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The Best Online Engineering Courses

Engineering is all about efficiency, and what could be more efficient than learning a course online in a way that fits your lifestyle? Some courses are more expensive than others, but others are free. Here are five of the best courses in engineering that you can take online.

Johns Hopkins University Online Engineering Degree

This fully online degree program can be taken in your choice of discipline. The options include:

• Applied biomedical engineering • Electrical and computer engineering • Environmental engineering • Engineering management • Information systems engineering • Mechanical engineering • Systems engineering

The institution has been offering online courses since 2001, and has consistently ranked highly for student satisfaction, so it can be relied upon for high-quality instruction.

edX Leadership for Engineers

This course is a little different, aiming to promote the development of well-rounded engineering professionals with maximum career prospects. It’s a self-paced course that helps students to understand the importance and nature of leadership in a tech-driven world, as well as to define their own leadership goals and career choices. It’s one of the best personal development courses for engineering students available.

edX is a collaborative online institution that draws upon the expertise of MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and other respected universities.

The University of Alabama Online Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering

This program is pretty much the same as the on-campus version, and therefore includes some in-person components. The aim is to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including robotics, bioengineering, manufacturing and aerospace. There are 128 credit hours of coursework, with each credit hour being priced competitively compared to other institutions. In regards to the university itself, Alabama U ranks highly for student satisfaction.

Arizona State University Online Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering

ASU offers a fully online, bachelors-level electrical engineering program with multiple start dates. There’s also a flexible policy for transferring from another course. Unlike many research universities nationwide, ASU takes online programs seriously, and prices them accordingly. And based on its great student satisfaction rankings, it’s a good choice for many students looking to study engineering remotely.

The University of West Florida Online Bachelors Degree in Information Engineering Technology

The University of West Florida’s bachelors degree program in information engineering technology isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the best-reviewed options, based on student satisfaction surveys.

This course emphasizes the implementation, maintenance and modification of organizational and telecommunications networks, as well as distance learning initiatives, offering students a choice of which area they wish to specialize in.


systems engineering capstone project ideas

Best Capstone project ideas for engineering students

Best Capstone Project Ideas for Engineering Students

“Projects that we have completed demonstrate what we know-future projects decide what we will learn”

                                                                        -Dr. Mohsin Tiwana

We learn more from life from the things that we experience than from the things that we read in books and classes because theoretical knowledge doesn't give us practical experiences. That is why we need to do projects, and when it comes to doing engineering, then doing projects is must, I mean If you have put those 4 years of your life in learning engineering and its subjects then what is its use If you can’t work on a project by using and upgrading your project?

So, the next thing that haunts each one of us before thinking of doing something new is where to start from?

Well, then you are at the right place because here I am going to discuss with you some good capstone or let's say it some good capstone engineering projects that you can have a good time with!

Have you checked out our projects on Mechanical yet? Mechanical Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today!

1. 3D Printer

2. Automobile Prototyping

3. CNC Machine using Arduino

4. Project Management with Primavera

So, Are You Ready For It!

Learn more about capstone projects

What is a capstone Project in Engineering?

A capstone project is the research work of a student for a year or more, in which the student selects a particular topic and does the required research by gaining information from all the possible sources that he/she can.

This lets the student in having a better understanding of the subject and give an edge over others because others have just studied theoretical skills but you have gone in-depth and understood the subject.

Practical experiences are always appreciated more than the theory because that’s where your real knowledge is tested.

Sounds cool! Right?

Now, let’s come to some best capstone engineering project ideas!

Explore more capstone projects

Latest projects on Mechanical

Want to develop practical skills on Mechanical? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free

Best capstone engineering project ideas

1. Home Automation Using IoT

Anyone who denies from the idea of automatically working homes is lying for sure because we humans are always super-duper lazy in doing households and keep looking for the easiest ways in which we don't have to work? Sounded Relatable?

Well, then we can make a capstone engineering project in which you can learn how to pair all your electronic home appliances with Bluetooth so that they can perform the given task on your own by one click or command by the simple IoT applications.

Learn more about this project

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Mechanical Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstep.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs. Start Learning Mechanical today!

2. Animatronic Hand:

What if you could create a machine that could be controlled just by your hand and finger gestures or facial expressions or a robot intimating animal.

Well, such robots are called Animatronic Hand!

