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25 Teacher Cover Letters Examples To Help You Get Hired

Your guide to a killer cover letter that will get you that interview.

Teacher Cover Letter Examples

Whether you are sending out resumes hoping to land your first teaching job or looking to shift to a new school or district, one fact remains the same: All the best credentials, experience, and passion will go unnoticed without a strong cover letter. The main rule? Sell yourself the way a publicist would. Cover letters aren’t a time for modesty. They’re a time to highlight your accomplishments and make your passion for teaching known. Below you’ll find our tips for creating the best cover letter possible and our top teacher cover letter and CV examples.

3 top tips for crafting a teacher CV or cover letter:

Keep it short and sweet..

You’ve only got about 30 seconds to capture a hiring director’s attention, so start with what we call “the elevator pitch.” Imagine you have the time between the elevators closing on one floor and opening again on another floor to sell yourself. Instead of rehashing everything on your resume, use the space to craft a paragraph or two that will convince them you are a standout candidate and are worth moving on to the next step.

Emphasize why you’re a great match.

Read the job description and find the overlap between the skills you bring to the table and the skills they need. If the job description calls for certain qualities or uses specific language, repeat them in your cover letter! The ultimate goal for your cover letter is to say, “You’ve got a problem? I’m the ideal person to solve it.” Be professional and use concrete examples.


Tailor each and every cover letter to fit the specific school, district, and job for which you’re applying. Research the school and its culture. That way, you can address their expectations and also use specific examples of achievements in your history to show why you’re the right candidate for the position.

Top teacher cover letter examples:

1. first-time teacher.

This letter is friendly and enthusiastic. It uses concrete examples and experiences related to student teaching while showcasing exactly why the applicant wants to become a teacher.

Learn more: First-time teacher at LiveAbout

2. Another first-time teacher example

This version of a cover letter calls out the specific skills the applicant has and hopes to bring to the table.

Learn more: Another first-time teacher example at OLAS

3. Experienced elementary teacher

Not every teacher stays in their job until retirement. If you’re looking for a new position, your cover letter should clearly state your experience. This example also makes it obvious that the candidate researched the new district and discusses why she would be excited to join. The candidate also includes references at the bottom of the cover letter.

Learn more: Experienced elementary teacher at Monster

4. Another experienced elementary teacher example

It doesn’t hurt to have additional examples! This teacher cover letter clearly showcases the school’s goals and addresses how this teacher specifically can help. She did her research!

Learn more: Another experienced elementary teacher at LiveAbout

5. Summer school teacher

As school lets out for summer, many teachers still need to earn an income. With competition tight, this cover letter stands out as the candidate states her qualifications as well as her ability to train other staff members.

Learn more: Summer school teacher at Cover Letters and Resume

6. Assistant teacher

With this letter, the applicant took a slightly different approach. The letter breaks down the most relevant accomplishments into bullet points. Those will jump out at the hiring manager, who will likely scan through a ton of applications.

Learn more: Assistant teacher at LiveCareer

7. Special education teacher

This letter is similar to a standard teacher cover letter, yet it also stresses the specific qualifications and experiences of a special ed teacher. For example, this candidate included how they modified the curriculum to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. In this particular cover letter example, the teacher was looking to move into a leadership role, so this serves as a template for someone looking to transition into management as well.

Learn more: Special education teacher at JobHero

8. School guidance counselor

This cover letter emphasizes the applicant’s academic achievements, especially with regard to the psychology education required for many counselor positions. It also talks about the characteristics that make this person the ideal candidate for this position.

Learn more: School guidance counselor at Great Sample Resume

9. Another school guidance counselor example

We liked this cover letter because it pulls specific metrics that are not in the resume—including the number of students the candidate worked with and the funding obtained for special needs programs.

Learn more: School guidance counselor at Zety

10. Library media specialist

This cover letter oozes confidence! As with any specialist position, the candidate hones in on how her specific skills and background make her qualified for this role.

Learn more: Library media specialist at LiveCareer

11. High school English teacher

This cover letter covers a lot of ground. It points out the candidate’s strengths for teaching and assessing knowledge in the specific subject. It also presents the special techniques the candidate uses to teach students at the high school level.

Learn more: High school English teacher at Great Sample Resume

12. Technology teacher

Taking a very professional approach to writing a cover letter shows that the contender is serious. This letter points out the specific skills that best prove why this candidate is a great fit for the position.

Learn more: Technology teacher at LiveCareer

13. Music teacher

A music teacher requires knowledge of multiple instruments and a love of music and music theory. This cover letter showcases the candidate’s background and why they feel music is an important part of the education experience.

Learn more: Music teacher at Best Sample Resume

14. Drama teacher

Drama teachers often go above and beyond just teaching a class. They host auditions and rehearsals for after-school productions. This cover letter shows the candidate’s knowledge of curriculum, directing a show, and even marketing efforts.

Learn more: Drama teacher at Great Sample Resume

15. Foreign language teacher

Foreign language teachers need to display their knowledge of the particular language as well as showcase how well they can immerse students in the culture. This cover letter discusses the teacher’s plans to incorporate curriculum as well as help facilitate the induction of students into the German Honor Society.

Learn more: Foreign language teacher at JobHero

16. Sports coach

This cover letter has a terrific opening line that sets the candidate apart from the get-go. It also clearly covers the candidate’s qualifications, from knowledge and experience to attitude and philosophy. This cover letter example also works well for PE teachers.

Learn more: Sports coach at JobHero

17. ESL teacher

Teaching English as a second language obviously requires a distinct skill set. This cover letter showcases key communication skills and lets the hiring director know the specific language fluency.

Learn more: ESL teacher at LiveCareer

18. Math teacher

Touching on the highlights of their resume without rehashing it completely (who wants to read something twice?), this candidate points out their qualifications and certifications as well as their versatility in teaching different types of students.

Learn more: Math teacher at A+ Resumes for Teachers

19. Pre-K teacher

Teaching pre-K takes patience, creativity, and flexibility. This cover letter effectively highlights the candidate’s communication and problem-solving skills as well as the personal qualities that make them great at their job.

Learn more: Pre-K teacher at LiveCareer

20. Business teacher

This cover letter provides excellent background about the teacher in a way that’s appropriate for business. It shares the necessary information clearly and concisely.

Learn more: Business teacher at LiveCareer

21. International school teacher

Working at an international school requires a certain skill set, and this letter highlights the teacher’s language skills as well as their ability to create effective lessons on relevant topics while providing students with the support they need to succeed.

Learn more: International school teacher at LiveCareer

22. Head teacher cover letter

Serving as a head teacher involves a unique blend of leadership and innovation. This cover letter showcases the candidate’s exceptional communication and leadership skills, essential for coordinating with staff, students, and stakeholders to cultivate a thriving educational environment.

Learn more: Head teacher cover letter example at QwikResume

23. Kindergarten teacher

A kindergarten teacher plays a foundational role in a child’s educational journey, blending creativity with core educational principles. This cover letter highlights the candidate’s proficiency in developing engaging lesson plans and materials tailored to young learners, ensuring the fundamentals of various subjects are delivered in a manner that is both enjoyable and educational.

Learn more: Kindergarten teacher at Kickresume

24. Secondary teacher

Secondary teachers help shape the young minds of students as they transition into adulthood. This cover letter exemplifies the candidate’s adeptness in crafting comprehensive lesson plans and teaching materials that cater to the diverse needs of teens, ensuring that the curriculum resonates with their evolving interests and capabilities.

Learn more: Secondary teacher at Resumaker

25. Art teacher

An art teacher embodies the intersection of creativity and education, nurturing students’ artistic talents and encouraging their expressive capabilities. This cover letter highlights the candidate’s proficiency in designing stimulating lesson plans that explore a wide range of artistic mediums and techniques, from traditional painting and drawing to digital art forms.

Learn more: Art teacher at Resume Genius

Do you have more great teacher cover letter examples? Share them in our We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Plus, check out the most common teacher interview questions and suggestions for how to answer them., you might also like.

Closeup of woman holding up examples of her teacher resume.

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Student Teacher Cover Letter Example

Applying for a Student Teacher role will be challenging especially if you don’t have any experience in the field. However, you can use your cover letter to communicate your talent and ambition professionally to the hiring manager. While your resume summarizes your education, qualification, and work experience, your Student Teacher Cover Letter explains in detail why you are an ideal fit for this post.

Your cover letter is the best opportunity to introduce yourself to the school you are applying, to and let the reader know how proficient your communication style is. Why don’t you consider our Student Teacher Cover Letter Sample as a guide to writing your engaging Letter? Also, check out our must-haves and additional tips if you want to set your job application apart from the competition.

Student Teacher Cover Letter example

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Student Teacher role is the one wherein the candidate teaches the students under the supervision of a qualified professional. Some core duties undertaken by these people include – observing the classroom and students’ discipline and behavior, interacting with students, assessing the student performance, and assigning notes and other home assignments to the students.

What to Include in a Student Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

  • Drafting and implementing lesson plans, and using audio/visual means for facilitating learning among students.
  • Maintaining a tidy and orderly learning environment.
  • Providing one-on-one attention for promoting interactive learning.
  • Creating and distributing educational content including summaries, notes, and assignments.
  • Collaborating with other teachers, and parents and participating in regular meetings.
  • Planning and executing educational in-class and outdoor activities and events.
  • Observing and understanding student’s behavior .
  • Reporting any suspicions of abuse or neglect.
  • Developing and enriching professional skills by attending seminars, and conferences.

Education & Skills

Student teacher skills:.

  • Deep knowledge of teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Creative and energetic.
  • Interactive teaching techniques.
  • Knowledge of CPR.
  • Strong moral values and discipline.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire students.
  • Approachable and friendly behavior.

Student Teacher Education Requirements:

  • Degree in any subject or language.
  • Specialization in any Subject.
  • Proven work experience.

Student Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

With more than 10 years of experience as a Student Teacher, I am seeking a challenging role as a Student Teacher in your *** wherein I can create a caring, and learning atmosphere among students. I assure you that my skills and expertise will engage your students and foster a stimulating classroom environment that is favorable for learning.

I have earned my bachelor’s degree in education and served as a student teacher assisting teachers with early childhood education programs and guiding a small group of elementary children. I also coordinated summer camps and guided the fifth graders to nature hikes as a part of their learning process. This experience prepared me well to become a leader, and improved my communication skills.

Here is a sneak peek into my core qualifications –

  • Experience in preparing lesson plans and learning outcomes with the ability to measure each child’s progress.
  • Strong communication skills to communicate with children, peers, and parents.
  • Ability to simplify processes and concentrate only on teaching children instead of working on non-essential tasks.
  • Fostering a positive classroom environment while encouraging students to learn and grow.
  • Completed various instructional responsibilities and contributed to school bulletin, dashboards, and school magazines.
  • Devised and incorporated a new teaching technology and classroom activities such as video animations, laminating machine, and smartboard internet.

I am confident that my teaching style and personality will align well with your school’s Philosophy and enable me to be a valuable asset. Please contact me in case you need further details. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

A good Student Teacher Cover Letter should explain to the recruiter why you are the perfect fit for the job. Skills and expertise which could help you stand out among others should be included in the cover letter as it will help the recruiting manager understand your passion and what you can offer to the school. Refer to our Student Teacher Resume Sample to create an impressive resume and boost your chances of getting hired.


Customize Student Teacher Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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Curriculum Designer Cover Letter Example

application letter as student teacher

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application letter as student teacher

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5 Teacher Cover Letter Examples & Templates for 2024

Stephen Greet

  • Teacher Cover Letter
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • AP English Teacher
  • Writing Your Teacher Cover Letter 101

Teachers’ duties extend far beyond the 8 to 4 school day, encompassing lesson planning, grading, parent communication, faculty meetings, and guiding student extracurriculars.. 

