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70 Best Web-Based Capstone Projects in PHP and MySQL

This article is a compilation of the 70 Best Web-Based Capstone Projects in PHP and MySQL ideas presented by our team. The article’s content might help future researchers regarding their project’s documentation. The capstone projects listed below are free of charge and you may use them according to your needs. The team just needs you to give proper credit to the site if it will be used for your capstone project requirements.

The goal of this project is to design and develop a web application that will be used to store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute human resource information for an organization.

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In comparison to the manual process, the capstone project, titled “Web-Based Human Resource Integrated System,” will undoubtedly reduce/lessen human error, properly organize records, reduce the cost of paper, printing, folders, and storage, and be much faster. In comparison to the manual process, the Web-Based Human Resource Integrated System will provide employees with up-to-date records and access to information.

70 Best Web-Based Capstone Projects in PHP and MySQL

The project’s development aims to make loan transactions more convenient and using this system just requires the lender to exert less work, making it easier and faster to manage. This type of technology will make proposal underwriting easier, as well as dynamic document uploading, the creation of user accounts, and a collaborative framework for lenders. The Lending Management System is unique in that it is simple, intuitive, and proactive, and it manages various sorts of borrowers as well as the protection of users’ papers. Lending processes will be simplified as a result of this technology; they will no longer need to physically visit lending offices to complete the process; instead, they will simply use the internet.

The capstone project, “Web-based Classroom Management System,” aims to make classroom management more efficient. The web-based system will enable the management of student information, class administration, student activity tracking and monitoring, and other classroom activities.

The project’s major purpose is to implement a web-based classroom management system that will aid in the planning of classroom activities and student involvement. The technology will replace paper-based classroom administration with an electronic system. The researchers’ goal is to eliminate distractions in the classroom and engage students’ attention, resulting in a measurable and significant improvement.

Online Grading and Student Information System is a capstone project designed using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. It is a platform that will take the place of the manual grading system for students. The studies and systems presented in this article will serve as the foundation for the creation of an online grading and student information system.

The online grading system also provided a web-based online grade inquiry service. During the enquiring of their grades, the student will provide their full name, student number, course, year, and section. The grades of each student are already saved on the registrar’s computer. The system’s development will streamline and simplify processes connected to student grading and information management.

The capstone project, titled “Health Insurance Information System,” is a system that will allow health insurance clients to receive information on proposed health insurance. The system will assist insurance companies and clients in providing and conveniently accessing health insurance information.

This project’s major purpose is to design and create a health insurance information system that will act as a platform for displaying health insurance information. Clients will be able to see and access the information. The claimed method will make it easier to obtain health insurance by streamlining the inquiry and transaction process.

Web-Based Diary Management System is a capstone project intended for busy entrepreneurs. They’ll be able to use the system to electronically record internal and external meetings, as well as potential meetings, set reminders, highlight deadlines, and keep track of activities and tasks. The system is a cutting-edge platform that will help busy entrepreneurs organize and simplify their work schedules.

Because entrepreneurs complete a variety of tasks daily, the project will be extremely beneficial to them. The Daisy management system will assist them in organizing the duties and activities they need to fulfill and finish during their busy days. The technique is simple to use, convenient, accurate, and dependable.

The capstone project, “Online Product Management System” is intended to electronically streamline product management operations. Product management software has been increasingly essential in recent years as a result of its simplicity and efficiency in helping businesses to quickly develop and improve their goods.

The system’s deployment is extremely advantageous to businesses, particularly product managers. The online platform will enable product managers and their teams to work together to create and develop new products in a seamless manner. Organizations will be able to electronically collect new ideas and put out explicit strategies to turn them into a finished product using the program.

The researchers proposed the development of a School Management System with the overall goal of speeding up the enrollment process, beginning with student registration, enrolment, and assessment and ending with fee payment. This system’s key concerns include quick and easy transactions with a high rate of correctness.

The system is designed with a computerized registration and enrollment form. It allows users to fill out and electronically submit the enrollment form. It enables information retrieval on the administrator’s side. The system would keep track of student information, enrolment, fees earned and uncollected, and account billing. Except for the administrator, it cannot be edited or amended by other users (students, registrar, cashier, or professors) (the only one who has full access to the system).

The project’s development progress is seen as advantageous to the hospital’s management, employees, and patients. Implementing an automated system will assist hospital management in gaining access to records with accuracy, accessibility, and security. It will also provide effective and efficient report processing, which is crucial for management decision-making. Implementing the system will assist hospital employees in providing services in a more organized, accurate, and convenient manner. Patients can obtain their records in a short amount of time by using an automated method.

The Online Courseware Management System is a capstone project for students who are taking electronic courses and need specific course training. The researchers want to create an electronic environment for students to interact in during class. The system will make class materials such as course syllabuses and handouts available to registered students via electronic posting. Students will be able to post their papers and assignments for teachers or instructors to review on the online platform. Students and teachers can use a variety of features on the online platform to help with virtual learning and teaching.

“Web-Based Thesis Archiving System,” the capstone project, is intended to automate records management. The system made it easier to store, preserve, and retrieve undergraduate and graduate thesis for as long as they were needed. The focus of this system is on electronic record-keeping ideas that must be understood in the context of record information management, electronic record management, and other information technology features. Furthermore, this system is intended for the management and maintenance of records.

The major purpose of the project is to create an easy-to-use electronic thesis archive management system. The researchers want to ensure protection for the records, make it easier to check the students’ thesis records to see if they’ve previously submitted or not, and make information like the title, group name, and submission date accessible.

Every educational institution must have a solid management system in place. To automate management procedures, each school department employs a variety of software and computerized systems. “Web-Based School Management System,” the capstone project, is intended to automate school administration. Teachers, students, and records management activities and transactions, particularly enrollment processes, were all electronically processed through the system.

The suggested Web-Based School Management System is extremely effective in streamlining various school management processes. In comparison to manual enrollment processes, the system’s operations are faster, more efficient, and more accurate. The technology cuts down on processing time and human errors, and it makes it simple to search for records and generate reports.

The capstone project, “Online Records Management System,” aims to make managing various types of records, such as project documentation, compliance documents, and email conversations, easier. The technology will streamline and unify procedures for efficiently processing business records.

Business organizations can gradually migrate to a paperless workplace with the deployment of the Online Records Management System, which is a step toward encouraging an environmentally friendly office environment. The proposed project will eliminate the physical administration of paper records as well as different time delays in locating essential records. It also allows management to have better control records being used in an organization.

Owners of automobile rental companies are looking for a more efficient approach to manage the rental process, including customer check-in, payment methods, and real-time reports. As a response, the researchers proposed the creation of a “Web-Based Car Rental Application in PHP and MySQL.” The suggested project is a systematic approach to dealing with the business needs of renting automobiles to clients, storing vehicle records, creating real-time reports, and generally monitoring business transactions.

