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A capstone project or capstone experience can be defined as a multifaceted task that often spans two terms. Students are expected to carry out individual research on a particular subject or topic and deliver a well-structured and organized paper that reflects their comprehension of the topic. You are likely wondering what this ominous project is and why it is so important. Understandably, it is a complicated writing assignment that the end of an academic study period, that is commonly offered for middle school and high school students.This capstone is one that you will have to complete before you can be allowed to graduate. The main reason why you have to complete your capstone project high school is to show your teachers and potential employers that you satisfactorily understand the course content and that you can collect, analyze and present organized information. Besides, to showcasing your academic proficiency, this project helps you prepare yourself or future learning and employment opportunities by honing your research skills.Writing a capstone experience is a task that requires your undivided attention and excellent time management skills. Unfortunately, these are just some of the aspects of learning that students face significant challenges. As such, without reliable capstone project help, you are likely to lose out on the opportunity to graduate with your peers if you fail your project. Not to worry, we offer affordable writing services for students worldwide. Unlike most other capstone writing services, we are dedicated to delivering only quality capstone solutions for each of our clients. Besides, our papers are reasonably priced to fit into a student’s constrained budget. We believe that buying from an online writing service should be an enjoyable experience, and not one marred by suspicion of fraudulent activities. Visit our website for some of the best experts in the industry and unmatched transparency in the payment processes.

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As a student, it is understandable why you would want professional help with such an important project, and we are happy to offer our assistance. Just visit our website and engage our customer support by asking, “who can write my capstone project and deliver it on time?” You will be offered prompt assistance and redirected to the homepage where you can place your order and request a preferred capstone writer for projects such as your capstone project nursing.Our capstone writers are skilled and experienced in delivering quality projects while adhering to each client’s unique requirements. The driving factor behind each of our capstone writers is their dedication to always providing papers that exceed your expectations. Our writers are selected very carefully, and only the best are chosen to join our team of experts. Our capstone writers exhibit the following characteristics:

The experts undergo several tests to ascertain that they have the required qualifications and skills to keep up with client requests. In addition to having to undergo several exams before they are employed in the company, they are also regularly trained to ensure they are up to date with current academic trends such as the required capstone project format. This is essential so as not to use outdated methods in delivering client requests. Therefore, each time you place an order with our company, you can be sure that it will be assigned to an experienced, skilled, and qualified capstone writer. Therefore, when faced with a challenging project, do not hesitate to ask for our help, we are ready and willing to take up the responsibility of delivering a high-quality and unique project on your behalf.

How to Buy Capstone Project Easily Online

Now that you are familiar with the capabilities of our essay writers , you have more information to make an informed decision about whether or not we can deliver your project to meet your unique specifications. Nevertheless, we are confident in our ability to provide your college capstone project to exceed your expectations. As such, we encourage you to visit our website and read through our feedback section and see for yourself what others are saying about our services. You will quickly realize that we receive an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews from our satisfied clients from all over the world. This growing popularity has only solidified our clients’ trust in our ability to deliver top-notch, affordable, and unique projects for each of their requests. Thus, do not be left out and say, “do my capstone project?” Our writers are ready to take on your order immediately after placing your order. To place an order with our company, you need to follow some steps. These steps are outlined below:

It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete, and you can relax or focus on other essential aspects of your life. However, you can get an even better deal by placing your order as soon as possible to ensure you have a more extended deadline. This is because the online cost calculator will tally a more substantial amount for urgent orders compared to one’s with a more extended deadline. Do not be left out; place an order for a top-notch project today.


Sample Capstone Projects

Masters of educational technology and applied learning sciences: sample capstone projects.

Each Capstone is unique to the project but structured according to the requirements of the course. METALS has permission from sponsors and students to share this Capstone Project information. In general, course sponsors have complete protection for their prior intellectual property and rights to the additional intellectual property that students develop during the project. Students own this additional intellectual property. It is rarely needed or desired, but sponsors may negotiate with students after the course is completed for exclusive rights or ownership.

Read about the:


BloomBoard envisioned a product to support educator learning in an online community setting. The team embarked on a strongly user-driven end-to-end research, design, and development process which culminated in the creation of BloomBoard Collaborate, a tool that aids teachers in building and creating transformative professional learning communities (PLCs) in a digital environment. During the process, the team’s extensive research explored the value of educator communities resulting in an evidence-based tool or environment that facilitates collaborative, transformative learning among teachers.  You can view the overview, research, team, and design directly on the student’s project website.

Developing the flow model.

