Free online proofreading and essay editor

A reliable proofreading tool and essay editor for any writer or student, a complete environment.

Typely is more than just a proofreading tool. It's a complete writing environment.

Thousands of checks

More than a thousand checks are being performed and we've only scratched the surface.

Inspired by the greatest writers

Gain access to humanity’s collective understanding about the craft of writing.

A proofreading tool that does not bark at every tree

Typely is precise. Existing tools for proofreading raise so many false alarms that their advice cannot be trusted. Instead, the writer must carefully consider whether to accept or reject each change.

We aim for a tool so precise that it becomes possible to unquestioningly adopt its recommendations and still come out ahead — with stronger, tighter prose. Better to be quiet and authoritative than loud and unreliable.

Relax, focus, write your next masterpiece...

Writing presumes more than simply laying out words on a paper. Typely helps you get in the mood and keeps you focused, immersed and ready to write your story.

Whether you need a distraction-free environment, some chill relaxing sounds or a pomodoro timer to manage your time we got you covered.

Got questions? We have answers.

No. Typely is completely free and we plan on keeping it that way. We are considering some advanced features however that might be available under a premium plan.

The only limit we have applied thus far is on the number of characters you can submit and that is being set at a maximum of 50,000.

In theory yes but that will require a lot of work and professionals dedicated for this job. We are considering a way of letting the community participate somehow.

Typely does not do grammar checking because it's hard and almost impossible to get right. The aim for Typely is to be precise and reliable.

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Assignment Editing Services

Better Writing, Better Grades

Library Proofreading And Editing

Advanced Assignment Editing

Writing a great assignment is no small feat. Even after the research, you still need to present your ideas clearly and concisely to demonstrate your depth of knowledge. But our expert editing will help you communicate effectively, so try our assignment proofreading service today to get the grades you deserve.

Editor - Jayne L

Expert Editor

Editor - Samira M

Expert Academic Proofreaders

Our team of academic proofreaders understand the importance of error-free writing. And having helped countless students with their work, our experts are the ideal choice to help you polish yours.

Make sure your writing is the best it can be with our expert English proofreading and editing

Assignment Proofreading Example (After Editing)

Assignment Proofreading And Editing

As part of our assignment proofreading service, we will:

  • Fix punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors
  • Ensure clear sentence structure and concision
  • Highlight areas of ambiguity or inconsistencies
  • Check that word choice and tone are suitably academic
  • Offer feedback and suggestions regarding writing style
  • Make sure references are clear and complete

In addition, we aim to provide two copies of your edited assignment:

  • A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format
  • An MS Word Track Changes  copy

The Track Changes copy will allow you to review and approve every edit we make. And if your  chosen file format  doesn’t support Track Changes, we will adapt our process to ensure you’re always in control of the final draft.

Our assignment proofreading combines traditional proofreading with light copy editing to make sure you can express yourself clearly. And we always follow  academic plagiarism guidelines , so we will never make changes that could be considered cheating. If you need more assistance with any other documents, though, we do offer  editing services  for non-student writing.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

You’ll never miss a deadline with our speedy services: our Next-Day Guarantee means we’ll return any document up to 10,000 words long within 24 hours

And if you need a faster turnaround, simply select your desired delivery speed when you submit your document. We have three options:

We can also meet custom deadlines! Just let us know what you need.

*For documents up to 8,000 words 

**For documents up to 3,000 words

How We Work With Students

You’ll never miss a deadline with our speedy services: our Next-Day Guarantee means we’ll return any document up to 8,000 words long within 24 hours.

We can also meet custom deadlines! Just let us know what you need. 

* For documents up to 8,000 words

** For documents up to 3,000 words

Great Pricing

Our pricing is affordable and transparent – the cost is based on the exact length of your document. Check out our pricing calculator for an instant quote, and rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality proofreading and editing for the best value on the market.

Referencing Expertise

Our editors are experts in various referencing styles, including but not limited to APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and IEEE. No matter what style you’re using, they’ll make sure your citations and references are correct and let you know if any information is missing. Visit our referencing page to learn more.

Subject-Matter Experts

Our team includes over 750 professional editors with expertise in thousands of topics. This means we can always match you with the best proofreader for your writing, whether you need help with a dissertation in medicine or an essay on economics.

24-Hour Support

Our support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions you have about your order. This means you’ll never be left in the dark, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Instant Quote

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The 5 Best Assignment Help Websites for College Students

best assignment editing websites

The popularity of professional assignment help websites has grown significantly during the pandemic times when most students had to make a complex shift and start with their online studies.

There were numerous challenges that had to be faced, including heavy workload issues, misunderstanding of the grading rubric, and academic pressure.

The majority of students approach online help as a way to avoid plagiarism and receive better grades as they share their concerns with trained experts.

Still, finding the best assignment help services can be quite challenging!

Check out a list of reliable assignment help offerings online aimed at college students!

The Best Assignment Help Websites for College Students

1. assignmentbro.

best assignment editing websites

Company’s History. This friendly company belongs to relatively new offerings, yet they have already earned the hearts and minds of school and college students worldwide. They are reputable and always place the client’s needs first, as they are managed by a great team of university graduates who know what students are going through.

Reliability. A plethora of online reviews and the presence of direct contact with a writer makes them reliable. There are free revisions and refunds available as well. Moreover, there are excellent citation tools and writing tools for paraphrasing, a words-to-minutes converter, and a conclusion generator.

Quality of Assignments. Our Law assignment has been delivered on time, and the paper has been free of grammar or style mistakes. The formatting has been done properly, and the content itself has been done professionally with all citations in place.

Prices. As we looked for the best assignment services, we wanted to approach only the most affordable services where the quality still remains high. At AssignmentBro, they do not have a fixed price, which is a good thing because you can negotiate the final price. Our price depended on our subject, the qualification of the writer, and the deadline. It was affordable!

Reviews. Their Sitejabber page shows that they have 4.7 stars based on 53 reviews. People praise them for their affordability and their friendly attitude. The Trustpilot page has 4.4 stars based on 29 reviews. Their writers are always praised as well as their support team.

Customer Support. It deserves six stars out of five because they are the most caring and friendliest when it comes to getting your challenges fixed.

Why Choose It? A young company that is aimed at getting you understood as you ask for academic writing help. Affordable and high-quality writing with a plethora of helpful free tools.

2. A Research Guide

best assignment editing websites

Company’s History. This great service has been around for more than 10 years now, yet they are rarely mentioned when the best assignment writing services are mentioned. The reason for that is that they are not your typical company because it is a great hub for all things research writing. They offer free materials, tutorials, and templates even before you place an order.

Reliability. They cooperate with numerous institutions and businesses as they offer innovative research paper writing assistance and explore all the latest and most efficient ways to deliver excellent research. They have won several awards in the field and represent a fully legit service.

Quality of Assignments. This is where they truly stand out, as their specialists will ask you all the possible questions before they match you with a specialist in their field. We have approached them for a Political Sciences research paper, and they have delivered an excellent paper with credible sources, formatting, and high-quality research.

Prices. The prices start at $14.99 per page and belong to more expensive writing solutions. Still, when you think about the direct communication and assistance that you receive, it’s totally worth it.

Online Reviews. This is where things get rather rough, as the number of reviews is extremely limited. Still, we could find out feedback from professional educators, online course creators, and dissertation-writing students who needed complex research. Their testimonials speak in favor of the company’s reputation.

Customer Support. The support agents represent experienced researchers who will happily guide you through the website and help you with anything. They are available 24/7.

Why Choose It? Look no further if you need serious research paper writing help and want to enjoy freebies that will help you to deliver a perfect assignment.

3. EduBirdie

best assignment editing websites

Company’s History. The company is one of the most famous names in the industry. Their website states that they have been offering legit academic help since 2014. The company runs a blog and stands at the top of technical and academic innovations.

