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New Year's Resolution

200 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Career, Work, and Personal Growth

A New Year’s Resolution is a Filipino tradition. Or at least, that’s how Filipino students deemed it. Every January of each year, on the first day of class, students from elementary, high school, and college declare their New Year’s resolutions.

When I was in high school, I wrote my New Year’s Resolution essays (as it was often required) during Christmas breaks. It is still cool to write resolutions these days for fun.

I do Impact Goals, Quarterly Goals, and Monthly Projects, which are better than most New Year’s Resolutions. I will share these with you later if you are interested. An excellent support to your New Year’s resolutions is  3 Words . Find out how to do it.

I am publishing this three days before the New Year. So you will have plenty of time to write your New Year’s Resolution or do the alternatives.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Typically, people get a pen and a piece of paper to write one, two, three, or even ten New Year’s resolutions. They write down whatever comes to mind.

A few get post-it notes and Sharpie pens. They write on each note one resolution. They may come up with dozens. Then, they pick the top ten they want to do next year.

I separate my New Year’s resolutions for family and work.

I use a mind map when I make resolutions. It is creative. I write the year, then encircle it. I think of three words. For work, my three words for 2023 are transformation, experience, and dollars. Then, I will generate more ideas from each word.

Another exercise that I do, which I can do any month of the year, is Stop, Continue, and Start.

Most people consider the brainstorming session as the only step to writing a resolution. This is why most of the resolutions don’t have staying power. Later, I will show you ways to make your resolutions compelling.

If you are looking for New Year’s Resolution ideas, these will help you. Open each accordion pane to find resolutions that may inspire you

More than half of those who do New Year’s Resolution pay attention to physical well-being. Probably, because our physical health is most obvious among the many things that need change.

You will find below more than 50 ideas to consider for your resolutions.

Physical Health

Eat healthy foods to stay healthy.

  • Lose weight.
  • Increase 10 pounds.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Build muscles.
  • Go to the gym each week.
  • Get 20 drops of Cell Mineral Drop each day.
  • Do brisk walking each morning.
  • Eat nutritious food.
  • Less sugar, no coffee, more tea.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Start a vegan diet.
  • Cook my own meals.
  • Eat on time.
  • Eat fresh foods, less fast foods.
  • Plant fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat when I am hungry.
  • Drink milk each day.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Take care of teeth.
  • Stop smoking. It is now or never.
  • Cut back on alcohol.
  • Sleep eight hours a day.
  • Sleep before 10 in the evening.
  • Do power naps.
  • Wake up before 5 in the morning.
  • Sit less, move more.
  • Do jumping jacks each morning.
  • Cut grass every day.
  • Wash the dishes at once.
  • Do bungee jumping.
  • Learn scuba diving.
  • Ride a bike to work.
  • Go mountain hiking each month.
  • Train for a marathon.
  • Join a bike club.
  • Take dancing lessons.
  • Join a Zumba class.
  • Study martial arts.
  • Swim for 30 minutes each week.
  • Do ten push-ups after I wake up.
  • Limit screen time. Stop Facebook and do less Netflix.
  • Travel more often.
  • Walk when the destination is less than 1 kilometer.
  • Take monthly vacations.
  • Do a three-month vacation.
  • Start a no-phone zone and time.

Financial Wellness

Financial well-being is an ever-green aspiration. Though people are not comfortable sharing their money resolutions, it is one that they think about most of the time.

Here are some examples to help you brainstorm your money resolutions for the next year.

Financial freedom.

  • Reduce expenses.
  • Save more money.
  • Pay all my debts.
  • Create a new stream of income .
  • Start a personal budget.
  • Pay my credit card on time.
  • Stop using my credit card.
  • Not open any more credit cards.
  • Find a financial advisor.
  • Get an insurance plan.
  • Join a paluwagan.
  • Invest in the stock market.
  • Take financial literacy course.
  • Start a side hustle.
  • Start a new business.
  • Do online courses and webinars.
  • Invest in Modified Pag-ibig II (MP2) Savings.
  • Market other people’s products.
  • Earn 10 million.
  • Cook meals and eat less in restaurants to save money.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual growth is something worth considering in crafting New Year’s Resolutions. It does not matter how old you are; we continue learning for life.

I read three to ten books each month. Frankly, I don’t need to remember everything I read. But when I need to write something or answer questions, I find them useful. Answers magically appear.

The last book I read is Building the Second Brain by Tiago Forte. It helps me organize the information I need. When I need to develop modules on leadership training, I can easily access ideas, tools, and insights that are already mine.

Improve your thinking skills.

May the following inspire you to grow intellectually.

  • Learn how to learn.
  • Learn how to make quality decisions.
  • Learn how to think creatively.
  • Do action research.
  • Read personal development books.
  • Apply lateral thinking in problem-solving.
  • Listen to podcasts instead of watching TV.
  • Study mind mapping.
  • Use gamestorming in solving problems.
  • Learn five new words each day.
  • Practice time management skills.
  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Read leadership books.
  • Watch documentaries.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Master some coding skills.
  • Study innovation tools.
  • Study strategic planning.
  • Brainstorm new products each day.
  • Use Design Thinking tools.
  • Learn how to tell stories.
  • Keep a discovery journal.
  • Master memory techniques.
  • Practice sketchnoting.
  • Read history books.
  • Study science books.
  • Do DIY projects.

Spiritual Wellness

Filipinos are spiritual, if not very religious, people. We want to stay centered and grounded. But there are times we find ourselves losing control. And we look back and find ourselves away from what we used to do every Sunday.

Consider your spiritual well-being too.

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

May the following resolutions inspire you to examine your spiritual growth.

  • Pray every morning.
  • Go to church on Sundays.
  • Meditate in the evening.
  • Attend a religion class.
  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Join a prayer group.
  • Do evangelistic work.
  • Use a spiritual journal.
  • Read the Bible daily.
  • Attend a spiritual retreat.
  • Do a weekly “Commune with God”.
  • Do gardening.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Pay forward.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Practice Tai Chi.
  • Travel as much as possible.
  • Find the positive in things.

Career Development

Consider career development in your New Year’s resolutions. Think of ways to find the best vehicle that will help you climb the ladder of success. 

Depending on where you are today, you may use some of these ideas to advance your career.

  • Build a personal brand.
  • Enroll in a career development course.
  • Read about career leap.
  • Shift career.
  • Start a business.
  • Write a book.
  • Start a podcast.
  • Publish a vlog.
  • Do a radio program.
  • Get certified.
  • Do keynote speaking.
  • Join professional associations.
  • Start a professional association.
  • Enroll in post-graduate courses.
  • Learn marketing.
  • Enroll in a public speaking course.
  • Enroll in an image-building course.
  • Get a driver’s license.
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Learn social dancing.
  • Do more networking.
  • Join a Rotary club.
  • Join a Toastmasters club .
  • Join a theater group.
  • Interview VIPs.
  • Hold an event for my industry.

There are many things that we can do about work. People who are more intentional about how to improve work are more likely to succeed. A New Year’s Resolution is like a seed that will grow if you will tend to it. 

Here are examples of New Year’s Resolution ideas that may inspire you to work better in 2023.

  • Develop my leadership skills.
  • Improve my ability to delegate.
  • Study how to manage people.
  • Enroll for an MBA Degree.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Benchmark with other leaders.
  • Improve creative thinking skills.
  • Improve decision-making skills.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Find ways to improve the work process.
  • Build business acumen.
  • Build positive relationships.
  • Work to get a promotion.
  • Work on a “Future Resume”.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Improve work-life balance.
  • Build my personal brand.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Expand my network.
  • Use a second brain to store my knowledge.
  • Quit complaining.
  • Stay out of office politics.
  • Work on my professional development plan.
  • Set personal goals.
  • Embark on personal ventures.
  • Work on time management.
  • Become a public speaker.
  • Write a book about my profession.
  • Start a podcast to serve my industry.
  • Improve business writing skills.
  • Improve presentation skills.
  • Create new products for clients.
  • Improve services for clients.
  • Be more understanding.

New Year's Resolution is a Fresh Start

What is a New Year’s Resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution is a declaration of what a person intends or resolves to do at the beginning of the year. Typically, people decide to stop doing undesirable traits or behaviors, continue doing good practices, and start working on personal goals or improving behaviors.

When you ask Filipinos, more than half will say they have New Year’s Resolution. About 1/3 say that they have written resolutions. You will find 100 examples of New Year’s Resolutions below.

