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Assignment Expert is a leading provider of assignment help to people worldwide. Our online services are quite extensive and cover many types of projects needed to be done by individuals and even businesses. You can submit your request online and get the solution within the shortest time. We guarantee quality and satisfaction. Otherwise, we won't be claiming reward!

Once you get frustrated and struggling to accomplish your work on time, you need online assignment help. Assignment Expert understands your needs and provides you with reliable degree-holding specialists to complete your projects at affordable prices. 

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  • …and even FREE questions and answers service!

We want to satisfy customers with their positive experience received here – at Assignment Expert. We are open to communication and happy to assist our clients. 

People order our services from every corner of the globe: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, etc. We are dedicated to your success, fulfilling your needs for accuracy and timely delivery. Our services are available for any task level. When you need the highest quality assignment help online we are here to help you. Reach us with live online chat or email us at [email protected] any time of the day.

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Finding a professional expert in "partial differential equations" in the advanced level is difficult. You can find this expert in "Assignmentexpert.com" with confidence. Exceptional experts! I appreciate your help. God bless you!

Thank you for the assistance!

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Good work..thanks to the expert

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AssignmentExpert Review 2024

Expert review by John Milovich Updated: April 09, 2024


AssignmentExpert is rated 2.92 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

Table of contents

Executive summary.

expert assignment help reviews

When you first open the AssignmentExpert page, you get 100% sure it is the service for math, programming, or physics students. The disciplines are challenging to deal with, so real experts are inevitable for the achievement of the desired success. Does the company look professional? To be honest, the first impression of the service is negative due to the outdated design, little information, and complete absence of transparency.  At the same time, it is indispensable to mention a comparatively high rating of the platform, which made me even more excited about placing an order and checking the information myself. Do you want to hear the details? Are you ready for the truth to be revealed? Check out a comprehensive AssignmentExpert review that will unveil critical details about the company and its efficiency.

Service Review

AssignmentExpert specializes in providing help to students with assignments on natural sciences. Their main areas of expertise are math, physics, and programming. However, they also offer assistance with chemistry, engineering, economics, English, management, history , law , psychology , and basically everything. Also, while AssignmentExpert does not position itself as a writing service, once you sign up and get to place an order, you’ll see that they deal with written assignments as well.

Dealing with a professional Online assignment expert service, students expect to get impeccable quality and high-quality assistance from experienced and competent writers. However, taking into account the specialization of the company, AssignmentExpert’s website fails to impress, and the main page contains too much text that’s just repetitive and cumbersome. Couldn’t their professional writers do a better job? Is AssignmentExpert legit or simply trying to seem so? This is the question it takes time to find the answer to. However, if you are convinced that hiring a top Assignment expert writer you will thrive with the experience, you should be even more attentive reading the review.

Pros and Cons

  • Help with STEM assignments
  • Free homework answers
  • Unclear pricing
  • No quality guarantees
  • No contact with the writers

Online reputation of Assignmentexpert

AssignmentExpert’s online reputation seems to be very good with a 4.4-star TrustPilot rating based on 98 reviews, out of which 74 are praising the site, and 12 reviewers granted it only 1 star. This is actually quite a large percentage of bad  essay writing service reviews  calling AssignmentExpert scam, but more on that later.

Assignmentexpert reviews

Browsing Sitejabber, which is quite a trusted company, customers will notice that AssignmentExpert has got an Excellent status given by 93% of reviewers, while 5% deem it Great, and only one review constituting 2% speaks of a bad experience. Was I confused to read all those comments? To tell the truth, I have a problem with trusting all those positive AssignmentExpert reviews which give the site the highest rating. Nothing, starting with the company’s website, its pricing policy, money-back guarantee, and up to customer support, seem to be trustworthy or reliable. Therefore, all those positive comments sharing no details about the experience but only emphasizing “flawless services” seem to be fake. There was only one Assignment experts review that attracted my attention and sounded reasonable. It was neither positive nor negative but rather objective. It contained detailed information about the ordering process and its specifications. All the advantages of the website, together with the downsides, were mentioned in the comment, which helped me make certain conclusions about the service.

As for the negative comments I came across on the third-party platform, they also seemed to be true, as the customers highlighted little details that made sense. Well, it is complicated to judge the relevance of the comments without knowing the background, but it was definitely the point to consider.

Once again, I’m going to ignore all those extremely short generic AssignmentExpert reviews left on their site, because on other platforms and forums far fewer people seem to be satisfied with this company. After reading about their experience, it seems that AssignmentExpert may not be an outright scam, but they do seem to have problems with responding in time, as well as deliver poorly-written and incomplete work.

Assignmentexpert Guarantees

Assignmentexpert.com is an essay writing platform that claims to be a top choice for college students who need qualified and expert assistance with challenging assignments. At the same time, the guarantees offered by the company are not as reliable as expected. If you take some of your time to read the money-back guarantee and revision sections, you will get lots of questions. Even though some policies seem to be accessible, you will have to struggle a lot to take advantage of them.