Reliability. They let you talk to your writer directly and provide free paper revisions. If you are not happy with the paper, they offer full refunds. The reviews online show that they are safe to use and follow their promises.

Quality of Assignments. Speaking of online assignment help websites, they offer timely delivery and focus on anything from essay writing and dissertations to personal statement writing and online exams. Placing an order with them, our experts received expert assistance, and the paper contained no grammar, style, or plagiarism issues.

Prices. The prices here start at $13.99 per page and remain affordable if we compare these services to similar offerings online. They implement a bidding system so your final price will depend on the writing quality chosen, the subject, the deadline, and the popularity of your subject.

Online Reviews. This company is constantly mentioned on Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and YouTube (they have their channel), and they are popular among social media users. They are rated at 4.7 out of 5 total points, which is a sign of reliability. Most of their clients are happy with the results.

Customer Support. They are trained well and respond immediately. We had a nice experience talking to the support agents. They are available 24/7 and offer human help with no bots.

Why Choose It? The positive reputation of the company and the chance to talk to your writer directly place them at the top of the most popular assignment help websites you can find these days. They are plagiarism-free and offer reliable quality at an affordable price.

4. SameDayPapers

best assignment editing websites

Company’s History. The company has been around since 2017 and started out in Great Britain and Australia. Later on, they added affordable writing help services in the United States as well. They are the best choice if you are an ESL student or a learner looking for complex custom assignments that focus on Sociology, Psychology, History, or Engineering.

Reliability. They offer free paper revisions and also provide you with a free tool to check your grammar. Regarding the plagiarism, they also let you check things free of charge. Employing native English speakers, they are very strict about their writers and let you cooperate with verified specialists.

Quality of Assignments. Placing an order is easy and logical here, which clearly shows that we are dealing with the best website for assignment help. Checking the paper on Psychology, we can state that it has been delivered even earlier than our deadline. The paper was original, had excellent formatting, and the content has been up to the highest standards.

Prices. They represent an affordable and the best website to do assignments, with their prices starting at $12.99. If you are looking for reliable editing services, the prices will start at $5.5 per page.

Online Reviews. Researching this company’s background, we could locate over two hundred reviews. Most of them are positive and come from the United States, the UK, and Australian users. The total rating is 4.38/5 points.

Customer Support. It’s available for American users, and they respond right away by assisting you with anything from placing an order to finding a specialist that matches your needs.

Why Choose It? It’s one of the global companies that implement verified writers and can offer professional assistance. There are also UK and Australian branches, should you need specific help or sources.

5. EduZaurus

best assignment editing websites

Company’s History. The story of this amazing sample essay database and academic writing company dates back to June 2015. Since then, they have collected a great resource for students coming from all disciplines. The company’s website claims that they have completed over 100,000 assignments as 2021 has started. They provide hundreds of skilled writers, yet what makes them unique is a great collection of free essay samples. It makes them one of the best choices when you need inspiration.

Reliability. Offering legit academic assistance, they can be safely marked as the best assignment writing help service for their collection of samples alone that showcases their work and provides a general idea of what can be expected. There are free revisions and refunds.

Quality of Assignments. Placing an order for the coursework paper in Journalism, we received an excellent document that has been formatted correctly and contained high originality. The grammar and style have been done well. The delivery has been set to only eight hours, yet the paper has been delivered on time.

Prices. Since there are many factors that affect the price per page (writer’s level, your deadline, task specifics), our price has started at $25 per page, yet the general pricing can vary between $20 and $50 if your order is urgent. The prices with a longer deadline start at $12.99 per page. Remember that you should always wait for the best bids to appear.

Online Reviews. Sitejabber users gave them 4.52 stars out of 5 based on 29 reviews. As for TrustPilot, they’ve earned 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 15 testimonials. Most people praise them for being legit and trustworthy.

Customer Support. They have an online chat feature, which is available 24/7. The support remains friendly even if you run into problems.

Why Choose It? This service is the best choice when it comes to finding free samples for inspiration, yet their writing assistance is also up to the highest standards. They cover a wide range of subjects and have a minimum deadline of 3 hours that actually works.

Where Can I Find Trustworthy Assignment Help?

You can find it online, as there are numerous offerings.

As a way to save time, we have tested and evaluated five of the best homework help websites that can be trusted.

Take your time to explore them and see which of them fits your academic needs first.

What is The Best Assignment Help Website You Can Recommend?

While the “best” is always subjective, you may safely check these five entries explored above.

Each of them is different and provides specific benefits in each case

A Research Guide service is the best choice for research paper writing, while EduZaurus will provide you with a great selection of free samples!

Is Assignment Help Described Legit?

Absolutely! Every assignment help website on our list has been tested in terms of being legit .

These services are acknowledged providers of academic help online and are absolutely safe to use, as many online reviews can confirm.

Sharing Your Instructions Well is Essential!

As you are looking through websites that do your homework online, remember that you should always start with careful preparation and sorting of your instructions.

These must be shared with a chosen specialist and have a clear description because it is the only way to achieve success and the necessary degree of clarity.

Although many services like EduBirdie or AssignmentBro let you talk to your writer directly, you must be precise with your instructions and share anything from the assignment grading rubric to the comments and recommendations from your college professor.

It will help you to get the best quality and save time as you avoid mistakes and explain what you expect to see as you place your assignment request.

Regardless if you require research paper writing services or seek an expert who can proofread your work and fix grammar mistakes, sharing your instructions should always come first!

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best assignment editing websites

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  • Class Essays & Papers
  • Course Research Projects
  • Other English Class Assignments

Calculate Your Price

  • Choose your editing service type.
  • To calculate the word count of a specific selection of the document, highlight the text and then click [Word Count] .

Journal Manuscripts, Research Papers, Dissertations/Theses, Articles, Abstracts

Application Essays, Scholarship Essays, CVs/Resumes, Recommendation Letters

Extensive feedback, editing checklist, and review letter for admissions documents

High School & University Assignments, Term Papers, College Essays, Class Reports

Proposals, Reports, Press Releases, Marketing Materials, Blog & Website Content

Books, Scripts/Screenplays, Personal Essays & Opinion Pieces, Personal Blogs

The Assignment Editing Services Ordering Process

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Receive your edited document

Download Your Edited Work

Download your proofread and edited class paper by the preferred delivery time. All you have left to do is turn it in to your professor!

College & University Assignment Editing Services Features

Ongoing writing assistance.

Our assignment editors are like writing coaches and provide ongoing proofreading and editing to fix:

  • Spelling mistakes and grammar errors
  • Formatting inconsistencies and incorrect terms
  • Improper capitalization in heading text

For ongoing editing and writing help, purchase Wordvice Points and save up to 40% on all assignment editing services.

Better Writing & Better Grades

Improve your academic performance with English editing and enhancements in style:

  • Vocabulary substitutions to improve language
  • Rephrasing to reduce wordiness and improve readability
  • Feedback and comments explaining edits

Our editors revise your work to your preferred formatting style ( APA , MLA , Chicago , etc.)

Excellent Customer Service

Our assignment editing services give students more than just polished assignments and homework:

  • Editor expertise in your academic subject area
  • Direct editor messaging during the editing process
  • A range of delivery times (as quick as 9 hours)

Communicate directly with your editor if you have any questions or concerns. Completion by your selected delivery time guaranteed!

Who Are Our Academic Editors?

Meet Our College & University Assignment Editors

Professional editing for school assignments, authors love our assignment editing services.

Paper Editing Services Reviews

Assignment Editing Services Reviews

  • Stephen Kim "Always the most professional editors" I use Wordvice for every paper I have to write. It’s so easy and fast, I think I can't live without it anymore haha. The editors always give me very helpful feedback and answer all my questions without getting annoyed ;) And I’m getting good grades in my classes. Thank you guys!
  • Amira Ali "SO glad I used this service" My friend recommended Wordvice to me after getting her English paper edited. She told me about her editor James, and so I requested him to edit one of my essays for my graduate program. I was SO happy to see the editor’s changes and comments after I got my paper back! James not only fixed my grammar errors but also made my work more natural. Will use this service again soon I’m sure.

