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This is me and my wife’s Real Estate company! T&E INVESTMENT PROPERTIES “T&E” Man & Woman Silhouette(Identifier Logo) Houses,Apartments,Buildings Ideas ….Old House/New House

...for a talented and experienced YouTube editor who also has skills in YouTube marketing to partner with me on my YouTube channel. I am willing to share 40% of the revenue generated from each video that we produce together, once the channel is monetized. Responsibilities: Edit and produce high-quality YouTube videos that are engaging and informative for our audience. Collaborate with me on video ideas , scripts, and concepts. Optimize videos for YouTube search using relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions. Promote our videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Analyze and track video performance using YouTube Analytics and other marketing tools. Make recommendations for improving video performance and engagement. Requirements: Proven experience a...

I’m looking for a design for my business to print on t shirts and stickers. The circle RB logo will be separate for the front of shirt and small stickers .also I’d like a design for back of shirts something cool ,tough or comical ,see the pics attached for rough ideas .I’m open to anything. Note the circle RB logo is my existing logo with the Sidways B and i would like my mobile number kept on this logo

...landing page and upgrade from the currently what we are using. The artist has to be experienced in 3d and 4d desings and big time experience with design landing pages within cryptocurrency industry. The artist that will be selected will provide a demo before we will award the project . Once demo is accepted we will award the landing page and hire the person full or part time depends the skills and passion towards his work. Please feel free to bid those who : 1. Super high experienced artist 3d an 4d and experienced in cryptocurrency field 2. Looking for long term relationshio ( Part Time - Full Time ) 3. Only aritst that will be providing demo work before award the project should place bids. We are not looking for 1 freelancer to deliver 1 task. We focus on lon...

I am looking for someone to design a logo for a personal online community I am creating. I want the logo to be a mixture of both text and image-based. I am open to any and all creative suggestions; I don't have any specific ideas yet, but would love to hear yours. The finished logo should be unique and visually striking, as it serves as an introduction to the community as a whole. Ideally, the logo will be an iconic and memorable representation of this online community. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information. I'm excited to see your design! Fluro Orange/Orange is our main colour. Name is 'Outkast' We are a online gaming community focused on criminal tasks inside GTA5. Please dont point any referance to gta5 inside the... shaking a lemonade cocktail style, keep that in mind. I might want a basket of lemons on top of the juice bar. Optional. See how it goes. Please convert the sweatshirt on the shortest daughter into a regular T-shirt. For proportions, she is 5’2” in 110 lbs. I already have the company name in curved lettering that the new drawing can just take place of the old drawing. However, other sketch ideas are welcomed ...

We want to create an online course modules for IELTS exam preparation. For the same we need an instructor who can work with us on putting the content together and then can work with us to be a lead instructor in all the videos of the modules. This is a one time project and the work done will be used for academic purpose for not so privileged kids. We do not intend to make any big commercial use of this content but is created for betterment of students who need this content. We need this person to create all 4 aspects of the course - Reading, Listenin, Writing and Speaking. In total about 4 to 5 hours of course content per module. Some of it can be video and rest as self expenses and reading material

I am looking for a freelancer with experience in managing Etsy and Shopify stores, ...necessary skills to post successful listings on Etsy and Shopify. You will be creating listings on Shopify and Etsy, and writing longtail tags. Basically, I'm looking for someone with knowledge and experience in eCommerce stores. Excellent writing skills, experience in SEO writing, and knowledge of SEO best practices are essential. Proficiency with eRank, Copysmith, and unique tag creation will be a big plus. Some photo editing experience could be an advantage but not mandatory. You will be working directly with me and helping me grow my business, and if all goes well I would be looking to continue working together on regular basis. Please contact me if you think this will fit your skills ...

DRADES is a local business that provides services such at Excavation, Earthworks and Landscaping in Australia. The Logo I am after should be modern and creative. "DRADES" should be big as it is the BRAND name, under it should be "Excavation, Earthworks & Landscaping". The colours I want are Orange and Black, and yellow. I have attached some files for reference as ideas only. It needs to be modern and smart. Please look at the ideas I have attached in images to get an idea of what I want please.

