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AP® Macroeconomics

Learn all material in the AP® Macroeconomics curriculum from highly regarded AP instructors and college professors.

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About this course

Learn key concepts and AP® Macroeconomics material from top AP instructors, including many of the same high school teachers and college faculty who helped design the AP curriculum in partnership with the College Board.

Each module will cover a major concept in the AP® Macroeconomics course, based on Advanced Placement® standards.

All topics are broken into bite-sized pieces—with short instructional videos, interactive graphs, and practice problems.

Throughout the 18 core modules, you will also find more than 30 short videos. Each one is placed at a critical juncture – ensuring you don’t miss important ideas, definitions and concepts.

Topics include:

This course is specifically designed for blended learning in AP classrooms, but can also be used by AP students independently as supplementary help and exam review.

* Advanced Placement® and AP® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these offerings.

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Performance Task 1: The IRR (Individual Research Report)

& tmp (team multimedia presentation), 20% of overall score, this task is critical to practice in the f all so students get a feel for working with a team as well as who they work or don't work well with. it also helps prepare them for skills necessary for pt1 (many of which are unfamiliar to students) such as how multiple perspectives fit together to form a complete picture of a problem and how to dive into solutions and evaluate them for effectivity..

AP Live PT1 Video Series: Consider showing these videos to students in the Fall (a combination of watching in class and at home). Then, when beginning this task as part of the exam, show excerpts as needed.

Video 1: https://youtu.be/TG5IRCDbXWI

Video 2: https://youtu.be/QGlMvYuB4lk

Video 3: https://youtu.be/l9GfIpVtX3Q

Video 4: https://youtu.be/Q5uJ30VaA6U

Video 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q8qAARC7MU

Video 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDTRsSU-OlQ

Video 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1G54wt6__g

Video 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap_X-FQlF-Y

Video 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMO1nX07gOA

PT1 Scoring Rubric:


TMP Power Point Examples:

Menstrual Health in India

Sleep Deprivation

Waste Management in the US

High Scoring Sample Papers:

PT1: IRR: High (Deinstitutionalization, Patient Perspective - from 2017)

PT1: IRR: High (Human Germline Editing - from 2018)

PT1: IRR High (Heroin Epidemic - from 2019)

PT1: IRR High (Cambodian Women AND Renal Transplant - first two papers are high scoring - from 2020)

PT1: IRR High (Space Privatization, Political Implications - from 2021)

PT1: IRR High (South Africa's Struggles with Stigmatization - from 2022)

Notes and Other Resources for PT1:

Student Questionnaire: PT1

Team Planning Sheet and 1st Meeting Agenda

Practice PT1 Team Reflection

IRR Checklist

Complete PT1 Task Directions 2022

Final IRR Checklist:

A few things before we upload:

Make sure you check your paper against my checklist (it includes how to format the first page) .

Make sure you check your paper against the sample APA paper (under APA Style Resources).

Make sure you have a digital copy, saved a s a PDF, completely edited and ready to upload . We'll walk through submission together.

Make sure you remember your College Board login - you need it to access the Digital Portfolio.

Finally, make sure you've submitted a copy of your IRR (draft is fine) to turnitin.com.


Andrew Nelson of Granada Hills Charter High School Presents

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Sample Peer Reviewed Paper - Good Generic Model

Sample Peer Reviewed Paper - Another Good Generic Model

LINKS  To AP Research Materials, Assignments, Deadlines

Prerequisite Skills

Statistics Page

Bibliography & Literature Review Materials

Inquiry Proposal Form & PREP

Analysis of Data/Findings

Capstone Academic Research Paper

Presentation & Oral Defense

AP Research Workbook   (List of Methods Page 98)  

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LOCSH) On-line Catalog

LOCSH Alphabetical PDF Lists

Vanessa’s Data


HALL OF FAME PAPERS - #5 score places you among the best of the best

Here are the six “5" papers from 2019 as judged by College Board:

Perception of Women in Leadership

By Rachel Feldman 19’ 

Self-Affirmation as a Stress Buffer in High School Student’s Cognitive Ability 

By Denice Higareda, 19'

General Perceived Self-Efficacy and the Struggles of Test Anxiety 

By  Gabby Holquin, 19'

The Effects of School Resource Officers on Feelngs of School Connectedness and Safety 

