100+ Tourism Research Topics: Trends and Future Directions

Tourism Research Topics

Tourism research stands at the crossroads of exploration and understanding, dissecting the intricacies of an industry that transcends geographical boundaries. In this blog, we delve into the realm of tourism research topics, examining their importance, trends, popular areas of study, challenges faced by researchers, and the future directions that the field is poised to take.

Key Trends in Tourism Research

Table of Contents

  • Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism has become a cornerstone of research in recent years, reflecting the global shift towards eco-conscious travel. Researchers are delving into the intricate balance between satisfying the wanderlust of tourists and preserving the environment.

Initiatives such as wildlife conservation, eco-friendly accommodations, and community engagement are key focus areas.

Technology in Tourism

The pervasive influence of technology on tourism cannot be overstated. From online booking platforms to virtual reality experiences, researchers are exploring the impact of technology on travel behavior.

Emerging areas of study include the use of artificial intelligence in personalized travel recommendations and the implications of augmented reality for enhancing tourist attractions.

What is the Importance of Tourism Research for Students?

Tourism research holds significant importance for students pursuing studies in various disciplines, including tourism management, hospitality, business, sociology, and environmental studies. Here are some key reasons why tourism research is valuable for students:

Academic Enrichment

  • Increases Understanding: By conducting study on the tourist business, students may increase their comprehension of the intricate relationships between the economic, social, cultural, and environmental facets of the sector.
  • Application of Theoretical information: This increases the practical relevance of their education by giving them the chance to apply the theoretical information they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Skill Development

  • Research Skills: Gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data are just a few of the vital research skills that come from conducting tourist research. These abilities are adaptable and useful in a range of work environments.
  • Communication abilities: Through research papers, presentations, and conversations, students learn how to effectively express their results, which improves both their writing and spoken communication abilities.

Industry Insights

  • Current Trends and Issues: Research allows students to stay abreast of current trends, challenges, and emerging issues in the tourism industry. This awareness is crucial for adapting to the dynamic nature of the field.
  • In-Depth Knowledge: By delving into specific tourism research topics, students gain in-depth knowledge of particular sectors within the industry, positioning themselves as experts in specialized areas.

Career Opportunities

  • Competitive Advantage: Having experience in tourism research can provide students with a competitive advantage in the job market. Employers value candidates who can bring a research-driven perspective to decision-making.
  • Diverse Career Paths: Whether in academia, policy-making, destination management, or market analysis, a background in tourism research opens doors to a variety of career paths within the broader field of tourism and hospitality.

Contributions to Sustainable Practices

  • Environmental and Social Responsibility: Tourism research often focuses on sustainable practices. Students, through their research, can contribute ideas and solutions for promoting responsible tourism, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and local communities.

Global Perspective

  • Cultural Awareness: Researching diverse tourism topics exposes students to various cultures, traditions, and perspectives. This global perspective is crucial in an industry where interactions with people from different backgrounds are common.

Problem-Solving Skills

  • Analytical Thinking: Research involves analyzing complex issues and developing solutions. This cultivates students’ analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, valuable attributes in any professional setting.

Personal Growth

  • Confidence Building: Successfully conducting research and presenting findings builds students’ confidence in their abilities. It empowers them to tackle challenges and approach tasks with a systematic mindset.

In summary, tourism research is a multifaceted learning experience that goes beyond textbooks, providing students with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed for a successful and impactful career in the tourism industry or related fields.

100+ Tourism Research Topics: Category Wise

  • Impact of Technology on Travel
  • Cultural Tourism and Heritage Preservation
  • Dark Tourism: Ethics and Motivations
  • Community-Based Tourism for Socioeconomic Development
  • Wildlife Tourism and Conservation
  • Gastronomic Tourism: Culinary Experiences
  • Adventure Tourism: Risk and Reward
  • Medical Tourism: Trends and Implications
  • Religious Tourism and Pilgrimages
  • LGBTQ+ Tourism: Diversity in Travel
  • Film Tourism: Influence on Destination Choice
  • Cruise Tourism: Environmental Impact
  • Rural Tourism: Exploring Off-the-Beaten-Path
  • Urban Tourism and City Planning
  • Educational Tourism: Learning Journeys
  • Wellness Tourism: Mind and Body Retreats
  • Space Tourism: Future Frontiers
  • Luxury Tourism and Experiential Travel
  • Sports Tourism: Events and Impact
  • Volunteer Tourism: Traveling for a Cause
  • Accessible Tourism: Inclusive Travel
  • Niche Tourism: Unusual Destinations
  • The Psychology of Tourist Behavior
  • Destination Marketing and Branding
  • Over-tourism: Challenges and Solutions
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism
  • Cruise Tourism: Cultural Interactions
  • Heritage Tourism Management
  • Tourism and Globalization
  • Impact of Political Instability on Tourism
  • COVID-19 and Tourism: Recovery Strategies
  • Solo Travel: Trends and Safety Concerns
  • E-Tourism: Online Booking Trends
  • Responsible Tourism Practices
  • Agritourism: Farm and Rural Experiences
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Balancing Conservation and Tourism
  • Backpacking Culture: Trends and Challenges
  • Tourism Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Social Media Influencers in Tourism
  • Geotourism: Exploring Geological Wonders
  • Virtual Reality in Tourism Experiences
  • Tourism Policy and Regulation
  • Sustainable Transportation in Tourism
  • Wellness Retreats: Trends and Impacts
  • Coastal and Marine Tourism
  • Historical Tourism and Interpretation
  • Space-Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Cross-Cultural Communication in Tourism
  • Slow Tourism: Embracing the Journey
  • Geopolitics and Tourism
  • Adventure Sports Tourism: Risk Management
  • Wellness Tourism: The Spa Industry
  • Religious Festivals and Tourism
  • Volunteer Tourism: Cultural Exchange
  • Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism
  • Tourism and Gender Equality
  • Dark Sky Tourism: Stargazing Adventures
  • Social Justice in Tourism
  • Music Tourism: Festivals and Events
  • Cruise Tourism: Port Infrastructure
  • Urban Regeneration through Tourism
  • Wellness Tourism: Mindful Travel
  • Cultural Appropriation in Tourism
  • Sports Mega-Events and Tourism
  • Virtual Tourism: Exploring from Home
  • Tourism Education and Training
  • Destination Resilience to Crises
  • Adventure Tourism: Environmental Stewardship
  • Slow Food Movement and Culinary Tourism
  • Accessible Tourism: Technology Solutions
  • Adventure Tourism: Cultural Immersion
  • Experiential Learning in Tourism
  • Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Indigenous Tourism: Empowerment and Challenges
  • Film-Induced Tourism: Pop Culture Impact
  • Ephemeral Tourism Events
  • Adventure Tourism: Cultural Sensitivity
  • Slum Tourism: Ethical Considerations
  • Tourism and Water Conservation
  • Space Tourism: Ethical Considerations
  • Rural Tourism: Community Engagement
  • Wellness Tourism: Mind-Body Connection
  • Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Adventure Tourism: Extreme Sports
  • The Role of Festivals in Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism and Social Inclusion
  • Wellness Tourism: Alternative Therapies
  • Tourism and Human Rights
  • Heritage Conservation and Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism: Risk Perception
  • Virtual Reality Museums and Tourism
  • Responsible Wildlife Tourism
  • Tourism and Disaster Management
  • Festivals as Cultural Tourism Attractions
  • Adventure Tourism: Psychological Benefits
  • Wellness Tourism: Eco-Friendly Retreats
  • Tourism and Aging Population
  • Culinary Tourism: Fusion Cuisine
  • Adventure Tourism: Cross-Cultural Interactions

Challenges and Opportunities in Tourism Research

Data collection and analysis.

While technology has streamlined data collection, challenges persist in ensuring data accuracy and relevance. Researchers are exploring advanced methodologies, such as big data analytics and machine learning, to overcome these hurdles and derive meaningful insights.

Globalization and Tourism

The globalization of the tourism industry poses both challenges and opportunities. Researchers are scrutinizing the impact of global trends on local economies, cultural identities, and the environment. Striking a balance between global and local interests is a complex task that requires careful consideration.

Future Directions in Tourism Research

Emerging tourism destinations.

The landscape of tourist destinations is ever-evolving. Researchers are turning their attention to emerging destinations, investigating the factors that contribute to their rise and the implications for the broader tourism industry. 

This includes understanding the appeal of off-the-beaten-path locations and the potential challenges associated with their sudden popularity.

Post-Pandemic Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the tourism industry in unprecedented ways. Researchers are exploring the long-term effects of the pandemic on travel behavior, destination preferences, and the overall structure of the tourism sector. 

Strategies for recovery and resilience are also under the microscope as the industry adapts to the new normal.

Resources for Tourism Research Topics

  • Academic Journals and Publications: Leading academic journals in tourism research, such as the “Journal of Sustainable Tourism” and the “Annals of Tourism Research,” provide a wealth of knowledge for researchers. These publications cover a wide array of topics, from sustainable practices to cultural tourism.
  • Conferences and Events: Attending conferences and events, such as the “International Conference on Tourism Research” and the “World Tourism Forum,” offers researchers the opportunity to engage with peers, present their work, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.
  • Online Databases and Research Platforms: Online databases, including Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Tourism Management Database , provide access to a vast repository of research articles, theses, and reports. These platforms facilitate collaboration and information exchange among researchers.

In conclusion, the landscape of tourism research topics is vast and dynamic, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the tourism industry. As researchers continue to explore sustainable practices, emerging trends, and the post-pandemic landscape, the importance of their work cannot be overstated. 

By navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities presented, tourism researchers contribute to a more informed and resilient industry, ensuring that the joy of travel remains accessible for generations to come.

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best tourism research topics

200+ Best Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

“Interested in Tourism Research Topics for College Students? Tourism involves exploring different places, and it’s a popular subject for college studies. There are many exciting topics for students to research, like how we can travel responsibly, preserving cultural heritage, and how technology affects our travel experiences.

In this article, we’ll discuss various interesting research topic ideas for college students. Whether it’s about sustainable travel, keeping traditions alive, or how places are promoted to visitors, there’s a lot to discover. Let’s explore these topics together and see how they can help us understand the world of tourism better.

Table of Contents

What Is Tourism Research Topics?

Tourism research covers a lot of ground. Students and experts study different tourism topics to get a handle on how travel and hospitality work and how we can make them better. Some specific topics people dig into:

  • How can we make tourism greener and more sustainable? This includes looking at the environmental impact of flights, cruise ships, hotels, etc.
  • Cultural tourism – like understanding how tourism affects local arts, traditions, ways of life positively and negatively.
  • Medical tourism – people traveling for cheaper healthcare.
  • Adventure tourism – researching the thrill-seeking niche.
  • Hospitality management – running hotels, airport logistics, etc. Behind the scenes.
  • Marketing destinations and travel deals.
  • Jobs and money – how tourism boosts or harms local economies.
  • Tourism laws and policies – smart regulations?
  • How technology is changing tourism – apps, VR trips, automation.

Basically, tourism research helps us get tourism. From green dream trips to mega resorts. Students pick topics to dive deep into all aspects of this giant industry and recommend future improvements. The goal is to pick up knowledge that helps people in the real world.

How Do I Find The Right Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students?

Here are some tips for college students on finding good travel and tourism research topic ideas:

How Do I Find The Right Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students?

1. Think About Your Interests

  • What aspects of tourism are you most passionate about? Sustainability? Cultural preservation? Economics? Identify your interests first.

2. Look at Emerging Tourism Trends

  • Explore rising issues like over-tourism, technology, and health and wellness trips. Researching a hot topic can be highly relevant.

3. Consult the Experts

  • Ask your professors, librarians, and department advisors about gaps in current research. Finding an understudied niche can lead to great opportunities.

4. Scan Academic Journals

  • Look at recent journals to see tourism topics other scholars are investigating. This can provide inspiration.

5. Consider Accessibility

  • Can you realistically research this topic based on your location, budget, and resources? Localized tourism allows for interviews, surveys, and site visits.

6. Define a Specific Focus

  • “Sustainable Tourism Strategies in Jamaica” is better than “Sustainability in Tourism.” Dig into a particular, well-defined angle.

7. Search Tourism Example Research Topics

  • Look at other schools’ research prompts and samples for ideas. Discover what issues scholars tackle.

8. Make it Interdisciplinary

  • Combine tourism with disciplines like business, anthropology, or communications for intriguing intersections.

What Are Some Good Topics Related To Tourism And Hospitality For My Thesis?

Here are some potential thesis topics related to tourism and hospitality presented in a table format:

List of 200+ Best Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

Here are the tourism research topics ideas for college students:

Sustainable Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Sustainable tourism practices and their impact on local economies
  • Ecotourism: Balancing conservation and visitor experience
  • Green initiatives in the hotel industry: A case study analysis
  • Community-based tourism for sustainable development
  • The role of government policies in promoting sustainable tourism
  • Assessing the carbon footprint of popular tourist destinations
  • Wildlife conservation and its influence on tourism strategies
  • Sustainable transportation in the tourism sector
  • The economic benefits of sustainable tourism in developing countries
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of eco-certifications in the tourism industry

Cultural Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Impact of cultural festivals on tourism in different regions
  • Heritage tourism: Preserving the past for future generations
  • Cultural exchange programs and their contribution to tourism
  • Role of museums and galleries in promoting cultural tourism
  • Cultural diversity and its influence on tourist preferences
  • The impact of indigenous tourism on local communities
  • Revitalization of cultural heritage sites for tourism purposes
  • Cultural differences in tourist behavior: A cross-cultural analysis
  • The role of technology in preserving and promoting cultural heritage
  • Religious tourism: Pilgrimages and their significance in the modern era

Medical Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Factors influencing the growth of medical tourism
  • The impact of globalization on medical tourism trends
  • Quality assessment in international healthcare services for medical tourists
  • The role of advertising in attracting medical tourists to specific destinations
  • Ethical considerations in medical tourism: A case study approach
  • Economic implications of medical tourism for destination countries
  • Integrating traditional and modern medicine in medical tourism destinations
  • Medical tourism and its effect on local healthcare infrastructure
  • Patient satisfaction in medical tourism: A comparative study
  • Legal and regulatory challenges in the medical tourism industry

Adventure Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Risk management in adventure tourism activities
  • Extreme sports tourism: Trends and challenges
  • Adventure tourism and its impact on local ecosystems
  • Psychological aspects of adventure tourism: A case study approach
  • Adventure tourism marketing strategies in the digital age
  • Cultural sensitivity in adventure tourism: A comparative analysis
  • Community involvement in the development of adventure tourism destinations
  • The role of technology in enhancing the adventure tourism experience
  • Adventure tourism and its potential for community empowerment
  • Adventure tourism and the concept of responsible travel

Dark Tourism Research Paper Topics & Ideas For College Students

  • Motivations of Tourists Visiting Dark Tourism Sites
  • Ethical considerations in dark tourism: A critical analysis
  • Dark tourism and its impact on local communities
  • The role of media in shaping perceptions of dark tourism destinations
  • Historical preservation vs. commercialization in dark tourism
  • Visitor experiences at war memorial sites: A comparative study
  • Dark tourism and the representation of traumatic events
  • The impact of guided tours on the interpretation of dark tourism sites
  • Psychosocial effects of dark tourism on visitors
  • Tourism and the commemoration of tragic events: A global perspective

Hospitality Management Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Trends in Hotel management: A Case Study Analysis
  • The impact of online reviews on hotel bookings
  • Employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry
  • Technology adoption in hospitality services: Challenges and opportunities
  • Sustainable practices in hotel operations
  • The role of leadership in ensuring quality service in hotels
  • Customer loyalty programs in the hospitality sector
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry: A case study approach
  • Innovations in hotel design and architecture
  • Cross-cultural communication in the Hospitality Workforce

Tourism Marketing Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Digital marketing strategies for tourism destinations
  • Social media influence on travel decision-making
  • Destination branding: A case study of successful campaigns
  • The role of influencers in promoting tourist destinations
  • Event marketing and its impact on tourism
  • Sustainable tourism marketing: Communicating green initiatives
  • Niche tourism markets: Identifying and targeting specific segments
  • Cultural sensitivity in international tourism marketing
  • The impact of celebrity endorsements on destination popularity
  • The role of technology in personalized tourism marketing

Economic Impact of Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Economic benefits of mega-events for host cities
  • Tourism as a catalyst for rural economic development
  • The role of small businesses in the tourism supply chain
  • Economic diversification through tourism in developing countries
  • The impact of tourism on income distribution in local communities
  • Tourism taxation and its effects on destination competitiveness
  • The role of infrastructure development in attracting tourism investments
  • Economic resilience of tourist destinations in times of crisis
  • Measuring the economic impact of cultural events on tourism
  • Economic indicators and their correlation with tourism growth

