Hospitality Industry Impact on Society Essay

Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Mainly incorporating—in a blend of services—cafes, restaurants, accommodation, clubs, hotels, bars, etc., this is a high-opportunity job market for the highly mobile and youthful workforce as a chef, cook, kitchen-hand, restaurant, and catering manager, cleaner, or a bar attendant. As an equal opportunity employer, it hires women in an agreeable manner as men (SafeWork SA 2007).

Service-wise generally divided into two major types, Hospitality Industry has entertainment and accommodation. Entertainment includes clubs and bars, restaurants serving fast foods, and nightclubs. Accommodation means public houses, resorts, inns, campgrounds, hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, and motels.

However, in this industry, there are certainly more risks involved than any other field, which accounts for the fourth highest workers compensation claims.

In the workforce, the industry faces some challenges coming in different shapes (United States Department of Labor 2006):

Image: Like other service sectors, this is hard to maintain a high image. Due to low-wage usually at entry-level employment, there is little opportunity for advancement of career.

Recruitment: Employment of youth in this industry for intense work challenges demands new strategies by employers to provide incentives and other benefits.

Retention: High turnover is always a challenging issue for this industry. Retaining skilled employees for a longer duration means devising new plans and strategies as per the economic and social problems of the current period.

Language skills: English sometimes becomes an issue when workers skilled in services are unable to communicate with tourists or guests. In that case, special training programs are planned to increase the communication skills of the employees.

Employability/Soft Skills: Along with the technical knowledge and experience in the field of the Hospitality Industry, service providers need to have a cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism to please the customers and make quality performance.

Consistent training models and skills certifications: Not dissimilar to other service sectors, entry-level employees are not trained according to a set model consistently, which every time arises the issue of bringing modification in the training mode and increasing investment in devising skill programs for certification and further training.

In Hospitality Industry, tourism especially is more open to changing cultural and social values, presented in the material form of arts, music, or crafts. However, in this fast-changing world with unprecedented advances in technology and easy communication and transportation, cultural influences on tourist behavior and tourist decision-making are studied in isolation and not in the background of cross-cultural issues (Reisinger 2008, p. 22). For the last two years, this cultural effect on the industry of tourism has become more prominent in an international scenario with changing the style of international behavior and cross-cultural issues.

Also, as compared to other industries, it has a tendency to react more strongly to economic fluctuations (EconomyWatch). According to World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism surpassed other industries like autos, steel, electronics, and agriculture in a high revenue-generating context. Furthermore, as it was mentioned earlier, the industry is highly responsive to social and cultural changes in any part of the world; in the olden days, small boarding houses and other services of hospitality were offered on small scale, which has by the passage of time grown enormously to include offering services on the Internet, in flights and other traveling facilities to accommodate more tourists and to cater to their diverse needs and desires of comfort and traveling and recreational pursuits.

In a study at Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research, it was found that customers enjoy innovations in new technologies to provide better services (Dixon, Kimes & Verma 2009). Among eleven technologies, they found preferably virtual menus with nutritional information highly agreeable, and then online reservations and pagers to order services. However, researchers found that customers are hesitant in using new technologies for better availability of services. Once after using some innovation in technology in Hospitality Industry, they stick to that and avoid trying new modes, a sort of catch-22 situation for service providers. The study was conducted on 1,737 US residents by getting survey responses from a broad-based national database. Dixon, one of the researchers and a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, said: “Based on our study, we recommend that restaurants encourage customers to try new technologies. But restaurants should avoid forcing technology use and implement new technologies with considerable support and demonstrations. I should note that our respondents were more likely to use pagers and online reservations than the other technologies we tested. On the other hand, they were not supportive of payment technologies involving cell phones or smart cards.”

It was also found that technology users more frequently visited restaurants than others. Furthermore, young people more used technologies than older ones although there was not found significant difference according to gender.

Mark Wynne Smith, the European CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, is of the view that the European growth rate for Hospitality Industry will remain slow in the coming years. However, the tourism industry is going to flourish with new visitors from economically growing ‘BRIC’ countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China (An Uncertain Future – Hotel Management 2007)

Hudson Crossing is a strategic advisory firm in the USA which helps business owners raise travel, tourism, and hospitality assets by providing consultation. Michael W. McCormick, Managing Partner, Hudson Crossing, believes there is a marked drop in the economic turnover of the Hospitality Industry which will continue in the second quarter of this year due to the economic recession observed all over the world (Hospitality Trends 2009). In a report “Q2 2009 Travel Industry Insight” currently issued, McCormick, however, hopes big adjustments are being made and more creative solutions are planned to enhance revenue-generating options for the 3rd and last quarter of the year. He made a few predictions regarding the future of the industry in this year:

The decline in business travel will see another phase of continued persistence till the new budget cycle by the end of the year 2009.

