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I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and Head/Deputy Head prefect. I see this position as a central part of the schools foundations, traditions, and effective communication

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I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and Head/Deputy Head prefect. I see this position as a central part of the schools foundations, traditions, and effective communication

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Application Form for the Position of Prefect

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leading learning together at Turton

Working together to keep getting better, a heart-warming prefect application.

This half-term year 10 apply to a selection committee to be given the opportunity to become a prefect, taking over from the year 11 prefect team as they begin their GCSE exams.

This process presents an opportunity for them to write one of their first letters of application for a position. It is a time for them to reflect on their years at Turton, their achievements both in school and out and to reflect on how they now contribute to school, society and the world of work as they mature.

Reading the applications is a heart-warming process that focusses our attention onto what wonderful people our students are developing into.

Below is an example of the many thoughtful applications that make us so very proud of our young people.

Prefect Application Form

Dear Turton Prefect application team,

I would love to embark on the journey to becoming a prefect and blossom from the effects of this role. This is because Turton has done so much for me and I would love to give some of that help and understanding back to the younger years. A prefect needs to have the qualities of someone who shows confidence when representing the school that I have come to love. They also need a strong understanding of our wonderful school environment and a desire to contribute to its continuing success. I feel I have these attributes.

As my three years at Turton have played out, I have become aware of the ‘Turton Touchstones’ and how much they represent the face of our caring school. To see the good in others, to be self-aware and witness our development, to be creative via the opportunities we are presented with, to belong to a loving and caring community, to have the relationship of teacher and pupil which Turton delivers to us. These are all things we take for granted. However, I have come to terms with how important they are for us as young people to help us to mature and grow. We are given opportunities others will only dream of, clean drinking water, a free education, and (in our school) a second family. I am unable to stress just how important these things are to us, it is easy for us to go day to day without even thinking about them. Yet there are many less fortunate young people who couldn’t imagine what it would be like to witness these events. I would love to be presented with the privilege of educating the younger years about these events and why they are important

Over the course of the three years I have been at Turton, I have received some amazing help through the challenges I have faced. One of these obstacles is my speech impediment (stammer) which I have suffered with from a young age. When people were mimicking my stammer and making fun of it I turned to my parents who contacted you. Within days the problem was resolved and I was capable to speak freely and confidently. It would be a privilege to help the younger pupils overcome hurdles like my own and strive for their best confidently and freely.

For the past few months I have been volunteering at 78 th Bolton Walmsley Scout Cub group on a Monday night. I help out the three leaders organise activities and I have developed a strong bond with some of the cubs. From this experience I believe that I have learnt how to help and support these younger people. I think that I could carry out these skills to help some of the younger pupils and help them through times when they are struggling. As well as volunteering at cubs, I also volunteer after school at the school’s water polo and swimming team. I help the squad to train and set drills for them to complete, I also take one to one sessions while the others do different drills. This has given me a strong understanding on how to help and encourage younger peers. Finally, I also have a paper round. This means I get up at 05:55 Monday to Friday to deliver around fifty papers. I have learnt to work hard, be reliable and I have become a lot more motivated. I wish to pass these skills to my younger peers.

In conclusion, I feel that I would make a good prefect as I am humble, generous and kind. I feel that I’d be an asset to the prefect team and would try my hardest to become a successful figure in representing the school at events and in day to day life. I would be willing to go to events and it would be a privilege to represent the school and help the senior prefect team as well as staff. I will thrive to do my best and I hope you will accept and welcome me into your prefect team.

Yours sincerely,

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Inspire My Teaching

  • Mar 13, 2022

Classroom Leadership: how to effectively choose school prefects for your subject area

How to ensure you get the right subject prefects...

application letter to be school prefect

School Prefects: every school seems to have them, but very few seem to have mastered the art of using them effectively. So why is this the case? And, more importantly, how can you select the ones who will save you time and improve standards? Read on to find out more...

application letter to be school prefect

The Historic Problem

Time after time we've all seen the "prefect thing" become a "lip service" exercise... where students often gain the title without having to "buy in" to the expectations, or the workload.

Everyone starts out enthusiastically and with high hopes of great change, but in reality this rarely seems to happen. Prefects turn up to the expected Open Evening and dawdle about (frequently checking their watches!), and the only types of questions they ask are: 'When do you think I can go home?' or 'Are there any biscuits left?'

You might be lucky and get one or two decent prefects and you may even get a bit of a classroom display put up for you ... wonkily, but still, it counts as something. Occasionally, you may win the 'holy grail' of prefects and think 'this year we'll finally get things done'... to then have them stolen away by the allure of a better school position when everyone finally realises how good they are. (And this always seems to happen partway through the year when you thought 'all your ducks were in a row'!)

It seems that (excluding the rare exception) we never seem to get 'our money's worth' when it comes to "hiring" prefects, especially not in the long term.

So why do we even bother?

Well, aside from being directed to do this, what is in it for you? FREE TIME! That’s what’s in it for you... if you get this right. (* And obviously the satisfaction that you are nurturing the hidden leadership talents of the next generation.) But mainly free time. And you'll probably think ' Yeah, right’ , but my department are now in the fortunate position where our prefects not only save us time, but actually help us raise standards too.

It sounds so obvious, but the simple truth is that it’s all about motivation. BUT, it's not simply enough to create it… the trick is sustaining it.

What's in it for them?

Let’s face it, students need motivating factors to do pretty much anything. Some you can buy off with ‘ This will look great on your UCAS application ‘ ( Yes, that ol’ chestnut!) and others you will probably have to literally buy off… with time and biscuits… and Amazon vouchers.

This being said, everyone is motivated by something, and that something is usually success. Benjamin Ball's 'Summary of Motivational Theories’ claims that individuals want to work for an establishment where they feel they are able to make a positive difference. If this moral reason fails, then helping people to feel (and look) important can be a very effective motivational tool, too. My department sustain this sense of importance by creating a student hierarchy for our subject prefects.

application letter to be school prefect

The Prefect Hierarchy

The Prefect Hierarchy follows a similar pattern to our own teacher hierarchy. Humans adhere to hierarchical constructs, hence the influence Religion, Monarchs and Politicians have always had over us... and why we try to curry favour with our line managers. Students follow a hierarchy in your own classroom with you as the leader they instinctively know they should follow.

Age and status are the two main ways of creating a strong hierarchy. As prefects are close in age, the only structure left is to create status roles within the subject prefect team. schools have been doing this with their 'Head Girl' and 'Head Boy' roles for decades, but I've rarely seen this idea filter into the subject prefect sphere.

My department aim to employ 5-6 subject prefects with the following roles:

Head Subject Prefect

Deputy Head Subject Prefect

Subject Prefect (specific role)

Subject Prefect

This year we've created a 'Head of Literacy Prefect' as this fits well with our department and school aim, but you could create subject prefects with different roles to suit your own department needs. However, be careful not to give every subject prefect a specific role otherwise you tend to get all leaders and no followers... and too many cooks tend to spoil the broth!

