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Thesis Presentation Board - 1

Sangaath Housing - M. Arch Thesis Project

Presenting "Sangaath Housing" - The name means a community which grows together. A community where contemporary design meets ancient vernacular architecture. 

Due to recent economic growth and political policies, Ahmedabad is expanding at exponential rate. The growth is enourmous, but new developments in the city are lacking the supporting infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, recreational parks etc. This thesis aims to develop a mixed-use gated community where the vernacular architecture of Ahmedabad is preserved and principles of sustainability are applied. This project can be used as module to create micro neighborhoods in the city for sustainable growth.

Status: Built Location: Ahmedabad, India My Role: Thesis Student

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Solitaire Luxurious Residences

Solitaire Luxurious Residences

Center for Environmental Preservation and Technology

Center for Environmental...

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housing projects thesis

Review Book:  

Master of Architecture (M.Arch) Website:

Post -arium Arditha Auriyane Advisor: Mariana Ibanez

Priced Out of Paradise :  Reconsidering cooperatives in response to climate gentrification in Miami’s communities of color Adiel Alexis Benitez Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

To Know is to Empower :  Chagos Institute of Environmental Humanities Chen Chu Advisor: Miho Mazereew

Reclaiming the Estranged :  Reimagining the Architecture of the Excess Sydney Cinalli Advisor: Brandon Clifford, Deborah Garcia

Ferrous Futures :  Scenario Planning for Global Steel Charlotte D'Acierno, Clarence Lee, Jaehun Woo Advisor: Mariana Ibanez

Seven Ways of Reading The House of the Seven Gables Isadora Dannin Advisor: Mark Jarzombek

Gardens of Resistance Nynika Jhaveri Advisor: Azra Aksamija

After Aura :  Authorship, Automation, Authenticity Kailin J. Jones Advisor: Azra Aksamija

The Factory of Coexistence Melika Konjicanin Advisor: Cristina Parreño Alonso

Screen Time Jeffrey Landman Advisor: Rania Ghosn

Architecture for Revision Emma Pfeiffer Advisor: Rosalyne Shieh

Thorough David Allen White Advisor: Mark Jarzombek

Spring 2021

Review Book:

Master of Architecture (M.Arch) Website:

The Houseful(l)ness of Public Space Xio Alvarez (M.Arch & MCP) Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw, Larry Vale

Still Standing :  Cooperative strategies for the renovation of Soviet mass housing Ben Hoyle, Eytan Levi (M.Arch & MSRED) Advisor: Ana Miljački

Concetividad Alegal :  Remaking and Resilience in the bay of Havana        Lucas Igarzabal, Marissa Concetta Waddle Advisor: Hans Tursack

M.I.celium mexicanus :  Rejecting Modernity through Zapotec Futurism Lynced Torres Advisor: Sheila Kennedy View project site here!

Heirlooms :  In Search of the Fifth Ecology Erin Wong Advisor: Sheila Kennedy

Building / Unbuilding   Andrew Younker Advisor: Azra Akšamija

Space of Mind :  The Hidden Architecture in the Time of Pandemic Ziyu Xu Advisor: Axel Killian

Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS)

SMArchS Architecture + Urbanism

Third Landscape Dries Carmeliet Advisor: Rania Ghosn

Mediating Chana :  Seeding Synergies Between Doves and Development Eakapob Huangthanapan Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

Mokumitsu Districts in Tokyo :  Urban Renewal by Housing Cooperatives against Disaster Risk Ryuhei Ichikura Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

To Build Home and To Live In (U)Hygge Wuyahuang Li Advisor: Mark Jarzombek

Collecting Ideals :  Re-Envisioning Ejidos as Climate-Action Platforms Luis Alberto Meouchi Velez Advisor: Lorena Bello Gomez, Nicholas de Monchaux

Made in Rural China Siyuan Sheng Advisor: Brent Ryan

Generative Urban Design toward Thermal Synergy :  Inspire sustainable urban configuration under distributive heating & cooling schemes Qianqian Wan Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