Do you want the paper to be revised? Not a big deal. Get ready to dive into a challenging, daunting, and confusing process, hoping to get the desired outcomes.

expert assignment help reviews

What about the refund policy? The process may be even more fuzzy and time-consuming. Are there chances you will get a partial or full refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the project? Yes, chances are always there, but they are exceptionally low. By browsing the All assignment experts page, you will not find a detailed algorithm of action to take in case you receive an unsatisfactory essay. As a result, customers are always unsure about what they get after they confirm an order and pay for it.

Additionally, the company's revision and refund policies are often subject to strict conditions and limitations, which can be a major drawback for students. The lack of clear guidelines for requesting revisions or refunds can be frustrating and stressful, especially when dealing with strict deadlines. Now let me continue my Assignment Expert review because there are some facts that you should also know. Judging from the AssignmentExpert reviews , they’ll do their best to waste your time rather than pay you back.

Now, AssignmentExpert’s money-back guarantee has a clause I couldn’t believe my eyes reading it. Ok, ready? Strap in, here it goes!

So, not only you even consider the idea of missing the deadline because your experts were too busy and prioritized some other order over mine, but your team will first have to determine whether my refund request is reasonable? Excuse me, what the hell?!

Don’t just unstrap yet, here comes the icing on the cake. Forget all the loud words about professionals, top quality, and guarantees they promise on the main page. According to the terms and conditions, AssignmentExpert does not guarantee that the information they provide to their customers for money is either accurate or reliable. Wow. I’m speechless.

Types of Services

It has already been mentioned that Assignmentexpert.com is a service that focuses mainly on STEM classes-related assistance. The company claims to provide their expert assistance to learners who need help with programming, math, economics, engineering, and similar assignments. The writers at Assignmentexpert.com have expertise in various fields and can provide students with high-quality papers and solutions. The papers are delivered on time, and the quality is usually satisfactory. The company's services can be helpful for students who need assistance with difficult assignments or concepts.

Well, these are all the claims made on the Expert assignment website. Is the reality the same? In the vast majority of instances, Assignmentexpert.com can provide academic assistance for most STEM classes, but the quality of the delivered papers is not as high as customers may expect. If you expect you place an order and get a 100% unique essay with flawless structure, excellent formatting, and relevant content, you should search for alternatives. Unfortunately, dealing with the platform, you cannot be sure to get qualified and professional assistance.

Have you started questioning the service? Keep reading the Assignmentexpert.com review; a few more details are sure to blow your mind.

Assignmentexpert Ordering Process

If you are convinced that you will succeed with the ordering process in a matter of minutes, you are mistaken. The company does not offer a traditional process, but you will have to go through the “negotiation” stage, which can take hours. Is there a faster way to learn the price and confirm the assignment? Unfortunately, no alternatives are available. Follow the guidelines to succeed with the process and get a chance to receive a reasonable quote.

  • Create an account (name, email and password needed).
  • Fill in the order form with your subject, deadline and topic.
  • Provide additional info via chat (the number of pages, formatting style, etc.).
  • Check your email for a message with the price calculation.
  • Transfer the payment and wait for your paper to be ready.
  • Download the finished assignment.

The whole thing would have gone much faster if their order form had been more detailed than it is. It took me a few hours to get the quote and decide if I could afford the rates.

Prices and Fees

AssignmentExpert prices remain a mystery to me. How do you know the cost of your project? A complete absence of transparency and honesty are the problems lots of students face while dealing with the company. There is hardly a hint about the approximate cost of the assignment, so you will have to undergo the whole ordering process in order to get the price estimated.

What I can say is that I ordered a 5-page paper with a 14-day deadline and paid somewhat around $60 for the project. Well, the price was quite reasonable and competitive, but it was my case. Other customers may get the identical project at a much higher cost, as the negotiation stage is about luck, fortune, and other aspects no one knows about.

Assignmentexpert Paper Quality

Was I satisfied with the quality of the essay delivered by Assignment experts? Unfortunately, the paper I got was below average at best. Instead of a comprehensive 5-page essay on team management practices during the pandemic, I got an opinion paper on how to survive during the quarantine. What? It was supposed to be an academic project in Business Management. Even though some ideas were interesting and extraordinary, the overall quality of the paper was quite low, as lots of facts were taken from shady sources. Besides, I couldn’t talk to the writer. Every message went through the support team, so it took a while to arrange for a revision. Overall, the essay wasn’t worth the money I paid and the colossal waste of time that was my experience with this company.

Customer Support

The customer support at Assignmentexpert.com is often disappointing. The hotline is constantly busy, and the support agents are slow to respond to messages in the online chat. Sometimes, customers may have to wait up to 20 minutes for a response. Moreover, the support agents can be rude and impatient, which is unacceptable for a writing service.

This lack of professionalism can be frustrating and stressful for students who need help with their assignments. Overall, Assignmentexpert.com's customer support is not up to par, and students should consider other writing services that offer better and more reliable customer support. In other words, if you see negative Assignmentexpert.com reviews , then not all of them are biased.

