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School of Education and Leadership Student Capstone Projects

Browse this collection of Capstone Projects submitted by students completing their master’s degrees in the Hamline School of Education and Leadership. Capstones are the culminating degree work and include research that draws from the student's formal study as well as professional and personal development. Submissions include a scholarly written description of the project and may include the project artifact (as a supplemental file).

Capstone Projects are documented in Digital Commons as a degree completion option, starting in 2017.

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Capstone Projects from 2022 2022

How Music can be Integrated Into Life Science Teaching in a way That Enhances Scientific and Musical Learning in Middle School , Erin Hustad

Fo(u)r Friends: The Social, Emotional, and Academic Effects of an Extracurricular Program for Secondary Newcomer Students , Emma Johnson

Translanguaging in EFL Settings , Erica Johnson

Preparing Trauma Informed Teachers and Utilizing Trauma Responsive Systems to Increase Educational Success For Elementary Age Students , Kate Jordal

English Language Learners: Closing the Achievement Gap , Silyvanus Juma

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Peer Interaction in the English-Language Classroom , Benjamin Kahn

Place-Based Education and Nature Journaling Curriculum Development , Emaline Kelley

Developing an Outdoor Learning Area and Guidebook for the Elementary Grades , Jordyn Kern

An Intervention to Support Comprehension During Independent Reading Time , Jacob Klis

The Benefits of Incorporating Comprehensive Sex Education into a Curriculum as Early as Kindergarten , Emma Laughlin

Linguistic Justice in Peer Tutoring , Emily Livingston

Death Education In Environmental Education: Making Meaning From Children's Eco-Grief , Gabrielle Loisel

Project Based Learning for Chronically Absent Students , Amy Lynch

Creating an Elementary Reading Curriculum that Leads all Students to More Equitable Success , Ian Lyon

Helping High School English Learners Self-Regulate Their Writing Development Through Formative Assessments , Pamela Madsen

Cultural Relevance In Art Matters: An Accessible Curriculum , Mary Beth Magyar

The Best Way to Utilize MakerSpace in a 6th Grade Science Classroom , Amanda Mahlstedt

Relevant History: Using Historical Fiction to Make History Engaging , Kayleigh Maloney

Supporting Multilingual Learners in the Content Classroom Through Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching Practices , Karen Martinez Tinajero

Building Student Confidence: Capitalizing on Social and Emotional Skill Building in Environmental Education , Lindsay McCord

Integrating Translanguaging into the Classroom: A Professional Development for Primary Elementary Teachers , Ashli Meyer

Best Practices Using Pair Work for English Language Learners , Olivia Meyer

Restorative Justice Practices and Their Impacts in Elementary Classrooms , Mary Miles

This Could Have Been an Email: Adapting English Language Arts Curriculum to Better Suit Modern Communication Needs , Emily Millin

Developing Critical Consciousness in the English Language Arts Classroom , Benjamin Moberg

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5 Topics for a Master’s in Education Capstone Project

This article will provide you with a few ideas to use for topics for your Master’s in Education Capstone Project. Most likely your Capstone Project will be a summative of what you have learned throughout your graduate program by exploring a specific idea. Depending on the University, your Capstone Project could be completed as a written comprehensive paper, an action research project, or a portfolio. There are so many theories within the field of education that you should be able to narrow down an idea for a project. The following ideas should help to get you started.

Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Education Degree Programs (M.Ed.) 2016

Comparing Online Distance Learning with Traditional Learning

A Capstone Project comparing online distance learning and traditional learning would be appealing because online learning is a relatively new way for students to engage in curriculum. A virtual learning environment compared with a traditional learning environment would pose some challenges and advantages to students and teachers. Exploring these modalities of learning is an interesting choice for a final Capstone Project.

Motivating Struggling Readers

Motivating struggling readers is a challenge all educators face, whether they teach primary, intermediate, junior-high or high-school students. Most educators agree that early intervention is a necessity to help struggling readers, but describing ways to motivate them would make a valuable Capstone Project. You will be able to apply your research and ideas to future jobs within the field of education.

Alternative Assessments

Ask any teacher and they will have all sorts of ideas about  assessments  within the classroom. There are so many ways to assess students. Rubrics, annotations, paper and pencil, observations, and self-assessments are just a few alternative assessments students can take to show their mastery towards an objective or goal. Furthermore, students have begun taking standardized tests on computers, which adds a whole new dimension to alternative assessments.

