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Senior Graphic Design Capstones

Watch Fullscreen Katie Naum Katie Naum has turned a lifetime of sketching into a distinct look-and-feel. For her practicum project, she applied her colorful and whimsical illustrations to custom designed skis, snowboards and surfboards.

Watch Fullscreen Brian McGonagle Brian McGonagle got personal with his practicum, rebranding a charitable fund created by his family after a tragic loss. His use of bright colors and scripted typography brought personality and charm to the brand.

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Capstone Project

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. want more inspiration browse our search results ....

Master's Capstone Project ai co-design fitness future gym immersive interactive design journey map prototype sensors service blueprint smart equipment smart technology technology traditional gym ux workout

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2021 Senior Capstone Projects

Contact Information

Communication, Media & Design Arts

Phone: 253-535-7573

Email: [email protected]

Ingram 101 Tacoma, WA 98447

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2021 Capstone Web Banner

Gestalt: 2021 Senior Capstone Portfolios

See all the projects and art that our Art and Design seniors have created.

Meet Our Students

capstone project graphic design

Jazper Arnett

BA, Studio Arts | Communication minor

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jazper is an aspiring graphic designer. Being heavily inspired by anime and comics, he too wants to impact others with his creations.

capstone project graphic design

Bryant Bartlett

BFA, Graphic Design

Bryant Bartlett is a designer and creative problem solver from Tacoma, Washington. As an anthropocentric creative, Bryant designs for people and often about people—focusing on design for use, design for communication, and design with a function.

capstone project graphic design

Dallas Eckleman

Dallas Eckelman is a graphic design student who loves using his critical thinking skills and cartoonish aesthetic to create fun and appealing illustrations. In the future he plans on pursuing a career in game design.

capstone project graphic design

Kevin Jansen

Kevin Jansen has been drawing cartoons on his homework for as long as he can remember. Fueled by an interest in comedy and science fiction, he hopes to someday bring his cartoons to life in a long-form story.

capstone project graphic design

Ann Christine Kimari

BA, Studio Art | Communication minor

Coming from the beautiful country Kenya, Ann Christine found her passion for art rooted in her culture and upbringing. She enjoys crafting and decorating spaces. Her goal is to develop and enhance her country’s artistry. She hopes to elevate patriotism via the appreciation of the beauties vested within her country.

capstone project graphic design

Ariana Kong

Creating art both physical and digital has always been a therapeutic  and boundless process for Ariana. She hopes to convey work that allows viewers to relate and gain interest into the world of creation that surrounds us and to make a positive impact as she delves further into the world.

capstone project graphic design

Megan LeDuc

BFA, Graphic Design | Music minor

Megan LeDuc is a graphic designer who explores the process of making art in her  work. Her other interests include illustration, printmaking, and ceramics. When she’s  not creating, she loves drinking coffee and being an overprotective plant parent.

capstone project graphic design

Margaret Mathews

BFA, Studio Art (Sculpture)

Margaret’s goal is to amuse, bemuse, or confuse her viewers. Her art often holds elements of absurdity and irony. She believes beauty and humor are important to living life. She aims to make this world just that much more bearable.

capstone project graphic design

Rheanna Meehan

I am a Pacific Northwest born artist who strives to create engaging aesthetically appealing imagery using my own style. My interests lie in graphic design and digital painting. I often combine these two skills to create artwork. I plan on creating a career and graphic design as well as develop my own web comic in the future.

capstone project graphic design

Inocencio ``Chencho`` Orta

Chencho Orta has developed a passion that combines his love of scuba, nature, camera, digital media, and social justice into a desire to wholeheartedly communicate visually with the world. He enjoys color in the digital designs of his many forms of expression.

capstone project graphic design

Jessica Zenobio

Jessica Zenobio is a Graphic Design major graduating in 2021. For her capstone she created a six poster series on the mythological Greek story of Medusa. When Jessica Isn’t working on digital art she enjoys knitting and playing video games.

capstone project graphic design

Syracuse University

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Graphic Design Honors Capstone Projects

Trail's End Cafe Branding and Design , Morgan McMullen

The Small Overlooked Hindu Street Temples of Madurai , Elina Berzins

Branding and Web Design for Inkululeko: With Freedom Comes Hope , Allison Clark

Reimagining the Visual Communications of the Westcott Community Center , Kathryn Jean Marren

Gary’s Sneakers: A 3D Animated Short , Kelsey Adams

The Great Teakon: A 3D Video Game , Chad Cable


Syracuse Grows: Grassroots Communications , Sarah Marshall

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If this year taught us anything, it’s that the world is constantly changing. And so are we. We adapt to new situations, shift perspectives, and reshape our future. This year’s Fall 2020 Graphic Design Capstone theme, Reshape, is about embracing what’s to come. Throughout our years at RIT, we’ve had the opportunity to imagine, discover, and mold our experiences doing what we love. Now, it’s our time to reshape together. We invite you to view our Capstone projects below.