Tourism Policy and Planning Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of national tourism policies
  • Community involvement in tourism planning and decision-making
  • Tourism master plans and their implementation challenges
  • Sustainable tourism development in protected areas
  • Crisis management in tourism: Lessons from past events
  • The role of public-private partnerships in tourism development
  • Urban planning and its impact on tourism in major cities
  • The influence of global events on destination planning
  • Accessibility and its role in tourism destination development
  • Stakeholder collaboration in regional tourism planning

Tourism and Technology Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Augmented reality in enhancing tourist experiences
  • The role of artificial intelligence in personalized travel recommendations
  • Big data analytics in tourism: Challenges and opportunities
  • The impact of virtual reality on destination marketing
  • Smart tourism destinations: Integrating technology for sustainable growth
  • Blockchain technology in improving tourism security
  • Mobile applications and their role in enhancing the tourist experience
  • Online travel agencies and their impact on traditional tourism businesses
  • The role of chatbots in customer service in the tourism industry
  • Social media analytics for measuring tourism destination popularity

Tourism and Climate Change Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Climate change adaptation strategies for coastal tourism destinations
  • Carbon offset programs in the travel industry
  • The impact of climate change on winter tourism
  • Sustainable transportation and its role in reducing tourism-related emissions
  • Climate change awareness among tourists: A global perspective
  • Green infrastructure in tourism destinations to mitigate climate change effects
  • The role of tourism in raising awareness about climate change
  • Sustainable energy practices in the hospitality sector
  • Climate change and its influence on tourist behavior
  • Policy measures for climate-resilient tourism development

Tourism Education and Training Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Curriculum development for tourism and hospitality programs
  • The role of experiential learning in tourism education
  • Internship programs and their impact on student preparedness for the industry
  • The effectiveness of online learning in tourism education
  • Industry-academia collaboration in shaping tourism curricula
  • Soft skills development for success in the tourism sector
  • Role of mentorship in career development in the tourism industry
  • Diversity and inclusion in tourism education
  • Lifelong learning in the ever-evolving tourism industry
  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry in tourism education

Tourism and Cross-Cultural Communication Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Language barriers and their impact on tourist experiences
  • Cultural sensitivity in tourism marketing materials
  • Cross-cultural communication challenges in the hospitality sector
  • Cultural exchange programs and their influence on intercultural understanding
  • Role of interpreters in enhancing cross-cultural communication in tourism
  • The impact of cultural training for tourism professionals
  • Addressing stereotypes in cross-cultural interactions in tourism
  • Cross-cultural negotiation in the tourism industry
  • Tourist expectations and cross-cultural encounters
  • Cultural adaptation strategies for tourism businesses in foreign markets

Tourism and Risk Management Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Crisis communication in the tourism industry
  • Risk assessment in adventure tourism activities
  • Emergency preparedness in tourist destinations
  • The role of insurance in mitigating tourism-related risks
  • Crisis management and its impact on destination image
  • Cybersecurity threats in the tourism sector
  • Health and safety standards in the tourism industry
  • Natural disaster preparedness for tourist destinations
  • The psychological impact of perceived risks on tourist behavior
  • Legal aspects of risk management in the tourism industry

Tourism and Social Media Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Influencer marketing in the tourism industry
  • The impact of user-generated content on destination perception
  • Social media and crisis communication in the tourism sector
  • Instagrammability and its influence on travel decisions
  • The role of social media in promoting sustainable tourism practices
  • Online reputation management for tourist destinations
  • Social media analytics for measuring destination competitiveness
  • The use of virtual tours on social media platforms
  • Hashtag campaigns and their effectiveness in destination marketing
  • The influence of online communities on travel behavior

Accessible Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Inclusive tourism: Addressing the needs of travelers with disabilities
  • Accessible transportation options for tourists with mobility challenges
  • Universal design in tourism infrastructure
  • The role of technology in enhancing accessibility for tourists
  • Inclusive marketing strategies for accessible tourism destinations
  • Training programs for tourism professionals on accommodating diverse needs
  • Legal frameworks and regulations for accessible tourism
  • Accessible tourism and its impact on destination competitiveness
  • Innovative solutions for making tourist attractions more inclusive
  • Community engagement in promoting accessible tourism

Rural Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • The role of agritourism in rural economic development
  • Challenges and opportunities in promoting rural tourism
  • Cultural preservation in rural tourism destinations
  • Community-based tourism initiatives in rural areas
  • The impact of technology on rural tourism experiences
  • Sustainable agriculture practices in rural tourism development
  • The role of festivals and events in attracting tourists to rural areas
  • Rural homestays and their contribution to local economies
  • Ecological and cultural sustainability in rural tourism
  • The role of local communities in shaping rural tourism policies

Film Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • The influence of movies and TV shows on travel decisions
  • Film-induced tourism and its economic impact
  • Movie location tours and their popularity among tourists
  • The role of film festivals in promoting tourism destinations
  • Collaborations between the film industry and tourism boards
  • Celebrity endorsement and its impact on destination popularity
  • Cultural representation in films and its influence on tourism
  • Film-inspired marketing campaigns for tourist destinations
  • Challenges and benefits of managing film tourism impacts
  • The role of social media in promoting destinations featured in films

Tourism and Event Management Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Event tourism: Economic impacts and challenges
  • Festival management and its role in Destination Branding
  • The impact of mega-events on local communities
  • Sustainable practices in event management for tourism
  • Event sponsorship and its influence on destination promotion
  • Cultural and historical events as tourist attractions
  • Crisis management in the context of event tourism
  • Technology integration in event planning for tourism
  • Event tourism and its role in community development
  • Evaluating the success of events in achieving tourism objectives

Volunteer Tourism Research Topics Ideas For College Students

  • Motivations and expectations of volunteer tourists
  • Ethical considerations in volunteer tourism programs
  • The impact of volunteer tourism on local communities
  • Volunteer tourism and its contribution to sustainable development
  • Skill development through volunteer tourism experiences
  • Challenges in managing volunteer tourism projects
  • Cultural sensitivity in volunteer tourism initiatives
  • Volunteer tourism and its potential for cross-cultural understanding
  • Volunteer tourism as a tool for promoting responsible travel
  • Evaluating the long-term impact of volunteer tourism on participants and host communities

100+ Most Interesting And Recent Tourism Research Topics Pdf

Here are the tourism research topics ideas for college students pdf:

Good Research Title For Tourism Students

Here are some suggested tourism research title ideas that college students could explore, presented in a table format:

research title about tourism and hospitality

Tourism research topics ideas for college students open doors to a world of possibilities. These topics offer diverse info, ranging from sustainable tourism practices to the influence of social media on travel decisions. As college students, these ideas provide a roadmap for investigation and discovery.

Diving into sustainable tourism, students can unravel the impacts of eco-certifications or delve into the economic benefits of green initiatives. Cultural tourism beckons with topics like heritage preservation and the role of museums in attracting visitors. For those interested in the intersection of healthcare and travel, medical tourism topics explore factors influencing its growth and ethical considerations.

The good tourism topics the daring, touching on risk management and the psychological aspects of extreme sports. Delving into the unique realm of dark tourism, students can examine visitor motivations and ethical concerns. Hospitality management topics invite exploration of trends, online reviews, and hotel leadership roles.

From tourism marketing to economic impacts and policy planning, these ideas are the best ideas for students to explore, offering academic enrichment and real-world implications for the industry. As students work on their research endeavors, these simple yet profound topics hold the potential to shape their understanding of the dynamic and evolving field of tourism.

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best tourism research topics

Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics Ideas

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating academic journey delving into Tourism Dissertation Topics? Selecting the perfect topic can seem daunting but fear not! With the boundless opportunities within the realm of tourism, crafting your dissertation can be an exciting endeavor. Tourism research topics encompass a diverse array of captivating subjects, ranging from the […]

Tourism dissertation Topics

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating academic journey delving into Tourism Dissertation Topics? Selecting the perfect topic can seem daunting but fear not! With the boundless opportunities within the realm of tourism, crafting your dissertation can be an exciting endeavor.

Tourism research topics encompass a diverse array of captivating subjects, ranging from the exploration of distinct hospitality styles to the immersion in delectable cuisines, cultural customs, accommodations, travel services, entertainment hubs, and vibrant musical events. With such rich content, students can draw inspiration from their own travel experiences, infusing their research with personal anecdotes and insights.

Consider the staggering growth of international tourist arrivals, as evidenced by the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, which surged by an impressive 7% in 2010, reaching an astounding 940 million. This statistic underscores the undeniable relevance and immense potential for growth within the tourism industry, making it an ideal avenue for your academic exploration.

Whether you’re intrigued by the allure of exotic destinations or fascinated by the intricacies of tourism management, there’s a wealth of opportunities awaiting your exploration. Let’s transform your dissertation into an extraordinary voyage of discovery, where every topic you delve into unlocks new insights and enriches your understanding of this dynamic field. Get ready to embark on an exciting academic adventure as we explore captivating tourism research topics together!

Table of Contents

Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas to Take You Out of Dissertation Writing Nightmare

Unlock the excitement of selecting tourism research topics, accommodation tourism dissertation topics:.

  • The Impact of Boutique Hotels on Tourist Experience: A Comparative Study
  • Sustainable Practices in Eco-Lodges: Balancing Environmental Conservation with Guest Comfort
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity in Hotel Design: Enhancing Accommodation Options for Persons with Disabilities
  • The Rise of Airbnb: Disrupting Traditional Accommodation Models and its Implications for Local Communities
  • Luxury Camping: Exploring the Growing Trend of Glamping and Its Influence on Tourism Experiences

Food and Beverage Services:

  • Culinary Tourism: Analyzing the Influence of Local Cuisine on Tourist Destination Choices
  • Farm-to-Table Dining Experiences: Evaluating the Sustainability and Authenticity of Locally Sourced Food in Tourism
  • Food Tourism in Urban Settings: Exploring Food Tours and Gastronomic Adventures in Metropolitan Areas
  • Food Trucks and Street Food Culture: Impact on Destination Image and Visitor Satisfaction
  • Allergen Management in Hospitality: Strategies for Ensuring Safe Dining Experiences for Guests with Food Allergies

Recreation and Entertainment:

  • Adventure Tourism and Risk Management: Balancing Thrills with Safety Measures in Extreme Sports Activities
  • Cultural Festivals as Tourism Attractions: Assessing Their Role in Destination Marketing and Community Development
  • Virtual Reality Experiences in Tourism: Examining Their Potential to Enhance Visitor Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Sustainable Theme Parks: Strategies for Minimizing Environmental Footprint and Maximizing Social Benefits
  • Urban Exploration Tourism: Investigating the Phenomenon of “Ruin Tourism” and Its Ethical Considerations


  • High-Speed Rail Tourism: Assessing the Impact of Train Travel on Tourism Patterns and Destination Accessibility
  • Electric Vehicles in Tourism: Exploring Sustainable Transportation Options for Tourists in Urban Areas
  • Cruise Tourism and Destination Development: Analyzing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Port Infrastructure Expansion
  • Micro-Mobility Solutions for Tourists: Evaluating the Role of Scooter Sharing and Bike Rentals in Urban Tourism
  • Airport Design and Passenger Experience: Enhancing Airport Facilities to Improve Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Competitiveness

Travel Services:

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Destination Marketing: Investigating the Role of Digital Platforms in Tourism Promotion
  • Peer-to-Peer Travel Platforms: Examining the Sharing Economy’s Impact on Traditional Travel Services
  • Sustainable Tour Operator Practices: Strategies for Reducing Environmental Impact and Supporting Local Communities
  • Wellness Tourism and Spa Services: Understanding Tourist Preferences for Health and Wellness Experiences
  • Travel Insurance in Tourism: Assessing the Importance of Comprehensive Coverage for Tourists’ Peace of Mind


  • Community-Based Ecotourism Initiatives: Evaluating Their Effectiveness in Promoting Conservation and Socio-Economic Development
  • Wildlife Watching Tourism: Balancing Conservation Goals with Tourist Satisfaction in Natural Habitats
  • Ecotourism Certification Programs: Assessing Their Role in Ensuring Environmental Responsibility and Quality Assurance
  • Indigenous Tourism and Cultural Preservation: Exploring Indigenous-led Ecotourism Enterprises and Their Contribution to Cultural Heritage Conservation
  • Marine Ecotourism: Examining Sustainable Practices for Diving and Snorkeling Activities in Coral Reefs and Marine Sanctuaries

Dark Ecotourism:

  • Thana tourism: Exploring Tourist Interest in Dark Tourism Sites Related to Death and Tragedy
  • Disaster Tourism: Understanding Visitor Motivations and Ethical Considerations in Visiting Areas Affected by Natural Disasters
  • War Tourism: Analyzing the Heritage Tourism Potential of Battlefields and War Memorials
  • Prison Tourism: Examining the Growing Interest in Visiting Historical and Active Prisons as Tourist Attractions
  • Nuclear Tourism: Investigating Tourist Interest in Visiting Sites Associated with Nuclear Disasters and Energy Production


  • Employee Turnover in Hospitality: Exploring Causes, Consequences, and Strategies for Retention in the Hospitality Industry
  • Personalization in Hospitality Services: Implementing Customized Experiences to Enhance Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Hotel Revenue Management Strategies: Optimizing Pricing and Inventory to Maximize Profitability
  • Service Quality in Luxury Hospitality: Assessing the Importance of Attention to Detail and Personalized Service Delivery
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality Workforce: Promoting Equality and Equity in Hiring and Advancement Practices

Tourism Management:

  • Crisis Management in Tourism: Developing Resilience Strategies for Coping with Unforeseen Events
  • Destination Governance Models: Analyzing Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism Development and Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Destination Planning: Integrating Environmental, Social, and Economic Considerations
  • Tourism Carrying Capacity: Implementing Measures to Ensure Sustainable Visitor Management and Environmental Protection
  • Tourism Education and Workforce Development: Addressing Skills Gaps and Training Needs in the Tourism Industry

Tourism Marketing:

  • Destination Branding Strategies: Creating Unique and Memorable Brand Identities to Attract Tourists
  • Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism: Leveraging Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and Content Strategies to Reach Target Audiences
  • Niche Tourism Market Segmentation: Identifying and Targeting Specific Market Segments for Tailored Marketing Campaigns
  • Destination Image and Perception Management: Strategies for Shaping Tourist Perceptions and Overcoming Negative Stereotypes
  • Sustainable Tourism Marketing: Communicating Environmental and Social Responsibility Initiatives to Eco-Conscious Travelers
  • More  What are some good thesis topics in tourism marketing?

Sport Tourism Dissertation Topics:

  • Mega Sporting Events and Destination Development: Assessing the Legacy Effects of Hosting Events like the Olympics or FIFA World Cup
  • Adventure Sports Tourism: Exploring the Growing Popularity of Activities like Rock Climbing, Surfing, and Mountain Biking in Tourist Destinations
  • Golf Tourism: Analyzing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Golf Resorts and Tournaments on Local Communities
  • Sports Event Management: Strategies for Planning and Executing Successful Sporting Events to Attract Tourists and Enhance Destination Image
  • Health and Wellness Tourism: Investigating the Role of Sports and Fitness Facilities in Attracting Health-Conscious Travelers to Resorts and Spas
  • More Sports Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas

Sustainable Tourism Dissertation Topics:

  • Community-Based Tourism Enterprises: Assessing Their Contribution to Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas
  • Ecological Footprint Analysis of Tourist Activities: Measuring and Mitigating Environmental Impact in Popular Tourist Destinations
  • Certification Programs for Sustainable Tourism: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Labels like Green Globe and EarthCheck in Promoting Responsible Travel
  • Wildlife Conservation and Tourism: Balancing Visitor Experience with Wildlife Protection in Natural Reserves and Parks
  • Responsible Tourism Education and Awareness: Strategies for Engaging Tourists and Industry Stakeholders in Sustainable Practices and Ethical Behavior
  • More Sustainable Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas

Travel and Tourism Dissertation Topics:

  • Cultural Heritage Tourism: Examining the Preservation and Promotion of Historical Sites, Museums, and Cultural Festivals as Tourist Attractions
  • Medical Tourism: Understanding the Motivations and Experiences of Travelers Seeking Healthcare Services Abroad
  • Volunteer Tourism (Voluntourism): Analyzing the Benefits and Challenges of Volunteer Programs for Local Communities and Tourists
  • Culinary Tourism: Exploring Food and Wine Tours, Cooking Classes, and Culinary Festivals as Tourism Experiences
  • Film Tourism: Investigating the Influence of Movies and TV Shows on Destination Choice and Visitor Behavior, and Strategies for Destination Marketing Utilizing Film Locations
  • More Travel and Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas

Tourism Research Proposal Topics Ideas for college students.

