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What Is Project Management?

A project is an undertaking by one or more people to develop and create a service, product or goal. Project management is the process of overseeing, organizing and guiding an entire project from start to finish. Here are more facts about project management.

Project Management Helps Teams Work Together

A competent project manager pulls together all of the people involved in a project to ensure that tasks are done cooperatively and with regard to the tasks’ effects on other people’s project outcomes. For example, when a new building is being constructed, a project manager will schedule electrical wiring installation before scheduling installation of light fixtures and electrical equipment. If the lighting crew is scheduled before the structure is wired, the lighting crew wastes time arriving on site only to find they can’t perform their work.

Project managers also schedule meetings between various teams to foster cooperation and increased communication about projects. In the example above, the project manager may schedule a meeting during which the electricians explain the wiring, wall-switch operation and receptacle layout to the lighting contractors. Both teams communicate their needs and concerns to help the project move forward without delays.

Project Management Performs Vital Processes

According to the Project Management Institute, five main management processes are used to see a project through to completion. The five processes are:

At the initiating phase, key individuals share ideas about a proposed project. In the planning stages, the project is defined and schedules are created to complete the project in a defined time frame. Execution of the project requires organizing and scheduling supplies, materials and workers to complete the project. Monitoring and controlling in project management is the process of inspecting work, crunching budget numbers and keeping track of deadlines. Closing the project involves site cleanup, turning over the project to the owner, collecting payments and scheduling meetings to discuss the lessons learned from a project.

Project Management Focuses on Key Areas of Knowledge

Project management draws on a diverse set of skills. While project managers don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of all key skill areas, they do need to have a basic understanding of the limitations and concerns of each knowledge area. Project managers need to view a project in its entirety and understand the relationships between costs, quality, supply procurement, human resources, communication, risk management and stakeholder management.

Project Management Requires Document Management

A competent project manager organizes all documentation including invoices, e-mails, bids, proposals, permits, and project changes. The project manager ensures documents are submitted on time and to the correct businesses, agencies or individuals. The project manager is also responsible for secure storage of all project documents.

Project Management Helps Meet Goals

Project management is a relatively new field of practice and study but has become a proven method to meet lofty goals and bring diverse groups of people together for a common purpose.


ppt for capstone project

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Nursing Capstone Project Sample

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ppt for capstone project

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Final presentation for Doctoral Capstone project


ppt for capstone project

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ppt for capstone project

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ppt for capstone project

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

ppt for capstone project

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ppt for capstone project

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

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Final Capstone Project Presentation Template

ppt for capstone project

Final Capstone Presentation

Transcript: Jean Choi Talking speed and pacing Standards Giving clear and concise directions Strengths Building relationships with and motivating students Creating lessons based on student needs and standards Goals Reducing teacher talk Pacing Differentiation SBAC practice performance task 2nd grade buddies Reflection A Work in Progress: Entering the Program Folk Tales Jack and Minecraft Reflection ITE Initial reflection: Nervous Timing Clarify directions Current reflection Standards Rigor Teacher talk Capstone November, 2014 Childhood dream Lack of experience Uncertainty Work completion Incentive Result

ppt for capstone project


Transcript: CPH 470 / Your Name CAPSTONE TITLE Community Overview 1. Health Issue Health Issue Problem Problem Cause & Effect Cause & Effect More Info More Info Intervention title title Intervention Community Reaction Assessment Community Reaction Assessment Go or No Go? Go or No Go? Why? Why? Why?

