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  • Housing market during the pandemic
  • Buyer demand in real estate: the trends for 2022-2024
  • Moving into a new house: things to consider
  • Why is the real estate market blooming in the pandemic?
  • Global housing market
  • Residential real estate and its types
  • Investing in real estate: what to choose in 2022?
  • The history of real estate investment
  • Commercial real estate: the new trends
  • Real estate markets: the overview
  • Real Estate Industry in the UAE: Meraas Holdings Based in the capital, Dubai, the company was founded in 2007 as a way of enhancing the potential and prestige of the city of Dubai.
  • Real Estate Marketing and Advertising The advertising involves all parties that are interested into the sector of real estate marketing because sellers need to sell whereas buyers need to buy and a link is the advertising as it provides sellers […]
  • Red Book: Real Estate Valuation In the UK this control is limited to the provisions of the Estate Agents Act of 1979 and the Property Misdescriptions Act of 1991.
  • Real Estate Development: Business Continuity Plan It is expected that all the Real Estate Development’s sites will implement the proposed plan and take the proposed measures in order to minimize the risks of operational disruptions and ensure a quick recovery in […]
  • Immigrants’ Effects on Texas Real Estate However, despite the restriction, immigrants are likely to come to Texas and other states in America. Highly professional newcomers contribute to the development of the economy and stimulate the real estate market to expand.
  • The Real Estate and Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia The construction of real estate in Saudi has grown at a very high rate in recent years mainly due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the country and good returns from the oil sector.
  • House Prices in the Real Estate Market Increase income leads to high demand for houses; hence, leading to increase in house prices. For instance, house prices plummeted considerably between 1990 and 1992 in the UK because high interest rates made mortgages expensive.
  • The Real Estate Registration: Key Issues The process of distributing the lump sum purchase price between the land and the building is a critical point in the real estate registration. For the controller, the value of this scam is to increase […]
  • Selling Price Analysis for a Real Estate Company For the analysis, a set of 1000 data containing information about the region where the dwelling was sold, the listing price, and the square footage.
  • Real Estate Development/Investment: ADU From the beginning to the end of the development process, engineers buy property, arrange to finance housing agreements and build or construct projects.
  • Comparing Two Real Estate Lease Agreements: Similarities and Differences This paper contains all the necessary points of agreement between these two lyceums, such as the obligations of the parties the conditions for concluding and terminating a real estate lease agreement.
  • A Real Estate Strategic Plan Analysis The strategic plan of real estate companies is a significant part of the organizational assessment and formulation of priorities. Hence, it does not tackle the issues and opportunities for the growth of human resources in […]
  • Southeastern Land Fund Inc. vs. Real Estate World Inc. According to the Court of Appeals, a condition in a real estate sales contract allowing for the payment of earnest money should not be regarded as a provision for liquidated damages.
  • The 4122 Wycliff Real Estate Investment In this case, the purchase price is estimated to be $400,000, with a deposit of $55,500, an interest rate of 5%, and a monthly mortgage payment of $1,849.35.
  • Risk Management in a Real Estate Developer Company: Evergrande Group Over the years, the company’s success has played an important role in the growth and sustainability of the Chinese economy. The company faces opportunity risks as it ventures to invest in various projects.
  • Average Cost of Real Estate in the Pacific Region The objective of this test is to determine if the average sales price for the real estate prices differs from the estimated value of $275.
  • Exposition for the Application to Master in Construction and Real Estate Management at HTW Berlin Countries around the world have realized that the best way of managing the competitiveness of the market is to successfully government and private projects completed in time and as per the expectations.
  • The Role of Real Estate: The Case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia There is much support from the private and public sector to support sustainability. The growth of the real estate sector contributes to the growth of the economy.
  • Real Estate Situation in Manhattan and American Crisis According to the encyclopedia Wikipedia, Manhattan is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of the United States and, to varying extents, of the world.
  • Summary of the Interview About Real Estate With the Expert in This Area It is not always possible to stick to the plan; thus, the business model should be flexible and highly adaptive. The biggest challenge is to find clients and establish a local brand image at the […]
  • Mortgage and Finance in the Real Estate Industry The arguments that have been made in the article pertain to the refinement of rules and procedures provided to the mortgage lenders by the government for licensing, legalizing their operations, and for controlling the spread […]
  • Buying Property in Real Estate Investment The fall in the sterling also made foreign investors to have the notion that the assets in the UK are relatively cheaper.
  • Current Recession and the Real Estate Industry in the US The performance of the housing industry has fallen after the recession. In the United States, most industries have recovered, but the housing industry is yet to recover from the recession.
  • Historical Development of Real Estate in Atlanta, GA Atlanta city is the capital of the state of Georgia as well as the cultural and economic capital of the Atlanta Metropolitan area and is home to 420,003 people as per the 2010 census.
  • AvalonBay Communities’ Real Estate Investment Trust The company provides rent apartment, office complex, and buildings for individual, organizations, government agencies, and corporate institutions in the United States.
  • An Ambitious Real Estate Investment Plan The project has the potential to succeed and also fails to owe to the issues and the circumstances it is encountering.
  • The Elements of a Contract With Regard to Real Estate The elements of a contract with regard to real estate are analyzed in this essay. Recently, I entered into a contract with the seller of a strategically located house in Nevada.
  • Real Estate Management – Analysis and Valuation The financial bubble followed the economic boom and the bubble busted when the United States financial system failed, this led to the collapse of the mortgage market and a turnaround of the home boom in […]
  • Saudi Arabian Real Estate Industry Analysis This has assured the kingdom of again in their competitive outlook at the international front, thus enjoying a better foreign real estate investment attraction over most nations in the world.
  • Stephenson Real Estate Recapitalization Therefore, the key aim of the paper is to analyze the opportunity of recapitalization, the necessity to issue debts and shares, as well as analyze the benefits of such recapitalization.
  • Real Estate Development Firms and Their Aspects The goods that enter the warehouse or rather the inbound goods are safeguarded in the warehouse until the outbound process for these goods is initiated. The warehousing process involves controlling the flow of goods in […]
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance And since there is a gap in the industry, if we began our efforts to design and implement such a system now, we can have a very powerful tool of competitive advantage in the market […]
  • Asset Allocation vs. Entrepreneurial Decisions in Real Estate Investment The determination of the return series in real estate markets cannot be similar to that in stocks or bonds because the earlier involves the need to manage an investment property and has a special form […]
  • Decision Theory and Real Estate Investment The models of judgment so involved in the making of the deliberate and usually rational choice may be explained by the decision theory.
  • Buying a Home: Trends and Strategies in the Real Estate Industry The uniqueness of the borrower coupled with rules and principles of the financier presents the need for deliberation in brokering the best deal possible.
  • Dar Al Arkan as a Real Estate Leader in Saudi Arabia Come 2007, the company had its shares listed in the country’s stock exchange market and has continued to increase its capital through this platform The recent economic boom experienced in the country has led to […]
  • The Real Estate Mortgage Market and Laws in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has always been one of the highest economically growing country in the world and this factor has been fuelled by the presence of petroleum.
  • Ethics in Real Estate Depicting the victory of ethics over immorality, Sam Foster manages to express his idea of the possibility that the real estate business, and the human life on the whole, can be ethical in their essence.
  • Real Estate Market Conditions in Sacramento Generally, the current real estate market conditions in the area of apartment sales and rent are far from equilibrium according to the real estate cycle.
  • MSN Real Estate: Company Analysis The real estate market is considered to be one of the most important of the United States economy. At this stage the company has three main target groups, the primary of which is of students […]
  • Real Estate Branding: Effects and Functions Real estate branding is an attempt by a firm to step out of the ordinary and differentiate from a huge set of competitors.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: Morgan Brown Real Estate Company In the case of the latter ethical dilemma, it would be more effective and honest for this particular company to accept the fact that favouring one client over the other could lead to a tarnished […]
  • Real Estate Management: Real Estate Purchase Decisions The study went further to recommend a property by the name of high-rise found on the outskirts of the city of California based on the fact that it was insured by AIG group, American largest […]
  • Real Estate as an Investment The first one is from the e-zine of About.com and is titled “Is Real Estate a Good Investment” and the second article is from The New York Times publications titled “Bucking the Tide, Real Estate […]
  • Real Estate Housing Bubble The rise in prices was mainly due to a robust growth in demand for housing along with scarce supple because of a shortage in availability of land, mostly in the urban areas, and possibly, fragile […]
  • Real Estate Industry: Current Trends A well functioning, affordable housing system is a vital element in a nation’s infrastructure at least as important as a road and provides to the efficiency of the economy.
  • Real Estate Business in Berlin. Personal Internship After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the real estate market of Germany it is possible to observe a surprising situation: prices in the east, formerly socialist territories, did not grow for a long […]
  • Wintotal and Appraiser’s Toolbox: Real Estate Appraisal Practices The powerful analytical processor of appraisal software is a multifactor algorithm with a powerful decision-making platform, which defines the accuracy of calculations and relevance of report data.
  • Endangered Species Act’s Effects on Real Estate S; the ability to obtain permits, entitlement, and approvals necessary for the development of real projects, and unexpected delays in the timing thereof; and implementation of laws as Endangered Species Act.
  • Asbestos and Effects on Real Estate Development Because of these hazards, use of asbestos in industry is regulated in the United States to protect workers and many uses of the material are banned entirely.
  • Facility Management System in Real Estate Department The primary purpose of the department investing into a modernized facility management system is to improve the quality and capabilities of the service.
  • Global Financial Crisis and Real Estate Issues The central point of the argument is that the real estate market in the US and the policy called “trailer park lending” was the main reason for the worldwide economic crisis.
  • Real Estate Contract Documents A contract is an agreement that is intended to be enforceable in a court of law; as such, it must be drafted carefully to ensure that issues that might arise are easily clarified through the […]
  • Union Street Business Association Real Estate Firm’s Plan USBA plans to hire human resource firms to get the best candidates to fill the positions required to staff the organization.
  • Real Estate Research and Survey Results This will enable researchers to develop the relation between the category of homes and the level of income. The level of measurement of this question will be ordinal.
  • Real Estate Research Variables and Hypotheses It is possible to define this variable in the following way: price is the amount of money to be paid to become an owner of the house and to start living in it.
  • East Asian Economy Analysis: Thailand’s Real Estate Bubble Economists believe that the rise and fall in the prices of assets have a strong impact on the real economies of most countries. The change in prices reflects the nature of economic activities taking place […]
  • Housing as a Social Asset in the Real Estate Market The financial situation in a household directly reflects the well-being and social interaction of individuals. Housing physically provides a space for social interaction and the building of social support mechanisms in a community.
  • Real Estate Investment Decisions Real estate is a complex investment that requires an investor to have a good comprehension of the most significant aspects that often influence one’s ability to make decisions that are well informed and intelligent enough.
  • Toys “R” Us Company’s Real Estate Collapse It is evident that the company, similar to many in the retail industry, failed to accommodate the changing trends and consumer behaviors.
  • California Real Estate Discrimination These acts include the real estate license law, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Housing Financial Discrimination Act, and the Unruh Civil Rights Act among the federal laws.Mr.
  • Real Estate & Stock Investment and Risk Management As more and more people access mortgage and own houses, the investment in real estate has had a fair share of challenges making it not as safe as it is popularly believed.
  • Real Estate Industry’s Macroenvironmental Analysis In analyzing the external environment of the Real Estate Industry, this report utilized two business assessment tools known as the PESTEL business model and the Five Force business model. In the real estate business, competition […]
  • Real Estate Investment and Financial Stock Consequently, it is critical to discuss the role of Real Estate Investment Trusts in the economic stability and their separation from the financial market at the end of this week with the help of the […]
  • Real Estate Market in India The primary aim of the paper is to analyze the real estate industry in India through the example of the Urban Plus Company using Porter’s Five Forces and the PESTEL framework.
  • American Real Estate Bubble and Its Causes Every month, the homeowner that took out the loan from the bank needs to pay back a portion of the interest on the loan as well as the added interest.
  • Real Estate Industry in the United Arab Emirates One of the most significant aspects that should be highlighted is that the regulatory environment has improved, and it has helped to draw the attention of foreign investors.
  • Real Estate Text Marketing in China The general objective of this paper was to investigate consumer behavior towards the impact of text marketing to the real estate market in China.
  • Text Marketing Impact to Real Estate Market in China Another factor that has contributed to the growth of the real estate in China is the growth of the country’s economy.
  • UAE Construction and Real Estate Sector This paper is aimed at examining the role of the construction and real estate sector in developing the economy and infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates.
  • E-business in the Real Estate In an effort to improve service delivery to its customers, the Real Estate industry has fully relied on ICT to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Real Estate Law “Options Contract” Call option refers to a situation where the purchaser is granted a right to purchase land from the optionor, while put option is where the property owner has the right, but not a duty to […]
  • Real Estate: Product Purchases and the Economy In the context of the substantial price growth, inflation increases the social differentiation of the population and creates a gap between the groups of income recipients.
  • Australian Consumer Law on Real Estate Considering the piece of land that is on sale, the assessor will be lying about the characteristics, nature, and the suitability of the piece of land.
  • Chinese Real Estate Bubble’ Reasons and Effects The Chinese blame the government and the cultural traditions for instilling the mindset during the real estate bubble in the country.
  • Rent Control Effect on the Real Estate Industry The concept of rent regulation was developed in response to an argument by economic experts that the supply function in the housing market was inflexible.
  • Real Estate Sector in Dubai The major private developers in Dubai include the Dubai Properties Group, DAMAC Properties, Emaar Properties, and Nakheel Properties. Despite the global economy experiencing a slump the real estate market in Dubai is still attractive to […]
  • Epistemological Nature of the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Real Estate Management Real estate managers apply the concept of ideology to deal directly with tenants who belong to a certain social class and before entering into managerial contracts, real estate managers are required to understand the social […]
  • New Ways of Marketing Real Estate The changing face of marketing, as a concept both in the real estate industry and beyond, can be attributed to the dynamic nature of the social and economic conditions of people as well as their […]
  • Real estate bubble in China Through the government’s intrusion to direct the prices of residential houses, the housing sector has shown signs of decelerating trend in the prices of properties.
  • Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE and the Effects of the Crises on the UAE and the Gulf Real estate and construction sector in UAE The study covers the actual effects of the crisis to the construction and real estate sector in the region which is among the key sectors in the economy […]
  • The Impact of Bad Planning on Customer Perception in the Dubai Real Estate Industry Research aim The aim of this research is to examine how bad planning affects the outcome of the real estate projects in Dubai, in terms of customer perception on level of satisfaction and property resale […]
  • Comparative studies of real estate industry: Hong Kong and Singapore Given the size of the population, the GDP, and the size of the land, one is justified to argue that land and buildings are the most significant sources of the state’s wealth and economy.
  • Real Estate Business Analysis This means that the Crown Company is not new to the transactions and the way of running a business in the real estate sector, but they have to evaluate their options first.
  • Planning, Execution and Control Capabilities in a Real-World Project – The Real Estate Projects in Dubai As one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has cut a niche to be one of the most desirable destinations in the real estate.
  • Escalation of real estate prices Increase in price of the existing homes also leads to the rise in the real estate prices. Increase in value of properties in certain areas is another factor that has significantly contributed to the increase […]
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts: KIMCO The backbone of KIMCO operations is in the US where the company operates the largest database of shopping stores in 44 states.
  • Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Financial and Labour Forces to Consider The financial forces are critically important since they directly influence the viability, profitability and performance of the investment. Germany has also made it easier for international investors to conduct business in the country by incorporating […]
  • Chinese Real Estate Market In this particular case, it can clearly be seen that there is an overarching system in the form of the state capitalist based economic model of China that has influenced its government to such an […]
  • The Impact of the Real Estate in Dubai Economy The essence of this paper, guided by this brief history of Dubai, will be to investigate and evaluate the real estate in Dubai and the way it has contributed to the economy of the emirate […]
  • Real Estate and Social Media The purpose of this essay is to discuss the history of real estate and social media, the position of social media over the last years, importance of technology to improve business, the best ways to […]
  • How the American Dream and Subprime Loans Contributed to the Real Estate Crisis?
  • How Accurate Are Commercial Real Estate Appraisals?
  • Are Green Factors Able to Drive the Real Estate Value Up?
  • Are the Global Real Estate Markets Contagious?
  • Which Factors Attract FDI in Real Estate?
  • Where Real Estate Investing and Speculation Collide?
  • Did 1933 New Deal Legislation Contribute to Farm Real Estate?
  • What Does the Stock Market Tell Us About Real Estate Returns?
  • How Has Crowdfunding Changed Real Estate Investing?
  • Does More Excellent Energy Performance Have an Impact on Real Estate Revenues?
  • Can Real Estate Brokers Affect Home Prices Under Extreme Market Conditions?
  • Does Corporate Real Estate Value Matter for Stock Returns?
  • How Can Computer Software Help the Real Estate Appraiser?
  • Can Investors Hold More Real Estate?
  • Can Real Estate Investors Avoid Specific Risk?
  • How SEO and Blogs Can Help Boost Real Estate Sales?
  • What Are Factors That Influence Code of Ethics in Real Estate?
  • Does Real Estate Ownership Matter in Corporate Governance?
  • Does All Firms’ Productive Investment Benefit From Real Estate Price Increases?
  • What Factors Determine International Real Estate Security Returns?
  • How Are Student Loans Hurting the Real Estate Market?
  • What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Professional Real Estate Manager?
  • How the Commercial Real Estate Boom Undid the Banks?
  • How Does Appraisal Smoothing Bias Real Estate Returns Measurement?
  • How Directory Listing Boosts Real Estate Sales?
  • Are Green Labels More Valuable in Emerging Real Estate Markets?
  • Are Real Estate and Securities Markets Integrated?
  • Does Real Estate Transparency Matter for Foreign Real Estate Investments?
  • Are Real Estate Banks More Affected by Real Estate Market Dynamics?
  • How Amazon and Same-Day Delivery Will Effect Retail Commercial Real Estate?
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IvyPanda . "131 Real Estate Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/real-estate-essay-topics/.

