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Higher Business Management - assignment

Assignment 2022 (all links open as pdf files).

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Assignment 2019 (All links open as PDF files)

Candidate A - the marketing mix of Marks & Spencer Group PLC Candidate B - to assess the corporate social responsibility of Costa Coffee Candidate C - to evaluate the effectiveness of Sephora’s marketing mix Candidate D - impact of external factors in Ted Baker PLC using PESTEC analysis

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10 Tips To Write A Good Business Management Assignment

  • The Pinnacle List

10 Tips To Write A Good Business Management Assignment

Do you feel the pressure of a business assignment? Are you looking for quick business management assignment help ? This is a common problem faced by all students. You have been assigned to write a business management paper but you just don’t know where to begin or what points to include in your work. In this case, follow these simple tips to get started on your writing project.

1. Choose a Good Topic

If you are looking for ideas, start from home. Look at what interests you and think about how it will apply to the course content. If nothing comes out, look at the syllabus and find two things that interest you most. If you still don’t see anything interesting, ask your teacher what topics should be covered in your class during this semester before going back to your notes and class discussions.

2. Review Expectations of Your Professor

Review the instructions of your assignment sheet carefully. The lecturer may also give you some hints on what topics should be included. Make sure that you fully understand all requirements before starting writing.

Sometimes, deciding on the topic gets easy when you read the assignment guidelines over and over again. There could be a few hints that you can discover by carefully going through the set of instructions.

3. Assess Information Sources

To ensure the validity of information, always check out the source of data. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Who made this?
  • Where did this come from?
  • When was it published?
  • Why do they know this information and I don’t?
  • How many reported errors occurred in this study? 

To determine reliability, look at who created the source, how long ago it was created, and where it is located.

4. Collect All Resources Before Writing

The easiest way to start your writing project is to collect everything you need. Print out the information and add any links to websites so that they can be easily accessed while researching or writing. You don’t want to lose anything by having only a hard copy at hand, especially if it’s an online link.

5. Write an Outline Before Starting Work

An outline helps you better and faster organize your thoughts and ideas in order of priority and importance, helping you solve problems quickly while working on your business assignment.

If you have no idea where to start, try this method: Take a blank sheet of paper and draw three columns, labeling them “Problem,” “Action” and “Result.” In the top section, write down three or more problems that you have encountered in your work, a problem with a product, a situation requiring a solution, and so on. 

The bottom section will contain actions taken to resolve these issues. This allows you to make sure that all solutions were implemented correctly and completely.

6. Collect Sources of Information

This is an important step when preparing to write your assignment because it gives you an idea of ​​what points should be covered in your article. For example, if you need to discuss how Starbucks uses social media tools, then find articles about other companies that have used something similar.

Do not forget to also spend time reading other topics from the syllabus before writing a scientific article.

7. Spend Time Reading the Materials You’ve Collected

Don’t immediately start writing when you finish your homework; read everything carefully before you write anything to make sure that all information is correct and relevant. This will also give you an idea of ​​what points should be included in your assignment.

8. Summarize Areas Requiring Research

Before starting, summarize what has already been done on the topic so that later you can use this information for reference material. For example, if you have to do something about how Facebook is used by companies, then do not forget to mention previous studies on the subject during your presentation. 

If there are none, however, say this at the beginning of your work so that the reader will not expect to see something new under the sun.

9. Set A Writing Schedule and Follow It

The main trick to keeping yourself on track, when you are working on an assignment or anything else, is to set up a schedule and adhere to it as much as possible. 

It’s easy for things like reading news sites, playing games, and other leisure activities to take over your time if you do not plan them ahead of time. 

Schedule your research and writing tasks depending on how long they usually take; this way it will be easier to organize your work time efforts.

10. Read Everything You’ve Written Before Submitting

This is one of the most important steps in writing because even the most experienced writers, editors, or proofreaders can miss something when they write content. 

To avoid this mistake, especially when you are in a hurry to complete your work, always check what you have written before sending it to the teacher. If possible, ask one of your good friends or family members to review the document for you. They might be able to pinpoint errors that you couldn’t detect even after checking the paper time and again.


Finalizing details of an academic project is one of the most time-consuming tasks that students face during the course. However, it’s worth considering that not all assignment proposals produce high-quality results because some students do not know how to write them well. If you want good grades, make sure your proposal satisfies all requirements of your tutor. Try to adhere to all the guidelines and follow writing standards.

assignment business management

assignment business management

Assignment on Business Management: Quick Guide

assignment business management

What is Business Management Assignment

College curriculums are loaded with unfamiliar subjects, and students often feel lost. The first assignments are usually the hardest to get done, and a little help would be nice. If you are a beginner facing this challenge and are asking all around 'what is business management' or how it differs from business administration, you have come to the right place. This quick guide will explain the basics of the management of business and will provide topics of business management essays.

To put it simply, business management is a process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the organizational resources to achieve the company's objectives. While business administration concentrates on the organization's day-to-day operations, business management focuses on the overall process.

Business management is vital for a successful business. A business manager's job is to make strategic decisions, allocate resources, hire the best employees, and ensure the company meets its business objectives.

A business management assignment helps students demonstrate their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real scenarios and prepare them for future challenges. While the structure of the assignment is not foreign to experienced students, it covers a wide range of topics. It could involve operations management, financial and human resources management, organizational behavior, etc.

In the following chapters, you will find useful tips, a formal structure, and a general outline of a business management essay. Down below, there is a list of essay topics you could write a magnificent essay about. To clarify things, here is a business assignment sample essay. Our college essay writing services will provide a business essay crafted to meet the highest standards of your university.

How to Write a Business Assignment: Helpful Tips

Even though every essay structure and general outline resembles one another for each type, there are still many intricate details that you should consider when writing a business management assignment.

Let's move on to discuss constructing an impressive business paper without wasting time making mistakes. The following guide will save you the trouble of extensive research on how to polish an academic paper and help you reach the academic success you deserve.

If you don't have much free time on your hands, our exceptional custom essay writing service is also a great option. Let us know what is due, and we will deliver unforgettable reports on business management.

how to write business

Choose Relevant Business Management Topics

Start by implementing a general to a specific approach. Think about the areas of your expertise and how it links with the business assignment. A topic you feel comfortable writing will help you construct a high-quality and meaningful research paper.

Writing about the topics of business you feel passionate about will make the process more engaging and enjoyable. Consider your audience, and make the topic meet their needs. This will help you write an informative and engaging paper. Be relevant. Stay up to date with trending topics of business management. Choose a topic about an important issue and provide new perspectives or even a solution. Filling in the existing gaps will help your essay stand out.

Narrowing down the scope is always a good idea. The specific topic will make your work more manageable and keep you focused. A broad topic is always difficult to cover, but narrowing it down too much can limit your research options. Thus, balance is the key!

Maintain Your Management Assignment Structure

Maintaining the structure of the assignment is crucial. Make sure to keep your ideas coherent and your essay easy to follow. Whether you are writing about international business management or organizational structure, the most important thing is simply communicating your ideas to the readers.

Start by following the course guideline. Make sure you understand every component. Usually, professors give out this kind of map to determine the structure, format, and length of the management of business assignments.

