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Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa: Format & Tips

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Updated on 12 February, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. content editor.

Shivangi Mishra

Statement of Purpose ( SOP ) is an important document to apply for a student visa to Australia . An impactful SOP can increase the chances of visa approval for an aspirant. Let’s discuss the format and tips through a sample SOP for an Australian student visa.

Table of Contents

The reason to study in australia:, assuring required funds:, write about the study program and university:, mention future goals and their relevance to your course:, format to be followed:, sample sop for australian student visa, sample 1: sop for mba in tourism:, format for an sop for australian student visa:, country-wise sops, popular guides to simplify your study abroad journey, resources for australian visa, what should be a part of your sop.

An SOP lets your case officer understand your intent behind applying for a visa and why you want to pursue higher education in Australia. Therefore, it must be carefully drafted and written simply. 

It should be written in a maximum of three pages unless specified by the universities. To ensure its authenticity, the student and not an agent should write it. The command over English in the SOP should match the English proficiency displayed in tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Along with the SOP, one must also present all the documents required to validate the information provided.

Points that should be included in the SOP for an Australian student visa are mentioned below:

You need to mention the reason for choosing Australia as your study destination for the preferred course. You can also discuss the university, the curriculum, the educational system, etc., which you think is suitable and relevant for you.

It is important to mention your financial situation in the SOP and how you plan to manage your stay in the country. Family income, the status of dependents, etc. must be stated too. Necessary documents must be attached with the SOP as well.

You must give an overview of the study program that you have chosen. You must also discuss the university you are applying to and why.

Ensure that your future plans are included in your SOP. You need to align them with the study program and exposure you will get in Australia by pursuing a course of your choice.

Create SOPs easily with AI help.

An SOP is more like an essay written in paragraphs. You must discuss your prospects, purpose, and academic and professional background. SOPs may have different structures. Some of the universities provide instructions as per their preferences.

Paragraph 1: It will include your introduction and personal background.

Paragraph 2: You must mention your academic background as well as accomplishments.

Paragraph 3: In this paragraph, discuss your personal and professional experiences.

Paragraph 4: You must mention your career goals and relevant prospects.

Paragraph 5: Justify your choice for a specific course, university, and country.

Paragraph 6: Conclusion

Study in Australia- Evaluate Your Profile for Free

Important Resources 

Why Do Student Visas Get Rejected  |  How to Check Visa Status 

Here are two SOP samples for Australian student visas:

My name is (NAME), and I am a resident of (CITY, COUNTRY). My parents, Mr. (FATHER’S NAME) and Ms. (MOTHER’S NAME) are both government employees. My family also includes my sibling, Mr. (BROTHER’S NAME), employed with (WORKPLACE) I hold a (DEGREE NAME) from (INSTITUTION NAME) with CGPA of (SCORE), in (GRADUATION YEAR). Before this, I passed high school from (SCHOOL NAME) in the (STREAM) stream, with a CGPA of (SCORE) in (YEAR). I am proficient in the English language, and I also know elementary German. I am an avid traveler and host a travel blog, briefing information on offbeat destinations around my hometown. My articles have also been published in the local newspapers and magazines. I also have an interest in sports and have played table tennis at a district level. I have participated in various sports events as well as extracurricular cultural activities organized by my college. I am ambitious, confident, and possess a good ability to analyze data. I have a keen interest in becoming a part of the tourism industry. I believe pursuing an MBA in Tourism is the best way for me to merge my passion and aspiration. The course will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to build my career in hospitality and tourism. That is why I am hopeful to get an opportunity to pursue an MBA in Tourism course from your esteemed university. I am passionate about this field. My natural inclination will make it easier for me to focus on academics. It will also help me learn the fundamentals of the tourism business. I wish to eventually apply the skills and knowledge gained through the course to become an entrepreneur and establish a travel company.

Australia is a diverse land with a rich culture clubbed with a unique landscape. Apart from that, it is also one of the developed economies that has a lot of tourism potential. The education system of Australia is advanced and holistic for international students. The (UNIVERSITY) in Australia is especially renowned and the MBA in Tourism is one of the finest courses. It is delivered by highly-respected faculty members and has a strong industry focus. I am convinced about the high standards it sets for its students. Its modern outlook towards education matches the needs of today’s students.

Given the opportunity, the course will be a great starting point for my career. I will be able to add value to the academic experience of the (UNIVERSITY) through my hard work and dedication.

Important Resources What is the full form of IELTS?

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Interested in Studying in Australia?Evaluate your profile for free

Sample 2: SOP for Bachelor’s in Data Sciences

I am (NAME), D/o Mr. (FATHER’s NAME), hailing from (CITY) city of (COUNTRY), where my father has a business. My family includes my parents and me. My hobbies and interests include sketching and singing. I am also proficient in playing the violin and have participated in many musical competitions and won awards and accolades at the regional level. I completed my Class XII in 2021 from (SCHOOL NAME) in (STREAM) stream with (PERCENTAGE) % marks. I passed my Class X from the same school (SCHOOL NAME) in 2019 with (PERCENTAGE) % marks. I have also participated in the quiz competitions and have contributed articles for the school journal. I have also completed a six-month certification course in JAVA Programming. I am comfortable conversing with native English speakers. Data Science is one of the best upcoming fields with some attractive career choices for young professionals. It also has application in all areas of business and transcends industries, making it a promising field of study. The bachelor’s in data science is a well-balanced course that helps in building a strong foundation in this area. The best part about the course is that it has a high level of applicability. This makes the education highly practical, and I find this aspect the most attractive. I wish to use this course’s learnings to build a strong skill set and launch my career in this field. Australia is one of the best countries for international students due to its flexible education system and economic prosperity. It provides opportunities to students that can seldom be found in other countries. The culture in Australia is friendly and welcoming, making it a prime choice for students immigrating for their education. The (UNIVERSITY) in Australia is one of the best places to learn about data sciences due to its excellent curriculum. The bachelor’s in data science course from (UNIVERSITY) covers some of the foremost techniques in data sciences. The (UNIVERSITY) is also held in great esteem by employers in Australia and abroad. Pursuing a bachelor’s in data science course will help me greatly establish myself in my field of interest.

If you model your SOP based on the above samples, you will surely be able to do a good job with writing an SOP for an Australian visa. You need to be careful to never falsify data or exaggerate the information. Do go through the SOP samples carefully before sending them and ask someone to proofread, if possible. Your SOP reflects you, and that’s why you must put your best foot forward.

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personal statement for visa application australia

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You need to be careful never to falsify data or exaggerate the information. Proofread the SOP samples carefully before sending them and ask someone to proofread, if possible. Your SOP reflects you, so you must put your best foot forward.

Crafting a Sample SOP for an Australian Student Visa involves a careful blend of personal aspirations, academic achievements, and future goals, all articulated in a concise and compelling manner. This document is crucial in the visa application process, as it provides the Australian visa officers with a clear picture of the applicant's intentions, motivations, and commitment to adhering to visa regulations. A well-written SOP, adhering to the recommended format and incorporating essential tips, can significantly enhance the chances of visa approval. It's an opportunity for applicants to showcase their uniqueness and suitability for studying in Australia, making it a critical step in turning their educational dreams into reality. As such, investing time and effort into creating a thoughtful and persuasive SOP is essential for any student aspiring to study in Australia.

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Exams to Study Abroad

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personal statement for visa application australia

Main content

Footprint step by step guide.

Choosing to study in Australia is an exciting step towards a bright future. Here's a simple guide to applying for a student visa.

Step 1 - Letter of Offer

If your course application  is successful, you will receive a Letter of Offer from your chosen education provider.

  • Read the Letter of Offer carefully before you accept it. It will include your course details, enrolment conditions and fees you will need to pay if you accept the offer.
  • Make sure that you understand all your rights, including the refund arrangements. If you don’t start or finish your course, the agreement will be used to determine if you will receive a refund on any fees paid.
  • Do not accept the Letter of Offer if you are not happy with any of its terms.
  • Keep a copy of the Letter of Offer. You will need this copy so that you are aware of your rights and if you have to make a claim against your education provider.

Step 2 - Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a document that will be issued by your education provider that verifies your enrolment in a specific course. The CoE will be sent to you after you have accepted your Letter of Offer and paid your deposit.

You must include a copy of your CoE in your student visa application so that the Australian Government has proof that you are registered in your declared course.

Please note: Concurrent CoEs will no longer be issued. If you choose to change your course from a higher education degree to a vocational education and training course you must meet all student visa requirements. You may be eligible for credits and exemptions in recognition of your prior learning. 

Step 3 - Proof of English proficiency

Australian educational courses are taught in English, so you may need to supply a certificate of results from an approved English language test . This certificate will prove to the Australian Government that you meet the minimum English proficiency levels needed to succeed in your course.

There are only certain tests you can take that will be accepted by the Australian Government, but all are easily accessible from around the world.

* Changes are coming in 2024. Click here for more information. 

Step 4 - Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement

In the online student visa application form, you will need to write a statement in English and provide supporting documents that show you meet the genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement. 

The written statement is to be no more than 300 words (a 2000 character limit applies). You will also need to attach supporting documents to your application in your ImmiAccount .

For details on what to include in your statement of purpose and what documents to provide, visit the Department of Home Affairs website

The GTE requirement is not intended to exclude students who, after studying in Australia, develop skills Australia needs and then go on to apply for another visa.

* Changes are coming in 2024.  Click here for more information. 

Step 5 - Proof of sufficient funds

To meet the requirements for a student visa, you must prove that you have enough money to support yourself throughout your stay. There are two options for meeting this requirement:

  • Provide bank statements, evidence of grants or scholarships. This will prove that you have enough money to cover all your costs and expenses through your course, such as travel, course fees and rent.
  • Supply proof of your parent's or partner’s annual income, which must be AUD$62,222 in the year immediately before you apply. If you bring family members, the annual income must be at least AUD$72,592.

For more information on the minimum required funds, visit the Department of Home Affairs website, and navigate to 'Gather your documents'.

Living costs vary throughout Australia and may be higher than what is needed for your visa application. We recommend you research the area you intend to live including the cost of living in that area.

* Prices are correct as of June 2023, refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for current price information.

Step 6 - Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

As an international student in Australia, you must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your stay.

If you don’t provide proof that you have this insurance, your student visa application will be refused.

OSHC will help you:

  • pay for medical or hospital care while studying in Australia,
  • pay for most prescription medicines, and
  • provide you with ambulance cover in emergencies.

While organising your health cover, also make sure you order an OSHC card for use at doctor appointments while you're living in Australia. Read more on our insurance page.

Step 7 - Health requirement

The Australian Government requires all international students to be in good health before entering the country. As a result, you may need to undergo a health examination to meet the student visa health requirement.

You can use the My Health Declaration service to complete any required health examinations before submitting your visa application. 

Step 8 - Character requirement

There are also certain character requirements that you must meet if you want to study in Australia. In your application, you’ll have to answer some basic questions about your character and past conduct. In some cases, you may need to provide a police background check.

Step 9 - Apply using ImmiAccount

The Department of Home Affairs website outlines all the requirements for a student visa . You apply online using ImmiAccount . 

You do not need an agent to lodge a student visa application. If you want professional immigration assistance with your visa application, use a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner.  

Only certain people can give immigration assistance in Australia. An education agent is someone who can assist you with your options for studying in Australia. An education agent who is not a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner and cannot lawfully give you immigration assistance in Australia.

More information on who can provide immigration assistance is on the Home Affairs website. 

Step 10 - Check travel requirements

You can stay up to date with the latest travel requirements by visiting our Preparing for your travels page.

Stay up to date

This information may change. Check the Department of Home Affair’s Student visa website for the most up to date information on how to apply for Student visa.

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Different Australian Visa SOP s – A Complete Guide

Visas can be of different types. Right?

If you are planning to go to Australia, you need to know about various visas and SOPs for Australia . We can help you understand the various types of Australian Visa and their respective SOPs for Australian Visa. Once you read our blog, you will be able to:

  • Understand the types of Australian visas
  • Importance of SOP
  • Various requirements for Visa

statement of purpose

Table of Contents

statement of purpose

Different Types of Australian Visa & SOP

statement of purpose

Studying and training Visa SOP for Australia

statement of purpose

Spouse Visa SOP for Australia

statement of purpose

Dependent Visa SOP for Australia

statement of purpose

Visitor Visa SOP for Australia

statement of purpose

Working and skilled visas SOP for Australia

The first phase of our process is understanding different types of Australian Visa and related SOPs.

