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Origin of capstone

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Just to be sure, they hoisted the capstone and looked on its underside.

It was a capstone to a career that saw him top the Yankees charts in hits, singles, doubles, stolen bases, hit-by-pitches, at-bats and games.

Signed in August 1965, the Voting Rights Act marked the capstone of the civil rights era.

That is often missing in rural America, where communities like Lindsay’s can treat high school as a capstone , not a steppingstone.

The tenth and final flight of the Gemini series, it was by any measure a perfect capstone .

But for Carter, this is a capstone to a career spent in the decidedly unsexy corridors of Pentagon power.

On the western side of the capstone is the history of the construction.

Cantor said he sees the election of de Blasio as the capstone of a transformational year for the progressive movement.

Once a favorite to replace Clinton at State, he is a contender for Defense Secretary as a capstone to his long legislative career.

I think this was a capstone to the major military project of his term.

Tower and spire are almost the same height, together giving to the capstone an elevation of 273 feet.

It is for them to put the capstone upon the sublime structure.

They had climbed the capstone of her pyramid, her sun had touched its zenith, and her last word was said!

The idea in itself attracted him, as a fitting capstone to his resolve not to go home to supper.

The promontory is connected with a still bolder and loftier headland, the Capstone Rock.

British Dictionary definitions for capstone

Copestone ( ˈkəʊpˌstəʊn ).

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English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

From Middle English capston ; equivalent to cap +‎ stone .

Noun [ edit ]

capstone ( plural capstones )

Synonyms [ edit ]

Translations [ edit ]

Verb [ edit ].

capstone ( third-person singular simple present capstones , present participle capstoning , simple past and past participle capstoned )

See also [ edit ]

Anagrams [ edit ].

Capstone meaning

Capstone Project

Also called a capstone experience , culminating project , or  senior exhibition , among many other terms, a capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of high school or middle school, or at the end of an academic program or learning-pathway experience . While similar in some ways to a college thesis, capstone projects may take a wide variety of forms, but most are long-term investigative projects that culminate in a final product, presentation, or performance. For example, students may be asked to select a topic, profession, or social problem that interests them, conduct research on the subject, maintain a portfolio of findings or results, create a final product demonstrating their learning acquisition or conclusions (a paper, short film, or multimedia presentation, for example), and give an oral presentation on the project to a panel of teachers, experts, and community members who collectively evaluate its quality.

Capstone projects are generally designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, or goal setting—i.e., skills that will help prepare them for college, modern careers, and adult life. In most cases, the projects are also interdisciplinary, in the sense that they require students to apply skills or investigate issues across many different subject areas or domains of knowledge. Capstone projects also tend to encourage students to connect their projects to community issues or problems, and to integrate outside-of-school learning experiences, including activities such as interviews, scientific observations, or internships.

While capstone projects can take a wide variety of forms from school to school, a few examples will help to illustrate both the concept and the general educational intentions:

For related discussions, see authentic learning , portfolio ,  relevance , and 21st century skills .

As a school-reform strategy, capstone projects are often an extension of more systemic school-improvement models or certain teaching philosophies or strategies, such as 21st century skills, community-based learning , proficiency-based learning , project-based learning , or student-centered learning , to name just a few.

The following are a few representative educational goals of capstone projects:

In recent years, the capstone-project concept has also entered the domain of state policy. In Rhode Island, for example, the state’s high school graduation requirements stipulate that seniors must complete two out of three assessment options, one of which can be a capstone project. Several other states require students to complete some form of senior project, while in other states such projects may be optional, and students who complete a capstone project may receive special honors or diploma recognition.

Most criticism of or debate about capstone projects is not focused on the strategy itself, or its intrinsic or potential educational value, but rather on the quality of its execution—i.e., capstone projects tend to be criticized when they are poorly designed or reflect low academic standards, or when students are allowed to complete relatively superficial projects of low educational value. In addition, if teachers and students consider capstone projects to be a formality, lower-quality products typically result. And if the projects reflect consistently low standards, quality, and educational value year after year, educators, students, parents, and community members may come to view capstone projects as a waste of time or resources.

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Capstone meaning

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Capstone meaning


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