Offers and Extra Services

Unfortunately, Assignmentexpert.com does not offer any extra services. The company only provides academic assistance for STEM classes, and they do not have any additional services or perks for their customers. This lack of extra services can be a major drawback for students needing more than academic assistance. Other writing services offer additional services such as plagiarism reports, VIP support, and top writers, which can benefit students who need help with their papers. I've seen a lot of Assignment Expert reviews, and people don't understand why the company chose this service policy.

Why is ScamFighter a trusted source of information?

ScamFighter is a safe repository of facts. Formulated by a team of intellectuals and former ghostwriters who have a comprehensive grasp of the industry, ScamFighter is marked with an insider's point of view on academic writing services. Our writing services reviews are detailed and based on an exhaustive list of pre-determined criteria, enabling us to objectively evaluate service quality, reliability, and value. The skill and expertise of our team allow us to spot and highlight hidden details and subtleties that might be overlooked by an untrained eye, thus making our reviews thoughtful and informative. More than that, ScamFighter is guided by fairness and affordability so you can trust us!

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Assignment: 8 Pages, Deadline: 10 days

it's Quality work. And I got good marks for it. Really good answer on time, good with fixing with issues.

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It was done very professionally and well organised. Thank you so much for the wonderful help

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Programming: 2 Pages, Deadline: 10 days

Thank you! I'm really pleased with how my assignment turned out. Feels fantastic

User ID: 1***469

: 2 Pages, Deadline: 11 days

Perfect checked much appreciated Could have did it first try as well but the work condition was excellent


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Programming: 4 Pages, Deadline: 28 days

amazing work done and really happy with the work provided, but I might need you to fix a couple of things or add.

User ID: 1***044

Assignment: 3.6 Pages, Deadline: 26 days

Your attention to detail and the high level of quality you consistently deliver are truly commendable. Your work consistently exceeds expectations, demonstrating your strong work ethic and professionalism. The thoroughness and precision with which you approach tasks have made a significant impact on the success of our team and the overall project.

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Assignment: 4 Pages, Deadline: 1 day

It was an excellent experience. I received a perfect grade, and the experts were very professional

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I am satisfied with the work. Got okay marks. I was hoping to get a bit more, but overall, its okay marks.

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Essay: 4.8 Pages, Deadline: 1 day

I am satisfied with the work. Got good marks. Thank you. I had to make some grammar corrections.

Programming: 9 Pages, Deadline: 7 days

Really good work assignment was given before the expected time, surely worth for good assignment work.

User ID: 1***810

Programming: 2 Pages, Deadline: 1 day

got an average mark still did okay and was happy but I expect more of a higher range. you guys have improved since than

User ID: 1***424

Assignment: 1 Pages, Deadline: 3 days

was good i got an okay result just make sure you read every document that is posted other than that I am pleased

Assignment: 5.4 Pages, Deadline: 2 days

great work- very consistent and stayed present and was very on time and efficient every time I asked to get a resolution it got done and improved

Assignment: 6 Pages, Deadline: 3 days

Thank you so much.perfect work. I am really grateful for the wonderful assignment that has been done

Home Work: 3 Pages, Deadline: 4 hours

It was very good i am satisfies from the work of the expert and overall exprience of this website

User ID: 1***993

Thesis: 6 Pages, Deadline: 4 days

There were plenty of unwanted ideas and there were issues with references. I am happy to discuss later if needed.

User ID: 1***911

Assignment: 1 Pages, Deadline: 8 days

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding the recent service I received from your platform. I engaged your service expecting a high-quality deliverable in return for the payment made. However, what I received fell significantly short of my expectations.The work submitted to me lacked depth and showed a clear lack of effort in both understanding the material provided and conducting adequate research on the topic. It was evident that the supposed expert assigned to my project relied sol ...

User ID: 1***897

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Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews: why do most students want to seek our help.

MyAssignmenthelp is one of the best websites to seek help from. Don’t believe read Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews to understand more about our services. If you carefully read Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews, students will trust us because of our workforce and experts’ qualifications.

According to Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews here are the reasons why students like to seek help from our website

  • Our Workforce: Our website has more than 5k experts working together to offer you assignment help . Therefore, students who first wonder, “Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert Reliable?” always end up loving us because we never keep them waiting in line.
  • PhD Holding Experts: Our experts hold PhDs in their subject matter. So, in case you are wondering, “Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert legit?” you must understand that websites that aren’t legit don’t have PhD experts working with them.
  • Experts have Immense Experience : If you read my assignment help reviews, you will see that students like to buy our services because we offer accurate paper. Students receive accurate papers because our experts are incredibly experienced and thus know what to write.

These are some of the reasons that attract students to seek our help. And reading every Myassignmenthelp.expert review will give you a clearer idea about our services.

Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert reliable? Here is your answer

Even after reading Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews, if you still wonder whether our website is reliable, you must know a few things. Firstly, all our reviews are genuine; therefore, you can understand that students love seeking our help. Moreover, if you are wondering, “Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert legit?” you must stop worrying. That's because several students have claimed in their reviews that they have gotten an A+ in their assignments.

So, had our website not been legit, how do so many students return satisfied and seek for more? Moreover, once you read my assignment help reviews you will see that students from various academic backgrounds have sought our help. That’s because we offer assignment help to students from an academic background and never discriminate among their needs. So, whether from an IT background or a literature background, you will always receive help.

There’s another question students often ask us buying our services. That’s “How do I know if myassignmenthelp.expert is trustable?” So the answer to this question is simple; check out the order placement procedure. We offer secured order placing gateway like Amex and PayPal. So, if you are not satisfied with our services you can always demand your money back, without any worry. So, don't worry; MyAssignmenthelp.expert is entirely safe and trustable.

Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert a Legit Brand? Yes, it is one of the most authentic places to seek help from

Our website is legit and hence, so many students like to seek our help. One of the most significant proofs of our legitimacy is that we publish all the reviews for our website. So when you log into our website, the first thing you will notice is Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews; why? That’s because we aren’t afraid to publish what students have to write about us; we know all our clients like our services.

So, when you go online and search, "Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert Reliable?” You will see that more than 14K reviews are written in favour of us. Moreover, all our reviews have both negative and positive comments. And although most of our reviews are positive, when students see that we don't shy away from criticism, they trust us more.

On the contrary, if you visit other websites, you will see that they only have a handful of reviews posted on their website. That’s because they know they are fraudulent, and don’t want students to know about it. Thus, they keep deleting negative reviews. So, instead of thinking, “Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert Legit?” seek our services. From dissertation and lab report writing to essay writing and finance projects, our experts offer help for all sorts of assignments. Students who have sought our help have written only great words about us in my assignment help reviews.

Myassignmenthelp.expert’s reviews state that our expert can offer lightning-fast assignment services

Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews state that our experts can offer assignment help within a few hours of order placement. However, if that makes you wonder, “Is MyAssignmenthelp.expert Reliable?” then don’t worry. Our writers can offer help because they work in teams and have fantastic typing skills and knowledge.

My assignment help reviews show that our experts divide themselves into three teams. The first team conduct vivid research and use their knowledge to find out exclusive information about the assignment. And then once they have collected all the information, they pass them to our assignment writers’ team.

Moreover, from My Assignment help reviews, you will also find that our writers’ team use that information to pen an excellent paper. And once they have written the paper, they deliver it to our proofreaders, who proofread the entire paper and make it engaging. Finally, our proofreaders cite the papers and revise them before delivering. Thus, students always receive top-notch papers in such a short time.

You will know more about our services if you read all our Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews. So, please read all our reviews and understand why we are better than others. And keep seeking help from our experts to earn an A+ in all your assignments.

If you are wondering, “How is MyAssignmenthelp.expert trustable?” Then here’s your answer

If you are wondering "How myassignmenthelp.expert is trustable?" you will understand why we are the most trustable website in the industry once you read our reviews. Firstly, one thing that will be evident from Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews is that we offer plagiarism-free services. Thus, all our experts first each of your papers from scratch and then proofread each sentence thoroughly. Then they run the paper through our class-apart plagiarism checker to ensure they are 100% authentic.

Secondly, when you read Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews, you will realise that our relationship managers are always available for students. So, whether it’s the middle of the night or midday, students always receive 24/7 service. Moreover, we are so trustworthy that students rated us 4.9 out of 5. So, after reading Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews, you will understand why we are the most trustable website in the industry.

So please read Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews and understand why we are the best. And if you, too, want to receive top-notch papers, then come to our website and seek help.

Got FAQs? Here are our answers

Is myassignmenthelp.expert a reliable website to visit.

Answer: MyAssignmenthelp.expert is one of the best websites to resort to. We have more than 5,000 PhD experts who are working night and day to offer all sorts of help you need. So, instead of worrying about who can offer you help, read Myassignmenthelp.expert reviews and seek our help.

Is MyAssignmentHelp.expert the best choice For All types Of Assignments?

Answer: MyAssignmenthelp.expert is always the best choice for all types of assignments. Here is what you receive when you seek our help:

  • Well-researched paper
  • Correctly cited paper
  • Proofread paper
  • An engaging paper

Is MyAssignmentHelp.expert Trustable For Finishing College And UNI Papers?

Answer: MyAssignmenthelp.expert is the most trustable paper for finishing college and UNI papers. Our experts have earned PhDs and master's degrees in their subject matters. So, when you seek their help, they can write your paper according to your college and university guidelines. So, seek our help and receive an A+ in all your college and UNI papers.

Can your experts deliver the solution In Two Hours?

Answer: Yes, of course, our experts can deliver your paper in less than two hours. We have a vast workforce, so when you place your order with us, our experts can make a team to serve you. Thus, when you take a nap, our experts finish your paper.

