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Discover 25+ current paramedic dissertation ideas for free.

Discover 25+ Current Paramedic Dissertation Ideas for Free

Paramedic roles have gained popularity as a career choice in recent times, yet it’s not a profession for the faint hearted. This role demands strength, alertness, rapid response, and a comprehensive understanding of driving, medical procedures, and patient care. If you’ve chosen this path, you can develop these skills while pursuing your academic endeavors. Thus, the first step is to explore a variety of paramedic dissertation ideas and select the one that resonates with you.

If you find yourself struggling to pinpoint the perfect paramedic dissertation topic, don’t worry, our experts are here to guide you. They’ll assist you in choosing the most suitable topic that will captivate your professor’s attention. Furthermore, they can also help you overcome any other obstacles along the way. But before delving into the realm of paramedic dissertation ideas, it’s crucial to grasp the multifaceted roles a paramedic nurse undertakes.

What Role Does a Paramedic Dissertation Play and Why Is It Important?

In its simplest terms, a paramedic is a medical practitioner responsible for delivering emergency medical care to individuals. Often the first to respond, paramedics administer life saving treatments to those in crisis. These adept professionals evaluate a patient’s health and condition, determining the necessary treatment protocols. To understand these skills better, one can refer to various paramedic dissertation examples. Furthermore, paramedics offer their expertise across multiple settings, including homes, pre hospital environments, and hospitals. They possess the capability to administer medications and execute various medical procedures. Additionally, paramedic responsibilities encompass the following:

  • Assisting in patient transfer or transportation while identifying optimal routes to medical facilities.
  • Managing crowd control to prevent infection or interference from the public and family members.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the availability of medical supplies in ambulances or hospital rooms for immediate use.
  • Collaborating with law enforcement and fire rescue teams to offer pre medical services.

Nonetheless, mastering these aspects involves a combination of hands on experience and fulfilling academic requirements. To delve deeper into this, you can consult the existing paramedic dissertation examples. Once you’ve grasped the responsibilities inherent to paramedic nursing, it’s essential to understand the hurdles they encounter along the way.

What Renders Crafting a Paramedic Dissertation a Formidable Endeavor?

Paramedic students encounter a multitude of unanticipated obstacles, both during the dissertation composition process and when practicing in the field. Additionally, they face the daunting task of selecting suitable paramedic dissertation ideas. These challenges can be categorized as

Challenges Faced During Dissertation Writing

This category encompasses the initial set of challenges encountered by paramedic students:

Choosing a Suitable Paramedic Dissertation Topic

Crafting a dissertation is already an arduous endeavor, but selecting from a plethora of paramedic dissertation ideas presents a real challenge. The sheer volume of topics available adds to the complexity. Seeking online dissertation assistance can offer a viable solution.

Deficiency in Organizational Skills

Paramedic students must juggle their dissertations alongside their hands on responsibilities. Moreover, constructing a dissertation demands a significant time investment that necessitates efficient planning. Consequently, many students struggle due to inadequate time management skills.

Maintaining Focus While Engaging in Practical Work

Paramedic duties are intricate and demanding, requiring adept handling. A key challenge in this realm is the selection of appropriate paramedic dissertation topics from a myriad of ideas. This often leads to students losing track of their goals while immersed in their practical duties.

Balancing Emotional and Logical Thought in Drafting

Another hurdle faced by students is the tendency to approach their work emotionally rather than logically. This results in the omission of practical considerations and logical solutions. To overcome this challenge, many turn to tools such as the dissertation outline generator for streamlined assistance.

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Challenges Encountered During Paramedic Duty

This category pertains to the challenges students confront while actively serving as paramedics:

Navigating Emotional Encounters

Paramedics encounter a diverse range of patients in their field. Some patients might form emotional connections and display vulnerability during treatment, while others might express frustration or anger. For students, managing these emotional interactions can pose a significant challenge.

On the Job Injuries

Given that paramedics are often the first responders in emergencies, they may face injuries while saving lives. This necessitates working while enduring physical discomfort. In certain scenarios, they must summon the courage to set aside their own pain and prioritize the well being of others.

Rapid Decision Making

As frontline responders, paramedics must swiftly make critical decisions. The urgency stems from the fact that every moment counts when attending to a patient. Consequently, paramedic nurses must possess the ability to make precise decisions promptly. This skill can be honed by referencing examples of dissertations.

Suffering from Sleep Deprivation

Paramedic roles often involve working irregular hours, leading to potential sleep disruption. Students pursuing this career must prepare to face sleep deprivation due to the emergency nature of their duties.

These challenges illuminate the reality faced by students pursuing a paramedic career. While this blog addresses one obstacle selecting a suitable paramedic dissertation idea for your paper it also offers a glimpse into trending topics. For further exploration, please refer to the following section.

Emerging Paramedic Dissertation Ideas Over 25 Topical Trends

Within this segment, you’ll delve into premier paramedic research topics to consider for your paper. Presented below is a compilation of the freshest and most prevalent paramedic research topic concepts, strategically curated to captivate your readers’ interest.

Highly Sought After Paramedic Dissertation Topics

Upon opting for our online dissertation service, your paper will be meticulously crafted around avant garde paramedic dissertation ideas, which encompass

Upon procuring a dissertation online through our services, your paper will be expertly crafted around cutting edge paramedic dissertation ideas, such as:

  • The Critical Battle Against Time in Prehospital Cardiac Arrest a Vital Medical Emergency
  • Harnessing and Cultivating Professional Competence Among Pre hospital Nurses
  • Unpacking Ethical Considerations Surrounding the Impact of Defensive Practice on Patient Care
  • An In depth Exploration of Paramedic Nurses’ Non Technical Skills
  • Leveraging the Potential of Computerized Decision Support Systems in Pre hospital Care
  • Constructing a Comprehensive Literature Review on Non Technical Skills Among Paramedics
  • Defining Cold Exposure and Thermal Comfort Among Patients in Prehospital Emergency Care

These captivating paramedic science dissertation ideas are primed to captivate your readers’ attention and make a lasting impact.