Nearly half of those who don’t make New Year’s Resolution say it does not work.

Importance of New Year’s Resolution

Most people think that they need to do more these past years. The Covid-19 pandemic, for two years, made us anxious about the future. I remember that the New Year of 2021 was the first time most people stayed home. In January 2022, we recorded the highest number of Covid-19 infections.

But 2023 promises a better year. And once again, people talk about New Year’s Resolutions. And that’s good news.

There are mixed opinions as to the importance of resolutions. And I understand why.

Some people failed to continue what they started. Or they missed many opportunities of doing what they believed they should have done many New Year’s resolutions ago.

In 1996, Carlo declared that he would enroll again to finish his Master of Arts in Teaching. It was always a part of his New Year’s Resolutions. This year, he decided that pursuing it was of no use. The 30 units he earned will no longer be credited. He procrastinated. And procrastination sealed his fate, he believed.

A friend made a New Year’s Resolution to start jogging five years ago. So on January 4 last year, she started jogging around our neighborhood. She continued doing it for 15 more days. Then, she decided to pause for a week because of an important assignment. The one week became months. Yesterday, she said that she’d start again.

Thirty years ago, I “resolved” to write a book. I began with full enthusiasm, then eventually stopped. In Filipino, we call this habit Ningas Kugon. However, a friend commissioned me two years ago to write a book. I wrote that book in 16 days. I am confident I can write at least one book in 2023.

All New Year’s resolutions are aspirations for personal growth and development. And though you don’t have to wait for January 1 to start thinking about choosing the right things to do, a New Year’s resolution, as a tradition, reminds us about second chances, and the simple act of declaring our intentions helps us think deeply about the future.

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Panata sa Bagong Taon

For Filipinos, a new year is a promise of a new life. It is more than just a day after December 31.

It is a fresh start.

In Filipino, New Year’s Resolution means panata sa bagong taon. It is not just an aspiration or a wish. It is a vow.

It is a fresh start. Whatever happened last year and the years before that have no hold on our future. We can choose to live the life we want.

Most New Year’s Resolutions aren’t fulfilled because of misunderstandings. But we will start behaving differently when we fully embrace that a new year is a fresh start and a resolution is a vow.

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Why Some New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

I have already given you three reasons why New Resolutions don’t work. And I have also given you an idea of why it works. So allow me to expound and expand.


The lack of willpower makes us delay. Procrastination is a silent killer. It murders our dreams without our notice.

People think that there is always tomorrow. We only have today; tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

If something is significant, it must be done today.

A resolution is a vow; it is not just a wish. A wish is something that may happen someday. A vow is your business today.

Ningas Kugon

Have you noticed that lifetime gym memberships are sold for a 50 percent discount during December and January? That’s because many people overestimate themselves.

A lifetime gym membership often gets used in three months.

If you are in Quezon Memorial Circle in the early mornings, you will see thousands of joggers. Some of them start at 5 am. But, during the first six weeks of the year, you’ll notice that the numbers are five times more than usual.

Ningas kugon is a lot better than procrastination. Starting something is already tricky. But success is measured by how we finished, not by how we started our games.

Ningas Kugon is often the result of a lack of commitment, discipline, and momentum.

Lack of Commitment

A committed person dedicates his time to a cause that truly matters to him. Those who cannot commit fail again and again.

A committed person displays patience, persistence, and perseverance. You can only be that person when you believe you can make things happen. Without that belief, there is no urgency. Without that belief, you will allow your fear to delay or stop you as soon as you face your first challenge.

Consider that a resolution is a vow to your future self.

Lack of Discipline

I see that even the most motivated people need to honor their resolutions. They can start, but they need to learn how to finish.

They work on many things but only sometimes on the most important thing.

A person with discipline does what they value most every day. They don’t allow their circumstances to dictate their actions.

New Year’s resolutions are good for us. They are part of the solution. Unfortunately, they don’t work when people don’t have the discipline to execute them.

Lack of Momentum

People need more momentum to finish what they start. There needs to be more than just doing the first step to walking a thousand miles. You need to follow the first with another step, and you need to keep moving until you reach a thousand miles.

Followthrough makes a breakthrough.

To create momentum, you need focus, consistency, and action.

By telling you why resolutions often do not work, can you tell how to make them work?

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

People often write these New Year’s Resolution ideas. As I have mentioned, I used different methods to come up with my list, and brainstorming is just the first stage. If you will only copy any of these resolutions, it is more likely that you’ll do a ningas kugon.

Resolutions that get done are clear and compelling.

I will show you different ways to write clear and compelling New Year’s Resolutions.

Personal Transformation

A Journey to Personal Transformation


Overachievement: 3 Steps to Help Others Achieve Their Goals Faster

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Start with Your Big Goals


19 Key Benefits of Leadership Training

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

6 Important Aspects of Personal Development

Personal development plan

Personal Development Plan: The 4DX Framework (2024)

farm, flow, fly.

My 3 Words for 2023

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Daig ng Maagap ang Masipag: Be A Proactive Hard Worker

These are the frequently asked questions that seldom get answers. If you want to get a better appreciation of these answers, you can read the whole article (if you have not yet done that).

Becoming a good person, working harder, and being more health conscious are Filipinos’ top 3 New Year’s resolutions. Becoming a good person is the most common topic in students’ New Year’s Resolution Essays. Working harder is our solution to having a good life. And being more health conscious may mean eating fruits and vegetables, losing weight, or gaining weight.

New Year’s Resolutions fail because of procrastination, ningas kugon, lack of clarity, lack of commitment, lack of discipline, and lack of momentum. Unfortunately, these are the same reasons my many goals fail too. Declaring what you resolve to stop, start, and continue doing is not enough; you need to follow through. A resolution, by definition, is a vow to do what you want to do no matter what.

The Tagalog for New Year’s Resolution is Panata sa Bagong Taon. A panata is a vow. For Filipinos, a new year celebration represents a fresh start. We vow to work harder to enjoy abundant lives.

Many people have changed their lives because they stick to their New Year’s resolutions. They kept their eyes on their aspirations and stuck to them. Though most who made New Year’s Resolutions stop working on them after six weeks, the problem is not in the resolutions but in the resolution of the person to make them happen. The intention to make change happen is the first step, which is a significant step to making change happen.

New Year’s Resolution Essay (Example)

As I have said, when I was in school, we were required to write our New Year’s Resolution essays in 200 words. I typically write more than that.

One way to write an essay is by using CONTINUE, STOP, and START. It is a very simple format that you anyone can follow.

The Year 2023 is a promise of a fresh start and bouncing forward. The last two years have been difficult because I could not go out. I was afraid, physically and psychologically.

The pandemic scare is not yet over. New variants of the virus appear. But for most of us vaccinated, there is confidence that we can finally fight the unknown.

There are things I know that I can change. And there are things that I must continue doing. My New Year’s Resolution is a manifesto, a declaration of what I want to continue, stop, and start doing in 2023.

CONTINUE I will continue to improve my skills in public speaking. Though I have been speaking for many years and earning money from it, there are many things that I need to learn. Public speaking turned my life around. And though there are many other opportunities to grow my business, I will continue speaking to inspire people and grow my business.

STOP I will stop spending time on Facebook, debating political issues with strangers, diehard supporters, and trolls. As much as I wanted to educate people and share with them what I know as a student of politics, I was doing it wrong.

Debating with strangers will not help. Adding my voice to a thousand who do not want to listen to each other won’t add value. I am not a follower. I am not a watcher.

I am a leader. And my platform is on the stage. I speak to lead, not just to add my voice.

I will expand my network to bring my message to many people. I will speak in schools to share my message with students and educators. I will talk at associations, conferences, and in company assemblies.

I will share a message of hope in my team-building programs, leadership training, and public seminars.

I will start speaking to change the world.

Mission Possible 2023

Your mission is to write your own New Year’s Resolution. Keep in mind that it is not just a wish. It is a panata , a vow that you have to your future self.

I recommend that you make your resolution visual. Take it seriously. Convert it into a personal development plan. Execute it. Then, teach others how to do it well.

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Best New Year’s Resolution for Every Filipino

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

It’s the time of the year which inspires us to start all over and make positive changes in our lives.

Many Filipinos are fond of making New Year’s Resolutions whether it's improving health, achieving financial stability, or fostering personal growth. Setting resolutions provide a clearer vision and direction towards a successful year. In this blog, we will explore some of the popularly recommended best resolutions that can benefit every Filipino. 