The challenge of finding a new teaching position and the requirement to write a cover letter in addition to your teacher resume can seem daunting given your already full schedule.

We’re here to assist you in your job hunt with five teacher cover letter examples and a comprehensive guide. While it’s impossible to highlight every accomplishment, our resources, which include a free cover letter generator , are designed to help you effectively showcase your strengths and demonstrate to principals and departments why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

application letter as student teacher

Teacher Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Teacher cover letter example

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example

Elementary teacher cover letter example

Art Teacher Cover Letter Example

Art teacher cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Metrics bring your accomplishments to life, painting a vivid picture of your effectiveness for the role. For instance, Kaito reports a 12% increase in foot traffic to his mural projects.

Special Education Teacher Cover Letter Example

Special education teacher cover letter example

  • Passion equals commitment and even success. Not only does this align with the role she seeks, but it’s also an excellent trick to captivate the recruiter reading your piece.

AP English Teacher Cover Letter Example

AP English teacher cover letter example

AP English Teacher Resume

Need a resume to pair with your AP English teacher cover letter?

or download as PDF

AP English teacher resume example

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Teaching Job

Teacher on blue laptop types and questions how to write a teacher cover letter

The key to writing your teacher cover letter can be distilled into two main points: don’t be generic and don’t let it become a repeat of your resume. 

application letter as student teacher

Step 1: Don’t skimp on researching the teaching role

Just as you want to tailor your resume to the school where you want to work and to its accompanying  teacher job description , you should do the same with your cover letter. Sure, this requires extra research, but what’re 20 or 30 minutes when this effort can pay off in dividends? Not only will research ensure your cover letter is relevant—not vague and generic—it’ll also prepare you well for common  teacher interview questions .

Additionally, leverage your research to demonstrate a real interest in the role you’re applying for as well as in the school itself.

  • Discuss how your commitment to standardized testing has improved students’ performance at other schools.
  • Share how Google Classroom has transformed your STEM projects.

application letter as student teacher

Step 2: Go beyond your teaching resume

Addressing the specific needs and concerns mentioned in the job description will have the desired effect  as long as you go beyond what you included in your resume . Mentioning that you’re a rock star at using Google Classroom isn’t enough; principals have  already  gathered that from your resume bullet points and  skills section .  

This is your opportunity to specifically share what you’ve done with Google Classroom. Many teachers set up Google Classroom for their students but don’t get around to using it. What have you done that sets the standard for every teacher following you? This is when quantifying your experience becomes exceptionally valuable. 

  • Demonstrate how this resource has decreased late submissions by 53 percent.
  • What did you do exactly to accomplish such a feat? One-on-one tutoring, an after-school club, unique teaching methodologies?

application letter as student teacher

Step 3: Convey the right message

Beyond specific and descriptive paragraphs in your teacher cover letter, keep your document  at  or less than a page. Eliminate wordiness and avoid pleasantries. Be sincere and gracious, but, really, no one likes a teacher’s pet.   

So, consider your tone of voice. Be professional, avoiding clichés, contractions, colloquialisms, and the like. Remember you’re applying for a teaching position, not a quirky tech startup.

Consider your tone. Remember you’re applying for a teaching role, not a quirky tech startup.

And when you think your cover letter is ready to go, hold up! You’re, indeed, almost at the finish line, but what is it you tell your students to do before they submit an essay (which they inevitably  never  do)? 

Yep—it’s time to practice what you preach. Invite a few people you trust to review your cover letter and offer constructive criticism while your eyes and brain rest. Then, return to your work, consider the feedback, and scour for any last content issues and spelling and grammar errors. Make revisions, save your document, and send your best teacher cover letter to the principal and hiring department with your resume, application, and any other requested materials.

Your Teacher Cover Letter Format & Outline

Teacher in yellow dress outlines cover letter on blackboard with yellow chalk

Now, if you’re staring at a blinking cursor on a blank document, not sure how to make the examples and steps work for you, don’t fret. It’ll come together beautifully like a perfectly executed lesson plan.

You just need a comprehensive outline that breaks the cover letter for a teaching position into distinct sections, making it easy to understand what to include in each part.

application letter as student teacher

How to start a teacher cover letter

Your contact info: If you’re using a template, fill in the letterhead to suit your needs. Just ensure you replace all filler text and don’t accidentally exclude critical information like your name, email, and phone number. 

  • Formatting:  If you write a block business letter rather than use a template, including your address is standard. Additionally, while your name will be prominently displayed on a letterhead on a template, a basic but professional block letter should omit your name (the principal will find your name easily in your signature line).

Date:  If you write your cover letter today but don’t submit it until next week, edit the date, to reflect the day you submit the letter and other career documents for the specific teaching role. 

  • Formatting:  Write out the full date, e.g. January 12, 2023.

Inside address:  This is the contact information for the principal or hiring department at the school. Name the specific person; then, include the school and position title, e.g., Ryan High School Principal. Complete this section with the school’s address.

  • Formatting:  Each piece of the inside address should be on a new line. You’ll want a double space between the inside address and the greeting. 

Kyndra Marque Ryan High School Principal  5101 E McKinney St Denton, TX 76208

Greeting:  Your goal is to start on the right foot with your principal, so avoid issuing a generic greeting, also known as a salutation, like:

  • Dear Principal,
  • Dear Hiring Department,
  • To Whom it May Concern:

While it can take some sleuth skills to track down the name of the hiring manager for some jobs,  most, if not all,  schools have staff listings on their website. You’re already researching the school to help you write an amazing cover letter, so take a couple of extra minutes to put a real name to the greeting:

  • Dear Mr. Thatcher:
  • Dear Ms. Li:
  • Formatting:  Err on the side of caution and use a colon at the end of the greeting. A comma is more casual while a colon denotes professionalism, which will likely serve you best for a teaching role.  

application letter as student teacher

How to write your teacher cover letter

Body:  The body of your teacher cover letter should be three to four brief paragraphs that state your interest, demonstrate your teaching credentials, and convey enthusiasm for further discussion. Let’s break it down further: 

  • Formatting:  The body of your teaching cover letter should be single-spaced although you’ll need to double-space between paragraphs.

Opening paragraph:  The goal is simple—state your interest in the position and your overarching credentials that reflect your research for the specific role. While the goal is simple, the execution often leaves little to be desired. Too many teacher cover letters start the same way.

I found your posting online and am interested in filling the English III position. 

No. Just no. Bore the principal and the English department right out of the gate, and they’ll wonder whether you’ll hold the attention of your students. Instead, try:

With 12 percent of Ryan High’s student population slotted to graduate with honors, I am eager to lead the initiation of the English Advanced Placement program as stated in the job description. With seven years of experience teaching AP courses, I am confident that Ryan High’s students will excel in my classroom and beyond.

Not only does this signal that you’ve done your homework and researched the school’s unique standing and areas for growth, this opening paragraph hooks the reader. Clearly, you’re interested in the role, offer valuable experience, and with phrases like “lead the initiation” and “excel in my classroom,” there’s no doubt you’re confident and capable.

Paragraphs 2-3:  If you can squeeze in the third paragraph, we recommend it as each paragraph is an opportunity to demonstrate indisputable evidence of the credentials and qualifications you boldly state in your opening paragraph. 

Each paragraph should not be a repeat of your resume; rather, each paragraph should hone in on  one  clear accomplishment, be it the results of your teaching methodology, values, or something else. Don’t try to tackle multiple topics in a paragraph. Be detailed, specific, and quantify your results when possible. 

Closing paragraph:  Clench an interview with this final paragraph. Now’s not the time to lay your head on your desk and call it a day. Don’t let this be your closing paragraph:

I believe I am the perfect candidate for this teaching position, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 

At best, it exudes laziness. At worst, no one will believe you’re actually interested in the job but just need something to put beans on the table. 

Instead, demonstrate that your unique values and qualifications align with the school’s needs, which will indicate a genuine interest in the role— even if you are  desperate to put beans on the table.

Finally, add a call to action that anticipates a follow-up or interview. With the following closing paragraph, it’s clear that teaching is far more to you than just a job:

Solving students’ pain points is more than acknowledging their existence. To me, pain points are a starting point to discovery. I firmly believe that some of the most challenging endeavors have the power to yield the most fruitful results. If these results speak to you, I am eager to share more of what my non-traditional classroom looks like and what you can expect from Belleville’s students and from me as their geometry instructor.  

application letter as student teacher

How to end a teacher cover letter

Signature:  While you can include your gratitude at the end of the closing paragraph, you can also express thanks when you sign off. Keep it professional, and use your real name here just as you will on your resume and application form. 

  • Formatting:  Typically, you’ll send your cover letter to the principal’s email; however, if you deliver your career docs in person or—gasp—by mail, be sure to quadruple space and sign your name in blue or black ink between your closing line and typed name.

Thank you for your consideration,

Marcus DeWitt 

Enclosure(s):  This is important, and most job seekers, including teachers, fail to include it. “Enclosure(s)” means that more documents follow your cover letter.

What information would that be? Well, hopefully, your  teacher resume , likely the school’s application, potentially your teaching license, also your college transcripts, and maybe even a reference letter or two, depending on the requirements detailed in the  teacher job ad . 

After your signature, you’ll include “Enclosure(s),” followed by the exact documents in order of appearance. 

  • Formatting:  Use the singular form of “enclosure” if you’re only including one document. Also, include each additional document on a new line. 

Enclosures: Resume Application 2 letters of recommendation

See, including this final section is literally easier than writing your own address. Include it, and automatically set yourself apart from other teachers vying for the same role. 

Finish Strong with Your Teacher Resume

Teacher works on purple laptop to finish teacher resume

Now, that you’ve got the tools to confidently wow principals and departmental heads with your teacher cover letter, have you considered the current state of your resume? Maybe you’ve already updated and polished it, and if that’s you, kudos to you—you’re ahead of the game! 

If you’re blowing out an exaggerated breath because you’ve relegated your resume to the nether regions of your mind, we get it. But teacher resumes are judged more harshly than most. Hiring teams don’t cut a lot of slack when they’re looking for talent who will teach their students to communicate, read, and write well.   

So, if it’s time to think seriously about re-writing or, let’s face it,  writing  your resume  from scratch, take a page from us (literally) and get inspired with our  free resume templates  and  teacher resume examples  like the one below.

Elementary Teacher Resume

Need a resume to pair with your elementary teacher cover letter?

Elementary teacher resume example

Your career documents are a pain in the tush, we know, but think of us as your biggest cheerleaders. With our  resume builder ,  Google resume templates ,  Word resume templates , and expert-approved guidance, your teacher resume and cover letter are sure to win you interviews and secure your next role, where you just might earn Teacher of the Year at your next school. 

Every school you apply to will likely have slightly different teaching styles, cultures, and objectives they would like to achieve throughout the year. You can use your cover letter to connect your previous experiences to their mission and goals. For instance, if you volunteered for an early-age reading program, that would be a great experience to connect when applying to a K-5 position where the school wants to improve student reading scores.

Ideally, you want to match your tone to the feel of each school’s job description. Does the school have a very formal and knowledgeable tone in the description? Then being more formal and factual about your knowledge and experiences in different teaching styles they emphasize would be a great idea. For example, citing factual information about how you used hybrid learning to create 75% higher material retention in math subjects would work well in this instance.