Before you start writing, create an outline. Organize your thoughts and ideas and stay on track. Use headings and subheadings to break up your assignment into sections. Start with a strong introduction and an easy-to-digest thesis statement. Follow it with comprehensive body paragraphs. Here you can provide your arguments, show other people's work, and communicate with the audience about the problems you've discovered. Use transitional sentences to connect your ideas and eventually to the bigger picture. Finally, write a powerful conclusion that ties everything up. Showcase your ability to link various arguments to one another.

Following our guidelines will bring clarity and coherence to your writing. Well-structured and easy-to-follow essays always get positive feedback from their readers.

Analyze Topics of Business, Don't Repeat

Analyzing business paper topics can get tricky, especially for beginners who have to develop their writing style. Chances are you will repeat the same argument several times to make it look more convincing. But answering the question 'what is business management' several times with different words will only make your paper look unprofessional.

It's tricky, but there are ways to avoid repeating the arguments. Do the prior research. Acquiring knowledge will expand your horizon, and you won't feel the need to repeat the same sentence couple of times. Create the general outline. Knowing the order of your essay elements will help you avoid restating the same information twice.

Besides the general outline, it's a good idea to list all the key points and prioritize them. This way, you will cover every important detail in your essay. Last but not least, consider alternative perspectives. If you incorporate opposing viewpoints, you will enrich the paper and show off your writing skill level.

Provide Rationale for Your Business Assignment

It is trivial, but for safety reasons, let's point out: an argument without supporting evidence is not valid. The same goes for the topics of business management essay. You must provide a rationale for every stage of the essay.

Being able to provide supporting evidence demonstrates strong research abilities. Writing a well-reasoned essay requires thorough research. Providing rationale and citing sources in the assignment shows that the writer has done their best. Besides looking professional, it will be easier to convince the reader about the credibility of your argument if they can see the reasoning behind it. If you can explain why you think what you think, it shows that you have considered opposing viewpoints. Critical thinking is one of the most important aspects of the writing process.

Writing essays about the management of business takes extensive research. If the deadline is too close and there is not enough time to master the art of writing, you can go to the website and check out our custom research papers writing service . Our team of professional writers is always here to help you.

Use Formal Language in Your Business Assignment

In business, academia, or any other professional setting, we use formal language. It strictly adheres to the rules of grammar, tone, and vocabulary.

Formal language helps to establish a professional tone in A management assignment which supports creating a positive impression on the reader. Using formal language also increases the clarity of the arguments. Formal language is more precise, which can help avoid ambiguity and confusion.

No matter which business management topic assignment you write, having a respectful relationship with your audience is crucial. Formal language and correctly chosen vocabulary can take you a long way. It shows respect to the reader and the topic also.

Thus, you must avoid using slang, vocabulary unsuitable for the audience, contractions, and other unprofessional language or tone forms. And if you are reading all these, you are thinking, 'why can't somebody else write an essay for me ,' visit our website, and your wish will become a reality in no time. Get top-notch essays tailored to your specific requirements.

Need a Great Essay?

Get top-quality essays written by professionals today!

Business Management Topics

Mastering the art of constructing an impressive essay is only one-half of the job. First of all, you need an engaging topic. Our team has prepared a comprehensive list of business management topics to write about. From operations to business process management, explore a list of topics covering a wide range of fields, choose the one that excites you the most, and start implementing the freshly acquired knowledge.

International Business Management Topics

Our experienced writers have gathered the 20 most engaging topics about international business management. Explore the list and find the most attractive one:

  • Exploring management concepts in international business
  • Cross-cultural challenges in achieving Organizational goals
  • The challenges of the first line managers in international organizations
  • Key strategies for managing international business operations in an efficient and effective manner
  • Maximizing international business success through effective human resource management strategies
  • Navigating global business challenges through effective management of cultural intelligence
  • Effective leadership strategies for international business management
  • Cross-cultural communication as an essential part of international business management
  • The link between happy employees and successful international business management
  • Maximizing global business performance through effective staff managers
  • Leveraging various resources for competitive advantage
  • Understanding the universal phenomenon of cross-cultural communication challenges
  • Foreign direct investment and risks for international businesses
  • Sustainability in international business
  • Challenges of corporate governance in international businesses
  • The role of ethical leadership as an essential part of international business management
  • Developing a high degree of cross-cultural competence
  • Managing global value chains: integrating all the activities in international business management
  • The importance of cultural awareness in international business management
  • The role of self-confidence in international business management

Operations Management Assignment Topics

Below you will find the most relevant and moderns operations management assignment topics:

  • Enhancing Organizational Performance through Effective Operations Management and Managerial Skills
  • The role of organizational chart in effective operations management
  • The impact of executive functions on operations management
  • The role of operations management in achieving success at a shareholder meeting
  • The importance of understanding human behavior in operations management
  • Leveraging consumer insights based on market research
  • Optimizing group dynamics in operations management
  • Leadership and strategies of general managers in operations management
  • Planning effectively: best practices for operations management
  • Tools, techniques, and approaches for a good knowledge base in operations management
  • How to manage an organization effectively: operations management strategies
  • The role of operations management in organizational development
  • Achieving efficiency and productivity through simple form and process
  • The role of independent decision-making in operations management
  • Management theories: How to plan effectively toward organizational success
  • Optimizing human activities for the entire organization's success
  • Streamlining operations management for a particular job: important strategies for effectiveness
  • From plans decided to action implemented: the importance of effective operations management
  • Provide guidance for upper management: strategies for leadership and direction
  • Balancing technology and human beings for global success

Business Process Management Topics

Explore 20 more topics about business process management:

  • Strategies for implementing effective business process management principles across the entire organization
  • The role of human effort and organizational structure in achieving operational excellence
  • How successful managers utilize basic principles for achieving operational excellence
  • Interplay between management principles and executive function in driving business process
  • Achieving synergy between top management and other employees for improved operational efficiency
  • The crucial role of company leadership in aligning objectives and strengthening decision making
  • A critical analysis of management theories: exploring the role of functional managers in achieving goals
  • Optimizing the management process to achieve organizational goals
  • Effective business process management consists of strategic allocation for company growth
  • How to manage challenges created by leadership and top management
  • Optimizing business process management through collaborative efforts between top managers and the best employees
  • Crucial managerial skills: Optimizing processes through nurturing talent and celebrating human efforts
  • The role of the functional manager in talent acquisition and optimizing human resource management
  • Why business process management involves determining the journey, not just the destination
  • Aligning employee decision-making with business objectives
  • How process-centered leadership empowers organizations to manage change
  • Process improvement through agile methodologies
  • The evolution of process management thought
  • The role of information technology in business process management
  • The impact of business process management on customer satisfaction and retention

Additional Interesting Topics of Business

If you can choose from a wide range of topics, this list is for you. Impress your professor with an intriguing topic assignment:

  • Measuring the ROI: Key metrics and techniques for demonstrating value to stakeholders
  • Effective change management: how to implement and adapt
  • Digital transformation in business management
  • Strategies for handling and overcoming business crises
  • Strategies for reducing environmental impact and promoting social responsibility
  • Best practices and emerging trends for effective online branding
  • Strategies for driving innovation and creating a culture of creativity
  • Managing human resources in small business
  • Strategies for managing cash flow, budgets, and investments
  • The importance of market research and analysis for effective business management
  • Using game mechanics to improve employee performance and engagement
  • Strategies for effective time management and priorities in a busy workplace
  • Strategies and tactics for successful business deals
  • Emerging trends in remote work, automation, and AI
  • Benefits and best practices for reducing stress and improving productivity
  • Creating a workplace culture that fosters happy employees
  • How understanding human behavior can inform business decision making
  • Is servant leadership a new paradigm for effective business management?
  • Techniques for handling uncertainty and complexity in an organization
  • The role of entrepreneurial mindset and creativity in business success

Business Assignment Sample Essay

In the next section of the article, you will find a sample business management essay to help you understand how to structure and write a successful business assignment. Read through it carefully and take notes on the techniques used.

