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What Is Doomscrolling, and How Is It Impacting Your Mental Health?

mental health nursing capstone projects

Day in and day out, we take in a lot of upsetting or anxiety-inducing news. For some of us, staying glued to our Twitter feeds or news outlet of choice has become something of an obsession — so much so that there’s a new word to describe that (seemingly) ceaseless compulsion to keep refreshing and devouring all those unsavory news stories. That word? Doomscrolling.

In all likelihood, many of us have been practicing this unhealthy habit of consuming large quantities of negative news without naming it — or, in some cases, without realizing it. But it’s essential that we start taking notice, especially when it comes to safeguarding our health. While doomscrolling has already been linked to experiences of depression and poor heart health, there’s also mountains of evidence to support the idea that long-term stress negatively affects our physical health and mental wellbeing too. However, more often than not, those studies don’t specifically address the stress that stems from social media or smartphone usage — at least not yet. 

What Exactly Is Doomscrolling?

At its most basic level, doomscrolling is the act of looking through social media posts or news websites, almost to an obsessive point, while feeling more and more anxious and depressed with every story or update we read. Despite feeling worse and worse as we read more and more, we continue to scroll through anyway, almost as if we’re on a quest to find as much disheartening information as possible. Sometimes called “doomsurfing,” the behavior doesn’t just involve getting caught up in negative stories; it also refers to our tendency to actively seek out negative information instead of positive, feel-good headlines. That’s where the “doom” element comes into play.

mental health nursing capstone projects

There’s an almost-masochistic undertone to doomscrolling — the more we consume bad news, the more likely we are to seek out additional stories that make us feel depressed. And it’s become especially easy to doomscroll in a time of climate dread, the COVID-19 pandemic, highly visible police brutality, and increasing political polarization. With access to doomy news always at our fingertips, breaking the cycle can be very difficult.

Why Do We Doomscroll?

So, what is it about our brains that makes us want to doomscroll? According to Dr. Ken Yeager, a psychiatrist at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, it has to do with an evolutionary process that possibly once helped us protect ourselves. “We are all hardwired to see the negative and be drawn to the negative because it can harm us physically,” Dr. Yeager explains . This need to seek out dangerous things so we can learn about them once served a very important purpose: It helped us thousands of years ago. It taught our ancestors how to observe and anticipate harmful events so they could better respond to those events — with the end goal of increasing the likelihood of survival.

mental health nursing capstone projects

While most of us no longer need to know the subconsciously recognizable indicators that a tiger might be on the verge of attack or that a wild fruit may be poisonous, that evolutionary relic remains in our brains. There are plenty of modern-day negatives we can seek out to satisfy that mental itch — namely those posts on social media and articles elsewhere online. These sites can give us the “hits” of negativity that our brains are looking for, but they also have a variety of other effects on us.

As researchers delve more deeply into the effects of social media and instant information-sharing networks, they’re beginning to find that these sites and the posts on them have the tendency to divide their users and cause them to feel isolated . In short, our favorite social media apps or sites might be making us feel alone, and that can exacerbate the sadness we feel after reading negative headlines. This phenomenon isn’t relegated to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; even news sites can make us feel down.

We doomscroll when we have a longing to connect and learn about current events that may address our worries. The behavior often sneaks up on us while we’re attempting to catch up with our social circles or on local and global happenings. That impending feeling of doom and hopelessness can come on strongly after we’ve scrolled past the 20th depressing story about destroyed forests, flooded homes or corrupt politicians — and it might affect us in some detrimental ways.

What Does Doomscrolling Do to Our Brains?

In the past, tragedies were something that affected communities very deeply. Sad stories became touchstones for several generations, often serving as warnings while also shaping the ways those communities conducted themselves. That was partially due to the fact that news didn’t spread as quickly and people didn’t have access to headlines from around the world at the click of a mouse. Nowadays, however, it’s challenging to go about daily life without receiving a flood of tragic news from every possible corner of the world.

mental health nursing capstone projects

Instead of spending months mourning, say, the death of a small child as a community might have decades ago, we have mere seconds to comprehend and process the deaths of hundreds or thousands of people — just moments to think about human and animal suffering, the impacts of climate change, the corruption happening in various countries, and the fear and despair and utter hopelessness of it all. That’s quite a bit to ask our brains to handle, a seemingly impossible feat, and our minds simply cannot process all of the information they receive. To cope with multiple stressors, our brains dull the events’ effects and cause us to enter a state of stress . Instead of feeling relaxed when scrolling through our phones after work, we often end up feeling far more agitated or depressed, particularly if we were already experiencing those emotions.

According to the Cleveland Clinic , “doomscrolling can reinforce negative thoughts and a negative mindset,” and this can impact our mental health immensely. If you’re already prone to depression, for example, reading depressing news stories can worsen your symptoms and increase feelings of loneliness and disconnection. And excessive consumption of negative news stories correlates with increased stress, fear and anxiety and with poor sleep even in people who weren’t already experiencing these emotions and effects on a regular basis. This causes our bodies to continually expose our brains to stress hormones, which can eventually lead to exhaustion and other mental health issues. So what can we do about it?

How Can We Stop Doomscrolling?

If you’re keen to avoid the negative effects of doomscrolling, the first thing that can help is to learn to recognize the habit — you might be engaging in doomscrolling without even realizing it. From there, you can begin to take steps to change your behavior, keeping in mind that lifestyle shifts don’t happen overnight.

mental health nursing capstone projects

Fortunately, and somewhat ironically, there are plenty of apps designed to help you limit your amount of screen time. If you tend to wake up and fall into a pit of doomscrolling while you’re still in bed in the morning, you can use the apps to “lock down” your phone during these early hours to train yourself to stay away from worrisome stories and posts. After a little while, going to your phone to check it won’t be your automatic wake-up reaction.

It’s also helpful to enjoy activities that keep you more aware and in the moment. Exercise, socializing and meditation are excellent examples of activities that help you focus on the here and now by engaging your mind and body at the same time. Learning how to live in the moment can help you relax and lower your stress levels. This is like hitting a mental reset button and can be particularly helpful after a doomscrolling session.

If you’re someone who doomscrolls because being informed feels like a part of your civic duty, consider connecting with an actual, in-real-life activist organization local to you. It can be easier to disconnect from grim news across the globe once you focus in on tangible ways that you can make a difference.

Even a brief pause can help you break the doomscrolling habit. Do you often find yourself picking up your smartphone and navigating to your news app almost reflexively? If so, try to be more intentional in these actions. When you pick up your phone or wake up your laptop, stop for a moment and think about what you’re doing and what you’re planning to look at. Then, make a choice not to open Twitter — or even put your phone back down and walk away.

Learning to Live a Doomscroll-Free Life

It’s no secret that stress can have harmful effects on your mind and body. Being under constant stress can lead to everything from high blood pressure to ulcers to heart disease — and doomscrolling is one of those activities that can keep you in a near-constant state of stress, however low a level it may be. It’s essential to lower your stress levels to lead a happier, healthier life, and cutting out doomscrolling is one way to get you closer to this goal.

mental health nursing capstone projects

If you’ve found yourself doomscrolling lately and you’re finding the tips above difficult to implement, it can help to get in touch with a mental health professional. A counselor or therapist can address your concerns in a positive, supportive and uplifting environment and help you cope with any symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression you’re feeling. They can also help you formulate an effective plan for changing behaviors you want to move away from and teach you techniques you can apply to make measurable progress.

There will always be bad news in the world — and there will always be good news, too. Making a conscious effort to limit your consumption of the negative or even seek out content that’s a bit more positive can do wonders for your mental health and go a long way towards improving your outlook on the world. And as you’re getting started, it doesn’t hurt to put down your phone or shut your laptop for a little while, either.


mental health nursing capstone projects


Creative Nursing capstone Project Ideas

nursing capstone project ideas

Your search for the best capstone project ideas for nursing capstone projects ends here. If you are wondering what a good nursing capstone topic idea to choose is, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best topic given different possibilities. We are a nursing writing service that every other nursing student wants to associate with, and it is because we are passionate about what we do.

When you are ready for your BSN, MSN, or DNP capstone project , you can easily get confused with plenty of ideas that come to mind. You might end up choosing a capstone project idea that is unperceivable and lacks content online. Maybe you will most likely settle for a broad topic, or you are just out of capstone ideas in nursing; you  should definitely take some coffee, find a relaxed position, and drink from this pot of wisdom. With 100+ nursing capstone project ideas, you surely must get one that fits your taste. Do not peter out yet; our professional nurse writers can help you draft the capstone project outline as well.

Our expert nursing capstone paper writers have always handled topics in different specialties and topics. You can rely on us for graduate nursing capstone project ideas (MSN and DNP level).

Unlike the list of capstone project ideas you will encounter online, we have categorized these ideas to refine them further and make it easier for you to pick one depending on your specialty. Whether you are a BSN, MSN, or DNP student, we are optimistic that this comprehensive list on the internet is all you need to begin brainstorming on your capstone project topics .

What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

A nursing capstone project also referred to as a senior capstone or capstone experience refers to an academic paper that consolidates practical work experience, experimentation, facts to help identify real-world setting issues, and applying skills from class to develop actionable solutions. Capstone projects in nursing can either be inclined towards research or problem-solving.

A nursing capstone paper can be anywhere between 20 pages and 100 pages in length. It should have a compelling argument, exhibit the choice of excellent capstone nursing topics.

Capstone projects are evidence-based practice (EBP) projects and reinforce best practices in different nursing fields. A common focus of the capstone projects in nursing is how to implement technology into practice and effective care delivery. They also revolve around finding solutions for better healthcare management of the staff and staffing issues.

When undertaking a capstone project course, a student works with a practicing professional (a capstone graduate) to help them all the way, offer real-world experience, and advise on the design.

Why Capstone Projects are Important for Nursing Students

There are many goals of a nursing capstone project. These reasons are anchor the need for most students to choose a capstone project over a nursing thesis if given a chance.

A good capstone project must reflect research ethics, statistics, program theory, leadership and is always preceded by a capstone research proposal.

Given the goals, graduate program capstone projects in nursing might take an entire semester. On the other hand, BSN capstone projects might take ten weeks to two semesters.

Do you need help with writing your nursing capstone project?

Difference between a Nursing Capstone Project and a Nursing Thesis

As you get close to the final term and the residency program gets closer, you will most likely either handle a thesis or a capstone project. A typical confusing question nursing students ask is, what's the difference between a capstone and a thesis in nursing? We have the answers right here for you.

Most nursing programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, mandate that the students complete either a nursing thesis or a capstone project.  While a thesis project is meant to focus on a general issue and provide insights to the reader, a capstone thinly focuses on a specific issue, concern, or problem in the realm of nursing.