Assignment Editing Examples



Engineering editing sample.

best assignment editing websites

Natural Science

Natural science editing sample.

best assignment editing websites

Medicine Editing Sample

best assignment editing websites

Bioscience Editing Sample

best assignment editing websites

Assignment Editing Services FAQ

What are your college & university assignment editing rates, how long do your academic editing services take, who will be editing my assignment, get your instant quote.

*Apply ACADEMIC50US for a 50% discount (up to $50).

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Free writing software: 24 tools to help you create better content, faster

Find the best brainstorming, researching, writing, and editing tools.

writing-editing-apps primary img

As a freelance writer, I try to keep my app costs lean, so I'm a sucker for free writing tools. But with so many writing apps on the market, it's hard to tell which free options are actually valuable.

I've done some of the legwork for you by bringing together some of the best free writing apps on the internet. All of the options listed here are tools the Zapier team or I have used and enjoyed.

For this roundup, I prioritized completely free tools and freemium apps with a forever free plan that was sufficient for actual regular use. Many of the options have paid plans, but those plans are generally geared toward power users.

Researching and note-taking software

Writing software

Editing software

Proofreading software

The best free writing software at a glance

Free writing tools for brainstorming and organizing your thoughts, best free writing software for expanding your ideas.

MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android)

MindMeister, our pick for the best free writing software for brainstorming with a mind map

If you like to perform mind mapping to get your thoughts on paper and connect them, MindMeister gives you a virtual space to do it. It includes templates for the traditional mind map as well as more specific layouts for frameworks like SMART goals, case studies, and content plans.

Want to learn more about mind mapping? Check out Zapier's list of the best mind mapping apps , or discover nine ways to use mind maps to jumpstart your projects.

MindMeister pricing: Free for up to 3 mind maps; from $5.99/month for premium plans , including features like unlimited mind maps, advanced exporting, and group sharing

Best free writing software for creating content outlines

Workflowy (Web, macOS, Windows, Chrome, iOS, Android)

WorkFlowy, our pick for the best free writing software for creating content outlines

Outlines are a writer's best friend , and Workflowy lets you go as deep or shallow as you want. This tool organizes your outline into bullet points that you can click to nest and expand however you want.

Workflowy pricing: Free for up to 250 bullets a month ; from $4.99/month for the Workflowy Pro plan with expanded features like unlimited bullets and uploads

Best free writing software for brainstorming together

Miro, our pick for the best free writing software for brainstorming together

When you need to write something in collaboration with others, the brainstorming process is one of the trickiest to facilitate with technology. Miro lets you plot out ideas with mind maps, Kanban boards, virtual sticky notes, and whatever strategy you use to get your thoughts down. The free plan allows for unlimited team members to brainstorm with at the same time.

If whiteboards aren't your preferred brainstorming method, explore Zapier's picks for the top brainstorming tools for more collaborative and solo apps.

You can even use Miro with Zapier (also free), so you can automate your brainstorming workflows. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Create Miro widgets with new Trello cards

Trello logo

Add Miro cards from new rows on Google Sheets

Google Sheets logo

Miro pricing: Free for 3 whiteboards with unlimited team members; from $8/user/month for plans with unlimited whiteboards and advanced collaboration features

Best free writing software for brainstorming topics

Ryan Robinson's Keyword Research Tool (Web)

Ryan Robinson's Keyword Research Tool, our pick for the best free writing software for brainstorming topics

Go to the Ideas tab of Ryan Robinson's Keyword Research Tool , and it'll provide ideas related to your query. Since it's a keyword tool first and foremost, these ideas are designed to be less competitive on search results, too.

If you're looking for keyword research tools specifically for their main purpose, check out Zapier's roundup of the best free keyword research tools .  

Keyword Research Tool pricing: Free

Best free writing software for brainstorming ideas with AI

ChatGPT (Web)

Example of ChatGPT, powered by the GPT-3.5 model, writing marketing copy for a newsletter: headlines, taglines, and call-to-actions.

With the rise of AI , some writers use GPT-based apps to brainstorm ideas and build the base for an outline. ChatGPT is the best free option—and the one you know and love—or you can check out even more GPT-powered writing apps in Zapier's list of the best AI writing generators . 

You can also combine GPT with Zapier to send ideas to your favorite project management tool.

ChatGPT pricing: Free; ChatGPT Plus is $20/month

Best free writing software for brainstorming out loud

Your computer's dictation software (MacOS, Windows)

Windows dictation software

If you process your thoughts best through speaking, there's a brainstorming app already on your computer. Boot up Windows 10 Speech Recognition on Windows or Apple Dictation on Mac to record your thoughts as you brainstorm out loud.

For mobile and premium dictation app options, check out Zapier's list of the best text dictation software .

Windows 10 Speech Recognition and Apple Dictation pricing: Free

Free writing tools for research and note-taking

Best free writing software for keeping everything in one place.

Notion (Web, MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android)

Notion, our pick for the best free writing software for keeping everything in one place

Notion's balance of organization and spontaneity make it a great place to hold your notes, links, social media posts, transcriptions, and any other resources you need to write that draft. Plus, depending on your writing preferences, you can then write the draft itself in Notion—all for free. 

Add Zapier integrations to the mix to bring even more of your writing life together. Here are some pre-made workflows to get you started.

Save new tasks in Google Tasks in Notion databases

Google Tasks logo

Add new Microsoft Outlook calendar events to Notion databases

Microsoft Outlook logo

If Notion doesn't meet your needs, try one of these Notion alternatives . Zapier also has a list of the best note-taking apps for you to browse.

Notion pricing: Free plan available; from $8/user/month for team plans

Best free writing software for finding free copies of paywalled research

Unpaywall (Web)

Unpaywall, our pick for the best free writing software for finding free copies of paywalled research

Have you ever come across a search result for the perfect research article, only to discover it's behind a paywall? Unpaywall gets you across those paywalls ethically by looking for legitimate free versions of paywalled academic research. It looks at sources like journals' open-access repositories and university and government databases, so you're never infringing copyright.

Unpaywall pricing: Free

Best free writing software for transcribing interview and video content

oTranscribe (Web)

oTranscribe, our pick for the best free writing software for transcribing interview and video content

oTranscribe simplifies the manual transcription process by placing your audio controls and a word processor on the same screen. This tool has keyboard controls and speed adjustment, so you can seamlessly transition between your audio and transcript.

If you're willing to pay a bit, here's Zapier's list of the best transcription apps and services .

oTranscribe pricing: Free

Best free writing software for collecting research from other people

Google Forms (Web, iOS, Android)

Google Forms, our pick for the best free writing software for collecting research from other people

When you need original quotes or data from other people, a free survey tool or form builder will help you organize it all. Google Forms is an accessible choice for most people because it's completely free and works with the rest of Google Workspace.

Turn your form responses into Trello cards, Notion database entries, or any other nugget of info that serves you well with Google Forms' Zapier integrations .

Create Trello cards from new Google Forms responses

Google Forms logo

Share Google Forms responses in a Slack channel

Slack logo

Google Forms pricing: Free

Free writing tools for solo and collaborative writing

Best free writing software for collaborative writing.

Google Docs (Web, Chrome, iOS, Android)

Google Docs, our pick for the best free writing software for collaborative writing

Google Docs' straightforward interface and ease of use make it a great tool for writing solo, but this app really shines through its collaborative features . Its suggestion, sharing, and version history features put it on par with its paid alternatives at no cost to you.

You can connect Google Docs to all the other tools you use with its Zapier integration . Here are some ideas for free automations you might set up.

Create new Google Docs from text with new rows in Google Sheets

Google Docs logo

Create new Google Docs when Trint transcripts are ready

Trint logo

Not a fan of Google Docs or don't want to create a Google account? Find another great option in Zapier's guide to the best collaborative writing apps .