SMArchS Architecture Design

Velvet Garage :  Narratives of an Education in Architecture Marianna Gonzalez-Cervantes Advisor: Liam O'Brien

Nightrise :  Through the Valley of Jabal ‘Amil’s Shadow Mohamad Nahleh Advisor: Sheila Kennedy

SMArchS Building Technology

Mass Balance :  Design Strategies for Lightweight, Thermally Massive Construction Systems Eduardo Gascón Alvarez Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

Evaluating Overheating Preventative Measures in Residential Buildings and Passive Survivability Yesufu Oladipo Advisor: Les Norford

SMArchS Computation

A Machine Learning Model for Understanding How Users Value Designs :  Applications for Designers and Consumers Jeremy Bilotti (SMArchS Computation & SM in CS) Advisor: Terry Knight

The Untold Narratives Rania Sameh Kaadan Advisor: Terry Knight

Sonic Others :  Metaphorical Sonification of Collective Events Wonki Kang Advisor: Axel Killian

Networking Knowledge and Experience :  An Instrumental System for the Personal Development of Individual Designers Bowen Lu Advisor: George Stiny

Sonic Urban Transformations :  A Computational Model to Study and Represent Temporal Changes in the Walking Experience Elina Oikonomaki Advisor: Terry Knight

Monstrous Space :  Architectural Production in an Age of Algorithms Alexandra Waller Advisor: Larry Sass

Investigating Design Intentions :  Use of Eye Tracking and Machine Leearning to Study Perception of Architecture Xiaoyun Zhang Advisor: Takehiko Nagakura

SMArchS History, Theory & Criticism

"A Great Civilizing Agent" :  Architecture at MIT, Drawing Education, and Boston's Cultural Elite, 1865-1881 Katherine Dubbs Advisor: Arindam Dutta

Surveilling Sin :  Locating Sodomy in the Early Modern Florentine Bathhouse Aidan Flynn Advisor: Kristel Smentek, Jodi Cranston

SMArchS Aga Khan Program

Fractured and Dissolved, Architecture Ablaze :  Towards an Understanding of Ayeneh-Kari in Iranian Palaces Reza Daftarian Advisor: Nasser Rabbat

Scripting Inclusion Amanda Merzaban Advisor: Renee Green

Master of Science in Building Technolgy (SMBT)

Using Urban Building Energy Modeling to Meet Carbon Emission Targets :  A Case Study of Oshkosh, Wisconsin Zachary Berzolla Advisor: Christoph Reinhart

Early Design Stage Building Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of Cost & Carbon Impact :  A Seamless Addition to the Conceptual Design Process Jingyi Liu Advisor: Jeremy Gregory, Randy Kirchain, Les Norford

Machine Learning for Human Design :  Developing Next Generation Sketch-Based Tools Bryan Ong Wen Xi (SMBT & MEng in CEE) Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

On the Relationship Between Spatial-Temporal Outdoor Thermal Comfort Simulations and Bike Ridership Elizabeth Young Advisor: Christoph Reinhart

Bachelor of Science in Art and Design (BSAD)

Digital Narratives for Self-Therapy Rachel Seo Yeon Kwak Advisor: Lee Moreau

Digital Communities x Collaborative Storytelling Clare Liut (BSAD & SB in 2A) Advisor: Mikael Jakobsson

Concrete Alternatives for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga Advisor: Skylar Tibbits

Image Credits:

