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51 Creative 1st Grade Writing Prompts

December 13, 2023 //  by  Sean Kivi

First grade is a super exciting time for your kiddies, which makes it the perfect time to develop their love of writing! Your students are becoming opinionated and want to share their ideas, and it’s your job to teach them how to do this confidently in their writing. These 51 silly and lighthearted writing prompts are perfect to get their imaginations going and make them excited to put pencil to paper! Have a look and see which ones will inspire even your most reluctant writers to get stuck in.

Preferences and Favorites

1. What do you want to see at Disneyland?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

2. What kind of candy do you like to eat?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

3. What is your favorite toy, and why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

4. Do you like to drink soda? Why or why not?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

5. What is your favorite dessert?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

6. What is your favorite animal?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

7. What is your perfect pet?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

8. How did the yuckiest food you ever ate taste?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

9. Do you think skydiving is fun?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

10. What do you like the most about school?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

11. What is your favorite cafeteria food?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

12. What is your favorite vegetable?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

13. Do you prefer spiders or snakes as pets? Why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

14. Do you like the movie “Frozen”? Why, or why not?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

15. How do you feel when you eat your favorite food?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

16. If you can only eat one food for the rest of you, what do you pick?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

17. What is your perfect breakfast?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

Imaginative Scenarios

18. Would you like to be an animal for a day? If so, which one?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

19. What would you do if you were president for a day?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

20. What would you do if there were a dinosaur in your backyard?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

21. Your dog eats your homework. What will you tell the teacher?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

22. If you could talk to animals, what would you say?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

23. Is a dragon a good pet?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

24. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

25. Is a mermaid a good pet?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

26. Is it better to be too big or too small?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

27. What is your dream vacation, and why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

28. Would you eat a fly? Why or why not?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

29. Which is better? Hands for feet, or feet for hands?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

30. Do you think that aliens are real?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

31. Do you want to fly to outer space in a rocket? Why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

32. What would you do if you saw a mammoth?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

33. Your mom buys a pet hippo. How do you feel and why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

34. Is it better to run like a lion or fly like an eagle?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

35. If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

36. Would it be better to have square-shaped eyes or triangle-shaped feet?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

37. Would you want to breathe through your ears or smell through your mouth? Why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

38. Would you like to have two tongues? Why or why not?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

39. What would you do if you woke up and you couldn’t talk?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

40. What would you do if you woke up and couldn’t hear?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

41. Do you think it’s better to live in the North Pole or the Sahara desert? Why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

Activities, Routines, and Hobbies

42. How do astronauts poop in space?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

43. How do you brush your teeth?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

44. What is a secret hobby that you have?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

45. What do you like to do at the beach?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

46. What is your favorite sport to play after school?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

47. What kind of person is your best friend?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

48. What is the happiest thing you remember and why?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

49. Do you think your bedtime is at a good time? Why or why not?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

50. What would happen at your perfect birthday party?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

51. What do you do when you get ready for bed?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

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100 Fun Writing Prompts for 1st Grade: Journal Prompts

Child writing journal prompts

  • Narrative Writing Prompts
  • Informative Essay Writing Prompts
  • Research Writing Prompts
  • Funny Writing Prompts
  • Self-writing Prompts
  • Fiction Writing Prompts
  • Animal Writing Prompts
  • Journal Writing Prompts For 1st Graders
  • Descriptive Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are important tools that parents can use when they want to improve their child’s inherent abilities. The right 1st grade writing prompts can help your kids improve their writing, reading, comprehension, and visual processing abilities.

By having prompts of different themes, styles, and objectives, you can diversify the way that your child approaches writing. You can also enhance their divergent thinking abilities with the right writing prompts. Let’s start with our list of the 100 best writing prompts for 1 st graders.

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SplashLearn inspires lifelong curiosity with its game-based PreK-5 learning program loved by over 40 million children. With over 4,000 fun games and activities, it’s the perfect balance of learning and play for your little one.

Here are more educational resources for your first grader so that they never stop practicing!

10 Narrative Writing Prompts

1st grade child writing assignment

Narratives can be powerful teaching tools to help kids understand the importance of sequencing in writing. They can practice the core skills of narration, including storytelling, plot design, and conclusion. The best narrative-driven 1st grade journal prompts can help kids refine their writing capabilities. You can use these 1st grade narrative writing prompts to help your young ones develop their storytelling. 

1. What if you had a magical wand? What would you do with it?  

2. What are your favorite after-school activities?

3. Describe a time when you felt lost. What did you do? How did you feel?

4. What superpower would you love to have the most?

5. What are your favorite things about being in the 1 st grade?

6. Describe a difficult time in your life when you had to face some form of adversity.

7. What is your best memory from a vacation that you took with your family?

8. If you could meet one cartoon character in real life, who would it be?

9. Describe your favorite animal. What are its characteristics?

10. What is your favorite holiday? Why do you love that time of the year? 

10 Informative Essay Writing Prompts

Child following writing prompt assignment

Informative prompts help kids understand the value of being accurate, precise, and descriptive. You can have them talk about events, historical figures, and facts in greater detail with the right informative prompts.

1. Write an informative essay about animated movies for kids .  

2. Pick any stationery item from school. Write about the importance of using that tool.

3. Talk about why it is important to consume healthy foods. Why are vegetables good for us?

4. Talk about how you would teach a special skill to someone you’ve never met.

5. Talk about your favorite hobbies. Why do you enjoy participating in them?

6. Think about what you want to be when you grow up. Talk about your plan on how you’re going to achieve it.

7. Explain in detail why reading is important for all 1 st grade kids.

8. Talk about a time when you failed at something. How did you get back up and succeed?

9. What do you like the most about your best friend? Why is your friendship so special?

10. Select a food item that you love eating, and talk about why it is your favorite.

10 Research Writing Prompts

Child writing research writing prompt

Research writing is an innovative way of instilling the right work ethic in kids at an early age. You can have your kids practice reviewing, researching, and fact-checking when they prepare their writing prompts. The best 1st grade writing prompts are research-driven ones that require extensive analysis and reviewing. 

1. Talk about the origin of alligators.

2. What is the lifecycle of a butterfly? Write about all major stages.  

3. What is germination? Write about the process of germination.

4. Why does the earth have oceans?

5. Why does an elephant have large tuskers?

6. Write down five facts about your favorite teacher.

7. Research your family history. What are some interesting facts that you could find?

8. Find ten facts about your city and what makes the city special.

9. What is a biome? Why do we have biomes?

10. What does an ant eat? Describe its journey.  

10 Funny Writing Prompts

1st grader completing writing worksheet

Funny 1st grade writing prompts can be hilarious to work on, giving younger kids a chance to develop their humor. You can have them imagine funny scenarios and come up with jokes that are in the form of long paragraphs. You can talk to them about the idea of a premise, a funny line, and a storytelling joke for kids .

1. Imagine a world where every house is a gingerbread house. What would your living room look like?

2. Write a funny story about going to space and meeting an alien.

3. Write an adventure short story about saving your friend from ghosts.

4. Write a funny story about futuristic methods of transportation.

5. Imagine that you’re permanently stuck on a ship. What would your life be like?

6. Write a story about what would happen if you woke up in a dog’s body.

7. Write a story about diving into the deepest ocean in the world.

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

9. What would you do if you had a tiger as a pet?

10. You have just invented a translation machine to talk to animals. What would you say first? 

10 Self-writing Prompts

Child focusing on journaling assignment

Poems for kids can be an excellent form of self-expression. You can introduce poetic 1st grade writing prompts and have your little ones practice their creative thinking skills. Poems can also empower kids to sound letters and words, which helps in cementing phonics and other concepts.

1. Write a poem about your favorite animals. 

2. Talk about your day, but in the form of a poem. Make it rhyme to AABB.    

3. Create a poem about the spring season.   

4. Write a Haiku about the sky.

5. Create a Limerick about how much you love dancing.

6. Write a poem about the tiniest things in the universe.

7. Can you write a poem about words that don’t rhyme? Try it!

8. Write a poem about the letters of the alphabet.

9. Write a short poem about how much you love your family.

10. Write a poem about counting fruit, vegetables, or marbles. 

10 Fiction Writing Prompts

First grader writing journal prompt

Fiction-based 1st grade writing prompts are also amazing writing tools that can help your child access new areas of their creative thinking. You can help them uncover their true writing potential and improve their problem-solving skills with the right fiction-themed 1st grade writing prompts.

1. You’re suddenly thrust into a game of Island survival and are tasked with saving the people. What would you do?

2. On your next fishing trip, you spot a deep-sea monster. Describe it in detail.

3. You suddenly have wings and are able to fly freely through the sky. Where do you go first?

4. You just slipped on a banana peel and made a mess. How do you clean it up?

5. You left for school and realized that all the streets are made of candy. What happens next?

6. You met Santa’s reindeer in the spring. What kind of questions would you ask it?

7. There are dinosaurs everywhere, and they’re taking control of the city. What happens next?

8. You’re a time traveler and you decided to visit ancient Egypt. What do you see?

9. Start a fairy tale and complete it with the prompt – “There was once a fire-breathing dragon protecting middle earth.”

10. You’re asked to write a completely new language. What would it sound like? 

10 Animal Writing Prompts

Child completing a writing assignment

Animal-themed 1st grade writing prompts can bring a sense of joy back into practicing writing. Your kids can explore the depths of their imagination with prompts about different habitats and species. With the right animal-based 1st grade writing prompts, you can also improve their visual processing capabilities. 

1. What is your favorite animal in the whole wide world? Why?

2. Describe your last visit to a petting zoo.

3. If you met a talking cat, what would it say?

4. Which dog breed do you love the most?

5. I love dogs because they are _.

6. What magical animal would you like to meet and why? (Unicorn, dragon, etc.)

7. If you could pick up three animal traits, what would they be?

8. Think of a completely new imaginary animal. What would it look like?

9. Who’s the scariest animal in the jungle?

10. What kind of animal makes the best pet? Why? 

10 Prompts to Help Your Kids Understand and Appreciate Emotions

Children practicing emotional writing prompts together

Some of the most impactful 1st grade journal prompts focus on writing about emotions. While opinion writing prompts 1st grade questions are great, you can really get into the mental framework of a child with emotion-driven prompts. 

1. When was the last time you were brave?

2. How do you feel when you goof up? Do you feel angry or sad?

3. What I love about myself is _.   

4. What makes me happy is when I am _.

5. How do you comfort a friend who is feeling scared?

6. Recall the last time you burst out laughing. How did you feel?

7. Sometimes I feel sad about _.

8. If I could change one thing in the world, it would be _.

9. Sometimes I am hard on myself about _.

10. Something I wish I were better at is _.  

10 Journal Writing Prompts For 1st Graders

Child practicing writing skills

The best first grade journal prompts are the ones that involve introspection, critical thinking, and active recalling. You can improve their writing and comprehension skills with some fun writing prompts for 1st grade students.

1. How are you feeling today? Talk about what emotions you felt.

2. What are five things that you are grateful for?

3. What is the one thing that surprised you today?

4. I love my mom because she’s _.

5. My idea of a fun vacation is.

6. If I lived on a mountain, my daily routine would be.

7. This spring season, I plan on doing _.

8. I love my sibling because _.

9. Write about your last vacation.

10. My favorite day of the year is.  

10 Descriptive Writing Prompts

Child writing about her favorite day

When it comes to writing topics for 1st graders, descriptive ones are some of the most fun for little kids. The top writing ideas for 1st grade students can involve describing events, objects, narratives, and storylines, giving them more control on their vision for their answers. You can use these creative writing prompts 1st grade level questions at any time during the year. 

1. Describe a dream walk through a garden.

2. Describe a typical school day in detail.

3. What type of music makes you happy? Describe why you love your favorite artist.

4. Describe the most interesting birthday you’ve had.

5. What’s your favorite hobby? Describe it in detail.

6. How would you describe a smartphone to someone from 1920?

7. What’s your favorite dessert? Why do you love it so much?

8. Which is your favorite memory in the whole wide world?

9. Talk about someone you look up to in detail.

10. Is there a comic book hero you love? Describe their qualities and what makes them special. 

Quick Tips on Helping Your 1st Grader Improve Their Writing Skills

Child writing journal prompts for improved writing

Now that we’ve explored the best writing prompts for 1 st graders, you can help them become better at the craft with the right strategies. You can use the best 1st grade journal prompts and encourage your kids to write with clarity and purpose.

You should also use different types of writing prompts for 1st grade kids. This will help you keep things interesting for your little ones while making them feel joyful when writing. In fact, the best 1st grade journal topics are the ones that are within your kids’ realm of interest.

Additionally, you can continue to reward them for writing extensively. By giving them toys, books, and colorful stationery, you can subtly encourage them to continue improving their writing and comprehension at the 1 st grade level. 

Start With The Best Prompts That Appeal to Your Kids

Kids writing journal prompts

You can start by mixing around writing prompts for your kids with different styles. You can also prepare your own prompts by referencing the examples mentioned above. The best way to get your kids excited about writing is to give them prompts that make them think outside the box.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your kids writing engaging narratives with these amazing writing prompts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do i select the right writing prompts for my 1st grader.

You should start with topics that they enjoy talking about organically.

How do I improve participation and excitement for writing prompts?

You can have them write about their favorite cartoons, movies, and books during the initial stages of writing prompts.

What are some ways to improve my child’s writing?

You can use prompts, worksheets, and tracing sheets, to help your kids improve their writing.

What are some writing activities for 1st graders?

You can have them write letters, poems, stories, and other narrative-driven pieces.

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

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11 best mindfulness activities for kids.

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Grade 1 Writing Prompts

25 exciting first grade writing prompts.

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

Here are 25 writing prompts that are perfect for Grade 1 level!

These prompts are divided into clear sections, to ensure that your child works through all styles of text covered in Grade 1 . These are:

Sentence starters

Super sentences.

  • "I think" prompts

Journal prompts

General prompts.

  • When I finish my school work, I will…
  • This weekend, I am looking forward to…
  • My favorite place I have ever visited is…
  • My favorite person to be with is…
  • On my birthday I want to…
  • Write a sentence using the words: great, game, fun
  • Write a sentence using the words: red, green, garden
  • Write a sentence using the words: dog, cat, pet
  • Write a sentence using the words: school, reading, writing
  • Write a sentence using the words: flying, bird, sky

‘I think’ prompts

  • Which game is the best?
  • Why is reading important?
  • What is the best type of food?
  • Why should we eat fruit and vegetables?
  • Where is the best place to go on holiday?
  • Last weekend I…
  • Write about a time that you went to the park.
  • This summer, I will…
  • I love my family because…
  • Write about something fun you have done with your family.
  • What would you do if you found a dog?
  • Write about a time you were kind to someone.
  • If you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • What would you do if you could be invisible?
  • What is your favorite music to listen to?

How Night Zookeeper can help

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

Night Zookeeper makes writing fantastically fun for children aged six to twelve!

Our language arts program for kids features an array of creative writing prompts, games, and interactive lessons, created to inspire children to write. We have designed our writing program to work in both home and school settings, so you’ll be covered whether you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler!

Sign up today to access our award-winning educational content and get a 7-day FREE trial!

More writing prompts & activities

  • Grade 1 Picture Writing Prompts
  • Grade 1 Writing Activities
  • Elementary Writing Prompts
  • Elementary Writing Activities
  • Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

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  • Shape & geometry
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  • Cause & effect
  • Compare & contrast
  • Fact vs. fiction
  • Fact vs. opinion
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  • Sounds & phonics
  • Words & vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Early writing
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Grade 1 Writing Prompts Worksheets

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

These sentences, letter writing, drawing and writing, and free form writing prompts worksheets will get your grade 1 level students engaged in writing .

Sentences writing prompts

Selecting from several topics, students are given sentences to complete .

Practice writing letters

These worksheets provide students with a template to practice writing letters to their teacher, family members, a friend and a more generic version. Members have access to further worksheets to write a letter to yourself in five years, a letter to your pet and writing a letter to a book character.

Draw and write prompt worksheets

In these worksheets, students are given a topic and are asked to write a story and then illustrate it .

Use your imagination to write

The final set of writing prompts has students use their imagination to write a free-form text .

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First Grade Writing Prompts

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

In first grade, students are beginning to develop their writing skills for the first time. These students should work towards complex writing goals–i.e. composing a chronological narrative and expressing an opinion–but should be given flexibility in how that writing is produced. For example, first graders may construct a narrative by drawing a series of pictures, or convey an opinion by dictating their thoughts to a teacher.

These simple but creative first-grade writing prompts will help students begin to develop their narrative, informative, opinion, and research writing skills.

Narrative Essay Writing Prompts

Students in first grade will develop their skills in writing narrative essays by relating the details of a real or imagined event and placing the details in sequential order. They can also include their reaction to the event. 

  • The Purple Crayon . Imagine that you have a magic crayon like the boy in  Harold and the Purple Crayon . Describe something you would draw.
  • Wings. Imagine that you are a bird or a butterfly . Write about what you might do in a day.
  • Superpowers. Name one superpower you’d like to have and explain how you would use it.
  • The Dumps. Think of a time when you were sad. What cheered you up?
  • Scary Story. Do you remember a time when you were really scared? What happened?
  • Family Fun. Does your family go on vacations together? What is your best memory from your last family trip?
  • Lost. Have you ever been lost? What did you do and how did you feel?
  • Shark Tales. What would your life be like if you were a shark ?
  • Movers and Shakers . Has your family ever moved to a new house? Describe the experience.
  • Dressing Up. Imagine that you have a magical dress-up box that turns you into whoever you dress as. Who would you be?
  • Teacher’s Pet . What if your teacher had a talking pet dragon and she brought it to school one day? Tell what you think would happen.
  • After School. Describe what you usually do in the first half hour after you get home from school each day.
  • Pet Dreams. What kind of pet do you have? Imagine a dream he or she might have and describe it.

Opinion Essay Writing Prompts

First graders can begin to develop their opinion writing skills by responding to a simple topic with their own thoughts and opinions. They should focus on understanding the concept of an opinion and providing basic justification for their own opinions .

  • First is Fun. What is the most exciting thing about being in first grade?
  • Must Read. What is one book that every kid should read and why should they read it?
  • School Food. Name your favorite lunch in your school’s cafeteria. Why is it your favorite?
  • Wild Side. What is your favorite wild animal and why?
  • New Friends . You may be meeting lots of new kids in first grade. What qualities do you look for in a friend?
  • Weather Woes. What is your least favorite type of weather?
  • Toy Story. Which of your toys is your favorite and what makes it so special?
  • Holidays . What is your favorite holiday and why?
  • Getting Older. Why is being in first grade better than being in kindergarten?
  • Weekend. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
  • Watch or Join.  If you are at a birthday party, are you more likely to be first in line to play all the games or do you like to hang back and watch others for a while?
  • Fish or Frog. Would you rather be a fish or a frog? Why?
  • Extra Hour. If you could stay up for an hour later than you’re allowed to each night, what would you do with the extra time?

Expository Essay Writing Prompts

Expository writing includes informational and how-to pieces. Students in first grade may use drawings, writing, or dictation to identify their topic and supply information about it.

