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Welcome to the College of Engineering’s Capstone Design Program website. Capstone Design is the culmination of undergraduate students’ study in their chosen engineering discipline and is a required course. With private and industry sponsors participating through many of our departments, our students gain hands-on experience with projects that have real-world applications. We welcome individual and industry inquiries about this program as well as projects that match the discipline focus of our departments.

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Capstone Contact

Mayra Ramirez , CIRAS Phone: 515-520-3101 Email: [email protected] .

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Projects Ending May 2021

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An ISU student standing next to a poster presentation: Capstone Design.

"They came up with a new approach that we’d not pursued previously. We’re taking one of their concepts further this summer, leveraging one of our Iowa State co-op students to get the idea market ready."

- Kevin Gaul, Pella Corporation

Student Projects at ISU

Several colleges at Iowa State University, including the College of Engineering, require every student to complete a capstone project to graduate. Many of these projects are sponsored by companies. A team of senior students work with the company to apply learned principles, which could include engineering analyses and design recommendations. Project topics reflect Iowa State’s various colleges and departments – e.g., mechanical, electrical, software, computer, industrial, agriculture, material sciences, or chemical. Projects may take place during one or two semesters and are offered twice per year (fall and spring semesters).

Typical capstone project areas include product design, machine design, process improvement and modeling, plant layout, new concept exploration, or data analytics. Students can access Iowa State labs and expertise of faculty as part of the project.

Iowa companies receive two significant benefits from their involvement in a capstone project:

To seek guidance about capstone design projects or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Project Manager Mayra Ramirez . Click here to learn more about the Iowa State College of Engineering Capstone Program.

Design Projects

Design projects for student teams.

The goal of the senior design projects is to provide materials science and engineering undergraduates with a practical and realistic senior design experience. The department has developed a program by which senior students work closely with industry leaders on real materials problems.

The objective of this design course is not only to learn and practice the methods of engineering design, but also to carry through with synthesis, testing and evaluation. This experience often provides students with their first opportunity to work with engineers in industry.


Course Structure

MAT E 413/414 is a two-semester course in which materials engineering students work on industry sponsored projects. Offered in both the fall and spring semesters, students begin by learning the fundamentals of engineering design and materials selection before teaming to address a real-world design problem. Working with a faculty mentor and project sponsors, teams collaborate to define the customer needs, consider constraints, develop and implement potential design solutions and test and evaluate the results. The projects culminate in a final written and oral report presented to faculty, industry sponsors, and peers. Some projects start in mid-October and end in early May and others start in mid-March and end in early December.

senior design project iowa state

A successful project doesn’t always involve making something, though it might. A potential project could be evaluating an existing or developing a new material or process.

All proposed projects should include an element of creative problem solving and iterative design, including analysis and recommendations for further optimization.

When evaluating a potential project, please consider the following:

senior design project iowa state

What is Involved?

In addition to a project description that highlights key objectives, constraints, and metrics for success, companies are asked to provide the following:

senior design project iowa state

The benefits to participating companies could include:

Benefits to Students

The benefits to participating students could include: 

senior design project iowa state

Examples of Design Project Abstracts

senior design project iowa state

__________ sponsored this project to develop a method to remove gold from the intensifier solution used to weatherproof their product. The process must be safe. The solution exiting as waste should have less gold in it than it currently does. It is not necessary to extract elemental gold for reuse/sale from the process but it is desirable if cost effective.

                                is sponsoring this project to characterize the mechanical properties of their copper-nickel-tin alloy as a function of heat treatment. In particular,                 would like Iowa State University to identify the ideal parameters to obtain complete microstructural homogenization. Iowa State University will characterize the mechanical properties by examining microstructure and obtaining hardness measurements. Heat treatment of the material has begun, and the group anticipates this portion of the experiment to be completed by the end of March. Upon completion of heat treatments, samples will be quenched in either slow-quenching oil or a brine solution and aged at various times. After this part of the experiment is completed, the material’s mechanical properties will be thoroughly examined with the final goal of identifying the ideal parameters for complete microstructural homogenization.

Information for Companies

Senior Design Handout

Project Information Information Sheet

For more information and questions, contact Martha Selby . 

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Managing senior design sites.

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Creating a Site

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    Capstone Design is the culmination of undergraduate students' study in their chosen engineering discipline and is a required course. With private and industry

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    Typical capstone project areas include product design, machine design, process improvement and modeling, plant layout, new concept exploration, or data

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