01. Ferrous Futures. Courtesy of Charlotte D’Acierno, Clarence Lee and Jaehun Woo (MArch).

02. Space of Mind. Courtesy of Ziyu Xu (MArch).

03. Nightrise. Courtesy of Mohamad Nahleh (SMArchS Architecture Design)

04. Untold Narratives. Courtesy of Rania Kaadan (SMArchS Computation).

05. Mediating Chana. Courtesy of Eakapob Huangthanapan (SMArchS Urbanism).

06. To Build Home and To Live In (U)Hygge. Courtesy of Wuyahuang Li (SMArchS Urbanism).

07. Concetividad Alegal. Courtesy of Lucas Igarzabal and Marissa Concetta Waddle (MArch).

08. The Houseful(l)ness of Public Space. Courtesy of Xio Alvarez (MArch + MCP).

09. Mass Balance. Courtesy of Eduardo Gascón Alvarez (SMArchS Building Technology).

10. Early Design Stage Building Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of Cost & Carbon Impact. Courtesy of Jingyi Liu (SMBT).

Published July 1, 2021


The Urban Vernacular: A low-cost incremental housing development in the Philippines

This study investigates adaptable housing design as a solution to informal settlements’ issues, including the threat of rapid urbanisation and displacement due to eviction, flooding, and an array of man-made destruction. This study aims to identify design processes and solutions that support and prioritise the housing and community needs of lower-income demographics so they may live safe and healthy lives empowered by adaptable design and construction processes that put them in control of the development and progress of their living environments. This exploration will be grounded in the informal settlements of Baseco, Manila in the Philippines, one of the most densely populated in the country, where urban regeneration has been prominent over the past few years. This study will use a mix of quantitative and qualitative design research methods. This research will use quantitative data in the earlier phases of data collection to build an accurate context as a basis for exploration and understanding. Ethnographic studies will inform design phases through secondary sources supported by simulations and models. This investigation aims to contribute to the discussion of urban regeneration and solving informal housing issues in-situ to keep existing social networks intact rather than relocation. This process will begin through an adaptable building design inspired by the incrementalism of informal construction, argued as a form of urban vernacular. This paper indicates that low-income communities are reactive rather than proactive in responding to vulnerabilities. The design solution aims to be a catalyst in fostering a more proactive approach to risk-mitigation strategies and empowering communities through safer living conditions that prevent displacement that destroy networks of social connection.

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  • Architectural science and technology
  • Architecture management
  • Architectural design

RTF | Rethinking The Future

15 Architecture Thesis Topics for Urban Architecture

housing projects thesis

Urban Architecture has consistently been a trending architecture thesis topic among the students. And before we go deep into the variety of topics that can be used we must understand what exactly is Urban Architecture?

One could say urban architecture refers to any building type that establishes an appreciable relationship with its surrounding context, the built environment , and the community itself. It comprises buildings that are mostly located in urban areas, are accessible, and are meant to serve the public at large. Its purpose hence would be to make society better. Indeed, people are indeed strongly affected by building forms and facades. According to research, the main cause of ‘social stress’ in urban environments is often the absence of social bonding and interconnection in city landscapes . Design that stimulates social and urban cohesion is hence, very important for good community living. This is where urban architecture comes in; a holistic approach to the subject may result in projects like iconic skyscrapers or even residential developments . However, the focus revolves around enhancing the experience of people who are connected to the architecture.

When choosing to do a architecture thesis project on the subject of urban architecture, one needs to understand the platitude of areas and scopes encompassed by the field. There are indeed endless possibilities and avenues to explore that intend to serve the interests of the public, and also make community life better.

Before you delve into the list of topics of urban architecture to choose from, make that:

  • You understand the subject thoroughly. Choose a topic relevantly and appealing to your interests, especially prospects, masters, or a job.
  • You discuss it with your thesis advisor so that he can comprehend your intent and help you through the course of the project .
  • The topic does not necessarily have to be unique. It also should not be something that has been tried and tested far too many is because your work is what would represent you. Make sure, it speaks of who you are and what you want to do.

Here are a few options for viable architecture thesis topics that you could choose to look at.