Try to address your cover letter to a specific person in the school. Typically, this will be a principal, superintendent, or human resources hiring manager that would be reviewing teacher resumes . Check through the job description to see if a specific name is listed who will be reviewing applications, or review the school’s website for this information. If you can’t find anything, you can simply address it to “[Name of school] hiring staff” or something similar.

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How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter [with Template]


5 Resume Cover Letters for Teachers 

Start with structure: how to format your teacher cover letter, what else to include in your teacher cover letter, teacher cover letter faqs.

If you’re researching teacher cover letter tips and best practices, chances are you are either in the market for a new job or at least beginning to think ahead to your next opportunity.

As you’re well aware, your cover letter is a vitally important messaging document that must be thoughtfully crafted to A) catch the eye of potential employers/recruiters and B) entice them to learn more about you by reviewing your resume.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because — when it comes to teacher resume and cover letter advice — we’ve got you covered.

Designed to apply to both new and seasoned educators alike, this post serves as a guide to writing an effective teacher cover letter that will help you land your next job.

We’ll share key tips and best practices, along with several teacher cover letter examples that you can use for inspiration — plus, a downloadable template you can use to write an A+ cover letter!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Download our template to start writing your best cover letter yet. 


Before we get into any how-tos, it helps to know what the end result should look like. Below are five examples of winning teacher cover letters. 

1. This example offers guidance for the first-time teacher, since it can be difficult to write a cover letter without much experience to describe! This letter emphasizes volunteer work, student teaching and college experience. 

application letter as student teacher

2. Here, the applicant listed out some of her experiences into bullet points. This is a wise formatting trick, since it’s likely the hiring manager looks at multiple cover letters a day, so the bulleted list makes it easier — and faster — to read.

application letter as student teacher

3. Though it may not apply to every teaching position, some hiring managers like to see applicants back up their claims with hard data. This history teacher offers quantifiable proof of her abilities in her previous position.

application letter as student teacher

4. What it lacks in volume it makes up for in succinct, to-the-point text. This cover letter says just enough while leaving the reader wanting to know more. Be careful with creating generic cover letter “templates” for yourself though — the content of this letter could apply to a wide range of roles and schools, so you’ll want to customize the details to each new position.

application letter as student teacher

5. For a clearer breakdown of the essential parts of a cover letter, this example from Liveabout.com highlights where the applicant mentions her skill set, her unique value proposition and her desire for the position.

application letter as student teacher

A teacher cover letter is much the same as a cover letter for any other position — the structure is fairly standard, with the content customized to the role and your experience. A cover letter should be one page, no more than four paragraphs, easily scannable and include the best way to reach you. The reader should not have to look very hard to find everything they need to know about you. 

The best teacher cover letters have the following components: 

  • Your contact information: Provide your name, email address, phone number and where you live (just city and state is fine).
  • The school’s contact information: Though you may not be sending your cover letter and resume by mail, this confirms your intention to apply to a specific school. 
  • Date: The date you’re submitting your application materials.
  • Salutation: A professional greeting that addresses the hiring manager by name. It’s customary to preface their name with “Dear.”
  • Introduction: This is a one-or two-sentence statement that introduces you and expresses your intention to apply for the open position.
  • Body paragraph 1: A brief paragraph describing your relevant professional experience, achievements, skills and education. 
  • Body paragraph 2: A brief paragraph explaining your interest in and fitness for the role for which you’re applying.
  • Closing paragraph: Once more, a brief closing statement that expresses your desire for further conversation and invites the hiring manager to contact you with any questions.
  • Your signature: You may simply write your name or, for a more personal touch, you can add a real signature — hand-written or digitally placed. 

Why all the brevity? Hiring managers likely sift through dozens of applications a day, especially at competitive schools. You want your materials to stand out for their scannability, so that the reader can see whether you would be the right fit within just a few seconds. 

If you include all of the components above, you will have an excellent chance of capturing any hiring manager’s attention and (hopefully) starting a conversation with them. 

While most cover letters follow a similar format, with the introduction, body content and conclusion all containing relatively the same kind of information, the body paragraphs are where you can really highlight your uniqueness. The portion of your cover letter where you describe your skills and experience is your oyster — without repeating what’s on your resume, consider including any of the following elements:  

  • Include teaching specialties such as subject expertise , special education curriculum design and even extracurricular responsibilities. 
  • When it comes to your education, you’ll want to note whether you have your master’s degree in education . Having an MEd does not necessarily equate to teaching experience, but many schools will prioritize candidates with graduate degrees over those with only bachelor’s degrees . 
  • Mention soft skills as well as hard teaching skills, such as organization, patience, adaptability, etc.
  • Mention any relevant training or certifications. If you can point to a certificate in a specific teaching method or school leadership training , you may be considered for other open positions.
  • Educational equity and inclusion is critical to school and student success. Even if you don’t have experience teaching units on disability activism or racial justice , expressing a commitment to learning about and teaching students of different backgrounds is a highly valued quality.
  • Include related work you’ve done outside the classroom , such as tutoring, non-teaching work or volunteer experience that involves working with children.
  • However, please note that teachers cannot freely share specific class or student data. It is your responsibility to adhere to school, state and federal restrictions concerning student privacy .
  • Teachers are never done learning. Expressing a commitment to ongoing education and professional development in your cover letter will communicate that you are passionate about developing your craft. 

Each item should only take one to two sentences to explain. For scannability, you may want to format your skills and experience into bullet points.

Some teaching applicants include a postscript in their cover letters following their signature. While this is not necessary, it is a fine place to put something that doesn’t fit naturally into the body of your cover letter. However, only include a postscript if absolutely necessary ( “By the way, I remember competing against Sacred Heart’s epic debate club back in 1998 — if I couldn’t beat them then, joining them now would be the next best thing!” ). 

Your postscript should add value or personality, or be something the hiring manager absolutely needs to know, otherwise it can look extraneous and unprofessional. 

Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Think of your teaching cover letter like an elevator pitch. Pretend you have 30 seconds to “sell” your skills and enthusiasm for the role — how do you “hook” the reader? 

Before you set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, be sure to research the school you’re applying to. It’s generally good practice to customize your cover letter for every job application, and that means knowing something about the school, department or role you’d be filling. It’s quite easy to tell if an applicant is just copy-and-pasting the same cover letter for multiple job applications. 

For example, is the school known for its competitive mathematics team? Does it have an award-winning drama department? Are its standardized test scores consistently in your state’s 90th percentile? If the role you’re applying for relates in any way to the school’s differentiating factor, be sure to acknowledge it in your introduction. 

Here are some other ways to bump your application to the top of the pile. 

  • Keep it brief: No one wants to read your master’s thesis in a cover letter. Leave the longer explanations of your experience and teaching philosophy for your interview. 
  • Accentuate the positive: Your application materials should not only convey why you want the position, but how your unique abilities and assets could benefit the school and its students. Emphasize why you’d be a great match with specific reasons — but don’t brag.
  • Keep it personal: There are plenty of great cover letter templates and examples out there, but they should only serve as suggestions for what yours will be. This is your story to tell, not anyone else’s. Expressing your passion for teaching will position you as a dedicated, valuable asset to any school.
  • Proofread: As a teacher, this should be a no-brainer — but don’t be the one teacher who forgets to proofread! Take your time, re-read and ask a colleague to give your cover letter a once-over before submitting your application. Many people treat their cover letter as an afterthought, but remember that it’s the cover to the rest of your application. 

To use another teaching comparison, remember that your cover letter counts for a significant portion of your “grade.” As Christian Eilers writes for Zety , “That means treating it like a crucial final exam instead of an inconsequential pop quiz.”

How long should my teacher cover letter be?

As a general rule, keep your cover letter brief — no one wants to read your master’s thesis as part of your application. Your cover letter should have a short intro, an explanation of your experience and skills, any significant accomplishments, awards or certificates, and a short conclusion summarizing your interest in the position. Always end with an invitation for the hiring manager to contact you, and sign your name (a signed letter is always a nice touch, even if it’s a digital signature). Leave the longer explanations of your experience and teaching philosophy for your interview.

How can I add data to my cover letter?

If you’re making any claims about your effectiveness in the classroom, try back them up with numbers. For example, you may want to say that you were responsible for increasing biology testing scores by 30%, or that attendance improved by 65% while you were a teacher. If you’re currently a teacher considering other schools, be sure to keep track of your own class’s performance so you can cite these metrics in future cover letters. Please note, however, that it is your responsibility to adhere to school, state and federal restrictions concerning specific student data and student privacy .

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application letter as student teacher

  • Master of Education

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application letter as student teacher

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15 A+ Teacher Cover Letter Examples

Have you ever been told you don't need a cover letter for a teaching position? Well, based on my conversations with many academic hiring authorities you NEED one.

One of the most important parts of the academic job search process is your teaching job application letter. Even a cover letter for a new teacher with no experience is critical.

The sample cover letters for teachers and administrators that we have created show you just what is needed to get the reader to pick up and read your resume.

Sample Teacher Resumes and Cover Letters

Why would you risk not sending an application letter?

It is usually the first thing a school administrator or school district superintendent looks at when hiring a new teaching applicant. A cover letter, also known as an application letter or a letter of introduction, is how you introduce yourself as a teaching candidate. It allows you to convey your passion, relevant expertise, credentials, and teaching skills in a one-page letter.

Make sure when you write a cover letter you are not guilty of writing a long-winded one.

Don't make it too short; you need to communicate your value. It's a balancing act!

How you write your letter of introduction for a teaching job will determine if you can convince the reader to move on to your academic teaching resume and be offered a job interview. It's essential you develop a hard-hitting, attention-grabbing application or cover letter full of relevant keywords, teaching accomplishments, and action words that prove your worth.

Formatting your letter of application properly can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with technology and using word processing programs. It is best to match the resume formatting used to create your resume to keep consistent in your presentation. You will notice that all of our cover letter examples match in the formatting of the matching resume.

In addition to ensuring the letter matches the resume, we have incorporated and highlighted all the key aspects an interviewer is looking for in a teacher or administrator candidate.

Examples of Layout and Content for a Teacher Cover Letter

Education and credentials.

The first paragraph of your application letter for a teaching position should address the position of interest that you are applying for and also state that you are submitting your resume for consideration. A hiring school administrator may be looking to fill several positions; therefore, it is necessary to let the reader know right away which type of position is of interest.

Other topics that should be incorporated into the opening portion of your cover letter include:

  • Educational credentials, i.e. Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, etc.
  • Teaching certifications and licenses
  • Years of classroom teaching experience or related expertise

Teaching and Administrative Experience

Think of your past positions not simply as jobs but learning experiences that helped you blossom into the person you are today. Provide a brief list of relevant jobs you have done and briefly discuss which skills you have developed as a result. Even though you may not be able to think of many technical skills, you have probably learned how to communicate, work with others, solve problems, etc. These are all relevant to your new position, regardless of what it is you are applying for.

No matter how long you have been teaching, you are bound to have several academic achievements to include in your academic job search documents.

Some questions you can ask yourself to help you come up with your teaching achievements, include:

  • Have I increased student participation levels?
  • Have I decreased student absenteeism?
  • How were students performing by the end of the school year, as opposed to the start of the school year?
  • How does my 4th-grade class stack up against the others in the school? What about in the district or state?
  • Have I won any awards that would be worth mentioning?
  • Have I pioneered any new teaching techniques or instructional programs that have proven to be successful?

When developing the teaching accomplishments for your cover letter, use as many facts and figures as possible to demonstrate your aptitude and skill sets concretely. It is also great if you can highlight accomplishments that are different than in your resume. When writing your cover letter, you do not want to rehash and copy your resume. So, either re-word your accomplishments or use different achievements to avoid being redundant.

