Capstone Project - Planning

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capstone project planning micro project



Capstone Project Execution & Report Writing (22060) Micro Project MSBTE.

 capstone project execution & report writing (22060) micro project msbte..

Capstone Project Execution & Report Writing (22060) Micro Project MSBTE.

Program Name and Code: Capstone Project Execution & Report Writing (22060)

Course Name and Code: CSE 6I

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Academic Year   : 

Semester: Sixth

A MICRO PROJECT ON " Hospital Management System"

A micro-project proposal, 2.0     course outcome addressed..

3.0 Proposed methodology

4.0 action plan, 5.0 resources used.





Annexure-II Micro-Project Report

Hospital management system , 1.0 brief description:-.

Why is HMS essential for a hospital?

Maintain the medical records of the patient  

Maintain the contact details of the patient

Keep track of the appointment dates

Save the insurance data for later reference

Tracking the bill payments.

Advantages of HMS

Time-saving Technology

Improved Efficiency by avoiding human mistakes

Reduces scope for Error

Data security and correct data retrieval made possible

Cost-effective and easily manageable

Easy access to patient data with correct patient history

Improved patient care made possible

Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory

Reduces the work of documentation

Better Audit controls and policy compliance.

Features of HMS

Handle commonly and recently used medicines. Option to display medicines available in the pharmacy. SMS medicines to Patients.

Template-based Release Summary. ICD10 integration. Option to prevent discharge summary till IP bill is closed.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Management manages stock, Prescription Integration, Ward Request, Stock Management, Stock Moment, and intelligent reports.

Comprehensive Lab Management manages total order management, Custom Reports, Smart Notifications, Credit Settlement, detailed MIS Reports, Analytics, and App for Phlebotomists.

Lets you access whole MIS data from your palm.

Any number of branches can be added and organized utilizing a single account.

Benefits of Hospital Management System:

Hospital Management System (HMS) improves visibility and translucency in the complete management operation and in all records.

It assists in streamlining the correct reporting with the use of updated and correct records.

Hospital Management System enhances the quality control of the products and services of the hospital.

2.0  Actual Resources Used

3.0    outputs of the micro-project, 4.0  skill developed / learning outcomes of this micro-project, rate this article, post a comment, safelink converter.

capstone project planning micro project

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125 Best Capstone Project Ideas for Students

Updated 01 Feb 2023

What is the hardest part of writing a top-notch capstone project? You are going to face many pitfalls and difficulties as you are writing this academic paper but the hardest trial is awaiting you at the very beginning. Pushing yourself to start the work is the hardest part, and one of the most responsible steps here is to choose a good topic that will help to show your full potential. Choosing weak topics can lead to failure. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best capstone project ideas to help you make the right choice! Need help writing a law essay? Hire our law essay writing service and get help from the best.

How To Choose Topic For Capstone Project?

The choice of a topic is a big and responsible step in writing any academic capstone project, so it is important not to make a fatal mistake. If you also feel stuck, we have a few effective tips to help you get started. A capstone project can be a tricky type of paper so you may need to find out how to buy assignments online .

First of all, keep in mind that the right topic will help you write an outstanding capstone paper and get a deserved high grade. Good topic ideas will give you a possibility to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through the course, so you should approach this step carefully. Then you should remember that a good theme should be valuable, relevant, and interesting (most importantly for you). Your theme should be specific. You can choose  narrative speech topics on our site. Choosing a too broad one is not a good idea because it also has to be manageable. Finally, your theme should present a REAL problem, and your goal will be to develop solutions for it and support them with strong arguments.

Here are the main steps you should take to choose great topic ideas:

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Connect with our top writers and receive a paper sample crafted to your needs.

Ideas Of Capstone Project Topics For Students

If you are just about to start your own capstone project, we suggest you take a look at our list of top high school senior capstone project examples to help you find a good topic ideas example.

You can be interested: The 125 Descriptive Speech Topics : The Easiest Way Writing a Descriptive Essay

Best Capstone Engineering Project Ideas


Electrical engineering:

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you need help with any of these themes, you can turn to our service.

Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

Read also: 70 Best Sociology Research Topics  

Accounting Capstone Project Ideas

Management Capstone Project Ideas

Education Capstone Project Ideas

Marketing Capstone Project Ideas

Hopefully, our list of sample ideas for capstone ideas helped you find inspiration for starting your own capstone project! Keep in mind the tips we gave you for choosing a suitable idea, and you will succeed!

What if you can’t complete your capstone paper ? Sometimes, even if you have chosen a brilliant capstone project idea, this does not mean that you are doomed to succeed. This is a complex task that not everyone can handle. However, we have a solution! helps students keep up with all of their academic assignments and get the highest grades with ease. Why choose Because we have numerous benefits for you:

Submitting an A-worthy capstone project is simple with us, so, if you have faced any issues with writing your capstone papers, do not hesitate and use our writing service at!