Business owners in the industry will issue loyalty programs and aggressively priced packages for the consumers to attract them.

Online booking fees for traveling will not be charged by booking agencies such as and Travelocity to lure international travelers.

An Uncertain Future – Hotel Management 2007, An Uncertain Future , SPG Media Limited, London, Web.

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Reisinger, Y 2008, International Tourism: Cultures and Behavior, Butterworth-Heinemann, Philadelphia.

SafeWork SA 2007, Hospitality Industry , Government of South Australia, Web.

United States Department of Labor 2006, Innovative Workforce Solutions to Help the Hospitality Industry Address Hiring, Training, and Retention Challenges , US Department of Labor, Washington DC, Web.

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essay on hospitality sector

What Is the Hospitality Industry? Your Complete Guide

hotel manager smiling in lobby

What does hospitality mean? What is the hospitality industry, exactly? Where and how did it begin? This post answers all those questions and more as we explore the past, present, and future of hospitality. As we dive deeper into what the industry entails, you’ll discover how hospitality impacts employers, employees, economies, consumers, the environment, and so much more. Whether you’re curious about which businesses are part of the industry, what they do, or how to start a career in hospitality, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the hospitality industry? 

The hospitality industry is a massive business sector. Casting a broad umbrella, it encompasses all economic and business activities that rely upon or contribute to travel and tourism. Hospitality-focused businesses like hotels and travel agencies contribute directly by providing essential services that enable travel and tourism. Suppliers, transportation services, and catering companies may indirectly contribute by delivering the goods and services necessary to keep the industry running; however, they do not solely rely on hospitality for their revenue.

Because the hospitality industry is so expansive, it includes a diverse spectrum of companies, businesses, and experts. Even with so much variety, most hospitality businesses fall into one of four categories.

1. Travel & tourism (T&T)

Although many people think travel and tourism are synonymous with hospitality, that’s not quite the case. More accurately, T&T is a specific category within the hospitality industry. It includes airlines, shuttle services, travel agents, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) , and other businesses or services that help facilitate the physical travel necessary for tourism. Those working in T&T help drive tourists, workers, and businesses to new destinations.

2. Accommodation 

One of the largest and most diverse parts of the hospitality industry is the accommodation sector, which includes everything from lodging to event grounds and special event venues. Numerous different types of hotels and venues fall into this sector, including:

  • Chain hotels
  • Extended stay properties
  • Boutique hotels
  • Conference and convention centers
  • Wedding venues
  • Casinos/casino suites

3. Food & beverage (F&B)

Most hotels and resorts offer their guests some form of food or dining option. Whether operating a café, buffet breakfast, or full-service restaurant, food and beverage services are integrated directly into many hospitality-based businesses. Stand-alone F&B providers, like restaurants or food trucks, operate independently, but they also have a part to play in the local hospitality scene.

Event catering, quick-service establishments, full-service restaurants, and limited-service F&B are powerful revenue drivers contributing to the hospitality industry. In addition to serving in-house hotel guests, F&B is a critical component of meetings and events, from private parties, like birthdays or weddings, to large-scale corporate events .

4. Recreation & entertainment 

Because businesses in the hospitality industry often rely on consumers’ disposable income, they market to customers’ desire for entertainment that refreshes the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to lodging, travel services, and culinary delights, hospitality is full of indoor and outdoor recreation.

Bars, nightclubs, theaters, stadiums, museums, zoos, and other attractions often act as special event venues and tourist attractions, helping to drive a destination’s economy . Spectacular outdoor spaces, including our national and state parks , attract travelers from near and far to feed their local markets.

Whether providing a memorable meal or a relaxing day at the spa, the true purpose of hospitality is to ensure that the customer has an enjoyable experience —whatever they do.

But how did it all get started? How far back do the roots of the hospitality industry actually go? 

hospitality industry CTA

When did the hospitality industry begin? 