Further Academic Help

Are you struggling to come up with an assignment on management topic? Let us help you! Our online assignment writing service provides a comprehensive list of essay titles across various subjects to choose from, whether it's topics of business management or history assignment.

Don't stress yourself out; rely on our expertise to deliver outstanding results. Contact us today and take advantage of our reliable and affordable writing services.

Struggling with Your College Essay?

Order now and experience the best essay-writing service availabl

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Book Title: Principles of Management

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Book Description: Principles of Management teaches management principles to tomorrow’s business leaders by weaving three threads through every chapter: strategy, entrepreneurship and active leadership. For questions about this textbook please contact [email protected]

Book Information

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Principles of Management is adapted from a work produced by a publisher who has requested that they and the original author not receive attribution. This adapted edition is produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing through the eLearning Support Initiative. For questions about this textbook please contact [email protected]

Principles of Management Copyright © 2015 by University of Minnesota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

Tommy Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Successful Business Management Assignment

Writing a Successful Business Management Assignment

Business management assignments can be challenging, particularly for new students. But by following a few simple tips, you can write a high-quality assignment that will impress your instructor and earn you a good grade.

What are business management assignments?

Completion of all business management assigned tasks is imperative for the attainment of your college education. Among these tasks, written essays stand out as frequent assignments that significantly contribute to your final course grade.

Nevertheless, if you are encountering such an assignment for the first time, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. You might question your capacity to craft an impactful essay. However, rest assured that there exist various strategies you can employ to create an outstanding assignment and alleviate your apprehensions.

Business Management assignments are tasks or projects that students in business administration courses must complete. These activities can cover a wide range of business topics such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations and strategic management.

Assignments can take the form of case studies, research articles, presentations or group projects. The goal of these assignments is to help students develop a deeper understanding of business management concepts and principles, and to learn how to apply them to real-world situations. If you need help with any of these assignments, there are many resources available, including management assignment help services. If you are looking for engineering assignment help, you can also check out this website: Engineering assignment help . It offers expert assistance for various engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical and more.

Business management assignments can be difficult for students to write for a number of reasons, including:

    Complex topics: Business management assignments often cover complex topics, such as organizational structure, financial management, and marketing. Students may need to learn new concepts and terminology in order to complete their assignments.

    Critical thinking skills: Business management assignments often require students to think critically about real-world business problems. Students need to be able to analyze information, identify and evaluate different solutions, and make recommendations.

    Writing skills : Business management assignments require students to write in a clear, concise, and professional style. Students need to be able to communicate their ideas effectively and support their arguments with evidence.

    Time management : Business management assignments can be time-consuming to complete. Students need to be able to manage their time effectively and meet deadlines.

Lack of practical experience: Business management assignments often require students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. This can be challenging for students who have not yet gained practical experience in the field

In addition to these general challenges, students may also face specific difficulties depending on the topic of their assignment. For example, a student writing an assignment on international business may need to research the different legal and cultural factors that can affect business operations in different countries.

Tips for writing a high-quality business management assignment:

Here are some amazing tips for writing an extraordinary business management assignment:

   Understand the question: Make sure you identify what is being asked of you in the assignment. Read your assignment thoroughly and understand what it want you to answer. If you have any quarries, ask your teacher for clarification.

    Do your comprehensive research: Conduct comprehensive research on the topic of your assignment. Collect required information to support your arguments and claims.

One of the topics that you may need to research is marketing research, which is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, a product, or a service. Marketing research can help you understand your customers, competitors, and industry trends. If you need help with your marketing research assignment.

You can check out this article: Marketing Research Assignment Help

   Develop a clear and concise thesis statement: Your thesis statement should be concise and summarize the main argument or point of your assignment. It should be specific and clear, and supported by the evidence you collected during your research.

    Organize your thoughts and ideas: An outline can assist you to organize your ideas and thoughts. Create an outline to help you structure your assignment and ensure that it has a logical flow.

    Apply right formatting and citation: You need to use the right referencing style for your assignments and cite all the sources that you used in your assignment to avoid plagiarism.

    Apply case studies and examples: Case studies and Examples can help you to exemplify your points and make your argument more credible.

    Use statistics and data: Statistics and data can provide a quantitative perspective on the topic and help to support your argument.

    Proofread work: You just need to make sure to proofread your assignment before you submit to your teacher. It will help you to find out any grammatical errors, typos, or spelling mistakes.

    Get feedback from others: Ask a friend, classmate, or instructor to review your assignment and provide feedback. This will help you to find specific areas that need improvement for A+ Grade.

Distinguish Your Assignment with Noteworthy Recommendations

Employ Real-World Illustrations: Elevate the impact of your business management assignment by seamlessly integrating real-life instances and case studies. This approach adds a practical and relatable dimension to your analysis, showcasing your comprehension of the concepts and their applicability in real-world scenarios.

Present an Original Perspective: To make your assignment stand out, approach the subject matter from a unique perspective or angle. This could involve introducing a new theory, methodology, or fresh perspective on an existing issue. This approach demonstrates your deep understanding of the topic and your ability to think critically.

Harness Data and Statistics: Bolster your assignment’s credibility by incorporating data and statistics, illustrating your prowess in analysis and providing a quantitative dimension to the subject matter. Present the data clearly and precisely, using relevant visualization tools.

Use industry-specific examples and case studies to make your assignment more relevant: This shows that you understand the nuances of business management in that industry and can apply them to real-world situations.

If you still have problem, you might discover that you require assistance in effectively completing your business management assignment. Even for seasoned writers accustomed to academic papers, crafting an essay can be a formidable task. Luckily, various resources are available to provide you with support.

You need not shoulder the entire burden alone. Instead, consider exploring various resources that offer professional business management assignment writing services. Whether these options are online or offline, they can assist you in articulating your ideas on paper and refining your work before submission to your professor or client. However, there are professional business management assignment help services available to help you.

Writing a good business management assignment can be challenging, but it is definitely possible with a little effort and dedication. By simply following the tips in this article, you can write a high-quality assignment that will impress your teacher and help you achieve your academic goals.

Remember to stay organized, stay on top of deadlines, and manage your time effectively. These skills will be essential for your success in both your studies and your future professional career.

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assignment business management

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MGT 2220: Principles of Management (Assignment)

  • Company Information
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Chat with a Librarian

Term assignment.