Paramedic Dissertation Ideas for Skill Enhancement

A dissertation serves as a platform to refine and expand your skill set. In this section, we present paramedic research topics that offer opportunities for skill development and exploration:

  • Dual Dispatch and the Role of Bystander CPR in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests: An Exploration
  • Reevaluating Resuscitation Practices for Traumatic Cardiac Arrests: Insights from Impact Apnea Patients
  • Industrial Paramedics: On Site and Beyond A Comprehensive Examination
  • Effectual Stress Alleviation Methods for Paramedic Staff: An Investigation
  • Unveiling the Professional Relationship Between Physical Medical Oversight and Paramedics
  • The Impact of Humor as a Stress Alleviator for Front Line Staff: An Analysis
  • Empathy as a Foundational Skill for Paramedic Nurses: A Deep Dive
  • Mitigating Unnecessary Utilization of Emergency Ambulances: A Call for Further Action

These paramedic dissertation topics are tailored to facilitate the acquisition of new skills. Furthermore, ensuring the impeccable quality of your document is essential. Should you require assistance, consider availing dissertation proofreading services.

Timeless Paramedic Dissertation Ideas

Within this section, we present enduring paramedic dissertation ideas that have maintained their significance over the years due to their evolving nature. Explore the following selections:

  • Involvement of Care Dependent Elderly Individuals in Prehospital Emergency Care
  • Unveiling the Secondary Roles and Responsibilities of Paramedic Nurses
  • Examining Paramedics’ Practices in Glove Usage During Healthcare Delivery
  • Evaluating the Duties of Paramedics in Disaster Management Scenarios
  • Trauma Induced Stress Responses and Logistic Considerations
  • Assessing Drug Calculation Competency Among Undergraduate Paramedic Students
  • Identifying Adult Septic Patients in Prehospital and Emergency Department Settings
  • Contrasts and Comparisons: Adult Nurses vs. Paramedics
  • Integrating Volunteer Activities into Paramedic Education
  • Investigating Incidents of Workplace Violence Against Paramedic Staff
  • Paramedic Learning Styles and Continuing Medical Education
  • A Cross Sectional Survey Study on Educational Activities

This list is not exhaustive, and our experts have curated an extensive collection of paramedic dissertation ideas for your consideration. Beyond topic selection, our team is adept at guiding you through the writing process of your paramedic research paper. To gain further insights, delve into the upcoming section.

Facing Challenges with Your Paramedic Dissertation? Hire Our Expertise

If you’re encountering difficulties in either choosing suitable paramedic dissertation ideas in the UK or composing the document itself, you’re in luck. Our team of paramedic experts is here to support you every step of the way, from inception to creating an exceptional final product. This is made possible by the meticulously selected professionals within our dissertation writing service platform. These experts are dedicated to producing a top tier, plagiarism free paper, complete with fitting paramedic dissertation topics, all at affordable rates.

Furthermore, our accomplished team is comprised of exceptional individuals who are committed to ensuring your success. If you find yourself grappling with paramedic dissertation ideas or any related aspect, there’s no need to waste any more time. Get in touch with our team today and let us clear your path to academic achievement.

Academic Expert UK

Navigating the complexities of a paramedic dissertation becomes seamless with . Our dedicated team of paramedic experts supports you from topic selection to crafting a top notch paper. With a meticulous approach, we ensure your success by providing guidance, relevant paramedic dissertation ideas, and affordable services. Trust us to pave your path to excellence

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30+ Good Paramedic Dissertation Topics

Unique 30+ Paramedic Dissertation Ideas for Excellent Result

17 Feb 2024

Table of Contents

Role and importance of paramedic dissertation, why does writing a paramedic dissertation trigger students, a list of 30+ trending paramedic dissertation topics, want to achieve a+ grade in paramedic dissertation we can help.

Paramedic is a field growing rapidly, but to excel in the area, it is a must to stay alert, as an emergency need can arise at any moment. Working in hospitals, managing studies with practicals, and importantly, taking the time to draft a research paper is the most confusing yet challenging part for students. However, to help you out, the blog contains some perfect examples of paramedic dissertation ideas from which you can draft an excellent paper that can grant you success. So, do not wait and dive into the topic to learn about such a complex but fascinating field.

Paramedic, as its name suggests, provides emergency care to patients in need. Do not take them easy, but they are the first care providers who give life-saving emergency medication. Being a student in this field, you must be proud of yourself, as well as the course you have opted for. Moreover, when you write about such a lengthy but beneficial field, it is essential to frame your dissertation perfectly. A prehospital dissertation plays a huge role as it directs you to methods to provide emergency care to the patients.

You must choose your paramedic dissertation ideas   wisely, as they play a significant role in developing knowledge and demonstrating the expertise and significance of the field. Moreover, it also prepares students for their future job opportunities. 

Not only is conceptual clarity on the topic essential, but the skill of researching is equally necessary. It is the reason students ask, "Why is research important in paramedic practice?"   The answer is that without effective research, writing a dissertation becomes a daunting task. Moreover, through it, you get discipline-specific knowledge that enhances your concepts. You get a broad understanding that eventually helps in the writing of a dissertation. You can generate quality text, and your paper becomes informative. So, now you have understood the role and importance of a paramedic dissertation, it's time to move ahead. Before landing on paramedic dissertation examples, look at the challenges a student faces in the entire process.

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, especially when students are unable to find perfect paramedic research topics UK. They find academic writing challenging and are triggered by multiple troubles. So, to cope with the issues, it is first essential to know about the writing challenges that can obstruct their way. Thus, look at the below section to learn about such difficulties.

Stack of Unclear Concepts

Lack of interest in understanding the concepts is the biggest challenge. Due to this, students keep on piling up their work, which eventually results in stress and anxiety. So, to safeguard themselves from such concerns, they seek the help of the experts. Moreover, apart from the guidance of a professional writer, it is necessary to avoid the formation of stacks of work. The best way to do this is by working in the moment and not procrastinating.