  • Admiration. Name someone you admire and list three reasons you look up to them.
  • PB&J. List the steps you’d take to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Healthy Teeth . Explain why it’s important to take care of your teeth by brushing them every day.
  • Game Changer . Explain how to play your favorite board game.
  • Lost and Found. Describe what you should do if you become separated from your parents in a crowded place like a store or an amusement park.
  • Tough Tricks . Do you know how to do something that your friends haven’t figured out yet, such as blowing a bubble with chewing gum or jumping rope? Explain how to do it.
  • Pet Care. You’re going out of town, and your friend has agreed to take care of your pet while you’re gone. Explain what he or she needs to do.
  • Self Portrait. Describe your appearance to a friend as if he or she had never seen you.
  • Apology. Explain how you would apologize to a friend or relative if you hurt their feelings.
  • No More Germs. Describe the steps for washing your hands.
  • My Space. Describe your room. What does it look like? What kind of furniture and decoration do you have?
  • Rules. Choose one school rule and explain why it’s important for students to obey it.
  • Step-by-Step. Explain, step-by-step, how to complete a process such as tying a shoe or folding a paper airplane.

Research Writing Prompts

With help from an adult, first graders can begin to understand the research process. These prompts may be best utilized in a group setting, with a parent or teacher leading the student(s) through the research process using a single source (e.g. a book or magazine) to answer a question.

  • Dogs. List five things you know about dogs.
  • Favorite Author. Write down three facts about your favorite author.
  • Insects . Choose one of the following insects and find out where it lives, what it eats, how it moves, and what it looks like: butterfly, ant, bumblebee, or cricket.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians. Choose one of the following creatures and find out where it lives, what it eats, how it moves, and what it looks like: frog, toad, turtle, or snake.
  • My Town. Find out three facts about the history of your town.
  • Volcanoes . What is a volcano ? Where are volcanoes found? What do they do?
  • Dinosaurs. Choose a type of dinosaur and write 3 to 5 interesting facts about it.
  • Habitats. Choose a habitat such as an ocean, desert, tundra, or forest and describe the plants and animals that live there.
  • African Animals. Choose an animal that lives in Africa, such as an elephant , lion, or zebra, and write 3 to 5 interesting facts about it.
  • Sports . Choose your favorite sport. What are three important facts about how the game is played?
  • Famous People. Read a story about a famous person from history. Then, find out when the historical person was born and where they lived.
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Hundreds of Awesome Creative Writing Topics for kids

Creative writing is a great way for children to express themselves using imagination. At Kids Play and Create, we value young writers, and we are constantly updating our list to bring you new, fun, and imaginative writing prompts for kids.

We have story starters, icebreakers, fiction writing prompts, and fun topics to inspire kids through writing. From young students to middle school students and even high school, we have great writing prompts for all writing styles and even the most reluctant writers.

We started out with 50 creative writing topics for kids but have added many more. Check back regularly for newly added writing topics. 

                Check the end of the article for updated Creative Writing Topics for Teens. Are you looking for Creative Writing topics for 1st grade and 2nd grade with free printables? We have that too!

Creative Writing prompts for kids

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing can be used to explain many types of writing. It is a writing style that lets the writer express themselves.  Some forms of creative writing entertain the reader, while others are therapeutic.  Creative writing lets the writer use their imagination and takes the reader on a journey into their thoughts.

Is Creative Writing Important?

Creative writing is a great way to learn more about the children you work with.  You can find out things about what they like and don’t like.  Depending on the topic you choose, you can also find out things about their personality, what kind of friends they are, how they feel about themselves, and if they set goals and more.  

There are many benefits to writing. Creative writing helps build critical thinking skills and writing skills. These writing prompts will build a child’s confidence to write their own stories.

How do you get kids to want to write without complaining?  Give them fun topics that they will learn about themselves while writing.  On this list, you will find various good topics for both younger and older children.

Creative Writing is fun for All Ages.

Creative writing isn’t just for older children. It can be for the little ones too. Young students as early as Preschool or Kindergarten may not have the ability to write but can express themselves through drawing.

Have young students concentrate less on the writing and more on drawing a picture that goes with the topic. Children are great at expressing themselves through art.

hundreds of writing prompts for kids

Awesome Creative Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

1. Have the children write on top of the page:  I Am Special Because… This is a good topic to help children express themselves.

Have the children think about why they are special and ask themselves questions, here are some examples: what am I good at? Who have they helped? How have I made a difference? What special talent do I have?

2. If I was a superhero, what kind of superhero would I be, and what powers would I have? (This can also be done using villains)

 Examples of powers they can write about: are flying, super speed, eye lasers, walking through walls, shooting ice, shooting fire, changing the weather, camouflage, shapeshifting (changing shape), and turning invisible. 

Activity:  Keep track of who chose a superhero or a villain. Do not let the children know that another activity will follow after the writing activity. When the writing activity is over, split the children into two teams, the superhero team and the villain team.  Have them vs. each other in a game of tag.  Who will champion the superheroes or the villains? 

3. What do I want to be when I grow up and why? This a great way to get to know children.  By asking what they want to be when they grow up, you can find out what the children like.  It’s also a great way for children to start thinking about the future.

4. If you were given three wishes, what would they be and why? This is a fun topic.  Children can think about having anything in the world.  Will they pick something like peace on earth or go the million-dollar route?  

5. If I could invent a new animal, what animal would it be?  Have the children ask themselves the following questions: What does the animal look like (what color, is it big or small, is it a combination of two animals)?  What sounds does the animal make?  What does it eat?  Where does it live?  Describe the animal’s habitat.

Creative Writing Topics for kids

Creative Writing Topics for Kids

6. If I could invent a new toy, what kind of toy would I create and why? Or, If I could improve a toy, which toy would I improve, and how would I make it better?  You can talk to the children about the creative process:  First, you come up with an idea, then you have to get it made.  You can talk to the children about manufacturing toys.  Here are some questions you can ask the children about improving a toy.  How do you want to make the toy better?  Do you want to make the remote control car faster?  Is the game challenging enough?  Do you want your doll to have more features or do more?  These are all questions you can ask the children to get their brains thinking.

7. If I could make something disappear in my life, what would it be and why? Ask the children if there is something in your life that makes them unhappy.  Is there a problem you are having?  

8. All About me essay. Some sample questions the children can ask are:  What are my likes and dislikes? What is my favorite subject in school? What do I want to be when I group up?  Who is their favorite actress/actor?  Where do they want to visit? They can name the people in their family, talk about any extracurricular activities they do, etc.

In what ways do I help my family? Have children write about the ways they help their families.  Do you have chores?  If so, what are they?  Do you help your mom or dad cook?  Do you talk out the garbage? Do you take care of your siblings?  Do you have a job to help pay bills?  

10. How can I be a better friend?  Have children think about what type of friends they are.  Are they good listeners?  Are you kind?  Do you talk about your friends to other people?  Have them think about how they would like to be treated by a friend, do they treat their friends the way they want to be treated?

The Best Creative Writing Topics for 4th and 5th grade

11. If you could be invisible, what would you do and why? Have the children think about what it would be like to be invisible.  Would they use this new power for good or would they try to do something bad?

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12. What do you think about bullies and why? Have the children define what a bully is to them in their paper.  Do they think they are a bully?  Do they think bullying is wrong?  Remember, these are things the children are feeling, there are no wrong answers.

13. Why is it important to be honest and not lie?  To them, the children with their writing ask them the following questions. What does it mean to be honest?  Have you ever told a lie that turned into another lie?

14. What would you do if you won a million dollars?  This question is usually a favorite topic with the children.  Ask them if they think one million dollars is a lot of money.  Depending on where you live, it might be just enough to buy a small house and a car.  What are some things you would buy?  Would you save some or spend it all?

15. If you could change the world, what would you do and why? This is a good question for older children.  Would they change things, such as ending hate and violence in the world? Would they change things such as making gas or food free for everyone? You will get various answers, making this a fun and interesting topic.

Little Boy Writing

Fun Writing Prompts Ideas

16. If you were a king/queen, what would you do and why? This is a fun topic for both younger and older children.  Activity: Have the children draw their kingdom and a picture of them as king or queen

17. If you could invent a video game, what kind of game would you create and why? This topic is also great for older children and young er children.  Children love playing video games, they may not realize that they can make video games for a living.  Talk to the children about video game developers and the process of creating video games.  Have them brainstorm ideas for games, and find out what they can come up with.

18. Write about a time when you had to be brave, what did you do, and how did it feel?  Ask the children if they have ever been afraid. What were they afraid of? Did something scary happen to them?  What did they do to get through it?

19. Write about a trip to the moon, how did you get there, what did you see, it was fun or scary?

20. Write about something you are good at?

21. Write about one thing you want to learn about?

22. Write about a time when you worked hard to get something. This can be a thing or an accomplishment, like making a team, finally getting that cartwheel, or passing a test.

23. Write about five things you could be better at if you worked hard and gave more effort.  There is always room for improvement.  Talk to the children about the importance of trying hard and working towards a goal.

24. If you had to give away $1,000, what would you do with it, who would you give it to? This is a great question when talking to children about being kind and helping others.  

Journal Prompts or Kids

25. What is the best thing someone has ever given to you?

26. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

27. Write about what you can teach others. Everyone is good at something.  This question helps children think about what they’re good at and how they can help others.

28. Did you ever get into an argument with a friend or family member? How did that make you feel?  

29. Did you ever hurt someone’s feelings?  Explain what happened and how it made you feel.  

30. Did someone ever hurt your feelings? How did it make you feel? Did you talk to that person about it?

31. Is there anyone you would like to switch places with? who and why?

32. What does it mean to be loyal?

33. When was a time you were loyal to a friend or a friend who was loyal to you?

34. What famous person would you like to meet? Write about a day spent with a famous person.

Self-Esteem Writing Topics

34. Has a friend ever betrayed you? How did it make you feel? What do you think your friend should have done differently?

35. Have you ever been friends with someone who was unpopular or not part of the group?  This is a great question to ask children when teaching them about acceptance and how it feels not to be part of a group.

36. When was a time you felt you were treated unfairly? How did it make you feel?

37. Is it fair to give someone a head start in a race?  When is it fair? When is it not fair?

38. Write about a time when you had a strong opinion about something? Why did you feel so strongly about it?

39. Write about a time you made a big mistake.  How did you fix it?  Everyone makes mistakes.  This writing topic helps children understand that mistakes are part of the learning experience.

40. Write about a time when you were very angry.  What happened? How did being angry make you feel? I find that many times children will feel sad when they are angry.  Did I make a good choice when I was angry? This is a great writing topic when discussing feelings with children.  It is important for them to understand that anger isn’t wrong, and you are allowed to feel angry.

41. If you heard a rumor about a friend you knew wasn’t true, what would you do? How would it make you feel?

42. Write about a time when you cheered someone up. What did you do? How did it make you feel? How did it make that person feel?

43. Write about a time you used your inner strength to get through a tough situation.

44. Write about three things that are hard for you and why.

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45. When was the last time you were afraid? What scared you? How did you react?

46. What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

47. Who is your hero, and why?

48. What do you think risk-taking is?  Have you ever taken a risk?

49. Write about your best friend. Who are they, how long have you known them, and why are they your best friend?

50. What does it mean to have good character? Do you think you have good character, why?

Short Story Writing Topics for Kids

51. Think about something you are not allowed to do but wish you could.  Write about why you want to do it and why you should be allowed to do it.

52. If you could be on a t.v show, which one would it be and why?  

53. If you had to choose to be one age for the rest of your life which age would you want to be?  Why?

54.  If you could pick the perfect job, what would it be?

55. You just found a treasure map, write about what you would do next.  Do you decide to look for the treasure?  Who is going to help you?  What supplies do you need? Did the map lead you to the treasure, or was it fake?  If you found the treasure, what was it?  What did you do with it?

56. You just built a time machine.  Where in time would you go?  What did you do?  What did you see?  Would you want to stay there or come back to the present time?

57.  You just discovered a new land.  What are you going to call your land?  What kind of animals live there?  Have you discovered anything on your land?  What are you going to build on your new land?

58. Challenge the kids to write a scary story.

59. If you are working with younger children, instead of having them write, you can have them draw and answer questions about their drawing.  Try some of these topics.

1  Create a monster.  Your monster can be silly, scary, funny, big, little, colorful, etc..  What is your monster’s name?  What does your monster eat?  Where does your monster live?  Is your monster nice or mean?  You can write the answers to the questions on the paper for the child or have them come up and share their drawing, while they are showing their picture, ask them questions about their monster.

2.  Create an animal.  This is the same as the monster but just an animal instead.

3. Create new food. What kind of food is it?  Is it a dessert, is it something spicy, is it a combination of both?  Have the children draw a picture of their new food.

Group Writing Prompts for kids

Group Writing Prompts for Kids

I’ve been working with kids on group writing and art projects.  The kids enjoyed these topics the best.

58. Create a fairy tale. have each group member write one part of the story. Then have each member of the group draw one part of the story. When the children are finished writing, have them come up in front of the class and retell their story.   

59.  Create an amusement park.  Discuss as a group the name of the park.  Have each member of the group write about the parts of the park. 

A. What is the theme of your park?  Adventure, thrill rides, water rides, safari, etc.

B.  Write about the type of rides in the park.  Are there shows in the park?

C. Describe places to eat at the park and what type of food they serve.

D. Do they have a gift shop?  What do they sell at your park?

Art Project:  On a large poster board, have each group member draw a park map.  List of attractions, games, food, restrooms, gift shops, shows, etc..

 60. Create a planet – Your group has just discovered a new planet.  Have a group discussion about the planet.  What is the name?  Do anyone live on the planet? Is there water on the planet? Did you find fossils, aliens, or animals?  Is there oxygen? Are there plants, trees, or water?  Have each member of the group write something about the planet.

Art Project: Make a planet out of paper mache.  Once dry, paint, and decorate the planet.

Newly Added Creative Writing Prompts

61. Create a new food/or meal and make a recipe to teach others how to make it.  Have the kids draw a picture of the new food/meal.

62. Create a new game and describe how to play.  This writing topic lets children use their imaginations.  Have the children draw out the game on paper.  If creating a  board game, have the children turn the paper into a board game.

63. Write about a time you lost a game, didn’t do well on a test, or made a mistake, what lesson did you learn? This is a great writing topic to use when teaching children about losing.  Everyone loses sometimes.  losing actually makes you better.  Without losing, sometimes, you won’t strive to become better.

64.  Your video just went viral on Youtube.  What did you do in your video? These days children spend so much time looking at videos on Youtube.  Have them imagine what it would be like to become famous overnight with a viral video.

Fabulous Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

65.  Pretend you had an evil twin.  Write about some things your evil twin does.

66. What is the grossest lunch you have ever been served?  Write about this gross meal.  Remember to add many details about what the food looked and tasted like.

67. What is your sorcerer’s name?  What kind of sorcerer would you be?  Would you be evil or nice?  What kind of powers would you have?  What is something that you did as a sorcerer?

68. What are your personal superpowers?  Are you a great friend, are you smart, do you have a hidden talent?  Write about the superpowers that you already have.

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69. Write about a time when you were proud of your work and did your best.  How did that make you feel?  Do you always try your best?  Why or why not

70. You have been working hard on your schoolwork/project all for a while, and your mind and body are tired, and you need a break.  What are some ways that you like to take a break?  Do you like to color, take deep breaths, play your favorite game, nap, or have a snack?  Tell us about how you like to take a break.

  • Invent a new holiday. What would you call your holiday? When is it celebrated? How is it celebrated?
  • You became a movie star overnight, what movie were you in? What character did you play?
  • Write about your favorite sport. Why is it your favorite? Give directions on how to play.
  • What is your favorite thing? Describe it and tell why it is your favorite.
  • Who is your favorite teacher? Explain why they are your favorite.

Creative Writing Topics for teens

The Best Creative Writing Prompts and Topics for Teens

  • Have you ever seen somebody being treated unfairly?  If so, did you do anything about it, or did you ignore it and walk away?
  • Do you talk to people the same way in person as you do on social media?
  • How do you think social media has changed or is changing the world?
  • What kind of America do you want to live in?
  • What are your plans after high school?
  • What do you think college life is like?
  • Do you think it is important to save money at your age?  If so, how do you save money?  Why do you think it is important?
  •  Do you know what it means to have good credit?  Do you think it is important to have good credit?  Why?
  • Would you ever join the military?  Why?
  • Who is your idol, and why?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?

New Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School and High School Students

  • If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Write about something you would love to try and why
  • Write about something you did but then felt guilty about it later.  How did you handle the situation?
  • What is the hardest experience you have ever been through?  How did you handle it?
  • Have you ever been to a job interview?  Where are you prepared?  Did you get the job? Would you say something different if you could do it over? Would you be better prepared next time?
  • How do you think the world will be 50 years from now? How do you think people will treat each other?  How do you think the internet/social media has changed the world?  What kind of cars do you think we will be driving?  Will we still be using gas?
  • Write about your dream home.  Would you live in a house or an apartment in the city?  Do you want a big house or something small?  What kind of fun features would your dream home have?
  • If you were a parent, would you let your child have a social media account?  Why or why not?
  • Would you rather work in a team on a project or alone?
  • Write about your favorite song, why is it your favorite?  What is your favorite verse?  How do you feel when listening to it?
  • If you were a clothing designer, what kind of clothes would you design?
  • You have to spend one year stranded on a deserted island, you can bring five things or people with you, what do you bring?
  • You are a superhero, you have to use your powers to make a positive change in the world.  What powers do you have?
  • You are given the power to change one thing you don’t like about yourself, would you change anything?  If yes, what would you change and why?
  • Write about your future self. What is your life like?

Updated Creative Writing Topics for Middle School and High School

  • You are creating a new amusement park.  What kind of park would it be?  What kind of rides does it have?
  • Write about the best Christmas gift you have ever received. Explain what it was, why it was your favorite, who gave it to you, do you still have it.  
  • You were given 1 million dollars, but you must give it away.  Who would you give it to?  would you give it to one person or a couple of different people?  Would you donate it to an organization? 
  • Name 5 of the most important things in your life ( house, family, health, etc..); now you just lost all of them.  How would you feel, what would you do?
  • You just became a YouTube sensation.  What did you do that made you famous?  How does it feel to be recognized by people on the street?
  • A friend of yours has been depressed and said that they told you they don’t want to live anymore.  What do you do and why?
  • How would people describe you and why?
  • Do you think that violent video games make people violent?  Do you think there should be age restrictions on video games?
  • You have a choice of giving up social media or hanging out with your friends for a week, which one do you choose and why?
  • Do you think what you learn in school can help you in the real world?  What topics do you think you should be learning and why?

The Best Creative Writing Prompts for Teens Continued 

  • Do you think that money can buy happiness, why or why not?
  • Do you think you need higher education to become successful?
  • How important is your cell phone with you? I rather give up….blank…. than my cell phone (explain).
  •  Describe the perfect day. What would you do?
  • Have you ever been faced with discrimination?  Were you the one being discriminated against, or were you a witness to discrimination, How did you feel?
  • If you were given the opportunity to meet anyone in the world, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why?
  • Why do you think we pay taxes?  Do you believe taxes are necessary?  What do you think our tax money is used for?

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225 Fun & Free Creative Writing Prompts for Kids in All Grade Levels

Two students sit at a desk together working on writing prompts for kids.

Written by Maria Kampen

Prodigy English is here! Get your students playing — and learning — today.

  • Teacher Resources
  • Elementary school writing prompts

Middle school writing prompts

High school writing prompts.

  • Social emotional learning jounal prompts
  • Math writing prompts

Writing prompts are meant to unlock creativity. They’re story starters designed to inspire creative thinking. They can take you to places you’ve been or recall an important time in your life. 