By Stephanie Mier, 19'

Determining the Factors that Influence One’s Opinions on Globalization Within Youth 

By Zareh Shahinian, 19'

Adolescent Exposure to Sad Music 

By Jessica Wong, 19'

Here are the eight “5" papers from 2018 as judged by College Board:

Personality and Tempo: Exploring the Relationship Between   Music and Cognition           

By Matthew Bacon, 18'

Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards   STEM Among High School Students                     

  By Alexis Bui, 18'

Human Evaluation of Machine Translation   

By Tanvi Kharkar, 18'

Parasocial Relationships: A Study Concerning Adolescents Media Engagement

& Interaction   By Cambria Meadows, 18'

The Acting White Accusation: an examination of academic achievement, perceived educational benefits, and peer influence among high school students    By Success Ufondo, 18’

Relationship Between Factors of Behavior &  Length of Stay in Dogs Housed in A No Kill Animal Shelter      

By John Wargowski, 18’

Placebo Sleep and Student Cognition: Examining the Power of Perception            

By Ethan Trunfio, 18’

What are High School Students Attitudes and Opinions Towards Physician Assisted Suicide?  

By Madina Safdari, 18'

Here are five “perfect" scores from 2017 as judged by College Board:

Youth Impulsivity Levels: Disordered Gambling & Substance Absue     By Diane Bui, 17'

A Study of Aesthetics and Hedonics in Photography      By Bria Rosenberg, 17’

Consequences of Texting Behaviors on Teen Romantic Relationships   By Goldy Faramarzyan, 17 ’

Paper By Valeria Robles, 17’ Coming Soon.

Here are three other “5" scores from 2017 as judged by College Board:

Effect of Dog Interactions on High School Students Mood & Anxiety   - By Anam, 17'

Hope’s Word Use in the Poetry of Anne Saxrton & Sylvia Plath   - By Hope Su, 17’

Korean Ethnic Identity & Assimiliation Levels of High School Students in an Ethinically Diverse Calfironia School   - By Esther Lee, 17'

Daring Sample Paper Employing A Delphi Research Method

A Study on Societal Attitudes Towards Terraforming Mars     By Nick Turcios, 17’   (BEWARE!!)

Course Introduction Materials

2018-9 AP Research Student Workbook  

2018-9 AP Research Course Two-Page Description

2018-9 AP Research Course & Exam Description Effective 2017

Moving From Preliminary Research To Literature Review

Research Notecard Template (Google Doc)

Mr. Nelson’s Opening Comments

AP Research Advice Highlights Capstone Class of 2017

AP Research Senior Advice To Juniors Excel All Responses

College Board Plagiarism Policy

Falsification & Fabrication  

Digital Portfolio Account Set-up



  Student Account Set-up Instructions


Resume/LinkedIn Description

AP Seminar and AP Research are two innovative new courses that are at the heart of College Board’s Capstone diploma program.  To receive the Capstone diploma, students must receive a three or higher in both AP Seminar and AP Research , and receive a three or higher on four other AP exams. The Capstone program teaches the broad set of skills required to write publishable, academic research papers.  The following inventories the specific skills that I developed through Capstone .

·              Perform aligned research of peer-reviewed academic literature. 

·              Design research methods that align with past research.

·              Collect data relevant to an aligned research topic.

·              Curate quantitative and qualitative findings and analyze results.

·              Report key findings, conclusions and recommendations for future research.

·              Received a top score of “5 “in AP Seminar , a score attained by only 6% of all course participants.)  (Received a score of “4 “in AP Seminar , ranking in the top quarter of Capstone students worldwide.)

Get a recommendation statement (NOT A LETTER) from your Seminar teacher. 

Everyone in your GBF class endorse you for Research Skills.

FALL FINAL MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS  - Students must bring the following items to class on Wednesday, the day of final.  Deductions will be made for missing items.  Thank you.