Search of  Quality Information

Not getting enough time to research and then struggling to place quality information in the text is a common problem. It not only gives rise to writer's block but also provides unnecessary data in the text, leading to unclear statements. Moreover, the quality of the document also decreases. It is the reason it is said that before you choose paramedic dissertation ideas, explore and brainstorm on it first. It helps you collect ample information.

Balance Between Work and Research

Managing on-floor duties along with dissertations is a complex task for all paramedic students. Their juggling time shifts and exhaustive hospital duties leave no time for them to draft their dissertation. Moreover, selecting perfect paramedic dissertation ideas nursing in a limited time is another concern. However, to cope with the trouble, it is essential for such students to manage their time effectively and to plan their schedule before starting the writing task.

Being O ff -Track While Writing

Paramedics is a complex field that involves extensive research. However, instead of being logical in the concept, students go with the flow and think emotionally. It is this rising concern that leads to a shift in track and concentration. A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing, due to which change of track in between the work is pretty normal to occur. However, it becomes the responsibility of the mentor as well as the student to stay on the right path.

Selection of  Paramedic Dissertation Topics  

Writing a dissertation is complex; however, to begin the process, it is essential to select a theme on which a student can write his entire research paper. It may sound easy, but selecting paramedic research topics is one of the most challenging parts where students get stuck. Out of a pool of thousands of ideas, picking the one that suits them the best is a demanding role. For this reason, the blog contains the example of best paramedic dissertation ideas.

Lack of Practical Knowledge

Paramedics is a field that places a strong emphasis on practical as well as theoretical concepts. However, due to a lack of practical exposure and training, students are not equipped with the necessary skills. It is the reason they face difficulties in drafting it with the selection of perfect dissertation topics  with qualitative information in it. Hence, students prefer to seek the help of experts in writing their papers.

Once you get the idea of where there are possibilities of getting stuck, you can work on them to maximize your productivity and minimize the hurdles. Moreover,from now on,"What topic can I choose for dissertation?" will no longer be a concern for you, as the further part of the blog contains excellent paramedic dissertation topics to choose from.

Looking for Best Paramedic Dissertation Ideas? We Can Help

Your wait of searching for paramedical and prehospital research topics stops here. We have some excellent ideas that can ease your writing and can save your time of selecting the perfect theme. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look and gain the benefits.

Best Paramedic Dissertation Ideas U K

1. Literature review on non technical skills of paramedics

2. Use of technology in paramedics to improve the communication system

3. Ethical considerations regarding patient's care

4. Checking the efficiency regarding the treatment delays

5. Similarities between adult nurses and paramedic

6. Protocols to ensure timely care of patients

7. Data managing to maintain electronic records to improve the structure

8. Cold exposure and thermal comfort for patients in emergency care

9. Development of paramedic hospital nurses and  their professional abilities

10. Difference between paramedics and adult nurses

D issertation I deas for P aramedics

11. Rules to stop the violation done against paramedic staff

12. A study of paramedic learning style

13. Discuss the emergency methods to save a critical patient's life

14. Role and importance of paramedics in the health care system

15. Importance of training of paramedic in hospital efficiency

16. How to monitor the quality and safety of patient by paramedics?

17. Role of paramedic in ensuring the delivery of emergency medical services in the hospitals

18. Responsibilities peramedics hold in providing pre health care those in need  

19. How paramedic can use the hospital resources efficiently? Discuss the ways

20. Role of paramedics training in implementing professionalism

Paramedic Science Dissertation Ideas  

21. Is humour a therapy to use for paramedics staff?

22. Use of normal saline in the cases of trauma

23. Discuss ultrasound, CPR and other methods

24. Ethical considerations of paramedical staff

25. Effective stress remedies for paramedics

26. Explain industrial paramedics

27. Discuss empathy as core skill for paramedics

28. Juggling time shifts of paramedics staff

29. How to stop unnecessary utilisation of emergency ambulance

30. Role of paramedic education in transforming the health care system

31. Discuss the roles of paramedic nurses

32. How undergraduate can practice paramedics

So, these are the excellent dissertation ideas for paramedics that you can opt to write your research paper. Follow the guidelines set by your institution and draft a perfect one that can help you fetch good scores. Moreover, if you still face an issue and are unable to think of the quality content to place in your work, do not hesitate to seek the help of professionals. Does the information seem beneficial to you? Yes, it is exciting, and so is the next section. Hence, dive ahead and learn about the fruitful details waiting for you.

Get Your Paramedic Dissertation Right From Our Professionals

Who can help me frame and select excellent paramedic dissertation ideas? Well, do not worry! You are in the right place. Instant Assignment Help has been a leading platform for assisting students for many years and is the preferred choice for students. Here, you not only get top-notch quality content but also multiple other discounts and freebies along with your document, all at a minimal cost structure. So, you get perfect paramedic dissertation examples   right from our experts.

So, you no longer need to worry about thinking, "How do I get ideas for my dissertation?" Our experts are there with you to provide their subject matter expertise. Thus, the next time you look for guidance, do not hesitate to seek our assistance. Without a delay, go to our website and  hire dissertation writers  to ease your workflow.

Read more -  65+ Unique Persuasive Essay Topics with Tips for Writing

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Villers, Lance Carlton. "Influences of situated cognition on tracheal intubation skill acquisition in paramedic education." [College Station, Tex. : Texas A&M University, 2008.

Rizwan, Atikha. "Recovering from distress : the impact of critical incidents on paramedic work performance." Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018.

Maurin, Söderholm Hanna. "Emergency visualized : exploring visual technology for paramedic-physician collaboration in emergency care." Doctoral thesis, Högskolan i Borås, Institutionen Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap / Bibliotekshögskolan, 2013.

Academic dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Borås to be publicly defended on Thursday 19 September 2013 at 13:15 in the auditorium at Simonsland, University of Borås, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås.

Taylor, Natasha. "Fear, performance and power : a study of simulation learning in paramedic education." Thesis, University of East Anglia, 2012.