  • Background and Context: Discuss type of industry, products/services, and how organizational vision and strategies have influenced their management.
  • Analysis of current managerial style and organizational culture.
  • One NEW recommendation by you that the company can embark on in the near future meaning the next one to three years. This can be a goal to fix issues the company may be experiencing, or to address new endeavors from a growth perspective. Ensure that these align with the organization’s vision and values.   This recommendation must not be identical or very similar to anything the organization is planning already or is currently involved in.  The management involves the four functions of management being applied to achieve some type of organizational goal.
  • For your recommendation you will select one goal that will be accomplish. This goal must be a specific goal following the SMART goal setting theory. That means the goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.
  • Once your goal is selected for your new strategic initiative you will complete the following four areas regarding the four functions of management.

List and describe the 4 functions of management.  Then, for each of the functions describe how your goal will be achieved by the organization. This section should be approximately eight paragraphs. Four paragraphs to describe the four functions, and then four paragraphs to apply the four functions to how the organization will address your recommendation.

Getting Started

A published SWOT report or company profile is always a good starting point for your company analysis.   These reports will also provide the name of the top management executives at your company.

To Locate SWOT Reports:

  • Business Insights  - From the main page in Business Insights, select a company or search for the name of your company. There are Company Profiles for 400,000+ companies, and the largest 1000 public companies have a SWOT analysis right next to the Company Overview.
  • ProQuest Central  - From the main search page in ProQuest Central, type the name of your company and SWOT into the search bar. From the results, choose the relevant record

To Locate Company Profiles:

Business Market Research Collection  -  This collection includes Hoover’s Company Profiles for thousands of public and non-public companies.   From the main search page, type the name of your company and HOOVERS into the search bar.   From the results, choose the relevant record.

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Quick guide to writing an assignment on business management

assignment business management

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assignment business management

Question: What do you understand by an assignment on business management? Are there any tips which can help to write a business management assignment? List some of the business management topics for assignment writing.

Understanding the concept of assignment on business management The academic curriculum is packed with unknown subjects, discouraging the students and making them lost.Writing their first assignment is one of the toughest jobs for students, so a small help makes them feel good.If you are a business management student and have an assignment on business management, you have come to the right place for help.Business management beginners are unfamiliar with the subject, or how it is distinct from business administration, etc. They face too many challenges and try to look for help from every corner. The blog on quick guide to writing an assignment on business management will describe the fundamentals of business management and some topics related to the subject that can help you write a perfect essay.

To be clearer, it can be stated that business management is an activity involving planning, organizing, managing and controlling the resources used by the organization to attain its objectives. Business management concentrates on the comprehensive process of the organization. On the other hand, business administration concentrates on the organization’s daily operations.

To run a successful business, it is vital to manage it in business management. A business manager’s job is to make strategic decisions, assign resources, ensure the organization reaches its business goals, and hire the finest recruits. An assignment on business management helps students showcase their capability to put in theoretical knowledge on real-life situations and prepare themselves for future challenges.The subject explores different topics which can perplex even experienced students.The topics for assignment on business managementcan range from operations management to organizational behavior to financial and human resources management, etc. In the upcoming sections of this blog on quick guide to writing an assignment on business management, you will come across handy tips, standard structure, and a common outline of an essay on business management. Subsequently, we will list certain topics for your next assignment on business management. The college essay writing services from TotalAssignment.com can help you with a business essay that meets your university standards.

Handy tips to compose an assignment on business management

Though the structure of an essay and a general outline for an assignment may seem similar to you, several vital details still make them apart. These intricate details must be considered when writing an assignment on business management. The custom essay writing service from TotalAssignment.com can also help you with your essay if you have less time. You just need to inform us about your pending assignments; our assignment writers will make them for you for comprehensive assignments. It’s time we move forward to discussing the handy tips for writing an assignment on business management. The points discussed here will save you from researching how to attract the readers’ attention towards your assignment.Furthermore, adhering to the tips will make you achieve success in all your business management assignments. Select a relevant topic: While searching for your essay’s relevant business management topic, begin with a generalized approach and subsequently narrow it down to specific topics. Ponder over the areas where you hold a command and try to establish a link with the assignment.A topic with which you can relate can help you develop a quality and relevant academic paper and make the writing process much easier. Do think about your audience before selecting a topic for your assignment on business management, as this strategy will help maintain their connection and attention. Upgrade your knowledge by checking over the latest developments in the business management field so that you can select a relevant topic. Try to provide different perspectives on relatively new and significant topics, as bridging the gap will make your assignment distinct.Being specific about a topic is a good approach as it will make things more manageable and focused. Selecting a broad topic can lead to leaving out vital details related to it, whereas narrowing it down will reduce the options.

Maintain appropriate structure: Keeping up with the standard structure for an assignment on business management is vital.Be cautious to keep the ideas organized and the assignment paper, easy to follow.Clear communication with the readers about the ideas connected with the paper is an important aspect whether you are writing an assignment on organizational structure or on international business management.Begin by reading thecourse guidelines and try to understand each component. The course guidelines generally have a rough structure, format and length of the assignments.At the outset, outline to be on track and to organize your ideas coherently. Make use of headings and sub-headings to provide clarity in your assignment on business management. Begin the assignment by writing an informative introduction including a thesis statement.The other sections of the assignment will follow the introduction in different paragraphs. In these paragraphs, you can include various arguments from scholars to establish your point and help readers understand the problem discussed in the business management assignment. Employ transitional words and phrases to make a connection between paragraphs.At the end of the assignment, write a solid conclusion that links the entire assignment content.Adhering to these details will make your assignment coherent and organized. A well-structured essay is easy to follow and gets a positive response from the readers.

Avoid repetition of arguments: If you are writing an assignment for the first time, you might not know the writing style.Students, most of the time, repeat the same arguments thinking it would have more impact, but the fact is, repeating the same or similar facts in different words will make the work unprofessional.Avoiding repetition may be difficult, but there are means to do so.You can write down a few points from the research conducted for the assignment on business managementand expand each point in different paragraphs.The outline will also help create a point for each element to be included in the paper. Prioritize your points by addressing all the components of the assignment. You can also include conflicting viewpoints to make your paper of quality.

Include rationale: Like making an argument without evidence is invalid, an assignment without a rationale is inappropriate. The paper must mention the rationale behind writing an essay or an assignment.An essay must have both rationale and evidence throughout the paper. Both these elements give the effect of strong research capabilities, and to write a well-reasoned essay, it is vital to include both. It shows the efforts put in by the writer and helps to persuade the reader about the validity of the arguments and the reasons behind them. When you can explain the reason behind making an argument, you make a great opposing argument. Critical thinking is a vital aspect of the writing process. Writing research-based assignment on business management can be time-consuming, so you can hire our custom research paper writing service.The research scholars present in our team will always help you.

Adopt formal language: Maintaining professional language and tone is necessary when writing a professional article or an assignment as part of the academic curriculum. It must strictly follow the rules of grammar, vocabulary and tone. With the help of formal language, the writers can maintain a formal tone throughout the paper and make a positive impression on the audience.The writer can increase the clarity of the paper by keeping a formal tone in the paper.It will assist in avoiding confusion and ambiguity in the paper.Despite the topic, keeping a respectful association with the readers is vital. Using correct vocabulary and formal language will take you a long way in the field of writing and demonstrate your respect towards the topic and the readers. Therefore, unsuitable tones, slang, and other unprofessional tones must be avoided in academic writing.