1. Low-cost housing | Architecture Thesis

As more and more people are moving to dense urban cities like New York , in search of a better quality of living and opportunities, the city population is on the rise. As is the cost of living, making low-cost housing a dire need of societies, as low-income residents have limited choices for affordable living. When affordable housing complexes were being constructed ever since the mid-20 th century, these projects were often seen as monumental solutions to provide economical living spaces to large groups of people. Hence, even with the best of intentions of the designers, the imposing towers often turned out to be negligent of human scale, and were often more inhospitable and discouraging for communities, leaving them feeling more isolated and unwelcome.

However, a rising interest in the area since recent years has seen a rise in alternative solutions to the outdated models. Low-cost, affordable housing is not seen as merely buildings creating decent spaces for living, but also using sustainable building features to reduce costs, maintenance and to help improve the quality of life and belongingness for residents, allowing them to feel more connected to not just the resources, but also to communities and the spaces outside.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet1

2. Art and Heritage museum

To design a building that is important not only for the preservation of the history of the community but to also integrate members of the community and to what they share. This topic uses a method that looks at the study not only qualitatively, but also based on a theoretical foundation, with the acute understanding that comes from familiarizing oneself with concepts and standards of museums, exhibition spaces, contextualism, and exhibit care and preservation.

The project should not only focus on respecting the importance of the historical context, but also ensure that it avoids the damage of pieces of its past. It should shed light on the concept of the museum itself, the types of functions and activities it would encourage, the form and physicality of the building, and the interconnectivity between different elements of the museum . The journey of a user and the enriching experience that the museum provides, concerning its displays but to communal spaces of social interaction and discussion should also be of high value when taking this topic.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet2

3. Airport of Urban Architecture Thesis

Many countries in the world, including the USA, are suffering from outdated aviation infrastructure, with most airports being more than 40 years old, and a lot of money being spent on the revamp, expansion or construction to meet the challenging new needs of today. Design-wise, architects need to not only provide solutions for the necessary functioning and program of the airport , but also to enhance the experience of travel for the visitors, which includes interesting features for wayfinding, atriums for nature incorporation and natural light, state-of-the-art visual elements, and huge spaces for sightseeing and rest, as well cultural experiences which encapsulate the context of the airport, gardens, and desert landscapes. The project area also has a lot of potential for experimentation with physical form and modelmaking, which could induce a sense of awe for the public at large.

The functional aspects, of course, include catering to huge parking spaces, checking and security posts, luggage management areas, lobby areas, airport maintenance spaces, airplane ramps, and cargos, and many others, as well as allowing for the potential for future expansion. Thus, airports not only present an interesting challenge for a thesis topic but are also one that provides extensive avenues to understand the flexibility of a space which is in fact the cardinal space a visitor comes into contact with when entering a new city or a country. Hence, holding great social importance. The change seen in recent airport designs does indeed seem like a promising area to work in.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet3

4. Cinema and theatre architecture

Cinemas and theatres are interesting places, where the anticipation to experience is just as important as the actual film or performance itself. This is why the design and nature of the building hold such great importance.  It should in some way, either reflect the magnitude of the experience that it would showcase, or subdue itself against the marvel of the performance . Either way, it should be taken as a work of art, as architectural icons as done so in the past, which communicate the spirit of the times through the design.

The building requires a careful understanding of the program; it features their relationships with one another, the type of circulation from one space to another, and the allowance of gathering spaces with technical ones as well. The seating arrangement, sound buffering, technical knowledge must be handled as meticulously as possible, as close attention to the sound, visuals, and theatrics are what greatly enhance the experience of the performance. This is why this is also a very fascinating topic, for a building that integrates different groups of society and brings them together to experience a shared feature.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet4

5. Skyscraper design | Architecture Thesis

Living in a time when the competition to rise, to go higher, and to reach greater heights resonates with the fact that there is an ever-increasing desire to build very tall buildings. By definition, a skyscraper is a building that exceeds 330 feet in height. Yet the contemporary approach is not only to reach unattainable heights in construction, but it is also to rejuvenate thinking abilities, and present inventions with cutting-edge designs, that also meet the function of the building with elegance and pride. From encompassing different architectural movements like art deco and modernism, skyscraper designs also look at the intensive technical understanding of how high-rise work, the relationship of functionality between different floors, structural knowledge, and the municipalities that come with handling such delicate tasks.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet5

6. Suburban housing community

Suburban homes provide an avenue to understand a huge sector of society without directly destroying existing structures. They should be able to cater to the needs of the ever-changing dynamic of the public, to provide a potential for future expansion, and to provide an environment of ownership that allows for a comforting feeling of belongingness that leads to greater social integration.