Do, Lien, Brieanna Flores-Keown, Alicia Vu, and Terri Warholak. "Qualitative Evaluation of the Rio Rico Fire Department Community Integrated Paramedic Program." The University of Arizona, 2016.

Rotter, Erica, and Schröder Ann Dolk. "Yrkesutförandet och ambulanspersonalens fysiska hälsa : En beskrivande litteraturstudie." Thesis, Högskolan i Gävle, Avdelningen för hälso- och vårdvetenskap, 2015.

Gompert, Katherine Marie, and Katherine Marie Gompert. "Need and Readiness for a Nurse Practitioner-Paramedic Unit in Rural Yuma, Arizona." Diss., The University of Arizona, 2016.

Holbrook, James Robert. "A study to determine a new paradigm for paramedic education in San Bernardino County." CSUSB ScholarWorks, 1994.

Wakefield, Courtenay. "An exploration of how LGBTQ+ paramedic experiences of exclusion and inclusion can inform policy and cultural safety in a state funded ambulance service." Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2021.

Dickison, Philip DuWayne. "Using Computer-Based Clinical Simulations to Improve Student Scores on the Paramedic National Credenti1aling Examination." The Ohio State University, 2010.

Christen, Henry Tiffany. "Community college educators' perceptions of the instructional infrastructure needed for high-fidelity paramedic training simulations." [Pensacola, Fla.] : University of West Florida, 2009.

Day, Alison. "Planning for chaos : developing the concept of emergency preparedness through the experience of the paramedic." Thesis, University of Warwick, 2015.

Crowe, Remle. "An Assessment of Burnout among Emergency Medical Services Professionals." The Ohio State University, 2018.

Horrocks, Peter. "Preparing Australian paramedics for effective health disaster response: Identifying core competency and a phenomenographic examination of current disaster response education." Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2020.

Rhodes, Jamie N. "Does the attendance of a critical care paramedic at an adult cardiac arrest in Queensland improve patient outcomes?" Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2016.

Brown, Elizabeth Emma. "The Epidemiology of Trauma Patients Attended by a Paramedic Staffed Emergency Medical Service in Perth, Western Australia." Thesis, Curtin University, 2019.

Ramis, Mary-Anne. "Factors that influence and predict undergraduate nursing and paramedic students' intention and use of evidence-based practice." Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2017.

Bowles, Ronald Robin. "From diagnosis to discernment : fostering the development of clinical judgment of paramedic learners in immersive high fidelity simulations." Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2013.

Black, Sarah Louise. "Factors influencing pre-hospital decisions not to convey : a mixed methods study." Thesis, University of Exeter, 2017.

Crowe, Remle P. "An Assessment of Burnout among Nationally-Certified Emergency Medical Services Professionals." The Ohio State University, 2016.

Testa, Valerie. "Implementation of a First Responder Operational Stress Injury Clinic Using the TDF-II and CFIR Frameworks: A Paramedic Perspective." Thesis, Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa, 2021.

Dalski, Chester L. "Paramedic professional and leadership development using high-fidelity healthcare simulation and audiovisual feedback| One Michigan community college case study." Thesis, Andrews University, 2015.

Problem: Paramedic educators have a short time frame (840 didactic/laboratory plus 500 clinical/internship hours) and limited resources to prepare their students to have competent clinical skills, safe medical practice, and appropriate leadership and teamwork skills. New learning approaches including simulation, audiovisual feedback, and structured debriefing have been suggested as a way to meet this challenge within paramedic education. While some individual components have been studied, no study has examined these three technologies together in paramedic training programs. The overarching research question that guided this study was: What and how do paramedic students learn in a high-fidelity healthcare simulation program that includes audio/video and instructor-facilitated feedback?

Method: The investigation was a mixed methods study; however, the study tended towards qualitative methods primarily using intrinsic case study methodology based on the work of Yin and Stake. The investigation reviewed the outcomes achieved through the use of high-fidelity healthcare simulation coupled with audio-visual feedback, when implemented within a paramedic education program. A variety of data was collected including audio-visual recordings of briefs, simulations, and debriefs, multiple student documents and logs, and copious researcher notes and documents.

Results: The simulation laboratory was a realistic, safe, controlled setting allowing students to make autonomous decisions without potential harm to human life as a consequence of errors. Simulation technology augmented traditional clinical experiences by providing more uniformity of experiences between students, providing less familiar clinical experiences, and acting as a time-efficient method for achieving deficit competencies. In evaluating student skill performance, simulation provided better quantified measures and observation accuracy.

Leadership skills were developed in simulation by taking advantage of safe learning aspects; an environment to learn from mistakes which used leadership skill autonomous practice. Participation as a leader and follower allowed the learner a better understanding of the leadership role when exposed to well-crafted scenarios. Simulation was a unique methodology facilitating safe learning from errors committed by students, a result of knowledge gaps within individual learning. Simulation was unlike traditional learning methods such as lecture, laboratory, or clinical experiences.

The facilitator/debriefer assisted the paramedic in learning within the simulation environment by: creating a safe learning environment, helping learners identify what knowledge was needed, reinforcing identified needed learning, assisting participants to identify correct actions in response to individualized errors, and promoting learner reflection. A debriefing provided the environment whereby the bulk of learning took place in the simulation experience. The simulation environment contributed to student growth in three domains (cognitive, psychomotor and affective) of learning identifying knowledge or performance gaps for students in the specific practice of assessment, leadership, treatments, planning, evaluation, situational awareness, communications, and teamwork. Simulation provided an alternate method for achieving clinical experiences not available in the actual setting. During the debriefing, the audio-visual feedback and interactive probing procedures worked together to promote student learning. The audio-visual component provided a "big picture" viewpoint for the learner used by the debriefer during interactive probing to help students identify errors and alternate actions.

A learning model was constructed which represented how students learn. The use of simulation allowed the participant to determine unknown knowledge gaps from previous learning through processes of simulation experience, identification during debriefing, and reflection on alternate-decision pathways. Learning occurred in learning process conclusion: the application of alternate pathways in behavior. The learning process has been summarized in a simulation learning model presented in this study. The simulation learning model is applicable for cognitive, affective, and psychomotor elements.

