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  1. PhD

    The Pain Relief Foundation (PRF) provides grants to fund research on the mechanisms or relief of human chronic pain. Some of the projects listed below were funded by the PRF. Current PhD students, and the names of their projects, are listed below: Natural Science and Psychology, LJMU. Natural Science and Psychology, LJMU.

  2. Graduate Opportunities

    Chronic pain management is a major and growing challenge for patients, healthcare professionals and the global healthcare system. ... Pain Management MSc (London, UK) University of Otago, Christchurch Expand. Degree/Certificate (New Zealand) ... Qualifying applicants will have completed a PhD, MD, or comparable degree and have an interest in a ...

  3. PhD Studentships in Arthritis Pain Research

    PhD Studentships in Arthritis Pain Research Current Studentships. Personalised approaches to the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis - Aya Ahmed Abd Elkhabir Prevalence and risk factors of foot OA between ex-professional footballers and the general population - Ahmed Thanoon Knee pain and multimorbidity in retired male professional football players ...

  4. pain management PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

    2.8 million people in the UK have a chronic wound which persist for months or years, causing pain, isolation, odour, and decreased mobility; patients with chronic wounds regularly report a deterioration in quality of life. Polymicrobial biofilms are present in greater than 70% of chronic wounds, making effective treatment incredibly challenging.

  5. Grants, Awards & PhD's

    The 2024 Clulow Award Round will be OPEN later in the year. In 2001, Mildred B Clulow bequeathed a legacy to the British Pain Society to fund research into the causes and cure of pain. In 2011 a further legacy was bequeathed from Elaine Clulow; the Society,created a research grant award named the Clulow Award. This is a bi-ennial award.

  6. Pain Research Institute

    The Pain Research Institute was created to support academics and clinicians involved in chronic pain research. Our research focuses on improving our understanding of how pain disorders work and how they can be treated. Our research. Email: [email protected].

  7. Pain and analgesia

    Anthony Dickenson, BSc, PhD, FmedSci is Professor of Neuropharmacology at University College, London. He gained his PhD at the National Institute for Medical Research, London, has held Fellowships and posts in Paris, California and Sweden, and was appointed to the Department of Pharmacology at University College in 1983.

  8. Pain Management Programmes

    Pain Management Programmes. The Walton Centre runs several types of Pain Management Programmes (PMP). PMPs aim to support quality of life for those living with chronic pain by helping them develop coping strategies that enable them work towards their valued goals. PMPs involve sessions with occupational therapists, physiotherapist, clinical ...

  9. Pain Management MSc

    This exciting programme is the only UK-based pain management degree to offer students the choice to study fully online or by blended learning with the option to attend a number of workshops on campus. You will emerge with the skills to progress into senior clinical positions or health management roles. ... (PhD) level study upon completion ...

  10. Pain research laboratory

    a handheld digital algometer. pinprick stimulators. set of von Frey hairs. We have 2 computers and specialist software for conducting experimental studies, neuropsychological assessments and meta-analyses. We also have access to a mobile eye-tracker. For more information get in touch. +44 (0) 2380 599699. [email protected].

  11. Pain Science and Management

    The aim of Keele University's MSc in Pain and Science Management is to broaden your knowledge and understanding of neurological and neuromuscular healthcare management and rehabilitation and promote your professional and personal development. You will develop a greater insight into how different disciplines, through a programme of shared ...

  12. PhD Studentships Awarded by PRF

    Biopsychosocial Prediction Models of Pain Management Programme (PMP) Outcomes for Chronic Pain. Chronic pain is moderately or severely disabling in an estimated 8-12% of the UK population. ... that damage detected in small nerve fibres by corneal confocal microscopy and skin biopsy are related to the types of pain felt. This PhD studentship ...

  13. Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip

    The Clinical Management of Pain programme aims to tackle the 'real-world' challenges faced by clinicians, with a strong focus and connection to patients and working in practice. It is a multidisciplinary programme that aims to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of clinicians working with people experiencing pain using up-to-date ...

  14. Neuromodulation and Pain Management Online PGCert

    The Postgraduate Certificate in Neuromodulation and Pain Management is designed to provide academic qualification and specialist skills with essential knowledge, with experienced speakers who are key global opinion leaders in this niche area. ... finished his phd on discogenic low back pain; special interest in neuromodulation for low back pain ...

  15. Pain Management (MSc) (full-time)

    The MSc Degree in Pain Management is an inter-professional, e-Learning programme intended for health care professionals who want to specialise in the field of pain management. This one-year course begins by introducing the health care professional to the multifaceted nature of caring for patients who have pain.

  16. pain PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

    4-year PhD Studentship: Assessing long-lasting pain following hot-iron disbudding in dairy calves. University of Bristol Bristol Veterinary School. Although freedom from pain is a key pillar of animal welfare, painful procedures are still common on most dairy farms. For instance, despite being painful1, hot-iron disbudding is still performed on ...

  17. pain management PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

    Pain Management for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis: Implementing a Digital Psychological Intervention. King's College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. We are seeking a highly motivated and talented individual to undertake a fully funded 3.5 year PhD to implement a digital intervention to support pain ...

  18. Medicine (pain management) PhD Projects, Programmes ...

    Search Funded PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Medicine, pain management. Search for PhD funding, scholarships & studentships in the UK, Europe and around the world. PhDs ; PhD Opportunities PhDs by discipline PhDs by subject PhDs by country PhD research projects PhD research programmes View all PhD opportunities.

  19. MSc Pain Management (Online Delivery)

    On completion of the online Pain Management course, you will be able to extend the knowledge of research methods and application to practice at MSc level and demonstrate an ability to use knowledge to adapt professional practice to meet the changing demands of health care systems. In partnership with. 2024. 2025. Study Mode.

  20. Pain management programmes in the United Kingdom: lessons for us all

    The study by Clare et al. of GP consultations for pain in the year before and after a pain management programme shows over 40% reduction in median and in overall appointments across 50 patients whose records were obtained from GPs, with a saving of over £6000. The same team has previously shown a much larger reduction in specialist ...

  21. Masters degrees in Pain Management

    A Masters Degree in Pain Management is a specialised postgraduate programme designed to equip healthcare professionals with in-depth understanding and skills necessary to evaluate, treat, and manage pain. This degree comprehensively explores the multi-dimensional nature of pain including its physiological, psychological, and social aspects.

  22. chronic pain PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

    The relationship between chronic pain and cognitive function: A life course perspective. University of Dundee School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. This PhD project aims to understand the role that health, social and psychological factors at different points across the lifespan play in the relationship between chronic pain and ...

  23. Graduate Programs

    The goal of the Pain Science 1-year certificate program is to give the non-clinicians didactic and evidence-based education in the field of pain medicine. Students are able to enter the program during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students continue to work while in the program. Students typically work on the program on evenings or weekends.