Laravel PHP script small customise. three option customise and etc. Need an expert with big experience on PHP Laravel for long time work. This is Manueli Money Exchange website. Notice: Those who have no previous experience in doing this please do not knock.

Something like nebo, or good notes, or notability Mobile app with extremely large or infinite scrolling pages (either is ok) To take notes and link ideas . Less DRAWING though, and more place oval, or square for an idea, add text label inside. Create notes related to that square or oval. Link these ovals with lines that automatically click and join as a group. Ability to use stylus pen to create these Handwriting recognition. Ability to select areas and resize. Ability to save pages Ability to save pages to collection Ability to backup and restore eg to google drive Ability to password protect certain collections. Visually very appealing Maybe later have ability to style or them, eg change the way all the ovals/rectangles look to have a certain width or shadow etc.

I want a logo for a client personal brand. The name is Dave Renfrew. The logo should be an integration of his initials and the name written under, next to. He is a consultant, speaker and is building an online course for other allied health clinicians. He presents his material as modern, progressive and contrarian, and so wants a logo to stand out from the crowd. The colours are red, y...a logo for a client personal brand. The name is Dave Renfrew. The logo should be an integration of his initials and the name written under, next to. He is a consultant, speaker and is building an online course for other allied health clinicians. He presents his material as modern, progressive and contrarian, and so wants a logo to stand out from the crowd. The colours are red, yellow and black. Ideas ...

I am in the process of developing a product and am currently seeking a skilled packaging designer to create packaging for two sizes, 1 kg and 0.5 kg, as Well as two presentations, normal and premium The product in question is Drinking Chocolate, also known as 'c...designer to create packaging for two sizes, 1 kg and 0.5 kg, as Well as two presentations, normal and premium The product in question is Drinking Chocolate, also known as 'chocolate de mesa' in Spanish. As the packaging designer, it will be your responsibility to provide all necessary details for the packaging, as well as any additional information needed to produce it. l'm able to proveed some ideas for it, for example we want a package lika bag type. An image attached. We are interesting in specific f...

I am looking to have an app developed where people of the Forensic community can share ideas and talk about current work etc. Where information can also be found in terms of relevant published literature etc and where this has been applied in various labs around the world. I envisage it as a platform similar to current social media platforms in terms of creating a profile and being able to communicate in a similar way. However, it will be solely forensic science based and in particular, starting with DNA analysis and then potentially branching into different areas. I would like to get an idea if this is possible and the scale of such a project . Thanks!

We are builders in North Texas. My wife is a GC and has done our last few houses on SketchUp. For this next house she has the design, layout and size done, but we wanted some oversight and final touches. This would not be a big start to finish, but instead straight to finale and then hope to set up many more. Our website is

Hi Freelancers! I am looking for someone to help me transfer blog content from my Big Commerce eCommerce platform to WordPress. Specifically, 50 blog posts need to be transferred, so you'll need to be an experienced copy/paster who understands the transfer process. If you have experience transferring content from WordPress, GoDaddy, or Squarespace transfer platforms, that would be a plus. I look forward to hearing from you!

Light Up Photography specialises on portraits, family and newborn photography. We also capture christening and birthday parties as well as theatre productions. You can check my Instagram Or FB page They are a lit...logo readable (business name). I would like to have not just words but little picture there as well. As I want to use it not only on social media and on photos as watermark, it can be an option with just You can find my current logo (not really a logo) on both Instagram and FB. It's probably better in one color, white or other light ones. Hope it helps a bit. I'm quite open to ideas and I don't have anything particular in my mind. Thank you everyone.

Hi There, I am currently rendering shots of my animation in UE4 and my particle effects look perfect in the viewport but when I render the flames for my torch in the background look red? No clue what’s happening. I’ll attach a screenshot of my viewport and a render frame. (I...rendering shots of my animation in UE4 and my particle effects look perfect in the viewport but when I render the flames for my torch in the background look red? No clue what’s happening. I’ll attach a screenshot of my viewport and a render frame. (I’m aware the flame hasn’t fully started in the render but it is still red, and when it renders further the whole flame is red). Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine and wouldn...