The goal of this project is to design and develop a web-based application to support the business’s car reservation or rental procedure, as well as to address issues with the present, manual approach. Customers can see the specs, details, conditions, and images of a car before deciding to hire it on the project car rental application, which is an online platform.

Currently, the inventory of office supplies is done manually by the personnel. To maintain track of the information, a piece of paper must be filled out for each supply. This manual method was discovered to have numerous flaws, including the disappearance of supply records, the loss of office supply items, the in-out transaction record, and the misplacement of supplies. We computerized the procedure to make it more efficient.

The capstone project, “Office Supply Inventory System in PHP and MySQL,” is concerned with keeping track of all office supplies and equipment. This comprises a list of all supplies and equipment by category, a list of regulations, a list of borrowers and borrowed equipment, supplies received, and so on. The system’s deployment would protect all office supplies and equipment while also providing management with automated processes and electronic data records.

“Employee Clock Attendance System,” the capstone project, was created to make it easier for employees to clock in and out of work. The system will make it much easier and more accurate to keep track of staff attendance. The person in charge of monitoring does not need to visit every office because, thanks to the system, employees are immediately recognized inside their designated stations. It is more efficient and convenient than manual processing.

The system will aid in the elimination of the manual time and attendance system, as well as the computation of each employee’s wage based on time and attendance data.

The Attendance Management System is a capstone project designed to help firms track and manage their employees’ attendance records online. The project will make it easier to track how much time people spend working and how much time they spend off. The system is an online platform that allows employees to enter their hours for more accurate and reliable attendance records that can be used to calculate their pay.

The deployment of an Attendance Management system is extremely useful for businesses where employees are paid hourly. The system will calculate the exact salary of the employees automatically.

The capstone project, “Car Wash Booking Application” is designed to assist car owners who do not wish to walk into a car wash station without making an appointment. The idea will simplify the process of reserving vehicle wash services and make it more convenient.

The project’s researchers want to solve automobile owners’ concerns about reserving car washing services by presenting a solution called Car Wash Booking Application. Car owners will be able to schedule car wash services in advance using the app. The program will assist car owners in avoiding long lines at car washes. It will assist them in reducing the amount of time and effort they spend only to get a car washed.

This study concentrates on student attendance tracking. The researchers aimed to develop a “Web-Based Attendance Tracking System to serve as a platform to track and monitor students’ attendance in class. The system will improve the process of checking the attendance of the students and monitor their attendance every time they attend their classes. The list of the students will be stored in the system wherein the teachers will have access and will be in charge of tracking and monitoring the attendance of the students.

The system will improve the manual process of tracking and monitoring the attendance of students in school. The manual processes which are mostly done by hand are prone to human errors. The teacher may make a mistake in monitoring and keeping records of the students present in class. There is also loads of paperwork and it is very time-consuming. The manual process is very ineffective and outdated.

This study was conducted by the researchers to develop an OLX-like Application using PHP and MySQL. The researchers aimed to offer a platform wherein buying and selling of products are streamlined. This project will allow people to easily and conveniently connect to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services. The users of the application can browse or post items like furniture, instrument, and other product they wish to buy or sell, respectively.

The proposed application will eliminate the manual method of buying, selling, and exchanging goods and services. The application will be designed with a user-friendly interface, easy, efficient, and reliable to use.

This study intends to improve consumer eating experiences by automating the meal ordering procedure in restaurants. In this work, we present the design and implementation of an automated meal ordering system for restaurants that includes real-time consumer feedback. Wireless data connectivity to servers is implemented with this system.

The project, which is written in PHP and MySQL, is designed to streamline and automate restaurant ordering systems. The order placed on a mobile device will be communicated to the main server. The main server is the counter server who is in charge of the entire system, including bill calculation, orders, and order delivery to the restaurant department from the servers. The restaurant is divided into two sections: the cashier’s department and the culinary department. The order will appear on the kitchen screen in the cooking department.

For entertainment, the majority of the world’s population spent their time viewing videos and movies. The majority of them rent videos from cable TV, which is difficult because they cannot obtain updates if they are away from home. As a result, the developers of the online movie rental application with Android support devised a better technique to bridge the gap between those who enjoy watching videos.

“Online Video Rental Application with Android Support,” the capstone project, is a mobile device application that allows them to rent movies and enjoy them wherever they are. This technology eliminates the need for them to worry about losing cable TV access because they can now stream online; all they need is a data server to rent and watch. What’s more intriguing is that it supports Android, which means that regardless of whether buyers/users have an Android phone, they may now freely access it.

The primary goal of this research is to design, develop, and implement a mobile application that allows students/scholars to complete the essential requirements to be eligible for a scholarship program. Its goal is to eliminate the manual transaction procedure that relies on paper applications. The proposed application will benefit both students/scholars and the team in charge of managing scholarship applications and requirements.

The web and mobile scholar information system project will also function as a communication tool between management and scholars. The project’s development will also include the announcement of requirements and the process for obtaining financial assistance. The technology will assist scholarship members in accepting and transferring application forms to the city office on a timely basis. It will also assist them in keeping track of new and returning applications.

The capstone project entitled “Online Public Access Cataloguing” concentrates on integrating OPAC on libraries. The OPAC allows users to successfully find, identify, select and obtain resources in libraries. It will help users conveniently access resources without the supervision of librarians.

The OPAC aims to make library resources accessible to users. It will help users to access the resources they need without librarians or the need for personal computers. The users can easily find, identify, select and obtain their required resources which saves time and is also convenient.

The capstone project, “Web-Based Feedback and Comments System in PHP and MySQL,” is a system that collects client feedback and comments to improve a company’s quality of service. Customers’ information, insights, and views regarding the company’s service and products will be collected by the system, which will be used to inform decision-making and improve the overall customer experience.

The goal of the study’s researchers is to develop a system that can be utilized by a variety of businesses to gather and manage consumer feedback and comments to improve customer service. This capstone project will close the gap between the company’s perceived value of its service and that of its customers. The system will gather vital client feedback to ensure that the company’s service never deviates too far from what the customers require. The company would no longer have trouble engaging with its customers for feedback after incorporating the technology.

The capstone project, “Online Discussion Application in PHP and MySQL,” aims to create an online discussion platform. The concept is intended to allow businesses and schools to interact and connect electronically. The project’s major goal is to not only communicate with others but also to create a discussion platform where members of corporate or school organizations can post subjects or areas of concern to discuss.

The system saves all posted and discussed topics, together with comments and replies, so that if a user encounters a scenario, a problem, or a query for which he or she needs an answer in the future, the user can search or recover any relevant information.

The capstone project, “Hotel Reservation and Billing in PHP and MySQL,” is intended to provide hotel employees, managers, and, most importantly, the hotel owner with an efficient, quick, and convenient method of recording customer (Check-in-Check-out) information. This will result in the current system being improved, as well as the establishment’s overall improvement. It must have a better program for the keeping and retrieve of their records. It will contribute to the success of the business and gain the trust of its customers.