Virtual job shadowing with MARi

sample of a capstone project

Team Cobalt: 

sample of a capstone project

Team Cobalt’s MARi project was honored at the White House as one of five finalists in the First Lady’s Reach Higher Initiative and the U.S. Department of Education’s announced five finalists in the  Reach Higher Career App Challenge .  The Challenge launched in October 2015 called for new mobile technologies to help students navigate education and career pathways, including career and technical education (CTE).

The mobile solution MARi and METALS Capstone Team Cobalt presented utilizes assessments, capability mapping, virtual job shadowing, and achievement validation to help students identify and prepare for their careers. MARi’s mobile app provides critical academic and career guidance, which has become increasingly harder for students to receive as guidance counselors and educational and career information becomes harder to access. See more on the  team’s website .  Or read more about the White House presentation here .

Slice Consulting:

Slice Consulting partnered with Western Governors University to envision and develop a mobile application to deliver bite-sized learning. The team embarked on a strongly user-driven end-to-end research, design, and development process which was culminated in the creation of Learning Snacks.  Implemented for the prototype, the user could answer questions pulled from the API endpoints. Questions were displayed in a responsive manner, complete with a hint option and tailored feedback. The user could even favorite questions for viewing at a later time. A unique feature was the ability to incorporate a simplified version of knowledge tracing into the a pp, all while working completely offline.  Learn more about this project by visiting the team’s website .

Read the project team’s Spring Report  and Summer Report  that were delivered to the client in addition to the high fidelity prototype.

sample of a capstone project

Team MoMega: 

Team MoMega partnered with a professional services organization that operates in more than 100 countries to evaluate and redesign a career transition program for newly promoted leaders. The team analyzed the organization’s various training program deployments to synthesize common needs around the world in line with their organizational learning goals to design and develop a globally consistent framework for and a pilot module of a virtually deployed leadership and career transition program that supports the professional needs and growth of newly promoted leaders.

Visit the team’s website.

For more information,  read about the:


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How to Write a Capstone Project

sample of a capstone project

The capstone project represents a different type of academic research from other assignments. It is a multi-faceted, multidisciplinary endeavor that relates to all aspects of a student’s college degree and future professional career. The project’s success depends upon the student’s ability to follow a well-defined idea and meet the specific requirements of the tutor.

This guide will cover the four essential steps in writing a capstone project: choosing a topic, gathering information, building the structure, and writing the paper itself. Hopefully, it will also be helpful to you during the writing process. Here is a brief overview of each step. Once you’ve decided on a topic, it is time to start gathering information and building your structure. After you’ve done this, you’re ready to start writing!

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic for a capstone project is a crucial task for students. If students don’t like the topic, it will reflect negatively on their work. Without a genuine interest in a topic, they may not be able to focus on writing the paper or conducting in-depth research. A good idea for a topic is one that relates to more than one field. Think about the courses you’ve taken and any experiences you had. For example, if you worked as a medical assistant, you may have been able to solve problems.

While you’re still in college, you’ll find yourself dealing with theoretical assignments almost daily. These assignments will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge, but theoretical concepts won’t always apply to real life situations. Capstone papers are a great way for students to practice real-world problem-solving skills. During their capstone projects, students will be able to use their new knowledge to apply it to real-world issues.

Choosing a topic for a capstone paper can be difficult, so it’s vital that students understand the process and are aware of the factors that contribute to selecting a good topic. For example, students should brainstorm ideas by writing down their favorite classes or course units. Once they have enough ideas, they can conduct a comprehensive research on each of these topics. Choose a topic that is both interesting and accessible to scholarly sources.

Gather Information

The next step in preparing your capstone project is to collect information about the topic you are writing about. The research involved in the project can be time-consuming and requires careful time management. One of the most effective strategies is to set a calendar with deadlines and tasks. Then, make sure to track progress and update the schedule as necessary. This will ensure that you get your capstone paper done on time.

After gathering information, create an outline of your capstone project. Ideally, it should be organized into sections. You can use outlines that can be found in the library or online. Begin by creating a structure for headings and subheadings. You can always add more sections later. In the meantime, gather information about the topic and begin writing. The final product will take several months to complete. The committee members will evaluate your project and award it a grade.

Remember that the goal of your capstone project is to demonstrate that you have learned something new and can apply it to your future work. While writing a capstone paper in graduate school requires a significant amount of work, it is well worth the effort. While writing a capstone project, some students fail to proofread their work, which can lead to grammatical errors or displaced numerical data. Always proofread your paper several times and check it for plagiarism using online tools.

