1. Action Research Methods

    action research in education

  2. Action Research in Teaching and Learning

    action research in education

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    action research in education

  4. 21 Action Research Examples (In Education) (2023)

    action research in education

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    action research in education

  6. Improving Schools Through Action Research a Reflective Practice Approach

    action research in education


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  1. Action Research and Systematic, Intentional Change in

    Action research shifts the paradigm of contemporary educational reform by emphasizing inquiry and placing teachers at the center of research-into-practice. By situating teachers as learners, action research offers a systematic and intentional approach to changing teaching.

  2. Educational Action Research

    Journal overview. Aims and scope. Journal metrics Editorial board. Educational Action Research is concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings.

  3. Action Research in Education

    Educational action research involves participants conducting inquiry into their own practices in order to improve teaching and learning, practices and programs. This means that the researcher is a participant in the activity being investigated, be it in schools or community centers—wherever teaching and learning occur.

  4. What Is Action Research?

    In other words, as its name suggests, action research conducts research and takes action at the same time. It was first coined as a term in 1944 by MIT professor Kurt Lewin.A highly interactive method, action research is often used in the social sciences, particularly in educational settings.

  5. The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education

    About this book. Comprehensive overview of the theoretical, conceptual, and applied/practical presentations of action research as it is found and conducted solely in educational settings.

  6. Action Research

    Alternatively known as practitioner research, self-study, action science, site-based inquiry, emancipatory praxis, etc., action research is essentially a collaborative, democratic, and participatory approach to systematic inquiry into a problem of practice within a local context.

  7. Action Research in Teacher Education: Classroom Inquiry

    Action Research in Teacher Education: Classroom Inquiry, Reflection, and Data-Driven Decision Making. Carrie Eunyoung Hong William Paterson University. Salika A. Lawrence William Paterson University.

  8. Action Research and Practical Inquiry: An Overview and an

    Teachers may use action research or practical inquiry in the course of their professional practice as a way of understanding teaching more fully, identifying and addressing classroom problems, extending their professionalism, and contributing to the field of education.