Plagiarism Checker

How to use our plagiarism checker.

You can follow these easy steps to use our effective plagiarism detector and check plagiarism in any type of content:

Enter the Content

You can either “upload a document file” or simply “paste your content” in the text box. The supported file formats include TXT, DOC, and DOCX.

Run the Tool

Once the content is uploaded, you can click on  “Check Plagiarism”  to run our online plagiarism checker and detect duplication in your content.

Our free plagiarism checker will scan the given content against billions of web pages and highlight whether the content is unique or contains plagiarism.

Result report

  • Uniqueness Score
  • Plagiarism Percentage
  • Citation Sources

Our Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism detection doesn’t take hours when you use “our plagiarism checker” to your advantage. With just a couple of clicks, it lets you find out whether your content is unique or copied.

The primary purpose of our online plagiarism checker is to facilitate everyone who writes, edits, and publishes content. It has a high level of accuracy and efficiency which ensures that you can check for duplicate content without any issues.

Just upload or paste your content and see how quickly our similarity checker scans it against an extensive database to check for plagiarism. It will thoroughly analyze the given content sentence by sentence to avoid omissions and errors.

Our plagiarism checker lets you scan 1000 words in one attempt, making it easier for you to check plagiarism in long-form articles and assignments.

You can access and use our tool without any premium subscription. There’s no signup required to leverage for a quick and free plagiarism check.

Improved Functionality

As compared to other tools, our plagiarism checker works more effectively. Just as its user interface is well-designed and intuitive, the plagiarism report it generates is also reliable.

Accurate Plagiarism Check

In order to ensure 100% accurate results, our plagiarism checker leverages advanced deep search algorithms. It checks uniqueness and plagiarism percentage without any errors.

In-depth Plagiarism Report

Just as it highlights the uniqueness and plagiarism score, our tool underlines each sentence that is similar to another resource. Plus, it tracks links to original sources for citations as well.

Multiple Language Support

Our tool supports a variety of languages to ensure that it can benefit worldwide users. You can easily change the language prior to plagiarism detection and make it work as per your needs.

Ensured Content Privacy

No matter how many times you scan your content for plagiarism, our tool makes sure that it is not stored or copied. This ensures that your content is protected and secure with us.

Free Unlimited Access

Users including students, researchers, writers, bloggers, and any other person who writes can take advantage of our plagiarism detector to check for plagiarism free.

Who Can Use Our Plagiarism Checker?

There’s a long list of people who can make use of our plagiarism checker. Basically, anyone who is involved in the writing process must leverage our tool to ensure whether their content quality is up to the mark or not.

Let us provide you with quick insights about who can use our originality checker and how:

The students who keep asking “how can I check my paper for plagiarism” can check plagiarism in their academic assignments using our tool. Whether it is an essay, research paper, or thesis, our plagiarism detector will quickly highlight its uniqueness and plagiarism score. Most importantly, our plagiarism checker for students tracks original sources for quick citations as well.

No matter if you are a high school student or college graduate, our originality checker has got all your needs covered. This is the best free online plagiarism checker with a percentage that you can use to check how much of your academic assignment is unique and duplicated. Once you know, you can easily take the necessary steps to remove plagiarism and make sure that your assignment is ready for submission.

Content Writers

Whether you create content for blogs, e-commerce stores, or digital platforms, there’s one thing you need to ensure and that’s uniqueness. This is why you must take advantage of our free plagiarism checker which works quite efficiently to check plagiarism in web content. The more unique content you create, the higher you rank.

There is no doubt that uniqueness matters the most when it comes to web content writing. The content you publish across the web must be free from duplication or else, the search engine will never rank it. There shouldn’t be any similarities in the content of different blogs that cover the same niches and topics. Therefore, our similarity checker is all that you need to ensure your content quality and rank higher on the search engine result pages.

Digital Marketers

No matter if you are creating and distributing content via emails, social media, or any other means, your content must be free from plagiarism. Therefore, you need to use our online plagiarism checker which assists digital marketers in ensuring their content quality without any delays. It is surely easier to promote when you are offering something unique.