Also, make sure that the achievements you choose to include in your cover letter are relevant and essential to the position. You can change up the accomplishments you highlight, depending on the teaching position of interest.

Instructional and Educational Leadership Expertise

When writing your cover letter, try to avoid starting each sentence with "I"; use action words and unique descriptors to grab the reader's attention. As well, highlight your accomplishments by explaining how your actions benefited the classroom and enhanced the learning experience.

For example:

Instead of: I designed fun lesson plans to interest students. Use: Designing creative and exciting lesson plans to spark student interest is just one of my strengths.

Instead of:  I used books and technology to differentiate instruction. Use:  In the classroom, I enjoy integrating age-appropriate literature and innovative technology to differentiate instruction and facilitate all types of learners.

Instead of: I maintained a well-behaved class at all times. Use: Cultivating a solid rapport with students and implementing positive reinforcement to keep a focused and well-behaved class at all times is one of my successes.

Instead of: I boosted student reading levels by one level. Use: By incorporating read alouds, hands-on activities, and literature-based thematic units, I was able to raise student reading levels by one level, while instilling a passion for reading.

Can you communicate in your cover letter that you are innovative or that your new ideas have worked well in your classroom? Some schools can be very choosy when picking a new school teacher, making it imperative to show you are innovative. There will be a minimum of qualifications and teaching experience needed, so the reader will be looking for extra attributes. Can you show them you have a unique selling point? Give examples of how your innovations have helped advance student learning or have enhanced your teaching methods in past positions.

Hard and Soft Skill Sets

Don't forget to use both hard and soft skills in your cover letter. Hard skills are anything you can learn in a course or on the job, such as educational technology, various teaching methods, lesson planning, classroom management, etc.

Soft skills are harder to evaluate or quantify and include your time management, organizational skills, problem solving, empathy, dedication, and listening skills, among many others.

Hard skills can often overshadow soft skills, but both are incredibly important. Your hard skills will have a greater opportunity to shine in your resume, however, your cover letter is your chance to showcase your soft skills as well.

Incorporate the words a school hiring administrator is looking for: passion or passionate, dedicated, committed, goal-driven, hard-working, diligent, and so forth. Whichever words you choose to incorporate in your teacher cover letter, make sure they are accurate. For example, use sentences in your application letter such as:

  • As a collaborative and student-centered teacher with seven years of hands-on classroom expertise, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable and passionate member of your academic team.
  • The enclosed resume will highlight my career accomplishments, showcase my passion for education, and demonstrate my commitment to helping all students succeed.
  • Being an excellent and enthusiastic instructor, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my teaching expertise, talents, and passion will benefit your academic program.

Greatest Strengths

Analyze the job advertisement,if available, and see how the mentioned requirements correlate with the strengths you have demonstrated in other careers or positions. Perhaps you excel at collaborating with colleagues to assess a situation and devise an appropriate reaction or solution.

Maybe you are great at interacting with parents and working with them to meet students' unique needs. On the other hand, you may be proficient in differentiated instruction to ensure all learners are reached and successful.

Make sure you include these strengths in your letter to communicate what you can bring to the position. This is one of the most important strategies for writing a cover letter.

Passion, Enthusiasm, and Determination

Your academic cover letter for a new position is your chance to make your personality shine for potential schools. The worst thing you can communicate in your teaching application letter is that you are boring. Make the words come alive. School districts are looking for passionate, energetic go-getters, not unenthusiastic drones who hate coming to work. When developing your cover letter, you must write with enthusiasm, passion, and conviction .

Make the reader feel your true desire to work for the school district and excitement to take on a new teaching or educational leadership role. You may want to use lines such as "As a dedicated and energetic elementary school teacher, I am eager to become a valuable member of your school community" or "As a person who is truly dedicated to educating young children and serving your school district, I am excited to speak with you soon".

Highlighting your desire to go above and beyond the call of duty is another great technique for communicating your passion and dedication. A strong application letter for a teacher should show your belief that the job does not end when the school bell rings at the end of the day. Communicate you are committed to providing after-school support, seeking out additional resources, and attending extracurricular school events to establish a successful school community. Your passion for the profession should be evident in your actions and words.

…your cover letter should finish off with an "invitation" for the reader to contact the job applicant.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Additional Tips to Write a Cover Letter

  • Your cover letter and resume should match each other in formatting and style

As mentioned earlier, your teaching job application letter should use the same format as your teacher resume. Maintain consistency between your documents, ensuring the hiring administrator can match them up quickly.

For example, if you use a border in your application letter, make sure you use the same border in your resume. All fonts and sizes should match. Your academic credentials should be worded in the same manner (i.e. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education). By maintaining consistency, you will demonstrate attention to detail and organization.

  • Utilize quotes and testimonials

By incorporating quotes from teachers, administrators, parents, and former students, you can create an excellent application letter for a teacher. These testimonials should convey your passion, diligence, and commitment to the students in your class, as well as the school as a whole. Do not be afraid to ask for a teacher letter of recommendation or supporting words from one of your administrators.

These professional quotes can also be integrated into your teacher resume to substantiate your dedication to education, and definitively portray the talents you possess that make you a versatile and driven teacher. The letters of recommendation themselves can be submitted in your teaching portfolio or during your job interview.

  • Research the school or district

Show in your letter of introduction you have background information on the school or district to which you are applying. An education cover letter should be tailored to each district, if possible. If the school has a website, which most do, this can be a great starting point to find details about how they are unique.

Find out what you can and make a point of explaining why you are specifically interested in working for their school district. Hiring authorities are impressed when you mention some specifics directly related to their school community. Find out something interesting about their extra-curricular programs, team teaching opportunities, mentor teacher programs, computer technology program, or maybe that they have high test scores or a heavy parental involvement.

Submitting an application letter that contains spelling or grammatical errors will make the interviewer think you didn't care enough to proofread your letter before sending it. Even if you think you are good at writing and have few or no mistakes, always have your letter proofread. Someone else may see errors that you didn't notice. Don't use large or unusual words. Keep it plain, simple and to the point. The easier they can read your letter, the better chance you have against the competition.

After reviewing our teacher cover letter examples, you will see why we make the guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

If you find a sample academic cover letter that just calls out to you, let us know!

Your teacher resume and cover letter are what will sell you as a potential academic job candidate in your absence. You need those two documents to get the reader to pick up the phone and call you for an interview.

Make sure they make an incredible first impression to sell your value!

If you like, you can review A-Z Cover Letter Writing Tips for Teachers and Administrators.

Don't miss these tips to write a cover letter that is tailored to the school district's needs.

Since our inception 16 years ago, A+ Resumes for Teachers has helped thousands of academic professionals worldwide to secure education jobs and advance their careers quickly and with less stress.

Let us help you open doors you never thought possible to secure the future you desire. We can do it! Review our packages and pricing .

We have helped educators worldwide – even in the toughest job market or with the biggest career obstacles.

If you want to know more about Candace Alstad-Davies, please see the about us page below. From that page, you can review testimonials and frequently asked questions.

Candace Alstad-Davies  |  Email: [email protected]

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2 Teacher Cover Letter Examples

Teachers are skilled at creating engaging lessons that inspire and educate, turning complex concepts into understandable knowledge. Similarly, your cover letter is your chance to transform your professional journey into an engaging narrative that enlightens recruiters about your skills and dedication. In this guide, we'll delve into the best cover letter examples for Teachers, helping you to craft a compelling story that resonates with your next employer.

application letter as student teacher

Cover Letter Examples

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The best way to start a Teacher cover letter is by directly addressing the hiring manager or principal, if their name is known. Then, introduce yourself and state the teaching position you're applying for. Immediately follow this with a compelling reason why you're interested in the role and the school. This could be something unique about the school's approach to education that aligns with your teaching philosophy. This not only shows that you've done your research, but also that you're genuinely interested in the school and the role. Remember, the opening of your cover letter sets the tone for the rest of the letter, so make it engaging and tailored to the position.

Teachers should end a cover letter by summarizing their interest in the position and expressing their eagerness to contribute to the school or institution. They should reiterate their key qualifications and how they align with the job requirements. A polite and professional closing statement such as "Thank you for considering my application" or "I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your team" is appropriate. It's also important to include contact information for easy follow-up. Lastly, they should sign off with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by their full name. This ending reaffirms their interest, highlights their suitability, and shows appreciation for the reader's time, which leaves a positive impression.

A teacher's cover letter should ideally be about one page in length. This is generally the standard for most professions, including teaching. The goal is to succinctly present your qualifications, passion for teaching, and how you can contribute to the school or institution. A one-page cover letter allows you to provide a detailed yet concise overview of your relevant experiences and skills without overwhelming the reader. Remember, hiring managers often have many applications to go through, so it's important to make your points clearly and efficiently.

Writing a cover letter with no experience as a teacher can seem daunting, but it's important to remember that everyone starts somewhere. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a compelling cover letter: 1. Start with a Professional Greeting: Address the hiring manager by their name if it's available. If not, use a general but professional greeting like "Dear Hiring Manager." 2. Introduction: Begin by stating the position you're applying for. Mention where you saw the job posting and express your interest in the position. 3. Highlight Relevant Skills: Even if you don't have direct teaching experience, you likely have skills that are relevant to the job. Perhaps you've volunteered with children, tutored peers in college, or have experience in a related field like counseling. Highlight these experiences and explain how they've prepared you for a teaching role. 4. Showcase Your Education: If you're a recent graduate, emphasize your education. Discuss relevant coursework, student teaching experiences, and educational philosophies you've studied that you plan to incorporate into your teaching. 5. Show Enthusiasm for the School: Do some research about the school you're applying to and mention something specific that impresses you or aligns with your own teaching philosophy. This shows that you're not just looking for any job, but that you're interested in this specific position. 6. Conclude with a Call to Action: In your closing paragraph, express your eagerness to further discuss your qualifications in an interview. Thank the hiring manager for considering your application. 7. Professional Closing: End the letter with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Best Regards," followed by your full name. Remember to keep your cover letter concise and to the point, ideally no longer than one page. Proofread carefully for any grammar or spelling errors. Your cover letter is your first chance to make a good impression, so make it count!

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Professional Teacher For Career Change Cover Letter Examples for 2024

Your teacher for career change cover letter must highlight your adaptability and transferable skills. Clearly articulate how your experience in education has equipped you with the capabilities to excel in a new sector. Demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and your enthusiasm for this career shift. Emphasize your ability to engage and inspire, a skill honed in the classroom that will be invaluable in any professional context.

Cover Letter Guide

Teacher For Career Change Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Format

Cover Letter Salutation

Cover Letter Introduction

Cover Letter Body

Cover Letter Closing

No Experience Teacher For Career Change Cover Letter

Key Takeaways

Teacher For Career Change cover letter

Are you tackling the challenge of writing a career change cover letter as a teacher? It's easy to stumble, feeling lost between the need for formality and the desire to stand out. You've got your resume ready but remember, your cover letter isn't just a repeat—it's your chance to share a proud professional moment in a compelling narrative. Keep it concise, avoid clichés, and make every word count. Let me guide you in crafting a one-page letter that resonates.

  • Create a teacher for career change cover letter to persuade the recruiters you're the best candidate for the role;
  • Use industry-leading teacher for career change cover letter templates and examples to save time;
  • Dedicate your teacher for career change cover letter space to your best achievement;
  • Make sure your teacher for career change cover letter meets recruiters' expectations and standards.

Avoid starting at the blank page for hours by using Enhancv's AI - just upload your resume and your teacher for career change cover letter will be ready for you to (tweak and) submit for your dream job.