Building the Structure

You should build the structure of your capstone project. Determine how many headings you want to use, and then decide on a number format that will be easy to read. Use capstone outline templates, either online or in the library, to make a start. Begin building the structure of your headings, and make smaller sections into subheadings. You can always add more sections later. For each heading, you’ll need to decide on a number for it, so start with a small number of headings.

The capstone methodology will describe all procedures and methods used to create your project. Ideally, it will include diagrams and illustrations to explain how your project was developed. It should also explain what the outcome will be, and how the system will work. This part of the project will increase the students’ grades, and it will demonstrate their ability to work independently. Moreover, it will show the professors that the student has done independent research and can demonstrate it by applying the type of project they are assigned.

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sample of a capstone project

Writing Process

The process of writing a capstone paper can be challenging for any student. It requires extensive knowledge and a clear way of articulating ideas. Here are some tips to help you write your paper:

Mistakes to Avoid in a Capstone Project

One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing a capstone project is focusing on one specific subject. Whether it’s a market investigation, the development of a new product, or even a program, capstone projects must highlight the knowledge gained throughout the course. It is crucial to incorporate relevant keywords and a positive impression into the title.

Using poor sources in your capstone paper is another common mistake students make. Make sure that any sources you use are current and reliable. This will require a lot of research on your part, so you should spend as much time as possible looking for them. If you’re unsure where to find reliable sources, try using scholarly search engines. It’s essential to use good sources to increase the quality of your work, and you should always check for any errors.

Don’t forget to schedule your work. Even though capstone projects are large, they require a good deal of time management skills. A good way to plan your time effectively is to create a calendar and assign deadlines for each task. Then, track your progress by using an organizer. Avoid writing in a rushed manner. You’ll only frustrate your supervisor and your audience. Remember that your capstone project is important, so it should be handled properly.

Our Recommendations

A Capstone project is a voluminous paper, so you have to be attentive and focused on the outcome. Your topic should be interesting, so find reliable sources with evidence. You should take your time in writing so you don’t make any gross mistakes. Before you complete your capstone project, follow our guidelines:

If you can’t complete your capstone project, contact EssayPay.com. Order a capstone project writing service and our experts will help you realize your best ideas! Take advantage of the opportunity to get high-quality capstone paper!

sample of a capstone project

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sample of a capstone project

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sample of a capstone project

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Sample Capstone Project Proposal

Getting started .

Open annually between August through November, the HCDE online capstone proposal form is where you submit a project proposal. CAP members may submit more than one project idea, but please think about how many teams you will be able to support in total. The project description should be a straightforward, one-paragraph summary of the design brief or project challenge.

 Before submitting your project, read the Capstone project guidelines .

Submit a Capstone Proposal

Example Project Proposals

Example Usability-Focused Project

Example User Research-Focused Project



How to Write a Successful Capstone Project

There is no secret that students today get help with their assignments online. They hire academic writing services and have professional paper writers write my essay cheap . And that’s ok. Some of them, however, may wonder whether these writing services can help them with more serious stuff, like a capstone project, for example. The answer is yes. But if you want to write it yourself, keep on reading for helpful tips.

Students often say that one must travel through nine circles of hell to receive a coveted degree. And a capstone project is one of such circles. Though it’s emotionally and intellectually rewarding academic experience, this culminating project can put much strain on tomorrow’s graduates. Many students struggle and write it themselves, while some choose to buy capstone projects .

Capstone Project Writing

The main objective of this assignment is to encourage students demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquired throughout their program and prove they are worth the degree they pursue. The process of planning and carrying out a capstone project is time-consuming and painstaking. It requires you to conduct an extensive research on a chosen topic, document your results or findings, and create a final product that is to be defended in front of a panel of experts and teachers who will evaluate and grade your work. No wonder so many students dread their capstone experience. A good many learners benefit from capstone help provided by professional academic writing services such as Edusson.com, while others rely on their own abilities, expertise, and experience to create a successful capstone project. If you’re also dreaming of creating a capstone project that will fascinate your committee members, it’s about time you made your dream come true.

Identify and Narrow Your Focus

sample of a capstone project

As with any research paper, you should find a topic of interest you’ll be developing in your capstone project. Still, unlike a research paper, a capstone project is more professionally oriented and personalised. Not only does it provide an opportunity for you to apply your expertise to developing a practical project, but it also encourages you to come up with a creative solution to a problem faced in your profession. Very often students choose too general a topic and as a result, find themselves unable to discuss it thoroughly in their project. Even if you’re very passionate about a selected subject, don’t yield to temptation to analyse an issue that it’s too broad or requiring a huge amount of expertise you haven’t acquired yet. You can focus on just one factor, idea, or phenomena. In other words, analyse one piece of a larger puzzle, but do it extensively and thoroughly. Keep in mind that your committee members expect you to show the ability to use your skills and experience to address specific issues and identify workable solutions to existing problems. No one says these problems must be global.

