Ultimate Nursing Capstone Project Writing Guide for BSN - DNP Students

How to write a Nursing Capstone Paper

Every nursing student in most universities and nursing colleges must write a capstone paper or a capstone project, which is considered a mandatory requirement for attaining a nursing degree. Capstone projects are written by students pursuing BSN, MSN, or DNP nursing education degrees.

While it is a culminating paper, which relies on concepts taught throughout school sessions, some students often find it challenging to complete one. Moreover, it is an even more frustrating assignment if you have no skills to compose a good capstone project paper.

A nursing capstone project requires adequate research, a display of creativity and critical thinking skills, and proper formatting. It is the final paper you undertake before eventually gaining eligibility to work. This means that some tips and strategies can work well, and others can lead to complete failure.

We cover all the aspects of nursing capstone project writing strategies, processes, and tips to help you attain confidence as you settle down to write your capstone project. We will also cover some pitfalls that often lead to capstone project failures and how to avoid them. So let's dive right in, won't we?

What is a nursing Capstone Paper?

A nursing capstone paper is a formal academic paper that a nursing student writes in the final year of their studies. It is a research paper, evidence-based paper , outcome-based evaluation, program or policy analysis, case study, or a survey at the end of nursing training.

When writing a capstone paper, you can be required to propose solutions to distinct health issues relating to nursing practice, depending on your area of study. In many cases, you are required to apply evidence-based practice skills in solving healthcare problems. For example, you can choose to develop a new intervention strategy to promote health, enhance the quality of life, improve healthcare outcomes, and improve patient safety and satisfaction levels.

Generally, the goal of the capstone is to test how well-versed you are in applying the experiential and research evidence in solving the chosen healthcare issue. For this, you need to relate the topics to leadership, research, management, theories, frameworks, and evidence-based practice.

And when done with the capstone, a student has to present the paper to a faculty panel, which is often referred to as defending the capstone project. Sometimes, it is about strategies to help one transition through nursing education.

Are you stuck with what to write your nursing capstone about? Read our article that presents a list of 300 plus capstone project ideas for BSN, MSN, and DNP .

Although not every nursing program requires a capstone, those that make it mandatory as partial fulfillment for attaining a nursing degree culminate to either bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Basic Structure for Nursing Capstone Paper

Notably, each nursing program sets its requirements. This means that the capstone formats may differ depending on the programs. However, being a formal evidence-based practice paper or presentation, there is a standard format for the structure that you can follow if none is given. Therefore, in most cases, you will find minimal variations to the format that we are about to present.

With that in mind, you need to note that a well-crafted capstone paper generally gives an excellent first impression to your markers and makes it easy to read your paper. We will be brief on each section because most of the information will be given in the capstone project instruction briefs given in class.

Note that this is a structured research-based nursing capstone project. Therefore, we have a separate article that details the structure of a change-based nursing capstone paper, aka nursing change paper.

The title page of your capstone paper comes first before anything else. In most cases, it is referred to as the cover page. You can formulate it either on an APA or Harvard title page . Most American nursing schools prefer capstone papers written in APA. In contrast, Australian and UK nursing schools prefer capstone projects written in Harvard format.

This is the first part of the content of your nursing capstone project paper. It is usually brief, well-written, and organized as your capstone flows. It should be written last. You should focus on explaining the purpose of the capstone paper. It should be between 200 and 250 words long and must not exceed a page. Also, provide a brief background of your capstone paper topic, the problem, and some proposed solutions.


Your introduction should begin with a good hook statement. Then, in most cases, use statistics or a shocking statement to draw your reader's attention. For instance, if you focus on Hospital Acquired Infections, you could draw from a study or publication detailing the shocking HAIs or the cost of managing otherwise preventable HAIs.

The introduction should then delve into the background of the selected capstone paper topic, why you chose it, and why you feel your issue needs solutions. You should also state your thesis statement and the outline of the paper.

Typically, the thesis statement of a capstone paper is the main idea that holds together the entire capstone.

Some programs recommend that you give a blueprint of the entire capstone in the introduction.

In terms of length, the introduction should be approximately 10% of the total word count of the capstone paper. Your introduction will also entail:

PICOT Question

Before researching for a nursing capstone paper, you are always required to formulate a nursing PICOT question that helps decide on the topic you will address. Typically, PICOT questions elaborately present the healthcare problem that you are trying to solve. 

Nursing Research Question

Based on your PICOT question, you should proceed to write a nursing research question that will form the core of your paper. It is usually a one-sentence question that summarizes your PICOT question. Some programs require students to develop PICOT questions and the nursing research question before proceeding to the other parts of the capstone paper. Sometimes, the research question replaces the PICOT question with the case where you focus on issues where patients are not involved, such as nurse education, leadership, policies, and management.

Statement of the problem

Because in a general sense, you are trying to address a healthcare issue relating to nurse practice, you must describe the problem. Here, you should use the most recent sources published within the last five years to describe the extent of the problem. For example, give the epidemiological statistics, costs of the issue, or how a given population of patients is affected. If you focus on research in management, leadership, or education, clearly state the identified problem.

Statement of Purpose

In this mini section, which sometimes is considered part of the introduction, you state the objectives, aims, and scope of your capstone project paper. For example, if you propose an evidence-based intervention, you should mention how it will address the problem.

Literature Review

After the problem statement, purpose statement, nursing research question, and introduction come the literature review. A literature review is not an annotated bibliography. Instead, when writing this section, consider what other scholars have discussed concerning the topic you have selected for your capstone paper.

For instance, if you are solving a problem with overcrowding at the emergency departments, you should check what authors of peer-reviewed scholarly articles published in the last five years have to say about the gravity of the issue, some interventions, and barriers to these interventions.

Ensure that you use studies that are relevant to your research, mostly journal articles. As a good tip, always look at the strongest level of evidence when writing a nursing paper. Again, some institutions will require that you conduct a literature search before writing the literature review and fill a table or matrix that covers the aspects of the selected studies.

Through the nursing capstone preceptor, other programs might require you first to complete an annotated bibliography of your main sources. Whichever the case, your literature review should be critical. Cross-compare what the authors agree on and what they disagree on, then draw a common ground to base your paper. Literature reviews can be written as a stand-alone paper for compilation as the last step. Finally, you bring all the independent papers together to form a whole capstone project paper.

One more thing, the literature review can also contain the theories or frameworks that you are basing the capstone on. When writing your capstone, you can use nursing or borrowed theories, leadership frameworks/theories, and other healthcare models. What you choose depends on the inclination of your capstone and directions from your professor, supervisor, or preceptor.

Methods and Material

This section should detail all the materials you have used when researching for your capstone. For example, if you were doing a quantitative capstone project, list the sampling strategies, the samples, the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the process you used when researching. You should also list how you incorporated research ethics. If, for instance, you chose to do a qualitative nursing capstone project, list the search strategy you applied, inclusion and exclusion criteria, the number of articles used, include the completed PRISMA diagram , and any other materials used. You can as well include the summary of the chosen studies. Give the rationale that is well-backed with references from nursing journals why you chose a given path. Explain how you conducted the research, how you maintained its rigor, validity, and relevance. If you analyzed data using SPSS or R programs, state how you did that.

Results and Discussion

In the results and discussion section, you will present the findings from the research. If you conducted an experiment, report the results and the analysis. For instance, for a statistical nursing capstone project, use tables, graphs, and charts to report the findings. Include the results of the tests and analysis as well. If it is qualitative research, describe the findings from the interviews, content analysis, systematic review, literature review, or other qualitative data collection and analysis methods.

You should then relate the findings to what other scholars found, reflecting on the literature review and your capstone paper topic. Again, use relevant scholarly sources such as edited books, reputable journals, periodicals, nursing guidelines and protocols, and evidence from credible websites like WHO, CDC, ANA, AMA, and other health/governmental bodies.

Like every other paper, the conclusion comes last. It is the final summary of your paper where you present the problem, findings, discussions, and recommendations in brief. You should present some of the limitations of the current research and recommendations for future studies. If you had experimental data, elaborate on its significance.

You should show your writing skills in this section. For example, show that you started with a problem, but now you have a solution.  If there are recommendations, briefly state them because the bulk of their explanation is in the discussion section.

In this section, list all the sources you have used in alphabetical order. You can use APA or Harvard, depending on the prompt from your professor. Make sure you use the most recent formatting style, for example, APA7 instead of APA6, unless directed otherwise.

Here is where you present the figures, diagrams, tables, and other relevant materials mentioned in your capstone project. For example, it could be an implementation plan, Memo, data gathered from participants, ethics/consent forms, systematic review summary, or evidence level tables.

That there is a basic structure of a nursing capstone paper. Now, let's look at some strategies you can use to speed up the writing process.

Valuable Tips for writing an A+ Grade Nursing Capstone Paper

As a culminating paper, you want to give a solid formal paper that will provide you with an edge as you transition to practice. In addition, you will have this paper in your nursing portfolio. Therefore, it must be a nursing capstone paper that you will forever be proud of. As you put the recommendations across, you need to use the tips from our experts to make sure you appeal to your markers.

Given that we have guided many students through BSN, MSN, and DNP nursing capstone projects, we are always confident in the expertise of our writers. Our nursing capstone writing service is known widely for being the most important gap between a student and preceptor. When the latter is MIA, we swing to action and assist. You can find an online nursing capstone tutor today to help you as you write your nursing capstone assignment. When we sought out how these professionals could produce model nursing capstone papers, they gave us insights that are summarized below.

1. Choose a good nursing capstone paper topic

The process of selecting a suitable topic for a nursing capstone paper can be tiring, confusing, and intimidating. Therefore, our experts advise that you should evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and professional interests. For example, you cannot choose a geriatric-based topic when you want to specialize in family practice; it would be incongruent by all means.