If the teacher for career change isn't exactly the one you're looking for we have a plethora of cover letter examples for jobs like this one:

  • Teacher For Career Change resume guide and example
  • Special Education Teacher Assistant cover letter example
  • Correctional Officer cover letter example
  • Distance Learning Teacher cover letter example
  • After School Teacher cover letter example
  • Toddler Teacher cover letter example
  • Language Teacher cover letter example
  • Educational Consultant cover letter example
  • Online Tutor cover letter example
  • High School Academic cover letter example
  • Bilingual Teacher cover letter example

Teacher For Career Change cover letter example

Carrine Jones


[email protected]

  • Transferring skill sets: The cover letter effectively highlights the candidate's ability to adapt and apply her analytical skills from teaching to a QA role, demonstrating versatility and potential for cross-functional competencies.
  • Quantifiable achievements: Mentioning the 34% increase in student performance provides a concrete example of the candidate’s impact and success in implementing strategies, a key skill in quality assurance work where outcomes need to be measurable.
  • Initiative to innovate: The candidate’s experience in reformulating teaching methods shows a propensity for innovation and problem-solving, essential qualities for tackling the complex troubleshooting tasks in quality assurance.

Five tips on formatting your teacher for career change cover letter

Do you want to make a good impression on recruiters and, at the same time, follow the best industry advice on writing your teacher for career change cover letter?

Make sure to include the following:

  • Header and Salutation;
  • Introductory paragraph;
  • Body paragraph;
  • Closing paragraph;
  • Signature (this one is up to you).

Remember to use the same modern, simple font for your teacher for career change cover letter as you did for your resume (e.g. Lato, Rubik, etc.)

Ensure your teacher for career change cover letter is single-spaced and is wrapped around a one-inch margin, like in our cover letter templates .

Once completed, use our cover letter builder to export your teacher for career change cover letter in the best format to keep your information intact - PDF.

At the end of the day, your teacher for career change cover letter won't be assessed by the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) software, but by the recruiters. Your information should thus be legible, organized, and follow a structured logic.

The top sections on a teacher for career change cover letter

Header: Include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address), date, and the employer's contact information to establish professionalism and make it easy for the recruiter to reach out to you.

Opening Greeting: Address the hiring manager by name if possible, to add a personal touch and show that you've done your research about the company.

Introductory Paragraph: Clearly state your intention to change careers and why you are interested in the new role, highlighting your enthusiasm for the teaching profession and any transferable skills.

Body: Dive into specific examples of how your previous experience has equipped you with skills that are relevant to teaching, focusing on aspects such as curriculum design, mentorship, leadership, communication, and conflict resolution.

Closing Paragraph: Reiterate your interest in the position and the value you can bring as a teacher, inviting the recruiter to continue the conversation, and thank them for considering your application.

Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Strong communication skills: Being adept at conveying information clearly and effectively is crucial for both teaching and many alternative careers, especially those involving training, customer service, or any role requiring clear dissemination of information.
  • Adaptability: Teachers regularly adapt to different learning styles, curriculum changes, and educational tools, which is a valued trait in any industry needing flexibility and the ability to pivot quickly.
  • Leadership and team management: Experienced in leading classrooms and managing diverse groups, teachers can transition into roles that require leadership skills, team coordination, and the ability to motivate and manage others.
  • Patience and resilience: Teachers are seasoned in handling challenging situations with patience and maintaining a positive attitude, a quality beneficial for high-pressure or client-facing roles.
  • Continuous learning and development: Education professionals are committed to lifelong learning, both for themselves and their students, positioning them well for industries that value continuous personal and professional growth.
  • Creative problem-solving: Teachers regularly develop creative solutions to engage students and overcome educational challenges, making them valuable for roles that require thinking outside the box to address complex problems.

What matters most when tailoring your teacher for career change cover letter salutation

Your teacher for career change cover letter greeting should feel welcoming to recruiters.

Use their first name (e.g. "Dear Marshall" or "Dear Sara"), if you've previously been in touch with the hiring manager and are on a more friendly basis.

If this is the first time you're contacting the recruiters, start your teacher for career change cover letter with:

  • their last name (e.g. "Dear Ms. Ali" or "Dear Mr. Stevens") - look up who's the hiring manager for the role on social media or the company website;
  • generalized greeting (e.g. "Dear HR Team") - just don't use "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir/Madam".

List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [Company Name] Team,
  • Dear [Department] Team,
  • Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name],
  • Dear [First Name] [Last Name],
  • Dear [Job Title] Hiring Committee,

Introducing your profile to catch recruiters' attention in no more than two sentences

The introduction of your teacher for career change cover letter is a whole Catch 22 .

You have an allocated space of no more than just a paragraph (of up to two sentences). With your introduction, you have to stand out and show why you're the best candidate out there.

Set out on a journey with your teacher for career change cover letter by focusing on why you're passionate about the job. Match your personal skills and interests to the role.

Another option for your teacher for career change cover letter introduction is to show you're the ideal candidate. Write about how your achievements and skills are precisely what the company is looking for.

However you decide to start your teacher for career change cover letter, always remember to write about the value you'd bring about. Making it both tangible (with your metrics of success) and highly sought out.

How to write an achievement-focused teacher for career change cover letter body

We've got the intro and greeting covered. Now, comes the most definitive part of your teacher for career change cover letter - the body .

In the next three to six paragraphs, you'd have to answer why should recruiters hire you.

What better way to do this than by storytelling?

And, no, you don't need a "Once upon a time" or "I started from the bottom and made it to the top" career-climbing format to tell a compelling narrative.

Instead, select up to three most relevant skills for the job and look back on your resume.

Find an achievement, that you're proud of, which has taught you these three job-crucial skills.

Quantify your accomplishment, using metrics, and be succinct in the way you describe it.

The ultimate aim would be to show recruiters how this particular success has built up your experience to become an invaluable candidate.

Closing remarks to end your teacher for career change cover letter

Of course, you'll have to show gratitude to the recruiters, who have assessed your profile at the end of your teacher for career change cover letter .

A "Thank you for the consideration" would work wonders, instead of the standard "Sincerely yours".

Do you want to make an even better impression?

Close off your teacher for career change cover letter by promising how you see yourself excelling in the role and the positive impact you'd bring about.

A sentence that encourages some further action on the recruiter's end could also be a good way to close off the communication (e.g. provide your availability for an interview).

The zero experience teacher for career change cover letter: shifting the focus to your unique value

Don't worry if you have no conventional professional experience . Within your whole experience, there's plenty more you can write about in your teacher for career change cover letter.

Take, for example, your biggest achievement or award - dedicate your cover letter body to describe it and the job-relevant skills you've learned.

Your professional ambitions could also take center stage. Describe what you plan on achieving in the next five to ten years and the efforts you're making towards your dreams.

Key takeaways

Winning recruiters over shouldn't be difficult if you use your teacher for career change cover letter to tell a story that:

  • Is personalized by greeting your readers and focusing on key job skills greets;
  • Isn't spread all over the place, but instead focuses on one key achievement and selling your value as a professional;
  • Introduces your enthusiasm for the role, passion for the job, or creativity in communication;
  • Is also visually appealing - meeting the best HR practices;
  • Ends with a nod to the future and how you envision your growth, as part of the company.

Author image

Cover letter examples by industry

AI Section Background

AI cover letter writer, powered by ChatGPT

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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 4 amazing recommendation letter samples for students.

Letters of Recommendation


How important are recommendation letters in a college application? According to William Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid at Harvard, they are "extremely important."

If you're a student, examples of great letters of recommendation can help you understand how to get strong letters yourself from your teachers. If you're a teacher, the examples in this guide will inspire you to support your students strongly as they apply to college. Keep reading for four excellent letters from teachers that will get anyone into college , along with expert analysis on why they're so strong.

Important Note: Are you looking for job recommendation letters? If so, check out my great post here!

First, let's understand the role of recommendation letters in your application.

Why are Recommendation Letters Important?

The majority of admissions officers at four-year colleges, especially private schools, emphasize that their process is holistic . They seek to gain a sense of the student as a "whole person," rather than focusing on pieces of who she is based solely on grades and test scores. Since they rarely meet the student in person, the recommendation letters, along with the student's own personal essay, play a huge role in illuminating her intellectual and personal qualities.

That's why recommendation letters from teachers, especially those who know their students well, carry a great deal of weight in applications. A letter that expresses a strong vote of support, as well as highlights a student's impressive academic and personal strengths , can have a powerful effect on that student's chances of admission.

Let's look at some samples of strong recommendation letters, one from an English teacher, another from a physics teacher, the third from a history teacher, and the final one from a math teacher. Then we'll break down exactly why these letters of recommendation are effective.

The first example recommends Sara, a senior who loves to write and read poetry.

Sample Letter #1: Sara the Poet

Dear Admissions Committee, I had the pleasure of teaching Sara in her 11th grade honors English class at Mark Twain High School. From the first day of class, Sara impressed me with her ability to be articulate about difficult concepts and texts, her sensitivity to the nuances within literature, and her passion for reading, writing, and creative expression- both in and out of the classroom. Sara is a talented literary critic and poet, and she has my highest recommendation as a student and writer. Sara is talented at considering the subtleties within literature and the purpose behind authors' works. She produced an extraordinary year-long thesis paper on creative identity development, in which she compared works from three different time periods and synthesized cultural and historical perspectives to inform her analysis. When called upon to give her thesis defense in front of her peers, Sara spoke clearly and eloquently about her conclusions and responded to questions in a thoughtful way. Outside of the classroom, Sara is dedicated to her literary pursuits, especially to poetry. She publishes her poetry in our school's literary magazine, as well as in online magazines. She is an insightful, sensitive, and deeply self-aware individual driven to explore art, writing, and a deeper understanding of the human condition. Throughout the year Sara was an active participant in our discussions, and she always supported her peers. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting, as she always respects others' opinions even when they differ from her own. When we held a class debate about gun laws, Sara opted to speak for the side opposite her own views. She explained her choice as motivated by a desire to put herself in other people's shoes, view the issues from a new perspective, and gain a clearer sense of the issue from all angles. Throughout the year, Sara demonstrated this openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others, along with shrewd powers of observation, all qualities that makes her outstanding as a student of literature and burgeoning writer. I am certain that Sara is going to continue to do great and creative things in her future. I highly recommend her for admission to your undergraduate program. She is talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused in her pursuits. Sara consistently seeks out constructive feedback so she can improve her writing skills, which is a rare and impressive quality in a high school student. Sara is truly a stand-out individual who will impress everyone she meets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at [email protected]. Sincerely, Ms. Scribe English Teacher Mark Twain High School

This is a thorough, glowing recommendation for a student that Ms. Scribe clearly knows well. What other features make it stand out as a strong letter of rec?


The Breakdown

Ms. Scribe has a high opinion of Sara and her skills at writing and literary analysis. One way that she expresses this is by using powerful and specific language. She doesn't merely say Sara is a good writer. She says she's articulate about difficult concepts and sensitive to the nuances within literature. She calls her insightful and self-aware with shrewd powers of observation.

These descriptors don't happen by accident. Ms. Scribe took the time to choose her words carefully , and that effort paid off with a strong letter that captures Sara's special qualities.

Ms. Scribe also supports her characterization of Sara with examples . She describes her thesis paper and how she responded to questions thoughtfully under the pressured situation of her thesis defense. She gives the example of the debate on gun laws to illustrate Sara's openness to many different points of view.

In addition to illuminating her intellectual and personal strengths and supporting them with specific examples, Ms. Scribe speaks to Sara's goals for the future. She points out that she is talented at writing, poetry specifically, and that she is committed to continuing to improve as a writer in her future.