When you are planning to visit Australia,  you need to be aware of the different types of visas you can apply for. Through this chapter, we can assist you in knowing them.

  • You will know what an SOP is.
  • Their importance in the process .
  • Various Australian Visa types.

What is SOP for Australia Visa?

A Statement of Purpose is a personal document of yours in which you explain your reasons and causes for visiting Australia. During the visa processing in Australia, the officers go through it to understand the applicant’s intent and goal. So it is important!

Significance of SOP in the Visa Application for Australia

Apart from your grades, experiences and achievements, SOP plays an important role in your visa process as well as your admission. If you have a powerful and excellent SOP , then:

  • Chances of getting a visa increases
  • Creates an impression and genuineness
  • Helps to know your purpose of visit clearly

Different type Visa SOP in Australia

Your purpose of visiting changes the format and structure of each SOP. Thus, different types of visas have their own kind of SOP in Australia. There can be various types of visas  and SOPs in Australia. It can be listed as :

  • SOP for Studying and training Visas for Australia
  • SOP for Spouse Visa Australia
  • SOP for Dependent Visa Australia
  • SOP for visitor Visa Australia
  • SOP for Working and skilled Visas for Australia

SOP For Australia University

SOP for Student Visa Extension Australia

SOP For IT Australia

SOP For Project Management Australia

SOP For Australia Student Visa

SOP For Hetel Management in Australia

SOP For Masters Australia

SOP For Nursing Australia

SOP for Australia University SOP’s

SOP For Australia Visa

Studying and training Visas SOP for Australia

Most people visit Australia for studying and training. An SOP explains their purpose. Get free Best SOP Sample from Us

Get well written sop from experienced SOP Writing Professional . If you are looking to get admission into one of the famous universities in Australia,  you need to know about the student visa and its requirements. A strong SOP for a study or training visa can guarantee you the visa. And if you don’t know anything about it , don’t worry. We will help you. When you read this chapter, you will be able to understand:

  • Student Visa for Australia
  • How it differs from other countries
  • Why need an SOP for the Visa

An Overview for SOP for Australian Study/ Training Visa

What do you mean by sop for australian student / training visa.

Foreign students who want to study in Australia must submit a personal statement (SOP) to the Australian immigration department in order to convince them that they are eligible and worthy for the studies.

Relevance of SOP for Australian Student Visa

An SOP explains to the authorities why you are requesting a student visa and why you want to study at an Australian university. They can:

  • Help to get student Visa
  • To make better decisions by the authorities
  • Help to verify your proofs

What differs the SOP for an Australian Student Visa from those for other countries?

SOP for an Australian Student Visa primarily concentrates on presenting facts. Even the format and structure of the SOP for student visa in Australia emphasizes the evidence, while other countries follow a story-like structure to explain.

  • SOPs are necessary for Australian Student Visa.
  • SOPs can be a video message in other nations, but they need to be written in Australia.

If you are planning to join your partner in Australia,  then you need a Spouse visa.

Several nations have the highest refusal rates for spouse visa application, so it is necessary to be aware of how to overcome this challenge. You must therefore be as knowledgeable as possible about the Australian Spouse Visa and its SOP. Through this chapter, we will help you to be aware of the:

  • Requirements of Spouse Visa
  • What is a Spouse Visa
  • Relevance of SOP in it

Outline of Australia's SOP for Partner Visa

With an Australian spouse visa, you can move to Australia with your partner (husband or wife) or de facto partner (fiancée, in a committed relationship).

But in order to get your spouse visa, you need to have a strong SOP. Through this SOP for Spouse visa, you will prove the genuineness of your relationship and your concerns for your partner.

Conditions to Apply for an Australian Spouse Visa

  • Relationship check

If you are married, then your marriage must be legally valid under Australian law.

  • Age requirements

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for the spouse visa.

  • Genuine relationship

You and your partner must be in a long-term genuine relationship.

  • Health criteria

You and your partner should pass all the required health criteria set by the Australian government.

You and your spouse must live permanently together.

  • Accommodation

You should find a secure and safe accommodation for you and your partner in Australia.

If you want to bring people who are dependent on you to Australia, use a dependent visa.

Does the title make you confuse it with a spouse visa? Relax. They are not the same.  In this section, we are going to explore dependent visa and SOP for Australia.

  • You will understand about Dependent Visa
  • Why it is used
  • The requirements needed to get it

What does SOP for Dependent Visa Australia mean?

An SOP for a dependent visa is a statement that should include all relevant details about the dependent and how they’re connected to you. Dependents can be people who are close to you or family members.

Australian Dependent Visa SOP requirements

  • Your association

Your SOP must explain how you are related to the applicant and the relevant details of your relationship.

Make sure you divide your information into the necessary categories for easier understanding.

Write your own content and don’t copy and paste from other sources. Also, be concise and clear.

  • Stick to the rules

Follow the exact word limit, characters, font size, and spacing prescribed by the authorities.

  • Carry emotions

Add emotions to your SOP. Your concerns and relationship should be explained in an emotional way.

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Planning to visit Australia to enjoy the landscape ? Visitor Visa is the right choice.

An SOP for a Visitor visa should be prepared if you would like to travel to a foreign nation, such as Australia. Moreover, SOP is one of the key methods for judging whether or not your application is eligible. But are you unaware of it? Feeling troubled? Not to worry. You can rely on us. With our guidance, you can definitely understand:

  • Identify Travel Visas
  • Their types
  • Qualifications for a visa

What is SOP for an Australian Tourist Visa and its importance?

The SOP for Australian Tourist Visa details your plans to travel to Australia as a tourist on vacation.

Australian Tourist Visa eligibility conditions

If you want to visit Australia as a tourist,  then you need to look at the requirements and conditions to apply for the visa. The conditions can be explained as;

  • You should be able to maintain yourself financially.
  • You must show that you intend to go back to your country.
  • The purpose of the visit must be clearly stated.
  • Evidence that your health must be provided.
  • No criminal history
  • No obligations to the Australian government.
  • No employment should be accepted or sought by you while you are in Australia.

Various Tourist Visa Categories in Australia

Your visa choice changes according to your purpose of the visit. Therefore, being sure of the purpose of visits gives you clarity on the type of visiting visa you can choose. There are :

  • Australian Tourist Visa
  • Australian Business Visa
  • Australian Family Sponsored Visa
  • Australian Medical Treatment Visa

Our SOP Writing Services for Other Countries

SOP Writing India

SOP Writing UK

SOP Writing Australia

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SOP for New Zealand

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SOP for Ireland


SOP for Canada

Looking forward to working in Australia? If yes, then read our blog. It will definitely help you.

Working overseas is becoming a trend now. So if you are planning to work in Australia, read this essay. You have the talent and skill for the job. But unable to express it through SOP ? Just relax. We are here to help you to overcome this difficulty. Once you read this chapter, you can be an expert in:

  • Types of Work Visa
  • Their requirements
  • Why need an SOP for a Work Visa

Explain what is SOP for Australian Working and Skilled Visa?

The SOP for Working and Skilled Visa assesses your skills and potential to address Australia’s workforce and economy. Your work experience and the technical skills you have received is described in this personal statement.

What are the requirements of SOP for Work Visa in Australia

  • Highlight your skills

Talk about your skills and abilities that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

  • Follow an order

Make sure you have an order while writing your SOP for a work Visa in Australia.

  • Why Choose Australia

You should explain why you choose Australia for your job and what inspired you.

  • Your contribution

Mention how you can contribute to increase the Australian economy through your skills.

Explore the types of Working and Skilled Visas in Australia

If you are eligible to work in Australia’s skilled areas, then you should choose the appropriate visa for your purpose. Individuals who can satisfy the needs of the authorities can apply for any of the following types of working visas.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Temporary Skill Shortage
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) Visa

Having the appropriate SOP for the Australian Visa is important for getting the visa. They play a huge role in granting your visa. Whether it be a student, work, visitor, spouse, dependent or repealed, visa SOP is an essential element. We hope now you are aware of different types of Australian visas and their respective SOP. Did we help to clear your confusion? And if the answer is yes, let us know it through the comments you share.

Don’t hesitate to share our blog with your friends if they are confused like you.

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smiling student wearing glasses, writing in her diary

How to Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Australian Student Visa: Format and Tips

If you’re a student with an average or outstanding academic record and you’re seeking admission to study in Australia, an SOP is mandatory. Most education institutions require an SOP, which refers to a Statement of Purpose that admissions officers use to evaluate an applicant’s potential for success in a study program. It is a document that outlines a person’s objectives and goals for a particular academic or professional program. The SOP is typically required as part of the application process for graduate school, business school, law school, or other advanced degree programs.

A well-written statement of purpose can act as a catapult for a lot of student visa applicants. The main aim of the admission committee is to understand the purpose of the application, the applicant’s personality, motivations, goals and career path. This helps the committee understand and decide whether an applicant is fit for their college or university.

The standard requirements while drafting an SOP letter

Having a set of guidelines for drafting an SOP letter can be helpful in structuring your own SOP.

  • It should be maximum 2 to 3 pages long.
  • Maintain a word limit of 800 – 1000 words unless mentioned otherwise by the university.
  • When you apply for an Australian student visa, you will need a GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant statement. You have to submit this along with a valid passport, visa application fee, and proof of enrollment.
  • Submit your work experience documents (if any) and academic documents along with a passport size photograph.
  • You must also submit proof of your financial ability, health insurance policy, and your English Language proficiency skills report.

More details are available on the official website, or you may reach out to our education counsellors to guide you in the SOP process.

What are the major differences between an SOP for Australia and the SOP for other countries?

The statement of purpose for Australia stresses an individual’s ability to present evidence as well as facts. Where other countries focus on narrative, Australia focuses on facts. A student’s SOP for a master’s degree plays an important part in a lot of English-speaking countries, but Australia focuses more on the SOP for a student visa. Therefore, the SOP for an Australian student visa should be more structured.

What is the format of a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Australian Student Visa?

     1. introduction.

An individual should start their SOP for Australia with an Introductory paragraph. This part is crucial and is the primary segment of a student’s SOP. It is essential at this point to catch the reader’s attention. Students should systematically approach this segment by introducing themselves and adding details about their background.

      2. Educational Background

In this paragraph, students ease into their academic backgrounds. They should add their educational qualifications, accomplishments, and recognitions. The details should add value and should be structured chronologically to present an organized SOP.

     3. Professional Experience

Individuals should aim to cover three things in this paragraph. Firstly, they should mention their work experience. Secondly, they should highlight the insights and the knowledge they have gained from their experience and thirdly they should add a small portion in which they explain how it helped them grow professionally.

     4. Choice of course

In this paragraph, students should explain why they have chosen the specific course in the field. It is essential for individuals who are choosing to switch fields to thoroughly explain their motivations and reasons. In an organized manner, students should add details such as the knowledge that they would like to gain and the benefits of studying their preferred course. This segment should be clear and precise to convince the committee.

     5. Future or Career goals 

This paragraph should be written to convince the committee, meaning it must reveal true intention or motivation as best as possible.  This is why students need to describe their future goals vividly. Connections and plans should be thoroughly added in this paragraph to connect a student’s educational experience to their career goals.

     6. Choice of University

Students should chronologically explain the reason behind the choice of their university. Highlighting interesting aspects of the course curriculum, better facilities and experienced faculty can be a great addition to this paragraph. Additionally, adding insights about the benefits of the country’s education system and better amenities can also be carried out in this section.

     7. Conclusion

This paragraph is to highlight the most important aspects of the aforementioned paragraphs. Students should add convincing details to these statements. Adding details such as advantages and how it would help students become better professionals can be an amazing way to make use of this segment.  

What are the steps for writing a statement of purpose?

Students should follow these steps while preparing their Statement of purpose for optimum results:

Step 1: Preparation

In this stage, students should gather all the information. Information such as their motivations for studying in Australia, future goals, and the reason behind their preferred choice of university should be thoroughly determined.

The preparation stage can be financed by gathering and arranging the information to be written chronologically or in a structured way. Any weak areas such as gap years and frequent changes of streams should be justified logically.

Data such as educational details and professional details should be gathered and kept nearby for the writing phase. Alternatively, if an individual’s preferred university provides them with a checklist, they can go through that in this stage and keep things prepared.

Step 2: Writing

This process should be relatively easy once the gathering of information and materials is complete. Students should ensure that their SOP is written according to their English proficiency test scores and not above or below their proficiency level.

Students can then follow the above-mentioned pattern and start their SOP with their introductory paragraph and background details.