Crafting a Proposal

Capstone Project crafting proposal

As with any proposal, a capstone proposal is intended to elicit approval from your committee before getting down to your project. To write a strong and appealing proposal, you should clearly define your issue. Be sure to establish your ethos in the proposal by substantiating your claims and supporting your assertions with sufficient evidence. Also, be mindful of your audience all the time. Present your ideas and objectives in a coherent and effective way. Elaborate on your tone, employ your eloquence and persuasiveness, and be specific. Do your best to meet your audience’s expectations.


Since a capstone projects differs from an ordinary essay or research paper, warming up your audience and stating your thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph are not enough. When it comes to writing an intro of your capstone project, you should pay special attention to such details as contextualising your problem and providing the rationale for your project. 3-4 pages should suffice. Still, make sure to consult your capstone project guidelines for more specific information. In case you decide to ask for help, you have to look at legit essay writing service reviews for full assurance that your capstone project will be done perfectly.

Description of the Problem

When you’re done with your introduction, proceed to crafting a second section of your paper, which is dedicated to describing your problem. Your task is to clearly define your problem so that your audience has an idea of what you’re going to discuss. Outline your objectives and describe the nature of your problem and put emphasis on how your project will help address it.

Literature Review

In your literature review section, you should summarise and synthesise all the sources you consulted and relied on when creating your project. We’ll spare you the lecture about using only highly reputable, credible, and up-to-date sources. We hope you’ve got enough experience to decide what sources to use for your academic papers. Take advantage of both primary and secondary sources. It’s a good idea to use edited texts, foundational studies, scholarly articles, textbook, and other reputable publications. Be sure to include no fewer than 15 references to support your arguments. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prove that your findings are objective and scientifically substantiated.

Description of the Project

Capstone Project description project

It’s crucial that you keep the structure and content of your paper clear and coherent when creating the description of the project. There should be a logical flow from on topic to the next. Your audience should understand what you did to address a specific issue and be able to replicate your paper based on the content of the section in question. Be sure to describe the methods you used to analyse your data and don’t forget to refer to figures and tables to illustrate your outcomes.

Without reiterating verbatim what has been stated in the previous sections, briefly recap the purpose of your project in the summary section. Contextualise your outcomes again and emphasise their importance. Showcase the strengths of your project, but also mention its limitations and those lessons you have learnt while working on the project. What should be done next to address the problem your project is concerned with?

Edit, Proofread, Improve

Read your completed project at least twice. It will help you identify potentially weak places in your writing.

Use plain, formal, and unambiguous language in your project. Observe standard rules of grammar and punctuation. All transitions between your paragraphs should be smooth and logical. It’s a good idea to enable an automatic spell checker; this will help you make fewer grammar mistakes. Still, don’t rely solely on a spell checker. It won’t be able to check your writing for clarity, succinctness, style, and proper formatting . So, take care to scrupulously proofread and edit you project before submitting it.

Hope our recommendations will help you create an impeccable capstone project, impress your committee, and graduate with flying colours.


Sample Capstone Project

Fall prevention: recent research findings.

Falling is the leading cause of death due to injury for persons 65 years of age or older (CDC, 2012). This problem is so prevalent, that one third of all adults in this age group will fall each year in the United States. In addition to being a leading cause of death for this age group, emergency departments treated 2.3 million and admitted 663,000 older adults in 2010 due to fall-related injuries. The direct medical costs for fall-related injuries during the same reporting period were estimated to be $30 billion.

Prevention of Falls in Hospitalized Older Adults Essay

A fall is a lethal event that results from an amalgamation of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which predispose an elderly person to the incident (Naqvi et al 2009). The frequency of hospital admission due to falls for older people in Australia, Canada, UK and Northern Ireland range from 1.6 to 3.0 per 10 000 population (WHO 2012). The prevalence of senior citizen’s falls in acute care settings varies widely and the danger of falling rises with escalating age or frailty. Falls of hospitalized older adults are one of the major patient safety issues in terms of morbidity, mortality, and decreased socialization

The Effect Of Exercise On Fall Prevention Paper

The widespread falls among the geriatric population reduce their quality of life and take away their functional independence. Lee et al (2013) state that falls leads to the rise in mortality rates and morbidity complications such as fractures and disabilities,1 out of 3 elderly persons in a community setting falls in a year. About 87% of all fractures in the elderly are due to falls. Several of the risk factors that are associated with falls are visual impairments, cognitive impairments, and health-related problems: arthritis, orthostatic, back pains, lack of balance-weakening muscles, previous falls, polypharmacy or psychoactive drugs (Lee et al, 2013).