Undoubtedly, all webmasters especially, digital marketers are more likely to need our plagiarism checker than anyone else. The reason is that the chances for plagiarism are not zero unless you check it yourself. Whoever creates content for your website or marketing collateral might fail to keep a check on its uniqueness. In such a situation, you are required to double-check and scan the content for plagiarism as a proofreader.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool


Rephrase easily to avoid plagiarism. Free and Easy to use!

Still not satisfied?

Hire a professional editor to paraphrase your essay.

How to use paraphrasing tool:

  • Paste the text you need to be reworded in the box and click the “paraphrase” button.
  • You will see a series of highlighted words in your text. Click on each to view a list of prospective synonyms with which to replace said words.
  • Replace the original word with the synonym of your choice by clicking on it.
  • Once you have changed all the words from the original text you deem necessary, click “finish.”
  • If you are satisfied with the results, copy and paste the text to your desired location.
  • If you think more changes are necessary at this point, click “retry” to start again, or the “paraphrase another text” button to repeat the process on a new text you need reworded.

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How to avoid plagiarism?

Proper citation style.

Avoid plagiarism by always listing the source and formatting it correctly when you are note-taking. Take care of the proper formatting and citation style when using content from outside sources.

Write on your own

Avoid borrowing and overusing large pieces of the content from outside sources, especially Wikipedia. Write your own thoughts and use sources only to support your opinion (remember to cite it though!).

Rewriting Service

PapersOwl Expert can rewrite up to 75% of your content, and edit and proofread your paper to make it plagiarism free and ready to use.

Editing Service

PapersOwl expert can edit up to 50% of your content, proofread and polish your paper to make it plagiarism free and ready to use.

Writing Service

PapersOwl expert can rewrite your paper from scratch according to instructions and guidelines and make it plagiarism free and ready to use.

Suits your similarity index. Consider using it!

Free Top Paraphrasing Tool Trusted by Students

Being a student isn't always easy, especially when there're many essays waiting to be written. Every paper requires research, a particular number of words, top-quality text that's understandable and enjoyable to read, and more. Following all those requirements isn't always simple. Plus, the text should be original. Is using an online rephraser a good idea? Sometimes, you lack inspiration or time to create the paper you want. In such situations, an essay rephraser can do miracles. Here, you'll learn about the steps to use it and more. Let's dive in.

How Does Essay Re phraser Work?

Using a parahrasing tool is effortless. Its purpose is to complete essay rephrasing and create content that'll be 100 % authentic. Again, being a student can be hard some days. When such days arrive, it's good to be ready and complete it in time. Getting an online paraphrasing tool's help is useful. Plus, it will make your life easier.

The process of getting things done requires a few minutes only. You enter the text in the desired field and then click on a Paraphrase button. Several seconds later, another area will show rephrased text. You can use a free plagiarism checker by Papersowl to check for originality and ensure the essays are authentic. When you complete all the steps, your paper will be ready!

These tools are pretty straightforward so that first-time users can handle it all simply without any fuss.

What Makes Our Free Paraphrasing Tool the Best?

There're many rephrasing tools on the market these days, but still, you should choose one carefully. After all, your goal is the best experience. You'll achieve it by selecting the top option.

Our rephrase tool is designed for those interested in text creation of any kind. Use the online paraphrase tool for:

  • Research papers
  • Other types of text

With it, you can paraphrase anything, from sentences to paragraphs, simply and effortlessly. By using the tool, you'll get original content and more. When using it regularly, you'll improve your writing skills as well.

A student can also struggle with title creation. To avoid such issues, use a free title page generator that'll help you create unique and catchy titles for your papers and articles. The tool will design the title in any style you need, from APA and MLA to Chicago, AMA, or Harvard.

A reword tool doesn't cost a thing and can help you in many ways. Having a rich vocabulary can become much easier with this simple-to-use article rewriter. You'll save many hours and a lot of energy. Yet, all your papers will be excellent. You can stop asking - can someone rephrase my essay. Instead, you'll do it yourself. One thing is guaranteed - the results will astonish you.

Papersowl's Paraphrasing Tool: When to Use?

Creating original and effective essays requires a lot of research, work, and patience. These tasks don't always go smoothly. When chasing better grades, you want everything to be fantastic, right?

You don't always feel inspired, motivated, or have enough hours or days on your hands to complete your papers, ensuring they're excellent and completely authentic. What to do?