College Board on Falsification

Sample Oral Defense Presentation Slides

Denise’s Draft Slides

Vanessa’s Draft Slides



Saturday April 13  7:30-11:00AM

7:30am - 9:00am  Denice H, Gabby H, Daniel V

9:00am - 10:30am  Zareh S,  Stephanie M, Evana D

Thursday April 11, 2019 3:30-6:00PM

3:30pm - 5:00pm  Dakota E, Aaron C, Victoria D

4:30pm - 6:00pm Angel N, Melia L

Wednesday April 10, 2019 3:30-6:00PM  

3:30pm - 5:00pm  Stacy B, Jessica W., Vanessa F

  4:30pm - 6:00pm  Camille J, David Y


MONDAY Presenters - Dakota, Stephanie

TUESDAY Presenters - Jessica, Rachel

Victoria Thursday Lunch

WEDNESDAY Presenters - David, Evans, Denice

THURSDAY Presenters - Stacy, Gabby, Camille

Zee, Victoria - Thursday Lunch

FRIDAY Presenters - Melia, Daniel, Aaron

Angel - Friday Lunch

AP Research Sample Papers: 

Autoimune Disease

Time for Dinner

Prompt Questions For Assessing Papers Above

Anam’s Paper   - Effect of Dog Interactions on High School Students Mood & Anxiety

Hope’s Paper   - Word Use in the Poetry of Anne Saxton & Sylvia Plath

Katie’s Paper   - Tear Analysis of Contact Lenses Using A Cell-Phone Based Fluorometric Assay Reader

Esther’s Paper - Korean Ethnic Identity & Assimilation Levels of High School Students in an Ethnically Diverse Californian High School

Diane’s Paper  -  Youth Impulsivity Levels: Disordered Gambling & Substance Abuse

A Study of Aesthetics and Hedonics in Photography     By Bria Rosenberg, 17’ (See Methods Section)

CONFIDENCE INTERVALS: Algebra 2 Hand-out That Explain Calculation & Interpretation of Confidence Intervals

Financial Incentives & Student Achievement

Ivan’s Monday Class Example

Bria’s Monday Class Example

Statistical Findings Worksheet

Student Sample IPF - Thank You Melissa

Sampling Survey Example: Attitudes Towards the LGBT Community Survey  - Thanks to Melissa  

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Purpose of Guide

USC Research Guide - Set of articles that guide first-time students through the research process.

What Librarians Use To Create Research Pathfinders ,  Much Thanks To LE Spears  August 2017

Academic Research Databases  




Challenge and Opportunity in Evaluating a Diffusion-Based Active Bystanding Prevention Program: Green Dot in High Schools  

eHow:  How to Use the Likert Scale in Statistical Analysis

How To Use Data, Artificial Scales (e.g. Likert)

Jamie’s Survey

Diane’s Survey

Methods Outline Assignment

Processing & Organizing Your Data In Excel Worksheets

Chi Square Tests Example Excel

Solid Khan Video On Chi Suqare Test May Help Some

Survey Outline Example

Example: Final Results

Word Format Outline of Methods Section



Mr. Wolf’s Checklists By Report Section

Mr. Wolf   Introduction Checklist

Mr. Wolf   Methods Checklist

Mr. Wolf   Findings, Analysis, Results Checklist

Mr. Wolf   Conclusion Checklist


164 Fantastic AP Research Topics for Every Research Students to Consider

Table of Contents

What are AP Research Topics?

If you have an interest in doing research, possibly it seems best to enroll in the AP program. Generally, an AP program is created by the College Board and teaches the students important skills. Also, if you participate in this program, you might learn the skills given below:

How to Use AP Research Topics?

Let’s explore the criteria given below and decide which topics you might choose and make your research topics, dissertation paper , and assignment exemplary.

Also, Read – Excellent Economics Research Topics for you to Consider

How to Write AP Research Topics?

Now that you know how to choose AP research topics, possibly go through the criteria given below and learn to write them.

See Also – Technology Research Topics for Writing Top-Notch Assignments

List of AP Research Topics

Simple ap research topics.

Simple AP Research Topics for Exam

Interesting AP Research Topics

Final AP Research Topics

AP Research Topics for the Experts

Unique AP Research Topics    

Outstanding AP Research Topics

Some Good AP Research Topics

Miscellaneous AP Research Topics

Excellent Topic Ideas for AP Research

Final Thoughts – AP Research Topics

If you have reached here, perhaps you have found this blog interesting and got your AP research topics. However, if you still haven’t found your topics, consider seeking the help of our Research Paper Help experts, who might help you select topics. Also, you may request your professors to help you select topics, as they might allocate you as per your potentials.

ap seminar research paper example

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150 Outstanding Big Data Research Topics for Every Student to Explore

Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

Geology Research Topic

146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

About author.