This study is intended only for the Hotel Room Reservation and Billing System. The suggested application focuses solely on the check-in and check-out processes, as well as customer reservations. This research also includes hotel reservations. Data entry, viewing findings and reporting, retrieving data, billing, and printing are all activities that are involved. The manager, employees, and customers are all involved in the study’s implementation.

POS stands for Point of Sale in the business world. Business transactions take place at the point of sale (POS). The implementation of a POS system will boost the company’s productivity and efficiency. The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in the expansion of point-of-sale systems that offer additional capabilities that businesses may integrate into their operations.

The capstone project, titled “Web-based POS System,” was created with the business industry in mind. Businesses will be able to automate sales operations and track sales and inventory with the help of the POS system. Traditionally, business transactions have been conducted in person using manual methods. With the advancement of technology, the conventional method has become obsolete. To meet the needs and demands of customers, businesses must keep up with the pace of technological advancement.

With the growth of information technology, the Internet has become a critical component of both local and worldwide connectivity. The power of computers makes it easier to distribute and see the information needed with just a few clicks as technology grows alongside the information revolution. The researchers chose to construct the News Portal Application as technology progressed. This project provides a practical method of delivering information to internet users.

The capstone project, “News Portal Application in PHP and MySQL,” is an improved version of the old approach of delivering news to the public via the newspaper. The News Portal Application is a web-based platform built with PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. The study’s goal is to develop an internet platform for people to upload and publish their news and articles. It is also intended to create an application that responds to the needs of users by doing an evaluation that will make it user-friendly for the community covered.

The proponents created a Grading System with Online Inquiry to track students’ Attendance, Quizzes, and Participation while also allowing parents to view their children’s grades. It is advantageous for faculty members to compute grades, and it is convenient for parents to enquire about their children’s grades.

The proponents’ goal in proposing this project is to define and analyze the problem that occurs in the manual process of calculating grades, as well as to provide solutions. The proposed approach will reduce faculty delays in passing grades to the registrar’s office, reduce faculty workload, and allow parents to readily enquire about their students’ grades.

Enrollment systems are used to keep track of a student’s data. Traditionally, schools have used the manual method to manage student enrollment and billing. A school’s manual enrollment approach might result in erroneous student performance evaluations, lost student data, inaccurate reporting, and sluggish enrollment processing. Students will be perplexed as to what they should do and how they should go about enrolling.

As a response, the researchers aim to create a fast, accurate, and dependable computer-based enrollment system with billing for the School’s administration, faculty, and staff that will speed up the enrollment process, simplify and secure students’ records, reduce the enrolling officer’s effort in updating students’ information, provide a reliable record-keeping facility, and provides an accurate enrollment summary report.

The capstone project, titled “Online Crime Reporting System,” is an online platform that will allow residents to report a crime or occurrence using their computers, smartphones, or other mobile devices. The goal of this project is to create an online system that allows users to report crimes, occurrences, and complaints to police agencies directly. A centralized database is used to store and retrieve crime reports in the program. The researchers feel that by implementing this project, they would be able to provide superior service in terms of report speed and accuracy.

The study’s researchers intend to design and develop a responsive information system for crime reporting that can be accessed via a user’s personal computer, mobile devices such as a smartphone, and tablet. Monthly reports, feedback, report analysis, follow-up, and reporting are all part of the job. To automate the manual process of crime reporting and to provide a more efficient method of storing records.

The Alumni Information System is a social networking system for academic institutions that entails the creation of an online database system that allows the alumni office to engage with their graduates. By developing a database for filing and giving information to alumni about their institution, the Online Alumni Information System keeps track of the school’s records.

The implementation of the Alumni Information System to the school website aims to increase the quality of contact between alumni and the school as well as the efficiency with which records are filed. People who will be in charge of the system’s administration must possess the necessary skills and certifications. It is necessary to provide training to potential users such as administrators and alumni officials.

Events or competitions are very common, especially in school settings. In every competition, the tabulation process is critical. Tabulators used to manually calculate the scores and write them on a piece of paper, which was prone to mistakes. The tabulators must also devote time and effort to manually tabulating scores. Also, due to human error, score tabulation may not be accurate, or records of tabulated scores may be misplaced. The manual procedure is inefficient because it does not yield a very accurate and trustworthy contest outcome.

The capstone project, “Web-Based Tabulation System,” will automate score tabulation during events or competitions. The judges will be able to electronically enter their scores into the system, which will then automatically tabulate the scores and provide the contest results.

To track work hours, many employers utilize a timekeeping system, such as clock time. This method is capable of distinguishing between regular and overtime hours performed. When it comes to payroll, all people will do is make updates and adjustments as needed. When time employees are fed into the computerized Payroll system, the latter rounds them up and down to the nearest quarter-hour. It determines the total number of hours worked and the amount of money earned. It reduces errors and saves time spent manually calculating time. If a person inputs their information into the Payroll Time System, the system calculates their earnings automatically depending on their input.

The Auction System is an online tool that allows auction administrators to list and categorize sale items, set beginning bids, generate guest lists and bidding sheets, correlate individual bids with specific products, and close the auction for processing results. The researchers devised a plan to design, develop, and execute an online auction platform that would allow buyers and sellers to deal electronically and securely, which would be more convenient and efficient than traditional auctions.

The researchers aim to develop an auction system that uses PHP as the programming language and MySQL as the system’s storage or database. An auction system is a public platform where anyone may publish an auction item, complete with an image, description, and other information, for other users to bid on.

The capstone project, “Music Library Application in PHP and MySQL,” aims to computerize a traditional music library. The software contains and displays a variety of music-related materials for users to peruse.

The researchers’ main goal is to create, develop, and implement a Music Library app. The software shows and lets you manage music albums, singers, album types, and song tracks. The app will eliminate manual errors by providing an electronic library that is simple, convenient, efficient, accurate, and dependable.

Web-based voting systems are becoming more common in elections around the world, owing to their popularity as a symbol of a country’s progress. The goal of the Web-Based Voting System is to provide cutting-edge technology that is both efficient (enabling electoral authorities to take advantage of the advantages of a computerized system) and practical (keeping the core principles that voters and election officials are used to). This system makes use of cutting-edge technology to allow election officials to finish the counting and canvassing operations in a matter of hours, rather than days. The scanning, counting, and co-counting processes are all automated by the system.

The capstone project, entitled “Web-based Hospital Management System” was developed using PHP as the programming/scripting language and MySQL for the storage or database of the project, for the design of the interface, the researchers used Bootstrap for the frontend.

The proposed project will replace the current manual operation technique. The project’s major goal is to enable a paperless transaction. It also intends to provide low-cost, dependable automation of existing systems. In addition, the system provides excellent data security at every level of user-system interaction, as well as robust and reliable storage and backup capabilities. The researchers want to automate all patient information and hospital transaction information. For the convenience of both patients and doctors, a schedule of appointment functions should be included. The technology also allows for proper scheduling of specialty medical and emergency services so that hospitals may provide them.