Google Docs pricing: Free

Best free writing software for messages and blurbs

WordCounter (Web)

WordCounter, our pick for the best free writing software for messages and blurbs

Sometimes you need to write a small amount of text, such as a message or a blurb, without the pressure of accidentally hitting the Enter button too early. WordCounter acts as a combination clipboard and editor with a word count that saves your work in your browser cache for the next time you visit.

WordCounter pricing: Free

Free writing tools for editing

Best free writing software for finding the perfect word.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus (Web)

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus, our pick for the best free writing software for finding the perfect word

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus offers all the synonyms you could dream of like a regular thesaurus, but it stands out in its reverse dictionary capabilities. Enter a phrase—or even a full sentence—to get words that match that meaning. This feature comes in handy when you want to write more concisely or find that word that's on the tip of your tongue.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus pricing: Free

Best free writing software for finding the right word—anywhere

Power Thesaurus (Web, Chrome, iOS, Android)

Power Thesaurus, our pick for the best free writing software for finding the right word—anywhere

As a freelance writer, I find myself needing to switch up words when I write on various platforms across the internet. Power Thesaurus gives me synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and other forms of word assistance wherever I like to write. It can do the same for you—put it to use on its website, in your browser, on your phone, in Google Docs, in Word, and in Gmail.

Power Thesaurus pricing: Free for fundamental features; starting from $2.49/month for Power Thesaurus PRO , featuring filters and a wider selection of synonyms

Best free writing software for rewording what you write

Wordtune (Web, Chrome, iOS)

Wordtune, our pick for the best free writing software for rewording what you write

When you just can't get phrasing right in your writing, you might turn to a friend or editor to help you sort it out. Wordtune acts as that person by offering suggestions to reword, expand, and shorten your content using AI. It doesn't have as robust of a free plan as some of the other options on this list, but it provides enough if you need assistance here and there.

If you want more features and are willing to pay a monthly fee, you can put AI to work in your editing process with Zapier's list of the best AI rewording and grammar-checking tools .

Wordtune pricing: Free for up to 10 rewrites, three AI prompts, and three summaries a day; from $9.99/month for advanced plans featuring more rewrites, AI prompts, and summaries

Best free writing software for clear and concise writing

Hemingway Editor (Web, macOS, Windows)

Hemingway, our pick for the best free writing software for clear and concise writing

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's concise writing style, the Hemingway Editor points out opportunities to sharpen your writing. This tool highlights passive voice, complex sentences, and adverbs that make your work harder to understand. It also supplies a readability score to estimate how accessible your writing is to a broad audience.

Hemingway Editor pricing: Free for editing in the Hemingway web app; $19.99 for the Mac or Windows desktop app

Best free writing software for creating compelling headlines

CoSchedule Headline Studio (Web, Chrome)

CoSchedule, our pick for the best free writing software for creating compelling headlines

CoSchedule Headline Studio helps you write compelling headlines by analyzing the sentiment and word balance in your titles. Type in a headline to get a score and test different variations based on the suggestions you get. The Google Chrome extension and WordPress plugin let you analyze headlines wherever you go.

CoSchedule Headline Studio pricing: Free for basic features; from $8/month to buy "Premium Headline" credits that give you access to an SEO score, AI writing features, headline suggestions, and word banks for a certain number of headlines

Best free writing software for finding and removing cliches

Cliche Finder (Web)

Cliche Finder, our pick for the best free writing software for finding and removing cliches

Cut cliches out of your writing using Cliche Finder . After you paste your text into the textbox and click the Find Cliches button, the tool will highlight any cliches in bold, red text. It's up to you from there, but the tool is 100% free.

Cliche Finder pricing: Free

Best free writing software for finding jargon in your text

De-Jargonizer (Web)

De-Jargonizer, our pick for the best free writing software for finding jargon in your text

Another writing mechanism that gets in the way of clarity is jargon—terms that only people in a specific role will understand. The De-Jargonizer highlights potential jargon in your writing in orange in red for you to consider rephrasing.

Once you identify jargon in your text with the De-Jargonizer, you can get suggestions for rewriting it from Zapier's Corporate Jargon Translator , built using Zapier's free AI chatbot builder .

De-Jargonizer pricing: Free

Best free writing software for varying your wording and sentence length

Expresso (Web)

Expresso, our pick for the best free writing software for varying your wording and sentence length

Two of the best ways to amp up your writing are to switch up your words and sentence length. Expresso helps you achieve both of these goals by breaking your writing down into metrics based on word usage and sentence length, such as frequently repeated words and average sentence word count.

Expresso pricing: Free

Best free writing software for comparing your writing to AI content

GPTZero (Web, Chrome)

GPTZero, our pick for the best free writing software for comparing your writing to AI content

Due to the complexity of the AI situation, it can be tricky to truly detect AI writing with an AI content detector . But, as one writer discovered in our guide to standing out from AI , these tools work well for picking out human content that sounds like AI due to repetitive phrases and generic writing. GPTZero is a free option that judges text based on perplexity (complexity) and burstiness (sentence variation).

GPTZero pricing: Free for documents up to 5,000 words and batch uploads of up to 3 files; from $9.99/month for plans with higher word and batch limits

Free writing tools for proofreading

Best free writing software for catching spelling and grammar mistakes.

Grammarly (Web, macOS, Windows, Android iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

Grammarly, our pick for the best free writing software for catching spelling and grammar mistakes

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere you write with Grammarly . It looks for even the nit-pickiest details, like missing dashes and incorrect prepositions. Stick to its web editor, add it to your favorite writing tool, or add the browser extension to check your writing wherever you go.

Grammarly pricing: Free for the basic spell- and grammar-checker; from $12/month for plans with advanced features like tone, vocabulary, and rewrite suggestions

Best free writing tool for proofreading short-form content

ProWritingAid (Web, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

ProWritingAid, our pick for the best free writing tool for proofreading short-form content

ProWritingAid's free plan can analyze less text at a time than Grammarly , but it includes a word explorer, thesaurus, and rephrasing tool on top of its grammar-checking features. These capabilities make it a better fit for writers who like to get really granular with their improvement. ProWritingAid's free plan could be a better option for you than Grammarly if your total word count usually clocks at 500 words or fewer.

ProWritingAid pricing: Free for a 500 word count limit and 10 rephrases per day; from $10/month for a Premium plan with no word count limit, unlimited rephrases, and advanced grammar improvement features like in-depth analytics of your writing

Best free writing tool for making MLA citations

EasyBib (Web)

EasyBib, our pick for the Best free writing tool for making MLA citations

This one's for the academics out there. Enter your paper's sources into EasyBib , and it'll organize them into an MLA bibliography for you. I had to give everything a once-over and make minor changes, but EasyBib helped me win my college library's bibliography contest back in the day by getting it all together.

EasyBib pricing: Free

Free writing software FAQ

Here are some questions lots of people have about writing apps and how to choose the right one.

What's a good free writing tool?

Tools like Google Docs and WordCounter are free forever and very functional. Other apps, like Grammarly or ProWritingAid, have free plans that offer basic features, with more advanced features available via a paid plan.

But there are a lot of free writing tools available that perform a wide variety of functions—everything from brainstorming to research and note-taking to writing to editing to proofreading.

What writing tool do most writers use?

There's a wide variety of writing tools out there, and which one a writer uses really comes down to preference. A lot of writers use Google Docs to write because they already use Google for so many other things—but some may prefer a tool like Notion, where they can combine writing with project management.

What makes a good writing tool?

In short, whatever helps you write! If a blank page and no distraction is what helps you actually get words down, then open a new Google Doc and go at it. If you need to organize your thoughts before you even think about writing, consider adding a brainstorming tool to the mix. Each writer's process is different, and it's all about finding tools that enable your writing, not add another roadblock to your process.