So here are some of the tourism research proposal topics and ideas that will you find a theme for your project.

  • Attitude towards eco-tourism in Scotland among British tourists
  • Implications of the internet in the development of ecotourism
  • Is ecotourism better than Europe in other parts of the world?
  • Factors that are affecting ecotourism buying behavior
  • Integrated marketing communications to ecotourism in the United States of America
  • Developing a marketing plan for the London dungeon
  • Man-made dark tourism sites: the perception and attitude of Europeans
  • All about Jack, the ripper site
  • Is it socially good to visit a site of suffering and death by the local communities?
  • Factors affecting the customer buying behavior of dark tourism in the United States of America
  • Hospitality in religion
  • The effects of globalization on the international hospitality industry
  • The role of hospitality in the development of a country
  • Is marketing the only thing responsible for building the international hospitality industry in New York?
  • The internet revolution and hospitality
  • The death of tourism and hospitality in Asia
  • How tsunami affected the tourism industry of Phuket, Thailand?
  • How to remove the negative and bad reputation of Amsterdam using integrated marketing communication?
  • How to motivate people to visit and stay at the Marriot hotel in Dubai ?
  • Is South Asia the best tourist destination in winter times?
  • Bangkok as a winter holiday destination
  • Educational tourism program – how to make it.
  • Why do British students prefer cultural exchange programs in the US?
  • Why do international students prefer the UK as the best education destination in the world?
  • Comparison of the British with an American student
  • International education tourist programs and the contribution of British students to promote them.
  • Can a high volume of tourists have a negative effect on Switzerland’s environment?
  • What can be done to revitalize the tourism industry in Pakistan?
  • Tourist trap: A menace or a blessing?
  • In-depth analysis of any country’s tourism industry
  • Factors Influencing Visitor’s Choices to Visit Urban Destinations
  • Government instability. When a place is suffering from political problems, it will drive tourists away.
  • How have high prices affected tourism in London?
  • Does Swansea have the potential in becoming the new ecotourism destination of the UK?
  • Do British customers prefer international ecotourism rather than British ecotourism?
  • Examining the implications of the Internet on the growth of ecotourism
  •  How to promote Beaumaris-Prison in Anglesey, Wales, as a new dark-tourism site in the UK.
  • Factors affecting British customers when choosing dark-tourism sites in foreign countries.
  • How to develop a marketing plan for London-Dungeon.
  • How to make Mercat-Tour in Scotland a dark tourism site.
  • The implications of the Tsunami on the tourism industry in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Role of strategic human resource management in developing sustainable competitive advantage in contemporary budget hotel chains.
  • What makes South-East Asia an attractive tourist destination during winter for British customers?
  • The Role of the London Olympics in enhancing the scope of tourism to the city.
  • Perception and attitude toward Beijing’s world-heritage tour among British tourists.

Hope these topics will help you come up with memorable tourism dissertations. Writing a dissertation on tourism can be fun as compared to other dissertations as you can write about any exotic place you are dying to visit.

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110 Best Tourism Research Topics and Ideas

Table of Contents

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Hence to make some improvements and further enhance the growth of travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, several countries across the globe have been performing tourism research. In specific, tourism students are also involved in examining the areas of tourism for future development. If you are a student pursuing a degree in tourism, hospitality management, sociology, business, or environmental studies, then as a part of your course, your professor may ask you to submit an informative thesis on any interesting tourism research topics.

Currently, have your professor asked you to prepare a research paper or a thesis on tourism topics? Are you looking for unique tourism research ideas for your assignment? If yes, then you are at the perfect spot. Especially, for your convenience, in this blog post, we have suggested 110 best research paper topics on tourism management and its associated areas. Continue reading and get topic ideas for your tourism research.

Why is it Important for Students to Conduct Tourism Research?

Tourism Research Topics

Basically, tourism research plays a key role in exploring, understanding, and studying the complexities of the tourism sector that operates beyond borders. Especially, by conducting tourism research, one can identify the importance of the industry, current trends in the field, challenges faced, areas to be improved, and potential future paths.

Furthermore, performing tourism research is also valuable for students in many ways. Here, let us look at some major reasons why tourism research is important for students.

  • Increases students’ understanding of complex interrelationships among the economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects of the tourism industry
  • Allows students to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to real-time situations. This in turn will raise the practical relevance of their education.
  • Improves the students’ overall research skills that involve data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Build communication skills, analytical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills of students
  • Helps students to stay up to date on the latest developments, challenges issues, and trends in the tourism sector
  • Widens the subject knowledge of students and helps them to position themselves as experts in specialized fields.
  • Helps students to promote sustainable tourism and minimize the negative effects of tourism on the environment and local communities.
  • Experience in tourism research may assist students in finding a competitive edge in the job market.
  • For students, a background in tourism research opens opportunities to a wide range of career options including academics, policy-making, destination management, and market analysis.

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Key Tourism Research Areas to Focus On

Some important areas that can be considered for tourism research are listed below.

Sustainable Tourism

In recent years, sustainable tourism has emerged as a crucial area of study, reflecting the worldwide trend toward eco-friendly travel. Particularly, researchers are investigating the delicate balance between fulfilling tourists’ wanderlust and conserving the environment.

Some top sustainable tourism research areas include wildlife protection, eco-friendly accommodation, and community engagement.

Tourism and Technology

The impact of technology on tourism cannot be emphasized. Researchers are examining how technology is influencing travel behavior, from virtual reality experiences to online booking systems.

Emerging fields of research encompass the application of artificial intelligence in customized travel suggestions and the potential benefits of augmented reality in upgrading tourism attractions.

Other Tourism Research Areas

Besides topics related to sustainable tourism and the role of technology in tourism, for tourism research, you can also consider working on the following.

  • Challenges and opportunities in the tourism industry
  • Effective ways to solve problems and issues that exist in the tourism sector
  • Tourism and Globalization
  • Emerging tourist destinations
  • Post-pandemic tourism and more

List of Tourism Research Topics and Ideas

In case, you are unsure what topic to choose for your tourism research paper, look for ideas from academic journals, Google Scholar, Research Gate, and online articles related to tourism. Even you can gather tourism research ideas by attending international conferences and events on tourism.

If you are still unable to spot a good topic for your tourism research paper, feel free to explore the list we have presented below. In the list, you will get 100+ amazing tourism research paper topics and ideas.

Simple Tourism Research Topics

  • Prepare a research paper on the impact of technology on travel.
  • Write about cultural tourism and heritage preservation.
  • Explain the ethics and motivations of dark tourism.
  • Write about wildlife tourism and conservation.
  • Explain gastronomic tourism.
  • Write about community-based tourism for socioeconomic development.
  • Explain the risks involved in adventure tourism.
  • Discuss the trends and implications of medical tourism.
  • Write about religious tourism and the challenges involved in it.
  • Discuss the environmental impact of cruise tourism.

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Incredible Tourism Research Topics

  • Write about LGBTQ+ tourism and its diversity in travel.
  • Describe the influence of film tourism on destination choice.
  • Exploration of off-the-beat path in rural tourism.
  • Analyze the psychology of tourist behavior.
  • Write about city planning and urban tourism.
  • Explain educational tourism.
  • Discuss the trends and impacts of wellness retreats.
  • Explain destination marketing and branding in tourism.
  • Analyze the impacts of climate change on tourism.
  • Prepare a research paper on space tourism.
  • Explain luxury tourism and experiential travel.
  • Describe the future frontiers of space tourism.
  • Explain how to solve the challenges of over-tourism.
  • Analyze the challenges involved in volunteer tourism.
  • Write about heritage tourism management.

Awesome Tourism Research Topics

  • Prepare a research paper on niche tourism.
  • Discuss the cultural interactions involved in cruise tourism.
  • Analyze the impact of political instability on tourism.
  • Discuss the recovery strategies followed by the tourism sector after the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Write about virtual reality in tourism experiences.
  • Explain the trends and safety concerns of solo travel.
  • Discuss tourism policies and regulations.
  • Suggest some responsible tourism practices.
  • Analyze the trends and challenges in backpacking culture.
  • Explain how to balance conservation and tourism in wildlife sanctuaries.

Excellent Tourism Research Topics

  • Prepare a research paper on coastal and marine tourism.
  • Write about historical tourism and its interpretation.
  • Analyze the impact of terrorism on tourism.
  • Explain cross-cultural communication in tourism.
  • How to manage risk in adventure sports tourism
  • Explain space-archaeology and cultural heritage tourism.
  • Write about tourism and gender equality.
  • Explain music tourism.
  • Write about the slow food movement and culinary tourism.
  • Prepare a research paper on tourism and biodiversity conservation.

Attractive Tourism Research Topics

  • Write about ephemeral tourism events.
  • Discuss the cultural sensitivity in adventure tourism.
  • Write about tourism and water conservation.
  • Examine the ethical considerations in slum tourism.
  • Explain tourism and sustainable development goals.
  • Discuss the role of festivals in tourism.
  • Explain how tourism management affects society.
  • Write about tourism disaster management.
  • Discuss the value of tourism management.
  • Explain facility management in the tourism industry.

Unique Tourism Research Ideas

  • Analyze the issues involved in tourism management.
  • Explain the role of human resource management in the tourism sector.
  • Analyze the impact of the Internet on tourism.
  • Explain the principles and functions of tourism management.
  • Analyze the impact of entertainment on the development of tourism.
  • Write about fashion tourism.
  • Analyze the economic importance of tourism in developing countries.
  • Explain the socio-economic impact of tourism development in developing countries.
  • Analyze the crisis in the tourism sector and its impact on young travelers.
  • Examine the impact of event tourism on host communities.
  • Explain the importance of cultural diversification of tourism.
  • Discuss the environmental impact of transportation on tourism.
  • Analyze the challenges confronting tourism marketing.
  • Examine the effects of insecurity on tourism.
  • Explain the role of airlines in promoting sustainable tourism.

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Popular Tourism Research Topics

  • Explain the role of social media in promoting tourism.
  • Write about horse tourism in the USA.
  • Discuss the wildlife activities in tourism.
  • Describe the distinctive features of Nordic tourism.
  • Write about heritage tourism in Europe.
  • Analyze the influence of wildlife tourism on the economy of different countries.
  • Describe the competitive features of tourism.
  • Discuss the current trends in health tourism.
  • Analyze the impact of dark tourism on the local economy.
  • Explain the development of educational tourism in European countries.

Trending Tourism Research Topics

  • Write about the trends in the tourism sector in Asian countries.
  • Discuss the advantages of eco-tourism to the local businesses.
  • Analyze the effects of globalization on the international tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Explain how to make an educational tourism program.
  • How to revitalize the tourism industry in Pakistan.
  • What factors influence the choice of visitors in visiting urban destinations?
  • Explain how high prices have affected tourism in London.
  • Write about niche tourism.
  • Discuss the influence of Tsunamis on the Malaysian tourism industry.
  • Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on tourism.

Captivating Tourism Research Topics

  • Discuss the hidden economic counterflows in post-COVID international wildlife tourism.
  • Explain the importance of foreign languages in developing the tourism sector.
  • Write about Tourisation Theory and the Pandiscipline of Tourism
  • Prepare a research paper on economic uncertainty and tourism consumption.
  • Write about tourism development and environmental degradation.
  • Explain the importance of geographic location in tourism.
  • Analyze the role of virtual tours in tourism recovery post-COVID-19.
  • Write about Blockchain technology and tourism.
  • Prepare a research paper on personnel management in the field of tourism.
  • Explain how tourism development affects environmental pollution.

Outstanding Tourism Management Research Topics

  • Write about contemporary tourism and hospitality management.
  • Explain the importance of total quality management in the tourism sector.
  • Suggest some strategies to attract more tourists.
  • Write about logistics and supply chain management in tourism.
  • Prepare a research paper on China’s tourism resources and management.
  • Discuss the main stages in capacity management tourism.
  • Write about yield management in the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Discuss the economic possibilities and management of solar energy use in tourism
  • Explain the use of digital technologies in tourism management.
  • Discuss the management strategy and policy of Etihad Airways Tourism.

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Wrapping Up

Out of the various topics suggested above, choose any topic of your choice and compose a great tourism research paper. In case, you need Tourism Project Management Assignment Help with tourism research paper topic selection, writing, or editing, contact us immediately. On our platform, we have well-qualified and skilled tourism assignment helpers to offer high-quality assistance from academic paper topic selection to proofreading. In specific, as per your needs, our subject experts will provide amazing tourism assignment help on time and at an affordable cost. Remember, utilizing our tourism research paper help service will aid you in submitting plagiarism-free and error-free academic papers worthy of fetching top grades.

Don’t hesitate! Book your order on our website and earn the awesome benefits of our tourism assignment help services online.

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Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics and Titles

Published by Grace Graffin at January 10th, 2023 , Revised On April 16, 2024


As a tourism student, you will be required to study the basics of tourism, hospitality, and event management. Some important issues surrounding tourism include but are not limited to medicine, finance, culture, geography, and more.

We understand that choosing the right dissertation topic can be a bit overwhelming for you. Therefore,  our writers have provided a comprehensive list of tourism dissertation topics. These topics are recent, relevant, and exploratory enough for you to conduct a comprehensive research study.

We can even customize topics according to your needs. So, go through our list of dissertation topics, choose the one that interests you, and let us know if you would like any help from our writers.

Check our  dissertation example to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

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Tourism Research Topics for 2024

Investigating how the tourism industry has taken green and sustainable measures- a case study of uk.

Research Aim: This study will investigate the various aspects of the UK tourism industry towards making green and sustainable measures for the environmental benefits. It will also look into the consumer’s perspective towards green tourism and its positive and negative impacts on the tourism industry and the tourists. It is also helping you develop a better understanding of the concept of a green environment and its influence on the tourism industry.

Environmental Management Systems and their Implementation in the UK- A Systematic Review.

Research Aim: This study will explore the quality of environmental management systems, environmental performance, improvements, and implementation in the UK. We will be focusing on different companies with high environmental impacts and how they have improved the environment and the use of environmental management systems (EMS). This study will also look into how it has changed or influenced the hospitality industry.

Investigating the impact of Social Media Recommendations on Hotel Booking in the UK.

Research Aim: Social media is a part of every aspect of our daily life. This research will investigate the influence of social media on tourism and specifically on choosing a hotel; and help you evaluate if consumers perceive social media-based recommendations differently than more traditional sources of internet-based marketing. Qualitative research will be used in this, followed by thematic analysis to find the role of social media in recommendations in influencing consumers’ search, decide and book hotels.

Assessing the Impact of Virtual Reality on Tourism.

Research Aim: Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology in tourism. This study will find the impact of virtual reality on the tourism industry. It will also investigate consumer behaviour towards it. We will better understand how VR has affected the tourism industry and significantly influenced the results. TAM research model will be developed to describe the nature of the 3D virtual world. It will also cover some psychological aspects to understand the consumer perspective.

Role of Social Media Marketing in deciding a Travel Destination- A Systematic Review.

Research Aim: This study investigates the role of social media marketing in deciding a travel destination. This study aims to find and understand how social media can achieve marketing objectives. Taking a quantitative approach, we will find the role of social media marketing and its effect on making travel choices through interviews and surveys. It will further explore the tourist’s perception, expectations, and experiences.

Effects of Covid-19 on Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics 

Topic 1: tourism after coronavirus pandemic - way forward for tourism and hospitality industry in the uk or any other country of your choice.

Research Aim: Tourism is a reason for most of the human mobility in the modern world. According to the World Tourism Organization (2020), international tourism has indicated continuous growth for the tenth consecutive year reporting 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals in 2019 and an estimated 1.8 billion international tourist arrivals by 2030 )people are forecasted to be. This particular research will focus on the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on the tourism and hospitality industry in the United Kingdom or any other country of your choice.

Topic 2: Investigating the Long Term Effects of Prolonged and New Travel Restrictions on the UK Tourism Industry

Research Aim: Britain will require anyone entering the country to self-quarantine for two weeks, and other European countries are pondering similar measures, but the prospects of prolonged and even new travel restrictions are destroying what hopes the continent’s airlines and tourist industry have been harbouring of at least a partial coronavirus rebound. Can the tourism sector of the UK overcome these challenges?