1. Self-care is the start of everything. 

Taking care of oneself should be a top priority. You can make a resolution to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. This can include adopting a healthier lifestyle, engaging in regular exercise, practicing mindfulness, or seeking professional help if needed. Investing in self-care is just the start of achieving more in life. 

2. Financial plan to be financially responsible. 

Financial stability is an ultimate goal. You can set resolutions related to financial planning, such as creating a budget, saving money, investing wisely, or learning about personal finance management. By taking control of your finances, you can maximize your income and grow your savings. You can invest it in other businesses or start your own small business. 

M Lhuillier , the Philippines’ largest and most respected non-bank financial institution, has been offering different types of loans depending on collaterals . It can help you generate more funds for your business capital. Learn more about the loans they are offering here: or visit one of their 3,000+ branches nationwide. 

3. Do not stop learning and educating yourself. 

For the year 2024, commit more to improving yourself especially for personal growth and career advancement. You can make a resolution to enhance your knowledge and skills. This could involve pursuing further education, attending workshops or seminars in person or online, learning a new language, or acquiring new job-related skills. By investing in education, you can unlock new opportunities and stay competent in today's fast-paced world. 

4. Volunteer and give back

Filipinos are known for their strong sense of community and Bayanihan Spirit . Participating in local initiatives, donating to charities, or helping those in need — adding these to your New Year’s Resolution list can make a great impact not just for yourself, but most especially for your community. By lending a helping hand, you can make a positive difference in the lives of others and create a more compassionate society. 

Some local Filipino companies organize community service events like M Lhuillier Foundation called Organizational Productivity Enhancement Committee (OPEC) . It has been involved in various community services like educational and livelihood programs. They have also partnered with some of the biggest charities and organizations in the Philippines like the Philippine Red Cross . 

5. Strengthen relationships. 

Strong and close family ties are rooted from our authentic Filipino values. Setting a resolution to strengthen relationships stabilizes your life and your core. Spending quality time together, improving communication, resolving conflicts, or expressing gratitude more often are great ways to start better relationships. By nurturing these connections, we can create a support system that is encouraging and supportive of our endeavors and successes. 

As the New Year dawns upon us, setting resolutions can provide a roadmap for personal growth and success. By prioritizing personal well-being, financial planning, education, volunteerism, and relationships, Filipinos can embark on a journey of self-improvement and make a positive impact on their lives and communities. Remember, the key to successful resolutions lies in commitment, perseverance, and a belief in one's own potential. Here's to a fulfilling and transformative year ahead!

M Lhuillier, the Philippines’ largest and most respected non-bank financial institution, continues to uphold its promise of being the Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino, with more than 3,000 serviceable locations nationwide. It continuously seeks better and innovative ways to serve its community by providing fast, easy, and reliable financial services such as  Kwarta Padala ,  Quick Cash Loan ,  Bills Payment ,  Insurance Plan ,  Money Exchange ,  Jewelry ,  ML Wallet ,  ML Express ,  ML Moves , and  Telco and online TV Loading .

Follow M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. on Facebook, or visit for more information. For inquiries, contact Customer Care through its mobile number +63-947-999-0337, +63-947-999-2721, +63-917-871-2973, +63-947-999-0522, +63-947-999-2472 or email [email protected].

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10 Best New Year’s Resolutions ngayong Bagong Taon

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Parehong nakakapagpasigla at nakakalungkot ang Enero. Sa pagdiwang ng bagong taon marami ang sumusubok gumawa ng mas mabuti at mas nakatutulong na habits, at napakarami din ang kukulangin ng disiplina at inspirasyon para ipagpatuloy ang mga pagbabagong ito. Ang iba naman, hindi nila alam ang gusto nilang gawin ngayong bagong taon. Kahit ang bawat isa sa atin ay mai iba-ibang idea kung ano ang pinakamabuting new year’s resolution, eto ang sampung gawaing pwede mong subukan sa dadating na panahon. Hindi mo kailangang gawin silang lahat, pero dahil sila’y mga popular na payo ng self-improvement literature, baka gugustohin mo silang subukan.

10 Best New Year’s Resolutions na pwede mong subukan ngayong Bagong Taon

10 Best New Year’s Resolutions ngayong Bagong Taon - Your Wealthy Mind

Gumawa ka ng Layunin o Goals at araw araw mo silang basahin

Sabi ng self-development author at speaker na si Brian Tracy, ang success at pag-asenso ay dahil sa mga layunin at ang lahat ng iba ay komentaryo lamang. Gustohin man natin o hindi, ang buhay natin ay pagaling magbabago. Kung hindi natin kokontrolin ang pagbabagong ito at siguraduhing bubuti ang ating kalagayan, tayo’y magrereact lamang sa mga problema at hadlang na palagi nating haharapin.

Bago ko isinulat itong article na ito, umupo ako sa aming dinner table at nireview ko ang mga goals na isinulat ko noong nakaraang taon. Tinanggal ko ang mga nagawa ko na, at binago ko ang mga hindi ko pa natatapos. Subukan mo rin iyon. Isulat mo ang mga pangarap o layunin mo at gumawa ka ng mga bagay na tutuparin mo ngayong taon!

(Kung gusto mong matutunan ang mainam na paraan sa paggawa ng layunin, basahin mo itong article na ito: “Paano gumawa ng Layunin sa Buhay: Ang Pangunahing Sangkap ng Tagumpay” )

Magdesisyon kang umasenso

Itanong mo sa sarili mo: “Ano ang pwede kong gawin NGAYON para maisagawa o maipagpatuloy ang aking mga layunin?” Ano man ang sagot na maisip mo, GAWIN MO!

  • Gusto mong magsimula ng negosyo ngayong taon? Isulat mo na ang business plan, tawagan mo ang mga bangko para sa mga loans at rates nila, ilista at kalkulahin mo ang mga kailangan ng negosyo, magtanong ka sa mga kaibigan mo o maghanap ka sa internet ng suppliers, pag-aralan mo kung paano maghanap ng mga empleyado, atbp.
  • Gusto mong maging mas-mabuting leader o manager at mapromote? Magvolunteer ka para mamuno sa susunod na proyekto, magbigay ng mabuting feedback sa mga empleyado at katrabaho mo ngayon, ayusin mong muli ang mga prioridad ng iyong team at ireassign mong mabuti ang mga gawain, simulan mo nang isulat ang mga reports na kailangan mo sa susunod na buwan, atbp.
  • Gusto mong maging mas-healthy? Umupo ka ng maayos sa iyong upuan, uminom ka ngayon ng baso tubig, kumuha ka ng prutas at kainin mo ito, bumili ka ng prutas at gulay sa susunod mong pagpunta sa grocery, atbp.

Sabi ni Tom Hopkins, a ng mga nananalo sa buhay ay laging gumagawa ng pinakamabuting dapat gawin sa bawat oras . Lahat tayo’y mayroong 24 oras kada araw. Kailangan nating gamitin ito ng mabuti kung pangarap nating magtagumpay.

Taasan mo ang Iyong Pangarap

Isang sirang kubo sa lansangan, o magandang mansion na naglalaman ng lahat ng gusto at pangangailangan mo. Mangalakal sa basurahan para makakain, o magkaroon ng mabuting career o negosyo na nagbibigay ng magarang kita at pangkabuhayan. Kumita ng kakaringit na pera para mabuhay, o kumita ng napakaraming pera para mabuhay ng masagana at makatulong sa kapwa. Alin man sa mga iyon ang gusto mo, ikaw ang pipili ng pagsisikapan mo at kung saan ka magiging komportable. Ano man ang mga layunin mo, proyekto mo, o mga gusto mong gawin, lakihan mo ang iyong mga pangarap. Ang matataas na pangarap lang ang magbibigay sa iyo ng lakas, inspirasyon, at tapang na kakailanganin mo para magtagumpay.

Prize Trophy for Goals

Think Positive (Gawin mong Positibo ang iyong Pag-iisip)

Sabi nga, ang ating pag-iisip ay nagiging gawain, ang ating mga gawain ay ating nakakasanayan, at ang mga nakasanayan nating gawin ay basehan ng ating kapalaran. Tumigil ka na sa pagrereklamo tungkol sa iyong mga problema dahil binubulag ka nito mula sa iyong mga oportunidad at itigil mo na ang inggit sa tagumpay ng iba dahil ang mga negatibo mong pag-iisip ay babalik sa iyo at mananatili ka sa kabiguan. Kung pangarap nating makamit ang tagumpay, pagmamahal, kayamanan, kaibigan, at kasaganaan sa ating buhay, kailangan magsimula tayo sa paggawa at pagpapanatili ng mga ito sa ating isipan.