The Dormitory Management System project is a web-based system that was created and implemented using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. The dorm owner had ordered that the project be completed to automate the dorm’s transactions. The owner outlined the transaction flow, which the developers subsequently translated into a technical format in the form of a data flow diagram, entity relationship diagram, and finally a prototype.

The main goal of the project is to automate the operations and transactions in a dorm. The implementation of the system will ease up and simplify the management of dormitories. The system is an effective tool to increase the operational efficiency of dorms as well as the overall experience of the tenants.

One of the most difficult procedures in any business is record keeping. The folder and cabinet technique of storing and preserving information is used by the majority of police stations and the BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology). Although this manual method is effective, it is inefficient and time-consuming. The Prison Management System will solve issues and improve management performance, particularly in the area of records management.

The study’s major goal is to create and develop an information system that will aid in the organization of prisoner records. The researchers’ specific goals are to establish a system for proper record monitoring and preservation utilizing database technology, as well as a search tool to quickly locate records, develop an application to reduce paper effort, and provide record backup.

The capstone project, “Web-Based Entrance Examination Project” is designed and developed as a platform for a quick and efficient college entrance examination. A computer-assisted examination is proposed as a solution. The entrance examination will be conducted online, and the in-charge personnel will no longer compile a large number of examination papers. Students will also not need to bring any supplies such as pens or other similar items. They are just going to use the system to take their admission test. The traditional method of taking admission exams will be improved by this technique.

The project was designed and developed using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. The project will be hosted on a secure server or computer unit, with only authorized users having access to the server’s physical and software components. The examination module is available on the PCs in the labs.

The class schedule shows the subject, time allotment, days, room utilization, instructor, and class adviser. Every semester, the commencement of classes is delayed due to late posting of the class schedule due to scheduling conflicts, subject assignments, and room assignments. The department chairman, students, and instructors are always confronted with this issue. The process of creating a class schedule is called a class schedule.

The purpose of the study was to determine the academic institution’s methods and processes for preparing the class schedule, the difficulties students and instructors face in retrieving the class schedule in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency, the level of acceptability of current class scheduling, and the level of need for developing a Class Scheduling System. The Class Scheduler will assist the institution in creating an effective and straightforward class schedule, as well as assisting students and instructors in quickly verifying their class schedules.

The capstone project, titled “Inventory Management System in PHP and MySQL,” aims to automate the inventory management process. PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap are used by the researchers to create the project. The said project is an online platform, which implies that transactions can be accessed via the internet or a local area network.

The researchers design the project having two types of users; (1) an administrator account that can access all of the system’s features, make any necessary changes, and perform database and system maintenance; and (2) a staff/cashier account that can only access product encoding and perform sales transactions but not modify or delete records. The system offers the ability to generate reports (daily, weekly, and monthly), as well as decision support services that can provide a prediction report based on sales, records, and customer purchasing history.

The researchers’ main goal is to create a social networking website akin to Facebook. The researchers want to create a social networking website that would help people connect and grow their relationships. The researchers have a clear goal in mind: to create a visually appealing social networking platform. The colors and fonts will not strain the user’s eyes and will not deter them from staying on the website for long periods.

The capstone project, “Facebook Like Social Networking Website,” is a social networking platform that is similar to Facebook. The initiative focuses on establishing a relationship between the system’s target users. The platform will provide a simple, quick, and convenient experience.

“Web-Based Loan Management System” is an online platform created and developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap to automate the manual process of loan management by storing and organizing records in a database-driven application. The system’s main functions are to enable a quick, accurate, and secure transaction between customers and management. The system may handle payments and accounting, contract management, report generating, and SMS or text alerts, among other things.

This system’s deployment is critical for business because it will aid in the recruitment of new members. This can save time and aid in the tracking of inbound and outbound transactions. This system can also generate reports and provide backup records for all transactions as necessary.

The capstone project, “Online Real Estate System,” aims to streamline the entire process of running a real estate property firm. With the primary functions of property posting, financial transactions, and a communication channel between agents and clients, the project was designed and developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap.

The project’s major goal is to design and develop an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to communicate with one another. The project’s goal was to provide a gateway for buyers and sellers looking to invest in real estate, as well as to give accurate reports on property sales, rentals, and other transactions, as well as a tool for speedier and more trustworthy transactions between sellers and buyers.

The capstone project,” Web-based Water Billing Application” is an online project that allows water district administration to post each customer’s bill as well as any other water billing operations such as customer information, service record module, and statement of accounts.

The web-based system is accessible to the organization’s administrators and other employees, as well as the water district’s consumers. Customers can only examine their payment history and billing information, while the administrator has access to all of the project’s modules.

Currently, the school uses a manual approach for evaluating students and collecting payments. This caused too much inconvenience for the students because they had to queue, wait for a few minutes or even an hour for their payments and assessments to be reviewed by the employees in charge. For both sides, this wastes time, effort, and sometimes even materials. That’s why a group of researchers has proposed a “Web-based Assessment of School Fees System” to assist both sides in dealing with the issue. This technology will improve the faculty’s service to its clients by making it faster and more accurate.

This research aims to develop and replace the school’s manual assessment and cashiering system with an automated system. The researchers want to figure out what problems can arise when utilizing a manual assessment and cashiering system, why there is a need to switch from a manual to an automated system, and what the advantages of the Web-based Assessment of School Fees System

The use of a computer to offer instruction is known as computer-aided instruction. The format might range from a simple application to teach typing to a complicated system that teaches new keyhole surgery methods using cutting-edge technology. Learning, cognition, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) are just a few of the topics that CAI draws on. The field of CAI reflects many of the fundamental themes in CALL.

The capstone project, “Web-Based Computer-Aided Instruction” helps teach or encourage interaction that can be presented on computers in the form of text or in multimedia formats, which include photographs, videos, animation, speeches, and music. The guided drill is computer software that asks students questions, gives them feedback, and then selects new questions depending on their answers. In addition to subject matter expertise, recent guided drill systems incorporate educational principles into the computer software.

This PHP and MySQL Online Appointment Application focuses on doctor’s appointments. The app is a web-based platform that allows customers and patients to register their data online. They can now log in and request an appointment with their doctors after their account has been approved. Between the doctor and the patient, the admin will act as a liaison or secretary. The system’s records can be managed by the administrator.

PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap were used to design and create the system. Our team is eager to assist you in modifying the project to meet your individual needs.

The manual request for a student’s academic record takes far too long. The records are held in the typical file/folder-cabinet method, which means they are not secure. Students/graduates must go to the registrar’s office to request their records, which is a time-consuming process for them. In general, the current system has failed to meet the demands of its users.