Specific areas such as academic history, work experience and its relevance, the reason for choosing Australia, the reason for choosing a university and the course, and the skill and knowledge that an individual aims to gain should be thoroughly mentioned as well as explained.

Step 4: – Justification and supporting documents

Evidence and supporting documents are required for an SOP to be deemed valid. All international students are obligated to explain their interest in their course and their interest in Australia.

This can be accomplished by providing supporting documents and for academic interests supporting documents should be provided to prove an individual’s field of study and area of expertise.

While students planning to switch streams and careers may find this process laborious, they will have to logically explain their reason for switching careers.

Students can also add supporting documents such as bank statements, sponsor statements, health insurance proof, resumes and letters from previous employment, Volunteer work records, and Medical and employment records to justify gap years or change of field of study to strengthen their SOP application.

Step 4:  Proofreading and Submission

The main aim of this process is to ensure that the SOP that’s written explains a student’s compulsion and reasons to study in Australia. Individuals can rewrite segments that they aren’t satisfied with, redact information that isn’t required and ask for constructive criticism from their SOPs from family and well-wishers. Once they are satisfied, they can send the SOP to the Department of Home Affairs and their university for the assessment process to commence.

Additional tips for writing an excellent statement of purpose

  • Students should ensure that their SOP is clear, understandable and follows a structure.
  • Achievements and professional and academic experiences should be written in the form of a narrative while adding factual and logical details.
  • The reason for a student’s desire to pursue their field of choice should be clear and logical.
  • The timeline and the process of acquiring achievements should be mentioned thoroughly.
  • Students should ensure that their SOPs are error-free, easy to understand and structured.
  • Writing an SOP without gathering information, planning or formulating roadmaps should be avoided.
  • Using incorrect grammar, informal language and slang should be avoided.
  • The SOP should be well within the word limit. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too less or exceed the word limit.
  • The introduction and the conclusion portion of the SOP should be clear as well as concise.

Thus, by following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to write a remarkable SOP. If you require more help with your abroad studying plans, make sure to seek help from a certified educational consultancy. At Expert Education, we have an experienced and certified team to assist you to write a professional and proper SOP.

personal statement for visa application australia


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How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Your Australian Student Visa

  • February 14, 2023

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for student visa

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a crucial component of both visa and university applications in Australia. It serves as a personal statement that showcases the applicant’s grades, experiences, and accomplishments. The SOP is a key factor in determining if a student qualifies as a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and will be accepted for admission. To increase the chances of getting accepted into a desired course and university,  write a statement of purpose effectively and highlight all accomplishments.

While SOPs are not a common requirement for all universities in Australia , they may be requested for admission to certain programs such as business, arts, and education. When writing an SOP, it’s important to focus on presenting objective facts rather than telling a story. This doesn’t mean the SOP should be dull and uninteresting. The SOP should be written in an engaging manner to hold the attention of the admission committee from start to finish.

How is SOP for Australia Different?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) requirement in Australia differs from that of other countries like Canada, the UK, and the USA. In Australia, the focus is on presenting objective facts and evidence, whereas in other countries, a strong narrative or story-telling is emphasized.

Here are some of the key differences in how to write a statement of purpose in Australia and other popular study-abroad destinations :

  • In Australia, SOPs are only required for business, arts, and education programs, while in countries like Canada and the USA, SOPs are a requirement for both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • The importance of SOPs for student visas is higher in Australia, compared to the USA, where SOPs for master’s programs are given more weight.
  • In Australia, a written SOP is required for admission, while in Canada, some universities also require a video essay.
  • SOPs in Australia are generally more structured compared to those in other countries like Canada and the USA.

SOP for Student Visa

When applying for an Australian student visa (subclass 500), a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a necessary component as part of demonstrating Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) status. The SOP serves as evidence that the student intends to remain in Australia solely to study.

The SOP for an Australian student visa holds significant weight in the visa application process and can greatly impact acceptance or denial. In many cases, applicants may be invited for an interview based on the content of their SOP.

How to Write Statement of Purpose

To create an effective SOP, it is important to keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • The maximum length of the SOP should be three pages.
  • The SOP should be written by the student and not by an agent or family member.
  • The level of English used in the SOP should match the student’s proficiency in the language.
  • Every claim or piece of information included in the SOP must be supported by relevant documents.

Topics to Cover When Creating Student Visa SOP

In order to create an effective SOP, it is important to consider the following key points:

Reason for Studying in Australia

Students should explain their reasons for choosing Australia over their home country or other countries, highlighting the advantages of the institutions and curriculum available in Australia.

Economic Circumstances

The SOP should demonstrate the student’s financial stability, including information about family income, assets and liabilities, and employment details.

Details about Course

The SOP should provide information about the courses the student intends to study, including the course curriculum, duration, and relevance to the student’s academic or professional background and future goals.

Details about University

The SOP should mention the universities applied to and the reasons for choosing these institutions in Australia. If the student has been accepted by more than one university, they should explain their choice of which university they will attend.

Gap in Study or Work

If the student has a gap in their study or work history of more than 6 months, they should explain the reason for the gap and provide supporting documents.

Future Goals

The SOP should explain how the student’s chosen course of study in Australia will help them achieve their career goals, including future salary expectations and business plans.

History of Travel

The SOP should mention any previous travel history, including previous visa applications and reasons for acceptance or denial.

Writing a statement of purpose (SOP) can seem daunting to start but it is a crucial part of both visa and university applications in the land down under. By crafting an effective SOP that showcases your academic, experiences, and accomplishments, you are increasing your chance of getting accepted into your desired course and university. Don’t just write because it’s required, put your best foot forward and ace the application!

5 Top Courses to Study in Australia

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Blogs on ‘Career’

Statement of purpose (sop) for student visa - a complete guide.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Table of Contents

What is statement of purpose, importance of sop for student visa, format of sop, sop guidelines, how to write a statement of purpose (sop) for student visa, statement of purpose sample, common mistakes to avoid in statement of purpose.

Crafting your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa. This document is more than just a formality; it's a narrative of your academic dreams and professional aspirations, a window into your personality and goals. The SOP is your opportunity to make a compelling case to the admissions committee and to stand out in a sea of applicants by articulating your unique story. In this Blog, we'll explore the key elements of a successful SOP, offering insights and tips to help you create a document that resonates with your ambitions and aligns with the expectations of visa officers. From understanding its significance to mastering its structure, we're here to illuminate every aspect of your SOP journey, ensuring your "Statement of Purpose for Student Visa" becomes a cornerstone of your academic success.

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a student visa is a critical document that forms part of your application to study abroad. It's a personal essay where you article your career path, goals, interests, and the reasons behind your decision to study in a particular country. This document is not just a formality but a chance to showcase your unique profile and aspirations to the visa officers and the educational institution.

Quick Read:  SOP for USA

Here is the Importance of SOP: Your application's Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the deciding factor. It assists the admissions committee in determining your outlook on life, job objectives, beliefs, topic expertise, and vision. In a nutshell, a well-written SOP portrays your overall personality to universities. It is an opportunity for you to pitch the committee on your purpose and why they should choose you over other applications. An excellent SOP is ideal for people with poor academic records, as you can compensate by emphasising your future aspirations and desires. A well-written SOP demonstrates your ability to explain yourself verbally as well as in writing.

When starting on the journey to study abroad , the Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa is not just a document; it's a narrative of your aspirations and personality. This section of your visa application is where you get to tell your story, beyond grades and qualifications. A well-crafted SOP can be the deciding factor in your visa approval, as it provides a glimpse into your motivations, goals, and suitability for the chosen course and country.

Quick Read:  SOP for UK

The structure and format of your SOP are crucial in making a strong impression. Here are some lists to consider and include in your SOP:

  • Length: Typically, an SOP should be between 800-1000 words.
  • Paragraphing: Organise your SOP into 5-7 clear, concise paragraphs.
  • Font and Spacing: Use a standard 12-point font with double spacing.
  • Tone and Style: Maintain a formal yet personal tone, avoiding overly complex language.
  • Visual Appeal: Stick to plain black text, avoiding colourful fonts or images.

Various key points of information describing how to arrange your SOP, starting with an impressive introduction and progressing to an excellent backdrop and a promising conclusion.

  • Introduction : Start with a brief background, highlighting what sparked your interest in the chosen field.
  • Academic Achievements: Outline your academic journey, focusing on achievements relevant to your chosen course.
  • Professional Experience: If applicable, include any work or volunteer experience that supports your application.
  • Career Objectives: Clearly state your short-term and long-term career goals and how the course aligns with these objectives.
  • Choice of University: Explain why you have chosen the specific university and course, focusing on how it fits into your career plan.
  • Personal Qualities: Highlight personal skills or experiences that make you a suitable candidate.
  • Conclusion: End with a strong closing statement, reaffirming your aspirations and readiness for the course.

personal statement for visa application australia

Writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa is a very important step when you're planning to study abroad. This document is more than just a piece of paper; it's your chance to tell your own story, show your goals, and explain why you want to study in a particular place. Here's a simple guide to help you write an SOP that truly reflects who you are and fits well with the university you want to attend.

Step 1: Think About Your School Life

Start by thinking about your time at school. This isn't just about listing your top achievements; it's about sharing your whole learning journey. Remember the times that were important in shaping who you are – like winning in sports or doing well in a debate. These experiences are the building blocks of your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa. They show who you are and what you've learned.

Step 2: Share Your Whole Story

Your SOP should tell your whole story. Don't just focus on school grades or being a leader. Instead, show everything about you. This includes the hard times, what you've learned from them, and moments when you really found out who you are. Your SOP for a Student Visa should be as special as you are, showing your growth and dreams.

Step 3: Start Writing Your SOP

Now, start writing your SOP. Don't worry if it's not perfect right away. The main thing is to start putting your experiences and thoughts into words. This first draft is where you can try out different ideas.

Step 4: Get Feedback and Make It Better

Talk about your draft with friends, family, or teachers. They can give you good advice and help you see where you need to make things clearer or more interesting. This advice is really important for making your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa better. It makes sure your SOP isn't just a list of events but a story that really connects with the people reading it.

Step 5: Finish Your SOP

The last step is to make your SOP the best it can be. Look at how it flows, the words you use, and if it all makes sense together. Remember, your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa is more than just words; it shows your hopes and how ready you are for this big step in your education. Keep working on your SOP until it feels just right – a true story of your journey and what you want to achieve.

Quick Read:  SOP for Canada

To demonstrate the application of the SOP guidelines , here's a sample SOP. Key points are annotated to highlight the effective use of structure and content:


Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Master's in Environmental Science program at XYZ University. My passion for environmental conservation was ignited during a high school project on renewable energy sources.

[Academic Achievements]

Graduating with honors in Biology from ABC College, I delved into subjects like Ecology and Environmental Biotechnology. My undergraduate thesis on 'Urban Sustainability Practices' received commendable recognition.

[Professional Experience]

Post-graduation, I worked with DEF Organization, focusing on sustainable urban development projects. This experience provided practical insights into environmental challenges and solutions.

[Career Objectives]

My goal is to become an Environmental Consultant, contributing to sustainable urban planning. I am particularly interested in XYZ University's research on sustainable city landscapes.

[Choice of University]

XYZ University's cutting-edge research facilities and esteemed faculty in environmental sciences make it my preferred choice. The university's commitment to practical learning aligns perfectly with my career aspirations.

[Personal Qualities]

I bring a blend of analytical skills and a collaborative spirit, essential for success in environmental research.


I am excited about the prospect of joining XYZ University and contributing to its vibrant academic community. Your program is the ideal platform for me to achieve my professional goals.

Thank you for considering my application.

[Your Name]

Quick Read:  SOP for Australia

When crafting your SOP, steer clear of these common pitfalls:

  • Lack of Specificity: Avoid vague statements. Be specific about your experiences, goals, and reasons for choosing the course and university.
  • Poor Structure: An SOP should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Disorganized content can confuse the reader.
  • Overemphasis on Grades: While academic achievements are important, focus also on experiences and skills that make you a unique candidate.
  • Plagiarism : Never copy content from other SOPs. Your SOP should be a genuine reflection of your personality and aspirations.
  • Neglecting the University's Unique Offerings: Failing to mention how the university's specific program aligns with your goals is a missed opportunity.
  • Excessive Length: Adhere to the word limit. An overly lengthy SOP can lose its impact.
  • Grammatical Errors and Typos: Proofread your SOP multiple times. Errors can detract from the professionalism of your application.
  • Overly Casual Tone: Maintain a formal yet personal tone. Avoid slang and overly casual language.