A paraphrasing tool for essays is an option worth considering. It's ideal for many reasons. It'll help you complete the texts without changing their meaning. Plus, the content is 100 % authentic. Forget about plagiarism issues. Every single sentence will be authentic. You'll save hours, if not days. In addition, count on more energy to complete other tasks.

If you don't feel comfortable using the tool to paraphrase the original text, there's another option. That's using a custom writing essay service , which is affordable and gives impressive results. Qualified and experienced writers create content at low prices no one can beat. Plus, the authors are creative and know to structure the texts and create unique content.

The vital thing is there're many options to consider. Eventually, you'll select what's working for you. You can pick a tool. Or, get a rewriter. Both online solutions will be helpful, that's for sure.

How Does This Professional Paraphrasing Tool Work?

There's nothing complicated about it. It all goes smoothly and effortlessly. The only requirement is to follow several steps to rephrase essays easily.

  • Open the page with a rephraser
  • Enter the content you want to reword
  • Select Paraphrase by clicking on it
  • The content will feature many highlighted words
  • By clicking on each, you'll see the synonyms
  • Simply change the word you wish by clicking on offered synonym of your choice

Once the changes have been made, end the task by clicking on Finish and copying the content to any desired location.

That's it! The content is rephrased! There's nothing simpler than this.

If you want additional changes, you can start again by clicking on Retry. You can continue rewording other texts as well. You can complete tasks the way it suits you, by alternating sentences or paragraphs, at the pace that works for you.

When working using the paraphrase generator, there's no need to spend hours searching for synonyms. All are presented right there. Thus, you won't waste a minute. Plus, more ideas and words will flow.

Difference Between Rephrasing & Plagiarism

Understanding the difference between these two terms isn't complicated. As you know, when working on articles or another type of content for school or college, it's vital to deliver 100 % authentic textual content that is plagiarism-free. It means that copying isn't an option. That's where the reword option comes. When you reword the content, you'll ensure it is plagiarism-free. The PapersOwl designed a word changer to allow everyone to complete their tasks and deliver originality.

Getting around the sentence rephraser is straightforward. Even first-time users can complete the tasks in minutes. Avoiding copying issues has never been easier. Everything can be managed through the tool that suggests suitable synonyms, and all texts will be authentic and plagiarism-free.

Wrapping It Up

If you struggle with creating articles or essays for school or college and need help, use a PapersOwl rephraser. It's the top option that doesn't require some special skills to be used. The content will look and sound completely different in just a few clicks. Plus, it'll be 100 % authentic. Yet, the meaning of the content will remain the same. Get everything done much faster and easier. Let's not forget to mention the service won't cost you a cent. You can basically paraphrase an essay in minutes. You'll have lots of fun doing this. Simultaneously, you'll improve your vocabulary and textual content creation skills.

PapersOwl is a well-known provider of all types of academic papers.

  • Research paper
  • Dissertation

and many more

  • Stuck with a lot of homework assignments?
  • Worried about making your work 100% plagiarism free?
  • Looking for a writing help with affordable price?

How Does Paraphrasing Tool Work?

  • Copy the desired text or manually enter the text you need to paraphrase. Click on the button, and the artificial intelligence algorithm will define the series of words in the text for you. The result will appear on your screen instantly.
  • Click on the words highlighted in blue to change them to synonyms. Two lines will appear under the text window. The first one is the source word, and the second one is the suggested alternatives. Choose the synonyms that seem most relevant to you and click on them. This place will automatically change in the text. Modify the source text until you are satisfied with the result. Once you have completed editing the text, hit the finish button.
  • After the editing stage, the window's initial text will be changed. If you like the final version, copy the ready text into your document. If you want to edit the text or start the rewriting process again, click on the retry button. You can check it for plagiarism at the end for free. To start rewording a new text, click on the paraphrase button.
  • The last stage is optional. You can get assistance from experts if you have difficulties with the rewrite or don't like your final version. To do this, click on the "I need expert help" button. You can place your order there by specifying the deadline and the number of pages and providing detailed instructions.
  • Reliable Editors
  • Any Field of Study
  • Fair Prices

Free Paraphrasing Tool is rated 4.8 /5 based on 644 user reviews.

Want your voice to count in? Send us your review with all the details.