The California Osteoporosis Prevention And Education Act

Every year, about one third of everyone over the age of 65 falls, and do not report it to their doctors. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in older people (Falls Among Older Adults). Falls become more common as people age because their bones become more brittle and their muscle mass decreases. In society today, the baby boomers are aging, which means falls will continue to increase in frequency. When a person falls, it doesn’t just affect the victim; it affects everyone. In 2012, approximately $30 billion went towards medical costs that were associated with falls (Falls Among Older Adults). To prevent more people being injured and more money being spent, there has to be a change.

Fall Prevention: Are bed alarms overused?

Falls among any individual can cause significant trauma, often leading to an increase in mortality. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012), one in every three adults over the age of 65 falls each year. Long-term care facilities account for many of these falls, with an average of 1.5 falls occurring per nursing home bed annually (Vu, Weintraub, & Rubenstein, 2004). In 2001, the American Geriatric Society, British Geriatric Society, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Panel on Falls Prevention published specific guidelines to prevent falls in long-term

Capstone Project

It is always a wise choice to research similar case studies that may provide beneficial information relating to similar scenarios. I have done as such building my understanding of these scenarios which has a given me some background to my clients concerns. Several user friendly applications have offered me assistance analyzing security loop holes. They are the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Fall Risk Essay

The incidence of fall-related injuries in the elderly U.S. population will continue to increase (Quigley, Neily, Watson, Wright, & Strobel, 2017).

The Role Of Interdisciplinary Teams And Organization Management

“In the United Sates, unintentional falls are the most common cause of nonfatal injuries for people older than 65 years (Hughes, 2008).” This illustrates a problem that requires addressing. “Rates of falls vary across hospitals and units however, the highest rates are found in neuroscience (6.12-8.83/1000 patient days) and medical (3.48-6.12 falls/1000 patient days) units” (Mion, 2014). Older adults are usually those most affected and their falls are

Use of Orthotics in Fall Prevention

Falls are a common and complex geriatric syndrome that cause considerable mortality, morbidity, reduced functioning, and premature nursing home admissions. Falls have multiple precipitating causes and predisposing risk factors, which make their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention a difficult clinical challenge. Identifying effective interventions to prevent falls and fall-related injuries among older adults is a major area of research and policy development in geriatrics. Several published clinical guidelines review the evidence for fall prevention strategies and provide recommendations for assessment and intervention (Rubenstein & Josephson, 2006).

Fall Prevention Program for Elderly in DC

In USA, one in three adults over age 65 suffer fall while 20% to 30% experience moderate to severe injuries (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). In 2010, the cost of falls among elderly people for US health care system was over $30 billion (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). Over the last few decades the rate of fall related deaths in USA has sharply been escalating. Many older adults have developed the fear of falling, limiting their social activity and forcing them to live in fear. Some adults suffer lacerations, fracture and trauma during fall, deteriorating their quality of life.

MSA 699 is designed as the culminating activity in the Master of Science in Administration

Falls In The Elderly

Falls in the elderly is a significant health problem, which can lead to severe issues such as morbidity and mortality. The topic of falls within the elderly was chosen so that the many interventions, risks, and awareness strategies can be further explored within this paper. Throughout clinical practice I was intrigued by the number of patients that have fallen and the strategies that health care organizations take to prevent falls. However, I was concerned by the lack of awareness in the community related to falls in the elderly. The topic of falls in the elderly is multifactor in the sense that there are many intersectional factors that can result in falls. The significant impact of falls in the elderly and the consequences that falls have

Fall Prevention In Older Adults

Falls are considered a leading cause of mortality and injury among older adults and majority of the falls occurs while hospitalized. One would think being in the hospital would be one of the safest places for older adults as far as fall prevention is concern due to the fact that hospitals provide staffing around the clock for patients but more and more falls have been occurring in the hospital especially in the older adult population. Fall is an unintended descent to the ground. It raises public and family care liability; it also decreases patient’s functioning because it causes pain and suffering, and increases medical costs (Saverino et al, 2015). The Center for Disease Control

Sample Capstone Project Proposal

My Capstone Proposal Project will be about sleep disturbances associated with cardiac surgery patients. One of the major complaints from the cardiac surgery population is the inability to sleep at night. My proposed strategy consists of the idea that by increasing nursing knowledge, education, and intervention there will be a reduction in sleep disturbances for the cardiac surgery population.