I am starting a food distribution company that supplies mostly beef, pork, seafood..etc. The name of the company is Fresh Harvest Foods. I am looking for a real catchy company logo so lets see what you artist got. I am not making this a sealed contest because I am familiar with those on here that copy others work. I will not award som...distribution company that supplies mostly beef, pork, seafood..etc. The name of the company is Fresh Harvest Foods. I am looking for a real catchy company logo so lets see what you artist got. I am not making this a sealed contest because I am familiar with those on here that copy others work. I will not award someone that copies others. I am leaving it unsealed so that others can gather more creative ideas based on entries that are going in right ...

About Signed Sealed Delivered: we are a very popular gift shop that specializes in greeting cards. We are known for our carefully curated selection of greeting cards and are known to be the best greeting card store in Vancouver, BC. we are located at a very popular shopping strip right next to big name stores like Lulu Lemon, Patagonia, etc. We recently renovated our shop and the results where amazing. Check us out as signed sealed delivered in 1988 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver, Canada. Project Description: We want a logo that stands out, that is stylish, friendly/playful but with good taste at the same time. The interior of the store has been renovated and came out to be very very stylish and with good taste. The front facade of the store is also very unique and reco...

...friendships, collaborating on tasks, or even competing in friendly challenges. Experience seamless social interactions, even when you're offline, as your AI avatar continues to engage with others on your behalf. Expand Your Horizons: Join a global community of AI avatars and their creators, exploring diverse cultures, interests, and experiences. Connect with like-minded individuals and exchange ideas , tips, and insights to enhance your avatar's abilities and knowledge. Earn Money through Your AI Avatar: Leverage your avatar's skills and talents to complete tasks, provide services, or create content for others, earning real money in the process. Participate in a thriving marketplace that rewards your expertise and creativity, all while expanding your digital footp...

I want a drawing of a giant whale that's surfaced in the water. On top of the whale's back is a mini ecosystem with trees and grass and turtles. Big turtles. Turtles that are big enough for humans to construct houses on their backs. But the houses are more like huts or 2-floor houses.

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I am looking for someone to create icons and pictures for my project . The styles I'm looking for are vector illustrations and both simple and detailed icons. I do have a particular color palette in mind, so the person I hire will need to be able to work within the specified guidelines. Whoever I work with should also have experience in this particular field, as well as have an eye for detail and creativity. All materials should be of high quality and meet the specified quality standards. I would also prefer if the artist could provide quick turnaround time as I'm looking to start this project as soon as possible. Advertising & printing agency website. We need for our categories icons and mockups to describe the category clearly. Categories are: (for example) Pr...

Our small consulting firm wants to build a no-code app using Adalo and Xano for about 500 of our clients to use. We do not have a big budget. We are looking for the most affordable offshore talent we can find that can help us create this functioning app that will pass a pen test. We need someone who can help us properly set up third party API, such as: read-only data from Plaid, Quickbooks, etc. Your work must pass a pen test in order to receive payout. Please do not proceed with this job listing unless you are confident in your secure app development skills. We will work on this project with milestones (MVP launch, first round of added features, second round of added features, etc.) according to a detailed product roadmap that you will receive upon hire. We will ...

This logo is for my car rental business. I'm looking for a very broad logo. Ventura stands for good fortune or good luck so i was thinking something like with a clover or horse shoe & the companies inital V or VR. open to other ideas you might bring.

Need logo for new company called Ma Mom Mommy The company is a lifestyle blog for mom's discussing tips, ideas , and news.

...This is a high-stakes project , so experience and dedication are a must. The developer must have a good working knowledge of PHP, and your own portfolio should demonstrate a well developed understanding of the language. Furthermore, you must have a comprehensive understanding of scripting and the ability to develop a script with the requirements of the client in mind. The script should be tested thoroughly on completion to ensure that it works according to the desired specifications and that it can run seamlessly on the intended platform. I'm open to ideas from the developer and to any suggestions for how the development process can be improved. Knowledge in other coding languages such as JavaScript or Python would be beneficial, but it is not essential. This ...