Within the study, analysis developed emergent themes. Emergent themes included: Context Is Vital, We Often Don't Know What We Don't Know, Learning From Mistakes, Learners Must Have a Safe Learning Environment, Learning Lessons From Other Industries, and Teaching Leadership Challenges for Paramedics.

Conclusions and Recommendations: Students often don't know what they don't know in individualized previous learned knowledge; thus, a learning mechanism is required, such as simulation with facilitated debriefing interactive audiovisual feedback. Simulation technology acts as a safe and non-threatening environment to allow learning from mistakes without a human cost. Valid fidelity healthcare simulations augment traditional clinical experiences by providing unfamiliar virtual realities in a uniform way to strengthen the participants' overall experience repertoire. This study recommends that the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) industry, educators, and policy makers establish standards requiring simulation learning within initial training programs to decrease the potential for loss of human lives as a result of human error.

Bergström, Gunnar, and Anders Lundberg. "Ambulanssjuksköterskans bemötande av suicidnära patienter : En intervjustudie." Thesis, Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap, 2011.

Carlsten, Annelie, and Ulrika Lindqvist. "Akut : En analys av begreppets karaktäristika, förutsättningar och konsekvenser inom ambulanssjukvården." Thesis, Högskolan i Borås, Akademin för vård, arbetsliv och välfärd, 2018.

Bentley, Melissa Ann. "An Assessment of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among Nationally Certified EMS Professionals." The Ohio State University, 2011.

Stephens, Joanne. "Meeting the needs of children with autism and their parents during out of hospital interactions with paramedics." Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2018.

Wells, Bridget. "Implementation of computerised clinical decision support (CCDS) in a prehospital setting : processes of adoption and impact on paramedic role and practice." Thesis, Swansea University, 2013.

Alfredsson, Ola, and Jennie Andersson. "Prehospital Psykiatrisk Resurs - Bedömning och behandling av patienter med psykiatriska symtom prehospitalt : En kvantitativ studie." Thesis, Högskolan i Borås, Akademin för vård, arbetsliv och välfärd, 2016.

Shaban, Ramon Zenel. "Paramedic Clinical Judgement and Decision-Making of Mental Illness in the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Setting: A Case Study of Accounts of Practice." Thesis, Griffith University, 2011.

Olsson, Jimmy, and Tony Ek. "Sjuksköterskor inom ambulanssjukvårdens erfarenheter och upplevelser av hot och våld i arbetslivet." Thesis, Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap, 2014.

Shakespeare-Finch, Jane E. "Posttraumatic growth in emergency ambulance personnel: The roles of personality and coping." Thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 2003.

good dissertation topics for paramedics

ECG case series for paramedics: January 2024

  • Tuesday, January 2, 2024

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Respecting an autonomous decision to refuse life-saving treatment: a case study

Autonomy is a key principle in biomedical ethics, giving patients the right to be involved in their own care. Professional autonomy allows paramedics to make critical decisions around patient care in an emergency, enabling them to provide life-saving treatment. A patient's autonomy can conflict with that of a paramedic, leading to complex ethical challenges, which can affect the way a paramedic performs their duty of care. An autonomous patient has the right to refuse treatment, creating ethical...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Confidence levels of students before and after a minor illness/injury placement

Within the UK, the paramedic scope of practice has noticeably changed over recent years. Many paramedics are now going into roles within general practice surgeries, minor injury units, and urgent care treatment centres. A framework including a skill set was therefore initiated outlining the need for more non-ambulance placements within the undergraduate paramedic curriculum. This article reports the findings of a quantitative study, exploring the confidence levels in managing patients both...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

ECG case series for paramedics: December 2023

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Psychological vulnerability and suicidality within the ambulance service: a review

Paramedics must be physically and mentally robust to seamlessly adapt between emergencies and disasters. Developing evidence suggests that ambulance colleagues may be at higher risk of suicide; yet few studies explore causal factors and effective interventions. Mental distress, illness and associated physical symptoms of emotional injury, have long been the subject of global systematic review; however, an inadequate understanding of the cumulative anguish leading to suicidality remains. Research...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Impact of paramedics carrying just-in-case end-of-life care medication

Background: Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, it was predicted that frail community patients with symptoms of severe COVID-19 infection may need urgent symptom management—and that unless they had already been identified as being in their last weeks of life, they would be unlikely to have just-in-case (JIC) medications at home. The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust therefore placed JIC medications on emergency ambulances to increase symptom management options for paramedics treating patients with...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

ECG case series for paramedics: November 2023

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Disaster preparedness of health professionals at mass gatherings: a scoping review

Mass gathering disasters involving large numbers of casualties can adversely affect the performance of healthcare systems. This scoping review aims to explore the current literature on the preparedness of health professionals for disasters during mass gathering events. Four databases were searched to identify papers examining health professionals' disaster preparedness during mass gatherings between 2011 and 2022. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis for Scoping...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Mass casualty triage: using virtual reality in hazardous area response teams training

Background: In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has become a pedagogic resource that complements the general training health professionals receive. VR could revolutionise hazardous area response team (HART) mass casualty incident (MCI) triage training. Aims: The study aimed to establish whether VR could improve the overall effectiveness of HART triage training and increase practitioner confidence and preparedness for an MCI. Methods: The author co-developed a VR marauding terrorist attack...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement

The prehospital environment presents numerous challenges regarding the diagnosis and subsequent management of critically ill patients—diagnostic aids are limited; point-of-care testing is almost universally unavailable and senior medical advice can be beyond timely reach. Pulse oximetry provides real-time assessment of peripheral tissue oxygen saturation, but not of ventilation adequacy. The past decade has seen the gradual introduction of end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring or capnography into...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Competence of UK paramedics in performing standard paramedic skills

Paramedics working in a traditional ambulance service role infrequently see patients who are critically ill or injured; in addition, pressures on hospitals have caused long waiting times, further lowering exposure to all patient groups and reducing how often paramedics use their clinical skills, potentially negatively impacting performance in practice. This study sought to establish the competence of paramedics in a set of skills that included frequent and infrequent as well as simple and...

