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24 Exciting IoT Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2023]

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Table of Contents

In this article, you will learn the 20 Exciting IoT Project Ideas & Topics . Take a glimpse at the project ideas listed below.

Read the full article to know more in detail. 

IoT Project Ideas

We live in an exciting age of technological and digital revolution. In just a decade, we’ve witnessed a radical change in the world around us. Thanks to the recent advancements in Data Science, today, we have at our disposal things like AI-powered smart assistants, autonomous cars , surgical bots, intelligent cancer detection systems, and of course, the Internet of Things (IoT). So, if you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time IoT project ideas.

We, here at upGrad, believe in a practical approach as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. In this article, we will be exploring some interesting IoT project ideas which beginners can work on to put their knowledge to test. In this article, you will find top IoT project ideas for beginners to get hands-on experience.

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iot capstone project ideas for it students

But first, let’s address the more pertinent question that must be lurking in your mind: why to build IoT projects?

When it comes to careers in software development, it is a must for aspiring developers to work on their own projects. Developing real-world projects is the best way to hone your skills and materialize your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. The more you experiment with different IoT projects, the more knowledge you gain.

The Internet of Things is a major sensation of the 21st century. After all, who would have thought that someday we’d have access to a technology that would allow us to connect everyday objects – like thermostats, kitchen appliances, door lock systems, baby monitors, and electrical appliances – over a centralized and integrated network and control them from anywhere in the world!

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Essentially, IoT describes a connected network comprising of multiple physical objects that have sensors and smart software embedded in them to facilitate the exchange of data among them via the Internet. However, IoT isn’t just limited to everyday household objects – you can even connect sophisticated industrial objects and systems over an IoT network. As of now, there are over 7 billion IoT devices, and this number is expected to grow to 22 billion by 2025 !

An IoT network leverages a combination of mobile, cloud, and Big Data technologies along with data analytics and low-cost computing to enable the collection and exchange of data among physical objects connected within the network. And what’s impressive is that all of this is accomplished with minimal human intervention. 

As you start working on IoT project ideas, you will not only be able to test your strengths and weaknesses, but you will also gain exposure that can be immensely helpful to boost your career. Working on IoT simulation projects and IoT projects for engineering students is a fantastic way to improve efficiency and productivity. In this tutorial, you will find interesting IoT project ideas for beginners to get hands-on experience.

As the IoT technology continues to gain momentum in the modern industry, researchers and tech enthusiasts are readily investing in the development of pioneering IoT projects. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best IoT project ideas.

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So, here are a few IoT Project ideas which beginners can work on:

Top 13 Best IoT Projects Ideas

This list of IoT project ideas for students is suited for beginners and those just starting out with IoT in general. These IoT project ideas will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career. With a goal to keep up with advancing technologies, IoT projects for engineering students serve to be the blueprint to explore technological possibilities, a chance to produce, improve, and recreate technology capable of working on minimal human intervention. 

IoT research topics can help aspirants work on their practical skills and extend their subject knowledge further through consistent practice on IoT projects for engineering students. Further, this list should get you going if you’re looking for IoT project ideas for the final year. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into some IoT project ideas that will strengthen your base and allow you to climb up the ladder.

1. Smart Agriculture System

One of the best ideas to start experimenting you hands-on IoT projects for students is working on smart agriculture system. As the name suggests, this IoT-based project focuses on developing a smart agricultural system that can perform and even monitor a host of farming tasks. For instance, you can schedule the system to irrigate a piece of land automatically, or you can spray fertilizers/pesticides on the crops wirelessly through your smartphone.

Not just that, this IoT-based project can also successfully monitor soil moisture through a moisture sensing system, which can work to detect dry soil . Such an advanced system can handle the routine agricultural tasks, thereby allowing farmers and cultivators to focus on more manual-intensive agricultural tasks. Learners can implement a similar IoT simulation project or IoT research topics to monitor house gardens or indoor plants that often go untended.

Benefits of smart agriculture system-

Factors of smart agriculture-

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2. Weather Reporting System

This is one of the excellent IoT project ideas for beginners. This IoT-based weather reporting system is specifically designed to facilitate the reporting of weather parameters over the Internet. This is one of the best IoT projects where the system is embedded with temperature, humidity, and rain sensors that can monitor the weather conditions and provide live reports of weather statistics. 

It is an always-on, automated system that sends data via a microcontroller to the webserver using a WIFI connection. This data is updated live on the online server system. So, you can directly check the weather stats online without having to rely on the reports of weather forecasting agencies. The system also allows you to set threshold values and alerts for specific instances and notifies users every time the weather parameters cross the threshold value.

A few IoT projects for final year are aiming to evolve efficient usage of devices to reduce carbon footprint, which is a need of the hour. From consistent monitoring of carbon emissions to enforcing standard equipment and energy usage to operate under restricted levels, IoT’s role is evolving. Developers are leveraging smart technologies to maintain a consistent balance between nature and technology.

Benefits of Weather Reporting System-

Usage of Weather Reporting System-

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3. home automation system.

Home automation is perhaps the most talked of IoT projects. IoT-based home automation project aims to automate the functioning of household appliances and objects over the Internet. All the household objects that are connected over the IoT network can be controlled and operated through your smartphone.

This is not only convenient but also gives more power to the user to control and manage household appliances from any location in the world. 

This IoT-based project uses a touch-based home automation system. The components of this project include a WiFi connection, an AVR family microcontroller, inbuilt touch sensing input pins. While the microcontroller is integrated with the WiFi modem to obtain commands from the user via the Internet, an LCD screen displays the system status. When the microcontroller receives a command, it processes the instructions to operate the load accordingly and show the system status on an LCD screen. 

However, also Blockchain IoT allows homeowners to manage the home security system remotely from the smartphone. Mentioning IoT projects can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

Benefits of Home Automation System-

Usage of Home Automation System-

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4. face recognition bot.

This IoT project involves building a smart AI bot equipped with advanced facial recognition capabilities. This is one of the best IoT Projects where the intelligent AI bot is designed to recognize the faces of different people or a single person and also their unique voice. 

The system includes facial recognition features like face detection (perceives faces and attribute the same in an image), person identification (matches an individual in your private repository containing hundreds and thousands of people), and also emotion recognition (detects a range of facial expressions including happiness, contempt, neutrality, and fear).

This combination of advanced recognition features makes for a robust security system. The system also includes a camera that lets users preview live streams through face recognition.

Benefits of Face Recognition Bot-

Significant aspects of facial recognition-

5. Smart Garage Door

Yes, you can use IoT technology to control and operate your garage door! The IoT-based smart garage door eliminates the need for carrying bulky keychains. All you need is to configure and integrate your smartphone with the home IoT network, and you can effortlessly open or close your garage door with just a few clicks of a button.  

This smart garage door system incorporates laser and voice commands and smart notifications for monitoring purposes, and also IFTT integration that allows you to create custom commands for Google Assistant. The smart notification option can trigger alerts in real-time to notify as and when the garage door opens or closes, which is a nifty addition. This is one of the most straightforward IoT project ideas for you to work on.

Benefits of Smart Garage Door-

6. Smart Alarm Clock

iot capstone project ideas for it students

This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas. This IoT-based alarm clock functions not only as an alarm clock to wake you up every morning, but it can convert into a fully-functional device capable of performing other tasks as well. The features of this smart alarm clock include:

Apart from these features, you can also add customizable features on the smart alarm clock. Interestingly enough, the alarm clock offers three ways of waking you up – by playing local mp3 files, by playing tunes from the radio station, and by playing the latest news updates as podcasts.

Benefits of Smart Alarm Clock-

Components of Smart Alarm Clock-

7. Air Pollution Monitoring System

One of the best ideas to start experimenting you hands-on IoT projects for students is working on Air pollution monitoring system. Air pollution is a menace in all parts of the world, and monitoring air pollution levels is a challenge that we’re facing. While traditional air pollution monitoring systems fail to monitor air pollution levels successfully and the contaminants, IoT-based air pollution monitoring systems can both monitor the level of air pollution in cities and save the data on web servers for future use. 

This smart air pollution monitoring system promotes a cost-efficient technique of determining air quality. The system is embedded with sensors that specially monitor five components of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index – ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter. Plus, the system also includes a gas sensor that can alert users in case of gas leaks or the presence of flammable gases. Apart from this, there’s also a temperature and humidity sensor.

Benefits of Air Pollution Monitoring System-

Parameters to measure Air Pollution Monitoring System-

8. Smart Parking System

iot capstone project ideas for it students

With cities and urban areas getting crowded by the minute, finding a parking space is nothing short of a challenge. It is not only time-consuming but also quite frustrating. Thanks to IoT, there’s a solution for solving the parking problem crisis. This IoT-based smart parking system is designed to avoid unnecessary travelling and harassment in the search for an appropriate parking area. This is an excellent IoT projects for beginners.

So, if you are at a parking space, this system uses an IR sensor to monitor the entire area during the run time and provide you an image for the same. This allows you to see any free spaces in the parking lot and drive straight to it without wasting any time in looking for a parking space. Also, the system is tuned to open the car gate n only if there are empty slots available in a parking space.

Benefits of Smart Parking System-

9. Smart Traffic Management System

As the population increases, the number of vehicles plying on the road also increases inevitably. Due to the ever-increasing number of both public and private cars in cities and metropolitan areas, traffic congestion has become an everyday problem. One of the needed and best IoT projects. To combat this problem, this IoT-based project creates a smart traffic management system that can effectively manage traffic on roads, and offer free pathways to emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire trucks. 

Emergency vehicles can connect to this smart system and find signals and pathways where the traffic flow can be controlled dynamically. It flashes a green notification light for emergency vehicles. Also, this intelligent traffic management system can identify and monitor traffic violators even at night.

Benefits of Smart Traffic Management System-

Factors of Smart Traffic Management System-

10. Smart Cradle System

The whole concept behind creating the smart cradle is to enable parents to check up on their infants and monitor their activities from afar (remote locations). 

This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas. The IoT-based smart cradle system includes a cry detecting mechanism and live-video surveillance along with a user interface (for mobile or web). The cradle is equipped with multiple sensors that can check and monitor the humidity and temperature of the bed. On the other hand, the surveillance camera attached to the cradle will continue to send footage of the infant to the parents.

The data generated by the sensors is stored in the cloud. Additionally, the system includes a health algorithm that feeds on the sensor data to continually check the health condition of the infant and alert the parents if it senses anything unusual in the baby’s health stats.

Benefits of Smart Cradle System-

Features of a Smart Cradle System-

11. Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot

Gas pipes are an indispensable component of both homes and industrial companies. Any leakage in gas pipes can lead to fire accidents and also contaminate the air with pollutants, thereby causing a disastrous effect in the air and the soil. This IoT-based project is explicitly built to combat the issue of gas leakage.

And this is the perfect idea for your next IoT project!

This tiny bot includes a gas sensor that can detect any gas leaks in a building. All you have to do is insert the bot into a pipe, and it will monitor the condition of the pipe as it moves forward. This is one of the important and best IoT projects. In case the bot detects any gas leak in the pipeline, it will transmit the location of the leakage in the pipe via an interface GPS sensor over the IoT network. The bot uses IOTgecko to receive and display any gas leakage alert and its location over the IoT network. 

Benefits of Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot-

Features of Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot-

12. Streetlight Monitoring System

Streetlights are a significant source of energy consumption. Often, streetlights continue to remain on even when there’s no one in the street. With the help of this IoT-based streetlight monitoring system, we can efficiently monitor and optimize the energy consumption of streetlights.

In this IoT-based project, street lights are fitted with LDR sensors that can monitor the movement of humans or vehicles in the street. If the sensor can catch any movement in the street, it signals the microcontroller, which then turns on the street light. Similarly, if there’s movement in the street, the microcontroller switches the lights off. This way, a substantial amount of energy can be saved. This is one of the best IoT projects for safety. 

Not just that, the smart light system also allows users to monitor the estimated power consumption based on the current intensity of a streetlight. It is incorporated with a load sensing functionality that can detect any fault in the lights. If the system detects an error, it automatically flags a particular light as faulty and sends the data over to the IoT monitoring system so that it can be fixed promptly.