' src=


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a 5 in AP Seminar?

6 min read • september 30, 2021

Brandon Wu

AP Seminar   💬

Some tips to get a 5, 1. time management.

Please don’t procrastinate. The last thing you want to be doing the week before the paper is due is...trying to figure out where to start with your paper. Start early so that you still have time to do edits, reread your paper, and have enough time to put your best work forward. —Charly Castillo

Keep yourself organized to be successful in Seminar! Image Courtesy of GIPHY

2. Outlining Your Essays Before Writing

Broad Outline

Essay Outline


This is an example of a detailed/essay outline for Seminar. Image Courtesy of Author

3. Use Your Peers as Editors

Work with your partners/peers when you can, even if your papers aren't the same! —Dylan Black

Make sure you're getting feedback from people other than yourself! Image Courtesy of GIPHY

4. Practicing Presentations


Here's an example of a well-designed Seminar slide. Image Courtesy of Author


This is a Seminar slide that could use some work. Image Courtesy of PCWorld

5. Treat Seminar as a Learning Experience, Not Just a Class


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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, what is ap seminar should you take it.

Advanced Placement (AP)


If your school offers AP Seminar, you might be wondering what it's all about. This AP class is great for students who want to challenge themselves and learn more about the independent research process before starting college.

In this guide, I'll give you an overview of what AP Seminar entails, a sample course outline, advice on whether you should take the course, and some tips on how to do well in it.

What Is AP Seminar?

AP Seminar is one of the course requirements for the AP Capstone Diploma and the AP Research and Seminar Certificate, both of which were introduced by the College Board in fall 2014.

If you take and pass AP Seminar, AP Research, and four other AP courses and exams, you will earn the AP Capstone Diploma. If you take and pass just AP Seminar and AP Research, you'll earn an AP Research and Seminar Certificate. Both of these actions are impressive accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to successfully manage college-level academic challenges.

AP Seminar offers students an introduction to conducting independent analysis of complex ideas across various disciplines. It involves reading and understanding advanced source material in the form of texts and other media.

You are expected to synthesize information from different sources, and formulate research questions based on these source materials. You'll elaborate on these ideas through essays, oral presentations, and team projects. The goal of AP Seminar is to provide students with the tools to evaluate information accurately and make compelling, evidence-based arguments.

Your seminar curriculum might be connected to another AP course you take, meaning you'd explore themes that relate to that course when constructing research projects for AP Seminar. For example, your school might offer a class titled "AP Seminar: American Studies" that is for students who are concurrently enrolled in AP US History.

AP Seminar can also function as a stand-alone class. For example, it could be called something like "AP Seminar: Networks" and offer a focus on the impacts of societal networks from various perspectives.


What Will You Do in AP Seminar?

The AP Seminar curriculum is framed around what the College Board calls five "Big Ideas." These ideas are all pretty buzzword-y (their first letters spell Q.U.E.S.T.—need I say more?), but they cover the main educational goals of the class.

Below are the five Big Ideas of AP Seminar and what they mean:

Big Idea 1: Question and Explore

This idea is about encouraging students to embrace intellectual curiosity and develop their own points of view. Learning to consider issues from different perspectives is also an important part of this.

You'll be introduced to the complexity of societal problems and learn how to view them in a larger context. This is where you start to build a strong foundation for the process of coming up with meaningful research questions.

Big Idea 2: Understand and Analyze

This Big Idea is about learning to read critically and reach the heart of an author's argument. You'll practice avoiding oversimplification and generalization when describing the points made by others. You'll also learn how successful arguments are formulated as well as the importance of counterarguments, context, and the ability of an argument to influence behavior.

Big Idea 3: Evaluate Multiple Perspectives

With this idea, you'll learn that a person's perspective is heavily informed by his or her background and worldview. You'll also consider your own biases and how these might impact your reading and interpretation of an argument.

Big Idea 4: Synthesize Ideas

This is about creating an effective argument from your ideas. You'll learn how to formulate a clear line of reasoning and how to avoid overgeneralizations. In addition, you'll be taught how to collect evidence while steering clear of plagiarism.

Big Idea 5: Team, Transform, and Transmit

This one is about teaching students how to do their best work in a team environment (as you might've guessed from its cringeworthy name). The main focuses here are self-reflection, revision, and developing both good communication and effective presentation skills.