...withdraw, deposit and print its balance. 1. Use skm and dotnet to start a new project for BankProgram. skm dotnet new console skm dotnet restore Before we can start writing the code we need to understand what we are trying to build (analyse the requirements) and then come up with a plan to get something working quickly. For this program we will be modeling a standard Bank Account. Think about the kinds of things you would associate with a Bank Account, and these can be used to design an Account class. What things will an Account need to know and what will it need to be able to do? I have a design in mind, but have a quick think before progressing to the next page. Account Class First Design Ok, hopefully you had some good ideas . The way I see this, we are going to need a P...

I'm looking for a freelancer to help me add an ex...exciting game element to my live streaming channel. I want to include a dynamic gaming platform that is reliable and responsive. I have some ideas for the game, but I'll need some help creating the artwork. The type of game I'm interested in creating is a puzzle or action-based game. I'd like the game to offer my viewers an engaging and stimulating experience that captivates them. It would be great if the game has a challenging mission and is straightforward, but difficult enough to complete. Finally, I hope the game will be interactive and dynamic, so it's sure to offer my viewers a great time. Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to hearing any ideas you have to take my streaming chann...

I am getting married and changing my name. I'm a Realtor and do a lot of social media marketing, etc. I need several logos with my name, one with contact info and one with photo. New Name: Wendy Mease Company: Keller Williams Realty I'm attaching what I currently use for my email signature. And also just my name logo And my photo I use these colors: #5A8A93 #EFFBFC #999999 I'm open to ideas of colors. I like to keep it classy.

My crew and I will begin filming ...(Rounded up to the nearest hundred). Prior to the commencing of production, the film, "Ghostface: From The Book of Scream", requires an official poster. If you agree to help, and we like the final product, not only will you obviously be compensated. You will also be credited in the end credits for your work. We have a clear vision on what we're after. There is room to breathe a add your own ideas where you feel necessary. Please, please, message me directly if you're interested, rather than commenting interest. We'll like to see your portfolio before deciding, and when we have decided. We will then send you a more in-depth description on what it is we're looking for. Thank you very much, and we all look forward t...

Need assistance to come up with a logo and decor for the food trailer. The old decor will be removed and to be replaced with the new one. Will leave it on you to come up with the colors & ideas . The business serves a blend of middle eastern, african as well as western food. The name of the trailer will be either Habibi Bites Or The Arabian Truck

Propose ideas / concept for renovation of kitchen/living area space in 3D Plans enclosed

I am looking for someone who has previously worked with big or small companies and produced their brand logos or company logos. we will provide you with details on how to design the logos you have to make 6 different logos within the me if interested,,u have to send samples first though.

Hi All, I am on the owner of I am 41 years old and have been a Freelance I.T contractor for over 23 years, I cover the whole of , most of my work comes from uk companies who sub contract jobs to be as its cheaper than setting up offices in , I Occasionally cover work in ROI Republic Of Ireland, I offer professional email...reputation on the line, we take GDPR very serious, we have an in house legal advisor who can provide Enhanced Access NI and other security clearances if required, when I am not studying I love I.T, invite both recruiters or home users to check our my CV page when you can see some of the certificates i am picked up over the years, i need a website to reflect Above, something fancy, hit me with ideas thanks

Hello, I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to help me build a scraper in Python. I'm in need of data extraction from various sources - specifically forums/webpages - and the output will be in CSV format. I need this extraction process to take place once in total, with no schedule required. The right candidate should have experience in coding in Python, with knowledge of web scraping and data extraction. Additionally, they should be familiar with formats such as JSON, XML and CSV, so they can help convert the data to the needed format. If you think you're the right fit for this project , please get in touch! I'm eager to discuss it in detail and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

I am in need of logo designs for my software training business, including a logo, partnership logos, and a consulting logo. I am open to ideas and am looking for a moderately complex design. I do not have an existing style guide that needs to be followed.

