10 of the Best MBA Programs

mba capstone project report

Just 20 years ago, a bachelor’s degree was enough to compete in the job market. Despite the rising costs of tuition, a bachelor’s degree doesn’t hold the same value as more and more people are getting them. This is why many people are pushing for a master’s degree. Those with a master’s will make more money in their lifetimes than one with a bachelor’s. If you’re considering a graduate degree in business, take a look at the 10 best MBA programs.

The gold standard of higher education, Harvard is the best business school in the country, but it’s notoriously difficult to get into. However, getting in is only half the battle. Harvard is a difficult and expensive college. Once you make it through you’ll have the best MBA you can get.

mba capstone project report

Cornell consistently makes it in the top 10 business schools every year. Located in Ithica, NY, Cornell is a great option to get your MBA. For those unwilling to move, they offer an online program through their extension school. Because of this, Cornell should be on your list of schools to get your MBA.

mba capstone project report

University of Chicago

Booth business school at the University of Chicago is a great option for those who love urban city life. Booth is in a relatively safer area of the city and is located close to Lake Michigan. Sometimes, the deciding factor in getting your MBA is the location of the school which is why this program attracts great people.

mba capstone project report

University of Pennsylvania

Wharton business school is known for its high profile alumni and its excellent curriculum. Located at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton attracts people from all over the world and for a good reason. The connections made there can resort to high profile careers and even positions at startups and getting the connection to start your own company.

mba capstone project report

Stanford has some of the most well-known alumni in the MBA industry. Many people choose to go to Stanford for the quality education and the sunny California location. However, many also choose to go for the connections you can make. If you’re looking to get into the startup industry this is the place to go.

mba capstone project report

University of Texas – Austin

While UTA isn’t as popular as Harvard, it’s one of the best options for business schools. Austin has a thriving startup culture and there are plenty of connections to be made there. The best part is the affordable tuition rate. It’s about half the price of other business schools.

mba capstone project report

Columbia University

Columbia is another one of those business schools that always makes it in the top 10. Based in New York, Columbia attracts worldwide talent every year. The program is highly competitive due to the number of applicants but don’t let that stop you from applying. After all, you could get in.

mba capstone project report

Duke University

Duke is also a well-known business school located in North Carolina. Many alumni leave the school highly well trained, and due to the competitive nature of the curriculum, you can expect to leave this school ready to enter the job market. Duke also has a fantastic alumni program.

mba capstone project report

University of Michigan

U of M is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their business school has made it in the top 10 several years in a row, and they always make the top 20. Ann Arbor is a lovely college town with plenty of chances to network and make connections to benefit your future.

mba capstone project report

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a school that everyone instantly recognizes. For those who are seeking an MBA in the technology field, MIT is the place to go. Like Harvard, MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and because of this there are plenty of opportunities to network. MIT has a tough curriculum but it will prepare you for the job market.

mba capstone project report


mba capstone project report


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Is an MBA Still Necessary?

Two outspoken academic leaders offer opposing views on the relevance of a traditional business education.

By Jason Daley • Sep 24, 2012

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

It used to be that top corporations picked up MBA graduates as fast as schools could slap mortarboards on their heads. These young guns drove corporate reorganization, product innovation and marketing and implemented new styles of leadership. They were a symbol of a new culture, and anyone serious about a career in business aspired to earn those three letters.

Today, the power of the MBA is not so certain. Many in corporate America and academia say the degree that once defined bright, snappy leadership now symbolizes a discipline that has lost touch with the business world. They argue that MBA programs have become too focused on research, and that in-house training at large firms has more practical applications. They claim the programs have failed to create the types of leaders who can deal with globalization; some say they don't develop leaders at all, just functionaries. Other critics think a focus on profit and share value, rather than on ethics and sustainability, fostered the type of narrow-minded thinking that led to the fall of Enron and the last recession.

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Guide to the Business School Capstone Project - Types & Examples

B-School Search

An MBA capstone project is the final step in many MBA programs. It’s here that MBA students put all that they’ve learned into practice by analyzing a meaningful and strategic business question. Often, this involves hands-on work within an existing company, but not always: MBA capstone projects can take the form of startup business plans and business simulations, too.