But mostly, they’re useful tools for teachers to inspire writing growth in students from grade school to high school.

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…”

It’s amazing how one simple sentence can send you on a journey to places you’ve never been, filled with untold possibilities. 

Reading is great, but you know what’s even better? Giving your students the power to write stories for themselves. 

Writing prompts for kids help students:

  • Express themselves and their creativity
  • Grasp lifelong literacy skills and concepts
  • Tell their own stories and build self-confidence
  • Develop a growth mindset when it comes to their writing skills

Writing is like a muscle — it takes practice to build up skills. Luckily, we put together a list of over 200 writing prompts to help your students get started. We’ve also organized them by middle school, high school and elementary school to help teachers decide whether these prompts are age-appropriate for their students.

Grade school writing prompts

Grade schoolers can definitely begin to address complex ideas when it comes to story writing — but you should seek to keep the prompts simple and straightforward. 

Reluctant writers might be intimidated by complicated writing ideas — and this is an age where we should be encouraging creativity.

Creative writing prompts for elementary schoolers

Young child sits at a desk with a notebook and pencil, writing in the notebook.

Whether it’s exploring the furthest reaches of outer space, traveling across the Sahara desert or sticking a little closer to home, these creative writing prompts will have students imagining endless possibilities for their writing.

  • Write about what your life would be like if you turned into a squirrel. What would you do every day?
  • A strange spaceship just crashed and landed in your backyard. What happens next?
  • Make up a story about where thunder comes from.
  • You find an old notebook hidden in an attic. What does it say? Who did it belong to?
  • You have a magic garden. What magical plants do you grow? How do you take care of them?
  • Write a story about running away with the circus when it comes to town.
  • Rewrite “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from the perspective of one of the dwarfs (Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful).
  • There once was a little boy who ate nothing but oranges. What happened to him?
  • Write a story about a magical hat. Where is it from? What does it do? What does it look like?
  • You’re exploring the rainforest and come across a flower that no one’s ever seen before. Describe it!
  • Tell me a story about a dinosaur living a long, long time ago.
  • Tell me a story about an astronaut visiting another planet. Where are they going? How do they get there? What do they take with them?
  • You discover a magic portal in the park. Where does it lead to?
  • Pick a partner and write a story together! Start by writing the first sentence, then pass it to your partner to write the second sentence.
  • You find buried treasure in the park, hidden in a big wooden chest. What kind of treasure is it? Who left it there?
  • Write a story about a family that can travel in time. 
  • Write a story without using the letter “E”.
  • Write the funniest story you can think of. 
  • There’s a kangaroo in your classroom. How did it get there? What happens when you find it?
  • Write a story about an explorer who keeps getting lost. Where are they trying to go? What do they find along the way?
  • Write a story about a wooden door, a can of soda and a blue shoe.
  • If there was a magical portal in the back of your closet, where would it lead to? 
  • Finish this story: There was a knock on the door. I opened it to find a dog sitting there, and…
  • You come home and find that everything in your house is upside down. What happened?
  • Describe the color “red” without using the word “red”.
  • There’s an old, abandoned house at the end of your street that’s been empty for years. One day, someone moves in.
  • Rewrite the story of Cinderella from the perspective of the stepsisters.  
  • Write a backstory for Ed, the orange Prodigy mascot. 
  • You wake up one morning and find a mermaid in your bathtub. How did they get there? What do you do?
  • Write a story about a monster looking for some friends. 
  • Oh no — your balloon blew away! Write about what happens from the balloon’s perspective. 
  • You and your friends are out for a walk when, out of nowhere, your friends start disappearing! What’s going on?
  • Once upon a time, an old inventor built a weather machine. It sat undiscovered for years — until you found it. What happens next?
  • You just ate a cookie that turned you 15 feet tall. What do you do next?

Fun writing prompts for grade schoolers

Young child sits at a table in front of a window while writing on a sheet of paper.

Everyday life is full of great inspiration for writing! Get students thinking with these easy and fun writing prompts.Write about something you are good at. 

  • If you could write a book about anything, what would you write about?
  • If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?
  • Do you have a favorite animal? Tell me all about it! Why do you like it?
  • What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything was pink — including you?
  • What food can you not live without? Why?
  • If you could add any class to your school schedule, what would it be?
  • Invent a new day of the week. What is it called? When is it? What do people usually do on that day of the week?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? 
  • If you could spend a Saturday doing anything you wanted, what adventures would you get up to?
  • If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you choose? Why?
  • What's your favorite, wacky food?
  • Where is your favorite place to read? Why?
  • What was the coolest day of school for you? What made it exciting?
  • Which of your toys do you wish could talk? What would they say?
  • If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?
  • Invent a machine to do a chore for you. What does the machine do? What does it look like?
  • What's your favorite season? What makes it the best?
  • What is your favorite math game and why?
  • Describe your real-life superpower.
  • Finish the story: When I'm older I want to be an expert in…
  • If pets could talk to each other, what would they say?
  • If you were the captain of a ship, what would you call your ship? What would it look like? Where would you go?
  • If your pet could talk to you, what do you think it would say?
  • If you were the only person on earth for one day, what would you do?
  • Plan the perfect birthday party for yourself. 
  • What is your favorite thing to do over summer break?
  • Describe your ideal birthday cake. 
  • If you could add any type of room to your house, what would it be?
  • What’s your favorite movie and why?

Persuasive writing prompts for elementary school

Top-down photograph of a girl with braids sitting at a desk next to another student and writing in a notebook.

Are your students’ opinions up for debate? Ask them to flex their critical thinking skills with these persuasive writing prompts. Once they’re done, get class discussion flowing with a spirited debate!

  • Write a letter convincing your parents to let you get a pet dog. What arguments do you use to persuade them?
  • Convince your teacher that you should be allowed an extra 15 minutes of recess.
  • Convince your best friend to read your favorite book.
  • How would you convince someone to do your chores for you?
  • Write a commercial for your favorite breakfast food. What would convince someone else to try it?
  • What flavor of chips is the best? Why?
  • What would make a better pet — a monkey or a peacock?
  • Do you think children should be allowed to stay up as late as they want?
  • What’s your favorite holiday and why should it be everyone’s favorite? 
  • Convince us that your favorite food should be a staple in everyone’s diet.

As students enter middle school, they’re starting to feel like bigger, older kids. They can start writing original short stories and abstract persuasive essays. 

It’s best to inspire creativity at this age and encourage them to explore their own voice and different writing styles. These prompts will definitely go a long way in inspiring that.

Creative Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

  • Invent a new type of transportation for the future. Who uses it? Where does it go?
  • If you had a time machine, where would you visit first — the past or the future? Why?
  • You get on the bus and find a four-piece jazz band giving a concert. What do you do?
  • Design and name your own Prodigy pet . What element are they? What’s their special power?
  • Finish this story: “Something just touched my foot,” they shouted, swimming frantically towards the shore. 
  • Write a silly or scary story to tell around a campfire. 
  • Finish this story: Everything was going so well today — until I tripped and fell, right in front of…
  • Throughout your adventures as a pirate on the high seas, you’ve seen lots of strange and magical creatures. Which one was the most interesting?
  • Deep in the heart of a dark and mysterious cave, there lies a magic stone. Write about your quest to find it. 
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word “strawberry.”
  • There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She knit and she baked, but what else did she do?
  • Finish this story: “One thing I’ll never do again,” she said, “Is go on vacation with an alpaca.”
  • Make up a new planet and describe it. 
  • Write a story about a family of penguins living on an iceberg.
  • Write a story about a girl who can walk through walls. 
  • You’ve been invited to a ball at the Queen’s palace! What is it like?
  • Imagine you’re exploring the Amazon jungle. Write a diary entry about your day.
  • If you could invent a TV show, what would it be about?
  • You discovered an underwater kingdom! What is it like there?
  • A lonely trumpet player makes friends with the dancer who lives next door. What happens next?
  • You go to the park to fly a kite, but get carried away by the wind! What happens next?
  • Write a story about a volcano that’s about to erupt.
  • Write a story about visiting an old lady who lives deep in the woods.
  • Boom, you’re a superhero! Give yourself an origin story, describe your superpowers and plan what you’ll do to make the world a better place. 
  • Write a story using these six words: calendar, headphones, lipstick, mug, bear.
  • You wake up to find you’re invisible. How did it happen? What do you do?
  • There’s been a robbery at the bank, and you’re in charge of finding the culprit. How do you solve the case?
  • Finish the story: Once upon a time, there was a dragon...
  • You just joined a super-secret spy organization. What’s your first mission?
  • Write a story about being cold without using the word “cold.”
  • You’re a scientist and you’ve just discovered a new type of bug. Describe what it looks like, where it’s from and what you’re going to call it. 
  • Imagine a world where all the birds can talk. What would they say?
  • Write about what happens after the end of your favorite book or movie.
  • Finish the story: She sprinted down the driveway to the mailbox. The package was here!
  • You’re on a hike and a bird starts talking to you. What do you do? What does it say?
  • Write a story using these five words: bubblegum, stapler, spoon, lightbulb, strawberry.
  • You ate a magical carrot and your skin turned orange! What happens next?
  • Write about what it would be like if you had an elephant for a pet.

Fun Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

  • If you were in charge of the classroom for a day, what would your class do?
  • Tell me about the last dream you had.
  • You’re trapped on a desert island. What three things did you bring with you and why?
  • What mythical creature would you like to have as a pet? Why?
  • Invent a new type of pasta. What does it look like? What does it taste like?
  • If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Make a plan and tell the story of your dream vacation.
  • Plan the perfect picnic. Where would it be? What food would you have?
  • If you could decorate your bedroom any way you wanted, what would it look like?
  • Write a story that sounds loud, using onomatopoeia (words that sound like their meaning, like crash, snort, bang and boom.)
  • Invent a new type of cookie. What does it taste like?
  • Invent a new sport. What is it called? What are the rules?
  • How would you disguise yourself to blend in with a forest?
  • You just won a special award from the president. What did you do to earn that award?
  • Do you collect anything? What is it and why? If not, what would you like to collect?
  • You just found a genie in a bottle. What three things would you wish for? (Remember, no wishing for extra wishes!
  • Explain how to play your favorite sport or do your favorite hobby. Make it as exciting as possible!
  • Describe the most beautiful sunrise or sunset you’ve ever seen.
  • If you could live in any book or movie, which one would you choose and why?
  • Imagine that you’re going on a camping trip. What do you pack to make sure the trip is fun?
  • If you could invent a robot to do any chore, what chore would it be? How would the robot do it?
  • Would you rather it was always raining, or always snowing?
  • Imagine you’re a toy inventor. What will you create?
  • Would you rather climb to the top of a mountain or go scuba diving?
  • Interview a family member about their childhood, then write it as a story.
  • What was your favorite toy growing up — why was it so special to you?

Persuasive Writing Prompts for Middle School

  • If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be and why?
  • Is it better to read the book before you watch the movie, or watch the movie before you read the book?
  • Persuade someone to try out your favorite hobby or sport.
  • What’s the best way to try and persuade a friend to do what you want to do?
  • When is peer pressure good? When is peer pressure bad?
  • Is it better to have lots of friends, or just a few really good friends?
  • Should students be in charge of what they learn in school?

High school students can either be tasked with more complex writing prompts or breathe nuance into simple story ideas. Students can drive these prompts in a million different ways.

So while not necessarily more complicated than middle school, these prompts can be tweaked, either by the student or teacher, to encourage thought-provoking output.

Creative Writing Prompts for High Schoolers

  • Write a story about someone your age who lives on the other side of the world. 
  • Pick up the nearest book and turn to page 7. Close your eyes and point to a random word on the page, then write a story about that word.
  • Write a story in ten words or less.
  • You fell asleep for 100 years. What does the world look like when you wake up?
  • Finish the story: “This isn’t what I hoped would happen,” she said….
  • You’re walking down the street when you see someone who looks exactly like you.
  • Write a story where the main character learns something new about themselves.
  • Write a story that takes place in the desert. 
  • Write a story about a day where everything seems to go wrong. 
  • Write a poem about the color blue.
  • How would your life be different if you didn’t have access to a computer, video games or your phone?

Fun writing prompts for high schoolers

  • You win a million dollars, but there’s a catch — you have to spend it all in 24 hours, or you lose all the money. What do you do?
  • Write about something you or your family does from the perspective of someone from another country.
  • If you could make up a new holiday, when would it be and what would it celebrate?
  • Go out on a nature walk and find a tree. Write the story of that tree, from the time it was a seed until now.
  • What’s the most boring superpower you can think of? How would it be useful?
  • If you could pass any law, what would it be?
  • You meet yourself in the future, as a grown-up at age 35 — what do you talk about? 
  • If you had to show aliens the most important/best things in the world, what would you show them?
  • Who is your hero and why?
  • Write about the best surprise you ever got. 
  • What are three good things you can do for the environment? How can you encourage the people around you to do good things for the environment?
  • What is your earliest memory? Write down as many details as you can remember.
  • If you could take two people – real or fictional – on a cross-country road trip, who would you take? Where would you go?
  • If you could have any job in the world tomorrow, what would you do?
  • What is the best thing about living in your city or neighbourhood?
  • Write a letter to your 30-year-old self. What do you think you’ll accomplish by then?
  • Teach me how to make your favorite recipe.
  • Describe the sound of your favorite song using descriptive words.

Persuasive writing prompts for high school

  • Should kids be allowed to use social media unsupervised? Why or why not?
  • Persuade someone to start a healthy habit, or get rid of a bad one.
  • Should all single-use plastics be outlawed? Why or why not?
  • Should our school have a dress code? Why or why not?
  • Is it more important to be right or to not hurt someone else’s feelings?
  • What important historical figure do you think belongs on the ten-dollar bill?
  • Do you think you’re born with your personality traits, or do you gain them as you grow up?
  • Should mobile apps be responsible for protecting your privacy — why or why not?

Social emotional learning journal prompts

Two students sit outside against a brick wall, working in notebooks.

School is about more than just books and quizzes — it’s about preparing students for the rest of their lives. Social emotional learning teaches them how to build good relationships with peers, understand and control their emotions and make healthy life decisions.

Journaling is a great way for students to reflect on their feelings in a safe, private space. Use these journaling prompts as thought starters for more social emotional learning!

Check out our list of the 25 best social emotional learning activities for students here. 

  • Tell me about a tradition you have with your family or friends. 
  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
  • Have you ever found something that you lost? How did you feel when you found it?
  • What is something you haven’t learned this school year that you’re still wondering about?
  • What do you do when you’re angry? Write about three ways you calm yourself down.
  • Where do you feel the safest? Why do you feel safe there?
  • Write a poem to make a friend happy.
  • When was the last time you were kind to someone? How can you be kind to someone today?
  • How are you feeling today? Are you happy, sad, excited or anxious?
  • If you could give your best friend a present, what would it be?
  • What are the qualities you look for in a friend? Why is it important to be a good friend?
  • What does responsibility mean to you?
  • Who do you talk to when you’re worried about something? How do they make you feel better?
  • If you could make a card for anyone in your life, who would it be for and what would it say?
  • What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
  • Write about a time you had to make a hard decision. How did you make your decision?
  • What do you do to make yourself happy when you’re sad?
  • Write about a time you were disappointed. 
  • What are three things that make your best friend awesome?
  • What do you think empathy means? Why is it important?
  • How can you cheer up a friend who is sad?
  • What makes you a good friend? How can you be a better friend?
  • What’s the best piece of advice a friend, parent or teacher has ever given you?
  • Write three goals for the rest of the school year. How are you going to accomplish them?
  • What does responsibility mean to you? What are you responsible for at school and at home?
  • What person in your life makes you feel confident?
  • What scares you? How can you overcome your fears?
  • Tell me about a time when you tried something new. How did it feel? Did you do it again?

Math writing prompts for kids

A student holds an orange with an equation written on it while working on a math writing prompt.

Whether it’s tackling word problems or explaining a new concept, writing is a surprisingly good tool for the math classroom. 

A math journal can help you understand what students already know, while giving them space to work through tricky concepts on their own. Use these writing prompts to promote literacy in every subject — and help students avoid math anxiety .

  • Tell me everything you know about ________.
  • Explain, in words, how to solve this problem.
  • What is and isn’t true about this situation?
  • What is _______?
  • Explain two different ways to solve this problem. Which one is better?
  • What did you get correct in this problem?
  • What mistakes did you make while solving this problem?
  • What do you not understand about _____?
  • Write a word problem using the concept we’re learning about. 
  • What did you learn today?
  • How do you use math in your everyday life?
  • What is the easiest/hardest part of math class?
  • What discoveries did you make in math class today?

Final thoughts on writing prompts for kids

Writing prompts aren’t the end of the story — they’re just the beginning. Encourage your students to build a regular writing practice, and soon you’ll see the benefits in every class. 

Where will your students’ imaginations take them?

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300 Fun Writing Prompts for Kids: Story Starters, Journal Prompts & Ideas

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Are you a parent or teacher? Here are 300 fun and creative writing prompts for kids to spark the imagination of young writers everywhere. Use these kids writing ideas as journaling prompts, story starters or just for fun!

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It’s never too early to start writing, and so we’ve created this fun list of 300 creative kids writing prompts for teacher and parents to use.

You’ll love these fun ideas for kids writing prompts to use as creative sparks to get young imaginations writing in no time!

writing prompts for kids

These are perfect to use as kids journal writing prompts, as short story writing prompts, or just for exercises to help students and children of all ages tap into their creativity. Maybe your kids will write an essay, maybe a poem, or maybe even a whole book!

Whether you are a teacher or parent looking to inspire your kids to write, or maybe even an adult who would like to practice writing with a more playful and young-hearted approach, I hope you find these creative writing prompts inspiring!

Buy the Printable Cards!  We will always have this list of 300 kids writing prompts available for free, but I’m very excited to now also offer an  ad-free printable version of these prompts  in my online Etsy shop. Thank you for your support!

The Ultimate List of 300 Fun & Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

#1. Imagine a giant box is delivered to your front doorstep with your name on it. What’s inside and what happens when you open it?

#2. Write a short story about what it might be like if you woke up one morning with a mermaid tail.

#3. Which is better, winter or summer? Write about the reasons why you think winter or summer is better.

#4. Write about what would it be like if you had an alligator as a pet.

#5. If you had $1,000, what would you buy and why?

#6. Write a story using these 5 words: apple, train, elephant, paper, banjo

#7. What do you want be when you grow up and why?

#8. Who is your favorite person on the planet? What do you like most about that person?

#9. If you could have any secret super power, what would you want it to be and why?

#10. Write about 3 places you would like to travel someday. What do these three places have in common?

#11. Write about a time you felt really happy. What happened? What made you feel happy?

#12. Imagine what would happen if someone shrunk you down to be only 1″ tall. How would your life change?

#13. If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make the world a happier place?

#14. Write a story about what it would be like to climb to the very top of the highest mountain in the world.

#15. If you were in charge of planning the school lunch menu, what foods would you serve each day?

#16. What are some of your favorite animals? What do you like about them?

writing prompt card for kids example

#17. Imagine that dogs take over the world. What do they make the humans do?

#18. Write a story about flying to outer space and discovering a new planet.

#19. You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. What is it called? What does it look like? What does it taste like? Most importantly: Is it safe to eat?

#20. You go to school one morning to discover your best friend has been turned into a frog by an evil witch! How do you help your friend?

#21. Describe what it is like when trees lose all of their leaves in the autumn season.

#22. Write about your favorite sport and why you like it so much.

