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Capstone-project-2 / rajesh_more_team1_capstone_project_2.ipynb.

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How to read JSON in Spring Boot? - JSON parse error: Cannot deserialize value of type `X` from Array value (token `JsonToken.START_ARRAY`);

I am sending data from an Angular application to SpringBoot. The application creates an order and sends it to the server. My problem is that the server does not receive the correct object.

I console.log the output to be sent to the server, and looks alright:

The methods I use in Angular are

On SpringBoot, trying to use @RequestBody or @ModelAttribute:

When I use @RequestBody, the server responds with

and when I use @ModelAttribute, I got:

I searched all over the Internet twice... but couldn't get what the problem is. I am new to Springboot and Angular... which might be the start of the trouble. I would appreciate if you can please shed some light on this...

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It look like you are mixing things:

Controller: Your contrller looks fine with @RequestBody this way you expecting a post request from the Angular.

Your angular request on the other hand look odd it should be something like this:

The order is an Angular object defined on its own .ts file.

Before calling the service build the object:

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foodbox capstone project github

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