Besides, if you are a lazy researcher or not so great at researching, we recommend that you select the basic medical-surgical, leadership, management, and practice-oriented topics. However, if you trust your research skills, go for topics relating to intensive care, outpatients, clinical services, public health, long-term care, geriatrics, Ob-Gyn, pediatrics, NICU, end of life, cancer care, etc.

To choose the best capstone project topic for your nursing practice, we recommend that you:

You need to reflect on your entire nursing training program simply. First, consider the topics from class, lessons, and other activities that specifically stood out. Next, consider some of the examples your professors gave on Blackboard discussion posts and responses. List these topics and formulate preliminary research questions that can inform the scope of your capstone project. Then, narrow it down to a few areas that specifically interest you.

Research and read widely

With a list of the potential capstone paper topics, you can further read and research online. Check whether the area has been written about before. Assess whether credible high-level and high-quality materials can be used to back arguments in your paper. Hypothesize the structure of the paper if you selected a given topic. If the topic is an assignment, choose a topic that meets the requirements. Go beyond your coursework and choose relevant topics that your instructor can accept.

Check previous nursing capstone examples

As you read about the topic, you can further narrow down your list by looking at previously done capstone projects samples. If you are a BSN student, look at the published MSN and BSN capstone projects online. Some universities are so generous to publish capstone projects completed by their students. You can use them to narrow down your list and format your paper. 

Eliminate and choose

Eliminate the topics to that single one that you will focus on. Based on your objective for the capstone paper, cross your list and remain with the super topic. Enlist some of the areas your topic addresses and assess whether it meets the capstone topic requirements from class. Refine it and present it for feedback before delving into further research, analysis, and writing.

Consult widely

Ask your preceptors, faculty, fellow students, and professors for assistance with the topic. Narrow down to a capstone project on a nursing area that interests you. When selecting your capstone site, you should also consider the facility size, care delivery model, patient populations, or geographic locations. With the approval of your capstone counselor or preceptor, you will be sure that you are writing something that will be accepted.

2. Write your nursing project proposal early enough

Once you have an approved title, it is the right time to write a research proposal. The proposal is required, by some nursing programs, before your topic is approved or immediately after. The proposal writing process is often an excellent professional chance to get feedback from your professor. However, if not planned well, the process can consume much of your time.

Ensure that your research proposal includes:

If you proactively approach your nursing capstone project, you will be ahead of schedule. You will also use parts of the proposal when writing the final capstone project submission.

3. Have an outline before beginning to write

With the topic approved, the next step is to plan your capstone project. Some institutions will require that you write a nursing capstone proposal with all the parts we covered in the structure except the conclusion, discussion, and findings. Instead, you will have an implementation and evaluation plan, capstone project timeline, and ethics or limitations sections.

Assuming the proposal and/or the topic is approved, draw a good outline for your nursing capstone paper. Another assumption is that you are doing the paper as a whole and not in bits. Doing the capstone in bits allows for instant feedback, improvement, and then writing the project progressively. An outline should be a roadmap of the entire project. Just list what will go to the structure we already provided above.

4. Research widely for good sources

With everything in place, look for the relevant scholarly sources to help you develop your capstone project topic. Check for materials published in the last five years. Some nursing institutions recommend the past seven years, but five is excellent. Checkbooks, articles, peer-reviewed journals, or credible websites that meet the CRAAP test.

Consider the primary sources as they allow you to develop ideas based on actual facts compared to secondary sources that report findings. If possible, use primary sources as they have primary facts and data. You should read widely. Allocate a lot of time in research to develop ideas. Take notes, synthesize, and then apply. Paraphrase, summarize, and quote but remember to use the correct in-text citations. You can use the online bibliography management tools to categorize, organize, and store your references.

5. Formulate a good thesis statement

A strong thesis statement is a fortress for your nursing capstone paper. It should communicate what the entire paper is about at a glance. Define the point of view that your paper bears and express it as a single main idea. It must be persuasive, genuine, and direct. It should resonate with the entire capstone paper. All the major sections relate to your thesis statement.

6. Write your introduction, conclusion, and abstract last

Although beginning with the introduction likely looks like the norm and a good idea, if done last in a capstone paper, you capture every useful aspect without repetition. Of course, the conclusion will be written last by default, but you should do that after all the parts are complete.

We insist on doing them last because while they both create an impression to a reader, they are the most challenging to write. So, if possible, take a break from writing and do them when you are rested enough and settled.

These sections address your research question. They should flow naturally. The introduction should be the first contact point after the abstract. Therefore, make it engaging by choosing good transitions, hook sentences, and words to use. The conclusion should summarize the main points, such as the problems, solutions, and findings.

7. Cite all the sources used

As you set out to write the paper, ensure that you cite all the sources used in your nursing capstone paper in APA or Harvard formats. The preferred format will be communicated in the assignment brief. Do not use a source and not cite it both in-text and in the bibliography section. Using sources and citing them helps you write a plagiarism-free nursing capstone paper. When you paraphrase, summarize, or quote, use a relevant citation.

8. Proofread thoroughly

Polish your capstone project paper for mistakes, errors, and omissions. Also, look at the structure, format, organization, and all the requirements met. Revise the complex sentences and vocabulary for a better flow. It is also important to remove all spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Edit for grammar as well to ensure that the tenses are correct. We recommend taking a good break after writing to edit later. This way, you edit and proofread the paper objectively. Check all the rules of citation and match the requirements. If possible, use the rubric as your checklist and score sheet. Ask yourself, if you were the one marking, what grade would you give? Then use a reverse method of editing and proofreading the nursing capstone project paper.

9. Submit your paper for assessments and feedback

If and only if everything is polished and written to the format as per the rubric/instructions, attach your paper and click the "SUBMIT" button for assessment and feedback. This is specifically useful if you complete the capstone project in parts and get feedback before proceeding to the next section.

10. Refine the capstone project paper based on feedback

With the feedback from your receptor, instructor, counselor, or professor, edit the respective capstone sections. Polishing these means that your final products will be okay. Then, again, compile everything; in the end, polish it and submit it as one whole capstone paper for your nursing course. Furthermore, we wish you all the best and are available to help if you need help writing the nursing capstone paper.

Things to avoid during nursing capstone writing

A capstone project paper takes a long to complete. During these periods, students often get comfortable, some to the extent of abandoning the capstone writing process. The most part of the process is topic and research proposal approval. Ensure that you collaborate with your preceptor to hasten the process so that you are left with ample time to complete the paper. With the approval, students often make these common mistakes that we address here. Read them, understand how to overcome them, and apply the tips and strategies in your upcoming nursing capstone project paper.

1. Not reading the instructions to completion

Most students consistently disregard the instructions either deliberately or because they are in too much hurry to get their nursing capstone project paper done and over with. However, you should read the capstone paper instructions before choosing a topic, writing the different parts, or compiling the final paper. You also need to adhere to the presentation instructions; otherwise, your entire semester's work can be blown by a simply avoidable mistake.

2. Beginning to research or writing without Planning

Without proper planning, most students fall prey to beginning to write their capstone papers only to realize that they made a mistake. The capstone writing process is a journey that commences from choosing a topic and getting approval. You can then proceed to write a capstone project proposal which can be approved or returned for polishing. After all these, you can then move to write your final capstone paper. Do not begin writing the paper unless your professor or preceptor gives you the go-ahead to do so.

3. Choosing a topic that is too broad

When assigned to choose an appropriate nursing topic for their capstone projects, for lack of better skills, some students choose too broad topics that they cannot exhaust in one paper. Remember, you have about 20 to 30 pages of content to develop your capstone paper. It is no time to beat around the bush. Because your grades also depend on it, choose a suitable topic that addresses a specific issue with a specific population, geographical area, or clinical site.

4. Using long sentences and jargon

This is a no-brainer. You should not use long sentences alone when writing your capstone. Instead, try to mix the long and short sentences to create a meaningful flow of ideas. Equally, even though you are writing a nursing paper, avoid using unnecessary jargon. If you can explain it in simple English and make sense, write it that way. The goal is to communicate with your audience better and easily.

5. Writing the paper in a rush

Writing a paper in a rush, whether at the last minute or for the sake of completing it faster, can make you lose grades. A culminating paper like a capstone project requires adequate planning, execution, research, and writing. Writing a paper in a rush makes you write disorganized ideas. You are also prone to omitting otherwise essential features and parts that would likely give you better marks. As a remedy or mitigation, start working on your nursing capstone paper immediately after you are given the instructions. If there are weekly submissions to make, ensure that they are done and submitted on time. As well, ensure that you use the feedback from your preceptor, revise the papers, and submit them for assessments before proceeding to avoid doing things all over again.

6. Failing to proofread the paper

Nursing students are always organized, although they often forget the most important things when overwhelmed with assignments and work. If you have written an entire capstone paper, editing should be the least of your worries. However, failure to edit your capstone can make you lose marks. After writing the paper, always take a break and then schedule enough time to revise objectively, edit, and proofread the paper.

7. Not following the approved/recommended format

Do not write your paper in just any format. It is a common trap that most students fall to. Instead, plan and structure your paper as per the recommended format by your institution, preceptor, or professor. You can write an outline and then consult with your teacher if it is the best to follow or on areas you need to change.

8. Submitting the capstone paper late

Like other assignments, submitting a nursing capstone later than the deadline can make you lose marks. Unless you have a perfect reason for missing a submission, always strive to meet or beat the deadline. You can only do this through proper planning, consistently working on the capstone paper, and having a milestone tracker. Once you have completed everything, you will appreciate the value of a timely submitted and well-written nursing capstone paper.