These also imitate humans and animals.

This capstone engineering project will help you in understanding the making and working of this Animatronic Hand

By working on servo motors which will act as actuators with the design, fabrication and flex sensors,

You will also get to work with Ardunio Architecture and its programming

3. Smart Energy Meter using GSM:

The generation and supply of electrical energy are one of the widest used applications of electrical engineering.

This capstone engineering project is a great learning source for the students who want to go in the field of energy generation and control and talking about this smart energy meter then this is called smart because it keeps and gives the record of total energy consumed and the energy lost via sending SMS periodically so that the unnecessary loss of  energy can be avoided

This project also involves Arduino Architecture and its Programming. Along with it, you will learn about the electrical loads and measurement and the working and the application of the GSM technology.

4. Home Automation System:

Home automation is a kind of project you will always have fun working with, this project is unlike the earlier discussed Home automation project, as it has so much more to learn like the system framework of home automation, then you will learn about the Bluetooth communication.

That’s all? No dear, along with this you will also learn about the relay driver circuits and also about the 8051 architecture and its programming!

5. Solar and Smart Energy Systems

The solar energy obtained from the sun’s rays is a renewable source of energy and that’s the reason Solar energy and its smart energy generation are something which will never go out of trend, at least till the earth is getting sun rays in abundance.

This is one of the reasons electrical engineering is more persued and job secured as electrical energy is also used for the generation of energy in big plants and industries.

Hence, to enhance such energy generation skills and knowledge one must learn about the  Solar energy and smart energy systems.

This project will help you in the study of the IR sensors and its applications. You will also get an idea about the Solar and Smart energy system frameworks.

Along with it, you will learn about the working of the solar panels and the application of Ardunio Architecture and its programming.

6. Automatic Solar Tracker

As discussed earlier solar energy is among the most used and most in-demand resources, and automatic solar energy tracking is an important skill to learn because not only sunlight alone matters but also obtaining it from the right direction matters to make the most out of it.

And such Electrical project helps one in gaining more and more industrial exposure and giving one an edge over others.

In this capstone project, you will learn about the working of solar energy systems, along with it you will also learn about the photoresistors in the electronic systems and will have to work with Arduino Architecture and planning.

Learn more about Automatic solar tracker

7. 3D Printer

No doubt 3D printing is the future of every developing nation and as the technology will keep on going forward the demand for the people who know 3D printing will keep on increasing.

Therefore, knowing, understanding and practising 3D printing with a self build-up 3D printer will give you an edge over others.

By working on this capstone project, you can easily print out a 3D object from a CAD model. This course involves the application of Ardunio programming with additive manufacturing and the use of RAMPS Board, SMPS &motor Driver.

8. Smart Traffic Lightening Systems:

The traffic in the world is increasing as the population of the world is increasing.

Urbanization is on the rise and day-by-day different methods and systems are getting used to making things smarter and smarter.

So, it is the same trying to be done with the traffic lights. This capstone engineering project will help you in making smart traffic lighting systems.

Any kind of Ardunio, electrical, mechanical or mechatronic projects can be picked up as a capstone project like:

For more information about good capstone projects for engineering you may go on the links below:

I hope you got some good capstone projects from this article. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section.

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Student Projects

Explore past senior design projects, explore past graduate student projects, sponsor a senior design project.

Your organization can engage with Mason students with creative collaboration on a Systems Engineering Senior Design Project. 

Sponsor a Graduate Capstone Project

If you have a tough problem that needs considerable research and creative solutions, consider partnering with our Graduate Capstone Project program. Your organization can benefit from new ideas from the bright minds in Mason's Systems Engineering and Operations Research programs. 

Our Students Solve Real Problems

Our undergraduate and masters students work on design projects that seek solutions to real-world, large-scale problems that are complex, often ill-defined, and hard to tackle, then produce an initial design solution.

Mason engineering students on athletic field

Systems engineers, from left, Samuel Miller, Andrew Tesnow, Amr Attyah, and Maribeth Burns demonstrate their ACL prototype. They created the device as part of their Senior Design Project, "Design of A System for Identifying Risk and Mitigating ACL Flexion/Extension Injuries."

Closeup of ACL device

Both undergraduates (two-semester team projects) and graduate students (one-semester interdisciplinary team projects) will summarize their work in a project report, writing a paper that meets the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Teams present their projects to the SEOR faculty.

