Static and Dynamic Drone Landing Platform.

  11. Senior Design Projects

    Ideas can come from an area of personal interest in your discipline, suggestions from your faculty advisor, or proposals from industry sponsors who are looking to students to solve actual industrial or engineering problems. Senior Design Projects have resulted in groundbreaking inventions, patents, award-winning papers and presentations, and ...

  12. 2021 Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects

    2020 Winning Teams. 2021 Senior Design Day. 2021 Projects by Department. 2021 Biomedical Engineering Projects. 2021 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Projects. 2021 Civil and Environmental Engineering Projects. 2021 Computer Science and Engineering Projects. 2021 Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects.

  13. 2020 Senior Design Projects

    2020 Senior Design Projects . To wrap up their undergraduate experience at CU Boulder, electrical, computer and energy engineering students participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects. Some projects are sponsored by companies and faculty members, while ...

  14. Senior Design Projects

    29 Electrical Engineering students participated in Columbia Engineering's 6th Annual Senior Design Expo. With topics ranging from sports to music, from animals to physical therapy, these finished projects culminated a yearlong process of teamwork, science and dedication. The 2019 Senior Design Expo, took place at Columbia University's Roone ...

  15. North Texas Design

    Due to COVID-19, UNT Engineering Senior Design for Spring 2021 was held online in April 16-23. Detailed schedules and abstract are available below. Due to COVID-19, UNT Engineering canceled the in-person portion of Senior Design for 2020, however we still wanted to highlight the amazing work our seniors have done.

  16. Senior Design

    Designing the Future. More than 1,200 have gone through the Department of Mechanical Engineering's capstone Senior Design program since its founding in 1984. Each year, industry sponsors' cutting-edge projects motivate and excite our students to explore the challenges of design engineering in the real world. Our sponsors provide student ...

  17. Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Projects 2022

    Engineering Projects Expo is back and in person! We invite you to spend some time getting to know this year's Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects and teams. Engineering Projects Expo celebrates the hard work and many achievements of more than 200 students as they close out their undergraduate careers. Since August 2021, these students ...

  18. Senior design projects: a design example from concept to finished

    By providing a senior, capstone project that extends from project definition and design to the fabrication of a prototype project, students experience a range of responsibilities typical to those that would be found in many industrial settings. This paper describes one such project involving the design of an expansion board for a field programmable gate array, FPGA, device that resulted in a ...

  19. Senior Design Projects

    The Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Projects Program coordinates the completion of the second half of the capstone design sequence required of all UT Austin Mechanical Engineering seniors. Students apply engineering design methodology, using both analysis and synthesis, to solve open-ended problems submitted by industrial sponsors.