Advantages Of Paraphrasing Tool By PapersOwl

Why choose us? Our excellent paraphrasing tool will help you optimize both your input research data and your considerations to obtain an authentic and smartly compiled paper. Let’s see what miracles our essay rephraser can do with your essay:

We value your loyalty and made this convenient service free for your usage. No matter the complexity of the paper you want to rephrase, you can do it without paying anything.

We don't want to weigh you down forcing you to explore complex educational tools. Our experts elaborated on a simple yet efficient tool. No special knowledge is needed for fast and quality paraphrasing of your papers

Being a student is not always easy, and when you are short of time you can resort to a rephrasing instrument. In a couple of minutes, you will have a powerful and unique paper you can be proud of.

Combining the requirements provided for a paper and creative component uniquely isn’t always easy. That’s what our paraphrasing tool can do to your best advantage delivering a quality plagiarism-free essay.

Free Tools for Writing

Why wait place an order right now.

Just fill out the form, press the button, and have no worries!

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Free plagiarism checker by EasyBib

Check for plagiarism, grammar errors, and more.

  • Expert Check

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Check for accidental plagiarism

Avoid unintentional plagiarism. Check your work against billions of sources to ensure complete originality.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Find and fix grammar errors

Turn in your best work. Our smart proofreader catches even the smallest writing mistakes so you don't have to.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Get expert writing help

Improve the quality of your paper. Receive feedback on your main idea, writing mechanics, structure, conclusion, and more.

What students are saying about us

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

"Caught comma errors that I actually struggle with even after proofreading myself."

- Natasha J.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

"I find the suggestions to be extremely helpful especially as they can instantly take you to that section in your paper for you to fix any and all issues related to the grammar or spelling error(s)."

- Catherine R.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Check for unintentional plagiarism

Easily check your paper for missing citations and accidental plagiarism with the EasyBib plagiarism checker. The EasyBib plagiarism checker:

  • Scans your paper against billions of sources.
  • Identifies text that may be flagged for plagiarism.
  • Provides you with a plagiarism score.

You can submit your paper at any hour of the day and quickly receive a plagiarism report.

What is the EasyBib plagiarism checker? 

Most basic plagiarism checkers review your work and calculate a percentage, meaning how much of your writing is indicative of original work. But, the EasyBib plagiarism checker goes way beyond a simple percentage. Any text that could be categorized as potential plagiarism is highlighted, allowing you time to review each warning and determine how to adjust it or how to cite it correctly.

You’ll even see the sources against which your writing is compared and the actual word for word breakdown. If you determine that a warning is unnecessary, you can waive the plagiarism check suggestion.

Plagiarism is unethical because it doesn’t credit those who created the original work; it violates intellectual property and serves to benefit the perpetrator. It is a severe enough academic offense, that many faculty members use their own plagiarism checking tool for their students’ work. With the EasyBib Plagiarism checker, you can stay one step ahead of your professors and catch citation mistakes and accidental plagiarism before you submit your work for grading.

free plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool

Why use a plagiarism checker? 

Imagine – it’s finals week and the final research paper of the semester is due in two days. You, being quite familiar with this high-stakes situation, hit the books, and pull together a ten-page, last-minute masterpiece using articles and materials from dozens of different sources.

However, in those late, coffee-fueled hours, are you fully confident that you correctly cited all the different sources you used? Are you sure you didn’t accidentally forget any? Are you confident that your teacher’s plagiarism tool will give your paper a 0% plagiarism score?

That’s where the EasyBib plagiarism checker comes in to save the day. One quick check can help you address all the above questions and put your mind at ease.

What exactly is plagiarism? 

Plagiarism has a number of possible definitions; it involves more than just copying someone else’s work. Improper citing, patchworking, and paraphrasing could all lead to plagiarism in one of your college assignments. Below are some common examples of accidental plagiarism that commonly occur.

Quoting or paraphrasing without citations

Not including in-text citations is another common type of accidental plagiarism. Quoting is taking verbatim text from a source. Paraphrasing is when you’re using another source to take the same idea but put it in your own words. In both cases, it’s important to always cite where those ideas are coming from. The EasyBib plagiarism checker can help alert you to when you need to accurately cite the sources you used.