Benefits of Streetlight Monitoring System-

Features of Streetlight Monitoring System-

13. Smart Anti-Theft System

iot capstone project ideas for it students

Security is one of the primary choices for homes, businesses, and corporations. Having a robust security system helps to keep unwanted intruders at bay. The IoT-based anti-theft system is the perfect solution for safeguarding homes as well as industrial enterprises. 

This IoT-based security system is programmed to monitor the entire floor of the building for tracking any kind of unusual movement. When turned on, a single movement could trigger an alarm, thereby alerting the owners of the property about unwanted visitors. It works something like this – whenever you vacate a house or a building, the Piezo sensor is turned on for tracking any movement in and around the property. This is one of the best IoT projects to practice. 

So if an intruder were to enter the property, the sensor would send the data to the microcontroller, which then converts it into a signal for the camera to snap a picture of the intruder. This picture is then automatically sent to the users on their smartphone. Mentioning  IoT projects can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

Benefits of Smart Anti-Theft System-

Factors of Smart Anti-Theft System-

14. Liquid Level Monitoring System

This IoT-based project involves building a liquid level monitoring system that can remotely monitor a particular liquid’s level and prevent it from overflowing. This project holds immense value for the industrial sector that uses large volumes of fluids in their day-to-day operations. Apart from detecting a liquid’s level, this monitoring system can also be used to track the usage of specific chemicals and to detect leaks in pipelines. 

The system is fitted with ultrasonic, conductive, and float sensors. A WiFi module helps connect the system with the Internet and facilitates data transmission. Four ultrasonic sensors help transmit the data on the liquid level and alert the user on the same. 

Benefits of Liquid Level Monitoring System-

Features of Liquid Level Monitoring System-

15. Night Patrol Robot

This is one of the best IoT project ideas. It is a well-established fact that a majority of crimes occur in the dark, at night. This IoT project aims to develop a patrolling robot that can guard your home and property at night to prevent and reduce the possibilities of crimes. 

The patrol robot is equipped with a night vision camera with the help of which it can perform a 360-degree scan of a predefined path. It will scan a particular area, and if it detects human faces and movements, it will trigger an alarm to alert the user. The camera of the patrol robot can capture an intruder’s image and send the data to the user. The robot can function in a self-sufficient manner, without requiring you to hire security guards to protect your home.  

Benefits of Night Patrol Robot-

Features of Night Patrol Robot-

16. Health Monitoring System

This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas to create. This IoT-powered health monitoring system is designed to allow patients to take charge of their own health actively. The system will enable users to monitor their body vitals and send the data to qualified doctors and healthcare professionals. The doctors can then provide patients with immediate solutions and guidance based on their health condition. The sensors in the application can monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat. If the vital stats are higher/lower than usual, the system will immediately alert the doctor. 

The idea behind creating this system is to allow patients and doctors to connect remotely for the exchange of medical data and expert supervision. You can use this application from any location in the world. It is an Arduino-based project – the communication occurs between the Arduino platform and an Android app via Bluetooth.

Benefits of Health Monitoring System

Features of Health Monitoring System-

17. Smart Irrigation System

Often, farmers have to irrigate the land manually. Not only is this a time-intensive task, but it is also labor-intensive. After all, it is quite challenging for farmers to continuously monitor the moisture level of the whole field and sprinkle the pieces of land that require water. This IoT project is a smart irrigation system that can analyze the moisture level of the soil and the climatic conditions and automatically water the field as and when required. 

You can use the smart irrigation system to check the moisture level, set a predefined threshold for an optimum moisture level of soil, on reaching which the power supply will get cut-off. An Arduino/328p microcontroller controls the motor that supplies water, and there’s an on/off switch with which you can start or stop the motor. The smart irrigation system will automatically stop if it starts raining.

Benefits of Smart Irrigation System-

Features of Smart Irrigation System-

18. Flood Detection System

Floods are a common natural disaster that occurs almost every year in our country. Floods not only destroy agricultural fields and produce, but they also cause significant damage to vast stretches of area and property. This is why early flood detection is extremely vital to prevent the loss of life and valuable assets. 

This IoT-based flood detection system is built to monitor and track different natural factors (humidity, temperature, water level, etc.) to predict a flood, thereby allowing us to take the necessary measures to minimize the damage caused. This IoT project uses sensors to collect data for all the relevant natural factors. For instance, a digital temperature humidity sensor detects fluctuations in humidity and temperature. On the other hand, a float sensor continually monitors the water level. 

Besides providing a system equipped with temperature sensors and float sensors to gauge the possible flood conditions, comprehending the geographical features of the space can help create shelters and collect required amenities beforehand. At the same time, flood detection systems are capable enough to gauge the time a fresh wave of the flood could take to reach a particular location. Systems like these are significant to maintaining the well-being of communities. Advanced detection systems created through IoT projects for final year can alert residents in time, allowing for early evacuation planning.

Benefits of Flood Detection System

Componets of Flood Detection System-

19. Mining Worker Safety Helmet

This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas. Mining workers work under extremely hazardous and dangerous conditions. Underground environments are full of risks, so there is always a fear of unpleasant accidents for miners. This mining worker safety helmet uses a microcontroller-based circuit to track the mining site’s environment and evaluate the safety of the workers. 

The safety helmet is equipped with an RF-based tracking system that helps transmit the data over the IoT network. An atmega microcontroller-based RF tracker circuit receives the data that is sent by the helmet nodes. Based on this data, the system maps the current location of workers in real-time as they move through the mining site.

The helmet also includes a panic (emergency) button. If you press this button, an emergency sign will show up over the IoT web interface. This will alert the management to take the necessary steps for ensuring the workers’ safety.

Benefits of Mining Worker Safety Helmet-

Features of Mining Worker Safety Helmet-

20. Smart Energy Grid

At present, energy grids are not optimized. Often when the electricity grid of a given region fails, the entire area suffers a blackout. This usually hinders the daily activities of people. This is one of the best IoT project ideas which proposes a solution to rectify this issue by creating a smart electricity grid.

This IoT-based smart energy grid uses an ATmega family controller to monitor and control the system activities. It uses WiFi technology to communicate over the Internet via the IoTGecko webpage. This smart grid’s primary task is to facilitate the transmission line’s re-connection to an active grid in case a particular grid fails.

So, if an energy grid becomes faulty, the system will switch to the transmission lines of another energy grid, thus, maintaining an uninterrupted electricity supply to the specific region whose energy grid failed. The system uses two bulbs to indicate valid and invalid users. Registered personnel can log in to the IoTGecko webpage and view updates on which grid is active and faulty. This is one of the best IoT Projects to add to your resume.

The smart energy grid can also monitor energy consumption and detect incidents of electricity theft.

Benefits of Smart Energy Grid-

21. Contactless Doorbell

All the systems around have become digitalised and automated. Covid on other hand has given a new perspective to the contactless interaction.

The machine uses the raspberry pi controller. The machine also uses the camera and speaker for the process.

Benefits of Contactless  Doorbell-

Features of Contactless Doorbell-

22. Virtual Doctor Robot

Doctors are highly required in the medical field. There expertise saves livee every day, they are seen as one of the most integrat part of our society. But with the rising cases and mishaps, especially in the case of emergencies and remote locations it becomes difficult for the doctors to be present everywhere. 

The virtual doctors play an important role to provide medical expertise even to the remote locations. They could interact with the patients and provide medical advise just like a human. 

Benefits of Virtual Doctor Robot-

23. Smart Waste Management System

The cities are smarter and are keeping up with the technology. It is time to do away with the age old practice of waste disposal and adapt to the smart waste management system.

The municipal professionals can make great use of this technology. Whenever the dustbin is about to be filled up totally, it sends an alarm or an alert to the team where they could fetch the waste in time. 

It also helps in segregating the waste into dry or wet garbage. Moreover, they could also help them to save their energy and time.

Benefits of Smart Waste Management System-

Components of Smart Waste Management System-

24. Forest Fire Alarm System

The machine helps to identify the causes of fire threats and take immediate measures to prevent those. This satelliet and optical systems can detect the large landscape.The alerts can be sent in time in order to take necessary actions in time. 

Benefits of Forest Fire Alarm System-

Future for IoT

With the ever-growing need for improvement and better accessibility, IoT estimates a dynamic future globally. Introduction to 5G and Metaverse are proof of the oncoming bright future for IoT’s flexible and improved variants. Assimilating the virtual world with reality through Metaverse is on its way, and IoT-based projects with source code are only a step away from joining hands to bring in digitally-driven physical devices. Cellular IoT’s growth is another aspect market expects to see in the coming years to adopt remote monitoring across diverse fields, including agriculture and smart cities. 

Extended IoT simulation projects are gaining popularity as a way to prepare young minds for the upcoming IoT trends. But perks are not the only thing accompanying IoT in the near future. 

Experts also predict heightened security threats for IoT-driven areas. A significant number of evolving IoT sectors are under the threat of botnets. In early 2021, sources reported a 35% to 51% spike in botnet attacks across individual devices and organizations through sophisticated instruments. As technological advancements improve, so do the intrusion methods. Fortunately, constant improvements in security intelligence through IoT-based projects with source code are keeping such intrusions in check and aim to strengthen network and application firewalls further.

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Wrapping up  .

In this article, we have covered 20 IoT project ideas. These IoT-based projects are just a few examples of how IoT technology can be used and implemented to create innovative products. With further advancements in technology, it is highly likely that more such radical and groundbreaking IoT-based projects will enter the canvas of our everyday lives.

If you wish to improve your IoT skills, you need to get your hands on these IoT project ideas .  Now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our IoT project ideas guide to build your very own IoT Projects!

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How easy it is to implement these projects?

These projects are very basic, someone with a good knowledge of IoT can easily manage to pick and finish any of these projects.

Can I do this projects on Internship?

Yes, as mentioned, these project ideas are basically for Students or Beginners. There is a high possibility that you get to work on any of these project ideas during your internship.

Why do we need to build IoT projects?

When it comes to careers in software development, it is a must for aspiring developers to work on their own projects. Developing real-world projects is the best way to hone your skills and materialize your theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

How is IoT useful in real life?

IoT is an integral part of our daily lives now; we all use IoT either knowingly or unknowingly. The best example of IoT in our day-to-day lives is home automation applications. Smart lights and smart blinds are becoming increasingly common today in modern smart homes. Then, our smartwatches that can track our heartbeat, count steps, etc., are also another brilliant application of IoT. Most of our smartphones come with biometric locks nowadays. These are again applications of IoT in real life. The barcode scanners we find in shopping malls are also IoT applications connected to computers and billing machines, which are all a part of the IoT network.

Do IoT engineers have to write code?

IoT devices or the hardware that we see are built up of several components, of which the IoT software needs to be programmed using computer languages. So IoT engineers have to write code using programming languages for IoT software to function. Several programming languages go into creating successful IoT applications, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most commonly employed programming languages used are Python, Java, C++, MySQL, and C, among others. These programming languages are used to write the instructions contained in IoT software, which is embedded in the IoT hardware.

What skills and aptitude do you need to become an IoT developer?

If you aspire to become an IoT developer, then first and foremost, you need to have some basic familiarity with programming languages that are needed for IoT software development. Knowing Python and JavaScript can be an added advantage. Having an understanding of the role of data is vital in IoT. Trying your hands-on practice IoT projects is a brilliant way to gain confidence. Along with technical skills, soft skills are also indispensable in becoming a successful IoT developer.

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iot capstone project ideas for it students

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iot capstone project ideas for it students

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write for projectpro

Top 30 IoT-based Projects for Beginners in 2023

Top 30 IoT-based projects for Beginners in 2022 | Explore innovative IoT mini project ideas to master the most in-demand technology skills | ProjectPro Last Updated: 02 Feb 2023

Are you a final-year student or a beginner looking to improve your skills in IoT technology? If yes, this blog has some of the best and most exciting IoT projects for you! You will find various IoT-based projects relevant to different industries that can help you land your dream job in data science!