Class discussions also play a large role in AP Seminar in the form of debates, group discussions, and reflection on open-ended questions associated with the course material.

How These Big Ideas Are Put Into Practice

These five Big Ideas manifest in AP Seminar in a series of tasks and lessons, which involve the following:

AP Seminar will teach you many core skills that are important for college-level research, and it'll give you the tools you need for the AP Research course (which most students take the following year).

In the next section, I'll give you an example of how a real AP Seminar course might be structured.


AP Seminar Sample Course Outline

AP Seminar is a class that often weaves through many different subject areas. Since the goal is to gain a better grasp of the complexity of opinions on societal issues and to use your newfound understanding to do more effective, self-driven research, it covers a lot of ground.

In this example (which I'm basing off a real syllabus I found online), the AP Seminar course was divided into three units for the first semester:

Unit 1: Questioning Modernity

This unit's focus is on introducing the main concepts behind AP Seminar. This includes learning about the process of inquiry, understanding complex arguments, and becoming familiar with rules for avoiding plagiarism. This particular unit is graded based on participation, a 250-word reflection paper, and a group presentation.

In keeping with the theme of contemporary culture, source materials include the famous T. S. Eliot poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," a book by Steven Best titled The Post-Modern Turn , and an article from Forbes titled "Is Facebook Making Us Anti-Social?"

Looking for help studying for your AP exam?

Our one-on-one online AP tutoring services can help you prepare for your AP exams. Get matched with a top tutor who got a high score on the exam you're studying for!

Get a 5 On Your AP Exam

Unit 2: Perception—Arguing Money

This unit is a continuation of the learning experience in the first one but with a focus on advanced topics related to wealth and poverty. This unit also emphasizes viewing issues from different perspectives.

It is assessed based on participation, a 400-word reflection paper, and another group presentation. Source materials for the unit include Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations , The Communist Manifesto , and Andrew Carnegie's essay "The Gospel of Wealth."

Unit 3: Mastering Education

This final unit in AP Seminar brings together concepts learned in the previous units to discuss topics in education. It is graded based on participation, a 500-word argumentative paper, a 500-word reflection paper, and another group presentation. Source materials for this unit include the film Waiting for "Superman" and several scholarly articles on The Common Core.


In the second semester of the class, students will use the skills they learned in the first three units to take on larger challenges in the form of two research projects and the final exam. Each of these assignments makes up a portion of the final AP score.

Team Project and Presentation (25% of AP Score)

The first assignment is a team project and presentation, worth 25% of the final AP score. Students collaborate in teams of three to six to identify a problem or question they want to research. Each student does research individually and presents his or her findings to the group.

The group then works together to compile a written report and an approximately 10-minute class presentation, followed by a defense of their argument based on questions posed by the teacher.

Each student will also write a reflection on the project as a whole, detailing their collaborative process and approach to both research and problem-solving. The entire project takes place over the course of about two months.

Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation (35% of AP Score)

The second assignment, worth 35% of the AP score, is an individual project. For this part of the course, the College Board releases source materials on a certain topic or theme that students are expected to use in their research. The final paper must use at least one of these sources.

Students are expected to produce a 2,000-word written argument, a six- to eight-minute oral presentation, and a defense of their argument based on two questions posed by the teacher. Students will have around two months to complete this project.

Final Exam (40% of AP Score)

The final exam for AP Seminar consists of three short-answer and two essay questions. The short-answer questions ask students to analyze an argument from a single source. For one essay question, students must compare arguments from different authors, whereas for the other, they must formulate their own evidence-based argument.

Seven sources are given to students for use on the final exam questions.


You can see from this outline that AP Seminar stretches across a variety of topics, and there's quite a bit of freedom to choose what you want to research in the second half.

Overall, AP Seminar is focused on teaching you how to think critically, which is a big departure from many high school courses that just serve to convey specific information. AP Seminar is clearly a more abstract course—but also potentially a more valuable one.

Should You Take AP Seminar?

If you hope to earn an AP Research and Seminar Certificate or an AP Capstone Diploma, you need to take AP Seminar. The AP Capstone program culminates in a 5,000-word research paper that is completed in the AP Research class—an impressive accomplishment for a high school student!