Makipagsama ka sa mga Mabubuting Tao

May kasabihan na ikaw ang average ng limang taong palagi mong nakakasama. Makisama ka sa mga mapagreklamo, mga talunan, at mga kriminal at ikaw ay magiging katulad nila. Makisama ka sa mga toxic na tao na palagi kang minamaliit kapag ikaw ay nagtagumpay at pinupuna ka kapag sinusubukan mong umasenso at ikaw ay mananatili sa iyong lebel ng kabiguan. Magsimula ka sa sarili at subukan mong maging mas-mabuting tao , saka ka makisama sa mga matagumpay na taong magbibigay sa iyo ng lakas ng loob, tutulungan kang ipagpatuloy ang mga kailangan mong gawin, at tutulungan ka at bibigyan ka ng magbubuting payo. Sa pagdaan ng panahon makakamit mo rin ang tagumpay katulad nila.

Alagaan mo ang iyong Kalusugan

“You are what you eat” (ang pagkatao mo ay mula sa kinakain mo) ay hindi lang isang kasabihan. Ang bawat cell sa iyong katawan (at utak) ay gawa sa at tumatakbo gamit ang iyong mga kinakain at iniinom. Isipin mong sasakay ka sa isang Ferrari o Porsche na gawa sa mahinang bakal at mumurahing plastik. Malamang aayawan mo ito dahil ito’y magkakaaksidente. Kung ayaw mong maging gawa sa basura ang iyong kotse, bakit mo hahayaang magaya dito ang iyong katawan at isipan? Ang iyong pagkilos at pag-iisip ay apektado ng iyong kalusugan, kaya alagaan mo ang iyong sarili ngayon pa lang.

Matulog ka ng mabuti gabi gabi, uminom ka ng mas maraming tubig kaysa softdrinks, kumain ka ng mas maraming prutas at gulay, tumigil ka na sa pagbili at pagkain ng sitsirya, pag-aralan mong magluto ng masustansyang pagkain kaysa bumili ng processed fast food, mag-ensayo ka kada umaga, sumali ka sa isang gym o martial arts class, atbp. Napakaraming positibong pagbabagong pwede mong gawin para sa iyong kalusugan at makakatulong ang mga ito sa iyong pagsisikap sa pangmatagalan. Hindi mo kailangang baguhin ang lahat ng iyong gawain nangg sabay sabay. Kailangan mo lang pagbutihin ang iyong lifestyle sa paisa-isang mabubuting pagbabago.

Itigil ang Paggastos sa walang kwenta at damihan ang pagpondo sa Nakabubuti

Isang natutunan ko mula sa librong  Your Money or Your Life  (ni Vicki Robin at Joe Dominguez)  ay napakarami sa atin ang nagsasayang ng pera sa mga bagay na hindi natin kailangan dahil akala natin ito’y magpapasaya sa atin, pero madalas hindi tayo nagtatagumpay doon. Halimbawa, naaalala ko dati na isang linggo kong pinag-isipang bumili ng VR headset at binili ko ito ng ilang daang piso… at ito’y ginamit ko mga isa o dalawang beses lamang sa isang taon. Halos lahat tayo ay may mga bagay na binibili natin dahil nakakatuwang gumastos at hindi dahil sa benepisyong naibibigay ng binibili natin. Para sa iba, ito’y pagbili ng bagong damit, bagong gadget o videogame, o iba pa. Kailangan nating iwasan ang mga hindi kailangan at gamitin natin ang oras at pera natin sa mga mas mahahalagang bagay. Mga bagay na nagbibigay ng tunay at pangmatagalang benepisyo.

Pagbutihin mo ang iyong kakayahan at ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong edukasyon

Ano ang ginagawa mo ngayon para kumita ng pera? Magsulat ng papeles at articles para sa mga kliente at magazine? Magdevelop at magmarket ng bagong produkto para sa iyong kumpanya? Mamuno ng ilang dosenang team members? Ano man ang ginagawa mo, hindi ba panahon na para maging mas magaling dito?

Subukan mo ang ilang bagong productivity techniques para mas madami kang matatapos kada araw, gumawa ka ng bagong sistema para makaisip ng mas mabuting idea at pagoutline ng iyong mga isusulat, subukan mo ang mga bagong marketing techniques para dumami ang benta at kita, o mag-aral ka ng mga leadership techniques ng mga CEO at magagaling na managers . Sabi ni Oliver Cromwell, ang mga hindi nageensayo para mas gumaling ay nawawala sa pagiging magaling. Kailangan mong maghasa ng iyong mga kakayahan dahil kung hindi ikaw ay maiiwan.

skilled work pixabay

Mag-aral ka ng bagong kakayahan!

Nariyan ka sa kinatatayuan mo, ang kasalukuyan mong antas ng tagumpay o pagkabigo, dahil sa mga bagay na natutunan mong gawin. Ang mga doktor ay kumikita ng pera dahil natutunan nilang magpagaling ng tao gamit medicine, ang mga real estate agents ay kumikita dahil natutunan nilang bumili at magbenta ng lupa, at ang mga CEO ay kumikita ng pera dahil natutunan nilang mamuno ng mga kumpanya. Nakamit mo ang iyong trabaho at laki ng kinikita dahil natutunan mo ang mga kakayahang kailangan para dito, at kung pangarap mong umasenso sa iyong career at lumaki ang sweldo kailangan mong matutunan ang kailangan para sa mga susunod na hakbang pataas.

Pag-isipan mo ngayon ang mga kakailanganin mong pag-aralan:

  • Personal finance at  investing  para palakihin ang iyong net worth at makamit ang financial freedom?
  • Paano bumili at magbenta ng real estate at paano magtayo ng rental properties o bahay na uupahan?
  • Paano magsimula ng side-business  tuwing weekends para kumita pa ng pera at balang araw maging full-time na negosyante?
  • Mas-mabuting internet marketing techniques at “growth hacking” para makahanap ng mas-maraming customers para sa iyong negosyo o department? Copywriting? Paano gumawa ng mas mabuting “sales funnel”?

Ikaw ang bahala. Kapag mas-marami kang natutunan, mas-marami kang mahahanap na oportunidad.


Sabi na pinakabusy para sa mga gyms at fitness clubs ang Enero , pero sa pagdaan ng susunod na mga buwan ang mga tao ay nagsisilayasan. Ang mga positibong pagbabago ay hindi mangyayari kung hindi ka magsisimula at hindi ito magtatagal kung hindi mo ito ipagpapatuloy. Kapag gusto mong magsimula ng mabuting habit, ang pinakamadaling paraan para simulan ito ay patuloy mo itong gawin nang isang buong buwan. Pagdaan ng panahon, ito’y magiging automatic, gaya ng paggising sa isang nakatakdang oras para pumasok sa trabaho o pagsipilyo bago matulog. Kapag may natutunan kang bagong mabuting habit, saka ka na magdagdag ng kasunod nito.

inspiration to action

Hindi naman talaga natin kailangang maghintay sa susunod na bagong taon para gumawa ng mabuting pagbabago, pero ang okasyon na iyon ay paalala para sa ating lahat na pagbutihin ang ating sarili. Ang pinakamabuting new year’s resolution ay magkakaiba para sa ating lahat, pero ang isang paraan para maging mas epektibo ito ay ang pagshare nito sa mga taong makatutulong sa iyo na maging responsable para dito. Bakit hindi mo subukang ishare ito dito?

Ano ang iyong new year’s resolution? Ikwento mo sa amin sa comments section sa ibaba!

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About Ray L.

Ray is the main writer behind He is a proponent of self-improvement and self-education, and he believes that anyone can achieve their goals once they learn the knowledge and skills they need to attain them. He considers it his mission to enrich lives and end poverty by teaching people lessons they may need to succeed.

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Easy New Year’s resolutions to get in touch with your Pinoy side

Make this the year you get better connected with your Filipino side and roots through these five New Year’s resolutions

While some New Year’s resolutions might be difficult to sustain throughout the year, this list is simple enough to accomplish | Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels

New year, better you! Now that we’ve started 2024 (and probably, hopefully, have shaken off the groggy remnants of the holidays), it’s time we look forward to everything in store for us in the new year. For most, that also means setting intentions or resolutions for the new year. 