No matter their format or focus, each capstone project is likely to be the most intensive, and possibly the most rewarding, feature of an MBA candidate’s journey.

A capstone project is not the same as a thesis project, although they do share some qualities. Thesis projects are focused on theory and research, and based on the type of situations one would face in academia. Often taking the form of a large research paper, thesis projects can last the entire final year of an academic program, and some students may even begin before that, with the ultimate goal of contributing new knowledge to the canon of business research.

MBA capstone projects, by contrast, are more practical and similar to situations one would face in the business world. Here, students work in teams to answer strategic business questions. MBA capstones are hands-on immersions with real-world consequences, and they can have a major impact on an MBA graduate’s program experience, as well as their career.

To see some examples of MBA capstone projects, and to get a walkthrough of the general process, read on.

Stages of an MBA Capstone Project

Most MBA capstone projects take place during a program’s final year and can last anywhere from four weeks to a full semester. They often include some form of instruction (whether through prerequisite courses or scheduled advising) along with practical application.

While MBA capstone programs will vary in format from program to program, they generally include the following stages:

It’s not necessarily over after the final presentation, either: some capstone projects carry over beyond the MBA program, leading to successful startup businesses, offers of employment, or investment opportunities.

Choosing a Capstone Topic

Many MBA programs provide some structured options for choosing a capstone topic. This can mean students are allowed to select from a list of possible partnership opportunities; it can also mean that faculty advisors will work with students to find a topic that meets the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. But in other programs, MBA students are given more freedom to choose both their topic and their partner organization.

In their capstone project, MBA students should select a topic where they can answer a meaningful and strategic business question: one that’s complex enough to warrant significant time and energy, but also realistic enough as to be achievable. These are not theoretical questions, though; each one is tailored to a specific real-world business.

Some examples of MBA capstone topics include:

It’s critical for the capstone topic to be specifically relevant to the partner company or organization. To this end, MBA students should heavily research the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and objectives before selecting their topic.

Similarly, MBA students should turn that lens on themselves, too: what problems do they want to explore in their business careers, what causes do they find interesting, and how can their own unique skill set be best put to use?

How an MBA Capstone is Graded

Some programs provide MBA candidates with a rubric for how their capstone will be graded, while others do not. Most capstones are graded through their ability to demonstrate key business skills (theoretical, practical, applied, and reflective) across functional areas (finance, human resources, marketing, and operations).

The final presentation is also a factor, as this is where the candidate demonstrates what they learned, or didn’t, through the course of the capstone.

It’s rare that an MBA candidate will fail their capstone project. After all, they’ve made it through practically an entire MBA program up until then. Even if the project is a failure from a business point of view, an MBA candidate will likely still be able to effectively analyze where and why the project failed, and what lessons can be learned from that failure going forward.

Examples of MBA Capstone Projects

Ucla anderson school of management capstone project.

The MBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management offers three capstone options: the Global Access Program (GAP), the Business Creation Option (BCO), and Anderson Student Asset Management (ASAM).

In the GAP, students partner with high-growth global companies in a market-entry consulting project. Working in five- to six-person teams, students bid on partnership opportunities, perform five to six months of research, then travel internationally to the partner organization. Combining interviews, meetings, and research, the students develop effective strategic business plans to advance the organization’s growth, and present it to the organization’s executives, potential investors, and industry professionals.

Along the way, students are advised by faculty members who have directed, invested in, and provided consulting services to leading companies worldwide. In the last 20 years, over 3,000 students have completed the GAP, impacting 738 companies across 23 countries.

For students with an entrepreneurship focus, the BCO offers them the chance to launch a company. After taking two prerequisite courses to prepare their business plans, students will work in teams across two academic quarters. Through extensive research, development, and implementation, students will put strategies for every aspect of their business into practice. In three years, the BCO has had 47 teams and launched 24 companies.

The ASAM program is for current and aspiring quants who want experience as successful long-term portfolio managers. Guided by a faculty advisor and oversight committee, students in the ASAM program will select an optimal mix of equity, fixed income, and cash investments. Each four-member team manages approximately $200,000. Students will rotate work roles between that of an executive board member, strategy lead, risk manager, and programmer.

Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Capstone Project

The MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business offers students three different forms of capstone program: Global Study; Strategic Management of the Enterprise; and Management Game.

In the Global Study capstone, MBA students will take a four-week study abroad course in either Mainland China and Hong Kong or Germany. Previous topics of study have included bank lending in China; entrepreneurship in Asia; European economic integration; and operations management in Europe. Each class is complemented with tours of local companies and meetings with local business leaders. Upon completion of the international experience, students return to Tepper to give a final presentation.

The Strategic Management of the Enterprise capstone is an experiential learning course where students are matched with one of several consulting projects to solve business problems faced by partner companies. This is a more traditional capstone program, focused on the practical application of business skills learned through the MBA curriculum. Past clients have included Walmart, P&G, and Ameriprise.

Tepper’s Management Game capstone is an applied management experience. Student teams run a computer-simulated multinational manufacturing company for three years, acting as its executive committee. Taking place at the end of the MBA program’s curriculum, the Management Game capstone focuses on the unstructured nature of business problems and prods students to use all the functional skills they’ve learned so far. External-facing exercises include interaction with industry partners and are related to each student’s career choices.

Uniquely, the Management Game capstone is graded by external professionals on the merit of the results students deliver; students have the chance to receive direct feedback from corporate partners throughout the process.

Matt Zbrog is a writer and freelancer who has been living abroad since 2016. His nonfiction has been published by Euromaidan Press, Cirrus Gallery, and Our Thursday. Both his writing and his experience abroad are shaped by seeking out alternative lifestyles and counterculture movements, especially in developing nations. You can follow his travels through Eastern Europe and Central Asia on Instagram at @weirdviewmirror . He’s recently finished his second novel, and is in no hurry to publish it.

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MBA Capstone Project – How to Write, Types, Format, Examples and Resources

Terms like Capstone, dissertation, and thesis are often interchangeably used by people for referring to their master’s degree course project . All these terms perform similar actions but also maintain their individuality.

Capstone project as a whole is both intellectual experience and a medium through which students of any degree course demonstrate their research, analytical, and writing skills.

MBA Capstone Project

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In order to complete the capstone project authentically and objectively. MBA students go for an internship to gain practical knowledge and experience. Students use their practice knowledge and personal experience giving a concrete shape to their capstone.

How to Write MBA  Capstone Project?

Students use different topics and methodologies for the project work. But they have to follow the proper format of writing Capstone Project. Here are the components which are necessary for writing the Capstone project.

Copyright page

It is an important component whose purpose is to protect your writing from cheating or misusing without your permission.


Research methods, research findings.

Here the result of the research is clearly displayed. It also states the facts and figures along with the reasoning behind the data received.



A bibliography or reference page is an essential component of a capstone project. It enlisted all sources in alphabetical order that contributed to your MBA capstone project.


Effective way of  writing an mba capstone project.

In order to make your MBA capstone project writing an effective and efficient process, you have to draft it the given framework or guidelines. Here are some characteristics of writing an MBA capstone project which makes your work more presentable and attractive.


The capstone project gives you a chance to show your creative and analytical skills. In order to maintain originality students should formulate their own perspective about the chosen problem and give a new direction to their research.


Appropriate scope:, orderly & objective process of inquiry:.

The MBA capstone project research should be carried out in a well organized and unbiased way. While conducting inquiry students demonstrate their abilities like critical thinking, identifying and selecting information, using data and evidence in the right manner. It also enhances questioning and reasoning power. It also solves problems by using a specific set of tools to derive an objective result.

Intellectual Stretch:

Different types of mba capstone project and example topics:, research dissertation:.

This is solely a theoretical MBA capstone project. In this kind of project where students review the literature of business and administration. Highlight theories and concepts and attempt to conduct research that generates new data. It encourages the formulation of new theories addressing the gaps in the present problems in the business literature.

· Development of a strategic, financial, and information system for an existing small business.

· Improving continual learning at an executive level.

Business Consultancy Project:

Here are some Business Consultancy ideas for your MBA Capstone Project:

· Study evaluating the feasibility of establishing an international consultancy.