ppt for capstone project

Transcript: INTRODUCTION & MOTIVATIONS PREVIOUS WORK PROPOSED SOLUTION BENEFITS & FEASIBILITY ORGANIZATIONAL APPROACH SUMMARY ENERGY BREAKDOWN 1 WORK BREAKDOWN COST BREAKDOWN SCHEDULE Compressor package Pressure vessel Gas conditioners Heat exchanger for exhaust 6 BUDGET Individually develop 3 preliminary designs Select final solution using a design matrix Solution specific work broken down - Physicial design - Safety and regulations - Economic analysis ERCB Directive 60 - Flaring & Venting CSA Class. I Div. II Class I: Flammable gas may be present in the air Div. II: Hazard present under abnormal conditions STORAGE TANK BACKGROUND COMPRESSOR 4 RETScreen Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Microsoft Visio AutoCAD KNOCK OUT TANK Annual Gas Energy Breakdown Utilized a decision matrix Micro turbine cogeneration selected TOTAL PROJECT COST: $662 000 ENGR 499 - CAPSTONE 2011/2012 Annual blanket gas consumption approx. 463,000 cubic meters (≈$67,000/yr) Large electricity consumption ( approx. $120,000/yr @ 7 cent/kwh) System volatiles (i.e. H2S) System pressure < 1 psig Operating temps between -50 C & 40 C BENEFITS & FEASIBILITY TURBINES Develop a more efficient blanketing system Capstone C30 (30 kW) 26 % electrical efficiency Handle up to 7% sour gas 80,000 hr service life (9.3 years) Grid connected or stand alone GOAL GOING FORWARD Skidded building (16' x 24') House major components PROPOSED SOLUTION PACKAGE PLACEMENT PACKAGE DETAILS 3 GAS BLANKETING IMPROVEMENT Balance: $300 DELIVERABLES Weigh opportunity costs & decide on approval Further develop portions of the analysis High level approach Design assumptions verified Continued correspondence with vendors THANK YOU QUESTIONS TURBINE SIZING 5 REVISED Options Consume expelled blanketing gas Supply excess gas for more turbines Selection 4 C30's optimum Grid connected Sized from annual blanketing gas TURBINE ARRAY PAYBACK ORIGINAL CCS cleans oilfield waste in Western Canada Product tanks blanketed for safety Currently natural gas blanketing is flared Potential to reduce waste Heat generation Nitrogren blanketing Electricity generation 2 PRESSURE VESSEL RESOURCES PREVIOUS WORK INTRO & MOTIVATIONS HEAT EXCHANGER CCS MIDSTREAM CCS contact: Bob Lipsett Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Prodanovic Kelowna Landfill: Darren Enevoldson CCS wants to find an efficient use for vent gas Selected turbine electricity production Specified a 4 micro turbine array Quantified the following benefits - Payback period 7.4 years - Net Benefit of $229 754 - Recapture 59% of vent gas energy - Offset 325 tonnes of CO2 annually - Positive environmental impact Physical design Economic analysis Feasibility study ORGANIZATIONAL APROACH GROUP 21 Bryce Rowe Regan Harris Ken Kaminski-Raab MAIN SOLUTION AREAS FACILITY DATA & SPECS SUMMARY SAFETY & REGULATIONS OTHER COMPONENTS 325 tonnes of CO2 offset annually COGENERATION Select 3 prilimiary designs (OCT 29) (OCT 29) Final solution selection (DEC 1) (DEC 19) Physical system spec'd (JAN 16) (FEB 29) Economic study complete (FEB 16) (MAR 26) Final report complete (MAR 1) (APR 1) SOLUTION SELECTION Payback in 7.4 years Annual income ~$90 000 Net benefit ~$230 000

ppt for capstone project


Transcript: NICODEMUS URINGI UWANDA SEX AND GENDER WHY THIS TOPIC. Topic 1 I chose this topic because the society we live in today, is highly weak when it comes to sex and gender part. In most cases, women are seen as less valuable than men. OBSTACLES. For a topic like this, it is usually hard to get all the information you want, especially through surveys. Surveying people who are older than you, is a big obstacle i faced. Majority of them were not willing to talk about sex. OVER VIEW. Topic 2 For many years, we have been taught that sex and gender do not matter or they have no difference In some cultures sex is considered a sin, but in other cultures sex is a normal thing that is done in private. Perhaps you might ask yourself how sex and gender even came into existence. How did we end up considering sex as an adult private affair? Why females are considered weaker than men in some cultures? This presentation explains all the questions and mysteries about sex and the creation of gender (female stereotype). THE STORY BEHIND Topic 3 In the beginning the earth was filled with nothing and God decided to create something in it. He created the water bodies, land, fish, birds, animals, plants and lastly he created human beings He create Adam to take care and control everything that was in the earth AND he created Eve out of his ribs. God told Adam and Eve to eat all the fruits that the trees within the garden bear, but they shouldn’t eat the fruit of the tree that was in the middle of the garden. The serpent was craftier than any other animals. It persuaded Eve to eat the fruit and then Eve persuaded Adam to eat it as well THEY SINNED AGAINST GOD WHY WOMEN BLAMED Topic 4 the unfairness we see today towards women derive from the wrong choice she did when the serpent tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit. In original sin, woman was considered weak by the serpent and that’s why it went to her first instead of man. CONCLUSION Although many people say that the forbidden fruit was sex and sex was the first original sin and that sin made a lady look weak, I say no. The forbidden fruit was not sex and the sin that our first ancestor committed, shouldn’t make women weak. Sex has been there and we shouldn’t consider it as a sin. Women should not be under looked by men. Both man and woman ate the fruit so no one is a saint. Topic 4 OUTCOMES I CHOSE The communication competency of analyzing fitted best in my project.In this, I analyzed and evaluated messages from my sources and incorporated it with my own opinions for my paper. Before starting my research paper, I had a lot of opinions. For a perfect research paper, I needed facts rather than opinions. For example, I had an opinion that women are more affected by the sex and gender issue because they were the first to bring sin into existence. I used the phrase in the bible that says, “Eve, the first female, gave the forbidden fruit to her husband. They both sinned against God, but the woman is the one who initiated it”. The information from the sources, helped me organize my opinions into a fact through evidences. Evidences makes your arguments strong and reliable. Topic 4