Sharpen your craft with your new toolkit

As is the case with many skills, it can be easy to focus too much on improving your writing through tools alone. You'll maximize the results you'll get from your apps with a solid foundation in writing techniques. Grab the tools that appeal to you on this page, then brush up on your core writing skills to become a killer prose machine.

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This article was originally published in June 2015 by Jane Callahan and has also had contributions from Jessica Greene. The most recent update was in August 2023.

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Best Assignment Writing Services: Top 5 Assignment Help Websites Online Whether you're a high-school student or a college graduate, academic assignments can pose quite the challenge. This is where assignment-help websites come into the picture.

By Maria D'Souza • Sep 26, 2023

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You're reading Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Need help with your lingering assignments? Check out the five best assignment writing services to help you with your essays, research papers, case studies, and more.

Whether you're a high-school student or a college graduate, academic assignments can pose quite the challenge. As we all know, they require an ample amount of time and significant energy, which might be scant amidst a busy schedule. This is where assignment help websites come into the picture.

Nowadays, you have numerous websites to choose from and hiring an online assignment helper has never been easier. But which online homework help platform is truly deserving of your hard-earned money? In this article, we'll walk you through our review of some of the best assignment help websites around.

Best Assignment Writing Services Online:

Here are the five best websites based on our evaluation and over 5,000 reviews. Each has strengths that could make it the "best" depending on an individual's needs or circumstances. Read on to find out more about each one.

1. BBQPapers : Best Assignment Writing Service Overall

best assignment editing websites

BBQPapers stands out as the best assignment writing service, and there's a good reason for that: its team consists of the most professional experts in the field.

If you're searching for a reliable platform to hire professional assignment writers and experts for your aid, look no further than BBQPapers. It's regularly hailed as one of the best assignment help services out there. And that's not just talk — BBQPapers' commitment to quality is genuinely impressive, and it often exceeds expectations.

Whether you need assistance with an essay, research paper, term paper, coursework, case study, or PowerPoint presentation, BBQPapers has you covered. The company can also help you with dissertation writing if you're pursuing a Ph.D.

For those in need of writing, editing, rewriting, or problem-solving services across any discipline, BBQPapers is the top choice. To assess the quality of its service, we ordered a paper on biomedical science — indisputably one of the more complex subjects. Despite this challenge, BBQPapers addressed our request with confidence.

We were quickly matched with a suitable expert thanks to BBQPapers' extensive network of assignment experts across diverse subject areas, all of whom are eager to collaborate with clients. It's this breadth of expertise that distinguishes BBQPapers, making it truly exceptional.

Unfortunately, there is no option to get a quick price quote without signing up on the platform. However, the pricing system is flexible and your cost is tailored based on the specific service, urgency level, and the number of pages required.

BBQPapers' assignment help services offer a level of convenience that is unparalleled in the industry. To support its zero-plagiarism guarantee, BBQPapers provides a free originality report with every academic paper. Additionally, the company offers free revisions, prompt delivery, and 24/7 customer service, all designed to simplify your academic journey.

Pros of BBQPapers:

  • Free plagiarism report with every order;
  • Suitable for any task (academic writing, problem solving, calculations, PowerPoint presentations, and more);
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee, no ChatGPT use, original work;
  • Free revisions to modify your order and ensure satisfactory result;
  • Rush delivery available;
  • Loyalty program that gives access to discounts;
  • Vast network of professionals from different subject areas.

Cons of BBQPapers:

  • The prices are slightly above average;
  • You have to sign up to access the order form and price calculator.

2: EssayNoDelay : Best Assignment Help Website for Rush Delivery

best assignment editing websites

Are you in desperate need of some help with assignment writing? If yes, then EssayNoDelay might be what you're searching for. Punctuality seems to be this service's cornerstone as it prioritizes meeting deadlines without compromising on quality.

EssayNoDelay stands out as one of the most renowned and reliable online assignment writing services available. For many years, the company has been assisting students in achieving their academic goals with confidence. If you need some assignment writing help, this service is definitely worth considering, given its highly knowledgeable team of professional essay writers.

During our evaluation of EssayNoDelay, we noted that the shortest timeframe offered for an academic paper was 6 hours. Intrigued, we decided to see if the company could produce an original essay within this limited window. To our astonishment, the assignment writer delivered a flawless two-page document right on schedule!

What makes this service even more attractive to students is its 24/7 availability and quick turnaround, especially for those who require assistance with urgent assignments.

What sets EssayNoDelay apart from other assignment writing and editing services are its exceptional features. EssayNoDelay offers unlimited free revisions, a money-back guarantee, and a flexible pricing policy. These features make it an excellent choice for those aiming to elevate their academic performance.

Pros of EssayNoDelay:

  • Top-notch service, wide variety of subjects available;
  • Free, unlimited revisions;
  • Worry-free money-back guarantee;
  • Flexible pricing, instant price quote available through price calculator;
  • Round-the-clock customer support available via phone, email and chat.

Cons of EssayNoDelay:

  • It might take longer to find an assignment helper for certain subjects, especially STEM-related ones;
  • Extra features could be less expensive;

3. SpeedyPaper : Best Website for Personalized Approach

best assignment editing websites

When searching for a trustworthy assignment help service, SpeedyPaper stands out because of its myriad benefits. The company is renowned for its individualized approach, ensuring every paper is tailored according to the specific instructions provided by clients.

SpeedyPaper is not only legitimate and punctual in their delivery but also takes stringent measures to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your personal information. Entrusting your coursework to SpeedyPaper's team of assignment helpers ensures a high-quality result that is both outstanding and secure.

One of the unmatched features of this service is the provision for direct communication with your writer about any modifications or details of the assignment – and this comes at no extra charge! Discover for yourself why SpeedyPaper is a cut above the rest in providing premier writing services.

The company takes pride in its highly skilled team of professional writers, capable of tackling any assignment swiftly. The caliber and depth of research apparent in their work attest to their profound grasp of the subjects they cover.

What's more, SpeedyPaper offers all these top-tier services without breaking the bank. With rates starting at less than $11 per page, it's budget-friendly. Depending on the service you choose, additional discounts might also be available.

Pros of SpeedyPaper:

  • Secure and reliable website;
  • Straightforward and easy to use customer area;
  • Great reputation, more than 8 years in business;
  • Quality assignments done in record time;
  • More than 50 subjects covered;
  • Affordable prices;

Cons of SpeedyPaper:

  • Plagiarism report is a paid feature;
  • Aggressive marketing.

4. EssayPro : Best for Variety of Experts in Different Fields

best assignment editing websites

EssayPro is the go-to solution for all your academic needs. The platform offers custom-made college papers, punctual delivery, and a highly personalized experience. On the website, you can conveniently browse through academic writers' ratings, helping you select an assignment expert based on feedback and their areas of expertise.

What truly distinguishes EssayPro from other services is the ability to delve into each writer's profile before deciding whom to assign for your task. This feature is not commonly available on other platforms. Remember, while the ratings and feedback are valuable, it's essential to exercise your judgment when selecting a writer.

A standout feature of this service is its exceptionally competent support team. We sought their assistance to write a persuasive essay within a remarkably tight deadline of just three hours. The support representative responded almost immediately, furnishing us with all necessary details about writing editing services and promptly connecting us with a qualified writer.

With EssayPro, you can be assured of your privacy. Your personal information is always protected and won't be shared with third parties. Additionally, every paper that writers at EssayPro provide carries a guarantee of originality; plagiarism is a strict no-no!

EssayPro rigorously vets every submission through detailed proofreading processes and sophisticated plagiarism detection tools to ensure the genuineness of its assignment services.

Thanks to EssayPro's staunch anti-plagiarism policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're receiving content that's both unique and correctly referenced.

Pros of EssayPro:

  • EssayPro is truly affordable, cheaper than most similar services;
  • Expertly qualified support staff;
  • On-time delivery and highly personalized experience ;
  • Anonymity and confidentiality preserved;
  • Zero plagiarism policy, complimentary plagiarism report;
  • Browse through writer's profiles before selecting the best assignment helper.

