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Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology

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George Mugimba

it capstone project examples pdf

Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks

Melanie Swan

Maged N Kamel Boulos

Abstract'Wikification of GIS by the masses' is a phrase-term first coined by Kamel Boulos in 2005, two years earlier than Goodchild's term 'Volunteered Geographic Information'. Six years later (2005-2011), OpenStreetMap and Google Earth (GE) are now full-fledged, crowdsourced 'Wikipedias of the Earth'par excellence, with millions of users contributing their own layers to GE, attaching photos, videos, notes and even 3-D (three dimensional) models to locations in GE.

Sanaz Fallahkhair

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to deliver health and social care. This trend is bound to continue as providers (whether public or private) strive to deliver better care to more people under conditions of severe budgetary constraint.

IJCSMC Journal

Mahadi Munna

Rashid Khan

IOSR Journals

International Journal of Applied Electronics in Physics and Robotics [IJAEPR]

Robotic revolution made the position monitoring systems become more and more demanding in the industry. Knowing the position of an object will help for the better navigation as well as control of systems. This review is about the current position monitoring systems with an overlook of their applications in helping Alzheimer's patients. Here we have included the indoor and outdoor methods and the comparison between the common methods used in position monitoring systems. A list of various methods used for the position monitoring has been included in the conclusion section based on their accuracy and cost.

Sensor Technologies

Cliodhna Ni Scanaill

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Mas S Mohktar

2012 Tenth International Conference on ICT and Knowledge Engineering

Mahmoud Elkhodr

IJSTE - International Journal of Science Technology and Engineering

Goutam Saini

Mubashir Husain Rehmani , Bushra Rashid

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications

Shahriar Akter

Manvi Madan , Abhishek Gulati

Emmanuel S Dandaura

Rob Kitchin

Suleiman Garba , Olumide S. Adewale , Solomon Adelowo Adepoju

IJAR Indexing

Patrick Limo

Jayden Khl , Ahmed Khattab

Sikha Garnaik

Nurul Nabila

Aashiq Shaik


Electrical Engineering: An International Journal (EEIJ)

Katabazi Davide

Aniesodo ikechukwu

Fall detection system for diabetes and epilepsy patient with GSM communication and GPS localization

Dawit Belachew

IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research and Development

Emad Aghayi , Moein Noferesti

Ajao Adewale

International Journal IJRITCC

Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan , Santosh Mahendra , Rajesh Babu

IJCSMC Journal , Vicky Prince V

International Journal of Advance Research Ideas and Innovations in Technology

Ijariit Journal , Abdul Gaffar

Valderi Leithardt

fitsum tesfaye

Future Internet-1999-5903

Kambombo Mtonga , Chomora Mikeka , Jimmy Nsenga

International Journal of Information Processing and Communication (IJIPC)

Olaniyi Olayemi Mikail

OPUS Open Portal to University Scholarship

OPUS Open Portal to University Scholarship

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Capstones from 2022 2022.

Airline Search Engine Project , Arun Kailasa

Airline Search Engine Project , Mahendra Nagalla

Airline Search Engine Project , Jayachandra Poldasu

Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Social Engineering Attacks , Sowjanya Manyam

Audit Reconciliation Program , Laurie Westberg

Career Engine , Sanjay Boga

Career Engine , Girish Kumar Reddy Charupati

Career Engine , Priya Darshini Cheripalli

Career Engine , Anudeep Gudimalla

Career Engine , Sai Akhil Gujja

Career Engine , Anirudh Hari

Career Engine , Bhargavi Kasetti

Career Engine , Rajasekhar Kedam

Career Engine , Nishanth Kolagatla

Career Engine , Aishwarya Lankoti

Career Engine , Anoop Vivek Sagar Mallavarapu

Career Engine , Naga Manasa Nallapaneni

Career Engine , Venkata Durga Prasad Puvvada

Career Engine , Vikas Suroju

Career Engine , Mounika Vemulapally

Career Engine , Kishore Kumar Vijigani

Career Engine , Gnanesh Yanamandala

Career Engine (Jobesy) , Vijaya Lakshmi Patti

Career Engine [Jobesy] , Tejaswini Kapa

Career Engine [Jobsey] , Santhosh Reddy Chappidi

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    it capstone project examples pdf

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    it capstone project examples pdf


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