#23. Imagine what it might be like to live on a boat all the time and write about it.

#24. If you had one wish, what would it be?

#25. Write about what you might do if you have the super power to become invisible.

#26. You are walking through the forest when one of the trees starts talking to you. What does it say? What do you do?

#27. The weather forecast is calling for a blizzard in the middle of the summer. What do you do?

#28. What types of transportation will people have in the future?

#29. What were some of your favorite toys when you very little? Do you still enjoy playing with them?

#30. What would a day in your life be like if you were a movie star?

#31. Imagine you’ve invented a time machine! What year do you travel to?

#32. What are your favorite things to do over summer vacation?

#33. What is your favorite holiday and why?

#34. If you could meet any fictional character from a book, who would it be?

#35. You are writing a travel guide for kids visiting your city. What places do you think they should visit?

#36. What is a food you hate? Write about it!

#37. Imagine what it would be like if there was no electricity. What would be different in your daily routine?

#38. You are building a new city! What types of things do you think your city needs? How will you convince people to move to your new city?

#39. What is your favorite movie? Write your review of the movie and why you think people should watch it.

magic sweater writing prompt for kids

#40. Imagine you get a magic sweater for your birthday. What happens when you wear the sweater? What do you do with these new found magical powers?

#41. You are the security guard at the zoo and someone has stolen a rhinoceros! How do you track down the thief?

#42. You have been invited to have lunch with the queen. What foods do you eat and what topics do you and the queen discuss?

#43. If you could design a school uniform, what types of clothes would you suggest? What colors would they be?

#44. Imagine you are a reporter interviewing a celebrity about their life. What questions do you ask?

#45. You are running a lemonade stand. Describe the steps for how you make lemonade and the types of customers you see during the day.

#46. Write a story about being the ruler of an underwater world.

#47. Write an acrostic poem for the word “treehouse”.

#48. You decide to grow a sunflower, but the sunflower grows so tall it reaches up to the sky! Write about what happens when you decide to climb to the top. What do you discover?

#49. Imagine you look out the window and it is raining popsicles from the sky! Write a story about the experience.

#50. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

#51. If you were on a spaceship, what would you be most excited about seeing?

#52. Do you have any pets at home? Write an essay about how you take care of your pets. If you do not have a pet, what type of pet might you like?

writing prompts for pets

#53. Imagine you are opening a store that only sells items which are blue. What types of items do you sell?

#54. Have you ever lost something that is important to you? Were you able to find it?

#55. Write a story about a kid who is moving to a new school. How do you think they might feel?

#56. Rewrite the ending of your favorite fairy tale. For example, what would have happened if Cinderella never went to the ball?

#57. Have you ever forgotten to do your homework? What happened?

#58. Do you have a favorite song? Write about the type of music you like to listen to.

#59. Imagine your parents wake you up one morning to tell you they will take you to do anything you want to do for the whole day – you don’t even have to go to school or do your chores. What would you choose to do and why?

#60. Do you like amusement parks? What are some of your favorite rides?

#61. Write a story using these three words: detective, piano, and pizza.

#62. Have you ever been to the beach? Write about your favorite things to do. If you have never been to the beach, what would you like to do the first time you visit?

#63. Is there a favorite tv show you like to watch? Write about your favorite character and why they are your favorite.

#64. Write a poem using onomatopoeia , where the words you use are pronounced similar to the sound they make. For example, buzz, bark, sizzle, slam and pop.

#65. Have you ever had to stand in line to wait a long time for something? What did you do while you waited? How did you feel while waiting? How did you feel once the wait was over?

#66. Is it a good idea to keep ALL secrets a secret? Write about examples of when it is okay to spill a secret – and when it isn’t.

#67. Is there something you are good at doing? Write about your best strengths.

#68. What historical time period and location would you go back to live in if you could? Write about it!

#69. Write about 5 things you can do that are important for you to stay healthy and safe.

#70. Do you think thunderstorms are scary? Why or why not?

#71. What would you most like to learn over the next year? Think about things that interest you or questions you might have about the world and make a list!

#72. You are going on a trip to a jungle safari! What items do you pack in your suitcase?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

#73. Imagine you are sitting at home one day and you hear someone shrieking in the living room they see a mouse in the house! Write a story about what might happen next.

#74. You are writing a letter to someone who is having a hard time making new friends at school. What do you write? What advice do you give them?

#75. Imagine you just met a magician – but their beloved rabbit who they pull out of a hat for all the tricks has been kidnapped! How do you help find the rabbit?

#76. Do you hear what I hear? Set a timer for 5 minutes and write about all of the sounds you hear in those 5 minutes.

#77. Imagine you go to get a haircut and they accidentally shave your head! How do you feel about that and what would you do?

#78. Do you find it easy to talk to people you don’t know? What are some ways you can start up a conversation with someone you have never met before?

#79. Are there any chores you have to do at home? What are they? What do you like – and not like – about each one?

#80. Open up a random book to any page. Write for 5 minutes about the first word you read.

#81. Pretend you are a writer for your city’s newspaper. Who would you like to interview for a news story and why?

#82. There are many fictional characters who live in unusual houses, such as the old woman who lived in a shoe. What kind of unusual house would you like to live in? Write about what it would be like to live in an unusual house!

#83. Write a list of 10 things you can do to practice kindness to others.

#84. Is there a homework subject you dread? Why do you not like getting homework in that subject?

#85. What is your favorite month of the year? Write about why you like it and some of your favorite things to do during that month.

#86. Imagine you are planning a surprise birthday party for someone. How do you keep it a surprise?

#87. Pretend you walked outside to find a sleeping dragon in the grass! Why is the dragon there? Is it a friendly dragon? What do you do? Write about it!

#88. What are you grateful for today and why?

#89. You were on your way to a very important event when you fell into a puddle. Now what?

#90. Have you ever watched a movie and didn’t like how it ended? Write what you think should happen instead.

#91. Can you answer this riddle from Alice in Wonderland ? How is a raven like a writing desk?

#92. Imagine you are the captain of a pirate ship. Write a diary entry for what your day was like.

#93. If you could start any type of business, what kind of business would you start? What types of products or services would you provide?

#94. Write a sequel to one of your favorite fairy tales. For example, what was Goldilocks’s next adventure after she left the bears?

#95. What is something you are afraid of? What helps you to feel less afraid of something? What would you say to a friend who feels scared to help them feel less afraid?

#96. Write a letter to your future self in 20 years.

kids writing prompts and ideas

#97. In addition to basic survival needs such as food, water, air and shelter, what are 3 things you would you need to be happy?

#98. If you could invent a robot of any type who could do anything you imagine, what types of things would you would have the robot to do?

#99. Which do like better? Apples or Oranges? How are they alike? How are they different?

#100. Why did the chicken cross the road? You are a detective and are assigned to the case. How do solve the mystery?

#101. Write instructions for how to make your favorite snack. Be sure you add your favorite tips and suggestions for how to select the best ingredients!

#102. Imagine you borrowed a friend’s favorite lucky pencil to help you pass a math test – but then it snapped in half! How will you ever tell the news to your friend?

#103. Look around the current room you are sitting in and choose 3 random objects that are nearby. Now write a story or poem that includes those three items!

#104. Write a letter to the author of a book you recently read and tell them what you liked most about the book.

#105. Ernest Hemingway is famous for writing a six word story. Can you write a story in just 6 words?

#106. What do you think will be the future for cell phones? Will people still use them in 25 years or will something else take its place?

#107. Do you want to go to college? Why or why not?

#108. Write a story or poem about a kitten who wanders off and gets lost. How does the kitten find its way home?

#109. Currently, it is required by law that kids go to school. Do you think this is a good or bad idea?

#110. If you could invent a new board game, what would it be called? How is it played? What are the rules? What makes it fun to play? Write about it!

#111. Imagine you come home to discover your entire bedroom is covered in ketchup! What on earth happened? What is your reaction? How do you clean everything up?

#112. What is something you learned today?

#113. Would you rather have a goldfish or shark as a pet?

#114. From A-Z: make a list of something for every letter of the alphabet.

#115. Have you ever gone fishing? If you have, did you like it? Why or why not? If you haven’t, do you think you might want to?

#116. What is one of the most important things you do each and every day?

#117. Write a story about Gretchen the Grouch, a girl who is always angry! Will she ever be happy? Why is she so grumpy all of the time?

#118. How do you feel when someone takes something of yours without asking? What is a good way to deal with it when that happens?

#119. Write a poem that starts with the word “if”.

#120. Write a story about a family of rabbits who live in the woods. What are some of the challenges they face?

#121. What clothes do you think are the most comfortable? What kind of clothes do you like to wear the most? What clothes do you NOT like to wear?

#122. Imagine there are no grocery stores and you must get your own food. What are some of the ways you find food? What types of things do you eat?

#123. What are 3 things you can do that are good for the environment?

#124. If you could meet any famous person today, who would you want to meet and why? What questions might you ask them?

#125. A tongue twister is a quick poem where many of the words start with the same letter and are similar in sound. For example, “Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Try writing your own with this fun kids writing prompt!

#126. What is the first thing you think of when you hear or see the word green?

#127. A hero is someone who is admired for their courage and achievements. What do you think makes someone a hero? Who are some of your heroes?

#128. What did you do during summer vacation last year? What do you want to do for summer vacation this year?

#129. Write a story about a super hero dog who saves the day! Who does the dog help and why?

kids journal prompts

#130. Would you rather live somewhere that is always cold, or somewhere that is always hot? Write about which one you would rather choose.

#131. Have you ever volunteered to help a charity? If so, write about the experience! If not, what are some charities you think you might like to volunteer for?

#132. What does the word courage mean to you?

#133. What makes you unique? What are some things about you that make you an individual?

#134. Have you ever been to a museum? What is your favorite thing to look at on display?

#135. What can you do to set a good example for others to be kind?

#136. A Tall Tale is a story that exaggerates something that actually happened. Write a tall tale about something that recently happened to you.

#137. What is one of your favorite toys that you think you might still want to have and play with when you are 22 years old?

#138. Oh no! Everyone around you is sick with a nasty cold! Write a silly poem about how you try to avoid catching their germs!

#139. Personification is when a non-living object takes on human characteristics. Write a story where you personify a common electronic gadget in your house, such as the Television or toaster.

#140. Write a poem using similes, which is when you say an object is like something else. Here is an example of a simile: “Her eyes were as blue as the sky.”

#141. Have you ever read a book written by Dr. Suess? Write your own “Suess-style” story, complete with rhymes and made up words.

#142. Do you have any siblings? Think about what it might mean to be a good brother or sister and write about it!

#143. Make a list of questions to interview your parents or grandparents about what it was like when they were growing up as a kid. Then, ask them the questions and write about their answers!

#144. You are in charge of writing a new radio show just for kids! What topics will you talk about? What music do you play?

#145. What do you usually eat for breakfast every day? What, in your opinion, is the greatest breakfast food ever created? What makes it so great?

#146. Write a 12 line poem where every line is about a different month of the year.

#147. What is something you look forward to doing the most when you are an adult?

Use these prompts in your classroom!  Get the  ad-free printable version of these prompts  to inspire your students to write! Thank you for your support!

#148. Do you like to try new things? What is something new you have tried recently or would like to try?

#149. Imagine what it might be like to be alive in Egypt when the pyramids were built. Write about what it was like.

#150. A credo is a statement of personal beliefs. Try writing your own credo for things that you believe in and feel are important.

#151. The circus has come to town but they have no place to perform! How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show?

circus lion

#152. Do you like to act? What are some of your favorite actors or actresses? What do you think makes someone a good actor or actress?

#153. “Practice makes perfect” is a popular saying. What is something you like to practice so you can become better at it? A sport? A musical instrument? A special skill? Do you like to practice?

#154. Write about what it might be like to be water drops freezing and turning into ice.

#155. Do you think it is important to keep your room clean? What do you like about having a clean room?

#156. Imagine your parents are sending you away for a two week summer camp trip. Would you be excited? Why or why not?

#157. What are you currently learning about in history class? Write a fictional story about someone from the past you are learning about.

#158. Many wars have been fought in the past. Instead of going to war, what do you think countries could do to resolve their differences peacefully?

#159. Every year over 8 billion plastic bottles and cans are thrown away. What are some things you can do to help encourage your family and friends to recycle?

#160. Imagine if you were the principal of the school. What might you do differently? What things would you do that are the same? Write about it!

#161. Pretend that one day you are at your neighbor’s house and you notice a strange noise coming from the basement. You go downstairs to investigate to see a large machine running with many lights and buttons. Why is it there?

#162. Write an essay that starts with the line, “Tomorrow, I hope…”

#163. If you could give one thing to every child in the world, what would you want to give them?

#164. Do you have a piggy bank at home? How do you earn money to add to your savings?

writing ideas for kids

#165. What qualities make a house a home? What are 3 things you think every house should have?

#166. Would you rather go scuba diving or rock climbing? Write about which one you think you would like to do more and why.

#167. Do you think it is a good idea for kids to write a daily journal? What are some of the benefits of writing every day?

#168. Do you like watching fireworks or are they too noisy? Write about a time when you saw fireworks in the sky.

#169. Oh no! Your friend has turned into a statue! How did this happen? What do you do? Does your friend ever turn back into a person again?

#170. If you could be any movie character, who would you be and why?

#171. A mysterious message appears in code on your computer screen. What could it mean?

#172. If you could go to work with one of your parents for a day, what do you think the day would be like? What types of things do your parents do at work all day long?

#173. Imagine you are the President and you are creating a new national holiday. What is your holiday about? How is it celebrated? What day of the year do you celebrate? Write about it!

#174. You won a never-ending lifetime supply of spaghetti noodles! What will you do with all of these noodles?

#175. Would you rather be a bunny rabbit or a hawk? Why did you choose the one you chose?

#176. Your teacher has been acting mysterious lately. After school one day, you notice a weird green light shining through underneath the door of your classroom. What do you do? What is happening with your teacher?

#177. Write an article about tips for how kids can be more organized and study well for tests.

#178. Look at any product in your house and read the ingredients labels. Research what each ingredient is. Do you think these ingredients are good or bad for people?

#179. If you were a doctor, what do you think would be the most important part of your job every day?

#180. The school librarian needs your help! A truck just arrived with 2,000 books and she can’t fit all the books onto the shelves! What do you do? How do you find a place to put all these books?

#181. Do you think it would be fun to plant a garden? What types of plants would you want to grow? Write about your garden ideas.

#182. What is a sport or activity you would like to try playing for the first time?

#183. Do you think kids should be allowed to do the same things as adults? What things do you think kids should be able to do that only grown-ups can?

#184. Imagine you and your parents switch places for a day. Your parents are the kids and you are now in charge! What would you do?

#185. Write a get-well letter to someone who has been sick. What can you say to make them feel better?

#186. If you could visit any planet in the solar system, which planet would you like to visit the most and why? Write about what it might be like.

#187. Have you ever been to a farm? What did you like about it? If you haven’t been to a farm, do you think you might like to visit one? Why or why not?

#188. The mayor of the city has a big problem and needs your help! What is the problem and how will you solve it?

#189. Pretend your little sister ate carrots for dinner and the next morning woke up with rabbit ears!  How did this happen? What do you do? Will she be a rabbit forever?

#190. Imagine you wake up in the morning to find out you get to relive any day of your life again for the whole day. What day would you want to experience again and why?

#191. Do you think you might like to be a firefighter? Why or why not?

fire fighter writing prompt

#192. You are a lawyer and your client has been accused of stealing a car. How do you convince the jury your client is innocent?

#193. Think of the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. Which of these four elements do you like the best?

#194. What would you do if you could be invisible for a whole day? Do you think you would enjoy it or be glad to be back to normal the next day? Write about it!

#195. Imagine you are a meteorologist and people are starting to get angry that your weather predictions are always wrong. What do you do?

#196. If you could create any law, what would it be? Why do you think the law is an important one to have?

#197. You are going incognito and need to hide to your identity so you aren’t recognized or discovered while you walk through the city. What type of disguise do you wear?

#198. Write a persuasive letter to your parents explaining why you should get a new pet. Make sure you provide a convincing argument they won’t be able to refuse!

#199. Your friend wants to do something dangerous. What should you do?

#200. How do you think the world would be different if there were no oceans?

#201. What do you do when someone disagrees with your opinions? Is there a better way to handle conflicting opinions?

#202. What do you think you as a kid could do to help encourage more people to read?

#203. Do you have a good luck charm? What makes this item lucky? When do you use it? How do you use it?

#204. What is at the end of a rainbow? Imagine you follow a rainbow to the end. What do you discover? Is it a pot of gold, or something else?

Use these prompts in your classroom!  Get the  ad-free printable version of these prompts  to inspire your students to write! Thank you for your support!

#205. What do you think the consequences should be for someone who is caught cheating on a test at school?

#206. Imagine you are riding your bike one day when you encounter an older kid who wants to steal your bike. What do you do?

#207. You are the lead singer and star of a famous rock and roll band, but there is one problem – your drummer is jealous of your fame! How do you solve this situation?

#208. If you could help a group of kids in any part of the world, what kids would you want to help the most and why? What are some things you think would help these kids?

#209. Everyone knows the house on the end of the street is haunted. What are some of the strange things that happen there? Why is the house haunted?

#210. You notice at school one day there is a door to a secret passage next to the janitor’s closet and decide to explore. Where does it lead? Why is it there? Do you go alone or bring a friend along?

#211. A bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. What are 5 things on your bucket list?

#212. Imagine the perfect treehouse or clubhouse for you and all of your friends as a place to hang out. Describe what it is like inside.

#213. Do you get bored easily? Make a list of things you can do whenever you feel like you are bored and there is nothing fun to do!

#214. Now vs. Then: Think about how today is different from one year ago. How have you changed? What things in your life are different?

#215. Write your autobiography about your life.

#216. It’s a heat wave! What do you do when the weather is hot? What are some of your favorite ways to stay cool?

#217. What are three important safety tips every kid should know to stay safe?

#218. What genre of books do you like to read the most? Write about the characteristics of the genre and list some of your favorite books as examples.

#219. Holiday Traditions: How does your family celebrate the different holidays and events? What are some traditions you do each and every year?

#220. Imagine one day in science class a science experiment goes terribly wrong and now you and all of your classmates have superpowers! What are your superpowers and what do you do with them?

superheroes writing prompts for kids

#221. Who is favorite teacher? Why are they your favorite?

#222. You are baking a cake, but you accidentally put salt in the cake instead of sugar. Nobody will eat it! How do you feel? What will you do next time?

#223. Do you think it is important to have good table manners? What do you think some good manners to practice might be?

#224. Many schools no longer teach cursive handwriting. Do you think this is a good or bad thing? Do you know how to write cursive handwriting? Would you like to learn if you haven’t?

#225. If you were the owner of a theme park, what types of rides and attractions would have? Describe what they would be like and why people would want to visit your park.

#226. Your parents give you $100 to spend at the grocery store. What do you buy and why?

#227. Some people who are alive today grew up without computers or video games. What would you do if you didn’t have a computer or video games? How would life be different?

#228. You walk into your living room and discover there is a giant elephant standing there. How did the elephant get there? What do you do about it? How do you explain the elephant in the living room to your parents?

#229. Have you ever had a weird dream? What happened in the dream? What do you think it means?

#230. Do you like to draw or paint? Write a story inspired by a painting, doodle, or sketch.

#231. You are being sent on a mission to outer space to live in a space station for 5 years. What supplies do you pack and why?