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Written by Julius Sim

As an experienced Data Analyst, Julius never stops analyzing things, which makes him a good writer who provides his share of analytical skills. As a responsible person with a strong civil position, he likes writing about social issues, healthy lifestyle, culture, volunteering, and education. Using his experience of being a leader in numerous student clubs, Julius likes sharing helpful tips to assist students and educators alike.

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capstone project planning micro project

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capstone project planning micro project

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Capstone project planning


capstone project planning micro project

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capstone project planning micro project

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capstone project planning micro project

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Capstone Project plan

Looking for a capstone project plan? This roadmap is designed to culminate and showcase knowledge and skills gained. Students investigate a potential career path, engaging in research and experience. Students will present their growth and learning in a final portfolio and presentation. Use this capstone project plan for genius hour, a beginning of the year or end of the year project. This project guide for students takes students through a typical senior capstone project.

Capstone Project Plan

Pathway Capstone

Stage 1 - Choose Topic

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Consider your future and what you're interested in exploring as a potential career. This could be an industry, a profession, a cause or a passion. Narrow down your topic to one that is most meaningful and relevant to you and where you want to go in life.

Pathway 1 - Discover Topic

Identify interests: academic, professional, and social topics. Suggestion: make a list or mindmap. Keep in mind transferable skills you want to develop, careers you might want to pursue, a topic you want to learn more about to be future-ready.

Identify goals: academic, personal, professional and social. What do you want to learn more about? What skills are you interested in developing? What do you think is important for your future? Consider: I want to… learn / develop / improve / explore / prepare for / understand / know how to / create / plan / affect.

Find connections to create project topic(s). Look over your interests and goals. Find common themes or ways to combine ideas.

Conduct a “pre-mortem" as a feasibility test. Identify all of the ways the topic might not be achievable, all the reasons your project might fail. More eyes on this is helpful. Run your ideas by others (particularly mentors) and have them identify areas of concern. Ask: “Can this work? Can you come up with reasons it wouldn't? Why shouldn't I pursue this?”

Stage 2 - Create Proposal

Capstone projects are complex culminations of your experience as a student and proof that you are future-ready. Demonstrate your readiness by having a well-thought out plan of action. Include purpose, timeline, goals, tasks, mentors, research, anticipate challenges, and identify supports to put in place (resources, mentors, etc.)

Pathway 2 - Proposal

Identify your goal(s). Turn your goal(s) into one overarching driving question or statement. Eg. “I want to understand the positive impact of social media for companies beyond marketing” or “Does social media have a positive impact for companies beyond marketing?” Turn your question or statement into a SMART goal.

Identify relevance. Explain why your goal relevant and meaningful to you. What do you hope to learn or accomplish? (gain knowledge? develop skills? get experience?).

Identify gaps in knowledge. What further research do you plan to do to deepen your understanding of this topic? What are the big questions you need to answer? How will you research, read, locate information, talk to experts, interview, attend info sessions/workshops/classes.

Determine final product. Who is the audience? Why this product and why this audience? What will this product help this intended audience to do? Eg. Pitch your product to local company. Suggestions for final products: design a product or service, conduct an experiment, plan an event, create art, write a speech.

Outline a "to-do" list. Be specific about the actions you will take: practice, attempt, shadow, volunteer, work experience, assemble, create, achieve, decide.

Establish a timeline for your To Do list. Create a timeline with deadlines for major tasks.

Identify challenges. What major challenges do you foresee? How are you stretching your learning? How are you challenging yourself?

Gather support. What supports will you put in place to address the challenges you've identified? These are people, programs, or resources who will assist you with the project. Describe the role or expertise you're looking for in a mentor or program and how you plan to acquire them.

Develop mentor meeting cadence. For your initial meeting with your potential mentor, be prepared to outline what you need from them and why they would be a good fit. Consider: what does this mentorship mean for them? Benefits? Opportunities? Suggest meeting cadence, feedback loops, general expectations. Confirm details of mentor-mentee relationship. Consider: draft a contract.

Stage 3 - Do Research

Knowledge is power. It is also one way to set yourself apart from the competition. Undoubtedly there will be others pursuing your career of interest. Knowledge of your field boosts your chances of being a credible candidate in the eyes of employers.

Pathway 3 - Research

Identify your goals for your research and determine what you want to learn from it.

Determine your method(s) of research and explain why. Eg. Interview, Survey, Observation, Participation etc.

Organize your research. Decide on 1-3 areas to research further and create headings for each area. List key ideas/general content under each heading. Knowing more about these areas should start to answer your driving question.

Turn key ideas/content into more specific questions: ones that you can find facts about and get answers to. The answers to these questions should help you come up with an answer to your driving question.

Assess your sources of information. Are all of your resources credible and reliable? Look at the information you got from those sources. Are they fact-based? Biased?

Analyze findings: look for common themes, patterns, connections between ideas. What have you learned overall? Revisit your research goals. Did you meet them? Have your findings moved you closer to achieving your project goals? Do you need to do more research or try another approach?