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Real Estate Blog Topics: A Comprehensive Guide


Table of contents

Why Real Estate Blog Topics Matter

The top trending topics in real estate, how to engage readers with your real estate blog.

You ever sat down, eager to write about the dynamic world of real estate, only to be met with the paralyzing thought: "What should I write about?" If yes, then you're in luck! Dive deep with us as we explore a galaxy of intriguing real estate blog topics that’ll have your readers glued to the screen.

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Let's kick things off with a brief intro, shall we? Blogging in real estate isn't just about properties; it's about creating a bridge between dreams and reality, and providing valuable insights to readers on the sprawling maze that is the property market.

Why, oh why, should you care about your blog topics? Well, the right topic can be the difference between your blog being lost in the vast internet sea or riding the viral wave. More than that, though, quality topics ensure that you're providing value to your audience, which builds trust and engagement.

Real estate, much like fashion, has its trends. So, let's don our trendspotter hats and dive into the realm of the most sought-after real estate themes.

  • Market Analysis and Forecasts Think of this as gazing into a crystal ball, but with data. Provide your readers with insights on the latest market trends, property price predictions, and what they mean for both buyers and sellers.
  • Home Renovation Tips Ever watched those home renovation shows and thought, "I could do that"? Well, channel that energy and give your readers DIY tips, tricks, and ideas for turning their house into their dream home.
  • Financing and Mortgage Advice Money talks, right? Especially in real estate. Break down the complexities of home loans, interest rates, and mortgage options to make it easier for your readers to secure their dream properties.
  • Neighborhood and Area Guides Ever thought of becoming a tour guide? Now's your chance! Offer deep dives into various neighborhoods, highlighting their unique characteristics, amenities, and why they might just be the next big thing.
  • Selling Tips and Tricks Help your readers get the most bang for their buck with advice on home staging, pricing strategies, and negotiation techniques.
  • Real Estate Technology and Innovation From virtual home tours to AI-driven property recommendations, the future is here. Enlighten your readers on how tech is revolutionizing the way they buy and sell homes.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Housing With the world turning green, why should homes be left behind? Discuss sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs, and how homes of the future will be kinder to our planet.
  • Interior Design and Decor Dive into the world of colors, textures, and styles. Offer design inspiration, tips, and tricks for readers looking to give their homes a fresh look.

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Invest time in learning SEO, engage with your audience, and consistently post high-quality content.

How often should I post on my lifestyle blog?

The frequency of posting depends on your schedule, but a good rule of thumb is to aim for at least one post per week.

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111 Real Estate Essay Topics