To solve the aforementioned issues, it is suggested that the manual/old method be phased out in favor of creating and implementing an automated one. The Web-Based Transcript Processing System was created as a result of this. Students and the registrar’s office will be able to transact online using the web-based system. Students can obtain their transcripts of records electronically, and registrars will provide them with the transcripts that are available and valid for printing.

The developers of this study create an online store application that reduces the customer’s effort and time, as well as their wandering. As a result, the administrator may track the customer’s order and prepare for it, as well as deliver it if necessary. Furthermore, the developer must construct a fully automated, user-friendly, time-effective, and well-organized system for this investigation.

The study’s goal is to design, create, test, and implement a system that will assist the organization in increasing sales by establishing an online store application. In terms of development, the application offers a unique perspective.

The capstone project “Event Registration Application in PHP and MySQL” automates the process of registering for an event. Without an effective system for event registration, the organizer may have a tough time organizing all aspects of the event in a coordinated manner. Physical restrictions and time constraints may prevent the traditional manner of event registration from being completed.

With the implementation of the automated system, event registration will be seamless. Those who want to attend an event can use the program to register quickly and easily. On the organizer’s side, they can effectively handle and attend to client registration, which will help their event succeed. The software is simple to use, convenient, and effective.

The “Online ELearning System in PHP and MySQL” is an educational institution-specific online platform. Teachers’ and students’ teaching approaches and learning processes will be transitioned by the system. Teachers will be able to upload their learning materials and administer quizzes to assess their students’ progress. Students can sign up for the system to have access to their teachers’ learning resources. Students can take the quizzes, and the system will record their results, which their teachers can access.

The system is an online platform created with PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. PHP is a programming language for creating dynamic web pages, MySQL is a relational database, and Bootstrap is a front-end framework for making web development faster and easier.

The capstone project, “Web Science Elearning System,” is an online platform created with PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. PHP is a programming language for creating dynamic web pages, MySQL is a relational database, and Bootstrap is a front-end framework for making web development faster and easier.

Teachers will be able to upload their science lessons to the Science Elearning portal. The teacher can now add quizzes and questions to the lessons after they have been posted. Only students who have registered in the system have access to the learning materials and may participate in the lessons and tests. The system offers a versatile platform for engaging students in science study.

The project is a web-based application using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. The Bus Company, drivers, and passengers will benefit greatly from bus ticketing and seat reservations. The major goal of this project is to use the established web platform to automate the ticketing process and seat reservations.

The bus terminal would have a speedy, quiet, and simple means of giving good and hassle-free services to their consumers as a result of this proposed study. In terms of payment, customers will either print the ticket after making an online reservation and submit it to the bus cashier, or they may pay through Bayad centers. This system also provides solutions to problems that are encountered.

A file management system is a file system for organizing and tracking files. Users do not need to go through network folders; instead, they are offered fast results and a system that allows them to access data from anywhere on the Internet at any time. Faculty and student data will be lost less frequently or completely due to the Web-based File Management System. Content or files can be managed, edited, shared, and approved by faculty and students.

The web-based system will be utilized primarily for efficient and quick file uploading and downloading, as well as providing a solid backup. A user management system and online help have been added to the Web-based File Management System’s functionality. As a result, with the advent of technology, it is critical to have quick access to and management of information. The suggested system’s major goal is to create an organizing tool that will help instructors and students with filing, storing, and retrieving paper and electronic documents.

“Attendance System in PHP and MySQL,” the capstone project, is meant to help businesses track and manage their employees’ attendance data online. It will be easy to track how much time people spend working and how much time they spend off as a result of the initiative. Employees can submit their hours on an online platform for more accurate and trustworthy attendance records that can be used to compute their pay.

For firms where employees are paid hourly, deploying an Attendance system is incredibly beneficial. The system will automatically determine the exact wage of the staff.

One of our most basic needs in life is electricity. In our house, we use electricity for a variety of purposes. Along with its importance in our lives, it is also critical to pay bills on time so that we can enjoy it without interruption. To avoid such a disruption in electric power supply, the researcher of the suggested study, Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System, wanted to develop a system that eliminates standing in line to pay bills. Paying bills online has never been easier thanks to the system. Users of the system will be able to pay bills at any time and from any location, without having to worry about missing a payment deadline. The researcher of the study will provide a system that is fast and reliable when it comes to payment services.

The suggested system will gradually phase out the manual payment of invoices. Users will simply use the system to pay their bills straightforwardly. The technology will give them options for paying their debts. Both the administrator and the user will benefit from the system. It will be very simple for administrators to manage payments from various clients. The technology will reduce their paperwork as well as the risk they may face throughout their operations. Paying bills does not involve actual presence on the part of the user; all they have to do is register in the system and pay their bills quickly.

People nowadays prefer to use technology to make their lives easier. People have always desired to complete tasks as quickly as possible. The booking of tickets is one of them. They would most likely use a method that would assist them most efficiently. In addition, the researchers behind the Airline Ticket Reservation system wanted to provide travelers with a platform where they could buy their tickets in advance in a quick, accurate, and hassle-free manner. The system has two sides: one for users and one for administrators. The clients who are looking for available flights are the users. The administrators are in charge of keeping track of flight schedules for certain cities.

The “Contact Manager Application” is a capstone project that allows users to find and save contact information quickly and conveniently. Users will be able to save contact information such as name, phone number, and address in the app. This program will save contact information in a database for safekeeping and retrieval. The software will make it simple to keep track of all data and communication activity related to a single contact. The application is simple to use, convenient, efficient, and dependable.

Some substantial inaccuracies are unavoidable because of the manual process. Patients Dental Record System is a type of system that will significantly boost medical staff productivity. It gives advice and helps people make decisions to avoid mistakes and improve service quality. This system can also enable quick data retrieval, record keeping, a quarterly and annual graphical health record report for decision making, and real-time records for management.

The use of Online Dental Clinic Automation could assist the school’s dental clinic in developing new engagement and health programs that provide precise and valued services to the organization.

The project entitled hospital management system was created with PHP as the programming/scripting language and MySQL as the project’s storage or database. The researchers chose Bootstrap for the frontend interface design.

The proposed project will replace the current manual operation technique. The project’s major goal is to enable a paperless transaction. It also intends to provide low-cost, dependable automation of current systems. In addition, the system provides great data security at every level of user-system interaction, as well as robust and reliable storage and backup capabilities.

Now a day, through the advancement of modern technology, there are a lot of fast and reliable alternatives for research. However, the library continues to play an important role in the lives of students and researchers. The library is still thought to be the most reliable source of information. Undoubtedly, people who do not have access to the internet or even electricity rely solely on books. Libraries also have access to information that isn’t available on the Internet. The library is still the cheapest and most accessible place to conduct research. When it comes to gathering information, gathering information still plays a vital role.

This system is being developed for the librarian to have access to all of the books that a student has borrowed at the school. We also know that this generation has become accustomed to living with technology and has implemented this system. After interviewing with the help of the students, we discovered the following issues in the library: when borrowing and returning books, the librarian manually records information such as name, date, and year using a pen, which takes time.