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Spotlight on Research

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Raised levels of depression and PTSD in ambulance staff: causes and solutions

Background: Ambulance staff are reported to have higher levels of mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), than the general population. Vicarious trauma has been attributed to the increased prevalence of depression and PTSD in ambulance service staff. Aims: This literature review explores the causes of the greater prevalence of PTSD and discusses interventions to lower these high rates. Methods: A literature review was carried out and four relevant studies...

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  • L5 Pharmacology for Paramedic Practice
  • L5 Application of Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology to Paramedic Practice
  • L5 Patient Management: Priorities of Care
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Welcome to your Dissertation reading list. Here you will find the resources to support you throughout this module.

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good dissertation topics for paramedics

Module Journals

  • Health Service Journal
  • Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare
  • Journal of Interprofessional Care

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  • Bandolier Online
  • British Medical Journal
  • CASP Appraisal Skills Programme
  • Centre for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Cochrane Library
  • Cochrane Collaboration
  • Department of Health
  • CEBM (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Evidence based nursing
  • School of Health Science Birmingham University
  • Health Services Journal On-Line
  • Health Information Resources (Formerly the National Library for Health)
  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • Netting the Evidence : SCHARR
  • NHS Innovation and Quality
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good dissertation topics for paramedics

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Paramedic Science Dissertation Ideas - Calling All Student Paras!

good dissertation topics for paramedics

Wise Owl Research has an inventory of Paramedic Science dissertation ideas to help you choose a dissertation topic If you have a general idea of where you want to progress your Paramedic Science dissertation but need a little extra help developing the notion – we have a dissertation report service where we can work with you to customise an Paramedic Science dissertation proposal that adheres to all of your prerequisite criteria

Paramedic Science Dissertation Idea(1)

‘is humour an effective stress remedy for front-line staff’.

A Paramedic Science Dissertation idea that will offer an alternative to conventional topics. This research piece will necessitate the use of primary data which you will likely need to collect from using survey tools such as SurveyMonkey. The objective for your research will be to determine if there are any interconnections between the use of humour and reported stress

Do people that score highly on stress related questions register negative responses to humour? Identification of paradigms in your results will allow you to test hypothesises and determine if advice encouraging humour relayed in basic training holds empirically for your sample. It is important to establish ethical considerations for your study and also acknowledge the limitations of your primary data

Your results, regardless of how compelling they may be, cannot be generalised for all Paramedics.Rather, they will provide evidence to refute or underpin a predetermined view

Relevant Paramedic Science Theory: PTSD, Advanced data analysis

Suggested Sources:

Dean, R.A.K. and J.E. Major. 2008. From critical care to comfort care: the sustaining value of humour. Journal of Clinical Nursing

Downe, P.J. 1999. Laughing when it hurts: humour and violence in the lives of Costa Rican prostitutes. Women’s Studies International Forum

Rowe, A. and C. Regehr. 2010. Whatever gets you through today: an examination of cynical humor among emergency service professionals. Journal of Loss and Trauma 15(5)

Paramedic Science Dissertation Idea(2)

‘does evidence support paramedics using therapeutic hypothermia’.

Innovation in resuscitation protocol could be transformational to post-arrest survival rates. Targeted temperature treatment is believed to reduce cerebral damage where ischemia is a factor as a cooler brain is less metabolically active. A cooler brain requires less oxygen to function. Free radicals and thrombin that can damage brain tissue are also reduced under targeted temperature conditions

The alleged neuroprotective properties of Therapeutic Hypothermia make this an excellent candidate for trial in front line resuscitation treatment. If Therapeutic Hypothermia is so effective, then why is its application not widespread? How strong is the evidence to suggest its effects to improving mortality rates?

Reviewing previous literature that refutes and endorses the use of Therapeutic Hypothermia should be considered in your dissertation. It will be important to use empirical evidence and scrutinize the conditions that the analysis was conducted under and to also ensure that both positive and negative cases are discussed prior to reaching a conclusion

LeHigh Valley Health Network, (2014), Therapeutic Hypothermia for treating sudden cardiac arrest patients. Available HERE

Castelblanco, F. (2011) Effects of Early Initiation of Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia. Available HERE

Paramedic Science Dissertation Idea(3)

‘cessation of resuscitation in blunt force trauma cardiac arrest after five minutes – does evidence support this protocol’.

The Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee recommends that resuscitate efforts can be stopped after just five minutes of resuscitation in blunt force trauma cardiac arrest victims. Does this protocol warrant review? Should the clinician not have more discretion to review each incident on a case-by-case basis?

This is significant given that individuals in cardiac arrest from penetrating trauma are afforded 20 minutes of resuscitation prior to recognition of life extinct being declared. This proposition will likely be a qualitative study of previous literature and empirical publications. Central to this research is the paper entitled “A Patient With Blunt Trauma and Cardiac Arrest Arriving Pulseless at the Emergency Department; is that Enough Reason to Stop Resuscitation? Review of Literature and Case Report” (See link under “Suggested Sources”)

This paper is significant given the documentation of a blunt force trauma victim that fully recovered from cardiac arrest. A further consideration should be the recent innovations within the resuscitation techniques deployed by Ambulance staff and how this could render past assumptions of the prognosis of blunt force trauma cardiac arrest patients redundant

Relevant Paramedic Theory: Blunt Traumatic Arrest

Resuscitation Council (UK), Prehospital Resuscitation. Available HERE

Jahromi, A. Northcutt, A. Youssef, A. (2013). “A Patient With Blunt Trauma and Cardiac Arrest Arriving Pulseless at the Emergency Department; is that Enough Reason to Stop Resuscitation? Review of Literature and Case Report”. Available HERE

Paramedic Science Dissertation Idea(4)

‘is the routine application of cervical collars in vertebrae immobilisation medically justified’.