Topic 3: Coronavirus: Dubai Tourism Insists Emirate's Hotel Sector is Healthy, Rejects Bloomberg Report but Is It Really the Case?

Research Aim: Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) has denied a Bloomberg report about the emirate’s hospitality businesses being adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This research will employ primary research methodology to gather data from the key stakeholders of the Emirates hoteling industry to assess whether or not the ongoing Covid-19 crisis is causing panic and financial damages to the hoteling industry.

Topic 4: Will Easing the Travel Restrictions Benefit the UK Tourism Sector in the Short Term?

Research Aim: Many European countries, including the UK, are easing lockdown measures, including tourist destinations preparing for the summer. Cafes and restaurants in London and other cities hardest hit by the virus in the UK have opened two weeks behind the rest of the country. However, with most travellers preferring to stay home in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, how effective are these measures going to be?

Topic 5: Coronavirus outbreak: Caribbean Tourism Struggles as Visitors Stay Home

Research Aim: In the Caribbean, the government plans to require all visitors to undergo rapid Covid-19 testing upon entry. They hope provisions such as virus tests for all industry workers and socially distanced resort dining will make people feel comfortable travelling. This research study will explore whether the measures taken by the Caribbean government will actually encourage the visitors to leave the comfort of their home and travel in the midst of the Covid-19 Crisis.

More Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics 

Topic 1: online tourism agents and websites.

Research Aim: This research aims to study online tourism websites and travelling agents

Topic 2: Advances in Tourism and Hospitality Post-pandemic

Research Aim: This research aims to assess the advances in Tourism and Hospitality post-pandemic

Topic 3: Impacts of Social Distancing on Tourism Managements

Research Aim: This research aims to study the impacts of social distancing on tourism managements

Topic 4: Advances in Hotel Management Post-pandemic

Research Aim: This research aims to assess advances in Hotel management post-pandemic

Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics for 2023

Topic 1: factors impacting destination selection for medical tourism.

Research Aim: Medical tourism is a growing trend. An increasing number of people travel to another country, seeking medical treatment which is expensive or unavailable on their own. Various factors impact the destination selection process for medical treatment purposes. The destination can be local or international. With limited evidence on the factors that impact destination selection for medical tourism, there is a need for a comprehensive study exploring these factors in detail.

Topic 2: Impact of Low budget Airline Services on Boosting International Tourism in Europe: A Case Study of Ryanair.

Research Aim: With increasing costs of air travelling, the demand for low-budget airline services is on the rise. Ryanair is one of the leading low-budget airline services based in the UK. Its cheap air tickets attract many regular travellers. Given this, the main aim of this research will be to explore whether or not low-budget airlines are actually helping to increase international tourism in Europe or not. This research will be conducted based on quantitative data which will be collected from a sample of Ryanair international tourism travellers.

Topic 3: Eco-friendly Practices and Their Effect on Hotel Selection Decision: A Case Study of UK Hospitality Industry.

Research Aim: Various technologies can be implemented to achieve eco-friendliness, such as; internet of things, automation technology, bamboo industrialisation, and sustainable building construction. On the other hand, eco-friendly practices include; water and energy conservation, renewable energy use, waste recycling and management, alternative plastic products, and more. Many hotels in the UK install solar panels and automated systems, which generate renewable energy and ensure complete automation for lights and water. It is worth evaluating how eco-friendly technologies and practices affect the hotel selection decision of guests in the UK hospitality industry.

Topic 4: How Economic Conditions of a Country Impact its Local Tourism: Identifying the Economic Factors Influencing the Tourism Sector.

Research Aim: Economic factors have a great impact on tourism. When a country is economically strong, it spends a great deal on tourism development. On the other hand, tourism could be adversely affected if a country is struggling with its finances. This research aims to investigate and critically analyse the economic factors which tend to affect the tourism sector of a country. The study will also weigh the economic upsides and downsides of these factors concerning local tourism.

Topic 5: Assessing the Impact of Social Media Platforms on Tourism Destination Selection.

Research Aim: These days, social media websites play a tremendous role for tourists in destination selection. The experiences and reviews that people share on online social platforms have a huge impact on making or breaking the future of any tourist destination. This research will analyze the role of different social media platforms in choosing tourism destinations among tourists. This research will also shed light on the rationale and factors people rely on social media to select their tourism destination.

Topic 6: Assessing the Impact of Government Rules, Regulations, and Policies on Tourism Development: A Case Study of Developing Countries.

Research Aim: The tourism sector of any country is greatly looked after by governmental and regulatory bodies. This research will analyze the role played by such bodies from the perspective of policymaking and regulation implementation. The study will also explore how the impact of policymaking and government regulations in developed countries might be different from that of developing countries.

Topic 7: Analysing the Impact of Natural Hazards on the Tourism Industry of the UK: Recommending Effective Measures to Minimise Risk.

Research Aim: Natural hazards can have a disastrous effect on the tourism industry of any country. The UK is one of the countries where the tourism industry has experienced huge success. Thus, this research will be carried out to analyze the impact of such hazards on the UK’s tourism sector.

Topic 8: Assessing the Factors and Preferences Impacting Tourist's Decisions to Travel to a Dark Tourism Site.

Research Aim: As a result of a shift in preferences of tourists and an urge to explore and learn, dark tourism has gained immense popularity and success in recent times. This research will explore the factors and reasons why tourists choose dark places as their tourism destination.

Topic 9: The Impact of Travel Bloggers and vloggers on the Tourism Industry.

Research Aim: Travel bloggers and vloggers are an important part of the tourism industry now. These people travel the world, document their experiences through their writing or videos, and influence people. Tourists throughout the world now depend on their reviews and choose their travel destinations accordingly. This research will aim to explore how these influencers have completely changed the tourism industry.

Educational Tourism Dissertation Topics

Tourism has gained tremendous popularity among academicians and researchers in recent times. Educational tourism primarily takes into consideration technical competencies and new knowledge gained outside the classroom environment.

Educational tourism brings to light the idea of travelling to learn about the cultures of other nations. Exchange student programmes are perhaps the most commonly employed educational tourism strategy, allowing students to learn about the culture of the host nation through research work and travel. Possible areas of research in this field of tourism for your dissertation are provided below;

Topic 1: Educational Tourism Programmes and the Popularity of Host Nations

Research Aim: This research will discuss the educational exchange programmes in detail and will also assess how educational tourism can add to the appeal of the host nations for prospective tourists.

Topic 2: Factors Affecting the Decision of British Students to Join International Student Exchange Programmes.

Research Aim: Even though student exchange programmes are popular throughout the world, there are certain countries where they are practised the most. This research will study one such country, the UK, concerning the factors that encourage British students to join international exchange programmes.

Topic 3: Factors Contributing Towards the Success of Work & Study Programmes in the UK

Research Aim: This research will analyse the factors that contribute towards the success of study programmes in the UK, i.e. benefits of studying in the UK and the attractiveness of the UK as a place to live and study.

Topic 4: To Analyse the Satisfaction of International Students Enrolled in Student Exchange Programmes in the UK

Research Aim: This research will cover an important topic, i.e., measure the satisfaction of international students enrolled in exchange programs in the UK – the same topic can be used for any other country such as the USA or Canada.

Topic 5: To Investigate Potential Marketing and Communication Tools to Promote “any country” as the Best Place to Pursue Higher Education.

Research Aim: This research will investigate and conclude the most successful marketing and communication tools that are used to promote exchange programmes in a particular country. The topic can be customised according to the country of your choice.

Topic 6: What are the factors Influencing British Students’ Decision to Join Academic Year Exchange Programme in Japan?

Research Aim: Japan is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to student exchange programmes. This research will assess the factors that influence a British student’s decision to go to Japan to pursue education.

Topic 7: To Examine the Popularity of Student Exchange Programmes Offered by Chinese-speaking Countries.

Research Aim: This research will explore the reasons for the popularity of student exchange programmes in countries where Chinese is the official language such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc.

Topic 8: To Investigate the Attitude and Perception of British Students toward Summer Camps.

Research Aim: Summer camps are extremely popular in the west. This research will explore the perceptions of British students towards summer camps and what motivates them to attend them.

Topic 9: Factors Affecting the Decision of University Students to Pursue a Placement Programme in the US?

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand the rationale of university students’ decisions to pursue placement programmes in the US,

Topic 10: To Examine the Satisfaction of University Students Returning from Cultural Exchange Programmes in the US.

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand the satisfaction of university students who are on their way back from exchange programmes in the US.

Medical Tourism Dissertation Topics

Medical tourism is a new area of study in the tourism industry. The gap in the prices of medical facilities available in developing and developed countries is significant, propelling many patients to travel to far destinations to benefit from economic, medical services.

Similarly, many financially well-off patients decide to have medical treatment in foreign countries with advanced and established medical systems that provide state-of-the-art medical facilities unavailable in their home countries.

Although there may be insufficient secondary data to analyse this tourism sub-topic, researching this area will prove to be interesting. You can choose your medical tourism dissertation topics from this list.

Topic 1: Investigating the Reasons Why British Citizens Travel to Different Countries for their Dental Procedures

Research Aim: This research will identify and discuss in detail the reasons why British citizens travel to different countries for dental treatment.

Topic 2: The efficacy of marketing and communication tools employed by Thai plastic surgery and extreme makeover service providers – An investigation into the attitude and perception of British travellers.

Research Aim: A large number of British citizens travel to Thailand for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. This research will aim to understand the attitudes and perceptions of British travellers who opt for these surgeries in a foreign country. The research will also assess the marketing and communication tools employed by Thai medical service providers.

Topic 3: To Identify and Discuss Critical Marketing Strategies to Promote a Weight Loss Centre in the UK.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the marketing strategies that are undertaken in the UK to promote weight loss centres.

Topic 4: Measuring Customer satisfaction of British Lesbians After Having Sex Reassignment at Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok

Research Aim: This research will measure the customer satisfaction of British lesbians after they have undergone gender reassignment at the Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok.

Topic 5: To Examine the Factors Influencing the Decisions of British Women to Buy Body Contour Tour Packages in East Asia.

Research Aim: This study will analyze the factors that influence the decision-making of British women when burying body contour tour packages in East Asia.

Topic 6: To Investigate the Extent to Which Swiss Weight Control Tour Packages Have Influenced Women in the UK.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the decision-making detriments of British Women who opt to purchase weight control tour packages in Switzerland.

Topic 7: How Young British Females Perceive Facial Lifting package Tours in East Asia?

Research Aim: This study will analyze how young British females perceive facial lifting package tours in East Asia.

Topic 8: To Understand and Discuss the Factors Affecting Buying Decisions to Benefit from Extreme Makeover Tour Packages in Eastern Europe.

Research Aim: This research will critically explore the factors that influence the buying decision of customers who purchase extreme makeover packages from Eastern Europe.

Topic 9: How Attractive are the Plastic Surgery Makeover Services to Female British Customers – A Qualitative Study

Research Aim: This research will understand and analyze the attractiveness of plastic surgery makeover services that influence British females to purchase them. The research will be descriptive in nature.

Topic 10: How Homosexual Men Choose Medical Tour Packages for Sex Reassignment.

Research Aim: This study will investigate gender reassignment tour packages that interest homosexual men and the factors influencing their decision-making process.

Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

Tourism management is perhaps the most interesting area of the tourism industry. It mainly involves travelling for the purpose of leisure and recreation. People travelling to other countries and outside their usual environment with the intent of leisure can be classified as tourists.

It should be noted that the phenomenon of tourism has grown tremendously in recent years, thanks to the impact of globalisation. There are many countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, and Fiji, whose largest source of income is tourism. In these countries, tourism generates huge revenue for the government and also provides employment opportunities for the working class as well as businesses.

The suggestions below can help you to narrow your research for your tourism dissertation.

Topic 1: How British Tourists Perceive Chinese World Heritage Tour – A Qualitative Study

Research Aim: This research will focus on how Chinese heritage is perceived by British tourists and what compels them to visit China.

Topic 2: Exploring the Factors that Make London the Most Popular Destination for Christmas Shopping

Research Aim: This research will analyse and explore the various factors that promote London as one of the most attractive destinations for Christmas shopping.

Topic 3: Investigating the Underlying Factors that British Citizens Consider when Choosing a Destination for Their Winter Holidays.

Research Aim: This research will analyse the various factors that British citizens consider and evaluate when choosing a destination for their winter vacations.

Topic 4: An Analysis of Factors Affecting Employees’ Motivation in Luxury Hotels of Dubai.

Research Aim: This research will study the factors influencing employee motivation in luxury and five-star hotels in Dubai. The study will make use of secondary data and primary research to establish the exact factors that motivate employees to work for luxury hotels in Dubai.

Topic 5: How the Tourism Industry of Thailand Responded to the Tsunami.

Research Aim: This study will dive into the past to establish how the Thai tourism industry responded to Tsunami.

Visit our topics database to view 100s of dissertation topics in your research area.

Topic 6: Factors Influencing British Customers’ Decisions of Purchasing Egypt Tour Packages.

Research Aim: This research will explore the factors that British citizens consider when planning their holiday to Egypt.

Topic 7: Attitude and Perception of British Tourists Toward Thailand as a Winter Holiday Destination

Research Aim: This study will research why the British choose Thailand as their winter holiday destination.

Topic 8: The Increasing Popularity of Cruise Travel in South Africa Among British Tourists

Research Aim: This research will consider the reasons why South African cruise is extremely popular amongst British tourists.

Topic 9: To Investigate the Efficacy of Integrated Marketing Communication Tools to Restore the Image of Amsterdam as the Best Tourist Destination in Europe

Research Aim: This research will explore the marketing and communication tools utilized to market Amsterdam as the best tourism destination in Europe.

Topic 10: Factors Influencing British Customers’ Decision to Choose a Particular Destination During the Summer/winter Holiday

Research Aim: This research will discuss all the factors that influence British citizens to choose a destination for their summer or winter holidays. This topic can be customized according to a country of your choosing.

Hospitality Dissertation Topics

Hospitality industry  consists of casinos, resorts, restaurants, hotels, catering as well as other businesses that serve the tourists. At its core hospitality can be defined as the relationship between a guest and the hotel.

Other aspects of hospitality include but are not limited to liberality, friendliness, warm welcome, entertainment, goodwill, and reception. Modern-day businesses pride themselves on their acts of hospitality. Thus, it is an extremely interesting sub-topic to base your dissertation on. Some topics in this area of tourism are suggested below.

Topic 1: Examining How Popular Travel Agents Such as eBrooker and Opodo are Perceived by British Tourists

Research Aim: This research will evaluate some of the best and most popular travel agents such as Opodo and eBookers and how they assist British tourists with their destination planning.

Topic 2: Identifying the Factors that Influence Leisure Hotel Buying Decisions of British Customers

Research Aim: This research will identify the factors that influence British customers’ decision to opt for luxury hotels.

Topic 3: Identifying Features of a leisure hotel that attract British honeymoon couples

Research Aim: This research will identify features of a luxury hotel that attract British couples looking for a honeymoon location.

Topic 4: Investigating Hospitality Practices of Popular Leisure Hotels in Dubai

Research Aim: This study will investigate hospitality purchases of attractive luxury hotels in Dubai.

Topic 5: What are the Prime Factors Influencing Restaurant Selection Decisions of Young British Couples?

Research Aim: This research will explore the factors that influence British couples to select restaurants for their time out.

Topic 6: Investigating and Reviewing Strategies Employed by Hotel Restaurants and Pubs in London to Keep Their Employees Motivated

Research Aim: This research will study an important aspect of the tourism industry, i.e., how hotel restaurants and pubs in London keep their employees motivated.

Topic 7: Exploring the Relationship Between Culture and Leisure Hotel Buying Decisions in London.

Research Aim: This research will investigate the relationship between how customers in London choose a luxury hotel based on their culture.

Topic 8: Creating Brand Sales and Recognition Using Integrated Marketing Communication Tools.

Research Aim: This research will explore how brand sales and recognition are built using various marketing and communication tools.

Topic 9: Understanding the Relationship Between Customers’ Buying Decisions and Leisure Hotel Hospitality Features within the Context of Overseas Holidays

Research Aim: This research will explore the relationship between customers’ decision to choose a luxury hotel while visiting different countries.

Topic 10: The Impact of Hospitality Companies’ Brand Image on Tourists’ Buying Decisions.

Research Aim: This research will first talk about different hospitality companies and how their brand image impacts tourists’ buying decisions.

Black Tourism Dissertation Topics

Black tourism, also known as dark tourism and grief tourism, involves travelling to historical sites/places associated with death, casualties, and suffering.