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) is employing a conventional method of recording visitors’ names, which will aid jail officials in securing BJMP facilities.

The goal of this study was to design and construct an automated monitoring system for BJMP that would monitor visits, produce accurate and trustworthy reports, and raise public knowledge of BJMP’s safety guidelines. For data safety and data backup on any machine, the monitoring system can be made accessible to personnel and authorized users of BJMP. Only registered users have access to the automated monitoring system’s various features and functionalities. Log-in and log-out services, Visitors Information, Administrator System, database backup, visitor list, and statistic report will be among the system’s features.

The Online Complaint Management System is a capstone project that will act as a platform for dealing with complaints and resolving conflicts. The technology allows users to solve problems in real-time, whether they are from the public or from within the company. The system will make complaints easier to coordinate, monitor, track and resolve.

The current method of handling complaints is manual and involves a lot of paperwork. The traditional method takes time for both the complainant and those who respond to concerns. Complaints are difficult to track, manage, and address. The current manual process is deemed inefficient, particularly in terms of responding to complaints fast. Both parties must devote a significant amount of time and effort to filing and respond to the complaint.

Records are valuable because of the information they contain, and that information is only useful if it is documented correctly and legibly in the first place, is maintained up to date, and is easily available when needed. Hotel records are rarely found in archives, but when they are, the information included in the records is useful to a range of researchers, including students, genealogists, and academics.

This research intends to provide employees, managers, and notably owners of hotels, pension houses, and apartments with an efficient, quick, and comfortable method of tracking customer interactions. This will result in the current system being improved, as well as the establishment’s overall progress. It will add to the company’s success as well as its customers’ trust.

The “Online Student Information System” initiative was created to assist Guidance Office personnel, such as the Registrar and teachers, in managing all of the sensitive records of all high school students.

The student’s data could include anything from personal information to grades or dropout records, as long as it is saved or accessed on a computer. Using an information system can help organize data and keep track of the number of students in each school year in a structured fashion. A student information system gives teachers, guidance counselors, and registrars essential tools for automating common activities in the classroom. The administration of a student’s record provides a framework within which recordkeeping activities can be efficiently performed to create and manage records for as long as they are needed, as well as give information system decision support.

The researchers behind the Web-Based Baptismal Information System wanted to provide a platform where users and administrators could conduct transactions and processes online or electronically. In terms of baptism, client information is critical, and employing this system that allows for fast filing and data storage would be a fantastic tool and safeguard for the client’s information. Having a growing number of clients and a significant amount of data will not lead them to lose data, will not make them feel overworked, and will leave a positive impression on churches regarding their services. Clients will also be satisfied with this system because it is user-friendly.

The end-user and churches were given a demonstration of the planned web-based baptismal information system. One of the group’s researchers gave a questionnaire to answer the question, as well as clarification and challenges experienced when using the system. A web-based baptismal was created to address the issues that the present system had. If implemented, there will be no difficulty or error on both the admin’s and users’ sides.

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Top 100 Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

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capstone project ideas website

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capstone project ideas website

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capstone project ideas website

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125 Best Capstone Project Ideas for Students

Updated 01 Feb 2023

What is the hardest part of writing a top-notch capstone project? You are going to face many pitfalls and difficulties as you are writing this academic paper but the hardest trial is awaiting you at the very beginning. Pushing yourself to start the work is the hardest part, and one of the most responsible steps here is to choose a good topic that will help to show your full potential. Choosing weak topics can lead to failure. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best capstone project ideas to help you make the right choice! Need help writing a law essay? Hire our law essay writing service and get help from the best.

How To Choose Topic For Capstone Project?

The choice of a topic is a big and responsible step in writing any academic capstone project, so it is important not to make a fatal mistake. If you also feel stuck, we have a few effective tips to help you get started. A capstone project can be a tricky type of paper so you may need to find out how to buy assignments online .

First of all, keep in mind that the right topic will help you write an outstanding capstone paper and get a deserved high grade. Good topic ideas will give you a possibility to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through the course, so you should approach this step carefully. Then you should remember that a good theme should be valuable, relevant, and interesting (most importantly for you). Your theme should be specific. You can choose  narrative speech topics on our site. Choosing a too broad one is not a good idea because it also has to be manageable. Finally, your theme should present a REAL problem, and your goal will be to develop solutions for it and support them with strong arguments.

Here are the main steps you should take to choose great topic ideas:

Need more writing assistance?

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Ideas Of Capstone Project Topics For Students

If you are just about to start your own capstone project, we suggest you take a look at our list of top high school senior capstone project examples to help you find a good topic ideas example.

You can be interested: The 125 Descriptive Speech Topics : The Easiest Way Writing a Descriptive Essay

Best Capstone Engineering Project Ideas


Electrical engineering:

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you need help with any of these themes, you can turn to our service.

Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

Read also: 70 Best Sociology Research Topics  

Accounting Capstone Project Ideas

Management Capstone Project Ideas

Education Capstone Project Ideas

Marketing Capstone Project Ideas

Hopefully, our list of sample ideas for capstone ideas helped you find inspiration for starting your own capstone project! Keep in mind the tips we gave you for choosing a suitable idea, and you will succeed!

What if you can’t complete your capstone paper ? Sometimes, even if you have chosen a brilliant capstone project idea, this does not mean that you are doomed to succeed. This is a complex task that not everyone can handle. However, we have a solution! helps students keep up with all of their academic assignments and get the highest grades with ease. Why choose Because we have numerous benefits for you:

Submitting an A-worthy capstone project is simple with us, so, if you have faced any issues with writing your capstone papers, do not hesitate and use our writing service at!

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capstone project ideas website

Top 10 Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology from Our Service

Choosing good capstone project titles for information technology paper as a first step.

A capstone project for information technology is a practical essay where you will have to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired throughout the course. The purpose of this project is to make sure that you know how to apply the concepts you have learned. Thus, you will have to pick one topic to develop from a wide range of capstone project ideas for information technology.

There are some common problems that many IT students face when writing their capstone project:

Learn from Capstone Project Examples Information Technology

The IT capstone projects give students the chance to show what they have learned in their studies and apply that knowledge in their capstone project. One of the most difficult parts of the project for many students is coming up with project ideas and titles. Choosing good capstone project ideas for information technology seems somewhat daunting to many students because they are expected to contribute something new to the field. However, it doesn’t have to be something earth shaking.

The main thing is to take what has been learned and apply it in a way you haven’t done before. Keep the following in mind when selecting topic ideas and capstone project titles for information technology:

A winning project starts by choosing a strong topic from a list of capstone project titles for information technology. And it continues by having a professional writer help with capstone project . A professionally-written capstone project can help you ensure you demonstrate coherently and effectively all the skills and knowledge you have acquired. It can help you get the final grade you want.