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  • Real Estate Industry Review
  • Business Model of McKinnie Real Estate
  • Selling Price and Area Analysis for D.M. Pan National Real Estate Company
  • D. M. Pan National Real Estate Company’s Housing Price Prediction Model
  • Megatrends in the Real Estate Market
  • Hypothesis Testing for Regional Real Estate Company
  • Demographic Changes and the Future of Real Estate
  • Use of Microsoft Office Suite Application by a Real Estate Appraisal Specialist The article presents information about using Microsoft Office Suite in KLW Appraisal Group, especially KLW Appraisal Group’s general real estate appraisal.
  • Concepts Used for Real Estate Closing This study examines four distinct phrases that may be utilized throughout the closing process of a real estate transaction.
  • Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust REITs form part of Investment Trusts in Real Estate. These are trusts that give investors an investment guide in all landed properties.
  • Investment Viability in Real Estate The real estate is divided into residential real estate and commercial real estate. Residential real estate is concerned with all types of housing; apartments and family homes.
  • Islamic Reits: Real Estate Investment Trust This paper reviews some of the studies done on IREITs with the aim of determining their effectiveness during economic downturns.
  • Business Ethics in Real Estate Business ethics still remains one of the most important areas in business practice influenced by internal and external factor, cultural and social changes.
  • Hypothesis Testing for Regional Real Estate Company This paper uses statistical analysis to compare the average sample cost per square foot to the reported cost per square foot.
  • Real Estate Strategic Improvements Strategic planning is a systematic process that aids in creating goals for an organization’s future and determining the best way to accomplish them.
  • Oil Prices as a Trend in Real Estate Business The scientific work aims to consider the impact of such a real estate trend as oil prices and how their growth or fall affects it.
  • Inflation in the Real Estate Industry This paper will cover the real estate industry in the US, as it might be affected by the increased inflation rates, as the demand for housing is not increasing as quickly.
  • Real Estate Appraisal: Single- and Multi-Family Houses An appraisal is the opinion of an expert to estimate the value of a residence. What the appraiser will work on will be giving a report in regards to the size, state of the house, etc.
  • Real Estate Company’s Information Management The report addresses the concerns and constraints that real estate firms have to face during the implementation of their key objectives and management of customers’ needs.
  • Real Estate Role in Sustainable Development The objective of this paper is to investigate the role of real estate in sustainable development in developing countries.
  • Restriction on Ownership and Its Impact on Real Estate Market Real estate is a sector that has attracted several investments in recent years. The sector growth has attracted several rules and regulations to protect both private and public interests of its acquisition.
  • Strategic Project Environment: Lusail Real Estate Development Company Mazaya Real Estate Development and Lusail Real Estate Development Company are forced to adopt sustainability through implementing sustainable operations.
  • Median Housing Price Prediction Model for Real Estate Company In this paper, a regression analysis was conducted to determine the nature of the relationship between listing price and commercial space in East South Central.
  • Real Estate: Impact of New Building Trends and Technologies Architectural rendering, construction simulation, 3D models, building information modeling, and sustainable building positively influence the future of real estate.
  • Technologies and Trends in the Real Estate Industry in the USA This paper discusses how technology has played a significant role in advancing the building and construction industry in the United States, making it a global power.
  • Real Estate Investment and Hospitality Industry Performance The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected real estate investments differently. Some businesses benefited from the rise of coronavirus, while others recorded so many losses.
  • Aspects of Fundamentals of Real Estate The city’s proper zoning and housing can increase the quality of life and provide free of pollution living conditions for citizens.
  • Real Estate Business in Australia The real estate market in Australia experienced an upswing during the pandemic; indeed, people started to buy more residential properties during the last two years.
  • U.S. Real Estate Industry Analysis The paper focuses on real estate as an industry and analyzes the primary points, such as major companies and the perspectives of the business groups.
  • Islamic Reits: Real Estate Investment Trust Analysis The performance of Islamic REITs during economic downturns has not been determined. It has not been determined whether they perform better than the conventional REITs.
  • Smart Home in Aging Society: Real Estate Industry The increase in the global aging population has been recognized in connection with the trends in morbidity and mortality of older adults has continuously dropped.
  • Real Estate Judgement Summary The case presented by the United States Attorney General seeks a determination of whether the mineral reservation law.
  • Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Factors to Consider Real estate investment in Germany is a sure bet as only 45% of the population occupies their own homes. In Berlin, only 13% of the residents have their own homes
  • The Relative Effect of Property Type and Country Factors in Reduction of Risk of Internationally Diversified Real Estate Portfolios The aim of this paper is to identify and study the impact of diversifying portfolios of real estate securities mainly based on two categories.
  • Land Supply and Real Estate Development in Hong Kong Hong Kong’s real estate industry is characterized by a high rate of appreciation, a clique of a small group in the industry, and a relatively huge public housing sector.
  • Industry Research Completion: Real Estate Industry Industry passes through a sequence of developments and downfalls either due to external factors or any internal grounds.Economic establishment helps to foster the growth of industries
  • Scottish Real Estate Market Analysis The economics, dynamics and interactions between use, investment and development sectors are discussed for analyzing the factors that influence trends of the commercial real estate market.
  • Real Estate and Affordable Housing Many people have suffered the consequences of the crisis financially. This crisis calls for a measure that provides shelter at a reasonable rent or price.
  • Factors and Beliefs on Real Estate Markets The government is looking into revamping growth by addressing unemployment and taxation issues. These two vital factors largely affect real estate markets.
  • Real Estate Market Role in Macroeconomics Real estate markets are affected by several factors, and employment changes are a core factor. Reduction of exports and real estate hiccups are to blame for the soaring unemployment figures being realized.
  • Rengo Real Estate Project Marketing Strategy Marketing has a broad range of activities. The promotional approach would enhance the use of promotion mix to try to sell the Rengo Real Estate Project.
  • European and American Real Estate Institutions Various countries have different policies and structures that govern the operations of a real estate institution. This paper handles five major real estate institutes.
  • State Bank’s and Real Estate Bank’s Collapse Today, the collapse of state banks is the problematic situation which is often associated with significant economic and political problems in the country.
  • Jim Mallozzi’s Positive Leadership in Real Estate Jim Mallozzi fosters leadership as a key aspect of organizational success. The kind of leadership has direct effects on its realization of the vision, mission, and business goals.
  • Indonesia’s Potential Real Estate Bubble The Indonesian housing market is heading towards a burst. This reality has been necessitated by economic factors that are integral to its propagation.
  • Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Political and Legal Factors to Consider When engaging in international business, investors must comprehensively consider the political and legal factors existing in their preferred investment countries.
  • Cognitive Moral Development and Real Estate Practitioners
  • Effective Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business
  • Cross Border Real Estate Investment in India
  • European Non-Listed Real Estate Fund Risk Factors
  • Controlling for the Impact of Variable Liquidity in Commercial Real Estate Price Indices
  • China’s House Price: Affected by Economic Fundamentals or Real Estate Policy
  • Expense and Rent Strategies in Real Estate Management
  • Currency Swaps and International Real Estate Investment
  • Buying Real Estate That Is Not for Sale
  • Commercial Real Estate and Corporate Finance
  • European Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Markets
  • Buy and Holding Real Estate
  • Economic Recovery, Small Business, and the Challenge of Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate and Native American Leasing
  • Budgetary Risks From Real Estate and Stock Markets
  • Cross-Border Capital Flows Into Real Estate
  • Contested Market Making in India’s Private Real Estate Development Sector
  • Economic Risk Factors and Commercial Real Estate Returns
  • Globalisation, Institutional Structures and Real Estate Markets in Central European Cities
  • High Inflation and Returns on Residential Real Estate in Turkey
  • California Real Estate State Exam Latest
  • Broward County Real Estate Best in Florida
  • Asymmetric Information and the Predictability of Real Estate Returns
  • Financial Crisis and the Real Estate Market in Greece: The Impact on Bank Stock Prices
  • Corporate Real Estate’s Impact on the Takeover Market
  • Asymmetric Risk Measures and Real Estate Returns
  • Contrarian Real Estate Investment in Some Asia Pacific Cities
  • Commercial Real Estate and Management Information Systems
  • Corporate Real Estate and Stock Market Performance
  • Creative Real Estate Financing Methods
  • Bargaining over Residential Real Estate: Evidence from England
  • Bridging the Gap between Capital and Real Estate Markets
  • China Real Estate Market
  • Clustering Methods for Real Estate Portfolios
  • Consumer-Oriented Real Estate Technologies
  • Expected Returns and Expected Growth in Rents of Commercial Real Estate
  • Financial Development, Real Estate Development and Economic Development
  • Individual Agents, Firms, and the Real Estate Brokerage Process
  • Financing Real Estate and Urban Regeneration in Iran
  • Key Factors Which Impact on Real Estate Market
  • Are Nurses More Altruistic Than Real Estate Brokers?
  • Can Linear Predictability Models Time Bull and Bear Real Estate Markets?
  • Are Real Estate Markets Integrated With the World Market?
  • Can Institutional Investors Bias Real Estate Portfolio Appraisals?
  • Did Investors Regard Real Estate as ‘Safe’ During the ‘Japanese Bubble’ in the 1980s?
  • Does Real Estate Ownership Matter in Corporate Governance?
  • Does the Diversification Potential of Securitized Real Estate Vary Over Time?
  • What Are Interactions Between Private and Public Real Estate Markets?
  • How Computer Software Can Help the Real Estate Appraiser?
  • How Efficient Are Real Estate and Construction Companies in Iran’s Close Economy?
  • How Globally Contagious Was the Recent Us Real Estate Market Crisis?
  • How Inheritance Affects the Real Estate Market in an Aging Economy?
  • How Real Estate Developers Can Improve Community and Political Stability?
  • What Attracts Foreign Direct Investment in China’s Real Estate Development?
  • What Moves Appraisal-based Real Estate Returns at the Metropolitan Level?
  • What Role Does the Real Estate Construction Sector Play in China’s Regional Economy?
  • Why Real Estate Industry Does Not Build Affordable Housing in India?
  • Why the Real Estate Market Can Work for You and Against You?
  • What Factors Are Affecting the Location of Real Estate?
  • Has the Digital World Had Any Influence on Real Estate in Nigeria?
  • What Are the Dynamics of Real Estate Prices?
  • How Student Loans Are Hurting the Real Estate Market?
  • How the Dot Com Companies Affect Real Estate in New York?
  • Is There a Real Estate Factor Premium?
  • What Is a Regression Method for Real Estate Price Index Construction?

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StudyCorgi . 2022. "111 Real Estate Essay Topics." May 10, 2022. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/real-estate-essay-topics/.

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Business Strategy | Content Marketing | Learn Marketing | Real Estate

Real estate blog topics you can write about in less than 30 minutes.

real estate topics for essays

Taylor Landis

real estate topics for essays

Writing a blog is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and harness the power of  content marketing . For a real estate agent, sharing this content shows your potential clients your inside/out knowledge of your industry and city. Coming up with ideas to write about is often the most frustrating and time-consuming piece of the writing process. As a busy real estate agent, you may only have as little as 30 minutes to write a post for your blog, we’ve come up with a list of 10 real estate blog topics and ideas for when you’re short on time and inspiration.

1. Promote local events

Show your audience you keep your stay on the pulse of your city. Write up a quick list of events happening in and around your area this weekend or this month. Include a mix of events that range from family friendly to nightlife focused. Link each event to a corresponding website or Facebook page to let your audience gather the details. If you want to spend a little more time on it, find a free calendar template online and type the events on the days they’re happening and post that.

2. Share a handy tip or trick

Advice like this is often known as a “lifehack,” and they can easily be used for countless real estate blog topics. Do you have a favorite app that keeps you more organized? Or an amazing tip on how to increase curb appeal on a tight budget? How about a way to transform a room in 5 minutes? When your audience uses one of your tips at in action, they’ll remember where they got it.

Bonus: as you share your tips, you’re almost guaranteed to get more from others. Collect those and share them in another blog post.

3. Review a favorite restaurant or business

Personal referrals and recommendations can go a long way when people are deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Help another local business out by highlighting them on your blog. It’s good karma for your business to support other local businesses, and it gets your name and brand in front of other potential clients.

4. Start a Q&A series

real estate blog topics

Real estate agents get asked a lot of questions. Many of those questions tend to repeat, especially with first-time home buyers. Jot down a handful of those questions and see if you can categorize them. Undoubtedly, many of them involve down payments, credit scores, HOAs, and closing costs. See the theme? You could set up “Financial Friday” where you answer one of these questions every other Friday. Blog posts like this show your expertise and why you’re qualified to help lead home buyers through these complicated processes.

5. Highlight a listing

Once a week, highlight one of your listings. This is a way to make a more direct sales pitch with a less aggressive approach. It could be one currently for sale or one that you recently sold. Does the home have a cool history or story behind it? Is there custom stained glass in the entryway? Or is the view from the back deck unbelievable? The more visually interesting the better!

6. Discuss rent vs buy

Ah yes, the age-old dilemma. There are people that fall firmly into one camp and others that aren’t quite sure. Respectfully discuss the pro and cons of each, and include your personal point of view in a non-aggressive way. Let your readers who fall into the “buy” category know that you’d love to help them with their current or future real estate needs.

7. Recommend a podcast

Real estate agents spend a lot of time in the car. If you fill your commute time with  podcasts , write up a recommendation for your blog. Tell people what you like about the particular podcast and why you think they might like it, too. Ask for recommendations to increase engagement. Depending on the response, maybe you’ll even start a virtual book club!

8. Give budget tips

real estate blog topics

This is always one of the most popular real estate blog topics. It’s obvious advice to tell people that saving money will help them buy a home. What can be more helpful is to suggest tangible ways to do that. For example, we all know dining out is more expensive than cooking at home. Emphasize that by sharing easy recipes that encourage cooking at home. Even better is if the recipes are favorites of yours. Showing your network how to succeed in their home buying goals creates another positive interaction that will have them thinking of you when it comes time to start house hunting.

9. Talk home improvement

You’re probably used to being asked home improvement questions from everyone—clients, friends, family—basically anyone who finds out you’re a real estate agent. That’s because most homeowners are interested in learning what they can do to increase the value of their home but don’t always know where to start. Flaunt your know-how by selecting real estate blog topics such as increasing curb appeal with landscaping or what smart home renovations give the most return on investment. You’ll once again prove yourself as an expert in your industry and a person your network can turn to when they are thinking of making major decisions about their home.

10. Wildcard

Do you have a funny “on the job” story? An incredible before and after of a home you staged? A vacation you recently took and loved? Share it! Showing your personality and the human side of your business reminds your audience that there’s a person behind the name or company on your business card.

Go forth and write

Writing a blog can be a great complement to your marketing strategy, but publishing a few blog posts isn’t a complete plan.

Your marketing strategy should prioritize sharing great content via email marketing and social media marketing to position yourself as an expert in your field and stay top of mind with your customers. OutboundEngine helps you do just that by utilizing the power of marketing automation to communicate with your customers on a consistent basis while also identifying engaged contacts.  Schedule a free demo and see how OutboundEngine can help you uncover opportunities in your network.