Topics related to business management Acquiring the skill of composing an excellent essay is half the job done, as you must look for an engaging topic.Here, you will find a complete list of business management topics for your next essay. The topics are related to different business management areas, from operations to business process management. Therefore, you can select the one that excites you and begin writing the essay by referring to the knowledge imparted in the previous sections of this blog on a quick guide to writing an assignment on business management.

Topics linked to internal business management The business management writers of our organization have collected 20 winning topics for your next internal business management assignment. Traverse the list and select one of the engaging topics for your next assignment on business management.

1. Investigating management ideas in international business 2. Difficulties in attaining organizational goals concerning cross-cultural challenges 3. Challenges facing first lime managers in an international setting 4. Crucial strategies for effectively handling international business operations 5. Adopting efficient human resource strategies in the business to maximize international success 6. Handling global business threats by way of managing cultural intelligence 7. Appropriate leadership strategies for managing international business operations 8. Managing international business through effective cross-cultural communication 9. The connection between international business success and satisfied employees 10. Augmenting global performance through effective international staffing strategies 11. Capitalizing on different resources for competitive advantage 12. Comprehending the global circumstances leading to cross-cultural challenges 13. Risks in international business and the significance of foreign direct investment 14. Sustainability in managing international business 15. Threats to corporate governance in the international arena 16. Significance of ethics in international business 17. Building cross-cultural competence across international branches 18. Handling the universal value chain by engaging in different activities 19. Significance of cultural awareness in managing business internationally 20. Significance of being self-reliant for carrying out international business management

Topics linked to operations management The topics mentioned below can be used in an assignment on business management linked with operations. 1. Improving organizational performance with the help of efficient managerial skills and operations management 2. The use of organizational charts in efficient operations management 3. The influence of the administrative role on operations management 4. Attaining success at a shareholder meeting through effective operation management strategies 5. The significance of comprehending human nature in operations management 6. Making good use of consumer perception linked with market research 7. Multiplying group discourse in operation management 8. The strategies and leadership of the general manager for operations management 9. Effectively managing best practices for operations management 10. Understanding the tools, techniques and methods required to operate an organization 11. Operations management strategies to manage an organization smoothly 12. The value of operations management for organizational growth 13. Using simple forms and processes to attain productivity and efficiency 14. Significance of self-decision-making in operations management 15. Using management theories to make an effective plan for organizational development 16. Maximum utilization of human resources for the betterment of the organizational process 17. Essential strategies for streamlining the process of operations management 18. Significance of operations management for making plans and taking actions 19. Strategies for leaders for making guidelines for upper management 20. Positioning technology and human beings for better organizational performance

Topics linked to business process management Look at the top business process management topics to take the idea for your next assignment on business management. 1. Business process modeling through the aid of visual representation of a business process using tools such as flowcharts, process maps, and diagrams 2. Automating daily tasks and processes to lessen manual labor, remove errors, and increase productivity 3. Monitoring business processes in real-time, measuring their performance against key metrics, and taking corrective actions when necessary 4. Identifying improvement areas in existing business processes and redesigning them to improve performance 5. Developing policies and procedures governing business process governance 6. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop business processes 7. Continuously analyzing, optimizing, and refining business processes to achieve ever-higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness 8. Managing organizational change, including the implementation of new business processes and systems 9. Developing new and innovative ways of managing and improving business processes 10. Conducting business process innovation using emerging technologies and methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile 11. Significance of process mapping in business process management 12. The pros and cons of using workflow automation in business processes 13. Key principles and best practices for process reengineering 14. The influence of process improvement on employee morale and job satisfaction 15. The key consideration for success in implementing a change management process 16. Value of enterprise architecture in business process management 17. Adopting fundamental principles for attaining operational success 18. Determining the journey of business process management by applying management theories 19. Using agile methodologies to improve the business process 20. The effect of business process management on building a customer base

Additional topics linked to business Here is a list of additional topics from different fields using which you can make an intriguing assignment on business management. 1. Calculating return of interest employing techniques to demonstrate value to stakeholders 2. Implementing and adopting effective change management strategies 3. Using digital transformation in business process 4. Overcoming business crises by adopting effective strategies 5. Steps to promote social responsibility and reduce environmental impact 6. Adopting emerging trends and best practices for building online branding 7. Steps to create a culture of creativity through innovation 8. Handling human resources in low-budgeted businesses 9. Taking action for handling cash flow, investment and budgets 10. Evaluating market research to manage business 11. Making use of game mechanics to enhance employee engagement 12. Taking action to manage time and prioritizing work 13. Accomplishing business deals by using strategies and tactics 14. Adopting technological advancements to monitor remote business processes 15. Best practices for improving productivity and reducing stress 16. Enforcing a healthy workplace culturefor the smooth working environment 17. Relation between human behavior and business decision making 18. Role of servant leadership for efficient business management 19. Tools to counter challenges and uncertainties in a business 20. Significance of creativity and entrepreneurial mindset in business

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Business Management Assignment Sample - A Learning Guide

Business Management Assignment Sample - A Learning Guide

April 12, 2019

The Ultimate Essay, and Interesting Topics yours with Examples

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Ever Written Assignment On Business Case Analysis? See How It Looks!

There are a lot of parameters which needs to be dealt with while writing business management assignments. Let us talk about one of those in this section. One of the most crucial factors for the development of any business is Knowledge Transfer .

Even while you analyse a business case, you would require to see how knowledge gets transferred in that particular organisation. Let us have a look at a business management assignment sample on knowledge transfer and you will get a fair idea of what we are talking about.

business management assignment sample

So, before we go on giving you the business management assignment sample that you have been searching for, the experts of our management assignment help services would like to brief you on how to approach this assessment. As discussed above, knowledge transfer plays an important role in regulating the progress of any organisation. Thus, this is one of the business management assessments questions which our management assignment helpers got.

For this answer, we followed a specific format while writing. First, we studied a lot of management case study assignment examples that helped us know the various ways by which knowledge can be transferred in different firms. When we had all the information, our management help providers segregated the entire solution into various sections. This included the introduction, threats to the process of knowledge transfer, various practices of knowledge transfer process, an example depicting the process of transferring knowledge and the conclusion.

This was just a brief of how our management assignment experts approached this assignment. Though knowledge transfer is just one aspect in such assignments, we have been helping students with many other such business management assignment sample that talk about the other parameters crucial for any business such as innovation.

What Next? Wait a Moment For The Business Management Assignment Solution

We know if we straight-away provide the solution, you would pay no heed to the tips that our management assignment makers have got in store for you. Thus, we thought of sharing the tips first with you and then go on to give you the solution for the discussed question.

For doing a flawless business management assignment, you just need to follow these tips -

  • Make sure that your assignment includes a clear underlying theme. This would enable you put forth your ideas clearly.
  • Have a strong command over the concepts which seem to be vital in your assignment. This would help you write better assignments.
  • Be confident about what you write, even if you have relied upon a credible source of information for it.

Time For The Business Management Assignment Sample Solution Now!

Now that you know how to approach such assignments and what tips to follow, we feel this is the most appropriate time for us to share our intricately designed business management assignment sample solution with you. So, go ahead and check if it caters to all your requirements or not.

If it does, then you would definitely want us to guide you more on such assignments. For more such samples, click here . If not, then let us know all your requirements and we can customise this solution according to your needs.