You also need to ensure that your 'Head Subject Prefect' is strong enough to 'rally the troops' and keep them in check, but is also kind enough to not become a power hungry dictator in your absence. Young adults are still in the process of learning to be adults, after all.

So, to choose wisely, you need a suitable application process…

application letter to be school prefect

The Application Process

With more and more demand to prepare students for their future careers, treating your school prefect application process like a “real” job interview has multiple benefits:

It weeds out the unmotivated

It provides a sense of gravitas that shows students this is important to you (and so should be to them!)

It’s an opportunity for students to gain some worthwhile interview experience (which works nicely with the Gatsby benchmarks)

It means you can better sense leadership potential for creating your prefect hierarchy

We ”advertise” the posts like a proper job interview. Students are told in lessons and emailed the job posting. The post-COVID world has made this even easier with platforms, like Microsoft Teams, allowing you to set such a thing as a voluntary 'assignment'.

We give them a job description and a deadline, and expect a letter of application that details their suitability for the role(s). It's also a good idea to get them to specify the role(s) they are interested in... this really helps to 'whittle' them down for interview. Finally, we make the benefits of the roles very apparent. It's vital to make it clear what's in it for them as we want to keep motivation levels high.

application letter to be school prefect

The Selection Process

Since implementing this system, we are inundated with subject prefect applications. One year we had a record 60% of our course students apply for a post... previous to this we were lucky if we got 2 applicants. However, this comes with its own problems... how do you select the right candidates for interview?

Firstly, you need to know your students. Applying for a role naturally opens you up for the possibility of rejection and that makes you very vulnerable... so managing student feedback and expectations is paramount. An innocent but flippant remark from you could really injure an applicant.

We have THREE golden rules for this:

Applicants MUST meet the deadlines and apply as requested (this instantly whittles out those who are not truly interested and applicants tend to take 'your application was too late' much better than 'we didn't feel you were suitable for interview'.

All applicants are kept confidential and are contacted separately (never as a group). This means a student has full control over whether they tell their peers or not.

Feedback must be provided following the "compliment sandwich" approach : compliment, constructive feedback, bigger compliment e.g. " We absolutely loved your energy, but we felt other candidates had more experience with running extra-curricular clubs and that’s something we really needed, however, we thought your interview answers were strong and we know that Geography are really interested in having you as a prefect".

Don't fall into the trap of interviewing everyone who applies just because you feel bad. It sends the wrong message to the stronger applicants, it wastes a lot of your time, and once people complete the interview stage they have naturally convinced themselves that they are the best person for the job. Therefore, telling them they haven't 'got the job' is much harder on them than if they aren't selected for interview in the first place. If you know it's definitely not going to work out, then don't go there.

Once we've selected students we'd like to interview, all applicants are contacted with either a 'please come to interview' or a 'thank you for applying, however...' email. The former can be very generic, however the latter I like to make more personalised and again adopt the 'compliment sandwich' approach. We tend to follow this up with a face to face conversation too.

application letter to be school prefect

The Interview

Again, the interview is just like those for a professional paying job... but a little bit softer. I prefer to have two people on the interview panel - it makes sense to ask one of your main A Level teachers to get involved... to give the interview more gravitas, but also to get relevant team members invested in their prefects. For extra status, you could ask a senior leader or Head of Year to help you interview.

To help with nerves and get the interviews off to a good start, we tell students in their 'please come to interview' email what the first question will be. For us, it's always 'why did you apply for this position?' We pre-decide our questions (choose 4-6 which students can elaborate on... you don't want to be there all day!) and print out answer grids for the panel to fill in and score the answers. This is a bit of extra effort, but really helps with the selection process at the end... especially when trying to decide who to appoint for each role.

Last year 15 applied, we interviewed 10, and gave out 6 positions, and the interview answer grids made the task so much easier. It also means you can give detailed feedback if requested... and helpful constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated.

The interviews are around 10-15 minutes each and for confidentiality, I like to choose a suitable meeting room away from our subject teaching area.

Make sure you tell students when and how they will hear the outcome from you and stick to this agreement. It sounds painfully obvious, but leaving people in limbo is a really good way to pee them off… yet it happens repeatedly. Just think back to your last job interview!

application letter to be school prefect

So there you have it, a strong methodology for getting the right prefects for your subject area. Check out the sister blog ' Classroom Leadership: how to effectively use your subject prefects in your subject area' for tips on how to save you time whilst raising standards.

For more useful ideas, check out our blogs on leadership and engagement.

If you have found this blog or any of its related blogs helpful, please subscribe and give us here at Inspire My Teaching a big thumbs up!

We love feedback so please get in touch at [email protected]

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Classroom Leadership: how to get the most out of school prefects in your subject area

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How to Be a Good Prefect

Last Updated: October 16, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Alicia Oglesby and by wikiHow staff writer, Kyle Hall . Alicia Oglesby is a Professional School Counselor and the Director of School and College Counseling at Bishop McNamara High School outside of Washington DC. With over ten years of experience in counseling, Alicia specializes in academic advising, social-emotional skills, and career counseling. Alicia holds a BS in Psychology from Howard University and a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. She also studied Race and Mental Health at Virginia Tech. Alicia holds Professional School Counseling Certifications in both Washington DC and Pennsylvania. She has created a college counseling program in its entirety and developed five programs focused on application workshops, parent information workshops, essay writing collaborative, peer-reviewed application activities, and financial aid literacy events. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 765,558 times.

If you've applied to be a prefect at your school, or you're already serving as one, you might be wondering how to be the best prefect. To be a good prefect, it's important to remember that your role is to help both the faculty and the students at your school. By setting a good example for students, following your school's rules, and being there when people need you, you can ensure that you're successfully fulfilling all your duties as a prefect.

Setting a Good Example

Step 1 Have a positive attitude

  • For example, if your fellow students are complaining because the upcoming dance got cancelled, instead of complaining with them, you could say something positive like, "I know it's upsetting that the dance is cancelled, but we should all get together and think of something else we could do for fun that night."

Step 2 Be respectful...

Following the Rules

Step 1 Abide by your school’s dress code.

Being There for Students

Step 1 Be approachable...