This letter, by virtue of its wording, length, and specificity, shows that Ms. Scribe took the time and effort to recommend Sara thoughtfully and with conviction. The fact that she knows Sara well and is committed to helping her application succeed with a thoughtful letter further adds weight to her assessment.

This letter would be a boon to Sara's application, especially if she's applying to study writing or English. She clearly impressed her English teacher and, in return, got a memorable, complimentary letter of recommendation for her college application.

This next example is similarly enthusiastic and detailed. It's for a student applying to an engineering program.

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Sample Letter #2: Stacy the Engineer

Dear Admissions Committee, It is a great pleasure to recommend Stacy for admission to your engineering program. She is one of the most exceptional students I have encountered in my 15 years of teaching. I taught Stacy in my 11th grade honors physics class and advised her in Robotics Club. I am not surprised to find out she is now ranked at the top of an extraordinarily capable class of seniors. She has a keen interest in and talent for physics, math, and scientific inquiry. Her advanced skills and passion for the subject make her an ideal fit for your rigorous engineering program. Stacy is a perceptive, sharp, quick individual with a high aptitude for math and science. She is driven to understand how things work, whether they be the old computer hard drives in the school library or the forces that hold our universe together. Her final project in class was especially impressive, an investigation of frequency-dependent sound absorption, an idea that she said was sparked by not wanting to bother her parents with her hours of guitar practice at home. She's been a strong leader in Robotics Club, eager to share her knowledge with others and learn new skills. I have the students in the club prepare lessons and take turns leading our after-school meetings. When it was Stacy's turn, she showed up prepared with a fascinating lecture on lunar nautics and fun activities that got everyone moving and talking. She was our only student teacher to be met with much deserved applause at the end of her lesson. Stacy's personal strengths are as impressive as her intellectual accomplishments. She's an active, outgoing presence in class with a great sense of humor. Stacy's the perfect person to get a group project rolling, but she also knows how to sit back and let others take the lead. Her cheerful nature and openness to feedback means she's always learning and growing as a learner, an impressive strength that will continue to serve her well in college and beyond. Stacy is just the kind of driven, engaging, and curious student that helped make our classroom a lively environment and safe place to take intellectual risks. Stacy has my highest recommendation for admission to your engineering program. She has demonstrated excellence in all that she puts her mind to, whether it's designing an experiment, collaborating with others, or teaching herself to play classical and electrical guitar. Stacy's endless curiosity, combined with her willingness to take risks, leads me to believe there will be no limit to her growth and achievements in college and beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Sincerely, Ms. Randall Physics Teacher Marie Curie High School

Ms. Randall is clearly as much of a fan of Stacy as she is of Mileva Marić. How does she communicate her recommendation?


Ms. Randall plugs for Stacy right off the bat with a statement of outstanding ranking : Stacy is one of the most exceptional students she's had in 15 years of teaching. A statement like this is pretty extraordinary and will make an impact in the mind of its readers. Stacy sounds like a special student, and she chose her recommender well.

Like in the last example, this letter uses strong, specific language , calling Stacy a perceptive and sharp person who has the confidence and good humor to take intellectual risks. Through its accurate and expressive language, this letter helps Stacy come to life in the mind of the reader.

Beyond the evaluation, Ms. Randall gives specific examples of Stacy's academic and personal strengths. She talks about her successful teaching in Robotics Club, her leadership in group projects, and her dedicated practice to teaching herself to play the guitar.

Rather than spreading the letter too thin, Ms. Randall highlights a few core themes. She connects Stacy's love of music with her passion for physics by talking about the frequency-dependent sound absorption project. All the threads tie together in a nice, memorable bow.

This letter is a strong vote of support for Stacy's application to an engineering program. Her physics teacher admires Stacy's skills and goals, and she made it clear that Stacy had her highest recommendation in this letter.

This next example also comes from a teacher who's extremely impressed with his student. It focuses on the student's performance in class and his volunteer work outside the classroom.


Sample Letter #3: William the History Buff and Social Organizer

Dear Admissions Committee, It is hard to overstate the meaningful contributions that William has made to our school and surrounding community. As both his 10th and 11th grade History teacher, I've had the pleasure of seeing William make profound contributions both in and out of the classroom. His school and community service is motivated by a strong sense of social justice, which he informs through a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of historical trends and events. I can say with confidence that William is one of the most caring and driven students I've ever taught in my fifteen years at the school. As a child of immigrant parents, William is especially drawn to understand the immigrant experience. He produced an extraordinary semester-long research paper on the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the U.S. during WWII, in which he went beyond all expectations to conduct Skype interviews with relatives of his featured subjects to incorporate into his paper. William has a great capacity to draw connections between past and present and to ground his understanding of current issues in the context of historical events. He never retreats to a simple answer or explanation, but is comfortable dealing with ambiguity. William's fascination with U.S. and World History and skill for deep analysis have him an exemplary scholar, as a well as a motivated activist driven to promote civil rights and work towards social equity. In sophomore year, William noticed that the college planning seminars students attended included little information for first generation or immigrant students. Always thinking about how institutions can better serve people, William spoke with counselors and ESL teachers about his ideas to better support all students. He helped collect resources and design a college planning curriculum for immigrant and undocumented students to enhance their college access. He further helped organize a group that connected ESL students with native English speakers, stating his mission to be helping ELLs improve their English and increasing multicultural awareness and social cohesion at the school as a whole. William identified a need and worked with students and faculty alike to meet it in an extremely effective and beneficial way. Ever the history scholar, he did plenty of research to back up his ideas. William believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good. His own personal experiences, along with his profound grasp on social history, drive his advocacy work. He is a talented, intelligent student with the charisma, confidence, strong values, and respect for others to make a huge difference in the world around him. I'm looking forward to seeing all the good that William continues to do for his fellow humanity in college and beyond, as well as the excellent work that he will produce at the college level. William has my highest recommendation. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]. Sincerely, Mr. Jackson History Teacher Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Mr. Jackson's letter makes William sound like a pretty amazing student and person. How does he go about expressing his admiration for William in this rec letter?


Like Ms. Randall did in her letter, Mr. Jackson provides a statement of outstanding ranking for William, calling him one of the most caring and driven students he's ever taught. Considering his long teaching career of 15 years, this says a lot about William as a student and a person.

Also like in the last example, Mr. Jackson focuses on a few core aspects of William's character. He talks about his love of history and how it informs his social activism. He comments on his exceptional historical scholarship, as well as his personal qualities of caring for those around him and working for the social good.

Mr. Jackson also gives insight into William's personal life , explaining how he has a personal connection to his projects and volunteer work as the child of immigrant parents. This letter reveals that William is a thoughtful, motivated individual who connects his own experiences with his learning and desire to contribute to his community.

The letter also showcases William's exceptional accomplishments by giving specific examples of William's research paper and his work supporting the academic and personal needs of ELL students. Mr. Jackson expresses his enthusiastic recommendation while illuminating William's love of learning and strength of character. This letter would be both impressive and memorable to admissions officers considering William for admission to their school.

This next example comes from a math teacher. Let's see what Mr. Wiles has to say about Joe.


Sample Letter #4: Joe the Hard Worker

Dear Admissions Committee, It is my pleasure to recommend Joe, who I taught in my 11th grade math class. Joe demonstrated tremendous effort and growth throughout the year and brought a great energy to class. He has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that he can always improve that's rare in a high school student, but so essential to the learning process. I am confident that he will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in everything he does. I highly recommend Joe for admission to your school. Joe would not describe himself as a math person. He's told me on several occasions that all the numbers and variables make his mind go fuzzy. Joe did, in fact, struggle to comprehend the material at the beginning of the year, but his response to this is what really struck me. Where so many others have given up, Joe took on this class as a welcome challenge. He stayed after school for extra help, got extra tutoring at the nearby college, and asked questions in and out of class. Due to all his hard work, Joe not only raised his grades, but he also inspired some of his classmates to stay after for extra help, as well. Joe truly demonstrated a growth mindset, and he inspired his peers to adopt that valuable perspective, too. Joe helped contribute to our classroom environment as one where all students can feel supported and able to ask questions. Joe's strong belief in his ability to acquire new skills and improve through practice was likely shaped by his years as a baseball player. He's played all through high school and is one of the team's most valuable players. In his final for our class, Joe designed an impressive project calculating and analyzing batting averages. While he initially described himself as not a math person, Joe reaped the benefits of his tremendous effort and found a way to make the subject come alive for him in a way that he was personally invested in. As a teacher, it is incredibly fulfilling to witness a student make this kind of academic and personal progress. Joe is a trustworthy, reliable, good-humored student and friend who supports others in and out of the classroom. He was a pleasure to have in class, and his positive attitude and belief in himself, even in the face of difficulty, is an immensely admirable asset. I'm confident that he will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism that he showed myself and his peers. I highly recommend Joe for admission to your undergraduate program. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at [email protected]. Sincerely, Mr. Wiles Math Teacher Euclid High School

While the students featured in the first three examples were top of their class or demonstrated leadership in the school, Joe isn't a top achiever in the traditional sense. However, this recommendation is still a strong one, even if it says he struggled in the teacher's class. What does Mr. Wiles focus on to recommend Joe?


Mr. Wiles writes a strong letter for Joe, with the same kind of enthusiasm and specific examples as the other three letters. Even though Joe may not have gotten the strongest grades in his math class, he found an enthusiastic recommender in his math teacher. Mr. Wiles was extremely impressed with Joe's attitude, effort, and growth mindset , which he demonstrated throughout the year and inspired in his fellow classmates.

Mr. Wiles focuses on Joe's substantial personal strengths, ones that would likely be impressive to his future educators. Even in a subject that may not come naturally to him, Joe is diligent and committed. He's not self-conscious about asking questions or seeking extra help, and he retains a strong belief in himself that he can continuously learn, improve, and acquire new skills.

This letter, like the others, is effective because it is focused, supportive, and backed up with examples. As you can tell from these examples, recommendations can communicate a great deal about a student. Because of this, they can have a powerful impact on a student's chances of admission. So what can teachers and students do to make sure they are sending a strong recommendation letter that will help their chances?


Enthusiasm is key.

How to Get a Strong Recommendation Letter

While these letters are about different students with different interests, they share certain fundamental features. One, they sound excited and enthusiastic. The teachers clearly communicate that they are impressed by these students and eager to help them get into college.

At the same time, the letters don't go overboard because they have examples to back up their assessments. Specific examples and stories are key for backing up the assessment. Plus, they make a letter more interesting and memorable. Rather than just another engineering applicant, Stacy is the student who researched sound-absorption to spare her parents from hours of guitar scales.

Finally, the teachers all discuss their students' personal strengths , along with their academic strengths. They present the holistic view that admissions officers are looking for, along with their strong vote of confidence in the students' future success.

Teachers should incorporate all these features into their letters, and students should help provide them with the raw material to write about. While students should choose a teacher who knows them well and has stories and observations to share, they should also give their teachers a detailed "brag sheet" and let them know what would go into their ideal letter. That way it can be even more personalized and complement the story the student is telling in the rest of her application.

While recommenders may or may not share their letters with students, there should still be open, two-way communication when the student makes her request . That way students and teachers can work together to produce an insightful, enthusiastic, and specific letter of recommendation to send to colleges.

What's Next?

Are you a teacher writing recommendations for your students? Read all about how to write an outstanding recommendation letter for your students , along with what not to include.

Are you or a student you work with applying to a selective school, like Harvard? Learn about what kind of letter she should get for the Ivy League.