In conclusion, a well-crafted Statement of Purpose (SOP) for a Student Visa is a crucial element in your journey to studying abroad. It's not just about showcasing your academic credentials but also about narrating your story in a way that resonates with your aspirations and aligns with the ethos of your chosen institution. Remember, your SOP is your voice in the application process.

 For expert guidance in crafting an impactful SOP and navigating the complexities of studying abroad, AECC, a leading study abroad consultant, is here to assist. AECC specializes in helping Nepalese students achieve their dreams of international education with tailored advice and support. Contact AECC today to take the first step towards your global academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Your Australian Student Visa

  • February 23, 2022

An illustration of a computer on a desk, with a cup of coffee, cactus, a pen holder, and in the top left corners there's an Australian flag overlaid on a globe.

The time has come to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP). The SOP is an “essay about you” and can help you stand out from a large pool of applicants with similar grades and resumes. Even if the Australian institution that you’re applying to doesn’t require one, the Australian Department of Home Affairs requires an SOP when you apply for a student visa. Some educational institutions say that it’s the most important document that a student can submit. To avoid last minute stress, start preparing to write your Statement of Purpose today. If you don’t know where to start, this blog is a great place to begin!

An illustration of a study book.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose outlines a student’s personal story of what they hope to accomplish by pursuing higher education in Australia. The SOP is often the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not a student receives an offer letter from their desired academic institution. In the statement, you should talk about who you are and why you’ve decided to study in Australia. Additionally, describe how you plan to achieve success before, during, and after your studies. To grab the attention of the admissions team, you must write an engaging story. 

Avoid generalized statements taken from other resources. The admissions team will be able to recognize these cookie-cutter answers, as they’ll sound repetitive, uninspiring, and won’t effectively communicate your purpose. SOPs are often tested for plagiarism , so make sure the document is written in your own words. 

Instead of viewing your Statement of Purpose as an intimidating part of the study abroad application process, see it as an exciting opportunity to showcase your goals, skills, and ambitions. Follow the steps below to write your best Statement of Purpose.

An illustration of an exclamation mark.

Rules for Writing a Statement of Purpose

Before we outline our recommended steps for writing an SOP, we’d like to discuss a few rules you should consider throughout the writing process:

  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Be truthful.
  • Do your research.
  • Be clear about your plans to gain a quality education in Australia and your plans to return home. Don’t include any statements that can be interpreted as wanting to stay in Australia after graduation.
  • Research job opportunities available to you in your home country post-graduation and clearly articulate the benefits of completing the course you’ve applied to in relation to employment opportunities.
  • Refrain from using general facts about the academic institution and course.
  • Double check that all required information has been included.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get writing.

A graphic of a checklist.

Steps for Writing a Statement of Purpose

You should begin by gathering your thoughts and brainstorming your motivations for studying abroad in Australia. Start by jotting down all of your relevant experiences in chronological order to determine what details you should include in your SOP. If you’ve been out of school for a number of months, then you’ll need to explain your study gap. You should explain what you’ve accomplished since being out of school. This could include work experience and/or volunteer experience.

If you’ve yet to complete the required research on the academic institution, your course of choice, and Australia as a study abroad destination, this is the time to do it. 

Tip: If the academic institution you’re applying to provides an SOP checklist, go through it to learn exactly what is required from you.

Now it’s time to start writing your SOP. The writing part should be easy if you’ve thoroughly completed step one! Your SOP should be written at a level equivalent to your English test scores. 

Both the Department of Home Affairs and the academic institution want to learn more about you and how you’ve prepared for this course. Begin by sharing your background information.  

Ensure you cover the following areas:

  • Academic history and relevant work experience
  • Reason for choosing Australia
  • Reason for selecting the particular institution and course 
  • Your incentive to return home and what you’ll gain by obtaining this education in Australia

An illustration of application documents.

International students must justify their interest in Australia and the course they’ve applied to. Ensure you’ve provided evidence of the research you’ve conducted. You can do this by including supporting documentation or being able to access it easily if requested. A student’s interest in a specific course typically needs to be supported by their previous field of study or work experience. 

If you’ve chosen a field of study outside of your previous experience, you must provide a strong reason for why you’ve chosen this course. It’s important to keep in mind that the academic institution is more likely to deny requests where academic history doesn’t line up directly with course selection. 

Examples of supporting documentation that may strengthen your SOP:

  • Financial bank statements and documents that demonstrate you and/or your sponsor(s) can financially support the costs of your education, travel, overseas health insurance, and living accommodations while studying abroad in Australia
  • Resumes and letters from your employer or volunteer work you’ve done
  • Potential future job offers and expected salaries
  • Medical or employment records justifying any study gaps you may have

Note: Ensure that all of the claims you’ve made in your SOP can be supported with documentation.

4. Proofread and Rewrite

Review your SOP and ensure that it tells your authentic story. Ask friends or family members to read your SOP and provide constructive feedback. It may take a few revisions before you’re completely satisfied with your SOP. Just know all the time and effort is worth it. A strong SOP can leave a lasting impression on the Department of Home Affairs and the academic institution’s admissions team.

Now you know how to write a top-tier Statement of Purpose. Continue your search for your perfect course and academic institution on the ApplyBoard Platform .


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personal statement for visa application australia

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  • SOP for Australian Student Visa- Sample, Format & Tips

personal statement for visa application australia

Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa with Format & Tips

Make the perfect sop for entry to an australian university.

An SOP for Student Visa is your first step to actualizing your study abroad aspirations. A statement of purpose is a vital document that is presented to the immigration officers along with your visa application. It summarises your achievements and articulates your reasons for choosing a specific country for higher studies. Overall, it highlights your worthiness for a student visa before the immigration authorities.

Help me write my SOP for Australia

What is an SOP for Australia?

SOP is a mandatory document for your Australian student visa application , especially for students who intend to pursue higher education at a top Australian university . The statement of purpose or SOP clearly outlines your academic and family background, reasons for choosing Australia as your study destination, your ability to support your studies financially, and your intentions of leaving Australia after completing your study program. It is your one chance to directly communicate and convince the immigration officials of your worth and genuine intent to study there.

Importance of an SOP for an Australian University

When you choose to study at a university in Australia , you must submit a Statement of Purpose, proving that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) . Besides, an SOP is also a clear reflection of your intent behind choosing Australia for study purposes.

Get free assistance to study in Australia

How is an Australian SOP Different from that of Other Countries?

An SOP for Australia primarily focuses on the facts and evidence in your academic and professional background, not on long narratives or detailed descriptions.

Australian immigration authorities are more interested in learning how you intend to put your academic knowledge and skills into practice to revolutionize your field of work. Hence, it is important to stick to academic achievements, proficiencies, and skills that highlight this fact and avoid storytelling and long narratives that other countries accept.

An SOP for Australia is written in a well-structured format

Australia prefers an SOP in text format, whereas some countries accept video essays in combination with SOP. 

An Australian university demands SOP only for some specific courses such as Arts, Business, and Education, whereas countries like the US or Canada mandate SOP submission for bachelors and graduate courses as well.

What is the Format of an SOP for an Australian student visa?

A Statement of Purpose for an Australian student visa follows a specific structured format as detailed below:

Introduction:  Talk about yourself and briefly discuss your family background

Past History:  Highlight your academic and professional history so far. Stress on your financial capability to support your stay in Australia during the duration of the program.

Course Details:  Share complete details about the course you intend to study in Australia and information about the university you have applied to.

Reasons for Choosing Australia:  Share your reasons for choosing Australia over other countries (especially your home country) for your study program.

Academic or Professional Gaps:  Mention any gaps you may have had in your academic or professional experience. Also, state the exact reasons for the gap year(s).

Future Goals:  Talk briefly about your vision and short and long-term goals for the future.

Conclusion: Mention any past travel history in Australia or any other country. Also, do share details of any visas that you applied for and the reasons why those visas were denied or rejected (if applicable).

Tips for writing a winning SOP for an Australian student visa

Make a note of the following good practices while writing an SOP for your student visa to Australia:

SOP Sample for Australia Student Visa

To further understand how to write an SOP for Australia Student Visa, let us look at an  SOP sample for Australia.  Please note that these samples are only for your reference. Avoid using this, as it would constitute plagiarism and could lead to the denial of your application.

I, Anisha Bhatnagar, am a student of Business Management, a subject that had me excited from the beginning, thanks to my business family background. I grew up in a household where my father and nearly all of my relatives were actively involved in the family business. Hence, some common business terminologies, such as ROI, capital, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the like, were familiar to me from as young as the age of eight years. It was no surprise then (neither to myself nor to my family) that I, too, was interested in delving into the depths of running and managing a business, growing older.

I am the eldest of three children and belong to an affluent family in India. My father owns and manages his own business of garments and textiles back home with the support of his two brothers, who are also equal partners in the business. As such, I can assure you that I can fully bear all my expenses (accommodation, school fees, and the like) during my study program in Australia. I am highly motivated to hone my business acumen, and I have no doubt that a Masters in Business Management from an Australian university can help me realize my goals.

I have applied for a Masters in Business Management study program at the Melbourne Business School. The course is for two years and will be full-time. It would help me better understand running, managing, and administering everyday business activities. Besides, it would also be an excellent opportunity to select the specific industry in which I wish to start a business. And, of course, having learned the basics of setting up and running a business entity smoothly, I can aspire to grow and flourish my business in the specific target market. In addition, I have a keen interest in textile design, and I wish to use my business management skills to further my efforts at making a successful career in this domain.

While considering the options for studying abroad, I chose Australia over other countries because of the high quality of infrastructure and educational courses that it provides. Moreover, the universities and business schools in your country are recognised worldwide for their high rankings and exceptional student results in their respective fields of study. Not to forget, Australia has a warm and friendly ambience that embraces people from different communities and cultures worldwide, making them feel welcome and at home.

Even though I completed my Bachelors in Business Management (BBM) from the University of Delhi, India, I would like to pursue my Masters program in Australia and not in my home country, India, because I feel that I will be able to earn a much more diversified learning experience by crossing boundaries and exchanging ideas with my peers in the other side of the world. Apart from gaining diverse cultural experiences, this would also be an excellent opportunity for me to gain much-desired exposure to the academic arena of a nation other than the one where I have spent several years of my study life.

I would also like to confess that after completing my graduation in Business Management two years ago, I had to take a break from my studies for the last two years due to an unfortunate event that hit my family close and deeply. I lost my mother to COVID two years ago. Her sudden and untimely demise brought forth an array of domestic responsibilities for me (being the only woman left in the house). Also, I did not think it proper to leave my father alone for an opportunity to study abroad for two years since he was still recovering from the incident. Hence, I postponed my study application to Australia for a Masters program back then.

I now feel that the time is right for me to reapply, resume the process, and pick up my academic journey from where I left off. With that desire in mind, I humbly request you to consider my application for a Masters in Business Management course at the Melbourne Business School for the academic year 2023-25. After completing this two-year program, I wish to return to India and put all the knowledge and skills earned during the course to good use.

For starters, I would like to assist my father in growing and expanding his business domain by applying real-world successful business principles. This would help him and enable me to assess my skills and proficiencies. I then dream of setting up my own business and creating my unique identity as a successful businesswoman. I am well aware that success and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Therefore, I wish to use my business acumen for the benefit of society at large by creating and disseminating products and services that do more good to a larger section of the community.

For instance, I would like to combine my knowledge of administering and managing a business with my skill in textile design to create and promote some unique designs for my market. Business is about serving people and bringing joy into their lives by offering something new, innovative, and creative every time. And this is exactly what I hope my Masters degree in Business will help me achieve. Besides, I would also be able to use newer technologies in the right way to turn my passion for textile design into a viable and profitable business venture.            

On a side note, I’d like to bring to your kind attention that I have travelled to Australia before on a short family vacation 10 years ago. We had travelled on Tourist Visa back then for almost three months. I have to admit that I was in awe of the gorgeous natural beauty of the beaches and islands in this country at first sight, and I did always secretly wish to return to this mesmerising land ever since. So I sincerely hope that my dream will be fulfilled now.

I hope my application meets your selection criteria and that my dream of pursuing a Masters in Business Management course at the Melbourne Business School comes true.

How do I begin an SOP for Australia?

Start with an introduction telling the university about your family, academic, and professional background in brief. Also, express your intent to pursue the specific course at the university.

1. What does GTE or SOP mean for Australia?

An SOP for Australian Student Visa serves as proof for GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant. This helps the immigration authorities determine whether the applicant intends permanent residency in Australia after completing the study program or wishes to return to their home country. In other words, the SOP enables the visa authorities to know the genuine intention behind the individual’s application.