9. Not editing based on feedback

We have seen students who proceed to the next section of their capstone project without revising the previous section based on feedback from the preceptor or teacher. This is another great mistake, and you should avoid it. If you have been told to make corrections to your nursing capstone project, ask for help if you do not know how to go about it. Ask for clarifications and if your preceptor is busy or unavailable, consult with our nursing paper writers. Ensure that the next section continues from the previous section. You can only do that if the previous one had no issues.

10. Copying the online samples

A capstone project tests your creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, organization, and writing skills. If you fail to prove these, you will be a weak nurse in practice. One way of being weak is paraphrasing a sample nursing capstone project you got online.

While a handful of university and college websites display their capstone projects, you should only use them for inspiration. You are better at getting help from a professional capstone writer on our website than paraphrasing an entire capstone you got online. Who else from your class probably did that? Ask yourself that question. 

Only use the samples to inspire your creativity. Instead, working with an online tutor can help you create new insights based on these samples and those from class.

Tips for Creating a Nursing Capstone Presentation for Defense

Theresa Granger (Ph.D., MSN, NP-C), a career nurse educator, states that the capstone project culminates with either a presentation or a paper while writing for the Nurse Journal. The presentation is meant to assess your professional and civil communication skills. It is also meant for information dissemination to the stakeholders and application of the EBP skills. Primarily, you will present your nursing capstone paper as a poster or PowerPoint presentation.

In the case of a poster, you will present the background, problem, and purpose, the methodology, and your major findings and implications to nursing practice or research.

In the case of PPT or PowerPoint, you will present the summarized capstone project into respective sections and use speaker notes when presenting. Given that you might only have 15-30 minutes to defend your nursing capstone, you should create PowerPoint slides as per the requirements. In most cases, the PowerPoint can range from 12 to 20 slides.

When presenting:

FAQs about Nursing Capstone Project Writing Process

Pursuing your nursing education at MSN, BSN, and DNP can be stressful. We have received many questions concerning BSN, MSN, and DNP capstone writing process. Here are some answers that can probably clarify things for you as well.

Is a capstone project a thesis?

No, a thesis is different from a capstone project in the sense that nursing capstone projects are individualized research projects on a selected nursing topic of professional or personal interests. Capstones are a partial fulfillment for the attainment of a degree in nursing. Writing a capstone project takes 8-12 weeks, while a thesis can take 2-3 months. Capstones are written during the project-based nursing capstone course. While a capstone might not be published in research journals, a thesis can.

How does one write a perfect nursing capstone paper?

The capstone writing process takes 8-12 weeks culminating in a nursing capstone project paper that you will present or defend. To write an excellent capstone paper:

These are the basic steps in writing and doing research for your capstone.

What do I write as the purpose statement for my capstone?

Under the purpose statement, reflect on the healthcare issue of choice, create an urgency of solving it, and support your reasoning using rationale and evidence from relevant academic sources. In addition, you should look at the status quo and identify things that otherwise need to be addressed.

Can you fail a capstone project? What happens if you fail your capstone?

Yes, you can fail if you do not meet the learning objectives. Students who fail are those who do the things we have said are to be avoided when writing a capstone project. If you fail your capstone course, you will not be legible for the conferral of a degree. You will need to rethink your way or retake the class. You would instead get professional writing help than fail after investing so much money into your nursing education.

How can I select a good capstone topic for my nursing degree?

Like we said, read widely, assess your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and consult with your preceptor, instructor, or professor. Then, as you choose the question, ask yourself:

To select a topic:

Ultimately, find a topic you are passionate about and one that aligns with your interests, abilities, and strengths. Consider ye organizational goals as well.

How do I write a great literature review for my nursing capstone?

Begin by doing a literature search on what exists on your topic. Review the evidence-based research so that you can identify the gaps in practice to prove that your nursing capstone project is necessary. Here are some tips:

How do I format my nursing capstone?

When writing your final nursing capstone submission, you should either use APA or Harvard formatting style. Ensure that it is free of typographical errors, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. In addition, ensure that the in-text citations and the bibliography list/references are consistent with your chosen format.

How should I do my capstone oral presentation for success?

A nursing capstone defense process takes 30 minutes. You can present it via videoconferencing media, Poster, or PowerPoint slides. Make sure that you choose a professional tone and demonstrate expertise and knowledge in the nursing field. Discuss your findings effectively and audibly.

Whether your school uses a letter, marks, or pass/no pass grading system, these tips have already set you up for the best nursing capstone paper.

Every section of your nursing capstone matters. Try to make efforts to improve during capstone project writing.

Polish up everything, and if you have developed a cold foot for your nursing capstone, we have expert nursing writers who can always help.

You can place an order on our website and work with a dedicated capstone writer for consistency, continuity, and success. Everything will be written from scratch, and there is no chance of plagiarism .

Capstone projects can take 12 weeks, which can be a hell of a time for you, but not when working it out with one of our best capstone writers. We can equally work with you on your thesis to a professional level that meets the publication requirements for professional nursing journals.

sample nursing capstone research paper

Gradecrest is a professional writing service that provides original model papers. We offer personalized services along with research materials for assistance purposes only. All the materials from our website should be used with proper references. See our Terms of Use Page for proper details.

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Capstone courses function as a bridge between the end of school and the beginning of a career, allowing nursing students to put what they've learned into practice. As the name suggests, students complete capstones toward the end of their nursing training. Not every nursing program requires a capstone, but those that do generally culminate in a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) or doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree.

Each nursing program sets their own requirements. While capstone formats differ between programs, they typically consist of an evidence-based practice formal paper or presentation. Students might complete their capstone projects as team leaders, and BSN candidates may present their papers to a faculty panel. Projects could include case studies, program evaluations, and policy analyses.

The focus on evidence-based practice allows students to apply research and experiential evidence toward solving a healthcare problem. For example, candidates may develop intervention strategies that promote health, improve outcomes, enhance quality of life, and foster safe practices for patients.

Capstone goals center on the application of knowledge gained during nursing training programs, including topics related to leadership , management, research, theories, and evidence-based practice, along with the strategies needed to transition from students to baccalaureate-level nurses.

Choosing Your Nursing Capstone Topic

When selecting a capstone topic, students should evaluate their interests, strengths, and weaknesses, along with their chosen nursing specialty area. Luther College recommends that students with lower GPAs and weaker nursing skills consider a basic medical-surgical topic. Those with strong clinical skills and high GPAs might choose emergency or intensive care medicine, although some students might prefer outpatient topics, such as clinical services, long-term care, or public health. However, this is simply an example of one school's approach, and readers should keep in mind that each school sets its own policies and recommendations.

Asking for guidance from faculty, supervisors, preceptors, and fellow students also helps narrow down capstone topics. Advisors can also provide assistance in choosing an appropriate capstone site, helping with questions of geographical location, facility size, patient population, and care delivery model.

Students develop and learn the skills needed to complete their capstones throughout their training. These include organization and time management, knowledge of evidence-based practice, writing, and critical thinking. They also learn to conduct literature searches, identify research designs, and evaluate evidence.

Completing Your Nursing Capstone

Capstone formats and completion times widely vary between programs. Students at Luther College and Purdue University Northwest complete their capstones in 4-5 weeks, while Ferris State University specifies a timeframe of 30 hours of online classes and 90 hours of applied project work. Case Western Reserve University's capstone spans 10 weeks.

Regardless of the program, most students follow a PICO format for project proposal questions of inquiry: population, intervention, comparison or condition, and outcome.

Some universities allow capstone projects to be completed in teams, in which students develop and implement the project. Capstone components may include defining the project and the team leader's role, selecting team members, and formulating the project plan.

In addition to the skills previously referenced, such as knowledge of evidence-based care, critical thinking, and effective writing, capstone courses hone leadership and management abilities These include mastering therapeutic communication, applying leadership and management concepts, and developing collaborative relationships and working on multidisciplinary teams.

Presenting Your Nursing Capstone

The capstone process culminates in a paper or presentation that measures students' skills in communication, information dissemination, and application of evidence-based practice skills. Members of the public may attend.

Utilizing the poster format, students commonly use three panels to illustrate: (1) the background, problem, and purpose; (2) methodology; and (3) 2-3 key findings and implications. Students who present using PowerPoint on a laptop or other device should pay attention to time limits, planning for one slide per minute, and verify that equipment and internet connectivity are available.

Visuals like graphs, figures, and bullet points are more effective than large blocks of text . Students should practice presenting in front of others to ensure that they thoroughly know their content and can answer questions. Backing up a copy of a PowerPoint presentation and printing out copies or transparencies guards against last-minute glitches.

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How is a nursing capstone graded.

Capstone grading methods differ between programs, with some issuing letter grades and others using a pass/no pass system. Grades typically hinge on a percentage basis of the project's written sections, the final proposal, and the presentation. Faculty evaluate how students execute the capstone course objectives, which may include the following:

Problem identification related to nursing practice, administration, policy, or education

Theoretical research and literature review, critical analysis and synthesis of literature and research findings, recommendations for evidence-based practice, discussion of implications regarding nursing roles, research, policy, and education, professional and civil collaboration and communication, use of the nursing process: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation, compliance with the nursing code of ethics, including ethical use of technology.

Students' presentation skill evaluation criteria include exhibiting thorough preparation and knowledge of the subject matter, clear and concise communication, adherence to any time limits, ability to answer questions and cite references, and persuasiveness.

What is the Difference Between a Nursing Capstone and a Thesis?