IoT is likely to grow from 8.74 billion in 2020 to more than 13 billion in 2023, according to Statista Research Department. So, this is the right time to learn and get started with IoT. The emerging advances in the field of the Internet of things or IoT are game changers. You can see IoT everywhere, devices of all shapes and sizes. Soon IoT technology is poised to disrupt several other industries.

But what exactly is IoT? The Internet of Things, sometimes known as IoT, refers to any smart device with an on/off switch that may gather, send, and exchange data across a network. 

ProjectPro Free Projects on Big Data and Data Science

These simple yet interesting IoT Project Ideas are for you if

You have recently discovered IoT and its endless possibilities and aspiring to contribute or be part of this ever-evolving technology.

You want to start working on some real-world IoT projects.

You are looking for IoT-based projects using Arduino, IoT-based projects using Raspberry Pi, or IoT-based projects for final-year students.

This blog will explore the top 30 interesting IoT project ideas for beginners in 2022. These simple IoT projects are exciting and worth adding to your portfolio. Now, let us dive right into the exciting project ideas!

Table of Contents

Top 30 iot projects for beginners, 1) remote health monitoring system for covid-19 patients – iot in healthcare, 2) get notified about covid-19 vaccine availability in cowin – iot in healthcare , 3) measure heart rate and spo2, 4) wrong posture muscle strain detector , 5) safety monitoring system for manual wheelchairs, 6) smart door lock system – iot home automation, 7) find out when someone takes your stuff – iot home security , 8) smoke detecting iot device using gas sensor – iot home safety, 9) remote plant monitor – iot home automation, 10) simple iot project -tank water monitoring system , 11) gesture-controlled contactless switch for smart home, 12) automatic emotion journal, 13) smart cup coaster – iot in home appliances, 14) lavatory vacant/occupied sign – iot in smart home , 15) smart cradle system using iot , 16) smart garage door- iot-based project, 17) fun iot project on rc car with hd video control over the internet, 18) web-based two-player game -iot in games, 19) air pollution monitoring system, 20)  weather reporting system using iot, 21) iot-based smart street light system, 22) iot-based smart parking system, 23) smart traffic management system using iot, 24) smart energy grid- iot-based project, 25) push up counter - iot in fitness , 26) bench press counter - raspberry pi iot projects , 27) crypto alert system using bolt iot, 28) smart agriculture system- iot in agriculture, 29) iot-based liquid level monitoring system, 30) mining worker safety helmet- iot-based project, time to get your hands dirty with iot-based projects.

Explore these easy yet intriguing IoT project ideas for beginners in various categories-

IoT Projects in Healthcare

This section includes some excellent IoT projects that will benefit the healthcare industry.

Image for Remote Patient Monitoring System using IoT 

Problem: Our world today is fighting against a global enemy, Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The virus which causes Covid-19 transmits via droplets produced by an infected person sneezing, coughing, or exhaling. If you are a healthcare worker or a caregiver, you are at risk of catching the virus as you will be in close contact with the patient. This is where the Remote patient monitoring or RPM IoT project idea finds its application. RPM is a way of gathering medical data outside conventional healthcare facilities. But it is not easy for all to set up an advanced Remote Patient Monitoring system at home. And this IoT-based health monitoring system aims to provide an affordable solution.  

Solution: This is a cost-effective and easy-to-build automated RPM system. The device requires the person to stand near the non-contact temperature sensor. The caregiver or the medical personnel presses the start button, and the device will collect and log the measurements such as blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. (including date and time) into Google sheets. Additionally, it can relay data to doctors, allowing for remote monitoring.

This IoT Project Can Be Very Helpful For

Caregivers or individuals in the same space as the patient.

Patients who live in remote villages without easy access to cutting-edge medical facilities.

New Projects

iot capstone project ideas for it students

2023-03-16 10:53:05

2023-03-16 19:30:31

2023-03-02 10:53:37

2023-03-15 12:13:55

2023-03-16 16:56:42

2023-03-09 17:18:32

2023-03-14 20:00:10

2023-03-07 03:06:44

2023-03-07 12:23:28

View all New Projects

Image for the IoT project Get Notified About Covid-19 Vaccine Availability in Cowin

Problem: Many countries are still battling Covid-19. The number of Novel Coronavirus infections is rising to set new records daily, and India has become one of the world's top-most Covid-19 affected countries. The Indian government, on the other hand, is struggling to bring vaccines to its population. People cannot book slots in the Cowin App due to the limited availability of vaccines and heavy website traffic.

Solution: This hardware device notifies users when a vaccine slot is available. Now note that this project relies upon an API used by the Indian government on the official website to check the availability of vaccine slots. This is one of the beginner's most simple yet interesting IoT project ideas. The Arduino program written in this project will collect data and notify users when a vaccine slot is available in Cowin.

Indian citizens who are struggling to book vaccine slots

Upskill yourself for your dream job with industry-level big data projects with source code

Image for Heartrate and SpO2 Monitoring System using IoT 

Problem: Monitoring heart rate and Spo2 levels have become critical recently, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to a scarcity of supplies, not everyone has access to the measurement kits regularly.

Solution: You can make a testing kit with an Arduino UNO, an Adafruit OLED Display, a buzzer, and one pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor. This IoT project is simple and well worth a shot.

Monitoring patients in healthcare systems/at home

Image for Muscle Strain detector System using IoT 

Problem: Bad posture is an epidemic that affects millions of people. And it isn't as essential or unimportant as some portray it to be. Poor posture leads to long-term emotional and physical health problems.

Solution: This system can measure the limits of muscle stretchability and any strain created by it. It generates an alert if the strain exceeds the set threshold mark (to prevent further damage). The unit also saves the captured data on a smartphone by linking in real-time via Bluetooth.

Automation in Healthcare/fitness

Image for Safety Monitoring System using IoT 

Problem: During the current Covid-19 battle, healthcare centers or hospitals face a significant issue: understaffing. Due to this, patient monitoring has become more challenging than ever.

Solution : This IoT project tries to fill up this gap. It is a low-cost, safety monitoring device for patients in wheelchairs. You can mount the device on the chair, and it has three sensors and three argon, which are nothing but a WiFi development kit for internet-connected devices. Try this project out.

Patient monitoring in healthcare

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IoT-Based Projects for Smart Homes

Below are some unique IoT projects that can be useful in smart homes.

Image for Smart Door Lock System using IoT 

Problem: A home is where we always need safety and security. And locks are considered the foundation of home security. Traditional locks have keys, which comes with a few drawbacks. Keys can get lost easily, or someone we do not want can find them. In such cases, our traditional locks compromise security. People are moving towards digital smart door lock systems to make their homes more secure.

Solution: This is one of the most interesting IoT home automation system projects. With the help of Arduino, ESP8266 WiFi Module, AVR family microcontroller, Solenoid lock, and a High-Power Transistor, you can build this cost-efficient smart security device for your home. How does it work? Well, there will be a QR code on the door; all you need to do is connect to the WiFi with your mobile device, scan the QR code, and log in using your unique ID and Password. That’s it. The solenoid lock will get triggered, and the door will open.

 This IoT Project Can Be Very Helpful For

Smart home security

Image for Home Security System using IoT

Problem: We have all fallen victim to thieveries at least once. It could be due to your valuable items being left unattended, or it could be due to a break-in at your house. Losing treasured items can be very infuriating to anyone. Wouldn’t it be great if we got notified when someone tried to move our things from where we kept them?

Solution: This Arduino-based IoT project aims to solve the problem of losing your valuable items in the hands of a thief. All you need is Arduino Uno, WiFi Shield 2 for Arduino, relay, force sensor, resistor, jumper wires, warning light, and electric horn. You need to keep the valuable item on top of the force sensor and set the threshold value for the sensor. The system will make sound and light alerts when we pick up the asset. Also, it will send a Gmail notification to you saying that someone lifted your item.

Home security

Image for Smoke detecting device using IoT 

Problem: Prevention is always better than cure. And when it comes to fire, preventive measure is an absolute necessity Fire is a destructive force that can quickly spread and inflict unthinkable harm to property, health, and even lives. That is why we should install fire safety components in the household and the work environment.   

Solution: Smoke Detecting IoT device is a smart fire detection system that can detect combustible gases and alert you to act immediately to control or stop the fire from breaking out. With the help of Arduino, an MQ-2 Smoke detection sensor, a breadboard, some jumper wires, a resistor, two LEDs, and a buzzer, one can quickly build this fire detection system using IoT.

Home or work environment safety

Image for Remote Plant Monitoring System using IoT 

Problem:  Keeping houseplants alive is a significant challenge for many of these amid the hectic daily schedule.

Solution: This IoT project will check if the soil is dry and alert you when the plant needs watering. The project has two parts. The first part consists of the moisture sensing system, detecting when the soil becomes dry. Once the system detects dry soil, it will send a signal to the second part of the project. The second part has a flag on a servo motor and a limit switch. So, as soon as the signal reaches the second part, the servo motor switch gets triggered, and the flag starts rising to notify you about the issue.

Anyone who has houseplants and wants to develop a smart plant monitoring device

Image for Tank Water Monitoring System using IoT 

Problem: Every time we fill up the water tank in our households, we see a lot of water wastage due to overflowing. This is the only way to know that the water tank is full.

Solution: This device applies the power of the internet of things to build a water monitoring system to reduce water wastage. It notifies you when the water reaches the maximum or the minimum level. The primary components used in this project are Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic sensor, Buzzer, and Bolt Wi-Fi module.  

Building a smart home device

Explore Categories

Image for Gesture Controlled Contactless Switch using IoT 

Problem: Contactless switches have become an absolute necessity in public areas, especially after COVID-19. Regularly, the surfaces of switches and doorknobs in public places come in contact with many people. After touching those surfaces, one can easily contract the virus.

Solution: This IoT project aims to build a gesture-controlled switch that you can use in homes and public places to control all kinds of connected devices on an IoT network. Here are the components you need for the project, Arduino mini pro, OLED Display, Channel Relay, 5V adaptor, Gesture Sensor, and a bulb. The gesture sensor senses movements in its immediate vicinity and converts them into laser and voice commands for controlling the light bulb or other electric home appliances. You just need to ensure that you connect all the devices over an IoT network. It is one of the most simple yet interesting IoT project ideas, so you must try it!

Building a smart home or public safety device

Image for Automatic Emotion Journal using IoT 

Problem: A significant number of people have been seriously affected due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, many people have experienced depression, anxiety, sadness, sleeping problems, and a sense of social isolation. A health monitoring system that can check our mood is crucial for our mental health, which is why a mood journal or emotion journal is essential.

Solution: This beginner-friendly project aims to develop an automated journal to keep track of our emotions daily. You need Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Raspberry Pi Camera Module, and a Generic mouse and keyboard for this project. This emotion journal will aid in the development of self-awareness and the discovery of ways to avoid triggers from happening.

Image for Smart Cup Coaster System using IoT 

Problem: Are you someone who likes to start the day with a cup of coffee? Then I am sure you have been there, that moment about half an hour after you start your work with a cup full of coffee right next to the laptop, once hot but now depressingly cold. Maybe your work got intense, and you forgot about it, and now you find yourself returning to the kitchen to make another cup.

Solution: This is one of the most enjoyable project ideas on this list. This device will not only monitor the temperature of the coffee mug but also will notify you before the cup gets cold. With only a few easily accessible components, the NodeMCU ESP8266 Breakout Board, and a Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor, you can save yourself from the next ‘oh no, I have let you my drink go cold again’ incident.

People who like having a hot cup of coffee or tea

Image for Lavatory Vacant/Occupied Sign System using IoT 

Problem: Let’s be honest: in most office setups, there is no other way to know if someone is using the restroom without knocking on the door. It is also uncomfortable for the person using the toilet to shout from inside. Again, not all offices can afford to set up the airplane-styled automatic on/off signs in their restrooms.

Solution: This IoT project makes it very convenient to check if someone is using the restroom without knocking on the door. All you need is a Cambrian Robotics Obniz, EKMC1601111, battery or USB adaptor, and cable.