Expert Q&A

Alicia Oglesby

Tips from our Readers

  • Should problems arise requiring administrative attention, advocate for the student perspective to faculty respectfully but steadfastly. As liaison between the two groups, tactfully serve as that crucial bridge for understanding.
  • Near the end of your tenure, privately encourage impressive leadership qualities you’ve observed in potential prefect candidates that could continue traditions of excellence after your term concludes. Help guide the future.
  • If younger students approach asking for guidance, offer a listening ear and thoughtful bits of wisdom, not just recitations of school policy. Mentor gently when sought out, rather than preaching rules harshly unprompted.
  • Keep a subtle eye on fellow prefects too, as your duty requires holding one another equally accountable. Politely but firmly remind any you witness violating codes of conduct, even minor slip-ups. Integrity matters.
  • Make an effort to remain visible and unambiguously available for student questions or issues during free periods by wandering halls greeting peers. Your consistent presence cultivates approachability.
  • Consider organizing occasional casual social events like movie nights or game tournaments to nurture bonding opportunities for students outside rigid classroom walls. Such activities build community.

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Be a Good Leader at School

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About This Article

Alicia Oglesby

To be a good prefect, try to set a good example for other students by having a positive attitude and being respectful. Also, do your best in school since other students will notice how much effort you put in. You should also make sure you follow all of your school's rules, like abiding by the dress code, having a good attendance record, and going to class on time. In addition to setting a good example, try to be there for your fellow students by talking to them about their concerns and supporting students who are having a hard time. To learn how to be fair as a prefect, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Prefect Application Essay Example

 My desire is to become a prefect. I know that I will be a great prefect because I want to fulfill the enforcement and rules of the school, being the oldest child in the family I have a lot of responsibilities and examples to set for my younger family members, I am a very loyal person. With experience I know that being a prefect will be slightly easy even though it comes with challenges. 

To begin with, the school has laws and regulations for everyone to abide by especially during covid 19. I want to make sure as a prefect I do as I am told and make sure the rules made by the school are always taken into action and respected, so that the school can continue to be well, and the virus can be reduced in numbers.  

Additionally, being my mother's first child and my grandmothers first grandchild, I am always accountable, so I am very confident in taking this prefect position because I can help the school by setting examples, assisting students and teachers, prevent fight making sure that both sides are heard and understood.  

Lastly, as a loyal person I can gain teachers and students trust by helping them, announcing important class news, work with and help other prefects, help diffident student's, be a great role model in and out of school, support and represent my school, help students that are being bully and stop bullying and many more.  

To wrap it all up, I would love to uphold this prefect position. I am trustworthy; I will help lead the way positively, abide by rules and make sure people do the same.

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application letter to be school prefect

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How to write application letter/manifesto for compound prefect

application letter to be school prefect

Writing an application letter or manifesto for a compound prefect role can be an intimidating task. After all, you need to effectively communicate why you are the ideal candidate for the position. However, with the right approach, you can craft a compelling letter that will make your application stand out from the rest. In this article, we will provide you with all the information necessary for writing an effective application letter or manifesto for a compound prefect role.

Who is a compound prefect?

A compound prefect is a student who is responsible for the safety and well-being of the students who live in a certain campus-based residence. They are expected to lead by example, promote a positive atmosphere, and ensure that the residence is a safe and space for everyone.

How to write an application letter/manifesto for a compound prefect


1. Introduce yourself

Start your application letter/manifesto by introducing yourself. State who you are and why you are applying for the position. Be sure to express your enthusiasm for the role, and mention the skills and experiences that make you the ideal candidate.

2. Describe your qualifications

In this section, you should talk about the qualifications and experiences that make you a great candidate for the compound prefect role. Describe any relevant qualifications, such as leadership experience in student-run organizations, or any volunteering experience you may have.

3. Explain your vision

In this section, you should talk about the vision you have for the residence. Describe what you would like to accomplish as compound prefect, and explain how you plan to make a positive impact on the lives of the students who live there.

4. Demonstrate your commitment

In this section, you should demonstrate your commitment to the role. Talk about the ways in which you plan to be involved in the residence and how you will ensure that it is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

5. Demonstrate your dedication

The final section should demonstrate your dedication to the role. Explain your commitment to the role and the residence, and why you believe you are the best candidate for the job.

Manifesto for compound prefect sample

- Advertisement -

The Headmaster and his Assistants, Members of Stuff, Outgoing Prefects, Seniors, Fellow Student. I consider it an honor to appear before you right now to offer my manifesto as an incoming school compound overseer for this illustrious institution.

Humans were made in the image of God and are all alike. Different people from different places, on the other hand, live, think, and do things in different ways.

The majority of these are mostly determined by the person’s upbringing. As a result, human behavior is also influenced by the environment in which they are born. Some of my responsibilities as an environment captain at school are as follows:

1. Because cleanliness is second only to God, I am responsible for keeping the entire school, classes, and compound clean at all times. The ability to think critically is enhanced in a clean environment.

2. I’m concerned about how pupils interact with one another and with professors. Good interactions encourage people to come up with good ideas. The entire school environment will be like that if all kids have a nice and good relationship. It is my responsibility to attend to that.

3. Assist in the promotion of pupil self-discipline. Discipline problems might wreak havoc on the entire school environment.

4. Because the primary aim of attending school is to study, it is my responsibility to guarantee that the environment is conducive to learning. An academic environment is one that is quiet, has good interpersonal relationships, and people who are willing to carry out their responsibilities as students.

5. Ensure that the available school resources are used to their full potential while avoiding waste.

6. Assist the school captain in putting some of the policies and tactics he has devised into action.

However, I am aware that in performing my obligations, I will encounter several difficulties, including the following:

1. Cases of rudeness When I tell pupils to wash their hands, some of them may choose to reply in a nasty manner. I can’t compete with them as a student. I’m sorry that no matter how harshly I punish them, they simply demonstrate that I’m doing nothing.

2. Occasionally find the compound to be unclean, and I am frequently confronted with the question of who I should allow to clean it. I can’t just choose somebody at random since I’d be oppressing them. However, as a leader, I am prepared to meet any challenges that may arise.

I promise to give my utmost best when I am elected. Thank You.

Final words

Writing an application letter/manifesto for a compound prefect position can be challenging, but with the right preparation and dedication, you can craft an effective application that will make you stand out from the crowd. Take the time to prepare and research, and use the advice in this guide to write a successful application letter/manifesto that will help you get the compound prefect position you’re after.

Thank you for reading on Share this article with your family and friends.

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Email: [email protected]

application letter to be school prefect

When it comes to tech, very few ladies are involved and this is something I would want to change. I am fascinated by the Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Currently, I am studying Civil Engineering at KNUST.

When will BECE 2023 Candidates go to SHS?

*944# Shortcode Alternatives for WAEC Results Checkers

Think Student

What is a School Prefect and What Do They Do?

In GCSE by Think Student Editor May 22, 2021 4 Comments

Almost every school in the UK offers students the opportunity to become a prefect. However, what  really  is a school prefect, and what do they do? This article will answer all your questions surrounding this topic.  

A simple definition of a school prefect is as follows: a student who has been meticulously selected to carry out certain responsibilities and duties. There are many types of prefects, including Head Girl and Boy, House Captain, Library Prefect and  so on . But what do they do? The Head Girl and Boy, for example, give out speeches, represent the school at event s  and   more. The e ntire explanation of each prefects’ responsibilities   is  explained below. School prefects are often elected in their final year of schooling, whether that be Year 11 or Year 13.  