2. What is the format for the SOP?

A standard Statement of Purpose written for any country university is roughly two pages long. The text is written in a 12-point font, using double spaces in normal margins. The normal word count for an SOP ranges between 800 and 1000 words. 

3. What word count is appropriate for an Australian SOP?

An SOP application for an Australian student visa is somewhere around 1000 words and can go up to a maximum of 1500 words. 

4. How do you finish an SOP?

The concluding paragraph of your SOP should summarise the most important points covered in the document. It should also reiterate your desire to study at the university, highlighting why you should be selected over the other applicants.

5. Does an Australian Student Visa require an SOP?

Yes, the immigration authorities in Australia demand submission of an SOP before the issuance of an International Student Visa.

6. How much gap is accepted to study in Australia?

Every university in Australia has its criteria for acceptance of academic and professional gaps in a student SOP. All universities generally accept small gap periods of 1-2 years. Make sure to provide the exact reasons for the same in your application. 

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Updated on January 13, 2023

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personal statement for visa application australia

Great support!!

Interaction with idp is very helpful to me . My doubts and queries were peacefully heard and given suggestions that were worth knowing . I personally liked the calm behaviour and eagerness to help each time . Thank you

Student from Kolkata

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Australia - Sample, Format, and Tips


Updated On 22 January 2024

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SOP, or statement of purpose, is one of the main documents to study in Australia as it is something that the admission committees and the visa officer inspect seriously and decide whether you should be further considered for admission. The statement of purpose contains your personal and professional information, motivation, and purpose behind choosing the program and the university you’re applying to, along with your motivation to study in Australia.

Well, if you’re also applying for a visa and looking for guidance on how to write a Statement of Purpose for Australia , then you are at the right place. This blog aims to help you write the best SOP for Australia Student Visa for your application while providing you with the format, tips, samples, etc. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this useful and interesting read started, shall we?

Table of Contents

Importance of an sop for an australian university, how is an sop for australia different from that of other countries, sop format for australia student visa, tips while writing personal statements for australian student visa, sop sample for australia.

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You must submit a Statement of Purpose for Australia to show you're a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). The SOP reflects your reasons for choosing Australia for academic pursuits. It's a crucial document that explains your intentions and highlights the temporary nature of your stay.

Be clear and honest about your educational goals and how they align with your chosen course in Australia. This helps immigration authorities understand that you genuinely plan to study, comply with visa rules, and return to your home country after completing your studies.

An SOP for Australia points out the primary facts and proof from your academic and professional history instead of extensive incidents or going into detailed descriptions. The Australian immigration authorities are more interested in how you intend to apply your academic knowledge and expertise to transform your field of work.

Therefore, it is critical to focus on academic achievements, proficiencies, and abilities that demonstrate this truth rather than storytelling and extensive narratives that other countries tolerate.

SOP for Australia follows a well-structured format.

Australia typically prefers SOPs in text format, unlike some countries that may accept video essays along with SOP submissions.

Australian universities specifically require SOPs for courses such as Arts, Business, and Education. In contrast, countries like the US or Canada mandate SOP submissions for bachelor's and graduate courses.

Let us look at the generally followed format for writing the best SOP for Australia.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and why you are drafting this Statement of Purpose for Australia.

Paragraph 2: Mention about your academic and professional background.

Paragraph 3: Discuss your motivation and reason behind pursuing the chosen program. Use valid reasoning and clarify why pursuing this particular program in Australia is important to you. Also, include why you have chosen to study at the university you are applying to.

Paragraph 4: Here, discuss your future plans and how this program will help you achieve them. Also, mention your financial conditions and how you will manage your studies and living expenses in Australia.

Paragraph 5: Conclude your personal statement stressing your motivation to study the program and how you look forward to it.

Note: The structure mentioned above is general and applies to all the universities and SOP for Australia Student Visa , but specific guidelines are often provided to write the SOP. So, make sure you research and follow them properly.

Writing a good SOP for Australia can be confusing for many students. There is so much information, and we might not know what to put. This is where tips must be read and taken into consideration. So, let’s look at some tips to keep in mind while writing an SOP for Australia .

Be concise: The visa SOP for Australia has a word limit of 300 - 400 words. With so much information, it becomes a task to include everything in this. This is why you have to be concise.

Weave a story: Just like a story is interesting to read, make sure your SOP for Australia is also interesting to read. Connect everything with each other and make sure nothing is out of place. Use smooth transitions throughout the statement of purpose. 

Make a strong point: While writing the Statement of Purpose for Australia, you are required to answer why pursuing your chosen program is important to you and how it will help you accomplish your future goals. So, make sure you present strong and valid points relative to your future goals and incentives.

Research well about the program and the university: The visa officer knows which students did the research well and which didn’t. So ensure you know about the program and the university and mention valid points.

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Let us look at two sample SOP for Australia Visa for two of the top universities in Australia .

I am (Your Name) , a permanent resident of India. I am writing this personal statement to support my choice of studying for a Bachelor of Accounting at La Trobe University . I will include all the necessary details to better understand my candidature.

While planning to study abroad, Australia was my unparalleled choice. I inspected all the factors associated with pursuing studies abroad, like safety, job opportunities, learning and program outcomes and student support, and all this strengthened my determination to study in Australia as the country offers all this and much more. Additionally, I wanted to pursue my studies at a university that is well-established and renowned for its courses worldwide, and La Trobe fits my goals and expectations well.

I chose my program given my avid interest in Accountancy as a subject. I will attain essential insights into accounting by closely examining and looking at all the relevant growing sectors with exposure to the right resources. This degree will help me achieve success as per the needs of the running market trends.

Upon completion of the course, I will return to India. I have my family and friends here, and I have a very close relationship with them. For me, being around my family, celebrating festivals and having a good time is very important. After coming back, I wish to work in job roles like an Auditor, Managerial Accountant, or Financial Analyst. I also want to contribute to the development of my country by being a skilled professional and helping my parents navigate life.

I want to draw your attention to the point that I do not have any previous study gaps or immigration history.

With this, I thank you for allowing me to explain my desires and goals.

I am Rosie Marie , a design professional and enthusiast from India. I’m drafting this personal statement to discuss my candidature to study for a Master of Design at your esteemed university.

My parents have always stressed the importance of a good education, which has motivated me to keep going. I completed 10th and 12th in 2016 and 2018 from XYZ School under CBSE with an aggregate of 7.4 CGPA and XX%, respectively.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by how designs can change the audience's perspective. So, after schooling, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Design - Graphic Design from XYZ Institute.

Talking about my professional trajectory, I currently work at Thence and have previously worked with well-known Indian brands. I have worked as a UI/UX Designer for over 2 years, focusing on creating excellent user experiences.

Design captivates my body and soul. So, when post-graduation came into the picture, it was obvious that I wanted to pursue design further. I decided to look for good design courses in India and abroad, but eventually decided to go for international education. After thorough research, I found the perfect course, Master of Design at Curtin University . This course revolves around Experience Design, Social Design, and Speculative Design, and I look forward to learning more about it.

This comprehensive course will equip me with versatile abilities suitable for various rewarding professions, including Graphic Designer, User Experience Designer, and Brand Strategist. One of the most enticing aspects of this program is its targeted approach, which paves the way for prospective career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Curtin University is my first choice, given its academic excellence and it being in the top 1% of institutions in the world. The courses offered by the university are very practical and research-oriented. I look forward to benefiting from the industry connections the university can offer me and learning from the veteran faculty.

India has good universities like NID and IIT, but these institutions are highly competitive. There are other various universities, but the quality of education at an international institute compared to them is relatively better.

While selecting a country, Australia was my top choice. Given the country's distinct academic excellence, I gave it the edge over other nations. It also stood out due to its superior infrastructure and range of academic programmes.

After completing the program, I wish to return to India and build a career here. My long-term career goal is to work with top organisations as a senior Graphic Designer, User Experience Designer, Brand Strategist, etc.

I hope I have provided ample personal, academic and professional information and my grounds for choosing the course. If given this chance, I will make the best of this and work to the best of my capabilities to complete my chosen program.

I look forward to being a proud Curtin alumnus.

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In conclusion, pay detailed attention to the personal statements. Have a clear idea of what the visa officer wants to know about you and explain your candidature well. These personal statements are deciding factors of admission into your dream university and gaining a visa to study in Australia, and a well and concise SOP can work wonders in your favour. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind while writing the SOP for Australia . Just be who you are, and it will be amazing. We wish you the best for your future endeavours.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the SOP for Australia Visa, its format and tips. Still, if you would like to get a deeper understanding or have any questions about how to study in Australia , we encourage you to speak with our team of expert Australia counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) . Visit our website for free online counselling , or contact us at [email protected] or 1800-1230-00011 for personalised support.

Q1. What is an SOP for Australia student visa, and why is it important?

Ans. An SOP for Australia student visa is a document that outlines your academic and career goals, reasons for choosing a specific course and institution in Australia, and your intentions to return to your home country after completing your studies. It is essential to your visa application as it helps immigration authorities assess your genuineness and suitability for studying in Australia.

Q2. What should be included in an SOP for Australia student visa?

Ans. An SOP for Australia student visa should include information about your educational background, previous academic achievements, relevant work experience, reasons for choosing Australia as a study destination, chosen course and institution, career aspirations, and how studying in Australia will contribute to your future goals. It should also highlight your intention to comply with visa regulations and return to your home country upon completing your studies.

Q3. What is the recommended format for an SOP for Australia student visa?

Ans. The format of an SOP can vary, but typically, it should be written in essay format, starting with an introduction, followed by body paragraphs that cover different aspects of your academic and career journey, and concluding with a summary of your goals and commitment to studying in Australia. It should be well-structured, concise, and error-free.

Q4. Are there any specific tips for writing an effective SOP for Australia student visa?

Ans. Some tips for writing an effective SOP for Australia student visa include clearly stating your motivation and passion for studying in Australia, demonstrating a strong connection between your past experiences and your chosen course, being specific about the reasons for choosing a particular institution, providing evidence of your academic abilities and achievements, and showcasing how your studies in Australia will contribute to your future career goals. It is also crucial to proofread your SOP for grammar and spelling errors and to ensure it follows the guidelines provided by the Australian immigration authorities.

Q5. Can I seek professional assistance writing my SOP for Australia student visa?

Ans. Yes, you can seek professional assistance, such as hiring an education consultant or utilising professional editing services, to review and guide your SOP. However, it is important to ensure that the SOP's content reflects your thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Plagiarism or submitting someone else's work as your own can have serious consequences and may lead to visa rejection. It is recommended to use professional assistance to enhance and refine your ideas and writing skills.

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How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Visa Application (5 Min Trick)

Planning on studying abroad read on to know more about what is a statement of purpose and how to write a statement of purpose for a visa application a statement of purpose (sop) is the most important document that could be the deciding factor on whether or not your visa application gets accepted..

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Visa Application

If you’ve been making plans to study abroad , you would have done your part of the research to understand what are the requirements for visa application. Though it may differ from country to country, below is a generic list of requirements while applying for a student visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Passport-size photos
  • Acceptance to a designated educational institution
  • Application fee payment receipt

Statement of Purpose for visa application

  • English language proficiency examination score

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What is a Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of purpose or an SOP is a detailed description given by an applicant which essays their professional and educational backgrounds, their personality traits and personal story. It also needs to give an explanation outlining the reasons for choosing a particular institution in the specific country, the academic course and the career choice thereafter. An SOP is required to be submitted to:

  • The admissions committee at the particular university or college of choice
  • Visa centre 

This is to convince them to accept your visa application to have your student visa issued. A Statement of purpose for a visa differs from that which needs to be submitted to colleges and universities.

Your Statement of Purpose for visa application should essentially cover these following 3 W’s:

  • W ho are you?
  • W hat are your academic qualifications and credentials?
  • Why are you the right candidate?

An SOP is typically an essay that is 1000-1500 words long and should be written in such a way that it reflects your traits and characteristics. It should be unique and specific to you. So if the content of your SOP is copied from someone else’s SOP, you would risk it being rejected. Several professional writing services provide SOP writing services. Companies like Write Right provide exemplary SOP services with their team of highly-qualified writers. 

The importance of a Statement of Purpose

An SOP is not to be mistaken with a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) or a Biodata . It is a rather detailed story that clearly explains and engulfs your profile including the following points:

  • Your life visions 
  • Your desire to study abroad
  • Your career goals
  • Your beliefs
  • Subject knowledge
  • Plans after pursuing a course abroad.