Dark or black tourist sites such as battlefields, monuments, castles, Tsunami sites, and Ground Zero are man-made or natural. They are found commonly in Scotland, South Asia, China, and Eastern Europe.

Dark tourism may not be the ideal choice for many students. However, it is an exciting topic to explore. Possible research topics under this field of tourism are listed below:

Topic 1: How Local Communities Can Benefit Commercially and Socially from Tours to Death/Casualty Sites – A Qualitative Study

Research Aim: This research will explore the various benefits that local communities can experience from touring death or casualty sites.

Topic 2: Attitude and Perception of Tourists Towards Taj Mahal in India

Research Aim: Taj Mahal can be categorised as a dark tourism site because many people consider it a mausoleum. This research will discuss the attitude and perceptions of tourists when visiting the Taj Mahal.

Topic 3: To Investigate and Identify the Factors Influencing Tourists’ Decisions to Visit gGrief Sites in the UK

Research Aim: This research will explore the factors that influence the decisions of tourists to visit grief sites in the UK.

Topic 4: Is Mercat Tour in Scotland a Grief Tourism Site for Potential Tourists?

Research Aim: Mercat Tour in Scotland is considered a ghost site. This study will explore what makes this site a dark tourism destination.

Topic 5: Developing a Highly Effective Marketing Strategy to Promote London Dungeon Among the Tourists

Research Aim: This research will understand the various marketing strategies undertaken to promote the London Dungeon amongst tourists.

Topic 6: What are the Primary Factors Influencing British Tourists’ Decision to Choose Grief Sites?

Research Aim: This research will understand the various factors that influence British tourists’ decision to select a dark tourism site.

Topic 7: Developing a Marketing Strategy to Promote Beaumaris Prison in Wales as Another Black Tourism Site in Britain

Research Aim: This research will focus on developing a successful marketing strategy that will help promote Beaumaris Prison in Wales as a black tourism site in Britain.

Topic 8: How are Man-made Grief tourism Sites are Perceived by British Tourists?

Research Aim: This research will discover how British tourists perceive man-made dark tourism destinations.

Comparing the Man-made Black Tourism Sites with the Natural Disaster Grief Sites from the Perspective of Tourists

Research Aim: This research will compare manmade and natural dark tourism destinations with a focus on tourists’ perceptions.

Topic 10: Do the Local Communities Economically Benefit from Tourists Visiting Dark Tourism Sites?

Research Aim: This research will explore whether or not local communities are impacted in any way when dark tourist sites in their locality are visited.

Sustainability and Tourism Dissertation Topics

At its core, this field of tourism primarily focuses on the way tourists can live harmoniously with the planet earth. Ecotourist sites or sustainable tourist sites are those that promote fauna and flora and cultural heritage. Another objective of  eco-tourism  is to provide social and economic opportunities to local communities. Some interesting topics worth exploring, in this area, are suggested below:

Topic 1: Investigating the Impact of the Internet on the Growth of Eco-tourism in the UK

Research Aim: This research will study the impact of the internet on the rising eco-tourism trend in the UK.

Topic 2: Factors Affecting British Customers’ Decision of Choosing an Eco-tourism

Research Aim: This research will study the reason why British tourists opt for an eco-tourism site as compared to traditional destinations.

Topic 3: Establishing and Discussing Strategies to Promote Swansea as the Best Eco-tourist Spot in the UK

Research Aim: This research will discuss the various ways through which Swansea can be promoted as the best eco-tourist spot in the UK.

Topic 4: Analysing the Role of Price in the Selection of Eco-tourism Destinations

Research Aim: This research will understand the various factors that influence the tourists’ decision to choose an eco-friendly site for their next holiday destination.

Topic 5: Examining the Use of Integrated Marketing Communication Tools to Promote Eco-tourism in Great Britain

Research Aim: This research will study and analyze the different ways through which integrated marketing communication tools should be used to promote eco-tourism in the UK.

Topic 6: Comparing Developing World Eco-tourism Sites Against Western Eco-tourism Sites

Research Aim: This study will compare developing eco-tourism sites and developed or Western eco-tourism sites. The study will conclude which sites tourists prefer and what factors lead them to their decision.

Topic 7: Does Eco-tourism Develop Social and Economic Opportunities for Local Communities?

Research Aim: This research will explore whether or not eco-tourism helps develop social and economic opportunities in the local communities. If it does, the study will explore those factors as well.

Topic 8: Exploring the Factors Affecting the Buying Decisions of Customers Interested in Eco-tourism Sites

Research Aim: This research will identify and discuss the various factors that affect the buying decision of customers who are interested in eco-tourism sites. These factors will then be explored in detail in this study.

Topic 9: Analysis of the Potential of Edinburgh as an Eco-tourism Site in the UK

Research Aim: This research will compare manmade and natural dark tourism destinations and will also include tourists’ perceptions.

Topic 10: Assessing the Impact of Grass Root level Education in Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Europe – A Review of the Literature

Research Aim: This research will discuss the impact of grass root level education to promote sustainable tourism in Europe. The study will be based on the qualitative research method.

Important Notes:

As a tourism and hospitality student looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment on existing tourism and hospitality theories – i.e., to add value and interest in your research topic.

The field of tourism and hospitality is vast and interrelated to so many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  law , engineering management , healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , physiotherapy , sociology , management , marketing and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is the basis of your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in  writing your dissertation  as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the very initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

While developing a research topic, keeping our advice in mind will allow you to pick one of the best tourism and hospitality dissertation topics that fulfil your requirement of writing a research paper and add to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalizing your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and be practically implemented. Please take a look at some of our sample tourism and hospitality dissertation topics to get an idea for your dissertation.

How to Structure your Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation

A well-structured   dissertation can help students   to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction : This chapter includes the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems to be addressed. An outline of the structure of a dissertation  can also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature Review :  This chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analysing published and unpublished literature available on the chosen research topic, in light of  research questions  to be addressed. The purpose is to highlight and discuss the relative weaknesses and strengths of the selected research area while identifying any research gaps. Break down of the topic, and key terms can have a positive impact on your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology:  The  data collection  and  analysis  methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter which usually includes  research design, research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods, and  data analysis strategy .
  • Findings and Analysis:  Findings of the research are analysed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include  graphs ,  charts, and  tables in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion  and  Conclusion: The researcher presents his interpretation of results in this chapter, and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section is to establish the link between the results and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regards to implications of the findings and directions for the future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References:  Make sure to complete this in accordance with your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices:  Any additional information, diagrams, graphs that were used to  complete the dissertation  but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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  • Analyze customer behavior and satisfaction.
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Regenerative Tourism and Wellbeing

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The COVID 19 pandemic, an unprecedented global health, social, and economic emergency severely impacted the tourism and hospitality industry. This catastrophic disaster has fueled the need for a paradigm shift in the mind of the traveler to rethink the concept of tourism and its economic, socio-cultural and environmental impact. It also demands that we pay more attention to the travel decision-making process. The term “regenerative travel” and “regenerative tourism” are currently gaining traction, primarily driven by the increasing recognition of tourism’s environmental implications and the imperative for sustainable travel practices. Behaviour change in tourism is hence required to promote the health of our people and the planet. This renewed attention is particularly noteworthy in the post-pandemic era, where the revival of the global tourism industry and its associated stakeholders can be viewed as a regenerative act. Regenerative tourism embodies a sustainable approach to travel and the exploration of new destinations. The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure that tourists make a good contribution to their vacation location, leaving it in a better condition than its initial condition. Sustainable regeneration is a notion that transcends the mere avoidance of environmental harm and instead strives to actively rejuvenate and regenerate the environment. This approach leads to a positive cycle of benefits for the local communities and the economy. Hence, regenerative tourism fosters well-being from both human and ecosystem perspectives. In regenerative tourism, both tourists and communities work collaboratively which can have positive impacts on human health and wellbeing and the environment. According to Suárez-Rojas et al. (2023, p. 2), “regenerative tourism is a novel concept that, in departing from the traditional ideas of sustainability, goes beyond the ‘sustainable development’ paradigm in order to transform the social-ecological systems where tourism takes place and adopts an innovative approach to elevating human and non-human well-being”. Understanding the implications of regenerative tourism from a socio-cultural, environmental, and economic perspective is increasingly relevant given its importance in the tourism and hospitality industry. Research linking regenerative tourism and behaviors and behavioral change of tourists, communities, and stakeholders are still in an infancy stage. The impact of regenerative tourism on tourists’ and the local community’s well-being, and wellbeing the ecosystem need to be further explored. This Research Topic seeks original research papers, conceptual studies, empirical investigations, review papers, case studies, and methodological papers that offer fresh perspectives on regenerative tourism, and its impact on stakeholders of the tourism and hospitality industry. We seek to identify best practices for regenerative tourism and its impact on well-being and the behavioral change of tourists towards sustainable travel to mitigate negative impacts of tourism. We welcome contributions that address the following areas: • Understanding, and defining the conceptualization of regenerative tourism • Regenerative tourism and sustainable behavior • Regenerative tourism and behavioral change among tourists • Host community behavior towards regenerative tourism • Understanding the behavior of stakeholders towards regenerative tourism • Behavioral intention of regenerative tourists • Tourist behavior in the planning and decision making process of a regenerative tourism destination • Transformational and inspirational experiences and regenerative tourism • Regenerative tourism and its socio-cultural, economic, and environmental impact • Regenerative and cultural stewardship • Regenerative tourism and tourist well-being • Regenerative tourism and host community well-being • Regenerative tourism and its role in improving the natural environment through preservation, restoration, and regeneration • Inclusive and equitable: involvement of the local communities to strengthen the overall ecosystem • Regenerative tourism and responsible and sustainable business • The relationship between regenerative tourism and sustainable tourism • Regenerative tourism and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals • Social mission, social innovation, social change, entrepreneurial spirit, and regenerative tourism • Planning and management and marketing of the regenerative tourism destination • Regenerative tourism and pro-environmental behavior • Nexus between regenerative tourism and well-being • Regenerative tourism, and co-creation

Keywords : regenerative tourism, wellbeing, sustainable behavior, behavior change, pro-environmental behavior, regenerative travel

Important Note : All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. Frontiers reserves the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable section or journal at any stage of peer review.

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Tourism Research Topics - Latest Titles & Best Project Ideas

✔ During selection, narrow down the ideas to those you find interesting in class. When creating a tourism project topic, eliminate other topics you have learned until you are left with the ones you find fascinating. This can make the whole process of research to be fun for you compared to when you select an idea you find boring. Scholars tend to put more effort into interesting projects because they are curious to learn more which will be a plus.

✔ It is always advisable to consider the scope of your tourism research topic. During creation, it is advisable to modify an idea in a way that you will end up with a manageable idea. If that is not considered, you might find your study to be too narrow or wide making it difficult to get the best results. Your research topic must be easy to understand.

✔ Students should examine the resources they possess when choosing a tourism research idea. When considering whether the research topic of tourism will be achievable, you also have to check whether the resources you have will enable you to collect the right data. Review the many topics listed online to get more ideas and clues.

✔ You should consider the research assignment requirement when choosing a topic. This can be achieved by consulting your instructor. By that, you will be able to create a tourism research paper topic that will give you the results the tutors expect.

Four Major Types of Tourism Research to Identify Interesting Topics about Tourism

  • Market Research: Market research, an integral component of tourism research, focuses on identifying potential markets, analyzing customer preferences, and understanding the competitive landscape. It provides valuable insights into trends, patterns, and demands of the consumer base. This type of research uses surveys, interviews, and observational studies, among others, to glean data. For instance, topics for research on market research might investigate tourists' accommodation preferences, their choice of destination, or their propensity to engage in certain activities.
  • Motivational Research: This research area focuses on why people travel. A motivational research topic would seek to address this question by examining the factors that influence individuals to choose a particular destination or engage in specific activities. This type of research often involves psychological and sociological perspectives, studying the impact of elements like culture, lifestyle, personal interests, and emotional drivers. It also explores how factors like price, accessibility, and reputation can affect tourists' decisions, thus providing a holistic understanding of tourists' behavior.
  • Economic Research: Students understand that tourism is a critical component of local, national, and global economies, necessitating an economic perspective to tourism research. Thus, a topic in this direction of research analyzes the economic impact of tourism on a region, including job creation, GDP growth, and infrastructural development. Furthermore, it examines the viability of tourism projects, evaluates fiscal policies affecting tourism, and forecasts future economic trends. With such research findings, stakeholders can make informed decisions that optimize the economic benefits of tourism.
  • Environmental Research: In the age of sustainable and responsible travel, environmental research in tourism has gained immense importance. A research topic on environmental research assesses the environmental impact of tourism activities, explores the possibilities of sustainable tourism, and devises strategies to minimize the negative effects on natural resources. It involves studying local flora and fauna, monitoring pollution levels, and evaluating the management of tourist sites.

These are the four major types of tourism research and identifying a project topic  on any of the areas would help contribute unique perspectives that help in the holistic development and growth of the tourism sector. As a student, choosing a research topic on any of the areas above should ensure that your project recommends and helps industry stakeholders to make strategic decisions, adapt to evolving trends, and ensure the sustainability of tourism activities. By fostering a culture of rigorous and comprehensive research, it is possible to ensure the continued prosperity of the tourism industry. Identifying comprehensive tourism topics for research is the first major step toward carrying out a successful project.

Looking for a Suitable Research Title About Tourism? Free Samples

  • Assessing the Impact of Destination Image on Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty:  This title seeks to discuss one of the most crucial factors that influence tourists’ decision to visit a particular tourist attraction site. In the paper, the destination image is shown to be an important factor in tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty. Let us guide you on the best way to create a tourism research project topic because we have the most experienced research assistants.
  • Analyzing the Significance of Peace and Security to the Growth and Development of the Tourism Industry in a Country:  This study evaluates and analyzes some of the reasons why peace and security are very important for countries that rely on international tourists for a considerable amount of government revenue. The study seeks to show that war and insecurity can destroy the tourism industry of a country.
  • An Investigation into the Negative Impacts of Tourism on a Country: A Look at New Strains of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Introduced by Tourists:  The primary objective of the paper is to investigate and identify some of the dangers associated with international tourism. The study focuses on cases of strange sexually transmitted diseases introduced to other countries by visiting tourists. To consult with reliable hired research project topic writers , confer with our company.
  • Evaluating the Factors that Promote Tourism in an Attraction Site: The Importance of Availability of Essential Services:  The dissertation evaluates the major factors other than the attraction site, those which influence the decision of tourists to visit the area. The paper aims to elaborate that the availability of essential services is an essential consideration. Through this study, the essential services that can promote tourism will be pointed out. This is a research title about tourism that can be used to write a thesis project by even a master's student. 
  • A Comparative Analysis of Local and International Tourism: Why is International Tourism More Popular than Local Tourism?  The purpose of this paper is to analyze and identify the reasons why most people prefer to tour other countries other than their own even when their countries have great tourist destination sites. The paper proposes measures that governments can adopt to promote local tourism. We can offer you both expert and affordable tourism research project topic help.
  • An Analysis of the Role of the Government in Promoting and Encouraging Tourism: A Case Study of the Brazilian Government:  This study explains the pertinent role played by governments in promoting tourism in their respective countries. Specifically, the study discusses the approaches that the Brazilian government has adopted to promote tourism. It will also be pointed out whether the strategies applied by the Brazilian government can be extended to other countries. This research title helps identify gaps between governance & tourism in Brazil.

If you are a student or a scholar doing a project on tourism, ensure to seek professional guidance to help you identify a research title that is unique, trendy, and one that will be fun to research and write about. Our experts generally provide tourism research title ideas that guide the available options one could explore. We may offer comprehensive research support where need be step by step depending on a student's specific needs.

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Research Topics for Tourism Students – Thesis Titles 2024

Free research titles for a bsc or masters thesis in tourism student.

  • A Study on Legislative and Policy Measures for Sustainable Domestic Tourism.
  • The Benefits of Utilizing Technology in Influencing the Growth of Tourism.
  • An Investigation into the Implications of the Internet in the Development of Ecotourism.
  • An Investigation into the Role of Human Resource Management in Developing a Competitive Advantage in Tourist Accommodations.
  • Factors Influencing the Franchising Decisions among Tour Firms and Operators.
  • A Study on the Effects of Globalization on the International Tourism and Hospitality Industry.
  • An Investigation into the Impact of Strategic Development and Sustainability of the Airline Industry on Tourism.
  • The Effects of the Growth of Electronic Commerce on the Development of the Tourism Industry.
  • An Investigation into the Effects of Hotel Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Performance on the Growth of Tourism.
  • A Study on the Role of Tourism in the Reduction of Poverty and Economic Growth
  • The Impact of Educational Tourism and Its Development in European Countries
  • An investigation into the Advantages of Ecotourism and its benefits for Local Businesses

These sample research titles can be used as a guide to developing more comprehensive topics for a tourism research paper or thesis. If any student needs step-by-step guidance to develop the topic into a thesis, we are more than willing to help. We support tourism students with topics & research guidance and you will never regret interacting with us. For instance, you could like one of the thesis titles for tourism students listed above so you can do further research on it and add more variables to it so that it matches your interests or even seek our support to expound more and even develop comprehensive research questions.