Although hospitality doesn’t have a designated start date, its traditions date back thousands of years. Ancient symbols of hospitality exist worldwide, with the oldest signs discovered in French caves dating back to 15,000 BCE . Historians and archeologists believe early humans designed the caves to welcome guests and greet visiting tribes.

Xenia, a phrase translating to “the sacred rule of hospitality,” is another early sign of the tradition. In ancient Greece, the custom expressed the law or expectation that hosts would offer protection and kindness to strangers . The Greeks understood that a satisfactory hospitality experience relied on hosts respecting their guests and vice versa. Furthermore, they believed displaying proper hospitality was “fundamental to human civilized life.” Modern hospitality may not look like it did thousands of years ago, but its purpose remains the same.

Is the hospitality industry growing?

Pre-pandemic, the hotel and motel industries (i.e., hospitality) employed approximately 173 million workers . In our primarily post-pandemic world, the hospitality industry and its partners remain massive global employers. 2022 brought 22 million new jobs to the sector, representing an almost 8% increase since 2021. In 2023, the hospitality positions accounted for one of every ten available jobs .

Although many hospitality-focused businesses (e.g., hotels and restaurants) still face staffing shortages , the industry remains one of the largest global employment sectors. From 2022-2023, the international hospitality industry’s value grew at a compound annual growth rate of 7% . The rebound illustrates consumers’ desire to travel again and return to in-person events after restrictions were lifted. Paralleling this demand increase, the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that the hospitality industry will create 126 million more jobs by 2032 .

How does the hospitality industry impact the environment? 

In 2022, the hospitality industry was responsible for approximately 1% of global carbon emissions . Single-use plastics, high water consumption, energy usage, and excess waste are just a few ways hotels negatively affect their local environment and the overall climate.

To demonstrate a commitment to sustainability , social responsibility, and shifting consumer preferences, the industry is becoming greener through robust global initiatives and innovative day-to-day practices, like these eco-friendly hotel ideas . As consumer attitudes towards environmental conservation and sustainability strengthen, being eco-friendly is no longer optional for most businesses; it’s necessary.

Why work in hospitality? 

If you enjoy making other people happy, hospitality might be right for you. It’s an industry where employees work together to create a welcoming atmosphere, satisfy customers, impress hotel guests , and create an exceptional visitor experience. With hotel, events, dining, planning, travel, custom service, and a wide variety of other roles available, there’s an opportunity for every worker and every personality type.

Hospitality is also a dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing field. Just as every guest is different, so is every day working in the industry. Whether working in a hotel or nightclub, you get to encounter diverse types of people with varying backgrounds from all over the world. As you connect with various guests and strive to meet their needs, you’ll get exposed to new cultures and expand your life experience.

Additionally, hospitality offers more flexible scheduling than many other industries, as hospitality businesses often operate outside of traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. office hours. Many young people flock to hotels, restaurants, and similar businesses because of the work-life balance they provide. Working in the industry also comes with a diverse range of perks, such as discounted travel, competitive pay rates, and numerous opportunities to advance your career. 

Become an expert on all things hospitality

How do you get a job in the hospitality industry?

There are many different paths you can take to begin a hospitality career. While some employees start at an entry-level position and work up the ranks, others translate their past professional experience into a hospitality-focused career. Increase your chances of building a successful career in the hospitality industry by:

1. Identifying which hospitality sector best suits you

The hospitality industry includes diverse careers and professions, making it an excellent sector for workers with various skills and personality types. Whether you’re an introvert who prefers to work alone or a bubbly, conversational individual, hospitality has something for everyone. If you want to work in a hotel, consider which department or position best fits you.

  • Front desk: Front-facing, customer-focused positions, great for outgoing personality types
  • Housekeeping: Back-of-the-house positions, perfect for task-oriented or meticulous employees 
  • F&B: Front-facing and back-of-house positions available, often working in a busy, high-stress environment 
  • Maintenance: Skill-based and goal-focused positions that require big-picture thinkers with excellent task-management skills 
  • Meetings and events: A range of primarily forward-facing positions available for event planners, organizers, coordinators, and more

2. Knowing where to look 

As customer service lies at the heart of hospitality, it’s common for professionals to turn to members of their local network for references, recommendations, and referrals. Many entry-level hospitality jobs are shared through local and employee referrals, the hiring manager’s professional network, or an individual’s social media accounts.

