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strategic management is a capstone integrative course explain the statement

Mission And Vision Vs Strategic Management

This strategic management class is often called a “capstone course” because the course brings together all of the previous business classes into one final application. Strategic management according to David and David (2017), enables an organization to reach its objectives through formulating, implementing, and also evaluating organizational decisions (David & David, 2017 pg. 5). In order to strategically plan for a company and make organizational decisions, a person would need to understand every aspect of an organization and how each function relates to another. The strategic management class is the capstone because a student needs to understand the business acumen gained from all other business classes, in order to do well in strategic planning. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

In many cases, the Mission and Vision are considered the same thing within organizations but they are not entirely the same and have many varying aspects. Although these companies are using the example of mission and vision statements as the two should not be confused in terms of definition. The difference is that Mission is more geared toward what is happening or the state of the business in the current state opposed to the vision statement. A mission statement is a constant reminder to its employees of why the organization exists and what the founders envisioned when they put their fame and fortune at risk to breathe life into their dreams. Which would be the direction the company wants to pursue in the future. The mission statement simply answers the question, “What is our business?” The vision statement answers the questions? “What do we want to become? The vision statement clearly provides a true definition of what the goals are of the organization. Providing a direction for the company will give the leadership team something to build on while providing an understanding of the company and where it should be from all levels and aspects of the business world. Without having a defined path, business leaders and associates lack the understanding of what direction to lead or follow. A vision statement should be established before the mission statement and should be kept …show more content…

Majority of the founders of these organizations are individual who have been directly affected by the cause of the organization and most of the time driven by the compassion. This should be referenced and reflected upon in the mission statement of a non-profit organization . The nature of a business vision and mission can represent either a competitive advantage or disadvantage for the organization (David & David, 2017 pg. 53). The mission statement of a non-profit should influence the culture, type of decisions, and type of donors that the organization attracts. A mission statement from a nonprofit organization would contains more details on financial accountability (David & David, 2017 pg. 53). A good mission statement reveals an organization’s customers; products or services; markets; technology; concern for survival, growth, and profitability; philosophy; self-concept; concern for public image; and concern for employees. The mission statements effectiveness, that for-profit organizations typically include “the company philosophy and values, company purpose and self-concept, and certain interest groups (e.g., customers, society) relates positively to desired

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strategic management is a capstone integrative course explain the statement

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This capstone course is a culminating course that allows students to integrate concepts, principles, and methods from all fields of business. Students will draw on their foundational core business knowledge and professional competencies to solve business problems typically found in the real-world. The competencies for this course were developed by faculty and industry experts and validated by industry advisors to ensure the goals of the course are aligned with job market requirements. Students will complete a diagnostic self-assessment of their business knowledge and behavioral competencies, complete a workforce behavioral assessment, apply their knowledge and professional skills to a real-world capstone project, and complete a summative exam. The knowledge and competencies acquired in accounting, finance, operations, information technology, marketing, management, and ethics will be utilized to foster students’ strategic thinking. strategic management decisions. In so doing, students will be expected to integrate their learning across the business curriculum, evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses, and develop an action plan to ensure their life-long learning.

This is a 3-credit course, requiring a minimum of 18 hours of course engagement each week in an 8-week term, or 9 hours per week in a 15-week term (refer to the Credit Hours Calculation Policy in the Student Handbook), Course engagement includes such activities as discussions, reading, study time, and assignments.

This course requires prior completion of all core business courses.  As you start this integrative course in business, you are expected to already possess an understanding of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, strategy, and ethics.  You should be familiar with computer applications and quantitative analysis.

Upon completion of this course and program, students should be able to:


Click here to view the 8 week Term Schedules.

Click  here  to view the 15 week Term Schedules.

Course Schedule

Weeks start on Monday,12:01 AM ET and end on Sunday, 11:59 PM ET, US .

Unless otherwise noted, all assigned items are due at the end of the module (by 11:59PM, Sunday).

Grade Ranges

A = 90-100%

F = below 60%


Before beginning your course work, be sure to review the Excelsior College Guidelines for Online Interaction (a.k.a. Online Etiquette or "Netiquette"). If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to direct them to your instructor.

Pre-Assessments - 5%

Students will begin the foundation phase of the capstone by assessing their competencies. There are two pre-assessments of your business competencies: a multiple choice exam focused on the body of knowledge in business, and a self-assessment of professional and behavioral tendencies. The pre-assessments will provide students with a baseline for their strengths and weaknesses with respect to each of the competencies. Based on your performance on these assessments, students will develop a personalized competency action plan that will help you and your instructor guide your movement through the rest of the course.

Learner Competency Action Plan - 5%

Students will use the scores from all of the Module 1 pre-tests to start creating a personal action plan. For the plan, students will use the level of competency achieved from the pre-tests, identify specific areas for improvement, and set some action steps that will guide them to mastering that particular skill.

DISC Profiling Report - 5%

It is important that students fully understand their unique individual DISC profile. For this assignment, students will write a short (1-2 page) DISC Profiling Report using the DISC Assessment Tool.

Team Charter - 5%

In this activity, students will create a team charter. A team charter is a written agreement that identifies the roles and responsibilities and communication strategies for a team.

Team Company Overview - 5%

For the Team Company Overview Assignment, students will complete their initial research on an assigned organization. During this research, each team member will contribute independent information for the assignment submission. The assignment deliverable is a 1 - 1 1/2 page APA formatted paper.