Stage 4 - Write Paper

Put it all together. Keep in mind, this paper reflects more than knowledge gained. It also demonstrates a number of critical skills: conducting research, synthesizing information, defending an argument, assessing credible sources and communicating effectively.

Pathway 4 - Write Paper

Identify your driving question. Use the one from your proposal or modify if your thinking has changed.

Create a works cited page. Keep track of websites and other resources. Include any research done up to this point (interviews, surveys, etc.). Check with your teacher on how which format to follow (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

Determine your thesis. This should be the answer to your driving question that your paper will defend.

Draft your paper. Run it by your mentor, peers, and/or parents. Get feedback.

Edit and polish. Ensure it’s formatted correctly before submitting (ex. spacing, font, citation method, cover page requirements, etc.).

Stage 5 - Develop Final Product

Knowledge is power, but without action is useless. You've learned more about your topic of interest. "So what?" Consider your future resume and cover letter. What experience would set yourself apart from other candidates? Take on a leadership role and design, build, plan, conduct, or perform something to showcase your uniqueness.

Pathway 5 - Develop Final Product

Double-check: is your proposed anchor experience still relevant after having done your research? Ensure your anchor experience will help you achieve your goals, build desired skills, showcase your learning in the best way. If appropriate, what will you tweak or change or add based on your research findings?

Make a plan. This could be a list of tasks and deadlines or choose a structured process that will help keep you on track. Eg. if your anchor experience is to conduct an experiment, consider using the Scientific Method as a planning structure.

Seek feedback. Whose feedback will help inform your process? Suggestions: talk to your mentor, your intended audience, experts in the field.

Final touches. Knowing that the results of your anchor experience will be shared, consider finishing touches to make it showcase/public-ready.

Stage 6 - Develop Portfolio

Time to showcase all of your amazing work. Your portfolio should speak to your entire learning journey. Draw attention to moments you want to highlight. Choose a format that is representative of who you are.

Pathway 6 - Develop Portfolio

Create a list of artifacts. What do you need to collect for your portfolio? (ex. proposal, paper, final product).

Determine display. If asked to showcase, how will you share your final portfolio? (physical - binder, scrapbook; electronic - blog, website, folder of documents).

Look back and summarize the experience. Consider: Did you learn or accomplish what you intend to? What was challenging? What are you proud of? What would you do differently? What was valuable? Include reflection in your physical or electronic portfolio.

Look forward and consider: How are you more prepared for your future? What will you takeaway from this experience? What more could be done to further your work? How could you apply your research or skills in another area? Include reflection in your physical or electronic portfolio.

Create a list of post-capstone products. What would be valuable for you to have? (Suggestions: Letter of Recommendation, Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile).

Create post-capstone products. Include these in your physical or electronic portfolio.

Stage 7 - Prepare for Presentation

This is a culminating experience. It acts as a bookend to your life as a student. Your presentation should exude confidence, pride, and professionalism. Be prepared to tell your story: identify your narrative, draft your speech, and create visual/auditory aids to supplement your presentation.

Pathway 7 - Prepare for Presentation

Draft your narrative. What’s your overall story? Highlight the important parts of your journey: your goals, your plan, your execution, your challenges, your accomplishments, your takeaways.

Draft your speech. Take your summary and write a conversational script. Test it by reading it aloud. It should read like you're telling your story in a formal, yet personal way.

Create visual or auditory aids. These should supplement your story. They shouldn't tell the story for you.

If you wish to customize this Capstone Project Plan, simply sign-up for a Spinndle account and grab this plan from our Shared Teacher library!

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Project Initiation and Planning

Initiation is generally handled by the program. The program coordinators will select the projects and decide if they are feasible for a Capstone Project Team, and if there are mutual benefit opportunities.

Planning is the most important part so that you then have a way to execute and monitor. Start by understanding the goal of the project – this is the “why” the project is being taken on. Having a clear vision on this will help with the ‘What’ of the project – what is the result wanted? (i.e., to increase revenue, drive traffic to the site, provide analysis of data, train individuals, etc.). In this, it is also important to understand who we are doing this for.

Project planning is where the students begin to engage and should be completed with the stakeholders. A project may look different depending on the group of students assigned and their specialty. The main questions to be addressed by students in this phase.

Accountability comes through assigning specific people to tasks, so it is clear to everyone who is responsible for completing them.

Courses and Guided Projects

​​OpenLearn University Course: Planning A Project

Gantt charts, critical path analysis, SMART objectives and estimation skills are just some of the topics covered in this course, planning a project, to help you understand how to plan for a project. You will gain an appreciation of the range of planning techniques available and the situations in which it is appropriate to use them. (Planning a Project Course, 2019)

Planning can be approached by asking a series of questions:

Tools and Templates

Project North Star Template (Facebook, 2004)

Tools and Resources for Capstone by Amanda McEachern Gaudet and Mackenzie Collins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

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