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Digital Marketing Capstone.pdf

Anubhav Dogra

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Digital marketing campaign capstone project

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

Digital Marketing Capstone (Courser)


digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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Digital Marketing Capstone Projects, 2019-2020

Click here to view a PDF of Capstone Projects

Claudio Carrasco

Indi artist claudio carrasco integrated marketing plan.

Claudio Carrasco

Claudio Carrasco is an independent Christian Hispanic Indie artist based in Issaquah, Washington who seeks to share Christian faith-based messages through his music. He does not have a marketing plan and needs to keep and extend his audience to create the sustainability of his call (business). We are presenting a plan that proposes a business goal, a marketing goal, and a brand awareness goal. This plan will help the artist to reach new audiences and become a sustainable business.    

Joanne Hier

Jazz night school online classes marketing campaign.

Joanne Hier

For my capstone project, I helped a nonprofit music education organization called Jazz Night School to develop and promote a new online class offering. They had to make this switch to online in the wake of the COVID shutdowns. Doing online learning was a completely new ballpark for my client, and there were many challenges along the way including new competition and technical difficulties. We managed to develop and launch this program in the span of just two weeks, and this new class format is something that they plan on keeping even after the shutdown ends.

Nick Otniel Manzat

Breilee marketing plan.

Nick Otniel Manzat

In this Capstone Paper, the author, Nick Manzat tackles a marketing problem concerning his E-commerce client Breilee. The handmade children’s accessories client is facing an already well-established competition within the niche of the handcrafted products. Through primary and secondary research, he discovered that Breilee needs to increase awareness and drive consideration. The audience needed to know there is a better, more affordable, and high-quality alternative for children’s accessories. After the primary and secondary research phase, Nick proposed the client to work on brand guidelines, advertising, content marketing, and event marketing. Each initiative served as a complement to the bigger idea of raising awareness and driving consideration of the magical moments Breilee helps capture.

Vic Spurling

Integrated marketing plan for local redmond dog groomer & pet boutique .

Vic Spurling

For my Capstone project, I developed and executed an integrated marketing plan for a local Redmond dog groomer and pet boutique. Development of this plan included in-depth industry research, a complete competitive audit, the informed creating of customer personas and their journeys, and determining client goals to determine the best way forward. Execution was done through branding, developing a social media schedule as well as drafting social copy, creating a Google advertising campaign, optimizing web content, and developing a sales promotion to help bring in new recurring clients.

Emily Steitzer

Integrated marketing plan for dockside at duke’s.

Dockside at Duke’s is a newly opened event space in the South Lake Union region of Seattle, Washington, owned by parent company Duke’s Seafood. Entering the saturated venue market, Dockside at Duke’s has struggled to attract an audience despite promoting its venue through two trade shows and each of the well-established Duke’s Seafood seven restaurants. An integrated marketing plan focusing on branding and driving awareness of the new venue was created to address this problem.

Marijke Thomas

Strong family insurance integrated marketing plan.

Marijke Thomas

Strong Family Insurance based in Mount Vernon, Washington, is an independent agency licensed to market commercial and personal lines of insurance. They do not have a marketing plan and need to attract and write new business to show its ability to earn income and sustain growth. Innovative Marketing was selected to help them craft a plan to address this situation.

Research around challenges faced by Strong Family Insurance resulted in the creation of five objectives by Innovative Marketing: increasing sales, driving awareness that they are a high quality insurance company serving both consumers and commercial business, driving consideration that Strong Family Insurance serves a wide variety of industries, increasing perception that Strong Family Insurance honors relationships, and retaining 85% of the current customer base.

The objectives guided the creation of a promotional marketing strategy statement designed to activate consumers to take action and ideally convert in to becoming a customer: “You can count on Strong Family Insurance to honor their relationship with you and the larger Mount Vernon community. Choose Strong Family Insurance for high quality service in personal and business needs, regardless of industry.”