Business Plan:

In this type of MBA capstone project, students prepare a full-fledged plan for a research venture. It incorporates cost, investment, and expected returns of the business. It also reviews the literature of business for creating a link between the course knowledge and practical understanding.

· How to create an efficient franchising system.

· Reorganizing factory flow in a small manufacturing operation.

· Research on when consumers prefer to pay with credit cards.

· Outsourcing of business processes: a review of effectiveness and real costs.

Online MBA Courses and Capstone Project

· Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

· DeVry University

Order Capstone project

MBA Capstone & Thesis | 2022 Guide

portrait of Reese Lopez

Reese Lopez

Contributing Writer

Learn about our editorial process .

Updated November 17, 2022

Person gives a presentation about Green Technology to a group is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Are you ready to discover your college program?

Typically serving as the culminating experience in an MBA program, a capstone or thesis project bridges academic study and professional practice, applying the skills gained from an MBA to real-world business management and research. Thesis projects commonly take a more academic, research-based approach, while capstones focus on the practical side of business, often requiring students to identify and solve problems at real companies.

Capstones require students to synthesize everything they've learned from their MBA programs, serving as their best opportunity to demonstrate understanding of business principles and practices. Andrew Gold, an associate professor of management at Saint Leo University in Florida, puts it plainly: "The capstone is probably the single most important class in the entire program."

This page offers a general guide to MBA capstone and thesis projects. Below, find an overview of the key differences between the two types of projects, typical steps to research and writing, capstone project examples, and answers to common questions -- all accompanied by expert advice from an MBA faculty member.

What's the Difference Between a Capstone and a Thesis?

While a capstone and thesis serve similar functions, most MBA programs distinguish between the two projects. MBAs typically include practicum/internship components, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in professional business environments. Capstones build on this experience, requiring students to develop practical solutions to real-world business problems.

As Gold explains, "The [capstone] is intended to demonstrate that you understand and can apply what you have learned about the various disciplines in the business school and use some creativity to put together comprehensive analyses of complicated, real-life problems."

A thesis generally takes a more academic approach, requiring students to answer a question to contribute new knowledge to the field through a comprehensive research paper. Programs with an academic focus, preparing graduates for research and academic positions, might opt for a thesis over a capstone.

Online MBA Programs for You

Grow your career, leadership, and business acumen with an accredited online MBA program.

The MBA Capstone

Broadly, MBA capstones require students to synthesize major program principles to address contemporary business issues, serving to assess overall knowledge and individual skill. As Gold explains, "In addition to demonstrating students' abilities to analyze complex problems, the [capstone] typically shows evidence of creative thinking, critical thinking, and the ability to examine a problem from a variety of functional perspectives." The following sections detail typical capstone components and processes.

The MBA Capstone Process

The MBA Capstone Format

Choosing Your Capstone Topic

Example Topics for Capstone Projects

Business plan for a startup venture, analysis of emerging technology threats, reorganization after corporate downsizing, gamification of sustainability behavior, feasibility and market analysis for a new app.

Completing Your MBA Capstone

How to Research for Your Capstone

Capstone research often involves a literature review of existing information on a topic, along with original research into the company itself. To address a business problem, students must understand both the general nature of the problem and its specific impact on an organization.

Gold recommends students familiarize themselves with their capstone topics before contacting their organizations with questions: "Get as much information as possible from publicly available sources. Prepare questions in advance."

When conducting interviews, strive for courtesy and professionalism. "Understand that the people you speak with in the company are doing this outside their normal job routine, so make it as easy as possible for them to help you with the least amount of effort on their part," Gold adds. "Be specific with your requests and be very professional."

How to Outline Your Capstone

After conducting initial research, students should create an outline to organize their ideas and prepare to write their capstone papers. Exact organizational strategies vary depending on capstone subject, but most papers begin with an introduction to the company and/or business issue before moving into a more in-depth problem statement. The paper then states capstone goals and objectives, and it describes methods and strategies, a management plan, and a strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of the project.

Gold offers some practical advice for students: "Start with a high-level list of bullet points that will carve out each of the different sections of the project. Then start to narrow down each of the sections. Much of the outline will develop as you start to proceed with the project and there are a variety of templates online that you can also use as a guide."