Resolutions are a hit or miss with most people, as some don’t believe in being able to sustain them throughout the year. But don’t worry—this list is simple enough to accomplish. Plus, it’s fun. (Resolutions can be fun!) 

Make this the year you get better connected with your Filipino side through these simple goals.

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Learn to cook Filipino food

Most Filipino dishes are simple and can be done in one pot or pan. You can start with the quintessential adobo , or a comforting lugaw (perfect for the cold, winter months!). The great thing about Filipino food, especially home-cooked staples, is that you probably won’t even need any special equipment or training to learn them—just listen to your mom.

New Year's resolutions: Learn to cook Filipino food

Learn how to cook Filipino food from mom | Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Travel to (at least) one new destination

It’s normal to set a travel goal for the year, so while you’re at it, include a Philippine destination to your list. Whether you’re coming home to Manila (as the iconic song goes) or visiting the provinces , there’s a wealth of food to try, activities to do, and sights to see. 

Beaches are always a good idea, but there are also many destinations in the country for various interests , be it coffee , nightlife , or even adventure .

New Year's resolutions: Travel to one new local destination

One of our favorite New Year’s resolutions? Travel to a new destination Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Read more books

Instead of doomscrolling your nights away, turn to a good ol’ book. In 2023, we saw a good number of Filipino authors make their mark in bestselling book lists globally, so if you haven’t yet, this is the best time to grab a copy. 

There’s a wealth of genres to choose from, too, from memoirs and fantasy novels to cookbooks and photographic journals .

In 2023, we saw a good number of Filipino authors make their mark in best-selling book lists

In 2023, we saw a good number of Filipino authors make their mark in best-selling book lists | Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash

Support local designers

Filipino creativity is just on another level. As we get all excited about seeing our national dress on red carpets , or locally made bags and accessories in the hands of our favorite Hollywood celebs, there’s definitely no reason we can’t make a statement by carrying around these pieces, too.

This year, invest in more Filipino-designed pieces, be it in clothes, bags, or even your makeup.

Improve your vocabulary

Learning a new language is always a top New Year’s resolution, and for good reason. Not only does it add new knowledge, but it also opens you up to another way of seeing the world. A new language also helps improve your social skills, and that’s always something good and necessary to build.

If one of your dreams is to get in touch with your Filipino roots better, start by mastering the language. Learn and use beautiful new words every day (or even slang if you want something more casual) and soon enough, you’ll be surprised at how fluent you’ll become. (A bonus: More and more people are speaking Tagalog , which means you’ll have more people to practice with.)

For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us.

Disclaimer: comments do not represent the views of we reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. full disclaimer.

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino


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The Filipino Expat

New beginnings don’t start in New Year

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Home » New beginnings don’t start in New Year

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

On the last day of 2022, I hauled the whole family to the bookstore at the centre of Rotterdam. On a whim, I decided that I needed a 2023 planner, a physical notebook where I could write down appointments without first being sucked into Twitter black hole, or the bottomless distractions of my smartphone.

I quickly found a weekly planner that I liked, and also a pretty Moleskin notebook, in delicious scarlet red color, “with 246 pages to write new stories”. I wanted it immediately, even though I still have a stack of barely written Moleskin notebooks at home.

Everyone longs to write their new stories , have a certain kind of reset, a chance to start all over again, maybe make different choices, have a slightly better life. The New Year presents this opportunity, a fresh start with 365 pages to fill. That is exactly what this Moleskin notebook is selling, a false promise that new beginnings and a better life for ordinary people like me can be bought through a shiny, new notebook. The illness of consumerism , and I needed it to write down my New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve written New Year’s resolutions through the years. But 2022 taught me that life takes a turn usually different from how we plan it. At the beginning of last year, I wanted to run a marathon, to pick the remnants of my old sportive lifestyle. Instead, life pushed me to the edges of a burn out, forcing me to take a one month sick leave in March, to wallow about the aimlessness of my life. And just when I was feeling a bit like my old self again, Covid-19 caught up on me in November, spiraling me back to the physical and mental state I was before March. As icings on the cake, my mom had an emergency surgery, my dearest aunt died just before Christmas, and I strained my relationship with my father after our summer holiday in the Philippines.

These might all seem like perfectly normal occurrences, trivial matters in the greater scheme of things. But when you live abroad , worries, fear and loneliness are magnified a thousand times. Before motherhood, I would seek refugee somewhere, a long holiday alone, a bus trip to nowhere, binge drinking with a friend.

But the first world where I live, and my current life, do not allow much time for reflection. Money has to be earned, dinners must be cooked, and the child, parented. Life must go on, preferably as if nothing is wrong. There is no space to evaluate feelings, no time to mourn . 

So I found myself in this helpless state just before New Year’s eve, mindlessly doom-scrolling through Twitter, absorbing the many things that is wrong in this world. The grip of the smartphone and social media tightening stronger in my brain, not letting me go despite my daughter demanding for attention. My husband, on the far end of the couch, was seemingly in the same state as I was.

Notebook with New and Now for New Year's resolutions

Writing a New Year’s resolution would have been a great idea at that very moment. But I did not. Nor did I buy the Moleskin notebook in scarlet red with 246 pages to write down new stories.

Community of Filipinos in Raval Barcelona

Barna Feels: Living within the Filipino community in Raval, Barcelona

Instead, I switched off my phone. I picked up the book I bought recently and for a few minutes, got lost in Glasgow, in the world of Shuggie Bain, until my daughter asked me to play with her. Without irritation, we played with Barbie, and pretended we were on her show. During the “screen-less” dinner, I told my husband and my daughter my wishes for the New Year and we promised to be less angry and have more patience with each other in 2023. We watched a movie after dinner, killing time before the fireworks started. And for the first time after a long time, I was able to focus and enjoy the film without itching to reach for my phone every five minutes.

When the fireworks started at 11PM, together with my daughter, I watched the sky burst in bright, colorful sparkles, illuminating her face with an innocent, childhood delight. For one whole hour, I was present in the moment, creating a memory that would have otherwise been a vague, passing recollection had my phone been on. A fleeting desire to take photos evaporated quickly in the warm, delicate embrace of my daughter. There was no better way to freeze the moment than in her big, brown eyes.

Seneca, in his essay On the Shortness of Life, wrote this about time: “Everyone rushes his life on, and suffers for a yearning for the future and a boredom with the present….But the greatest waste of life consists in postponement:… that is what snatches away the present while promising something to follow. The greatest obstacle in living is expectation, which depends on tomorrow and wastes today… Unless you seize time, it runs away . Even though you have seized it, it will still run away; and so in speed of using it you must match the swiftness of time and drink quickly, as though from a whirling torrent that is not always going to flow.”

New beginnings are not brought in by the start of a new year, nor by a fancy notebook with resolutions. Every minute is a chance to start all over again. 

What's Your Reaction?

' src=

Dheza Aguilar is the Managing Editor of The Filipino Expat Magazine. She was a former Netherlands correspondent for ABS-CBN, and freelance writer for other publications. She works for a supply company in Rotterdam and is eternally juggling passion and career.

The cast of Maria Clara at Ibarra

The Spanish authenticity in Maria Clara at Ibarra

Boat in Norway

Is 2023 the year of revenge travel?

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23 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Table of Contents

New year, new you, they say. The new year allows us to start anew and set goals to accomplish throughout the year. In addition, coming up with New Year’s resolutions is an excellent approach to reflecting on your values, decluttering your thoughts, and putting your efforts into making your goals a reality.

However, coming up with resolutions is challenging, especially if there are several aspects you want to improve on. To guide or give you some ideas on how to start the year right, here are 23 New Year’s resolution ideas for a happy 2023:

1. Try New Things

Try something that scares you. Instead of limiting yourself to your perceived abilities, try something new that can surprise you once a month.

2. Make a Cleaning Routine That You Will Follow

Aside from  decluttering , it’s important to stick to a cleaning routine to make sure that your space is neat and spotless. A weekly deep cleaning can be overwhelming and tedious for some, so consider short but consistent routines to maintain the cleanliness of your house.

3. Explore a New City

Give yourself a treat and take a road trip to a new city. There is more to see outside of our homes, and we are fortunate to reside in such a gorgeous country.

4. Date Your Friends

Dates are a great method to establish and strengthen friendships and relationships. Go on “friend dates” with your pals and invest as much in your personal development as you would in a romantic relationship.