Also, unlike a thesis that presents a theory or solution, a capstone paper describes the issue using a fact-based approach.

A capstone project is most likely to be assigned from undergraduate to graduate level, whereas a nursing thesis is only assigned to graduate nursing students. Nursing capstone projects are also more focused compared to the theses. One of the reasons is because a capstone demonstrates the understanding of the topic through a detailed analytical approach. On the other hand, a thesis paper for nursing entails the generation of hypothesis or research questions, conducting research, analysis of data, explanation of the findings, and concluding as well as recommending the evidence-based practice.

Even with the differences, both nursing thesis and capstone projects form grounds for evidence-based practice in nursing.

Useful Tips when Choosing Great Nursing Capstone Ideas

Most nursing students complain that they do not have topics for their nursing capstone projects. One thing most students fail to realize is that they can approach their faculty advisor to help them select a capstone project idea that is relevant to their career goals. Here are some useful tips to help you arrive at your capstone idea of choice for your nursing program:

We can all agree that even though making a successful nursing capstone project is laborious, picking the best capstone project idea from the onset makes the entire process seamless and successful. If you have trouble and need help, our qualified capstone writers can help you choose the best. We are a leading nursing capstone project writing service on the internet.

The Potential Sources to Get Creative Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Necessity is always the mother of invention. When the time comes for you to come up with ideas for your capstone project in nursing, you can always wonder where to look. However, here are some highlights of the best places to look for nursing capstone project ideas.

1. Nursing News Articles

Google Search makes it easy to search for recent news in any realm. Think about the issue of mental health among the homeless, elderly abuse in-home care, or mental health among veterans in the news. It can give you insights on what areas to focus on, depending on the community you come from. When you read through the news, you will most likely click on an idea that could be the best for your nursing capstone.

2. Peer-Reviewed Nursing Journals

As a focused nursing student, access to peer-reviewed article databases is a must. You are most likely an ardent reader of medical or nursing journals online. By way of research, you could also have accidentally stumbled or objectively found some useful insights from such journals.

Have you spent time reading recent publications in journals? What are some of the topics that strike you the most? Are there issues open to debate that relates to nursing or the clinical environment? Are there gaps in research that need to be understood? When objectively reading recent articles published in nursing and medical-related journals is a viable way to come up with worthy capstone project ideas for your nursing capstone projects.

3. Clinical Rounds

Clinical allows you to work with a preceptor and sometimes shadow your peers when there is a shortage. In this respect, you may have learned a great deal from the clinical. You can convert the knowledge on your experiences during your clinical rounds and when offering care to the patient. How did you feel? What were some of the challenges? What concepts worked, and which ones flopped? Did the clinical facility apply evidence-based practice or evidence-based nursing? Were the staff focused on patient-centered care? You can generate many ideas at the end of the day by just reflecting on your clinical.

4. Nursing Capstone Papers from Past Classes

You will most likely be paired with a graduate capstone student. You can also ask your instructor and friends who have been through the nursing capstone paper writing process.

Skim through the past nursing capstone papers and see if some ideas come to mind. You will notice that as you interact with the content, your mind will wander into insightful topic ideas for your capstone project.

5. Class Notes and Material

The course objectives are given before you commence a course that can also be a starting point to brainstorm for nursing capstone ideas. As you read the objectives, you will understand what the end project capstone paper must look like. Also, class notes and reading material can give you useful insights. Still, you can comb through your past nursing essays, research papers, concept papers, and term papers or case studies to get good nursing capstone ideas.

Related Reading : Learn how to write a nursing capstone paper from our comprehensive nursing capstone project guide for students at any level: BSN, MSN, or DNP.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

Related: Psychology research paper topics .

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Here is a list of some nursing leadership ideas that can be a great starting point when choosing a creative topic for your nursing leadership capstone project.

Leadership is a great area that many researchers venture into. However, this does not mean that all the knowledge is exhausted. 

When selecting the nursing leadership capstone topics, you need to be very keen not to choose a broad topic that will make you dilute the content of your nursing capstone project.

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Patient falls are an active area that is being continuously addressed by nurses.

As a DNP, MSN, or BSN student, you can easily choose a capstone project topic on patient falls and craft a well-written capstone project that can earn you the best grades.

When looking at the holistic issue of patient falls, there are measurement scales, contributing factors such as dementia, mental and physical health issues, age, or Alzheimer's, which you must take into account.

Different fall prevention and fall management strategies can also be an active area for research when undertaking your nursing capstone project. Here are some ideas:

Women's Health Capstone Project Ideas

The area of women's health is also an active area of research where you can choose a creative nursing capstone idea.

For instance, it integrates breastfeeding nursing capstone ideas, sexual health, the general wellbeing of women, and healthcare access. Here are some suggestions or ideas:

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Managed Nursing Care Topic Ideas for Dissertations, Term Papers, and Nursing Essays

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you are interested in emergency nursing, here are some critical topics and research project ideas you can use in your emergency nursing capstone project.

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Nurses are the most important cog in the wheel of healthcare. If you are passionate about administrative or human resources management in nursing, you can select these nurse burnout topic ideas for your capstone. Whether you are writing an MSN, BSN, or DNP capstone project, these topics are suitable. Remember to select an idea that interests you, one which can lead to your specialization.

mental health nursing capstone projects

Gradecrest is a professional writing service that provides original model papers. We offer personalized services along with research materials for assistance purposes only. All the materials from our website should be used with proper references. See our Terms of Use Page for proper details.

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400 plus exemplary ideas for nursing capstone project – 2022, 400 exemplary ideas for nursing capstone project.

Many students struggle with writing their nursing capstone project due to a lack of creativity. And even if they have an idea, they don’t know how to begin or lack time to compose it. If so, search for ideas for nursing capstone project.

This resource offers a variety of ideas for capstone project in several fields, which might serve as a source of inspiration. You could begin by selecting a location that appeals to you the most. Choose the idea for your paper’s capstone project from the list of alternatives.

Excellent ideas for nursing capstone project

If you have never heard of a capstone project, now is a perfect moment to learn more about it. Fortunately, this page contains all the necessary information! The objective of capstone project is to demonstrate to the following generation how to conduct research on the themes that are most personally relevant to them.

According to educators, this assignment assists students in acquiring practical skills that will be valuable in their future studies and employment. And maybe the most striking feature of any capstone project is the opportunity to investigate a subject in which you have a true interest.

Having difficulties generating ideas for your nursing capstone project? This list of innovative ideas for nursing capstone project may be of assistance. You are free to choose whichever option you choose.

A capstone nursing course

Are you confused about the definition of a capstone course in nursing? No need to worry. Students are able to use ideas and concepts from nursing leadership, nursing research, and care management in a culminating nursing course. A clinical practicum improves these competencies.

Students develop or propose a quality improvement project for their workplace. Depending on your school, a capstone course may go by a variety of names. A capstone course is taken by nursing students at the end of their schooling and the beginning of their professions.

Ideas for nursing projects

Nursing project ideas aid in answering a question or resolving an issue and display a solid understanding of your capstone project’s concept. Examine the provided suggestions to get started on your project.

Tips for Choosing Outstanding Nursing Capstone Ideas

The idea of doing a capstone project terrifies the majority of students. Initial impressions might be deceptive. As soon as you return to your normal routine, your stress levels will decrease.

Generally, the hardest part of most projects is the beginning. Breaking the project into smaller parts can be beneficial. Thus, you will be able to concentrate on a certain aspect of a larger project. You will be required to complete a capstone project upon completion of your nursing studies.

Due of the limited amount of subject options, DNP culminating projects are frequently difficult. To produce something new and engaging, you must conduct additional research. Here are some perfect guidelines for selecting an outstanding nursing capstone. You can utilize these to select the best ideas for your nursing capstone project.

When selecting a thesis topic, it should be beneficial to your industry. This can be accomplished in part by recognizing a problem. You will then utilize your research to address this difficulty.

It should be something around which you can write an entire project. This is easier to accomplish if you have prior knowledge of the issue. Create a list of potential solutions, then analyze each one separately.

It can be difficult to generate ideas for a capstone nursing project, but there are many different options available. You should avoid too generalized concepts. Create a list of several ideas and assign each one a score based on its advantages and disadvantages.

This could be best described as a brainstorming session. This will help you determine which area you should focus your research on.

A collection of basic and broad nursing capstone project concepts is a fantastic place to begin. Narrow the scope of your inquiry by delving a bit further. Not what you’re looking for is an overly broad concept.

Consider subtopics within the genre of your major research interests. This is an excellent strategy for focusing on a specific facet of a larger idea.

You already know that you wish to become a nurse, but you must continue your education. Choosing a specialty is a significant choice. This methodology can produce ideas for DNP projects.

When researching options for your nursing capstone project, keep your long-term career goals in mind. In the future, you may want to address this issue in the medical field.

With Internet connection, we can conduct research swiftly. Think beyond the box to produce an original concept. Libraries, academic literature, and even past examples of academic study are excellent places to begin your search. These concepts are not to be duplicated, but can serve as a guide.

It is not difficult to generate good ideas for a nursing capstone project. Beginning your nursing project with a list of your skills and clinical interests is essential. This enables you to address the topic with a comprehensive understanding of it. Make your area of interest crystal clear.

Do you need assistance with writing your nursing capstone project?

Consider the following standard ideas for nursing capstone project:

Nursing change project papers

Nursing change project papers are formal academic papers written by nursing students in their last academic year. It is a research report, an evidence-based piece, an outcome-based evaluation, a program or policy analysis, a case study, or a survey.

Students combine the components of their semester-long change proposal project to build a proposal that addresses all course topic concentrations. The following are characteristics of nursing project papers:

Ideas for emergency nursing capstone project

Obtaining a graduate or postgraduate degree is a specialized method for becoming a certified emergency nurse practitioner. As part of your education to become an emergency nurse practitioner, you must complete a capstone project.

To earn the highest grades, the completion of a capstone project in emergency nursing depends on how well you write it. Ideas for nursing capstone project may be difficult to generate. Below are some suggestions for emergency nursing capstone project.

Ideas for nursing informatics thesis projects

By putting information technology into practice, nursing informatics capstone project aim to enhance nursing practice or address current difficulties. Consider, for instance, how you may improve the order entry process or the way you maintain medical data.

Your ideas for your nursing informatics capstone project are unrestricted. Some nursing concepts may be difficult to grasp for those considering a career in the area. Here are a few suggestions from the large collection of nursing capstone project ideas to get you started.

Ideas for senior projects in nursing

To graduate, you must complete a senior project, even if you are involved with sports, clubs, and groups outside of school. It allows you to explore novel ideas for your nursing capstone project while learning by doing.