How to Write Your Capstone

Gold recommends students begin their writing with high-level questions: "What is it that you are trying to answer? Avoid very simple yes/no-type questions, and instead ask questions like, 'How might we' or 'How can we,' that imply more complicated answers. As you hone in your question/topic for your project, then start to think about how you would go about answering the question."

Given that most capstone projects aim to propose solutions to business problems, students should ensure they clearly define the business problem, their strategies for addressing it, and their methods for evaluating strategy effectiveness. Capstone writing should always adopt a professional tone, suitable for academic or business communications, and students can work with faculty to ensure their work meets professional standards.

Capstone Project Workflow Tips

Make realistic goals, divide work into stages, delegate tasks efficiently, use past work as a guide, seek assistance when necessary.

Presenting Your MBA Capstone

How Is an MBA Capstone Graded?

The MBA Thesis

An MBA thesis functions similarly to a capstone in some regards, but the two projects maintain notable differences. While capstones address practical business problems, thesis projects draw on original research to contribute new knowledge to the field of business. This section outlines major components of an MBA thesis.

The MBA Thesis Format

Choosing Your Thesis Topic

Completing Your MBA Thesis

Presenting Your MBA Thesis

How is an MBA Thesis Graded?

Frequently Asked Questions About MBA Capstone

What is an mba capstone project, what are different types of mba capstones, is a capstone course hard, how long does an mba capstone project take, what is a great company for an mba capstone analysis project, what happens if you fail your capstone, is a capstone the same as a thesis, what is the difference between a dissertation and a capstone, is a thesis required for an mba, how long is an mba thesis, meet andrew gold.

Portrait of Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold , Ph.D., is an associate professor of management at Saint Leo University in Florida and an adjunct associate professor at the University of North Carolina, teaching managing innovation processes and performance in the online MBA program . He received his bachelor's degree in finance in 1992 from Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, with a focus on international finance and investments. He received his doctorate in 2002 from the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School, with a focus on strategy and innovation management.

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The Richmond MBA

Capstone project.

One of the guiding principles of the Robins School is for students to become valuable resources and active participants in our community. The Capstone Project provides that opportunity. The Capstone Project is intended to be the final piece of our MBA students' graduate studies with the objective to integrate concepts learned throughout The Richmond MBA program to address a strategic challenge facing a host organization. 

The Capstone usually focuses on three basic types of projects that maximize returns and lead to the most innovative solutions: (1) Market Entry/Expansion Strategy, (2) Strategic Decision Analysis, and (3) Process Improvement Recommendations .

To qualify as a Capstone Project, the issue being addressed must be closely tied to the strategic direction of the organization (or a major division or department). In developing recommendations for how the organization might resolve the issue, students are expected to synthesize business concepts learned in the program and demonstrate their real-world business applications.

Through rigorous research and analysis, students (in pairs) develop and present customized, solutions-based recommendations for the organization. The core deliverable is a major report in good scholarly form with sound technical analysis, references, and bibliography.

Over 500 organizations worldwide, from corporate headquarters to local franchisees, have taken advantage of the Capstone Project to increase revenues, implement projects, and recruit highly qualified talent.

The Capstone Project

How it Works

Capstone Application

MBA Capstone

Top-notch mba capstone project service for struggling students, stash your academic stress away with our writing service.

MBA, the name itself speaks volumes of the efforts required to get the degree. And before you can indulge yourself in the glory of academic achievement, you have to pass through the writing and submission of an MBA capstone paper – a project that is almost a nightmare for every student out there. Not only is a capstone project very long, but it also requires special skills and knowledge for completion, especially if you want to achieve a good grade. Professors are also especially critical when it comes to a capstone paper and therefore, some help from a professional can be extra beneficial for you. At Capstone Project Writer, you can rest assured to get a good grade by leaving your MBA capstone paper on the experts in the field.