Undergraduates also present their projects at two national Senior Design Competions.

These projects are sponsored by a company, agency, or non-profit organization. The instructor typically works with the sponsor to establish the expectations and scope of the project, while the sponsor is responsible for providing the necessary data to complete the project. 

Something else to keep in mind: Sponsors often make job offers to the students they meet in the course of this work.

"I decided to study Systems Engineering because I always wonder how something works, and I enjoy working with different things. I can learn different fields of engineering, and I get to work on something new each project."

Senior design projects

The senior design experience gives students an opportunity to work with real clients, real problems and real data.

Senior Design Project Competition and Reception

Information for industry sponsors.

ISE welcomes project proposals from industry. Corporations, small companies, government, and non-profit agencies have received benefits from student-proposed solutions.

Learn about the proposal process and sponsor involvement »

Information for students

Senior design projects give students the opportunity to learn about professional practice as they apply their knowledge of industrial engineering to understand and solve real-world problems. Through this project, students learn how to structure and implement a design process that considers manufacturing constraints, ethics, and customer needs.

Learn about student involvement »

Project showcases

View 2021-2022 projects » View 2020-2021 projects » View 2019-2020 projects » View 2018-2019 projects » View 2017-2018 projects »

Amazon student group with poster

Amazon Fulfillment Multi-order automation

Genie student group with poster

Genie Industries Improving the mini paint line

MOD Pizza student group with poster

MOD Pizza Front of house improvements

Northwest Fresh student group with poster

Northwest Fresh Vertically integrated farming for the future

Seattle Children’s Hospital student group with poster

Seattle Children’s Hospital Analysis of hospitalist scheduling software

Starbucks student group with poster

Starbucks Deployment tool to optimally assign employees

UW Medicine Body Imaging student group with poster

UW Medicine Body Imaging Improving decision making in radiology body imaging

UW Medicine Echo Lab student group with poster

UW Medicine Echo Lab Increasing treadmill stress test efficiency

UW Office of Global Affairs student group with poster

UW Office of Global Affairs Emergency management improvements

Examples of Past Projects - School of Industrial Engineering - Purdue University

Purdue University

Examples of Student Projects

Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects.

Fall 2022 Capstone Projects

Learn how our students can help you.

Other Examples of Previous Projects

Student Project Partners

AeroFab, Inc.

Systems M.Eng. Projects

Key to the success of developing Systems Engineers who are well prepared to make a significant difference in the world is the M.Eng. project experience. These two-semester projects go beyond our diverse coursework and provide a more in-depth, hands on, and real-world opportunity to gain valuable experience in the application of Systems Engineering.

The M.Eng. program requires an engineering project of 6-9 credits completed over two semesters. With the guidance of a faculty advisor, students will work with a team to solve a real-world problem. The projects vary considerably in structure, length and topic. Students will have an opportunity to select from an array of cutting edge project topics including both existing projects that are continuations year after year or from the list of new projects created every year.

We encourage you to look at some of our on-going projects listed in the M.Eng. Project Portal . You may also want to view our faculty websites to learn more about some of their latest research projects.

Systems MEng Projects FAQ

How do i select a project.

Please see “How do I apply to a project?” for more information on this.

When will I know if I’ve been assigned a project?

You will not be assigned to a project. This is a common misnomer. Please see “How do I apply to a project?” for more information on this.

Where can I find out about potential M.Eng. Projects? (On-Campus Students)

A list of all currently advertised M.Eng. projects can be found at the M.Eng. project portal at the link below.

Undergraduate / Master of Engineering Projects (

You can search the project list by projects looking for “Systems Engineers” or project topics that are of most interest to you and/or your career goals.

You can also sometimes find projects that are listed on faculty’s websites, or if there is a faculty member you’d really like to work with, you can write them a cover letter and send them a resume to see if they may have any opportunities.

Regardless of how you find out about a project, pay close attention to any information on how to apply to a project. Please see “How do I apply to a project?” for valuable guidance on this.

I clicked the interest button and submitted my resume on the M.Eng. Project Portal but I haven’t received a response. What should I do? (On-Campus)

Please note that clicking the interest button and submitting your resume on the M.Eng. Project Portal website is often NOT sufficient. Instead, look for that project’s application process as mentioned in “How do I apply to a project?”