Cons of EssayPro:

  • Lack of regular discounts;
  • No phone support;
  • Quality of services depends on the expert you choose.

5. AssignmentRun : Best for STEM Assignments

best assignment editing websites

If you're a STEM student searching for detailed, accurate work in your specific field, give AssignmentRun a try. AssignmentRun is one of the highest-rated assignment help websites online, especially in the problem-solving domain.

When we submitted an essay request, AssignmentRun delivered a well-crafted paper with an in-depth analysis of the topic. While it might not be the cheapest option, the value for money is evident given its exceptional quality of service. After all, producing academic content requires significant time and effort — both of which should be appropriately rewarded.

We were particularly impressed with the customer service. When we asked the support assistant to adjust our deadline, they promptly addressed the issue and delivered our paper right on time. Moreover, the communication was clear and without any confusion regarding our requirements.

AssignmentRun is your one-stop shop for all your college & high school assignment needs. The team is ready to assist with assignments of any difficulty level. If you've already drafted a paper and need a professional's touch, AssignmentRun also offers editing services. To top it off, a user-friendly website design ensures easy navigation through its range of services.

Pros of AssignmentRun:

  • Exceptional level of service quality;
  • Proofreading checks as well as sophisticated plagiarism tests;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Help with assignments regardless of difficulty levels;
  • Professional editing services available;
  • User-friendly website design.

Cons of AssignmentRun:

  • The prices are above average.

Selecting Websites that Offer the Best Assignment Help Online: Our Methodology

We've carefully curated this list of websites that offer the best assignment assistance online. These websites consistently produce high-quality, plagiarism-free academic papers. Only those staffed by knowledgeable and seasoned writers made the cut.

  • Range of Services Offered: We looked for platforms that provided a comprehensive range of writing services, ensuring students could find assistance for essays, presentations, reports, and more under one roof.
  • Easy Order Process: Ease of ordering was another priority for us. We favored services where customers could effortlessly check prices, place orders, and choose competent writers without any complications.
  • Affordability and Discounts: Considering the financial constraints many students face, we placed a premium on cost-effectiveness. Services that offer value for money, coupled with money-back guarantees or attractive discounts, received our commendation.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Outstanding customer support was non-negotiable. The companies we've highlighted ensure responsive, friendly support for their users. Plus, they prioritize online security, offering safe payment options and ensuring full confidentiality for their clientele.

If these are the standards you're seeking in a writing service, our list of five top-tier academic writing providers is your best bet!

How to Find the Best Assignment Writing Service for Your Needs?

A reliable assignment help website can be immensely helpful when you're pressed for time. If you're unsure how to pick a trustworthy one, there are several factors to consider when choosing a website to entrust with your assignments. Here they are:

Expertise and Specialization

Different assignment services have varying levels of strengths spanning across numerous academic fields. Some excel at humanities while others might be better equipped to tackle complex science tasks. Therefore, seek a service whose online assignment experts align with your subject needs.

Assignment Helper Qualifications

Wouldn't we all prefer being served by the best in any field? Indeed! So when sourcing an assignment service, review their writers' qualifications. It really counts when experts handling your work possess vast knowledge and experience. Consider those who hire professionals who own Masters and PhDs degrees from renowned universities.

Pricing Matters

Price has always been instrumental in purchasing decisions — though remember that 'cheap' doesn't always mean 'better.' Strive to find an optimal balance between cost and quality as extremely low prices can often compromise output quality.

Reviews & Testimonials

The internet era comes with the privilege of accessing reviews with ease. Checking a service's reviews and testimonials allows you to gauge their dependability through previous clients' experiences. Be alert, however, to the possibility of fake reviews—unusually glowing or overly negative comments should make your antenna rise.

Customer Service Response Time

An ideal assignment writing service is one that always has your back. If you have concerns or queries, the customer support team must be available to answer promptly and professionally. Test this by sending them a query or calling if necessary.

Timely Delivery

Meeting deadlines is vital in academic settings; late submissions might attract penalties or undesirable grades. Hence, choose an assignment writing service with a track record of delivering tasks within required timelines without compromising quality.

Plagiarism Policy

Academic integrity calls for original work devoid of plagiarism. While seeking assistance with your assignments, ascertain whether potential services have policies that ensure papers are plagiarism-free and unique.

How Much Does Assignment Help Online Usually Cost?

Prices can start from $15 per page for simpler, less urgent assignments and skyrocket up to $50 per page or more for projects needing immediate attention or those involving challenging subjects such as advanced mathematics or law dissertations. Again, the nuances in assignment specifications cause these drastic price differences.

There are some cheap assignment writing services like EssayPro and SpeedyPaper. However, it is essential to choose a service not only based on affordability but also reliability and quality assurance. A slightly higher investment might just be worthwhile if it means top-tier assignments customized to individual requirements and plagiarism concerns — leading ultimately towards educational success.

Here are some factors that influence the cost of the assignment writing help:

Nature & Complexity of Your Assignment

Typically, more complex tasks involving intricate subjects or high levels of research tend to cost more. A basic high school essay might be markedly cheaper than a master's level dissertation due to differing demands in intellectual exertion and time commitment.

Expertise Level of an Assignment Helper

The price also fluctuates based on who will be crafting your assignment. If you seek support from a PhD-qualified expert or specialized professional with years-long experience in your field - expect higher rates compared to less academically achieved writers. Remember, you are essentially paying for their expansive knowledge base and experiential insight.

Deadline Limitations of Your Task

Last-minute assignments come with increased costs, primarily due to demanding quick turnarounds which add pressure on the writers' part.

What is The Best Assignment Writing Service Overall?

We believe that BBQPapers is the best assignment writing service available, because it has a great reputation and was tested to deliver quality academic papers of higher difficulty within the required timeframe. You can hire a highly qualified college assignment helper in minutes without breaking the bank.

With 4.7 out of 5 stars on SiteJabber, BBQPapers proved to be trustworthy for a variety of different college assignments. You can hire BBQPapers' professional college essay writers and be sure that they will excel in your task regardless of the subject or difficulty.

Is it Safe to Use Websites That Provide Online Assignment Help?

Seeking online assistance for your homework is secure and safe. Reputable assignment services like those on our list utilize protected payment processes, while also preserving your personal information.

They are committed to never disclosing it with any third parties, which implies that not even a single soul will discover that you use these writing services — whether they be teachers or classmates.

A confidentiality guarantee is a key sign of reliability, which is why we thoroughly evaluated the payment options and Terms & Conditions concerning security and privacy of all sites on our list. That way, you can trust that collaborating with these websites will be secure!

Assignment Writing Help Online: Final Thoughts

The writing industry has been booming due to the abundance of students who rely on it for their academic tasks. Thus, high-quality assignment assistance is highly sought after as students are constantly overwhelmed with their workloads.

Searching for a trustworthy, quality-driven, and affordable essay writing service can be time-consuming and tedious. You need an efficient website that offers university assignment help, dependable value and excellent bonuses.

Related article: 5 Best Research Paper Writing Services

It's also advantageous to have access to qualified professionals providing you with services beyond just the basics of writing assignments; ranging from editing to consulting. The ideal experience would include open communication, 24/7 support options, and guaranteed confidentiality — which will surely lead to your absolute satisfaction.

Wasting time searching for the optimum service is now unnecessary! We have done all the hard work for you by compiling a comprehensive directory of the most dependable and reliable services in the business that include indispensable advantages. So, breathe a sigh of relief and trust that you're in the right hands! Utilize our list to find the ideal website for your homework needs today.

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Best assignment service: Our top 10

Nayeli Ellen

Students often turn to online assignment help when they can’t cope with learning tasks on their own. During this crisis, websites providing writing assistance can be a great saving hand. The A*Help team has ordered, checked, and analyzed papers from a variety of academic writing companies to produce this comprehensive list of websites deserving your attention. This assignment writing service review will focus on the services with the best paper quality .