5. Give More Compliments

A simple “thank you” can make a big difference. According to a study, receiving compliments can improve interpersonal relationships and boost overall satisfaction. You’ll make their day as well as your own by providing compliments, which can be just as motivating as receiving them.

6. Improve Your Budget

Are you  saving to buy a condo  or a house? Committing to increasing your savings is a New Year’s resolution that will benefit you in the long run. Create an initial budget that works for you and establish a strategy for sticking to it.

7. Read New Books

The colder days of January are ideal for curling in with a new book. To make your book-reading journey better, invite friends and peers to form a book club? 

8. Allow and Accept Friendly Disagreements

Everyone has experienced this: you open a conversation with someone who has a different viewpoint and immediately become withdrawn. Or, we spend time preparing our responses rather than paying attention to what they have to say. This year, try to actively listen and accept that not everyone has the same viewpoint as you.

9. Make Time for Relaxation

Funny enough, being unproductive can be difficult. That said, set aside time each week to relax and disconnect from all stressors, whether it’s social media or a hectic workplace. We all need and deserve time to relax and unwind before the start of another week. 

10. Take a Break From Social Media

Temporarily deactivating or uninstalling social media apps is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. This helps in reducing stress and allows us to find other things to do instead of scrolling through our feeds. You can take a social media detox for a couple of weeks or months at most.

11. Pay Closer Attention to Your Health

Instead of dieting or restricting yourself from eating sweets or carbs, make an effort to create a healthy eating routine. In addition, go on regular health checkups and prioritize your health, among other concerns. Don’t ignore small pains in your body to avoid major health problems if left unaddressed.

12. Visit a Spa

According to research, spa treatments, especially intense massages, can help lessen anxiety by lowering cortisol levels and increasing serotonin levels. A spa service can satisfy the need for human contact when provided by a trained, certified spa technician or massage therapist.

13. Think About Therapy

Although we can all rely on our friends and family for assistance, seeking professional help is different since you’ll be speaking with a trained therapist. Some consultations and therapy sessions are available online and are free. However, get in touch with a provider when you’re ready since it requires consistency.

14. Avoid Putting off Making a Difficult Choice

People frequently stop mid-step when under pressure to make a big life decision. Stress and anxiety can lower one’s mental capacity, but navigating a significant transition calls for cognitive power. This 2023, make it a New Year’s resolution to confront difficult choices head-on.

15. Focus On Your Passion

Realigning your focus to what you are passionate about can help you see things from a different perspective. This may also open your eyes to opportunities you keep on missing. 

16. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Anyone may practice kindness, and it is free. Everyone can live in a happier world by performing acts of kindness, as they can increase feelings of assurance, joy, and optimism. They might also inspire others to carry out the kind deeds they have already done, building a better community.

17. Try Reducing Your Waste

Use rags you’ve ripped up from old towels and garments instead of paper towels to reduce waste. When shopping for groceries, bring reusable bags instead of relying on plastic bags provided by the supermarket. These  zero-waste tips  may be small, but they make an impact in the long run.

18. Go on a Budget Travel

Having a memorable vacation without breaking the bank is possible as long as you’re open to giving up a bit of luxury. Instead of staying in a five-star hotel, try staying at a guest house or hostel for a different experience. 

19. Speak to Yourself With More Kindness

While trying to be kind to others, we relentlessly judge ourselves. 2023 is the year to stop this bad habit. Give yourself a break, and don’t be too hard on yourself, especially when making mistakes.

20. Start Every Day With a Healthy Breakfast

It goes without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you feel groggy when waking up, spare a few minutes to cook a delicious and healthy breakfast. Consider preparing something with fresh, healthy ingredients, like a smoothie or veggie-filled omelet, rather than an overly processed breakfast snack. You can prepare overnight oats the night before and consume them in the morning for a quick yet fulfilling breakfast.

21. Give Your Time to a Worthy Cause

Volunteering is beneficial for the individual and important to organizations’ ability to carry out their transformative mission. You won’t likely ever regret choosing to donate your time to a soup kitchen, animal rescue, or beach clean-up.

22. Try Out a New Healthy Recipe

Finding ways to cook healthier ingredients is a big step toward a healthier, happier life. Every week, find time to research a recipe you want to try and cook something new for lunch, dinner, or a mid-day snack. There are plenty of nutritious  microwave-friendly snacks  if your apartment or bedpsacing unit has a limited kitchen space.

23. Refresh Your Appearance

Turning over a new leaf inwardly is just as rejuvenating as improving your appearance. By losing a few inches, you can feel so much lighter in the new year (both practically and spiritually). In 2023, even a minor change in your hair color or style could make you happier and give you more energy.

Why Make an Effort to Follow Your New Year’s Resolution

When creating a New Year’s resolution, focus on actions that will make you feel good in the long run. Make a New Year’s resolution that is attainable in your current situation so you’ll be motivated to follow through. After all, the key to progress is being truthful with yourself on how far you are from your ideal state. Your fulfillment and happiness will both benefit from your effort.

Making 2023 resolutions is, by nature, cheerful and hopeful, and you shouldn’t feel pressured. This optimistic outlook on the future, in turn, tends to spur action. In addition, most New Year’s resolutions affect other people somehow. Even if your resolution is leaning towards personal growth, this can impact your families and friends.

That said, ring in the new year with a set of resolutions for an exciting 2023!

For more tips on the Philippine real estate market, check out other related journals on Lamudi  here .

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New Year’s Resolution Talata Halimbawa – Aking New Year’s Resolution

Heto ang halimbawa ng talata tungkol sa new year’s resolution.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION TALATA – Pagdating ng bagong taon, marami tayong bagay na gustong makamit para sa ating sarili. Heto ang tinatawag na New Year’s resolution.

Heto ang isang halimbawa ng talata tungkol dito:

New Year's Resolution Talata Halimbawa – Aking New Year's Resolution

Ang bagong taon ay panahon kung saan maraming indibidwal sa ating sanlibutan ay gumagawa ng kani-kanilang mga New Year’s Resolution. Ganunpaman, karamihan sa mga pangakong ito ay mahirap tuparin.

Para sa akin, ito ang unang beses kong gumawa ng sarili kong New Year’s Resolution. Ako’y umaasa at sumisikap na matupad ito ng lubusan. Dahil sa pandemyang COVID-19, maraming mga plano ang hindi natupad sa nagkalipas na taon.

Subalit, ito’y nagbigay sa akin ng oportunidad na mapag-isipan kung ano talaga ang gusto ko sa aking buhay. Kaya naman, isa sa mga New Year’s Resolution ko ang maging mas aktibo sa bahay at hahanap ng iba pang hobby para hindi lamang online classes ang aking iintindihin.

Titiyakin ko mananatiling malinis ang aking kuwarto. Pagkatapos, bilang isang estudyante, gagawin ko ang lahat para makakuha ng mataas na grado sa paaralan. Gagawin ko agad ang aking mga takdang-aralin o proyekto kahit ako’y nasa bahay lamang.

Ipinangangako ko sa awa at tulong ng Panginoong Diyos na tutuparin ko ang mga itinala kong mga New Year’s Resolution para lalong maging mabuting tao.

Salamat sa inyong maiiging pagbabasa. Aming sinisiguro ang pagserbisyo ng bago at pinaka-tinatangkilik na balita. Hanggang sa susunod na mga bagong balita mula dito lamang sa Philnews.

BASAHIN DIN: Hakbang Sa Mabuting Komunikasyon Halimbawa At Kahulugan

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Life Kit

  • Dear Life Kit
  • Life Skills

What do you want to accomplish in 2023? This New Year's resolution guide can help

Connie Hanzhang Jin

Malaka Gharib headshot

Malaka Gharib

Becky Harlan headshot

Becky Harlan

Life Kit's Resolution Planner: 40 ideas and tips to start your New Year

What do you want to accomplish this year? Scroll through Life Kit's expert guides for practical and inspiring ways to grow in 2023.

Ah, the new year. It's a time to sketch out your goals and think about the roadmap to get there.

Life Kit has curated a list of some of our best episodes to help set you up for success in 2023. They include practical guidance (like how to pick a birth control or ask for a raise ), forward-thinking advice (like how to save for retirement or freeze your eggs ) and tips on how to live more mindfully (like how to reduce food waste or set boundaries ).

It might feel hard to start a new habit, but as BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist at Stanford and author of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything , told Life Kit in a 2020 interview , "it's easier to create habits and change than most people think, and it's faster than most people think. It can even be fun if you do it in the right way."