Now, without further ado, let’s jump in!  

Table of Contents

What is a School Prefect?

A school prefect is a n elected  student who has been chosen to perform certain responsibilities , giving them  some authority in school .  There are several advantages that come with this position,  which include  a positive addition  to your CV. There are  multiple  different  categories  of prefects, which will be discussed further on in th is  article.  

When Can You Become a School Prefect?

Generally, the prefect positions are awarded  at the start of Year 11/13 , depending on whether you are in secondary school or sixth form, however this can vary from school to school . O n the whole, this is the most common way schools do this. It is likely these years are chosen because by this time you  will have an extensive knowledge of the school you  attend and   have reached the ‘top of the pile’  by  your last year, so will be more confident and assertive whilst completing your designated assignment.  

Applications for becoming a school prefect are often taken towards the end of Year 10 or Year 12,  again depending on which part of the school you are  currently  in, so in the lead up to the summer term it may be best to start thinking about which position you would like to apply for, if any.  Your school will usually notify you of application deadlines and the positions they have to offer.  

What are the Different Types of School Prefect?

In a school there i s often  a multitude of different  types of  prefects. A quick disclaimer:  this list will not be correct for all schools  but  serves the purpose of  giv ing  a general idea of what can be expected from your average  UK  school.  

Head Girl/Boy

Often considered the most prestigious role a student can be given;  Head Boy and Head Girl hold the most influential position of any prefect in the school.  Often having many candidates, this is a highly competitive and sought-after position.  The Head Boy and Girl represent the school. They should be a good role-model to younger students, and generally lead other prefects as they do their duties .  

Deputy Head Boy/Girl

The Deputy Head Boy and Girl are almost like the understudies of the Head Boy and Girl . They are, again, high up in the school, and  are  expected to do almost the same as the Head Boy and Girl .  The Deputy Head will often take the place of the Head if they are absent , again acting like an understudy. They assist the Head whilst they do their duties.  

House Captain

In  an  average school, their tends to be  in-school  houses.  E ach house is often appointed a  H ouse  C aptain  who  lead  their house to victory in events such as Sports Day.  The House Captain represents their in-school house , and there may be just one house captain or multiple.  

Library Prefects

Library Prefects are responsible for the school library , sometimes taking shifts there, helping students and keeping it neat and orderly.  They may help organise school events to do with  the library , such as World Book Day.  

Hall Monitor

Although they are less common in UK schools, Hall Monitors do exist in some   places .  They exist to keep the halls orderly and neat .  They may monitor halls a t  break or lunch   and can be found all across the school.  

What are the General Tasks of a School Prefect?

A school prefect is expected to carry out multiple duties depending on which position they are given.  Using the list of different prefects briefed above, I shall give an overview of the general duties expected of each type of prefect.  

The Head Girl and Boy   represent the school at events in and out of school , for example an in-school Prize Giving or a local charity event.  They are generally   expected to give public speeches from time to time  in front of different year groups, the school, or attendees to the events they  are present at .  They may also act as a guide for visitors to the school .  The Head Girl and Head Boy tend to lead other prefects and assist them with their duties .  They must also act as good role-models for younger students  and  may get involved in activities involving the lower school .  

Deputy Head Girl/Boy

T he Deputy Head Girl and Boy almost act as understudies for the Head Girl and Boy .  They may attend events in place of the Head  and  fulfil their duties if they are absent .  They too  are present at some  events bu t  appear less frequently .  They assist the Heads in all their duties  and are their second in command so to speak.  They must act as role-models for the younger school  and  may  be involved in lower school events too .  They may also be required to give speeches.  

The House Captain leads their house in school activities, such as Sports Day . They represent their house  and their house’s students .  They take part in all house – related events .  They generally  required to be  athletic , as houses are  most commonly  used in sporting events,  making the   H ouse  C aptain ’ s prime time Sports Day.  They may also represent their school in sporting events outside of school. They must organise House Meetings and be able to communicate with the rest of the pupils clearly. They also help to organise and lead school sporting events and assist school PE teachers  during these activities . They must be friendly ,  a n effective  leader  and a  good   motivator for the  students .  

Library Prefect

A  L ibrary  P refect must be available to take shifts in the library .  They may work behind the desk, helping students with their requests and completing standard jobs such as monitoring overdue book s .  They also have the responsibility of keeping the library neat and tidy, and ensuring all books are put back in a neat and orderly fashion.   They may also have to take care of any rowdy  students who need to be removed or help students who have a question .  They should have a thorough knowledge of books and know where to find specific  novel s . I f a student asks for recommendations, they should be able to give a good , substantial  answer.  They may also help monitor and organise library events , such as World Book Day.  

Hall  M onitors patrol the corridors to ensure all students are behaving and are conducting themselves to a good standard.   They take care of any misbehaviour that may occur  and  alert   member s  of staff   if they see trouble .  They   also make sure students are punctual and attend lessons on time, and ensure all students are  where  they should be  and not loitering in the corridors . They also might help to keep the halls clean and tidy up any mess that may have been left behind.  

What is the “Best” Type of Prefect?

This question varies among different people, but if referring to status then Head Girls and Boy is the best position to be held . They are the student heads of the school and have the most influence out of all the prefects.   

However, to some people being the  leader  of the school would be their worst nightmare, and  a  more discreet role  such as Library Prefect would sound the best to them;  it all depends on who you are.  

How Hard is it to Become a Prefect?  

This depends on your year-group size . If in a class of 1000, it is going to be much more difficult to  gain   a  position than in a class of 200, as there will be more competition.   

Y our general reputation in the school  is important too . If you  are labelled as a well-behaved student in school who consistently tries their hardest in everything they do, you are going to be in with a much better chance than someone who is constantly in trouble with teachers.   

It also depends on which position you go for ; some positions may be in much higher demand than others .  

How Do You Become a School Prefect?  

As you reach the end of the school year in Year 10, applications for prefects next year may start to open . Quite often an application form is given out.  You must then complete this form before the due date , and then give in your form to school.  It really is that simple!    

What is Required to Become a Prefect?

To become a prefect, generally nothing is required, however your school may have a policy that bans people with a certain amount of behaviour points from applying.    

There are certain qualities that are looked for in a prefect, such as being cooperative.  Cooperation is key whil st  being a prefect  as your main duty is to look after other students and assist teachers with jobs.  You must also be helpful and well-mannered . Someone with a particularly bad record in the past will most likely not stand much of a chance of becoming a prefect as the school may think they  will  abuse the authority they are given, or not carry out the ir  duties as they should be,  which is  also  why a prefect must also be trustworthy and responsible.   

Participating in lots of clubs in school should give a boost too , as it shows you are committed to your school and like to try your best in a wide range of areas.   