The most challenging aspect of coming up with an excellent project is selecting one of the numerous nursing senior project ideas. And that is precisely why we’ve compiled this list of life-simplifying tips. When picking on a topic, make it a point to choose a subject that piques your interest.

It should stimulate creative thought. Some senior project ideas include:

Anesthesia thesis topic ideas

Writing a capstone project is one of the most difficult aspects of a nursing education. Most students have difficulty generating nursing capstone project ideas and sticking with them to the end. If you are stuck, a nursing capstone project writing service could be of assistance.

If you need to demonstrate that you understand your duties as a nurse, you must select the ideal anesthesia capstone project ideas. Several of these concepts include:

Topics for pediatric nursing capstone project

To become a pediatric nurse, substantial training is required. They conclude their study with a pediatric nursing capstone project. In the field of pediatrics, nursing students have numerous career opportunities.

Topics for health promotion nursing capstone project

Students may utilize distinctive nursing capstone project ideas for health promotion capstone project for their capstone project. When selecting a topic in this field, students must be careful not to choose one that is too wide.

A broad topic will lessen the significance of the capstone project in nursing. Among the potential subjects for your health promotion nursing capstone project in this situation are:

Ideas for nursing capstone project in mental health

The best ideas for nursing capstone project can be found here. Want to learn more about the best mental health nursing capstone project ideas? If both of the following questions are answered in the affirmative, please continue reading.

Nursing thesis objectives

As a nurse, you must define distinct nursing capstone objectives so that you can track your progress and adjust your development framework. When life becomes complex and stressful, making objectives can help you stay motivated and focused.

Among the objectives are:

Example of a nursing capstone project proposal

What would you do if you spent months on a school assignment that was ultimately rejected? To prevent such occurrences, universities require students to submit a proposal for their nursing capstone project.

Every capstone project begins with a project proposal. You submit your work to your lecturer or a school panel for approval or rejection. A proposal can be conceived in the same manner as a project plan or blueprint.

There are numerous samples of nursing project proposal available to assist you. A nursing capstone project proposal is an example of a change plan to address understaffing in the nursing profession.

Health administration capstone subjects

It may be difficult to develop innovative concepts for nursing capstone project in healthcare administration. The purpose of the program’s culminating project is to complement and enhance classroom instruction.

Examples of health administration capstone topics include:

Nursing capstone definition

A senior capstone or capstone experience is a piece of academic writing that combines real-world experience, experiments, statistics, and classroom skills to provide tangible solutions. A nursing capstone project is a senior capstone. There are two kinds of capstone project in nursing: research and problem-solving.

Consequently, what is a capstone nursing project, and how do you complete one? Consult your tutor before to selecting a subject. This suggests that your topic could be about any subject, including computer science or women’s health.

Your paper must answer a question or address a problem relevant to the general concept of the capstone project. The length of the paper could range between 25 and 100 pages.

In conclusion

A capstone project may appear to be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. Typically, preparation for an assignment begins with the selection of an engaging topic. Consequently, selecting ideas for nursing capstone project requires careful evaluation.

Future nurses must understand the most common health conditions patients face, how to effectively treat them, and when to intervene to save a life. Obtaining assistance from a professional writer is simple if you have concerns about completing this type of project successfully. It has never been simpler to earn exceptional marks on your capstone assignment.

mental health nursing capstone projects



Best Nursing Capstone Project Topics in 2022

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What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Capstone project topics on nursing burnout, women’s health capstone project ideas, pediatric nursing capstone project topics, patient falls nursing capstone project ideas, emergency nursing capstone project ideas, medical surgery capstone project ideas, nursing informatics capstone project ideas, need nursing capstone project help.

Isn’t it time to start working on your nursing capstone project? If the answer is yes, you’ve arrived at an exciting point in your life. It’s time to complete your nursing education and begin your career. These papers demonstrate what you’ve learned in school and allow you to apply what you’ve learned. However, selecting the ideal topic for your assignment is not easy.

This guide can assist in the search for inspiration by presenting 150 capstone project ideas organized by category. You can begin by selecting the area that most appeals to you. Browse the topics from there to find the perfect one for your paper!

A nursing capstone project, also known as a senior capstone or capstone experience, is an academic paper that combines practical work experience, experimentation, data, and the application of classroom skills to generate meaningful solutions in a real-world situation.

Capstone projects in nursing can be either research or problem-solving-oriented.

Nursing students will enroll in a course or program that is appropriate for their future occupation. However, they must complete an online nursing capstone project on the characteristics of medical care near the end of their studies in order to earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or MSN (Master of Science in Nursing). This is a typical academic assignment at other universities and colleges.

So, what is a capstone nursing project and how should it be completed? You are free to choose a topic, but consult with your tutor first. This means that your subject could be related to informatics, women’s health, or any other field of interest. The objective is to provide an answer to a question or a problem and to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your capstone project concept.

Conducting independent research and presenting a detailed analysis of the issue will be required for your capstone project topic. The paper may be between 25 and 100 pages in length as long as it provides a thorough response to the proposed topic.

Tutors are adamant about working on this paper for the following reasons:

Selecting a nursing leadership project idea and working on this capstone paper can be enjoyable. However, some students lack the necessary time to complete the assignment. If this is the case, you can always hire a professional writing service to assist you in completing the assignment. They can help you turn your nursing capstone project idea into a reality and ensure that you submit an excellent paper on time.

If you’re ready to get started on your project, take a look at the ideas below for inspiration!

Ideas for General Nursing Capstone Projects

If you need general inspiration for your nursing capstone project, here are some suggestions:

Health Promotion Best Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Promoting health can be beneficial to the community. Here are some ideas to get you started:

While many people have preconceived notions about mental health, it is critical to discuss the issues that surround it. The following topics may assist you in developing nursing project ideas:

Burnout occurs in a wide variety of settings, but it can have serious consequences in hospital settings. Consider the following when writing a project:

Numerous topics are unique to women’s health, such as pregnancy and menopause. Here are some suggestions:

Providing children with high-quality care is critical for healthcare facilities. If you’re writing a project on this subject, the following are some ideas to consider:

Falls are a significant risk factor, particularly for elderly patients. The following topics are available in this category:

Your project could be centered on emergency rooms in healthcare facilities. These subjects may be of interest:

Every day, we see a variety of surgical procedures performed throughout the world. This category is vast, and the following are just a few suggestions:

The healthcare industry has benefited from technological advancements. If you want to concentrate on informatics in your project, the following are some suggestions:

Regardless of how skilled you are in medicine, there are times when you simply do not have enough time to complete a project. This occurs to everyone. Alternatively, you may be too preoccupied to come up with capstone project ideas for nursing or pediatric papers. In these instances, you should seek assistance from a reputable capstone writing service such as Nursing Papers Market. We are constantly available to assist our clients in any difficult situation at any time.

Never be afraid to seek assistance from professional writers! We have years of experience and have spent years honing our professional abilities. Entrust us with your papers and receive a customized project that guarantees a satisfactory outcome.

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mental health nursing capstone projects

Best Topics For A Nursing Capstone Project

08 Apr 2022

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Is it time for your nursing capstone project ideas? If your answer is yes, it means you’ve reached an exciting time in your life. It’s time to finish your education as a nursing student and begin your career. These papers serve to demonstrate what you've learned at school and allow you to put that knowledge into practice. However, choosing the perfect topic for your task is not easy. This guide can help to look for inspiration as it presents 150 capstone project ideas in different categories. You can start by picking the area that attracts you the most. From there, browse the topics and find the perfect one for your paper! All of these capstone project topics are popular and common, and they have been the first choice of us many. You can easily find creative nursing projects ideas and start with your academic paper in no time and yes, get the grade you deserve.

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What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

Nursing students will attend a suitable course or program for their future occupation. However, towards the end of their studies, they have to write a capstone project about the features of medical care in order to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or MSN (Master of Science in Nursing). This is actually a paper that’s not much different from academic assignments at other universities and colleges.

So, what is a nursing capstone project, and how should you do it? You have the freedom to choose a topic, but make sure to consult with your tutor. That means your topic might come from informatics, women’s health, or any other area of interest. The idea is to answer a question or a problem and show a deep understanding of your capstone project idea.

Your capstone project topic will require carrying out independent research and presenting a detailed analysis of the issue. The paper can be anywhere between 25 and 100 pages, as long as it offers a comprehensive answer to the proposed topic.

Here is why tutors insist on working on this paper:

You may also need to choose nursing research topics 2022 while studying. It can be fun to choose from the nursing leadership project ideas and work on this capstone paper. However, some students don’t have enough time on their hands to complete the task. If that’s the case, you can always contact a premium writing service to help you finish the assignment. They can turn your nursing capstone project idea into reality and ensure you deliver a superb paper in the expected timeframe.

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If you are ready to start working on your project, look for inspiration in the ideas below!

Before you proceed, there are a few more things you need to know. All, including emergency nursing capstone project ideas, are essential and capstone project ideas nursing have a huge role on the overall process. They can be long, up to 100 pages, so you can deduce that a BSN nursing capstone will need a lot of time to be completed. With proper nursing project ideas, this can be a bit easier, but it is still a complex matter. A nursing capstone can be based on nurse leadership,  health care,  cervical cancer,  quality of life,  standardized fall risk assessment tool, and so much more. But, it will always assess what you have learned and how well you have adopted the facts. That's why capstone nursing is considered one of the health history most essential types of writing and one that can make a massive difference. There are countless nursing capstone ideas and capstone projects you will have to complete. Each one shares the overall essentials and importance. Try to make your nursing capstone projects based on your own experience and your own learning. We will give you a lot of examples, and some are based in rural areas, which makes this a bit more complicated. Just imagine having to write on psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment. It is not simple in nursing, and these projects will require days of preparation.

Last but not least, always have a lot of time to focus and develop your nursing capstone project ideas. The nursing informatics capstone project ideas are even more time-consuming, while the oncology nursing capstone project ideas are ethically hard to work on. Your nursing capstone project needs to be detailed, to the point, and includes all the facts your readers may need to know. There will be a lot of them. Hence, you do need a lot of preparation. A BSN capstone of this kind may need 2-3 weeks to be completed. Yes, you can complete some like mental health issues, gestational diabetes, nursing informatics, or domestic violence effects in less time, but this is not a wise idea. These topics have a lot of importance. Hence, they need practical work experience to be understood.

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General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you need general inspiration for your nursing capstone project, here are some suggestions. As you can see, these are all about nursing training, nurse leadership, and more generic nursing capstone ideas. Don't let this fool you. These are complicated and very essential ideas that are the most common, so you will probably have to work on one or two in your life. Some even claim that these are the most important nursing capstone projects.