‘Is the routine application of cervical collars in vertebrae immobilisation medically justified?’ Current JRCALC guidelines are to immobilise patients complaining of central spinal pain (amongst several other indicators). Several studies have attempted to review whether this could be impairing patient welfare in the prehospital setting. This research proposal will be to extend from past literature to review any new evidence that may challenge previous assumptions

Contingent on the balance of evidence from review of existing publications on this field of study, your dissertation should make recommendations of suitable alternatives to the cervical collar (c-collar) application. If your evidence is seen to gravitate towards the use of c-collars then can you suggest refinements of current protocol in order to countervail some of the existing drawbacks that scholars have proposed in the use of c-collars

A noteworthy consideration is to not refer to vertebrae immobilisation as “c-spine immobilisation” as this only refers to a finite section of the vertebrae. Whereas immobilisation could be indicated from a thoracic injury, for example

Revert back to our website shortly as we are working on building our Paramedic dissertation topic ideas to help with your studies. Wise Owl Research is well connected in with Ambulance personnel in the south of England and several of London Ambulance Service and South East Coast Ambulance paramedics write essays for our clients

Relevant Paramedic Theory: Vertebrae Immobilisation Protocol

Abram, S., and Bulstrode, C. (2010). Routine spinal immobilization in trauma patients: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Deasy, C., and Cameron, P. (2011). Routine application of cervical collars—what is the evidence?

Bohlman, H.H. (1979). Acute fractures and dislocations of the cervical spine. An analysis of three hundred hospitalized patients and review of the literature

Paramedic Science Dissertation Idea(5)

'does evidence from impact apnoea patients necessitate review of resuscitation practices for traumatic cardiac arrests'.

A topic that is seldom mentioned during conventional ALS training but was a referenced concept in literature from the early 1980s, impact apnoea is the cessation of breathing post cephalic injury. This Paramedic Science dissertation idea centralised on the very prominent issue of Cardiac dysfunction after traumatic brain injury

Animal trials for the correlation between cephalic trauma and apnoea suggests that there is an association between cessation of respiratory effort following cephalic injury. This has been reinforced by the findings in prehospital setting whereby patients with cephalic trauma experience apnoea as a result of the trauma

Empirical studies suggest that the effect of no external ventilation administration results in periods of apnoea long enough that they lead to cardiovascular collapse and subsequent death. This warrants investigation given the current guidelines employed by the Ambulance Service in which blunt trauma arrest patients are afforded less resuscitative effort than standard cardiac arrest patients

This dissertation proposal is non-conventional and also could be pioneering to the Ambulance Service if sufficient evidence is found to change the current practice for patients who are apnoeic following trauma

Relevant Economic Theory: Impact Apneoa

Atkinson, JL., Anderson, RE. Murray, MJ. (1998). The early critical phase of severe head injury: importance of apnea and dysfunctional respiration

Gennarelli, T. (1983) Head injury in man and experimental animals: clinical aspects. Acta Neurochir Suppl (Wien)

Prathep, S. et al. (2014) Preliminary report on cardiac dysfunction after isolated traumatic brain injury. Available HERE

Not Sure Where to Start? We Can Help!

Want to know how to request a unique paramedic dissertation proposal.

good dissertation topics for paramedics

During the final year of their Paramedic Science (BSc Hons) course at Oxford Brookes University, students carry out a literature review and critical appraisal of a topic relevant to their future practice.  This blog presents the abstract of a literature review on ‘Paramedics’ assessment of older adults who fall and are referred to community care services’.    Other Paramedic topic blogs can be found here .

The purpose of this literature review is to explore paramedics’ assessment in the community of older adults who have fallen in the community and the success of referral to community-based care or intervention. To understand falls and its impact on paramedics role, risk factors and intervention success needs to be investigated.  The aim of this literature review is to understand different styles of assessment and interventions available.

  • To critically appraise relevant literature
  • From these literature review findings, distinguish effective paramedic assessment and referral pathways/ interventions
  • To consider current practice including referral pathways
  • To make recommendations for further research

The research question

‘Just a simple fall? A literature review of paramedics’ assessment of older adults who fall and have referred to community care services.’ This has been formed as paramedics often do not see what happens after patients are discharged on scene after a fall. Studies that have monitored falls after ambulance attendance and their referral to community care will be analysed.

Ten databases were used to investigate the topic. Keywords of: Prehospital/ Paramedic/ Emergency medical technicians, Assessment, Falls, and Falls referral were used. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were used to find appropriate literature relating to the topic. Six papers met inclusion criteria that related to the research question.

Themes were identified in each paper by reading through the papers and highlighting similar topics using thematic analysis (Caulfield, 2019). Four themes were discovered: Assessment/screening of falls or risk of falls, risk and rate of falls after intervention or referral, fall related outcome measures and their results, and further areas requiring evaluation to enhance practice.

You can have an in-depth look at the evidence from these six papers, categorised into the four themes, in this document: Thematic analysis from six papers .

This literature review revealed many gaps in evidence in paramedics assessment of falls in older adults with referral or intervention. Evidently, there is no one right way of assessing falls, however, some literature showed falls and risk of falls reduced with fall intervention after paramedics assessment. Methodology of selected evidence posed more challenges and hindered results. Adherence and motivation were an interesting concept the author came across.

Falls are multidimensional and multifaceted, and several tools of risk and falls assessment are needed to conclusively evaluate falls. This literature review sought to examine paramedic assessment in falls, where evidence is relatively low in quality and interventions or referrals in the community had conflicting evidence. Therefore, Strini, Schiavolin and Prendin (2021) and McInnes, Gibbons, and Chandler-Oatts (2005) summarised this literature review conclusively with the nature of falling as multidimensional, and there is no ‘ideal’ single tool to perform a perfect risk assessment. To conclude, various in depth analyses are to be completed by a healthcare professional for a complete assessment of falls. The author highlighted the gaps in research and has shown how complex, multifaced and in-depth falls are and how paramedic practice in research is limited in its management of non-conveyance of falls.