To implement this plan, Innovative Marketing proposed four initiatives and campaigns that supported the strategic framework: • Define brand guidelines • Improve the ecommerce experience • Implement a content marketing campaign • Implement an advertising campaign

Last Updated March 24, 2022

UVM OutReach

How to Plan a Successful Digital Marketing Capstone Project

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 13, 2022   5 min. read

uvm digital marketing capstone project presentation

By Christopher Hill

One of the benefits of the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals course is that students are exposed to a variety of digital marketing channels. This includes Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Display, and Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Analytics. Over the course of eight weeks, students learn the inner workings of these channels from instructors who actually work in those fields. All of this to prepare their capstone project, a presentation of a marketing plan that serves as the ultimate display of a student’s fundamental knowledge of digital marketing. 

However, the question many potential students ask before starting the course is “How can I possibly plan, create, and build a marketing plan in just under eight weeks?” 

What is the Capstone Project?

The assignment is simple: consider a problem facing a brand of the student’s choosing and build a multifaceted marketing campaign that they believe can solve it. Students are able to select any brand they desire, even the brand that they currently work for or plan to interview with in the future. They’re also able to choose the specific challenge for that brand that they want their eventual marketing plan to face. And it’s the selection of that challenge that begins to piece the puzzle together for students. Because the challenge chosen could impact the type of digital marketing campaign one would choose. 

For example, a student who chooses a challenge of a “new product launch” might feel that the best marketing campaign for them would be a  product giveaway . Or a brand that needs to “increase customer loyalty” might be a good candidate to consider a  contest  or  mobile app . These options are provided to students when the class starts so it’s more of a match game than it is pulling something unknown from a hat. There is certainly nuance, but students have a lifeline in the Digital Marketing Fundamentals instructors who are there to help guide them. 

digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

The lovely part is, there are typically no wrong answers during the selection part of the process, with the most important thing being that a definitive brand, challenge, and campaign are chosen. However, there is a common trap that can derail the campaign discussion, and that is for a student to consider it good enough to simply say that they’ll use multiple marketing channels to market their brand better. This eliminates the focus for the student and therefore makes their job much harder. Rather than demonstrating the  correct and specific  use of the included marketing channels that are relevant for a particular campaign, they are instead only capable of showing a  general  use of the marketing channels, which isn’t what the capstone project is for. 

Every capstone should feature more than one digital marketing channel, as a truly good marketing campaign typically does. It’s the goal of the course for students to learn when and how to use these marketing channels, which is why the initial selection process is so crucial.

Which Marketing Channels Should I Choose for my Capstone Project?

This is the biggest question for the students in Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate . But it’s also one that students don’t need to have an answer for in the first week. As the course unfolds, there are a number of opportunities for students to learn about the various marketing channels. This includes the weekly live sessions where the instructors, subject matter experts in their field, touch on all the key takeaways and applications for that module’s channel. So students can file away tactics and use cases for their own capstone project. 

But aside from this, one of the most basic ways for students to figure out which marketing channels they should use for their capstone is to consider the basics of their challenge and campaign. For example, if the challenge is to increase leads consider these questions: where is the brand currently getting leads? Do they have a submission form on their website? If it is, then that automatically opens the door for marketing channels like Search Engine Optimization and/or Paid Advertising, channels that to varying degrees rely on web pages for lead capturing. Do the brand’s social media pages link back to the website? Well, there is another channel for the student to consider. 

digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

Sometimes, it’s that simple to get started and if the student isn’t sure of where to begin, then the instructors are there to provide some firm direction and context.

So even though it seems daunting, the capstone project is actually one of the many elements of the Digital Marketing Fundamentals course that students will find rewarding. It helps them see the marketing landscape through the eyes of a seasoned digital marketer, while also giving them something tangible to include in their portfolios, should they find themselves on the job hunt . Going through this course can be one of the best ways to gain a working knowledge of a number of channels, as well as build a foundation for what could be your future career path.

digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

Christopher Hill is a Senior Account Executive at  PureRED  and Academic Coach in  The University of Vermont’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate  program. In addition to his work as a digital marketer, Hill is a published author, father, husband, and avid sports fan.

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digital marketing capstone project pdf presentation

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