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assignment business management


Assignment On Business Management

Describe, analyse and make recommendations of a management and organizations company or organization you know or have experienced, and demonstrate in your analysis and recommendations some significant learnings from this ict 215 business management subject that cover most aspects of the course..

Situation of an organization and its related managerial sector are complementary for itself. The management of a company researches on the relevant theories and considers contemporary global situation. Thus the management of the concerned company sets goals and strategies to improve in the market. Organizational situation also directs the management of an organization to think on a new perspective and also to construct policies to enrich the environment, culture, leadership, dedication, liabilities, motivation, satisfaction and financial condition of the workforce (Finkelstein et al. 2008).


Management in an organization is the system that harmonizes the labors of all engaged employees to satisfy the achievable objectives. Proper using of raw materials, resources, human efforts and matters of stakeholders is onto the managerial sector. Business Communication Management transforms all the resources related to the company into needed utilization. The managerial sector of any company is expected to contain six activities. Those are forecasting, projecting, organizing, ruling, synchronizing and managing. Only planning works and trying to meet aims is not only works of a modern management. Primarily the management of a company has to maintain the concerned matters of all the stakeholders along with the profit margin (Hill and Jones, 2006).


Management of Tesco:

Tesco UK is one of the largest retailers in United Kingdom. It is seen to hold the Middle Management system which is the transitional management of a hierarchical company. Managers of the Tesco are higher than the lowest levels of organizational employees, but they are subordinate to the upper most management. In Tesco equipped supervisors are granted as the middle management grounding on the strategy of the Tesco.

Functions of Tesco’s Organizational Situation:

Research and realistic study about Tesco tells that organization structure of the concerned company mainly focuses on the five basic functions e.g. finance, human resource, administration, marketing and promotion (Kapferer, 2008).

Finance Department of Tesco:

Finance department of Tesco initially keeps and maintains records of every business transaction. Each and every outlay, paid amount, earning and investment is recorded in the logbook. By doing so, the finance department accumulates the exact view of recent business trend of Tesco whether it is optimistic or pessimistic.  The concerned finance department also maintains economical factors and money-flow to keep the dealing of Tesco meaningful. In short, here the finance department of Tesco checks the fluency and affluences of finance. One of the biggest responsibilities of Tesco’s finance department is to take actual decision about financial investment into business across the whole network. The important and key employees of the finance department judge which investment may be fruitful and which one may fail in the corporate world (Schein, 2010). Tesco very efficiently harmonizes all the financial data of previous years and present era on the basis of market demands.

Tesco’s functional area of Human Resources:

Human Resource is considered as Tesco’s second most essential department like any other big organization. In the middle management system of Tesco, Human Resource department of Tesco aims at selection, recruitment, training and developing of the employees. Right worker or manager at right place has given Tesco a strong performance. It is also the liability of Human Resource sector to fit the newly installed employees into the work culture of Tesco (Rollison, 2008).

For engaging more people with Tesco they have introduced “Club Card”.  As far record says, Tesco has over 1.5 million members. This thing has helped Tesco to improve near about seventy percent of sell. They have spent their resources, capital and time on customers and people to attract them more (Steers et al. 2004).

Function of Marketing in Tesco:

Marketing Department of Tesco normally is busy in researching marketing department. This department makes new ideas to generate profit. Customers’ feedback such as problem, complaints is dealt by Tesco’s marketing department. Key personnel of marketing department generally make it confirmed that sales promotion is going to take right path in that organization. Promotion of sales and marketing has to be effective for all shoppers so that they easily can witness that. Proper advertisement, maintenance of online portal and database, up gradation of all the information are one of the main duties of Marketing Department (Augier and Teece, 2009).

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Activities of Administration:

Each and every organization needs an administration system to be more cohesive and methodical. A methodical organization can perform quite well and optimistically (Dionne  et al. 2007). Tesco has also an administration to run the business with fruitfulness. Various portions and segments of business, different sectors are brought together by the administration of the concerned company. Calculated way to work has enabled Tesco to act properly. Administration has a crucial role to attain the objectives of the company.  It plays a role of a bridge between the employees and executive managers. Administration of Tesco notes down all the processes and methods through which the managers, directors, leaders and employees have to generate the job. This thing has a crucial impact on the organization. All the relevant people of the workforce may be able to know what is going to be done as the company’s product and in which way the product is going to be produced. Due to it all staffs of Tesco can come under a single ceiling.

Activities of AdministrationActivities of Administration

Research and Improvement:

The main responsibility of the research and improvement department of an organization is to attain a competitive edge in the business world (Chen, 2009). Tesco’s department has researched to improve the quality of goods, advertisement policies and customers’ satisfaction with ethics and proper value. Tesco has spread it up in different places. So it is their million dollar business. They need proper way to look it after. High risk to project business is essential in the corporate arena. To take apt risk and way research team is needed (Fombrun  et al. 2008).

Managerial Sector:

As per corporate governance an organization contains some necessary and executive posts at the managerial sector. Board of Directors and Executive Committee are considered as the supreme of the concerned organization. Generally Board of Directors holds some posts of odd numbers and Executive Committee also comprises few essential personnel (Hem et al. 2009).

Treasury Management:

Treasury management is very important in an organization. Through this management system the treasury of a company is monitored and maintained (Kapferer, 2008). It is ultimately supervised by the board. External and internal auditors review this. Another work of the treasury management is to face financial risk which may caused by exchange and interest rates. Tesco also maintains this treasury management.

Management Activities:

Generally management of an organization bears the liability to ensure the concerned organization’s operations and objectives. They take rules, regulation, authorities, laws, social construction, and work environment into their construction.  Activities of management are not the same as activities of the managers. Managers generally control individual sectors of work. But the whole management monitors the whole process of the workforce in the concerned organization. There are some problems with performance appraisal system of the employees. Continuous judging of employees may a cause of monotony of them. Beside it, though managers think that they are doing a good job with appraisal, many times the appraisal system in many organizations is seen as obstructive (Yasin et al. 2007).

Activities of Management Team in Tesco Stores:

Each and every store of Tesco runs as it is self-dependent and independent one. Every employee of every Tesco store is reported for subscribing great customer service and customer facilities.

Flexibility :

It has been experienced that every Tesco branch in United Kingdom supplies great customer satisfaction. Staffs of Tesco attend every consumer with importance. It is important in Tesco that every employee shares their view to promote sells and the employees also share their experience of endorsing goods with other employees (Delaney and Huselid, 2009).

Size of Stores:

Naturally Tesco establishes its stores and branches on the basis of market demand at tactful locations. So, on the basis of adjacent business objectives the stores may be big or little. Every store has individual and unique challenges to promote the business of Tesco. Every store – irrespectively large or little – get necessary helps from the management.

Friendly Structure:

Tesco’s stores are not permitted b\y the chief management to keep the crucial buyers waiting. Every puzzled customer gets a well structured way to find her/his own products. Beside this, Tesco offers a huge preferences and huge rewards for their consumers, employees and stakeholders also.

Ownership style of Tesco:

Organizational situation of a company depends also on its ownership style. An organization’s success and failure are related to its partnership style and its partnership activities. Tesco is a Public Limited Company and is possessed by shareholders. Generally, the original proprietor loses her/his influence in the organization by the quantity and amount of the share trading. The concerned organization, Tesco, is in the tertiary sector and also in the secondary sector, as Tesco delivers its own produced commodities.

