1. Tips on how you can Pass your Capstone Project

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  2. Cyclistic Case Study

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  3. SET Capstone Project Overview

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  1. Kaggle submissions

  2. 🔴 Live Competitive Data Science

  3. G12 LECTURE


  5. Full stack multiple custom object recognition using YOLOv4 (60+ hours of training), Flask, JS

  6. Credit Card Trends (Kaggle) || Tableau Dashboard developed from scratch


  1. Capstone Project

    The goal in this capstone is to explore the followings: The time series trajectories of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer job posting volumes. (To

  2. Posting A Capstone Project

    I'm new to Kaggle. I just finished my capstone project for Google's Data Analytics Certificate program. How/Where do I post my project here on Kaggle?

  3. Capstone projects...

    Project Name: Store Sales forecasting. Text Mining ... I will share dataset of three topics in the next communication.

  4. Capstone Project

    A histogram of damage_grade, the label of this dataset fig

  5. Final Capstone Project

    This challenge is the capstone project of Summer Analytics, a primer course on Data Science, conducted by Consulting and Analytics Club of IIT Guwahati.

  6. Google Data Analytics Capstone Project

    Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from Divvy Chicago Bike-Sharing Data.

  7. Data Analysis and Visualization Capstone Project

    Capstone Project¶. Overview¶. If you are planning on going out to see a movie, how well can you trust online reviews and ratings?

  8. Insurance prediction capstone project

    Dataset Description. Training and testing datasets are provided to you in class.

  9. 911 Calls Capstone Project

    For this capstone project we will be analyzing some 911 call data from Kaggle. The data contains the following fields: lat : String variable, Latitude

  10. Final Capstone Project (All Advanced Regression)

    Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from [Private Datasource]

  11. Data Science Dojo Capstone Project: Titanic Model

    Data Science Dojo Capstone Project: Titanic Model. Predict survival on the Titanic dataset.