Ethics Case Study - 7.5%

For this assignment, students will analyze an ethical case study, integrate research and theories about which you have learned in your undergraduate program and apply them toward a real-life business dilemma.  The assignment deliverable is a 2-3 page APA formatted paper.

Global Case Study - 7.5%

For this assignment, students will analyze a global case study, integrate research and theories about which you have learned in your undergraduate program and apply them toward a real-life business dilemma.  The assignment deliverable is a 2-3 page APA formatted paper.

Corporate Situation Analysis Paper - 7.5%

Students should understand the internal and external factors which could influence the overall success of the organization. Additionally, they should review corporate financial analysis and current competitive position, which included competitive advantage and any strategic niches occupied. During this module, students will complete a detailed situation analysis of your assigned company that culminates in a scholarly paper of 3 pages in length.

Corporate Strategic Management Paper - 7.5%

For this assignment, students will focus on the concepts in business strategy. As students work through this module, they will conduct a five forces analysis of an organization, primarily to comprehend how competitive forces shape overall corporate strategy and write a scholarly paper of 3 pages in length.

Final Capstone Paper - 15%

For this assignment, students will complete the final capstone project and submit a scholarly paper of 10-12 pages in length. This paper is the culmination project of the BUS499 Capstone Course and incorporates the Team Company Overview; the Corporate Situation Analysis Paper; and, the Corporate Strategic Management Paper.

Team Presentation - 5%

For this Assignment, students will rejoin their groups to complete the group project presentation. The assignment is a ten-minute narrated presentation covering major items outlined as final project deliverables.

Life-Long Learning Action Plan - 5%

Students will finalize a lifelong learning action plan during Module 8. Students will be provided with a competency action plan, which outlines their performance across the different areas assessed as part of the capstone course. This competency map will be used to inform their lifelong learning action plan and reflection for the future.

Summative Exam - 20%

The summative exam is a 140 question multiple choice exam that covers the 9 content areas of business knowledge competencies. Students will have 30 minutes per segment to complete.

To lessen the risk of losing your work, do not write major discussions/blogs directly into a discussion/blog post. Instead, compose and check your work in other software (such as a word processor) and then use the Create Message button and copy and paste your text into the new post.


Some assignments in this course require APA style for formatting and references. You should be prepared to learn the necessary elements of APA style, and the course provides tools and guidelines to this end.

Unless otherwise specified, online discussion postings and responses do not require APA formatting or formal citations and references. You should always clearly state the basis, in the course material or your own research, for what you write in discussion postings.

Institutional Policies


Weekly course participation is required. Please see the Student Participation Policy  for more details.  


Your instructor will:


All assignments (e.g. papers, projects, etc.) are expected to be submitted on time. If unplanned or extenuating* circumstances prevent on time submission, then students should follow these guidelines:


It is recommended students begin quizzes and exams prior to 9:00 PM Eastern Time.  All quizzes and exams must be completed by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  Most quizzes and exams are automatically submitted at 11:59 Eastern Time. If you have unplanned circumstances that prevent you from completing, please contact your instructor. Please note that some course differences and certain circumstances may result in exceptions to the quiz/exam policy. Your grade will be based on completed work.  Students with prior approval for accommodations must plan their start time accordingly.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor.  Extenuating circumstances* are considered without penalty.

 * Some types of extenuating circumstances that will be considered, if they prevent the student from completing the assignment or assessment on time, are the following:  

Documentation for extenuating circumstances may be required.


Cheating and Plagiarism

Academic Integrity is a valued part of your education, and the college expects you to submit work that is your own. Intentional plagiarism, and online cheating, including the purchasing of papers or sharing course materials, examinations or quizzes with outside vendors/websites in an unauthorized manner is a serious offense.  To ensure the high standards of the college are upheld, all work will be processed through anti-plagiarism software available in the course.  Please see the policy on  Academic Integrity for more details. We want you to be successful! If you need assistance in writing a paper or studying, please contact your course instructor or advisor.

Copyright Protections

In addition, you should be aware that content in Excelsior College courses is owned by the College or third parties and is typically subject to some form of copyright protection.  Therefore, these materials may only be used by you for educational purposes as part of your participation in Excelsior College courses.  It is your responsibility to properly use the information and materials in each course.


You are responsible for being familiar with all the policies that are related to your activity in this course. Complete information on Excelsior College policies can be found in your course or by visiting Excelsior College Policies .

Technology Requirements

Please be sure to review  System Requirements and Required Software . This is especially important if you are taking a course that contains any interactive components, such as games and simulations. 


Accessibility statements for each technology utilized within a course can be found on this Technology Accessibility page.  If you have questions on the accessibility of technologies, contact Accessibility Services .

Privacy on External Websites

In some courses, the use of applications or certain websites may require providing personal information. Click each link to view the application’s privacy statement.

Additional Items

Accessibility This course contains the technologies listed below. Click each link to view each technology's accessibility statement.

Privacy In some courses, you may be required to provide information such as a name and email address to log in to external websites. In these cases, the privacy policy for each website is listed below. Click the link to view the privacy policy.

Technology Requirements Please be sure to review System Requirements and Required Software . This is especially important if you are taking a course that contains any interactive components, such as games and simulations.

View more information about Disability Services .


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