Health Promotion Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Working on health promotion can be important for the community. You can talk about health insurance, nursing practice, improving nursing and more. Most teachers like these topics, and they believe these can make a difference in the local community. Here are some ideas to use for inspiration.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

People have prejudice about mental health, but it’s important to discuss the issues surrounding it. You may have to write about PTSD-affected veterans, different mental problems, and so much more. Here you may have to touch private and public hospitals, while the link is not that massive. Don't forget about attitude and knowledge that have a huge role in all of that and how practicing professional nursing can make a difference. Patient outcomes are important as well. Be careful when working on adolescents' mental health scales the best topics. These are the topics that may help you to come up with nursing project ideas:

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Burnout is a problem in many workplaces, but it can have serious consequences in hospital surroundings. These capstone projects are becoming more and more common, and they affect nursing education, leadership skills, and so much more. Many of the nursing leadership capstone project ideas are severe and complicated. If writing a project, consider these ideas:

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Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

Many topics are specific to women’s health, such as those related to pregnancy and menopause. Capstone ideas may touch on effective nursing leadership styles, nursing leadership, and even multifactorial fall risk assessment. Here are some ideas to use:

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Providing top-quality care to children is imperative for healthcare facilities. If writing a project on this topic, these are the ideas to use:

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Falls present a huge risk, especially for elderly patients. These are the topics you can choose in this category:

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Your project can focus on the emergency departments in healthcare facilities. These topics could be interesting:

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Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

We can see all types of surgeries performed daily throughout the world. This category is vast, and these are only some suggestions to use:

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Technology improved the healthcare industry. These are the suggestions if you want to focus on informatics in your project:

Need Nursing Capstone Project Help?

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mental health nursing capstone projects

200 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For MSN, DNP & BSN Capstones

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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For MSN, DNP & BSN

Before you become a nurse, you must go through a complex and challenging studying process. A nursing capstone project is an important part of it. The nursing profession is not an easy fit and for that reason, you have to study hard and demonstrate different skills.

In the course of your study, you will be tasked to create several projects and nursing capstone in one of them. Writing a nursing capstone requires you to get a good topic, conduct research, collect facts, and provide evidence. This makes the entire process of writing a nursing capstone project exciting.

But if you lack the topic, knowledge, and skills, writing a nursing research paper may prove very difficult for you. In this case, our nursing capstone project ideas can come in handy to save your academic life. Our professional nursing capstone project writers have vast experience in handling different topics in different nursing specialties. With this, you can rely on us for your undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate nursing capstone project ideas.

In contrast to the list of nursing capstone project ideas you can get online, we have classified our ideas to make it easier for you to pick the best one depending on your specialty. We are optimistic that from this comprehensive list of nursing capstone project ideas, you will start brainstorming on the topic you will choose for your nursing capstone project.

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What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

A nursing capstone project is an academic paper that students write to demonstrate their practical work experience, facts, and experimentation to help in identifying the issues in the real world and application of skills from theory to actionable solutions. A capstone project can also be referred to as a senior capstone or capstone experience. A capstone project in nursing can either be research or problem-solving.  

An ideal nursing capstone project can take between 20 to 100 pages at the maximum length. It should be persuasive with an excellent topic. Nursing capstone projects, just like other capstone projects, should be evidence-based and strongly reinforce the best practices in different nursing specialties. 

When taking your nursing capstone project, it is recommended that you work closely with a practicing professional to help you by offering real-world nursing experiences and advice on the design.

Where to Get Suitable Nursing Project Ideas

Are you looking for nursing capstone project ideas but you don’t know where to start from? We, let’s look at some of the ideal places to source your ideas for your upcoming nursing project.

1. Class Notes and Past Capstone Projects

Starting with your class notes is a big step towards getting a suitable capstone project idea. Reviewing the notes you have written throughout the semesters will get your brains churning out great ideas. Past capstone projects can also help you identify a great capstone project idea. Skimming through past capstone projects can help brainstorm various ideas as written by different persons. At the end of it, you can be sure to settle on a viable capstone project idea.

2. Nursing News Articles

Getting hold of news articles that detail issues in the local healthcare centers and homes could help ignite a capstone project idea. Nursing homes and local health care centers have for many years been trailed by problems. For example, think about management issues in these centers. While pondering the issues you might come up with a viable project idea for your capstone.

3. Clinical Rounds

Clinical rounds allow you to work with a preceptor and at times shadow your peers when there is a shortage. In this case, you could have learned significantly from these clinical. Whatever, little you learned, especially when providing care to the patient can be converted into a great capstone project idea. What was your experience? What were the challenges? What concepts worked and which ones did not? Was your clinical facility using evidence-based practices in nursing? These are some of the questions that can inform your capstone project idea.

4. Read Nursing Journal Articles

Regular reading of nursing journal articles or medicine-focused journals will put you in a better place to come up with a great idea for your capstone project. You will have unlimited access to lots of information on research and reviewed articles. You will always be up to date with the most recent nursing publications and privy to all the trending topics in nursing. With all these, we bet that you can miss getting an excellent capstone project idea.

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These are just a few of the sources that can be a good avenue for great nursing capstone ideas. If you are looking for capstone project ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you the best capstone project ideas that you can comfortably write about.

Importance of Capstone Projects to Nursing Students

The capstone project serves many goals in the nursing course. However, the primary goals are anchored in the need for students to demonstrate theoretical knowledge in solving practice-based issues in various nursing specialties. Check out why it is important to write a nursing capstone project.

An excellent capstone project ought to reflect the use of data, statistics, research ethics, leadership, and program theory and be preceded by a capstone research proposal. 

Nursing Research Paper Definitions and Key Rules

Nursing research questions often revolve around the concept of definition. What most nursing students across various colleges and universities forget is that successful nursing research ought to be as innovative as possible.

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Regardless of what area of nursing you want to specialize it is important to remain specific. You can consider choosing a topic that deals with ethics, diversity, history among other ideas for your research paper. However, the key rule with a nursing research paper is using relevant sources along with maintaining the research structure format.

The nursing research paper, as a rule, must have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion with the reference page, depending on the format requirements. Keep an academic writing style without bringing in colloquial language and first-person, if the paper is not a personal reflection.

When introducing facts in support of your argument, remember to provide a proper citation from relevant nursing journals, articles, and books to avoid plagiarism risks.

Nursing Research Process Components

Perfect nursing research always begins with prior research for possible topic ideas and finding the relevant academic journals dealing with the topic. Let’s say, for instance, you want to research child care. It is recommended to research works on this topic by other scholars to understand the challenges and relevant issues before settling on researchable topics under this segment. By doing so, you will find related sources and choose a little different approach to make your research paper unique.

The next step is the research paper introduction where you have to provide an interesting hook that can either be a solid statement or providing an arguable argumentation.  If you are writing a hot controversial research topic, consider making a claim that can is developed into a suitable thesis statement.

When writing the body paragraphs, you must desist from using too many ideas since this approach confuses your audience and generally makes it difficult to come up with a conclusive conclusion. As the concluding paragraph, make sure it calls to action and provides a personal recommendation or analysis of information conversed.

If you are going to use any statistics or comparison data in your research paper, make sure to include a full listing in the Appendix or notes if required. Be sure to use nursing theorists, support your arguments with accurate in-text citations and make your research paper’s qualitative elements prevail over quantitative.

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

The specialty of women’s health is an active area of research where you can easily find an excellent nursing capstone idea. This area integrates breastfeeding ideas, sexual health, general wellbeing of women, and access to healthcare capstone project ideas. Some of the best ideas you can consider in this specialty include:

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Health Promotion Nursing Research Topics

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

This is an area that is being continuously addressed by nurses. Whether it’s a BSN, MSN, or DNP Capstone Project, you can choose an idea on patient falls and write a well-written capstone project that can deliver you the top grades. Here are some of the ideas you can choose for your capstone project:

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing leadership is an area that many researchers have ventured into. But this doesn’t mean that all the information is exhausted. You can get an ideal capstone project idea in a nursing leadership specialty that can deliver you the best grades if written well. These are some of the best capstone project ideas you can consider in this field:

You can now understand that coming up with a nursing capstone project idea, researching about it, and writing is a bit challenging. We believe you can get the best capstone project idea from the ones we have mentioned above and dig deeper into it. That will make us feel useful. We also offer consultation services for students struggling with various nursing topics, assignments, and projects. If you feel you can’t manage to craft a great nursing capstone project, you better use help from an expert writing service from us. We guarantee you the best grades if you let us handle your capstone project. So, submit your capstone project topic, requirements, and instruction now!

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Disclaimer: Assignment Help Talk is a tutoring service provider. All the assignments ordered through our website cannot be resold or used in any other way, other than as a reference, study assistance, and research purposes only, similar in concept to Spark Notes or Cliff Notes. Proper reference is mandatory to use for the custom papers. All rights Reserved.

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40+ Incredible Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For Students

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Every college student wishes for a unique, relatively easy to tackle topic with lots of supporting facts and will primarily thrill the professors or earn them the best grades. On the bright side, your quest for nursing capstone project ideas BSN ends here.

We have compiled a list of forty plus creative nursing projects ideas to earn you top scores in your capstone paper. Additionally, we will guide you along the way with valuable tips and insights to ensure you pick the perfect topic. Of course, our handpicked nursing capstone topics are exceptional and widely researched to give you an easy time. The capstone nursing ideas have been grouped according to different specialty areas in the profession. You can check them out below:

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on the Elderly

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

Emergency Room Capstone Project Ideas For Nursing

Patient Falls BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on Mental Health

Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on Women’s Health

With the suggested senior project topics on nursing above, we hope to have simplifies the puzzle for you. Finding an appropriate topic should be a piece of cake. It is advisable to go for a topic you are passionate about and have already been researched widely for a wide range of ideas. Likewise, please stay away from topics that seem straightforward they might seem too easy for the professor putting you in a tight spot.

Remember, you can do it on your own, referring to nursing news articles, clinical rounds, peer-reviewed nursing journals, or getting quality writing help from an expert even on a cheap budget from websites that offer writing services. The sites give you good nursing capstone projects examples you can use to confirm their quality. Be sure to give them a try if the capstone paper turns out to be a little overwhelming.

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What is a Nursing Capstone Project?

A nursing capstone project is usually a clinical requirement for nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The project is considered a culminating assignment that is used to test knowledge and skills in nursing.

This makes nursing capstone project ideas quite critical.  

Note that the nursing capstone project seeks to test the acquisition such skills as:

1. Researching 

2. Critical thinking

3. Proper organization, and

4. Effective communication 

Accordingly, just like in the case of a nursing thesis paper or nursing dissertation, you should seek to combine these skills when exhaustively studying a particular topic.    

This demands that you explore different areas for viable nursing capstone ideas.

Some of such key areas may include sanitation standards, patient outcomes improvement, and effective communication in healthcare.