Students complete capstones individually or in groups, while thesis projects must be done alone. Capstone project time lengths span between four and 12 weeks, while graduate students work on their thesis projects throughout their 2- to 3-year programs. Graduate thesis courses generally take place over 1-2 semesters to keep students on track.

Finally, capstone topics evaluate current issues and theories; thesis students incorporate existing case studies and literature while exploring and arguing for their own original research. Some schools require students to publish their thesis papers in a healthcare journal.

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Sample Capstone

Here’s a sample research paper from a past OHS student.  It’s longer than I expect for the Capstone (~15 page) but it should give you an idea of what I am looking for.  Ideally the abstract would be a little longer, the main body a little shorter.

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sample nursing capstone research paper

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APA Sample Paper APA Sample Paper for Nursing Students (note: this link will open the PDF of the sample paper)

APA Sample Paper for Experimental Psychology

MLA Sample Paper

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University Libriaries

MSA Resources (698/699): Sample MSA 698/699 Capstones

Sample Capstones

The sample MSA 698 and 699 capstones were selected by MSA instructors as examples of quality capstones rather than absolute models of content and format. The  CMU Libraries does not participate in the selection of the sample capstones and does not have access to additional capstones.

NOTE : The MSA 699 projects were written following APA style, 6th edition. The MSA program now follows APA  style, 7th edition.

The capstones are available in PDF format, and you must have Adobe Acrobat software in order to read/download/print them.  If you have trouble accessing a capstone, please contact Documents on Demand.  

If you have questions concerning the writing and preparation of your capstone, please contact your instructor.  For help researching your topic, Ask a Librarian .

MSA 698: Directed Administrative Portfolio - Sample Capstone Papers (APA 7th ed.)

MSA 699: Applied Research Project in Administration - Sample Capstone Projects (APA 6th ed.)

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sample nursing capstone research paper

Best Topics For A Nursing Capstone Project

08 Apr 2022

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❔What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

👍Need Nursing Capstone Project Help?

Is it time for your nursing capstone project ideas? If your answer is yes, it means you’ve reached an exciting time in your life. It’s time to finish your education as a nursing student and begin your career. These papers serve to demonstrate what you've learned at school and allow you to put that knowledge into practice. However, choosing the perfect topic for your task is not easy. This guide can help to look for inspiration as it presents 150 capstone project ideas in different categories. You can start by picking the area that attracts you the most. From there, browse the topics and find the perfect one for your paper! All of these capstone project topics are popular and common, and they have been the first choice of us many. You can easily find creative nursing projects ideas and start with your academic paper in no time and yes, get the grade you deserve.

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What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

Nursing students will attend a suitable course or program for their future occupation. However, towards the end of their studies, they have to write a capstone project about the features of medical care in order to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or MSN (Master of Science in Nursing). This is actually a paper that’s not much different from academic assignments at other universities and colleges.

So, what is a nursing capstone project, and how should you do it? You have the freedom to choose a topic, but make sure to consult with your tutor. That means your topic might come from informatics, women’s health, or any other area of interest. The idea is to answer a question or a problem and show a deep understanding of your capstone project idea.

Your capstone project topic will require carrying out independent research and presenting a detailed analysis of the issue. The paper can be anywhere between 25 and 100 pages, as long as it offers a comprehensive answer to the proposed topic.

Here is why tutors insist on working on this paper:

You may also need to choose nursing research topics 2022 while studying. It can be fun to choose from the nursing leadership project ideas and work on this capstone paper. However, some students don’t have enough time on their hands to complete the task. If that’s the case, you can always contact a premium writing service to help you finish the assignment. They can turn your nursing capstone project idea into reality and ensure you deliver a superb paper in the expected timeframe.

Stuck with finding the right title?

Get plenty of fresh and catchy topic ideas and pick the perfect one with PapersOwl Title Generator.

If you are ready to start working on your project, look for inspiration in the ideas below!

Before you proceed, there are a few more things you need to know. All, including emergency nursing capstone project ideas, are essential and capstone project ideas nursing have a huge role on the overall process. They can be long, up to 100 pages, so you can deduce that a BSN nursing capstone will need a lot of time to be completed. With proper nursing project ideas, this can be a bit easier, but it is still a complex matter. A nursing capstone can be based on nurse leadership,  health care,  cervical cancer,  quality of life,  standardized fall risk assessment tool, and so much more. But, it will always assess what you have learned and how well you have adopted the facts. That's why capstone nursing is considered one of the health history most essential types of writing and one that can make a massive difference. There are countless nursing capstone ideas and capstone projects you will have to complete. Each one shares the overall essentials and importance. Try to make your nursing capstone projects based on your own experience and your own learning. We will give you a lot of examples, and some are based in rural areas, which makes this a bit more complicated. Just imagine having to write on psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment. It is not simple in nursing, and these projects will require days of preparation.

Last but not least, always have a lot of time to focus and develop your nursing capstone project ideas. The nursing informatics capstone project ideas are even more time-consuming, while the oncology nursing capstone project ideas are ethically hard to work on. Your nursing capstone project needs to be detailed, to the point, and includes all the facts your readers may need to know. There will be a lot of them. Hence, you do need a lot of preparation. A BSN capstone of this kind may need 2-3 weeks to be completed. Yes, you can complete some like mental health issues, gestational diabetes, nursing informatics, or domestic violence effects in less time, but this is not a wise idea. These topics have a lot of importance. Hence, they need practical work experience to be understood.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you need general inspiration for your nursing capstone project, here are some suggestions. As you can see, these are all about nursing training, nurse leadership, and more generic nursing capstone ideas. Don't let this fool you. These are complicated and very essential ideas that are the most common, so you will probably have to work on one or two in your life. Some even claim that these are the most important nursing capstone projects.

Health Promotion Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Working on health promotion can be important for the community. You can talk about health insurance, nursing practice, improving nursing and more. Most teachers like these topics, and they believe these can make a difference in the local community. Here are some ideas to use for inspiration.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

People have prejudice about mental health, but it’s important to discuss the issues surrounding it. You may have to write about PTSD-affected veterans, different mental problems, and so much more. Here you may have to touch private and public hospitals, while the link is not that massive. Don't forget about attitude and knowledge that have a huge role in all of that and how practicing professional nursing can make a difference. Patient outcomes are important as well. Be careful when working on adolescents' mental health scales the best topics. These are the topics that may help you to come up with nursing project ideas:

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Burnout is a problem in many workplaces, but it can have serious consequences in hospital surroundings. These capstone projects are becoming more and more common, and they affect nursing education, leadership skills, and so much more. Many of the nursing leadership capstone project ideas are severe and complicated. If writing a project, consider these ideas:

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Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

Many topics are specific to women’s health, such as those related to pregnancy and menopause. Capstone ideas may touch on effective nursing leadership styles, nursing leadership, and even multifactorial fall risk assessment. Here are some ideas to use:

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Providing top-quality care to children is imperative for healthcare facilities. If writing a project on this topic, these are the ideas to use:

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Falls present a huge risk, especially for elderly patients. These are the topics you can choose in this category:

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Your project can focus on the emergency departments in healthcare facilities. These topics could be interesting:

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Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

We can see all types of surgeries performed daily throughout the world. This category is vast, and these are only some suggestions to use:

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Technology improved the healthcare industry. These are the suggestions if you want to focus on informatics in your project:

Need Nursing Capstone Project Help?

No matter how good you are in medicine, sometimes you may simply not have enough time to write a project. It happens to everyone. Or you can be too busy to prepare capstone project ideas for nursing or pediatric papers. In such moments, you should ask for help from a reliable capstone project writing service by PapersOwl. We are always ready to help our clients in any difficult situation and at any time. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help from professional writers! We have extensive experience and years of honing our professional skills. Entrust your papers to us and get a custom project that guarantees you a satisfying result.

You will get a capstone course or patient falls nursing capstone project, an essay on outpatient fall risk assessment tools, or even deaf service users outcome measures written by experts who know what they are doing. We can help you with the Morse fall risk scale, nurse leaders, patient falls, and any capstone element you have on your mind or have to write for your own purpose. Some of these will be written by actual nurses. If you want to, you can deduce the outcome, which is always stunning.

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I am Dr. Paulus, an experienced academic writer. I am efficient, hardworking, and very flexible. As a student, I majored in History and Management but will be more than happy to work on any other subject. I write everything from scratch and do a unique research for every project.

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sample nursing capstone research paper

SCF Libraries

Archive: APA 6th Edition: Nursing Paper Example: APA Setup & Template

Sample APA Paper

This guide has has been put together by the State College of Florida BSN Faculty for the Nursing Department.  It can be used as a template. It does show appropriate APA set-up for a paper. Models the following:

sample nursing capstone research paper

Inspirational Examples of Capstone Research Paper for Nursing School

When in doubt, check the samples of our work! There is no better way to prove the quality of our services than to let you see it yourself.

Have a Look at Quality Nursing Capstone Project Proposal Example

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I've never regretted giving up a nursing career in clinical medicine. However, I was always passionate about providing excellent writing services. Now, I have a favorite job where my writing nursing capstone project examples and my medical background are used well.

I have been good at nursing papers and capstone projects since my DNP, which I graduated 6 years ago. And already in those days, my research & writing skills were appreciated by the examination panel and my colleagues. Now I train future nurses, and I am glad to provide them and you all possible help regarding BSN nursing capstone project examples.

I am well aware of how long and never-ending paper assignments can be. Sometimes this affects the acquisition of practical skills, and sometimes it doesn't leave time for sleep and food. How nice that now you have me with my advanced writing skills in preparing top nursing capstone paper examples. Relax, and I'll take care of your project, helping with any writing assignment!