What Public Limited Company is:

A Public Limited Company or PLC is a typical ‘Public Company’ according to the laws of United Kingdom. Shares of a public limited company are marketed to sell openly in the stock exchanges market. Shares are open of a public limited company for public. Least share capital of a public limited company is fifty thousand pound. Such kind of companies may be included in the stock exchange market or not. A private limited company is limited by shares. This company has to pass certain resolutions to be existed as a public limited company. A public limited company also can be transferred into a private limited company. Such a company contains various types of shares like redeemable shares, preference shares, ordinary shares, cumulative preference shares and bearer shares. While a public limited company is going to be formed, all the members of the concerned organization have to agree to hold all or some amount of the shares. Those people are considered as the subscribers. The Memorandum of Association is prescribed to display the names of the subscribers and the amount of their shares (Olian and Rynes, 2008).

Public Limited Company

Tesco as a Public Limited Company:

Tesco is considered as a public limited company as the company has spread its shares for public in the market. Tesco has been witnessed to expand itself in numerous paths. Through the shares trading Tesco has been able to raise the funds. As a Public Limited Company, Tesco has very limited responsibilities for all of the shareholders. Business style of Tesco has unique legal existence. If anyone of the shareholders die. Tesco will not be stopped. Tesco also can increase its capital, as there is no certain limit of share-trading in stock exchange market. Moreover the shares of the Tesco are totally free to transfer and it gives many more liquidity (files.the-group.net , 2014)


The whole concerned study is based upon management and organizational situation of Tesco Public Limited Company which is actually a British organization. All the matters of Tesco’s management and factors behind organizational situation here have been granted under consideration and discussion. Since the foundation period management of Tesco has shown its innovation and as an organization, internal and external situations of Tesco are great. The concerned organization needs to look after recent redundancy debates and limitations as a public limited company.

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Business Management : Assignment Sample PDF

Added on   2021-09-13

About This Document

Question 1: SWOT analysis theory

  • SWOT is a framework to analyze an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • It helps in finding internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats
  • It's useful for exploring new opportunities, responding to market trends, planning strategies , and making use of new technology

Question 2: SWOT analysis of House of Fraser Strengths:

  • Experience in managing a large workforce
  • Happy employees with good terms and benefits
  • Responsible and responsive HR department

Question 3: Identified issues

  • Maintaining a large workforce and satisfying buyers while working on a rescue plan
  • Heavy investment needed in IT infrastructure in a challenging economic environment
  • Lack of soft skills and understanding of market trends leading to marketing issues
  • Decreased product costs due to Brexit policy and changed customer behavior

Question 4: Recommendation

  • Economic limitations should be considered while framing a plan for improvement
  • Arrange necessary training for employees to learn new operational methods and technology
  • Engage employees in market research to understand emerging trends
  • Consider merging with other successful e-commerce businesses to recover.

   Added on  2021-09-13

Business  Management  :  Assignment   Sample  PDF_1

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The assignment is the piece of work that is assigned to you to bridge the gap between learning in school and at home. A particular task or topic is assigned to you to provide awareness and knowledge about the subject. Writing assignments will help you to boost your writing skills. Besides, there are a lot more advantages of writing an assignment. The assignment is proved to be an advantage for students. These assignments carry enough marks to lift your grade, whether it is your statics assignment or accounting assignment. A student starts to gather instructions about the business assignment sample if a business assignment is assigned to him. While writing a business assignment, there is an array of tips you should be aware of. In this blog on business assignment, our assignments experts will provide you with a guideline on writing an engaging business assignment. Let’s begin with tips for writing a competitive business assignment.


Format the matter:.

Create a simple list of details with different sections. Add goals, requirements, case studies, and reports or any other data you need to tell in your business assignment writing. This is the first big step because you have to seek the attention of the reader in this section. Give an overview of all topics; you will be discussing in the assignment.


For explaining your concepts or plans, you must know every minor detail of your project or ideas. Understanding the concepts, you are going to write in your assignment will make a positive impact on assignment, and it will provide you with a rise of confidence.


Researching content, comparing, matching the reports, and the article makes the best of your assignment. You have to dig deep to find the content that covers your business assignment writing. The more you research the material, the more you will be able to write.


Include an assessment of different types of strategies directions available to business or organization. This helps you to define, include, or excludes the organization. Our assignments experts have a keen knowledge of writing strategies.

This could be a very assignment expert formulation of understanding about the fundamentals of strategy-based business management.


The purpose of any organization is to achieve goals. These goals are to be completed most efficiently and professionally. Describe the goals/performance of any business in business assignment writing that will lead your assignment to be on top of others.

Define the role of your organization, adding points to be focused on the development of an organization would be a significant step to support your business assignment writing.


Using business law case studies will analyze your assignment in such a way that a well-documented business assignment sample looks like. Adding business law case studies will make your paper a piece of work with evidence.

You will have to deal with real-life evaluation and imaginary situations of a particular organization. Exploring the theoretical base of business and management will be focused in this section.


Add graphs to reports and facts to give a better impression to the grader, as diagrams help in understanding the story more appropriately. Charts help you in summarizing the report. You can easily define data more accurately with setting-up tables in your assignment.


Do as much research you want to do. It will significantly help assistance to help, but provide references at the end of your assignment. Adding recommendations meant to credit the information to the writer, from whom you borrowed the content or idea.

Our  assignment expert ‘s priority is to avoid plagiarism. They provide you with plagiarism-free content. There are different plagiarism checkers available to cop up with plagiarism. Use citation methods according to your teacher preferences to get high grades.


Make an appropriate structure to show your assignment in such a way that it covers all the aspects and explanations. Comparing different reports on the same topic concerning different times would be a plus point in your assignment.

Comparing will lead you to define the development and changes that are caused in previous years. To make a better impression on the grader, you should know how to link up the reports, data, and information. Business Assignment Writing data is linked up to each other in a sequence. Aligned and linked information will attract the eye of the reader.


Before submitting your assignment, it is essential to check the content you have written. The longer time you spent in reviewing, the better it is for your assignment. Things you should check are typical spelling and grammar mistakes, word count, sentence structure, references used in the paper, facts, and figures.

Break longer sentences into smaller ones. Your marks can increase by up to 20% if you recheck your assignment multiple times.


Writing an assignment with proper alignment of details which covers all the report and aspect of the given topic is the primary step and for writing a well-documented business assignment, make sure you follow all the guidelines provided above.

Summarizing your content and defining or describing your content must be done with proper explanation and proper timings to provide a synthesized assignment. Provide a sense of closure to your piece. You can also use our assignment writing service provided by our assignment experts.

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MoSCoW Prioritization

What is moscow prioritization.

MoSCoW prioritization, also known as the MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. 

  The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won’t-have, or will not have right now. Some companies also use the “W” in MoSCoW to mean “wish.”

What is the History of the MoSCoW Method?

Software development expert Dai Clegg created the MoSCoW method while working at Oracle. He designed the framework to help his team prioritize tasks during development work on product releases.