I am looking for a motivated and talented UI/UX designer to help me create a logo for a recipe portal I am developing. I would like the designer to focus on logo design, but also be knowledgeable in graphic design and web design. I have a basic idea of the logo in my mind, but am open to whatever creative ideas the designer may bring to the table. The expected timeline is to have the logo finalized within 1-2 weeks.

Job requirements for managing the website and managing social media for a tourism and Umrah company: Regarding the website: - Website management in terms of content management and technical management - Add/modify/delete: icons - information - topics...Add/modify/delete: icons - information - topics - posts Offers - Programs - ...etc - Any matters related to the technical support of the website - Anything that would develop the site Regarding social media Social media management in terms of content and technical management - Add/modify/delete: information - topics - posts Offers - Programs - ...etc - Responding to customers and their inquiries - Any ideas that would develop the company's social media pages We would like to have the chosen candidatecompany to work with us on...

I am looking for an experienced Wordpress developer to help me make some changes to an existing site. and I have very specific ideas in mind. I look forward to hearing from you! My Budget is 600 INR 1) Logo - Header & Footer/ Updated 2) Create a Menu with a page 3) Some adjustments on the main landing pages 4) Logo should appear on desktop, tablet, and Mobile the same

Hello, we are look at a logo design. The company name is "Giraffe Telecom", the idea is to have the silhoutte of the head of a giraffe and the name of the company. One of the company colour would be Orange. You are also welcome to propose other colours and ideas .

I am looking for a modern icon for my real estate business, to be used primarily in digital formats. Real estate bussiness is not the name of my company. SO PLEASE DO NOT PUT THAT TEXT (OR ANY TEXT) IN THE DESING! Must provide source files. A few ideas /suggestions (I am not tied to them so feel free to send designs that do not follow them) : - house icon combined with a loading icon () You can play mergin the roof with the icon - house icon combined with a magnifying glass icon () - houce icon combined with some icon related to search - Using vertical gradient colors. - I would say blue color could be the more appropiate for the brand - I usually

I am looking for an experienced designer to help me design an electric mountain-bike style on an existing bike. I am looking to completely overhaul the design, including a new color scheme and logo design. The target bike is an electric mountain bike. It is esse...overhaul the design, including a new color scheme and logo design. The target bike is an electric mountain bike. It is essential that the designer be highly experienced in bike design and have a strong understanding of the regulations and safety requirements associated with electric mountain bikes. I'm open to creative ideas and willing to consider unconventional designs and features. Please only apply if you have the required experience and expertise to complete this project in a professional and timely mann...

a continuation to Project I, perform predictive analytics based on the GTD and produce relevant insights (minimum 5 key findings). Each key finding should be supported by relevant visualizations. Additional data sources may be used (or provided by instructor) for this particular steps. – CLO 4 Critique Assignment. Read and perform critical analysis on the following paper: Analyzing Relationships in Terrorism Big Data Using Hadoop and Statistics by Strang & Zhaohao (2017) – CLO 5

We are looking for writers who are available full-time and can produce original content based on their creative ideas . Freshers are also welcome to apply for the project . The minimum duration of the project is 1 month from the starting date. The skill set required for the project is the following: 1. Creative Writing (Mandatory) 2. SEO-friendly Writing 3. Proofreading 4. Managing Skills 5. Social Media Content Creator * Please mention the timings of your availability in the application. * Women wanting to start/restart their careers can also apply. Perks: 1. Certificate 2. Letter of recommendation 3. Flexible work hours

The name of the company is I thought maybe replacing the 'l' in Palm with picture of palm tree attached. However you might have different ideas . The company will sell handmade bags and bespoke crafted mirrors

Logo required for a company which specialises in bird surveying and monitoring. Company name is OOBI Monitoring Logo to incorporate ideas such as birds, equipment and/or working in great outdoors. Equipment used for surveying includes binoculars, telescopes and cameras, which might also be useful as themes to incorporate into the logo. Looking for a modern, creative and professional feel. Colour theme is mid-green and black on a white background. Logo will be used on websites and print. As a guide, here's another website in the company portfolio that might be useful as a guide and for colours and styling ideas for the logo.