ppt for capstone project

Capstone Presentation V1 Template

Transcript: Beach Personal Item Holder Cost Analysis Initial Sketches Product Safety Animation For Industry By: Melissa Perez Sustainability First Prototype Applications Manufacturing Scenario List of Materials Exploded View Finite element method Collision Analysis Design Iterations Considerations Problem Final Design Materials Limitations/Safety Tools For Prototype Engineering Drawing Capstone Presentation V1 Template Formula

ppt for capstone project

Transcript: MODELING TOOLS USED * The aim of this project is to build a predictive model to estimate the final sale price of a home by considering the constraints like No. of bed rooms/bath rooms, No. of parking spots etc. TEAM MEMBERS Guided By : Keith C Drake DATA ANALYSIS FIG (4) REAL ESTATE PRICE ESTIMATOR * We have analyzed the data set to identify any noise. * On analyzing the data set we came to know that the data set consists of 6310 examples with 33 regular attributes. * We have analyzed the attributes which have more weightage, that is which will be more helpful in predicting the model. *Analyzed the attributes which have missing values in 17 attributes and with inconsistent data in CITY attribute. * Converting data from Nominal To Numerical. * Split the data into Training and Testing data. * Linear regression model has been applied to get the coefficient, Std. Error and Tolerance of the data. MINI GOALS: ANALYZED DATA FINAL MODEL LINEAR REGRESSION * To develop a java application with an interactive GUI. * In cooperating the HTML language to make it a web portal. PROCESS EMPOLOYED BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING FIG (2) FIG (3) DEPLOYED WEB PORTAL SELECTING ATTRIBUTES * We have evaluated our model by applying the "Performance" operator. * Evaluated based on split ratio of 0.9 : 0.1 * Based on this the values we got for the initial data set are: RMSE - 9887.755 AE - 7127.247 * Based on the final 500 example set the performance results are as : RMSE - 12622.45 AE - 7792.10 * Initially we filtered out the examples as per the customer requirements. * As most of the attributes are not required for the final estimation model, we need to select those that are only required. * As we analyzed the attributes that play a major role in final model, we selected only those attributes with Select Attributes operator. * Once the attributes are selected, we replaced the missing values in the attributes with Impute Missing Values operator. *Once the missing values are filled out, we tried to generate some new attributes. * We integrated the Rapid Miner model into a Java Web Development environment. -- Who will use the deployed web portal ? -- Usecase Diagram: * Owning a new home is a dream for every family. * At certain point of life everyone wants to have their own home. * This results in increase of boom in real estate field. * Everyone tries to own a home or land with best amenities at ideal price. * These amenities refer to where the home is located, how far is it from school/university etc. We used CRISP-DM process to achieve the final goal of the project. By employing CRISP-DM methodology we have followed certain steps which include 1.Business Understanding 2.Data Understanding 3.Data Preparation 4.Modeling 5.Evaluation 6.Deployment GENERATED FEATURES EVALUATION DATA PREPARATION FIG (1) ANY QUERIES ?? GOALS * In order to get a better performance in estimating the Last sale price, it is required to generate some features. * Generated the features like - Distance To Walmart - Distance To UHCL - BEDS/BATH RATIO - Original List Price per Sqft. We used Google Maps as a source to calculate the distance between the specific zip code to Walmart or UHCL with the help of Generate Attributes operator. * EMail subscriptions button that sends user about future homes data that they are interested about * Enable more comparision features like time to ride to school between homes * Premium accounts for advertising homes * Show interest feature * Virtual home visit feature * Generate maps using real time data * During Replacing the missing values. - Initially we make use of Replace Missing Values but it doesnt help us in getting a better performance. - We have done a research in web about the operators available for replacing the missing values and then we came to know about Impute Missing Values. * In this business understanding we have studied about what are CustomerRequirements, System Requirements from the view of both the designer and the End User. * This study on customer requirements and system requirements helps in building a model according to the end user satisfaction. * The Customer Requirements that are to be considered in creating a real estate sales price estimation system are 1) Zip codes of interest in Clear Lake, TX. 2) Listings under $1,000,000 only. 3) Single Family Residences Only. Also the Zip Codes should be of 77034, 77058, 77059, 77062, 77089, 77546, 77573, and 77598. MEENA GAYATHRI NARSA REDDY MALLIKARJUN VIJAY RAGHURAM MOTIVATION FOR THE PROJECT * Rapid Miner Studio * Microsoft Office * Eclipse * Web Browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) IMPUTE MISSING VALUES APPLYING FILTERS GENERATED ATTRIBUTES DEPLOYMENT ISSUES FACED FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS

ppt for capstone project

Capstone Final Presentation

Transcript: Established 1992 Self Perform Concrete and Structural Steel Over 35 Projects 12 Renovation Projects 9 Projects for City of Muncie Tuhey Pool Agenda Project Overview Site Layout Estimate Schedule Project Management Capstone Overview Recap Project Overview Site Layout Estimate Schedule Project Management Capstone Overview Capstone Overview Experiences Challenges Growth Preparation Mentor Assistance Questions? Site Layout & Construction Operations Project Overview Construction and Operations Estimate Project Schedule Project Startup Submittals Demolition Underground Utilities Pool Area Rehabilitation New Bath House Chemical Building Parking Lot Project Closeout Introductions Estimate Resources RS Means Company Experience Consultant Experience Rene Lambeck Office Engineer Capstone Class Purpose Project Company Created Site Layout Coordination Trailer/Temporary Facilities Construction Fence Traffic Flow Staging Preservation Tuhey Pool and Park Improvements April 25th, 2011 Final Presentation Tuhey Park and Pool Renovation About Us Estimate Division 00 Division 01 New Bath House Parking Lot (Asphalt) Parking Lot (Concrete) Olympium Building Company, Inc. City of Muncie Parks & Recreation Department Project Management Scope of Work Cost of Bidding Cost Saved Time Saved Techniques Delivery: On time, under budget per construction documents Bolutife Olorunda Project Manager Tyler Moon Superintendent Gabriel Marquez CEO

ppt for capstone project

Capstone Final Project Presentation

Transcript: In the coming days and potentially months I hope to continue drafting the inner cuts to the bass for switches, the bridge, and the pickups, which I have recently received in the mail (as this held me back for a while). The final stage of the outer-body work that I finished in class was the routtering of the edges of the bass, which went smovely, however it required further saning along the edges to create a deeper looking "Cut." The next step in the process involved re-drafting the design onto a piece of would, in this case I used maple (Primarily for its density), from here I merely used the bandsaw to roughly cut out the design of the body of the bass, and finally I sanded around the edges using a belt sander. Phase 1 Initially the project involved drafting, and design of the bass, this process primarily utilized French Curves, in order to create the long sweeping arches in the guitar, while a simple straight edge was used in drafting the neck of the bass. Capstone Final Project Presentation - Talon Flynn Conclusions I was able to learn a lot from this project as well as you dozens of techniques and skills I've used over the course of my high school years, and I was able to meet, and connect with people in my community that shared a common passion, such as the instructor I shadowed from spotlight music who assisted me in drafting and design of the internals of the guitar. I picked this design, and this subject for constructing for my passion for music, and building, and I am very excited for the results! Phase 3 As well as beginning on the drafting of the neck of the guitar, and completing this portion. Phase 4 Phase 2 The guitar required additional sanding after this; which was entirely manual