Patchwork plagiarism

When writing a paper, you’re often sifting through multiple sources and tabs from different search engines. It’s easy to accidentally string together pieces of sentences and phrases into your own paragraphs. You may change a few words here and there, but it’s similar to the original text. Even though it’s accidental, it is still considered plagiarism. It’s important to clearly state when you’re using someone else’s words and work.

Improper citations

Depending on the class, professor, subject, or teacher, there are multiple correct citation styles and preferences. Some examples of common style guides that are followed for citations include MLA, APA, and Chicago style. When citing resources, it’s important to cite them accurately. Incorrect citations could make it impossible for a reader to track down a source and it’s considered plagiarism. There are EasyBib citation tools to help you do this.

Don’t fall victim to plagiarism pitfalls. Most of the time, you don’t even mean to commit plagiarism; rather, you’ve read so many sources from different search engines that it gets difficult to determine an original thought or well-stated fact versus someone else’s work. Or worse, you assume a statement is common knowledge, when in fact, it should be attributed to another author.

When in doubt, cite your source!

Time for a quick plagiarism quiz! 

Which of the following requires a citation?

  • A chart or graph from another source
  • A paraphrase of an original source
  • Several sources’ ideas summarized into your own paragraph
  • A direct quote
  • All of the above

If you guessed option E than you’d be correct. Correct punctuation and citation of another individual’s ideas, quotes, and graphics are a pillar of good academic writing.

What if you copy your own previous writing?

Resubmitting your own original work for another class’s assignment is a form of self-plagiarism, so don’t cut corners in your writing. Draft an original piece for each class or ask your professor if you can incorporate your previous research.

What features are available with the EasyBib plagiarism checker? 

Along with providing warnings and sources for possible plagiarism, the EasyBib  plagiarism checker works alongside the other EasyBib tools, including a grammar checker  and a spell checker . You’ll receive personalized feedback on your thesis and writing structure too!

The  plagiarism checker compares your writing sample with billions of available sources online so that it detects plagiarism at every level. You’ll be notified of which phrases are too similar to current research and literature, prompting a possible rewrite or additional citation. You’ll also get feedback on your paper’s inconsistencies, such as changes in text, formatting, or style. These small details could suggest possible plagiarism within your assignment.

And speaking of citations, there are also  EasyBib citation tools  available. They help you quickly build your bibliography and avoid accidental plagiarism. Make sure you know which citation format your professor prefers!

Great! How do I start? 

Simply copy and paste or upload your essay into the checker at the top of this page. You’ll receive the first five grammar suggestions for free! To try the plagiarism checker for free, start your EasyBib Plus three-day free trial.* If you love the product and decide to opt for premium services, you’ll have access to unlimited writing suggestions and personalized feedback.

The EasyBib plagiarism checker is conveniently available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can cancel anytime.  Check your paper for free today!.

*See Terms and Conditions

Visit for more information on helpful EasyBib writing and citing tools.

For informational guides and on writing and citing, visit the EasyBib guides homepage .

Free Paraphrasing Tool to Avoid Plagiarism

3 hours!

You've finished your essay, but are worried about plagiarism? We’ve got good news for you. Our free online paraphrasing tool is here to rewrite your texts. Be sure never to be accused of plagiarizing!

In this article, you’ll find:

  • The paraphrasing tool;
  • Ways to steer clear of plagiarism;
  • All you need to know about sentence rewriting;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about this topic.

Free Paraphrasing Tool to Avoid Plagiarism.

  • What Is a Paraphrasing Tool?
  • How to Use the Rewording Tool
  • What Makes Our Online Rephrasing Tool Handy?
  • How to Reword a Sentence
  • How to Reword a Quote

âś… What Is a Paraphrasing Tool?

To paraphrase means to present an idea in different words. A big part of this technique is consulting a thesaurus for synonyms. Luckily, you can put the dull dictionary aside and let the plagiarism changer do the job for you.

When writing a paper, make sure you properly cite all your sources. Also, keep your content unique. Failing to do this will result in plagiarism.

Cue the rephrasing generator. This quick machine:

  • Provides alternative word suggestions;
  • Replaces any part of speech with synonyms;
  • Keeps your intended meaning;
  • Guarantees plagiarism-free results.