The main point in my research was to show how the mental health nurse can influence the patient’s perspective of physical health as well as support it by promoting the physical activity and assisting the patient in identifying ways to incorporate physical health in their daily routines. In the first article the argument is made on how the mental health nurse should provide leadership in promoting physical activity even if the mental health

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How to Write a Capstone Project?

05 May, 2020

7 minutes read

Author:  Mathieu Johnson

Depending on your professor, he or she may define a capstone project as a capstone experience, a senior exhibition, or a culminating project. All of these terms refer to the assignment known as the capstone project. So what is a capstone project? Good question!

capstone project

If you’ve never had to do one before, don’t worry—you surely have the skills to complete it. According to The Glossary of Education Reform, this particular type of assignment is “…a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience…”. Simply put, the goal of this assignment is to integrate a variety of skills and knowledge acquired throughout the length of an entire course.

Still wondering what is a capstone project? Here are a few more defining details. These types of projects are considered long-term and are assigned well before their due date. Students are often asked to select a topic of interest, conduct research, track their process, and create an original final project to share the entire process and findings. Capstone projects rarely culminate in a single paper. They often involve portfolios and/or a multimedia presentation of some sort as well as an oral presentation. Check out these capstone projects at Yale University.

While this type of assignment is for a single class, presentations may be presented in front of a panel of teachers or professors as well as community stakeholders. Capstone projects are long, involved, require a great deal of planning, and are often heavily weighted in a student’s overall grade. In short, they require students to demonstrate a wide variety of skills in a multi-stage assignment.

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How to Write a Capstone Project

Capstone Project Outline

When you first receive this type of assignment, it’s a good idea to sit down and brainstorm a capstone project outline. Taking the time to map out your approach will save a great deal of time later. This type of project requires a broad range of skills including the following:

Identify any weak areas early and develop a plan to tackle them head-on. Most professors allow students to select the best presentation method for their capstone project; therefore, you’ll have the ability to select a final product that you’ll enjoy doing. This could mean creating a public service announcement or perhaps a pamphlet to be distributed at a local event. It could also mean presenting your research at an appropriate local event. The first step in approaching what is a term paper is to consider your final product. Once you’ve determined where you’re going, it will be much easier to plot a path to get there.

Once you’ve determined your final outcome, it’s time to create a capstone project outline. Brainstorm the best sources for research. Consider creating questioners for professionals in the field you’re researching and make appointments to interview them to get primary source information. Consider investigating multiple forms of information including newspapers, magazines, journals, and other informational texts. Consider the problem from various viewpoints to ensure that you’re covering all aspects of your chosen topic.

Next, you’ll need to organize all your research into logical groups to present it in some way. Whether you create a multi-media presentation, give a lecture, create a brochure, or air a PSA, the information will need to be easily accessible to the audience and accurate.

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Capstone Project Format

Your capstone project format can take a variety of different shapes. Since each capstone project format may be different depending on the issue that you’re researching, it is very important to get approval for your idea from the teacher or professor. Before you begin any type of research, be sure that your project is in line with what the professor wants. Set up a meeting during office hours to review your goals, your approach, and your final product. Once you have approval, you’re good to go! Not sure how to approach your capstone project format? Here are some potential ideas:

As you can see, a capstone project format can take a variety of different forms. While there is certainly writing involved in the “what is a capstone project”, the emphasis will be on the culminating project.

How to Write a Capstone Project

Capstone Project Writing

Once you’re finished with the capstone project format it’s time to get down to the capstone project writing. Depending on what your capstone project format it will depend upon the type of capstone project writing you’ll need to do. While some students will be focused on scripts and press releases, other capstone project writing will be more along the lines of formal reports or text for multi-media presentations.UTICA College has a great step by step guide for approaching all the parts of capstone projects. Whether you need to write a formal report or many smaller pieces of text for a brochure or oral presentation, the same rules apply. All capstone project writing should be grammatically perfect and well-organized.

Related post: Research paper topics list

Hopefully, this guide has answered basic questions regarding what is a capstone project. Remember: this type of assignment is meant to be a culminating activity. This means that it will rely on all the skills you’ve learned throughout the course to make it a success. Choose your topic wisely; you’ll be spending a great deal of time researching information, organizing it, and presenting it. Planning out your approach and setting milestones for your project will be essential to its success. You’ll need to avoid procrastination and work diligently throughout the duration of the project. Ask your professor and/or mentor for help; they will be invaluable resources during this important assignment.

Feel free to buy essay online with our pro essay writer service.