How to Approach a Nursing Capstone Project

It is important to understand the basic guidelines of a nursing capstone before going ahead to examine potential nursing capstone project ideas.

Note that depending on the institution or faculty, the project could assume the format of:

1. Policy memo,

2. Case study, or

3. Research piece

Irrespective of the format, one of the most important aspects of the nursing capstone project is the evidence-based practice approach.

Relying on scientific data is therefore particularly very critical when generating MSN education capstone ideas.   

Just like the EBP analysis , writing a nursing research paper , or risk for nursing diagnosis , the nursing capstone project has to be based on experiential and research evidence to help resolve the entailed problem.

As such, you should structure your capstone project around evidence-based practice values.

This may require you to work closely with a practicing professional to come up with a suitable research proposal.

The process starts with finding the right nursing capstone project ideas. 

Finding Appropriate Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Coming up suitable nursing capstone ideas is not always easy.

To most, it is challenging than it would be expected.

Particularly, a good number of students find it difficult to generate feasible MSN education capstone ideas.

However, with the right skills or guidance, finding good nursing capstone project ideas could easy and interesting.

This demands that you brainstorm on all the nursing themes you have come across in the course of your studies.  

That said, deciding on the nursing capstone project ideas to explore is one of the most important steps when it comes to executing the project.  

You could secure the ideas with the help of:

1. Your instructor

2. A practicing professional

Importantly, there are specific features that you should prioritize when choosing nursing capstone ideas, including:

1. It should be interesting to you.

2. It should be simple enough to be easily understood by nursing professionals.

3. It should be specific enough in its scope.

4. It should touch on current issues.

5. It should contribute something new to the existing body of knowledge.

Just like in the case of nursing research paper topics , nursing capstone project ideas could be derived from a multitude of areas.

For instance, oncology nursing capstone project ideas would primarily focus on oncology, that is, cancer treatment management.

Differently, emergency nursing capstone project ideas would look at areas related to patient treatment and management in the emergency room.

This said, common areas to consider for nursing capstone ideas may include:

1. Anesthesia

2. Patient falls

3. Infections prevention in the clinical setting

4. Wound care

5. Behavioral health

6. Home transfer

7. Patient psychological assessment

8. Sleep disorders

9. Breastfeeding promotion

10. Community health promotion campaigns

Based on the above areas, you can proceed and find a more specific topic area that you are familiar with.

Per se, specific nursing capstone project ideas may include but not limited to the list below.

1. Supporting breastfeeding among young mothers as an approach towards healthy babies.

2. Approaches towards implementation of new patient data management systems.

3. The impact of race on healthcare access for African-American patients suffering from acute hypertension.

4. Approaches for continuous improvement of patient care and safety.  

5. Development of policies that protect children from passive smoking.  

6. Potential health risks that may arise from the prescription of opioids.

7. Implication of alcohol withdraw syndrome on effective rehabilitation.

8. Effective management and prevention of Lyme disease in rural areas.

9. The role of pre-procedure warming in mitigation of intraoperative hypothermia.  

10. The effectiveness of silver dressings in the treatment of wounds.  

11. Adoption of technology as a teaching tool in nursing training programs.

12. Approaches towards enhancement of efficient planning in emergency nursing scenarios.

13. Approaches for effective healthcare budget development and management.

14. Approaches towards enhancing the professional life of caregivers for homebound elderly patients.

15. Building care strategic plans that are patient-centered.

16. Need for change in the management approaches within the modern healthcare environment.

17. Effective management of fall risks among the elderly within healthcare facilities.

18. Enhancement of systems for patient complaints and their investigation.

19. Management of dementia among patients who are socially dysfunctional.

20. Effective methods for the treatment and management of HPV in low socioeconomic areas.

21. The effectiveness of prescription labelling using Spanish in enhancing proper medication dosage among patients.

22. Improvement of care programs for patients who are terminally ill.

23. Management of health campaigns aimed at behavior change as an approach towards management of STDs.

24. Methods for effective management of symptoms within a healthcare setting.

25. The impact of healthcare education in improvement of cervical cancer screening among the minorities.

26. Most effective approaches towards management of chemo treatment side effects among cancer patients. 

27. Effectiveness in the monitoring of heart disease patients suffering from sleep apnea.

28. Best support approaches for patients with cancer.

29. The role of diet education in prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus among minorities’ women.

30. The role of care givers and the family in the support for cancer patients.  

31. The need for changes in nursing roles within the modern society.

32. Integration of non-pharmacological treatment for patients with cancer.

33. The impact of soldier’s deployment status on individual treatment compliance practices.

34. Effective approaches in effective management of cancer symptoms.

35. Development of patient visitation models that enhance care and family support.

36. Development and implementation of best policies in the administration of chemotherapy drugs.

37. Effective management of patients suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

38. Key areas to invest in to help improve health informatics in rural healthcare facilities.

39. Need for changes in nursing training and professional development in the modern society.

40. Skills areas requisite for nurses in the management of healthcare technology.  

41. Nursing role in the prevention of re-admission of stroke patients.

42. Approaches towards enhancement of data security in nursing informatics.

43. Effective approaches towards management and prevention of obesity among young children.

44. Enhancement of interoperability within nursing practice.

45. Best approaches in the treatment and prevention of diabetes in adults.

46. Employing data research in the improvement of patient safety in healthcare facilities.

47. The use of non-pharmacological treatment methods for dementia.

48. Effective approaches towards nursing education in informatics.

49. Approaches towards enhancement of healthcare access in rural areas for pregnant women.

50. Adoption of birth control medication approaches for adolescents.

51. Educational approaches for asthma among minority groups within healthcare establishments.

52. Care giving for children who have been diagnosed with terminal illness.

53. Approaches for effective management of pain post-anesthesia medication.

54. Effective ways of identifying and dealing with sexually abused children.

55. Effective approaches towards management of bedside shift reports.

56. Appropriate approaches towards caregiving for handicapped children.

57. Approaches towards enhancement of patient quality of life in cases of congestive heart failure.

58. Approaches towards orientation of nurses to clinical psychology.

59. Effectiveness of exercise in management and prevention of depression.

60. Effective programs for enhancement of healthcare access for pregnant women in suburban areas.

61. The impediments of bottle feeding compared to breastfeeding.

62. Effective management of chronic TB in HIV positive patients within healthcare facilities.

63. Effectiveness of college-based clinics in the diagnosis of STIs.

64. Appropriate approaches towards nurse workload and performance enhancement.

65. Appropriate approaches in the management of infectious diseases within healthcare facilities.

66. Enhancement of evidence-based practice in nursing care.

67. Appropriate measures in the management of spiraling healthcare costs in urban areas.

68. Most effective approaches for dealing with medical emergencies within a nursing environment.

69. Measures for mitigation of the spread of HIV in low socioeconomic areas.

70. Appropriate approaches for dealing with nurse shortages in the modern society.

71. Enhancement of collaboration between nurses and other healthcare workers.

72. Use of simulations in nursing practice education.

73. Promoting positive participation of government in the recruitment of nurses.

74. Sexual harassment and its implications within a nursing environment.

75. Prevention of contraction of infectious diseases by nurses while on duty.

76. Racial implications on healthcare practice among nurses.  

77. Appropriateness of allowing nurses to prescribe different types of drugs.

78. Online nursing programs and their effectiveness in impacting requisite nurse skills.

79. Effective ways of addressing burn-out among nurses.

80. Workplace bullying within the nursing healthcare environment.

81. The role of the spiritual element in enhancing care by nurses.

82. Essence of effective communication skills among nurses in patient satisfaction.

83. The importance of strong nursing communities in healthcare provision.

84. Building effective leadership within the nursing care environment.

85. Approaches towards enhancement of emotional health among nurses.


300 plus Nursing capstone project Ideas

Whether pursuing your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), or Doctor of Science Practice (DNP), choosing an appropriate nursing capstone project idea is critical. Besides rousing the tutor's interest, the topic should be evidence-based. Additionally, it must exhibit your skills and echo what you have learned while studying.

Furthermore, a good nursing paper will demand excellent communicative skills. Working in teams is also essential, and so is detailed research as well as analyzing your project sources.

You will also need to create a proper capstone project outline. Doing so helps you to stick to your goal and results in a well-structured paper.

Project outlines are available on the web. Alternatively, you can consult with your instructor.

Note that starting early helps you to have enough time to brainstorm on available project ideas. Therefore, use your  clinical hours  to explore possible topics for your capstone project.

Meaning of Nursing Capstone Project

Commonly referred to as capstone experience, senior capstone, or culmination project, a nursing capstone project is an academic paper that is usually 20 to 100 pages long.

This nursing assignment consolidates practical nursing work experience, experiments, and facts to identify viable solutions to real nursing issues using the knowledge gained from nursing classes.

During the assignment, a capstone graduate (practicing professional) guides the student. The practicing nurse offers advice on the design and also shares real-life nursing experiences. In the long run, learners improve their professional skills, thus achieving capstone projects' primary purpose.

A good capstone project should have a compelling argument, be evidence-based, and reinforce the best nursing practices.

Most nursing culminating projects focus on:

Structure of a Nursing Capstone Project

When writing your capstone project, there is a basic format to be observed. A well-structured paper comprises the following sections:

Abstract and Introduction

The first part of a nursing paper is the abstract. It is a brief single-paged explanation of what the project aims to achieve. The introduction follows it, and it should also be short. In the introduction, you state the background of your title, your thesis statement, and give an outline of your assignment's content.

Literature Review

In this section, you set the background of previous project topics. You also indicate your topic's relevance, identify key themes and projects, and point out gaps in existing nursing projects. You must also back up your review using reference sources from reliable articles and journals.

Methods and Material

At this point, you write the material that you will use in your assignment. Materials mean equipment, instruments, and treatment administered. You also explain how you used the materials and why you settled for those specific materials. Citing your sources is also critical, and so is mentioning the statistical methods or tests used to analyze your data.

Results and Discussion

In this part, you present your project findings. You also write the limitations, speculations, and deductive arguments of your nursing paper. Moreover, you submit your experimental data using graphs accompanied by a back-up of reliable sources from journals and articles.

It is the last section of your nursing capstone project. The conclusion illustrates the knowledge you generated from your capstone assignment. It also reveals your solution towards solving the capstone problem while stating future recommendations concerning your project topic. Note that you should never introduce a new idea in the conclusion.

Sources of Suitable Nursing Capstone Ideas

Besides the over 300 capstone ideas provided in this write-up, other sources of excellent capstone ideas include:

iii. Clinical rounds:  Your clinical give first-hand experience about the duties of a nurse. You can generate ideas from the challenges encountered during clinical rounds. Take note of which concepts worked and which ones failed. Observe whether the facility was keen on evidence-based nursing. Were there any gaps in service delivery?

A. Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

9 The roles of nursing organizations in shaping the future of nursing

C. Medical Surgery Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

D. Mental Health Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

E. Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

F. Women’s Health Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

H. Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

I. Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas 

J. General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

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Note that feasibility should be one of the guiding factors when choosing your nursing capstone project idea. Avoid being overly broad. You will lose focus. Also, a too narrow scope denies you enough ideas, which affects the quality of your paper.

Secondly, choose a unique idea. It will rouse your interest. Also, it will capture your tutor's attention as well as that of a reader. Moreover, your culminating project idea must be relevant to your subject field. Remember, the main objective of the assignment is to showcase your nursing skills.

Lastly, be sure to write professionally. Grading is done by experts. However, besides logically presenting your ideas, the language used should not be overly technical. But again, do not oversimplify your concepts. Make it easy for other fraternity members to understand your capstone project.

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80 Impressive Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For A+

nursing capstone project ideas

What is a nursing capstone? It refers to an academic paper that uses experiments, facts, and practical work experience to better the professional skills of nursing students. Through this assignment, students are required to develop a research project on a topic of their choice within a healthcare environment.

How To Write Nursing Capstone Projects Ideas

Just like any other essay or research paper topic, a nursing capstone project idea should meet the following requirements:

Below is a list of nursing capstone topics for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Noteworthy Capstone Project Ideas For Nursing

Excellent Nursing Capstone Project Ideas BSN

Latest Nursing Capstone Projects Ideas

Examples of Capstone Projects For Nursing

Capstone Nursing Ideas For Professionals

Creative Nursing Projects Ideas

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

Nursing Capstone Projects Examples For Undergraduates

Senior Project Topics on Nursing

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

If you are having difficulty with writing BSN nursing capstone project ideas, our cheap, quality medical writing help is all you need. See your college grades improve with our professional nursing capstone assistance.

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mental health nursing capstone projects

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300 Top notch Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Many students find it challenging to compose their nursing capstone projects since they lack inspiration. And even if they have a concept, they don’t know how to get started or don’t have the time to write it. If this is the case, look for nursing capstone project ideas.

This resource provides a variety of capstone project ideas in several areas, which may serve as a source of inspiration. You might begin by deciding on a location that most appeals to you. Choose the capstone project idea for your paper from the list of available options.

Top-notch nursing capstone project ideas

If you’ve never heard of the capstone project, this is an excellent time to brush up on your knowledge of it. Fortunately, this page has all the information you need! The purpose of capstone projects is to demonstrate to the next generation how to research the topics that interest them most personally.

According to educators, this task helps students gain practical skills that will be useful in their future studies and careers. And maybe the most impressive aspect of any capstone project is the freedom to pursue a topic in which you have a genuine interest.

Are you having trouble coming up with nursing capstone project ideas? This list of creative nursing capstone project ideas might be able to help. You have the freedom to pick whichever you want.

A capstone course in nursing

-Nursing Capstone Project ideas

Are you struggling with the question of ‘what is a capstone course in nursing? Worry no more. A capstone course in nursing allows students to apply ideas and concepts from nursing leadership, nursing research, and care management. A clinical practicum enhances these skills.

Students propose or complete a quality improvement project for their worksite. According to your institution, a capstone course might go by several titles. Nursing students take a capstone course after education and at the beginning of their careers.

Nursing project ideas

Nursing project ideas help address a query or an issue and demonstrate a strong comprehension of your capstone project concept. Take a look at the ideas given to get started on your project.

Choosing great nursing capstone ideas tips

The thought of writing a capstone project scares most students. First impressions may be deceiving. You’ll notice a decrease in stress levels as soon as you get back into the groove of things.

The most challenging part of most endeavors is usually the beginning. Breaking down the project into smaller pieces can help. You’ll be able to concentrate on a single part of a more significant project this way. You will be expected to complete a capstone project after your nursing study.

DNP capstone projects are often challenging due to the restricted number of subject selections. To create anything unique and exciting, you must go further into your investigation. Here are some ideal tips when choosing an excellent nursing capstone. You may use these to assist you in selecting the top nursing capstone project ideas.

When you pick a capstone idea, it should benefit your industry. One method to achieve this is to start recognizing an issue. You will next apply your research to address this challenge.

It should be something you can write a complete project around. This is simpler to perform if you already have some understanding of the issue. List some potential solutions and then investigate all of them separately.

It can be challenging to develop capstone nursing ideas, but there are a lot of other ideas to choose from as well. You should steer clear of ideas that are too broad. Make a list of a few ideas and give each one a score based on its strengths and weaknesses.

A brainstorming session might be the best way to describe this. This will give you an idea of which area you should focus on for your research.

An excellent place to start is brainstorming a list of generic and broad nursing capstone project ideas. Go a bit deeper to restrict the scope of your inquiry. An overly broad notion is not what you are looking for.

Look for subtopics within the genre of your primary study ideas. This is a terrific method to focus on a particular aspect of a larger concept.

You already know that you want to be a nurse, but you need to go further. Choosing a specialization is a big decision. DNP project ideas may be generated using this method.

When considering nursing capstone project ideas, keep your long-term professional aspirations in mind. It may be a problem you want to address in the medical area in the future.

Having access to the internet, we can do research quickly. Think beyond the boundaries to develop an original idea. Libraries, academic literature, and even previous academic research examples are good places to start looking. These ideas are not to be copied, but they may serve as a guide.

Capstone ideas for nursing

Creating some good capstone ideas for nursing is not tricky. The key to nursing project success is, to begin with, a list of your abilities and clinical interests. This allows you to approach the issue with a thorough comprehension of it. Make it clear what your area of interest is.

As a further step, you should investigate the issue by looking at current publications and analyzing them from a critical perspective. Doing this first search will get insight into potential study areas for your nursing essay .

The following are some typical nursing capstone project ideas  considerations:

Nursing change project papers

Nursing change project papers are official academic papers written by nursing students in their last year of study. Upon graduation, it is a research report, evidence-based article, outcome-based evaluation, program or policy analysis, case study, or survey.

Students combine their semester-long change proposal project components to create a proposal covering all course topic concentration areas. Nursing project papers include the following features:

Emergency nursing capstone project ideas

 Obtaining a graduate or postgraduate degree is a specific approach to acquiring your accreditation as an emergency nurse practitioner. To become an emergency nurse practitioner, you must complete a capstone project as part of your education.

Completing an emergency nursing capstone project depends on how effectively you write it is to get the top scores. Nursing capstone project ideas might be challenging to draft. Have a look at some of the emergency nursing capstone project ideas below:

Nursing informatics capstone project ideas

Capstone projects in nursing informatics aim to improve nursing practice or address current challenges by incorporating information technology into practice. Consider, for example, how you can enhance the order input process or how you manage medical data.

Your nursing informatics capstone project ideas are not restricted. Some ideas about nursing may be difficult to understand when contemplating a career in the field. Here are a few ideas to get you started from the extensive list of nursing capstone project ideas:

Senior project ideas for nursing

Whether you are busy with sports, clubs, and organizations outside of school, you must complete a senior project to graduate. It enables you to experiment with fresh nursing capstone project ideas while also learning by doing.

The most challenging element of coming up with a great project is deciding which of the many senior project ideas nursing to adopt. And that’s precisely why we’ve put up a list of helpful tips to simplify your life. Make a point of selecting a subject that piques your attention while deciding on a topic.

It should make you think outside the box. Some of the senior project ideas are:

Anesthesia capstone project ideas

One of the most challenging elements of a nursing program is writing a capstone project. Most students have a hard time coming up with nursing capstone project ideas and sticking to them until the conclusion. A Nursing capstone project writing service might help if you get stuck.

You must choose the best anesthesia capstone project ideas if you need to show that you understand your duty as a nurse. Some of these ideas include:

Pediatric nursing capstone project topics

To be a pediatric nurse, one must undergo extensive training. They finish their education with a capstone project in pediatric nursing. When it comes to pediatrics, nursing students have various options to pursue.

The following are some pediatric nursing capstone project topics you can examine.

Health promotion nursing capstone project topics

There are some unique nursing capstone project ideas regarding health promotion capstone projects that students may utilize for their capstone projects. When picking a topic in this area, the students need to be attentive to ensure they do not choose a broad topic.

A broad topic will dilute the substance of the nursing capstone project. Some of the health promotion nursing capstone project topics you can investigate in this scenario include:

Nursing capstone project ideas for mental health

The top nursing capstone project ideas are here for you. Do you want to learn more about the top nursing capstone project ideas for mental health? If your answer is yes to both of the following questions, please continue reading.

Nursing capstone goals

As a nurse, it’s vital to establish clear nursing capstone goals so that you can monitor your progress and refine your growth framework. When life becomes complex and demanding, setting goals may help you remain focused and motivated.

Some of the goals are:

Nursing capstone project proposal example

What would your response be if you spent months working on a school assignment only to have it rejected? To prevent such eventualities, institutions ask that any student doing this assignment first submit a nursing capstone project proposal.

A project proposal is the first step of any capstone project. To have it approved or rejected, you submit it to your professor or a panel at school. You may conceive a proposal in the same way as a plan or blueprint for a project.

There are many nursing project proposal examples to guide you through. An example of a change proposal to address nursing understaffing is a nursing capstone project proposal.

Health administration capstone topics

It might be challenging to develop original nursing capstone project ideas for healthcare administration. Capstone projects, the program’s ultimate accomplishment, intend to complement and enrich classroom training.

Health administration capstone topics include:

Nursing capstone definition

A senior capstone or capstone experience is an academic work that integrates real-world experience, experiments, data, and classroom skills to deliver concrete answers. A nursing capstone project is a senior capstone. There are two types of nursing capstone projects: research and problem solution.

As a result, what exactly is a capstone nursing project, and how exactly do you finish one? Consult with your tutor before picking a subject. This implies that your topic might be on anything, such as computer science or women’s health.

You must answer a question or solve an issue related to the capstone project’s overall idea in your paper. The length of the paper might be anything from 25 to 100 pages.

In conclusion

A capstone project might seem to be a tedious and time-consuming undertaking. Preparation for an assignment typically begins with selecting a subject that will interest the reader. As a result, picking nursing capstone project ideas requires special consideration.

A future nurse must know the most frequent health issues patients confront, how to treat them successfully, and when to act to save a life. Getting aid from an expert writer is easy if you have any reservations about successfully finishing this sort of assignment. Achieving outstanding scores on your capstone project has never been easier.

Why We Are the Best

mental health nursing capstone projects

Land Acknowledgement

The School of Social Welfare acknowledges that the University of Kansas occupies land that has been cared for by several tribal nations.  