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real estate topics for essays

Today, many people looking for information about buying or selling homes start their search online . While you might have a website, there’s a good chance that other realtors in your area do, too. An optimized website can help boost your visibility online, increasing the chances that prospective clients visit you first, but it may not be enough. A blog can help. Here, you’ll learn some of the top benefits of having a real estate blog, along with more than 100 potential real estate blog topics you can cover to help drive more traffic to your website.

Why Real Estate Writing Matters

When you’re busy helping clients buy and sell homes, adding more tasks to your plate, like starting and maintaining a blog, may be the last thing on your mind. Maybe you’ve had some blog post ideas in the past, but they seemed too time-consuming or not worthwhile, especially if you’re already using other marketing strategies to promote your business.

There are many reasons to invest in blogging as a marketing strategy for your real estate business:

Increase Your Visibility and Drive More Website Traffic

Regularly updating your real estate blog with unique, high-quality, valuable content helps to inform search engine bots of your website, which can boost your ranking. The higher you rank, the more visible you are to prospective clients.

A higher ranking can also increase your click-through rate. Backlinko recently analyzed four million Google searches and found that the first organic result has an average click-through rate of nearly 28% and is ten times more likely to get a click than the tenth result.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Blogging allows you to share valuable information with your target audience. At the same time, it enables you to showcase your expertise and helps you establish yourself as an authority in your area.

Boost Engagement On Social Media

There’s no denying that social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, including those in the real estate industry. According to the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group’s 2021 “Real Estate in a Digital Age” report , it’s the top tech tool for quality leads. Sharing your blog posts allows you to share helpful information with your followers and encourages them to engage with you. They can also share your posts with their followers, which can help spread your name further.

Provide Helpful Information Even When You Aren’t In the Office

As much as you might like to, you can’t work around the clock. However, your blog can. No matter what time of day prospective clients take to the internet with pressing real estate questions, your blog will be there to provide the answers and information they need.

Real Estate Blog Ideas 2022: Ideas to Help You Get Started

Knowing the importance of generating real estate blog content is one thing. Next, it’s time to start writing. The only question is, what should you write about? Here you’ll find more than 100 real estate blog titles that may help provide some inspiration:

Real Estate Blog Posts About Your Local Area

  • Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Events in (Your Area)
  • Best Restaurants in the Area
  • Where to Grab a Great Cup of Coffee
  • Top Nightlife and Entertainment Venues
  • A Guide to the Local Parks
  • Local Business Spotlight
  • Best Kid-Friendly Places to Spend the Day
  • A Guide to Staycationing in (Your Area)
  • X Pet-Friendly Places Your Pup Is Sure to Love
  • X Hidden Gems In (Your Area)
  • Your Guide to Property Taxes In (Your Area)
  • A Look at the Local Schools

Real Estate Blogs for Buyers

  • A First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide
  • The Homebuying Process: What to Expect
  • Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent
  • Renting vs. Buying: Which Is Right for You?
  • What Is an HOA? Benefits and Drawbacks of Communities With a Homeowner’s Association
  • Signs You’ve Found the Right Home
  • X Essential Things to Check When Viewing Potential Homes
  • X Red Flags to Watch For When Viewing Homes
  • X Reasons to Buy a Home This Year
  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home?
  • Hidden Costs of Buying a Home
  • X Homebuying Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Importance of a Home Inspection
  • What Are Contingencies, and Do You Need Them?
  • X Things to Know About Buying a Foreclosure
  • What to Know About Short Sale Listings
  • New Construction vs. Existing Homes: Pros, Cons, and How to Choose
  • Is a Fixer-Upper Right for You?
  • Tips for Crafting a Winning Purchase Offer
  • How to Negotiate When You Receive a Counter-Offer
  • Competing Against Other Buyers: How to Win a Bidding War

Blog Topics for Sellers

  • The Benefits of Working With a Realtor to Sell Your Home
  • For Sale By Owner: Can You Sell Your Home Yourself?
  • Finding the Right Realtor: X Questions to Ask
  • Common Pitfalls of Selling a Home and How to Avoid Them
  • X Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
  • Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid
  • Curb Appeal: What It Is and Why It Matters
  • X Affordable Ways to Boost Curb Appeal
  • Easy Home Improvements That Help Sell Your Home
  • Is Now the Right Time to Sell?
  • Should You Get a Home Inspection Before You Sell?
  • The Importance of Setting the Right Price
  • The Home Selling Process: What to Expect
  • How to Sell Your Home in Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
  • Should You Host an Open House?
  • How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House
  • Preparing for an Open House When You Have Pets
  • How to Prepare for an Open House When You Have Kids
  • Tips for Evaluating Offers
  • How to Select an Offer
  • My Home Isn’t Getting Any Offers! X Possible Reasons and What You Can Do

Real Estate Blog Titles for Investors

  • Buying an Investment Property In (Your Area): What You Need to Know
  • X Tips for the First-Time Investor
  • How to Fix and Flip a Home
  • Fix and Flip on a Budget
  • X Common House Flipping Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)
  • Rental Properties In (Your Area) 101
  • X Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Rental Property
  • Multi-Family Property Investment: Pros, Cons, and Essential Things to Know
  • Is an Investment Property the Right Choice for You?
  • How to Evaluate Potential Investment Properties
  • How Long Should You Hold Onto an Investment Property?
  • Is Now a Good Time to Invest In Real Estate?

Blog Topics About Financing

  • Financing a Home 101
  • How to Choose a Mortgage Lender
  • What You Need to Qualify for a Home Loan
  • Your Guide to Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • 30-Year vs. 15-Year Fixed Mortgages
  • Everything You Need to Know About VA Home Loans
  • Mortgage Loan Options for Investors
  • How Much Do You Really Need for a Down Payment?
  • X Tips to Help You Save Up for a Down Payment
  • X Ways to Improve Your Credit Score (And Boost Your Odds for Mortgage Loan Approval)
  • Mortgage Loan Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval
  • The Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
  • Should You Get Pre-Approval from More Than One Lender?
  • Evaluating Your Home Loan Pre-Approval Options
  • Costs of a Mortgage Loan Beyond the Purchase Price of Your Home
  • What You Need to Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage
  • What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Relocation Blog Topics

  • X Things You Should Know About Relocating Before You Buy a House
  • Start Early and Other Essential Packing Tips to Know
  • Should You Hire Movers?
  • Ways to Save Money When You’re Relocating
  • Moving With Kids: How to Make the Process Easier
  • How to Move When You Have Pets
  • Should You Find a Job Before or After You Move?

Homeownership Blog Topic Ideas

  • DIY Home Improvement Projects That Boost Your Home’s Value
  • X Things That Can Actually Decrease the Value of Your Home
  • Turn Your House Into a Home With These X Décor Tips
  • Home Maintenance Checklist: What You Need to Do to Keep Your Home In Tip-Top Shape All Year Long
  • Need Home Repairs? Here’s Who to Call In (Your Area)
  • Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Yard
  • Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
  • Simple Tips for Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Blog Ideas About Listings

  • Listing of the Week: An In-Depth Look
  • Open Houses In (Your Area) This Week/Month
  • Recent Price Reductions
  • Luxury Properties for Sale In (Your Area)
  • Up and Coming Neighborhoods
  • Communities In Development
  • Recent Real Estate Trends

Blog Topics About You

  • What Sets (Your Real Estate Business) Apart From the Rest
  • Recent Success Stories
  • Staff/Realtor Spotlight
  • Recent Client Interviews
  • Are You Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? How We Can Help
  • How We Got Here: The History of (Your Real Estate Business)
  • My Favorite Things About (Your Area)

Drive More Website Traffic With Regular Real Estate Blog Content

Prospective home buyers and sellers have more access to information than ever before. Establishing (and regularly updating) a blog for your real estate business allows you to provide those potential clients with the answers they seek, which can help keep you at the top of their minds when they decide they’re ready to buy or sell a home in your area.

Hopefully, these real estate blog topics have provided the inspiration you need to craft helpful, high-quality content . Keep in mind, however, that this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of others you can cover. No matter what topics you write about, be sure that your posts are relevant and offer value to your target audience.

Featured Articles

How to develop a pillar content strategy, 10 successful marketing newsletters to learn from, what is search intent tools, examples, and search intent types, learn how to work with ai tools, not against them. .

real estate topics for essays

Speak with us to learn more.

Real Estate Essay Topics & Ideas

  • Informative Essay Topics About Real Estate
  • Real Estate Essay Topics for College Students

Real Estate Essay Topics for High School Students

Real estate compare and contrast essay topics, argumentative essay topics about real estate, ✒️ informative essay topics about real estate.

  • 11 Things You Need to Know About Real Estate Negotiations
  • 5 Things Real Estate Entrepreneurs Should Stop Doing
  • 5 Trends That Will Reshape The Indian Real Estate Market
  • American Real Estate Bubble and Its Causes
  • An Ambitious Real Estate Investment Plan Report
  • An Investigation of the Impact of the Financial Crisis on the UAE Real Estate Market
  • Asbestos and Effects on Real Estate Development Research
  • Asset Allocation vs. Entrepreneurial Decisions in Real Estate Investment
  • Australian Consumer Law on Real Estate
  • Business Plan for a Real Estate Business in Bangladesh
  • California Real Estate Discrimination Research
  • Chinese Real Estate Bubble’ Reasons and Effects
  • Chinese Real Estate Market Research
  • Choosing a Real Estate Career at an American College
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance Report (Assessment)
  • Comparative studies of real estate industry: Hong Kong and Singapore Research
  • Dar Al Arkan as a Real Estate Leader in Saudi Arabia Report
  • Decision Theory and Real Estate Investment
  • Digital CRM Solutions For Real Estate Entrepreneurs
  • E-business in the Real Estate
  • East Asian Economy Analysis: Thailand’s Real Estate Bubble Research
  • Endangered Species Act’s Effects on Real Estate