Have You Got Last minute Assistance at MyAssignmentHelp.expert?

Answer: Yes, we offer last-minute help at MyAssignmenthelp.expert. Our experts understand that students often forget about their assignments and remember them at the last moment. So, they resort to us and seek help. If you, too, require last-minute help from us, you can resort to us and seek help.

Why don’t our experts’ papers don’t require revisions?

Answer: Our experts already revise the paper thoroughly. So, when you receive your paper, it’s excellently written and tailored. Thus, wait no more and seek our help if you want to earn an A+ with zero hassle. Our experts will do everything in their possession to offer you help.

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Thanks a ton for helping me earn from my dorm use my potential as a Research fellow in business management… It's not easy to get a part-time job that pays well and still helps you sharpen your academic skills. Eager to deliver better solutions in future.

Date of experience : 14 June 2017

Above-average marketing report received. Can trust these guys!

I had ordered for a marketing report of 2000 words, due within 48 hours. I missed the deadline completely from my tracker and was stuck with my prep for class assessments as well. Went ahead with these guys as they shared a prompt quote even at midnight. I was told they will start working on it straightaway and deliver it within 40 hours. Tall task for me.. i was prepared for a delayed submission, but to my surprise, i got a decent solution on time as promised. Day saved! :) All i can say is that one can trust these guys.

Date of experience : 30 March 2016

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My Assignment Help Reviews- Reliable or Not Reliable?

Myassignmenthelp rating of 4.5 stars from 82 reviews shows clients are usually satisfied with the services. According to Bark and Sitejabber, MyAssignmenthelp.com ranks within the top 3 reliable assignment writing companies globally.

Company Overview

→ Official website : https://myassignmenthelp.com/

→ Headquarter : Australia

→ Serving country : Australia, the Uk, the Usa, New Zealand, The Uae, Singapore, Canada, India, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Jordan, Ireland, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.

→ Services : All academic assignment writing including dissertation, essay, CDR, thesis, homework etc.

→ Writers’ strength : 5090+

→  Payment options : PayPal, credit/ debit card, bank transfer

→ Customisation available for : Assignments and Pricing

→ Rating : 4.6/5

→  Prices - The prices at MyAssignmenthelp.com start at $9.

→ Revision policies - MyAssignmenthelp.com offers unlimited revisions.

→  Turnitin report - MyAssignmenthelp.com delivers the Turnitin report for free.

→ Delivery timing - MyAssignmenthelp.com claims to deliver work on time.

→  Subject-specific experts - MyAssignmenthelp.com has specific writers for each subject.

Student feedback

Jace Willow from Sydney says in his recent review that: “I’ve always been a typical student, with better than average numbers in my report cards. I am a student perusing a degree in geography from Australia. I have heard a lot about the online academic support services of myassignmenthelp.com, but never really thought of hiring them.”

Later he added in the review that: “I fell ill before my second semester. I decided to go to Myassignmenthelp.com. It was the only one I could trust as lots of my friends and seniors had an excellent experience with the website. Thank God, I decided to hire them. Their assistance reflected positively on my academic performance. You guys are great! Hiring MyAssignmenthelp.com is the best thing i have done. They are not a scam and gave a quick boost to my grades. The website claims that they have a 98% customer satisfaction, and it’s rightly so.”

Here is another example:

my assignment help reviews

It is another MyAssignmenthelp review published at the reputed website of trustpilot.com. One can depict how the pool of highly-qualified writers on the website has worked on the students’ issues.

According to Sitejabber report, “ MyAssignmentHelp has a consumer rating of 3.9 stars from 908 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with MyAssignmentHelp most frequently mention quality work, customer service, and support team. MyAssignmentHelp ranks 3th among Homework sites. ”

Is MyAssignmenthelp.com The Right Option To Deal With Academic Crisis?

As per the reviews and feedback, students believe MyAssignmenthelp.com is their best shot when it comes to dealing with the academic crisis. Most reviews talk about their great quality of work, on-time delivery of papers, and affordability. Considering these factors, students consider MyAssignmenthelp.com to manage stress at school or college.

⇒ Is MyAssignmenthelp.com Legit

Yes, MyAssignmenthelp.com is a legit assignment writing firm. About 90% of students have confirmed that the writers are qualified enough to write their papers, unlike other fake ones who outsource the work to inexperienced writers. You can talk to the support team of the company first to determine if it's trustworthy or not.

⇒ Is MyAssignmenthelp.com The Best Assignment Help In Australia?

As per the reviews and feedback shared by its clients, it is quite evident that they consider MyAssignmenthelp.com as one of the good assignment writing service in Australia. Students have also discussed the reasons why they think so. The common reasons were good quality of work, quick response timing, punctuality, and affordability.

⇒ Is MyAssignmenthelp.com Reliable?