The key is to understand how behavior change happens. You've got to have the motivation, the ability to do the behavior and a prompt, says Fogg. "And the prompt is anything that reminds you to do this behavior now. And when those three things come together at the same moment, a behavior happens."

So go on, pick a resolution that's achievable — but also bold and aspirational. We've got 40+ ideas for you to choose from. Here's to a stronger, more confident you in 2023.

  • How to change careers
  • How to return to college
  • How to find a mentor
  • How to ask for a raise
  • How to futureproof your body
  • How to start an exercise habit
  • How to get into strength training
  • How to drink less alcohol
  • How to pick a birth control
  • How to create a better bedtime routine
  • How to approach weight loss differently
  • How to clear your clutter
  • How to split household chores
  • How to reduce food waste
  • How to keep your house clean
  • How to stay on top of 'life admin'
  • How to train your dog

Mental health

  • How to be less indecisive
  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • How to draw boundaries
  • How to start therapy
  • Find your purpose


  • How to navigate the coming out convo
  • How to travel with friends
  • How to make new friends
  • How to show your friends you love them
  • How to break up
  • How to create a relationship contract
  • How to be OK with being single
  • How to fall in love
  • How to learn your heritage language
  • How to pack for a trip
  • How to start a creative habit

Personal finance

  • How to write a will
  • How to plan a budget
  • How to budget for a baby
  • How to save for retirement
  • How to decide if you want a baby
  • How to freeze your eggs
  • How to get your kid to listen better
  • How to win back time as a working parent

Goal setting

  • How to avoid cognitive bias
  • How to examine your regrets
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • How to make a better to-do list

The episodes were created by Life Kit. Design, development and illustrations by Connie Hanzhang Jin. Production, editing and art direction by Malaka Gharib and Beck Harlan with additional support by Julia Carney. Special thanks to Life Kit supervising editor Meghan Keane, growth editor Arielle Retting, senior digital analyst Brittany Cheng and engagement editor Dylan Scott.

We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823 , or email us at [email protected] .

Listen to Life Kit on Apple Podcasts and Spotify , or sign up for our newsletter .

  • Life Kit: Life Skills

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Gov’t New Year’s resolution: ‘Good and honest services’ – Marcos

M ANILA, Philippines — As 2023 drew to a close, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the government’s New Year’s resolutions for 2024 would be to render “great and honest services.”

In a video statement on Facebook, Marcos said that he and his family were one with the Filipino people during New Year festivities. As many Filipinos have resolutions, Marcos also imparted the government’s vow for 2024.

“The New Year’s Resolution of your government is a consistent striving to render good and honest services that are key to improving our lives. Let us not forget that great things are always possible,” Marcos said in a mix of Filipino and English.

“We will continue to purge the government of rules that slow the delivery of public services because, when projects get delayed, progress is denied by our people. And this commitment to efficiency and service will extend to documents and licenses because service delayed is also service denied,” the president added.

READ: Bongbong Marcos calls for solidarity, optimism in New Year’s message

READ:  96 percent of Filipinos hopeful for 2024 – SWS survey

Marcos also highlighted several achievements in 2023, some of which were not captured in mainstream headlines.

“We built 33 additional specialty centers, over 2,000 classrooms, and seven additional cold chain facilities. We facilitated investments in renewable energy through the award of renewable energy contracts with a total potential capacity of around 121,000 megawatts. We also completed eight water supply projects with 147 additional water projects being implemented in preparation for next year,” Marcos said.

Gov’t New Year’s resolution: ‘Good and honest services’ – Marcos

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Student Opinion

Have You Made Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you find it easy or difficult to set goals and achieve them?

By Shannon Doyne

Are you using the New Year as a starting point for any changes you’d like to make to your life, routines or attitudes? If so, how will you motivate yourself to keep your resolutions? How do you expect your efforts to go this year?

In the Opinion essay “ One Resolution You Might Just Keep ,” Garret Keizer, a poet, memoirist and editor, contemplates the whole point of making annual resolutions in light of his own 70th birthday. The essay begins:

If resolution makers wanted a patron saint, they could do worse than Samuel Johnson (1709-84), a lifelong resolver and by his own admission a lifelong failure at keeping his resolutions. Reading his diaries, we may sigh in recognition as time after time — at the New Year, at Easter and on his birthday — Johnson renews his intentions to rise early, to be more studious, to be more moderate in his intake of food and drink, and laments his neglect of those same intentions in the year past. “I have now spent 55 years in resolving,” he wrote on his birthday in 1764, “having from the earliest time almost that I can remember been forming schemes of a better life. I have done nothing; the need of doing therefore is pressing, since the time of doing is short.” I have these words in mind as I greet a New Year that will mark my 70th birthday by yet again resolving, as Johnson did, to rise earlier, resist hurtful thoughts and keep a journal. I’ll also resolve to check my email less compulsively and my blood pressure more often. To reduce the amount of sodium in my diet. To be a more faithful friend and a more attentive parent and spouse. To listen more than I talk. Over the years Johnson made readjustments to his program, especially to his rising time, a perennial challenge for someone prone to indolence, chronic depression and late hours. “I have, all my life long, been lying till noon,” he remarked to a dinner host, “yet I tell all young men, and tell them with great sincerity, that nobody who does not rise early will ever do any good.” Those young men (and women too, several of whom he helped toward publication) must have laughed among themselves at all that their habitually late-sleeping mentor had managed to accomplish in spite of his own advice. They would have cited his elegant Rambler essays, his groundbreaking edition of Shakespeare’s plays and his monumental “A Dictionary of the English Language,” remnants of which survive in any dictionary you’re likely to pick up today. It’s now commonplace in English literature courses to speak of the mid-to-late 18th century as “the age of Johnson.” His contemporaries would not have been surprised. For Johnson, however, the critical question was not whether he’d accomplished great things but whether he’d accomplished them in proportion to his talents and his limited time. He was hyperconscious of mortality — on his watch was engraved “The night cometh, when no man can work” — and painfully frustrated by his seeming inability to keep the simplest promise to himself. Like almost everyone I know, he felt he should be accomplishing much more than he did.

Students, read the entire article, then tell us:

Were you reminded of anyone you know as you read about Samuel Johnson’s concern for how he used his time and potential, as well as his tendency to give advice he himself didn’t follow? Were you reminded of yourself?

Mr. Keizer says of Johnson, “Like almost everyone I know, he felt he should be accomplishing much more than he did.” How does that statement make you feel? Do you think most people, even the most accomplished among us, feel like they have not done enough or that there are changes they need to make to improve their lives?

What are some of your short- and long-term goals? Which of your habits will help you reach them? What do you think you might have to change about your life to make your dreams come true?

Do you wait for significant events — the New Year, birthdays or the beginning of the school year — to set new goals? Or do you prefer to make small and incremental changes throughout the year?

What advice would you give someone who is frustrated by their slow progress in reaching their goals, or who struggles to keep their resolutions? Why?

In a related Opinion essay , Tish Harrison Warren, an Anglican priest, writes:

The point of resolutions shouldn’t be to add another task to our busy lives or another brick on the crushing and cruel burden to ‘do better.’ The point is that renewal is always possible, and with a large dollop of grace we can freely try new things; we can continue to grow and change.

What do you think about these ideas? Does making resolutions remind you that you can always change and grow? You might also read the suggestions the author has compiled from people who offer ways one might cultivate spiritual changes at this time of year. Which piece of advice most speaks to you?

Students 13 and older in the United States and Britain, and 16 and older elsewhere, are invited to comment. All comments are moderated by the Learning Network staff, but please keep in mind that once your comment is accepted, it will be made public and may appear in print.

Find more Student Opinion questions here. Teachers, check out this guide to learn how you can incorporate these prompts into your classroom.

Saving money tops the New Year’s resolution for 2023


Saving money tops the New Year’s resolution for 2023 Source: Pixabay / USA-Reiseblogger

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Other ways to listen, a research found that more than 40% percent of australians will stash away more cash this new year..

  • A survey from Finder of more than 1,000 respondents nationwide revealed that 74% of women and 70% of men set their goals for 2023.
  • Compare the Market released a research saying that saving money is the top new years resolution for Australians this year.
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia also released a new consumer research revealing Australians are looking to reduce expenses, increase savings and lift their incomes as part of their New Year’s resolutions

Magpapayat o Mag-ipon?: Ano ang nangungunang New Year’s resolution ngayong 2023 image

SBS Filipino

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new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

What are the visa opportunities in Australia this 2023?