I cover various topics and carry out original research, offering paper writing help and ready-made examples of capstone projects of any difficulty. Seeing your grateful reviews is an immense joy!

I would never have thought that an advanced course in academic paper writing would perfectly complement my degree in nursing sciences. Now it helps me a lot when I work on each new nursing capstone project proposal example. On-time turnaround and the highest quality are fundamental rules. So you’re able to safely rely on my writing help and examples of nursing capstone projects.

Explore Features & Difficulties with Nursing Capstone Examples

A nursing capstone paper is a well-researched and well-thought-out work that deals with current issues in the field of medicine. Thus, the capstone project examples should be concise and, at the same time, allow the author to reveal their voice, demonstrating their ability to communicate clearly and their unique understanding of the project topic.

A good nursing capstone project proposal example should include:

How Examples of Capstone Projects for Nursing Help You in Writing

The nursing capstone paper examples are the jewel of academic achievement. In such a project, you must demonstrate that you can think clearly and logically about past and current concepts while demonstrating that you can work toward the future of the field. As such, your nursing capstone project example must be carefully constructed and prepared to show each element of its competence.

Here are three things to pay attention to when exploring nursing capstone projects examples:

Other Benefits of Nursing Capstone Paper Examples

For many students, the idea of undertaking a nursing capstone project can be an intimidating prospect. Although the process can be discussed and covered in the classroom, the size of the paper, the time involved, and its relative importance can be added to create a feeling of being overwhelmed by the entire process. Seeing the ready-made nursing capstone projects examples that others have completed are great to understand better what the finals imply and make it look more manageable.

Dealing with nursing capstone examples can also serve as a kind of inspiration to develop ideas or topics for your future projects and papers. Of course, you cannot copy-paste the same content, but it can be an example of an area of ​​interest. You also might consider using your previous papers to build a new project analysis.

Nursing capstone paper examples can also serve as a template if you have questions about the structure of other assignments. Reviewing several examples can benefit any student who must complete a project.

Have a Look at Professional Examples of Nursing Capstone Projects

Need fresh ideas for capstone project or nursing paper.

When looking for nursing capstone project examples, an obvious starting point would be the institution you attend. Although the general project example format is always the same, some schools may introduce slight variations. An example of the final assignment completed at the institution you attend is more likely to give you a better idea of the specific project requirements.

The Internet also serves as a good source of nursing capstone examples, and what is found there may differ as you see the influence of various factors working within the required framework. This could be useful to generate ideas and additional topics. If you use a social work capstone project examples nursing as a guide, make sure it is high level.

If you explore project papers provided by our service, you can be sure that our nursing capstone paper examples are good ones.

Our Company’s Examples & Templates of Nursing Capstone Projects

Our company offers professional writing services of the highest level. We are glad that students can benefit from looking at our nursing capstone project examples. If you need help, consider using our writing service. Professionals have the education and experience to provide comprehensive help with capstone projects and papers of any complexity.

By using our nursing writing service, you get the following benefits:

Contact us when you need your own sample nursing capstone paper and benefit from receiving the best writing services available.

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Ideas for your nursing capstone project

Ideas for your nursing capstone project

Before becoming a nurse, every student has to go through a complicated and tough studying process. And nursing capstone project is an integral part of it. Health care requirements are not easy to fit and for that purpose, you should study hard and show various skills.

Your task will be to create a vast number of serious projects and a nursing capstone is one of them. Conducting research, providing evidence and collecting facts is exciting for nursing practice. But if you lack skills and knowledge in the field, it may become a real challenge for you. In this case, our nursing capstone project ideas will help you cope with that assignment.

What is a nursing capstone project?

A capstone project is something every student face sooner or later. And a nursing capstone project is required for an undergraduate degree, unlike a nursing thesis. Usually, you can choose between two graduate programs that include a practicum and internship.

When working on your capstone project for nursing, you should research a certain theme. As a rule, your nursing capstone paper will look like a paper. It doesn’t need you to introduce new information or ideas, just review the existing ones.

Capstone project topics for nursing

Nursing capstone project topics are not easy to pick up while your grade will largely depend on what you write about. We have gathered some interesting nursing capstone project ideas below so you could get inspired and come up with a brilliant topic for your own nursing capstone projects.

Emergency nursing capstone project topics

Nursing informatics capstone project ideas

Capstone project on nursing burnout

How to write a capstone project outline: steps and example

Nursing students often find it difficult to come up with a good capstone project because it requires lots of time, knowledge, skills, and patience. A nursing capstone project cannot be written within just a couple of hours, days, or nights. These research papers require lots of preparation beforehand and brook no delays.

If you manage to write a good outline for your nursing capstone paper, it will be half success. Just like all research papers , a nursing capstone project requires thorough research and collection of strong evidence. We recommend working on your main body first. Only after it, start working on your capstone project introduction and nursing capstone conclusion.

Nursing capstone format

As a rule, capstone projects are not for graduate nursing students but for your undergraduate program. Nursing students are often allowed to work on their capstone projects individually or in groups. A capstone paper is to be presented to a panel of faculty.

You can choose any format for your capstone projects, for example, write it in the form of a case study , research paper , or policy memo.

Presenting your nursing capstone

The nursing capstone presentation is usually supervised by a panel of two or three faculty. By the way, the public is allowed to observe the presentation of your capstone project. Using different tools, such as PowerPoint or others would be very helpful for your nursing capstone project.

It will help you to display different data from the appendix or show graphs, charts, etc. If you decided to work on your capstone project in the group, each of the members will need to make an oral presentation. It will make a good impression and show your role in the nursing capstone. Don’t forget to divide your introduction, body, and conclusion logically from each other. Every sentence needs to flow from one another. The overall capstone project has to be written in order and every sentence needs to follow the previous one not to confuse the listeners.

How is a nursing capstone graded?

Your nursing capstone grade depends on several factors. Your different skills need to be evaluated. Every student has to show his communication, literacy, and problem-solving skills in his nursing capstone paper.

This grade is very important for your future clinical practice. Don’t neglect to show your best writing skills and if you don’t have them yet, use nursing capstone project ideas. Working in one team or a group is also a big benefit for your capstone project.

Absolutely all of your efforts will be evaluated, so keep in mind that a nursing capstone paper is not the best reason for experiments. If you are not sure about your nursing capstone writing skills, better use MSN and DNP project ideas from professionals.

Professional nurse projects help

Now you understand that a capstone project is a pretty complicated assignment requiring thorough preparation and not forgiving procrastination. If you are not sure how to create a good nursing capstone, better use the help of a professional writing service .

We can not only share our nursing capstone project ideas but also create an outstanding capstone project that will impress your professors, public, and guarantee you the best grade. We hope our ideas for nursing papers would be helpful and you will manage to write a brilliant work of your own.

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I was enrolled in a doctorate program, which helped me build a practical career as an applied psychologist. Numerous events & projects clued me in about the current issues relating to children’s and adults’ behavior, which is why I have decided to share my expertise by writing the сapstone project paper example. I want to share my knowledge with students who are earning the same degree.

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Due to working as a political journalist for leading news agencies, I’m well aware of the global political situation. By contributing to сapstone project examples, I have enough expertise and skills to cope with any capstone project paper example related to this field and produce a favorable outcome.

Several years of experience as a CEO assistant and business development manager endowed me with time management and self-organization skills, so I can display more efficient performance in any business project I need to deal with. Particularly, this can be noticed with the sample capstone paper I deliver: precise planning and congruence with project deadlines are the key points in my production workflow.

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All You Need to Know About Capstone Paper Examples

A capstone project is a form of research that students take on that showcases the knowledge and skills they have acquired through the years. It is usually the last class you take before graduating and gives students the final credits they need to complete their selected course.

Examples of capstone paper projects differ, but the purpose remains the same; to confirm a student’s understanding of their coursework and show their readiness to proceed to the next stage. Coming up with a capstone paper can be intimidating but consulting some capstone paper examples makes the process easier.

Your instructor expects quality, and the best way to meet their expectations is by analyzing a high-quality capstone project paper example to guide you on areas such as structure, format, tense, and sentence and paragraph flow.

The guidance of a professional would also come in handy after using an example of a capstone paper to familiarize yourself with the task. Professionals can help you edit your final project draft to satisfy requirements or provide custom paper examples you can use. Moreover, they help improve quality and make the process much easier.

The Best Way to Use a Capstone Paper Example

The best capstone paper example can be useless if you fail to capitalize on it. To compose a superb paper, you must know what it’s about and what your instructors expect. So, the first thing to identify from capstone project research examples is the writing format used.

Each paper has a set of instructions students need to follow, including format. So, it’s important to find a sample capstone paper that uses the instructed format, whether MLA, APA, or Chicago. Submitting the wrong format will harm your scores, so be keen.

What to Expect from Capstone Project Examples

Capstone project examples are supposed to guide your paper’s writing and not the source of your information. We provide examples to show students a clear picture of what a good paper should look like. Duplicating the content from an example of capstone project could work against you because the paper examples might not be unique since they have guided others before you.

Furthermore, professors tend to understand their students’ capabilities, so they might suspect that the paper you submit is not yours. So, use project examples to plan your work, and create a solid capstone paper outline that you’ll fill with your project content.

Sample of Nursing Capstone Project Paper for Nursing Students

Nursing students complete a capstone project in their final year to fulfill the requirements for their certification. A student can choose any paper topic within their field but should consult a tutor to ensure it’s the right choice. Capstone topic examples also give an idea of how to frame your research.

Our capstone project sample essays have some good topics & examples you can draw inspiration from. It’s also advisable to pick a nursing paper topic that hasn’t been widely explored. That way, you’ll also gain knowledge through your research and analysis.