MyAssignmenthelp.com is considered reliable because of its quality of work and the guarantees it provides. According to the company report, they have native English writers who know exactly what to write in academic papers. The guarantees at MyAssignmenthelp.com are also equally popular among students. The popular guarantees include higher grades, money refund, unlimited free revisions, and on-time deliveries.

⇒ Is MyAssignmenthelp.com Safe?

Most student reviews indicate that MyAssignmenthelp.com is a safe option when it comes to seeking academic assistance. As per the reviews, students feel that their assignments and money are in safe hands. It is because of their qualified writers and an effective money refund policy. They have also highlighted the other factors that make this company a safe option. The factors include punctuality, confidentiality, qualified writers, and their approach to dealing with tasks.

⇒ Is MyAssignmenthelp.com Fraud?

As per the feedback submitted by students from all over the world, MyAsignmenthelp.com is not a fraud company. The reviews indicate that the company is all about keeping promises and commitments. One of their first-time clients wrote, "I wanted them to write one essay and one coursework paper for me. They politely responded that it's the peak time of the academic season, and they don't have free coursework writers. They took care of my essays and did an amazing job at that. But, my point is they didn’t lie to me even if they could. That’s a big deal.” The effective refund policy is also one of the factors that make MyAssignmenthelp.com a reliable option.

⇒ Cost of Assignment at MyAssignmenthelp.com

According to our analysis of prices and student reviews, MyAssignmenthelp.com has reasonable service charges. It shows that the company genuinely wants to help out students and not put them in trouble. As per its website, there are three pricing categories- Premium, Standard, and Limited. The Premium starts at $136.9 for a deadline of 0-6 hours. The Standard starts at $92.9for a deadline of 6-12 hours. The Limited starts at $ 84.5 for a deadline of 6-12 hours. The prices go down with the extension of your deadline.

⇒ How do I get a refund?

If your payment fails, but the amount gets debited from your account, then you will get the refund within 7-10 business days. If you want to claim a refund for an order that did not meet your expectations, you can place your request within 31 days of receiving the order. While the company can offer free rework for the order, it can only refund 50% of the money for genuine claims as the other 50% is paid to the writer.

Your feedback is important to us

Overall, MyAssignmenthelp.com is a legit service that has an excellent academic support system coupled with exclusively-designed, student-friendly features. However, there are reviews about the website being too pricey, misinformation about assignments, or poor-quality assignments. However, if you dig deeper, the truth shared at different reviewing website surfaces.

Please give your feedback.

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My time deliverey

assistance of myassignmenthelp.com for two university papers. both papers were delivered much before the deadline. the papers were genuine and error-free. both helped me earn remarks from professors

Did you find the review helpful? Yes No

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful

Original papers

i asked for help from myassignmenthelp and got the best and 100% authentic solution. they also provided a plagiarism report with my solution. they are the best for assignment writing help and live up to the expectations.

Affordable price

I have been using the services of myassignmenthelp.com for 5 years. had an outstanding experience every time! they also helped me score 90% marks and be the top-ranking student at my university. affordable price and delivers right on time

Zero complaints

my experience with myassignmenthelp was completely different. They followed all my instructions from the start and I have zero complaints about their service. I felt they are very reliable and will certainly suggest anyone to use their service.

My assignment was well-formatted

Let me be frank. I was worried about whether my paper would be correctly formatted when I chose MyAssignmenthelp. Thankfully, they didn’t turn out to be as bad as others. My assignment was well-formatted according to the university guidelines.

Expert guidance boosted my grades

My math assignment was bothering me for a long time and I was frustrated. Then I hired MyAssignmenthelp.com after knowing from a friend. They guided me continuously with accurate solutions.

I am very satisfied with the solution

i am very satisfied with the solution and will come back again for assignment writing help. the website is the best for assignment writing help.

Quality papers in no time

quality papers in no time. follow simple procedures to papers. also, the writers have provided proper plagiarism and grammar reports that show their authenticity. the website has now become my go-to assignment help

Saving my grades

the papers were well-written and properly researched. also, they gave extra materials and guidelines for my presentation. thank you, myassignmenthelp, for saving my grades

Free tools to check plagiarism,

free tools to check plagiarism, grammar, spelling and readability. Such tools are effortless and quick to use. Also, I can use them as an extension for my word document

Thanks for the good work though

Wasnt the best grade ive received but you did it on time. Please work on grammar and spelling. These assignments are not cheap and we should get 5 star work :) thanks for the good work though

Excellent assignment

Excellent assignment. I had to have it revised once. Th Expert took the feedback and did a great job revising the paper. My professor was very happy with the outcome and I got 100% on it. Thank you for helping me!

No plagiarism issues at all

Since I consistently receive plagiarism alerts when I try to compose my assignments, I don't. This was my primary motivation for using these services. The solutions offered were entirely original. They actually sent me a report that demonstrates this. I'm going to keep making use of this service.

Good grades

I took assignment writing help from myassignmenthelp and scored well in the papers. The solutions were perfect and helped me score well.