🖥️ How to Use the Rewording Tool

With our free paraphrasing tool, you can rewrite a text in your own words in a matter of seconds. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find everything you need to do:

  • Open the website and paste your document into the box.
  • Click “paraphrase my text.”
  • Pick the synonyms you like.
  • You’re done! Now you can copy your paraphrased text.
  • Be sure to do a plagiarism check. For example, the online writing tool Grammarly has a professional plagiarism checker.

đź‘Ť What Makes Our Online Word Changer Handy?

Now that you know how our tool rephrases your sentences, you’re probably wondering why you need it. Here are its benefits;

  • Unlike expensive software with the same purpose, it’s free and always available .
  • It offers various synonyms to choose from , saving you time, and ensuring that your text still makes sense.
  • Rephrasing helps avoid plagiarism .
  • The generator can also assist you in creating summaries .

We’ve got your back, but it’s good to know how to stay away from trouble by yourself. Read on to get acquainted with various rewriting strategies.

✏️ How to Rephrase: Strategies to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone’s intellectual property. It can be deliberate but often happens unintentionally. In academia, this mostly means taking someone’s idea and not crediting the source. But don't worry: there are many ways avoid this. Here are the basics:

  • Always using a plagiarism checker . This way, you’ll know for sure that what you’ve written is 100% yours.
  • Quoting means adopting the original author’s wording directly and putting it in quotation marks. Make sure to resort to direct quoting only if it strengthens your argument, or if the quote is particularly expressive.
  • A summary is a shortened version of the source. You don’t paraphrase its entire contents but break it down into the crucial parts.
  • Taking notes while reading articles. Try to formulate the central ideas in simple words. This way, you'll automatically have a first draft of what you want to paraphrase.
  • Lastly, changing the sentence structure while paraphrasing will help you sound natural.

Keep reading to learn more about rewording sentences and quotes.

đź“– How to Reword a Sentence

Paraphrasing is very similar to summarizing. Both are key skills for writers. With these recommendations, you’ll always rewrite correctly and without plagiarizing.

To some terms, such as "globalization," you’ll hardly find alternatives. However, common words can easily be replaced.

Use various conjunctions or break the sentences up.

Replace nouns with verbs, verbs with adjectives, or vice versa.

This includes:

  • Switching the voice from passive to active and the other way round.
  • Turning clauses into phrases and vice versa, e.g., by omitting or adding pronouns.

This being said, the most effective method to rephrase something is by using all these techniques combined. Here are some examples:

“Categorization has become a major field of study, thanks primarily to the pioneering work of Eleanor Rosch, who made categorization an issue. (Lakoff 1987: 7)”

“Eleanor Rosch, who was the first to point out the importance of categorization, paved the way to make it an important subject. (see Lakoff 1987: 7)”

In this version, you can see multiple strategies at work. The structure is different, and all possible words were substituted. Yet, it still contains the original meaning. That’s precisely what we want!

Let’s have a look at this variant instead:


“Categorization is now a major field of study. It can be credited to the pioneering work of Eleanor Rosch, the first person to make categorization an issue.”

While the voice is switched in this paraphrase, it still is too close to the original. It uses the same wording and doesn’t credit the source.

Here’s another example:

“In a rare instance of consensus, linguists agree that grammar is extremely complex and hard to properly describe. (Langacker 2008: 27)”

“Linguists rarely agree with each other, but they all acknowledge that grammar is problematic and that it’s nearly impossible to explain it correctly. (Langacker 2008: 27)”

This version has synonyms and adds an extra preposition. Unfortunately, the alternatives "problematic" and "explain" tamper with the original meaning. Let's see how to paraphrase this paragraph properly:

“While linguists rarely share the same opinions, they all admit that grammar is almost impossible to depict comprehensively due to its intricate nature. (Langacker 2008: 27)”

In this case, the concept stays the same. The phrases are changed; there are a new structure and extra conjunction. Perfect!

đź’¬ How to Reword a Quote

If you want your assignments to sound natural, provide the proper context for your quotes. It includes introducing them with phrases such as according to, in the words of, as defined by . Citing is appropriate, if:

  • The wording is especially valuable;
  • You need to support a claim;
  • You want to debate and analyze the author’s position.