#232. What is the scariest creature alive on earth? Describe in detail what makes it so horrifying.

#233. What do you think your pet might say if they could talk to you?

#234. Imagine your school is putting on a talent show. What act will you perform? What other acts will be in the show?

#235. If you could breathe under water, what would you do?

#236. What time of day do you think school should start? Write a convincing argument on why or why not the time of day school starts should change.

#237. If you were to start your own YouTube video channel, what would the videos on your channel be about?

#238. Do you like to cook? What are some things you like to make and eat?

#239. Your school is having a field day and you are in charge of planning the activities and games. What types of activities and games would you plan for the event?

#240. If you had a remote control drone that takes video of everything it sees from the sky and you could take it anywhere, what would you film? For example, the inside of a volcano or soar it over the plains of Africa.

#241. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the ocean where many ships and planes have gone missing. Why do you think this could be? Write a story about what it might be like to travel there.

#242. There are 7 great wonders of the world – which one do you think is the most wonderful?

#243. If you could speak any foreign language fluently, which one would you like to speak and why?

#244. You are inventing a new flavor of ice cream! What is the new flavor called and what ingredients do you need to make it?

#245. Would you rather go to a baseball game or read a good book? What reasons do you have for your choice?

#246. You walk outside to get your mail and your mailbox starts talking to you! What does your mailbox have to say?

#247. Imagine you are a famous person. What are you most famous for? What is it like to be famous?

#248. What do you think would be the most fun job in the world to have? Give examples of why you think it would be a fun job to have.

#249. Write a poem about an object that is shiny and dazzling.

#250. Do you like to watch the Olympics? Why or why not? If yes, what is your favorite Olympic sport?

#251. What kind of car do you want to drive when you are older? Do you think learning to drive will be easy or hard?

#252. What do you think would make for a great gift to give someone on their birthday?

#253. Describe a time when you needed help and someone helped you. What did they help you with and how did it make you feel?

#254. If you could be any type of fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

Love these prompts?  Get the  ad-free printable version of these prompts  to use at home or in the classroom!

#255. Do you think it is more important to have a good imagination or have all the facts proven?

#256. Do you have a favorite aunt, uncle, or another relative? Write a story about their life and why you like to be with them.

#257. Think of a time you laughed really, really hard. What was so funny? Why were you laughing? Write about it!

#258. Write a poem about an emotion. For example: happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, guilty.

#259. Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep? What are some things that help you feel sleepy?

#260. If you could drive a car, where would you drive and why?

#261. Imagine you are trading places with your friend for a day. What will it be like to be at their house? What will your friend think while they are at your house? Write about it!

#262. If you could break a world record, what would it be? What do you think would be necessary to be able to break the world record?

#263. Imagine you live in Colonial times. What would it be like to grow up as a kid in Colonial America?

#264. You are building a new city. What is the name of your city? What is the weather like? What buildings will you build?

#265. What do you think it would be like to work as a sailor on big ship in the ocean each day?

ocean writing prompt

#266. Imagine you are the teacher for the day. What types of activities do you make the students in the class do?

#267. How would you feel if your parents told you that you would be getting a new baby brother or sister? Write about it!

#268. Do you know any good jokes? What are some of your favorite jokes? What makes them funny? Do you think you could write your own?

#269. Imagine you are floating down a river on a raft. What types of things can you see from the river that you normally wouldn’t see from the land?

#270. You want to start a new hobby collecting something. What kinds of things would you collect and why?

#271. Your mom announces she is having a yard sale. Would you let her sell any of your things? Why or why not?

#272. Imagine you walk out your front door one morning and it is raining popcorn! What do you do?

#273.  You are camping in the woods one night and hear a scary noise. What do you do? What might be the cause?

#274. What do you think might make kids really happy to go to school? What are some things you think schools should do so that it could be more fun?

#275. Today’s lunch at the cafeteria was unusually horrible. You are a detective on the case to investigate. What do you think is the cause?

#276. If you had a tree that grows money, what would you do?

#277. What would you do if you had a unicorn as a pet?

#278. Would you rather go to the zoo or go to the aviary? Which one would you pick and why?

#279. What are some safety tips you should follow when riding a bike?

#280. You are designing the cover of a magazine. What are some of the headlines on the cover?

#281. Are you afraid of the dark? Why or why not?

#282. If you could learn to play any type of musical instrument, which one would you like to learn how to play and why?

#283. Imagine you are playing a sport that involves a ball, such as soccer, baseball or kickball. What would it be like if the ball could talk?

#284. You come home to discover a friendly alien has been living in your closet. What do you do? Why is there an alien in your closet?

#285. Is there something you are afraid of that you wish you weren’t afraid of? Write about it.

#286. Write about the best party you’ve ever been to. What made the day fun and special?

#287. What makes you feel loved and cared about? What are some ways people can show you that they love and care about you?

#288. There is a kite flying competition coming up and you are going to design your own kite. What will your kite look like? What colors will it be? Will it have any certain shape?

#289. You are given the challenge to drop an egg on the floor – without it breaking! What are some things you might try to make sure the egg won’t break?

#290. What are some of the things you can do every day to stay healthy?

#291. Do you think grown-ups are boring? Why do you think they are so boring all of the time? What is something fun that boring grown-ups could do instead of being so boring?

#292. Write a lyrical poem or song about what kids do while they are at school all day long.

#293. What are the first things you like to do when you are done with school each day? What are some of the activities you like when you are not at school?

#294. Imagine dinosaurs were still alive today. How do you think our lives would be different?

#295. Would you rather visit a volcano or a desert? Which one would you choose and why?

#296. Is there a sound you think is annoying? What types of sounds drive you crazy? Write about them!

#297. What do you think it would be like to be the size of an ant for a day? What types of things would you do?

Writing Prompt: What would it be like if your teddy bear came to life?

#298. Imagine one of your stuffed animals comes to life and starts talking to you. What types of things will you talk about? What will you do?

#299. What makes you feel happiest? Write about the things in life that make you feel happy!

#300. Imagine there is no gravity. What kind of things would you do you for fun? How would some of the things you already do for fun be different?

Buy the Printable Cards!  We will always have this list of 300 kids writing prompts available for free, but I’m very excited to now also offer an  ad-free printable version of these prompts  in my online Etsy shop. Thank you for your support!

Parents and teachers, I hope you enjoyed these 300 writing prompts for kids and that you will use them to inspire your children’s creative imaginations.

These prompts of course can be used in a number of different ways and can be adapted for a variety of different styles of writing !

What do you think? Do you think these are good conversation and story starters for kids? Do you have any ideas for writing prompts you would like to share?

And of course, if you’d like to make it super fun and easy to use these prompts at home or in your classroom, be sure to get our ad-free printable version of these kids writing prompt cards now available in my Etsy shop.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on different creative writing ideas and topics for kids to write about! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Chelle Stein wrote her first embarrassingly bad novel at the age of 14 and hasn't stopped writing since. As the founder of ThinkWritten, she enjoys encouraging writers and creatives of all types.

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These are awesome! I feel like answering the questions myself! Thanks a million!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

Lovely and amazing help

I wrote all 300! but my fingers hurt badly now. :l But i got to admit these are exellent questions!

Hi. Thanks for this list. So many great ideas. I will definitely use some of them for my Language Arts class.

hi people THIS WAS SO LONG but so worth it for my class thx mate

This was great for homework

Thank you for the topics. It was really helpful

Your writing prompts are awesome

These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely be using it with my kids.

Thank you! I hope they enjoy the writing prompts!

I love these, they are awesome and very helpful too. Thank you very much.

these questions hooked me on easily thanks your the best!

They are all good prompts

This is always good and improves the brain.

These are very useful and very enjoyable topics, i enjoy by giving these to my students , their creations are marvelous

It’s was very long but worth it

This is good. I love it. It helps me in my studies. I share it with my friends children that likes the writing. We love it. Please, think of another writing.

Thanks! Worth printing and providing for my middle school students as a first week of the year activity. Must have taken you ages to come up with all 300 of these!

I’m glad to hear you can use them for your students! It did take some time, but it’s well worth it knowing it might inspire kids to write! 🙂

You need a printable version of this!!

Hi Katelyn, we have one! https://gumroad.com/UBnsO Hope you enjoy!

The link doesn’t seem to be working for me… Could you send me a copy of the list, please?

Hi Tori, the printable version of this post is available as an ad-free paid upgrade – you can purchase it through my Gumroad store: https://gum.co/UBnsO

I quite liked your ideas, I’ll try a few, surely!

How long did it take for you guys to make 300 ideas?

Definitely took some time Vilenti, but it was definitely worth writing all of them! Our prompts reach over a million people a year and are used in literacy, poverty, and mental health programs worldwide. 🙂

These were awesome, thanks a TON

i have school work and this is one thing i do.

i do this for school work to

i do this for school work

Hello Chelle, thanks a lot for this. During these tough Covid times, I find your list to be a great idea to engage kids. Have got them started on some today. Hopefully this will be a long term engagement for them.

The prompts are grrrreat

This was really helpful i have looked for a lot of these, that have a lot of topics and only found one other good one and finished it all, i got to 17 and was like are they all this good! And they all are so thanks!

Glad you enjoyed them!

These are awesome

These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

I loved looking at these prompts!! They were very helpful. I am loving writing and supporting my claims with these prompts. You should post more ideas!! Thanks for sharing the prompts.

Do you have any more?

This really was think written

I’d like to use a few of your questions in a journal for adults that I am creating for sale. I will absolutely credit you at the beginning of the book. Is that okay with you or not? I don’t want to infringe on any copyright laws. I think I used about ten of them.

Hi Kristen, you cannot use these prompts for products for sale, that would definitely be an infringement on copyright. These prompts can only be used for non-commercial use.

this is the greatest app ever

I like all the questions

thank you for all the ideas they are so good

OMG These are all very good and many questions i like all these Thankyou soooooooooooo much for these

I’m in class doing this and it is so fun yes every body is doing this

I LOVE these! My daughter and I stumbled across a post full of fun writing prompts on another website but they were more geared for adults. This list is HUGE and perfect for us to tackle together. Thank you! ❤️

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67 Exciting Writing Prompts for Grade 1 (Chinese & English)

July 10, 2023 · In: Learn Chinese , Learning Activities for Kids

67 writing prompts for grade 1

Writing can be daunting for children, and it's hard to know where to begin. With intimidating topics such as grammar rules, spelling, and punctuation, your children may struggle to bring their ideas to life in writing. They need something entertaining and engaging to help them start off on the right foot. With 67 Fun & Exciting Writing Prompts for Grade 1 (Chinese & English) , your children can get a personalized learning experience that helps them have fun while they practice. Stimulating topics tailored to their interests will spark their creativity and guide them through their first steps of writing!

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My daughter does not enjoy writing and often resists when asked to complete her homework. As writing is an important skill, I searched for ways to help improve her ability despite her reluctance.

I discovered that she has a passion for unicorns, magic, and potions, so I suggested she write how to create a potion. This simple suggestion sparked her enthusiasm and she wrote several pages, eventually creating a whole book. I was amazed to see how this topic inspired and unlocked her writing skills.

Since then, I have been trying different writing prompts to help express herself and her love of writing journey began from there.

67 Writing Prompts for Grade 1

If you're looking for some creative and engaging journal writing prompts for your kids, then this post is perfect for you! I've compiled a list of 67 writing prompts for grade 1 available in both English & Chinese that are designed to spark the imaginations of 6 to 7-year-olds to get their pencils moving.

I have divided the writing prompts into 10 different categories :

  • 11 Narrative Writing Prompts
  • 11 Expository Writing Prompts
  • 10 Research Writing Prompts
  • 5 Unicorn-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Dinosaur-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Mermaid-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Vehicles-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Space-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Super Hero-Themed Writing Prompts
  • 5 Magic-Themed Writing Prompts

11 Narrative Writing Prompts for Grade 1

11 Narrative writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

Narrative essay prompts for Grade 1 can provide an engaging and creative outlet for children to express themselves, explore their imaginations, and develop their writing skills. These prompts may focus on a child's own experiences, such as a special event or something they have recently learned, or they may explore more abstract topics like dreams and goals. By using narrative essay prompts, children can practice writing stories in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

  • The day I met my best friend. 我遇見我最好的朋友的那一天。
  • The funniest thing that ever happened to me. 我經歷過的最有趣的事情。
  • My first day of school. 我上學的第一天。
  • A special person in my life and why they are important to me. 我生命中一個特別的人和為什麼他/她對我很重要。
  • A time when I showed kindness to someone else. 當我向其他人表現出善意的時候。
  • The most exciting adventure I have been on. 我經歷過的最刺激的冒險。
  • A time when I overcame a challenge. 有一次我克服了挑戰。
  • The day I lost my first tooth. 我失去第一顆牙的那天。
  • A time when I helped someone in need. 有一次我幫助了有需要的人。
  • A day at the beach. 在海灘度過一天。
  • A time when I felt really brave. 當我感到非常勇敢的時候。

11 Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 1

11 Expository writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

Expository essay prompts provide an opportunity for Grade 1 to practice their non-fiction writing skills. These topics may involve exploring a variety of objects, ideas, people, or themes. By writing on these prompts, children can learn more about the world around them and improve their writing abilities during the process.

  • What is my favorite color and why? 我最喜歡的顏色是什麼? 為什麼?
  • What do I like to do on a rainy day? 在下雨天,我喜歡做什麼?
  • What is my favorite animal and why? 我最喜歡的動物是什麼? 為什麼?
  • What are some of my favorite things to do with my family? 我最喜歡和家人一起做哪些事情?
  • What is my favorite book and why do I like it? 我最喜歡的書是什麼? 為什麼我喜歡它?
  • What is my favorite outdoor activity? 我最喜歡的戶外活動是什麼?
  • What is my favorite holiday and why? 我最喜歡的節日是什麼? 為什麼?
  • What is my favorite food and why do I like it? 我最喜歡的食物是什麼? 為什麼我喜歡它?
  • What is my favorite game to play with my friends? 我和朋友們最喜歡玩的遊戲是什麼?
  • My favorite place to go on a family vacation. 我最喜歡的家庭度假地方。
  • What is one thing that makes me happy and why? 讓我開心的一件事是什麼? 為什麼?

10 Prompts for Research Writing

10 Research writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

Research writing prompts can be a great way to introduce Grade 1 to the world of academic writing. Research writing involves researching and exploring a topic in detail, then using this information to write an essay or report on the subject. These prompts provide an opportunity for children to practice their research skills, while also introducing them to new topics and ideas.

  • What are the different types of insects and their habitats? 有哪些不同種類的昆蟲和他們生活的地方是什麼?
  • Pick a famous person or character and research their life or story. 選擇一個名人或角色,研究他們的生活或故事。
  • What are some fun facts about animals that live in the ocean? 海洋動物有哪些有趣的事實?
  • How do plants grow and what do they need to survive? 植物如何生長,需要什麼才能生存?
  • Research about a type of food and write about where it comes from and how it is made. 研究一種食物,寫出它來自哪裡,如何製作。
  • What are some different types of weather and how do they affect us? 有哪些不同種類的天氣? 它們如何影響我們?
  • What are some fun facts about the human body? 有哪些人體有趣的事實?
  • What are some different types of fruits and vegetables and how do they benefit us? 不同種類的水果和蔬菜有什麼好處?
  • Pick a musical instrument and research its parts and how it is played. 選擇一種樂器,研究它的部件和演奏方式。
  • Learn about a country or culture and write about its traditions and customs. 學習一個國家或文化,寫出他們的傳統和習俗。

5 Unicorn-Themed (獨角獸) Writing Prompts

5 Unicorn-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This session is especially for unicorn lovers. Writing about unicorns can be a fun and creative way for second graders to express their imaginations.

  • Describe what I think a unicorn looks like and draw a picture of it. 形容我想象一隻獨角獸的樣子,並畫一幅圖。
  • If I had a pet unicorn, what would I name it and why? 如果我有一隻獨角獸寵物,我會給它取什麼名字,為什麼?
  • If I could use a unicorn's magical powers for a day, what would I do? 如果有一天我可以使用獨角獸的魔力,我會做什麼?
  • Write a poem about a unicorn and what makes them so special. 寫一首詩關於獨角獸和他們有什麼特別。
  • Imagine I am a unicorn: what would I do all day and where would I go? 想像一下我是一隻獨角獸:我會做什麼? 我會去哪裏?

5 Dinosaur-Themed (恐龍) Writing Prompts

5 Dinosaur-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This session is intended for those who have an interest in dinosaurs. first graders can use writing about dinosaurs as a fun and imaginative way to express themselves.

  • Imagine I am a dinosaur: what would I do? Write a story about it. 想像一下我是一隻恐龍: 我會做什麼?寫一個關於它的故事。
  • What is your favorite type of dinosaur? 你最喜歡的恐龍種類是什麼?
  • Write about what I think it would be like to live during the time of the dinosaurs. 寫下我認為生活在恐龍時代會是什麼樣子
  • Write a story about a group of dinosaurs who go on an adventure together.寫一個關於一群恐龍一起冒險的故事。
  • What are some different types of dinosaurs and what did they look like? 有哪些不同種類的恐龍,它們長什麼樣子?

5 Mermaid-Themed (美人魚)Writing Prompts

5 Mermaid-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This session is designed for first graders who love mermaids. It will be an enjoyable and imaginative activity that involves writing about these mythical creatures.

  • Draw a picture of what I think a mermaid looks like, and write about her features and abilities. 畫一張你想象的美人魚,寫下她的特徵和能力。
  • Imagine I found a mermaid's treasure chest – what would be inside? 想像一下我發現了一個美人魚的寶箱 – 裡面會是什麼?
  • Write a story about a day in the life of a mermaid – what does she do all day? 寫一個關於美人魚生活的故事 – 她整天會在做什麼?
  • Write about what I think a mermaid's home looks like, and what kind of plants and animals live there. 寫下我認為美人魚的家是什麼樣子,以及那裡生活著什麼樣的植物和動物。
  • Create my own mermaid character and write about her personality, talents, and interests. 創建我自己的美人魚角色並寫下她的個性、才能和興趣。

5 Vehicles-Themed (汽車) Writing Prompts

5 Vehicle-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This session is ideal for first graders who have an interest in vehicles. It will encourage first-graders to use their creativity and broaden their horizons by writing about these topics.

  • Draw a picture of my favorite vehicle and write about why I like it. 畫一張我最喜歡的汽車的圖片,寫下我喜歡它的原因。
  • If I could design my own vehicle, what would it look like and what special features would it have? 如果我可以設計自己的車輛,它會是什麼樣子,會有什麼特殊功能?
  • Write a list of all the different types of vehicles I know and what makes each one unique. 寫下我所知道的所有不同類型的車輛以及每一種車輛的獨特之處。
  • If I could be a race car driver for a day, what race would I compete in and what would it be like? 如果我可以成為一名賽車手,我會參加哪場比賽?那會是什麼樣子?
  • Draw a picture of a city filled with vehicles, and write about all the exciting things that happen there. 畫一幅充滿車輛的城市的圖畫,並寫下那裡發生的所有令人興奮的事情。

5 Space-Themed (太空) Writing Prompts

5 Space-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This writing prompt session is designed to encourage first graders to explore the vastness of space through imaginative writing.