Top List of the Best Assignment Writing Websites

After our mystery shopping and order assessment, we have compiled the following list of services offering the best-written papers:


2. CustomWritings

3. CheapestEssay

4. PaperHelp

5. EssayShark

6. EssayPro

7. EduBirdie

8. StudyBay

9. MyAssignmentHelp

10. Nerdify

Best assignment service reviews based on the A*Help score (2023)

After reviewing a lot of writing services, we have finally found the one that offers the best essays.  SpeedyPaper has the highest scores from our professional educator and demonstrates a surprising consistency and attention to users’ demands. 

An infographic that shows a list of 5 online academic help services with the A*Help score assigned to each

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Academic Proofreading & Editing Services

Improve your chances of getting published.

Whether you're writing a dissertation, manuscript, paper, or proposal, you want your ideas and research to shine without your writing getting in the way.

  • Ensure your arguments are judged on merit
  • Lift the quality of your paper as a whole
  • Make you stand out from your peers


  • Proofreading & Editing

Native editors

12 hour turnaround time, 100% happiness guarantee.

Paper editing example with comment

Get your academic writing back, free of language errors and inconsistencies

Standard Proofreading & Editing is perfect if you’re confident about your writing but need a second pair of eyes to catch:

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Inconsistencies in dialect
  • Overuse of passive voice
  • Subjective or inflated language

For a more comprehensive edit, you can add one or multiple add-on editing services that fit your needs.

Add-on services

Customize your editing package to get the help you need, structure check, clarity check, paper formatting, citation editing.

Ensures sections and chapters are structured and focused and your writing is free of redundancies.

  • Through in-text feedback, your editor will help:
  • Organize and focus individual chapters and sections
  • Eliminate repetitive and redundant information
  • Perfect transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • Align titles and headings with the section’s content

You’ll also receive a personalized Structure Check Report meant to help you identify missing elements in each chapter or section and prioritize improvements.

best assignment editing websites

Ensures ideas are presented clearly, your arguments are consistent, and your audience can follow along.

Through in-text comments and checklists, your editor will:

  • Make sure your text tells a clear and logical story
  • Check that you’ve clearly presented concepts, ideas, and key terms
  • Make sure your key takeaways and conclusions are front and center
  • Highlight contradictions within the text
  • Ensure you’re keeping your audience’s needs in mind

best assignment editing websites

Ensures a professional look and feel of your document that meets your formatting requirements.

Your formatting expert will apply the 7th edition APA Style guidelines to all elements in your paper, including:

  • Margins, spacing, and indentation
  • Body text and headings
  • Page numbers
  • Abstract and keywords
  • Explanatory footnotes

best assignment editing websites

Ensures your citations and references are consistent and meet your style guide’s requirements.

Your citation expert will:

  • Format your reference page (margins, indents, spacing)
  • Edit citations and references to your style guide’s requirements
  • Provide feedback on incomplete citations and references
  • Cross-check citations with references for inconsistencies

We’re familiar with all common citation styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, and Chicago.

best assignment editing websites

Get matched to the perfect editor - or editing team

At Scribbr, you can rest assured that only the best editors will work on your paper.

All our 800+ editors have passed the challenging Scribbr Academy, which has a passing rate of only 2%.

We handpick your editor based on several criteria, including field of study and document type. And we’ll even expand your team with citation and formatting experts if needed.

editor richa profile picture

I have a doctorate in biology and studied a range of life science subjects. I specialize in editing academic texts.

editor samantha profile picture

I researched at Harvard, taught English with a Fulbright in Peru, and earned a master's from Johns Hopkins.

editor Ayo profile picture

I am an academic editor and book reviewer. I am familiar with many style guides and have edited over 6 million words.

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6 Best Assignment Help Websites for Students (in 2024)

Author: Rafal Reyzer

For most students, writing academic assignments is a major challenge.

It’s difficult to write high-quality essays or term papers on time in the face of a heavy academic load. Many assignments in colleges and universities can put students under enormous stress. To avoid it, the best assignment help services come to the aid. The only issue is to find one of the best assignment services. It would be useful for you to learn about the top assignment help websites and make the right decision.

Here are the top assignment help websites for students:

1. assignmentbro.

Assignment Bro writing service is one of the best assignment help services with offices in the US, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. This friendly online service offers various types of written tasks in English for students from around the world. A team of 250+ experienced writers can quickly complete written orders on any topic and subject, from business strategies and accounting to philosophy and theology. Over 100,000 students have already entrusted their academic assignments to professionals from this best assignment writing help service and have not been disappointed.

How It Works

When registering on the site, provide a valid email address or phone number. In a special form on the site, show what kind of written piece you want to get in the end. Specify what type of paper is needed, the desired number of pages, what is the deadline, and what are specific requirements. Writers specializing in the particular field will contact you with their offers immediately after seeing your order. You can check the writers yourself and choose the most fitting one for your specific job. Once the writer is ready to do the work, you, as a student, must deposit the agreed amount, but the money stays frozen in your account until the work is received. You can use the tracking system to find out about the status of the work and the percentage of completion. Within the agreed time frame, you will receive a paper, fully edited and proofread. If you have some comments or need changes, you can request a revision within seven working days of the document delivery.

  • The best website for assignment help;
  • Zero tolerance for plagiarism and flexible pricing;
  • Opportunity to contact your writer;
  • Money-back guarantee if the completed paper does not meet the client’s expectations;
  • The site has several useful and free tools.
  • The site does not have a dedicated page with prices;
  • No discount system.

2. GradesFixer

Grades Fixer writing service is one of the best assignment writing services online. It helps students with various types of papers. The website is operated and owned by Ratatat Ltd. GradesFixer and its services are completely legal and trustworthy. The company specializes in writing services for students and is known for its free extensive database of essay samples . According to the site, the team comprises 700 professional writers . Experts from this assignment help the website strive to produce unique and high-quality papers, as they write each order from scratch under all client requirements. The company’s services are not limited to help in academic writing. Professional writers of the company can create any written document. Here, you can order various types of professionally written content, including business plans , SWOT analyses, corporate documents, and other business-related projects. The company also provides editing and rewriting services.

How It Works:

Place an order on the site and specify what paper you need and in what time frame. This one of the best homework help websites offers its clients the opportunity to hire a writer at 3 levels, including native speakers. Prices for writing services start at $14 per page. This price is not considered the highest in the market. Then, top up your account on the site with the required amount. Your funds will be frozen until you accept the requested copy. Finally, you will get the finished paper that meets your expectations.

  • One of the best websites to do assignments at affordable and reasonable prices;
  • Clients can choose writers depending on the required skills;
  • More than 20 types of papers are offered, both for students and specialists;
  • Refund and paper revision policy;
  • GradesFixer support with live chat is available 24/7;
  • You can pay using credit cards and PayPal.
  • Low social media activity of the service.

3. EduBirdie

Edubirdie writing service

The reputable writing platform EduBirdie is one of the most popular assignment help websites. It has been available online since 2015 to help students from all over the world achieve academic excellence. The company is headquartered in Delaware, USA , and it has offices in Canada as well. A positive reputation has enabled the company to serve customers from 72 countries. Hundreds of students use it every day. The site provides a free check of texts for plagiarism using the most high-tech tools. EduBirdie reviews show that its clients have a high level of satisfaction.

EduBirdie offers a simple process of ordering written papers. To do this, the customer needs to create an account on the site. The personal information of the customer will not be disclosed under any circumstances. The writer will not have any information about the name of the client or their location. Ordering instructions should then be given, including the type of paper, number of pages, formatting style, and deadlines. The customer can select the desired writer and contact them to check if they qualify for the order. Then, the writer creates the document from scratch. They will follow the instructions, including all the details. In the course of work, the customer may request a draft and provide comments for improvement so that the author can edit the text accordingly. In the end, the writer creates the final version and proofreads the text before submitting it. If the client is not satisfied with the work done, they can request free revisions or ask another writer to make corrections. The customer may request a refund if their instructions were not followed.