If you already know where you want to work, get to know the people there. Introduce yourself to the management team at hotels, restaurants, and other venues that interest you. If you’re not sure where to start, there are a variety of hospitality employment resources available, including:

  • Online advertisements. Online job ads are especially beneficial if you’re new to the industry or a particular destination. If you lack first-person word-of-mouth recommendations, breaking into your local industry may feel intimidating. Keep an eye out for online ads on job boards, local news sites, and search engine results to streamline your search.
  • Social media pages. Follow venue Facebook pages, join local hospitality groups, and keep a close eye on the Instagram pages of the hotels or destinations where you want to work. Regularly check social media, scanning for links to external job sites or brand listings.
  • Hospitality Online
  • iHireHospitality  
  • Hospitality Crossing
  • Hospitality Confidential
  • Wyndham Careers  
  • Hyatt Careers
  • Marriott International Careers
  • Jobs at Hilton
  • IHG Careers
  • Accor Careers  
  • OYO Careers
  • Staffing agencies. Staffing and temporary work agencies are fantastic resources for helping individuals get their foot through the door. Although there are various hospitality-specific staffing agencies, like Hospitality Staffing Solutions , it’s also common for local staffing agencies to work directly with nearby hotels as they help fill entry-level positions in guest service, housekeeping, maintenance, and other departments.

3. Expanding your hospitality knowledge

Become a go-to person for all things hospitality, from industry trends to the latest marketing techniques. Stay current on the latest to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive field.

4. Keeping up with industry certifications

Having credentials can significantly impact how quickly you land your dream travel job. Show other hospitality professionals that you’re serious about a career in the industry by holding various certifications, like HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Certification , a certificate in hospitality revenue management (CRHM), or ServSafe certifications for those involved on the F&B side.

5. Determining your career path 

After exploring the wide and wonderful world of hospitality, pick a career path you’re enthusiastic about. Instead of thinking about where to start, consider where you’d like to go in the industry. Visualizing where you want to end up can help determine which steps you should take to advance your career down a path that speaks to you.

Now you know what the hospitality industry is and why it matters! 

With a better understanding of how far hospitality extends and its immense influence worldwide, it’s easy to see why the industry is growing. To learn more, join us as we examine the most significant trends impacting the hospitality industry in 2023 .

Headshot of Cvent writer Kimberly Campbell

Kim Campbell

Kim is a full-time copy and content writer with many years of experience in the hospitality industry. She entered the hotel world in 2013 as a housekeeping team member and worked her way through various departments before being appointed to Director of Sales. Kim has championed numerous successful sales efforts, revenue strategies, and marketing campaigns — all of which landed her a spot on Hotel Management Magazine’s “Thirty Under 30” list.

Don’t be fooled though; she’s not all business! An avid forest forager, post-apocalyptic fiction fan, and free-sample-fiend, Kim prides herself on being well-rounded.

essay on hospitality sector

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Hospitality is a broad category of business domains within the service industry. The free essays you can find in our sample directory cover the following areas of hospitality: food and drink service, lodging, event planning, transportation, and tourism industry. The utmost attention is dedicated to the discussion of customer satisfaction and human resource management in hospitality. Read the free essays strategically to better understand how to navigate the fragmented field of business and craft a perfect research paper.

The following essays bring different perspectives on the new forms of social engagement made possible by the emergence of connectivity technologies and their implications for the hospitality sector. In some cases, our samples can be used as a starting point of research; in others, they can serve as a broad outline for your paper. In either case, the free samples are an effective means of advancing your essay writing project. Use them sparingly to achieve desired academic results. If you cannot find a pertinent essay in the base, let us know about your " write my essays online " needs.

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Workers have different feelings towards everything within the workplace. The attitudes of the teenage and student employees, especially in the hospitality sector, are of great ethical importance since they determine how these workers treat the clients, how seriously they take their work, and whether they will steal from the business or not (Rogojan 6). This paper explores a case study and will attempt to establish how typical are the attitudes that Sheehy reports. The paper will also show how Sheehy’s description of a new work ethics matches with my own experiences.

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    807 writers online Learn More Service-wise generally divided into two major types, Hospitality Industry has entertainment and accommodation. Entertainment includes clubs and bars, restaurants serving fast foods, and nightclubs. Accommodation means public houses, resorts, inns, campgrounds, hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, and motels.

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