Select from the Best Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

If the ideal topic for your information technology capstone writing doesn’t pop into your mind right away don’t panic. Consider the areas you find interesting and look at anyone else’s data science capstone project . There may be something you can improve on or add to. Here is a list of capstone project titles for information technology that may spark an idea:

capstone project ideas website

If you are completely unable to come up with a topic idea for your project, the IT capstone project writing service we provide can help.

Get Assistance Choosing an IT Capstone Project Ideas from Our Service

Our IT capstone project writing service provides assistance with any aspect of IT capstone projects, at any academic level. Besides offering an interesting capstone project for information technology list, our expert team can assist you with the writing process. These are some of the traits that make them the best ones you can hire to write on your computer science capstone project ideas professionally:

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Additional benefits of using our service include:

Get the Best Help with Information Technology Capstone Project Writing

If you need more than just good IT capstone project ideas, follow these steps to order our services:

When you need capstone project ideas for information technology, we are the clear solution to solving your IT capstone problems!

capstone project ideas website

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Past Capstone Projects

HCDE offers capstone classes to both undergraduate and graduate level students as a culminating experience that synthesizes materials learned across all courses within their degree program.

HCDE Capstone projects provide the opportunity for UW students and industry partners to work together to address real-world issues in human-centered design and engineering. Follow the links below and to the right to see posters and videos of past Capstone projects completed by HCDE undergraduate and graduate students. 

2022 Capstone Projects

2021 Capstone Projects

2020 Capstone Projects

2019 Capstone Projects

Recent HCDE Capstone News

Card image cap

HCDE capstone students create a new business providing ready–to–sew clothing kits

For their capstone project, HCDE students create Novoloom: a brand of ready-to-sew clothing kits that empower people to create their own custom clothes.

Card image cap

HCDE students generate winning campaign to bring King County residents back to transit

For their HCDE Capstone project, students teamed with the Mobility Innovation Center to design a campaign to bring metro riders back to transit.

Card image cap

Capstone projects sponsored by Xbox explore the connective power of gaming

With support from Microsoft's gaming division at Xbox, HCDE faculty and students are studying how people connect, form relationships, and bridge divides through gaming.

Nevon Projects

Web Based Project Ideas & Topics

Get latest web based project ideas and topics for your research and studies using HTML5 CSS Javascript Bootstrap and more technologies. We have the widest list of innovative web based projects. Web based searching to web based project ideas for your research. Get web mining as well as web connectivity based projects with guidance only at NevonProjects. Top web based projects using HTML 5 Css, Javascript, Bootstrap.

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More Software Categories

Informati on Technology Capstone Project I deas

An Information Technology Capstone Project is a culminating project that information technology students are required to write at the end of their course. Essentially, the project gives students a chance to showcase what they have learned throughout their studies and apply the knowledge and skills in writing the capstone project.

However, you will require taking a unique project to do this, something most students find difficult to find unique Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas.

Recommended: Assignment Help  Experts

Coming up with a workable information technology capstone project idea is essential to your successful writing of the project. Settling for an idea that you have little knowledge and hope to finish can cause you substantial problems. Therefore, finding the right IT capstone project idea is such a crucial step towards writing a perfect paper.

However, selecting an IT capstone project idea doesn’t have to be a nut-breaking ordeal, right? With our support, you can get the help, advice, and guidance you need to make your IT capstone project topic selection a breeze.

With expertise, we can guide you through the process of selecting your topic to write the project. All we do is ensure your information technology capstone project writing is a success!

If you need any help with your It capstone project,  check out our Affordable Capstone Project Help Writing Service

How to Choose the Best Information Technology Capstone Project Idea

The best IT capstone project idea is one that solves the real problem and provides benefit to someone. However, developing this kind of idea is not as easy for most students. As a student, you need an idea that will allow you to demonstrate not only your research skills but the ability to critically think around the concept that is relevant to your area of study.

But the question is how can you come up with this topic idea for your information technology program? Well, you can get started by doing the following:

When it comes to choosing an idea for your IT capstone project, always go for an idea that you feel passionate about, or an idea that has meaning to you personally or career-wise. It is also beneficial to choose a relevant to your work environment or area of experience. With this, you will be in a better position to interpret and answer your research questions and use the project as part of your professional collections.

What Goes Into the Best IT Capstone Project Ideas?

Before you delve into searching for ideas for your IT capstone project ideas, you must understand what goes into the best IT capstone project idea or what makes the topic exceptional. Essentially, if your topic idea isn’t good enough, it will be difficult for you to write a successful IT capstone project.

So, when you are selecting your capstone idea, you need to ensure that it is:

Outline for Information Technology Capstone Project

Most capstone projects follow the same outline when it comes to writing, but you should always check with your instructor for guidance on which outline is required for your IT capstone project. There are specific outline requirements as well as specific structural requirements that you require following.

You must follow the instruction given by your instructor or professor to get the most out of your IT capstone project. A typical IT capstone project outline will cover the following parts as detailed below:

1.Title Page

The title usually contains your project title, name, and course number, and your supervisor’s name. The title page needs to be well-formatted as per the instructions for IT capstone project requirements.

2. Abstract

The abstract contains the full summary of your IT capstone project and should be around 150 to 250 words in length. It should summarize all the aspects of your capstone project while giving an excellent idea of what the project is about. It has to be written briefly and accurately.

3. Table of Contents

Just as the name suggests, it entails a list of what your project contains with the appropriate page numbers included.

4. Introduction

The introduction section usually introduces your project idea and why your problem has to be solved. Towards the end of the introduction, be sure to include the thesis statement of the problem that you intend to solve in the project through research.

5. Problem Description

Under this section, you are required to give more details regarding your problem statement that you intend to solve. Make it clear how the project seeks to address the problem and what is the ultimate goal and scope of the project is.

6. Literature Review

Under the literature review section, you are required to give a brief background to the project with relevant sources to other works in that field. However, your sources should be up to date and reliable. Normally, you will require providing a broad background to the research while focusing on your specific problem.

7. Methodology

In this section of the project, you need to cover what methods you have used for your research. Provide more information and detail about how you conducted your research for others to be able to imitate it would they want to.

8. Conclusion

The conclusion section will only contain the discussion on what you have discovered from your research about the project topic and summarize the main findings. The conclusion will also show why the results matter, what lessons have been learned, and the next step to be taken.

9. References

For any academic work that entails research, references come in handy. References play a role in making your work authentic by backing your facts and information with relevant sources. Any source used in the in-text citation has to be listed on the reference page as per the requirements of the academic style use.

10. Appendices

This section will contain any information that can be useful to the reader. The information may include questionnaires and tables of data that are not included within the text of your project content.

Guide to Writing a Perfect Information Technology Capstone Project

Here is a step by step guide to writing a winning IT capstone project. By carefully following these steps, you can guarantee to write a high-quality capstone project. Check out the tips!