Even if you don't go on to earn the AP Capstone Diploma, you will learn highly valuable critical—thinking and research skills in AP Seminar. Students who take it might place out of introductory college courses or earn college credits .

AP Seminar can also help you avoid academic shock when you get to college. Many high school students have never done in-depth research and therefore don't know how to begin when they're tasked with their first big project in college. If you take this AP class, you'll be ahead of the curve in understanding proper research methods and in learning to avoid both unreliable information and plagiarism.

Lastly, AP Seminar can be a fun experience because it gives you the opportunity to debate important issues with your classmates and work on a project that interests you. There is a level of independence in the seminar-style class that is absent in most other high school classes, which might appeal to students who prefer to explore ideas on their own terms.

If you're an independent, driven student who is hoping to attend a competitive college , AP Seminar might be a great course for you.


How to Do Well in AP Seminar: 3 Essential Tips

What you'll need to do to succeed in AP Seminar depends partly on the format and subject area of the class since it has a lot of flexibility in its structure, teaching methods, and topics. Here are some general tips for success:

#1: Be Open-Minded

AP Seminar mainly deals with analyzing differing perspectives, so try to approach each reading with a willingness to listen and think critically about the author's opinion, even if it doesn't align with your own. This will enable you to adopt a wider view of issues and appreciate their complexity. These skills are critical if you hope to be successful in your research projects.

#2: Participate in Class

Class discussions are very important in AP Seminar. Even if you're not usually big on participation, you should make an effort to contribute to every discussion. Being able to actively engage with your peers will enhance your understanding of the material and allow you to carry out productive conversations with others in your class who might see things differently.

#3: Keep Up With Assignments

This is important in any class, but it's especially critical in AP Seminar. Since you'll be reading and absorbing a lot of material, it's important not to fall behind the rest of the class. Participation relies on a thoughtful reading of the course material, and it's hard to do that if you're trying to play catch up with assignments that were due earlier.

Because you'll be doing research projects both independently and with a team, always stay on top of deadlines to avoid getting overwhelmed or letting down your teammates!


Conclusion: The Benefits of Taking AP Seminar

Critical thinking and the ability to logically evaluate arguments are key skills that'll help you in all aspects of your life. AP Seminar can be a very practical course if you're up for the challenge.

You'll have three major assessments:

Throughout the course, you'll be asked to read a variety of source materials and participate in class discussions. You'll learn about proper research methods, argumentative techniques, and the importance of looking at issues from all sides.

Students who take AP Seminar can then go on to take AP Research, which offers students even more independence in choosing research topics.

AP Seminar is essentially an opportunity for advanced students to get some experience with the types of assignments and expectations that are common in college classes. Take this class and you'll be way ahead in the game!

What's Next?

Still planning out your schedule? Use this guide to help you decide which AP classes to take.

If AP courses seem kind of intimidating, check out this article to learn just how hard they really are —and to decide whether you are up for the challenge.

To learn more about creating a class schedule that'll give you the best chance of attending a top college, read this article on what a rigorous course schedule looks like.

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Get eBook: 5 Tips for 160+ Points

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150 Best AP Seminar Topics To Get Perfect Grade

ap seminar topics

Are you an AP seminar student? It is one of the most interesting and engaging courses because it trains a student how to identify issues of interest and develop the right solutions. However, you will be required to prepare a final paper at the end of the year-long course, and this is never easy.

The first challenge in preparing an informative paper that can help you to stand out in your class is selecting a good topic. Well, this is never easy for many students.

Apart from the difficulty in selecting the right topic, some students find preparing a great AP research paper challenging because of other engagements, tight deadlines, and inadequate writing skills. To help you out, our homework nerds have prepared 150 AP seminar topics that you can use to prepare the best paper. Check them out and identify the one that impresses you most.

Table of Contents

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Before we can look at the top AP seminar research papers, let’s start by establishing what the course is all about.

AP seminar is a one-year course that requires learners to undertake comprehensive investigations of a world issue using different perspectives. The course is aimed at helping students to learn how to gather information about the issue of concern from multiple sources and express their own perspectives in written essays.

Here are the things covered in an AP seminar course:

Because it enhances your research, analytical, writing, and collaboration skills, an AP seminar certificate can be an awesome addition to your academic qualifications arsenal. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you get the best grades. Let’s start with the right topics.

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ap seminar research paper example

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.


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