Formulating Tourism Topics for Students - College & Undergraduate

Identifying the most suitable research topic for your tourism research paper is a time-consuming task. Supervisors often reject the topics that college or undergraduate students have developed for many reasons among them uniqueness & relevance. The use of experts is the best solution for such a problem. Our research experts will offer you an exclusive guide on crafting a research topic on tourism that will ensure that you do not give your supervisor a hard time when selecting your topic. If you feel that you require a competent firm to help you create a topic idea on tourism, you should consider hiring our firm. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive outstanding help with creating topics for undergraduate scholars   at an affordable rate. Our help with tourism research topics ideas for college students students entail;

  • Carrying out a comprehensive research background on any proposed topic on tourism
  • Generating unique topics for college & undergraduate students and other scholars pursuing tourism
  • Offering professional guidance on preparing for the entire tourism project writing.

Students may tell us that they need professional assistance in generating a research project on tourism; we will professionally assist them. We will ensure that you have identified a unique topic that is simple to understand. College students regard a tourism course to be easy. That might not be entirely true when the time comes for them to create a research topic. Instructors sometimes can assign a topic to a student but that is not very common nowadays. Like other scholars, college students are required to choose a topic on which they will carry out research and so they may look out for some of the latest tourism topics for students.

Ecotourism Thesis Topics for Students: Best Research Help

Moreover, our dedication to guiding students through their exploration of ecotourism thesis topics prepares them for meaningful careers in sectors such as sustainable tourism management, conservation policy, and environmental advocacy. We are committed to nurturing their growth into professionals who can tackle the complex challenges facing the tourism industry today. Through our support, students not only gain a deep understanding of the principles of ecotourism but also develop the skills to effect positive change, ensuring a lasting impact on both the environment and society. Our investment in ecotourism research underscores our broader mission to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism practices and to foster a new generation of leaders committed to making a difference in the world.

Sample Research Topics Related To Ecotourism: Good For Thesis Research

Ecotourism offers a pathway towards a more responsible and inclusive form of tourism. In the quest to explore this sustainable approach, the selection of ecotourism research topics & samples becomes crucial for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. These topics not only shed light on the multifaceted impacts and potentials of ecotourism but also pave the way for innovative solutions and strategies to enhance its benefits and mitigate its challenges. This exploration is not just about academic inquiry; it's about participating in a global conversation on how to balance the needs of the planet with the desires of the curious traveler, ensuring that tourism continues to be a force for good in the world.

  • Evaluating the Socioeconomic Impacts of Ecotourism on Indigenous Communities : This topic extends beyond the basic economic benefits to explore how ecotourism affects the social fabric, cultural preservation, and economic resilience of indigenous communities. Thesis research on it could examine variables such as changes in employment patterns, impacts on traditional practices, community participation in ecotourism planning, and the effects of income diversification through ecotourism.
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Ecotourism Sites in Promoting Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity: This research topic idea on ecotourism could focus on specific variables like species population trends, habitat restoration efforts, and the role of tourist contributions in funding conservation projects. It might also compare conservation outcomes between areas with active ecotourism programs and those without, to identify key factors contributing to successful biodiversity conservation.
  • Sustainable Management Practices in Ecotourism: A Comparative Analysis of Global Ecotourism Certifications: This among other ecotourism research topics would explore the effectiveness of different eco-certification standards in promoting sustainable management practices among ecotourism operators. Variables could include certification criteria, compliance rates, operational changes post-certification, and the impact of certifications on tourist perceptions and choices.
  • The Influence of Ecotourism Experiences on Tourist Environmental Awareness and Behavior Change: This is a thesis topic that could look into how specific aspects of ecotourism experiences—such as guided tours, educational programs, and interaction with local communities—affect tourists' environmental awareness, attitudes, and behaviors. Variables might include pre- and post-visit changes in environmental knowledge, commitment to sustainable practices, and advocacy for conservation issues.
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Enhance Sustainable Tourism Experiences in Ecotourism Destinations: This ecotourism thesis topic could investigate the role of specific technologies (e.g., augmented reality, geolocation services, and environmental monitoring sensors) in enhancing visitor engagement and sustainability at ecotourism sites. Variables of interest might include technology adoption rates, visitor satisfaction levels, impacts on environmental awareness, and reductions in ecological footprints due to technology use.
  • Analyzing the Impact of Policy Frameworks on the Development and Sustainability of Ecotourism Initiatives: This research could focus on the comparative analysis of national and international ecotourism policies, examining variables such as policy effectiveness, barriers to implementation, stakeholder engagement in policy development, and the role of policy in mitigating ecotourism-related conflicts.
  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Ecotourism Destinations: A Vulnerability Assessment: This thesis topic sample would explore the specific vulnerabilities of ecotourism sites to climate change and assess various adaptation strategies. Variables could include the frequency and severity of climate impacts, stakeholder perceptions of vulnerability, investment in adaptation measures, and the effectiveness of these measures in ensuring the sustainability of ecotourism operations.

By incorporating any of these ideas and topics into the research design, thesis projects can offer a more nuanced understanding of the complexities surrounding ecotourism. This approach not only enriches the academic contribution of the research but also provides practical insights that can inform the development of more effective and sustainable ecotourism practices. If you need more sample thesis topics related to ecotourism, do not hesitate to reach out and we shall guide and support you with the entire research process.

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Top 20 Tourism Keynote Topics for Inspiring Journeys

Tourism is an ever-evolving industry shaped by global trends, technological advancements, and shifting consumer preferences. As the world redefines travel experiences, tourism keynote speakers are crucial in guiding professionals and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we present the top 20 tourism keynote topics that promise to inspire, educate, and transform the way we view the world of travel.

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1. Sustainable Tourism: Crafting a Greener Future

Explore how the tourism industry can minimize its carbon footprint, preserve natural resources, and contribute positively to local communities.

2. The Rise of Experiential Travel: Beyond Sightseeing

Dive into the realm of immersive travel experiences that go beyond checking off tourist spots, focusing on meaningful connections and personal growth.

3. Tech-Driven Travel: Navigating the Digital Frontier

Discover how cutting-edge technologies like AI, AR, and blockchain reshape the travel landscape, from booking to on-site experiences.

4. Destination Marketing 2.0: Storytelling in the Digital Age

Uncover the power of compelling narratives and effective digital marketing strategies in enticing travelers to explore new destinations.

5. Wellness Tourism: Traveling for Mind, Body, and Soul

Delve into the wellness travel trend, exploring the demand for destinations that offer relaxation, self-care, and holistic experiences.

6. Cultural Immersion: Connecting Through Authentic Encounters

Learn about the value of authentic cultural interactions, fostering understanding and appreciation for diverse traditions worldwide.

7. Luxury Travel Redefined: Exclusivity with Purpose

Examine the changing definition of luxury in travel as high-end experiences embrace sustainability, unique encounters, and philanthropy.

8. Adventure Tourism: Conquering Boundaries Safely

Explore the world of adrenaline-pumping adventures while also understanding the importance of safety, conservation, and responsible exploration.

9. Food Tourism: Savoring Culinary Journeys

Delight in the exploration of local cuisines and culinary traditions that contribute to a deeper connection with destinations.

10. Solo Travel Empowerment: Discovering Independence

Empower individuals to step out of their comfort zones, highlighting the personal growth and empowerment of solo travel.

11. Travel Photography: Capturing Moments, Sharing Stories

Unleash the art of travel photography as a medium for storytelling and inspiring wanderlust in the digital age.

12. Hospitality Trends: Redefining Guest Experiences

Examine the evolving hospitality landscape, including personalized services, boutique accommodations, and the integration of AI in guest interactions.

13. Volunteer and Impact Travel: Making a Difference on the Go

Learn about the transformative power of combining travel with community service and environmental conservation efforts.

14. The Future of Aviation: Sustainable Air Travel

Discuss innovations in aviation that prioritize environmental responsibility while maintaining the efficiency and convenience of air travel.

15. Crisis Management in Tourism: Navigating Unforeseen Challenges

Address the importance of preparedness and resilience in unexpected events, from natural disasters to global health crises.

16. Cultural Heritage Preservation: Balancing Tourism and Tradition

Examine strategies for protecting and promoting cultural heritage sites while ensuring respectful and sustainable tourism practices.

17. The Sharing Economy and Travel: Disruption and Adaptation

Explore the impact of platforms like Airbnb and Uber on the tourism industry, from transportation accommodations.

18. Inclusive and Accessible Tourism: Opening Doors for All

Highlight the significance of making travel accessible to people of all abilities, ensuring everyone can experience the joys of exploration.

19. Trends in Family Travel: From Multigenerational to Nomadic Families

Analyze the evolving dynamics of family travel, including the rise of multigenerational trips and families embracing nomadic lifestyles.

20. Reimagining Urban Tourism: Cities as Sustainable Hubs

Discuss how cities can innovate to manage over-tourism, focusing on sustainable urban planning, community engagement, and preserving local culture.


As the tourism industry continues to evolve, these 20 keynote topics offer a glimpse into travel's diverse and dynamic landscape. From sustainable practices to cutting-edge technologies, from solo adventures to multigenerational journeys, these topics reflect an industry's aspirations and challenges that shape how we explore the world. Whether you're a tourism professional, an enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of travel, these keynote topics will inspire and spark meaningful conversations.


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89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best ecotourism topic ideas & essay examples, 🥇 most interesting ecotourism topics to write about, 💡 good research topics about ecotourism, ❓ ecotourism questions.

  • Trends in Ecotourism Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”.
  • Popularity of Eco-Tourism According to What Is Eco-tourism, this term implies “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Eco Tourism and Hospitality Industry The aim of this research is to provide the theoretical aspects that govern eco tourism with an aim of increasing conservation of the environment as well as increasing the participation of the local communities.
  • Exploring Environmental Issues: Marine Ecotourism For marine ecotourism to succeed, it must thrive in a manner that accommodates the needs of both the current and future generations and safeguards the natural environment.
  • The Eco-Tourism and Ways That Have Shaped Eco-Tourist Experience After the realization of this “staged authenticity,” the modern tourist is keener to search and experience the real tourist products, the real-life lived, the real natives, and their real practices.
  • Ecotourism vs Cultural Voyeurism: Protection of Local Communities and Cultures Moreover, cultural voyeurism can be attributed to the practices of international companies that do not attach much importance to the lives of indigenous people. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the inflow of tourists […]
  • Ecotourism in Tropical Biome: Preserving New Zealand Description of Proposal: “Preserving New Zealand” is an adventurous and inspiring tour designed to introduce the participants to the unusual flora and fauna of Fiordland the largest National Park of New Zealand.
  • Types of Tourism and Ecotourism in Peru Therefore, travelers gain an understanding of the natural, cultural, and ethnographic features of the terrain; thus, contributing to the preservation of the continuity of ecosystems and creating the economic setting for the development and maintenance […]
  • Eco-Tourism Activities in New Zealand The project entailed adventurous tours organised with a motive of introducing the participants to the variety of flora and fauna found in the Fiordland of New Zealand.
  • Tourism: Eco, Sports, Culture, Space When tourism is mentioned, many people have the notion that one has to go to a foreign country for a couple of weeks to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Ecotourism in Mauritius: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday In addition to this, the Mauritius business community has reinvested part of the proceeds from the sector into the Mauritius economy thereby fostering the country’s economy.
  • Ecotourism Industry Organization The environment is the combination of all living and non-living components on the earth and on the universe as a whole.
  • Eco-Tourism and Eco-Cities The main reason cited for the support of sustainable development is the impact it has on the environment and the communities nearby.
  • Fairmont the Palm Hotel Eco-Tourism Adoption The uniqueness of the above analysis contributes to the existing body of knowledge regarding the cost of implementing eco-tourism, plus the environmental impact of the growth of the tourism industry on the environment.
  • Eco and Cultural Tourism: Extraordinary Experience and Untouched Natural Environment Water which is the source of all forms of life must be used sustainably and thus to be considered an eco friendly resort, water pollution should be unheard of within the resort and water recycling […]
  • The Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in Tourism Marketing The connection between tourism and indigenous is that the tourism industry must include traditional ecological knowledge because it will help to enhance their tourism products and increase benefits to the local community. The links will […]
  • Ecotourism and Voluntourism Strategies and Recommendations The stakeholders such as WARF, ecotourists, voluntourists and the local communities are concerned with the environmental conservation and generation of revenue from the preservation activities which involve conservation of the natural habitat and the wild […]
  • Ecotourism Resort at the Amazon: Amazon Eco-Tourist Resort The objectives of the Amazon Resort will include: Maintaining the natural ecology of the Amazon Providing visitors with service worth their fee Mission The mission of the Amazon Eco Resort will be to offer eco […]
  • Economic Tourism in Australia When the number of foreign tourists is high the government can increase the exchange of currency so as to gain from the tourists at lower taxes on some products mostly used by the inhabitants what […]
  • Alleviating Poverty Through Ecotourism: Monarch Butterfly Reserve of Mexico
  • Aspects Regarding the Romanian Certification in Ecotourism Destinations
  • Tourism and China’s Development: Policies, Regional Economic Growth and Ecotourism
  • The Relationships Between Buddhism and Ecotourism
  • Capturing Tourists’ Preferences for the Management of Community-Based Ecotourism
  • Challenges For Romanian Ecotourism Destinations
  • Community-Based Ecotourism: Its Socio-Economic Impacts at Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Ghana
  • Conservation, Ecotourism, Poverty, and Income Inequality
  • Community-Based Ecotourism: Livelihood Adaptation Strategy for Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia
  • Developing Ecotourism for the Survival of Sea Turtles
  • Community-Based Ecotourism Management: Case of a Cooperative in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Economic, Educational, and Conservation Benefits of Sea Turtle-Based Ecotourism
  • Ecotourism and Archaeotourism: Controversy vs Objectivity
  • Economic, Environmental, and Sustainability Indicators of Ecotourism in Mexico
  • Ecotourism and Economic Growth in the Galapagos: An Island Economy-Wide Analysis
  • Effective Environmental Impact Management Through Ecotourism
  • Ecotourism and Economic Incentives: An Empirical Approach
  • The Relationship Between Sustainability and ‘Ecotourism’
  • Ecotourism and Its Impact on the United Arab Emirates
  • Households’ Assets Dynamics and Ecotourism Choices in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
  • Ecotourism and the Development of Indigenous Communities: Good, Bad, and Ugly
  • Implementation of Strategies Based on the Ecotourism Products
  • Ecotourism and the Economy: Case Study of Mara & Amboseli in Kenya
  • Integrated Communications Marketing Plan For Ecotourism
  • Ecotourism and the Modern Development of the Larnaca
  • Koh Chang Ecotourism: SWOT Analysis
  • Ecotourism: Brazil vs. Costa Rica Comparative Analysis
  • Larnaca’s Ecotourism and Its Development in Modern Days
  • Ecotourism Demand and Differential Pricing of National Park Access in Costa Rica
  • Management Control Systems Within Sustainable Ecotourism: A Study of Belitung
  • Ecotourism Experiences Promoting Conservation and Changing Economic Values
  • Responsible Environmental Behavior Intention of Travelers on Ecotourism Sites
  • Ecotourism for Community Development: Stakeholder’s Perspective in Great Himalayan National Park
  • Rural and Ecotourism Development in Scope of Bulgarian Tourism
  • Ecotourism Involves Responsible Traveling Tourism
  • Preferences for Ecotourism Alternatives on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation
  • Ecotourism, Tourism, and Development in Mexico
  • Case for the Redistribution of Ecotourism Gains in Kenya
  • The Development and Management of Ecotourism
  • The Relationship Between Common Management and Ecotourism Development
  • What Is the Difference Between Alternative Tourism and Ecotourism?
  • Does China’s Ecotourism Reflect the Country’s Economic Growth?
  • Where Is Ecotourism Most Popular?
  • What Are the Challenges for Romanian Ecotourism Destinations?
  • What Is the Socio-Economic Impact of Ecotourism in Ghana?
  • What Are the Economic Indicators of the Sustainability of Ecotourism in Mexico?
  • What Is the Difference Between Tourism and Ecotourism?
  • How Does the Economy of the Galapagos Islands Depend on Ecotourism?
  • What Is the Impact of Ecotourism on the United Arab Emirates?
  • How Does Ecotourism Impact the African Economy and Environment?
  • What Is the Definition and Concept of Ecotourism?
  • How Big Is the Demand for Ecotourism?
  • What Are the Benefits of Ecotourism to the Environment and Society?
  • What Are the Contributions of Tourism to Economic Development?
  • What Are the Trends in the Development of Ecotourism in Mexico?
  • What Are the Environmental Impacts of Ecotourism?
  • What Are the Ecological Consequences of Ecotourism?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Sustainable Development and Ecotourism?
  • Is Ecotourism a Hospitality Trend?
  • How Can Ecotourism Help You Have a Positive Experience?
  • What Is the Role of Ecotourism in the Implementation of Sustainable Tourism Development?
  • What Is the Marketing Plan for the Integration of Ecotourism?
  • Is Organic Farming a Part of Ecotourism?
  • Why Is the Responsible Environmental Behavior of Travelers So Important for Ecotourism?
  • What Are the Main Priorities of Rural Tourism and Ecotourism in Romania?
  • What Are the Role, Goals and Consequences of Ecotourism?
  • How Did Ecotourism Become Popular?
  • What Are the Economic, Educational and Environmental Benefits of Ecotourism?
  • Which Country Is Best Known for Ecotourism?
  • What Is the Concept of Ecotourism in the Context of Nature Conservation?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, September 26). 89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples.