Choose Your Capstone Topic

When it comes to choosing your topic, make sure it is one that is suitable for an IT capstone project and is feasible. To come up with a workable topic idea, brainstorm ideas from the following:

Write a Proposal

Before you settle down to write your capstone project, it would be important to write a proposal first and submit it to your professor or instructor for approval. Your instructor will want to check the following in your chosen project:

Tips for Writing a Winning IT Capstone Project

Top Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

1. online grading system with online and sms grade inquiry.

This capstone project idea can be used by teachers or instructors to encode exam grades. For example, the teacher or instructor may enter the Midterm, and Endterm grades for each student and let the system generate the final grade and send it as SMS to each student. The iTexMo SMS API will be used for the SMS feature in this capstone project.

2. Dicto-Translator

This translator app can be free to download and easy to modify source code to suit one’s needs. A capstone project on this can be written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScipt and then compiled using PhoneGap, an online platform that will convert your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into an android app.

3. GSO Inventory System

This is the IT capstone project idea intending to monitor the supplies and equipment of the general service office.

4. Web-Based Accounting System using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap 4

Also known as balance sheets, accounting is a process of monitoring credit and debit. Since this idea is web-based, it can be developed in MySQL and PHP with Bootstrap 4.

5. Student Information Management with Decision Support System

This idea aims at coming up with an app that records and stores student’s info for archiving purposes. A decision system may include the number of students in the program, the year, and where they reside, if possible a city.

6. Hospital Management System in MySQL and PHP

This project idea will enable the creation of an app that allows record-keeping of patient information, the doctor’s schedule of appointments among other relations. It is a web-based platform and can be referred to as the Hospital Management System. 

7. Web-Based Classified Ads Application

It is an IT capstone project idea that will allow you to develop an online platform that will enable advertisers to post ads to promote their products and services online. However, you will require using MySQL and PHL to create this project.

8. Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System

This is a computer-based idea that intends to provide an efficient way to monitor attendance in firms, organizations, or companies to enhance the security of personnel as it will keep away unauthorized persons in restricted areas. It will help in automating manual operations and help keep a record of all employees and personnel on the company premises.

7. Online Crime and Incident Reporting with SMS Notification

Without a doubt, security is vital, and the incidents of insecurity have to be reported immediately to the police or agencies in charge of security. The project idea is to create a web-based platform where citizens can report crime via SMS using their mobile phones.

8. Employee and Faculty Evaluation with Ranking and Succession Planning

This project idea is based on a LAN app that uses Visual Basic and MS Access. The system intends to have a module rating for employees and a succession Planning Module in which the users can encode the possible replacement if an employee is transferred, resigns, or retires from the organization.

9. Web-Based DSWD Calamity Assistance Request and Monitoring System

The project idea intends to help citizens affected by a natural disaster to request assistance directly from the DSWD office. The system also allows monitoring and responding promptly to anyone seeking help. It is a web-based system, hence you will require the use of PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap.

10. Faculty Deliverables Monitoring with SMS Notification – File Management System

Faculties often find it hard to submit requirements such as learning materials, grades, and class records with the manual system, which is not only burdensome but also riddled with errors. For that reason, this project idea allows the development of a monitoring system with SMS notification to lessen the work of instructors in submitting their requirements. The project can run on MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap, and iTexMo SMS API as development tools.

11. Web-based fitness and exercise system with android app support in ionic framework

Maintaining healthy and physical fitness is what everyone wants today, and it is advisable to at least exercise twice a week. Nonetheless, most of us don’t have the time to hit the gym and workout. As such, this project idea intends to allow the development of an online platform that is mobile-based. Thus, allowing individuals to learn the basic ways to keep fit and healthy without having to hit the gym. 

12. Voting System in Visual Basic and MySQL

The project idea is based on the concept of downloading a page where you can download the complete source code and database of the voting system. The system can be developed in Visual Basic and MySQL 

13. Offline Java Tutorial for Android

If this project idea is well-executed, it will help students study java related lessons using their android devices. Better yet, it is an app that can work even without an internet connection.

14. Other IT Project Ideas Include:

Looking for the Best Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas?

If you are experiencing difficulties in coming up with the most workable topic idea for your IT capstone project, you can always seek help from us. Our IT expert writers will guide you through selecting the best topic idea that is beneficial both to your career and the IT field as a whole.

Besides, we can also provide you with capstone writing services should you be in a difficult position to write by yourself. Contact us now and see what we have in store for you!

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100 Outstanding Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

Whenever the question pops up, ‘who can do my computer science capstone project’ one will only settle for expert writers. Why is this so? The magnitude and extent of such a project do not allow for any mediocre writing service. Only the best!

Before we embark on the topic ideas, we will explore some foundational guidelines to bring you up to speed with what this is all about.

Table of Contents

What is a computer science capstone project, how to write a computer science capstone project, software capstone project ideas computer science, computer science senior capstone project ideas, best capstone project computer science ideas, computer science capstone project ideas for mobile apps and website development, capstone project ideas in computer science – mark-up languages, computer science capstone project examples, cs capstone project ideas, computer science senior project ideas – systems theory, computer project ideas for beginners, bonus computer science capstone project ideas.

It refers to a technical writing project that students undertake to crack a substantial problem. They do this using the knowledge gained from the many areas in computer science. It tells you that a capstone is not your ordinary ‘about me’ essay.

Students will have to conduct the following in this paper:

Therefore, you will have to go out of your way to identify knowledge gaps in computer science and offer solutions. Since this form of writing is a stepping stone to your next level of study, there is no room for mediocrity.

That is why you need to extensively do your research to develop an exciting and comprehensive computer science capstone topic.

The technicality of this subject makes it hard for most students to write on it effectively. However, you will finish this paper with the easy to follow the guidelines below in no time. Let us delve right into now:

Select your topic: Have a topic that interests you and adds value to the readers. It will determine whether you will complete the paper in time or not. Write your introduction: It forms the foundation of your report. Have a well-focused thesis statement that addresses the topic precisely. Literature review: Show the relevant sources you used during your research with the knowledge gained. Identify the areas of need that you got from the existing documents. The research methodology: Write on the steps you took to arrive at your findings. Which methods did you use, and why? Did they help you find an answer to your research problem? Results of the research and discussion: What did you identify from the research? Is it in line with your hypothesis? If no, what are the new findings? Conclusion and recommendations: Sum up your paper by giving a summative statement showing if you solved the problem or not. You can suggest areas that need further research. References: Provide a list of your references using the appropriate citation and referencing style.

Are you now ready for a list of comprehensive computer science capstone ideas? Scroll down.

It is not easy to handle such an assignment without quality capstone project writing help. Such assistance will not only give you writing ideas but custom computer science capstone projects as well.

Do not say to yourself that ‘I do not need help with my capstone project.’ Everyone needs it for your information – beginners, seniors, and even professionals. Get the best online writing help today at cheap rates and complete your assignment on time.

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