The nature of the task often involves dealing with multiple stakeholders that are directly associated with such regions, including developers and the municipal government. Therefore, this subject involves a meticulous understanding of the way rules and regulations work, sizing, areas and appropriate zoning, transportation, and also a critical comprehension of the associated infrastructure required to cater to the needs of residential living, and of course, the quality of life.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet6

7. Marine park design of Urban Architecture

Projects paying attention to marine life can help bring new life into waterfront areas and can also provide a point of interest for the entire region itself. There exists in our society an absence of awareness regarding marine ecosystems, especially informal sectors, which has resulted in a lack of opportunities, care, and resources available for marine life. Thus, a thesis project on this topic would not be addressing the administrative concerns related to marine life, but could also cater to providing a recreational public space , where visitors can appreciate and interact with marine life along with exhibition spaces intended to create awareness for the general public.

Whilst taking the project a step ahead, a proper research institute could also be designed to further the knowledge available of the oceans and the organisms that inhabit them. These institutes with research facilities and equipment could provide areas for analysis, experimentation, and research for discovery. Thus, this project would not only help educate the public at large, but help generate revenue as a popular tourist attraction, and plant seeds for much-needed research of marine life.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet7

8. Convention center of Urban Architecture

A convention center is a public building of urban architecture meant to convey ideas and knowledge. It is also perceived to be more like the expansion of a town hall, where people having shared interests, goals, though, religion, or professions, could gather to interact, communicate, learn, and make decisions regarding the public realm. Hence, it is a space that caters to large groups of people, providing them with communal spaces that encourage different uses as well as appropriate exhibition spaces. 

Furthermore, since a convention center is meant to act as a medium for discourse, the first thing to consider is to develop a concept that would intend to attract people. It should have easy accessibility, be welcoming and fascinating and its spaces should be able to provide the necessary means for it to function efficiently and effectively. 

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet8

9. Library of Urban Architecture Thesis

In the modern age of digitalization, the internet and technology have greatly transformed the manner in which we consume information. With this rapidly changing paradigm, the traditional function of a library is put on a pedestal and called to question. While it is true that the physical collection of books in a certain environment as compared to quick access to data using the internet does question the sustainability of a public library and the resources it offers, we must also keep in mind that a library also functions as a flexible space, that can be transformed to an active social space, agent for interaction and societal growth.

It must not only be considered to be a space that allows access to information, but also an environment that encourages discourse, communication, and exchange of meaningful ideas between people from different ages and social groups. With this in mind, a public library must be considered as one of the most democratic building types available, and one that has huge potential to add value to community development, growth, resource, and service. Therefore, with the sensitivity that comes with designing a library comes great responsibility, and this must be looked at as an area with the potential to be explored as a vital public asset.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet9

10. School of art and design

Projects that are practical solutions to community needs also have greater impacts on communities socially as well as economically. A thesis of urban architecture at a School for Art and Design could immensely help in this regard. It would only provide a platform for artists, architects, students, and citizens from various fields and social groups to gather and interact, share ideas and learn through conventional as well as modern ways and activities. This center would also enable these artists to share and exhibit their work and experiences through exhibition spaces, seminars, events, and conferences with members of their own community and the wider world through event halls, conference rooms, and libraries for research and learning.