Office setups or homes

Looking for end to end solved machine learning projects? Check out ProjectPro's repository of solved Machine Learning Projects in R with source code! 

Problem: Nowadays, most parents spend more than half of their days outside their homes due to work. In such cases, it becomes challenging for them to check on the safety and wellbeing of their children back at home.

Solution: This is one of the most helpful project ideas in IoT. It involves developing a Smart Cradle System for parents to monitor their children and keep an eye on every activity of their child from anywhere in the world. The system will have a cry detecting mechanism that will activate once the child is in the cradle. Also, it will provide features like live video surveillance on a web application. You will develop this system using Raspberry PI, sensors, and a Wide Area Network (WAN) camera for the video streaming.  

This project can be very helpful for

Parents who need to stay away from their homes for a longer period.

Source Code- Smart Cradle System

Problem: Imagine being late for your important meeting. You jump into your car, and suddenly you remember you need to manually open the garage door yourself and close it behind you. Annoying, isn’t it?

Solution: The Smart Garage Door is one of the most beginner-friendly IoT project ideas that allows you to operate your garage door efficiently by configuring and linking your smartphone with your home IoT network. The system provides features such as smart notifications for easy monitoring, laser and voice commands, etc.

People who want a hassle-free lifestyle

Source Code - Smart Garage Door

IoT-based Projects in Gaming

Here are some exciting and fun project ideas in IoT for anyone who loves gaming.

Image for RC Car with HD Video Control using IoT 

Problem: Radio Controlled cars come in many forms. But what if you had a camera in your RC car and could remotely control it over the internet. Sounds great, right?

Solution: This project aims to deliver an advanced gaming/security surveillance device. All you need is an RC car, a camera, a Raspberry Pi, a power bank, a breadboard, and connecting wires. You can choose to play privately or let anyone in the world control the car over the internet. The camera setup allows you to look at the surroundings in near-real-time. This device can also be useful for surveillance. Try this out.

Building a gaming car or a surveillance device

Building a home automation device

Image for Web-based Game for Two players using IoT 

Problem: You are bored, and going out is not safe during this global pandemic. You want to do something fun and learn some new skills simultaneously.

Solution: This is one of the most notable projects in IoT for beginners. With only a few components, build this web-based two-player game. Play it with your family, stay safe at home, and learn something new.

People interested in building Gaming IoT devices

IoT-based Projects for Environmental Use

Below are some of the most noteworthy IoT projects that can benefit our environment.

Problem: Air pollution is a worldwide threat and adversely affects all living beings' lives. The poor air quality across most parts of the world is one of the primary reasons for the declining health and increasing diseases among humans and animals. It is essential to start tracking the air pollution levels worldwide before it gets too late.

Solution: Working on an air pollution monitoring system is one of the easiest IoT project ideas for beginners. An air pollution monitoring system using IoT can help monitor PPM's air quality and detect any gas leakage, and it also saves the data on web servers for future reference. The system activates an alarm with MQ135 and MQ6 sensors if the air quality drops below a threshold. These sensors can identify toxic gases in the air and determine their accurate level in real-time. Additionally, these systems also contain a gas sensor that will detect if any gas leakage occurs.

This project can be beneficial for

Industries like oil and gas, mining, chemical, etc.

Source Code- Air Pollution Monitoring System

Problem: Do you ever experience a sudden change in the weather while traveling on a sunny day and suddenly it starts raining? The weather forecast is unpredictable and inaccurate due to the fast-changing climate.

Solution: The next IoT project is the Weather Reporting System that generates weather forecasts for your surrounding locations. Such systems will reduce the need for individuals to depend on weather forecasting agencies for weather predictions. This is one of the top IoT projects for weather forecasting since the system has embedded temperature, humidity, and rain sensors that can track the weather and deliver real-time statistical reports.

Weather forecasting agencies 

Source Code- Weather Reporting System

Get confident to build end-to-end projects.

Access to a curated library of 250+ end-to-end industry projects with solution code, videos and tech support.

IoT-based Projects for Smart Cities

Here are some interesting IoT projects that can be useful in building a smart city.

Image for Smart Streetlight System using IoT

Many cities and village areas have to install street lights. The amount of money spent is enormous. Traditional sodium vapor lamps are very energy-consuming. The extra money can come in handy for national development.

Solution: These IoT devices offer Automatic streetlight switching, lowering the cost of maintenance, CO2 emission reduction, light pollution reduction, communication via wireless means, and power consumption. You, too, can build a prototype using only a few easily accessible pieces of equipment.

Building a smart city

Problem: Finding a parking space in cities and other urban areas is a real challenge due to the apparent ongoing increase in population, automobile usage, heavy traffic, etc. Finding a suitable parking space is time-consuming and even annoying when you are in a rush.

Solution: This is one of the most valuable and excellent IoT project ideas for beginners. You can develop a smart parking system using IoT technology. The Smart Parking System shows you available parking spaces for your car and prevents the need to search for suitable parking spots. For vehicle tracking, your car will contain an RFID sensor. This smart system shows a comprehensive view of the area and displays vacant parking spaces so that drivers may drive their vehicles to the exact spot where parking space is available.

Public places with parking areas, such as shopping malls, movie theatres, hospitals, etc.

Problem: The continuous increase in the human population is leading to a rapid increase in traffic in most cities. Traffic management has become a challenging task in most metro cities as maintaining a smooth traffic flow can sometimes get out of hand.

This is one of the most useful beginner-level IoT project ideas. The project involves building a smart traffic management system using IoT to control highway traffic and provide clear pathways for emergency vehicles. These traffic management systems are beneficial for emergencies where the traffic flow needs to be controlled dynamically.

Municipal corporations in any smart city

Source Code- Smart Traffic Management System

Problem: When a region's energy grid collapses, the whole area is in darkness, i.e., the entire area experienced a power outage. This often hampers people's everyday activities.

Solution: One of the best IoT project ideas for engineering students involves building a smart energy grid as a solution to handle this challenge. You can monitor and control the grid using an ATmega family controller. The smart grid system triggers an alarm in case of a power failure and reconnects the transmission line to an active electricity grid. It communicates with the IoTGecko web page through WiFi technology to ensure efficient usage of electricity. The IoTGecko web page allows authorized users to log in and view updates such as which grids are functioning correctly and actively. Additionally, the smart energy grid has an energy meter that can track energy consumption and identify instances of electricity theft.

Areas where power failures are pretty common.

IoT-based Projects in Fitness

Image for Push Up Counter using IoT 

Problem: Anyone who is into fitness or has recently started exercising knows that push-ups are one of the most common workouts. But the problem occurs when you lose track of your “sets” and “reps.” It could be for many reasons, including the background music you play during the workout. While we have wearable devices to track our walks or runs, some simple workouts, such as push-ups, are difficult to keep track of.

Solution: This is a fun IoT project that aims to build a prototype of a push-up counter with the help of a KEMET pyroelectric sensor and Arduino. An interesting fact about this IoT device is that you can also count your squats and many other workouts. You just have to be creative and find ways to use this to counter in the right place. 

While doing

Push-ups: Keep the sensor on the floor directly under your chin.

Jump ropes : Keep the sensor in front of your legs, the point on the floor right before the rope hits the ground.  

Squats: Well…you got the idea.

Anyone who works out or is interested in fitness

Image for Bench Press Counter using IoT 

Problem: Let's look at another problem fitness enthusiasts face when exercising: keeping track of bench presses.

Solution: It is one of the most fun IoT mini-projects for beginners using Raspberry Pi and an Ultrasonic Sensor. Position the sensor in a way that the sensor can detect the bar going past it. In the meantime, the python program running on the Raspberry Pi tracks and increments the counter.

Most Watched Projects

2023-03-13 15:30:32

2023-03-14 20:08:12

2023-02-16 20:22:52

2023-02-09 12:00:19

View all Most Watched Projects

Other IoT-based Projects

Here are a few more exciting IoT projects that beginners can add to their portfolios.

Image for Crypto Alert System using IoT

Problem: Anyone who invests in cryptocurrency knows how fluctuating the market is. It is a market that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You cannot possibly monitor the ups and downs of the crypto market all the time.  

Solution: One of the most unique IoT project ideas is the Crypto Alert System. IoT devices can monitor the crypto market for you and notify you when it reaches a specific limit. All you need is a Bolt IoT Module, Buzzer, some connecting wires, and a micro-USB cable to build this smart device.

People who are into investing and trading cryptocurrencies 

Problem: Agriculture plays a vital role in every individual’s life. But, there are numerous challenges in the agriculture sector related to irrigation, climate conditions, proper fertilization, etc. This leads us to the need for developing a Smart Agriculture System using IoT that will make the lives of farmers easier than before.

Solution: This is one of the most notable projects in this IoT series where you will build a Smart Irrigation System using IoT. This IoT system will help the farmers analyze the weather conditions and the moisture level in the soil and help in their decision-making. This system allows farmers to keep an eye on their farms from any location while focusing on other manual-intensive agricultural tasks for better results.

Farmers looking for efficient farming techniques

Problem: Water scarcity seems to be one of the most significant issues that most nations are currently facing. One of the primary causes is water wastage due to overflowing or flooding, etc. We must find a way to check water levels and minimize such wastage of water.

Solution: One of the most intriguing IoT project ideas for engineering students is the Liquid Level Monitoring System, which will monitor the level of any liquid and prevent wastage from overflowing. You will build this smart system using multiple sensors such as the Ultrasonic, Conductive, and float sensors. Additionally, The Liquid Level Monitoring System uses a WiFi module to support data transfer and connect the system over the Internet.

Industries working with large amounts of fluids

Problem: Mining workers primarily work in hazardous conditions. Sometimes, their work conditions can be life-threatening too.

Solution: One of the unique IoT project ideas is the Mining worker safety helmet. This safety helmet for miners includes a microcontroller-based circuit to monitor the environment in the mine and assess miner safety. Use an RF-based tracking system in the helmet that will help in data transmission over your IoT network.

Mining factories, construction sites, etc.

Source Code- Mining Worker Safety Helmet

In this blog on the top 30 software development IoT projects for beginners , you have seen IoT projects for healthcare, IoT projects for building a home automation system, IoT projects for home safety, IoT projects for creating a smart city, and more. Now you can create a few IoT projects on your own to enhance your IoT skills. Check out the ProjectPro repository to gain a deeper understanding and problem-solving experience in the area of the internet of things.

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FAQs on IoT Projects

1. what is iot.

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of physically connected objects. These devices include sensors, internet connectivity, and other technology that enables web-based communication and control.

2. What are IoT-based projects?

IoT-based projects involve building smart IoT-based devices/systems using the advanced technology of IoT. These projects develop smart systems that aim to simultaneously make our lives safe, secure, and convenient.

3. What are IoT-based applications?

IoT-based applications are software that runs on smart devices by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These applications are helpful in various industries such as healthcare, agriculture, retail, automobiles, etc.

4. What are the most common IoT applications?

The most common IoT applications include smart cities, self-driving cars, smart health monitoring systems, smart homes, etc.

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Top 20+ Internet of Things (IoT) Capstone Projects (Videos Included)

Internet of Things

Top 20+ internet of things (iot) capstone projects (videos included).

This article builds on a critical understanding of IoT as a subject. There are a number of capstone IoT projects here that will interest students who wish to get into it. The process is briefly explained in it. Such IoT projects should help students put themselves at high-grade companies. IoT has been in almost every industrial machinery and is now also forming a base in personal systems. To begin with selecting the best IoT capstone project.

Have you checked out our projects on Internet of Things yet? Internet of Things Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today!

1. IoT (Career Building Course)

2. Home Automation using IoT

3. Smart Irrigation System

4. Smart Building using IoT

5. IoT using Arduino

6. 2 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

7. 5 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

10. IoT Training & Internship

11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

Explore more IoT capstone projects

What is a Capstone Project?

