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Capstone Project Presentation

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What is a Capstone Project | Capstone Project Presentation

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Have you been asking yourself “What is a Capstone Project?”

what is a capstone project

After completing your Capstone Project You are expected to present it

Normally, after completing working on your capstone project you are supposed to present it in front of an audience that includes members of your faculty. This is a very important stage of working on a capstone project as you are presented with an opportunity to proof to a live audience that you are really an expert in your given area of specialization. When presenting your work, you are expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that should take around fifteen minutes. You are also supposed to answer the various questions that the audience might ask in relation to your capstone project. We are pleased to inform you that our writers who are used to answering the popular question what is a capstone project ?” can assist you in preparing a presentation of your work. All that you required to do in order to get help is to fill in our order form.

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The secret to delivering a great presentation of a capstone project is carefully preparing it beforehand. When preparing your presentation slides there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. To start with, you should include one major idea per slide. This is because you want your presentation to be smooth. This means that you should not make any attempt to include a couple of ideas in a single slide. Secondly, your slides must flow logically. This is to say that, each of the subsequent slides should contribute in making the preceding slides more understandable. Are you having a hard time preparing your capstone project presentation ? If indeed you are then it’s a high time that you allowed us to assist you. We are a well renowned company for offering reliable help with both writing and preparing presentations of capstone projects.

Your Capstone Presentation Slides should be Brief

Secondly, brevity is encouraged when preparing slides for a capstone presentation. This means that you should not make any attempt to create too many slides. The goal should be to make a few slides that capture the essential details of your capstone project. The problem with creating too many slides is that you will be forced to rush through them in order to finish your oral presentation within the limited time that is allowed when presenting a capstone project. This in turn can make you to talk very fast and generally it becomes very hard to understand someone if he/she is speaking very fast. If you are looking for someone to answer you the question “ what is a capstone project presentation?” then you have come to the right place as we are willing to answer you. We are perfectly capable of helping you present your work.

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Moreover, you should not include too much data in your PowerPoint slides. Overloading your slides with too much data will make your presentation boring. When preparing PowerPoint slides, your goal ought to be to include the points that will help you remember the key features of your capstone project. This means that you should not read from the PowerPoint slides. On the contrary, you are expected to maintain eye contact when presenting. If you want your audience to pay attention during your capstone project presentation then you must ensure that the slides are as brief as possible and that they are not over-loaded with too much information. If you are confused about what kind of details to include in your presentation then you should be sure to contact us.  We assure that we shall carefully go through your project in order to know the details that you ought to include in it.

Images, Diagrams and Graphs can enhance your Capstone Project Presentation

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You Should Practice your Presentation a Number of Times before presenting it

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Sustainability striving for the future! Wayne Williams a Capstone Presentation

Senior Project

       In looking at what to do for a Senior Project, the obvious to me is to look what each class or project represented in the journey towards my degree in sustainability. The diversity of each allowed me to capture a rounded education from out of this world Mathematics, to studies of the surrounding environment in ecology to that of the governance of Albuquerque. Being able to locate areas in Upstate New York, Canada, Michigan and Minnisota where earthen buildings such as adobe, rammed earth and poured adobe are used has been incredibly fascinating. This discovery has lead to research in the sustainability of these structures along with the history of each region. The field work I've done in my; Topics of Ecology class has allowed an education of the diversity of plant life that most people don't realize exist in the deserts of New Mexico. I was also able to look at how one ecosystem works to sustain it's life cycle with another very diversified system. Each in it's own realm is able to co exist with the other especially when the wilderness area has been spared of housing developments and road construction. This area has become an educational and recreational model for years to come.

*Note: all the photos taken except a couple have been taken by Wayne Williams

User-uploaded Content

The beauty of a New Mexico Sunset


Course Description :

            This is a Photo History and narrative of the Undergraduate work of Wayne Williams through his photography of the combined classes taken at Prescott College LRU program.

The goal is to bring together and synthesize concepts from his sustainability classes, Sustainable (adobe) Construction, Use of Solar Energy, Topics of Ecology, Awakening Citizens to Community Engagement for Beneficial Change, Sustainability and Environmental Studies and Mathematical Explorations.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Course Objectives:

  The student will be able to:

- State several concepts from the field of sustainable energy; the field of solar energy      use in different times and by different cultures; observations in several observed ecological systems; concepts from the field of community engagement; and concepts from certain mathematical processes.

-  Compare and contrast concepts from the above list.

- Synthesize an overarching set of concepts from the above fields.

   Present these overarching concepts visually through photographs and with a companion narrative work with local government in looking at projects planned with the help of citizen engagement.

-Demonstrate presentation skills in front of peers.

Course Resources:

Elements of Ecology by Smith and Smith

Ecology A Bridge Between Science and Society   by Eugene P. Odum

People of Chaco  A Canyon and its Culture  by  Kendrick Frazier


“The Collapse of Civilizations: It’s Complicated” edited by Eric H. Cline, George Washington University, , 3/19/14

Prescott College Library Resource Section

Course Activities:

-Additional Field Trips to several previously visited sites to monitor changes and constants.