With a learning institute as part of the program, the center would also allow aspiring artists to develop skills through formal training as well as informal activities. Thus, this institute would help create inclusivity in society but integrating different groups of people with a shared interest throughout the day and hence, year. It would also act as a viable magnet for social interaction between professionals, beneficial for the community and the campus. This, in turn, would enhance and regenerate the urban fabric, add depth to the context of the city and help drive the society forward in a positive direction. A thesis conducted on this topic, therefore, would allow you to look at art as a potential field to a group and bring communities together to appreciate the marvel that is an art and its ability to create change in the contemporary world.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet10

11. Bus terminal cum commercial complex

Transit facilities are indeed one of the most important and vital functions of a city itself. They constitute some of the most important goals of the city and its government by inviting a large number of people to the city, merges different groups of crows, and bring in opportunities of work and living for the masses, thus building the scope of urban architecture. Therefore, smooth and better transit provides ground for future development and helps the urban fabric to grow incredibly. Transit not only improves the urban squares and nodes, and provides a push to less developed areas to allow them to be at par with the rest of the city.

Understanding the scope of development associated with a bus terminal with a commercial complex attached as an additional function thus presents itself as an interesting topic to pursue. It would not only group different travelers with one another but also with the locals, allowing them to appreciate and value local culture and tradition, as well as activities that integrate the urban living community.

15 thesis topics for urban architecture - Sheet11

12. Sports stadium of Urban Architecture

A stadium is one of the building typologies that have the power to shape the city or town it is located in. it not only helps put the city on the maps but also establishes an identity for the community and provides a tourist attraction and a focal point in its landscape. It is thus, a huge actor of theatrics that represents the output of a sport, and has a significant role for the city with regards to politics, geography, as well as socio-economics.

Thus, a sports stadium should not be looked at as a revenue-generating machine, but a building type that should be sustainable, iconic in design, with strong structural understanding for it to be considered a marvel in civic urban architecture. It requires a comprehensive understanding of various issues related to planning and design, which also cater to increased interaction and ease of access to its activities, and the environment is contained and encouraged.


13. Resort design | Architecture Thesis

A resort is a place that caters to accommodation, leisure, and recreation. It provides for a variety of activities and luxury in scenic areas and is able to house different groups of people together. Some facilities provided include rooms or huts, swimming pools , sports grounds, gyms, fine dining areas, halls for events, and many others.

Resort tourism is an area that is rapidly gaining popularity. It has a lot of municipalities involved that are often delicate in nature so as to provide high levels of comfort for its users. Therefore, it often talks about large scales, an attractive form that is meant to attract the general public, and advanced equipment and management strategies. It is indeed an interesting topic to consider when one wants to work on an area that not only deals with program efficiency but also the psychological impacts of effective design strategies. 


14. Religious buildings

An architecture thesis of urban architecture on religious buildings is a fascinating area to work on. It provides an avenue to create places with identity and an environment that awakens the senses and the emotions, enhances the experience, and provides a platform for spiritual practice. It should be kept in mind that the metaphysical concerns and experiences can largely be enhanced using effective space strategies that will come with a keen understanding of spatial and urban architecture.

Thus, space aims to heighten the experience of religion and spirituality and tends to cater to the tangible and intangible aspects of architecture, that involve senses. It is, therefore, a great challenge for architects to design spaces for religious activities, but also one that provides that greater amount of emotional appraisal. The modern religious building not only functions as only a religious center but also provides opportunities for people to come together and engage in communal activities. This is another aspect that architects need to consider when designing religious centers for contemporary times.


15. Educational Institute for rural children

With the understanding that urban architecture paves the way for enhancing the educational process with effective plan strategies and expression of detail, the topic provides an opportunity to explore this area with the development of an educational institute for rural children. This would not only emphasize the importance of education for all sectors of society but would allow meaningful involvement of the community for development projects meant to improve the quality of life for the rural sectors.