How do I apply to a project? (On-Campus Students)

The application process for a project is usually included in the project’s advertisement, such as in the M.Eng. Project Portal’s project description or the project’s website. If you are still uncertain on how to apply, you can contact the project directly.

Some common ways that projects are applied to are as follows

Can I only apply to M.Eng. projects advised by Systems Engineering faculty? (On-campus students)

Although a vast majority of the Systems Engineering M.Eng. students complete their project on a project sponsored by a Systems Engineering field faculty member, students can apply to any M.Eng. project but to do so they need to follow the steps in “How do I get approval from a non-Systems M.Eng. Project?”

How do I get approval from a non-Systems M.Eng. Project? (On-campus students)

It is critical to ensure that a Systems Engineering student’s M.Eng. project will meet their Systems Engineering degree requirements so getting approval for any M.Eng. project that is not run by a core Systems Engineering faculty member is required. Please follow the steps below:

I completed the application process for a project but I haven’t received a response yet? (On-Campus Students)

Check to see when is the response date for the project’s application process – this date may be different for different projects. This date is typically at least 2-3 weeks into the semester and is usually listed where the project’s other application information is listed or it may have been stated in the project’s information session.

If it is past that date, or you really can’t find the response date for the project in any of the project’s listed information, it is a good idea to follow up with the project via the contact information listed in the M.Eng. Project Portal’s project description or the project’s website.

How do I apply to a project? (DL Students)

A description of all projects that will work well with DL students are sent out DL students prior to the start of the semester via an email from the GFA. That email also contains a project interest form and the time, date, and Zoom link for a special DL M.Eng. project info session which all DL students starting their M.Eng. project in the coming semester must attend or view the recording afterwards.

After reading the descriptions and seeing the DL M.Eng. info session, DL students should complete the M.Eng. project form for their top 3 choices and include an updated copy of resume. DL students may also use the M.Eng. project form to propose a project related to work at their company. For more on this, please see “How do I propose a project related to work at my company?”

These documents will then be sent to the GFA for the project faculty advisors to review. Students may occasionally be contacted by the faculty advisors of the projects they applied to via the M.Eng. project form.

How do I propose a project related to work at my company? (DL Students ONLY)

As part of the M.Eng. project proposal form, DL students may propose a project based upon the work done at their company. Note – Legal restrictions indicate that M.Eng. project work must be outside of the student’s normal job responsibilities.

These proposals must also include / meet the following requirements:

The guarantee of resources is particularly important as otherwise a student may find the “promised” resources needed to the complete the project are no longer available, making it very difficult if not impossible for the student to complete their project.

Students considering proposing an M.Eng. project of this type should contact the Systems Engineering faculty they would like to work with as soon as possible as it may take several discussions and iterations on the proposal before it may be accepted.

I completed the application process for a project but I haven’t received a response yet? (DL Students)

The date that DL students will be notified by email of their project acceptance is included in the email sent by the GFA that includes the M.Eng. project form. This response date is typically 2-3 weeks into the semester. If you haven’t heard anything by the response date, please reach out to the GFA directly.

When do I register for a project?

You should only register for a project once you have been accepted to it. Simply registering for a project will not make you a part of the project.

Once you have received an acceptance email from the project, it will include the project course number and section that you will register under. It’s particularly important to pay attention to the section number, otherwise you will show up on the wrong grade sheet for the faculty and the wrong project will show up on your transcript.

Please also make sure you sign up for the correct number of credits. Please see “How many credits do I register for on a project?” and/or “What if I’d like to sign up for something other than 3 credits?”

Once you have successfully registered for a project course, students must add their project information into the M.Eng. project registration spreadsheet, which can be found at:


How many credits do I register for on a project?

First off, do not register for a project until you have been accepted to it and please see “When do I register for a project?” for more information.

When you have been accepted to a project and are going to register for it, please recognize that many projects can be taken for variable credits. Your acceptance letter to the project should include how many credits to register for. If it is not specified, it is most likely assumed that you will sign up for 3 credits as this is the by far the most common number of credits for students to participate on a project for. For more on project credits please see “What if I’d like to sign up for something other than 3 credits?” and “How many credits are needed/can count for graduation?”