References (pdf)

' src=

Roshani Motha

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The efficiency and effectiveness of endotracheal intubation in prehospital paramedic practice: a literature review

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Is there a justification for using intraosseous vascular access first-line in pre-hospital adult medical cardiac arrests? A literature review

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So you have been asked to complete a literature review, but what is a literature review?

A literature review is a piece of research which aims to address a specific research question. It is a comprehensive summary and analysis of existing literature. The literature itself should be the main topic of discussion in your review. You want the results and themes to speak for themselves to avoid any bias.

The first step is to decide on a topic. Here are some elements to consider when deciding upon a topic:

  • Choose a topic which you are interested in, you will be looking at a lot of research surrounding that area so you want to ensure it is something that interests you. 
  • Draw on your own experiences, think about your placement or your workplace.
  • Think about why the topic is worth investigating.  

Once you have decided on a topic, it is a good practice to carry out an initial scoping search.

This requires you to do a quick search using  LibrarySearch  or  Google Scholar  to ensure that there is research on your topic. This is a preliminary step to your search to check what literature is available before deciding on your question. 

good dissertation topics for paramedics

The research question framework elements can also be used as keywords.

Keywords - spellings, acronyms, abbreviations, synonyms, specialist language

  • Think about who the population/ sample group. Are you looking for a particular age group, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, health issue etc.
  • What is the intervention/issue you want to know more about? This could be a particular type of medication, education, therapeutic technique etc. 
  • Do you have a particular context in mind? This could relate to a community setting, hospital, ward etc. 

It is important to remember that databases will only ever search for the exact term you put in, so don't panic if you are not getting the results you hoped for. Think about alternative words that could be used for each keyword to build upon your search. 

Build your search by thinking about about synonyms, specialist language, spellings, acronyms, abbreviations for each keyword that you have.

Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria

Your inclusion and exclusion criteria is also an important step in the literature review process. It allows you to be transparent in how you have  ended up with your final articles. 

Your inclusion/exclusion criteria is completely dependent on your chosen topic. Use your inclusion and exclusion criteria to select your articles, it is important not to cherry pick but to have a reason as to why you have selected that particular article. 

good dissertation topics for paramedics

  • Search Planning Template Use this template to plan your search strategy.

Once you have thought about your keywords and alternative keywords, it is time to think about how to combine them to form your search strategy. Boolean operators instruct the database how your terms should interact with one another. 

Boolean Operators

  • OR can be used to combine your keywords and alternative terms. For example "Social Media OR Twitter". When using OR we are informing the database to bring articles continuing either of those terms as they are both relevant so we don't mind which appears in our article. 
  • AND can be used to combine two or more concepts. For example "Social Media AND Anxiety". When using AND we are informing the database that we need both of the terms in our article in order for it to be relevant.
  • Truncation can be used when there are multiple possible word endings. For example Nurs* will find Nurse, Nurses and Nursing. 
  • Double quotation marks can be used to allow for phrase searching. This means that if you have two or more words that belong together as a phrase the database will search for that exact phrase rather than words separately.  For example "Social Media"

Don't forget the more ORs you use the broader your search becomes, the more ANDs you use the narrower your search becomes. 

One of the databases you will be using is EBSCOHost Research Databases. This is a platform which searches through multiple databases so allows for a comprehensive search. The short video below covers how to access and use EBSCO. 

A reference management software will save you a lot of time especially when you are looking at lots of different articles. 

We provide support for EndNote and Mendeley. The video below covers how to install and use Mendeley. 

Consider using a research question framework. A framework will ensure that your question is specific and answerable.

There are different frameworks available depending on what type of research you are interested in.

Population - Who is the question focussed on? This could relate to staff, patients, an age group, an ethnicity etc.

Intervention - What is the question focussed on? This could be a certain type of medication, therapeutic technique etc. 

Comparison/Context - This may be with our without the intervention or it may be concerned with the context for example where is the setting of your question? The hospital, ward, community etc?

Outcome - What do you hope to accomplish or improve etc.

Sample - as this is qualitative research sample is preferred over patient so that it is not generalised. 

Phenomenon of Interest - reasons for behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and decisions.

Design - the form of research used. 

Evaluation - the outcomes.

Research type -qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods.  

All frameworks help you to be specific, but don't worry if your question doesn't fit exactly into a framework. 

There are many critical appraisal tools or books you can use to assess the credibility of a research paper but these are a few we would recommend in the library. Your tutor may be able to advise you of others or some that are more suitable for your topic.

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)

CASP is a well-known critical appraisal website that has checklists for a wide variety of study types. You will see it frequently used by practitioners.

Understanding Health Research

This is a brand-new, interactive resource that guides you through appraising a research paper, highlighting key areas you should consider when appraising evidence.

Greenhalgh, T. (2014) How to read a paper: The basics of evidence-based medicine . 5 th edn. Chichester: Wiley

Greenhalgh’s book is a classic in critical appraisal. Whilst you don’t need to read this book cover-to-cover, it can be useful to refer to its specific chapters on how to assess different types of research papers. We have copies available in the library!

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Paramedic Science & Allied Health

Selected titles from one search, welcome to the paramedic science & allied health subject guide, quick links, meet your academic librarian, any questions - ask the library staff, copyright statement.

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  • How to run your search
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  • Evaluating Health Sources
  • Keeping track of your sources
  • Writing and Referencing
  • Research resources

good dissertation topics for paramedics

This is your guide to how the library can support you when studying and researching Paramedic Science & Allied Health at UWS.

You will find links to the publicly available and specialist information resources (books, journals, subject-specific bibliographic databases) you’ll be expected to use to find the best research evidence.  In addition, there is advice on using information sources effectively as a health professional.

Use the menu options to explore our collections and find evaluate and effectively use books, journal articles and other resources to help you develop as a health and social care professional.

See also the quick links for easy access to related guides, e.g. Library Essentials - tips on accessing and using campus libraries

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