Colorful Camryn Finkner


Kind By Design: A Zine Lily Garnaat

Kind By Design: A Zine

Skyla Jiayi Zheng


Project Local — Subscription Box Allison Kunz

Project Local — Subscription Box

Design + Beauty - Gender Janine Bushey

Makeout Hill Kyle Quevedo

Makeout Hill

Artemis Sporting Goods Robertanthony Plonsky

Artemis Sporting Goods

Break Through Connie Froass

Break Through

Deaf Culture and Audism Beatriz Nicolas

Deaf Culture and Audism

Dear Hearing People Amanda Stopper

Siempre Venezuela Ariuska Bauza

Twelve Memories Brianna Johnson

Twelve Memories

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Your client: Britewash laundry powder In your Graphic Design program, you began to develop the technical and creative skills that are essential for professional graphic design work. This capstone project tests your ability to meet the program standards in a single client project. Your client Britewash, Inc. needs a full suite of design work to prepare a product debut for its laundry powder product. The company will need a logo, brochure, and a package design, all based on a fully researched and developed concept. This is a three-stage project. You will present your research and concept for initial feedback, then you will prepare images, colors, and typography based on the concept and submit them for additional feedback. Finally, you will proceed to your final deliverables: a polished logo, brochure, and package design. You are expected to present your final work professionally and write a final presentation that details your thought process and design techniques. Department head Joss Parsey will provide feedback at each of three stages of the project. This document is broken up into the following sections. We recommend that you begin by thoroughly reading the entire document. Then as you work on each stage of the project, you can easily jump to a specific section using these links: STAGE ONE Project Brief Introduction to the Client: Britewash, Inc. Deliverables Downloads

Researching and Conceptualizing

Researching Design Concepts and Styles Developing Your Concept Submitting Your Research and Concept

Preparing the Design

Developing a Color Palette Developing and Editing Images Choosing Typefaces Submitting Your Design Elements

Creating Your Final Deliverables

Designing the Logo Laying Out the Brochure Creating the Package Design

Summarizing and Submitting Your Final Deliverables

Writing Your Final Presentation Submitting Your Final Project

Throughout this project, you will find references to Graphic Design standards that you are expected to meet. The project is designed to test your expertise in specific areas of proficiency you have been developing during your program. Your instructor will provide constructive feedback at each stage of the project. After your final presentation, your instructor will comment on the extent to which you have met each standard.

Take a moment to view the slide show below for a visual overview of each standard:

The client has not placed any limitations on budget, colors, or sizes—they are eager to see creative ways of communicating the product to potential customers.

The client has supplied three photos for you to use in the brochure and package designs. You are required to use at least two of these, and you are welcome to create and include any number of your own photos or graphics as appropriate.

Additionally, full text for the brochure and package are provided. You should not edit the text, but you are expected to manipulate its presentation for appropriate readability, hierarchy, and so on as it applies to each piece.

Download the files here .

Researching and Conceptualizing Researching Design Concepts and Styles

In this project, the research and preparation of the concept for the client is almost as important as the actual production of artwork. You are expected to spend time researching companies and products in related genres, design trends in those areas, and other design work that may influence the direction of your concept.

You can do some of your research online, but your best research will be at locations where a product like Britewash would be sold. Identify the packages that catch your attention first, notice how eco-friendly and young adult-oriented products are presented, and get your hands on brochures of all kinds. Additionally, look at other products and media that cater to Britewash's audience and determine what design elements, colors, and typefaces are most effective.

Developing Your Concept

Your research should influence the direction of your design in terms of style, color, attitude, and approach, but the concept should be all your own. Consider this unique product's audience and goals to help find a direction for your concept. 

Use brainstorming, sketches, tear sheets, mood boards, and any other methods of your choice to form a solid design message that you can later translate into the required deliverables for the client.

Submitting Your Research and Concept

Before you continue on to preparing the design, you are expected to present your research and concept to your department head for feedback.

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Save your written presentation as a PDF file named 7_presentation.

Submitting Your Final Project

To complete your capstone project, you are expected to provide all final project files including your professionally written presentation.


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