✍ Real Estate Essay Topics for College Students

  • Epistemological Nature of the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Real Estate Management Analytical
  • Escalation of real estate prices Report (Assessment)
  • Ethics in Real Estate
  • External Factors and the Real Estate
  • Facility Management System in Real Estate Department Proposal
  • Federal Government of the United States and Real Estate
  • Future of Uae’s Real Estate Market for Investors
  • Global Financial Crisis and Real Estate Issues
  • Gulf Real Estate Properties
  • Gulf Real Estate Properties Business
  • Hollywood Foreclosure Lawyers – Fighting For Your Real Estate Will be worth It
  • House Prices in the Real Estate Market Report
  • Housing as a Social Asset in the Real Estate Market Research
  • How Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate Investing
  • How Real Estate Contract Laws Can Help You
  • How to Become a Real Estate Agent
  • Immigrants’ Effects on Texas Real Estate Research
  • Impact of Rera, Gst and Demonetization on The Real Estate Sector
  • Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Financial and Labour Forces to Consider Research
  • Is Real Estate Investing A Good Investment?
  • Law and Real Estate
  • Major Players in Indian Real Estate Sector
  • Meyerland Plaza – Real Estate Finance
  • Morgan Brown Real Estate Company Case Report (Assessment)
  • Mumbai Real Estate is Out of the Reach of Middle Income Category
  • New Ways of Marketing Real Estate Research
  • Omaxe Residential Project in Greater Noida +91 9811 999 666 NCR Real Estate
  • Online Real Estate System
  • Pest Real Estate Industry
  • Piyush Group’s Business Management in Real Estate Sector
  • Planning, Execution and Control Capabilities in a Real-World Project – The Real Estate Projects in Dubai Proposal
  • Pune Property – Pune Real Estate
  • Real Estate (Porter’s 5 Forces)
  • Real Estate & Stock Investment and Risk Management
  • Real Estate and Construction Businesses
  • Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE and the Effects of the Crises on the UAE and the Gulf Report (Assessment)
  • Real Estate and Social Media
  • Real Estate Argumentative
  • Real Estate as an Investment
  • Real Estate Branding: Effects and Functions
  • Real estate bubble in China
  • Real Estate Bubble in China: the Present and the Future
  • Real Estate Business in Berlin. Personal Internship Term
  • Real Estate Business Proposal
  • Real Estate Consultants Delhi NCR, Luxury Apartments and Flats Noida, New Projects Gurgaon
  • Real Estate Contract Documents Research
  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Development Firms and Their Aspects Coursework
  • Real Estate Development: Business Continuity Plan Research
  • Real Estate Due to Current Indian Economy
  • Real Estate Housing Bubble
  • Real estate Hyderabad
  • Real Estate Industry in the UAE: Meraas Holdings Case Report
  • Real Estate Industry in the United Arab Emirates Research
  • Real Estate Industry: Current Trends Term
  • Real Estate Industry’s Macroenvironmental Analysis
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Investing in The Current Cycle
  • Real Estate Investment and Financial Stock Report (Assessment)
  • Real Estate Investment Decisions
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts: KIMCO Research
  • Real Estate Law “Options Contract” Research
  • Real Estate Management – Analysis and Valuation Report
  • Real Estate Management: Real Estate Purchase Decisions Term
  • Real Estate Market Conditions in Sacramento
  • Real Estate Market in India Essay (Critical Writing)
  • Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Research
  • Real Estate Regulation Act 2016
  • Real Estate Research and Survey Results
  • Real Estate Research Variables and Hypotheses
  • Real Estate Sales Agent Job Analysis
  • Real Estate Sector in Bangladesh
  • Real Estate Sector in Dubai Research
  • Real Estate Text Marketing in China Dissertation
  • Real Estate Values in San Diego County
  • Red Book: Real Estate Valuation
  • Research Real Estate Data Set
  • Saudi Arabian Real Estate Industry Analysis Report
  • Selecting a Real Estate Agency Who Can Give for You
  • Stephenson Real Estate Recapitalization
  • SWOT Analysis – Golden Valley Real Estate
  • Text Marketing Impact to Real Estate Market in China Dissertation
  • The Elements of a Contract with Regard to Real Estate
  • The Housing Market Crash and Its Effect on Real Estate
  • The Impact of Bad Planning on Customer Perception in the Dubai Real Estate Industry Research
  • The Impact of the Activities of Quacks on the Practice of Real Estate
  • The Impact of the Real Estate in Dubai Economy Research
  • The Real Estate and Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia Report
  • The Real Estate Mortgage Market and Laws in Saudi Arabia Report
  • Tools and Technologies That Will Guide and Help Real Estate Sector To Reach Its Next High
  • Toys “R” Us Company’s Real Estate Collapse Case Study
  • UAE Construction and Real Estate Sector
  • Union Street Business Association Real Estate Firm’s Plan Proposal
  • What You Need To Know When Starting Up A Company In Dubai’s Real Estate Space
  • Wintotal and Appraiser’s Toolbox: Real Estate Appraisal Practices

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Real Estate Dissertation Topics

Published by Ellie Cross at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On August 16, 2023

A real estate transaction involves land, buildings, properties, air rights, and subsurface rights. Academics have recognised real estate as one of the critical economic drivers. Those studying business-related courses at university will encounter this topic quite often.

It can be challenging to develop an intriguing topic for your real estate dissertation or thesis paper that will impress your professor. The difficulty of researching in this constantly evolving field is fundamental to what areas you should conduct research. 

Below is a list of the best custom real estate dissertation topics and ideas compiled by our top academic writers in the UK. Choose a topic that is according to your preferences and get started with your dissertation right away. 

Below is a list of the best custom real estate dissertation topics and ideas compiled by our top academic writers in the UK. Students can find these dissertation topics online to avoid experiencing delays in their dissertation writing .

List of Real Estate Dissertation Topic Ideas

  • Analyze the various economic characteristics of a real estate asset
  • Why has the volume of new residential construction projects in 2022 decreased?
  • Why is house flipping getting more popular in the real estate sector?
  • The contribution of buyers’ agents to efficient property management
  • The meaning of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations about real estate
  • A comprehensive analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of buying a property in an auction
  • A critical study for comprehending the influence that stock markets and institutional investors have on the growth of the real estate industry
  • Evaluating how political dominance affects the UK real estate market
  • The importance of management plans for efficient estate administration in the UK
  • A detailed comparison of residential and commercial real estate
  • Affects Real Estate Management by Covid-19. A case study that demonstrates how procedures have changed
  • In connection to commercial estate management, highlighting the growth and fall of the real estate sector
  • Examining the viability of Real Estate Investment Trusts and how they operate
  • A thorough examination of how the environment affects real estate management in the UK
  • A review on the importance and effects of talent management in the UK real estate industry
  • Investigating the effects of real estate education programs in the UK
  • An assessment of real estate management in politically unstable economies
  • Investigating the relationship between British real estate management practices and banking profits.
  • Examine the real estate management tactics used in the UK’s business world.
  • Examine the principles that have helped public real estate management and development in the UK and the USA
  • Examining the risks to real estate agencies in the UK related to outsourcing various corporate real estate management tasks
  • How is the erratic banking system negatively impacting the real estate market?
  • How business investors may help you purchase the home of your dreams
  • Issues with loans in the real estate sector
  • How can one grow a reliable clientele in the real estate industry?
  • The effects of mortgage loans on a family’s ability to grow and maintain stability
  • Describe how insurance providers fit into the real estate sector
  • Various opportunities and risks for prospective real estate financiers in Britain
  • Methods for addressing income risks while determining the value of a property
  • Investigating the connections between government institutions and real estate financiers
  • Managing border disputes between different property owners
  • Recession’s impact on the real estate sector
  • Metropolitan real estate’s cyclical nature: A historical investigation of shifting real estate values
  • Native Peoples and Real Estate Evaluation: Assessment, Market Research, and Public Policy
  • Recent developments in the real estate and retail sectors
  • Global Real Estate Education: Past, Present, and Future
  • Learning about demographic patterns and how they affect the real estate market
  • A thorough analysis of the factors affecting property taxes and expenditures
  • Adhering to the complex regulations governing the real estate market
  • Real estate public expansion investment and urban improvement politics
  • Protocols and construction processes for holiday houses
  • A detailed examination of Business Property Estate Lending
  • Laws and customs govern rent payment procedures
  • A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of buying property at auction
  • An inquiry into the relationship between the inheritance tax and its effects on the real estate market
  • An analysis of the housing market’s collapse
  • Examining real estate management trends and methods in the UK via the lens of technological improvements
  • Risks associated with the use of potentially harmful building materials
  • Building construction considerations for safety and health
  • Credit value in the erratic housing market
  • Effects of borrowing money to buy a new house
  • The impact of asset financing on modern society
  • Property transaction taxes and the housing market are related
  • Planning for the construction of underground housing in the UK
  • An investigation into how real estate buyers behave
  • Examining the UK’s new-age buyers’ homeownership tendencies
  • The UK’s prevailing inherited real estate legislation
  • Dangers related to the utilisation of potentially hazardous construction supplies
  • Safety and health issues in building construction
  • Effects of borrowing money to purchase a new home on credit worth in the unpredictable housing market
  • Asset financing’s effects on contemporary society
  • The housing market and property transaction taxes are connected
  • Planning is being done in the UK to build subterranean dwellings
  • Examine real estate purchasers’ actions by looking at the homeownership habits of the UK’s new-age buyers
  • The current real estate laws that the UK has been handed down

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  • Explore regulatory and policy issues.
  • Investigate sustainability in real estate.
  • Analyze investment strategies.
  • Examine urban development.
  • Select a topic aligned with your expertise and career aspirations.

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Essays on Real Estate

Real Estate is a topic that affects everyone, whether we are looking to buy or sell a property, or just interested in the market trends. Writing an essay about Real Estate can help you explore various aspects of this field and contribute to the conversation about this important topic.

Choosing a topic for your Real Estate essay can be challenging, but it's important to pick one that you are passionate about and that will capture the interest of your readers. Whether you want to write an argumentative essay, a cause and effect essay, an opinion essay, or an informative essay, there are plenty of topics to explore. For an argumentative essay, you could discuss the impact of real estate on the economy or the pros and cons of investing in property. For a cause and effect essay, you might explore the reasons behind the housing market crash or the effects of gentrification on communities. If you prefer to write an opinion essay, you could share your thoughts on the best real estate investment strategies or the future of the housing market. And for an informative essay, you could delve into the history of real estate or the process of buying a home.

For example, if you choose to write an informative essay on the history of real estate, your thesis statement could be: "The history of real estate is a fascinating journey that has shaped the world we live in today."

In your paragraph, you could start by providing a brief overview of the history of real estate, highlighting key moments and developments. You could then discuss the significance of understanding this history and how it impacts the current real estate landscape.

In your paragraph, you could summarize the main points of your essay and emphasize the importance of learning from the past to make informed decisions in the future. You could also encourage further exploration of this topic and its relevance to our lives.

By following these examples and tips, you can create a compelling and engaging essay on Real Estate that will captivate your readers and contribute to the ongoing conversation about this dynamic and influential field.

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Commercial Real Estate: Appreciation and Value Add

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Real estate is property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property, (more generally) buildings or housing in general.

There are five main categories of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, raw land, and special use.

Relevant topics

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real estate topics for essays

Our Ultimate List Of 135 Real Estate Blog Topic Ideas

real estate topics for essays

In the age of the internet, marketing your real estate business has never been easier! If done right, a blog about real estate can boost property sales and establish you as an industry expert.

However, it can be quite difficult to come up with new, interesting topics for your real estate blog, especially if you’re aiming to consistently release high-quality content . You’ll need to find topics that work specifically for your business, so if it feels unnatural, don’t write about it!

A key thing to remember is that you shouldn’t aim too high. Create content about topics that you’re well-versed in, instead of trying to appeal to every possible target audience. This means that you should avoid giving legal or financial advice, for example, unless that’s something that you also specialize in.

Hint: Need a little inspiration from your ‘competition’? Check out our top 4 real estate blogs to see how it blogging should be done.

That being said, here are some clever and interesting ideas for your real estate blog that potential clients will be sure to love!

Let’s start with our top 20 real estate blog ideas

  • Local Area Properties

This is the best way to begin establishing yourself in the online real estate world. You’ll quickly build a following in your local area by writing about the latest property deals available and any upcoming events.

  • Luxury Properties

A list of high-end properties available in your local market will generate a lot of traffic to your blog as people love looking at luxury, and it’ll show potential clients that your business meets a certain standard.

  • Affordable Properties

Now, to actually get your business running, you’ll need to have a range of affordable properties that people will be keen to visit. Make sure these homes are of a relatively high standard though, as you don’t want to be known for selling or renting out run-down properties.

  • Housing Trends

Talk about how the market is currently doing, what the average mortgage rates are, and if it’s worth buying or selling a house at the moment. These sorts of updates will give your readers a much better understanding of real estate.

  • Types Of Property Available Locally

This sort of blog post will be especially beneficial for your business if your local area has some unique properties. Whether its retirement communities, waterfront homes, or kid-friendly neighborhoods, you’ll definitely find a target audience.

  • Client Testimonials

Contact some of your past clients and ask them to talk about why they chose you and what services they needed. Potential clients will use this to decide whether you’re trustworthy.

  • FAQs For First-Time Buyers

As the title suggests, here you’ll be answering some of the most commonly asked questions that first-time buyers will have. You can easily find these questions through a quick Google search, or by asking your readers to send in submissions.

  • How To Know You’re Getting A Good Price

Letting your readers in on buying and selling tips will help build up your reputation as an honest estate agent. Potential clients will have peace of mind that you’re genuinely trying to help them out, rather than get as much money out of them as you can.

  • Property Tours

This is something you should aim to post at least a couple of times a month. Doing in-depth tours of the homes you’ve got listed will increase traffic to your site substantially, and will increase your chances of getting new clients.

  • Listing Of The Week

Each week choose a listing that particularly caught your attention for some reason and describe it in detail to your readers. Try to go for unique properties that deserve some more attention to add variety to your blog.

  • Renting vs Buying – Which Is Better?