Although good grades are generally not considered to be important during the process of choosing a prefect,  trying your hardest in each subject is   vital .  If you prepare yourself well and try your best in each lesson, it will be recognised by teachers and will in turn give you a better chance of being given the prefect position.


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Persuasive Speech: I Should Be the Next School Prefect

I should be your next school prefect because I have all the best things to offer the position and the establishment. To start with, I have an engaging and positive attitude that makes it easy to relate to students and staff. Not only that, but I am cheerful and love to take on new challenges. I have plenty of experience working with others in a leadership role so I am prepared to take on this duty with all the necessary achievements and requirements under my belt.

One of my main jobs will be working with the students and staff at the school to help them deal with both positive and negative issues that arise on campus. I will help each one of them give voice to their needs and wants so that we can work together to create the perfect school environment for everyone. I will meet with the headmaster on a regular basis to problem solve and come up with solutions to issues that students might be having at school. Each and every student should know that I am on their side and promise to make school as great as it can be for them.

When it comes to my qualifications, I believe I have what it takes to make a great leader. I have a confidence that makes it simple for me to speak before a crowd in a proficient and knowledgeable way. I enjoy answering questions about myself and am always willing to discuss issues and assist in finding a solution. I am easy to talk to and promise to take each issue seriously so that students feel heard and understood, no matter what they might be facing. I am good at communicating what needs to be done as well as my appreciation for the help that others give me. I’m not afraid to ask for help when I need it and would rather admit it than try to solve a problem alone, only to find out that I’m not equipped to do so without assistance. I am also able to plan large events, such as holiday parties and enjoy working as part of a team. I am able to share ideas and tasks with my group and am able to give up some control for the good of everyone involved. You will always find me open and willing to talk, both about the good and the bad.

As a prefect, I want to help the school be the best it can be by partnering with students, staff and parents to ensure that each problem is solved and make the school a fun and educational environment for each and every student that attends. I want to take on the role of prefect so that I can continue in this tradition and use my talents and time to create the perfect school for anyone. Each student will feel happy and at home at school and parents will be assured that their child will be safe on campus and will get a superior education while they are here.

In summary, I love what being a prefect means for me and my fellow students. I want this experience to further enhance my life and my experience, but I also want to share what I have to offer with other students. This school has provided me with so many opportunities and chances to learn and I feel like it’s my duty to give back by becoming a prefect and giving something back to the school and the students and staff that are here on a daily basis. Thank you!

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  • Guide to Applying for Graduate School

The process of preparing for and applying to a PhD program can be overwhelming. The University of Pennsylvania has created this webpage to help prospective PhD students think through the process so you can put together a strong application.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest degree one may obtain within a particular field of study. This ranges from studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields; Social Science fields such as Education, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology; as well as Humanities fields such as English, History, Music, Philosophy, and more. The PhD degree aims to prepare people to think critically, develop research, and produce scholarship that may be used for further research or implementation. The PhD historically prepared students to take on faculty roles in colleges and universities, and that is still the goal for many students pursuing the PhD. However, today the PhD is a sought-after degree in many other industries including pharmaceutical research, arts organizations and other nonprofits, publishing, government policy, big tech, finance, and more.

  • Who can apply to a PhD program?  PhD education is available to people from various educational, occupational, socioeconomic, and demographic backgrounds.
  • Who should get a PhD?  People interested in uncovering new ideas, solutions, processes, etc. within a specific area of study through conducting independent research.
  • Why is it important for diverse candidates to become PhD holders?  Our world thrives on heterogeneous ideas and experiences, which is why it is indispensable to include students with diverse perspectives in our PhD programs. These students will generate important and original research.

Most PhD programs are fully funded, meaning that for a specific number of years, the program will pay for your tuition and fees and health insurance, as well as provide you with a stipend for living expenses. The structure of this funding varies by field. Below is an outline of general funding information as well as trends according to field of study.

  • Funding packages provided by educational institution.
  • Funding packages provided through faculty research grants: Many STEM fields fund students through research grants awarded to faculty. In these cases, students perform research alongside the faculty. 
  • Teaching Assistantships or Research Assistantships: Part-time service that provides teaching and research training opportunities within your area of study.
  • Fellowships: Internal or external merit-based funding. Some fellowships require an application while others are given via nomination. Educational institutions typically have a resource listing fellowship opportunities. Winning a competitive fellowship looks good on your resume.
  • Grants: Requires an application with supporting materials of either your grades, scholarly work, and/or anticipated research. These are available through internal and external means. Grants greatly vary so be sure to always understand the requirements. Educational institutions typically have a resource listing grant opportunities. Winning a competitive grant looks good on your resume.
  • Employment: For example, serving as a residential advisor, on-campus jobs, etc. Some PhD programs restrict additional employment, so be sure to check before applying for jobs.
  • The funding opportunities described here often can be combined.

Choosing a school or program that provides the most potential funding may be a challenging decision. The value of the same amount of funding will differ depending on the cost of living in different geographic locations. Admitted applicants should investigate cost-of-living tools (available on the web) and be sure to understand how their funding will be structured. Ask questions when you are admitted, such as: 

  • Could you share more about your program’s funding mechanism?
  • For how long is funding guaranteed? How does that compare to the average time-to-completion? Historically, what percentage of students have received funding beyond the guaranteed funding package?
  • Does funding cover tuition, fees, books, etc.?
  • Does the funding rely on teaching, research, or other service? How much and for how long? 

Choosing a program for your studies is a personal decision that should reflect not only your research interests, but your work style, and interests outside of the classroom. Here we have identified five key tips to consider when selecting schools. 