  • Draw a picture of my favorite planet and write about it. 畫一張你最喜歡的行星的圖片,寫下你對它的了解。
  • Imagine I could travel to any planet in the solar system – which one would I choose and why? 想像一下我可以前往太陽系中的任何一顆行星 – 我會選擇哪一顆,為什麼?
  • Create my own alien character and write about their appearance, personality, and abilities. 創建我自己的外星人角色並寫下他們的外表、性格和能力。
  • What are some fun facts about space? 太空有哪些有趣的事實?
  • What are some interesting things about the moon? 月球有什麼有趣的事情?

5 Super Heroes-Themed (超級英雄) Writing Prompts

5 Super Heroes-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

In this session, first-grade children will be prompted to use their creativity and imagination to write about superheroes.

  • Create my own superhero character and write about their powers, backstory, and their mission to save the world. 創建我自己的超級英雄角色,並寫下他們的力量、背景故事以及他們拯救世界的使命。
  • Draw a picture of a city under attack from a supervillain, and write about the hero who saves the day. 畫一幅城市受到超級惡棍攻擊的圖畫,並寫下拯救世界的英雄。
  • If I could have any superpower, what would it be and how would I use it? 如果我可以擁有任何超能力,它會是什麼以及我將如何使用它?
  • Write a story about a superhero team-up, where different heroes come together to save the world. 寫一個關於超級英雄團隊的故事,不同的英雄聚集在一起拯救世界。
  • Imagine I have the power to grant wishes – what kind of wishes would I grant, and how would I use my powers for good? 想像一下,我有能力實現願望——我會實現什麼樣的願望,以及我將如何利用我的力量來做善事?

5 Magic-Themed (魔法) Writing Prompts

5 Magic-themed writing prompts for grade 1 - English & Chinese

This session is designed to capture the imaginations of first-graders and encourage them to explore the possibilities of magic.

  • Write a story about a magic potion that can make dreams come true – what ingredients would you need and how would you brew it? 寫一個關於可以讓夢想成真的神奇藥水的故事 – 我需要什麼成分以及如何釀造它?
  • Imagine I could create my own magic spell – what would it do and when would I use it? 想像一下,我可以創建自己的魔法咒語 – 它會做什麼以及何時使用它?
  • Create a list of ingredients I would use to make a love potion and write about what would happen if someone drank it. 創建一個用於製作愛情藥水的成分列表,寫下如果有人喝了它會發生什麼。
  • Write a recipe for a potion that can turn someone into an animal – what kind of animal would it be and why? 寫一份可以把人變成動物的神奇藥水的配方—它會是什麼樣的動物,為什麼?
  • Imagine I found a mysterious bottle with a potion inside – what would it do and how would I use it? 想像一下,我發現了一個神秘的瓶子,裡面裝有藥水 – 它會做什麼以及我將如何使用它?

How Many Sentences Should a 1st Grader Write?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

The exact number of sentences that Grade 1 should write will depend on the specific writing task, as well as the individual child's learning abilities and interests. Generally speaking, first graders may be asked to write anywhere from one sentence to a few paragraphs. Writing tasks can vary from handwriting practice to short stories or essays.

In addition to focusing on sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, it is also important to encourage first graders to write creatively. Creative writing tasks may involve writing stories, poems, or even expressing their thoughts in a diary format. As they become more confident in their abilities, you can gradually increase the length of their writing assignments.

Overall, remember that each child is unique and should be given the freedom to express themselves through writing. Additionally, encouraging children to write freely will help them develop a lifelong passion for writing.

Are There Any Tips for Teaching Writing to Grade 1 Children?

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

Yes! Here are some tips to help you teach writing to first graders:

  • Encourage creativity: Let your first graders explore their imaginations and write about topics that interest them.
  • Model good writing: Show your first graders how to structure a sentence, use proper grammar, and punctuate correctly by providing examples of well-written text.
  • Make it fun : Use games and activities to make the process of learning more enjoyable for your first graders.
  • Give them feedback: Offer your first graders positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to help them improve their writing skills.
  • Use visuals: Visual cues can help first graders understand the structure of a sentence and how punctuation works.
  • Provide practice opportunities: Allow your first graders to practice their writing skills in different formats, such as stories, poems, or essays.
  • Consider their interests: When assigning writing tasks, think about topics that will engage your first graders and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Following these tips can help you create an effective and engaging writing program for your first-graders. With the right guidance and support, they’ll be able to develop their cognitive skills and become confident writers.

Want More Writing Prompts?

  • Fun Writing Prompts for Kids: 30-Day Kids Writing Challenge – Childhood101
  • 107 Creative writing topics for kids: Imaginative & Fun – KidsnClicks
  • 30 Narrative Writing Prompts for 1st Grade – Journal Buddies
  • 52 Journal Prompts For Kids – Curly Bun Mom

The Last Thing about Journal Writing Prompts for Grade 1

Writing is a crucial skill, and engaging children at a young age can make a significant impact on their skills development. These 67 journal writing prompts available in both English & Chinese for grade 1 are designed to spark the imaginations of six to seven-year-olds. By encouraging kids to write creatively about their thoughts and experiences, they can develop their writing skills and enjoy the process. So, grab those pencils and let your first-graders start writing today! Please leave a comment to share your experiences with your children.

creative writing topics for grade 1 english

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What is snow and how does it form? ❄️

150 Inspiring Picture Writing Prompts To Spark Creativity in Students

Use a picture to write a thousand words!

Picture writing prompts including a cartoon cat and mouse and a portrait of a Black family from the 1930s

Creative writing is a challenge for many students, often because they can’t come up with anything to write about. That’s why we love picture writing prompts. Each one sparks the imagination and helps young writers jump right into crafting a story to match. We’ve rounded up a whole collection of intriguing images for use with kids in grades K-12.

Tip: Start by showing students the picture (or let them choose from among several) without making any comment about what they’re seeing. For kids who still struggle to get started, suggest a potential title or opening sentence, like the examples included here.

Elementary Picture Writing Prompts

Middle school picture writing prompts, high school picture writing prompts, art picture writing prompts.

When kids first see these picture writing prompts, they may or may not immediately feel inspired. If they need some help, ask them questions like “What led up to this moment?” or “What’s going to happen next?”

Dog holding a rose in its mouth, with a heart-shaped cloud in the sky

When Larry fell in love, he fell hard.

Lighted sign reading ASK hanging from a building

When the new sign appeared on Main Street, everyone in town wondered exactly what it meant.

Snowy Footprints

A series of random footprints in the snow

After that crazy day, all that was left to show for it was footprints in the snow.

Dinosaur Bones

Child hiding inside a large toothy skull, reaching out a hand

“Come with me if you want to live!” Ash said, reaching out a hand.

Undersea Treasure

Goldfish swimming around a closed treasure chest sitting in the sand under the water

For years, no one saw the locked treasure chest but the local fish, who wondered what it could contain.

A Game of Fetch

A claymation dog bringing a stick to a snowman in a snowy scene

To Scout, it was a game, but to Mr. Freezy, it was much more.

Ladybug Gossip

Of pair of spotted red ladybugs perched on a leaf

The ladybug’s picnic was an excellent chance to meet up with old friends and hear all the latest gossip.

Two children peering in through a barred window

We met them when they peeked into our window, watching us as we ate lunch and watched cartoons.

King of the Jungle

Majestic lion perched on a log wearing a crown

It wasn’t the crown that made Amari the king of all he surveyed.

The Final Pitch

Small child waiting at home base for a baseball pitch that's about to arrive

It all came down to this—the final pitch in a game that was tied 2-2.

Doggie Massage

Two dogs sitting in a way that looks like one is giving the other a back massage

Every dog in the neighborhood knew that Rocky gave the best massages and was always willing to lend an ear too.

Skateboard Life

Girl in a striped shirt and red headband posing with a skateboard in front of some graffiti

When Charli got her first skateboard, she made herself a promise.

Garden of the Past

Painting of a woman in old-fashioned clothing walking in a cottage garden

The woman walked in the garden every day, never saying a word.

Sunset Friends

Two children on a jungle gym silhouetted against a setting sun

They met on the jungle gym every day at sunset, sharing everything about their days.

Pink Umbrellas

A sunny alleyway with pink umbrellas strung across it

When the pink umbrellas first appeared, Toni thought they might be magic.

Firefly Forest

Illustration of a forest at night filled with fireflies

Olivia was surprised to discover that the fireflies didn’t just glow, they also sang.

Robot Spider

A large mechanical spider standing on a stormy beach

When it first crawled ashore, the mechanical spider moved slowly.

Fallen House

House tipped on its side following a hurricane

Staring at their house, which was now on its side, the whole family was in shock.

Red Riding Hood

A young girl wearing a red hooded cape riding a brown horse in the forest

If only she’d been riding her faithful steed the day she’d met the Big Bad Wolf, things might have been very different.

Kangaroo Fall

A kangaroo sprawled on its back in the grass

“Well, this is embarrassing,” thought Bouncer, as laughter filled the air around him.

A child's hand-drawn sign for a lost cat attached to a tree

Daci’s big brother said her signs wouldn’t help them find their runaway cat, but he was wrong.

Penguin Bookshop

An illustration of a penguin wearing a top hat, standing in a booksshop

A visit to Mr. Pickerel’s Penguin Bookshop is always an adventure.

A carton of colorful eggs with faces drawn on them

Of all the eggs in the carton, Ella was the one who could always crack you up.

Children writing a fairground swing ride

That was the year Min was finally tall enough to ride the Sky Swings, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Rubber Duck Parade

A row of rubber ducks in various costumes floating down a water-filled gutter

It was truly an honor to be asked to lead the Spring Duck Parade.

Teddy Storytime

Three teddy bears posed to look as if they're reading a book

Every afternoon, the three friends gathered for storytime in their favorite spot in the woods.

Underwater School

A child sitting at a desk, looking out the window at fish swimming by

Nia thought going to school underwater would be exciting, but some days she really missed going outside for recess.

A red ball with a smiley face floating on the water

The day Amos started his journey down the river, the sun was shining brightly.

Turtle Trouble

A grumpy looking sea turtle floating in clear water

“None shall pass,” growled the old sea turtle, blocking the way.

Dinosaur Race

An illustration of a young girl racing alongside a dinosaur

Pia was supposed to keep Balthazar on a leash, but once they reached the forest, she set him free and they both began to run.

Finally Seeing Eye to Eye

Cartoon illustration of a large bear with a tiny mouse standing on its nose, looking into its eyes (Picture Writing Prompts)

“So, we meet at last, face to face,” Lord Squeakerton said to his enemy, the Count of Catnip.

Monkey face with mouth and eyes open in surprise

It takes a lot to surprise a monkey, but you don’t see something like this every day.

Not Coming Out

Child hiding behind a heap of pillows on a beige couch (Picture Writing Prompts)

The day started out normally enough, but by the end, Chris knew he was in over his head.

Life on Other Planets

A space scene showing a robot and robot dog standing on the surface of an alien planet, with a domed habitat behind them

“Hurry up,” Grnklor told his robopup. “We have to get back inside before nightfall.”

Reindeer Games

Boy leading a reindeer along a snowy path into the setting sun (Picture Writing Prompts)

The wind had died down, but the setting sun seemed to take all the warmth of the day with it.

Something to Celebrate

A young boy raises his arms in triumph as a young girl points at a computer screen, smiling (Picture Writing Prompts)

Their classmates could hear their shouts of joy from all the way down the hall.

Home Sweet Mushroom

Illustration of a mushroom turned into a house, with a fence and lighted windows, under a full moon

When the fairies that lived in the garden invited her to stay with them for awhile, Maria wasn’t sure what to expect.

Loch Ness Mystery

Model of the Loch Ness Monster rising from a lake

“There it is! I told you Nessie is real!” Angus whispered to Lee.

Lonely Bear

Worn teddy bear sitting on a stone bridge

It was hard to say who was lonelier that night, Amil or his lost stuffed bear, Jasper.

Sometimes You Lose

Boy sitting on the ground with his face in his hands

When his team lost the championship, Miguel was crushed, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.   

Middle school writing prompts can be a little more complex, with pictures that have a lot of potential interpretations. Encourage students to delve deeper into the story by describing how the characters feel and why they behave the way they do.

A pair of light blue Converse sneakers

Morgan was incredibly proud of those shoes, paid for entirely with money from after-school jobs.

Never Lose Hope

Splotch of green paint with the words

With his last bit of energy, Kai scrawled his message in the wet paint.

Computer keyboard with a red button reading Get Me Out of Here

The keyboard button could only be used once, and no one knew exactly what happened when you pressed it.

Piano Lessons

A young child's hands on a piano keyboard

Before she could even speak, Arya was drawn to the black and white keys.

Rolled fern front photoshopped to look as if a baby is sleeping inside

There was no doubt about it, this was was indeed a very special kind of garden.

A person wearing a dingy bunny costume standing on the end of a dock

No matter how you looked at it, it had been a very rough day to be the Easter Bunny.

Empty Chairs

Four empty beach chairs on the shore, with seagulls flying overhead.

By sunset, all four chairs were empty, and the only signs of life were the gulls swooping down from above.

Floating Treasure

Two black birds sitting on a chest floating in the water

To the birds, it was simply a convenient place to land, but Ali and I knew it was much more than that.

Shadow Question

A pair of sneakers and a person's shadow in a puddle

That was the day they discovered that just because you were invisible didn’t mean your shadow was.

Letter and Key

An old key lying on an old handwritten letter

The day she turned 12, Vivi’s aunt handed her an envelope containing the family secret.

Space Target

An illustration of a woman aiming an arrow at a target against an outer space landscape

Onyx paused, knowing that once their arrow hit the target, there was no knowing what would happen.

Mermaid Mystery

A mysterious figure that could be a mermaid, seen from below

It was a mermaid—or was it?

World on a String

A girl standing on a path, holding a suitcase and a bunch of balloons that look like planets

Her dad had promised to give her the world, but she wasn’t expecting three more planets as well.

Bee Standoff

Two bees face ot face on a purple flower

“This flower ain’t big enough for the both of us!” said Bianca.

Solitary Seat

A leather chair next to an old woodstove with a valise and old books

For as long as anyone could remember, Angus McGee spent his evenings in the same chair next to the woodstove.

Best Friends

A little girl holding a very large teddy bear, dragging it down a dirt road

When you decide to run away from home forever, you can’t possibly leave your best friend behind.

Dinosaur Demise

Illustration of dinosaurs panicking as a meteor is about to hit the earth

In retrospect, setting the time machine to randomly choose a day and time in the past might not have been such a good idea.

Magic Lamps

A collection of green

“Choose wisely,” said the old shopkeeper, “for only one of these lamps is truly magic.”

Message in a Bottle

Glass bottle on a seashore with a rolled up paper inside

The message floated at sea for more than 50 years before the day we found it on the beach.

Barrel Boat

Man wearing a life jacket and paddling half a barrel in a lake

Of all the ways to impress someone, Jonah thought to himself, this had to be one of the most ridiculous.

Dragon Guardian

A child sitting in the grass, with a dragon curled up around her

When your parents give you your own dragon guardian, your childhood is bound to be enchanted.

Octopus’s Garden

Diver encountering a large octopus with fish in the background (Middle School Picture Writing Prompts)

Wouldn’t you like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden in the shade?

Around the Corner

Girl peering around a corner at a boy walking a dog

After finally pressing “send,” she couldn’t resist peeking around the corner to watch him read the text.

Beam Me Up!

Small child sitting in a field watching a flying saucer beam up its tricycle (Middle School Picture Writing Prompts)

Milo’s earliest memory was of watching his beloved tricycle float into the sky above him, caught in a beam of light.

Poison Apple

A red apple held in a skeleton's hand

To join the club, all Aaron had to do was creep up and snatch the apple from the skeleton’s hand without being seen.

Giraffe Council

Three giraffes shown from the neck up against a cloudy blue sku

“It is now 3 p.m., and I call this meeting of the Mighty Council of Giraffes to order,” announced Imari.

Mystery Creature

Computer illustrated creature with blue scales, pink spikes, and large eyes

At first glance, it was hard to tell whether the little creature was friend or foe.

Woman leaping across a chasm silhouetted by an orange sky

As the sky turned orange, Keisha ran faster than ever and used the last of her energy to push off and soar over the water below.

The End of Days

A boy stands with his bicycle watching as bombs rain down on a city skyline (Picture Writing Prompts)

Despite their best efforts, they arrived too late—the battle had already begun.

Out of the Book

Woman dressed in a blue ball gown peering out of a book lit from inside, with a mouse nearby

“Happily ever after” was about to take on a whole new meaning.

Stopped Clock

Old broken alarm clock stopped at 11:17

I was sure that the time on the broken clock was the clue to solving the mystery.

Dueling Webs

Two dew-covered spiderwebs in the early morning sun

It’s never a good idea to build your web too close to another spider’s, but this time I had no choice.

Do Shoes Grow on Trees?

A bare tree covered with hanging pairs of shoes against a clear blue sky

The day I threw my own shoes into the tree was the day I really started to grow up.

Abstract Art

Closeup of splotches of colorful paint

“So,” asked their art teacher, “what do you think this painting means?”

Wandering Robots

Small cardboard robot in a field of daisies (Picture Writing Prompts)

Everything about NB-317 was made of cardboard except his heart—that was made of flesh and blood and very capable of being broken.

Dream Come True

Blue house floating in the sky above mountains, held up by blue balloons

It all started when Quinn watched her favorite movie the night before they assigned partners for the eighth grade science fair project.

Mysterious Cave

Rocky cave with strange geometric patterns in the rock

The cave was unlike anything we’d ever seen before, and what was more, it almost seemed like the rock was alive.

Storm at Sea

A pirate ship on stormy seas, with a purple sky and dramatic streaks of lightning

As the rain lashed his face and lightning tore apart the sky, Kiran had to admit he’d always thought it would be a lot more fun being a pirate.

Grasshopper Closeup

A closeup view of a grasshopper looking directly at the camera

That’s when Javed realized it wasn’t that the grasshopper was too big—it was that he was suddenly very, very small.

UFO Parking

Sign saying UFO Parking with picture of a flying saucer

“Well, that’s convenient,” Javdok remarked to Qabow when they saw the sign.   

High school writers are ready to dig deep, exploring character development and detailed plots. These pictures offer a jumping-off point to set their imaginations free.

Cyborg Girl

An altered image showing a young girl in a black dress with a white collar, with a neck made of mechanical gears

When she was 14, Tasha’s parents finally told her the truth about what she really was.

BBQ Cookout

Barbeque grill with many different kinds of meat

“So, I’m guessing no one told you I’m a vegetarian?” asked Sadie with a smile.

Hands holding up a phone with a picture of a baby's face in front an old man's face

The latest app was like a time machine, allowing people to look back in time, but it also had a dark side.

Woman sitting on a sidewalk with her head on her knees as others walk by

She was surrounded by people but never felt more alone.

Hippo Troubles

A hippo mother and baby with its mouth open

Like all parents, hippos sometimes really need a break from their kids.

iPad Farmer

Old man in overalls using an iPad while snapping green beans

Grandpa Jack never failed to surprise us.

Marching Band Blues

Black man in a red shirt sitting on a bench, wearing a sousaphone

Kaleel sat sadly on the bench, watching the rest of the band march away in jaunty time to the music.

Never-Ending Tunnel

A white-tiled tunnel stretching far into the distance

The tunnel seemed to stretch to infinity, but Jayma knew what was at the end, and it terrified her.

Carving Out Love

A birch tree with

For years, we wondered who “WP” was, and who it was who loved them so much they carved it into a tree for all to see.