When you are nearing for graduations the project that is asked to do by the end of the semester that counts your ability to be a scholar in that particular subject is known as a capstone project. This project determines your entire learning of the subject and requires to be perfect in its workability. The institute judges your capability of being a successful graduate on the basis of that particular project. 

Therefore, it is suggested to carefully select your project based entirely on your interest and that performs way beyond expectation.

Learn more about capstone projects

Latest projects on Internet of Things

Want to develop practical skills on Internet of Things? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free

What is IoT and How it Works?

IoT or the internet of things is based on a series of network connections with one another mainly wirelessly for performing tasks automatically. IoT in recent years has been encompassing a lot many devices with its capability and is changing the entire world into tech-based. As the name suggests the device works through an internet connection.

Things that are connected with a device basically contain sensors or actuators that have working internet connectivity. These sensors or actuators contain data and work accordingly. These IoT sensors are connected with IoT gateways that either operate them or store the data sent.

Discover more about IoT

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IoT Related Capstone Projects

1. Home automation using IoT

IoT is common today and is now also available for personal spaces. This capstone project is IoT based and makes the whole home smart by simply connecting to a laptop or a smartphone. Connectivity is done through Bluetooth. 

Learn more about this capstone project

2. IoT Using Raspberry Pi

A capstone project that uses a Raspberry Pi board to work, this project too is IoT based it collects data on humidity and temperatures and streams it over the internet. 

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Even the farming system is now becoming tech-based. This IoT based capstone project tests soil moisture and allows easy water flow through the DC pump. Arduino is used for project programming. 

Discover more about this IoT project

4. Surveillance Camera Using IoT

IoT is used even in a surveillance system. This capstone student project uses Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller and live streams videos wirelessly. 

5. Smart Building Using IoT

An energy-saving project, this one too is based on IoT. The module that was designed inspects the meeting room occupants and turns the lights on / off. This has managed to save big time on energy. 

Discover more about this capstone project

6. IoT Using Arduino

A module experimenting with Arduino, this too is based on the control of temperature. The weather will be broadcast over the internet this capstone project aims to get a gist on Arduino and IoT. 

Explore more about this capstone project

7. Smart Water Monitoring

This beginner's project is quite interesting in conserving natural resources. Arduino project is used to program this module and water usage in buildings will be checked through it.

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8. Automated Street Lighting

This capstone IoT project too is based on saving energy. The module builds a system that helps to switch street lights ON when the sun’s light gets dimmer and switches OFF when the sun rises. 

9. Automatic Smart Door Bell using IoT

A project that is based on a security system, it is built using Arduino UNO. The system built will detect any human activity outside the door and ring the doorbell along with sending a notification to the user via SMS or email. 

10. Smart Home Interface Using GSM and IoT

The system on Home Automation is based on GSM and IoT. It controls almost all the appliances at home and also uses SMS service to control them. 

11. Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection using Zigbee

This capstone project has been a great help in recent times where every other day there is news about kids falling into an open borewell. The module helps build a robot that can rescue anything from the borewell and works using Zigbee. 

12. Smart Trash Can using Internet of Things

Who thought even trash cans could be tech-based? This project helps build IoT based trash can which when is filled will notify the municipal workers and they will clean it up. This project has helped in useless littering of areas. 

13. Fridge Door Alarm using IoT

Since we are saving energy in the best possible way we can make more effort in it. This module based on Arduino Uno uses an alarm to notify its user whenever the fridge is not shut properly.

14. Automatic Door opening and Closing System

You all must have seen in malls doors that automatically open when you near them how about learning how to build them? Arduino is used in this project and as soon as a person nears the door the door will automatically open without you pushing it and will close as soon as you cross by it.

15. Home appliance control using ESP8266 module

16. Face recognition door using Raspberry pi

17. Liquid level monitoring system

18. Smart auto garage door using Arduino

19. Baby monitoring system using IoT

20. Flood detection system using IoT

21. Under water climate monitoring using IoT

22. Greenhouse monitoring using IoT capstone project

23. IoT based smart roadway to prevent accidents

There are lots of IoT projects available online. But These were some of the best capstone projects related to IoT which comes along with a kit and a smart certificate.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, help others also to gain more knowledge by sharing this article.

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Nevon Projects

IOT Projects Ideas & Topics

Internet of things is the coming together of internet and physical devices in a network of unlimited possibilities using microcontrollers, arduino and raspberry pi. IOT allows for physical devices to wirelessly communicate over networks which has led to a growing number of applications for iot devices. Nevon Projects brings you the list of most innovative IOT projects for students and engineers using micocontroller arduino raspberry pi etc. Also all iot projects require internet connection using either esp8266 nodemcu or gsm connection. These IOT ideas are updated every week to bring you new unique IOT project ideas every week.


iot capstone project ideas for it students

All IOT Projects List

Nevon Projects brings you a list of most innovative IOT Projects an internet of things ideas. IOT stands or internet of things viz hardware devices interacting over the internet. This is done using either ESP8266 and NodeMcu which are frequently used to develop a wide variety of iot devices and diy projects or using Gsm connectivity. Here are some of the top IOT projects made using nodemcu and esp8266 wifi module and GSM. This are ideas for the growth of internet of things in many applications including consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, smart cities etc.

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These iot projects using arduino and the iot projects using raspberry pi board are an inspiration to students and researchers for further iot research. Our researchers focus on the use of IOT for home/industry automation and monitoring various physical parameters over the internet. Here you may find a wide list of projects related to internet of things along with free synopsis abstract, PPT and source codes for building up practical IOT knowledge. Nevonprojects constantly researches on internet of things ideas and concepts that have the potential to have numerous iot applications.

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iot capstone project ideas for it students



Important Facts


Top 10 IoT Project Ideas (Topics) for Beginners [2023]

Jan 30, 2023 13.4K Reads


You ought not miss this if you are a techie beginning their journey in the emerging field of IoT aka Internet of Things or if you are a final-year engineering student! This blog is a curated list of projects that you can take on to hone your skills in the domain of IoT as well as other related topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) . 

So without further ado, let’s get to know some of the most exciting IoT projects out there relevant to the current and possible future trends!   

Top 10 Projects on IoT For Beginners In 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary invention in the world of Computer Science making the lives of millions easier. This tech is one of the hottest trends in the Data Science industry with exponential growth. According to the Statista Research Department, IoT is predicted to grow from 8.74 billion in the year 2020 to 13 billion+ in 2023. It has even been estimated that IoT technology might soon replace several other industries. 

Some of you might be wondering what exactly is this technology called IoT?

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a network of several smart devices connected to a single Cloud source. With the cloud, you can control this network in many ways including gathering, sending, and exchanging data across any device(s) which is a part of the network. 

Take for example a home automation system where you can control the appliances of your home with your smartphone or by voice commands and even gestures. Like you can turn on/off the lights, fans, and ACs with just your voice command or with your phone. All these devices and appliances that are a part of the network of IoT must have sensors to receive and send data so that an action can be performed. 

Internet of Things

Let’s understand this with an example. In the case of an automated temperature control system in a building, there is a device that has sensors to collect environmental data and an air conditioner to maintain the temperature of the premises.

Now, the sensors collect the temperature of the outside environment and send this data to the cloud continuously. 

Now as soon as the temperature rises to a particular point, the cloud sends a signal to the air conditioner to cool the premises accordingly. This way you do not have to manually change the temperature again and again. The sensors will sense the temperature outside and the AC will automatically maintain the temperature inside accordingly. 

The emerging advances in the domain of IoT are astonishing which is why the scope in terms of career opportunities is exceptional. The industry is booming and hence is actively looking for professionals with expertise specifically in this field. This means that recruiters seek professionals with advanced and deep knowledge of the subject and not just some basic knowledge.  

One of the best ways to engineer expertise in this field is not by theory but by practice. If you are just starting out in the world of IoT and wish to master the skill, then work on as many projects as possible. The more projects you undertake, the more you will be able to hone yourself and enhance your versatility. 

The following 10 simple yet exciting IoT based project ideas are for all those who wish to try their hands at some real-world IoT projects or if you are a final year engineering student seeking IoT-based projects using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Explore these trendy 10 IoT mini project ideas for CSE students that are worth being a part of your portfolio. 

1. Remote Patient Monitoring (IoT-Enabled RPM) for COVID-19 Patients

IOT Covid Health Monitor

Why The Need- We are all aware of the deadly coronavirus pandemic that shook the entire world. The virus is highly contagious and very easily transmissible which exposed doctors and other healthcare workers to the threat of getting infected. This is where the idea of remote monitoring of patients came up. An IoT-based health monitoring system can be an affordable and unconventional solution to this really serious issue.    

How It Works- With Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), a doctor or a healthcare worker will not have to go near a patient. The RPM system will include a device with sensors to detect the temperature of a person from a distance. Medical personnel will just have to start the device remotely and then the device will collect data such as temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc, and store these measurements in the computer with the date and time in maybe an excel sheet. This way the doctors can easily remotely determine the diagnosis of the patient and decide on further treatment. 

Utility- The primary use of the RPM system would be in hospitals OPDs where caregivers and healthcare workers come in direct contact with virus-infected patients. There is another great use of RPM. This technology can be easily made and can be really cost-effective. So, it will be really helpful for patients in remote villages that are void of good medical facilities.

2. Security Automation (IoT-Enabled Smart Door Locks)

Security Automation

Why The Need- Smart door locks are rapidly replacing traditional locks and keys due to several obvious reasons. It is easy to break a normal lock and the keys can be easily cloned or you might lose them compromising the security of your house. This is why smart door locks that come with other automation features like alarms if someone breaks in are becoming increasingly popular as you can monitor the safety of your house remotely.  

How It Works- This is one of the most popular and exciting IoT home automation systems. Place a QR code on the door and scan it using your smartphone that is connected to your home WiFi. Now log in using the unique ID and password. With the correct id and password, the cloud will signal the solenoid lock and it will open. You can upgrade this system by adding an alarm system. For instance, if the id and password entered are wrong, the cloud can send you a notification about the same. You can customize it in a way like if there are more than 3/5 wrong attempts, there can be an alarm device that will go off as soon as the cloud signals it to.    

Utility- This project can be used in a home security system, for the security of a building or shop, or any enclosed space. 

3. Smoke-Detecting IoT Device

Smoke Detecting Io T Device

Why The Need- You must have seen smoke detectors at big buildings and complexes for safety from fire. However, fire doesn’t spare based on the size of the premises. Fire can cause massive destruction to life and property. Therefore everyone must install fire-detecting systems in their homes and workplaces.   

How It Works- The smoke detector device has sensors that can detect combustible gases. The detector then immediately sends a signal to the cloud which then triggers the fire alarms to go off and inform people in the building about the fire. You can also upgrade the system by using water showers. Along with the alarms, the cloud can signal the showers to go off and sprinkle water to extinguish the fire.  

Utility- This IoT project is useful for safety from fires at homes, offices, malls, godowns, factories, etc. 

4. Water Level Monitoring System Using IoT

Water level Monitoring System Using IoT

Why The Need- Wastage of water due to overflowing is a major concern in many households. Whenever you fill a tank, you can not make out the time by when the tank would be full until it starts to overflow. An IoT system will not just tell you when the tank is full but can also help you to switch off the motor automatically. 

How It Works- The water level monitoring system has sensors that signal the cloud as soon as the water reaches the maximum/minimum level. The cloud then notifies about the same or an upgraded system will itself switch off the power.

Utility- This IoT project can be used in homes, farms, and fields to monitor the water level of the tanks.

5. Smart Gesture-Controlled Switch System Using IoT

Smart Gesture Controlled Switch System Using IoT

Why The Need- In public places, the need for contactless switches has become an absolute necessity after the Covid-19 pandemic. The surface of switches and door knobs comes in contact with so many people in a public place increasing the threat of spreading the virus. A system that can provide contactless switching on/off can solve this problem. 