Please create a logo for a company called RMG Logistics. This company is a transportation company which does local transportation and frieght. The colour would be preferred to be black and red. Other ideas could also be included. Please give me a futuristic design. Please include all the neccesary image files/eps/pdf/transparent/ai/psd files upon awarding of the contest.

Big Data Capstone Project Ideas

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Capstone Project Ideas for Data Science


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big data capstone project ideas for business

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Capstone Project Ideas for Data Science Have no inspiration for creation capstone project ideas for data science? Look here:


big data capstone project ideas for business

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big data capstone project ideas for business

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big data capstone project ideas for business

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University of Adelaide Logo

Big Data Capstone Project

Further develop your knowledge of big data by applying the skills you have learned to a real-world data science project.

Big Data Capstone Project

There is one session available:

About this course.

The Big Data Capstone Project will allow you to apply the techniques and theory you have gained from the four courses in this Big Data MicroMasters program to a medium-scale data science project.

Working with organisations and stakeholders of your choice on a real-world dataset, you will further develop your data science skills and knowledge.

This project will give you the opportunity to deepen your learning by giving you valuable experience in evaluating, selecting and applying relevant data science techniques, principles and theory to a data science problem.

This project will see you plan and execute a reasonably substantial project and demonstrate autonomy, initiative and accountability.

You’ll deepen your learning of social and ethical concerns in relation to data science, including an analysis of ethical concerns and ethical frameworks in relation to data selection and data management.

By communicating the knowledge, skills and ideas you have gained to other learners through online collaborative technologies, you will learn valuable communication skills, important for any career. You’ll also deliver a written presentation of your project design, plan, methodologies, and outcomes.

At a glance

Candidates interested in pursuing this program are advised to complete Programming for Data Science , Computational Thinking and Big Data , Big Data Fundamentals & Big Data Analytics before this course.

What you'll learn

The Big Data Capstone project will give you the chance to demonstrate practically what you have learned in the Big Data MicroMasters program including:

Dataset overview, data selection and ethics Understand ethical issues and concerns around big data projects;Describe how ethical issues apply to the sample dataset;Describe up to three ethical approaches;Apply ethical analysis to scenarios.

Exam (timed, proctored) The exam will cover content from the first four courses in the Big Data MicroMasters program, including the Ethics section of this capstone course, DataCapX. Itwill include questions on topics such as code structure and testing, variable types, graphs, big data algorithms, regression and ethics.

Project Task 1: Data cleaning and Regression Understand the basic data cleaning and preprocessing steps required in the analysis of a real data set;Create computer code to read data and perform data cleaning and preprocessing;Judge the appropriateness of a fitted regression model to the data;Determine whether simplification of a regression model is appropriate;Apply a fitted regression model to obtain predictions for new observations.

Project Task 2: Classification Build classifiers to predict the output of a desired factor;Analyse learned classifiers;Design a feature selection scheme;Design a scheme for evaluating the performance of classifiers.

About the instructors

Frequently asked questions.

Question: This course is self-paced, but is there a course end date? Answer: Yes. The first course release started on December 1, 2017 and ends on April 1, 2019. The new release of the course starts on March 1, 2019 and ends on December 1, 2020.

Who can take this course?

Interested in this course for your business or team.

big data capstone project ideas for business

Business Capstone Project Ideas

big data capstone project ideas for business

The business capstone project is usually a two-semester commitment that places seniors on projects that align with their skills and interests. Sometimes, you’ll work in a team comprised of five or more other students. Other times, it is an individual project. If you’re studying a business problem a sponsor or client wants to be addressed, you’ll typically have someone from that organization guiding you. Such a person serves as a mentor who offers general project advice. The mentor also provides project context while assisting you in terms of getting access to data and other resources. So, how many business capstone project ideas have you considered? You may want to examine a couple of them to see if one of them moves you in some way.