Now that you've read these examples of strong teacher recommendation letters, check out these examples of bad ones . Warning: rec letters may appear better than they actually are.

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Rebecca graduated with her Master's in Adolescent Counseling from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has years of teaching and college counseling experience and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals and improve their well-being. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University and scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.

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Watch CBS News

Biden administration forgives $6 billion in student debt. Here's who qualifies for forgiveness.

By Aimee Picchi

Edited By Anne Marie Lee

Updated on: March 21, 2024 / 10:31 AM EDT / CBS News

The Biden administration on Thursday said it is forgiving almost $6 billion in student debt for 77,700 borrowers, with those recipients scheduled to receive an email from President Joe Biden alerting them about their debt cancellation. 

The people who qualify for the latest round of student loan forgiveness are public service employees, such as teachers, nurses, social workers and firefighters, the White House said in a statement.  On a per-person basis, the forgiveness amounts to about $77,000 per person.

Ever since the Supreme Court last year  invalidated  the Biden administration's plan for broad-based student loan forgiveness, the Biden administration has sought to rely on existing and new loan repayment plans to provide debt relief to almost 4 million people. Americans are carrying about $1.77 trillion in student debt, a financial burden that some college grads say has made it tougher to achieve financial milestones like buying a home. 

The Biden administration has sought to fix problems in the nation's student loan repayment system by rolling out a new program called SAVE and making it easier for public servants to get their debt erased.

"For too long, our nation's teachers, nurses, social workers, firefighters and other public servants faced logistical troubles and trapdoors when they tried to access the debt relief they were entitled to under the law," said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. "With this announcement, the Biden-Harris Administration is showing how we're taking further steps not only to fix those trapdoors, but also to expand opportunity to many more Americans."

Who qualifies for student loan forgiveness? 

The Biden administration said 77,700 borrowers who are enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program will receive debt forgiveness. 

Those who are receiving debt forgiveness include public servants who enrolled in the Biden administration's limited PSLF waiver , which allows public sector workers who haven't previously qualified for loan relief to receive credit for past repayments, the administration said. 

What were the prior problems with the PSLF program?

The PSLF program, which has been around since 2007, had the lofty goal of forgiving the student debt of Americans who work in public sector jobs, such as teachers or government employees, for at least 10 years.

But its notoriously Byzantine regulations and misleading guidance from some loan-servicing companies meant that few public servants managed to get debt relief. In fact, only 7,000 people received forgiveness through the PSLF prior to the Biden administration. 

Since the White House made changes to PSLF, about 871,000 Americans have received student loan forgiveness through the program, the Biden administration said.

How will I know if I got PSLF debt forgiveness?

The 77,700 borrowers who qualify will receive a letter from President Biden next week congratulating them on their relief. 

I'm enrolled in PSLF. Will I get loan forgiveness, too?

Another 380,000 people enrolled in PSLF will receive an email from Biden next week letting them know they are within one to two years of qualifying for debt forgiveness through the program. 

According to a sample email, Biden will congratulate them and urge them to continue working in public service to qualify for forgiveness. One email reads, "I hope you continue the important work of serving your community — and if you do, in less a year you could get your remaining student loans forgiven through Public Service Loan Forgiveness."

  • Biden Administration
  • Student Debt
  • Student Loan

Aimee Picchi is the associate managing editor for CBS MoneyWatch, where she covers business and personal finance. She previously worked at Bloomberg News and has written for national news outlets including USA Today and Consumer Reports.

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Interest in Pa.’s student teacher stipend program ‘shatters all expectations’

  • Updated: Apr. 15, 2024, 12:09 p.m. |
  • Published: Apr. 11, 2024, 1:43 p.m.

Demand for Pa.'s student teacher stipends exceed funding available

Pennsylvania State Education Association President Aaron Chapin (at podium) said the response to the state's first-ever student teacher stipend program exceeds all expectations and warrants more funding be made available for them. He joined state lawmakers, Gov. Josh Shapiro and others at a Capitol news conference on Wednesday to celebrate the program's launch. April 10, 2024 Jan Murphy | [email protected] Jan Murphy | [email protected]

College students planning to do their student teacher next school year have shown an overwhelming interest in Pennsylvania’s first-ever student teacher stipend program.

In the first three hours after applications became available for the PA Student Teacher Support Program , the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency reports 3,531 students had submitted an application in hopes of receiving a stipend for the 12-16-week student teaching semester, which is unpaid.

The program provides for $10,000 stipends – or up to $15,000 if they perform their student teaching placement at a school that has a hard time attracting educators. In exchange, the aspiring teachers have to commit to working at a Pennsylvania school for at least three years. The coordinating teacher who works with the student teacher receives a $2,000 stipend.

Currently, only $10 million is available to fund the stipends. PHEAA officials estimate that will be enough to fund 600 to 700 student teachers – about 10% of the 7,000 students that the state Department of Education estimates will be doing their student teaching next year.

Aaron Chapin, president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, said the response to the Student Teacher Support Program “shatters all expectations.”

“Unfortunately, this astonishing demand means that most students who applied for stipends won’t get them,” he said in a statement. “This is the best possible evidence that lawmakers and Gov. Shapiro need to increase funding for the program in the 2024-25 state budget.”

Shapiro proposed raising the amount of money for this program to $15 million in his 2024-25 budget but at a Capitol news conference on Wednesday to announce the program’s launch, supporters were calling for $75 million.

“This program will be life-changing for student teachers in Pennsylvania. We should make sure that every single student teacher who needs a stipend can get one,” Chapin said. “That means we need to fund this program at $75 million in 2024-25 so that no student teacher is left out.”

Shapiro spokesman Manuel Bonder said in a statement, “As Governor Shapiro has made clear, this is a commonsense, critically important initiative with broad bipartisan support – and it is positive to see such high demand for it. The Shapiro Administration looks forward to having further conversations with leaders in both parties about how to deliver a needed increase in this grant funding as we work to continue building our teacher workforce and delivering the resources Pennsylvania students and families need.”

PHEAA officials are encouraging students to continue applying to help quantify the level of interest in the program to share with state lawmakers.

The program’s two champions in the Senate, Sens. Ryan Aument, R-Lancaster County, and Vince Hughes, D-Philadelphia, indicated they would push for more funding if the level of interest indicates more is needed. The program also has strong bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.

Beth Byers, director of Wilson College’s teacher intern program, said at Wednesday’s news conference the stipend program removes a financial barrier that has deterred people from pursuing a teaching career and the extra $5,000 for working in a high-needs district will encourage student teachers to consider a placement in one of those schools.

“We are optimistic that this is a pivotal moment for educators across the state,” Byers said. “We’re hopeful that the PA Student Teacher Support Program will be funded so that all those with a heart for teaching will have the opportunity to change the lives of students and their families because we know the greatest reward of teaching is the difference we make in the lives of students.”

* This story was updated to include a comment from Gov. Josh Shapiro’s spokesman.

Jan Murphy may be reached at [email protected] . Follow her on X at @JanMurphy.

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How To Write Leave Application To Class Teacher?

How To Write Leave Application To Class Teacher

Writing a leave application to your class teacher might seem like an uphill task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. However, it’s an essential skill for students to learn, as it teaches responsibility and effective communication. In this guide, we’ll break down the process of how to write leave application to class teacher into simple steps that anyone can follow.

Why Is It Important To Write Leave Application To Class Teacher?

Table of Contents

Writing a leave application to your class teacher is important for several reasons:

  • Communication: Informing your class teacher about your absence through a leave application is a form of respectful communication. It helps them understand why you won’t be attending classes and allows them to make necessary arrangements, such as adjusting lesson plans or providing missed assignments.
  • Accountability: By formally requesting leave, you demonstrate responsibility and accountability for your actions. It shows that you understand the importance of attendance and are willing to take the necessary steps to ensure minimal disruption to your studies.
  • Compliance: Many schools have policies in place that require students to seek permission for absences. Writing a leave application ensures that you comply with these policies and avoid any potential consequences, such as penalties for unauthorized absences.
  • Professionalism: Learning how to write a leave application is a valuable skill that extends beyond the classroom. It teaches you how to communicate effectively in a formal setting, which is a crucial skill in both academic and professional environments.
  • Courtesy: Notifying your class teacher about your absence in advance is courteous and respectful. It allows them to plan ahead and make any necessary adjustments, which ultimately benefits both you and your classmates.

How To Write Leave Application To Class Teacher

Step 1: understand the purpose.

Before you begin writing, make sure you understand why you need to write the leave application. Whether it’s due to illness, a family event, or any other valid reason, clarity about your situation is essential.

Step 2: Choose the Right Format

Decide on the format you’ll use for your leave application. Typically, it includes a heading, salutation, body of the letter, closing, and your signature. This format ensures clarity and professionalism in your communication.

Step 3: Start with the Heading

At the top of your leave application, write your name, your class, and the date. This provides essential information for your teacher to identify you and understand the timeline of your absence.

Step 4: Address Your Teacher Respectfully

Begin your letter with a polite salutation. Use phrases like “Dear [Teacher’s Name]” or “Respected [Teacher’s Name]” to address your teacher respectfully.

Step 5: Write the Body of the Letter

In the body of the letter, clearly state the reason for your leave, the dates of your absence, and any other relevant details. Be concise and to the point, providing enough information for your teacher to understand your situation.

Step 6: Conclude Politely

Close your leave application with a polite closing. Express gratitude for your teacher’s understanding and sign off with “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

Step 7: Proofread Your Application

Before submitting your leave application, proofread it carefully to check for any spelling or grammar errors. Ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and free of mistakes.

Step 8: Submit Your Application

Once you’re satisfied with your leave application, submit it to your class teacher according to the school’s guidelines. Make sure to do this well in advance of your planned absence to give your teacher sufficient time to process your request.

Step 9: Follow Up if Necessary

If your teacher requires any additional information or has questions about your leave application, be prepared to provide clarification promptly. Communication is key to ensuring a smooth process.

Step 10: Return Promptly

After your leave period, make sure to return to class promptly and catch up on any missed assignments or classwork. This demonstrates responsibility and respect for your education.

How To Write Leave Application To Class Teacher: Example

This example includes all the necessary elements:

  • Heading: Your name, class, and date are provided at the top of the letter.
  • Salutation: The teacher is addressed respectfully as “Ms. Smith.”
  • Body of the Letter: The reason for leave (family wedding) and the dates of absence (April 18 to April 20) are clearly stated. Relevant details about the event and assurance of catching up on missed work are also included.
  • Closing: The letter concludes with a polite closing, “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.”
  • Signature: The letter is signed with your name.

This example demonstrates how to write a leave application to your class teacher in a clear, concise, and respectful manner.

How Do You Write An Application To A Class Teacher For Sick Leave?

In this example

  • Salutation: The teacher is addressed respectfully as “Mr. Johnson.”
  • Body of the Letter: The reason for leave (illness) and the date of absence (April 16) are clearly stated. Relevant details about symptoms and the decision to stay home are included.
  • Closing: The letter concludes with a polite closing, “Thank you for your understanding and support during this time.”

How To Write A Leave Letter To The Class Teacher For Fever?

This letter includes:

  • Body of the Letter: The reason for leave (fever) and the date of absence (April 16, 2024) are clearly stated. The letter also expresses apologies for any inconvenience caused and assurance of catching up on missed work.
  • Closing: The letter concludes with a polite closing, “Thank you for your understanding and consideration.”

How To Write An Application To Your Class Teacher For 2 Days Leave?