-sorting through photographs to create the best effective visual learning tool possible

- look at creating an  interactive e-portfolio with narrative.

-Review field trip notes from journals to cross reference commonalities and differences.

-the rubric will be utilized for the students final evaluation.

-Blend what the student feels is relevant to the project as to ascertain how this could benefit those wanting to learn more about how Albuquerque can become more sustainable in it’s present environment.

  Course Evaluation:

Student and Mentor will develop a rubric based on the class objectives. With the rubric they will go examine the presentation to see if each objective is met completely, partially or not at all.

-the rubric will then be utilized for the students final evaluation

-  The Mentor will evaluate the project through that of a  e-portfolio which will be the instrument for the presentation of the photo history and narrative .   

Student/Mentor Meeting:

The Mentor and Student will meet at least once a week by way of cell phone, email or Skype connection to the internet or meet in person.

User-uploaded Content

PC Crossroads Center North (Library) tip of Crossroads Center South on left

     This is where the continuum and the final journey has taken me in my quest for a bachelors degree, "Prescott College".  I have been priveledged to have taken courses that will enhance my life forever. Whether or not I go further, getting this far after taking almost Forty years of valuable time in my life to finally reach my goal is a blessing.  It is astonishing to realize that I've waited this long to attain the almost illusive bachelors degree.  In looking back at the time taken for my journey, I wouldn't have done it any other way as this for sure was the road most travelled.

   I am grateful to everyone who I've had the pleasure of working with and taking classes with during these final semesters at Prescott College.To my fabulous instructors  and mentor who have helped guide me into the next phase of my educational realm I thank you.  This campus signifies to me what solid, experiential and creative learning is all about.  I never dreamed that I'd be able to come to Prescott College and not only learn about sustainability but see it in action through the archtecture, students, core faculty, mentors and staff along with the community of Prescott. This has been an experience that has allowed me to look inside and decide what I'd love to do to enrich my life again.   

User-uploaded Content

Ditch at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge|New Mexico

Sustainability and Environmental Studies was a super class

     Awakening Citizens to Community Engagement for Beneficial Change has been a mind teaser for me. I have visioned that people and governance need to work together and will in the coming years in order to survive the demise of what we have know our civilization to be.  It is imparative that the human species of this world rally in an urgent manor and take heed to the signs of mother nature and what sustainable forces we have in the world today. I have seen people come together in horific natural disasters to be and help those in need with no questions asked.  I've also seen people take advantage of hardship and create a nemisis that lasts for quite a long time.

User-uploaded Content

Arrival at Chaco Canyon

      In creating this class on the; Evolution of Solar Energy it was important to open up the ancient era of our southwest and visit where most of it all began; Chaco Canyon. It's an extraordinary place to think that the peoples of that time and place didn't have all the technical equipment and sophistication of today. Back then they had the sun, moon, planets and stars for technical equipment and definitely knew how to use them. The Chacoans had a way of life that some of us would probably enjoy immensely having clean air, basic down to earth lifestyle and harnessing free energy from the Sun. Taking the time to go to Chaco Canyon was a must in order to see with my own eyes what it was truly like. Arriving there for the first trip was quite spectacular. In looking how everything had been built, I could see how they'd stay most of the year very warm due to radiated heat from the canyon walls throwing heat in the direction of the Great houses next to the wall. first thought of doing research on solar energy I knew it was such a vast undertaking I wanted to visit Chaco Canyon in hopes to get an idea how they may have heated their pueblos. As I made the trip from Albuquerque I thought of various ways that they would be able to keep warm in the colder months of the year.  There weren't heat-pumps or gas and electric central heating systems as we know them today. Reaching the site I was not expecting what I would see. These people known as the "Chacoans" were brilliant people, astronomers, mathematicians and farmers.   ons for the most part but also knew how to set their Pueblos in respect to that of the sun.  In having such an alignment allowed for radiant heat from the canyon walls behind each of the Pueblos to help heat and keep them warm during the coldest seasons.  Building their homes out of stone was another reason for having a warm cozy site.  Heat would build up on the southern exposed rock wall and give off enough heat to warm the walls closest to that of the canyon wall. I believe that was one reason for building them close enough to the wall.  They also by building close to the wall would create a fabulous wind break when the winds would come from the North, Northeast or Northwestern direction.

User-uploaded Content

Mediterranean Style Adobe with brick addition

     Most of my studies have to do with the sustainability of earthen homes and commercial buildings from the early years the 1800s to that of the present. It was a great opportunity to travel to Upstate New York in order to trace where adobe and rammed earth home had been found.  In this area Geneva N.Y. to be exact originally documented was that of 13 existing adobe buildings plus 2 rammed earth homes found in Penfield N.Y.. The remarkable thing is that nobody ever thought that adobe or rammed earth structures would ever last in a humid northeastern environment without collapsing or melting because of all the moisture present in summer and winter seasons. Surprising enough after being built 65 years earlier, clapboard with small vents were placed on the exterior of the buildings to help protect and preserve the adobe or rammed earth.  This took place around 1907-1917 allowing these fine homes to survive and be still lived in.  The rammed earth homes in Penfield N.Y. were built a little earlier than most of the adobe structures in Geneva N.Y.  