  • This is one of the best websites that do your homework;
  • Ability to choose a writer and agree on the ultimate cost of the work;
  • Payment to the author of the paper only after receiving the perfect copy;
  • Revisions of the paper at no extra charge;
  • Professional customer support team;
  • Various types of discounts are provided.
  • Prices for premium quality papers can be expensive for students;

Writix writing service is one of the trustworthy assignment help websites that offer inexpensive essay writing services. The company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, was founded in 2016 to provide academic support to students. Writix helps clients from all over the world to get high-quality papers of different levels of complexity. All writers of the company go through a rigorous recruitment process and are always ready to provide customers with quality writing services. Authors use advanced anti-plagiarism tools to create unique and high-quality written work. On the site, you can also find many free essay samples.

When placing an order, the client has to specify the paper type, the number of pages, the deadline, and personal preferences. After that, the customer can select any writer based on their academic background, subject, and other parameters. The site provides customers with the ability to track the progress of an order and exchange ideas directly with the selected writer. Within the specified time frame, you will receive your unique paper based on the instructions provided. If the customer is not satisfied with the document, the company can offer a 100% refund.

  • Professional authors from many academic fields;
  • Reasonable pricing policy;
  • Compliance with the deadlines for completing tasks;
  • A dedicated support team is available 24/7;
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Discounts or special offers are not available;
  • Fast execution of the order can significantly increase the cost;

5. Samplius

Samplius writing service is a relatively new writing service based in the US. It was launched at the end of 2020. Samplius is an online platform where customers can order writing essays , research papers, term papers, etc. Also, the site has an extensive database of essay samples. Students can use these samples for free to get inspired and write their academic papers. On each page, you can see a banner for ordering written work. The site offers only high-quality products and services at a low cost.

Samplius works similarly to other big writing services. First, the customer needs to fill out a short order form with several fields. Then, you will see a list of authors who can complete the order. After you make your choice, the author will start working on your paper and, as the site guarantees, will deliver it to you on time. You can contact support via live chat by clicking the dedicated button. Site specialists respond within 2 minutes. These are real people who are ready to help the customer with placing orders and answering questions. After completing the order, site employees contact clients to make sure they are satisfied with the service.

  • User-friendly website design;
  • The service provides some features and tools that other companies do not have;
  • Free samples of written papers;
  • Online customer support;
  • From time to time the site offers discounts.
  • Relatively new on the market

6. AssignmentGuru

AssignmentGuru screenshot

Over time, I’ve scrutinized a range of assignment writing services. It’s quite a challenge for a platform like this to meet my expectations, but this one ingeniously surpassed them. AssignmentGuru’s quintessential vigor resides in its guild of proficient assignment experts. The academic projects I asked for were plagiarism-free and delivered promptly. The platform itself lets you elect writers based on their niche academic expertise and tailored to your precise domain of study. It also has pretty affordable prices, so if you have a pressing essay assignment or struggle with thesis writing, you can reach out and learn how much it costs to get some help (hint: the further the deadline, the cheaper it is).

This reliable service is pretty simple to use. First, you choose the type of assignment you’re interested in. This can include writing, rewriting, or editing. Let’s say that you choose writing. Then you choose the academic level, and the exact type of writing you need help with (essay, case study, marketing plan, computer science paper, research paper, etc.) Next, you choose a deadline and the number of pages you need and describe the project in some detail so the writer you choose will know what to write about. The platform gives you complete anonymity and has a money-back guarantee so if you’re not 100% satisfied for whatever reason, you can get your funds back. To get started, you just need to set up an account, choose your writer, and release the payment only when you’re happy with the result.

  • Effortless interaction with professional writers and the chat feature.
  • You can choose which writer you want to work with, based on their expertise and your unique needs.
  • Plagiarism-free work and meticulous attention to references and attributions.
  • The platform offers no-cost improvements and extra edits along with a reimbursement pledge.
  • Getting expert assistance prevents you from honing your writing skills and developing a deeper knowledge of the academic topic at hand. But it helps you save time, so it might be a good idea to use it if you have other deadlines that you can’t miss.

FAQ About The Assignment Help Websites:

Where to find assignment help.

Today, many writing services are available online. However, not all of them are effective and affordable for students. I recommend picking an assignment help service from the list above, as these platforms have been vetted and are known to be beneficial for busy university students looking to achieve academic success.

What is the best assignment help website?

To choose the best writing service, consider how old it is, what the writers’ experience is, and how good the already written papers are.

Is assignment help legit?

Not all assignment help services are legit, reliable, and cheap enough. To select the best writing service, it is better to rely on the opinions of experts and other customers.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Some people may feel that using assignment writing services is unethical and even harmful to students. However, online assignments help websites provide many benefits, especially for international students who are often at a slight disadvantage about their native counterparts. By turning to one of the reliable research paper writing services , students can save a lot of time and understand what a quality assignment should look like. Credible and trusted writing services offer quality papers at an affordable price. Also, these services offer various useful tools for students . Finally, professionals from the above-mentioned popular services provide their clients with decent papers on time.

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Rafal Reyzer

Rafal Reyzer

Hey there, welcome to my blog! I'm a full-time blogger, educator, digital marketer, freelance writer, editor, and content manager with 10+ years of experience. I started to provide you with great tools and strategies you can use to become a proficient writer and achieve freedom through online creativity. My site is a one-stop shop for writers, digital marketers, and content enthusiasts who want to be independent, earn more money, and create beautiful things. Dive into my journey here , and don't miss out on my free PDF guide 80+ AI marketing tools .

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We are quite confident to write and maintain the originality of our work as it is being checked thoroughly for plagiarism. Thus, no copy-pasting is entertained by the writers and they can easily 'write an essay for me’.

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Online Essay Writing Service to Reach Academic Success.

Are you looking for the best essay writing service to help you with meeting your academic goals? You are lucky because your search has ended. is a place where all students get exactly what they need: customized academic papers written by experts with vast knowledge in all fields of study. All of our writers are dedicated to their job and do their best to produce all types of academic papers of superior quality. We have experts even in very specific fields of study, so you will definitely find a writer who can manage your order.

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Write an essay from varied domains with us!

Is a “rare breed” among custom essay writing services today.

All the papers delivers are completely original as we check every single work for plagiarism via advanced plagiarism detection software. As a double check of the paper originality, you are free to order a full plagiarism PDF report while placing the order or afterwards by contacting our Customer Support Team.

Being tempted by low prices and promises of quick paper delivery, you may choose another paper writing service. The truth is that more often than not their words are hollow. While the main purpose of such doubtful companies is to cash in on credulity of their clients, the prime objective of is clients’ satisfaction. We do fulfill our guarantees, and if a customer believes that initial requirements were not met or there is plagiarism found and proved in paper, they can request revision or refund. However, a refund request is acceptable only within 14 days of the initial deadline.

Our paper writing service is the best choice for those who cannot handle writing assignments themselves for some reason. At , you can order custom written essays, book reviews, film reports, research papers, term papers, business plans, PHD dissertations and so forth. No matter what academic level or timeframe requested is – we will produce an excellent work for you!

Customers usually want to be informed about how the writer is progressing with their paper and we fully understand that – he who pays the piper calls the tune. Therefore, with you have a possibility to get in touch with your writer any time you have some concerns or want to give additional instructions. Our customer support staff is there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and deal with any problems if necessary.

Of course, the best proof of the premium quality of our services is clients’ testimonials. Just take a few minutes to look through the customer feedback and you will see that what we offer is not taking a gamble.

is a company you can trust. Share the burden of academic writing with us. Your future will be in safe hands! Buy essays, buy term papers or buy research papers and economize your time, your energy and, of course, your money!

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