A nursing capstone paper is a vital assignment and should be approached with care, preferably with the help of a sample of nursing capstone project paper. So it’s best to get a collection of examples to get adequate insights into the task.

Different Types of Capstone Examples

Capstone paper projects vary in both academic level and type. Some are done by college juniors and seniors, while others are done at postgraduate levels. So you should select paper examples that match your educational level.

There are also examples of capstone paper projects for high school seniors, which like the rest, symbolize the completion of coursework. Completing the paper can take up a good chunk of a student’s final year and often requires a presentation in front of a panel.

Again, great paper examples will help you manage this task well. We have excellent capstone examples for all academic levels and in all forms, including research projects, expositions, and experiments.

Find Here Even More Ideas for Capstone Project

Having vast experience across different niches, we provide professional help for writing papers from scratch or offering a suitable sample capstone project outline. Regardless of the assignment’s subject and complexity, we deliver high-quality results 100%  personalized to individual needs and project requirements. It also covers capstone paper examples.

Students often get assigned to create papers for different topics & subjects. So they may need different solutions like  IT capstone project examples, literature review sample, or nursing case study examples. And all of them are here – just surf our website pages! Moreover, we can always create a new capstone project sample following all your needs.

Advantages of Having a Capstone Project Example

The problem most students face concerning capstone paper examples is time. A good project requires you to follow a specific process, which takes time, thus causing deadline issues.

A capstone project example helps reduce the time needed by providing a point of reference throughout the process. Thus, you won’t get stuck in the middle of your paper.

Excellent project examples also help reduce the chances of making structural mistakes. So your paper will be structured appropriately.

Sample Capstone Project Outline

The outline of your project is an essential tool that helps make paper writing easier. Before consulting our example of a capstone project outline, here is everything you should have.

The above items will help create the proposal, which will be the pillar of the final paper. So feel free to consult our example of capstone project proposal . The instructor will assess the proposal and decide whether it’s okay to proceed. Once you have the go-ahead, proceed to the next step, creating the capstone project outline.

Examples of Content for Capstone Outline

We have comprehensive outline examples and a sample capstone project template to match. Like in our outline examples, here’re some crucial components that your paper outline shove have.

Since the project is completed in stages, you’ll need to submit the paper examples in stages, either weekly or monthly. Remember, our capstone project sample shows the whole finished product.

Top Service with the Only Capstone Research Paper Example You Need

Producing a high-quality, and original capstone project is not an easy feat. While a capstone research paper example is useful, sometimes it is not enough, especially for students racing against a tight deadline. That’s when one needs a writing service and good capstone paper examples.

We have quality paper writers experienced in writing all types of capstone project examples. Our service guarantees 100% confidentiality and unique papers. Our talented capstone writers will deliver papers on any deadline, no matter how tight.

Qualitative Research Methodology

Provide an overview of qualitative research methodology, discuss two different types of qualitative research design.

Qualitative research methodology has become an essential aspect of developing knowledge in health sciences and nursing practice. Its primary purpose is explaining, exploring, and describing the phenomenon being studied. Qualitative research methodology is inductive instead of deductive, and it starts with broad exploratory concepts and questions. It is mainly used in health sciences and nursing in situations where not much is known about a phenomenon or in scenarios of existing gaps in knowledge. The primary distinguishing characteristics of qualitative research methodology is that the researcher is regarded as an essential instrument in data collection and the ensuing data is either narrative descriptions or words instead of numbers (Choy, 2014). In qualitative research methodology, the participants are primarily selected for their knowledge and familiarity with the phenomenon of concern instead of sampling or random selection.

sample nursing capstone research paper

This paper explores grounded theory and phenomenology qualitative research designs. Grounded theory refers to a methodical procedure of analyzing data that provides researchers with an opportunity to establish a theory or an explanation behind an event or phenomenon. The theory originates from Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss in the late 1960’s. Grounded theory is characterized by continuous comparison of data and theoretical sampling. Researchers prefer grounded theory when dealing with a phenomenon dealing with social processes fundamental to human behavior and experiences. The primary data collection methods include the use of existing documents and interviews. Data analysis and collection take place concurrently, and each piece of data is continuously contrasted and compared with existing established concepts (Lewis, 2015). Phenomenology research design originated from philosophy and was developed by Martin Heideggar and Edmund Husserl in the early 20th century. The main aim of phenomenology is to describe a phenomenon of concern as it is experienced and lived by the participants (Lewis, 2015). The key data collection method employed by this research design is in-depth interviews.

1. Choy, L. T. (2014). The strengths and weaknesses of research methodology: Comparison and complimentary between qualitative and quantitative approaches. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 19(4), 99-104.

2. Lewis, S. (2015). Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among five approaches. Health promotion practice, 16(4), 473-475.

sample nursing capstone research paper




Nursing Capstone Practicum (School) 3 March This paper will serve to discuss how to recognize personal testing styles and personal test taking skills in preparation for the NCLEX-RN examination. A look into some of the different testing styles and test taking skills needed to pass the test will be provided, and different tips and tricks to gain confidence level in regards to taking the NCLEX-RN examination will be discussed as well.Keywords: testing styles, test taking skills, preparation, NCLEX-RN, examinationNursing Capstone Practicum There are many different kinds of testing styles and test taking skills that a student may use in preparation for the NCLEX-RN examination; the key is to be able to recognize the personal styles that work best for the individual student as a means to ensure that the student is best prepared for the test itself.

Although it is thought that reviewing the material and learning how to answer computer-generated questions are the optimal preparation methods for the NCLEX-RN examination, strategies that build self-confidence, knowledge, and the professionalism of the nurse are equally important (Hermann & Johnson, 2009). There are several different types of testing styles, and each student will be comfortable with a different type of examination style, depending on which portion of the cerebrum they are most comfortable using; those who are most comfortable with the left frontal lobe prefer oral presentations, abstract questions, summarization, essay questions, investigative writing, and multiple choice questions.

Students who are predominant in their right frontal lobe prefer computerized essay questions, project submissions, and composition questions. Those whose principal lobe is the left posterior lobe are best with matching questions, true or false questions, and precise memorization, while those whose principal lobe is the right posterior are uncomfortable with any form of exam, prefer practical questions, and feel a compulsion to engage in conversation around the examinations (Taylor, 2012); once the student is familiar with what category they fall into, they can work to adapt to that style, and overcome the difficulties that may be presented due to the type of testing style used on the NCLEX-RN examination.

Most students will explore a number of NCLEX preparation resources in addition to taking an extensive NCLEX preparation or review course prior to taking the examination; they will also most likely access an NCLEX Self-Assessment module (University of Washington, 2013) , such as the one found at Test Prep Review (Test Prep Review, 2013). Key aspects in making sure that the student passes the NCLEX-RN examination include paying attention in nursing school, taking a test prep while still in school in order to show the weak and strong points that may need to be addressed while there is still access to a teacher who can assist with those, know the specific weaknesses in study areas that are present, seek opportunities in clinical, get a good prep book early on, take an additional test prep course, study, setup the test as early as possible, work on test taking stamina, drive to the test site the day before the test to ensure that the route is familiar and enough time may be budgeted to get there, and lastly, work on relaxing the day before the test to keep stress levels down.

Other tips include taking the learning extension course provided at the National Council for Boards of Nursing website, review of specific study books, complete with the CDs that they come with, and looking into hiring a tutor to best ensure that all material is covered adequately (Holloway, 2011). Through determining the best learning style for the student, the personal test taking style that works best for the student, and the test taking skills that the student needs to work on, a plan of action can be created for the student themselves to ensure that they have made every effort to be as prepared as possible for the NCLEX-RN examination, and by doing so, ensuring that they get the best possible score that they are able to in their quest to become a registered nurse.

Works CitedHerrman, J. and Johnson, A. (2009). FROM BETA-BLOCKERS TO BOOT CAMP: Preparing Students for the NCLEX-RN. Nursing Education Perspectives, 30 (6), pp.384-388. Retrieved from: http://www.nlnjournal.org/doi/abs/10.1043/1536-5026-30.6.384?journalCode=nhcp [Accessed: 3rd March 2013].Holloway, K. (2011). Preparation Tips for the NCLEX - You Can Do. . Authors (18) . Nursing Community Blog . Blog . NCSBN Learning Extension. [online] Retrieved from: http://learningext.com/posts/490cf71404 [Accessed: 3 Mar 2013].Taylor, A. (2012).

Examination and Testing Styles Simplweb- Arlene Taylor Realizations. [online] Retrieved from: http://www.arlenetaylor.org/school-and-learning/416-examination-and-testing-styles [Accessed: 3 Mar 2013].Test Prep Review (2013). NCLEX Practice Questions - Help your Exam Score with free Practice Test Questions. [online] Retrieved from: http://www.testprepreview.com/modules/nclex.htm [Accessed: 3 Mar 2013].University of Washington (2013). Taking the NCLEX Exam. [online] Retrieved from: http://www.son.

washington.edu/students/bsn/docs/nclex-info.pdf [Accessed: 3 Mar 2013].


Usa nursing school curriculum, constructing the written evidence-based proposal, nursing capstone: an analysis of clinical nurse specialist, nursing program portfolio, health care-long term and capstone discussions 2, nursing capstone: an analysis of an advanced role in professional nursing, causes, effects, and solutions to global warming speech, practicum journal 1.

sample nursing capstone research paper

BSN Nursing Capstone Project Topics and Ideas

CapstoneWriting / BSN Capstone Project

One of the basic principles of education is to organize the learning process in such a way as to recognize and develop students’ abilities as much as possible, as well as to teach their independence. This requires an individual approach to each student to determine the availability of skills for research work, to create motivation to encourage them. After all, it is education that determines the attitude towards science in society.