Glowing Globe

Man holding a glowing globe in a misty library

Just then, the globe began to glow, and Jaxson knew he was about to leap through space and time once again—destination unknown.

See No Evil

Three skeletons posed in the classic

It seemed like a funny joke to pose the skeletons in front of old Mrs. Petoski’s house, but then she turned up dead, and the police said it was murder.

Upside Down

Woman hanging upside down from the ceiling in a kitchen

It’s an odd feeling to wake up one morning and find yourself able to walk on the ceiling.

Face at the Fence

Child with their face pressed up against a wire fence

So much depended on which side of the fence you were on.

Bicycle Race

Three people competing in a bicycle race

Finley had trained too hard for this race to come in third—it just wasn’t good enough.

Family Travels

Vintage photo of a Black family strapping luggage to a car, with a young girl posing in front

In the picture, my grandmother’s expression is hard to interpret, but she’s told me the story many times.

Laundromat Antics

A pair of legs waving out of a dryer in a laundromat

Dani never expected to meet her first love feet first.

Black and white photo of a wedding ring lying on a sheet of notepaper saying "I'm sorry!"

Molly’s mom probably didn’t mean for her to be the one to find the note, but that’s how things turned out.

Through the Storm

Pickup truck driving through flooded streets in a storm

Javier knew it would have been smarter to stay put, but he had to make sure his mom was safe before the worst of the storm arrived.

Lifetime Friends

Two babies holding hands while being held by adults

They’d been friends for as long as they could remember—even longer, in fact.

Stray Kitten

A small kitten facing a person's legs, in black and white

“I am NOT taking you home with me,” Kai told the tiny mewling kitten firmly.

Abandoned Greenhouse

Woman inside an abandoned ramshackle greenhouse in the woods

Willow was free to leave at any time, but she couldn’t make herself go.

A fence topped by rolls of razor wire against a blue sky

Amani’s earliest memory was razor wire—miles and miles of it.

Church Graveyard

An old graveyard outside a stone church

Everyone feels differently in a graveyard, but for me, they’re very peaceful places.

Orb of Death

A hooded figure folding out a crystal ball with a spooky image in it

“Do you really want to know?” Death asked. “Because once you know, you won’t be able to forget.”

Missed Shot

Men in wheelchairs playing basketball, as one laments a missed shot

Steve was sure his shot would make it, but it bounced off the rim just as the buzzer rang to end the game.

First Contact

Alien figure with a human in a spacesuit visible in the window behind them (High School Picture Writing Prompts)

This was it—the moment that would change what it meant to be human forever.

One Life to Live

An old man wearing a cowboy hat sits in front of a house (Picture Writing Prompts)

His face said his life had been a hard one, but his eyes told a different tale.

Winter Walk

Snow-covered field with a winding trail of footprints

Snow fell, creating a blank canvas to record the story of that fateful walk.

Train to Nowhere

Sepia-toned image of an old sleeper train car in disrepair

It certainly wasn’t the most luxurious way to travel, but then again, no one really wanted to make this trip in the first place.

Modern Mary Poppins

Woman standing in the middle of a wheat field on a gray day, holding an umbrella and bag

She dropped into our lives on a gray day in midwinter, a hint of the spring that was to come.

All That Remains

A chair sits in the hallway of an abandoned building under a shaft of light from above (High School Picture Writing Prompts)

Dust motes filled the air of the abandoned hallway, replacing the voices once heard there.

A very small bunny being carried in a shirt pocket

From the day he found the little creature, Luis refused to go anywhere without him.

The Question

Figure holding flowers behind its back, with a woman turning to look in the background

Their happily ever after began quietly, with a bouquet of wildflowers.

Night Lights

A person holding an umbrella walks down an alley toward a street filled with neon lights

Misty rain both blurred and emphasized the lights that lit Suri’s way home that evening.

Forest of Fear

Black and white photo of tree trunks with arms and hands reach out from behind them (Picture Writing Prompts)

At first, Mateo thought it was a joke, but the screams that followed told him there was nothing remotely funny about it.

Closeup of a human eye, with the pupil represented as a camera lens

At the elite level, being a spy meant serious commitments.

The Yellow Door

A row of white doors with one yellow door (Picture Writing Prompts)

On their 14th birthday, every resident of Fresnia was required to stand before the Wall of Doors and make a choice.

Graffiti Palace

Abandoned warehouse with graffiti on the walls

To strangers, it seemed random, but every mark on those walls had deep meaning for us.

Fossil Fish

Fish fossil in light-colored stone

Millions of years ago, the fish gave one final flop before lying still in the deep mud.

On the Rails

Woman standing on railroad tracks holding a guitar and looking off into the distant sunset (Picture Writing Prompts)

Aliyah stood on the tracks, uncertain of where to go next.

These picture prompts are all works of art, some more well known than others. Try providing them to students without sharing the titles first, then offer up the titles if they need some help getting started.

The Dance Class (Edgar Degas)

The Dance Class by Edgar Degas

Greek Funerary Plaque (520-510 BCE)

Greek Funerary Plaque

Washington Crossing the Delaware (Emanuel Leutze)

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze

Kyōsai’s Pictures of One Hundred Demons

Kyōsai’s Pictures of One Hundred Demons

First Steps, After Millet (Vincent van Gogh)

First Steps by Vincent Van Gogh

Lady Lilith (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rosetti

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (Georges Seurat)

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

After the Hurricane, Bahamas (Winslow Homer)

After the Hurricane, Bahamas by Winslow Homer

Drawing Lots for Prizes (Kitagawa Utamaro)

Drawing Lots for Prizes by Kitagawa Utamaro

Portions of Field Armor (Jacob Halder)

Portions of a Field Armor by Jacob Halder

Sadie Pfeifer, a Cotton Mill Spinner (Lewis Wickes Hine)

Sadie Pfeifer, a Cotton Mill Spinner by Lewis Wickes Hine

Still Life With Monkey, Fruits, and Flowers (Jean Baptiste Oudry)

Still Life With Monkey, Fruits, and Flowers by Jean Baptiste Oudry

Man Leading a Giraffe, 5th Century Byzantine

Man Leading a Giraffe, 5th Century Byzantine

The Three Skulls (Paul Cézanne)

The Three Skulls by Paul Cézanne

The Madame B Album (Marie-Blanche Hennelle Fournier)

The Madame B Album by Marie-Blanche Hennelle Fournier

Coiled Trumpet in the Form of a Snarling Feline Face (c. 100 BCE to 500 CE)

Coiled Trumpet in the Form of a Snarling Feline Face (c. 100 BCE to 500 CE)

Crazy Quilt With Animals (Florence Elizabeth Marvin)

Crazy Quilt with Animals by Florence Elizabeth Marvin

Storytime (Eugenio Zampighi)

Storytime by Eugenio Zampighi

Cubist Village (Georges Gaudion)

Cubist Village by Georges Gaudion

Zig-Zag Passenger and Freight Train (Unknown)

Zig-zag Passenger and Freight Train (Unknown)

The Power of Music (William Sidney Mount)

The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount

The Large Tree (Paul Gauguin)

The Large Tree (Paul Gaugin)

After the Bath (Mary Cassatt)

After the Bath (Mary Cassatt)

Wedding Gown (Korea, Late 1800s)

Wedding Gown (Korea, Late 1800s)

The Contemplator (Eugène Carrière)

The Contemplator (Eugène Carrière)

The Girl I Left Behind Me (Eastman Johnson)

The Girl I Left Behind Me (Eastman Johnson)

24c Curtiss Jenny Invert Single

24c Curtiss Jenny invert single

Creeping Baby Doll Patent Model

Creeping Baby Doll Patent Model

Wrecked Zeppelin (British Library)

Wrecked Zeppelin photograph from The British Library

Skeleton (Tales of Terror Frontispiece)

Skeletons Frontispiece from Tales of Terror

How do you use picture writing prompts in your classroom? Come share ideas and ask for advice in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Plus, check out how we can use writing time to nurture sel skills ..

These picture writing prompts are a unique way to excite young creative writers. Find options for all grades on a variety of subjects.

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Creative Writing Prompts

Narrative Writing Prompts 1st Grade: Share Imaginative Narratives

Photo of author

My name is Debbie, and I am passionate about developing a love for the written word and planting a seed that will grow into a powerful voice that can inspire many.

Narrative Writing Prompts 1st Grade: Share Imaginative Narratives

Are you ready to​ embark on a magical journey filled with ⁢creativity and imagination? Look no⁣ further, because we have just⁢ the⁣ thing for you! In this article, we will be exploring narrative writing⁢ prompts for ⁣1st graders, allowing their minds to​ roam free⁤ and ‍share⁤ their imaginative narratives.⁤ From⁢ whimsical adventures to daring escapades, these​ prompts will inspire young‌ writers to let their creativity ⁤shine. So, grab your pencils, fasten ⁤your seatbelts, and‌ get ready to embark on a literary adventure like no other! Get ⁢ready to witness​ the incredible stories that unfold‌ when a‍ 1st grader’s imagination⁤ takes flight.

Narrative ‌Writing Prompts 1st Grade: Share Imaginative Narratives

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Encouraging young minds to explore their⁣ imaginations through narrative‌ writing is an excellent way to build their creativity and communication skills. In 1st ‌Grade, children are at ⁤a ⁢pivotal point in their language development, making​ it the perfect time ‌to introduce them to the exciting world of storytelling. Here are some imaginative narrative writing prompts⁢ specifically ⁣designed ⁤for 1st graders to​ inspire their creative juices:

  • Once upon a time… Let your child’s ‌imagination run wild by starting a story with this timeless phrase. Encourage them to dive⁢ into‍ a fictional world where anything is possible! They can create characters, settings, and plotlines that captivate⁤ readers.
  • A magical ⁣adventure: Prompt your 1st grader to write an imaginative story about going on a magical⁤ adventure. They⁣ can explore⁢ enchanted⁣ forests, discover hidden treasures, or ⁣even encounter mythical creatures. Encourage them to describe ​all the ⁢whimsical details ​and use their imagination to bring their story to life.
  • A day in the life of a superhero: Ask your child⁤ to imagine what it would be like⁢ to be a superhero⁣ for a day. ‌Let them create their⁣ own superhero identity, complete with special ‌powers and⁣ a mission to save the day. Guide them to think‍ about ‌how their superhero would use their ⁣powers to help ​others.

With these fantastic narrative writing prompts, your 1st grader will have a blast exploring their imagination and developing their storytelling skills. Remember to applaud their creativity and encourage them to write freely, allowing their ideas to flow without limitations. Through the magic of storytelling, they will ignite their love for writing and⁢ unlock a world of infinite possibilities.

Spark your‍ first graders’ imaginations ​and⁤ unleash their inner storytellers with these captivating narrative writing prompts. These prompts are⁢ designed to ignite creativity and encourage young writers to express themselves through imaginative storytelling.

With engaging narrative writing​ prompts, ⁣your 1st graders will‌ be inspired to create their own unique stories. Whether they are exploring faraway lands, embarking on exciting adventures, or imagining themselves as characters from their favorite ⁤books, these ⁣prompts will help your students develop their storytelling skills and enhance their ability to​ express​ their​ thoughts and ideas in writing. Encourage your students⁤ to dive ⁣into the world of ‍storytelling and watch as their ⁢creativity takes flight!

  • Imagine you are a superhero. Describe your incredible⁢ powers and write about ⁢a thrilling adventure you had.
  • Think​ about the ⁢time you went on a picnic with your best ⁤friend. Describe the beautiful location and the fun activities you enjoyed together.
  • Write a⁤ story ⁣about a magical tree that grants wishes. What would you wish for, and⁣ how would your life change?
  • Picture yourself as a character from your favorite⁢ fairy tale. Rewrite the ending of the story and create a new outcome.

Encourage your first graders to ⁤use‌ descriptive ⁤language, ‍detailed characters, and exciting plot twists to⁤ bring their stories to life. By engaging in narrative writing, 1st graders will not only enhance their ⁢writing skills but ⁢also develop their ability to⁣ think creatively ⁣and communicate effectively. So, grab a pencil, get ready to write, and let your students’ imaginations soar with these ⁢stimulating narrative writing ⁣prompts!

Developing Storytelling Skills: Encouraging Imaginative Narratives ⁤in 1st Grade

In 1st grade, children’s imagination is blossoming, ‍making it a perfect time to nurture their storytelling skills. Encouraging imaginative narratives not only enhances their creativity but also strengthens their communication and language development. Here are some effective strategies to foster the growth of‍ storytelling abilities in 1st graders:

  • Designate a cozy ⁢area⁢ in the classroom, filled with colorful cushions,‍ a rug, and props to inspire storytelling sessions.
  • Encourage students ‍to use this space during free⁢ time to share their imaginative⁤ narratives with peers, fostering ​confidence and oral language skills.
  • Provide story starters, pictures, or objects that spark children’s creativity ​and prompt them to ​invent exciting⁤ narratives.
  • Initiate⁤ open-ended discussions by‌ asking questions like “What happens next?” or “What would you do in this situation?” to ‍stimulate critical thinking and story development.

By implementing these strategies, 1st-grade teachers can actively engage young‌ learners in the mesmerizing ⁤world of storytelling. The continued practice‍ of imaginative narratives will not only foster their love for reading but also promote self-expression, empathy, and⁣ imagination.

Encouraging young minds ⁢to explore their imagination and develop ⁣strong writing skills ⁢is ⁢a key goal‌ in elementary education. In our first-grade classrooms, we have discovered a powerful ‍tool to achieve this: narrative writing.​ By incorporating storytelling elements into ‍their writing exercises, we are able to captivate 1st graders’ ⁢attention, nurture their creativity, and ignite their passion for ​writing. Let’s ‍delve into how narrative writing unlocks⁣ the hidden potential within these young writers:

Fostering creativity: Narrative writing allows 1st graders to⁣ express their unique ideas, ‌thoughts, and perspectives in an ⁤artistic manner. By inviting them to create their own characters, settings, and⁣ plots, we provide​ a platform for ​their⁣ imagination ​to soar. The ‌creative process of developing a narrative ⁤helps students think outside the box, encouraging exploration of new ideas and expanding their‍ cognitive⁣ abilities.

Developing language skills: As young learners delve into narrative writing, ⁤they naturally improve their language and literacy skills. By engaging in⁤ storytelling, children practice vocabulary expansion and learn to construct ⁣coherent‍ sentences and paragraphs. They also ‍grasp the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, and syntax – all of which are essential⁣ building blocks for effective written communication. As⁤ their confidence grows, ​children⁣ become more eager ‌to share‌ their stories and engage in ​meaningful interactions.

Fostering Language‍ and Communication Skills Through Narrative Writing Exercises in 1st Grade

In 1st grade, narrative writing⁤ exercises play a vital‌ role in developing language and communication skills among young learners.⁢ By engaging students ⁢in creative storytelling, these exercises ​enable children to express their thoughts, ideas, and ‍emotions​ in a⁣ structured and coherent manner.⁢ This not only helps‍ them become better writers but also enhances their oral communication skills.

Through narrative⁤ writing exercises, 1st-grade students learn the⁣ fundamentals of story elements, such as characters, settings,⁢ and plot development. They⁢ learn how to⁢ structure their stories to create a beginning, ‍middle, and end, nurturing their organizational skills. Moreover, these ‍exercises encourage students to think critically, as they must make decisions about their storylines, character motivations, ⁢and problem-solving within their narratives. This⁢ cultivates their analytical‌ thinking skills‌ as they explore different possibilities and develop creative solutions.

Narrative writing is‍ an ‌essential skill in a 1st grader’s academic ‌journey as‌ it allows them to express their creativity and individuality. ​By ​encouraging self-expression through ‍storytelling, ⁣we​ not only foster their confidence but also provide a platform for them to share their ‌unique experiences and ideas.

In our 1st ⁣grade ⁤narrative writing ⁤program, we prioritize creating a supportive environment where students feel⁣ safe to explore their imagination and express themselves freely. We incorporate various activities and prompts to stimulate their creativity, such⁤ as asking them‌ to ‌imagine⁤ themselves in different ⁣situations ⁢or to retell a ‍favorite story.⁣ By including elements‌ like characters, settings, and emotions in their​ narratives, students learn to develop their ideas and bring their stories ‍to life.

To further enhance their confidence, we offer opportunities for students to share their ⁣narratives with their peers and even perform ‌them in front of the class. This not only ⁢builds their self-assurance ‌but also improves their⁤ public speaking‌ skills. We believe that giving ​them the chance to see their ideas valued ⁤and⁤ appreciated ⁣by their peers boosts their self-esteem and encourages them⁢ to continue exploring their creativity.

- Cultivating a Love for Reading and Writing: Harnessing the Magic ⁢of Narrative Prompts in ​1st Grade

Engaging young minds in ‍the world ⁢of literature is an essential⁢ step in fostering a lifelong​ love for reading and writing. In first grade, one⁤ effective ‍approach to capturing ⁣the⁤ imagination of ‍budding storytellers is through the use of narrative prompts. These prompts serve as magical catalysts that ignite creativity and encourage young students to​ express their thoughts and ideas​ through the written word.

By incorporating​ narrative ​prompts into the curriculum, first-grade teachers can provide a ​structured framework that stimulates the imagination while refining essential ​writing skills. These prompts invite students‌ to embark on ⁣thrilling ⁣adventures, solve mysterious ⁣riddles, or create⁤ imaginative tales from their own experiences. The ⁤beauty of⁢ narrative prompts ⁢lies in their ability to ⁤inspire children to think critically, analyze situations, and construct vivid narratives, all while ‌having fun in the process.

  • Boosting creative⁣ thinking: Narrative prompts encourage students to think outside the box, allowing their imaginations ⁣to soar beyond ‌conventional boundaries.
  • Developing‍ language skills: By ⁤writing ​stories, students engage with language on a deeper level, improving their vocabulary, grammar, ​and sentence structure.
  • Enhancing communication skills: Expressing ideas through writing helps students develop clarity in their thoughts ⁢and effectively communicate with others.
  • Building ‍confidence: As​ children share their stories with peers and teachers, they gain confidence in their abilities,‍ nurturing a sense of pride and accomplishment.

By integrating narrative prompts into first-grade ‌classrooms,⁤ educators have the power to unlock the imagination and creativity of young learners, cultivating a lifelong passion for reading ‍and‍ writing.‌ Harnessing the magic of narrative prompts at this crucial stage lays a strong foundation for future academic success‌ and nurtures a love ‍for storytelling that will last a lifetime.

Narrative writing is ​an engaging‌ and enjoyable way‍ to develop language skills in ⁢1st graders. By⁢ incorporating their interests ⁤into⁢ writing prompts, educators can generate maximum engagement and create a fun learning environment. Here are some creative ideas⁤ to tailor narrative writing prompts that⁢ will captivate 1st-grade students:

1. Integrate ‌favorite characters: Ask students to ⁤create a‌ narrative story involving their beloved characters from books or movies. This⁢ will ⁤not only fuel their imagination but also⁢ encourage them to explore ⁣the⁢ characters in ‍new and exciting ⁤ways.

2. Embrace real-life experiences: Encourage students⁣ to write about their own experiences and adventures. By allowing them to share stories ⁣from their lives, you​ create an opportunity for personal connections and a sense of ownership over their narrative writing.

Q: What⁢ are narrative ‌writing prompts? A: Narrative writing prompts are questions or statements that encourage ⁣students to​ write ⁣creative stories using their imagination. These prompts provide a starting point for young writers to develop their narrative skills and share imaginative narratives.