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A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

Due to human nature, we draw conclusions only when life gives us a lesson since the experience of others is not so effective and powerful. Therefore, when analyzing and sorting out common problems we face, we may trace a parallel with well-known book characters or real historical figures. Moreover, we often compare our situations with […]

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Selecting an academic paper topic is a crucial step in the writing process. The variety of nursing research topics makes it challenging to find the appropriate paper theme. But if you choose a sound nursing research paper subject, it will contribute to a flawless thesis statement, using relevant resources, a smooth writing process, and impressive […]

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sample of a capstone project

To choose the best capstone topic, you need to decide on the project's ideas and decide how to move. If you are a student of an engineering college or university, focus on what interests you. It could be a topic about the software or creating various phone applications. Using the same strategy, a marketing or economy student can choose a topic - labor market research or development of a market strategy. There is plenty to choose from, so below, we have collected the top topics that will inevitably become interesting for the reader. Our list includes the best topics in various sciences. But first, let's find out how to choose a capstone project topic.

Tips on How to Choose a Topic For Capstone Project

The capstone project is a kind of milestone, passing through which yesterday's student becomes a professional. Much depends on the choice of topic:

Therefore, you should not point your finger to the sky, or rather, to the list of potential topics. It is better to think over everything in advance and make an informed decision, focusing on your benefits. Let's consider several options for choosing a theme.

One of the most common options is that the project's topic is a logical continuation and development of other scientific documents you have already written. Of course, their themes should not be repeated word for word, but after all, it is quiet enough that the general direction of research is maintained. In this case, the student's developments in scientific research preparation will be beneficial in the capstone project. This can be statistical data, results of experiments, psychological tests, opinion polls, etc.

Another option for approaching the choice of the project topic is to focus on future employment. In other words, a topic is chosen that is more consistent with the upcoming professional activity. If, for example, a future psychologist will work with children, then his work should be built around child psychology and not be devoted to the psychology of conflicts between spouses or psychological assistance to victims of emergencies.

The third option is to discuss the topic with the scientific advisor. The ideal option is when you write all the documents for the same professor. The topic choice will be as adequate as possible, especially if you are also going to graduate school with this leader. If you had a new leader during the preparation of each work and when choosing a topic for the project he was changed again, then, of course, it will be more difficult for him to advise you something. But in any case, it will never hurt to discuss this with him, and you will hear something useful for yourself anyway.

Ideas From Top Experts For Students

It would help if you did not choose straightforward ideas for a project; there is a great chance that you can unwittingly repeat any document submitted earlier. The topic of the work should be relevant. If you choose it successfully, you can find a large amount of information in various literary sources. The commission draws attention to the year of publication of a particular book indicated in the list of used literature. Books should be no more than five years old for natural sciences and humanities, and technical ones - no more than ten years.

The implementation of research work will go faster if you first draw up a plan and decide on the future document's structure. This will help the order of information sources that set the vector of activity and sequence. So you can significantly reduce the number of possible improvements and build a train of thought on a given topic in your head. The plan is often corrected in writing, but this is good because it acts as a guideline.

It would help if you started preparing for the defense of the project by rereading the material. This helps to refresh your memory of all critical points. So it will turn out to look confident in front of the commission, leaving no doubts about your knowledge. Make sure that the structure of the prepared speech is entirely consistent with the plan. It is essential to check the availability of all applications and the order in which they are located. The explanatory note for the work also includes information on the presence of tables, diagrams. Now that we talk about many of the nuances of work let's move on to the list of topics.

The theme of a nursing project should be relevant, meet modern requirements for the development of science, reflect real health problems, have a practice-oriented nature, and correspond to the content of one or more professional modules. List of topics:

Later your project theme may help you with your nursing dissertation .

Information Technology

Information technology is very interesting for those students who are passionate about computers, the development of algorithms, applications, coding. If you don't know which topic to choose, then take a look at this list:

Computer science is complicated to learn. It is not easy for a student to come up with a project topic because there have already been many discoveries, but we still found those ideas that will become interesting for the reader:

In writing a work on the business, the student must demonstrate the acquired skills and ability to write a business plan, perform specific investment calculations, choose the most rational decisions, and manage a business idea's implementation. List of topics:

Work on accounting should help the graduate demonstrate the general level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the degree of his readiness for practical work as an accountant. List of topics:

Students must demonstrate skills in working on a personal computer, carry out mathematical calculations, and process materials when completing their final qualifying work. List of topics:

An education project should be primarily experimental. At the same time, it is allowed to perform theoretical work. List of topics:

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Engineering students can come up with a lot of ideas because the given type of job is quite common. We have selected the best themes:

Usually, the topic of marketing work is related to the activities of the organization. The work should contribute to the introduction of more advanced, including international marketing management methods and the organization's activities. List of topics:

How To Create Good Capstone Projects?