     A couple of homes were plastered on the exterior as they would have been in the 1835 era. Both communities Penfield and Geneva have a wealth of information on the building sites around this time period.  It's quite informative on the layout of streets, along with what construction was done on site. There were wood exteriors, metal, stone,brick and mud (adobe or rammed earth) structures. Looking at the old records, the adobe homes built were the least expensive of that time. An adobe home depending on the size was build for around $300 to $500. Some of the more elaborate homes constructed of wood, stone or brick would fetch a higher price.

User-uploaded Content

Michial M. Emery Memorial Plaque @ Bear Canyon Trailhead

     In taking"The Topics of Ecology" class with Robert Hunt, it turned out to be better than expected as due to family issues my field work was extended. With additional time I added a few more weeks at Bear Canyon and was able to take more pictures of the progression of floral growth moving into springtime. My plant, "Spike Jr." was not progressing as fast as the rest of the flora around him.  Prickly Pear Cactus ( Opuntia phaecantha) tend to take their time as it needs to be quite warm in the daytime and warm at night in order to blossom past the start of spring.  I found that depending where the prickly pear were located in the area and how they were protected from cold winds and precipitation they'd blossom faster. Others like the Prairie Verbena ( Glandularia bipinnatifida) (Syn.  Verbena bipinnatifida)  were flowering in sheltered areas with full sun as soon as mid February. It wasn't much of a cold winter but it was above normal in precipitation allowing growth.

User-uploaded Content

The Rise to Success

      PASS 1, took a bit of time for me to catch on. Molly Bigknife Antonio taught the course well.  She was more than helpful in getting me back on track in order for me to finish in a timely manner.  My peers we amazing and quite helpful in really opening up

there thoughts and ideas which gave me that extra urge to work smarter. Looking back 3 semesters ago I can't believe how this course helped me bring it home and finish on time. The hardest part for me was the working with the e-portfolio.  I read and watched the video at least four times before some things started to fall in place. As I worked with it a little bit of a time I started to understand the concept better.  The most important thing I can say for those with the same thoughts is to actually work and work and work with it.  No it seams for the most part a heck of a lot easier and less frustrating. That has to do with how great Molly and Michelle helped students feel more confident about what they were doing.  Also thanks to the IT folks for the feedback and video's. Knowing what I know now this e-portfolio stuff is great and a super teaching tool.

User-uploaded Content

We've taken flight for the journey to Prescott College in search of our acedemic destiny.

PASS 2 has been the guiding light bringing me to the next dimension of my life. I've enjoyed immensely communicating with extraordinary people in their various fields of study in this class. Listening to each of the stories throughout the course in the "Question & Connection Forum" was very educational and humbling. My life has been enriched this semester by what I've read, heard and seen. Gary has been a terrific instructor and I'm very appreciative for the tools he's given me in order to finish my requirements in PASS 2 in attaining my goal. He's compassionate, knowledgeable, humorous, caring and informative. My peers through their encouragement and support have inspired my motivation allowing me to complete what I have come to PC for. PASS 2 is a must class in order to graduate and helps in filling in the blanks needed to excell and move forward. We've all had quite an experience in checking off the list of requirements in order to graduate on time. 

User-uploaded Content

* Please note that this capability is not currently available for videos using the Large Video (Beta) upload method. We apologize for the inconvenience and will lift this disclaimer when this feature becomes available.

My required math class "Mathematical Explorations" was a kick, especially having Gary as our instructor. He has a vibrant and easy way of helping people understand math on a whole different level. Who'd ever believe that math could be interesting and fun after being petrified about hearing anything that had to do with the supject. The various projects that people took on for research was unique in my book and a super way to learn.  I never would have thought that mathematics played such an important part in everyday life. It's amazing how we can take something like mathematics for granted as just a tool to get through school. Being a requirement I think makes it more scary than it actually is. The class enriched my  inner being as now I have a difference dimensional thought process about what math plays in our lives.  Gary had patience above and beyond what anyones expectations were.  The educational uniqueness that Prescott College offers in this and all its courses and how they are taught by first class instructors gives students a great advantage over the teaching of mainstream schools.

     Sustainability from a universal perspective down to that of our own internal world is amazing. It's mind boggling to imagine that our lives last less than a nano second in comparison to the life of our and other galaxies and universes.  If it weren't for mathamatics and their equations there's a lot we'd never know about or have discovered in what is or isn't.

  These classes have a unique way in interpreting the way life forms interact in sustainable ecosytems.This represents the core values, consistancy and how the ecological life support of all living things survive and co-exist with each other. The series of study takes part in a sustainable sequence of events from billions of years in the making to that of just a second ago. I have found the power within each era a constant when it comes to human engagement.  The times were definitely different along with what technology had to offer but from the humanistic standpoint of sustainability each class represents it's own interest in the value of time and how life forms work in harmony or against each other with that of it's geographic or demographic footprint.

     There's a little bit of commonary between the classes which bring them together in the research aspect of chosen subjects. You can see how each manifests itself creating the reasoning behind various formulas that tend to give definition to what applications are taught.


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