Q: Why is‌ narrative writing ⁤important for first graders? A: Narrative writing plays⁣ a ‍crucial role ⁢in the development of language and ⁤literacy skills. It allows⁣ first graders ‌to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions through storytelling.‍ By engaging in narrative writing, students ​learn how to organize their ideas coherently, ‌build descriptive vocabulary, and develop their creativity.

Q: How can narrative writing ⁣prompts benefit first​ graders? A: Narrative writing prompts serve as a catalyst ⁣for sparking young ​imaginations and enhancing⁤ their storytelling abilities. These prompts‌ encourage students to think critically, problem-solve, and construct narratives with a clear beginning, middle, and end.⁢ The ​prompts provide young writers with a framework that empowers them to express themselves freely and improve their skills in written communication.

Q: What types of narrative writing prompts can be used for first graders? A: First -grade narrative writing prompts should ⁣be age-appropriate and cater to the interests and abilities of young students. Examples of prompts could be “Write a story about your favorite animal ‍and the ‍adventure it goes on,” “Imagine you‍ found a magic key.⁤ Describe where it takes you and what ⁣happens,” or “Write about a‌ time when you showed kindness to ‍someone ‌and how it made you feel.”

Q: How can teachers⁣ help first graders with narrative writing prompts? A: Teachers⁤ can provide guidance and support by brainstorming ⁤ideas related⁢ to⁣ the prompt, ⁤helping students outline their​ stories, and offering​ feedback on their narratives. By encouraging students to think visually and describing their stories aloud, teachers can help build foundational skills⁤ necessary for effective narrative writing.

Q: Are there any specific strategies⁤ to encourage⁣ creativity in first-grade ​narrative writing? A: ⁤Yes, several strategies can foster creativity in first graders’ narrative ​writing. Teachers can encourage students to use their senses by including details about what characters see, hear, taste, touch,⁣ and smell. They can also incorporate elements like dialogue, vivid descriptions, and ⁣engaging story openings to captivate ⁣young readers. Additionally, providing opportunities for students to share ​and discuss their narratives with peers can ⁤enhance their creative thinking and storytelling abilities.

Q: How can ‍parents support their first-grade children with narrative writing prompts at ⁣home? A: Parents can⁣ create a nurturing environment for narrative writing by‍ setting aside‌ dedicated time for writing‌ activities, providing a variety of writing materials, and encouraging⁢ their child to share their stories aloud. It ⁢is ⁤also helpful for parents to engage ⁢in conversations about their child’s narrative, ​asking questions and‍ offering positive feedback to ⁣promote their ‍creativity and confidence.

Q: How can narrative writing prompts contribute to ‍the overall development of first graders? A: Narrative writing prompts develop essential skills beyond writing,⁤ including‌ critical​ thinking, problem-solving, and language acquisition. They promote self-expression, encourage ‍empathy, and help children‌ make connections‌ between stories and real-life experiences. By practicing narrative writing, first graders become better communicators, thinkers, and creators, ‍fostering their overall cognitive, emotional, and social growth.

In conclusion, narrative writing prompts for 1st‍ graders offer‍ a wonderful opportunity​ to spark their imagination ‍and⁣ cultivate their storytelling skills. By sharing their imaginative narratives, children can ⁣develop their creativity while also honing their written⁣ communication skills.

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Do you want to inspire your students to write great narratives, essays, and reports? Check out these grade-specific writing topics organized by mode (explanatory, creative, and so on). Or search for writing topics that relate to a theme, such as “life” or “animals” or “family.”

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Explanatory writing.

  • A day in the rainforest
  • After-school games
  • An important person I know about
  • At the library
  • Foods I don't like
  • Friendly places
  • Games I play with friends
  • Games we play at recess
  • Good things in my neighborhood
  • How plants grow
  • How to make my favorite dessert
  • How to make new friends
  • I like spring because . . .
  • I like to make . . .
  • I'd like to see . . .
  • Insects, insects everywhere
  • Learning to ride a bike
  • My favorite food
  • My favorite pet
  • My favorite season
  • My mom's/dad's hobby
  • My new friend
  • My shopping list
  • Our clubhouse
  • The biggest bubble-gum bubble
  • The funniest zoo animal
  • This person makes me laugh
  • What I know about . . .
  • What I know about an animal
  • What I know about dinosaurs
  • What I know about stars
  • What I know about the ocean
  • What I like about math
  • What makes me laugh?
  • What will I share?
  • Who I will be in the future
  • Who's at the zoo?
  • Why I like to read
  • Why I love to sing
  • Words I think are funny

Persuasive Writing

  • Don't litter!
  • Things that would make my neighborhood better

Narrative Writing

  • A day at the beach
  • A special birthday
  • Buying something with my own money
  • Cooking dinner with Mom/Dad
  • Eating lunch with my friends
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Going to the circus
  • I rode on a . . .
  • I'm happy when . . .
  • Losing my teeth
  • My adventure
  • My trip to . . .
  • Noisy times and quiet times
  • Playing a game with Grandma/Grandpa
  • Playing with pets
  • Something funny that happened to me
  • The biggest thing I ever saw
  • The last time I cried
  • When _ was born

Response to Literature

  • A book I just read
  • Some of my favorite books

Creative Writing

  • A story about a holiday
  • A trip on a rocket ship
  • Dear George Washington
  • Seeing the world through the eyes of . . .
  • Sometimes I wish . . .
  • What if I met a . . .
  • What if I were 10 years old?
  • What if I were someone else?
  • What if toys could talk?
  • What's under my bed?

Research Writing

  • I wonder why . . .
  • Something I don't understand
  • A bicycle I'd like to have
  • A day in the desert
  • A great place to go
  • A great treehouse
  • A place I like to visit
  • A sport I'm good at
  • A trip on a monorail
  • Activities for indoor fun
  • Activities for outdoor fun
  • Amazing facts I know
  • An amazing animal
  • Dancing to the music
  • Having fun at school
  • Helping out around the house
  • Magic tricks I can do
  • Making my favorite food
  • My favorite baby-sitter
  • My favorite board game
  • My favorite teacher
  • My homework place
  • Our classroom pet
  • Some things I like about the museum
  • The best house pets
  • The weirdest house pets
  • Things that are hard to believe
  • Things to do in the snow
  • Unusual fruits and vegetables
  • Water balloons!
  • What I like about where I live
  • What makes me special
  • Who is beautiful?
  • Let's help the environment by . . .
  • Things I'd like to change
  • A cozy spot at home
  • A funny time in my family
  • A great day with a friend
  • A helpful person I have met
  • A person who means the world to me
  • A walk in the woods
  • Funny things my pet has done
  • My best birthday
  • My favorite family story
  • Putting on a play
  • Swimming at the pool or lake
  • When everything goes wrong
  • Book characters I'd like to meet
  • A dark hallway
  • Donuts for dinner
  • Something I wish would happen
  • What if there were no electricity
  • All about an amazing animal

Business Writing

  • A cartoon character that I like
  • A song that means a lot to me
  • A special photograph
  • A special, secret place
  • A trip in a submarine
  • An important time in history
  • Building a fort
  • Creatures that live in the ocean
  • Creepy, crawly things
  • Dirt bikes and skateboards
  • Do I want to be famous?
  • Doing homework
  • Going to the dentist
  • Gone fishing!
  • How to stop hiccups
  • How we divide the chores at our house
  • I don't understand why . . .
  • I'd like to invent a machine that . . .
  • If I started my own business, I'd . . .
  • Instructions for a pet sitter of my pet
  • Let's help the animals by . . .
  • Looking at the globe
  • My favorite clothes
  • My favorite form of exercise
  • Pizza is . . .
  • Staying at a friend's house
  • The first day of school is the worst/best because . . .
  • The rules we follow
  • Things I see when I take a walk
  • What I use a computer for
  • What if I were the teacher?
  • What is important to me?
  • What it's like to use a wheelchair
  • What my dreams feel like
  • When I see nature, I . . .
  • Why I like/dislike playing team sports
  • Why my mom and dad are the greatest
  • My school really needs . . .
  • A day in the life of my pet
  • A visit to a friend's school
  • An excellent birthday party
  • Discovering a new friend
  • Getting my first pair of glasses
  • Grandma's attic
  • I'll never eat another . . .
  • My best day
  • My first school memories
  • My most embarrassing moment
  • Rings on her fingers
  • Talk about being scared!
  • When I did something amazing
  • When I was upside down
  • When the big storm hit
  • If I wrote like the author of . . .
  • A really spooky story
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  • What if we suddenly had to move?
  • A game that meant a lot to my childhood
  • A school field trip
  • A toy I've held onto all these years
  • A trip to a space station
  • A typical lunch hour
  • Can farmers grow enough food for everyone?
  • Here's what a new student needs to know
  • How I can change the way I look
  • How I picture myself four years from now
  • How I would define the word . . .
  • I would have liked to have lived during this time.
  • I'm principal for the day. Here is my schedule.
  • I've done something that no one else has done
  • If I could be someone else, I would be . . .
  • My bedroom from top to bottom
  • My favorite place
  • My idea of a fun weekend
  • My life as a . . .
  • My participation in an activity outside of school
  • One thing I want to do by the time I leave 8th grade
  • Overcoming health problems
  • The wildest hairstyle I have ever seen
  • What a family member taught me
  • What a house of the future might look like
  • What I broke or lost that belongs to someone else
  • A big hazard on the road
  • A big problem in education is . . .
  • A cool store
  • A dedicated teacher or coach
  • Dear Senator
  • Discover nature
  • Finally, a good assembly
  • How could TV be better?
  • Let's save _ in our schools
  • My best class ever
  • My favorite neighbor
  • My favorite singer(s)
  • Rights that kids in my grade should have
  • The worst food I ever ate
  • This really bugs me
  • What's good about hard work?
  • Why I deserve a larger allowance
  • Why parents should be honest with their kids
  • Why school fund-raisers are important
  • Why weekends need to be longer
  • A memorable bus ride
  • A narrow escape from trouble
  • A time that was just not fair
  • A visit to a relative's house
  • If I lived back in history
  • If only I would have listened!
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  • My first friend
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  • We got caught!
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  • What this story means to me
  • How _ came to be.
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  • Meeting myself in the future
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  • A day I will always remember
  • A friend who moved away
  • A great scientific breakthrough
  • A person who changed history
  • A personal habit I'd like to change
  • A project I am working on
  • A typical evening at home
  • A visit with the doctor or dentist
  • An invention that transformed the world
  • Causes of a huge change in the world
  • Coping with brothers and sisters
  • Hanging out
  • How a vehicle works
  • How do people cope with constant pain?
  • How I express myself artistically
  • How it would feel to walk in space
  • I admit it: I enjoy professional wrestling.
  • I take some things too seriously
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  • Is this love?
  • Morning madness
  • My craziest experience in a restaurant or shopping mall
  • My dream car
  • My first crush
  • My first encounter with a bully
  • My muscles were so sore after . . .
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  • Something this school really needs is . . .
  • Sometimes, adults seem . . .
  • The environment: problem and solution
  • The hardest thing I have ever done
  • The idea hit me like a tornado.
  • The next wave of social media
  • The toys I'll never give up
  • Tools I will need in my intended profession
  • We all make mistakes
  • What animals can teach people
  • What different colors mean to me
  • What do Americans do well?
  • What do I do to break routine?
  • What do I worry about?
  • What if school sports were dropped?
  • What invention would I like to see in my lifetime?
  • What it's like where I work
  • Who knows me best?
  • Why are crime dramas so popular?
  • Why are some people so cruel?
  • "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal."
  • A change that would improve school life
  • Foods I love, foods I hate
  • I couldn't believe that Mom/Dad volunteered me for that job
  • It's a rule, so it's right . . . right?
  • Let's hear it for my favorite senior citizen
  • Let's push alternate forms of energy
  • Putting my foot in my mouth
  • The government should . . .
  • What most drives me crazy is . . .
  • Why appearance is not so important
  • Why I deserve the job
  • _ is like a boomerang
  • A funny thing happened when . . .
  • A meaningful gift I've given or received
  • A time when I got in trouble
  • An unforgettable dream
  • Looking at pictures of family and friends
  • My brother or sister made me so mad
  • My worst vacation
  • What I regret most
  • When I faced my fears
  • When I learned something difficult
  • When I traveled to . . .
  • A remarkable artist
  • An all-new album from an important artist
  • An amazing work of art
  • Meet the characters of . . .
  • The music that moves me most
  • The theme of my favorite story is . . .
  • Alone on a desert island

Language Arts Classroom

Creative Writing Lesson Plans: Week One

Week on of creative writing lesson plans: free lesson plan for creative writing. Creative writing lessons can be scaffolded.

Looking for creative writing lesson plans? I am developing creative writing lesson ideas! 

I’ve written and revamped my creative writing lesson plans and learned that the first week is vital in establishing a community of writers, in outlining expectations, and in working with a new class.

What are some good creative writing exercises?

Some good creative writing exercises include writing prompts, free writing, character development exercises, and fun writing games.

The first week, though, we establish trust—and then we begin powerful creative writing exercises to engage young writers and our community.

How can add encouragement in creative writing lesson plans?

I’ve found students are shy about writing creatively, about sharing pieces of themselves. A large part of the first week of class is setting the atmosphere, of showing everyone they are free to create. And! These concepts will apply to most writing lesson plans for secondary students.

Feel free to give me feedback and borrow all that you need! Below, find my detailed my day-by-day progression for creative writing lesson plans  for week one.

Build the community in a creative writing class. A creative writing lesson can build young writers' confidence.

Creative Writing Lesson Day One: Sharing my vision

Comfort matters for young writers. I’m not a huge “ice breaker” type of teacher—I build relationships slowly. Still, to get student writing, we must establish that everyone is safe to explore, to write, to error.

Here are some ideas.

Tone and attitude

For day one with any lesson plan for creative writing, I think it is important to set the tone, to immediately establish what I want from my creative writing students. And that is…

them not to write for me, but for them. I don’t want them writing what they think I want them to write.

Does that make sense? Limitations hurt young writers. My overall tone and attitude toward young writers is that we will work together, create and write together, provide feedback, and invest in ourselves. Older kiddos think that they must provide teachers with the “correct” writing. In such a course, restrictions and boundaries largely go out the window.

Plus, I specifically outline what I believe they can produce in a presentation to set people at ease.

The presentation covers expectations for the class. As the teacher, I am a sort of writing coach with ideas that will not work for everyone. Writers should explore different methods and realize what works for them. First, not everyone will appreciate every type of writing—which is fine. But as a writing community, we must accept that we may not be the target audience for every piece of work.

Therefore, respect is a large component of the class. Be sure to outline what interactions you find acceptable within your classroom community.

Next, as their writing coach, I plan to provide ideas and tools for use. Their job is to decide what tools work for their creative endeavors. My overall message is uplifting and encouraging.

Finally, when we finish, I share the presentation with students so they can consult it throughout the semester. The presentation works nicely for meet-the-teacher night, too!

After covering classroom procedures and rules, I show students a TED Talk. We watch The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Adichie. My goal is to show students that I don’t have a predetermined idea concerning what they should write. This discussion takes the rest of the class period.

Establishing comfort and excitement precedents my other creative writing activities. Personalize your “vision” activities for your lessons in creative writing. Honestly, doing this pre-work builds relationships with students and creates a positive classroom atmosphere.

Activate prior knowledge when building a creative writing course. When building creative writing lesson plans, build off what students know.

Creative Writing Lesson Day Two: Activating prior knowledge

Students possess prior knowledge concerning creative writing, but they might not consider that. Students should realize that they know what constitutes a great story. They might not realize that yet. An easy lesson plan for creative writing that will pay off later is to activate prior knowledge. Brainstorm creative, memorable, unforgettable stories with students. Share your thoughts too! You will start to build relationships with students who share the same tastes as you (and those that are completely different!).

Activation activity

During this activity, I want to see how students work together, and I want to build a rapport with students. Additionally, activating prior knowledge provides a smooth transition into other creative writing activities.

This creative writing activity is simple:

I ask students to tell me memorable stories—books, play, tv shows, movies—and I write them on the board. I add and veto as appropriate. Normally doing these classroom discussions, we dive deeper into comedies and creative nonfiction. Sometimes as we work, I ask students to research certain stories and definitions. I normally take a picture of our work so that I can build creative writing lessons from students’ interests.

This takes longer than you might think, but I like that aspect. This information can help me shape my future lessons.

Creative writing lesson plans: free download for creative writing activities for your secondary writing classes. Creative writing lessons should provide a variety of writing activities.

With about twenty minutes left in class, I ask students to form small groups. I want them to derive what makes these stories memorable. Since students complete group and partner activities in this class, I also watch and see how they interact.

Students often draw conclusions about what makes a story memorable:

  • Realistic or true-to-life characters.
  • Meaningful themes.
  • Funny or sad events.

All of this information will be used later as students work on their own writing. Many times, my creative writing lessons overlap, especially concerning the feedback from young writers.

Use pictures to enhance creative writing lesson plans. With older students, they can participate in the lesson plan for creative writing.

Creative Writing Lesson Day Three: Brainstorming and a graphic organizer

From building creative writing activities and implementing them, I now realize that students think they will sit and write. Ta-da!  After all, this isn’t academic writing. Coaching creative writing students is part of the process.

Young writers must accept that a first draft is simply that, a first draft. Building a project requires thought and mistakes. (Any writing endeavor does, really.) Students hear ‘creative writing’ and they think… easy. Therefore, a first week lesson plan for creative writing should touch on what creativity is.

Really, creativity is everywhere. We complete a graphic organizer titled, “Where is Creativity?” Students brainstorm familiar areas that they may not realize have such pieces.

The ideas they compile stir all sorts of conversations:

  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Amusement parks

By completing this graphic organizer, we discuss how creativity surrounds us, how we can incorporate different pieces in our writing, and how different areas influence our processes.

Build a community of creative writers. An impactful creative writing lesson should empower young writers.

Creative Writing Lesson, Days Four and Five: Creative Nonfiction

Students need practice writing, and they need to understand that they will not use every word they write. Cutting out lines is painful for them! Often, a lesson plan for creative writing involves providing time for meaningful writing.

For two days, we study and discuss creative nonfiction. Students start by reading an overview of creative nonfiction . (If you need mentor texts, that website has some as well.) When I have books available, I show the class examples of creative nonfiction.

We then continue through elements of a narrative . Classes are sometimes surprised that a narrative can be nonfiction.

The narrative writing is our first large project. As we continue, students are responsible for smaller projects as well. This keeps them writing most days.

Overall, my students and I work together during the first week of any creative writing class. I encourage them to write, and I cheer on their progress. My message to classes is that their writing has value, and an audience exists for their creations.

And that is my week one! The quick recap:

Week One Creative Writing Lesson Plans

Monday: Rules, procedures, TED Talk, discussion.

Tuesday: Prior knowledge—brainstorm the modeling of memorable stories. Draw conclusions about storytelling with anchor charts. Build community through common knowledge.

Wednesday: Graphic organizer.

Thursday and Friday: Creative nonfiction. Start narrative writing.

Students do well with this small assignment for the second week, and then we move to longer creative writing assignments . When classesexperience success with their first assignment, you can start constructive editing and revising with them as the class continues.

Lesson plan for creative writing: free creative writing lesson plans for week one of ELA class. Add creative writing activities to your high school language arts classes.

These creative writing activities should be easy implement and personalize for your students.

Would you like access to our free library of downloads?

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