"89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Sept. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) '89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 26 September.

IvyPanda . 2023. "89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023.

1. IvyPanda . "89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023.


IvyPanda . "89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023.

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The Best Travel Writing of 2021: Our Favorite Stories of the Year

Tom Lowry , Skift

December 28th, 2021 at 1:30 AM EST

In a year when travel's recovery began, only to sputter, the pandemic was still a story for Skift that just kept giving. Our reporters and editors kept their heads down on crisis coverage, but shared some of the adrenaline too, on other worthy travel topics. Here's our team members' favorites, and how those stories came to be, in their own words.

The first year of the pandemic was an extraordinary achievement for Skift’s team of reporters and editors covering the unparalleled crisis in real time. Year two tested the mettle of the team in new ways, as glimmers of hope seesawed with the heartbreak of setbacks. But the journalism was no less exceptional in 2021.

As I am at this time every year, I am proud upon reflection of what Skift’s journalists accomplished. As is our tradition, I once again asked the difficult question of every reporter and editor who each produce a couple hundred stories a year: Which one was your favorite? They delivered, of course, explaining why the story was their favorite, and how it came to be.

We hope you find that our favorites are yours, too.

Edward Russell, Airlines Reporter

Behind-The-Scenes With American Demothballing Jets From Pandemic Storage

The Backstory: After writing so much about airlines pulling down their schedules, parking jets, and threatening to furlough staff, it was refreshing to actually see how airlines were recovering. In this case, how American Airlines put their jets back in the air to be ready for the then-forecast surge in summer travel. I flew to American’s largest maintenance base in Tulsa, Okla., to see exactly how the carrier did this. The team in Tulsa walked me step-by-step through the process of checking and re-checking every flap, seal, door, and crevice to make sure they were up to par for carrying passengers again.

What really struck me on my visit to Tulsa was how, for all the doom and gloom around the pandemic, the dedicated professionals at American never ceased working hard to make sure every aircraft was safe and ready to fly. Even for the seemingly thankless task of keeping black widow spiders from building webs in wheel wells.

Matthew Parsons , Corporate Travel Editor

Companies Face Challenge of Inclusivity on Travel for Remote Workers

The Backstory: The conversation around business travel shifted even further to remote work In 2021, as the phenomenon flipped from temporary measure to mainstream movement. It spring-boarded countless scenarios, mostly tinged with tourism because destinations saw plenty of marketing opportunities.

But among the images of work and play, I was struck by a conversation I had with the co-founder of a community interest organization who wants to level the playing field. Talking with Lorraine Charles of Na’amal , I was reminded the brave new world of remote work doesn’t revolve around middle and high-income countries, where people have ample opportunity to travel and work where they please.

Charles’ mission is to make remote work available for refugees, for people who don’t have the privilege of a U.S. or European passport, or the means to hop from one sun-kissed island to another with their laptop. She told me she wanted to help convert refugees into employees by training them on the softer skills needed, like Zoom meeting etiquette, then help them connect with potential employers.

In the same way travel broadens horizons for a tourist, does the same apply to an organization that recruits outside of its comfort zone? Later on in the year the topic was broached by immigration lawyer David Cantor , while the growing need for intercultural communications also emerged as a one-to-watch topic during 2021.

The plight of refugees around the world was brought home as we witnessed crises such as the large-scale evacuations from Kabul, and the tragedies of migrants in France attempting to cross the channel to the UK. Climate migration may also become a factor in the years ahead. 

A lot of progress has been made in diversity and inclusion over the past few years, and this is one area that I imagine, or hope, more organizations will address over the coming years.

Sean O’Neill , Senior Travel Tech Editor

What Accor’s Top Technology Executive Has to Say May Surprise You

The Backstory : This year, we launched Skift’s first Travel Tech Briefing , a guide for travel executives to decide if their company should “build, buy, or partner” to stay ahead in enterprise technology.

I was delighted that the first edition spotlighted Floor Bleeker, who gave his first interview since becoming Accor’s chief technology officer. The hotel giant had taken a contrarian tech strategy but hadn’t publicly discussed it before.

Until recently, Accor had planned to centralize its core technology systems. That’s a common trend among many large hotel groups. But around the time Bleeker came on board, the company decided to give up its plan to centralize its core technology systems. It will now be running multiple property management systems instead, allowing owners to tap upstart players, such as Treebo and Mews, after it certifies them.

While the move may seem like small potatoes to an outsider, the decision is significant for the hotel technology sector. It allows smaller players to compete to provide critical software to properties. Guests could be the ultimate beneficiary as competition may spur faster innovation in how hotels interact with guests.

Madhu Unnikrishnan , Editor, Airline Weekly

The United Airlines Engine Failure Is a Story Being Wildly Botched by Media: Commentary

The Backstory : On February 20, 2021, one of the two engines on a United Airlines Boeing 777 exploded in spectacular fashion, showering a Denver suburb with wreckage and terrifying passengers with sights of flames shooting out of the jet. The story dominated U.S. television news for several days, and pundits spouted dire predictions about Boeing’s future and the safety of commercial aviation.

Granted, it’s been an exceedingly difficult few years for Boeing, after two fatal crashes grounded its best-selling 737 Max for almost two years (forcing Boeing to admit that the aircraft’s flight-control software was flawed and responsible for the crashes); Federal Aviation Administration inspections of its 787 have halted delivery of a long-range aircraft airlines depend on; and its 777X has been delayed by several years. Boeing has gotten a lot of things wrong in recent years, but the United 777 failure was not one.

There’s an old adage that says a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth puts on its pants. Television news fell all over itself to air video that had already spread on social media. Important context was missing. Yes, the footage was horrific, but what was lost was why the incident happened. A fan blade broke loose from one of the aircraft’s Pratt & Whitney engines, causing the engine to fail and exposing its combustion chamber. The fan blade did not pierce the fuselage.

What was lost in the consumer media’s coverage was this: The aircraft stayed intact, and its many safety systems prevented a catastrophic accident. The crew performed flawlessly and safely landed the airplane without any injuries. In fact, most of the flight’s passengers were rebooked and carried on with their travels that same day. In other words, the real story was that the everything and everyone worked as they should, which may be a lot less exciting than the breathless stories the news media reported, but important to note.

Lebawit Lily Girma, Global Tourism Reporter

Why Tourism Needs to Step Up and Push for Vaccine Equity

The Backstory: The horrific pandemic surge in India in April had just unfolded and in parallel, the travel industry in the U.S. and Europe, and their consumers, were focused on planning for the start of a “hot vaxxed summer.” The contrast was glaring and a clear sign to me that vaccine access would be critical for a full and fair tourism recovery. So while it was a difficult choice to make — this being my first full year of tourism coverage for Skift — I am most proud of this initial story on vaccine equity. It became the first in what has been a series of updates from us throughout the year after leading this conversation for the travel industry.

Why this topic continues to matter is because first, it’s an issue that remains critical for the industry and continues to impede and influence travel’s recovery everywhere, as we’re currently witnessing with the Omicron variant. Second, it’s critical to push travel leaders in the major source markets to recognize that solely advocating for the lifting of border restrictions is a short-sighted approach. There’s a clear business case for the industry — particularly the World Travel & Tourism Council and the United Nations World Tourism Organization and their members — to use its political muscle to push for more rapid vaccine distributions and donations globally so that the recovery is sustainable.

Third, this is a time in which we need bold leadership and vision. We saw companies such as Intrepid Travel and Expedia Group move forward with vaccine equity campaigns some months after this initial story was published. Many more need to follow.

We need this industry to have a reckoning on what global tourism should represent and stand for in the future, and that it’s about more than arrival numbers and gross domestic product. Vaccine equity is an opportunity to do just that.

Rashaad Jorden , Editorial Assistant

How One Tour Operator Is Using a 1977 Hit Tune to Lure Back Travelers

The Backstory: I was looking to write a story about a tremendously successful tour operator marketing campaign that I thought could become a regular feature, and I was referred to Steve Born, the chief marketing officer of the Globus family of brands. 

How exactly? Globus was saying that landmarks popular with their guests – including the Eiffel Tower and the Easter Island statues – had missed them by singing Player’s hit Baby Come Back. Born explained in the story how the campaign came about and why it had enjoyed success.

It was my favorite story from the year because as Born mentioned, travel is fun and supposed to bring a smile to travelers’ faces. Seeing the video of popular landmarks — or even thinking about it — has never failed to elicit a chuckle from me. Born talked about the hard work that went into creating the campaign, which was timed to coincide with the reopening of numerous destinations. 

But most importantly, travel for many is a cause for celebration, and despite numerous ongoing challenges, some tour operators have had things to celebrate this year. 

Cameron Sperance , Hospitality Reporter

Lessons for Travel’s Recovery From Anthony Bourdain’s New Book

The Backstory: Some travel stories span beyond one’s assigned beat. It was timely to see the late Anthony Bourdain’s travel guide come out just as unruly airline passengers and rude hotel and restaurant guests became the unfortunate legacy of the pandemic. You couldn’t go days without seeing a headline of a diverted aircraft because some idiot wouldn’t wear a mask and punched a flight attendant to make a point — a point the federal government and airlines responded to with jail time and a lifetime ban from flying.

Restaurants and hotels weren’t spared the abuse. Irate was the default mood for patrons who had to wait longer than expected for a meal or, heaven forbid, were told by hotel management to keep their volume down.

Bourdain’s book made me miss his weekly wisdom doled out on his TV series, and I felt a particular bond with the words since I live in Provincetown, Mass. — the seaside town at the end of Cape Cod where he got his start in the world of restaurants.

But the guide also painted some important travel lessons: Always remember you’re a guest in someone else’s hometown. Be patient in this era of longer waits: It’s not neglect; it’s a labor shortage crisis.

Oh, and stop being a jackass to hospitality workers.

Angela Tupper, Deputy Editor, EventMB

The Catch-22 of Zero-Covid Zones: Events Happen But Can Cancel on a Dime

The Backstory: A major part of our 2021 news cycle was dominated by Covid coverage, but this story was particularly compelling because it approached a well-known news story from an under-reported angle. While major publications were drawing attention to Australia and New Zealand’s success with enforcing a zero-Covid policy, there was very little coverage of what this approach meant for the event industry. Headlines announced that life Down Under was able to continue largely as normal, apart from periodic snap lockdowns whenever a handful of cases were confirmed. Were large-scale events able to move forward as well? 

Through multiple interviews with event professionals in Australia, a consistent story emerged: The nation’s successful suppression of Covid transmission made it much safer to hold events from a public health standpoint, but the measures needed to maintain zero-Covid status also meant that a lockdown could be triggered by just one case — with events therefore prone to last-minute cancelation. In other words, reducing the health risk indirectly amplified the financial risk. In turn, What began as an investigation into the viability of events turned into a conversation around the need for event cancelation insurance. With private insurers unwilling to cover the risk, lobbyists were calling for government-backed programs. 

In some ways, this story provided a glimpse into the “stop-and-go” future that the global event industry would soon be facing in a post-vaccine world periodically threatened by new variants of concern. Since then, the UK has announced a government-backed event insurance scheme, as has the Australian state of Victoria. The impact of these programs will be a story to watch in the coming year.

Dennis Schaal , Founding Editor

Vacasa Paid $619 Million for TurnKey Vacation Rentals in Mostly Stock

The Backstory: This story combined two things I love: A scoop of sorts and scouring Securities and Exchange Commission financial filings.

What’s the first thing that travel veterans ask you when they learn of an acquisition? Namely, what do you think the sale price was? On smaller deals, when a startup gets bought by a public company, the buyer doesn’t necessarily have to explicitly disclose the price, and when a private company acquires a startup, the usual thing is there is no public statement about the price.

Vacasa’s acquisition of a smaller property management company, TurnKey, wasn’t a small deal, it turns out, but it involved two private companies. I therefore didn’t expect Vacasa to disclose the acquisition price — and apparently neither did the rest of the press — but the twist was that Vacasa was slated to go public in a blank check merger and was filing its financials with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Vacasa eventually went public, on December 7.

I love reading certain Securities and Exchange Commission documents and frequently tell my reporter colleagues that you can find all kinds of news bits and scoops if you take the time to read them, which I often do during the evenings or on weekends — for fun.

So there was the price tag and details about the deal in a Vacasa financial filing. Vacasa acquired TurnKey for nearly $619 million, mostly in stock. As TurnKey had only raised some $120 million in funding, it appears as though co-founders T.J. Clark and John Banczak did fairly well for their investors.

Miguel Neves , Editor-in-Chief, EventMB

Event Tech Investment Tracker

The Backstory: For my favorite article, I am going to say the  EventMB Event Tech Investment Tracker . This continually evolving post sums up a lot of my learnings in 2021. I knew that joining Skift to lead EventMB, I would bring the event professional’s point of view with me. With this post, I am not distilling what I have learned from all the amazing editors at Skift and their unique ways of looking at the travel industry. I’ve had help from many members of the Skift and EventMB to make this post a real at-a-glance review of the crazy world of mergers and acquisitions in event tech. Everyone I have shared it with has given positive feedback and I know it will be an important part of future iterations of the EventMB website, so the story will continue to evolve.

Colin Nagy, On Experience Columnist

Doha Quickly Comes of Age Ahead of World Cup 2022

The Backstory: This was an interesting story to report, as Doha is in the harried run-up to a major milestone, the World Cup in 2022. The event has been a forcing factor for a lot of the obvious things like hospitality and infrastructure but also has accelerated a lot of Qatari soft diplomacy: museums, interesting small businesses and centers to attract more of the global creative class. Covid has put a damper on a lot, but it is clear to see there’s been clear vision and a lot of progress. I liked this piece because it was an honest look at what is working well, and what needs to be improved in a region that has a lot of shallow, one-note coverage from Western outlets. There is a lot of depth and moving parts to the modern Qatar story: from regional and global politics, to business, investment, real estate to national country branding and the desire to live up to the promise of the World Cup. These are my favorite stories to try and make sense of when I can.  

Ruthy Muñoz , Freelancer

How Unruly Do Airline Passengers Have to Be Before the Government Decides to Prosecute?

The Backstory: I love writing feature stories that bring extraordinary people to the forefront, but surprisingly, when faced with choosing my favorite account this year, a Skift feature wasn’t it. Instead, my favorite story is accountability in the other pandemic- unruly passengers.

As a former flight attendant, I understood there’s only so much flight crews could do without the backup of airlines, the FAA, the Justice Department, and Congress.  Writing this and other stories on unruly passengers and holding everyone accountable to bring about needed change is what the power of the journalistic keyboard is for me.

Lisa Jade Hutchings , Branded Content Writer

How Event Professionals Can Cope With Imposter Syndrome

The Backstory:  I have had the opportunity to work on some great stories this year, such as the effect of the pandemic on local event industries around the world and an analysis of the sector’s commitment to net-zero. However, my favorite post explored the topic of how event professionals can better cope with imposter syndrome. 