The planning involved would recognize the basic functions needed to run a school, especially in a rural setting with a standard of quality education kept in mind. There is an urgent need for developers to look at this area in society, as existing schools do not meet the typical standard, which in turn affects the educational lives of its students, making them unable to perform effectively to become important assets for their society. Thus, this topic for social responsibility helps to integrate schools and the community, with the building serving as a reflection of ideas of both its place and time through its design, concept, and function.


An Architect by profession, a writer, artist, and baker by interest, Amna Pervaiz sees Architecture and Urban Planning as a multifaceted avenue allowing her to explore a plethora of disciplinary elements. She sees the field as an untapped canvas; a journey she hopes would one day lead her towards social responsibility and welfare.

housing projects thesis

Spader Apartment By Atelier Aberto Arquitetura and Sbardelotto Arquitetura

housing projects thesis

How can architects use Biomimicry while designing sustainable designs

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housing projects thesis

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housing projects thesis

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  • The Housing Project

Kanishka Wadehra

The Housing Project in Maan Darwaja, Surat focuses on creating a habitat for migrant communities promoting a socially interactive live-work environment. The design proposal for the overall site tackled issues such as the sense of shared spaces and their hierarchy, proportion, and scale of open spaces, and their relationship with the immediately built structures. The strategy was to increase the number of public and semi-private open spaces while ensuring seamless horizontal and vertical circulation within clusters and pedestrian and vehicular movement on-site so as to increase community interaction. Link to analytical documentary ,  Link to full portfolio . 

housing projects thesis

Case study to understand the complex nature of housing: Alexandra Road Estate, London.

housing projects thesis

Introduction to site: Maan Darwaja, Surat, Gujarat.

housing projects thesis

Understanding the Public Realm, its elements, Public Institutions and Landmarks.

housing projects thesis

Tackling urban insert issues: What to Retain, Relocate and Redesign and incorporating analysis into Conceptual Master Plan.

housing projects thesis

Design proposal: Unit details, linking and stacking, circulation and movement in clusters.

housing projects thesis

Design proposal: Detailed site plan with pedestrian and vehicular movement details.

housing projects thesis

Enlarged part plan 1: Showing details on Ground Floor and First Floor levels.

housing projects thesis

Enlarged part plan 2: Details on Ground Floor and First Floor.

housing projects thesis

Site Sections: Detailing edge conditons and site response.

housing projects thesis

3D visualization of site and its activities.

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Reimagining Design with Nature: ecological urbanism in Moscow

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  • Published: 10 September 2019
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The twenty-first century is the era when populations of cities will exceed rural communities for the first time in human history. The population growth of cities in many countries, including those in transition from planned to market economies, is putting considerable strain on ecological and natural resources. This paper examines four central issues: (a) the challenges and opportunities presented through working in jurisdictions where there are no official or established methods in place to guide regional, ecological and landscape planning and design; (b) the experience of the author’s practice—Gillespies LLP—in addressing these challenges using techniques and methods inspired by McHarg in Design with Nature in the Russian Federation in the first decade of the twenty-first century; (c) the augmentation of methods derived from Design with Nature in reference to innovations in technology since its publication and the contribution that the art of landscape painters can make to landscape analysis and interpretation; and (d) the application of this experience to the international competition and colloquium for the expansion of Moscow. The text concludes with a comment on how the application of this learning and methodological development to landscape and ecological planning and design was judged to be a central tenant of the winning design. Finally, a concluding section reflects on lessons learned and conclusions drawn.

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The landscape team from Gillespies Glasgow Studio (Steve Nelson, Graeme Pert, Joanne Walker, Rory Wilson and Chris Swan) led by the author and all our collaborators in the Capital Cities Planning Group.

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Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6BY, UK

Brian Mark Evans

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Correspondence to Brian Mark Evans .

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Evans, B.M. Reimagining Design with Nature: ecological urbanism in Moscow. Socio Ecol Pract Res 1 , 233–247 (2019).

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Received : 17 March 2019

Accepted : 13 August 2019

Published : 10 September 2019

Issue Date : October 2019


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