Provide your readers with the pros and cons of each option, and try using your listed properties as examples. Don’t push your personal opinion too much, as you’ll want readers to make up their minds on their own.

  • Celebrity Properties In The Area

If a celebrity has recently moved into the area or is selling their home, write a blog post about it! You’ll be sure to attract new readers and may even find clients that will want to move into the area.

  • Qualifying For A Home Loan

Don’t tackle this topic unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re providing your readers with the correct information. Explain the process and what will increase their chances of qualifying.

  • List Of Great Local Businesses

Create a short guide of some local businesses that are in the neighborhood. This will make readers and potential clients feel more attached to the area and may encourage them to consider buying or renting a property there.

  • Things To Ask Your Estate Agent

Outline the things that you have noticed that people overlook when buying, selling, or renting properties. Giving these tips will make your clients more knowledgeable about their specific situation, and will allow them to make a more informed decision.

  • Latest Price Reductions

Reporting the latest price reductions for your listings guarantees that they’ll get the attention they deserve. Maybe a reader of yours has been considering a property but was hesitant about the price?

  • Signs That You Should Sell Your Home Soon

Many people dislike change and try to hold on to things for much too long. Talk about common reasons people need to sell their homes, like an expanding family or better job opportunities elsewhere.

  • Job Opportunities In The Area

Job opportunities are a huge pull factor for people looking to relocate, so keeping your page updated with the latest local vacancies will really help your business out. Try to find vacancies for a wide range of industries.

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Open House

Many of your readers may not know the purpose of an open house. Explain this, along with the pros and cons of hosting an open house when selling a property, and be as informative as possible.

  • Types Of Mortgages

Sum up the most common types of mortgages in this blog post. Like with any financial advice, make sure to do thorough research first, as you want to avoid providing your readers with any information that you’re uncertain about.

Nothing caught your attention? Need more real estate blog ideas? Here’s another 115!

  • A Day In The Life Of An Estate Agent

Create a sort of diary post, or even record a vlog, and show your readers what being an estate agent involves. Take them to meetings, to house viewings, tell them about the successes and the difficulties.

  • What Are Credit Scores And Why Are They Important?

Credit scores are usually a hugely influential factor when it comes to deciding if you will rent or sell a property to someone. Explain exactly how and why estate agents use credit scores and give some advice on how to improve them.

  • Renting Out Your Home

People think that renting out a property is a quick and easy way to earn additional income. While that may be the case, there are many things they’ll need to consider such as local laws and additional taxes they may have to pay.

  • Local Crime Rates

Be as honest as possible with this one. Everybody wants to feel safe in their neighborhood, and a regular report of local crime can help with that.

  • Step-By-Step Guide To A Purchase Contract

Do some extensive research and create a guide for people with little to no experience in understanding contracts. This will definitely improve your reputation as it shows that you’re truly here to help, and not to take advantage of the unaware.

  • Tips On Relocating To A New Neighborhood

Posting some tips about relocating can help potential clients make up their minds about moving to your neighborhood. Bonus points if you include area-specific information, like local laws and tax information.

  • Local Educational Facilities

It’s very important to have a list of all of the educational facilities in the local area posted on your blog. Families planning to move to your neighborhood will be grateful, as they’ll be able to use this as a guide on whether they chose the right area to live in.

  • Best Cost Estimator Tools

Buying, selling, and renting properties costs money. So, providing your readers with the best tools for estimating the costs associated with moving homes will help them make better informed decisions.

  • How I Became An Estate Agent

A lot of your readers will truly be interested in your personal journey to becoming an estate agent. They’ll want to know if you had to complete a specific course or a special degree, and how easy (or difficult!) it was to get into the industry.

real estate from the air

  • Things To Look Out For When Viewing A Property

Some people may make the mistake of rushing into renting or buying a property and only realize later on that there’s something that they dislike or is missing. Make your readers aware of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Local Politics

This may seem completely unrelated to real estate but, to some clients, the local politics will make a huge difference in their decision. Not everyone will want to live in a neighborhood that has opposing political views to their personal ones, for example.

  • Your Rights As A Tenant

As a tenant, it can be sometimes difficult to deal with problematic landlords or ridiculous expectations. Offer some advice on dealing with hardships when you’re a tenant and link your readers to organizations and charities that can help them out.

  • DIY Home Renovation Tips

Renovating a home can be quite expensive, and not everything needs to be done by a professional, so offer your readers some tips about taking matters into their own hands. Link some DIY-specific blogs if you can.

  • I Attended A Town Council Meeting – Here’s What I Learned

A town council meeting can provide really useful insights into the property market and can give you a source of information about upcoming property deals in the area. If you’re allowed to, tell your readers what you’ve learned to help them further their understanding of real estate.

  • How Do Estate Agents Determine Property Prices?

Many people don’t understand what factors into the final price of a property and may feel like your listings are over-priced or under-priced. Explain exactly what information you use to determine a price, and assure your readers that every final decision is based on evidence and years of industry experience.

  • Signs That You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Right Now

While this topic may seem obvious, there are many reasons why people sell their homes and later regret it. If you have one, tell your readers a story about a sale that didn’t happen and why it ended up being the right decision for the people involved.

  • Getting On The Property Ladder As A Student

In the age of student debt and an increasingly competitive property market, getting on the property ladder early in life can seem pretty impossible to young people. Offer some advice about saving up money, being responsible with loans and mortgages, and link any affordable listings you may currently have.

  • Local Transport Links

Nowadays, many people choose to live a bit further away from their workplace, so having an easy commute is a huge deciding factor when it comes to renting or buying property. Include as much information as you can about the local buses, trains, and alternative modes of transport.

  • Investing In Properties, The Smart Way

Like with renting, investing in properties can be an easy way to earn an additional income further down the line. Outline what exactly different types of property investments mean and what their pros and cons are, to help your readers make informed decisions.

Note: We’re half way through the top 80 topics. If you’re still scrolling might we suggest you check out our blog management services ? From finding topics to creating the content, we’ll supercharge your real estate blog with our captivating content and brilliant blog topic ideas .

  • Moving Homes When You Own Pets

Finding a pet-friendly property can be incredibly difficult in more urban areas. Link any pet-friendly listings you may have, and try to find local businesses or organizations that can help pet owners with moving homes.

  • Pros And Cons Of Homeowner Associations

Not many people even know what homeowner associations are, let alone their pros and cons. Make this post as informative and unbiased as possible, and if you have experience in this area, mention that you can offer more in-depth advice on this topic as part of your services.

  • What Estate Agents Look For In Clients

Telling your potential clients exactly what you’re going to be looking for when planning to sell or rent out a property to them will help both parties avoid any misunderstandings and wasted time.

  • Is Buying A Fixer-Upper Worth It?

Buying a dirt-cheap home and spending some money to renovate it can seem like a great idea, but many people are unaware of the amount of effort projects like that take. Weigh up the pros and cons of buying a fixer-upper and present them to your readers in an unbiased manner.

  • Real Estate Trend Predictions

Use your knowledge of the real estate market to predict trends such as changing mortgage rates. You can increase your reader engagement by asking them to make their own predictions in the comments!

  • What You Need To Know Before Relocating

Knowing in theory how to go about relocating is one thing, but actually going through with it is another. Be honest and warn potential clients about any difficulties that may come with moving to a completely new area, but offer some advice to solve these problems if you can.

  • All About Foreclosures

While foreclosures may not always be associated with real estate, some of your readers may one day find themselves on either end of a home being seized as collateral for a loan. Outline what it takes to get to that stage in a foreclosure process, and link any organizations that help people out with the real estate side of things. Avoid giving any legal advice without consulting it with an expert.

  • New Construction Projects In The Area

A large portion of your potential clients will be solely interested in purchasing or renting newly built properties. Keeping them updated on all the latest construction projects in the area will increase the chances of them contacting you to secure a deal with a property that catches their eye.

  • Personal Resource List

This can be a short one if you mainly use your own knowledge, but it’s always helpful to link your readers to any other real estate blogs or government websites you use to create content. This will build your credibility as a blogger and real estate agent.

  • Guest Posts

blog topic ideas

  • Why Should I Hire A Real Estate Professional?

Not everyone will understand the need for a real estate professional. Explain your role in property deals and how your services can make buying, selling, or renting homes a much easier process.

  • Dealing With Problematic Tenants

Whatever the problem, dealing with problematic tenants can be a nightmare. Link your readers to organizations that can help landlords out, while explaining what rights they have and what laws protect them.

  • Local Nightlife

This may not seem super important, but it can influence someone’s decision on whether or not they’ll move into a property. Don’t just list the local clubs and reasons to visit them though, actually put down the perspective of someone local wanting to enjoy a night out.

  • Basics Of Interior Decoration

For many people, buying their first home will also include decorating an interior for the first time. List some tips about choosing furniture, wall colors, and outdoor accessories. You can even link your readers to some local furniture stores to help out.

  • Staying Safe In Your New Home

Home security is super important, even if you live in an area with a low crime rate. Talk about the different types of home security that’s available, and how clients should go about installing them.

  • Behind The Scenes: How I Acquire New Properties

This will be another blog post that’s more focused on you rather than your services. Talk about how easy or difficult it is to acquire new properties, what the process looks like, and how long it usually takes.

  • Funny Real Estate Stories

If anything funny has ever happened to you while working as an estate agent, share it with your readers! They’ll appreciate the laugh and it’ll build a closer relationship with potential clients.

  • How To Refuse An Offer

A lot of people struggle to say no. Offer some polite and easy ways to decline an offer, whether it’s a landlord declining a tenant, or a seller declining an estate agent.

  • Do I Need A House Inspection? The Pros And Cons

House inspections can help place a value on a home and identify any problems that need solving, but they’re not for everyone. Present the pros and cons and, as always, let your readers come to a decision.

  • Real Estate Book Review

There are thousands of books about real estate out there, but some of them just aren’t worth the time or money. Read some of these books and give your readers an honest review. If they’re useful, link them in your post so readers can take a look for themselves!

  • How To Take The Best Listing Photos And Why This Matters

The property listing photos can make or break a deal. Teach your readers about good lighting and angles, and use some existing listings as examples.

  • Renting A Furnished vs Unfurnished Property

As with all comparison posts, weigh up the pros and cons of each option for both the landlord and the tenant, and present the information in an unbiased manner.

  • Buying A Historic Home? Here’s What You’ll Need To Know

When buying a historic home, you’ll often need different insurance policies and even a special license. Research local laws about historic homes and educate your readers so that they can make an informed decision.

  • Best Local Contractors

Having a list of the best local contractors will be super important for those planning to make changes to their homes. Try partnering up with a local business to promote each other to existing clients.

  • Evicting A Tenant

Evictions are often tedious and upsetting. Many landlords simply avoid resorting to evictions because they don’t want to put themselves through the strain, and have to put up with problematic tenants. Offer advice to landlords in difficult situations, and link them to organizations that can help them sort this out.

  • Meet The Staff

Chances are, you work in an agency with other members of staff. Make a post with a short introduction from each of them, explaining their role in the company and how they started working there.

  • Buying A Property Abroad

Write this post for people who live outside of your country and may be considering buying a home in your area. Research any specific laws or taxes that may apply to their situation.

  • Taking Care Of Your Outdoor Spaces

Having a huge garden or front lawn can be intimidating. Give your readers some general tips about maintaining outdoor spaces, or even link some local gardening businesses that will be willing to help out.

  • Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes

Many people rush into selling their homes, without thinking about the consequences of certain actions. Tell your readers what they need to keep in mind, and use real-life examples to make them see how significant some seemingly small mistakes can be.

  • Upcoming Open Houses

Open houses are a great way for people that are house hunting to check out a house without too many obligations. Find as many upcoming open houses in the area and compile them into a list on your blog.

real estate topics for essays

  • Local Parks For Your Kids And Pets

Outdoor spaces are a must if you have kids or pets. Not everyone will be fortunate enough to have a garden on their property, so the next best thing for them is the local park.