What if I’d like to sign up for something other than 3 credits?

Most projects are taken for 3 credits per semester and some projects advisors will only allow students to take the project for 3 credits, even if the credits may be listed as variable on the registrar site.

If you wish to take a different number of credits, you need to get the approval of the project advisor first and work out an agreement on how much work will need to be done for the number of credits you would like to take.

How many credits are needed/can count for graduation?

A minimum of 6 credits of M.Eng. project credit are required but no more than 8 project credits can count towards a student’s graduation requirements. These project credits must be taken over at least 2 semesters. It is not permissible to complete the M.Eng. project requirements in a single semester.

I’m a Distance Learning (DL) student. Did my transfer credits meet my M.Eng. project requirements?

For some distance learning students, the M.Eng. project requirement can be achieved via transfer credits or a similar experience thanks to an agreement that has been worked out with their company and Cornell. Please work with the GFA to complete the transfer credit process.

If a student or their company wishes to pursue an agreement like this, please reach out to Systems Engineering Program Manager.

I just joined my M.Eng. Project! But I still feel new to Systems Engineering and I’m not sure what to do?

It is highly recommended that all Systems Engineering M.Eng. students repeatedly review the document “HowToBringSystemsEngBenefitToYourTeams” throughout their M.Eng. project for important insights and recommendations on the kinds of tasks they should pursue to bring benefit to their projects.

systems engineering capstone project ideas

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Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects are at the heart of the Beaver Works experience.  A typical two-semester capstone project allows students to work collaboratively to carry ideas from initial design all the way through prototype fabrication and testing.

Current Projects

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Past Projects

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Engineering capstone project ideas for students who want the best

Without any doubt, higher education comes with numerous advantages. Especially when it goes about such disciplines as engineering. You learn a lot of important information, gain new skills, meet interesting people and deal with various challenges. But it is necessary to admit that most students require not theoretical knowledge only; they need practical experience. Is it possible to get it while studying? Of course, it is!

In the final year of your studies, you should come up with a capstone project — a paper or a presentation on some topic where you put all the years of your education. In fact, it is a research work in which you should select some practical issues and find winning solutions to these problems. This task provides students with a better understanding of the topic and helps them to stand out among others since they can bring all their knowledge and skills to show off.

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Why is it difficult to come up with capstone project ideas engineering?

Though capstones are very important, a lot of students ask for help with capstone project ideas mechanical engineering. It is absolutely normal if you experience some difficulties; this task just can’t be easy.

There are the most common challenges that you will face:

Of course, there are many other challenges since higher education has never been easy. Even though you have Internet access and can find whatever information you need in a few clicks, you still have only 24 hours in a day. If you want to write an A-level paper, you should organize yourself and approach this task very responsibly. Or buy capstone project and hire a seasoned expert who knows dozens of mechanical engineering capstone project ideas and can help you.

Should you look for mechanical engineering capstone project ideas online?

Is it a good idea to find some engineering capstone project examples and use them for your inspiration? There are several points of view.

On the one hand, engineering capstone project samples can be helpful when you don’t know what your project should look like and when you don’t have a single idea to come up with a paper. There are many different papers online, and you can read them to get a basic understanding.

But sometimes, they don’t help because you follow someone else’s project ideas in mechanical engineering, and it doesn’t let your brain work at its maximum. When you read many samples, you lose your focus. Besides, if you don’t have enough experience, you can’t understand if these examples are good. What if you copy someone else’s idea that is absolutely inappropriate?

So, you can use engineering capstone project samples, but only if you know that you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, not a detailed guide. Your professor wants you to provide a unique concept, so you should concentrate on your task. If you have any doubts, ask your professor, or hire a professional author who will guide you.

How to choose capstone project ideas mechanical engineering?

Once you start working on your engineering capstone project, you’ll quickly understand that it is not that easy to come up with some decent ideas. You need a fantastic topic if you want to stand out among other students and impress your professor. That’s why we want to share some tips that will help you with this stage.

Need help with Engineering Capstone Project?

Get a timely done Engineering Capstone Project from qualified writers

The best ideas for your capstone project

There are 30 mechanical engineering topics that are relevant and important. You can choose one of them if it is related to your discipline or get inspired by them. Don’t forget that you should follow your professor’s instructions, so ensure that you select the idea that meets all the requirements.

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