While massive technological advancements and innovation have taken place within the sector, I wanted to delve deeper into the human experience of an event professional through real-life insights into the current situation. As professionals working in a high-stress industry (events), the cancellations and job losses due to the pandemic have impacted the mental health of those working within the space. Because of this, many planners have experienced crippling self-doubt in adapting to new tech, event formats, external stressors — all while learning new skills.

In writing the post, a background of the syndrome was given, alongside actionable tips to coping so people could gain tangible value by reading the piece. To better understand imposter syndrome, its effects, and how people can manage, insights were gained by speaking at length with a counseling psychologist, researching the topic online, connecting with others in the industry, and drawing on past personal experiences. 

The highlight of the post for me was seeing the effect it had on others in the industry — people were able to relate and felt that a voice had been given to an experience so many people live with daily.

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Why it's high time for slow travel in Gstaad, Switzerland

There’s something about soaring mountains, sparkling lakes and dense forests that can provide the perfect backdrop for a much-needed reset. Relax, recharge and lean into a more mindful summer getaway in the holiday region Gstaad.

best tourism research topics

Laid-back, low-key, leisurely, languorous. There are many ways to describe the summer lifestyle in Gstaad, a characterful village tucked away in the Bernese Alps that encourages visitors to come up and slow down. The region was once described as "the last paradise in a crazy world" by actress and honorary resident Julie Andrews, who has owned a home here for over 50 years. Indeed, it's a place that seems made for those looking to fine-tune the art of slow travel — a softer, more considered form of travel that's been growing in popularity in recent years. Slow travel requires a visitor to take time to appreciate the essence of a destination — choosing experiences that connect to its communities, and activities that allow immersion in its nature.  

The village of Gstaad, in the heart of Switzerland’s picturesque Saanen region, is perfectly primed for these types of getaways. Here, summer haze drifts slowly over five finger-like valleys — formed by God’s handprint, as the local legend goes, with Gstaad in the palm. Snow-dusted mountaintops rise up to meet pure blue skies, and waterfalls spill down sheer granite cliffs into pastures scattered with flower-festooned chalets and old farmhouses.

best tourism research topics

Long renowned as a top wellness destination, Gstaad was an early favourite of British Alpinists, who were drawn in by the mountain air and outdoor lifestyle. Today, the village remains a choice spot for those seeking a much-needed mid-year pause, opting for slower, softer travel.  

Begin by easing yourself into the area’s stunning natural surroundings with a gentle hike. Follow the Swiss cows up to the sun-warmed slopes, where a network of 185 miles of easily accessible trails and paths meander through lush green pastures and shady forests while, wherever you go, cowbells provide the soundtrack.

For a smoother journey, consider heading out on two wheels to explore the 95 miles of bike trails that loop around the region. Hiring an e-bike allows you to relax into the surroundings even on uphill tracks, the motor helping to ease effort levels. For the most scenic route, follow the trail from Gstaad to the traditional village of Lauenen and around its namesake lake, a wonderfully picturesque spot framed by forests. Stop to take a boat out, or wade in for a dip in its cool, calming waters. Indeed, being around ‘blue space’ has been known to have similar wellness benefits to ‘green space’, resulting in decreased feelings of stress and negativity.  

A similarly restorative route takes in Lake Arnen, in the shadow of Les Diablerets. Spend some time fishing or stand-up paddleboarding, before pedalling on to the Rössli restaurant in nearby Feutersoey for a long and languorous meal in its flower-covered garden. Set within a centuries-old chalet, this family-run inn puts a gourmet spin on hearty classics such as wiener schnitzel and whole royal pigeon. Don’t miss the trout meunière, a recipe that’s been passed down through generations and is served with boiled potatoes and spinach.

A bright blue alpine lake with forested slopes surrounding it and mountains behind.

Continue your sojourn in the slow lane at one of Gstaad’s Alpine spas. Situated just off the cobbled, car-free promenade, the family-owned luxury hotel Le Grand Bellevue started life as a health spa in 1912. Guests still seek sanctuary in its vast wellness centre, which is the largest in the region. Whether staying in one of the hotel’s large, opulent rooms, or simply visiting for the day, opportunities abound to soak in a bubbling hot tub, cleanse yourself in the salt inhalation grotto and breathe in local botanicals in the herbal or hay sauna — before cooling off in the ice fountain.

However, while summer signals slower, sun-filled days for many, it’s all systems go for the region’s farmers. There are 340 working farms and around 11,000 cows in the region and, from late spring, the prized herds ascend to the high pastures to graze on grass and Alpine herbs. Traditionally the farmers sleep up here in their summer farmsteads, perched on the slopes, and make cheese from the grass-rich unpasteurised milk on a wood fire every morning. For the best taste of this lcoal speciality, head to one of the huge fondue caquelon (pots) that are dotted throughout the region, where you can feast on hot cheese thanks to a 'fondue backpack' from a local dairy. Or, amble along the one-hour Cheese Trail from Berghaus Wispile to Alp Bodme, where you can tour the cheese dairy, sample its produce and pet the animals in the neighbouring barn.  

To taste this local produce in hearty regional dishes, visit one of Gstaad’s many low-key mountain restaurants. Top picks include Refuge l’Espace , a rustic hut on Glacier 3000 where visitors can take a seat on the large sun-splashed deck under the looming rock of the Quille du Diable, while keeping watch for bearded vultures. Graze on air-dried local meats and wafer-thin curls of the area’s traditional cheese, Berner Hobelkäse AOC, washed down with a glass of fresh and floral 'petite arvine'. Indeed, the fragrant wines of the area are one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets.  

Visit as summer draws to an end and you may witness the Gstaad Züglete, the annual August cattle drive, when the cows and bulls are resplendent with headdresses and huge cowbells as they are led back down to spend winter in the valley.  

best tourism research topics

Three slow hikes in Gstaad

1. Wispile to Lake Lauenen Catch the cable car up to Wispile — a mountain just south of the village of Gstaad — then follow this rewarding three-hour trail along the ridge, through high meadows and down into shady forests, before finally reaching the gleaming shores of Lake Lauenen.  

2. Horneggli Panorama Trail   Incredible views of the jagged Bernese Alps await on this high-altitude hike. Start in Zweisimmen and take the cable car up the Rinderberg, then follow the trail signs to Hornberg along the Gandlouenen Ridge. Hop on the Horneggli chairlift back to Schönried, from which it’s less than 15 minutes on the bus back to Gstaad.

3. Lauenen to the Fondue Caquelon Armed with a fondue backpack kit from one of the many local dairies, follow the trail from sleepy Lauenen through the forest to an oversized caquelon (fondue pot) — essentially a pot-shaped table and bench — to fire up your kit. Feast on bubbling cheese as you gaze over the Geltenschutz and Tungelschutz waterfalls.

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Public Health Buckeyes: Angela Falconi

BSPH student combines passions for health care, policy

Angela Falconi poses with Cunz Hall in the background

Falconi has been involved in CPH research and is an active member of Ohio State's Pilipino Student Association.

Meet Angela Falconi, a fourth-year student specializing in  environmental public health who aspires to advocate for others through public health policy.

What inspired you to pursue a public health education?

Growing up, I was surrounded by both medicine and public policy because of my parents. Since I was six, my father, a politician and elected official, had me act as his unofficial campaign staff—knocking on doors with him to speak to voters, sitting in on city council meetings and accompanying him to various events. My mother, a pediatric physician, inspired me to pursue a career in medicine by showing me the impact that she’s made on her patients and always encouraging me to learn more about the health care field. When choosing my major, it felt natural to me to combine policy and health into public health.

What public health topics are you passionate about?

“Your zip code determines your health.”

This is one of the most important phrases I have learned in my public health courses, and as a volunteer at Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center, a free clinic which provides health care services for the uninsured and underinsured. I see the realities of this phrase in the patients who I work with. 

As an aspiring elected official, I want to create health care reform which helps individuals the health care system has failed to provide with affordable service.

You spent last summer in Washington, D.C. interning in the U.S. Senate. What was that experience like?

I worked (there) through the IMPACT program, created by the US-Asia Institute in coordination with the Embassy for the Philippines for Filipino students interested in public policy. Working and living in D.C. was one of the best experiences I have had in my undergraduate career because I was able to learn about and research health care policy on the national stage, which is exactly what I hope to do in my future career.

What have you enjoyed most about being involved in research as a student?

I am a research assistant for the Consumer Access Project which utilizes a secret shopper survey of Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance marketplace plan networks to study these barriers and inequities, including disparities related to race. I have loved getting to work with  Wendy Xu as she has helped me learn more about the research process as well as how everyday Americans experience the health care system.

What kind of extracurricular activities are you involved in?

The Pilipino Student Association (PSA) has been my home away from home since the start of my time at Ohio State. It has not only allowed me to learn more about my Filipino culture, but I met my best friend through this organization. I have been involved in PSA in numerous roles: culture night coordinator, vice-president internal, president and now dance leader. 

As dance leader, I lead PSA’s tinikling team. Tinikling is a dance which involves two people beating, sliding, and tapping two bamboo poles on the ground while two people dance above the sticks, trying not to get caught in between them. Our latest performance from PSA’s culture show “Barrio” was in October. I choreographed, taught and performed the modern part of this dance!

What are your goals for the future?

I hope to not only assist individual patients as a physician, but I also hope to help others on the national scale by being an advocate as an elected official. I hope to apply the experiences and lessons that I have learned from my time at Ohio State into my future career in the field of health policy.

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Molly Mills in lab

Public Health Buckeyes: Molly Mills

Tierrra Hummons

Public Health Buckeyes: Tierra Hummons


About The Ohio State University College of Public Health

The Ohio State University College of Public Health is a leader in educating students, creating new knowledge through research, and improving the livelihoods and well-being of people in Ohio and beyond. The College's divisions include biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health behavior and health promotion, and health services management and policy. It is ranked 29 th  among all colleges and programs of public health in the nation, and first in Ohio, by  U.S. News and World Report. Its specialty programs are also considered among the best in the country. The MHA program is ranked 8 th , the biostatistics specialty is ranked 22 nd , the epidemiology specialty is ranked 25 th and the health policy and management specialty is ranked 17 th .

Front of Cunz Hall, with lavendar in bloom

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6 Common Leadership Styles — and How to Decide Which to Use When

  • Rebecca Knight

best tourism research topics

Being a great leader means recognizing that different circumstances call for different approaches.

Research suggests that the most effective leaders adapt their style to different circumstances — be it a change in setting, a shift in organizational dynamics, or a turn in the business cycle. But what if you feel like you’re not equipped to take on a new and different leadership style — let alone more than one? In this article, the author outlines the six leadership styles Daniel Goleman first introduced in his 2000 HBR article, “Leadership That Gets Results,” and explains when to use each one. The good news is that personality is not destiny. Even if you’re naturally introverted or you tend to be driven by data and analysis rather than emotion, you can still learn how to adapt different leadership styles to organize, motivate, and direct your team.

Much has been written about common leadership styles and how to identify the right style for you, whether it’s transactional or transformational, bureaucratic or laissez-faire. But according to Daniel Goleman, a psychologist best known for his work on emotional intelligence, “Being a great leader means recognizing that different circumstances may call for different approaches.”

best tourism research topics

  • RK Rebecca Knight is a journalist who writes about all things related to the changing nature of careers and the workplace. Her essays and reported stories have been featured in The Boston Globe, Business Insider, The New York Times, BBC, and The Christian Science Monitor. She was shortlisted as a Reuters Institute Fellow at Oxford University in 2023. Earlier in her career, she spent a decade as an editor and reporter at the Financial Times in New York, London, and Boston.

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    Established in 1976, the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research (JHTR) plays a major role in incubating, influencing, and inspiring hospitality and tourism research.JHTR publishes original research that clearly advances theoretical development and offers practical value for hospitality and tourism ecosystems.JHTR strives to publish research with IMPACT...

  12. Meta-Analysis of Tourism Sustainability Research: 2019-2021

    Sustainability in tourism, hospitality, and leisure is a long-standing topic of growing interest. Research in the field of tourism has accelerated over the past decade. The goal of this meta-analysis is to categorize recent research in tourism sustainability to identify patterns and trends, which could help us understand where the field is currently conducting research and where more work may ...

  13. Past, present and future: trends in tourism research

    This research attempts to understand the gaps of tourism research to draw in trends that should be emphasized in and out of tourism community. Based upon a collection of 63,176 papers that is all the papers published in Scopus journals, social network analysis is applied to unveil countries, journals, and authors' expertise as well as ...

  14. Research in tourism sustainability: A comprehensive bibliometric

    1. Introduction. The tourism industry is one of the world's fastest-growing industries. The industry is renowned for its potential to create employment opportunities, aiding in the fight against unemployment and poverty [[1], [2], [3]].In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic weakened global economies, the tourism industry was responsible for 10.6% of global employment and 10.4% of the global GDP ...

  15. Qualitative Research in Tourism

    Qualitative research refers to research applying a methodology as well as one of a range of methods, which seeks to explore, interpret, understand, and potentially intervene into a given field or issue under study. Qualitative research in tourism takes its inspiration primarily from the humanities and the social sciences, such as cultural ...

  16. Regenerative Tourism and Wellbeing

    The impact of regenerative tourism on tourists' and the local community's well-being, and wellbeing the ecosystem need to be further explored. This Research Topic seeks original research papers, conceptual studies, empirical investigations, review papers, case studies, and methodological papers that offer fresh perspectives on regenerative ...

  17. Best Tourism Research Topics for Students

    Identifying the most suitable research topic for your tourism research paper is a time-consuming task. Supervisors often reject the topics that college or undergraduate students have developed for many reasons among them uniqueness & relevance. The use of experts is the best solution for such a problem.

  18. 88 Tourism Management Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    To predict the behavioural patterns of customers, the availability of the product in the market is optimised with a hope of maximising on revenues. Tourism Disaster Management. In this phase, the main element of the management strategies for the disaster that is going on is assessment of the impacts and reconstruction.

  19. Top 20 Tourism Keynote Topics for Inspiring Journeys

    Explore the world of adrenaline-pumping adventures while also understanding the importance of safety, conservation, and responsible exploration. 9. Food Tourism: Savoring Culinary Journeys. Delight in the exploration of local cuisines and culinary traditions that contribute to a deeper connection with destinations. 10.

  20. Journal of Travel Research: Sage Journals

    Journal of Travel Research (JTR) is the premier research journal focusing on travel and tourism behavior, management and development. As a top-ranked journal focused exclusively on travel and tourism, JTR provides up-to-date, high quality, international and multidisciplinary research on behavioral trends and management theory.JTR is a category 4 ranked journal by the Association of Business ...

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    6 answers. Feb 15, 2016. I'm doing a preliminary research on previous works in. this field. In particular I'm searching for papers related to tourism. gamification case studies or an analysis ...

  22. 89 Ecotourism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    According to What Is Eco-tourism, this term implies "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education". We will write. a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts. 809 writers online.

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    Tom Lowry. The first year of the pandemic was an extraordinary achievement for Skift's team of reporters and editors covering the unparalleled crisis in real time. Year two tested the mettle of ...

  24. Let us take a walk to the sustainable tourism practices: a qualitative

    Tourism is one of the world's fastest-growing businesses and a key source of income, foreign exchange, and jobs (Liu-Lastres et al. 2023; Thapa et al. 2022; Shu et al. 2022; Sun et al. 2022) For instance, the sector is responsible for 10.4% of global GDP and one in every ten employment globally (WTTC 2020).The sustainable tourism market in emerging markets is expected to grow twice the rate ...

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    Take our quiz to find out which one of our nine political typology groups is your best match, compared with a nationally representative survey of more than 10,000 U.S. adults by Pew Research Center. You may find some of these questions are difficult to answer. That's OK. In those cases, pick the answer that comes closest to your view, even if ...

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    Continue your sojourn in the slow lane at one of Gstaad's Alpine spas. Situated just off the cobbled, car-free promenade, the family-owned luxury hotel Le Grand Bellevue started life as a health ...

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    Michael Mankins is a leader in Bain's Organization and Strategy practices and is a partner based in Austin, Texas. He is a coauthor of Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and ...

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    Health Behavior and Health Promotion. Center for Public Health Practice. Minors / Specializations / Certificates. Meet Angela Falconi, a fourth-year student specializing in environmental public health who aspires to advocate for others through public health policy.Meet Angela Falconi, a fourth-year student specializing in environmental public ...

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    Much has been written about common leadership styles and how to identify the right style for you, whether it's transactional or transformational, bureaucratic or laissez-faire. But according to ...