On this page:

A Business Capstone Project Focuses on Real-world Challenges

What makes the senior capstone so important is that it focuses on real-world challenges and business problems. It is best to be on a team that intends to attack a specific problem presented by a real business out there. After all, that’s where you’re heading to after graduation. The business senior capstone aims to transition you from your college career to the real business world. Entities that sponsor capstone projects include Government agencies, NGOs, companies, startups, advocacy groups, and educational institutions. Your business capstone project ideas should help these sponsors solve their problems.

Types of Business Capstone Projects

A business capstone project focuses on solving business or other real-world problems. It is a results-oriented process that culminates in a product, a new method, process, approach, policy, and so on. Stop for a moment and think about all the activities that take place in actual businesses. Mergers, acquisitions, hiring, firing, procurement, marketing, advertisement, training. Each activity or aspect of business management presents you with different ideas for your business capstone project. Your senior capstone may analyze an acquisition, a merger, or a divestiture. Your study may also focus on modelling or analysis of the intellectual property, equipment, or investments. You may also research proto-type development or perform a market analysis of new, innovative technology. As you can see, there are many topic areas you may consider and come up with an award-winning capstone project.

Here is a Couple Business Capstone Project Ideas You May Want to look at for Your Senior Capstone:

You see, you can brainstorm and generate tens of business capstone project ideas in one sitting. But you obviously can’t work on all of the ideas you come up with. The topic you end up working on is a matter of personal choice and a few other factors. Availability of sources, topic relevance, and your level of interest in a topic are the main factors that determine the topic selection.

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Have no inspiration for creation capstone project ideas for data science? Look here:


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big data capstone project ideas for business

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Looking for capstone project ideas take a look at our unique topics.

September 27, 2019

Capstone projects vary depending on the course you are taking. Sometimes, your school capstone projects are different from other schools. With all these different formats, it may be difficult to pick a format and topic. Tutors will inform students about what they expect from each project.


What Is A Capstone Project?

Capstone projects are also known as culminating projects. They are used to demonstrate all that students have learned during training. The project is a general one that culminates all the educational experience gathered at the end of an educational year. These projects are an integral part of high school, middle school and colleges. When students write capstone projects, they learn to be more creative, plan schedules and communicate with others while working well in teams.

How can you come up with excellent capstone project ideas? Here are some interesting project topics and ideas:

Capstone Project Ideas For Nursing

Nursing is a challenging but interesting course. It requires lots of hard work and passion to pass successfully. Before the completion of your course, however, you must write a capstone paper that shows how well you have understood the concept of nursing. To make it easier for you, here are some ideas to help you create a research topic list:

Computer Science Capstone Ideas

If you are a computer science student, you may also need to write a capstone project. There are so many ideas you can expand on for your project. Some of them include:

IT Capstone Project Ideas

Are you an information technology student searching for a great research topic? Here are some ideas to help you start off your work, if you’re not yet ready to ask for a professional writing help :

Cybersecurity Capstone Project Ideas

For MBA capstone ideas on cybersecurity, there are a lot of viable options. They include:

Management Capstone Project Ideas

When it comes to management, you can find a long list of ideas for your project. Here are a few to start with:

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

If you are studying psychology, you can find some capstone project ideas here:

Business Capstone Project Examples

When it comes to project examples in the business field, there is a lot to use. These exciting ideas may be helpful to you as you start.

High School Capstone Project Ideas

As a senior high school student, you may also need informative capstone topics. this list below should help you to pick an idea to build on.

Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

If you are taking an engineering course, here are some great project ideas to peruse:

The main idea behind a capstone project is to motivate the learner to master problem-solving skills, develop social skills and think critically. The best capstone project encourages students to learn how to connect the paper to the issues they face in real life. When you know the area of interest for your capstone research, you are already one step closer to finishing.

Most capstone projects are investigative and cover a longer period. As a student, you are expected to make use of an interdisciplinary approach to bring the idea to life. After researching, the final document has to be written as a scholarly article, seminar paper or memorandum. You will also need to defend it through presentation or any other process.

If you want a scientific project idea, you can find a lot of resources online to work with. You can also tweak the ideas to suit your own experiences.

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