This land acknowledgment recognizes that Indigenous people are traditional guardians of the land and that there is an enduring relationship between Indigenous peoples and these traditional territories. Our School affirms, advocates for, and supports the sovereignty of the four-federally recognized tribes of Kansas, and the other 570 federally recognized nations in the U.S.​​ 

The acknowledgment reminds us to continue our commitment to advocating for, and supporting Indigenous students, staff, and faculty while working towards decolonizing the systems of power and oppression. Please visit the Land Acknowledgment webpage for a listing of our current actions of commitment. 

Capstone Projects 2021-2022

Integrated Health Scholars are clinical MSW students who participate in value-added training to develop knowledge and skills in interprofessional team-based care in underserved communities. Capstone projects are completed at their clinical field practicum setting.

These Scholars will graduate from the KU School of Social Welfare in May 2022. To connect with Scholars, please contact Michelle Levy at [email protected] or Jason Matejkowski at [email protected] .

This program is funded by a Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training award from the USDHHS Health Resources and Services Administration.

Bekkah Aarnes

Saint luke's hospital.

Client-centered care is important for clients who are admitted to hospitals, and can extend beyond discharge from hospitals to help them continue to be successful with their goals. Research shows that follow-up conversations are not always occurring once clients discharge from hospitals. This poster highlights a small study conducted to follow up with clients post-discharge to see if there were any lingering questions, how their transition went, and if there were any barriers to following through with their discharge goals. Based on the findings from this small study, post-discharge follow up can be beneficial and helpful for clients. 

Continuation of Client-Centered Care Post-Hospital Discharge

View the Presentation

Brenda adams, community health center of southeast kansas school board, the impact of adverse childhood experiences .

My poster explains what Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are and how the trauma that comes with these experiences, may impact children as well as adults. A child’s background and home life are not always taken into consideration when they are experiencing difficulties during school. By educating teachers, parents, and school administrators, a social worker is better able to help give these children the protective factors they need to thus promote healthy development and alleviate these traumatic factors. 

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Courtney Alexander

Van go, inc..

The purpose of a suicide screening tool at Van Go is to both fill a gap in service and to eventually lead to the creation of a pipeline between community organizations. Early intervention and identification are imperative to suicide prevention for young people and Van Go’s target clients fall within the age group where suicide is the second leading cause of death. Implementing the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) periodically throughout the year will allow clients to disclose suicidal ideation and be connected to additional services as needed.  

Benefits of Implementing a Suicide Screening

Gabriella Barnum

Swope community health center.

Enhanced Care Pathway is a program to provide extra support to patients at risk for suicide. This was inspired by Zero Suicide, and similar programs have already been implemented in other clinics in the area. This will start in the behavioral health clinic, but the end goal is for the entire clinic (including remote locations) to participate fully.

Enhanced Care Pathway

Relationship changes between persons with Alzheimer’s Disease (pwAD) and caregivers are perhaps some of the saddest consequences of dementia. These changes often result in role reversal, detachment, and/or isolation. Due to the nature of loss in the caregiver and pwAD’s relationship, it can become challenging to work through feelings of grief. Due to the unique impacts this has on caregivers, I wanted to explore theories that can be used to devise interventions that meet the challenges of caregiving and improve the relationships between pwAD and caregivers at end-of-life. 

Living with Loss: Practice Theory Applied to Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

Isabelle Bauguess

Valeo behavioral health care, assessing & improving  interprofessional collaboration in a community mental health center.

Integrated care models have become the gold standard in healthcare due to their ability to simultaneously deliver excellent quality of care at optimized costs while improving population health and the work life of health care providers. However, the "quadruple aim" of integrated healthcare can only be achieved with effective interprofessional collaboration (IPC). Recognizing the important role IPC plays in the equitable delivery of high-quality, person-centered, comprehensive healthcare, I developed a survey to assess IPC within my agency. I then used the results of this survey to inform a report offering research-based suggestions for improving IPC within the organization. 

Assessing & Improving Interprofessional Collaboration in a Community Mental Health Center

Edan Alemayehu Belihu

University of kansas health systems.

As part of the integrated healthcare team, I have had the opportunity to work with Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant patients. While most patients experience some difficulties during treatment, I have seen undocumented patients impacted the most. Undocumented patients face a broad range of social, financial, legal, and language barriers as they strive for treatment. My project focused on how to work within the interdisciplinary team to reduce these barriers and ensure that undocumented patients are treated and achieve positive outcomes.

Undocumented Patients and Leukemia Treatment

Jacob Manfred Bigus

Interpersonal psychiatry.

TTRPGs can be used for group therapy. They can effectively treat the symptoms of multiple disorders in a diverse group of clients. This poster gives the basic information necessary for a therapist to achieve an understanding of what this therapy can do. Along with a little research and experience, they should be able to lead or co-facilitate a TTRPG therapy group.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPGS) for Therapy

University of Kansas Health Systems Strawberry Hill Campus

Clinical social workers use specialized interventions to treat symptoms of trauma and promote desired outcomes. Accelerated Resolution Therapy has been used to relieve symptoms and increases patient motivation for treatment.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Trauma Survivors

Kasey Bossard

Usd 497-southwest middle school.

I observed a multifaceted gap within the school setting regarding LGBTQ awareness and inclusivity both in the educational systems and in the classrooms. Because there was a void of comprehensive LGBTQ policies and basic knowledge, students were burdened with the responsibility to make space for themselves. As a social worker and ally, I wanted to advocate for students by addressing the questions and concerns teachers had and how to effectively advocate for LGBTQIA students. Through providing education, resources, and giving updated tools to the staff to implement in their practice.

Empowering Teachers to be Student Allies

Tennyson Clary

Family guidance center.

Previously during the training process at Family Guidance Center, workers were only given a resource list for the largest county that is served. However, the agency serves nine counties altogether. This project focused on creating a comprehensive resource list for each county that is served and then distributing it to each employee during the training/orientation process. 

Do You Know Your Resources?

Mirissa Corbin

University health-truman medical center, psychological first aid for victims of crime .

This poster provides an overview of Psychological First Aid for Victims of Crime (PFA-VC). Psychological First Aid (PFA) is traditionally used to help adults, children, and families in the aftermath of a disaster. This form of PFA focuses on assessing and creating interventions for those who are victims of crime. The PFA-VC approach allows social workers and other victim advocates to identify and meet each victim’s specific needs.  

Psychological First Aid for Victims of Crime

Olivia Doucas

Research psychiatric center.

Research Psychiatric Center is an inpatient psychiatric care center in Kansas City, MO that provides comprehensive behavioral health services for teenagers, adults, and seniors. One of my roles as a student was facilitating forty-five-minute group therapy sessions daily for adult patients at different ages with a variety of psychiatric diagnosis facing many different barriers. I asked patients for their feedback on groups using a set of questions I created. This project is focused on patient feedback and provides resources for future students conducting group therapy in inpatient settings.  

Facilitating Group Therapy in an Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Setting

Michele Fields & TJ Lakin

Four county mental health center.

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model is an evidence-based practice that gives services to clients in need that would not do well in a traditional setting.  Not only providing individual therapy and case management, but also the ACT team will assist with medicine management and other client needs.  Four County Mental Health is the first rural use of this model in the United States and offers key insights into success and setbacks. 

Evidence Based Assertive Community Treatment Four County Community Mental Health

Chelsea Fluker

Children's mercy hospital.

This topic was selected due to the noted increase in pediatric behavioral health patients visiting the Emergency Department who are experiencing continued mood and behavior dysregulation in conjunction with the increase of wait times and difficulty connecting to resources during these emergency visits. This project will provide an overview of the ER environment in comparison to the therapeutic environments of behavioral health urgent cares currently being developed around the nation. In addition, potential for implementing change within the emergency room will be explored in order to mitigate wait times, increase resources, and create a safer environment for both staff and patients based on the therapeutic models of behavioral urgent cares. 

Reducing Crisis in Emergency Department Behavioral Health Interventions

Leah Friesen

Ku alzheimer’s disease research center, changes in perception of people with alzheimer's and other dementias after listening to the experience league.

The Experience League is a panel of people with early-stage Alzheimer's or another form of dementia that virtually speak with students about what life is like living with a diagnosis. When asked what three words come to mind when thinking about dementia/Alzheimer's before listening to the Experience League, students frequently responded with forgetful, sad, and confused. When students were asked the same question after listening to the Experience League, they frequently responded with support, strong, resilient, and courageous.

Changes in perception of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias after listening to the Experience League

Chasity Gaultney-Tyler

The Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) module is a child welfare intervention that has been shown, when implemented with fidelity, to improve outcomes for both parents and children affected from prenatal substance use disorder. This START module uses a variety of strategies from theories such as Attachment Theory and Self Determination to promote collaboration and system-level change within and between the child welfare agencies. Prevention, permanency and parent recovery outcomes show promise for the START module.

Utilization of START Module when working with children who are exposed to SUD

Kristin George

Atchison community health clinic, implementing sbirt in integrated health care  .

The purpose of this project was to take what I learned in our February IHS training and apply it to my practicum site. Atchison Community Health Clinic (ACHC) is an FQHC serving northeast Kansans in an integrated and holistic manner. The primary care physicians would address patient needs with initial positive screens, but not use psychoeducation or motivational interviewing techniques to decrease substance or alcohol use. I feel like I can make a difference as a Behavioral Health Consultant by freeing up time for our PCPs and by helping the patients with motivational interviewing, referral to specialty clinicians when needed, psychoeducation of the effects of alcohol and substance use on the mind and the body, and encouragement for all. 

Implementing SBIRT in Integrated Health Care

Amanda Graham

Community health center of southeast kansas.

Police officers are progressively the first responders/professionals to assist individuals within the community when a mental health crisis is being experienced. Many officers have shared that they do not feel equipped, prepared, or obtain the needed skills to respond appropriately to mental health crises. An operative and effective approach in response to mental health crisis involves collaboration between health, mental health, and police professionals. This is to warrant the safety of the effected community members and provide beneficial emergency access to mental health support, if needed.

Crime and Care

Brandi Harris

I had a two-question survey at the reception desk for adults to volunteer to fill out that came into the behavioral health side of the clinic for services. First question: Should childcare services be offered while parents receive behavioral health services. The second question was what other resources you would like to see offered on the behavioral health side. Also wanted to see if there was any research study done on trauma link to children being present listening in on parent's therapy sessions. I have had several small children attend parent sessions because of no babysitter. I could not find any research data of this nature.

Childcare Services While Parents Receive Behavioral Health Services

Southeast Kanas Mental Health Center

Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center (SEKMHC) is located in rural Southeast Kansas (SEK) and covers six counties: Bourbon, Lynn, Neosho, Woodson, Allen, and Anderson.  The mission of SEK is to advocate and coordinate quality mental health services in our area and to improve quality of life in SEK.  By adopting the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model, it has enhanced training opportunities for therapists and staff, offered effective treatment to match the needs of clients, and reached underserved populations throughout SEK.  This shift in mindset has given the agency the most impact with clients, high frequency sessions with therapists, well-coordinated and multifaceted evidence based treatments, and leverage services that have been underutilized. 