To put it in a gist, a well-written SOP should portray your overall personality and your general outlook. Remember, an SOP is very important as it would be scrutinized by the visa officer and the institution to which you are applying. So take it as an opportunity, like a marketing strategy, where you need to pitch your purpose to the concerned authorities while advertising your story as well as how well you can express yourself with your impressive writing skills. 

Needless to say, there would be tons of applications that you would be competing with. In a subtle, yet impactful way, your statement of purpose for visa application should paint a picture of all the reasons why you should be selected over other applicants. You may think that your academic background falls short of the requisite expectations. But even in such a case, there is no need to lose hope. A well-written SOP could compensate for a slight lack in your academics by highlighting your future goals and explaining how ambitious you are.

Statement of Purpose for visa application is the most crucial part of your student visa application. The Visa officers would only consider your application if your SOP is honest and reflects your true persona and identity explained professionally. If you are planning on studying abroad, it is important to note that most of the countries would require you to write an SOP to be attached to your visa file, like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

Format of SOP

While there may not be a fixed format for a statement of purpose for visa application, it would bode well for you if it is formatted and sequentially written professionally. Below are a few simple pointers that you might need to remember while drafting your SOP:

  • An SOP is written in paragraph form. It should ideally be 5-7 paragraphs long with 150 to 250 words per para.
  • The use of bullet points is accepted but its usage should be kept to a bare minimum and maybe even avoided altogether as far as possible.
  • Follow the general rules associated with essay writing.
  • A standard SOP is ideally two pages long unless otherwise specified.
  • The maximum font size to be used is a 12 point font and should be double spaced in normal margins. So, a standard SOP would be around 800-1000 words depending upon the font type used. The acceptable length could exceed 1000 words, but you need to ensure that it does not go beyond 1200 words.
  • Colourful text, font, and images should not be used. The text should be the default color of plain black and nothing else other than black.

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Structure of Statement of Purpose for Visa

Let us go through the paragraphs as stated below to understand the structure of the statement of purpose. Please note that the below-mentioned structure is not the only way to write your SOP. It is only indicative of how a well-written SOP should be structured.

Start with the top right corner by mentioning your name and your address along with your e-mail address. Below this, on the left-hand side, address the statement of purpose to the visa officer of the particular country for which you are applying.

This is the part where you mention the subject of the matter in your SOP, not unlike the format in which you write a letter or an e-mail. It is a header that needs to mention the subject matter of your statement of purpose for visa application. For example-

  • An SOP for Masters
  • An SOP for Grad school
  • An SOP for MBA

3. Introduction

This should be the starting paragraph, but it is not to be confused with a self-introduction. Instead of using it to describe yourself, this paragraph should be used to give a brief description of what you intend to discuss in your statement of purpose for your visa application. You may adopt various approaches to go about this paragraph: 

  • Talk about your long-term goal and inter-link it with your aspiration of pursuing the course you are applying for.
  • Explain your understanding of your chosen field and also elaborate on how you could contribute to the said field.
  • In about 2-3 lines give a brief about your background and connect it with your future goals
  • To give it more of personal touch you can even mention an anecdote that helped you realize your interest in the chosen professional field which will help. It humanizes your statement of purpose for visa application and the officer might be able to connect with the narration.
  • More often than not, students make the mistake of introducing themselves or talking about their childhood in the first paragraph. But it is very important to understand and realize the purpose behind writing the SOP. It is not about narrating a detailed story about yourself. It is all about expressively and professionally sharing your past experiences, your current aspirations, and your plans, joining all these dots in a sequential flow while also trying to convince that you have a contribution to make to their country just as their country will contribute to your growth.

4. Academic Background and details

This is the second paragraph that should summarize your academic background, qualifications, and accolades (if any). It also elaborates on what you have done so far, what you are currently pursuing,

academic strengths, projects done, or any industrial training exposure. If your grades are not that impressive, fret not. Please make sure that you do not particularly highlight any negative aspects in your SOP, without being dishonest in your approach. Do take note that you have to put across your point subtly and give them the necessary details emphasizing the noteworthy aspects of your academics.

5. Professional Experience

The third paragraph comprises your professional experiences. That is if you have any professional experience it should be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. This helps in establishing your career progression. An impressive career graph is also a great plus point and would add to your positives.

6. Reasons why you choose this particular Course

In the fourth paragraph, you need to list out the reasons for opting for the particular academic course in question.   In this paragraph, you should elaborate on the reasons for wanting to join the desired specific course and the different modules that you would be covering during this course. You should also discuss the skills you would be acquiring as a result of the course along with the exposure you would gain in this duration that would help in developing and honing the skills that are required to achieve your professional goals.

7. Career Goals and aspirations

This is the most important paragraph and should be the highlight of your SOP. Here you should elaborate on your near-future short-term goals as well as your long-term plans. 

Short-term goal: This mentions your immediate goal of where and what kind of a company you would want to work with right after you graduate from the course post-completion. Do remember to name some good MNCs with a global presence to not limit yourself geographically. Also, make a mention of the designation at which you see yourself working. Simply put, this paragraph should give a brief about the kind of job profile that you aspire to have in your near future.

Long-term plans: This is where you discuss your dream goals and aspirations like where do you see yourself in 10-15 years from the present. Although your plans may change later, you have to give an honest view about what you currently aspire to be or do. Say, for example, you may see yourself working at the top management level of a big multinational corporation or maybe you want to be an entrepreneur and are working towards starting and expanding your own business. You may be planning on contributing to expanding your family business to a global level or you may want to study further, maybe get a doctorate, or even want to become a professor or a researcher.

Whatever your plans may be, it is advisable to briefly discuss your professional goals, principles and core values. But please note that it should not just be about you. You need to ensure that you also mention how you would be able to create a difference while treading on your journey. It is important to be able to portray how you would also influence young aspirants within the industry considering the current industrial and economic scenarios and also guide them to achieve their goals and become better global citizens of tomorrow.

  8. Reasons why you opted for this University

In paragraph number six, you should try and convince the specific University about your suitability of candidature. You should discuss the benefits of the knowledgeable faculty, the course curriculum, research and fieldwork, internship opportunities as well as other activities that are specific to the university. Also, make sure that you mention how all of these things would contribute to enhancing your profile as well as how you would be the right fit for their college and how you could make a contribution to them.  

9. Closing Paragraph of SOP

In this paragraph of your statement of purpose for visa application, you should conclude by stating your passion, willingness, and readiness to pursue your desired course at the college of your choice. You need to ensure that you sound focused on your vision for the future and emphasize your seriousness to follow your dreams. Also, do make sure that you mention your preparedness to face and overcome the challenges that come your way. This para should reflect your zeal and zest to work hard and succeed with the help of your course and your college and also how willing you are to make a difference to your specific industry and the world at large on a global platform.

Is there a difference between a Statement of Purpose same as a Personal Statement?

A personal statement seems to be quite similar to a statement of purpose, except for a few aspects. An SOP would ideally include a two-page essay about your goals, motivation, experience, extracurricular activities, achievements, and so on. A personal statement on the other hand is a crisp, one-page essay about your experiences, motivation, achievements, and so on. A personal statement is usually more personal than an SOP. So a personal statement should be more elaborate about your goals and aspirations. Whereas an SOP is a much more detailed form of a personal statement.

How to write a great SOP?

Here are the three major steps that need to be kept in mind while writing your SOP:

  • Plan your SOP well- The first and foremost thing to be done is to plan your SOP by outlining a structure and accordingly work towards constructing the SOP. A good way to build your introductory paragraph is by quoting an anecdote that piqued your interest in your chosen field. List down relevant pointers and create a step-by-step framework for each paragraph, then elaborate on each of the points mentioned systematically and creatively. Also, most importantly, emphasize your reason for choosing the course and the university.
  • Prepare a draft- Before moving on further, ensure that you create a draft and then re-draft your SOP to eliminate errors. Please note that when you also share your learnings from your professional experiences, it shows that you are a keen learner, which is a positive point. Ensure to use active voice when writing your SOP. Try and limit the use of technical terms and jargon. The introduction and conclusion of your SOP need to be clear and concise that communicates your vision. One point to remember, your SOP should always be written in reverse chronological order.
  • Review before you send your final SOP submission- It’s always important to review your work before final submission. Reviewing and re-analyzing your work will help to rectify any flaws in the order, flow, grammar, vocabulary, long sentences, punctuation, sentence construction errors, and other errors and issues. Please ensure that your SOP is proofread, verified, and double-checked properly before submission. If possible, try and get a second opinion, maybe from your professor, a senior, or a counsellor.

Here are a couple of tips to write an impactful SOP

  • Please DO NOT COPY the content available on the internet and paste it into your SOP.
  • Please ensure that your SOP is not too long and limit the number of words to 1000-1500 maximum.
  • Keep it brief and concise and avoid going on and on to make your point.
  • Avoid simple grammatical errors in the final SOP. Moreover, try to keep the sentences short and simple.
  • Please do not cook up stories in your SOP. Ensure that everything you mention is authentic and believable. Your honesty will go a long way.
  • Keep the tone of your SOP conversational tone to make it interesting.
  • Try to get some expert guidance that will help you to write an effective and impactful SOP.
  • You are narrating your story through your SOP so write sentences in the first person and not in the second/third person.
  • Make sure you highlight your achievements (academic and extra-curricular).

What to include in SOP?

  • Introduction with an anecdote
  • Professional aspirations
  • Academic goals
  • Personal motivations
  • Reason to choose the particular course or College
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Achievements

What not to include in your SOP?

  • Family background
  • Informal language or slang
  • Irrelevant and unnecessary information
  • Repetition of words or phrases
  • Long, meaningless sentences

Common mistakes that students should avoid while writing SOP

Here are some of the common mistakes that students generally make while writing the SOP:

  • Sometimes students make the grave mistake of taking the SOP too lightly. Please make sure that you give it proper thought and spend enough time writing an impactful SOP.  In the eleventh-hour students often make the mistake of copying and simply pasting it as their work. Do not take that risk and ensure you do proper homework for your SOP.
  • Creating a weak introduction and conclusion could result in the rejection of your SOP. Try to summarize your academic achievements and experiences in a concise form that reflects your overall personality.
  • The use of informal language or slang in your SOP. Ensure that you write your SOP in a formal, professional language.
  • Exceeding the word limit by getting carried away with your story and writing irrelevant information will result in creating a negative impression. Keep it professional.
  • Submission without proofreading your SOP. Reverification and double-checking are very important.

Writing an effective and impactful Statement of Purpose for visa application requires a lot of time, effort, and thought. However, it also depends upon the way you do your research and homework. It is also quite subjective and the time taken to write the SOP may vary from person to person.  But the important thing is that you do not make the mistake of taking it too lightly. This is not like your regular college assignment. A well-written SOP can make or break your dream of studying abroad. And remember, nobody is perfect. Sometimes, it’s a swing and a miss. Yet, you have no reason to give up hope. If your application gets rejected for some reason, you can always try again and this time, do it even better.

Give it your all, work hard, and eventually, the results will speak for themselves. SOP demonstrates an important aspect of your personality- which is your communication. It all depends on how you portray everything. So do not get too bogged down by all the information available online. Be patient, do some research, and spend your valuable time on the right resources.

All the best!

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personal statement for visa application australia

Q. How many pages should an SOP be visa be?

For a student visa application an SOP should be of 2 pages which means an application should have 1000 to 1500 words for example if the applicant is applying for student visa in Canada.

Q. Is SOP for visa and admission different?

Yes. The SOP for admission means the student is applying for the enrollment in the university for the course. SOP for visa is after an acceptance when the student is called for a visa interview.

Q. Is SOP compulsory for a visa application?

Yes. SOP is very important the applicant have to write an SOP whether it is for SDS or non- SDS. SOP mentions the reason why the applicant is choosing a particular course in the chosen university. So yes, SOP is a must for visa.

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia


How To Write SO...

How To Write SOP For Australia?


Statement of purpose is a means through which you can directly communicate with the decision-making authorities. You can convince the Immigration officials of Australia and the Australian university to gain admission to your dream university by explaining your purpose of wanting to study in Australia. To stand out from the crowd of thousands of applications and write an engaging SOP to secure your application acceptance, we've detailed the guidelines, tips and requirements to help you craft your SOP to study in Australia .

University Requirements On Statement Of Purpose For Australia

Most universities in Australia ask for a personal statement or a sample SOP for Australia student visa. They generally require an SOP for Australia from India of 1000 words, although there are exceptions. Let us discuss the essential elements necessary for personal statements and SOP for Australia study visa. Before diving deeper, please understand that the guidelines for the SOP of Australia change based on your course. 

