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The Associate Degree Capstone is a culminating and reflective experience based upon what the student has learned in his or her program. The course is focused on using critical thinking skills to analyze diverse and ethical issues. The students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills by creating a PowerPoint presentation and a final project. The course content is centered upon the four Liberal Arts degree outcomes: critical thinking, communication, diversity, and ethics. In this course students will broaden their understanding of these concepts, apply them in assignments, and reflect on how these concepts have shaped students' college learning. This is an intense, 8-week course requiring significant research and writing from the student. It is strongly recommended that  students have some prior experience with online course work, and particularly Excelsior College courses, before attempting this challenging experience. This course requires the completion of the listed prerequisites and permission of the student's advisor.

Completion of Written English, Ethics, and Information Literacy required. Students must be within 12 credits of degree completion and obtain advisor approval.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:


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Course Schedule

Weeks start on Monday,12:01 AM ET and end on Sunday, 11:59 PM ET, US .

Unless otherwise noted, all assigned items are due at the end of the module (by 11:59PM, Sunday).

Grade Ranges

A = 90-100%

F = below 60%


Course Activities:

Before beginning your course work, be sure to review the Excelsior College Guidelines for Online Interaction (a.k.a. Online Etiquette or "Netiquette"). If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to direct them to your instructor. All student work in this course may be submitted to plagiarism detection software.

Discussions - 25%

Some discussion topics may require you to post your initial post prior to being able to view your classmates’ posts. Discussions are due every module with your initial post due by Wednesday of each week.

Every week, you will submit an assignment for your course project.

In Module 1, you will brainstorm about global ethical dilemmas and create possible ideas for your project topic.

In Module 2, you will formulate your research question for the topic you have chosen, based on your instructor’s feedback about your brainstormed ideas.

In Module 3, you will research and identify a minimum of eight scholarly resources from academic publications that will be used to write and support your work on the project.

In Module 4, you will create and submit a multimedia presentation with voiceover that presents your research question and the sources you have chosen to support your project.

In Module 5, you will submit an outline of your paper following the template provided in your assignment instructions.

In Module 6, you will submit a draft of your paper in APA format, based on the outline of your paper.

In Module 7, you will submit a multimedia presentation (again with voiceover) of your Global Ethical Dilemma. Use the feedback from the Module 4 presentation to improve your skills and final product.

In Module 8, you will revise (based on the feedback you received) and submit your final paper.

By registering for a web-based course, you have made a commitment to participate regularly with your instructor and other students in online discussions. You will be expected to use online course tools ( Discussions and Chat rooms) to interact with your peers and work collaboratively to improve your understanding of underlying course ideas and issues.

To lessen the risk of losing your work, do not write major discussions directly into a discussion posting. Instead, compose and check your work in other software (such as Microsoft Word) and then use the Create Thread  button and copy and paste your text into the new posting.


In this course, the APA citation style guide is used. You will find links to websites that will assist you with this formatting in each of the assignment descriptions.

Institutional Policies


Weekly course participation is required. Please see the Student Participation Policy  for more details.  


Your instructor will:


All assignments (e.g. papers, projects, etc.) are expected to be submitted on time. If unplanned or extenuating* circumstances prevent on time submission, then students should follow these guidelines:


It is recommended students begin quizzes and exams prior to 9:00 PM Eastern Time.  All quizzes and exams must be completed by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  Most quizzes and exams are automatically submitted at 11:59 Eastern Time. If you have unplanned circumstances that prevent you from completing, please contact your instructor. Please note that some course differences and certain circumstances may result in exceptions to the quiz/exam policy. Your grade will be based on completed work.  Students with prior approval for accommodations must plan their start time accordingly.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor.  Extenuating circumstances* are considered without penalty.

 * Some types of extenuating circumstances that will be considered, if they prevent the student from completing the assignment or assessment on time, are the following:  

Documentation for extenuating circumstances may be required.


Cheating and Plagiarism

Academic Integrity is a valued part of your education, and the college expects you to submit work that is your own. Intentional plagiarism, and online cheating, including the purchasing of papers or sharing course materials, examinations or quizzes with outside vendors/websites in an unauthorized manner is a serious offense.  To ensure the high standards of the college are upheld, all work will be processed through anti-plagiarism software available in the course.  Please see the policy on  Academic Integrity for more details. We want you to be successful! If you need assistance in writing a paper or studying, please contact your course instructor or advisor.

Copyright Protections

In addition, you should be aware that content in Excelsior College courses is owned by the College or third parties and is typically subject to some form of copyright protection.  Therefore, these materials may only be used by you for educational purposes as part of your participation in Excelsior College courses.  It is your responsibility to properly use the information and materials in each course.


You are responsible for being familiar with all the policies that are related to your activity in this course. Complete information on Excelsior College policies can be found in your course or by visiting Excelsior College Policies .

Technology Requirements

Please be sure to review  System Requirements and Required Software . This is especially important if you are taking a course that contains any interactive components, such as games and simulations. 


Accessibility statements for each technology utilized within a course can be found on this Technology Accessibility page.  If you have questions on the accessibility of technologies, contact Accessibility Services .

Privacy on External Websites

In some courses, the use of applications or certain websites may require providing personal information. Click each link to view the application’s privacy statement.

Additional Items

This course contains the technologies listed below. Click each link to view each technology's accessibility statement. 

In some courses, you may be required to provide information such as a name and email address to log in to external websites. In these cases, the privacy policy for each website is listed below. Click the link to view the privacy policy.

View more information about   Disability Services .

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