  • Selling Your House For More Than It’s Worth

While it is possible to do this, it may be frowned upon by some in the industry. Explain the pros, cons, and risks associated with trying to up-sell your home.

  • Renting With Roommates

Weigh up the pros and cons of living with roommates in an unbiased manner. Try linking your readers to sites where they can find roommates or house share listings.

  • Property Taxes

Explain what property taxes are, and what types apply in your local area. The last thing you want is to be surprised by unexpected tax payments after moving homes!

  • Upcoming Real Estate Events

You can use your blog to advertise upcoming real estate events organized by you, or by other businesses. Try partnering up with other estate agents to promote each other’s events.

  • Temporary Storage Facilities

Sometimes, people need to suddenly downsize and don’t have time to sell everything. Or they’re stuck in between homes. Recommend local storage facilities your readers could contact.

  • Buying Multiple Properties

Buying more than one property can be confusing to manage. Give some tips about managing mortgage payments and understanding the contracts.

  • Inheriting Property

Working out an inheritance can be tricky. Use any real-life examples you know of how inheriting property works, and link your readers to some experts on this topic.

  • Renting Temporarily

Whether it’s for a party or a longer holiday, many people will be interested in renting temporarily. Explain how these sorts of contracts work and link any temporary listings you may have.

  • Other Real Estate Service Providers

Real estate isn’t just about the agency. Provide your readers with some other real estate service providers such as inspection companies that they can contact.

  • How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Provide some general tips about getting rid of furniture, doing a deep clean, and making repairs.

Want more? Here’s 55 Bonus Topics For Real Estate.

Update: If you’ve not found any blog topics for your real estate blog in the suggestions above we’ve added 55 more quick and easy real estate blogging ideas below to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Office Tour
  • My Recent Sales
  • Why Should I Work With You?
  • The Best Places To Advertise Property Listings
  • Buying A Condo
  • Finding Good Tenants
  • How To Avoid Mortgage Fraud
  • Ranking All My Listings
  • Interview A City/Town Council Member
  • My Property Marketing Plan
  • Things That Decrease The Value Of Your Home
  • Buying A Home As A Veteran
  • Finding Properties Online
  • Best Local Restaurants
  • What Is A Loan Pre-Approval?
  • First-Time Home Seller FAQs
  • Day Trips In The Local Area
  • Best Season To Buy A House
  • All About Auctions
  • Avoiding Property Scammers
  • What I Love About The Local Area
  • Common Home Maintenance Pitfalls
  • Buying A Home As A Single Parent
  • How To Stage A Home For A Viewing
  • Online vs Traditional Real Estate
  • What Is A Reverse Mortgage?
  • Glossary Of Key Real Estate Terms
  • Buying A Home As A Senior Citizen
  • FSBO Advice
  • Investing In Solar Power
  • Local Leisure Facilities
  • Promote Nearby Neighborhoods
  • Buying Land To Build A Home
  • Home Décor Hacks
  • What Is Refinancing And When Should I Do It?
  • Properties With Pools
  • What I Love About My Job
  • How To Properly Landscape A Property
  • Property Price Analysis
  • Neighborhood History
  • Real Estate Infographics
  • Home Buyer Interview
  • Impact Of Local Events On The Housing Market
  • Answering Your Most Pressing Questions!
  • Shockingly Cheap/Expensive Properties
  • Best Season To Sell Your House
  • Rural vs Urban Living
  • Paying Off Property Loans
  • How To Sell Your Home Quickly
  • Investing In An Apartment Complex
  • Increasing The Value Of Your Home
  • Open-Plan vs Traditional Living
  • Fireproofing Your Home
  • Using Airbnb To Rent Out Your Home
  • Home Seller Interview

You still need more real estate blog topics!?

Really… Enough is enough. Most people don’t even make it this far down the article.

If you still haven’t found at least one blog topic for your blog, then something’s wrong. You’re stuck despite reading 135 industry specific real estate blog ideas, and you haven’t even started putting pen to paper yet.

We work with some of the most experienced (and talented) real estate writers in the world to provide our clients with real estate blogging services that unleash the full potential of their blogs (which includes providing you with custom topic suggestions).

Want to see what we can do? Request a free sample here.

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  • Code of Ethics Training Fulfill your COE training requirement with free courses for new and existing members.
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Capital Calls and RESCUE Capital

A guide to thriving during the coming real estate crash for real estate syndicators and their investors.


How to Write Real Estate Content that Gets Read

This article was written based on a conversation I had with Jessa Claeys, managing editor at BiggerPockets.

the power of persuasion is important in every facet of life

T here’s been a notable shift in recent years from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Rather than cold calling, sending mailers or otherwise directly advertising to prospects, real estate professionals are leveraging inbound marketing strategies – strategies that bring people to them .

At the heart of every inbound marketing campaign is what’s known as “content marketing.”

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online materials – such as blog posts, white papers, podcasts and videos – that does not explicitly promote a product or service. Instead, the materials provide information relevant to a target audience in a way that stimulates interest in that product or service. The end goal is to use content marketing to generate new leads and close more deals.

There are many forms of real estate content market, which is a subject for another day. Today, we want to drill down on how to create real estate content that gets read.

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Using Real Estate Content to Boost Your Sales Efforts

Real estate content marketing can be a powerful tool for real estate owners, investors, developers and the like. Any real estate professional looking to boost their sales can utilize real estate content – in one form or another – to reach new audiences.

To get started, you’ll want to lay out your goals for creating real estate content. For example, if you’re a developer interested in using crowdfunding to raise capital for a deal, your goals are going to look very different than someone who is an investor looking to find property to buy. Your end goals will influence the type of content you write, and for whom.

When used effectively, real estate content marketing can help you position yourself as an expert in the field. Thankfully, in today’s world, it’s not too difficult to become an expert: if Google says you’re an expert, you’re an expert!

But on a serious note, in order to be recognized as an expert, you must provide high-value content to your audience on an ongoing basis.

Prove to people that you know what you’re talking about. As you publish a repository of content, people will start to view you as a trusted resource. They’ll start coming to you when they have questions or new ideas. The more trust you can build with your audience, the more likely you are to develop relationships that ultimately translate into sales.

ADAM GOWER: The art of communication is, the ability to communicate in a way that is easy to understand. Because, if you're an expert in a subject, it's very easy to assume that everybody knows everything and these terms of jargon become so normalized for you, that you forget that people don't understand, don't you?

JESSA CLAEYS: Absolutely. All the abbreviations, the acronyms, the jargon. I mean, no one's been exposed to more of that than me in the last three years of my career, diving into fields that I knew nothing about. And I mean, it's amazing what, you know, 365 days later, at a place, can just change all of that. But, yeah, I don't know. You're spot on with the, having the knowledge and the difference between having and being able to convey it. Whether one might air on the side of like, communicating too technically, which is, I've encountered so much, particularly in the 401(k) realm, but definitely in real estate too. And then, you know, it can be boring if not presented in a, you know, non-boring way. And then, just like clarity is really an art and it's not a skill that I find a lot of people possess.

Real Estate Content Writing: A Lost Art

To be fair, creating high-value real estate content is actually harder than you might think. In fact, real estate content writing – like all writing – is bit of a lost art. There are a few reasons why this is the case. First, in our experience, the best writers tend to be people who are passionate readers. The more people read, the more they absorb proper sentence structure, grammar, etc.

We’re talking about people who read books (like, actual novels! – imagine that?!). Scanning a sports blog doesn’t have the same effect in terms of making someone a strong writer. It almost seems that people have become so busy, in today’s day and age, that fewer and fewer people have the time to read.

Second, how we write has changed over time. It’s an interesting paradox. On the one hand, people are picking up the phone less and relying on emails/texts to communicate. So technically, people might be writing more than people did in generations past. But on the other hand, people nowadays tend to write in short-form. They shoot off short, incomplete sentences via email or use abbreviations and emojis to communicate via text. “Got it- thx” is a common response. As is a “thumbs up” emoji. This is much different than long-form writing, which real estate content market so often relies upon.

What this means, as a result, is that few people are truly great writers these days. In order to be effective with your real estate content marketing, you must be able to present information in a way that is clear, concise, informative and compelling. That can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

How to Start Writing Real Estate Content

I hope we didn’t take the wind out of your sails. Even if you aren’t a great writer today, you can certainly become a great writer with some practice. Here are a few tips for those looking to get started.

Identify Your Audience

First, identify your target audience(s). Who are you writing real estate content for? Are you targeting entry-level investors? Developers? Brokers? Property owners? How much real estate experience does your audience have? If you are targeting people who are more sophisticated, your real estate content will need to be more nuanced than if you were speaking to someone who’s just investing for the first time.

Knowing your audience is important because you want to “meet them where they’re at” – for lack of a better phrase. You want to use language they’ll understand and be able to relate to. If you’re targeting small-time, entry-level investors but your content is loaded with technical information, acronyms and real estate jargon, you’ll quickly lose people’s attention. The better you know your audience, the more relatable and effective your real estate content will be.

Knowing what to write about

Let’s say you know your target audience. The next step is understanding what types of content they want to read. What are their pain points? What questions do they have? You’ll want to speak to that.

This is where the internet can be a powerful tool. The internet has leveled the playing field of knowledge. A simple Google search can reveal the most commonly asked questions by your audience. You’ll want to answer those types of questions in your content. If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry—you can rely on Google once again to do the research you need on the topic. Truthfully, you can become an expert on just about any topic these days by doing a deep dive on Google.

ADAM GOWER: Advice to someone out there aspiring and/or perspiring to write for Bigger Pockets. What would be the advice you would give them, when it comes to figuring out how to communicate with an enormous audience?

JESSA CLAEYS: Ok, advice for how to communicate with an enormous audience. I am going to answer this a little bit differently than that. I think that, usually people are coming to me to write on Bigger Pockets because they want to establish themself as an expert in the space for one reason or the other, their business, their service, etc. I went to a conference, a couple of years ago, and the presenter that day, I will just never forget something that she said. Her name is Rebecca Hourihan, she was the CMO of 401(k) Marketing, just to give credit where credit's due. But she said, if the internet says you're an expert, you're an expert. And how true is that today? I mean, it's just a fact. When you want to know something about anything, you are going to turn to the always available, always reliable, know it all friend Google.

So, if you want to be perceived as an expert in that space, in whatever space yours is, your objective should be to establish yourself online as an expert, in that space and a great way to do that is through, as I was speaking about earlier, content marketing, which is just, you know, social media posts, blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, etc., presenting your knowledge, the value that you can provide in whatever arena that is. So on Bigger Pockets, it's real estate investors. You need to put yourself out there on platforms like that. And I mean bonus points for going to an in-place platform like Bigger Pockets where you're already reaching your target audience by just being in the right place at the right time. Not all industries have the luxury of that. And then, when doing so, I mean, my biggest advice would be just to provide value to your audience. Sales pitches aren't as effective as proving that you know what you're talking about and then letting that person come to you with their questions or their problems and you solving it. And then, once you just keep, you know, doing that, be super patient. Building an audience takes time. Building your online reputation takes time. You just have to keep at it. You have to be diligent.

Schedule Uninterrupted Time to Begin Writing Real Estate Content

Let’s assume that at this point, you know your objective(s) for writing content, you know your target audience(s), and you know what types of real estate content you want to produce. Now it’s time to get writing!

Writing (of any kind) takes time and concentration. In today’s world, busy real estate professionals are getting pinged every few minutes with emails, texts, and phone calls. Pre-COVID, you might have been working in an office where coworkers stopped by unannounced. You might have been sitting in a cubicle or other open office environment where distractions were constant. In the COVID-era, distractions still occur, they might just be coming from a different place. For example, instead of coworkers dropping by your desk, you might have children at home, tugging at your pantlegs or asking for help with homework.

Whatever the case may be, if you want to write effective real estate content, you need to block out a few hours where you can silence your devices and focus on the piece at hand.