To write good capstone projects, you need to follow our advice:

Where to Search for Capstone Project Samples?

It is good that in our time there are libraries and the Internet. The student can find out what modern textbooks, capstone projects, articles in magazines on the topic under study exist. Also, visiting the library and traveling through the Internet is an exciting activity.

Let's take a look at the Wikipedia site. You are interested in a marketing project. We will see an article on this concept. At the very end of the article, we will see a list of references on this topic. Typically, this list includes beneficial literature sources. Of course, not many of them are on Wikipedia; nevertheless, they will give the main direction for further search. Through these sources, you can find a capstone project samples, understand how to create a document, etc.

Another way to find project examples is to ask the professor. Before work, clarify the document's details, what should be included; the teacher will help you in this challenging task. In the examples, you will find answers to the questions that torment you.

You can also contact the managers of our site. If you do not know how to draw up a paper, then you will be helped. You can see examples and order a project if you do not have time to complete the task yourself. Skilled professionals know not only the capstone definition but also how to make it memorable and outstanding.

What Does the Capstone Project Mean?

Every student graduating from a university or college needs to know what is the capstone . This document is a graduate qualification work. The content of the work shows the level of general theoretical and professional training of the student. According to the level of its implementation and the defense results, the examination committee determines the possibility of assigning the appropriate qualification to the graduate and issuing a diploma.

The final stage of training, which gives the right to award an educational master's degree, is precisely the capstone project. Work is the most active form of communication between students' theoretical teaching and practical experience working. In preparing a document, students develop a breadth of thinking, acquire research skills, demonstrate the level of their professional training, and report for the entire study period.

Why is A Capstone Project Important?

Now when you know capstone meaning , you need to understand why this work is so important. This project is initially created to carry out scientific research in a specific area of ​​knowledge, which results in the latest developments. They can be new methods, definitions, theorems, recommendations for improving any processes and phenomena, training programs, all kinds of training, technical inventions.

In the course of work on a project, any student can realize his dream, the idea of ​​creating a new device or program, suggesting his unique technique or method, which, in his opinion, will be more effective than previously developed by scientists. This is a kind of chance for a talented graduate of an institute, college to reveal his brilliant ideas first to the teacher, then to the certification commission, and later to the whole world.

What is the Purpose of A Capstone Project?

The purpose of the qualification work is a deep understanding of the topic, mastering the methods of independent research, the practical application of theoretical knowledge to solve specific problems. The work includes two components that are approximately the same in scope - educational and research. An individual plan determines the content of the research work of a specialist and a master. Professors of the university and college are appointed as heads of work.

The work must be logical, evidentiary, reasoned, and meet the following requirements:

What Are the Types of Capstone Projects?

If you think that this kind of work has only one meaning, we hurry to inform you that there are different capstone projects.

The student may not always select the types. It depends on the science that the student is studying. But you can combine them. Before deciding which type to choose, you need to consult with the professors; if he gives you full freedom, choose based on your interests; if specific rules are set, then stick to them and not deviate from the instructions.

Each type will significantly increase your grades. If you apply them in a project, you will unequivocally prove that you are ready for independent activities. The professors of the educational institution will evaluate your contribution to science. Therefore, carefully approach the elections because your future depends on it.

How to Implement the Capstone Project?

This project is necessary to describe the various methods and approaches that you apply in the research. The project's implementation depends directly on you and how you can develop ideas, thinking plans, and strategies. But we understand how difficult it is and give you instructions on how to implement the project. There are two stages; let's look at them:

What Does the Planning Phase Include?

Students who have successfully passed exams have made reports at scientific seminars, taken part in international conferences, completed an internship, and defended a report are allowed to work. The planning phase covers such actions:

What Does the Execution Phase Include?

After completing the processing of theoretical materials, the student proceeds to the practical generalization of research materials and writing chapters. The study results are presented based on the following requirements:

The student must submit the work to the supervisor for the first check-in parts within the established time frame. In case of non-observance by the student of the calendar schedule of work, the head of the department, upon the supervisor's proposal, has the right to contact the rector with a proposal to expel the student who does not fulfill the curriculum. Considering the supervisor's remarks and instructions, the student corrects the text and finalizes, after which he proceeds to its design by the requirements of the content and structure.

The prepared and adequately executed work is submitted for reviewing to the supervisor to receive written feedback and assessment from him. After receiving positive feedback from the head, the student completes the design of the project. At this point, this stage ends, and you need to protect the work. We wish you success, and we hope that you will succeed.

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sample of a capstone project

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