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

Fireworks preparations are well underway for one of the world's largest New Year's Eve celebrations

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lian li.jpg

‘Make sure you have the right purpose’: Entrepreneur in fighting off business-related fatigue


Aiming for balance: Chalmers outlines his 2024 Budget priorities

Budget paper documents stacked on top of one another, with their spines visible.

SBS News in Filipino, Tueday 14 May 2024

Mango lovers profile photo.jpg

'All-time favourite': Pinoys swarm to shops offering Carabao mangoes, with importers seeking to boost import

new year resolution 2023 essay filipino

SBS News in Filipino


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    new year resolution 2023 essay filipino


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  1. 200 New Year's Resolution Ideas for Work and Personal Growth

    Here are 200 New Year Resolutions ideas for 2023. ... When I was in high school, I wrote my New Year's Resolution essays (as it was often required) during Christmas breaks. It is still cool to write resolutions these days for fun. ... In Filipino, New Year's Resolution means panata sa bagong taon. It is not just an aspiration or a wish. It ...

  2. New Year's Resolution for Every Filipino

    Best New Year's Resolution for Every Filipino December 28, 2023. New year, new start! It's the time of the year which inspires us to start all over and make positive changes in our lives. ... Many Filipinos are fond of making New Year's Resolutions whether it's improving health, achieving financial stability, or fostering personal growth. ...

  3. 10 Best New Year's Resolutions ngayong Bagong Taon

    10 Best New Year's Resolutions na pwede mong subukan ngayong Bagong Taon. Gumawa ka ng Layunin o Goals at araw araw mo silang basahin; Sabi ng self-development author at speaker na si Brian Tracy, ang success at pag-asenso ay dahil sa mga layunin at ang lahat ng iba ay komentaryo lamang.

  4. Start your 2023 right with these 5 New Year's Resolutions

    1. Healthier Living. Getting in shape is among the most well-liked New Year's resolutions, and there's a solid reason for that: health is crucial! Start out modestly if you're not used to exercising by resolving to go for a daily stroll across your neighborhood. Simply be sure you move your body and exercise every day, whatever you do.

  5. Easy New Year's resolutions to get in touch with your Pinoy side

    In 2023, we saw a good number of Filipino authors make their mark in bestselling book lists globally, so if you haven't yet, this is the best time to grab a copy. There's a wealth of genres to choose from, ... Learning a new language is always a top New Year's resolution, and for good reason. Not only does it add new knowledge, but it ...

  6. 8 New Year's Resolutions to Start 2023 on the Right Foot

    The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas' 2021 Financial Inclusion Survey report says the percentage of Filipino adults with savings dropped to 37% from 53% in 2019 due to several factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and low or irregular income. So let 2023 be your year of wealth. You don't need to save thousands right off the bat, though.

  7. New beginnings don't start in New Year

    New beginnings don't start in New Year. January 2, 2023. On the last day of 2022, I hauled the whole family to the bookstore at the centre of Rotterdam. On a whim, I decided that I needed a 2023 planner, a physical notebook where I could write down appointments without first being sucked into Twitter black hole, or the bottomless distractions ...

  8. Good New Year's Resolution Ideas

    Here are some tips for making your resolutions a reality in 2023. • Set realistic goals. • Break your goals into smaller tasks. • Track your progress. • Celebrate your successes. • Find a buddy to do your resolutions with. We hope these meaningful New Year's resolution ideas have inspired and empowered you as we head into 2023!

  9. New Year Financial Resolutions 2023 Guide

    By having a financial goal at the beginning of the new year, people like Rose will be able to plot their budgets and grow their money ahead of time, taking away the risk of getting buried in debt or worse, going bankrupt by yearend, according to a financial adviser. "Ang maganda dito by the end of 2022, we can check ano ba yung naging effect sa atin ng 2022.

  10. 8 Financial New Year's Resolutions to Make in 2023

    Financial New Year's Resolutions: 8 Changes That Can Help You Attain Your Financial Goals. Financial wellness in 2023 is achievable, even when you start out committed to making small tweaks; in fact, minor adjustments are the key to resolutions that stick. This may mean, at times, acquiring something new.

  11. 23 New Year's Resolutions for 2023

    21. Give Your Time to a Worthy Cause. 22. Try Out a New Healthy Recipe. 23. Refresh Your Appearance. Why Make an Effort to Follow Your New Year's Resolution. New year, new you, they say. The new year allows us to start anew and set goals to accomplish throughout the year.

  12. New Year's Resolution Talata Halimbawa

    Para sa akin, ito ang unang beses kong gumawa ng sarili kong New Year's Resolution. Ako'y umaasa at sumisikap na matupad ito ng lubusan. Dahil sa pandemyang COVID-19, maraming mga plano ang hindi natupad sa nagkalipas na taon. Subalit, ito'y nagbigay sa akin ng oportunidad na mapag-isipan kung ano talaga ang gusto ko sa aking buhay.

  13. 15 New Year's Resolutions and Financial Goals: Make Them Happen

    For most of us, it's harder than it sounds. But to inspire you to make 2024 your most successful year yet, check out this list. 15 New Year's Resolutions and Financial Goals for 2024. If you always make generic resolutions, it's easy to lose interest and completely forget about them just a few days into the new year, so make them more specific.

  14. My New Year Resolution Essay

    Secondly, my new year's resolution is to read more books. Reading is very important. reading books will take me to a new world and helps me deal with my daily worries. Reading refreshed my soul and I will have a healthy mindset. Reading books stimulates my muscles of the brain and keeps my brain healthy and strong.

  15. Top 10 New Year's Resolutions in Filipino

    Learn about the top 10 New Year's resolutions in Filipino. Get the translations, sample sentences, and audio lessons inside. Brought to you by FilipinoPod101. ... Top 10 New Year's Resolutions. 10 words View 0 comments. View as Slideshow. Search. Default Order. English. Add All to Flashcards. Add All to Wordbank. Magbasa ng mas marami. (s)

  16. 40+ achievable New Year's Resolution ideas for a better 2023

    What do you want to accomplish in 2023? This New Year's resolution guide can help. Updated January 4, 2023 10:12 AM ET Originally published December 26, 2022 5:00 AM ET. By .

  17. New Year's Resolutions

    New Year's Resolutions. January 2, 2024, 10:19 am. Share. Just before the New Year revelries, the Social Weather Stations released the results of its survey that showed 96 percent of Filipinos are entering 2024 "with hope"—the highest since the pandemic hit. The wide scale and record-high optimism sets the stage for the country this ...

  18. Gov't New Year's resolution: 'Good and honest services'

    MANILA, Philippines — As 2023 drew to a close, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the government's New Year's resolutions for 2024 would be to render "great and honest services."

  19. Have You Made Any New Year's Resolutions? (Published 2023)

    The essay begins: If resolution makers wanted a patron saint, they could do worse than Samuel Johnson (1709-84), a lifelong resolver and by his own admission a lifelong failure at keeping his ...

  20. Saving money tops the New Year's resolution for 2023

    A survey from Finder of more than 1,000 respondents nationwide revealed that 74% of women and 70% of men set their goals for 2023. Compare the Market released a research saying that saving money ...

  21. Ang aking new year's resolution tagalog essay

    Taon-taon, maraming Pilipino ang naghahanda ng kanilang New Year's resolution. Marami ang umaasang matupad ang kanilang hiling na pagbabago. Katulad na lang ng ninanais ng marami, na sila raw ang magsisimula nang magbawas kumain, or mag-diet. Yung iba naman, magsisimula nang mag-ehersisyo. Kung ako ang tatanungin, nais kong makapag-ipon para ...

  22. ESSAY ABOUT NEW YEAR's RESOLUTION 3-Paragraph Essay (not less ...

    1. Overall, my new year resolution has been a success. 2. I have made a conscious effort to stick to my goal and make positive changes in my life. 3. I have learned the importance of discipline and determination in achieving my goals. 4. I have also learned to be more mindful of my actions and how they impact my overall well-being. 5.

  23. may new years essay resolotion tagalog

    May new years essay resolotion tagalog - 30317897. answered May new years essay resolotion tagalog ... Ang pagkakaroon ng new year resolution ay para ipagmalaki at ibahagi ang aking kaalaman o isang bagay sa iba. Napakahalaga sa akin ng new year resolution dahil dapat may purpose o goal ako. ... New questions in Filipino.