Improved my grades

I cannot believe that I did not try out these services earlier. I asked them to write my chemistry assignment. They provided me with well-researched solutions. I received my results the other day and was shocked to see a significant improvement in my scores. I am extremely grateful

Nicely explained answers

I had no problem understanding the answers shared by myassignmenthelp. They shared perfectly explained answers that also helped me learn.

Free samples

myassignmenthelp shares access to free samples to help students understand the quality and the processes. It was very helpful for me. I also used the same as a reference while working on my papers. The samples are very helpful.

24*7 support

I was struggling with my papers and asked for help from myassignmenthelp.com in the middle of the night. The website responded to my queries and helped me overcome the difficulties. They provide 24*7 support and are available throughout the day

Step-by-step assistance

myassignmenthelp provided step-by-step assistance with my assignments. I have got the best assistance, along with flawless papers, from myassignmenthelp. They have helped me learn how to structure the assignments and have prepared me for the future. Will take their help again

This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying this info.https://bmi-calculatoronline.com/bmi-body-mass-index-calculato

Timely delivery

I was looking for help to cope with the deadlines. I came across myassignmenthelp and tried my luck. They delivered my assignments on time and helped me overcome the deadline blues. The website is safe for students looking for help with deadline problems.

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AllAssignmentHelp has a rating of 4.23 stars from 672 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with AllAssignmentHelp most frequently mention online class, customer service, and due date. AllAssignmentHelp ranks 24th among Essay Writing sites.

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Positive highlights.

  • I'm very grateful to my writer who managed to complete my research paper in 3 days.
  • I was really fascinated that these guys can write decent work in 12 hours .

Critical highlights

  • This site do not even provide basic customer service support all they are concern is their own pockets.
  • One project they did not deliver on the deadline but they took initial payment telling me they could do the work .

“Matlab class”

They provided solutions for my online matlab course that were really simple to comprehend and easy to understand. Also, a simple registration process and a responsive customer support staff, as well as excellent service quality. Moreover, I would also like to say that this site is especially beneficial for individuals who find it difficult to keep up with their regular attendance. Guys, you did an amazing job.

“Terrible Service”

I signed up for the service. The first week, they did the assignment wrong. The professor posted that the assignment was to be redone. They did not do it. I had to do the entire assignment myself after I paid them. Susan continued to tell me it would get done and it did not. Then she told me they would reassign another "expert." Every time I contacted Susan she would tell me a different story. I asked for my money back. I am still waiting to here

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  • Follow Leonardo H.

My English professor offered me an assignment on the history of Literature. I had to do a lot of research to score decent grades. Thankful to the experts at AllAssignmentHelp, I obtained an A+ grade coz of them

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From the business

AllAssignmentHelp is a leading education consulting firm based in Multiple countries including Australia, UK and US. We provide help with student's projects, assignments and university research work. For more information please visit our official website.

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  • Essay Writing , Homework , Academic Editing
  • Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Business History

Allassignmenthelp.com is operational for the last 5 years and going strong. We have gained our client base to more than 200 active clients every day. We have successfully delivered more than 50,000 assessments with great feedback from the clients so far. You can know more about us on https://www.allassignmenthelp.com/about-us

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Accounting Assignment Help   Reviews

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Reviews 3.7.

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Well organized assignment helpers

My highlight for this website is how they've organized the experts with different expertise. It made it so easy to find a specific one for my tax strategy and compliance assignment. My only excuse for denying a 5-star rating is their high rates. I'm sure they can work on that if they come across this review. Nonetheless, I recommend their services.

Date of experience : December 08, 2023

Reliable Platform

This website is reliable platform that offers commendable assistance for accounting assignments. The website provides valuable resources and professional guidance to students seeking help with their accounting task. It is legitimate and assures a genuine experience. However, it's essential to excise caution and verify the provided service to avoid potential scam or misunderstanding. Overall, accountingassignmenthelp.com is a trustworthy option for accounting support.

Date of experience : June 16, 2023


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    1 review. US. Mar 29, 2016. Above-average marketing report received. Can trust these guys! I had ordered for a marketing report of 2000 words, due within 48 hours. I missed the deadline completely from my tracker and was stuck with my prep for class assessments as well. Went ahead with these guys as they shared a prompt quote even at midnight.

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    Expert Assignment Help has a rating of 2.57 stars from 7 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Expert Assignment Help ranks 1770th among Essay Writing sites. 7 reviews for Expert Assignment Help, 2.6 stars: "Stay away from this company. They lie and do not complete the assignments.

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    Check the genuine reviews from Assignment Expert customers on the real completed assignments and projects in various subjects and courses. ... Exceptional experts! I appreciate your help. God bless you! 334539, Algebra Jan 2023. Thank you for the assistance! 333189, Quantitative Methods Jan 2023. Very well in mathematics and statistics. 333835 ...

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    100% percent recommend this people. 100% percent recommend this people, used them for 2 of my cs assingments in C++, they got back to and completed one of em within the week. Got a 10/10 on all portions of the assignment. They even did the lab report for the algorithms run time, literal lifesavers. Date of experience: February 04, 2020.