You can find a detailed account of using MoSCoW prioritization in the Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM) handbook . But because MoSCoW can prioritize tasks within any time-boxed project, teams have adapted the method for a broad range of uses.

How Does MoSCoW Prioritization Work?

Before running a MoSCoW analysis, a few things need to happen. First, key stakeholders and the product team need to get aligned on objectives and prioritization factors. Then, all participants must agree on which initiatives to prioritize.

At this point, your team should also discuss how they will settle any disagreements in prioritization. If you can establish how to resolve disputes before they come up, you can help prevent those disagreements from holding up progress.

Finally, you’ll also want to reach a consensus on what percentage of resources you’d like to allocate to each category.

With the groundwork complete, you may begin determining which category is most appropriate for each initiative. But, first, let’s further break down each category in the MoSCoW method.

Start prioritizing your roadmap

Moscow prioritization categories.


1. Must-have initiatives

As the name suggests, this category consists of initiatives that are “musts” for your team. They represent non-negotiable needs for the project, product, or release in question. For example, if you’re releasing a healthcare application, a must-have initiative may be security functionalities that help maintain compliance.

The “must-have” category requires the team to complete a mandatory task. If you’re unsure about whether something belongs in this category, ask yourself the following.


If the product won’t work without an initiative, or the release becomes useless without it, the initiative is most likely a “must-have.”

2. Should-have initiatives

Should-have initiatives are just a step below must-haves. They are essential to the product, project, or release, but they are not vital. If left out, the product or project still functions. However, the initiatives may add significant value.

“Should-have” initiatives are different from “must-have” initiatives in that they can get scheduled for a future release without impacting the current one. For example, performance improvements, minor bug fixes, or new functionality may be “should-have” initiatives. Without them, the product still works.

3. Could-have initiatives

Another way of describing “could-have” initiatives is nice-to-haves. “Could-have” initiatives are not necessary to the core function of the product. However, compared with “should-have” initiatives, they have a much smaller impact on the outcome if left out.

So, initiatives placed in the “could-have” category are often the first to be deprioritized if a project in the “should-have” or “must-have” category ends up larger than expected.

4. Will not have (this time)

One benefit of the MoSCoW method is that it places several initiatives in the “will-not-have” category. The category can manage expectations about what the team will not include in a specific release (or another timeframe you’re prioritizing).

Placing initiatives in the “will-not-have” category is one way to help prevent scope creep . If initiatives are in this category, the team knows they are not a priority for this specific time frame. 

Some initiatives in the “will-not-have” group will be prioritized in the future, while others are not likely to happen. Some teams decide to differentiate between those by creating a subcategory within this group.

How Can Development Teams Use MoSCoW?

  Although Dai Clegg developed the approach to help prioritize tasks around his team’s limited time, the MoSCoW method also works when a development team faces limitations other than time. For example: 

Prioritize based on budgetary constraints.

What if a development team’s limiting factor is not a deadline but a tight budget imposed by the company? Working with the product managers, the team can use MoSCoW first to decide on the initiatives that represent must-haves and the should-haves. Then, using the development department’s budget as the guide, the team can figure out which items they can complete. 

Prioritize based on the team’s skillsets.

A cross-functional product team might also find itself constrained by the experience and expertise of its developers. If the product roadmap calls for functionality the team does not have the skills to build, this limiting factor will play into scoring those items in their MoSCoW analysis.

Prioritize based on competing needs at the company.

Cross-functional teams can also find themselves constrained by other company priorities. The team wants to make progress on a new product release, but the executive staff has created tight deadlines for further releases in the same timeframe. In this case, the team can use MoSCoW to determine which aspects of their desired release represent must-haves and temporarily backlog everything else.

What Are the Drawbacks of MoSCoW Prioritization?

  Although many product and development teams have prioritized MoSCoW, the approach has potential pitfalls. Here are a few examples.

1. An inconsistent scoring process can lead to tasks placed in the wrong categories.

  One common criticism against MoSCoW is that it does not include an objective methodology for ranking initiatives against each other. Your team will need to bring this methodology to your analysis. The MoSCoW approach works only to ensure that your team applies a consistent scoring system for all initiatives.

Pro tip: One proven method is weighted scoring, where your team measures each initiative on your backlog against a standard set of cost and benefit criteria. You can use the weighted scoring approach in ProductPlan’s roadmap app .

2. Not including all relevant stakeholders can lead to items placed in the wrong categories.

To know which of your team’s initiatives represent must-haves for your product and which are merely should-haves, you will need as much context as possible.

For example, you might need someone from your sales team to let you know how important (or unimportant) prospective buyers view a proposed new feature.

One pitfall of the MoSCoW method is that you could make poor decisions about where to slot each initiative unless your team receives input from all relevant stakeholders. 

3. Team bias for (or against) initiatives can undermine MoSCoW’s effectiveness.

Because MoSCoW does not include an objective scoring method, your team members can fall victim to their own opinions about certain initiatives. 

One risk of using MoSCoW prioritization is that a team can mistakenly think MoSCoW itself represents an objective way of measuring the items on their list. They discuss an initiative, agree that it is a “should have,” and move on to the next.

But your team will also need an objective and consistent framework for ranking all initiatives. That is the only way to minimize your team’s biases in favor of items or against them.

When Do You Use the MoSCoW Method for Prioritization?

MoSCoW prioritization is effective for teams that want to include representatives from the whole organization in their process. You can capture a broader perspective by involving participants from various functional departments.

Another reason you may want to use MoSCoW prioritization is it allows your team to determine how much effort goes into each category. Therefore, you can ensure you’re delivering a good variety of initiatives in each release.

What Are Best Practices for Using MoSCoW Prioritization?

If you’re considering giving MoSCoW prioritization a try, here are a few steps to keep in mind. Incorporating these into your process will help your team gain more value from the MoSCoW method.

1. Choose an objective ranking or scoring system.

Remember, MoSCoW helps your team group items into the appropriate buckets—from must-have items down to your longer-term wish list. But MoSCoW itself doesn’t help you determine which item belongs in which category.

You will need a separate ranking methodology. You can choose from many, such as:

  • Weighted scoring
  • Value vs. complexity
  • Buy-a-feature
  • Opportunity scoring

For help finding the best scoring methodology for your team, check out ProductPlan’s article: 7 strategies to choose the best features for your product .

2. Seek input from all key stakeholders.

To make sure you’re placing each initiative into the right bucket—must-have, should-have, could-have, or won’t-have—your team needs context. 

At the beginning of your MoSCoW method, your team should consider which stakeholders can provide valuable context and insights. Sales? Customer success? The executive staff? Product managers in another area of your business? Include them in your initiative scoring process if you think they can help you see opportunities or threats your team might miss. 

3. Share your MoSCoW process across your organization.

MoSCoW gives your team a tangible way to show your organization prioritizing initiatives for your products or projects. 

The method can help you build company-wide consensus for your work, or at least help you show stakeholders why you made the decisions you did.

Communicating your team’s prioritization strategy also helps you set expectations across the business. When they see your methodology for choosing one initiative over another, stakeholders in other departments will understand that your team has thought through and weighed all decisions you’ve made. 

If any stakeholders have an issue with one of your decisions, they will understand that they can’t simply complain—they’ll need to present you with evidence to alter your course of action.  

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Prioritizing your roadmap using our guide

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