For Undergraduate applicants:  Australian universities are looking for two things, particularly in their Australia SOP from an undergraduate —motivation and vision. All you need to do is describe how you developed an interest in the subject of your choice and how choosing this subject will help you in your academic and professional growth. Don't forget to mention why you singled Australia out from the rest!

Suggested: Bachelor’s in Australia

For Postgraduate applicants:  You can delve deeper into the technicalities since you must have relevant experience. This experience can be professional in terms of work experience or personal projects related to academics or real-life implementations. 

So, focus on your role in projects and link that is of prime importance and relevance to your course. Make sure you don't fill up the SOP for Australia student visa with every detail of your projects. Also, your employment history should be well described, including your designation, the skills acquired, and the qualities developed or showcased while working. Please discuss how the MS degree or others will help shape your career. If there is no prompt, focus on your motivation to pursue MS in a specific subject or other courses. 

For PhD applicants:  An PhD SOP for Australia student visa sample can sometimes be different from a master's. You may not adhere to the 1000-word criteria we have set beforehand, and you can go up to 1500 words. You have to be reasonably technical in your description of projects since the admission committee evaluators will find you a good candidate who can also assist the professor in their research.

Guidelines To Write SOP For Australia Student Visa And University 

Australian universities rarely ask for a Statement Of Purpose for Australia, but it may be required for business, arts, and education graduate/bachelor's degrees in Australia. An SOP for Australia is different from the rest in terms of content which needs to be factual rather than building a narrative. 

Unless otherwise stated, you should not write the SOP for Australia university that exceeds three pages. The English used in the SOP for Australia visa should match the IELTS / TOEFL / PTE score. You must write it yourself and ensure that all information provided in the statement should be backed by supporting documents. 

Further, let's check the additional information about university applications for Australia.

You should provide proof of all the submitted documents when applying for the Australian visa subclass 500 as part of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). Also, mention that you intend to only stay in the country until the stated program's duration. The sample SOP for Australia student visa (GTE) is more pertinent. 

Some universities may or may not require an Australia SOP sample but will have a section in the application form asking specific questions (why this university/ why Australia/ how this course will help your future goals, etc.) You can answer this question preemptively in 5-6 lines.

If you are wondering how to write SOP for Australia, here’s your answer. These steps will help you design an impressive format for your SOP for Australia from India. Let's immediately check the SOP format for Australia student visa/university! 

An Introduction (Interest in your field of study)

Start your SOP format for Australia by introducing yourself. How did you develop your interest in the field you are planning to pursue your Master's/bachelor’s? Mention the subjects, incidents, or stories that spark your interest in the program. 

Personal and financial details in your home country 

Provide details about your family background, earning members, employment, financial history, information like the occupation of all members, income, assets/ properties/ investments, etc., details of foreign travel, visa refusals in the past, and IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE scores.

Educational background 

State your 10th and 12th grades, your undergrad experience, backlogs/year gaps/low scores (if any) with a proper explanation.

Work experience/Internships (if any) 

You can talk about your roles and the key takeaways that align with your master's goal for the work experience. 

Reason for Master's/Bachelor’s and the particular course

Please talk about your career goals and how will the master's/bachelor's course helps you achieve your ambitions/ global employability. 

Reason for choosing Australia

Why not India? Why not other countries? Try tying it back to the paragraph where you mentioned why Australia. 

Reasons for choosing the university

Mention the program offered. Why this university? You can talk about funds, loans (if taking), accommodation, travel costs for the entire duration, show enough funds for at least one year of stay + tuition + travel expenses, and other commitments to the university/country. 

Why are you an ideal candidate? How will you contribute to the university? What are your plans, and how will the course contribute to them? 

Suggested: SOP questions to consider

Australia SOP: Guidelines For Top Universities

Writing an SOP Australia student visa sample differs from writing an SOP for the Australian university you are applying for. The universities in Australia gauge the motive of choosing the subject or course using the SOP. Still, only some top Australian universities ask for a SOP. 4 top Australian universities require you to submit an SOP. We’ve detailed the guidelines below.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney 

UNSW requires SOP submission for students applying for degrees in Engineering, Science, Business, and Arts & Science. The format for writing the SOP for the university includes 2500 characters mentioning achievements in school, 1000 characters stating the reason for applying for the course, and 1000 characters detailing how the course will help you in your higher education.

Macquarie University 

Macquarie University requires you to submit SOP only if you are applying to study a Bachelor of Education course with them. You need to write your SOP within 750 words answering the essential questions. It includes mentioning the skills that will aid in teaching, effective communication with students of different age groups, your reason for choosing the course, and the role of education in society according to you. 

University of Wollongong

You must submit an SOP with your student application to the University of Wollongong only if you apply for education courses. The word count must be at most 250 words. Explain the purpose of your wanting to study the course, opt for a career in teaching and your inspiration behind it. Describe your time management and a case study involving your problem-solving skills. 

University of Melbourne

As an international student, you must submit SOP to the University of Melbourne only when you apply to study Faculty of Arts and Melbourne Business School. The word count is between 500-600 for the student SOP. You must include extra-curricular activities, work experience, and achievements in your statement of purpose. 

Suggested: How to shortlist right universities abroad?

Tips To Write SOP Of Australia For Indian Students

SOP is an important determining factor of your admission into your dream Australian university and getting your student visa for Australia. This statement gives the deciding authorities an understanding of your life and your purpose for wanting to study at an Australian university. Application processing is time-consuming, and any rejections will lead you to re-application by re-working your SOP. So, aim to write the best SOP in your first application.

These tips will increase your SOP for an Australia study visa/university admission. Let's check them!

  • Be mindful that the same statement of purpose for an Australia student visa can be produced when applying for a university. 
  • Refrain from stating anywhere in the statement of purpose Australia student visa sample that you wish to stay in Australia. Instead, establish emotional/financial ties back to your home country and mention how much your income will improve after your Master's/Bachelor’s/PhD. 
  • If you have an academic setback, please mention it. Elucidate how you grew stronger after the setback and spent that time productively in your sample statement of purpose for Australian universities.
  • If an SOP for Australia is very detail-oriented and straightforward, it varies. Add enough anecdotes/inspiration/back story wherever required.
  • Write the SOP samples for Australia in a formal, first-person, and direct tone.
  • Substantiate your claims about various traits/skills and other financials with documents.
  • Edit and proofread your SOP for Australia student visa/university multiple times to avoid plagiarism. 
  • The point of a GTE is to ensure that you have backed all your claims, so ensure that everything mentioned here has been submitted while applying for a visa.

Wrapping up 

After deciding on the Australian university, you want to study at, check their official website for the course you want to study. Look for the SOP requirement details in the course section and write an SOP answering their questions to meet their criteria. Ensure you also craft your SOP for an Australia student visa based on the above information. If you have any questions or want to clarify your doubts regarding this or any thing related to academics here, you can always reach out to our Yocket counsellors anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Statement Of Purpose For Australia

Ques: Do Australian visa officers read the SOP?

Ans: Yes. Visa SOP for Australia is an important document. The immigration officers of Australia read the statement of Purpose you submit with your student visa application. Your SOP will give them an understanding of your personal, educational and career background, your motives for study, etc. It is an essential determinant of your Australian student visa approval. 

Ques: Are SOP and GTE the same?

Ans: No, SOP and GTE are different. A genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement is an elaborate explanation that an applicant writes to explain the intention of wanting to study in Australia. Statement Of Purpose sample for Australia student visa is the most common and widely accepted in Australian universities. 

Ques: How vital is SOP for studying in an Australian university?

Ans: A statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the essential documents in your student application form to the Australian university. It helps the university staff understand you and assess your study application.

Ques: Can we write quotes in Australia student visa SOP?

Ans: Yes, you can include a quote in your SOP format for an Australia student visa, provided you can tie it firmly to your story. It must be relevant and should be able to give the reader an idea of your purpose of application. 

Ques: Is there a minimum word count to write an SOP for an Australian student visa/university?

Ans: Most universities in Australia that mandate the submission of SOP from their student applicants mention a minimum of 1000 words of SOP. The maximum is 1500 words, but the word count may vary from university to another, and on the course you want to study. For instance, the University of Melbourne requires you to write an SOP within 500-600 words. So, before you write an SOP to apply to your dream Australian university, head to the university's official website and check the SOP requirements before crafting your SOP.

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa

' src=

  • Updated on  
  • Sep 9, 2022

Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa

If you’re planning to pursue high education in Australia, then you might be aware that apart from submitting a letter of recommendation ( LOR ), transcripts/mark sheets, English language test scorecards like that of IELTS/TOEFL for taking admission in Australian colleges, you will also need to produce an SOP to obtain an Australian Student Visa. It gives your case officer an opportunity to understand your intent for seeking the Visa, the motivation behind pursuing higher education in the island continent and whether you genuinely wish to study in Australia or not. The procedure of writing a statement of purpose can seem extremely confusing, especially if you’re writing it for the first time. Hence, through this blog, we will shed light on how to write an impeccable sample SOP for an Australian Student Visa.

This Blog Includes:

Requirements for sop for australian student visa, what to include in your sop, how to write an sop for an australian student visa, important points, how is sop for australia different, topics to be covered in the sop for australian student visa, sop for australian student visa: guidelines for top universities.

There are certain requirements specified by the Immigration department of Australia that you must keep in mind while writing your SOP. Here are the major requirements for SOP for Australian Student Visa:

What should be the length of the SOP for an Australian Student Visa? There is no word limit specified for the length of the SOP for the Australian Student Visa thus candidates are advised to keep the SOP only 2 or 3 pages long.

What are the supporting documents needed? The Immigration department of Australia suggests that the candidates provide any supporting documents like the academic degree or certificates pertaining to their academic background or any professional experience they have mentioned in the SOP for an Australian student visa.

Along with this, English is the standard language for submitting your SOP for an Australian student visa and your written skills must match your proficiency in the language.

Here are the important points you must include in your SOP for an Australian Student Visa:

  • Why you want to study in Australia : Mention why you have chosen Australia as the study destination for your program, and what’s unique about their education system, curriculum, university, etc.
  • Assure that you have the requisite funds: It is essential that you mention in your SOP your financial situation and how you will be funding your stay in Australia, whether through a scholarship or your own funds. Mention your family income, employment status, dependents, etc. Attach any additional documents, if needed.
  • Give an Overview of the Study Program and University: Now, you must give a comprehensive outline of the course that you are planning to pursue as well as why you have chosen that particular program and the universities that you are aiming to apply for. This will further establish your intention for pursuing the study program and how it will help you in your academic and professional journey.
  • Explain which university you plan to study at and why : You must also mention which university you aspire to study at and why you have selected the particular university. This is very important if you are applying for several universities as you should mention the major options you look forward to joining.
  • Future Goals & How they Align with your Study Program: You must include your future goals in your SOP for an Australian Student Visa. Most importantly, align them with your study program and the knowledge, skills and exposure you aspire to gain by pursuing the particular course in Australia.

Note: Interact one-on-one with renowned university representatives, submit an application in a single click, and receive offers and scholarships immediately with Uniconnect by Leverage Edu.

How to Write SOP For Australian Student Visa

It is important that you break down your SOP into paragraphs both for your own clarity and so that the case officer can have a cohesive understanding of your candidature. Here is an image that lays down the SOP format.

SOP Format for Australian Student Visa

Now, let’s understand how you can write an SOP for an Australian student visa.

First Paragraph

Once you sit down to draft a sample SOP, the introduction or the first paragraph will be the most time-consuming. Essentially because it must invoke curiosity and also reflect your career aspiration s. You can start with something interesting such as an analogy or a quotation that not only inspires you but is also aligned with your goals! It must also be a space where you introduce your intentions and goals

Second and Third Paragraphs

The second and third paragraphs are the body of your essay. They must give the case officer a brief into your life, your background and your family status. Further, apart from the academic qualification and your strengths and weakness es, here are some other details that must be included while drafting a sample SOP for an Australian visa :

Fourth Paragraph

The fourth paragraph of the SOP for Australian Student Visa must deal with answering the important “why” questions, these include “ why Australia “, “ why the particular course and university “, etc. It might also be interesting to narrate instances that made you make this decision. The essay must carry an empathetic tone that espouses passion so that it makes the reader curious to know more about you.

Fifth Paragraph

The fifth paragraph is the concluding part of the SOP. As discussed earlier, it must include how the given course and the opportunity to study in Australia will benefit your career trajectory and the pathway you want to walk down. Apart from highlighting what you like about the university, you should also elucidate how you will be an asset to the educational institute.