Reducing Student Stress

Alarmingly, teens are experiencing stress similar to that of adults. According to an annual survey given by the  American Psychological Association , 30 percent of teens stated their stress level was 5.8 on a 10 point scale. A Capstone Project showing how students can reduce stress is both relevant and helpful for today’s teenagers. If you plan to go into teaching in a junior high or high school, you will be able to use the information from your Capstone Project within your career choice as well.

Brain Based Learning and Teaching

There is so much we still don’t know about the human brain, but there is a lot of information about how the brain functions and children learn. For your Capstone Project you could explore early brain development, multiple intelligences, brain-based teaching approaches, or right brain/left brain approaches. Educators need to find multiple methods and modalities to reach their students. Collaborative learning is an approach that could also work well for your Capstone Project.

Hopefully this article will spark some ideas for your Master’s in Education Capstone Project. Make sure to allot enough time to complete a quality project. You will have the opportunity to show what you have learned throughout your program.

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Special Education Capstone Projects

Capstones from 2017 2017.

Assessing General Education Teacher Training on IDEA and Section 504 Law , Yolian Cintron

Co-Teaching and Its Effect on Student Growth , Troy Weiss

Perceptions of the Paraprofessional’s Roles , Rachela Nicholls

Reading Comprehension and Self Efficacy , Brittany Conway

Teacher Knowledge and Use of Universal Design for Learning , Katherine D. Mavrovic-Glaser

Teacher Perceptions of the Social Emotional Learning Standards , Stacy N. Fischer

The Effect of Electronic Text Reading on Reading Comprehension Scores of Students with Disabilities , Rachel Krieger

Capstones from 2016 2016

Adapted Physical Education: Where Does It Stand? , Danielle M. Wilkins

An Evaluation of Suspension Days Between Students in Special Education and General Education , Richard Tarbunas

Beyond an Aide: Perceptions and Attitudes Concerning the Self-Efficacy of Paraprofessionals in Special Education , Nicolas Jones

Co-Teaching: How do Teachers Rate Barriers to Effective Co-Teaching? , Christopher Ratcliff

Determining Whether Classroom Dojo Will Decrease the Number of Behavior Referrals , Venessa Martinez

Effect of Using Behavioral Support Program for High School Students , Ryan Honan

Identification of English Language Learners in Special Education , Sonia George

Improving Phonics and Fluency Skills Using a Multisensory Language Intervention , Lisa M. Davi

Investigating Special Education Teachers’ Knowledge and Beliefs of Learned Helplessness in Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities , Jennifer Engemann

Planning for Transition in Special Education , Esther M. Crockett-Love

Special Education Instruction and its Effect on Student Efficacy , Melissa Bonavia

Student Perceptions of the Check-In/Check-Out Intervention , Kara Noland

Teacher Awareness of Social Emotional Learning Standards and Strategies , Mary Reynolds

Teachers' Perceptions of Educational Barriers to Preschool Special Education Services , Carolyn Stone

The Effectiveness of Peer Support to Increase Positive Social Interaction for Students with Special Needs , Candace Pickens-Cantrell

The Efficacy of Structured Repeated Reading as a Method to Increase Reading Fluency , Ryan Capriotti

Capstones from 2015 2015

Adult Initiated Transition of Students with Autism and Self-Injurious Behavior , Courtney N. Quinn

Employers Attitudes towards Hiring Individuals with Alternative Diplomas , Leah West

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Master's Theses & Capstone Projects

Submissions from 2022 2022.

The Positive Impact of Social and Emotional Learning , Alexi Allen

The Grapho-Phonemic Approach to Teaching Sight Words and Its Impact on First Grade Reading Fluency , Taryn Ernst

The Impact of Social-Emotional Learning in the Elementary Classroom , Rachel Freland

The Benefits of Parent-Teacher Collaboration on Achievement in the Preschool Classroom , Samantha Frye

Behavior Strategies and Progress Monitoring , Kristan Geary

Impacts of the General Music Classroom on Social-Emotional Learning , Nicole Geerdes

Effect of Professional Learning Communities about Vocabulary Instruction on Student Achievement in Reading Comprehension in Rural Iowa , Danielle Hart

Improving Leader in Me Implementation: A School Improvement Project , Joseph Hendershott

A Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Spreadsheet Matrix vs. a Digital Concept Map in Improving Student Annotated Bibliography Entries and Literature Reviews in AP Research , Alex Kinder

Self-Selected Reading: A School Improvement Plan , Elizabeth Langton

Implementation of a Social-Emotional Curriculum in the Middle School , Molly Ramirez

Unplugged Learning in the Kindergarten Computer Science Classroom , Ashley Robinson

Phonics Instruction to Close the Gap between Students in 4th and 5th Grade Special Education , Heidi Stevenson

Supporting Special Education Online Learners’ Social and Emotional Wellbeing , Nadia Strong

Social and Emotional Skills Develop Through Play-Based Learning , April Welding

Promoting Computational Thinking to Impact the Implementation of Computer Science , Mikayla Westhoff

Family Centered Practices for Children Receiving Home Intervention Services , Jessica Winter

Inclusion Strategies to Assist Emotional and Behavior Disorder Students in the Classroom , Karley Bales

Creating an Effective Social-Emotional Learning Program at the High School Level: A School Improvement Plan , Kassie Bercik

Utilizing Mindfulness and Movement to Promote Executive Function and Self-Regulation , Sonia Bockoven

Implementation of ELL Professional Development and Teaching Strategies: A School Improvement Plan , Korney Carlson

School Improvement Plan: Updating Curriculum, Technology and Classrooms for Education 4.0 , David Carter

Professional Development Program Addressing Teachers’ Well-Being: A Natured-Based Intervention Approach , Carmen Chow

A Need for Social Emotional Instruction , Chelsea Cook

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Implementation at Saint Cecilia School , Rachel Eash

Increasing Phonemic Awareness Instruction: A School Improvement Plan , Becca Gaffney

Building Executive Function and Self-Regulation in Preschool , Shawn Gorsett

Caring for Creation: An Elementary School Recycling and Food Waste Program , Melanie Haugh

Trauma-Informed Practices: Professional Development for Elementary School Teachers , Hannah Humpal

Effective Literacy Differentiated Instruction , Lauren Kahl

Playground Improvement Plan , Joan Ketelsen

Building Teacher Differentiation Self-Efficacy in the Classroom , Tyler Krattenmaker

Food Choices in Schools – A School Improvement Plan , Matt Labossiere

Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) with Fidelity , Caitlyn Lopez

Improving Reading Skills: A School Improvement Project , Riley Mars

Teacher Mindset Affects School Culture , Sarah Miller

The Research-Based Strategies to Help Trauma Students in a Preschool Classroom , Amber Murray

Growing Independence Through the Use of Structured Work Systems , Skye Nicolls

Implementation of Classroom Physical Activity for Middle School Students , Blake Nicols

Implementation of Second Chance Reading , Peyton Paddock

Peer Mediated Instructional Strategies , Leah Pederson

Sensory Rooms: Increasing Preschool Students’ Focus and Engagement in the Classroom , Tasha Pierce

Improving the Daily Student Attendance Rate at an Inner-City Public School , Christina Quinn

Comparing the Effects of Phonics Instruction Provided to Students with Disabilities , Ashley Rohlf

Increasing Family Engagement with Seesaw , Jenny Sams

Preschool Number of the Day , Christine Shepard

Maximizing Literacy Instructional Potency in a Classical Education Charter School , Rebecca Thompson

Implementation of a Tier II Math Intervention Program , Taylor Torres

Improving School Culture Through Crucial Conversations Among Staff Members , Melissa Tuzzio

Using Learning Progressions to Enhance Student Outcomes and Performance , Andrea Werner

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Everything begins with an idea!

Education Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone projects are those projects given to students to assess their career qualifications and abilities before they graduate. Also called graduation projects, capstone projects are a must prequalify assignments that any every student taking course in higher education centers must complete and pass. The writing formats and sizes of different capstone projects differ based on the course you’re taking.

An education capstone project from your professor will help them assess your ability to think critically, work amid other people, communicate well, plan ahead, and keep deadlines. Just like typical school-based essays and research papers, education capstone projects require you to come up with a good title idea.

These projects aren’t short, and so you must choose a title you’re comfortable working on for weeks. The biggest challenge students face when writing education capstone projects is to come up with great topics that have plenty of content to write on. You’ve covered a lot in your education course for the last four years, but it is possible you may not remember everything. Based on this fact, when selecting education capstone project idea, you should look for ideas you are conversant with.

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