How It Works- Just like the voice command system used for home automation, you can also use hand gestures to command and control a few appliances. For this system, you can use a camera as a sensor that can detect your gestures and signal the cloud which then signals the appliance accordingly. For example, if the gesture for switching on the lights in a room is to show your palm at a particular angle, then as soon as the camera will detect this gesture and send the data to the cloud. The cloud will now signal the lights to automatically switch on and vice-versa. You can connect various appliances to this IoT network including lights, fans, ACs, refrigerators, etc.   

Utility- This IoT project can be used not just in public spaces like hospitals, waiting rooms, and lounges at railway stations and airports, but also at your home.  

6. IoT-Based Street Light Monitoring System 

IoT Based Street Light Monitoring System

Why The Need- At night, street lights are the only primary source of light on the roads. It is quite a hassle when street lights go off, especially on remote roads. No lights on the road can lead to accidents and other unforeseen incidents. A monitoring system that can manage street lights when they break down could be really helpful. 

How It Works- The street lights will have light detectors which will send a signal to the Cloud as soon as the light stops working. There is also a GPS device with every light. So when a street light stops working, the detector sends the signal and with the GPS, the location of that particular light can be tracked. Now the authorities will know which street light has stopped working and at what location and repair them accordingly. You can also use good-quality light detectors that will notify even when the light becomes dim or starts flickering.     

Utility- This IoT project can prove really helpful in remote areas where it takes a long time for authorities to know about the problem. With this IoT system, they will directly get the information whenever a light stops working. 

7. IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

Why The Need- There is no need to imply the adverse effects that air pollution has on our environment and eventually on us. Air pollution is a pressing issue of current times and must be dealt with with utmost strictness. There can be IoT systems that can help curb air pollution by tracking air pollution levels.    

How It Works- Air pollution monitoring system is again one of the most popular and easiest IoT projects. There are sensors that can detect toxic gases in the air and their level in real-time. So, when the quality of the air drops below the threshold, the sensor sends the signal to the cloud which activates the alarms. There are other applications as well like monitoring the PM in the air in real-time and detecting leakage. Another device can be a part of this IoT network that can regularly save data on web servers. This data can be used for future references for research and other purposes.

The utility of this project is in a way for the benefit of all mankind. But there are still some industries where this IoT project is specifically useful like mining, oil and gas, chemical, etc. 

8. IoT-Based Smart Parking System

IoT Based Smart Parking System

Why The Need- Parking a car is definitely not a piece of cake and especially when you have to park in tight spaces with very less room to move the vehicle. People who can drive well but have issues parking usually do not take their cars out due to the fear of parking. Smart parking systems are the solution. In most of the new automatic cars, this system comes inbuilt. 

How It Works- This can be an interesting project with some customizations and upgradation. This project uses proximity sensors. So, when you park, these sensors get activated and guide you about other cars, walls, or other objects near the car and will alert you as soon as you are about to touch any of the other objects. You can upgrade this system by adding the feature of finding a vacant parking spot in the nearby areas. The GPS of the car can be a part of the IoT network which will track your car and then search the web for nearby areas that have vacant parking spots. 

Utility- This IoT project can be useful for people parking vehicles in crowded areas like movie theatres, shopping complexes, narrow roads, crowded markets, etc. 

9. IoT Based Smart Traffic Management System

IoT Based Smart Traffic Management System

Why The Need- Massive traffic jams are now a common sight in metro cities like Bengaluru, Gurugram, Delhi, etc. People have been left stranded in long queues for hours due to inefficient traffic management. Managing a smooth flow of traffic is quite a challenge for these cities.  

How It Works- Again, this project uses proximity sensors to manage a smooth flow of vehicles. The system also controls traffic in a way that ensures clear pathways for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. The proximity sensors detect the number of vehicles and the distance and accordingly signal the cloud to control the traffic lights to maintain balanced traffic. 

Utility- This IoT project can be used to dynamically control traffic depending on times when there is heavy traffic. For instance, the morning and evening office timings see heavy road traffic. The system can be programmed differently for these timings. The system can also be used in the sight of accidents to make way for emergency help vehicles in the direction of the accident sight.   

10. IoT-Enabled Self-Driving Cars

IoT Enabled Self Driving Cars

Why The Need- You must have grown up listening about self-driving cars being the future. Well, that future is here. The business module for the automobile branch of the tech giant Tesla is completely around the feature of self-driving. This innovation in the automobile industry is a revolution and can help many who can not drive due to several reasons like situational, temporary, and permanent injuries or sickness or other reasons.  

How It Works- This IoT project makes the car use radars that make a 3D graph for the car to detect objects in front of it, like to differentiate if there is a car, a truck, a cycle, a person, a stone, etc ahead. Then the proximity sensors are used to detect the distance between the vehicle and the other objects on the radar. There can be a camera to detect traffic lights. Using all these sensory devices, the car manages its speed and applies brakes accordingly without any human intervention. 

Utility- Self-driving cars are a boon for differently-abled people and old people. Others can also use self-driving cars in cases they are in a certain temporary situation like in case of an injury or if there is a baby or pet on board. 

Some Bonus Topics 25+ IoT Projects

The following table lists 30 more similar ideas for your IoT project. All these 30 IoT project ideas work in a similar way as the ones explained in the blog above. You can customize these projects to make them unique. For that, you will have to identify different user problems. 

It will be great if you can come up with a solution through your IoT project that has not yet been invented. 

Popular Courses & Articles on Technology

Faqs (frequently asked questions), ⭐ what are the best iot projects for students.

Some of the best IoT projects for students are home automation systems, office automation systems, remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems, water-level monitoring systems, and air pollution monitoring systems.

⭐ Which are the best IoT projects for beginners in 2023?

Some of the top IoT projects for beginners in 2023 are smart gesture-controlled switch systems, street light monitoring systems, remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems, water level monitoring systems, and smoke-detecting IoT device.

⭐ What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a network of several smart devices connected to a single Cloud source. With the cloud, you can control this network in many ways including gathering, sending, and exchanging data across any device(s) which is a part of the network.

⭐ Which is the best IoT project for the final year?

In your final year, you can go to some advanced level and choose IoT projects like self-driving cars is one excellent project. Other such projects are smart traffic management systems and smart parking systems.

⭐ What are the best IoT projects using Arduino?

Some of the best and most popular IoT projects using Arduino are smart garbage monitoring systems, solar tracking panels, pollution control systems, self-service pet feeders, and water quality monitoring systems.

⭐ Are self-driving cars considered IoT?

Yes, self-driving cars are considered an Internet of Things (IoT) project. There are radars, proximity sensors, GPS, and cameras that are connected to a network to work together and make the car drive on its own.

⭐ How does IoT work?

An IoT network consists of sensory devices and other smart devices that perform the task all connected to a single cloud source over the internet. The sensory device collects data from the environment and sends it to the cloud. The cloud then decides the task and triggers the respective device to perform the task.

⭐ What is the full form of IoT?

The full form of IoT is the Internet of Things. It is a network that connects several smart devices together to perform certain tasks. All these devices are connected over the internet and can interact with each other in many ways. Alexa is an example of IoT.

⭐ What is the career scope in the field of IoT?

The emerging advances in the domain of IoT are astonishing which is why the scope in terms of career opportunities is exceptional. The industry is booming and hence is actively looking for professionals with expertise specifically in this field. This means that recruiters seek professionals with advanced and deep knowledge of the subject and not just some basic knowledge.

⭐ What are 5 examples of IoT applications?

The most popular and most common IoT applications at present are: 

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iot capstone project ideas for it students