All You Need Is Quality Help With Writing To Save The Grade

A capstone project is not just a simple essay or research paper. Instead, it has a hefty amount of requirements that need extensive attention. Before you can even get down to writing, you need to conduct robust planning and hours of research in order to ensure that you are working in the right direction. Plus, the deadline! A pain in the neck. From meeting the requirements to the deadline, a capstone paper is a true challenge for even the brightest of all. In other words, a capstone project is something that all students run away from. But how long can you run away from it, anyways? After all, your grades on the stake. This is why hundreds of students trust Capstone Project Writer with their paper, aiming to get the highest grade in the class.

Our MBA Capstone Project Writers Do It In The Right Way

When it comes to writing a capstone project, it’s not only about the grammar and formatting. Instead, a quality capstone paper has well-research arguments, constructive structure, logical flow of the ideas, and accurate tone. Our professional writers understand this and it is no surprise that they are the best in their field. They have years of experience and extensive skills that make them the best of the best in the USA. Whether you want us to focus on a particular business plan or conduct an extensive analysis of the literature, our academic professionals focus on all the requirements to deliver something that is set to achieve the highest grades in the class.

Let Us Handle Your Capstone Paper And Change The Whole Game

When every class needs your undivided attention, why not let the pros handle the project for you? Our error-proof and plagiarism-free MBA capstone papers can encompass all the characteristics of a quality project, deemed to make your cranky professors happier and give you a chance to have a good night’s sleep. Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7, always ready to help you out. So whether you want a paper quickly edited by the morning or a complete paper written before the deadline, we can do it for you without requiring you to go over the budget. Your MBA capstone project is our responsibility. Just fill the online form with all the required details and consider it done.

“My capstone paper required a few changes but I am glad you guys listened to my requirements and did the needful. The customer support team was also very responsive.” Order ID – CPW-36 Leeds
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“Great service just like how it was promised. Couldn’t have done without your help.” Order ID – CPW-73 London
“I was very worried about trusting an online writing service with my capstone project. But now I am happy with my decision, as my project is just in the way I wanted. Thank you for such an excellent service.” Order ID – CPW-66 Leeds
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“It is very difficult to manage so many assignments with a part-time job. And I am so glad to receive professional help from the capstone project writer. Definitely recommended.” Order ID – CPW-35 Durham
“Thank you for writing my capstone paper within the due date. I have requested a few changes in some headings. Other than these, everything is fine.” Order ID – CPW-34 Glasgow
“My nursing capstone project has received a very good grade, thanks to the services of Despite a very tough deadline, they completed my order within the deadline. Thank you!” Order ID – CPW-26 Bradford
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Not even your closest friends or professors will know that you’ve taken help from us in crafting your perfect capstone project. We keep your identity iron-clad protected.

Instead of claiming works and words from others as ours, we employ creativity and ingenuity to write all papers from scratch. We simply don’t like copying and replicating.

We try our best to reciprocate your investment in results that matter. But if you are not satisfied with the final write-up you’ve received, you can request a refund.

Time is never a problem with Capstone Project Writer. We know how to meet the toughest of deadlines with proficiency and quality, be it next week or only a few hours away. is a quality-focused custom capstone project writing service that provides professional support to students in writing their papers. All our services, including capstone projects, PowerPoint presentations, and research papers, are meant for assistance purposes only, requiring proper referencing when used as it is.

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mba capstone project report

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mba capstone project report

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mba capstone project report

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Suman Saurabh

MBA Capstone Project

Current students.

mba capstone project report

Nimish Dubey MBA 2017-19 Title: Marketing Strategy for New Product Launch Organization: De’Dzines

Pulkit Bhardwaj MBA 2017-19 Title: Anti-counterfeiting Devices Organization: TransPacks

mba capstone project report

Shubham Taliwal MBA 2019-21 Title: A Study on Commodity Derivatives Market

mba capstone project report

Piyush Jain MBA 2020-22 Interest areas: Commercial Banking, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance and analytics

mba capstone project report

Rajat Mishra MBA 2020-22 Interest areas: Financial Research and Modelling, Business analytics

Students (Other Affiliations)

Summer (2020) Shweta Vishwakarma [MBA, IET Lucknow ]

Please send an email to [email protected] for any project requests.

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    CDs will be sent by the faculty project advisor to the MBA Director or to