  • Ask about which programs are strong in your area of interest, which have high completion rates, which have career outcomes that align with your goals, etc. 
  • Conduct a general internet search with terms related to your research interest.
  • Determine your geographic and personal preferences. Does the area meet your community needs? Is it important that the university aligns with your sociopolitical values? Do you prefer a large city or a smaller/college town? Is there a particular region(s) that has better access to resources needed to conduct your research?
  • Access your current or former university career center. These services are often still available for former students!
  • As you narrow your choices, try to identify at least 3 faculty in the programs of interest with whom you’d like to study. Also note how many of them have tenure. If relevant, research which of those faculty are taking on advisees in your year of matriculation.
  • Read articles from faculty with similar research interests.
  • Note the number of awards, publications, and service activities of faculty.
  • Identify research opportunities funded by both your program and university at large.
  • Connect with current and former students in the program for informational interviews.
  • Connect with campus Diversity Offices.
  • Whenever possible, before submitting your applications, make an appointment to visit the campuses and department(s) that interest you.
  • Use  LinkedIn  to see what graduates of your program are doing and how they are involved in their communities.
  • Estimate your feasible cost of living by geographic location and compare to the funding package offered.
  • Consider availability of health insurance, childcare, housing, transportation, and other fringe benefits.
  • Connect with a local bank or your prospective university’s financial services office for budgeting, savings, and other financial wellness advice.
  • Your First Year in a Ph.D. Program
  • What Does Academic Success Mean and How to Achieve it?  (STEM)
  • Pathways to Science  (STEM)
  • 7 Advantages PhDs Have Over Other Job Candidates  (Industry)
  • During your undergraduate/master’s education, you should pursue coursework and/or research that will prepare you for the higher expectations of a PhD program; for example, taking a research methods course, pursuing a summer research experience, or conducting research with a professor at your home institution.
  • Identify instructors who could write a letter of recommendation. Ask them to write letters even if you do not intend to apply to PhD programs immediately. Their letter will be stronger if they draft it while their memory of you is fresh.
  • Experiences outside of higher education can also strengthen your PhD application. These may range from project management to volunteer work.
  • Develop soft or hard skills. A soft skill that is most useful from the first day of your PhD program is networking. This is necessary not only for meeting other students but also to find collaborators with similar research interests and selecting faculty for your dissertation committee. Learning how to negotiate will also serve you well when approaching collaborative projects. Hard skills related to your field might include learning statistical analysis software, economic theory, a foreign language, or search engine optimization. In short, identify a few soft and hard skills that you can familiarize yourself with prior to your program’s start date.
  • Finally, prepare by identifying leading researchers and practitioners in your field, exploring peer-reviewed literature and/or publications, and gain familiarity with research methods.
  • Be sure to address all the specific questions/topics in the personal statement prompt. 
  • Clearly state why you want to pursue a PhD.
  • Propose your research interest.
  • Identify the faculty you’d like to study under. 
  • Discuss the unique qualities/experiences you offer to the program/school.
  • Outline what you hope to do with your degree.
  • Ask for recommendation letters early in the process, at least 2-4 weeks before the deadline. A good letter takes time to write!
  • Provide recommenders with your resume, information about the program, your personal statement and/or information about your research interests and research goals.
  • Consider your current/former instructors, supervisors, colleagues. These should be people who can speak to your work ethic, academic abilities, and research interests.
  • Test scores (i.e. TOFEL, GRE, GMAT, etc.) may or may not be required.
  • All transcripts including those for coursework completed abroad and transfer credits. Some programs require official transcripts, which take longer to procure.
  • Writing sample (field dependent): Include a graduate-level sample and update any statements, statistics, etc. as needed. It is highly encouraged that you edit your previous work.
  • Diversity statement: Many institutions offer an optional short statement where students can expand on their diverse backgrounds and experiences that may contribute to the diversity interests/efforts of the school.
  • Typically, PhD applications are due 10-12 months in advance of the program’s start date (i.e. apply in November to start the following September). A good rule of thumb is to begin your application process 6 months before the deadline. 
  • The availability of reduced application fees or fee waivers varies and sometimes depends on financial status and/or experiences (AmeriCorps, National Society of Black Engineers, attending certain conferences, etc.). If you are interested in a reduced fee or waiver, reach out to the program coordinator for details.
  • Dress professionally, even if the interview is virtual. You don’t necessarily need to wear a suit but dress pants/skirt and a blouse/button down shirt would be appropriate.  
  • Develop an engaging elevator pitch, a 30-60 second summary, of your research interests and what you hope to gain by becoming a student at that particular university. Practice your pitch with friends and ask for honest feedback.
  • Prepare 2-3 questions to ask during the interview. These could include questions about program expectations, the experience and success of their PhD students, and (academic/financial/mental health) support for PhD students.
  • Some interview programs will include multiple activities including a social event. Be sure to maintain a professional attitude: do not drink too much and keep conversation on academic/professional topics.
  • This is also your opportunity to decide whether this campus is a good fit for you.
  • Academia Insider  is a good resource. 

Unlike undergraduate and master’s level education, coursework is just one component of the degree. A PhD comes with additional expectations: you must independently conduct scholarly research in your field of study, train in specific activities such as teaching or lab/field research, pass “milestone” requirements along the way, such as comprehensive exams, and complete the process by writing a dissertation. Furthermore, some fields require you to write multiple articles (number varies by field/program) for conference presentation and/or peer-reviewed publication.

There are other important elements as well:

  • Student/Advisor relationship. This is one of the most valuable relationships you can have as a PhD student. Your faculty advisor not only assists you with learning how to approach your research topic, but also typically serves as the lead supervisor of your dissertation research and writing, and ideally mentors you throughout the PhD experience. The selection process of choosing your advisor varies so be sure to know what is expected of you as a student and what is expected of the faculty member. Whenever possible, it is important to align your personality and work style with that of your faculty advisor. Many universities publish expectations for the PhD student/faculty advisor relationship;  AMP’ed  is Penn’s guide.
  • Other relationships: Your faculty advisor is far from the only important person during your PhD career. Other faculty members will also serve on your dissertation committee and be potential mentors. Other students in your program can also provide good advice and guidance along the way.
  • Coursework: Most programs have a number of required courses all students must take regardless of research interests. Once you have finished this requirement, the classes you choose should closely align with your research topic. Choose courses that will help you learn more about your dissertation topic and research methods. It is a good idea to discuss elective course selection with your advisor. 
  • The dissertation is a large-scale, written document that explores a narrow research topic of your choice. It is the final step before receiving your degree and must be presented and “defended” to your dissertation committee (made up of faculty members) for approval. Defending means that you have to answer in-depth questions about your topic. While this might sound daunting, the dissertation is simply a demonstration of all the knowledge and expertise you have acquired through your PhD education. 
  • Networking comes in many forms and includes connections with your fellow classmates, faculty members, and scholarly community. Formal networking events typically take place at academic conferences, where scholars and students present research. Increasing your academic circle will not only allow you to have study buddies, but offer you the opportunity to collaborate on articles or even gain employment. Your school’s career center can provide best practices for effective networking. 

Explore  graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania  and click on the programs that interest you to learn more about admissions and academic requirements.

Upcoming Penn recruitment events include:

  • Fontaine Fellows Recruitment Dinner (by invitation only): Friday, March 22, 2024
  • IDDEAS@Wharton  (Introduction to Diversity in Doctoral Education and Scholarship): April 18-19, 2024. Deadline to apply is January 31.
  • DEEPenn STEM  (Diversity Equity Engagement at Penn in STEM): October 11-13, 2024. Application opens in March 2024.
  • DivE In Weekend  (Diversity & Equity Initiative for Mind Research): Fall 2024

National conferences to explore:

  • The Leadership Alliance  supports students into research careers
  • McNair Scholar Conferences
  • SACNAS , the largest multidisciplinary and multicultural STEM diversity event in the U.S.
  • ABRCMS , the annual biomedical research conference for minoritized scientists
  • The PhD Project  for students interested in business PhD programs

Biden administration cancels $1.2B in student loans with new repayment plan

President Biden on Wednesday began emailing more than 150,000 student loan borrowers enrolled in his signature repayment plan that their debts — $1.2 billion in total — have been canceled, the latest effort by the administration to tout its success in providing debt relief as the campaign season heats up.

