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Capstone and senior design project ideas for undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical experience and insight into technology trends and industry directions.

navassherif98 / IBM_Data_Science_Professional_Certification

This repository contains all the resources and solution to quizzes given and asked in IBM Data Science Professional Certification.

Vatshayan / Fake-News-Detection-Project

Final Year Fake News Detection using Machine learning Project with Report, PPT, Code, Research Paper, Documents and Video Explanation.

Vatshayan / Live-Chatbot-for-Final-Year-Project

Chatbot system for Final Year Project. Chatbot made in Python using Natural Language Toolkit especially Machine Learning. Easy to Understand and Implement.

sahidul-shaikh / credit-card-fraud-detection

Machine learning model for Credit Card fraud detection

nikoescobal / COFFEECON2020

This project is a fully responsive site that fulfills Microverse’s HTML/CSS Capstone Requirements

limchiahooi / Coursera_Capstone

Capstone project for IBM Data Science Professional Certificate on Coursera.

Kingjosh007 / capstone2-countries-facts

This is the repo for the second capstone project in our Microverse journey. It is a group project created by @Fikerte-T and I. We build it around a countries API.

aboerzel / German_License_Plate_Recognition

Android camera app for automatic recognition of German license plates using TensorFlow / TensorFlow Lite 2.4.1

juancoob / Vegginner

App to change our consumption habits, fight against climate change and take part in relieving the world in hunger in our everyday life.

lauravikanis / WalkTheLine

Gesellenstück for The neuefische WebDevelopment Bootcamp

therealdreg / emuhookdetector

hook detector using emulation and comparing static with dynamic outputs

Vatshayan / Final-year-Project-steganography

Steganography is the technique of hiding secret data within an ordinary, non-secret, file or message in order to avoid detection; the secret data is then extracted at its destination.

sanjitva / Predicting-Football-Player-Transfer-Values

Flatiron School Capstone project. Trying to find out how well players' on-field performance metrics can be used to predict their transfer values.

PromzzyKoncepts / PranMovies

A Movie website built with TVmaze API that displays movies and TV shows with comments and likes for interactions

IbrohimRasulov / AstronomyPictureOfTheDay

fpcarneiro / data-engineer-project

Data Engineering Capstone

maudzung / Self-Driving-Car-09-Programing-A-Real-Car

The safe navigation for a self-driving car around a course using the Robot Operative System (ROS) framework

Nishil07 / Skillship-Foundation-Summer-2020-Internship

This is about the projects I worked on for the successful completion of my first ever internship at Skillship Foundation in the Machine Learning domain. I hope whoever comes across this repository they get an insight about how the industry works.

wanghsinwei / isic-2019

ISIC 2019 - Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection

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What is a capstone project?, What is the aim of a Capstone Project?, Wipro training and Infosys training

 What is a capstone project?

The capstone project has become Associate in Education integral a part of the university degree or MNC syllabus. It will take many alternative forms, however, its purpose remains similar. The capstone project could be a distinctive chance to hold out freelance cluster analysis so as to plan Associate in Nursing innovative answer for a real-world drawback. whereas a project of this scope and scale is difficult, it can even be terribly pleasing.

The capstone project is typically the ultimate assignment and plays a significant role in making ready students for the globe of labor due to its sensible applications and skill to assist hone students’ skilled data and skills.

capstone project wipro

What is the aim of a Capstone Project?

1. It prepares you for the operating world:

The capstone project is meant to consolidate final-year students’ learning with valuable active expertise to assist develop them into well-prepared and all-around graduates.

Students work along in tiny teams to return up with innovative solutions for real-life issues, all while gaining valuable insights into the stress and responsibilities of the operating world. this offers students an opportunity to bring their leadership and management skills alive and perceive the implications of their selections in an exceedingly ‘safe space’.

2. It helps build your CV and assist you to stand out as a candidate :

Undertaking a capstone project demonstrates to prospective employers that you’re over simply a possible candidate with the mandatory tutorial qualifications. It shows your dedication to a problem that demands time and energy, furthermore as strict expertise, work ethic, and skill operating in an exceedingly sensible, active setting.

3. It offers valuable sensible expertise :

As a graduate, the truth of securing employment is tough as several roles demand sensible expertise. several graduates are conceptually sturdy and appropriate candidates, however, a scarcity of applied data in sensible settings will build it difficult to demonstrate such expertise Associate in Nursingd skills on their CV or in an interview.

The capstone project could be a nice answer and are some things that each Megan and Javeria felt helped bridge that essential gap and has given them a competitive advantage as young professionals.

4. It hones on specific skills that are extremely valued by employers:

The capstone project encompasses a real-life operating culture that aims to introduce a collection of specific skills that are each extremely valued by employers and can ultimately serve students well into their careers.

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Raju Sunagar

Posted by Raju Sunagar

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The Capstone project is the culmination of your journey through the Full Stack Web Development specialization. The Capstone project is aimed at building a fully functional front-end Application (both Web App designed using Bootstrap+AngularJS, and a hybrid mobile app implemented using the Ionic framework) and full server-side implementation using Node.js+Express+MongoDB (possibly using a higher-level framework). The project provides you an opportunity to demonstrate the skills that you have acquired from the courses

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