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></center></p><h2>TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Students</h2><ul><li>Post author: Pantech</li><li>Post published: June 14, 2018</li><li>Post category: General</li><li>Post comments: 55 Comments</li></ul><p>This blog post summarizes the Internet of things based projects for engineering students</p><h2>TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Student</h2><p>Internet of things (IoT) is an advanced technology that makes our lives simpler and happier. With the rapid increase in the number of users of the internet over the past decade has made the Internet a part and parcel of life, and IoT is the latest and emerging internet technology. IoT Technology waves us to the world where we can connect, interact and command any Device using the Internet. It is a Giant Network of connecting things and people. With this simple and powerful technology, we can make many amazing projects to control any electronic devices at home or in Industries. We made those projects it’s Your time… Check out 200 New Real-time project ideas Now…</p><h2>1) IoT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino Uno</h2><p>If you want to know the temperature/Humidity of your home on a real-time basis, You can see it in your smart mobile whenever you want and where ever you might be the information reaches you with a single click. Is it not interesting, All such can be done with devices which report you. In Our project we used the DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature and humidity, Arduino microcontroller is used to control the devices and ESP8266-01  as the Wifi module which has the facility to upload data to IoT cloud(Thingspeak).</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-based-humidity-and-temperature-monitoring-using-arduino-uno</p><h2>2) IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi</h2><p>As the scope for Automation is increasing, many industries and organizations are looking over a better option that can be only IoT. This project helps you in weather reporting. We used many sensors that can help in sensing all-weather monitoring parameters and RaspberryPi gathers all the information from them and uploads it to the Thingspeak cloud which is a wonderful application platform for IoT, where you can see the report that sensors send you.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-weather-reporting-system-using-raspberry-pi</p><h2>3) IoT Connected Healthcare Applications</h2><p>IoT technology spread its wings to the Medical sector to save many lives. The aim of developing this project is to monitor the health condition of a person anywhere and send the information to a specialized doctor to check up. Using this frequency of visiting doctor decreases. We developed a project using Wearable sensors with solar harvesting and Bluetooth low energy transmission that creates a wireless body area network (WBAN). Using this project you can detect the heartbeat, Blood pressure, hemoglobin content, etc., All these reports can be used for analyzing a person’s health.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-connected-healthcare-applications</p><h2>4) IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System</h2><p>As the population increases the effort on Traffic is also increasing. In many metropolitan cities, it is being difficult for the traffic Management team to control it. So, IoT can help the traffic system to be automated and monitor the traffic status using the internet. We can also extend these applications to coordinate the ambulance according to the traffic status. We have used RaspberryPi and Camera to monitor the traffic in real-time and upload the report to the traffic control officer’s panel.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-based-intelligent-traffic-management-system</p><h2>5) IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID</h2><p>With the increase in usage of vehicles, Parking space is very difficult to find. we need to use the human effort to check where to park our vehicle. To overcome this problem we developed a Smart Parking system that shows you space to park your vehicle. Here our car will have an RFID sensor for vehicle identification. Whenever a vehicle need to be parked in the parking slot you can check the status of the available slot on a web page and place your vehicle there. Really Smart….</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-based-smart-parking-system-using-rfid</p><h2>   Click here for Top 200+ Raspberry Pi projects based on 13 categories in 2019</h2><p>6) smart irrigation system using iot.</p><p>Every living organism needs food to live, We cannot imagine life without Irrigation. If everything gets automated even irrigation systems also need to be. We have developed a Smart Irrigation system using the concept of IoT. As we know farming has different stages, To help these farmers in understanding the climatic conditions, the moisture content in the soil and to make their decisions easy we have developed Smart Irrigation System using IoT. We used different sensors that sense temperature, moisture and humidity of the agricultural area. Information on all sensor nodes is collected by the ZigBee module and transmits the data to microcontroller connected with the wifi module that uploads the report on the cloud where a farmer can monitor those parameters in their Smartphones or PC on daily basis and take necessary steps to make their agriculture farm grow smart…</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/smart-irrigation-system-using-iot-and-cloud</p><h2>7) IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City</h2><p>We have developed cities that has many facilities for making people’s life simpler, But still, Waste management is a big challenge as the population is increasing day by day. We see the municipality waste management team monitoring all the dustbins every day even the dustbin is not filled. Let’s help them to be smart using IoT, this project acts as a waste management guard at every dustbin. Whenever the dustbin is about to fill it sends information to the team to collect the waste and also differentiates wet and dry waste. This is our smart way of protecting the living environment with garbage.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-based-smart-waste-management-system-for-smart-city</p><h2>8) Build a Cloud-based temperature Monitoring system IOT using Spartan3an Starter Kit</h2><p>In many industries, Temperature is a very important parameter and they will be using big servers to store the monitored data on a daily basis. Building a cloud-based temperature monitoring system is the best way to store data on a cloud and can have access to monitor the temperature anywhere in the world. We used SPARTAN3AN STARTER KIT which is connected with the temperature sensor and Wifi module-ESP8266 that helps in uploading the information to store in the cloud that prevents data loss. We use technology to build Smart solutions.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/fpga-projects/build-a-cloud-based-temperature-monitoring-system-iot-using-spartan3an-starter-kit</p><h2>9) IoT Based Smart Street Light</h2><p>Energy consumption and management are a major task for people to lighten up our next generation’s future. We waste electricity, Let’s be smart enough in reducing energy consumption. In this practice, we developed automatic street lights that act smart using IoT. Our project Street light intensity gets changed along with the environment. If you walk at night the intensity will be high and morning it falls to the minimum. We can monitor this using your smart gadgets. Thingspeak cloud is used as IoT platform and Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi along with light sensors are used to be Smart.</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/iot-based-smart-street-light</p><h2>10. IoT Based Smart Grid System</h2><p>An IoT Project that can monitor the energy consumption of your Devices with a Smart Energy Meter which tells you the amount of energy consumed by a particular device. With this Project, you can also Operate your Devices using IoT.</p><h2>11. IoT based Water Quality Management system using Arduino </h2><p>This project is used to test the quality of the water and sends the data to the cloud</p><h2>12. IoT Smart Home automation using Node MCU</h2><p>As the technology is Developing everything is getting Automated, In this part, Home Automation is one of the ruling IoT applications. In this project, we have developed Smart Home Automation using Node MCU. Node MCU is one of the IoT platforms that has inbuilt wifi in it- ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC.</p><h2>13.Fault Diagnosis and small wind turbine monitoring</h2><p>14.iot based forest fire alarm system.</p><p>This project contains node MCU and fire sensors, connected to the thingspeak cloud, a Matlab code was running on the things speak server to predict the data from various fire sensor and send email and SMS using IFTTT</p><p>https://www.pantechsolutions.net/forest-fire-detection-and-prediction-using-nodemcu-with-iot</p><h2>15)IoT based Smart Umbrella System using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>This project is to develop a smart umbrella system using IOT, which can measure rainfall and it can predict the weather condition with the notion in your smartphone. It’s about the real-time weather condition and it can be designed using Raspberry Pi.</p><h2>16)IoT Based Baby Monitoring System Using RaspberryPi</h2><p>This project presents an idea to design a Smart Cradle System using IOT which will help the parents to monitor their child even if they are away from home & detect every activity of the Baby from any distant corner of the world. It is an innovative, smart & protective Cradle System to nurture an infant in an efficient way.In this proposed system, both sensors and forecasting cloud is used, so that resulting data having high accuracy about the children condition, also we are using surveillance of the children using camera from a Wide Area Network (WAN) which can be viewed in the Web Application and also can control the situation from a remote area anywhere from the world.</p><h2>17) IoT Based Fire Detection System Using FPGA</h2><p>Building a cloud-based Fire monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make access easy with multiple internet-connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone)  at the same time anywhere in the world. Using the Internet of Things (IOT). Here, we are going to design a fire detection system and data to upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using FPGA</p><h2>18)IoT based Gas Leakage Monitoring system using FPGA</h2><p>Building a cloud-based gas monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make access easy with multiple internet-connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone)  at the same time anywhere in the world. Here, we can read gas leakage in industries at a time we can measure and upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using FPGA and ESP8266- module. FPGA KIT fetch data of different gas sensors like MQ5 sensors and Process it and give it to an ESP8266 Module.</p><h2>19)IoT Based Smart Irrigation System using FPGA</h2><p>In this project iot concept is implemented on the agriculture field, to increase the yield of crops.here we connect different sensors and send the data to the cloud and monitor and predict data using Matlab.</p><h2>20)Cloud based Smart Energy meter using FPGA</h2><p>The efficient use of energy becomes more crucial when an increase in the cost of energy is observed. Since energy management is required to define the amount of consumed energy in a specific period of time, the utilization of Energy Meters is essential. It is possible to measure the consumed energy by using a simple energy meter. But sometimes the limited functionality of these meters restricts their area of application; especially in inaccessible positions or in situations where visibility of the meter is poor, it is not possible to use such an appliance. A possible solution is a Wireless Energy Meter (WEM) which is able to send its data via wireless communication to an IOT where monitoring and analysis of the data will be easily made.</p><h2>21) IoT Based Water Level Monitoring System using FPGA</h2><p>This project uses water level monitoring using ultrasonic sensor and FPGA, Data was sent to clould, you can turn on or turn off the valve of a particular tank online.This project uses spartan 6 FPGA starter kit and wifi module, you can have connected 10-20 ultrasonic sensors to the kit.it could also have multiple nodes from various location.We use thinks to speak cloud to get the data from the FPGA.</p><h2>22)IoT based weather station using FPGA</h2><p>In this project temperature, humidity, moisture, and other data or upload to the kit.Users can select the threshold if they want to send SMS or email when particular data exceeds.This project uses Spartan 6 FPGA and esp wifi module.</p><h2>23) Data logger of Brain parameters in Google sheets using Mindwave mobile with Raspberry Pi</h2><p>Brain-Computer Interface technology is innovated to the analysis of the brain to predict human thoughts or to control applications using the brain. As the next stage of analysis based on Machine Learning to our Brain, we need data logs of our Brain parameters, so we need the logs of data which should contain Brain values. This can be done by using Raspberry Pi to take values from the Brain and to uploading the Brain values in Raspberry Pi.</p><h2>24)Smart Irrigation using Raspberry PI</h2><p>In this project, we use two soil moisture sensor and solenoid valve.Raspberry pi gets the weather data from the cloud and checks for the rain possibility, it also checks the field data, depending upon the soil data it will turn on the motor.</p><h2>25)  IoT Family Monitoring Robot Based on Raspberry Pi</h2><p>In this paper, we going to make a robot for monitoring family activities and also to monitor the health of the family. </p><h2>26) MQTT based Monitoring System for Coal Mine using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>Due to global warming and climate changes, there are challenging situations in the coal mine. To reduce the cost as well as to improve productivity along with product quality the automation in the field of a coal mine is necessary, which will also reduce the mineworkers’ efforts. This project proposes a design of an IOT system with the MQTT protocol, with the help of the Raspberry pi controller which is able to monitor the temperature, humidity, gas, and status of smoke in an underground mine. This system utilizes low power, cost-effective Raspberry pi, a temperature sensor LM35, humidity sensor SYSH220, smoke detector, gas sensor for sensing the mine climate parameters and Wi-Fi for remote logging of data at a central location to control the climate state. Every sensor values get reported through the MQTT protocol at every certain interval of time. If there is any sudden increase in any of those sensor values along with data log, ten seconds of video has been captured and sends to the server’s mail.</p><h2>27) Smart Doorbell system using IoT</h2><p>In this proposed system, we are having a database of authorized person list by registering their faces by entering OTP, so that non authorized person can’t able to enter the home until they enter the correct OTP. Whenever some person pressing calling bell switch, the camera gets triggered and capture the image of the intruder and checks that the image to the database, if that face is not matching with the database, it sends an email containing that intruder image and OTP, when intruder type the OTP by the owners’ knowledge then it authenticates the user to enter.</p><h2>28)Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System using NFC and IoT</h2><p>In our proposed system a basic home automation application on Raspberry Pi, which is automatically turned ON when NFC band is within the range and turned OFF automatically when it is out of range. So home automation becomes further advantageous using the NFC band.NFC-Near Field Communication is a set of the communication protocol used for exchanging the data between two devices, here it is not needed to be paired for every time. Normally, if Bluetooth is turned ON it, always looking for Nearby devices for every certain interval of time, by using this technology, when the users NFC band comes into the range, Bluetooth will identify the band, by identifying that state we just turned ON of all Home appliances.The range of the device can be configurable through the program, based on the room size. So that it will be switched at the right range either IN/OUT.</p><h2>29)MQTT Home automation using Raspberry pi</h2><p>This project controls home using a lightweight protocol using the raspberry pi.The main advantage of this project is, you can control the home at low internet speed.Data transmission will be faster than the HTTP protocol.</p><h2>30)IoT based Water Management System using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>In this project, we monitor the water quality by connecting the PH sensor, conductivity sensor and turbidity sensor which is collected in raspberry pi and uploaded over the Cloud for analysis.In the proposed system the same setup, we have from the Existing system but we have to add a Flow sensor and a Solenoid valve. The purpose of using the flow sensor is to find out How much water is consumed by each house. And solenoid valve is to the Automatic Closing of the pipe. This whole system will act as a water quality and Water regulated supply system.</p><h2>31)IoT based smart E-mirror Using OpenCV with Raspberry-Pi</h2><p>In this proposed method, every morning at specific time system gets ON and says the date time and weather with welcome note and also whenever user go in front of the camera it will look for the face of the user, if it matches with the user, it displays time, date and weather in a mirror display and also it says as a voice output.</p><h2>32)MQTT based Smart Waste Collection Management using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>In this proposed system, waste is managed in two different waste accordingly i.e. dry and wet. In this system, the speed of the network does not matter as MQTT is a very lightweight protocol that will work with low internet speed also with a high-speed transfer of data. Automation i.e. machine to machine communication without any involvement of the human.</p><h2>33)Control Home appliance by Telegram app using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>Raspberry Pi connected to the Network, which is programmed for receiving chats from the Telegram app, whenever we send messages to the configured number to switch on the light as chat lights get turned on similarly appliances can be turned off by sending OFF chats. Command chats can be configurable.</p><h2>34)Industry Monitoring with data logger in Google sheet using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>This Raspberry Pi industry monitoring system which having some sensors, taking sensor values and converting using Analog to Digital, then for data logging which will be helpful to review the industry parameter, instead of data log manually, every data values will be uploaded to Google sheets which already get authenticated and by generating  JSON file for every individuals.</p><h2>35)IoT Based Transmission Line Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi</h2><p>The aim of this project is to decrease power consumption for delay-sensitive and delay insensitive traffic. A fuzzy rule table is constructed with the prediction of the average inter-arrival time of frame on the basis of outcome sleep time and power is evaluated. The proposed method offers effective power efficiency than the previous inter-arrival time method using Raspberry Pi.</p><h2>36) Web server using ARM 7</h2><p>The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment’s from the remote place through a web page. Here all the devices, which are to be controlled, are connected to the  ARM 7 Evaluation Board . The web-server circuit is connected to LAN or Internet. The client or a person on the PC is also connected to the same LAN or the Internet. By typing the IP-address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web page on screen; this page contains all the information about the status of the devices. The user can also control the devices interfaced with the web server by pressing a button provided on the web page.</p><h2>37) Web server using PIC16F877A</h2><p>The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment’s from the remote place through a web page. Here all the devices, which are to be controlled, are connected to the PIC evaluation board and serial ethernet board. The web-server circuit is connected to LAN or Internet. The client or a person on the PC is also connected to the same LAN or the Internet. By typing the IP-address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web page on screen; this page contains all the information about the status of the devices. The user can also control the devices interfaced with the web server by pressing a button provided on the web page.</p><h2>38)Accessing Attendance Of An Organization Through IOT</h2><p>This paper proposes an approach that can be applied in Universities, schools, colleges, and various Organizations. With the aid of Proposed work employees can be monitored automatically without any conventional methods and at a reasonable price compared to already existing programs. The proposed work depends on smart devices that are inclined to members of schools, organizations, where each smart device has a special MAC (physical) address. Students can be connected to the application through MAC address and results can be saved finally, we can generate the report on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. The proposed system consists of two parts; the first one is a website, which can be accessed through the main screen of the system management like registration of student data, adding the admin to the system and so on. The second part is a system work environment which is a controller (Raspberry Pi) and running the main script of the system. Finally, results can be obtained automatically based on students’ MAC addresses. For some exceptional cases, an Android application has been developed for admin to update all future plans. At present, the system can be operated by itself and also can be a part of other integrated systems.</p><p>Raspberry Pi projects</p><p>It contains about 10 Categories of Raspberry Pi project includes IoT, ROS, Computer Vision, Chatbots, Robotics, Electrical etc.</p><p>Brain Computer Interface Projects</p><p>BCI based projects used for developing application based on your brainwaves using EEG device with Matlab / Arduino / Raspberry Pi</p><p>AI Projects</p><p>It gives you the list of AI projects based on Matlab, Python (with and without hardware)</p><p>Power Electronics project</p><p>It delivers you start projects based on Electrical applications</p><p>Robotics projects</p><p>In this category you will have several ideas for doing robotics projects, including ROS(Robotic Operating System)</p><p>Arduino Projects</p><p>In here there are plenty of Do It Yourself Arduino projects</p><p>DIY Boards, Sensors & Modules</p><p>Are you looking for Boards, Components like sensors for your project ??? Buy at one place, with technical clarification regarding your components, Buy what exactly you need…..</p><p>FPGA projects</p><p>Do your deep learning project in FPGA with the help of PYNQ FPGA boards.</p><h2>You Might Also Like</h2><p><center><img style=

How Brain wave Works?