  • Plagiarism is a big no-no for any document in your admission or VISA process, especially the SOP. It can lead to a direct rejection of your application.
  • You must also adhere to the prescribed word limit which is usually around 1000-1500 words.
  • Don’t be too casual in your writing, it must sound academically oriented and formal.
  • Substantiate your achievements and traits by providing relevant evidence and examples.
  • It is important that you take an optimistic approach while explaining your failures and hardships.
  • Pre-plan by writing a sample SOP for an Australian student Visa and do not leave it until the last minute. This way you will have ample time to revise and make necessary changes. 

Let us now look at a sample SOP for an Australian Student Visa to make things more clear.

Now that you are familiar with all the details about how to write an SOP through sample SOP for Australian Student Visa, here are some SOPs that you can consider reading:

Following is a comparison of SOP for Australian universities and another well-known study abroad locations:

  • In countries like Canada and the USA, SOP is necessary for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, however in Australia, it is only necessary for courses in business, the arts, and education.
  • In Australia, SOP for student visas is more significant than in the USA, where SOP for masters programmes is more important.
  • In Australia, a written SOP is required, although some Canadian universities also require a video essay.
  • Australia’s SOPs are more structured than those of other nations like the USA, Canada, etc.
  • Reasons for studying Australia
  • Economic circumstances
  • Details about course
  • Details about university
  • Gap in study or work experience
  • Future goals
  • History of travel

University of Melbourne

  • There should be a 500–600 word limit.
  • Melbourne Business School and the Faculty of Arts both require this.
  • Include information about your employment history, extracurricular activities, accomplishments, etc.

University of New South Wales Sydney

  • Prerequisite for UNSW’s foundational courses in Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Business, and Science
  • The following categories must be used to group SOP for Australia: High school accomplishments: 2,500 words Application justifications: 1000 characters How the prep programme will aid in degree programme preparation: 1000 characters

University of Wollongong

  • The following inquiries require 250-word responses:
  • What made you decide that becoming a teacher was a good career move for you, and why?
  • Mention any leadership, neighbourhood, or professional development endeavours you have been a part of.
  • Describe how you manage your time when organising activities and your personal life.
  • Describe any situations where you used problem-solving techniques.

Macquarie University

  • Required for Macquire University’s Bachelor of Education programme
  • Within 750 words, respond to the following SOP questions for Australia:
  • What motivated you to pursue a profession in education?
  • How will you interact with people of various ages effectively?
  • Describe the strengths that will help you as a teacher.
  • How important is education to society?

The SOP for Australian Student Visa can make a huge impact on your admittance to the university of your dreams. You do not want to let the opportunity pass you by. With the help of Leverage Edu counsellors and mentors, you can craft the perfect SOP for an Australian Student Visa. 

' src=

Team Leverage Edu

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

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personal statement for visa application australia

Studying in Australia

  • How To Study In Australia?

Applying For Student Visa In Australia: A Step by Step Guide

  By Leo James

Written: 11 Oct 17

Students want to know how to apply for a student visa in Australia.

Are you dreaming of studying in Australia? You'll need to apply for a student visa to make that dream a reality.

Here's a simple guide: First, enrol in an Australian course and get a letter of offer. Once you accept the offer, you'll receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter. Remember, this CoE letter is a must for your student visa application.

If you're applying from outside Australia, don't forget to include the CoE with your visa application. Just having the letter of offer won't be sufficient.

In this blog, find out how to apply for an Australian student visa, the requirements, processing times, eligibility criteria, and more.

1. Eligibility Criteria For Australian Student Visa

International students aged six or older can apply for an Australian student visa if they possess a confirmation of enrollment letter and a letter of offer from an education provider.

For students below 18 years old, arranging suitable welfare support for their stay in Australia is crucial before starting the student visa application.

To apply for a student visa, students must meet specific criteria and provide evidence confirming their compliance with all requirements.

While the necessary documents may vary based on the country of passport, the Department of Home Affairs typically requires the following documents to approve an Australian student:

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

You must submit a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to obtain an Australian student visa. You also must be enrolled in a course registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students ( CRICOS ). 

Genuine Temporary Entrant

You must provide a personal statement in English stating your intention to come to Australia. This statement should satisfy the visa officer in deciding that the student's intention of coming to Australia is temporarily to gain a top-quality education.

English Language Proficiency

Students from a non-English speaking country may have to take an English test to prove their  English language proficiency . You must obtain a minimum test score in an acceptable English Language Test to apply for a student visa. The following English Language Tests are accepted:

IELTS : International English Language Testing System

TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language

C1 Advanced : Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

PTE : Pearson Test of English

OET : Occupational English Test

Financial Capacity

You must have enough money to pay your tuition fees and  living expenses  while studying in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs may ask students to provide evidence of their financial capacity and visa application.

Students must have enough money to pay for travel and tuition fees and can cover their living expenses and any family members accompanying them to Australia.

Health Insurance

You must meet the student visa health requirements. Further, you must do medical tests as part of the visa application process before applying for the visa.

It's also mandatory for overseas students to obtain  Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) , which provides medical and hospital insurance to international students in Australia.

Students entering Australia need to be of good character. The Department of Home Affairs assesses their character based on the answers to the questions they provide in their student visa application. 

The Department of Home Affairs may ask a student to provide further information if they become doubtful of a student's character.

Welfare Arrangements (Students Below 18 Years of Age)

Students under 18 years of age have to either choose a student guardian in Australia or a guardian who will accompany them to Australia on a  Student Guardian Visa . Students also have the option to ask their education provider to organize these welfare arrangements for them.

2. Student Visa Application Cost and Processing Time

The starting cost of an Australian student visa ( subclass 500 ) is AUD 650. There can be other costs related to the procurement of documents needed for the student visa application.

Most students can obtain a student visa within 1 – 2 months. The  visa processing time  can be different depending upon the country from where the student applies. It can also vary depending on the student's circumstances and how long it takes to verify his documents and seek additional information.

3. Australian Student Visa Process (Simplified)

 Seeking an Australian student visa is a 3-step process:

Apply to study  at an Australian educational institution and get accepted.

Prepare all the documents required to lodge a student visa application.

Apply for a student visa yourself or through an education agent .

4. Extending Your Stay in Australia

An Australian student visa allows you to study, stay and work in Australia for up to 5 years.  Upon finishing your studies , you can extend your visa for further studies, graduation, work, holiday, or  migrating to Australia .

5. Student Visa Conditions

All international students must abide by the conditions of their student visa; failing to do so results in visa cancellation. Students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight. However, they can work unlimited hours during course breaks. They can start working as soon as their course commences.

Only students doing a Doctorate or  Master's by research  can work full-time on a student visa.

All students must remain enrolled in a course registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). It is also crucial for students to maintain proper attendance as required by their education provider. 

International students must hold active health insurance, i.e. Overseas Student Health Cover ( OSHC ), for the entire course duration.

Students must inform their education provider of their address within seven days of coming to Australia and within seven days of any change in their address. It's needless to mention that international students must not indulge in any unlawful activity while studying in Australia.

6. Learning English in Australia

Suppose your English language skills could be better. In that case, you can study a stand-alone English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students.  (ELICOS)  in Australia before commencing your formal studies.

7. Inviting Family Members to Join You in Australia

International students can invite their family members to join them in Australia. If any family member accompanies the student to Australia, they must lodge a combined application. Suppose a family member plans to join the student later on. In that case, the student must declare them on the student visa application. 

The student needs to show that he has the funds to support any family member who joins him in Australia.

8. Conclusion

Australian student visa requirements vary on the country where you live. Therefore, checking the conditions before preparing the documents will be wise.

Although you can apply for a student visa, many choose to go with an  education agent  to simplify the application process. Students applying through an education agent must ensure that the agent is an authorized representative of the educational institution where they plan to study.

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How to Write Your Partner Visa Relationship Statement

How to Write Your Partner Visa Relationship Statement

The australian partner visa program requires that visa applicants and sponsor applicants both prepare a relationship statement. this post will explore what’s required in these relationship statements., partner visa statement package.

Get our comprehensive package to preparing your Partner Visa Statements. Don’t settle for the standard Form 888 provided by the Department, but supercharge your application with our legal precedents.

The two main purposes of your statements are:lk

  • Firstly, to explain the nature of your relationship, how you met and the narrative of the key dates in your relationship development, and;
  • Secondly, to cover the gaps in your evidence, explain any inconsistencies, and provide context to your evidence.

Each statement should be around 2-3 pages long. The primary purpose of this statement is to assist in proving that you have a genuine and ongoing relationship. This is an important opportunity to explain your relationship in your own words and demonstrate to the case officer that it is genuine. So it’s worth taking time to edit and review it to ensure that the statement is as strong as possible.

Here are the top nine tips for writing a persuasive and powerful relationship statement.

1. You should set out key dates in your relationship. Explain how you met, where you met and when you met, and make sure that you provide the exact date and location that you committed to a relationship.

Let the case office know how your relationship developed from that point. Was there a period of friendship at the start? How long did you know each other before you formed your relationship? Were you introduced? Did you meet via a dating site? It is important to articulate all the dates in chronological order so the progression of your relationship from meeting to your current de facto or married status is as clear as possible to the case officer.

2. You should print and proofread your statement several times to ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct. It is important to take your time to provide the correct spelling of important places and people’s names. Particularly, it is important that your partner and family names are all spelled correctly. We suggest that you have a family member or a close friend review the statement before you finalise it.

3. Were there any periods of physical separation? All relationships have periods of physical separation for one reason or another, whether it is because one party is either overseas, has to visit family, or perhaps there is simply a family emergency that required travel.

This is an opportunity to explain how you kept in contact, and how frequently. You should talk about the frequency of your communication during this period and if possible, provide supporting evidence. You should clearly explain why the period of physical separation happened. If this was a period of actual separation of your relationship, you should be candid in your statement about that.

4. You should clarify how your relationship developed and the key dates when it became more serious. Typically, the Department is primarily interested in the date you met face to face, the date you consider you became a serious and mutually exclusive relationship, and the date you consider you became de facto or married.

You should also set out the significant dates like funerals in the family, other marriages, key birth dates, or family crisis. If your partner has assisted you through an emotionally difficult time or supported you, then you should elaborate on that. Provide details on how the relationship developed and the periods of time when the partner was introduced to friends and family. You should not use overly emotional language but rather you should set out how you felt at each stage of the relationship progression.

5. You should also use the statement to demonstrate the nature of the household you share together. This is a criterion that specifically looks at how your household is run since you began co-residing. You can clarify who does the cooking, who does the cleaning, how other responsibilities throughout the household are split, and how your financial arrangements support your household.

6. You should also talk about the recreational activities that you do as a couple and the things that you enjoy together. This should also describe any holidays and mutual activities (RSL visits, online gaming, family trips, hiking) that you undertake together. Use this statement to describe in detail the recreational activities you enjoy doing as a couple.

7. Your statement should also explain how you share your finances, and how you manage your finances together. This is particularly relevant if you’ve yet to share your bank accounts. You should also set out financial commitment such as car repayments, shopping, rent, and/or credit card repayments. But more than the specifics, you might also like to talk about your relationship differences.

8. Not only do you need to show that your partnership is genuine at the time of application but you should also prove that it is an ongoing relationship and you both plan to spend your future together. This can be demonstrated by discussing future holidays or major purchases. If you have a joint savings account, you can discuss this. You can also explain your plans in terms of having children or potentially getting engaged or married. What’s important is that you show there is a commitment to a life together.

9. You should ensure there are accurate dates in your statement. A case officer will be checking to see whether it is consistent with both your material evidence and your application form. You should also draw attention to the length of time you’ve been together and the most important dates, like the date your first met face to face or when you began residing together. We suggest you make a rough draft of your statement using bullet points before adding extra detail. It also assists many applicants to set out a timeline and confirm that timeline with your partner prior to drafting the relationship statement. It’s very important that the applicant’s statement and the sponsor’s statement do not contain any contradictory information. Lastly, you should double-check the dates and the timeline of events in your partner’s statement, so take your time and ensure that you get it right.

Need more help? Summit Migration offers a Partner Visa Statement Package. Get our comprehensive package to preparing your Partner Visa Statements here . Don’t settle for the standard Form 888 provided by the Department, but supercharge your application with our legal precedents. This package includes:

  • The statement precedent we use at Summit Migration to prepare all our Partner Statements. This precedent is suitable for both the Applicant AND the Sponsor.
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For personalised partner visa advice, contact Summit Migration and talk with a registered migration agent today.

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