The president’s debt relief policies have been met with a mix of praise and frustration. Activists have applauded his targeted approach; the administration has forgiven about $138 billion in student loans for 3.9 million people, largely using existing relief programs. But they also continue to implore Biden to do more, despite the crushing defeat of a more sweeping loan forgiveness plan before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, conservatives remain ardent critics of debt policies they say come at the expense of other taxpayers, many of whom never attended college.

The latest debt relief targets people enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education (Save) plan, and makes good on the administration’s promise to accelerate forgiveness for people who borrowed lower amounts of money to attend college. Rather than wait 20 to 25 years for relief through other income-driven repayment plans, enrollees in the Save plan who borrowed less than $12,000 can have their debt wiped clean after 10 years of payments. The Education Department had originally planned to begin forgiveness in July but started identifying eligible borrowers this month.

“From day one of my Administration, I vowed to fix student loan programs so higher education can be a ticket to the middle class — not a barrier to opportunity,” Biden wrote in the email. He also described other efforts taken by the administration to help students and borrowers, including expanding Pell grants, and promised to “never stop fighting for hard-working American families.”

The email effort recalls then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 push to send letters to taxpayers alerting them to stimulus checks his administration processed by the millions during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ahead of his own reelection bid, Biden has privately expressed frustration that his administration has not received enough credit from voters for its actions to help consumers and bolster the economy. Some of Biden’s allies, including Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), have warned that the president could face electoral problems if he does not convince voters that he has kept his promises on a wide range of issues. Clyburn has specifically raised the president’s student loan relief pledge as one area where a significant gap exists between what Biden has accomplished and what voters believe he has done.

Biden also has been wary of the blowback student debt relief efforts have received from people who did not go to college. During a speech at a library in Culver City, Calif., on Wednesday, he made the case that his loan forgiveness “helps everyone” by strengthening the economy.

“When people have student debt relief, they buy homes, they start businesses, they contribute, they engage in the community in ways they weren’t able to before,” he said. “And that actually grows the economy.”

Under Biden, the Education Department has focused on lowering the debt burden of those who borrowed money for college, by expanding or easing rules for existing relief programs. It is also crafting another plan to offer relief to more borrowers after a loan forgiveness plan that Biden introduced in 2022 was struck down by the Supreme Court last year.

After the court’s decision, the Biden administration finalized the Save plan.

So far, about 7.5 million people of the more than 40 million with federal student loan debt are enrolled in Save. The plan pegs monthly student loan payments to earnings and family size, just like other income-driven plans. One big difference is that the new plan increases the amount of income protected from the calculation of debt payments from 150 percent to 225 percent of the federal poverty line.

That means a single borrower earning less than $15 an hour will be spared from payments. Those earning more would save an estimated $1,000 a year, according to the department. Even if borrowers’ monthly payment is $0, they will still get credit toward forgiveness. According to the Education Department, 4.3 million people enrolled in the plan have a $0 monthly payment.

What to know about Biden’s student loan income-driven repayment plan

The department began introducing some features of the Save plan last year. This summer, the federal agency will start capping payments for undergraduate loans at 5 percent — down from 10 percent — of income above the 225 percent federal poverty threshold. Borrowers with debt from undergraduate and graduate studies will pay a weighted average between 5 and 10 percent toward their debts.

The faster path to cancellation could have a meaningful impact on people who attended community college, dropped out of college or are at risk of defaulting. The Education Department estimates that 85 percent of future community college borrowers, who typically take out small loans, could be debt-free within 10 years under the Save plan.

“Every borrower that the Biden administration delivers full student debt relief for is a win,” Braxton Brewington, spokesperson for the Debt Collective, said in a statement. “Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling last year, Biden continues to prove he has tools at his disposal to enact relief for borrowers crushed by student debt — but there’s no reason to stop here. Nearly four million Americans have received relief, but forty million more are desperately waiting.”

To create Save, the administration updated an existing loan repayment program that was long authorized by Congress through the Higher Education Act, giving it firmer legal ground than the debt relief program struck down by the Supreme Court.

But conservative groups and Republican lawmakers question the president’s authority to wipe away billions of dollars in money owed to the federal government.

“His drip, drip, drip student loan forgiveness workarounds are lawless and make a mockery of the separation of powers,” Elaine Parker, president of the Job Creators Network Foundation, said in a statement. The small-business advocacy group filed one of the suits against Biden’s 2022 plan to forgive up to $20,000 in loans for some borrowers.

Parker said the administration’s actions “set a dangerous precedent that consolidates more power in the executive branch. College students themselves are the biggest losers of Biden’s college debt forgiveness workarounds because colleges are given a blank check to continue overcharging and saddling them with debt.”

Borrowers who receive emails notifying them that they will receive debt relief through the Save program do not need to take any further action to receive loan forgiveness. Student loan servicers, the intermediaries that collect payments on the federal government’s behalf, will begin discharging the debt in coming days, according to the department. Next week, the agency plans to directly contact borrowers who would be eligible for early cancellation under the Save plan but are not enrolled.

After his remarks, Biden gave a succinct answer when asked whether he was worried that his latest debt relief program would be struck down in court.

“I don’t have a worry at all,” he said.

Student loans

The impact of student loan repayments : A technical loophole is helping some parents lower their student loan payments . The ending of the student loan payment pause has left some borrowers anxious and confused .

What are my student loan repayment options? Personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary shares what to focus on as student loan payments resume and why she says President Biden’s new SAVE student loan income-driven plan is a game changer .

What’s next for student loan debt relief? Biden is forging ahead on a new path to narrower student loan relief after the Supreme Court rejected his earlier loan forgiveness plan . Meanwhile, conservative groups sued to block Biden’s effort to provide $39 billion in forgiveness to longtime borrowers.

application letter to be school prefect

Letters in English

Sample Letters, Letter Templates & Formats

Home » Letters » School » Recommendation Letter for Class Prefect – Sample Recommendation Letter by School Teacher for the Post of Class Prefect

Recommendation Letter for Class Prefect – Sample Recommendation Letter by School Teacher for the Post of Class Prefect

To, The Principal, _______ (Name of the School) _______ (Address of the School)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for approval of class prefect

Most respectfully, I am working in your reputed school as a subject teacher for ________ (subject name)

I write this letter to bring into your kind consideration that _______ (name of the student) has shown tremendous leadership skills in the previous academic session. Also, not only his academic grades are top-notch, but also his/her performance in ______ (sports/ arts/ etc.) has been brilliant. He/She is also popular among his/her peers. Hence, I hereby recommend his/her name for becoming class prefect for the upcoming session. Kindly accord your approval on same.