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OpenCV projects using Raspberry Pi and windows system

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Best mini projects for EEE

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Top 20 IoT Projects With Source Code [2022]

What is iot.

1. Air pollution monitoring system using IoT

2. weather reporting system using iot, 3. flood detection system using iot, 4. smart gas leakage detector bot using iot, 5. home automation system using iot, 6. liquid level monitoring system using iot, 7. smart garage door using iot, 8. facial recognition bot, 9. smart cradle system using iot, 10. smart agriculture system using iot, 11. smart alarm clock using iot, 12. smart parking system using iot, 13. smart traffic management system using iot, 14. health monitoring system using iot, 15. streetlight monitoring system using iot, 16. wheelchair fall detection system using iot, 17. night patrol robot, 18. smart energy grid, 19. mining worker safety helmet, 20. smart baggage tracker using iot, frequently asked questions, additional resources.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the revolutionary technology in this innovative world. In this digital decade, radical changes have surrounded us and changed our lifestyle to a great extent. Now, the question arrives, what exactly is the Internet of Things and how it is making a lot of buzz in our life?

IoT is described as a network of connected physical objects with the help of the internet. Physical objects list includes software, embedded electronics, sensors, and many more. In simple terms, IoT is collecting and exchanging data among the network of connected devices to make a better decision. This advanced technology is developing and growing day by day. According to predictors, in the coming 3 years, the usage of IoT connected devices will increase 13.7% i.e. if 5.8 billion devices are being used, it is expected to rise to comfort-enhancing 41.6 million IoT enabled devices.

In terms of home comfort-enhancing systems, traffic control systems, or environment systems, IoT is gaining momentum by streamlining our day-to-day life. A fan is a simple device, but when it relates to a smartphone to turn on and off, it becomes a smart device which is an IoT device. To simplify our lifestyle, we have several IoT devices, but for beginners who have an interest in this stream and want to contribute, we have a list of IoT projects. This particular area of technology can be taken to another level by working on the following list.

Confused about your next job?

Nowadays, the air quality is inferior in almost all metropolitan cities due to air pollution. Due to which human health is getting deteriorated and a lot of diseases have broken out. Air pollution monitoring systems using IoT can help in measuring air quality leveraging the internet. In this project, LCD will display air quality in PPM constantly to monitor it regularly while saving essential logs for future usage. Whenever air quality degrades from a benchmark, the system triggers an alarm with the help of MQ135 and MQ6 sensors. These sensors can detect harmful gases in the air and measure the exact amount in real-time.

Source Code – Air Pollution System

One of the best IoT-based projects is the Weather Report system which gives weather forecasts in the surrounding area. This project reduces dependency on weather forecasting agencies. The system collects information from the temperature, humidity, and rain sensors and reports statistics online with the help of the internet. Red, yellow, and green alerts can be set to identify extreme calamities such as volcanoes, tsunami, heavy rainfall, and many more.

Source Code – Weather Reporting

Natural calamities like floods cause a lot of damage in many countries almost every year. The flood detection system that predicts floods well in advance is a great project that can also help in preventing huge loss of property life and other valuable assets. The system monitors and detects different environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or water level for prediction and alert generation to minimize the loss.

A gas pipeline is almost like a lifeline of every household and industry sector. Any leakage in it may cause fire, disaster in the factory, or spread toxicity in the air. Chemical students can use their explicit knowledge of chemicals and insert a bot in the pipe to monitor any leak. In case the bot detects any leakage, the location is shared via a GPS sensor over the IoT network.

A human touch-based automation system is the most popular IoT project. The system automates all the functions of the appliances in the house such as fan, light, TV, geyser, and many more which are connected through the IoT network. This project gives you the power to control and manage all the appliances of the house with a single click on the smartphone from any location in the world. An AVR family microcontroller, inbuilt touch sensing input pins, and a Wi-Fi connection combine the house automation system.

This Liquid Level Monitoring System monitors multiple liquid levels and prevents them from flooding. Fluids which are used in large volumes in industrial sectors, this system can be of great help in handling them. Not only in tracking, but also detecting leaks in pipelines can be done with the help of the system. Few sensors that can be used in the monitoring system are Ultrasonic, Conductive, and float sensors.

When you are in an extreme hurry and you must waste almost 4-5 minutes to open your garage door manually, drive out the car and then close the door, how annoying it would be. Smart garage doors using IoT can operate your garage door using the power of the smartphone by integrating with an IoT network. It also eliminates the hassle of locking the door manually. The amazing features of the system can be laser and voice commands along with smart notifications for a better monitoring experience.

Source Code – Smart Garage

The Facial Recognition Bot project is the coolest project which involves creating an AI bot geared with facial recognition capabilities. This system can recognize different faces of the people and voices to identify unique voices. Also, other features of the system can be personal identification, face detection, and emotion recognition. Camera, advanced security systems, and strong Wi-Fi connection would be essential elements of the system.

In this generation, most of the people prefer working thus, most of the couples (both husband and wife) move out from the house for work. For all the ladies who are leaving their children for work, leverage the new concept of Smart Cradle System to make their life more relaxed. With its help, parents can keep a check on the infant from afar. The cradle enables a cry detecting mechanism, live video feed, and user-friendly interface when a baby is put in the cradle. Also, it monitors the humidity and temperature of the bed to ensure the population comfort of IoT-based babies.

Source Code – Smart Cradle System

The population is growing rapidly, so our demands and for which agriculture is leveraging IoT to enhance productivity. The Smart Agriculture system helps in performing and monitoring lots of farming tasks. With the help of sensors, you can automatically irrigate a chunk of land on a scheduled basis or spray fertilizers on the farms. Using this system, farmers can monitor their crops from anywhere and focus on other manual-intensive agricultural tasks for better results.

One of the most interesting IoT project ideas is Smart Alarm Clock. It will not only help you in wakening but also works as a functional device loaded with various features. Initiating a chat, voice commands, audio amplifier control, text-to-speech synthesizer, and others are few out of many features.

Source Code – Smart Alarm

Due to extreme traffic on roads, it is almost impossible to find a vacant parking spot without any hitch. The IoT-based smart Parking System is the solution to tackle all the parking issues. It is designed to avoid parking space hunting for appropriate parking. The system shares the whole picture of the area and gives an image of vacant parking areas so that drivers can ride the car to exact free space.

As the population is increasing, so is the traffic on roads, IoT based smart traffic management system is the perfect answer to tackle present needs. The system can easily manage all the traffic on roads and offer special pathways in case of emergencies such as fire brigade or ambulances. Also, it is of great help to identify and monitor traffic violators throughout day and night. Whenever traffic flow needs to be controlled dynamically, this system comes into the picture for emergency vehicles.

Source Code – Smart Traffic management

Due to the hustle-bustle of life, sometimes people neglect their routine checkups and end up paying a huge price in tackling chronic diseases. A health monitoring system allows the user to track all the vitals of the body. The system monitors all the values and shares them with the doctor connected online. In case vitals are not up to the mark, an alert is created for immediate support. Thus, people need not worry about their health as it can be done right from their home and doctors are just a call away.

Around 19% of the world’s energy produced these days is consumed by streetlights. Most of the time, streetlights remain switched on during the daytimerobotsA robot, which is completely futile, thus the streetlight monitoring system can perfectly monitor and optimize the streetlights usage. Using LDR sensors, the movement of vehicles and humans is monitored, and lights are switched on and off. It is one of the best ways to save energy as sensors send signals to the microcontroller in case of any activity on the road resultantly turning on the streetlight. Likewise, the light is switched off by the microcontroller when there is no movement.

Sometimes, due to various health ailments or old age, people tend to use a wheelchair, but many people fall from it because of various reasons. Wheelchair Fall Detection System generates an alarm in case of a jerk and may result in a fall to prevent any mishappening. The alarm can be stopped within seconds if a false alarm is triggered.

There is no denying the fact that the crime ratio is maximum in night and night patrol robots is the perfect solution to it. A robot is equipped with a night vision camera and performs a 360-degree scan, identifies, and analyzes in case of some wrong activity, and generates alarming sounds. The robot can capture the image of the intruder and generate an alarm while sending the data to the user. Night patrol robots act like smart artificial security guards to protect your home, office, or other property.

Source Code – Night Patrol Robot

The entire area is engulfed in the dark, the moment the electricity grid of a region falls. Smart Energy Grid IoT project rectifies this issue. With the help of the ATmega family controller, the Grid can be monitored and controlled and in case of any activity, then an alarm is created and communicated over the Internet. The primary task of the project is to re-establish the transmission line in case the grid falls and turn it into an active grid.

The most dangerous place to work nowadays is mines, as working there is extremely unsafe due to hazardous conditions. A microcontroller-based circuit is fitted in the mining worker safety helmet which tracks the environment of the mining site and evaluates the safety parameters. Also, the RF-based tracking system in the helmet helps in transferring data through the IoT network. The worker’s current location is detected in real-time while they are working the mining site. In case of emergency, the helmet can be equipped with a panic button to create an alert to the management, and rescue operations can begin immediately shared over IoT’s web interface.

Source Code – Mining Safety Helmet

Traveling has become an indispensable part of life and carrying luggage is a requirement. Whether you carry a school bag, laptop bag, or normal luggage bags, bags are an integral part. Bags loss cases are quite normal these days and to ease this problem, smart baggage trackers can easily detect the location of the bag in case of theft and send the coordinates immediately to the user’s phone. It has innovatively helped the tourism sector and the hassles of bag loss have been minimized to a great level.

Source Code – Smart Baggage Tracker

In a nutshell, IoT projects are innumerable, and it has simplified our lifestyle to a great extent. In this innovative world, whether it comes to home improvement, smart alarm clock, cradle, garage door, gas leakage, IoT project ideas are amazing. Also, in the case of traffic control, there is effective Internet Of Things projects to simplify the parking or traffic management issues. Lastly, with the help of sensors and the ability to think out of the box, IoT projects can bring ease and save lots of lives and property in case of emergencies may it be natural (floods) or man-made. In the dynamic world, IoT is spreading everywhere, and you can take up any of the above ideas and come up with something that will serve mankind’s lifetime.

Q. What is IoT? IoT (Internet Of Things) refers to the devices which are connected through the internet and exchange data.

Q. What are the 5 IoT devices? A. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Smartwatches, Tesla cars, or Fitbits are some of the best examples of IoT devices.

Q. Is Arduino an IoT? A. Arduino is an IoT cloud application that helps in building connected objects securely and easily. It can connect multiple devices and exchange data in real-time. This application can be monitored easily with the help of a simple user interface.

Q. What skills are needed for IoT? An array of skillset is required for IoT

Q. Is a smartphone an IoT device? A. A smartphone is not an IoT device, and its target audience is human users. It helps in controlling IoT devices such as AC, garage door, fans, lights, and much more.

IoT projects are innumerable, and you can pick any IoT project ideas to hone up your skills in the IoT sector by developing gadgets that communicate with each other and expand efficiency and improve safety to a great extent.

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