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ppt for capstone project

Lesson Plan - Chalk | Prezi

Description: Structuring your syllabus doesn't have to be a huge headache with this customizable lesson plan presentation template. With a classic chalkboard theme and adaptable structure, it's easy to add new subjects, assessments, assignments, and more.

ppt for capstone project

Easy Book Presentation Template for Individual Design | Prezi

Description: When you need to clearly spell out your message, this creative Prezi template is the way to go. As with all Prezi education templates and Prezi nonprofit templates, this one is easy to customize to let you zoom in on your ideas or pull back to show the big picture.

ppt for capstone project


Description: For grant requests, funding pitches, program proposals, or any other kind of education or nonprofit presentation, this Prezi template is the way to generate interest and momentum. Like all Prezi education templates and Prezi nonprofit templates, it’s easily customizable.

ppt for capstone project

Report - EDU

Description: If you work in education, make your next report visually interesting and easy to navigate. The line-drawn illustrations in this edu report presentation template encourage curiosity and discovery.

Now you can make any subject more engaging and memorable

March 2, 2023

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Feb. 13, 2023

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Substance Abuse PowerPoint Outline As you are researching the substance, write in the information on the appropriate slide. This will ensure you include.

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Career Title Created by: Willie Nelson What Inspired Me…  Bullet point some reasons you like this career  Picture or graphic that explains something.

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Author(s) (Name of student) and their Affiliation (Department/Course/Club, School Name and Address) FUTURE DIRECTIONS RESULTS: ANALYSIS AND IMPLICATIONS.

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Healthy Capstone Proposal

Healthy capstone proposal presentation, free google slides theme and powerpoint template.

It's the final stretch now! The capstone is the final project a medical student has to complete, so proposing a topic where you can show your best is a good idea. Let us help you with this template, containing illustrations of doctors, lots of graphs and tables and, overall, a casual look.

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A capstone presentation is an opportunity for a college student to demonstrate his knowledge of the course topic, his field of study or his educational institution. The culminating presentation, typically based on a research paper, is given before a school committee, a board of professors or a classroom of peers. A student's capstone presentation should demonstrate his ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired during his academic career to real-world issues. With proper preparation, you will not only earn high marks, but you'll gain invaluable knowledge and skills in doing so.

Narrow the Focus

Narrow the focus of your presentation. Begin by summarizing your research essay in a few sentences. From there, determine the problem your capstone essay addresses, how your capstone addressed this problem and the most important lessons you learned with regards to that problem. Focus your capstone presentation on those key points -- the summary, the problem, the solution and the lesson -- to avoid going off topic or too long.

Build on Learning Outcomes

Determine what you were expected to learn in the course, then strategize your presentation around the expected outcomes. Decide what to include based on what you were expected to achieve. For example, if an expected learning outcome is that you will show motivation for continued learning, you might include a section in the presentation that poses follow-up questions or problems you'd be interested in pursuing. This awareness of outcomes will help you keep the end-goals of the capstone course and presentation in mind, fostering learning and earning you higher marks.

Incorporate Visuals

Enhance your presentation with visual aids, such as a PowerPoint slide show. PowerPoint presentations are low-cost or free, painless to create and easy for your audience to see. Pick simple templates that won't detract from your presentation, and avoid unprofessional or overly embellished templates, animated images, and too many fonts or color schemes. Include a slide that highlights the key points in your capstone presentation to guide your audience through the presentation. Do not include excessive information that your audience must spend time reading, and don't use the visual aid as a script for your presentation.

Prepare and Practice

Practice your presentation as often as you can to ensure that you have a command of your subject material and the confidence to present it. Create notecards that briefly guide you through the presentation, noting any quotes, facts or figures you want to be sure to mention. Run through your presentation as if you were actually in front of the board, committee or classroom, speaking loudly, clearly and confidently. Time yourself every time you practice to make sure you're within your time limit every time. Ask a friend or classmate to listen to and give you constructive feedback on your presentation, letting them know of the requirements and learning outcomes ahead of time so they can be sure you meet them.

Jennifer Kimrey earned her bachelor's degree in English writing and rhetoric from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She's a regular contributor to the "Houston Chronicle" and her work has appeared on Opposing Views Cultures, The Austin American-Statesman, The Red Vault, The Western Vault and various other websites and publications.

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