UTA RN BSN capstone is a scientific work that is carried out to increase future nurses’ professional skills. In the article, they use facts, exponents that they made themselves, and the experience they gained.

BSN nursing capstone project topics

BSN nursing capstone project ideas

BSN capstone paper is a scientific work that demonstrates the level of your knowledge on a given topic. Also, it is the project that will characterize you as a literate, executive student. Many believe that the project is the most challenging task, but the big problem for many students is the choice of the future research topic.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with BSN nursing capstone project ideas. The idea of your work should be modern, in-demand, meaningful for society. If we take a topic that has not been studied enough, we may face a shortage of literature and specialists who could give useful advice. On the other hand, if you take a topic that has already been researched, you will not invent anything new there, and therefore the number of points for the work will be lower.

BSN capstone project examples: Possibilities of using design methods in nursing. Research methods applied in medicine and health care allow nurses to participate in the process of scientific research activities. Therefore, practical nurses should have basic training in research methods and skills in interpreting and evaluating research results.

An information and management system is a formal system that provides managers with the information they need to make decisions. It takes into account the differences between management levels, areas of activity, and external circumstances, and gives each manager only the type and quality of information they need.

The main stages of creation are analysis of the decision-making system, analysis of information requirements, aggregation of decisions, design of the information processing system, and the nature of the impact management system and its control.

BSN capstone project ideas

Capella University is a private online university in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded in 1993 and had over 24,000 adult professionals studying online at the university.

Applicants are offered bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in business, technology, education, social services, psychology, information technology, nursing, public safety, criminal justice, gerontology, clinical psychology, and personnel management. Capella University BSN capstone project is one of the primary assignments for students.

BSN capstone project ideas:

BSN nursing capstone project examples: Nursing management. Students should understand the main differences between the concepts of “management” and “governance.” Management is a broader concept that characterizes complex systems’ ability to maintain a particular mode of functioning, to organize, to implement development programs, and to achieve specific goals. Management is the management of social and economic processes in an organization to increase its competitiveness.

Capstone project ideas for the BSN program    

The Commission accredits Grand Canyon University on Higher Education. It provides on-campus and online post-secondary education systems focused on graduate and bachelor’s degree programs in education, liberal arts, business, and health care through its eight colleges. Every student makes the GCU BSN capstone project.

Capstone project ideas for the BSN program:

As you can see, there are many RN to BSN capstone project ideas. Remember: the first step towards a good idea is to admit that you can come up with one. If you are sure that you are not a creative person, you will never come up with anything. You can set yourself a certain quota for ideas. For example, you can generate two new ideas every day. Naturally, some of these ideas will be stupid or already existing, but imagine how many new ideas you can take on.

BSN capstone project writing

Society has a wide enough list of requirements for a modern specialist. The ability of graduates to independently obtain knowledge from various sources systematize the information received, and assess a specific professional situation is of great importance. This skill is formed during the training through the student’s participation in practical classes, performing control tasks and tests, preparing projects, writing essays, and term papers.

The purpose of the BSN capstone project writing is:

The objective is a general description of the expected results and expectations, the highest point of achievement to which the student aspires during project implementation. The goal is a way of acting to achieve the desired result.

The goal should be formulated in such a way that its achievement entirely solves the problem. The formulation of the objective should be based on the wording of the question. It can be said that the goal is the opposite of the problem.

BSN capstone writing services

BSN nursing capstone project is associated with scientific research and experimentation. With its help, students receive new information and test hypotheses that exist in society and nature. The implementation of the project is associated with the creation of theoretical and practical parts. They are quite voluminous. In the first part, the student shows how well he knows the theory, and in the second, he applies knowledge in practice. Both elements must be logically related. Therefore, BSN capstone writing services are ready to help you.

They will show your application to experts specializing in your topic and subject. All you have to do is choose. Thanks to the convenient online chat, it is possible to communicate round the clock with the performer on any questions. Any warranty corrections are free.

Difficulties with project writing and design can be avoided if you ask for help from experts. They have enough knowledge and skills to handle a large amount of work quickly and efficiently. It does not matter if it is a practice or a theory. They do not just record results, but also evaluate and systematize them.

All authors have an academic degree. This helps both in writing and in design. They know the subject matter, requirements, and take into account the teacher’s recommendations. The scientific environment appreciates the ability to discover new things and to analyze the results obtained using different methods: statistical, factor, cluster, and regression analysis. One needs to think globally, have a good understanding of the topic, and look into perspective. Thanks to our tips, you can cope with your tasks.

What do you get when contacting specialists:

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Capstone project examples

Nursing capstone projects are a critical component of the nursing profession and provide invaluable hands-on experience for students. In completing such a project, students demonstrate their knowledge and application of theoretical concepts learned in the classroom. A successful nursing capstone project requires thoughtful planning, comprehensive research, and hard work. This article will provide an overview of completing a nursing capstone project from beginning to end. Capstone project examples:

What is a nursing capstone project?

A nursing capstone project is an educational exercise that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as they near the completion of their degree programs. It typically includes a significant research or design project that involves collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data to identify a problem, develop an appropriate solution, and recommend strategies for implementation.

The purpose of the capstone is to provide students with hands-on experience that will prepare them for professional practice in nursing. The structure of a nursing capstone project can vary depending on the type and level of the degree program; however, common elements include reflective papers, group projects, peer reviews, independent study projects, and presentations at conferences or other venues.

What are the five parts of the capstone project?

A capstone project typically involves researching, presenting, and defending a new idea or concept. The five parts of a capstone project include the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and analysis, and conclusion.

The introduction is where the student presents their purpose for completing the project. This should clearly define the problem they are trying to solve or answer while providing some background information on why it needs to be solved.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of research on a specific topic and serves as the foundation for your project’s arguments and conclusions. Conducting a thorough literature review is critical for ensuring that your capstone project accurately reflects the latest developments in your chosen field.

The methodology section is one of the essential parts of a capstone project, as it outlines how the student intends to conduct their research. This involves selecting an appropriate research design, data collection methods and techniques, tools used for analysis, and other relevant information relating to how they will conduct their study.

It should also include any ethical considerations that need to be considered when handling sensitive data or topics. By explaining the methodologies used in detail within this section, readers can understand better and evaluate the outcomes presented by the final product

This step requires significant research into primary and secondary sources and careful data evaluation to draw meaningful conclusions. The primary purpose of this phase is to uncover new information about your chosen topic and use that knowledge to answer key questions related to your thesis.

The conclusion section should act as a bridge between all other parts of the capstone paper by connecting them and demonstrating how they are related. It should also include recommendations on what could be done in future research or projects related to this topic.

Finally, it should offer an overall summary of key points from each part of the paper without going into unnecessary details. This will help readers quickly grasp the main issues without reading through every page again.

How do you write a capstone project?

A capstone project is a major assignment, typically the culmination of an academic program. This project requires deep research, strong analytical skills, and advanced writing abilities. Writing a practical capstone project can be challenging, but you can take steps to make the process easier.

Capstone project topics

It would be best to look at projects that address challenges or opportunities in the industry you’re interested in pursuing further after graduation. Once you’ve identified some potential areas of interest, take some time researching different topics within those areas to get an idea of what type of scope would fit into your timeframe and the resources available.

General nursing capstone project ideas

Medical surgery capstone project ideas

Medical surgery capstone projects are excellent for medical students to gain valuable experience and skills. Not only do these projects help hone the technical abilities of aspiring surgeons, but they also help them further develop their critical thinking and problem-solving soft skills.

Nursing leadership capstone project ideas

Nursing leadership is essential in providing quality healthcare for individuals, families, and communities. A capstone project is a culminating experience that allows nursing students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills in nursing leadership .

Women’s health capstone project ideas

There are many issues to consider regarding women’s health, such as reproductive health, mental health, and nutrition. As such, capstone projects that revolve around women’s health can be a great opportunity for students to explore this important area. Here are some ideas for potential women’s health capstone projects:

Emergency nursing capstone project ideas

Bottom line

Capstone project examples can be incredibly useful for students, educators, and professionals. By providing a comprehensive overview of the project process and its various components, these examples can help people better understand the concept and purpose of capstone projects

They serve as inspiration for those who are looking to create their own capstone project. The best part is that they are freely available online and provide invaluable insight into what makes a successful project.

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200+ nursing capstone project ideas: helpful list.

September 22, 2021

Many students struggle to generate nursing capstone project ideas because they don’t know what the educators want them to discuss in their papers. Perhaps, the first question likely to strike your mind is, “what is a capstone project in nursing studies.” A nursing capstone project refers to an academic paper comprising experiments, facts, and practical work experience for improving the nursing student’s professional skills. Your college professor or educator expects you to make a compelling argument relevant to your preferred topic.

nursing capstone project ideas

The capstone topic that a student selects should be interesting to them and the person that will evaluate it. Therefore, students should choose capstone project ideas that are relevant to their experience and career. Students handle this project during their final education stage. This project aims to enable learners to demonstrate their career trajectory for post-graduation and theoretical competence. Some of the best nursing capstone project examples are the papers students write when pursuing Master of Science in Nursing programs and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). If struggling to choose a topic for your project, here are incredible ideas to consider.

Good Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Students

When selecting a topic for a capstone paper, a student should base their selection on previously completed work’s generalization competence-oriented tasks’ application before the exam qualification. Here are good ideas to consider for your nursing capstone project.

All these are brilliant nursing capstone projects ideas. Nevertheless, learners should select topics they will find interesting to work with from the beginning to the end.

BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

When pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, your educator will ask you to write a capstone paper. A BSN nursing capstone is primarily scientific work for increasing the professional skills of future nurses. Here are exciting nursing capstone project ideas BSN students can consider.

All these are exciting capstone nursing project ideas for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nevertheless, pick your topic carefully to research and generate relevant information for your degree and future career.

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Computer science is now past computer games. The nursing topics in this category deal with technical information. In most cases, completing a nursing informatics capstone project requires a team to research a topic and prepare its presentation. If interested in doing this, consider these nursing capstone topics for your project.

Informatics topics revolve around information technologies use to resolve problems or improve nursing practice. Nevertheless, students should find inspiration by visiting relevant authorities or nurses to understand issues they can solve using information technologies.

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

Practicum is mostly the final project for MSN students. A practicum is mainly the live application of nursing skills and knowledge to real-life events and situations. Once you complete the graduate courses, you should use your abilities in conducting activities that support your professional portfolio’s production. Here are ideas to consider for your practicum project.

All these are exciting topics for practicum projects. Nevertheless, learners should prepare to spend sufficient time researching and analyzing information to develop brilliant papers.

Creative Nursing Project Ideas

Maybe you’re looking for creative ideas for your nursing project. In that case, consider the following topics for your paper.

These are creative ideas for your nursing capstone project. Nevertheless, pick a title you will be comfortable working with throughout the project.

Senior Project Topics on Nursing

Perhaps, you want to explore nursing topics revolving around seniors. In that case, pick your project topic from this list.

These are exciting topics to explore if you love researching older people. Nevertheless, prepare to spend time and resources finding relevant data for your paper.

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

Many researchers are venturing into the nursing leadership field. However, this doesn’t imply that they have exhausted all the relevant information. You can explore these ideas and develop a winning paper.

You can explore any of these ideas and develop a paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade. Nevertheless, research your topic extensively to create a winning essay.

Health Promotion Capstone Nursing Ideas

Maybe you want to write about health promotion. In that case, consider these ideas for your nursing capstone project.

This list has many ideas to consider for your nursing capstone project. Nevertheless, take your time to understand what each of these topics requires you to do. Also, study and analyze your essay prompt carefully before embarking on the research and writing process. That way, you can answer the question more precisely and correctly. If unsure about what the educator wants you to do, check a few examples of capstone projects for nursing. The internet has many sites with sample papers that can guide you when writing this paper.

Get Professional Capstone Project Writing Help

Even with all these ideas, you might lack the time, skills, or experience to write a winning paper. If you have a part-time job, a business, or a family that needs your attention, finding the time to select, research a topic, and write a quality paper might not be easy. Luckily, you can get cheap help with your essay online. Our team comprises a team of nursing capstone writers ready to help you. Our experts deliver superior papers on different projects in their field. Contact us now to hire the best expert for your nursing capstone project!

sample nursing capstone research paper

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Sample Management Paper on Capstone Results

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What is the Results section and what does it do?

The Results section of a capstone paper represents the core findings of a study derived from the methods applied to gather and analyze information. It presents these findings in a logical sequence without bias or interpretation from the author, setting up the reader for later interpretation and evaluation in the Discussion section. A major purpose of the Results section is to break down the data into sentences that show its significance to the research question(s).

The Results section appears third in the section sequence in most scientific papers. It follows the presentation of the Methods and Materials and is presented before the Discussion section—although the Results and Discussion are often presented together.

This section answers the basic question  “What did you find in your research?”

What is included in the Results?

The Results section should include the findings of your study and ONLY the findings of your study. The findings include:

If the scope of the study is broad or has many variables, or if the methodology used yields a wide range of different results, the author should  state only those results that are most relevant to the research question stated in the Introduction section.

As a general rule, any information that does not present the direct findings or outcome of the study should be left out of this section.

In reporting your results, follow  the process of your analysis and build a case as you answer each research question or address each aim or hypothesis of your study.

You should provide dates of data collection. For example:

How are the results organized?

The best way to organize your Results section is “logically.” One logical and clear method of organizing the results is to provide them alongside the research questions—within each research question, present the type of data that addresses that research question.

Let’s look at an example. Your research question is based on a survey:

“What do hospital patients over age 55 think about postoperative care?”

This can actually be represented as a heading within your paper, though it might be presented as a statement rather than a question:

“Figure 1: Attitudes towards postoperative care in patients over the age of 55.”

Present the results that address this specific research question first. In this case, perhaps a table illustrating data from a survey. Likert Items are included in this example. Other tables might include standard deviations, probability, matrices, etc.

Design figures and tables to present and illustrate your data.

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    Examples of quality capstone projects. CMU Libraries; Research Guides; Subject Guides; MSA Resources (698/699) ... Sample Capstone Papers (APA 7th ed.) MSA 601: Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior; MSA 602: Financial Analysis, Planning and Control ... Applied Research Project in Administration - Sample Capstone Projects (APA 6th ed.)

  7. 150 Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

    A nursing capstone can be based on nurse leadership, health care, cervical cancer, quality of life, standardized fall risk assessment tool, and so much more. But, it will always assess what you have learned and how well you have adopted the facts.

  8. Nursing Paper Example: APA Setup & Template

    Nursing Paper Example: APA Setup & Template; Search this Guide Search. Archive: APA 6th Edition: Nursing Paper Example: APA Setup & Template. ... Sample APA Paper. This guide has has been put together by the State College of Florida BSN Faculty for the Nursing Department. It can be used as a template.

  9. (PDF) capstone project

    capstone project Authors: Carine Sanyi Capella University Preprints and early-stage research may not have been peer reviewed yet. Abstract Hourly Rounding and Fall Prevention: A Change Process....

  10. Examples of Capstone Paper for Nursing

    With every new project, I challenge my knowledge and determination, urging myself to become a better nursing paper writer, produce better nursing capstone paper examples, and exceed customers' expectations. 4.6/5 Ethel Moody Ph.D Experience: 3 years Clinical Research Nutrition Healthcare

  11. PDF Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Capstone Project Abstracts Cohort 6

    Northeastern University, Boston, MA; Director of Nursing Research, Neonatal Intensive Care & Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Boston Children's Hospital; Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 19. Yasmin Noel, MSN, FNP-BC Capstone Title: A Web-Based Survey Exploring the Perceived Impact of International

  12. Nursing Capstone Project: 30 Ideas, Outline, Format

    Nursing students are often allowed to work on their capstone projects individually or in groups. A capstone paper is to be presented to a panel of faculty. You can choose any format for your capstone projects, for example, write it in the form of a case study, research paper, or policy memo. Presenting your nursing capstone

  13. PDF Sample Nursing Capstone Paper Pdf Dev.pulitzercenter

    If you ally compulsion such a referred Sample Nursing Capstone Paper Pdf book that will provide you worth, get the unconditionally best seller from us currently from several preferred authors. If you desire to witty ... encompassing clinical practice, administration, research and public policy. Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence ...

  14. Best-Ever Nursing Paper Examples for Students

    A sample of nursing capstone project paper may aid in writing by demonstrating examples of how your text should be organized. An example of what you must never do is just replicate the examples you have discovered, even if they are the best solution to your paper. This is an example of plagiarism, and you will very certainly be dismissed.


    professional experience. The Capstone Project necessitates multiple drafts of the student's research that is subjected to heightened peer review and regular feedback from their mentor. The structure of the paper fusesclassroom learning, academic research, and school or community practice into a finished

  16. Explore Your Best Example of a Capstone Paper

    Sample of Nursing Capstone Project Paper for Nursing Students Nursing students complete a capstone project in their final year to fulfill the requirements for their certification. A student can choose any paper topic within their field but should consult a tutor to ensure it's the right choice.

  17. Qualitative Research Methodology Essay [373 words]

    This paper explores grounded theory and phenomenology qualitative research designs. Grounded theory refers to a methodical procedure of analyzing data that provides researchers with an opportunity to establish a theory or an explanation behind an event or phenomenon. The theory originates from Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss in the late 1960's.


    Extract of sample "NURSING CAPSTONE PRACTICUM" Nursing Capstone Practicum (School) 3 March This paper will serve to discuss how to recognize personal testing styles and personal test taking skills in preparation for the NCLEX-RN examination. ... NURSING CAPSTONE PRACTICUM Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words ...

  19. Capstone Project Examples and Topic Ideas

    CapstoneWriting / Capstone Project Examples All samples Level High School College University Masters Categories Design, Analysis, and Critical Evaluation of Research Academic level: College Discipline: Statistics Paper format: APA Pages: 3 Order Similar View Sample starting at just $14/page Tracking the Battles for Environmental Justice

  20. BSN Capstone Project Topics

    BSN capstone project examples: Possibilities of using design methods in nursing. Research methods applied in medicine and health care allow nurses to participate in the process of scientific research activities. Therefore, practical nurses should have basic training in research methods and skills in interpreting and evaluating research results.

  21. Capstone project examples: Top Best Hints

    A capstone project typically involves researching, presenting, and defending a new idea or concept. The five parts of a capstone project include the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and analysis, and conclusion. The introduction The introduction is where the student presents their purpose for completing the project.

  22. 200-Plus Extensive Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

    A nursing capstone project refers to an academic paper comprising experiments, facts, and practical work experience for improving the nursing student's professional skills. Your college professor or educator expects you to make a compelling argument relevant to your preferred topic.

  23. Sample Management Paper on Capstone Results

    The Results section of a capstone paper represents the core findings of a study derived from the methods applied to gather and analyze information. ... Sample Research Paper on The Significance of Healthcare Evaluation of the CIPP Model ... Paper on Child Development: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Sample Social Work Paper on Fatima's Story ...