I shall be thankful to you.

In case, you have any queries, you may contact me at the contact details mentioned below.

Yours respectfully, _________ (Your name) ________ (Department) _________ (Employee ID)

Incoming Search Terms:

  • Application for the position of a class prefect
  • sample application letter for prefect in school
  • Request Letter to School Principal for Permission to Conduct Research in School – Request for Conducting Research for School Project
  • Request Letter for Additional Responsibilities at Work – Sample Letter Requesting for Additional Roles and Responsibilities in Office

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  1. Application Letter for Class Prefect

    Application Letter for Class Prefect - Sample Application for the Post of Class Prefect September 14, 2021 To The Principal, ____________ (School Name) ____________ (Address of the School) __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Application for the class prefect Respected Sir/Madam

  2. Prefect application letter

    Prefect application letter A LordMasterm 3 Dear ____, I am writing to inform you of my application for the position of prefect. The position of prefect is a vital part of the school's anatomy, and a fantastic tradition that helps students grasp skills such as leadership, teamwork, innovative thinking and communication.

  3. I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and

    I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and Head/Deputy Head prefect. I see this position as a central part of the school's foundations, traditions, and effective communication between students, teachers and the local community.

  4. A heart-warming prefect application

    Prefect Application Form Dear Turton Prefect application team, I would love to embark on the journey to becoming a prefect and blossom from the effects of this role. This is because Turton has done so much for me and I would love to give some of that help and understanding back to the younger years.

  5. Classroom Leadership: how to effectively choose school prefects for

    My department aim to employ 5-6 subject prefects with the following roles: Head Subject Prefect. Deputy Head Subject Prefect. Subject Prefect (specific role) Subject Prefect. Subject Prefect. This year we've created a 'Head of Literacy Prefect' as this fits well with our department and school aim, but you could create subject prefects with ...

  6. Head Boy or Boys Prefect application letter examples

    Head Boy or Boys Prefect application letter - Example 1 Head Boy Application Letter Dear [Headteacher's name], I am writing to express my interest in the position of Head Boy. I have been a student at [school name] for five years, and during that time I have developed a deep love and respect for our school community.

  7. Application Letter For 2021/2022 Academic Year Prefect ...

    Application letter for 2021/2022 academic year prefect. STUDENT NAME: Amaan Aziz FORM: 6N2. I am writing this application to apply for the position of school prefect. I believe I am capable of handling the role of the school prefect with maturity, responsibility and respect.

  8. Application for position of class prefect

    Certainly have a look at this Application for the position of class prefect template, which will save your time and efforts and help you to be more successful in your studies! The generic roles and responsibilities as prefect would be: To ensure the year six pupils set the right example to the rest of the school; Support in planning events.

  9. PDF Prefect Application Process for 2022/23

    Prefect Application Process for 2022/23 The role of the prefect is a very important one. You are the senior students in school who will be seen as role models for our younger students. You will be expected to carry out a range of tasks on a regular basis to support the staff and the school. Job Description

  10. PDF Candidate: Prefect Application Form

    Prefect Application Form As a prefect you will have the opportunity to: A successful candidate must: Develop leadership skills Develop team work abilities, confidence, and be actively in-volved with the school. Represent Trinity at parents evenings, open evenings and other events. Enhance your V for college and job applications.

  11. 3 Ways to Be a Good Prefect

    1. Be approachable and welcoming. Smile and say hello to students when you pass them in the halls, and try to be as friendly as possible when you're talking to them. Avoid things that make you look distracted or busy, like looking down at your phone all the time or always having your face buried in a book.

  12. Prefect Application Free Essay Example

    118780 I would like to become a prefect as I see this is a great opportunity to contribute back to the school. I believe I have the qualities required for a prefect as I am responsible, reliable and prepared to carry out various duties to the best of my ability.

  13. Prefect Application Essay Example

    Prefect Application Essay Example Get sample for $1 My desire is to become a prefect. I know that I will be a great prefect because I want to fulfill the enforcement and rules of the school, being the oldest child in the family I have a lot of responsibilities and examples to set for my younger family members, I am a very loyal person.

  14. Prefect Application

    290 Words 1 Page Open Document Analyze This Draft Prefect Application View Writing Issues File Tools Settings Filter Results NAME DATE Dear ………………. RE: Prefect Application I would like to become a prefect as I see this is a great opportunity to contribute back to the school.

  15. School Prefect Application Form (teacher made)

    Use this School Prefect Application Form for children to make their case and explain what skills and qualities they have for becoming a prefect. A great opportunity for persuasive writing and to help teachers choose their next prefect! Twinkl Key Stage 2 - Year 3, 4, 5, 6 Educational Resources Related Searches

  16. How to write application letter/manifesto for compound prefect

    How to write an application letter/manifesto for a compound prefect. 1. Introduce yourself. Start your application letter/manifesto by introducing yourself. State who you are and why you are applying for the position. Be sure to express your enthusiasm for the role, and mention the skills and experiences that make you the ideal candidate.

  17. What is a School Prefect and What Do They Do?

    What is a School Prefect? A school prefect is a n elected student who has been chosen to perform certain responsibilities, giving them some authority in school. There are several advantages that come with this position, which include a positive addition to your CV. There are multiple different categories of prefects, which will be discussed further on in th is article.

  18. Persuasive Speech: I Should Be the Next School Prefect

    I should be your next school prefect because I have all the best things to offer the position and the establishment. To start with, I have an engaging and positive attitude that makes it easy to relate to students and staff. Not only that, but I am cheerful and love to take on new challenges.

  19. School Prefect Appointment Letter

    Download School Prefect Appointment Letter. Microsoft Word (.docx) Or select the format you want and we convert it for you for free: This Document Has Been Certified by a Professional. 100% customizable. This is a digital download (71.22 kB) Language: English. We recommend downloading this file onto your computer. Download.

  20. Guide to Applying for Graduate School

    Discuss the unique qualities/experiences you offer to the program/school. Outline what you hope to do with your degree. Asking for recommendations. Ask for recommendation letters early in the process, at least 2-4 weeks before the deadline. A good letter takes time to write!

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    We would like to provide you with an important update regarding the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ®) process.This Electronic Announcement provides further details regarding aid eligibility and the post-processing experience for students, institutions, state higher education agencies, and scholarship organizations.

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    President Biden starts notifying more than 150,000 student loan borrowers enrolled in the Save plan that their debts — totaling $1.2 billion — have been forgiven.

  23. Recommendation Letter for Class Prefect

    Recommendation Letter for Class Prefect - Sample Recommendation Letter by School Teacher for the Post of Class Prefect. July 26, 2021 July 12, 2022 0 Comments Recommendation Letter, ... Application for the position of a class prefect; sample application letter for prefect in school;