CCBHC in Rural Kansas

Jordyn Hudson

Children’s mercy hospital – developmental and behavioral health division.

Transitional Healthcare is an important step in healthcare because it allows for a smoother transition from pediatrics to adult care. This project aims to understand the barriers that youth are faced with youth with medical complexities and the implementation for readiness for transition to adult care.

Improving Healthcare Transition from Pediatrics to Adult Care in Hospital Settings

Avery Johnson

Compass behavioral health (garden city), outcome rating scale (ors) and session rating scale: the importance of client progress evaluation and feedback .

With each of my clients, we completed to ORS at the beginning of each session and the SRS at the end of each session with time to discuss progress and feedback. The client would rate each category on a scale of 1-10. Overtime, I complied graphs on each client’s progress and allowed them time to give me feedback surrounding the session. This is something other clinicians may implement in their own practice for progress tracking and client feedback.

Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale

Kimberly Johnson

Satori counseling services.

This year my practicum was at Satori Counseling Services where I provided supervised visitation and therapy for a father. This experience sparked my interest in exploring custody bias with fathers. Awareness of this issue is important for social workers because Fathers are equally capable in determining child best interest, nurturing, providing safety, and having a predictable routine for their children. Meditation and supervised visitation can support parents in custody situations to decrease custody bias against fathers.  

Custody Bias

Kim Keating

Pawnee mental health crisis stabilization unit.

A collaborative approach towards interning at the Crisis Stabilization Unit. I created this resource guide as a tool for inters as they start off at the CSU to empower them with the tools and information past interns found helpful in their work with clients on the unit. This is an effort to lessen the anxiety of being new to the field and entering an atmosphere that caters exclusively to individuals experiencing low to high levels of crisis. The aim is to keep interns from feeling as if they are starting out at "square one", but rather they have a plethora of tools created by other students who were in their same place and know what is most helpful in this setting. I was the sole creator of the project, however, did gather information from a plethora of sources, and got feedback directly from therapists on the unit, and other inters already placed there. Additionally, the hope is for future interns to add their own tools and frameworks they found to be of most help, so that the book never stops evolving and keeping with the latest and best practice. 

The Crisis Intern Resource Book

Kelsey Klema

Blue valley west high school.

Implemented the BackSnack Program at Blue Valley West High School. This is a confidential program to students, families, and staff. The BackSnack Program provides weekly food packs to those who want to participate. It’s important for schools to be aware of food insecurity that students may face and how it can impact them academically and socially.

BackSnack Program

Talita Leikam

Children’s Mercy Hospital provides transportation assistance to patients and families to increase access to medical care. Due to a widespread shortage in accessible vehicle rides through these services and through Medicaid transportation, patients using wheelchairs struggle to find rides, resulting in long waits, missed appointments, and long-term barriers to care. Using information recorded in Children’s Mercy EMR, I gathered and presented information regarding the need for improved accessible transportation options and suggested possible next steps to hospital stakeholders.

Medical Wheelchair Transportation

Ivette Martinez

Children's mercy hospital (development & behavioral clinic), behavioral health care:  bridging language & cultural barriers.

Developing, implementing, and providing health literacy supports to non-English speaking families accessing developmental & behavioral care at Children's Mercy. By providing additional, cost-effective supports and making small adjustments to the existing intake system, that will help increase Spanish and non-English families to be able to access care that will align more with other clinics at Children's Mercy. This will promote diversity and inclusion of all community members and will reduce healthcare disparities among patients. 

Behavioral Health Care:  Bridging Language & Cultural Barriers

Auriana McConnell

University health behavioral heath .

Acute mental health care settings work with vulnerable populations including individuals with severe mental health illness and substance use. Patients are often readmitted due to chronic mental illness and substance use and this is prevalent in the mental health field. Coordinating patients care after discharge is crucial because this can improve their quality of life by ensuring continuity of care to deal with crisis management, coping skills, and meaningful communication with their health service providers. 

Effectiveness of Discharge Planning

Rachel Parrish 

Kvc hospitals, transgender youth in inpatient psychiatric settings .

KVC Hospital Kansas City is an inpatient psychiatric facility with the goal of stabilizing clients in crisis. There are five inpatient units, caring for clients ages six to 17. Currently, clients are assigned to units based on gender and age. Transgender and gender-diverse clients are usually placed on a unit on their gender assigned at birth rather than gender identity. Transgender and gender-diverse youth deserve an environment where they feel safe and affirmed. Specialized units on which clients can milieu based on gender identity, not assigned gender, is necessary for treatment and identity confirming healthcare. 

Transgender Youth in Inpatient Psychiatric Settings

Misty Phillips

Osawatomie state hospital.

I completed my Capstone Project on the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams (IDT). My practicum is at Osawatomie State Hospital, and IDT meetings are an essential part of daily services. The IDT involves team members from different disciplines working together with a common purpose to set goals, make decisions, and share resources and responsibilities. The IDT team meetings contribute to better care and satisfaction for the clients.

Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary Teams

Melissa Ramig

Goodland regional medical center.

My project is about Animal-Assisted Interventions in an Integrated Health Setting. In my research I found the benefits of utilizing animals (mostly dogs) in a healthcare facility to foster therapeutic relationships. Human-animal interactions have been found to have beneficial short and long term physical and mental health outcomes and are even considered a protective factor for people who own companion animals. Utilizing therapy animals in inpatient & outpatient healthcare settings have benefits that far outweigh the risks and could benefit our especially challenging populations such as children & the aging population. Therapy animals in any healthcare facilities, including nursing homes, have substantial benefits to patients & residents that could improve health, satisfaction of care, and boost morale. 

Animal-Assisted Interventions in an Integrated Health Setting

Jonathan E. Ruiz

Samuel u. rodgers health center.

In the United States, there is a big disparity in access to healthcare, it is often thought of as a luxury, whereas in other “western” countries it is more widely available, because of that the access that marginalized identities such as black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) women have to healthcare is greatly impacted. But making it to the appointment is one thing, but facing medical bias is another thing as well, that is something that black, indigenous, womxn of color face disproportionately. In a system that has this type of bias it’s important to practice cultural competency in all settings, my research poster poses suggestions to social work practice that we can incorporate into our practice, and using the effective Behavioral Health Consultant model, just like the one used at Samuel Rodgers Health Center we can strive for better culturally competent patient outcomes.

Practicing Clinical Cultural Competency using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Zoey Sallaz

Johnson county mental health – adult detox unit & crisis recovery center.

My practicum is at Johnson County Mental Health in the Adult Detox and Crisis Recovery Center. Client’s come here for 3-5 days to socially detox (not a medical detox). They are then provided with a drug and alcohol assessment which the state will pay for unless they have private insurance. The assessment helps determine the level of care recommendation for the client. The crisis recovery center is with the adult detox, which is for clients who are needing a step down from inpatient hospitalization. It is considered a residential center. The problem that was identified for the poster was “Staff burnout during COVID-19” (specifically in residential settings). To measure this, I created a survey to see the impact on Covid-19 and burnout with staff:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BCCVM9M . We then created a list of possible solutions to prevent and decrease staff burnout after getting the results of the survey. We have found some articles that discuss Covid-19 and burnout or about the "Great Resignation" as well. This issue is unfortunately so prevalent right now in many workplaces.

COVID-19 & Staff Burnout in Residential Settings

Chelsi Scott

Access family care.

The BHC (Behavioral Health Consultant) Resource Book was created to provide providers with accessible, helpful materials to share with patients during warm handoffs. Access Family Care uses warm handoffs in the primary clinic, pediatrics, dental, and OBGYN offices. The Resource Book contains handouts and information on topics ranging from tobacco cessation to depression and anxiety. The book is a living document that can be adjusted as time goes on and is utilized in hard copy and digital format in the clinic.

BHC Resource Book

Mikayla Sova

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults in the United States, with the majority of suicides occurring among LGBTQ+ youth. Due to the tumultuous time of development and social pressures, there is an immense need for interventions targeted to adolescents. In order to meet this need, I created a 4-week adolescent intensive outpatient program for my practicum site. This will increase accessibility to treatment for adolescents in the Kansas City area. 

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Angela Swetnam

Lilac center.

Working with adolescents in mental health, social workers often hear them say that they wished their parents understood their mental illness.  Social workers also hear from parents and caregivers that they do not know how to best support their teenager and feelings of inadequacy.  By integrating family therapy in adolescent intensive outpatient dialectical treatment, social workers can best support the family as a unit and as individual members through teaching effective communication, coping skills and strategies.

Integrating Family Therapy in Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Emma Unsderfer

Blue valley academy.

In the Blue Valley School District, teen suicide risk and mental health issues are a growing concern as we are seeing an uptick in the prevalence of teen mental health issues. Children’s Mercy paired with the Blue Valley School District to provide more support in school for youth in grades K-12 by providing more social workers in schools. With the added support, programs have been implemented to assist in intervening with suicide risk on a district wide level through peer support programming. Peer support programming aims to empower youth to de-stigmatize mental health as well as aid in changing school norms that are harmful through the power of social connection. At Blue Valley Academy, we have implemented a program called Sources of Strength and worked with our youth in using their skills and connections to generate conversations around mental health with their peers. 

Teen Suicide Prevention and Peer Support Practices

Bailey Wilson

Kansas suicide prevention headquarters.

This project involved creating an ongoing training that centers around work with youth and young adults for staff and volunteers answering national and local suicide hotlines. The aim is to bring awareness to issues and risk factors specific to this population and provide resources to better serve young people experiencing crisis.

Working with Youth and Young Adults in Suicidal Crisis

Ariane Wright

University of kansas health system case management.

The University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS) developed a multi-visit patient (MVP) program to support patients with complex needs, which are difficult to meet with typical case management services. For this project, I interviewed several TUKHS providers about their knowledge of and collaboration with the MVP program. Interview respondents indicated that their care coordination tasks varied by their specialty and individual workflow. Providers also had a strong interest in data on the MVP program's outcomes. 

Maximizing the Multi-Visit Patient Program Impact

Amber Young

The university of kansas health system, community primary care.

Type 2 diabetes affects millions of Americans and managing this chronic illness places considerable stress and expense on patients and the healthcare system. An integrated health approach allows patients to receive comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of professionals. This qualitative study shares the results of interviews regarding diabetes management within an integrated Internal Medicine practice. It emphasizes how clinical social workers can contribute to patient care through their expertise on behavior change and resource referrals for negative SDOH (social determinants of health).

Diabetes Management in Integrated Health


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