  • Salutation: The teacher is addressed respectfully as “Dear [Teacher’s Name].”
  • Body of the Letter: The reason for the leave (two days), the dates of absence, and assurance of keeping up with classwork are clearly stated.
  • Closing: The letter concludes with a polite closing expressing gratitude and understanding.

Common Mistakes to Avoid In Leave Application

Avoiding common mistakes in a leave application is crucial to ensure clarity, professionalism, and respect in your communication. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Being Vague: Providing insufficient information about the reason for your leave can lead to confusion. Be clear and specific about why you need to be absent.
  • Missing Dates: Forgetting to mention the dates of your absence can make it difficult for your teacher to plan accordingly. Always include the start and end dates of your leave.
  • Using Informal Language: Maintain a formal tone and avoid using slang or casual language in your leave application. Treat it as a professional correspondence.
  • Neglecting to Proofread: Spelling and grammar errors can undermine the professionalism of your leave application. Always proofread your letter before submitting it to ensure it’s error-free.
  • Exaggerating or Providing False Information: Being dishonest about the reason for your leave can damage trust with your teacher. Be honest and provide genuine reasons for your absence.
  • Not Following School Guidelines: Some schools may have specific requirements or protocols for leave applications. Make sure to follow these guidelines to avoid any issues.
  • Waiting Until the Last Minute: Requesting leave at the eleventh hour can disrupt your teacher’s plans and cause inconvenience. Try to submit your application well in advance of your planned absence.
  • Not Providing Contact Information: In case your teacher needs to reach you for further clarification or questions, it’s essential to provide accurate contact information in your application.
  • Being Impersonal: Addressing your teacher as “To Whom It May Concern” or using a generic template without personalization can come across as insincere. Address your teacher by name and tailor the application to your specific circumstances.
  • Forgetting to Express Gratitude: Always conclude your leave application with a polite thank you to your teacher for considering your request. Expressing gratitude shows respect and appreciation.

Writing a leave application to your class teacher doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

By following the steps outlined in this guide (for how to write leave application to class teacher) and keeping these tips in mind, you can effectively communicate your absence and ensure a smooth transition back to school.

Remember, clarity and respect are key when it comes to writing a leave application.

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application letter as student teacher

Biden's latest student-loan forgiveness plan brings questions for borrowers: What to know

S ome student loan borrowers may not take advantage of President Joe Biden's final plan to eliminate debt for millions because they don't know if they're eligible, don't understand the process or think it is a scam.

On Monday, Biden promised student loan relief by the fall with his final proposal. This plan comes less than a year after the Supreme Court blocked his initial attempt.

Under the proposed plan, more than 4 million borrowers who have been paying down their student loans for 20 years or more could have their debt completely canceled, according to the White House. The plan would also help more than 10 million borrowers by giving them $5,000 or more in relief, Biden's administration said.

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Biden also aims to help 23 million borrowers by eliminating interest past the original loan amounts.

How to apply for student loan forgiveness?

If eligible for debt relief, borrowers should periodically check their emails for updates from their student loan servicers and Federal Student Aid .

While Biden works on his final proposal, eligible borrowers can apply on the Federal Student Aid website for other kinds of relief, including if they have a disability , work for a nonprofit , or are a teacher , government employee or medical professional .

Borrowers repaying their loans for 20 to 25 years can apply for income-driven repayment (IDR) loan forgiveness.

Several other loan forgiveness options are available on the Federal Student Aid website, but borrowers should check if they're eligible by looking closely at each selection. Victims of forgery, borrowers who declared bankruptcy and Perkins loan borrowers are examples of individuals eligible for forgiveness.

What document explains your rights and responsibilities as a federal student loan borrower?

A Master Promissory Note (MPN) is a binding legal document borrowers must sign before they receive a federal student loan promising they'll repay the loans and any accrued interest and fees to the U.S. Department of Education, according to Federal Student Aid.

Student loan debt: Averages and other statistics in 2024

There is one MPN for direct subsidized/unsubsidized loans and a different MPN for direct PLUS loans. All MPNs can be signed electronically.

"You may receive more than one loan under an MPN over a period of up to 10 years to pay for your or your child’s educational costs, as long as the school is authorized to use the MPN in this way and chooses to do so," the Federal Student Aid website says.

Am I eligible for student loan relief?

By checking their emails, borrowers typically receive messages explaining whether they're eligible for relief and what type they can apply for.

If not signed up for emails, borrowers can visit the Federal Student Aid website and check their eligibility by hovering over the "loan forgiveness" tab and clicking "types of loan forgiveness."

Once the borrower clicks "types of loan forgiveness," they will be taken to a page showing the available relief options. Borrowers then can check their eligibility.

Be aware of student loan scams

Federal Student Aid warns borrowers to be aware of scams because they "might be contacted by a company saying they will help you get loan discharge, forgiveness, cancellation, or debt relief for a fee."

"You never have to pay for help with your federal student aid," the office's website says. "Make sure you work only with the U.S. Department of Education, the office of Federal Student Aid, and our loan servicers, and never reveal your personal information or account password to anyone."

The emails to borrowers come from [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

Borrowers can report scam attempts to the Federal Trade Commission by calling 1-877-382-4357 or by visiting reportfraud.ftc.gov.

Student loan scam involving 'Mission Hills Federal'

The Federal Trade Commission announced March 13 that it is sending more than $4.1 million in refunds to 27,584 borrowers who "lost money to student loan debt relief scammers who lured consumers with fake loan forgiveness claims and pocketed their money," according to a news release.

The scheme, which "tricked students into paying hundreds to thousands of dollars" since 2014, went by many names including Mission Hills Federal, Federal Direct Group, National Secure Processing and The Student Loan Group.

The group made the borrowers pay "illegal upfront fees and pretended to lower consumers’ monthly student loan payments," according to the FTC. The operators also deceived borrowers into sending their monthly student loan payments directly to them by "falsely claiming to take over the servicing of the consumers’ loans," the agency said.

"In reality, few payments were actually applied to consumers’ student loans and in many cases, none at all," the FTC said. "Instead, the defendants kept consumers’ money for themselves."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Biden's latest student-loan forgiveness plan brings questions for borrowers: What to know

President Joe Biden speaks Monday, April 8, 2024 at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin.

These Tennessean readers support allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom

Trust teachers with firearms; they’re already highly trained.

Have you heard or read the requirements currently being proposed to arm teachers and school officials ? It is a long list of requirements being imposed on educated people that we trust to teach the children of Tennessee. Things like training, a current gun carry permit, recommendations, background checks and the list goes on.

Compare that to anyone else not in the classroom. Just go to a gun show and buy one. Or just go to a retailer and buy one. I hear it's not a hassle at all. And when you get that gun just leave it in your car to be stolen with no accountability. You will get lots of sympathy for the break in. Or leave it in your nightstand, loaded and ready, for the little ones to find and play with the trigger.

I just don't get it. Sensible gun owner and carry requirements are being requested for teachers that have a college education. But anyone else can do as they please thanks to our GOP controlled state government. Just seems backwards and totally out of touch with reality.

Gary Perrizo, Mt. Juliet 37122

Counterpoint: We teenage Tennessee students beg Gov. Bill Lee to veto bill that will arm our teachers

How many teachers do you think will actually get armed?

We could fill an entire edition of the Tennessean with all the dumb things the Republicans in the state legislature have done in recent years, but I think the reaction to the latest is overdone.

The best thing about the bill to allow teachers to be armed is that almost no one will do it. Fortunately, the bill (which still has to pass the House), only allows and does not require teachers to be armed. It sets up a long, involved process before a teacher can carry a firearm into the classroom.

So, I predict that almost all teachers will not want to do it, usually for the reasons the opponents have brought up. Of the few who do, some will not successfully complete the requirements. Probably the few who do already have concealed carry permits. The bill requires approval at several levels, any one of which could prevent an individual teacher from completing the process.

So, I think the net result of this bill, assuming it actually makes it to enactment, will be negligible.

Dave West, Sr., Nashville 37205

Counterpoint: Tennessee legislature fails to understand that teachers don't want to be armed in class

Opposition to arming teachers borders on hysteria 

I support Senate Bill 1325 . I have seen the debate and personally think most of the vocal opponents have seemingly never read the bill or are bordering on hysteria. I would rather see informed debate since this important issue actually has some practical matters to discuss.

Revision 7 specifies locations where firearms cannot be carried, including “auditoriums and stadiums where school events are taking place.” If this refers to school auditoriums or stadiums and not outside locations, I question the wisdom of this since this would enhance an enticing target for an assailant.

Also, transferring holstered pistols to a safe introduces potential for negligent discharges and undermines the secrecy this bill requires.

I would recommend teachers in class only use this bill to defend their classrooms. Other faculty and teachers without a present class could possibly offer flexibility in potential responses. The front office's staff would be crucial against intruders if it is the only official entrance and the windows and other doors are properly fortified.

Concealed vertical shoulder holsters would prevent the most common incidents involving staff's firearms. They are practical, safe, and discrete for carrying pistols all day. They are not removed to use the bathroom, and unlike horizontals, do not muzzle-sweep behind the wearer.

There are hundreds of schools that lack school resource officers (SROs) and something overlooked in The Covenant School shooting is the police response time was ten minutes. Ten minutes is an eternity in a defense situation and I do not consider willing defenselessness to be a virtue.

Neil Graham, Nashville 37221

Agree or disagree? Or have a view on another topic entirely? Send a letter of 250 words or fewer to  [email protected] . Include your full name, city/town, ZIP and contact information for verification. Thanks for adding to the public conversation.


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    Greeting. On your teaching cover letter, call the principal or superintendent by name. Something like " Dear Principal Jackson " works just perfectly for a cover letter greeting, but you can also segue from the formality in the address area by calling them by their first name: "Dear Jacqueline.".

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    Student Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version) Dear Mr./Ms. With more than 10 years of experience as a Student Teacher, I am seeking a challenging role as a Student Teacher in your *** wherein I can create a caring, and learning atmosphere among students. I assure you that my skills and expertise will engage your students and foster a ...

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    Step 3: Convey the right message. Beyond specific and descriptive paragraphs in your teacher cover letter, keep your document at or less than a page. Eliminate wordiness and avoid pleasantries. Be sincere and gracious, but, really, no one likes a teacher's pet. So, consider your tone of voice.

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    Start the teacher's cover letter with appropriate greetings. A simple "Dear +Position + Last name" such as "Dear Principal Miller" will do. 3. Use a Strong Introduction to Start the Teacher Cover Letter. Before you get down to business, you should further introduce yourself and the purpose of the teacher cover letter.

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    Best Cover Letter Greetings: In your cover letter greeting, strive for a balance of professionalism and personalization. If you know the hiring manager's name, use it; if not, address the school or department in a respectful manner. 1. "Dear Principal [Last Name]," 2. "Greetings, [School Name] Hiring Committee," 3.

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    When you're ready, upload a resume file or build an Indeed Resume to start applying for teaching jobs. Eliza Green. Alvada, Ohio. 771-555-0199. [email protected] March 10, 2023 Mr. Dennis Hill. Fairfield Elementary School. 7878 Melody Lane. Alvada, Ohio 44802 Dear Mr. Dennis Hill, I'm writing to discuss the available second-grade teacher ...

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    A cover letter, also known as an application letter or a letter of introduction, is how you introduce yourself as a teaching candidate. It allows you to convey your passion, relevant expertise, credentials, and teaching skills in a one-page letter. Make sure when you write a cover letter you are not guilty of writing a long-winded one.

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    If you're applying for an entry-level teaching position, you should take a look at our second example. It shows a cover letter for first-year teachers. The next teacher cover letter example belongs to Nicole. She is fresh out of a university and eager to become a teacher for the first time.

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