  7. Assignment Help Experts Reviews

    16 reviews for Assignment Help Experts, 4.8 stars: "Looking for reliable and high quality College Assignment Help, Get best and professional help at very reasonable prices with different options, No Plagiarism.", "All the reviews that was given 5 starts are fake. ... Assignment Help Experts has a rating of 4.75 stars from 16 reviews ...

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    2 Expert Assignment Help reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

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    With stress of placement and everything else i knew wouldn't be able to complete my assignment. The manager constantly reassured me with my assignment progress and i got it sent to me way before the due date, giving me enough time to reread the assignment and check against the criteria. Date of experience: 14 August 2022.

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    Professional Writers: It was evident that the assignments were crafted by knowledgeable and experienced writers. The writing style matched the academic level, and the content was coherent and well-structured. Affordability: The pricing was reasonable, considering the quality of the service provided. Myassignmenthelp offers a good balance ...

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    Verified Reviewer. " MyAssignmenthelp.com is a lifesaver! Their platform offers top-notch academic assistance with a user-friendly interface. The expert writers consistently deliver high-quality, plagiarism-free work within deadlines. The customer support is prompt and helpful, ensuring a stress-free experience.

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    21 reviews for Best Assignment Experts, 4.4 stars: 'I have tried and tested many assignment help companies and this is definitely better than the others. I needed help for my case study on business expansion and they did a fantastic job. I have used their samples previously and that was also quite good. The pricing was a bit high as per my liking but hey, I cannot complain about that after ...

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    Assignment Help from Experts with High Quality Guarantee. Assignment Expert is a leading provider of assignment help to people worldwide. Our online services are quite extensive and cover many types of projects needed to be done by individuals and even businesses. You can submit your request online and get the solution within the shortest time.

  14. Finally! Real AssignmentExpert Review (2024)

    based on ScamFighter. 👍 Web reputation. 2.92. ⏳ Minimal deadline. 6.0. 💲 Minimal price. 13.00. When you first open the AssignmentExpert page, you get 100% sure it is the service for math, programming, or physics students. The disciplines are challenging to deal with, so real experts are inevitable for the achievement of the desired success.

  15. [4.9/5] MyAssignmentHelp.expert Genuine Reviews from Students

    Read authentic reviews from satisfied clients at MyAssignmentHelp.Expert. Explore firsthand experiences and testimonials to make informed decisions.

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    Read 2 more reviews about Assignment Expert. Stefano de Martino. 1 review. IT. 25 Jul 2020. Very satisfied of this service. ... Surely I'll ask for Assignment Expert help again. Date of experience: 25 July 2020. Reply from Assignment Expert. 27 Jul 2020. Dear Stefano, thank you for the review. AssignmentExpert is there for you to provide ...

  17. 988 Reviews of Myassignmenthelp.com

    Overview. MyAssignmentHelp has a rating of 4.04 stars from 988 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with MyAssignmentHelp most frequently mention quality work, academic journey, and support team. MyAssignmentHelp ranks 14th among Homework sites. Service 273. Value 194.

  18. My assignment help Reviews

    My assignment help Reviews 30 ... Apart from this help from the experts my assignment help give great satisfaction. Date of experience: July 28, 2021. KC. Kanika Chauhan. 2 reviews. IN. Jul 19, 2021. Assignment review. Their services are awesome, they provide the best quality assignments on time. I highly recommend to try their service.

  19. Expert Assignment Help Reviews

    1 review. US. 29 Mar 2016. Above-average marketing report received. Can trust these guys! I had ordered for a marketing report of 2000 words, due within 48 hours. I missed the deadline completely from my tracker and was stuck with my prep for class assessments as well. Went ahead with these guys as they shared a prompt quote even at midnight.

  20. Online Assignment Help For Uni Students

    Our team of assignment experts have the technical expertise and industry experience in a wide range of subjects. They provide online assistance for both university coursework and homework. Here are some online assignment help highlights you get with EAH. 1. Cover a wide range of subjects 2. Global and local experts 3. On-time delivery 4.

  21. MyAssignmentHelp Reviews 2023 by Students & Experts

    According to Sitejabber report, " MyAssignmentHelp has a consumer rating of 3.9 stars from 908 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with MyAssignmentHelp most frequently mention quality work, customer service, and support team. MyAssignmentHelp ranks 3th among Homework sites.

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    Overview. AllAssignmentHelp has a rating of 4.23 stars from 672 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with AllAssignmentHelp most frequently mention online class, customer service, and due date. AllAssignmentHelp ranks 24th among Essay Writing sites. Service 197.

  23. Accounting Assignment Help Reviews

    Well organized assignment helpers. My highlight for this website is how they've organized the experts with different expertise. It made it so easy to find a specific one for my tax strategy and compliance assignment. My only excuse for denying a 5-star rating is their high rates. I'm sure they can work on that if they come across this review.