Related Article: Learn More About the Real Estate Development Process

How to Write Real Estate Content that Appeals to Everyone

There are two schools of thought: one that believes real estate content should be highly specific and targeted, and another that believes real estate content should be written in a way that appeals to everyone. These schools of thought aren’t mutually exclusive.

You may be writing to a specific audience, but the content you write should be written to appeal to everyone in that audience.

What does this mean in practice? It means you need to be careful with jargon. Don’t assume that people know what a “1031-exchange” is or that someone understands what you mean when you reference the LIBOR index, HELOCs, GSEs, PSAs and the like. Use acronyms sparingly. And always define key terms or principles that someone might be hearing for the first time.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend writing to a third-grade level. Now, we know that real estate professionals are often highly educated. But nevertheless, you want your writing to have broad appeal within your audience. Writing to a third-grade level will force you to write clearly, concisely, and in a manner than is easy for people to digest.

The Difference Between Sales Writing vs. Educational Writing

Real estate content marketing can be used in many ways. Some people lean towards sales writing. Others prefer educational writing. It is important to understand the distinction.

Real estate sales writing tends to be more focused on a specific deal, product, or investment opportunity and is written with the intention of calling the reader to some immediate action – like “invest now.” The ask is more blatantly in someone’s face. Sales pitches can be an effective way to demonstrate that you’re a leader in your field, but as they are oriented to the sale, they are structured to carry the reader along a journey of anticipation that builds to a pitch and a close.

Written well, a good sales letter can substantially move a prospect along in their journey to investing with you – but they are more effective if you have already built a relationship with the prospect through your educational articles.

Educational writing, therefore, is intended to serve as a resource for a broader swath of your audience. It is information that they can use whether they engage in a deal with you or not and serves primarily to build a relationship with the prospect. This increases the chance of a successful close when you do pitch a deal by pre-empting questions your prospects may have and by providing value in advance that predisposes them to investing with you – before you even ask. For example, you might write a white paper on the nuances of real estate waterfalls and how they are used in the industry.

There’s a balance to be had between sales writing and educational writing. Real estate content marketing IS that balance. Content marketing is designed to provide readers with valuable information, while subtly integrating your own message into the piece. It delicately weaves your value proposition into the larger piece. Magazines have been doing this for decades; real estate professionals are now iterating on that concept by using content marketing geared toward their own industry.

For example, if your firm specializes in conducting cost segregations studies, you might author a detailed piece on how a cost segregation study can save a hotel investor tens of thousands of dollars this year by frontloading their depreciation. You might integrate a few case studies based on your work with existing clients to highlight how this saved each of them money. If presented in a compelling way, the educational piece may be the catalyst a hotel investor needs to call the author of the piece to ask whether their company can conduct a cost segregation study for his hotel, too. 

Consider What Your Audience Wants to Know

We’ve touched upon this briefly already but let us elaborate. To be effective, you must write real estate content that speaks to your audience’s specific interests. For example, if you’re looking to develop new relationships with apartment investors in the Midwest, you might publish a series of mini white papers that look at the Q3 multifamily market trends in hyper-focused geographies.

This provides your audience with highly relevant information that they want to know and positions you as a leader in the field who is actively monitoring the changing market landscape.

This same audience may not care about something like how COVID is impacting office rents, so steer clear of topics that will not resonate with your target audience.

Provide Readers with Specific, Actionable Steps

Some of the most effective real estate content are educational pieces that provide readers with specific, actionable steps.

Let’s go back to the example above, of the company that does cost segregation studies. In addition to explaining how cost segregation studies can save hotel investors money, the company would also want to provide clear “next steps” for the readers who are looking to pursue this cost-saving strategy. For example, how do they get started with a cost segregation study? What information will they need to gather? How much will this study cost? How long does it take to complete? When does it need to be completed in order to realize the tax savings this coming year?

This is all pertinent information that will allow hotel investors to get the ball rolling. The final call to action, in this case, might be something along the lines of “Ready to do your own cost segregation study? Give us a call today.”

Know Your Tone When Writing Real Estate Content

There are generally two ways of conveying real estate content. The first is with storytelling. Storytelling draws on the author’s own experiences related to a specific topic. For example, a person might write an article about how they got started as a real estate investor. Maybe the story talks about buying a duplex that they owner-occupied to get the best interest rate and cost savings.

The story might weave in details about the buying process, hiccups that arose, and how they overcame those challenges. Real estate content that uses story telling will often provide lessons learned, which is the insight their audience typically cares about the most.

The other form of real estate content is written in the third person. These articles tend to be more informational and straight to the point. Someone writing these pieces will want to keep their own experiences out of the narrative, saving their own personal stories for a different piece entirely.

Both forms of real estate content can be highly effective. In any event, it is important for the author to consider their tone when writing the piece— know which style of article you’re going for before you begin writing.

BOND HALBERT:  So, in my report about this, I list some books that you should be reading. So, you want to read some, get some foundation and then start practicing, practicing.

ADAM GOWER:  And what are the books? What are the, kind of, foundational books called?

ADAM GOWER:  Scientific Advertising, would be, like, my top one.

ADAM GOWER:  Your father recommended. He recommended you read that, three times or something.

BOND HALBERT:  And I have. And I've read it more than three times.

ADAM GOWER:  And I want you to know that I've actually read your book, as I flash it up here. This is the only book that I got to the end of, and I immediately read again. I just went straight back. I need to read this one again.

BOND HALBERT:  Yeah. I would actually read that book. Funny thing is, that book is not just editing. There's lessons in there. They're Gary Halbert lessons that he never shared with anybody because there was stuff he never got into the nitty gritty details of.

ADAM GOWER:  Right. So, anyway, Scientific Advertising, Claude Hopkins. Robert Collier. Right, you were going to say that.

BOND HALBERT:  Actually, I would say Breakthrough Advertising is one of them. But, the funny thing is Breakthrough Advertising spends a lot of time to say something that's very basically simple, which is a process. So, you know, you can get that through Breakthrough Advertising. And, The Boron Letters, I would add in there. But anyway, the rest of the list, like, you know, because you don't want to start with I want to read these twenty books. There's Triggers. There's a lot of the books. And then eventually, what happens is, you start going into persuasion books like Pitch Anything. Salesmanship books, you know, and then eventually you get into psychology books. Right? And psychology books teach you about trends and, you know, like Freakonomics and, what was the other one that I really like, The Tipping Point. So, this isn't exactly in that order. I'm just saying, what happens is, a copywriter and their career. You start with a few of the basic books, then you want to get a course. Read the Gary Halbert Letter. I can't even believe I forgot about that. It's not a book. It's free. You can go to the Gary HalbertLetter.com. Read those issues. They will teach you a lot more than most of the books will.

How to write emails that get read

If you’re like 90% of people, you’re probably reading this article on your smart phone or tablet. The overwhelming majority of real estate content consumed this way. This impacts how your content needs to be laid out and designed. An article that looks beautiful on your desktop might display poorly on someone’s mobile device.

This also impacts how your emails are written. Your subject lines should be punch (more on this below), with the hard-hitting words at the very beginning. And then, whatever message you’re looking to convey, that needs to be clearly stated in the first few words of your email. People tend to scan their email inboxes, so if you don’t capture their attention right away, your email could get deleted before it ever gets read – making all of your efforts for naught! 

While most of this article focuses on written real estate content (e.g., writing for blogs, emails, newsletters, etc.), there are other forms of real estate content, such as videos and podcasts. No matter what format you’re using to present your real estate content, be sure it’s optimized accordingly.

How to write great email subject lines

Perhaps more important than the body of your email is the subject line you present it with. If your subject line falls flat, people will ignore or delete your email without ever opening it to find what tremendous value lies inside.

So, how do you create subject lines that people will read?

Start by putting the hard-hitting terms at the beginning of the subject line. Whatever value you’re delivering, say so in a few short words to get your readers’ attention.

How do you know what will get your readers’ attention? A little trial and error goes a long way.

Content marketing pros often use what’s known as “A/B testing” to determine the efficacy of their subject lines. The concept is actually quite simple. Create two subject lines for the same email you’re planning to send out. Take a small subset of your email listserv (say, 10%) and send half of those subscribers the email using the “A” subject line, and the other half the email using the “B” subject line. Wait an hour or two and look at the metrics for how each email performed. Which subject line resulted in more emails being read? Which led to more clicks? This is the subject line you’ll want to use when you send the email out to the rest of your listserv.

This might seem like a lot of work, but thankfully, Convertkit, Mailchimp, and other automated email platforms can be used to automate this process. Look at the tools that are available to you via your existing email provider, and then use these tools to your advantage.

For subject lines, start with sites like Digg.com to see what headlines are trending now and adapt them for your own topic, and then use tools like Subject Line Tester to refine your subject lines until they are just right.

3 Final Tips for Creating Real Estate Content that Gets Read

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Jessa Claeys, the Managing Editor for BiggerPockets.com – one of the largest and most trusted sources of user-generated real estate content. Jessa has more than a decade of experience as a copywriter and editor for both print and digital publications. When I asked her for some finer-grained advice for people looking to create real estate content that gets read, she gave me the three following tips:

  • Personalize your emails. Jessa made the astute observation that people tend to be at least somewhat self-absorbed, and that writers should work that to their advantage! She suggests personalizing emails by addressing readers by name and using language like “your” to speak to people, as opposed to more generic language like “investors”. Make people feel like you’re speaking directly to them and not hundreds or thousands of others just like them.
  • Have a thick skin . This is a great piece of advice that we couldn’t agree with more. As you build your repertoire of real estate content, you’ll eventually find that not everyone agrees with what you’ve said. People interpret content through their own lens, based on their own personal experiences. You can’t control for that. If someone objects to your message or your advice, let it go. For every person who disagrees with you, three others may be nodding their heads in alignment with every word you’ve said.

use tools to analyze your online communications and then hyperfocus on what's working and let got of what's not.

Writing real estate content that gets read can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it can be really satisfying. For people who are otherwise crunching numbers and analyzing deals all day, real estate content can be a great creative outlet for sharing their knowledge and experience.

At the same time, writing isn’t for everyone. Those who are looking to leverage real estate content marketing, but who don’t enjoy writing, may want to consider enlisting the support of a third party. A little known fact is that many real estate professionals – even those who have used content to establish themselves as “experts” in the field – actually have someone else write the content for them. They’ll provide direction and advice, but they don’t write the material themselves. This strategy is totally OK – especially if it’s the only way you get around to producing real estate content that gets read.

If you liked this article and would like to learn more about real estate financing, check out some of the resources below:


Just Getting Started?

If you have only just started in real estate development, have completed no deals, have no email list, but know you want the freedom and wealth being a real estate developer brings, then I suggest your first step is to start evaluating deals so you can recognize a good one when you see it.

Here’s where you should start . You’ll learn everything you need to know – the different types of real estate, different development strategies, how real estate cycles influence the market, and all about due diligence.

If you want to find deals and raise money for them so you can start your real estate development business, then learning how to conduct due diligence so you can pitch your deals better to investors is a great place to start.


Up to $20 Million in Assets

If you’ve already purchased one or more real estate project and are seeing more opportunities than you can finance, then now is the time to start building your investor network so you can finance all your next deals quicker.

You’ve already got some momentum; now start finding and educating prospects about what you’re doing so you can build an email list of people to pitch to when you’re ready to raise money for your next deal. This is what we build for private clients all the time – it’s called the Investor Acquisition System and you can access the entire program right here so you can find prospects, and convert them into being deep pocketed, repeat investors in your deals.


Seasoned Professionals

If you are a seasoned pro with multi-cycle experience, a substantial portfolio, a decent deal pipeline, and find yourself spending too much time raising equity capital because you’re still doing it in-person, then it’s time you put technology to work for you.

The wonderful thing about doing this is that you’re not going to be doing anything different than you’re already doing and, guess what, you’ll never have to sit through investor meetings again.

Sounds crazy I know, but I lay the whole thing out for you in this white board workshop where I personally show you exactly what it takes for you to transform your equity raising into a fully automated, capital raising machine so you can find new investors while increasing commitments from your existing network.


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