When writing, use a mix of direct quotes and paraphrases with an emphasis on the latter. Once you cite a source, adhere to specific standards. Stick to any one of these styles throughout your entire text:

  • An in-text APA style reference can be either narrative , e.g. Zaliznyak & Ĺ melev, 1997, or parenthetical , e.g. (Zaliznyak & Ĺ melev, 1997).
  • MLA formatting style requires the author’s last name and the page, for example, Clasmeier 37.
  • When citing Chicago style , all source data (name, title, publisher, year, page) goes into the footnotes.

We're happy if this article was useful to you. And don't forget: if you want to save yourself some time, try our free paraphrasing tool!

đź“Ś Is Rewording Plagiarism?

đź“Ś how do you rewrite articles in your own words, đź“Ś can i use the rewriting tool to avoid plagiarism.

Updated: Apr 5th, 2024

đź”— References

  • Avoiding Plagiarism: Choosing Whether to Quote or to Paraphrase: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting: Australia University
  • Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing: Ashford University
  • Paraphrasing: American Psychological Association
  • Chicago Quoting and Paraphrasing: Massey University
  • MLA In-Text Citations: Purdue University

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AI content detector has made it easier to spot the traces of generative-AI-based textual content. All you have to do is make efficient use of this web utility. The following steps hold the key to making it happen:

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Begin the process, results generation. ’s AI detector is an online tool that detects the instances of machine-generated content in the given text. The AI content detector accomplishes this goal with unmatched precision and efficiency. Therefore, this AI checker offers the best way to identify the traces of AI-generated content for any text.

The AI content checker does a thorough examination of the input by scrutinizing language patterns, semantic coherence, and other crucial indications to determine its authenticity. In addition to simple keyword matching, this AI detector goes further into linguistic intricacies to effectively distinguish between human and AI-generated textual content. Therefore, whether you’re a content creator, journalist, or researcher, you can employ this web utility and offer transparency to a world full of AI content.

The AI detector benefits its users with an extensive array of handy features. Some of those features are given below:

All AI Models Coverage

High-end accuracy, multilingual support, contextual understanding, user-friendly interface.

When it comes to generative AI content, OpenAI was among the pioneers. But in recent times, Google has entered the generative AI textual content space under the name Gemini (previously known as Google BARD). To cope with this evolution, the developers of our AI detector have tweaked its backend. As a result, now, users can effortlessly identify Google Gemini-generated content with unparalleled precision and reliability by using this AI writing detector.

This AI text detector can now identify the distinct qualities and linguistic patterns seen in text generated by Google Gemini. Now, the AI detection capabilities of this tool cover a wide range of text types generated by Google’s Gemini. Therefore, whether you’re a digital strategist, a marketer, or an SEO specialist, our AI plagiarism checker is an ideal option for quickly and easily recognizing Google Gemini material.

The current version of our AI detector is sophisticated enough to become usable in a variety of situations. Some of them are specified below:

Detecting Malicious Content

Automated content moderation, supporting education and learning, identifying fake news and misinformation, verifying authenticity of product reviews, how does the ai content detector work.

The AI detection tool of this AI content detector has been trained through a wide range of AI-generated content. Therefore, this AI essay detector uses those patterns to identify whether the submitted text is AI-generated or not.

What are the limitations of the AI content detector?

The length of the material is the sole restriction on this AI content detector. Besides, there are no other limitations associated with this web application.

What is Google Gemini Content, and how can I detect it?

The content generated by Google’s Gemini chatbot refers to Google Gemini content. You can detect Gimini instances of such content by using our AI detector.

Can the AI Detector detect content in languages other than English?

Yes! Besides English, this AI detector supports all the other popular languages.

How accurate is the AI Detector?

This AI detector is 100% accurate. It performs precisely for the text generated through all the popular LLM-based chatbots, like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Gemini, etc.

Is AI checker compatible with various types of content formats?

Yes! This AI checker is compatible with different types of textual content, like assignments, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, research papers, theses, dissertations, etc.

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  21. AI Detector 's AI detector is an online tool that detects the instances of machine-generated content in the given text. The AI content detector accomplishes this goal with unmatched precision and efficiency. Therefore, this AI checker offers the best way to identify the traces of AI-generated content for any text.